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LIGHTHOUSE Atascadero is

bringing drug awareness with Reality Tour once again

Atascadero’s first mayor has died City Council approves Community Development Block Grant Funding Recommendations for 2024

Atascadero’s first mayor, Robert “Bob” James Wilkins Jr., passed away on Sunday, Feb. 25, surrounded by his family. A pivotal figure in Atascadero’s 1979 incorporation, Wilkins was not only a civic leader but also a devoted family and businessman. He owned Wilkins Creative Printing, a business with roots dating back to 1946 and sold in 2010. Wilkins’ love for photography was well admired; he continued to share his passion with the community years after he sold his business.

Actively engaged in the Atascadero Historical Society and various organizations, Wilkins received special recognition from the Eagle Scouts in October 2023, being named Honorary Scoutmaster for BSA Atascadero Historical Troop 51. Wilkins’ dedication to scouting began in his youth, culminating in achieving the prestigious Eagle Scout rank. A 17-year service in the United States Naval Reserves during the Korean War highlighted his commitment to duty.

Elected as Atascadero’s inaugural mayor, he earned the moniker “Mr. Atascadero,” showcasing how scouting experiences shaped his leadership.

No further information regarding his death or memorial services has been reported at this time.

The community can catch the second night of Reality Tour on Monday, March 11

ATASCADERO — For over a decade, LIGHTHOUSE

Atascadero has been collaborating with Reality Tour, created by Candle, Inc., to bring interactive drug awareness and prevention measures to local teens and their parents with the help of local educators and law enforcement.

Atascadero News attended the first night of Reality Tour on Monday, Feb. 26, and participated in the educational night. Approximately 60 community

members and their kids came out to the Pavilion on the Lake to learn how drugs are impacting Atascadero and the people living here.

“I think it’s a really good program to really show the youth of our community what really happens with the drugs and the consequences. They really focus on that,” said parent Janel Eisner of Reality Tour.

Every participant was a part of three workshops during the tour. Atascadero Police Det. Rodriguez gave a presentation on all drug-related substances, from marijuana to cocaine, and focused largely on fentanyl, which is one of the area’s most significant drug problems currently. He also told the audi-

ence how the drugs are being sold to the youth of Atascadero mainly through phone apps like Snapchat and WhatsApp, though all forms of social media can be used.

Local mother Melanie Graham said that she was grateful to learn more about the local drug scene and how drugs are getting into local teens’ hands to better prepare her own kids for what to look out for.

“I didn’t go to school here, so I don’t know all those nooks and crannies and stuff, so that was really helpful,” added Graham.

“It’s crazy what drugs can actually do,” continued Isabella Graham, Melanie’s daughter. “Being aware of people who

actually are doing the drugs.”

Eisner also said that she was surprised at how prevalent drugs are in Atascadero.

Another workshop was led by Dr. Libby Manning, the principal of Paloma Creek High School. Her main focus was giving parents tools on how to have challenging discussions with their kids about drugs and drug use. She covered everything from why people want to alter their consciousness to how to ingrain tools that youth in the area can use to get themselves out of sticky situations, including finding their flow through mastery, autonomy, and purpose. “I learned different


Public addresses council on use of motorcycles in the riverbed

ATASCADERO — The Atascadero City Council met for its regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 27, at 6 p.m. The hybrid meeting was held in the City Council Chambers. Councilmember Mark Dariz was absent from the meeting.

Before the official start of the meeting, Mayor Heather Moreno asked for a moment of silence in the council chambers for Atascadero’s first mayor, Robert “Bob” Wilkins, who passed away on Sunday, Feb. 25.

“I just wanted to give a moment of honor and reflection. Many of you may know that the first Mayor of Atascadero, Mr. Bob Wilkins, passed away just the other day,” Moreno stated. “He was a significant part of the incorporating of our city to have local control, particularly over emergency services. So, if we look at the last 45 years, we have him and obviously some others to


Local ‘Leapling’ celebrates 40th birthday


— Over 800 competitors from across the state gathered at the

Paso Robles Event Center for the 39th annual Western Bonanza Jr. Livestock Show in February. Put on by Cal Poly students from all departments of the College of Agriculture, Food, and Environmental Sciences, Western Bonanza is the longest-running jackpot show in California. From Feb. 14-18, exhibitors

from ages 5 to 21 competed with their livestock in market, breed, and showmanship classes. Animals shown this year included 450 head of cattle, 215 goats, 495 sheep, and hogs at 565. Jackpot shows are open to all youth showmen, including 4-H and FFA members. It can be a beneficial way for members

to prepare their animals for upcoming county fairs or for up-and-coming members who are not old enough for 4-H to get some experience.

Bradley resident Scarlett Hermosillo, 6, showed her goat Strawberry at the Western Bonanza. This was Hermosillo’s first year show-


Thursday, Feb. 29, is a Leap Day, which occurs every four years


— Today, Feb. 29, we are receiving an additional day in our yearly calendar — yes, it

is Leap Day. Every four years in the Gregorian calendar, a 29th day is added to February to account for the Earth taking 365.2421 days to orbit the sun and not a flat 365. According to the History Channel, there are about 5 million people worldwide who have a Leap Day birth-


Robert ‘Bob’ Wilkins Jr. was a devoted civic leader and family man
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APD Sgt.
people who helped put LIGHTHOUSE Atascadero Reality
Cal Poly College of Agriculture, Food, and Environmental Sciences students who put on the annual Western Bonanza Jr. Livestock Show gather for a group photo.
(From left) Rolfe Nelson, Ron Johansen, Officer Perkins,
Rodriguez, Dr. Libby Madding, Joe Allen, Lori Bagby,
AFD Paramedic Gentilly
and Taylor
just a handful of the
Tour together. Photo by Christianna Marks/ATN
courtesy of Western Bonanza Jr. Livestock Show Chris Wesney of Templeton holds up a 1992 newspaper clipping of a story about him and another person born on Feb. 29. Wesney was about to turn 8 at the time. Photo provided by Chris Wesney @AtascaderoNews @AtascaderoNews 5 67808 24135 7 Making Communities Better Through Print.™ VOL. CIX, NO. VIII THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 29, 2024 • $1.00 • WEEKLY SINCE 1916 GOOD NEWS REAL NEWS HOMETOWN NEWS
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San Luis Obispo County partners to host 3rd Clean Slate Clinic on March 8 at County Law Library

ing and paperwork-intensive process of expunging criminal records and helping folks get on track to leading productive and engaged lives. The added stability that comes from obtaining employment and housing helps reduce rates of recidivism, which improves the overall quality of life in our community.”

financial aid. Another benefit of this work that we have seen is that our clients who get their expungement petitions granted are not returning to the criminal justice system,” Doherty added.


— The San Luis Obispo County District Attorney’s Office, San Luis Obispo County Probation Department, San Luis Obispo Defenders, Restorative Partners, People’s Justice Project, California Rural Legal Assistance, and San Luis Obispo College of Law will host a free legal Clean Slate Clinic for criminal record expungement, felony reduction, and arrest record sealing on Friday, March 8, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the SLO County Law Library located at 1050 Monterey Street # 125, San Luis Obispo.

This free clinic is for local residents whose convictions were processed through San Luis Obispo County Superior Court.

The purpose of the Clean Slate Clinic is to help eliminate a barrier to employment and housing for individuals who have criminal records. A criminal record — no matter how old or how minor — can be a significant barrier to reentry for people when most employers, property managers and universities use background checks to screen applicants.

“Criminal records can make it very difficult for people to get jobs and housing after incarceration,” said San Luis Obispo County District Attorney Dan Dow. “We are proud to work with our community partners to help with the time-consum-

“The vital expungement services we will help provide at our March 8 SLO Clean Slate Clinic will not only facilitate reentry for individuals with a criminal arrest or conviction but also improve access to equal justice for all,” added the Primary Public Defender for San Luis Obispo County Steve Rice.

“A criminal record can be a barrier to success and stability in life,” he said. “We believe that everyone deserves a second chance, and this clinic will give individuals the opportunity to start fresh.”

“Even a misdemeanor conviction or probation violation disqualifies a person from a wide range of benefits and opportunities,” said Joseph Doherty, managing attorney at CRLA’s Rural Reentry Project, president of People’s Justice Project, and professor of law at San Luis Obispo College of Law.

“Under federal law, any probation violation for any type of misdemeanor disqualifies an individual from welfare benefits, including Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF), food stamps, low-income housing, and Supplemental Security Income for the elderly and disabled. The consequences of a drug misdemeanor conviction are particularly harsh and can include the loss of healthcare coverage, welfare, and student

Record clearance is crucial to ensuring that the collateral consequences that stem from a criminal record are eliminated or significantly reduced for the millions of individuals trying to rebuild their lives toward a successful future. Criminal record expungement confers numerous benefits for individuals convicted of certain misdemeanors and felonies. When applying for most jobs, individuals who successfully expunge their criminal record can lawfully answer “No” if asked whether they have been convicted of a crime. Moreover, an employer is not permitted to consider an expunged conviction that is discovered through a background check in making a hiring decision.

Expungement also benefits those seeking state professional licenses.

To be sure, even after an expungement in many circumstances, an individual must disclose a conviction in response to a question posed in an application for a state license (e.g., a contractor license or real estate license) or in an application for public office. However, many licensing agencies are more likely to look favorably upon individuals who have successfully completed probation and whose convictions have been expunged. Further, under California law, “a person shall not be denied a license on the basis of any conviction, or on the basis of any acts underlying the conviction” if the conviction has been dismissed.

“Through our law school’s Clean Slate Clinics, community members feel heard and seen through the expungement process, a feeling that many have never felt before,” said Maren Christensen, associate dean of Clinical Education at San Luis Obispo College of Law. “An expungement grants our community members the ability to continue with their lives and positively contribute to our society.”

The California Policy Lab estimates nearly 1 in every 8 Cali -

fornians with a criminal record is potentially eligible to obtain a full criminal record expungement; 81 percent of Californians with a criminal record are estimated to be eligible to have at least one prior arrest or conviction expunged.

If you are interested in clearing your criminal record, please make an appointment to receive services at the SLO Clean Slate Clinic on Friday, March 8, at (805) 902-CRLA (2752). Walk-ins are welcome, but appointments are strongly preferred.

Atascadero Chamber of Commerce announces new hires for workforce development support

Eryk Nappi and Kim Wybanga will spearhead initiatives aimed at bridging gaps and educating small businesses


Atascadero Chamber of Commerce announced the addition of two dynamic program managers to its team, making a significant step forward in fostering workforce development support throughout the San Luis Obispo County. With a commitment to economic

development, these strategic hires signify the Chamber’s dedication to driving positive change and investing in a thriving workforce ecosystem.

Eryk Nappi and Kim Wybanga, both seasoned professionals in workforce development and community engagement, assume the roles of program managers. Drawing from their backgrounds, they will spearhead initiatives aimed at bridging gaps, educating small businesses with layoff aversion assistance, grant funding opportunities, and facilitate meaningful relationships across the region.

Nappi’s background in business development and strategic partnerships uniquely positions him to

drive collaboration that strengthens ties between local businesses, workforce resources, and job seekers. His approachability and solution-oriented nature will play a pivotal role in shaping the Chamber’s workforce agenda driving positive change throughout the county.

Wybanga brings a wealth of experience with program design and implementation, honed through years of experience and service in workforce development. With a focus of inclusivity, she is ready to lead efforts in connecting the South County communities with valuable resources and training opportunities ensuring that no small business is left behind in support of economic prosperity.

“We are thrilled to welcome Eryk and Kim to our team.” Said Josh Cross, president and CEO of


the Atascadero Chamber. “Their passion for workforce development makes
to educate business
of the
and resources
invaluable assets as
existing programs
available ... many of them at no charge.”
STAFF REPORT Free clinic held for local residents whose convictions were processed through SLO County Superior Court
STAFF REPORT VOTE VOTE STATE SENATE STATE SENATE Paid for By John Laird for Senate 2024 FPPC #1434540 KIM WYBANGA ERYK NAPPI • Making Communities Better Through Print.™ Thursday, February 29, 2024 • PAGE A-3 LOCAL NEWS Good News • Real News • Your Hometown News



City to issue refunds for downtown parking citations

The City of Paso Robles has begun a refund process for downtown parking customers who can demonstrate through a credit card charge or other form of payment that they paid a parking fee or received a citation between the dates of Feb. 6, 2023, and Feb. 6, 2024.

To receive the refund customers are required to fill out a form, submit certain documentation, and sign a waiver.

A fillable PDF form and waiver are available on the City’s web site at Parking or a hardcopy is available at the Police Department 900 Park St., City Hall 1000 Spring St and the City Hall Annex 821 Park St., Suite A.

The completed form, required documentation, and signed waiver must be submitted directly to the Police Department no later than Friday, May 24, at 5 p.m.

Submittals can be made via email, by mail or in person as outlined within the form.

The refund process was approved by the City Council at the Feb. 20 meeting. The process was initiated due to a finding that an element of the city’s parking program was not appropriately established in 2019. The 12-month refund period was established pursuant to the Government Claims Act. For questions related to refunds, please contact the City of Paso Robles Parking Division at 805-227-Park (7275) or DTPKrefund@

Templeton’s ‘Clutter to Cash’ community-wide yard sale will take place Saturday, April 27 Garage and yard sales will be held throughout Templeton starting at 8 a.m. on Saturday, April 27.

