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The remarkable journey of Eli’s Band
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Explore Paso Robles wine country vineyards and community
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“Spring is nature’s way of reminding us that, even after the coldest of winters, there’s always room for the warmth of renewal and the blossoming of new beginnings.”

As we welcome spring, a season that symbolizes renewal, growth, and a burst of vibrant energy, we find ourselves once again inspired by nature’s beauty to refresh and renew. In the Northern Hemisphere, the vernal equinox on March 19 acts as the herald of change, signaling a transition from the chilly grasp of winter to the inviting warmth of blossoming landscapes. Now, thanks to the recent rains, our trails and canyons will be adorned with lush greenery for the coming months, providing an additional layer of beauty to the unfolding season.

In this edition, we had the honor of engaging in a heartfelt conversation with Marvin Gaye’s son, Marvin III. He shared profound insights into the life and enduring legacy of his father’s iconic music. Through his lens, we explored the intricate connection between art, family, and community, gaining a unique perspective on the profound impact of Marvin Gaye.

Venturing further into the realm of beauty, we introduce you to the visionary couple, Jami Morse Heidegger and Klaus Heidegger, the creative minds behind Retrouvé. The brand’s name, meaning “to find again” in French, beckons us to embark on a journey through the timeless allure of beauty—a voyage through moments suspended in time.

Our features extend to the remarkable journey of Eli’s Band, a supergroup and residents of Hidden Hills. Their story stands as a testament to the powerful fusion of music, entrepreneurship, and personal passion. It unfolds as an exploration of the incredible possibilities that arise when talent and unwavering dedication converge, weaving a tapestry of inspiration.

As we step into spring, we take you on a picturesque day trip up the coast to the enchanting wine county of Paso Robles. Envision yourself driving with the top down, embracing the season’s joys while surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of blooming vineyards and rolling hills.

We sincerely hope that the spirit of spring, with its promises of renewal and growth, ignites a spark within you to embark on your own journey. Whether through the captivating allure of art, the transformative power of music, or the serene embrace of nature, may this season bring about new beginnings, unleash creativity, and instill a sense of wonder that resonates with you long after the flowers have bloomed.


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Ask the Pharmacist

Why do drug shortages occur, and what measures can we take to manage them?

Drug shortages arise from financial, regulatory, and manufacturing challenges; managing them entails strengthening supply chains, improving quality assurance, proactively addressing bottlenecks, and exploring alternative medications with healthcare providers

In February 2024, the U.S. Government Accountability Office published a report highlighting the healthcare industry’s continued issue with more than 300 drug shortages, some persisting for more than two years. These drug shortages are a major problem that challenges patients, doctors, and pharmacists. The reasons for these drug shortages are complex, stemming from misalignment of financial incentives, supply and regulatory challenges from market contractures, manufacturing delays, lack of resiliency, quality control problems, climate change, natural disasters, geopolitical threats, and negative downstream impacts of short- term planning and budgeting decisions. Solutions include establishing redundancy in the supply chain, building manufacturing plants in areas of the world that are more politically and economically stable, improving and rewarding quality assurance programs, and proactively dealing with bottlenecks.

Solving these problems is a long-term solution. Therefore, patients and their health providers need to develop strategies to minimize the impact of the shortages on their health. The possible solutions depend on the condition being treated and the available dosage forms, alternative drugs, and the effect of these drugs in the body. Speak to your doctor or a pharmacist who can use their knowledge of medication profiles (pharmacology), medication effects on the body (pharmacodynamics), and the body’s effect on the medications, such as absorption, metabolism, and excretion (pharmacokinetics) to help you evaluate pharmacotherapeutic options.

Two common examples for illustration:

• Gliptin medications are used for diabetes or weight loss. If these medicines in the usual dose are not available, possible solutions include increasing or decreasing the dose temporarily (and adjusting other medications as needed), changing to an alternative agent at an equivalent dose, or possibly adjusting dosing intervals.

• ADD/ADHD medication shortage options include switching between and/or using combinations of short- and long-acting medications, using alternative formulations with the same active ingredients, switching to other active ingredients, or using lower doses under amenable circumstances (e.g., weekends).

As always, maintain open communications with your doctors and pharmacists and plan ahead when you need refills of medications that may be impacted by supply issues.


Gracie Bellissimo is an aspiring filmmaker and photographer born and raised in Hidden Hills. Pursuing a degree in Cinema at San Francisco State University, Gracie is a true lover of the arts and is always creating her own original content.

Jacqueline Cleveland is a writer who was raised on a ranch community in Simi Valley. She is currently studying Creative Writing and English at Pepperdine University. In her free time, she enjoys horseback riding, painting, studying the French language, and writing poetry and novels.

Lauren Carr Reed is a talented musician, and a member of the band Violet Saturn alongside her brother. She has a strong affection for fashion, animals, and writing. She moved to Hidden Hills following the loss of her family home in Malibu during the Woosley Fire.

Allie Lebos is a writer currently living in Santa Monica, California. After graduating in 2017 from the University of California, Santa Barbara, where she served as a staff writer for the Daily Nexus for nearly 2 years, Allie made her long-awaited move to Los Angeles.

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Weekend Vibes All Week Long

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Step into our warm and stylish atmosphere, perfect for everyday celebrations. Indulge in our daytime greatest hits menu featuring chef-inspired breakfast, brunch, and lunch options crafted with responsibly-sourced ingredients. Or, if you're looking for a pick-me-up, check out our full bar, coffeehouse, and juices, sure to satisfy any craving.

Whether you need a place to gather, escape, work, or play, Sunrose is here to help you savor every day. Relax in openair seating with a refreshing breeze and enjoy our signature boozy brunch to Feel the Weekend Vibes All Week Long

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Remembering Marvin Gaye

A legacy of music, friendship, and community in Hidden Hills

Upon listening to Marvin Gaye’s music, it is evident that through his warm, passionate, and honest voice, he had the ability to connect to and comfort people he never met. He inspired listeners across the globe and across decades, earning him the title “The Prince of Soul.” But Marvin also deeply impacted and inspired the community within which he lived.

Marvin Gaye and his family lived in Hidden Hills from 1970 to 1980. He originally purchased a single-story traditional Mexican, hacienda style, designer home on Long Valley Road. Its original owner, Fidel Villaseñor, had the house constructed of traditional adobe bricks, along with custom stained glass, rod iron embellishments, and ornate mahogany-wood doors, all imported from Mexico City. Marvin Gaye’s son, Marvin Gaye III, said the family worked on remodeling and expanding the house, but it was never fully completed before they sold it again. Marvin III said that he lived in the Hidden Hills home with his brother, sister, stepmother and father, Marvin Gaye. He fondly remembered their time living in Hidden Hills, saying that there was a clear sense of community within the city and that “everybody knew everybody.” He enjoyed the lifestyle of people riding on horseback down the bridle trails and many young people riding motorcycles in the surrounding hills. Marvin III reflected that riding motorcycles in the hills nearby with his friends was one of his favorite pastimes of his youth. Which was an available activity due to Hidden Hills’s unique location next to rural, open land.

Marvin III said that his father chose to live in Hidden Hills because of its “tranquility and distance.” He also recalled that his father loved horses, and on their property, Marvin Gaye owned Arabian horses and enjoyed riding

Western-style around the bridle trails. Prior to Marvin’s ownership, the Long Valley home had a famous Arabian horse farm, owned by Fidel Villaseñor, with prize-winning Arabian horses. So, it is quite possible that Marvin was inspired by the history of his home to own Arabian horses. Marvin III said that they also owned a beloved pony named Flower.

Marvin III recalled that his father would often host cookouts and backyard parties for his friends on the weekends. Due to the endless summer sunshine that Southern California has to offer, these get-togethers happen year-round. The brightest of the Motown music scene were known to attend, such as the Temptations and the Jackson Five. On their Hidden Hills property, the Gaye’s had a basketball court, a swimming pool and a tennis court where everyone would stop by to play sports and spend time together catching up. A musician himself, Marvin III remarks on how exciting it was as a young person to spend time with such prolific and inspiring people. He said that getting to play basketball was a highlight for many, and that everyone just wanted to have fun.

Marvin III believes that his father began a trend of making Hidden Hills a desirable spot for entertainers to live. Talents of that time such as Frankie Avalon (and his eight children), singer-songwriter Albert Hammond, David Gates from Bread, Mickey Dolenz from The Monkees, Jeff Porcaro from Toto, Priscilla Presley and Michael Jackson moved into Hidden Hills after Marvin Gaye.

Community members of Hidden Hills also remember Marvin Gaye’s presence with fondness. One former


Hidden Hills resident, Pamela Nishimoto, recalled the time she caught an escaped Arabian horse belonging to Marvin. She said that when she retrieved his horse, Marvin had a smile which she will never forget, and that she is reminded of it to this day when she listens to his music.

An additional former resident, Thomas Cleaveland, says that his father, Edwin Cleaveland, developed a friendship with Marvin Gaye. While also being neighbors, with the Gayes living behind the Cleaveland’s house, their friendship began from a particular and unlikely circumstance when Marvin was in the thick of remodeling his house. Along his long driveway, Marvin developed lovely facade-like decorations to revamp the style of his home. One of these was, at the very beginning of his driveway, large plaster balls sculpted to have movement that resembled large oceanic waves. Alas, the Hidden Hills architectural committee at this time deemed them against their code because they resided too close to the bridle trail. So, while Marvin was out of town, his contractor was notified of the situation and tore the plaster

balls down, unbeknownst to Marvin. So, when Marvin arrived home, he was utterly shocked to see a piece of his property torn down. He believed the culprit to be none other than the architectural committee. He confronted Edwin about what happened due to his reputation of being a prominent figure of the architectural committee. But Edwin had retired from the architectural committee and clarified to Marvin that this situation at hand was none of his doing. Marvin and he shared a lighthearted (and mildly cheeky) sense of humor, and Edwin promised Marvin that “he did not cut off his balls.” Which made both of them laugh.

With Edwin’s background in the entertainment business as a set designer and artist for MGM, they both disarmed each other and became friends. Marvin not only gave the Cleaveland family happy memories, but a tangible gift as well. In 1976, Marvin had a Saint Bernard dog named Bernée, who seemed to always escape from the Gayes’ house when Marvin was working out of town, running down Marvin’s driveway, ending up in the Cleaveland’s

backyard. Animal lovers like Marvin, Edwin and Bernée ended up developing an ineffable bond. When he was home, Marvin noticed Bernée’s habit, finally went over to Edwin and said, “She’s yours!” Giving Bernée to Edwin. Edwin treasured Bernée as a precious companion, and she lived the rest of her life with him, with the occasional visit from her previous owner, Marvin.

On his days home in Hidden Hills, Marvin would often visit the Cleaveland home. Edwin and he would sit together on the living room couch and catch up, shooting the breeze. Thomas remembers Marvin’s tall, statuesque stature, juxtaposed with the fact that he always wore casual gym shorts and a blue sock hat when visiting. Thomas says that Marvin had a kind and disarming presence, and like Pamela, Thomas also remembers Marvin’s glowing, one-in-amillion smile.

Overall, Marvin Gaye, Marvin Gaye III, and their family were a radiant part of the Hidden Hills community, and their residency is remembered with pride and endearment.


Kindness is Free

Transforming lives one pledge at a time

“Ipledge to show respect to others. I pledge to treat others as I wish to be treated. I pledge to be compassionate.”

The ethos of Kindness is Free is rooted in a straightforward yet profound commitment: to eradicate bullying by instilling in the next generation the core principles of kindness, respect, and compassion. Founded in 2020 by Lori Milgard, an inspiring visionary in our community, alongside JR Dzubak, the esteemed CEO of the Boys & Girls Clubs of WSGV, this transformative program has touched hearts and ignited change across generations.

Kindness is Free is more than just a program; it’s a movement driven by a powerful message that has resonated with individuals of all ages, urging them to embrace kindness as a way of life. Central to its mission is the belief that through daily acts of kindness and a steadfast commitment to living with empathy, we can create a more harmonious society.


At its core, Kindness is Free seeks to educate students on the significance of kindness through practical tools that foster self-reflection, empathy, and inclusivity. The program equips students with the skills to cultivate a deeper understanding of kindness, emphasizing respect for others and the importance of considering the well-being of everyone in our communities.