Residents living within the Templeton Community Services District (TCSD) boundaries may register their addresses at forms. gle/SfdZmwG8wzxFGkov7. Once submitted all of the addresses will then be compiled into one map for the community to reference as they go shopping.

It is free to register, but it is requested that residents only sign up if they are confident

that they will be hosting a sale at the address provided at 8 a.m. on April 27. TCSD residents are encouraged to embrace the 3 R’s: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. One person’s trash is another person’s treasure. Instead of discarding unwanted appliances, tools, furniture, toys, sporting equipment, and clothes, community members are encouraged to try selling or donating their items, preventing usable goods from going into the landfill. Not only will you be reducing waste, you’ll be helping others.

Shoppers will be able to find printed maps with addresses and a brief description of items for sale starting at 12 p.m. on Friday, April 26, from Templeton Community Services District & Recreation Department offices, Templeton Market & Deli, Templeton Donuts, and Upscale Resale. They will also be available online at

Downtown Senior Parking Permits offered starting March 1

The City of Paso Robles will be offering annual Senior Downtown Parking Permits starting March 1, to residents of Paso Robles. Seniors aged 65 and older can purchase a permit for $30. Permits are valid from April 1, through March 31, 2025. With the Senior Parking Permit, seniors can park in any paid or permit parking space Downtown without additional payment.

Senior permit requirements are as follows. Residents must be 65 years of age or older with a valid driver’s license, they must be a Paso Robles resident (within city limits), they must be the registered owner of the vehicle, and they must not be a Downtown employee or business owner. Permits are limited to one permit per household, and a completed application must be turned in before April 30, 2024.

Senior Downtown Parking Permit applications will be available at the following locations after March 1, the Paso Robles Police Department, the Paso Robles Senior Center, the Paso Robles Library, and online at prcity. com/parking.

As a reminder, those with disabled placards do not

need a senior permit and are exempt from paid parking regulations when their placard is displayed. Additional information on Downtown Parking and the Senior Downtown Parking Permit program can be found at

Name of pedestrian killed in collision released

The California Highway Patrol (CHP) has released the name of the victim of a fatal collision that occurred Monday night, Feb. 26. Felipe Tiburcio, 40, of Paso Robles was transferred to Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center after he was struck by vehicle.

At approximately 6:40 p.m., the incident occurred in the northbound lanes of Highway 101, just south of the Highway 46 East off-ramp. Reports indicate that a Nissan Sedan traveling northbound collided with a pedestrian who was present in the lanes of traffic. The pedestrian, Tiburcio, sustained serious injuries and was promptly transported to the hospital for medical treatment.

While a passenger in the vehicle sustained minor injuries, they opted not to pursue medical attention. Fortunately, the driver emerged from the collision unharmed. CHP suggests that the pedestrian may have been under the influence of alcohol at the time of the incident, though investigations are ongoing.

City Library teams with SLO County Public Health Office to offer free brain health Lunch and Learn series

The Paso Robles City Library is teaming up with the San Luis Obispo County Public Health Office to offer a free Lunch and Learn series about brain health, Alzheimer’s disease, and dementia. The free education series will be led by SLO County Public Health Education Specialist Paulina Flores Jimenez and will address topics including memory loss, healthy aging, Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and how to be a caring member of the community.

The series will include three classes to be held at the Paso Robles City Library. Lunch will be provided at each event, and registration is required for each class.


The first class on March 5, 10:30 a.m. to 12 p.m., will discuss promoting brain health. Growing evidence suggests that you can keep your brain healthy by adopting key lifestyle habits. Learn how to take care of your brain through diet, exercise, social engagement, and cognitive activities.

The following class on April 9, 10:30 a.m. to 12 p.m., will cover understanding Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Attendees will learn the difference between the two diseases, disease stages, risk factors, current research and available treatments.

The final class on May 7, 10:30 a.m. to 12 p.m., will feature the warning signs of dementia.

Slowing down is normal as we age, but when do those changes become a concern? Learn the 10 warning signs of dementia and techniques to approach a loved one with your concerns about their cognition.

Interested participants can register for the free Lunch and Learn classes at the Paso Robles Library at prcity. com/246/Classes-Events.

Tickets still available for Cioppino & Vino Fundraiser happening this Sunday

The Paso Robles Children’s Museum announced that tickets are still available for the 12th Annual Cioppino & Vino fundraiser event, taking place this Sunday, March 3, from 1 to 4 p.m. at the Paso Robles Event Center.

This event serves as a crucial fundraiser for the Paso Robles Children’s Museum, supporting their mission to create a vibrant and enriching environment for the children and families of our community. They rely on the generosity of private donors and community members like yourself to continue providing engaging and educational experiences for our young visitors.

Attendees can look forward to an afternoon filled with food, fine wine, and entertainment, all while contributing to a worthy cause. Renowned chefs, including Jeffry Wiesinger of Jeffry’s Wine Country BBQ, Rachel Ponce of Pair with Rachel and Frunchroom, Nick Nolan of Trumpet Vine Catering, Andrei Kibrik of I Love to Cater, Gregg Wangard of Kelleco To Go, and Trish Jacobs of Paso Catering will be showcasing their culinary talents.

They are also delighted to feature Paso Robles wineries such as Arndt, Dubost, Eberle, Graveyard, Hope Family, Hoyt, JDusi, Le Vigne, and Peachy Canyon. Le Vigne will tantalize taste buds with cheese pairings alongside their wines. Appetizers and desserts will be expertly crafted by Bonnie Loftus of Jimmy’s Catering.

In addition to indulging in delicious fare, guests will have the opportunity to participate in live and silent auctions offering a wide array of prizes, including golf days, date nights, kids activities, vacation getaways, VIP wine tours, specialty wine offerings, and much more.

Tickets for Cioppino & Vino are priced at $75 per person for general admission, with reserved tables for eight available for $750. Secure your spot today by purchasing tick-

ets online at Eventbrite.


Burglary suspects arrested on Highway 101

On Thursday afternoon, Feb. 22, the Paso Robles Police Department notified the Atascadero Police Department (APD) that three subjects associated with a red Mercedes had stolen alcohol from a business within its city. The Paso Robles Police Department believed the red Mercedes was involved in other thefts within its city and requested allied agencies be on the lookout.

Shortly after receiving the information from the Paso Robles Police Department, the APD dispatch center received a 911 call from Smart & Final in Atascadero. The dispatcher learned that the suspects had stolen alcohol from the store and were leaving in a red vehicle. The dispatcher quickly broadcast the information, and a patrol unit in the area immediately located the red Mercedes. A high-risk traffic stop was conducted on the northbound US 101 freeway near the San Anselmo onramp. A portion of the freeway was closed while the stop was conducted. The three occupants were detained at the scene while APD officers conducted an investigation into the theft at Smart & Final. The suspects were positively identified by store employees, and a large amount of alcohol was recovered from the vehicle.

Paso Robles Police Officers responded to the scene and placed the suspects under arrest. The Atascadero Police Department will file additional criminal charges with the District Attorney’s Office once our investigation is complete.

If there are any questions, please contact the Atascadero Police Department at (805) 461-5051.

Atascadero hosts International Women’s Day with fireworks celebration

At Her Table and the City of Atascadero presents a tribute to International Women’s Day. The Central Coast will unveil the fireworks display dedicated solely to commemorating women’s achievements across the globe. This event is scheduled for March 8 in Atascadero’s Sunken Garden.

The event is free to the public. Guests will be treated to complimentary tours by the Atascadero Historical Society, providing an immersive journey through the Women’s Republic’s legacy and its profound influence on the city’s development. A highlight of the tours will be a focus on Atascadero’s pioneering role as one of the first places where a woman could own land in her own name before the right to vote was granted, and notably, without the requirement of being married. This historical milestone underscores the city’s forward-thinking

stance on women’s rights and property ownership. There will be live music in front of City Hall and the evening will close with a celebratory fireworks display, symbolizing the bright and explosive impact women have made on society.

In addition to the night’s festivities, guests are encouraged to explore Atascadero’s local dining scene, wineries, breweries, and restaurants. Those interested in extending their visit can find a curated selection of accommodations at to fully experience the charm and hospitality of the community.

Note, this event is contingent upon favorable weather conditions. Attendees are advised to stay informed on any updates or changes as the event date approaches. For more information and details about this landmark celebration, visit athertable. com/events/.

About At Her Table

In celebration of Women’s History Month, At Her Table brings together more than 350+ women-owned and co-owned businesses in San Luis Obispo County for Women’s Week, March 1 through March 10.


Former SLO County employee arrested and charged with stealing public money

Former county employee Norman Hibble, 54, has been arrested and charged with stealing public money while employed with County of San Luis Obispo. The suspected theft was discovered by staff of the Office of the Auditor-Controller, who identified purchasing irregularities and worked closely with the District Attorney’s Public Integrity Unit to investigate the alleged crimes.

The 12-count felony complaint alleges that between April 2017 and October 2023, while employed with the County of San Luis Obispo, Hibble misused a county credit card to purchase personal items estimated at well over $100,000. Hibble has been booked in the San Luis Obispo County jail with bail set at $350,000.

Hibble was scheduled to be arraigned on Friday, Feb. 23, in Department 3 of the San Luis Obispo County Superior Court. If convicted, Hibble faces a significant prison sentence.

Please note, a defendant in a criminal proceeding is presumed not guilty until the allegations have been proven beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law.

The ongoing investigation is a collaborative effort between the District Attorney’s Bureau of Investigation and the Office of the Auditor-Controller. The case is being prosecuted by Deputy District Attorney Ben Blumenthal of the Major Fraud/Public Integrity Unit.

SLO Food Bank celebrates 14 years of GleanSLO program

GleanSLO, a food rescue program of the SLO Food Bank, commemorates its 14th anniversary this February with a remarkable achievement: gleaning 3 million pounds of produce since its inception in 2010.

The GleanSLO program

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While PG&E is pursuing the steps to continue operating Diablo Canyon Power Plant until 2030 as directed by the state, PG&E will continue to provide opportunities for community input regarding future decommissioning plans and potential future uses of the Diablo Canyon site. PG&E is currently in regulatory proceedings for both extended operations and decommissioning. The Diablo Canyon Decommissioning Engagement Panel (Panel) was created to foster open and frequent dialogue between members of the local community and PG&E on topics regarding the site’s eventual decommissioning, originally planned to begin in 2025 but now slated to begin in 2030 or later. The panel will focus on decommissioning related issues not ongoing continued operations. The Panel will focus on decommissioning related issues and not ongoing continued operations. There are currently open positions on the Engagement Panel subject for appointment or reappointment consistent with the Panel's Charter. The application period runs until March 5, 2024. Visit and scroll down to the Engagement Panel section or to apply. PAGE A-4 • Thursday, February 29, 2024 Making Communities Better Through Print.™ • Good News • Real News • Your Hometown News

rescues fresh produce that would have gone to waste from local farms, orchards, backyards, and farmers markets and redirects it to people in need across SLO County. In its first year, GleanSLO collected a modest 22,000 pounds of produce as a grassroots organization with great aspiration. In 2023, volunteers and staff gleaned over 283,000 pounds of produce in just one year. The program has rapidly expanded through partnerships with growers and community members, working with 25 farms and over 100 backyard donors last year alone.

“We are immensely proud to have reached the 3 million pound milestone and grateful for the hard work and dedication of those who laid the foundation for the success of this program. Each pound we glean represents a nutritious meal on a neighbor’s table, one less pound of waste, and a step toward a more sustainable food system,” said Andrea “Dre” Richards, SLO Food Bank Food Rescue Manager. “We want to thank our incredible crew of volunteers and generous local growers, whose support makes our mission to alleviate hunger a reality.”

Whether you’re interested in volunteering for a glean or donating crops, every contribution makes a difference. Learn more about how you can get involved in food

rescue at food-rescue.

Man pleads guilty to two counts of gross vehicular manslaughter


San Luis Obispo City resident Daniel Angel Saliganpatricio, 25, has pleaded guilty to two counts of gross vehicular manslaughter, both felonies.

The incident occurred on Nov. 21, 2022, shortly after 5:30 p.m., when it is alleged that Saliganpatricio drove his vehicle at a high speed on Sacramento Drive in San Luis Obispo, failed to make a nearly 90-degree turn and collided with pedestrians Matthew Ernest Chachere and Jennifer Ann Besser who were walking their dog, Buddy. Both pedestrians and their dog were killed.

Saliganpatricio entered his guilty pleas to the court on all of the charged counts, without any agreement on what his sentence would be. Because there was no agreement on a sentence, the judge has wide discretion in imposing a sentence which can range from a period of probation to the maximum

Ann Oropeza-Inman, 88, of Porterville, California, peacefully went to Heaven on February 17th, 2024.

Ann Schuck started her life in Gardena, creating a family

term of seven years and four months in prison.

Saliganpatricio is scheduled to be sentenced April 9, 2024, in Department 6 of the San Luis Obispo County Superior Court, the Honorable Michael S. Frye presiding.