With a mission statement that underscores its commitment to empowering the next generation, Kindness is Free endeavors to instill values of equality, respect, and compassion. Through engaging presentations, community pop-up events, and special ceremonies centered around the Kindness Pledge, the movement is making waves across the Greater Los Angeles area, inspiring youth to embrace kindness as a guiding principle in their lives.

Josue Arias, the Chief Kindness Officer at the Boys & Girls Club, articulates the significance of the Kindness Pledge in fostering a culture of kindness, emphasizing that “We all deserve kindness.” By taking the pledge, students not only make a personal commitment to kindness but also become part of a larger community dedicated to spreading compassion and positivity.


The ritual of taking the Kindness Pledge is accompanied by a tangible symbol of commitment—a pledge card and a friendship-style bracelet—that serves as a reminder of their dedication to kindness. This ritual fosters a sense of camaraderie as schools and groups unite to promote kindness in their daily interactions.

Recently, Lonna Weber organized a heartwarming pop-up event for the Round Meadow School Daisy Troop #4286, led by troop leaders Rachel Tabek and Melanie Maslan. At this event, the troop took the Kindness Pledge, receiving official recognition as a “Kind Troop” from Kindness is Free—an acknowledgment of their commitment to spreading kindness within their community.

Whether through virtual pledges or in-person popup events, Kindness is Free invites individuals and organizations to join their mission. To take the virtual Kindness Pledge or host a Kindness pop-up event of your own, visit kindnessisfree.org and become a catalyst for positive change in your community.

Unveiling the timeless odyssey of beauty, luxury, and family legacy in skincare

In the vast world of skincare, one brand has carved its niche, not just as a beauty essential but as a testament to elegance and innovation—Retrouvé. Born from a legacy rooted in the iconic Kiehl’s brand, Retrouvé isn’t just a continuation but a metamorphosis, reshaping the landscape of beauty with a commitment to timelessness and luxury.

The visionary couple, Jami Morse Heidegger and Klaus Heidegger, allowed their masterpiece, Retrouvé, to unfold in 2013. The name, meaning “to find again” in French, encapsulates the brand’s essence—a rediscovery of beauty, a journey through time. Retrouvé is not merely a skincare line; it’s a narrative of craftsmanship, organics, science, and luxury. The brand invests significantly in research and development, crafting formulas that represent the pinnacle of innovation while respecting the timeless wisdom of natural ingredients derived from their local ranch in Malibu. Each product, from potent serums to rejuvenating creams, undergoes rigorous testing to ensure not just effectiveness for users but a transformative and memorable experience.


The inspiration behind the brand itself came from Jami’s personal desire to elevate her own skincare routine, a journey she has been on since she was a little girl. In the late 1800s, Jami’s grandfather, a Russian immigrant, started working at the Kiehl’s store as an apprentice when he was a young boy, eventually attending Columbia to become a pharmacist. After serving in World War I, he returned and purchased Kiehl’s from John Kiehl, keeping it in the family since the early 1920s. Jami’s father grew up around Kiehl’s and was influenced by the blend of pharmacy and old-world apothecary that characterized the store’s offerings. Following his service in World War II and the closure of his drug manufacturing business due to eminent domain, he joined Kiehl’s with his father, bringing his knowledge of skincare and cosmetics ingredients to the family business. He pioneered the use of ingredients like Allantoin in cosmetics and skincare products, which are now commonplace.

Throughout her childhood, Jami remembers spending much of her time experimenting at the family’s store and manufacturing area, curating specialized skincare products born from the ingredient knowledge she garnered from the family business as well as her general curiosity—laying the foundation for the passion and commitment she now brings to the world of skincare. “After school, I would go to Kiehl’s. That was my activity, my fun, and my playground,” recalls Jami, “I think being in that sort of atmosphere is something that so many women and men would enjoy doing because we already do this ourselves. We try different products, right? We read ingredients, we want to take good care of ourselves, we want to find new things. And so I would have been doing a lot of that anyway, even had I not been in Kiehl’s.” Jami’s involvement grew into assisting with payroll, helping at the cash register, and bookkeeping by age 14, and after studying at Harvard, she returned to New York to help her father with the family business.


Outside of work, Jami’s personal interest in aerobics led to her involvement in a video with Arnold Schwarzenegger, which caught the attention of the Austrian National ski team, whom she eventually trained. She met her beloved husband, Klaus, as he was on the team, and the two were ultimately married. As the years went by, Jami and Klaus took over Kiehl’s from Jami’s father and continued to grow the family business until they sold it to L’Oreal in 2000.

With the dream of raising their children in a beautiful, spacious, and horse-friendly setting, Jami and Klaus moved to California and have since rooted their family and business here. Initially intended for self-sufficiency, Jami and Klaus developed a permaculture farm in Malibu that grows various fruits, vegetables, and herbs according to these argo-forestry principles. Permaculture, with its focus on diverse ecosystems and organic farming, inspired them to use

the farm’s natural resources for sustainability, allowing the ranch’s unique approach to align with Retrouvé’s commitment to quality and innovation in skincare. They take pride in prioritizing sustainability in packaging and operations and are proudly crueltyfree. Actively participating in coalitions and alliances, including a plastics coalition, they promote recycling and collaborate with organizations like Green Dot. Sustainability is a key tenet for Retrouvé, aligning with their family’s longstanding commitment to environmental causes, including support for clean water initiatives and organizations such as the Waterkeeper Alliance, Riverkeeper, and NRDC.

Within Retrouvé’s repertoire lies the signature collection of 10 must-haves— an epitome of excellence. The Intensive Replenishing Facial Moisturizer, celebrated for its transformative effects, transcends the realm of skincare to become a ritual of selfindulgence. The Nutrient Face Serum, another jewel in Retrouvé’s crown, revitalizes the skin with essential nutrients and bioactive peptides. Each product in the collection is a

testament to precision and passion, a coveted addition to any skincare routine. Their topselling product is the Eye Concentrate, as almost everyone needs moisture under the eyes—there are no oil glands present here, so this area is the first to show signs of aging. “If you put too much, it will look really greasy,” Jami thoughtfully explains, “You just need the tiniest amount since our products are very concentrated. It’s water-free…a little bit goes a long way; you just dab it along the orbital bone, and the product lasts a long time.”

One of the many aspects that sets Retrouvé apart is its dedication to utilizing cutting-edge technologies while respecting traditional approaches to skincare. The airless pump system employed in their products, for instance, is a testament to this commitment. Unlike traditional pump dispensers or jar packaging, the airless pump system minimizes exposure to air, light, and contaminants, ensuring that each application delivers the product in its purest and most potent form. Precision is also key when it comes to skincare application, and the airless pump system allows for more controlled dispensing to help prevent wastage, allowing users to tailor their skincare routine to their specific needs.


Another way to custom tailor your Retrouvé experience is to schedule a complimentary in-person or remote consultation with one of Retrouvé’s skincare experts, available at any time of day due to their global customer base. In essence, scheduling a consultation with Retrouvé is not just a step; it’s an investment in the health and vitality of your skin. It’s a chance to receive personalized advice, discover the most suitable products, and embark on a skincare journey that goes beyond routine—it becomes a transformative experience tailored to your skin’s unique story. No two skins are alike, and Retrouvé’s experts understand that a one-sizefits-all approach doesn’t do justice to its individual needs. Skincare can be complex, and many people have questions or concerns beyond what a product label describes. A consultation allows each individual to address these queries directly with knowledgeable professionals, ensuring they have a comprehensive understanding of the products and how to incorporate them into their routine.

Photos courtesy of Retrouvé

Because this is a luxury brand, the intensive care put into creating each product is reflected in the price. Not only does this purchase elevate the quality of your skin and, in turn, day-to-day life, but it also goes back to the surrounding community. Whether through volunteering or endorsing various organizations, Retrouvé finds joy in contributing to several local organizations. Even before Kiehl’s became a household name, the Morse family’s commitment to giving back was ingrained in Jami’s values. Supporting causes and helping the community are integral to Retrouvé’s mission as well, including One Tree Planted for environmental initiatives and Project Angel Food, which has provided over 15 million meals to those in need and proven itself a longstanding local nonprofit. They are also involved with Didi Hirsch Mental Health Center and general medical research, to name a few.


At the heart of it all, Retrouvé remains a family business, still nurtured by Jami, Klaus, and now their daughter, Hannah, who serves as the vice president. “We love our work, and we’re so passionate about it as we own our company,” says Jami with passion, “It’s not like it was ine to five, and after five o’clock on Friday, you just shut down for two days and don’t think about it. We’re always talking about it, thinking about it. And I think that lifestyle might be too intense for some other people. But if you love what you’re doing, it’s different.” Although working with family is a balancing act, it’s something Jami has done her whole life, and together, they have proven to make exceedingly wonderful products.

As one immerses themselves in the world of Retrouvé, they aren’t just

applying creams or serums that a stranger online urged them to try; they are embarking on a familial odyssey. From the historic roots of Kiehl’s to the zenith of luxury skincare, Retrouvé is a celebration of beauty in its purest form. In each jar, there’s a piece of history. In each application, there’s a touch of luxury. Retrouvé isn’t just a brand; it’s an invitation to rediscover beauty—a journey that defies the boundaries of age and trends. In the world of Retrouvé, beauty is not a destination; it’s a continuous, indulgent journey—a narrative that unfolds with every application, leaving an everlasting imprint on the canvas of timeless elegance.



The Remarkable Journey of Eli’s Band from Hidden Hills to Global Stardom


Eli’s Band, a renowned supergroup and residents of Hidden Hills, is a testament to the fusion of music, entrepreneurship, and personal passion. The band’s core, Eli and Alisa, journeyed from Israel to Los Angeles in 2008, bringing with them a unique blend of talent and vision. Eli, with his entrepreneurial flair, seamlessly merged his love for music with his business acumen. His experience as a singer in the Israeli army for three years laid the

groundwork for his musical journey. It was during his time running a distinctive restaurant in Israel that he met Alisa. This establishment was no ordinary eatery; it featured professional singers as waiters, serenading guests with their performances. Alisa stood out as a rare gem who excelled both as a waitress and a singer, embodying the perfect blend of skills that Eli valued. This recognition of Alisa’s dual talents marked the beginning of a powerful partnership.

Photos courtesy of Eli’s Band

Fast forward to their move to Los Angeles in 2008, Eli and Alisa married, setting the stage for their musical endeavors in a new land. Their story is not just about music or moving to a new country; it’s a narrative of finding harmony in love, life, and the pursuit of passion.

In Israel, the duo had achieved remarkable success, with Alisa’s participation in the TV show ‘Israeli Idol’ marking a high point in their careers. However, their relocation to Los Angeles meant starting anew. In Israel, they were


Angeles, they found themselves playing in restaurants for nothing more than a meal. This drastic change presented a significant challenge, yet it also offered them an unexpected sense of liberation and adventure. The struggle of rebuilding from scratch in a new country was tempered by the freedom that comes from having nothing to lose. Their journey from being wellknown in Israel to rediscovering their footing in Los Angeles is a testament to their resilience, adaptability, and the enduring power of their musical partnership.

In 2012, a pivotal moment arrived for Eli’s Band when a bride, captivated by Eli’s voice, requested he sing an Andrea Bocelli song in Hebrew for her wedding. Eli initially resisted, fearing the adaptation would not translate well, but the bride’s persistent requests over a year finally persuaded him to accept. On the wedding day, a logistical nightmare unfolded as the sound engineers failed to appear, leaving Eli to hurriedly manage the setup himself. By the time he was ready to perform, he was completely


drenched in sweat, without any opportunity to change into his suit. Despite the chaotic circumstances, Eli delivered a performance that, unbeknownst to him, would mark the beginning of a significant turning point in their career. Alisa, recognizing the magic in the moment, uploaded the video of his performance to YouTube. To their astonishment, they woke up one day to find the video had gone viral, amassing over 10 million views. This unexpected surge of attention served as their major breakthrough, showcasing the power of digital platforms to transform careers overnight and highlighting the unpredictability of artistic success.