One killed after ROV crash at Oceano Dunes

Tragedy struck at the Oceano Dunes over the weekend as one person lost their life and another sustained injuries in a crash involving a recreational off-highway vehicle (ROV). State Parks officials were alerted to the collision around 2 p.m. on Sunday near sand highway 22. Rangers responded to the scene and discovered the ROV, described as a side-by-side, at the base of a “large bowl,” exhibiting visible damage to its roll cage. Bystanders were observed administering CPR to the driver.

Despite the efforts of both bystanders and park rangers, the driver was pronounced deceased upon the arrival of CAL FIRE crews. Meanwhile, the passenger, whose identity remains undisclosed, was airlifted to the hospital for treatment of injuries reported to be non-life-threatening. State Parks authorities have refrained from disclosing the names of those involved.

It has been confirmed that no other vehicles were involved in the incident.

3C-REN celebrates successful 2023 with over $800,000 in

of three: Michael, Melody, and David Oropeza. In 1972, she moved to Templeton, where her father, Carl, owned a dairy. She opened her first business, Los Tre’s Oro (Skippers Seafood) in Atascadero and Casa De Oro’s in Paso Robles, before moving to Porterville and opening Airport Annie’s Restaurant and Bar.

Energy-Saving Incentives

Throughout 2023, 3C-REN (Tri-County Regional Energy Network), a partnership between the Counties of San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and Ventura, served more than 500 homes in the region with energy-saving projects, representing a local investment of over $800,000 via incentives paid out to projects. 3C-REN also upskilled hundreds of local workers and supported design and trade professionals adjusting to new, more efficient building codes.

“We are very proud of the work we accomplished and the energy-saving projects we completed in 2023 as we move our region closer to meeting local and state climate goals,” said Marisa Hanson-Lopez, 3C-REN Multifamily Program Manager. “As we continue to provide new opportunities to save money and energy, we encourage residents and businesses to get in touch when replacing furnaces, air conditioners, water heaters, windows and more. 3C-REN incentives for these systems can lower energy bills while creating healthier, more comfortable homes that are better for the planet. We know it can be confusing, but we can help.” One way to save energy is by replacing traditional water heaters and HVAC systems with modern electric versions that use heat pumps, which are three to four times more efficient than standard gas water heaters or furnaces. 3C-REN incentives, paired

Ann was predeceased by her parents, Alice and Carl Schuck. She will be greatly missed by friends and family, including her nine grandchildren and great-grandchildren from San Luis Obispo to Turlock and her husband, Bill Inman. A Celebration of Life will be announced at a later date.

with state incentives and federal tax credits, can result in thousands of dollars in incentives and even free projects for some customers.*

Complementing its incentive programs, 3C-REN also offers workforce development and energy code support services. Over 120 training events were held in 2023 for Central Coast design and trade professionals, as well as students. Free certification events brought increased Passive House knowledge to the region, and over 140 construction projects received no-cost technical support from “Energy Code Coaches” who are trained in the latest building energy codes, which took effect January of 2023.

In 2024, 3C-REN will continue its Home Energy Savings, Building Performance Training, and Energy Code Connect programs while also launching three new programs—technical support for the agriculture sector, energy efficiency incentives for small and medium-sized businesses, and technical support to identify energy savings and resilience opportunities for commercial and public sector buildings.

For more information on 3C-REN programs and incentives, visit

*3C-REN rebates vary significantly from project to project, but usually fall within the $500-$5,000 range. State incentives for a new heat pump water heater range from $3,100 to $5,300. The state incentive for a new heat pump HVAC system is

$1,000. Federal tax credits for heat pump projects are 30 percent of project costs, calculated after incentives, capped at $2,000 per year. Find out what you qualify for at 3c-ren. org/incentives.

About 3C-REN

3C-REN (Tri-County Regional Energy Network) is a partnership between the Counties of San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and Ventura.

3C-REN takes a holistic approach to improve energy efficiency and develop workforce in the tri-county region. These efforts reduce energy use, strengthen local job markets and support climate goals. For more information or to start saving energy today, visit


LOIS FRANCO, 87, a resident of Cambria passed away on 02/16/2024. In the care of Blue Sky Cremation and Burial Service

CONRAD PENN age 78 a resident of Paso Robles passed away on 02/16/2024

In the care of Blue Sky Cremation and Burial Service

CAROLINE BRADSHAW age 81 a resident of Templeton passed away on 02/19/2024 In the care of Blue Sky Cremation and Burial Service


PASO ROBLES POLICE DEPARTMENT FEBRUARY 19, 2024 09:20 — Danyel Rea Miller, on view arrest on the 1000 Block of Rachel Ln for DOMESTIC BATTERY [243(E) (1)PC], Case no. 240541 11:35 — Celso Cuellar Galvez, of Paso Robles, was on view on the 900 Block of Park St for Outside Warrant/M, WILLFULLY TO VIOLATE A WRITTEN PROMISE TO APPEAR IN COURT [853.7PC], Case no. 240543 11:47 — Michael Glenn Philips, of Templeton, for PETTY THEFT [484(A)PC], Case no. 340544 16:24 — Nicholas Philip Daniels, of San Jose was taken into custody on the 1800 Block of Salinas Riverbed for BENCH WARRANT [978.5PC], Case no. 240547 16:47 — Michael Eugene Harris, of Paso Robles was taken into custody on the corner of HWY 101 and HWY 46 for WILLFULLY TO VIOLATE A WRITTEN PROMISE TO APPEAR IN COURT [853.7PC], SHOPLIFTING UNDER $950 [459.5(A)PC], Case no. 240548 00:00 — Elizabeth Jayne Miranda, of San Miguel was summoned/ cited for DRIVING WHILE SUSPENDED FOR DUI [14601.2(A) VC], Case no. 240550 FEBRUARY 20, 2024 10:20 — Aubree Rose Lopez, of Paso Robles was on view arrest on the corner of Creston Rd and Ivy Ln for WILLFULLY TO VIOLATE A WRITTEN PROMISE TO APPEAR IN COURT [853.7PC], Case no. 240553 19:37 — Jennifer Louise Plain, of Paso Robles was on view arrest on the 1400 Block of Creston Rd for SHOPLIFTING UNDER $950 [459.5(A)PC], Case no. 240559 FEBRUARY 21, 2024 01:19 — Alfredo Mejiamartinez, of Paso Robles was on view arrest on the corner of 32nd and Spring St for DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF ALCOHOL [23152(A)VC], DUI ALCOHOL/0.08 PERCENT [23152(B)VC], Case no. 240561 10:58 — Troy Austin Massey, of Paso Robles was on view arrest on the corner of 11th St and Park St for DISORDERLY CONDUCT/DRUNK IN PUBLIC [647(F)PC], Case no. 240563 20:05 — Michael Brandon Reyes Sr, of Paso Robles was on view arrest on the 3600 Block of Spring St for POSSESSION OF UNLAWFUL PARAPHERNALIA [11364(A)H&S], Case no. 240572 19:57 — Erica Chante Paramo, of Paso Robles was taken into custody on the 3600 Block of Spring St for PROBATION VIOLATION:REARREST/REVOKE [1203.2(A)PC], Case no. 240572 12:20 — Larry Matthew Wright, of Atascadero was summoned/cited on the 2400 Block of Riverside Ave for DRIVING WHILE SUSPENDED FOR DUI [14601.2(A)VC], Case no. 240565 FEBRUARY 22, 2024 12:43 — Nicholas Eric Larson, of Paso Robles was summoned/cited on the corner of Creston Rd and Stoney Creek Rd, Case no. 240576 14:30 — Matthew Michael Hart, of Templeton was taken into custody on the 100 Block of Niblick Rd., Case no. 240580 21:26 — Evaangelina Garcia Silva, of Shandon was on view arrest on the corner of 13th St and Paso Robles Ave for DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF DRUGS [23152(F)VC], POSSESS NARCOTIC CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE [11350(A)H&S], Case no. 240585 16:15 — Terrell Isale Gibson, of Bakersfield was on view arrest on the corner of HWY 101 and San Anselmo for CONSPIRACY: COMMIT CRIME [182(A)(1)PC], GRAND THEFT [487(A)PC], Case no. 240579 16:15 — Isaiah Hoseph Knox, of Bakersfield was on view arrest on the corner of HWY 101 and San Anselmo for CONSPIRACY:COMMIT CRIME [182(A)(1)PC], GRAND THEFT [487(A)PC], Case no. 240579 16:15 — Adrien Joseph Morgan, of Bakersfield was on view arrest on the corner of HWY 101 and San Anselmo for CONSPIRACY:COMMIT CRIME [182(A)(1)PC], GRAND THEFT [487(A)PC], Case no. 240579 FEBRUARY 23, 2024 11:31 — David Luis Alvarez, of Paso Robles was on view arrest on the corner of Niblick Rd and Paso River Bed for SHOPLIFTING UNDER $950 [459.5(A)PC], Case no. 240592 13:38 — Maria Del Rosario Hernandez, of Paso Robles, for BENCH WARRANT [978.5PC], Case no. 240594 08:50 — Felipe Alejandro Rubio, of Atascadero was on view arrest for RECEIVING/CONCEALING STOLEN PROPERTY, ETC [496(A)PC], Case no. 240589 17:35 — Juan Jose Jimenezrios, of Paso Robles was on view arrest on the 600 Block of 34th St for INFLICTING CORPORAL INJURY ON SPOUSE/COHABITANT [273.5(A)PC], FALSE IMPRISONMENT [236 PC], THREATEN CRIME WITH INTENT TO TERRORIZE [422(A)], Case no. 240595 21:13 — Jason Benjamin Neighbors, of Paso Robles, for VIOLATING A RESTRAINING, PROTECTIVE OR STAY AWAY ORDER [273.6(A)PC], Case no. 240600 FEBRUARY 24, 2024 08:24 — Viola Sharonda Patterson; of Memphis, TN, was taken into custody on the 1700 Block of Riverside Ave for DRIVING OR TAKING A VEHICLE WITHOUT A PERSON’S PERMISSION [10851(A) VC], RECEIVING STOLEN VEHICLE [496D(A)PC], Case. no 240602 19:19 — Sheila Meier Milsap, of Hansford for PUBLIC INTOXICATION [647(F)PC], Case no. 240613 21:07 — Howard Grant Norris, of Paso Robles for DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF ALCOHOL [23152(A)VC], DUI ALCOHOL/0.08 PERCENT [23152(B)VC], Case no. 240614 22:12 — Elina Quinn Branco, of Paso Robles was on view arrest on the 800 Block of Oak St for VANDALISM UNDER $400 [594(B) (2)(A)PC], BATTERY [242PC], Case no. 240615 FEBRUARY 25, 2024 21:15 — Troy Austin Massey, of Paso Robles was taken into custody on the 400 Block of Morgan Lane for GRAND THEFT [487(A)PC], Case no. 240558 01:45 — Mauricio Garciagonalez, of Paso Robles was on view arrest on the corner of 21st and Pine St for DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF ALCOHOL [23152(A)VC], DUI ALCOHOL/0.08 PERCENT [23152(B)VC], Case no. 240617 01:54 — Catarino Lorenzopacheco, of Paso Robles, for WILLFULLY TO VIOLATE A WRITTEN PROMISE TO APPEAR IN COURT [853.7PC], Case no. 240617 08:58 — Hector Torres, of Atascadero was on view arrest on the corner of 28th and Spring St for VANDALISM OVER $400 [594(B)(1) PC], Case no. 240616 09:28 — Raymond Cornejo, of Paso Robles was on view arrest on the 100 Block of Niblick Rd for Outside Warrant/F, BENCH WARRANT [978.5PC], Case no. 240618 14:00 — Stormy Cheyenne Miller, of Paso Robles was taken into custody on the 700 Block of Park St for BURGLARY [459PC], Case no. 240604 16:53 — Jose Guadalupe Cano, of Paso Robles was on view arrest on the 100 Block Niblick Rd for WILLFULLY TO VIOLATE A WRITTEN PROMISE TO APPEAR IN COURT [853.7PC], Case no. 240622 19:02 — Monique Sarah Ferrell, of Templeton was on view arrest on the 1100 Block of Creston Rd for WILLFULLY TO VIOLATE A WRITTEN PROMISE TO APPEAR IN COURT [853.7PC], PETTY THEFT [484(A)PC], POSSESSION OF SPECIFIED CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE [11377(A)H&S], Case no. 240623 23:42 — Reynaldo Nava Espinobarro, of Paso Robles was on view arrest on the 2100 Block of Spring St for DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF ALCOHOL [23152(A)VC], DUI ALCOHOL/0.08 PERCENT [23152(B)VC], Case no. 240626 CRIME DATA LISTED BELOW IS FOR INFORMATION PURPOSES ONLY AND SUBJECT TO CHANGE UPON THE RECEIPT OF UPDATED INFORMATION. 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WILSON, 80, of Nipomo, passed away on February 5th 2024. Services are in the care of Marshall-Spoo Sunset Funeral Chapel of Grover Beach. ROY JOSEPH STECK, 92, of Nipomo passed away on February 16th 2024. Services are in the care of Marshall-Spoo Sunset Funeral Chapel of Grover Beach. GENEVIEVE DOLORES KONOP, 93, of Arroyo Grande passed away on February 21st 2024. Services are in the care of Marshall-Spoo Sunset Funeral Chapel
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San Luis Obispo County Supervisors Candidates Q&A: Part Two



— The San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors will have two seats up for election on March 5. In District 1, current Supervisor John Peschong is running uncontested, while in District 5, the seat is being contested by current Atascadero Mayor Heather Moreno and current Atascadero Mayor Pro Tem Susan Funk. The Editorial Board of Paso Robles Press/Atascadero News developed a comprehensive set of 15 questions directed to all candidates aimed at evaluating their positions on crucial issues. Part One of the questionnaire was published on Feb. 1; you can review it online at or

Every candidate was provided with an equal opportunity to respond to the identical set of questions. Below, you will find the complete responses from each candidate.