Eli and Alisa’s astute recognition of the opportunity presented by their viral success allowed them to significantly expand their band and live performance offerings, carving out a unique and lucrative niche within the entertainment industry. Specializing in performing at weddings and corporate events, they developed an array of elaborate shows that cater to a diverse range of musical tastes, including old Hollywood glamour, ‘70s disco, EDM,

and orchestral performances. Having witnessed some of their live showcases, it’s clear why Eli’s Band has amassed a substantial and dedicated fan base. Their remarkable talent, coupled with their vibrant energy and aesthetic appeal, ensures that every client becomes a fervent admirer, eager for more of the couple’s music.

Eli’s Band distinguishes itself from standard corporate event performers through their genuine artistry and the palpable passion they bring to their performances. Their endeavor into original music has only heightened anticipation among fans, who are eager to experience more of Eli and Alisa’s creative expressions. They have released several songs, with “Disco Queen” being their latest—a modern pop track infused with 70s disco elements, characterized by stunning vocals and a catchy melody that resonates as a timeless classic.

For anyone yet to experience the magic of Eli’s Band, I highly recommend diving into their work. Their ability to blend diverse musical styles with impeccable performance skills makes them an extraordinary presence in the music industry, promising an unforgettable auditory and visual experience.




A culinary destination rooted in tradition

estled at the end of the famed Mulholland Drive and inspired by its namesake, a new neighborhood gem is making waves with its unique blend of culinary mastery in an unforgettable setting. The Mulholland, a local family-owned establishment rooted in two generations of hospitality expertise, is redefining the dining experience with a thoughtful approach to New American cuisine.

The Mulholland seamlessly weaves together tradition and innovation, and at the heart of it is

the Rosenson family, based in Hidden Hills. Leading up to the Mulholland, the Rosensons refurbished the iconic Sky Room in Long Beach, crafted awardwinning organic wine at their very own Coquelicot Estate Vineyard, acquired the Mirabelle Inn and First & Oak in Solvang (earning it a Michelin Plate in 2019), as well as the Chateau du Sureau and Elderberry House restaurant, recognized by the likes of Relais & Châteaux.

Originally, the premises of the Mulholland served as an art gallery before transforming into


Bernard’s Wine Gallery, where the entire Rosenson family contributed to its operations. Matriarch Cynthia Rosenson became a well-known figure in the neighborhood, often found behind the counter. The space gained popularity for hosting exclusive underground wine dinners from 2008 to 2016. In 2017, the concept of establishing a full-fledged restaurant took root. The family’s commitment to preserving the historic building’s essence led them to expand the kitchen into the parking lot while maintaining the original structure as much as possible. Although plans for the restaurant began to take shape in 2018 and 2019, the untimely passing of Bernard, the father of the Rosenson family, in 2019 prompted a pause. In 2022, the Rosenson children, Elissa, Candice, and Jonathan, resumed their efforts, determined to realize their late father’s vision. Operating under their own group, Call Again Hospitality, they dedicated themselves to bringing the dream to life. Drawing from a wealth of experience, the restaurant is a testament to the Rosenson’s commitment to creating memorable experiences around every plate and glass.

Leading the charge in the kitchen is Culinary Director Chef Chris Flint, renowned for his stints at Michelinstarred culinary powerhouses like Eleven Madison Park, NoMad, and Maude. Collaborating with Chef de Cuisine Michele Carter, hailing from the Michelin awardwinning Barbara Lynch Collective, the dynamic duo has curated a creative menu that takes New American cuisine to new heights. Each dish is artfully crafted with seasonal, local, and organic ingredients, ensuring a symphony of technique and flavor in every bite.

Photos courtesy of The Mulholland

While enjoying a meal at the Mulholland, begin your culinary adventure with starters such as the house-made focaccia, and elevate your bread experience with their unique “pizza” butter or cheese fondue with red wine onion jam. The restaurant also boasts a delicious raw bar, featuring favorites ranging from oysters to crudo to caviar. The largest section of the menu is devoted to the small plates and appetizer selection, where you can experience classics such as Caesar salad like never before, boasting chicories, potato chips, boquerones, and Parmesan for a perfect blend of texture and flavor. For the main course, indulge in sautéed scallops artfully paired with carrot curry, forbidden rice, and fragrant Thai basil. Even a simple classic like the cheeseburger is elevated to perfection, adorned with red onion relish and special sauce, served with irresistible herbed french fries. Beyond the culinary delights, The Mulholland offers a vibrant and playful beverage program. Bar Director Chad Austin meticulously designed cocktails and mocktails that are inventive twists on classics. The wine list by sommelier/Operating Partner Jonathan Rosenson is largely organic and off the beaten path, featuring selections including the family’s organic wines from Coquelicot Estate Vineyards.


The Mulholland aims to cultivate a sense of community by providing a welcoming space where friends and families can come together. Whether in the open-air bar, the inviting dining room, or the charming al fresco fireplace patio, the stylish space is carefully designed to foster connections over delicious food and drinks.

With a commitment to being more than just a restaurant, The Mulholland aspires to be a destination for Valley locals and beyond. The combination of culinary expertise, elevated surroundings, and a dedication to sustainable, organic practices makes this establishment stand out as a beacon in the culinary landscape. In every detail, The Mulholland tells a story of passion, tradition, and a dedication to creating moments that linger long after the meal is over. It’s not just a restaurant; it’s an experience—a journey through flavors, a celebration of community, and a testament to the art of hospitality.

“Call Again”...and let The Mulholland take you on a culinary adventure like no other.


Meet the team mastering hospitality

Zachariah Moutaouakil, General Manager:

Bringing the warmth and charm of Southern hospitality to California, Zachariah is a seasoned professional with a rich background in the restaurant industry. His passion for creating memorable experiences is evident in his work, exemplified by his previous tenure at Mastro’s Ocean Club in Malibu.

Chad Austin, Bar Director:

Rooted in California culture, Chad’s journey through the bar scenes of Palm Springs led him to become an award-winning mixologist. His creativity blossomed in 2014 at Bootlegger Tiki in Palm Springs, and since then, Chad has left his mark on some of the best bars and restaurants. As Bar Director at The Mulholland, he continues to innovate and elevate the bar game.

Jonathan Rosenson, Operating Partner:

A level-2 sommelier and managing partner, Jonathan oversees a collection of luxurious boutique hotels and serves as the creative director and sommelier for Coquelicot Estate Vineyards. With over 17 years of experience, he excels in creating culinary experiences, designing elaborate menus, tastings, and special events.

Elissa Blatt, Operating Partner:

A Calabasas native woven into the fabric of the community, Elissa brings her expertise in media arts to the table. Since 2000, she has managed all marketing and events for the group’s properties, including Mirabelle Inn, Chateau du Sureau, The Mansion on Sutter, and Coquelicot. Elissa’s dedication extends beyond the office, actively participating in community activities and family life.

Candice Steiner, Operating Partner:

Born and raised in Calabasas, Candice’s journey from USC to Cardozo Law School laid the foundation for her role as registered in-house counsel for the group. With a background in real estate, Candice contributes to the success of Mirabelle Inn, Chateau du Sureau, The Mansion on Sutter, Coquelicot, and now the Mulholland. When she isn’t working with Call Again, you can find her volunteering locally, spending time with her family, or catching a Laker game.

The Mulholland 23538 Calabasas Rd. (818) 974-6610 themulholland.com @TheMullhollandLA 48 | HIDD EN HILLS MAGAZINE

Crystal Clear at Rock Paradise

For husband-and-wife owners, every stone has a story

Whether you’re hoping to spruce up your home or bring some positive energy into your life, Rock Paradise has all of your crystal needs covered. Owned by husband and wife duo, Jason and Simona Van Vliet, Rock Paradise started as a small Etsy store before turning into one of the largest collections in the world. Located in the heart of Canoga Park, Rock Paradise is easily accessible for valley locals looking to open their minds, hearts, and homes to these powerful geodes. “We started off selling the jewelry components of the crystals,” explained Simona, “but eventually, we decided to start traveling the world to source the stones. We traveled to India, Brazil, Mexico, and many more places, and as we searched for mineral jewelry, we ended up finding and being inspired by the bigger pieces.” And thus, the Rock Paradise storefront was born in 2015.


When it came to location, Canoga Park was a no-brainer. “Rock Paradise is conveniently located a mere five minutes away from our warehouse, which is the largest crystal warehouse in California,” said Jason. “Once the retail space across from Open Your Heart became available, we felt it was the perfect opportunity to take.” From timeless jewelry to statement-making decor pieces, the diverse collection at Rock Paradise will convert even the most hesitant of believers.

If you’re new to the metaphysics behind crystals, Jason and Simona recommended choosing what calls to you. “Even if you have no idea what each crystal means, we have tons of books and resources in our store that can help guide and navigate you on your journey,” Jason said. Ethical sourcing is also a huge priority at Rock Paradise. “We do our best to investigate where every crystal we sell comes from,” explained Simona. “We’ve met with everyone from miners to cutters to ensure that we do our very best to source responsibly.”

While crystals can be used for emotional, physical, and mental healing, they are simply stunning to look at. “We actually didn’t get into crystals from a geological or metaphysical point of interest,” Simona shared. “We came to love crystals for their art and beauty.” Before opening the store, Jason and Simona were selling wholesale crystal to artists all around the world, and they were the ones who motivated the power couple to open Rock Paradise. “Basically, the artists buy the crystals from us, and then we buy the art from them to sell in the store,” Jason stated. You’ll also find plenty of original artwork that has been hand-designed by Simone herself.

In addition to crystals, this locally-loved lifestyle store sells incense, candles, tarot cards, sound bowls, and home decor. In an effort to bring the community together, Rock Paradise is also planning on hosting a variety of events, such as sound healings and energy readings, in 2024. “The community has been so supportive and appreciative of our presence,” said Jason. “There’s no better place to run a small business in Los Angeles.”.

Rock Paradise 21828 Sherman Way, Canoga Park, CA 91303 rockparadise.com HIDD EN HILLS MAGAZINE | 51

Blossoming Flavors

A celebration of freshness, flavor, and seasonal eating this spring

As the vibrant hues of spring begin to grace our surroundings, it’s an opportune moment to savor the wealth of fresh produce that the season bestows upon us. From luscious strawberries to crunchy asparagus and aromatic herbs, the spring harvest presents a medley of delectable ingredients brimming with both flavor and nourishment. Embracing seasonal eating not only elevates the taste of your culinary creations but also ensures that you’re enjoying produce at its pinnacle freshness, enriched with vital vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

The Benefits of Embracing

Seasonal Eating

Opting for seasonal produce boasts myriad advantages for both personal health and environmental well-being. Seasonal fruits and vegetables tend to be more nutrient-dense, having been harvested at optimal ripeness, preserving their utmost flavor and nutritional potency. Moreover, choosing locally grown, seasonal items supports our community farmers markets, diminishes the carbon footprint associated with transportation, and fosters a more profound connection between consumers and the agricultural landscape.



While the specific timing of produce availability can fluctuate, the following list provides a glimpse of the delightful offerings you can anticipate at our local Farmers Market during the spring months:

• Strawberries: California is renowned for its sweet and juicy strawberries, which are typically in season from March to June.

• Asparagus: This vegetable is at its best during spring, typically available from March to June.

• Artichokes: California is a major producer of artichokes, and their peak season is from March to May.

• Peas: Fresh peas, both sugar snap and English peas, are in season during spring, usually from April to June.

• Broccoli: While available year-round, broccoli tends to be more tender and flavorful during the spring months.

• Spinach: This leafy green is abundant in spring, offering a nutrient-rich addition to your meals.

• Avocado: Although avocados are available throughout the year, their production peaks in spring, providing creamy and delicious fruits.

• Radishes: These crunchy and peppery root vegetables are in season during spring.

• Carrots: While available year-round, carrots are especially sweet and tender during the spring season.

• Lettuce and Salad Greens: Various types of lettuce, arugula, and other salad greens thrive in the milder spring weather.

• Cherries: The cherry season in California typically starts in late spring, around May.

• Citrus Fruits (Oranges, Grapefruits, Lemons): While citrus fruits are more associated with winter, some varieties extend into spring.

• Artisanal Cheeses: Spring is a great time for fresh cheeses, and California has a thriving artisanal cheese scene.