The candidate’s answers are presented in alphabetical order by last name.

If elected, what are your goals for your term?

Susan Funk: My goals are derived from extensive conversations with voters and business leaders throughout the 5th District about what people need most. As County Supervisor, I’ll implement real solutions on housing, homelessness, water, while maintaining roads and public safety. Housing, homelessness and water are big, long-term challenges that won’t disappear after a few years of effort, but we can start to turn the corner.

On housing, I want to see operational and policy improvements: streamlined permitting, objective design standards, faster processing times and more fairness and consistency. I want to make it easier for county residents to build and finance ADUs. I want the County and Cities to complete a housing compact that prioritizes a portion of infrastructure spending towards projects that support housing affordability goals, without abandoning support for rural road repairs.

On homelessness, I want to make

that everyone will be able to use all the groundwater that they want, and we have to seek and test new ways to recharge the groundwater basin or add supply in other ways.

For roads, it is important that rural roads be maintained properly, potholes filled, and that the County and cities be able to fix streets and drainage. I want the County to lobby successfully to have the State adjust road funding so that electric vehicles pick up their fair share of road repair costs.

For public safety, my goals include prevention and effectiveness: monitoring and improving 911 response, and developing strong wildfire prevention strategies in vulnerable county areas. To allow police and sheriff’s deputies to focus on preventing and solving crime, we need to establish more mental health and addiction treatment, crisis intervention beds and supportive housing. Stronger enforcement is needed on property crime by repeat offenders, especially those with drug problems, along with implementing diversion courts where necessary to get better outcomes and lower cost. Supervisors should also lead by policy and example in developing a culture in our community where people can feel safe in their own skin, no matter what they look like, how they identify, where they worship, or who they love.

Heather Moreno: My top goals are to maintain public safety, address the homelessness issue, and invest in infrastructure repairs. I also want to bring fiscal responsibility and transparency to the County, as I have done for the City of Atascadero.

John Peschong: When elected, I will prioritize providing valuable solutions in the fields of Public Safety, Water, and Agriculture while maintaining fiscal responsibility within our county.

because confidence will be rising that their future workers will be able to find affordable housing. Homelessness will be less common and less visible, and fewer persons with chronic mental illness will be wandering our streets and acting out. People will start to feel safer in their homes and neighborhoods, and the County and cities will offer enough housing and services that they will be able to enforce thoughtful, community-specific restrictions on where and how unhoused people can use public space. The Paso Groundwater Basin will be demonstrably on track to achieve sustainability before the 2040 state deadline, the agricultural section will continue to flourish, and residents whose wells are at risk will have an adequate supply of safe drinking water. Our County will continue to be recognized as a happy place to retire or to raise a family.

Moreno: These goals will keep San Luis Obispo County thriving and are the core issues the county is facing. If we can keep our community safe, house more homeless people and get them the services they need, and boost our local economy, we will be able to continue thriving as a region.

Peschong: We need to get water for our small family farms in the north county. If we are not able to do that we will not be able to create jobs and economic growth in our region.

What do you see as the most pressing needs for infrastructure or capital projects in the County?

Funk: In addition to road projects, water and wastewater treatment projects are essential to making sure all residents have access to safe drinking water. For roads, we need to repair storm damage, and repair or keep rural roads in good

Nacimiento water as irrigation or as an alternative to groundwater use.

Moreno: Plain and simple, we need to fix our roads. While I served as Mayor, we paved over 52 miles of roads in Atascadero. Potholes and torn up roads are a direct financial burden on residents that have to pay more in auto repair costs. Poor quality roads increase traffic, carbon emissions, and diminish the quality of life in our communities. I am entirely committed to getting back to the basics and investing in street and road repairs.

Peschong: Our rural roads need to be made a priority again for San Luis Obispo County.

Local infrastructure, such as roads, bridges, and public transportation, is vital for a county’s development. What is your strategy for improving and maintaining county infrastructure?

Funk: I will support infrastructure essential to quality of life and business development by partnering actively in regional planning and coordination efforts, facilitating the development of jobs closer to housing opportunities in the North County, prioritizing infrastructure investments that support the creation of much-needed workforce and affordable housing while maintaining rural roads, and working strategically to attract and utilize additional resources in addressing homelessness and the affordable housing shortage, healthcare access challenges, and business investment opportunities. I will work actively with our Federal and State legislators to aggressively seek the grant funding we need for major infrastructure projects. In addition, I have an abiding interest in public-private partnerships and in business synergy and networking, and

I will exercise budget discipline and responsible fiscal management that allocates funds wisely, ensuring taxpayer dollars are used efficiently.

Additionally, we need to reduce bureaucratic hurdles in the permitting process while also maintaining environmental and safety standards so we can expedite crucial infrastructure projects. Lastly, we cannot just build infrastructure and forget about it. The county needs to budget to regularly invest in maintenance. In Atascadero, we have paved 52 miles of local and neighborhood roads since I was elected. I will never settle for deferred maintenance of our roads and infrastructure.

Peschong: As a member of the Board of Supervisors, I made it my top priority to work closely with the county’s excellent public works department to maintain our infrastructure and fix problems when they would occur. When the storms of 2023 washed away a portion of Chimney Rock Road leaving several Chimney Rock communities disconnected from the rest of San Luis Obispo County, I worked diligently with public works to solve the problem. In doing so, the county constructed a temporary bridge to reconnect Chimney Rock and while it was being constructed provided pontoon trips into town to allow residents to purchase food and necessary supplies for their homes.

Susan Funk

Atascadero Councilmember / Businesswoman

Heather Moreno

Mayor of Atascadero

John Peschong

San Luis Obispo County Supervisor D-1

Election and Voting Information

The SLO Elections Office, situated in the Katcho Achadjian Government Center at 1055 Monterey Street, operates from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. The Atascadero Elections Office, open until Election Day,

seats up for election on March 5, one in District 1 and the other in District 5
PAGE A-6 • Thursday, February 29, 2024 Making Communities Better Through Print.™ • Good News • Real News • Your Hometown News COUNTY NEWS



questions to ask my daughter. I also have a younger daughter, so I’ll start practicing even with her being younger,” stated Graham. “Definitely knowing how to talk to your kids early on, and they gave us the verbiage to use. That was extremely helpful.”

The third workshop was an interactive feature that takes participants through a storyline of a drug user turned dealer. The story uses actors from Atascadero High School, local law enforcement, and local emergency responders to show just how fast one life choice can impact a whole community of people.

“The walk-through of the reality of what something you do can lead to more stuff. Like doing one thing can lead to so many other things that gets you stuck in stuff that most times you can’t get out of,” said Holland Eisner, Janel’s daughter. “I’ve always had talks about drugs, like to say no to drugs, but this just taught me more about what I’m really saying no to.”

The LIGHTHOUSE Atascadero Reality Tour will run for a second date on Monday, March 11, from 6 to 7:30 p.m. at the Pavillion on the Lake in Atascadero. To register or find out more about LIGHTHOUSE Atascadero, go to



day. Atascadero News found one local “Leapling” (Leap Day baby) who will be celebrating their 40th birthday — or their 11th Leap Day birthday, depending on how you want to count it — this Thursday.

Chris Wesney of Templeton was born on Leap Day in 1984 at San Luis Obispo General Hospital. Growing up, having a Leap Day birthday was a fun “party trick” if he wanted to throw out a fun fact about himself.

“It was always an interesting factoid,” says Wesney, who is an Atascadero High School graduate.

On Wesney’s mother’s side of the family, he is a fifth-generation resident of North County. His great-grandfather, Paul Merrick, was a San Luis Obispo County sheriff who purchased and revived the Pozo Saloon in the 1960s.

On non-Leap Years, Wesney would have to celebrate his birthday on March 1 because his mom said the day before would not be enough time. And she was right, since, legally, Leaplings have to wait until March 1 especially for critical birth years like a 21st birthday.

However, now that he is older, a birthday celebration or dinner comes

thank, but he had quite an impact on our community, and we would just like to honor him with a brief moment of silence.”

Both the Agenda and the Consent Calendar passed unanimously.

During his Updates from the City Manager segment of the meeting, Jim Lewis made it a point to have Atascadero Police Chief Dan Suttles address the council and the public on the number of shopping carts around the community after some of the local homeless camps were broken up the last couple of weeks. Lewis said that the city had received many calls. Due to it not being an agenda item, the short presentation was for information only.

“For law enforcement and even for our team, there are some very specific challenges when it comes to the statutes that govern the possession, the illegal possession of shopping carts,” Suttles said. “I think you look at this, and you say, ‘Well, that’s not their property. That shopping cart belongs to someone else. Therefore, that is stolen property.’ Well, there is a specific statute, the Business and Professions Code, and it deals specifically with the theft of carts, but there are some elements to that crime that



ing an animal, and she is looking forward to when she is old enough to join 4-H. Hermosillo showed Strawberry in the beginners goat showman class judged by Travis Hoffman from South Dakota.

When asked what she learned from her first show, Hermosillo said, “Don’t let go of the goat.”

She placed in fourth in her showmanship class and celebrated with an ice cream cone.

Western Bonanza started as a senior project in 1985 and was the first of its kind in California. Since then, it has become the longest-running jackpot show in the state and stands as a foundation for other shows that have developed on the West Coast.

The show is run entirely by Cal Poly students from all departments of the College of Agriculture, Food, and Environmental Sciences.

Fourth-year Agricultural Systems Management major Biana Sams, who was one of this year’s general managers, talked about the importance of the show for students: “This event allows students the opportunity to connect with individuals in the ag and livestock

whenever it’s convenient.

In a 1992 Atascadero News article, Wesney was featured alongside another Leapling, Lacy Martin, who was celebrating her 16th birthday that Leap Year. That year, Wesney planned to celebrate his eighth birthday by bowling. His first choice was roller skating, but his best friend had a broken leg at the time, so a compromise was met.

Today, Wesney is married with three kids and a collection of animals on their property in Templeton. He adds, “Life’s been pretty good.”

Throughout the years, society has come up with some traditions for Leap Day.

According to the History Channel, “In fifth-century Ireland, St. Bridget lamented to St. Patrick that women were not allowed to propose marriage to men. So legend has it that St. Patrick designated the only day that does not occur annually, Feb. 29, as a day on which women would be allowed to propose to men.”

In Britain, they took the Irish custom and gave it a twist, “if a man rejected a woman’s proposal, he owed her a debt of several pairs of fine gloves, perhaps to hide the fact that she did not have an engagement ring.”

In Greece, though, it is considered bad luck to get married on Leap Day.

make it challenging.

Wesney notes that maybe every five years or so, he meets another Leapling and says, “It’s not super common, but we are out there.”

“Specifically, the cart itself is to be marked properly, and the business from which it came from needs to have specific signage up indicating that those carts are not to be taken. Without those specific conditions, you cannot enforce that law. To compound the challenge when it comes to this specific statute is that the District Attorney’s Office has recently made a statement that they will no longer file cases of this specific statute as a standalone statute.”

Suttles added that the other challenge the APD has is that there is a lot of personal property that is held within the carts that cannot be moved unless it is proven to be abandoned.

During Community Forum, seven residents addressed the council about the illegal use of motorcycles being ridden in the riverbed and along the De Anza Trail. This is not the first time that community members who walk their dogs, ride their horses, and enjoy the area have addressed the council on this matter. Pedestrians, equestrians, and bicycles are legally allowed on the trails.

Many of the residents commented on how motorcyclists used to share the trails and stop and shut their bikes off when horses were on the trail, but that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore.

Public Works Director Nick DeBar addressed the council

Whether you are celebrating a birthday or not, enjoy the bonus 24 hours — you won’t get it again for another four years.

on the 2024 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Funding Recommendations. The council reviewed four applications and made a draft of how the funds would be awarded at the Dec. 12, 2023, meeting.

The $134,205 in CDBG funds will be split accordingly with no changes from the Dec. 12 meeting.

City of Atascadero (Viejo Camino Sidewalk and ADA Improvements will receive $87,233)

City of Atascadero (Youth Activity Scholarships) will receive $12,500

• El Camino Homeless Organization will receive $7,631

• SLO County (Program Administration) will receive $17,447

• City of Atascadero (Program Administration) will receive $9,394

The motion passed unanimously.

Community Development Director Phil Dunsmore and Planning Manager Kelly Gleason presented the council with Text Amendments to Title 3: Finance and Title 9: Planning & Zoning. After going through small changes and typos found in the codes, the motion passed unanimously.