• Herbs (Basil, Mint, Cilantro): These herbs become more abundant and flavorful during the spring season.




2 cups fresh strawberries, washed and diced

2 tablespoons honey or maple syrup (adjust to taste)

1 tablespoon chia seeds

2 cups Greek yogurt (or your favorite yogurt)

1 cup granola

Fresh mint leaves for garnish (optional)


Prepare the Strawberry Chia Jam:

• In a small bowl, combine diced strawberries and honey or maple syrup.

• Mash the strawberries slightly using a fork or potato masher.

• Stir in chia seeds and let the mixture sit for at least 30 minutes or until it thickens into a jam-like consistency.

Layering the Parfait:

• In serving glasses or bowls, start by spooning a layer of Greek yogurt at the bottom.

• Add a layer of the strawberry chia jam on top of the yogurt.

Repeat Layers:

• Continue layering with alternating layers of Greek yogurt and strawberry chia jam until you reach the top of the glass.

Top with Granola:

• Finish the parfait by sprinkling a generous amount of granola on the top layer.


• Optionally, garnish with fresh mint leaves for a burst of freshness.

Serve and Enjoy:

• Refrigerate the parfaits for at least 1-2 hours before serving to allow the flavors to meld and the chia seeds to fully absorb the liquid.

• Serve chilled, and enjoy your delicious Strawberry Parfait with Chia Seeds and Granola!




2 slices of multigrain bread

1 ripe avocado

2 hard-boiled eggs, sliced

Salt and pepper to taste

Red pepper flakes (optional, for a bit of heat)

Fresh chives or parsley, chopped (for garnish)

Lemon wedges (optional for serving)


Toast the Multigrain Bread:

• Toast the slices of multigrain bread to your desired level of crispiness.

Prepare the Avocado Spread:

• While the bread is toasting, cut the ripe avocado in half and remove the pit.

• Scoop the avocado flesh into a bowl and mash it with a fork.

• Season the mashed avocado with salt and pepper. If you like a bit of heat, you can also add red pepper flakes.

Spread Avocado on Toast:

• Once the bread is toasted, spread the mashed avocado evenly over each slice.

Add Sliced Hard-Boiled Egg:

• Place the sliced hard-boiled eggs on top of the mashed avocado.

Season and Garnish:

• Sprinkle a pinch of salt and pepper over the eggs.

• Garnish the avocado toast with chopped fresh chives or parsley for added flavor and freshness.


• Optionally, serve the avocado toast with lemon wedges on the side for a citrusy kick.


• Your delicious and nutritious Avocado Toast with Hard-Boiled Egg on Multigrain Bread is ready to be enjoyed! It makes for a satisfying breakfast or a light lunch.

• Feel free to customize the recipe by adding cherry tomatoes, feta cheese, or a drizzle of balsamic glaze for extra flavor.



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Paso Robles Springtime

Splendor Splendor

Explore Paso Robles Wine Country’s Blossoming Beauty and Bountiful Vineyards

Spring is an exciting time to visit Paso Robles Wine Country. The vineyards have been pruned, groomed, and are beginning to bloom for a new vintage.

The budding vines tint the hillsides in vibrant shades of green, with wildflowers dancing between the rows.

The air is crisp in the mornings while the bright sun warms the afternoons. There is great energy in the air.

With more than 200 wineries to choose from, dozens of wonderful

restaurants, and many diverse activities to excite any visitor to Paso Robles Wine Country, it’s hard to know where to start your spring getaway. We’ve taken the guesswork out of planning your trip and crafted a lively itinerary just for you.

If this is your first vacation to Paso Robles, we are confident it won’t be your last.


Day One

Whether you are an avid Paso Robles visitor or a newbie to our world-class wine region, you will soon discover that there is something for every wineloving traveler here. We have countless options for lodging, from budget-friendly inns to full-service resorts, vineyard estates to tiny bungalows, deluxe RV properties to vintage trailers. For this springy trip to Paso, we are staying at a modern boutique hotel located right in downtown Paso Robles, The Piccolo. Right across the street from the downtown park, this is the perfect location to enjoy all that the downtown tasting rooms, shops, and restaurants have to offer. Visit Piccolo’s rooftop bar for a panoramic view of Paso Robles while enjoying a glass of local wine.

The Paso Robles AVA (American Viticultural Area) is just over 600,000 acres, which is pretty, big right? But the way our region is laid out is that no matter where you are staying, you are in very close proximity to a multitude of wineries, great food, and fun experiences. Since it’s your first evening in Paso, we suggest you get the lay of the land and vibe of the community by heading downtown, which is conveniently right out of your front door. Take in the fresh air while you stroll through the four-acre park, which is the centerpiece of downtown, peruse the many charming shops, restaurants, and art galleries. Now it’s wine time (when is it not?)! Downtown Paso is home to more than 20 wine tasting rooms. A few of our favorites include Sea Shell Cellars, Pianetta, CaliPaso, Copia, Hayseed & Husdon, Herman Story, Derby Wine Estates, Indigené Cellars, and the collective tasting space of the Paso Underground. After tasting at a spot or two, grab a table at Jeffry’s Wine Country BBQ for dinner. Jeffry’s is a favorite local hangout in Paso Robles. Known for their “Wine Country Comfort Food”, Jeffry’s a wide variety of delicious house-smoked meats, signature sauces, and award-winning mac & cheese. Take a seat in their spacious outdoor patio around one of their fire pits and enjoy your soul-warming scratch-made meal.

Local tip: Jeffry’s offers complimentary corkage on wines purchased from downtown Paso Robles tasting rooms. Grab a bottle while you are out tasting, and enjoy!


Derby Wine

Jeffry’s The Piccolo HIDD EN HILLS MAGAZINE | 59

Rava Wines + Events

Day Two

You don’t want to worry about driving around Paso Robles, you are on vacation after all. So, leave the driving to the experts, Uncorked Wine Tours is picking you up to head to the eastside of Paso Robles. Having a designated driver also allows you to take in the spectacular scenic landscape. Rows of vines popping with neon green cover crops of wild legumes and clover, and vibrant mustard flowers line the country roads. Uncorked is taking you to a hidden gem of the Paso AVA, the wildflowers of Shell Creek. The rainbow of flowers will wow you, and if you are really fortunate, it will be a super bloom year. Be sure to snap selfies (and tag #pasowine)!