The next Atascadero City Council meeting will be held on Tuesday, March 12, at 6 p.m.

industry through reaching out for sponsorships, contacting judges to work our show, hearing guest speakers in class, and just mingling with exhibitors, their families, breeders, and others

during the weekend of the show.”

The college students begin planning the show a year in advance, beginning right after the conclusion of the previous show. During

the the spring quarter, students begin working to get sponsorships. After exceeding last years goal of $110,000 for the 2023 Bonanza, the team members challenged themselves with a sponsorship goal of $120,000 for the 2024 show, which they met.

“We are so thankful for the support we get from our sponsors as Western Bonanza would not be possible without the support from those who donated money and gifts-in-kind like food, hotel rooms, and other items that allow for our event to run each year,” said Sams.

With 150 Cal Poly students working to put on Western Bonanza, it is the largest studentrun livestock show in the country.

“Western Bonanza is also an amazing leadership opportunity,” says Sams. “Besides our advisor, Hailey Rose Switzer, the entire show is student-run which means students are doing everything from working the office, to running equipment, to making meals to feed our team, and running each species rings. Everything is done by students.”

The team is already working on next year’s show, which will be their 40th anniversary. Next year, it expects an even higher attendance and plan to look back on the last four decades of the show’s history.

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On the end Paso Robles High School FFA member Jaydence Hermosillo, age 15, shows her steer Diesel in the showmanship class at Western Bonanza. Photo by Camille DeVaul 1992 Atascadero News clipping about two local Leap Year baby’s: Lacy Martin and Chis Wesney • Making Communities Better Through Print.™ Thursday, February 29, 2024 • PAGE A-7
Photo contributed by Chris Wesney
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Atascadero High School presents ‘Willy Wonka Jr.’

The musical will run for five shows from March 8 through 16

ATASCADERO — This spring season, the Atascadero High School Theater Department will perform “Willy Wonka Jr.,” a mystifying musical comedy.

Based on Roald Dahl’s book “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” this show will follow Charlie Bucket, a little boy with a big heart and a family as poor as coal. Their daily joy comes from fresh cabbage soup until now.

Willy Wonka, the legendary and secluded chocolatier, creates a contest for five Golden Tickets to be discovered in unsuspecting chocolate bars all over the world. Meet Augustus Gloop, the German glutton; Violet Beuregard, the gum chewing fiend; Veruca Salt, the spoiled brat; and Mike Teavee, the

electronic madman; on tour as they submit to their vices in Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. Each child meets their tragic fate with an

Charlie, and the play ends with a heartfelt song. Meet a cast of outrageously quirky characters and prepare to get these catchy tunes stuck in your head.

“Willy Wonka Jr.” is directed by Shawna Volpa and will open March 8, with shows on March 9 and 15 at 7 p.m., and matinee shows on the March 9 and 16 at 2 p.m. The musical is written by Leslie Bricusse and Anthony Newley. These students have been in rehearsal since the beginning of 2024 and are ready to show their talent to the world.

Enjoy a beautiful set made entirely by the technical theater class. This cast and crew brings a new wonder to the well-known classic, giving you a show you’ll never forget. Come see this production at the Atascadero High School Black Box Theater located at 1 High School Hill Road in Atascadero. Tickets can be purchased for $10 at the door or online at

Five Siberian huskies find forever home at Paso Robles animal sanctuary

The 1-year-old huskies faced euthanization as County Animal Shelter could not house them

PASO ROBLES — Animal Services of San Luis Obispo County delivered five Siberian huskies to From the Heart Animal Sanctuary, after Leslie and Joe Thomas, owners of the sanctuary, offered the huskies a forever home there.

If Animal Services was not able to find a home for them, they would have to euthanize the one-year-old huskies as Animal Services does not have the capacity to shelter them.

“Siberian huskies have strong pack instincts,

and need to be around other huskies,” said Joe Thomas. “Three dogs are sisters; the other two fit well within the pack. They have acclimated to their new home in three weeks.”

Huskies can run up to 28 mph, jump at least 6 feet, need lots of exercise, and love the cold weather. They are known to have a stubborn, independent streak, which can make them a bit tricky to train.

“Siberian huskies are so cute as puppies that people tend to adopt them, but as the dogs grow, owners don’t understand their needs and often can’t take care of them, and they often tend to abandon them,” shared Leslie Thomas.

The Thomases have a good understanding and knowledge of the breed, making this the fourth pack of huskies, totaling 21 dogs, they have taken in and are currently caring for. Each pack has at least one acre of land to run on,

shelter from the sun or rain, dog houses, and lots of love and companionship. Joe and Leslie have given their “fur babies” each a name and can describe each dog’s personality.

About From the Heart Animal Sanctuary

The From the Heart Animal Sanctuary is home to unwanted or medically fragile animals in peril. The sanctuary is the forever home to these animals. The animals serve as models for children’s art classes! They allow Joe Thomas to reach and teach kids ages 5-12 the physical and behavioral characteristics of each animal while the kids draw and paint at Paso Robles Youth Arts Center. Joe Thomas imparts knowledge and compassion to the children through this outreach. The Animal Sanctuary is on Fat Goat Farm in Paso Robles.

From the Heart Animal Sanctuary is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization and relies on the generosity of individuals and businesses from the commu-

Templeton Recreation Concerts in the Park band lineup

Sponsors needed for summer program expenses

TEMPLETON — The Templeton Community Services District is pleased to announce its lineup for the upcoming Templeton Recreation Concerts in the Park series. The 10 bands selected represent a diverse mix of music, including rock, country, blues, classics, funk, folk, pop, swing, and R&B that will appeal to everyone.

June 12: The Rockin’ Bs Band (Country, Rock and More)

June 19: Bad Obsession (Classic Rock and Country)

June 26: The Molly Ringwald Project (‘80s Rock, Pop, and Dance)

July 3: Talie & The Troublemakers (Eclectic Dance, Rock, and Pop)

July 10: The Vibe Setters (Soulful Funk)

July 17: Josh Rosenblum Band (Funky Pop/Rock with roots in Jazz/Blues)

July 31: Death and Taxes Swing Band (Big Band Swing)

August 7: ghost/monster (Hits from

dogs, please) to Templeton Park with your low-back lawn chairs and blankets. Sit back, relax, and enjoy an evening of free musical entertainment from 6 to 8 p.m. In addition to the concert each week, food and beverages will be available for purchase from their approved vendors throughout the park.

All concerts are free thanks to their Concert Presenters Templeton Recreation Foundation, Castoro Cellars and WM, their Diamond Sponsor Mechanics Bank, plus the support they receive from local community members and businesses as their Platinum and Gold sponsors.

all the Eras)

August 14: Big Wheel Cobra (Classic/Modern Rock)

August 21: Monte Mills & The Lucky Horseshoe Band (Country & Old Time Rock N Roll)

The Templeton Recreation summer concert series will take place on Wednesday evenings at Templeton Park starting June 12 and ending on Aug. 21. There will be no concert on July 24. Bring your family and friends (but no

Concert sponsors are still needed to offset more than $30,000 in program expenses. If interested, contact them at (805) 434-4909 or email bheil@ as soon as possible so that they can add your name to the colored posters and flyers, social media campaigns, plus other local area publications.

For additional concert information, please visit or their Templeton Recreation Concerts in the Park Facebook page.

nity. To donate, call (805) 610-2149 or visit From the Heart Animal Sanctuary at for more information.

Home winemaking, brewing competitions taking entries

Brewing competition will take place in May and feature beer, ciders, and perries

PASO ROBLES — The Central Coast Home Winemaking and Home Brewing Competitions, hosted annually by the California Mid-State Fair, are now accepting entries.

The Home Winemaking Competition will take place in May and feature wines made from San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and Monterey counties.

The wines are separated into six categories: white, rosé/blanc, red, dessert, wines made with fruit other than grapes, and sparkling. The categories are then separated into classes by varietals. The panel of local competition judges evaluate each entry according to appearance, aromatics, and taste to determine an overall conclusion. Gracious support provided by Baker Wine & Grape Analysis, ETS Laboratories, Michael Rose Cellars, The Vintner’s Vault, and Jacobs Consulting.

The Central Coast Home Brewing Competition will also take place in May and feature beer, ciders, and perries (pear cider) made from both San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara counties. Entries will be evaluated according to aroma, appearance, and flavor to determine an overall conclusion. Special thanks to Doc’s Cellar for their continued support of the competition.

Entries are judged by locals chosen for their great knowledge and experience for the fields of both wine and beer. Ranging from makers, industry insiders or having years of judging experience, feedback is always our goal with the judges chosen.

Registration for the Home Winemaking Competition runs now through Friday, April 19. Registration for the Home Brewing Competition runs now through Friday, May 3. Both are $7 per entry. Register today at

The 2024 California Mid-State Fair runs July 17 through July 28 and this year’s theme is “Wide Open Spaces!”

Oompa Loompa confrontation until the only winner left is sweet Charlie Bucket. As the story goes, Wonka hands his factory over to
STAFF REPORT Five 1-year-old Siberian huskies find forever home at From the Heart Animal Sanctuary. Photo provided by From the Heart Animal Sanctuary
Park start June 12 and end on Aug. 21.
Templeton Concerts in the
Photo Courtesy of Templeton REC Foundation
B Section THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 29, 2024 • Making Communities Better Through Print. WHAT’S INSIDE Section Nonprofit B2 Class/Legals B3 Comics B6 Sports B8 NORTH COUNTY LIFE Restoring Hope One Life at a Time Lifestyle Recovery Center, Inc. Presents BREAK EVERY CHAIN (BEC) This group is designed to bring together fellow followers of Christ to deal with substance abuse and other destructive behaviors. Karolyn London Executive Director Text (805) 286-6331 WHAT: WHEN: WHERE: WHY: A Christian Group - Using the Overcomers Outreach model Mondays 6 - 7pm First United Methodist Church 915 Creston Road, Paso Robles, CA Jesus said, “Admit your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed” - James 5:16
(From left) Ainslea De Coster, Liam McLain, Sabrina Rivera, Andrea Casey, Lucy Peterson, Mayumi Brown, Delaney Tanner, Milo Graceffa, Isaiah Rice, and Jonah Sullivan are shown in the AHS Theater Department’s “Willy Wonka Jr.” Photo by Hannah Emmack

‘I Have Something to Say’ youth art exhibition coming to Studios on the Park

Show will be held from March 1 to April 28 in the Atrium Gallery of the studio


— Studios on the Park will feature an inspiring art exhibition in honor of Lonnie Hood that showcases a collection of artworks about political, environmental, and social issues by our local middle school and high school students. The “I Have Something To Say” show will be held from March 1 to April 28 in the Atrium Gallery of Studios on the Park.

This exhibition brings together the voices of young artists, offering a unique perspective on the pressing social, political, and environmental challenges that shape our world. The hope is that the exhibition will provoke thought, encourage constructive conversation, challenge perceptions, and inspire a brighter future. The show was curated by Jordan Hockett, operations manager and curator of Studios on the Park. The public is invited to the opening on March 2, with

another reception on April 6, both from 6 to 9 p.m.

Studios on the Park (Studios) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to providing a creative, educational, and transformational experience to enhance understanding and appreciation of the visual arts.

Studios on the Park realizes its commitment by making the creative process available to the public. Studios engages and inspires the San Luis Obispo County community and its visitors with a unique open studio environment. Studios features artists working in a variety of media, educational programs for children and adults, and quality exhibitions by regional, national and international artists. A gift from the Up Front Gallery is also a gift to Studios — all purchases support the arts programming for children, teens, and adults.

“I Have Something To Say” can be seen Sundays through Thursdays from 12 to 4 p.m. and Fridays and Saturdays from 12 to 9 p.m. The public is invited to receptions on March 2 and April 6 from 6 to 9 p.m. For more information on this exhibition, visit i-have-something-to-say/


P.O. Box 3120, Atascadero, CA 93423 (805)712-6356 atascaderogreyhound


1000 Spring Street Paso Robles, CA 93446 (805) 237-3870



About: The Atascadero Greyhound Foundation has been serving the Atascadero community for more than 20 years, gradually adding more events that serve its mission. We have grown, and continue to give because of the generous donors, sponsors and participants of our events. Our events are a benefit to the community in healthy activity — either athletically, musically, educationally, or in the fight against addiction.

Donations: Our support comes from generous donors and sponsors. To make a difference, visit:

Friends of the Paso Robles Library


Support the Library through a Friends of the Library membership, starting as low as $10/year. The Friends of the Library appreciates donations, which are either added to the Library’s collection or used to generate considerable funds toward the purchase of new books, library materials, programs, services, etc. Support the Library in a 100% volunteer-run retail environment. We are seeking volunteers to assist with Gift Shop sales, book donation sorting, and to provide book sale support. Due to limited storage space and staff, we are only able to accept two boxes or two bags of materials per household per day.

Cash donations always welcome!

BOARD MEETINGS: Call 805-237-3870 for info


6875 Union Road Paso Robles, CA 93446 (805) 237-3751 redwingshorse

Redwings Horse Sanctuary

For information about making donations, adoptions, etc, visit

For upcoming events, visit


Redwings is always looking for volunteers to help us provide the highest standard of care for our horses and burros. You do not need to have any prior horse experience to volunteer at Redwings. If you would like to work with our horses, the first step is to take a Volunteer Training Class. This class covers sanctuary rules, basic safe horsemanship skills, and an introduction to some of the horses that you will be working with. After completion of the class you are welcome to come volunteer and help with the horses any time during our volunteer hours. Volunteer hours are Tuesday through Saturday from 8am to 3:30pm, and we are closed on Sundays and Mondays. Note: We do not allow volunteers to ride the horses at Redwings. There are other ways to get involved and volunteer at Redwings too. We have opportunities to help in our rose and memorial garden, volunteering in the office, helping with events and fundraising, and more. Please submit the form below to schedule a volunteer training or contact our office: or (805) 237-3751.

Atascadero Elks Lodge

nity activities.


1516 El Camino Real,  Atascadero, Ca 93422 805-466-3557

Our mission as Elks is to inculcate the principles of Charity, Justice, Brotherly Love and Fidelity; to recognize our belief in God; to promote the welfare of our community; to quicken the spirit of American patriotism; and to cultivate good fellowship. We have a full calendar of events and activities for our members. To learn more or to join us please contact us at 805-4663557, visit the Lodge at 1516 El Camino Real, follow-us on Facebook or visit our website at:

PAGE B-2 • Thursday, February 29, 2024 Making Communities Better Through Print. • Good News • Real News • Your Hometown News NONPROFIT
STAFF REPORT Studios on the Park will showcase a collection of artworks about political, environmental, and social issues by our local middle school and high school students in its “I Have Something to Say” exhibition. Photo by Rick Evans
805.237.6060 | | 805.466.2585
NONPROFIT DONATION OPPORTUNITIES All of our direct services are provided free of charge. Your donations make this possible. You can trust that you are making a difference for local families. We know you have many options when it comes to putting your charitable gifts to work! Our funds go towards the invaluable programs and services that help so many in our community facing cancer. Our online donations are processed securely through Your donations are 100% tax-deductible. For more information or to discover how you can help, visit Cancer Support Community – California Central Coast CONTACT INFO 1051 Las Tablas Rd. Templeton, CA 93465 (805) 238-4411 Monday - Thursday 9 am – 4 pm Fridays by Appointment ATASCADERO LODGE NO. 2733 Since 1987, the Atascadero Elks have contributed over $1,000,000 to local community-based programs, non-profits, youth groups, local sports teams, programs for handicapped and needy children, patriotic programs, veterans’ programs and many, many commu-
Donate - Adopt - Sponsor (805) 237-3751 6875 Union Road Paso Robles, CA 93446 Donations can be made:  info@ Tuesday - Saturday 10am-3pm by Appointment Only TO LEARN MORE OR JOIN US (805) 466-3557 1516 El Camino Real, Atascadero • INTERESTED IN YOUR NONPROFIT BEING FEATURED? Less than $10 per week in The Paso Robles Press and The Atascadero News Call (805) 237-6060 or (805) 466-2585

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Bath Remodel can



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Donating your vehicle? Get more! Free Towing. Tax Deductible. Plus a $200 restaurant voucher and a 2-night/3-day hotel stay at one of 50 locations. Call Heritage for

1-844-491-2884 (Cal- SCAN)

GOT AN UNWANTED CAR??? Your car donation to Patriotic Hearts helps veterans find work or start their own business. Fast free pick. Running or not! Call 24/7: 1- 877-529-0495. (CalSCAN)

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BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT NEW FILE NO. 20240330 OLD FILE NUMBER. 20220055 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME(S) TO BE ABANDONED: LA SALSA MARKET DELI, 120 NORTH 3RD STREET, SHANDON, CA 93461, SAN LUIS OBISPO COUNTY THE FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME WAS FILED IN SAN LUIS OBISPO COUNTY ON: 01/07/2022 THE FOLLOWING PERSON(S) HAVE ABANDONED THE USE OF THE FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME: ROSALIA R MATIAS, 1221 DOROTHY STREET, PASO ROBLES, CA 93446 THIS BUSINESS WAS CONDUCTED BY: AN INDIVIDUAL: ROSALIA R MATIAS, THIS STATEMENT WAS FILED WITH THE COUNTY CLERK OF SAN LUIS OBISPO COUNTY ON: 02/05/2024 CERTIFICATION I HERBY CERTIFY THAT THIS COPY IS A CORRECT COPY OF THE ORIGINAL STATEMENT ON FILE IN MY OFFICE. ELAINA CANO, COUNTY CLERK BY ATRUJILLO, DEPUTY CLERK PUB: 2/8, 2/15, 2/22, 2/29/2024 LEGAL CM 82 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT File No 20240305 THE FOLLOWING PERSON(S) IS/ARE DOING BUSINESS AS: ALMA AYON LA CHEF, 1236 KAPAREIL LN, PASO ROBLES, CA 93446, SAN LUIS OBISPO COUNTY THIS BUSINESS IS CONDUCTED BY: AN INDIVIDUAL: ALMA AYON, 1236 KAPAREIL LN, PASO ROBLES, CA 93446 If Corporation or LLC- CA State of Incorporation/Organization I declare that all information in this statement is true and correct. (A registrant who declares as true information which he or she knows is false is guilty of a crime.) /S/ ALMA AYON This statement was filed with the County Clerk of San Luis Obispo County on 02/01/2024 TRANSACTING BUSINESS DATE: 01/01/2024 CERTIFICATION: I hereby certify that this copy is a correct copy of the original statement on file in my office. ELAINA CANO, County Clerk By MSTEDDUM, Deputy New Fictitious Business Name Statement, Expires 02/01/2029 PUB: 2/8, 2/15, 2/22, 2/29/2024 LEGAL CM 83 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT File No 20240318 THE FOLLOWING PERSON(S) IS/ ARE DOING BUSINESS AS: OLIVAS DE ORO OLIVE COMPANY, 2989 SUITE B LIMESTONE WAY, PASO ROBLES, CA 93446, SAN LUIS OBISPO COUNTY THIS BUSINESS IS CONDUCTED BY: A CORPORATION: ORO ORGANICS, INC, 420 MONTEBELLO OAKS DRIVE, PASO ROBLES, CA 93446 If Corporation or LLC- CA State of Incorporation/Organization CALIFORNIA I declare that all information in this statement is true and correct. (A registrant who declares as true information which he or she knows is false is guilty of a crime.) /S/ ORO ORGANICS, INC., FRANK MENACHO, PRESIDENT/ CEO This statement was filed with the County Clerk of San Luis Obispo County on 02/02/2024 TRANSACTING BUSINESS DATE: 02/01/2024 CERTIFICATION: I hereby certify that this copy is a correct copy of the original statement on file in my office. ELAINA CANO, County Clerk By MSTEDDUM, Deputy New Fictitious Business Name Statement, Expires 02/02/2029 PUB: 2/8, 2/15, 2/22, 2/29/2024 LEGAL CM 84 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT File No 20240287 THE FOLLOWING PERSON(S) IS/ARE DOING BUSINESS AS: BROWN-SILVA TRUCKING, 5740 LONE PINE PL, PASO ROBLES, CALIFORNIA 93446, SAN LUIS OBISPO COUNTY THIS BUSINESS IS CONDUCTED BY: A GENERAL PARTNERSHIP: ETHAN DANIEL BROWN-SILVA, 5740 LONE PINE PLACE, PASO ROBLES, CALIFORNIA 93446, GRACIE REBECCA LOUISE BROWN-SILVA, 5740 LONE PINE PL, PASO ROBLES, CALIFORNIA 93446, DANIEL EUGENE BROWN-SILVA, 5740 LONE PINE PL, PASO ROBLES, CALIFORNIA 93446, SHONETTE SUZANNE BROWN-SILVA, 5740 LONE PINE PL, PASO ROBLES, CALIFORNIA 93446 If Corporation or LLC- CA State of Incorporation/Organization I declare that all information in this statement is true and correct. (A registrant who declares as true information which he or she knows is false is guilty of a crime.) /S/ ETHAN BROWN-SILVA This statement was filed with the County Clerk of San Luis Obispo County on 01/30/2024 TRANSACTING BUSINESS DATE: 01/15/2024 CERTIFICATION: I hereby certify that this copy is a correct copy of the original statement on file in my office. ELAINA CANO, County Clerk By MSTEDDUM, Deputy New Fictitious Business Name Statement, Expires 01/30/2029 PUB: 2/8, 2/15, 2/22, 2/29/2024 LEGAL CM 85 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT File No 20240262 THE FOLLOWING PERSON(S) IS/ARE DOING BUSINESS AS: ITECH SOLUTIONS, THE ITECH GROUP, INC., 455 CHAMPIONSHIP LANE, TEMPLETON, CA 93465, SAN LUIS OBISPO COUNTY THIS BUSINESS IS CONDUCTED BY: A CORPORATION: THE ITECH GROUP, INC., PO BOX 1463, TEMPLETON, CA 93465 If Corporation or LLC- CA State of Incorporation/Organization CALIFORNIA I declare that all information in this statement is true and correct. (A registrant who declares as true information which he or she knows is false is guilty of a crime.) /S/ THE ITECH GROUP, INC., BRIAN J. WEISS CEO OF THE ITECH GROUP, INC. This statement was filed with the County Clerk of San Luis Obispo County on 01/26/2024 TRANSACTING BUSINESS DATE: 01/01/2008 CERTIFICATION: I hereby certify that this copy is a correct copy of the original statement on file in my office. ELAINA CANO, County Clerk By MSTEDDUM, Deputy New Fictitious Business Name Statement, Expires 01/26/2029 PUB: 2/8, 2/15, 2/22, 2/29/2024 LEGAL CM 86 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT File No 20240159 THE FOLLOWING PERSON(S) IS/ ARE DOING BUSINESS AS: CORNERSTONE HOMES CENTRAL COAST, CORNERSTONE HOMES REAL ESTATE, CORNERSTONE HOMES, 2425 GOLDEN HILLS RD STE 106-232, PASO ROBLES, CA 93446, SAN LUIS OBISPO COUNTY THIS BUSINESS IS CONDUCTED BY: A CORPORATION: CORNERSTONE HOMES REAL ESTATE P.C., 2313 WHITMORE AVE, CERES, CA 95307 If Corporation or LLC- CA State of Incorporation/Organization CA I declare that all information in this statement is true and correct. (A registrant who declares as true information which he or she knows is false is guilty of a crime.) /S/ CORNERSTONE HOMES REAL ESTATE P.C., JOHNNY FLORES, PRESIDENT This statement was filed with the County Clerk of San Luis Obispo County on 01/18/2024 TRANSACTING BUSINESS DATE: 01/18/2024 CERTIFICATION: I hereby certify that this copy is a correct copy of the original statement on file in my office. ELAINA CANO, County Clerk By MSTILETTO, Deputy New Fictitious Business Name Statement, Expires 01/18/2029 PUB: 2/8, 2/15, 2/22, 2/29/2024 LEGAL CM 87 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT File No 20240298 THE FOLLOWING PERSON(S) IS/ ARE DOING BUSINESS AS: LOT 3 LEASE COMPANY, 2630 GOLDEN EAGLE WAY, SAN MIGUEL, CA 93451, SAN LUIS OBISPO COUNTY THIS BUSINESS IS CONDUCTED BY: A GENERAL PARTNERSHIP: GARY J OSTLER, 2630 GOLDEN EAGLE WAY, SAN MIGUEL, CA 93451, EARL C OSTLER, 2630 GOLDEN EAGLE WAY, SAN MIGUEL, CA 93451, DONALD H OSTLER, 2630 GOLDEN EAGLE WAY, SAN MIGUEL, CA 93451, DAVID R OSTLER, 2630 GOLDEN EAGLE WAY, SAN MIGUEL, CA 93451 If Corporation or LLC- CA State of Incorporation/Organization I declare that all information in this statement is true and correct. (A registrant who declares as true information which he or she knows is false is guilty of a crime.) /S/ GARY J OSTLER This statement was filed with the County Clerk of San Luis Obispo County on 02/01/2024 TRANSACTING BUSINESS DATE: 01/02/2024 CERTIFICATION: I hereby certify that this copy is a correct copy of the original statement on file in my office. ELAINA CANO, County Clerk By OPALMA, Deputy New Fictitious Business Name Statement, Expires 02/01/2029 PUB: 2/8, 2/15, 2/22, 2/29/2024 LEGAL CM 88 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT File No 20240296 THE FOLLOWING PERSON(S) IS/ARE DOING BUSINESS AS: AE TAX SERVICES LLC, 179 NIBLICK RD #113, PASO ROBLES, CA 93446, SAN LUIS OBISPO COUNTY THIS BUSINESS IS CONDUCTED BY: A LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY: AE TAX SERVICES LLC, 179 NIBLICK RD 113, PASO ROBLES, CA 93446 If Corporation or LLC- CA State of Incorporation/Organization CA I declare that all information in this statement is true and correct. (A registrant who declares as true information which he or she knows is false is guilty of a crime.) /S/ AE TAX SERVICES LLC, JOSE D HERNANDEZ MEMBER This statement was filed with the County Clerk of San Luis Obispo County on 02/01/2024 TRANSACTING BUSINESS DATE: 02/01/2024 CERTIFICATION: I hereby certify that this copy is a correct copy of the original statement on file in my office. ELAINA CANO, County Clerk By MKATZ, Deputy New Fictitious Business Name Statement, Expires 02/01/2029 PUB: 2/8, 2/15, 2/22, 2/29/2024 LEGAL CM 89 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT File No 20240295 THE FOLLOWING PERSON(S) IS/ARE DOING BUSINESS AS: AMAZON ECO CLEANING SERVICES, 179 NIBLICK RD #113, PASO ROBLES, CA 93446, SAN LUIS OBISPO COUNTY THIS BUSINESS IS CONDUCTED BY: AN INDIVIDUAL: JOSE DAVID HERNANDEZ, 179 NIBLICK RD #113, PASO ROBLES, CA 93446 If Corporation or LLC- CA State of Incorporation/Organization I declare that all information in this statement is true and correct. (A registrant who declares as true information which he or she knows is false is guilty of a crime.) /S/ JOSE DAVID HERNANDEZ This statement was filed with the County Clerk of San Luis Obispo County on 02/01/2024 TRANSACTING BUSINESS DATE: 02/01/2024 CERTIFICATION: I hereby certify that this copy is a correct copy of the original statement on file in my office. ELAINA CANO, County Clerk By MKATZ, Deputy New Fictitious Business Name Statement, Expires 02/01/2029 PUB: 2/8, 2/15, 2/22, 2/29/2024 LEGAL CM 90 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT File No 20240311 THE FOLLOWING PERSON(S) IS/ARE DOING BUSINESS AS: ROAD FAMILY ESTATES, 1045 DAYBREAK LANE, TEMPLETON, CA 93465, TEMPLETON COUNTY THIS BUSINESS IS CONDUCTED BY: A MARRIED COUPLE: ANDREW HOWARD ANZALDO, 1045 DAYBREAK LANE, TEMPLETON, CA 93465, ROCHELLE RENEE ANZALDO, 1045 DAYBREAK LANE, TEMPLETON, CA 93465 If Corporation or LLC- CA State of Incorporation/Organization I declare that all information in this statement is true and correct. (A registrant who declares as true information which he or she knows is false is guilty of a crime.) /S/ ANDY HOWARD ANALDO This statement was filed with the County Clerk of San Luis Obispo County on 02/01/2024 TRANSACTING BUSINESS DATE: 05/05/2021 CERTIFICATION: I hereby certify that this copy is a correct copy of the original statement on file in my office. ELAINA CANO, County Clerk By MKATZ, Deputy New Fictitious Business Name Statement, Expires 02/01/2029 PUB: 2/8, 2/15, 2/22, 2/29/2024 LEGAL CM 91 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT File No 20240304 THE FOLLOWING PERSON(S) IS/ARE DOING BUSINESS AS: ROYAL GREEN AVOCADOS, 2024 PINE ST, PASO ROBLES, CA 93446, SAN LUIS OBISPO COUNTY THIS BUSINESS IS CONDUCTED BY: AN INDIVIDUAL: FERNANDO VERA ROJAS, 2024 PINE ST, PASO ROBLES, CA 93446 If Corporation or LLC- CA State of Incorporation/Organization I declare that all information in this statement is true and correct. (A registrant who declares as true information which he or she knows is false is guilty of a crime.) /S/ FERNANDO VERA ROJAS This statement was filed with the County Clerk of San Luis Obispo County on 02/01/2024 TRANSACTING BUSINESS DATE: Contact us today at: (805) 466-2585 Buy it! Sell it! Find it! Say it all here in the CLASSIFIEDS It’s so easy to reach a wider audience when you print with us! Call today and receive a FREE SHOWER PACKAGE PLUS $1600 OFF With purchase of a new Safe Step Walk-In Tub. Not applicable with any previous walk-in tub purchase. Offer available while supplies last. No cash value. Must present offer at time of purchase. CSLB 1082165 NSCB 0082999 0083445 866-918-1943 855-301-5335 NO HIDDEN FEES. NO HIDDEN ANYTHING. FREEDOM CALLS. Plans start at just $20/month. 100 ANNOUNCEMENTS It’s easy! Call today 1-844-514-2747 Get your FREE Information Kit DENTAL Insurance Great coverage for retirees. 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Asbestos_Lunchbox Ad4_vertical_CA 2024.qxp_W&L 1/31/24 10:34 AM Page 1 • Making Communities Better Through Print. Thursday, February 29, 2024 • PAGE B-3 CLASSIFIEDS & LEGALS SUBMIT CLASSIFIEDS AND LEGALS TO OFFICE@13STARSMEDIA.COM Serving North San Luis Obispo County • Atascadero • Paso Robles • San Miguel • Santa Margarita • Templeton