Take the backroads back to B & E Vineyard. This working horse and cattle ranch grows and produces lovely red blends, merlot, and cabernet. The rustic tasting room gives you a feel of the cowboy heritage that Paso Robles was built upon. It is likely that owners Pat will be the ones pouring wine for you while treating you with good old-fashioned hospitality.

A short drive away is Rava Wines + Events. The Ravas, a thirdgeneration farming family, have taken their expertise into the cellar, crafting sparkling wines in the traditional méthode champenoise style. Experience this elegant wine country venue and discover a blend of modern hospitality, fine wines, and your place for your future celebrations. Taste through the exquisite wines of Rava on one of the many patios or our preferred spot next to the pond. For lunch, share a generous cheese and charcuterie board or choose items from their seasonal food menu.

From Rava, head over to the neighboring vineyard and winery, an OG of Paso Robles Wine Country, Still Waters Vineyards. This is an oasis set atop a hill with views for days, lush gardens, warm hospitality, and award-winning wines. Sustainably farmed, Still Waters handcrafts over 22 different wines. Choose from many special tasting locations like the gazebo, koi pond, olive grove, or under a great oak.

Freshen up back at the hotel and prepare yourself for a real treat, dining at The Restaurant at Niner Wine Estates. Named #1 Best Winery Restaurant” by USA Today and “Top Winery Restaurants in America” by Food & Wine, this experience exemplifies wine country. Seasonal and themed dinners occur on a limited basis. Spring dinners include A Fancy Night Out, Winemaker Dinners, and Vineyard Vista Dinners. The multi-course family-style meal is expertly paired with Niner wines and is created to highlight the best the season has to offer.

Local tip: take pictures from Niner with the picturesque Heart Hill in the background.

Niner Wine Estates HIDD EN HILLS MAGAZINE | 61

Day Three

Start day three with coffee from local hangout AMSTRDM downtown Paso. You are headed west on Highway 46 for coastal views and the brilliant green rolling landscape. Just 15 minutes from Paso Robles, you’ll crest the Santa Lucia Mountains, where you’ll see the Pacific coastline. To the south is the iconic Morro Rock in Morro Bay and the small surfer town of Cayucos. To the north, nestled between pine trees hugging the ocean, is Cambria with San Simeon, home to the world-famous Hearst Castle and elephant seal rookery just a tad to the north. Choose one of the few turnouts on Highway 46 for breathtaking views or drive the additional 15 minutes longer to explore Highway 1 to the south or north and the multitude of beaches. It’s good for the soul and one of the most memorable drives in North America.

After epic coastal sights and crisp, salty air, head back on Highway 46 and make a left turn onto Vineyard Drive. This meandering road, which is dusted with bright purple lupin and pastel sweet peas, loops through what’s known as the Westside of Paso Robles Wine Country. Scattered with highly-acclaimed wineries and established vineyards, the offshoots of backroads will lead you to adventure at every turn. The list of outstanding wineries and unique experiences on Vineyard Drive is a long one. There are too many great wineries to name along this route so here are a few stops to make, on this trip. Cheese & wine paring at Jada (we are obsessed with the Jersey Girl Syrah), enjoy the wide-open views and handcrafted wines at Paix Sur Terre, Oso Libre to taste the Por Vida Estate Blend and their estate beef, Brecon Estate for the boutique wine tasting in the gardens and super cool photo op with the giant hanging Brecon frame, and last but certainly not least a visit to Whalebone Winery to 1) see THE whalebone pulled from the vineyard 2) meet some of the nicest people in the world 3) grab a pic of you and Bentley the Bulldog 4) taste and purchase the infamous Bob Wine.

Local tip: Before heading out westside, pick up box lunches from Red Scooter Deli. We are obsessed with the tuna’licious and veggie wrap!

Head back to the hotel and tap into some of those delicious bottles you collected over your two-day itinerary in Paso Robles wine country. Still hungry for more? Head to downtown Paso Robles and let your nose guide the way to another fabulous meal from one of the many chef-owned and inspired restaurants.

Local tip: Bring that special bottle you purchased out on the wine trail to dinner, local restaurants often offer a lesser-priced corkage fee for local wines that are not already on their wine list.



Morro Rock

As your springtime escapade in Paso Robles Wine Country draws to a close, you reflect on the vibrant experiences and delightful discoveries made over the past few days. From the lively downtown ambiance to the tranquil vineyard vistas, every moment has been infused with the essence of this enchanting region. As you bid farewell to the budding vines and blossoming landscapes, you carry with you memories of exquisite wines, delectable cuisines,

and the warmth of Paso Robles hospitality. Whether it’s your first visit or a return to this captivating destination, one thing is certain — Paso Robles has woven its way into your heart, leaving an indelible mark and a promise of future adventures. Until we meet again amidst the verdant hills and swirling aromas of spring, Paso Robles awaits your return with open arms and a glass of wine ready to be raised in celebration of life’s beautiful moments.


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From Shelter to Serenade: The Heartwarming Tale of a German Shepherd Who Found Harmony and Companionship in Hidden Hills

Meet Montana—his full name is Wolfgang Montana Justice. This lucky German Shepherd found solace in the beautiful neighborhood of Hidden Hills after being saved off the streets. His piano mastermind dad, Jake Justice, rescued him from the Moreno Valley Animal Shelter after spotting a photo of the winsome pup on Facebook. It was love at first sight.

The day he arrived in Hidden Hills, Montana’s loyal heart instantly knew that he found his forever-loving home. Montana is loyal, sensitive, protective, and intuitive, as

described by his adoring dad. He cherishes every living being and is eager to play with anyone lucky enough to come across his presence.

Montana also enjoys long walks through Ahmanson Ranch, belly rubs, and giving bear hugs. Because of his size, some are put off by his gentle bear hugs, but he is communicating with love and excitement, never intending to hurt a single soul. Montana and Justice found a spiritual connection in each other. Montana will be at Jake’s side while Jake continues to make beautiful music. Adopt, don’t shop.

Spanky's Pet Pics
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