1. LITERATURE: In the children's book, what is Doctor Dolittle's special talent?

2. ART: Who painted the work titled "Starry Night"?

3. FOOD & DRINK: Which vegetable is commonly used to make pickles?

Posting Date February 26, 2024 OLIVE

4. MUSIC: What is pop singer Taylor Swift's favorite number?

5. MEDICAL: What is a common name for lachrymation?

6. BUSINESS: When was the Chia Pet invented?

7. U.S. PRESIDENTS: Who was the first American to win a Nobel Prize?

8. HISTORY: The Aztec civilization emerged in which modern-day country?

9. TELEVISION: Who played the character Michael Scott on TV's "The Office''?

10. GEOGRAPHY: The volcano Mount Vesuvius overlooks which modern-day Italian city?

© 2024 King Features Synd., Inc.

10. Naples.

7. Theodore Roosevelt, the Nobel Peace Prize. 8. Mexico. 9. Steve Carell.

6. 1977 (Chia Guy).

3. Cucumbers. 4. 13. 5. Tears or crying.

2. Vincent van Gogh.

Answers 1. He can talk with animals.

PAGE B-6 • Thursday, February 29, 2024 Making Communities Better Through Print. •


Good News • Real News • Your Hometown News



8205 Curbaril Ave. (corner of Curbaril & Atascadero Ave.): Sunday service at 10:30 a.m. Ted Mort, Pastor. (805) 466-0175.

Awakening Ways Center for Spiritual Living

A New Thought Spiritual Community. Living the Consciously Awakened Life. Rev. Elizabeth Rowley Hogue Sunday 10:00am at the Pavilion 9315 Pismo Way, Atascadero (805) 391-4465.

St. William’s Catholic Church 6410 Santa Lucia Road, Atascadero, CA (805) 466-0849 www. Weekday Masses : 10:30 AM Saturday Vigil Mass: 4:30 PM Sunday Masses: 8:30 AM, 10:30 AM, 12:30 PM Spanish


9925 Morro Road, Atascadero; "The Church on the Hill"; An independent church committed to the teaching of God's Word.; Praise and Prayer–10 a.m.; Morning Worship–11 a.m.; Evening Worship–6 p.m.; Wednesday Prayer–6:30 p.m.; Nursery care and children's classes provided.; Pastor Jorge Guerrero; (805) 461-9197.


535 Creston Road., Paso Robles ; (805) 238-3549 ; Dr. Gary M. Barker, Pastor; Goal of church: To teach Believers to love God and people.; Sundays: 9 a.m. Sunday School; 10 a.m. Fellowship; 10:30 a.m. Service; 6 p.m. Eve Service; Wednesdays: 7 p.m. prayer meeting.


A place of hope! Join us for in-person worship on Sundays at 9 A.M. Services are also streamed on our YouTube channel, Hope Lutheran Church Atascadero. We offer Sunday School for all ages after worship. Learn more at 8005 San Gabriel Road, Atascadero. 805.461.0430.


4500 El Camino Real, Atascadero; 466-9350; Morning Bible class at 9 a.m. Sunday; Coffee and Sunday Worship with Holy Communion at 10 a.m. Sunday; Thursday morning Bible class 10 a.m. followed by refreshments and fellowship; Developmentally disabled Bible class 1st and 3rd Saturday mornings;;; Pastor Wayne Riddering.


We honor ancient scriptures, responding to God’s contemporary call to be just and kind.; Join us for Worship Sunday, 10 a.m.; Church School Sunday, 10:15 a.m.; Coffee Fellowship 11 a.m.; Men’s Bible Study, Wednesday, 8 a.m.; Women’s Bible Study, Friday, 10 a.m.; Youth Group; 1301 Oak St., Paso Robles; (805) 238-3321.


820 Creston Road., Paso Robles; (805) 238-2218- Parish Office open Mon-Fri 9 a.m.-4 p.m.; website:; Mass times;Daily Mass- 12:00 p.m.; Saturday 8 a.m.; Tues. 7 p.m. Spanish; Saturday 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. Spanish Vigil Mass; Sunday 8 a.m. & 10 a.m.; Spanish Mass at 12:30PM. Father Rudolfo Contreras.


940 Creston Road, Paso Robles; has Sunday worship services at 9:30 a.m; For more information, call the church at (805) 238-3702. Ext. 206.


2100 Ramona Road. Sunday service at 10am. Will & Lori Barrow, Pastors; (805) 466-3191;


4500 El Camino Ave (Downstairs, Rear Parking Lot) // info@ Sunday Service at 9am, Children’s Ministry provided for ages 2yrs–6th grade. Pastors Chris Vanoli & Ben Eisenman // Love God, Love Others // Abiding closely with Jesus and teaching others to do the same.


A division of Alpha Beth Ministries; 3850 Ramada Drive (corner of Ramada and Cow Meadow), Paso Robles; 805-434-5170; Pastor Gabe Abdelaziz; a charismatic non-denominational fellowship; Reaching People, Building Homes; Sundays 10am, Wednesday 7pm;,; Instagram @the_ revival_center

Be included in the Atascadero News & Paso Robles Press Worship Directory for an entire year at $175

Are you seeing those sweet daffodils around town? I drive out Graves Creek, here in Atascadero, when I come home and the daffodils are making a big splash in some yards. I love it! Wouldn’t it be fun to see daffodils from Monterey Road clear out to San Fernando Road since there’s already a start. For those of you who live on that stretch, think about that.

Tickets are still available for the Quota O’Bunco fundraiser on March 13, at Atascadero Kiwanis Hall, 7848 Pismo Avenue, at 6 p.m. Tickets are $20 and include food and beverages. Contact Sylvia Biddle for reservation at (805) 237-7326.

Donations from the Atascadero Community Band Concert, “From Paintbrush to Pixels — The Music of Animation,” will benefit the Paso Robles Youth Arts Center. The

lee pitts COLUMNIST

Some people might call me an eavesdropper, nosy Nelly, or a snoop, but I like to think of myself as a researcher. My favorite place to do “research” is a coffee shop. We don’t have one in our small town, but we do have a bakery that serves up fabulous doughy creations along with local gossip. My research at the bakery is facilitated by terrible acoustics so I can’t help overhearing everyone’s conversation, especially if they talk real loud like the Realtor lady who was attempting to sell a house to some poor suckers from the city. Much of what the Realtor lady was saying was a bunch of cow pucky and she made our town sound like Shangri-La. Because we don’t want any more people moving here, I stopped by the visitor’s table on my way out and set the city slickers straight on a few things, which I’m sure their Realtor appreciated.

Shortbreads and cashews

free concert is scheduled for Sunday, March 3, at 3 p.m., at the Atascadero Bible Church, 6225 Atascadero Avenue, Atascadero, when musicians will bring wellknown and perhaps unknown soundtracks to life, taking you on a journey through the whimsical realms of animated favorites and immersive video game adventures.

On Monday, Carol Porter and I attended the monthly meeting of our Assistance League of San Luis Obispo County chapter. We always have coffee and refreshments before the meeting and there are often treats that are worth sharing with you. The recipe for this week is one of those, from member Denise Snyder of Morro Bay.

Chocolate Dipped Shortbreads

Denise Snyder

Morro Bay


• 1 cup butter (not margarine) 1/2 cup confectioners’ sugar

1 teaspoon vanilla 2 cups flour

1 cup mini chocolate chips


Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Cream butter and sugar. Add vanilla and flour until well

blended. Stir in chips. Roll dough into little logs (2 1/2 inches or so). Makes approximately 48 cookies. Bake on ungreased cookie sheet for about 12 minutes or until lightly browned. (I take mine out at 10 or 11 minutes due to the heat of my oven). Cool completely. For dipping, in double boiler, melt 1 cup chocolate chips, 3 tablespoons butter and 1 teaspoon water. Remove from heat or at least turn way down low, and dip one end of each cookie in chocolate. Place on was paper and chill until firm, about 1 hour. If melted chocolate starts to thicken, add another teaspoon of water while on low heat.

Note: For St. Patrick’s Day, dip cookies in white chocolate and sprinkle with green sprinkles of your choice, following directions above. For Easter, use white chocolate and sprinkle with pastel sprinkles.

This next recipe make a great snack to serve anytime.

Spicy Brown Sugar-Roxemary



• 1 large egg white • 1/2 teaspoon kosher salt

Welcome ... now git

“We have bad water, more bars than churches and no public charging stations. What would really help,” I said, “are gas stations giving away free fuel to all the pickups that roam our streets, many of which aren’t paved. We don’t have a mayor or a theater and there’s no place to buy a fast food burger. We do have slow food because it takes the pizza delivery driver 45 minutes to get here. The best place to eat in town is called The Greasy Weiner and it’s a food truck. We have four bars and two liquor stores and the local AA group has to go to a neighboring town to find a place big enough to hold them all. If you hear about a mall in our neck of the woods it’s not a place to buy a wedding present or a Hot Dog on A Stick. It’s what a bear has done.

“We don’t have a geologist or a gynecologist, but we do have a Goodwill drop-off, but they are very picky and rejected my last load of clothes. Speaking of which, there is no place to buy clothes in town except at the hardware store, which offers a very nice selection of Carhartt hoodies.

“Several of our residents work

at the 50-year-old nuclear power plant that is eight miles away. The utility company discovered after it was built that it sits on top of the biggest earthquake fault in the country. The plant was scheduled to be mothballed because it’s so old, but all the Smart Cars have drained our collective battery, and we suffer frequent blackouts, so they’re gonna let the nuke plant run a little longer. But no worries, we have regular tests of the emergency warning siren. Since my town and a neighboring one share only two roads out of town, we’ll all be sitting in the world’s biggest traffic jam when the atomic cloud arrives, so make sure you’re windows are rolled up.

“We don’t have a train but we do have a Subway, but it’s the kind where you can buy a sandwich. We have more horses than lawyers and like it that way. We have a fabulous nail artist, but her husband is a house painter, and there have been rumors that the Chanel, Dior, Hermes, or Gucci nail polish you’re paying for is actually Sherwin Williams.

“Our cemetery is growing faster than our town, and the

• 2 cups raw unsalted cashews

1/4 cup packed light or dark brown sugar

1 1/2 teaspoons finely chopped rosemary leaves

• 1/4 teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes


Preheat oven to 325 degrees with rack in center. Line baking sheet with parchment paper. In medium bowl, whisk egg white and salt with 1 tablespoon water until just frothy. Add cashews and toss to coat. Transfer nuts to a colander and allow to drain over the sink until just wet but not goopy, 10 to 15 minutes. Whisk together brown sugar, rosemary, and red pepper flakes until combined. Toss well drained cashews with brown sugar mixture to coat and arrange in a single layer on prepared baking sheet. Bake, rotating pan halfway through until evenly browned, about 35 minutes. Allow nuts to cool to room temperature. Break apart with your hands before serving. Makes 2 cups. Cheers!

Barbie Butz is an independent columnist for The Atascadero News and Paso Robles Press; you can email her at

reverence surrounding our bone orchard was destroyed when the bureaucrats built our new sewer plant right next door. The minute it was turned on, all the beautiful flowers decorating the graves turned brown, even the plastic ones.

“We don’t have a hospital or an urgent care facility, and by the time an ambulance arrives, you could be stiff as a concrete sidewalk, which we also don’t have. We are surrounded on all four sides by deadly beasts. White sharks patrol the ocean while mountain lions and bears roam the state park that surrounds us. I’ve killed six rattlers in my driveway and saw a mountain lion walk down our road in broad daylight, so don’t forget your pepper spray. We do have a gun store, but it’s located next door to our post office, which is not a good idea if an employee ‘goes postal.’

“Finally,” I said to our guests, “If our town is as great as your Realtor says, why doesn’t she live here?”

Lee Pitts is an independent columnist for The Atascadero News and Paso Robles Press; you can email them at leepitts@

Pain pushes until vision pulls

meditate, pray, take a class, do a twenty-one-day cleanse, get a massage, our chakras aligned, and so forth. Then, we find ourselves in the same unhappy place we started.

love to experience next. We become the “friend” we seek in others, allowing fulfilling and mutually nourishing friendships to thrive.

Have you ever been at a job you didn’t love, in a relationship you knew was not going anywhere, or held onto friendships you had grown out of? Later, you wished you had leaped into the unknown sooner. It’s a great reminder that the pain felt at times like the above is our Divine nudge to take a quantum leap into the next great version of our existence. Our pain pushes us. We can name a hundred things we dislike about the current situation, complain to our friends, journal about it, sleep on it, go to our therapist,

I am in no way knocking those practices. All that practice was needed to get you into a space of possibility so you could have a moment of clarity where that new potentiality would shine before you like a beacon of light emerging from the darkness.

Like a magnet, you are suddenly pulled by a vision of something new. You can describe your vision and start talking about it. The qualities of a job you would love to have are present. The attributes you seek in terms of the right and perfect relationship become apparent, and you take the time to work on developing your heart to be open and available for what you would

Ralph Waldo Emerson observed, “The only way to have a friend is to be one.” If you want a friend, be a friend. Instead of being sorrowful about what isn’t there, you are invited to stake your claim in the infinite realm of good by stating what you would love to experience. It seems like magic when it appears, but it is not magic in any way. You have prepared spiritually, physically, and emotionally for the Divine manifestation to appear. You are open and available and have said yes to your mighty and magnificent good.

Your pain pushes you out of the thing that is causing you pain. Even when it hurts so bad, and you know you need to

change something, you might create suffering, forcing yourself to stay the same because it’s too scary to do something differently. You aren’t consciously doing those things aloud; however, that mindset keeps you stuck. It’s an unconscious pattern keeping you locked in. Are you catching what I’m saying here?

Be pulled by the mighty and magnificent vision for your life. The Universe steps in with a vision when the pain becomes too strong. For example, the Divine drops an image, a song, or a book into your consciousness, which becomes the start of the roadmap to your future. Now, you are pulled by vision. Go with it!

And so it is.

Rev. Elizabeth Rowley Hogue is an independent columnist for the Atascadero News and Paso Robles Press; you can email her at • Making Communities Better Through Print. Thursday, February 29, 2024 • PAGE B-7
barbie butz COLUMNIST rev. elizabeth rowley hogue COLUMNIST

Templeton Recreation Foundation supports youth basketball league with $900 donation to encourage participation

Donation will fund nine youth basketball scholarships for Templeton Youth Basketball League

TEMPLETON — The Templeton Recreation Foundation (TRF), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to enhancing recreational opportunities for the Templeton community, has announced a donation of $900 to the Templeton Recreation Department. This donation will fund nine youth basketball scholarships for children participating in the Templeton Youth Basketball League.

Recreation Supervisor Mel Johnson, a spokesperson for the Templeton Recreation Department, expressed gratitude for the Templeton Recreation Foundation’s support, stating, “We are indebted to the Templeton Recreation Foundation and their generosity. The funding of scholarships at a total of $900 means nine Templeton children were able to participate in the Templeton Youth Basketball League who otherwise would be unable to play. Participation in a youth basketball league not only promotes physical fitness and skill development but also fosters teamwork, discipline, and a sense of camaraderie among children. Through the challenges and victories on the court, young players learn valuable life skills that contribute to their overall

personal and social growth. So, you can see that the donation of these scholarships is imperative to the development of happy and healthy chil-

dren in our community. Thank you, TRF.”

The Templeton Recreation Foundation encourages community members to support their ongoing initiatives by making tax-deductible donations. Individuals can contribute by mailing checks made payable to “Templeton Recreation Foundation” to P.O. Box 1423, Templeton, CA 93456. All donors will receive a thank-you letter along with the Foundation’s Tax ID number.

This donation reinforces the Templeton Recreation Foundation’s commitment to fostering a vibrant and active community through accessible recreational opportunities. TRF believes that participation in youth sports not only enhances physical fitness but also nurtures social connections, promotes inclusivity, and plays a vital role in fostering the happiness and vitality of our community.

For more information about the Templeton Recreation Foundation, please visit or contact President Geoff English at (805) 610-0191.

About Templeton Recreation Foundation

The Templeton Recreation Foundation is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting recreational programs and facilities in the Templeton community. Through fundraising and community engagement, the Foundation strives to enhance the quality of life for residents by providing accessible and diverse recreational opportunities.

Student models ‘Living to Serve’ during National FFA Week

PRHS agricultural welding student donates Santa Maria-style barbecue to Pioneer Museum

PASO ROBLES — Last week (Feb. 19-24) marked National FFA Week and to show support, one of Paso Robles High School (PRHS) FFA’s agricultural welding students capped it off by delivering a donation item created for his community.

Sophomore student Leo St. Martin was commissioned to create a large Santa Maria-style barbecue for the Pioneer Museum on behalf of the Coppoletti family. The project was funded by McKee Ranches, operated by Angela and Rob McKee. The idea came about to create a project that would allow St. Martin to pursue welding further, and that would be a testament to Jan Copoletti’s volunteer work and support of the Pioneer Museum over the years. In years to come, the Pioneer Museum will use the barbecue for hosting events and fundraisers.

Pioneer Museum President Melody Mullis stated, “This project is a work of art, and I cannot wait to showcase it as soon as possible. We’ve already started planning fundraisers around it.”

This project took approximately eight months to complete outside of the normal class time and is a product of over 200 hours of labor and dedication by St. Martin.

“Taking on this project was a large task, but it pushed me to learn more about project design, engineering, and fabrication skills than I knew prior to starting,” St. Martin stated.

Angela McKee said, “I am so proud of Leo for the amazing craftsmanship, as well as Matt Vierra for his guidance on this project of love.”

The barbecue was something that St. Martin was more than happy to make and spend his time on because he knew that it would benefit the community and help raise money for the Pioneer Museum. He hopes to continue pursuing a career in the welding industry and hopes to start his own company here in Paso Robles. For now, he enjoys creating his welding projects for community members and is looking for the opportunity to showcase his talent.

Week of February 29 - March 6

In addition to being one of the fastest sprinters

Baseball 2/29 | 3:30 / 6 pm | Greenfield (JV/V) 3/2 | 11 am / 1:30 pm | Dos Palos (JV/V) 3/5 | 4 pm | Avenal (V) Boys Golf 2/29 | 10 am | Lemoore 3/5 | 10 am | Righetti Boys Tennis 2/29 | 3 / 3:30
Atascadero (JV/V)
| TBA | California Classic Tourney (V) 3/5 | 3 / 3:30 pm | Orcutt Academy (JV/V) Boys Volleyball 2/29 | 5/6 pm | Mission Prep (V) 3/1-2 | TBA | Morro Bay Tourney (V) 3/5 | 5 / 6 pm | Morro Bay (JV/V) Softball 3/1 | 4:30 pm | Morro Bay (V) 3/1 | 4:30 pm | Arroyo Grande (JV) 3/5 | 4 pm | Avenal (JV/V) 3/6 | 3:30 / 6 pm | King City (JV/V) Swim Coming Soon Track 3/2 | TBA | Atascadero Memorial Baseball 2/29 | 3:30 / 4 pm | Paso Robles (JV/V) 3/2 | 11 am / 1:30 pm | King City (JV/V) 3/6 | 3:30 pm | Ridgeview (JV/V) Boys Golf 2/29 | 12 pm | Lemoore 3/4 | 12 pm | Orcutt Academy Mini Boys Tennis 2/29 | 3 pm | Templeton (V) 3/5 | 3:30 pm | Righetti (JV/V) Boys Volleyball 3/1-2 | TBA | Morro Bay Tourney (V) 3/5 | 5 / 6 pm | Orcutt Academy (JV/V) Softball 3/1 | 3:30 pm | Lompoc (JV/V) 3/2 | 1:30 / 3:45 pm | Righetti Tourney (JV) 3/5 | 3:30 pm | Morro Bay (V) Stunt 3/2 | TBA | VC Kickoff 3/6 | 4 / 5 pm | SLO / AG Baseball 2/29 | 3:30 / 4 pm | Atascadero (JV/V) 3/2 | 1 / 3 pm | Taft Union (JV/V) 3/5 | 3:30 / 5 pm | Arroyo Grande (JV/V) Boys Golf No Games Boys Tennis 2/29 | 3 pm | Santa Ynez 3/1-2 | TBA | California Classic Tourney Softball 3/1-2 | TBA | Pre-Season Tourney (V) 3/5 | 4 / 4:30 pm | SLO (JV/V) Stunt 3/6 | 7 pm | Nipomo (V) Swim 3/1 | 3 pm | Morro Bay (V) 3/2 | 8 am | Bronco Class Meet (V) Track 3/2 | TBA | Atascadero Memorial PASO ROBLES TEMPLETON ATASCADERO - Coach SCHOOL: SPORT: Paso Robles High School Varsity Girl’s Soccer Senior RYLIE HELBERG
pm |
in PRHS history, she is an outstanding soccer player. It has been a pleasure coaching her and having her as one of our team captains. STAFF REPORT STAFF REPORT
(Back row, from left): Navid Fardanesh, president of the Templeton CSD Board of Directors; Mel Johnson, recreation supervisor for the Templeton CSD; Jordan Traub, Templeton Rec Foundation director; and Geoff English, Templeton Rec Foundation president, pose with local kids with the TRF’s donation. Contributed Photo
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(From left) Angela and Rob McKee, Leo St. Martin, Melody Mullis, Jan and Tom Cappoletti, and Matt Vierra stand with the barbecue St. Martin created for the Pioneer Museum. Photo Courtesy of PRHS FFA
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