Annual Report - 2018

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This annual report shows the results of the work done by the Centro Colombo Americano de Medellín along with the support of the following partners.

Armenia Barranquilla Bogotá Bucaramanga Cali Cartagena Manizales Medellín Pereira





EDITORIAL In 1947 the Colombo opened its first site in the Medellín downtown area. Since then, we have taught students to become bilingual, both in language and in culture by showing them new possibilities of how to explore the world. When I came to the Colombo for the first time, located on El Palo, I could see flashes of the United States in its different spaces – the library with its large collection of books in English, the art gallery showcasing different artists that link art with trending youth topics, the cinemas with their multiple festivals that enlighten the mind and soul, as well as the music that filled its different halls. I realized that between these walls was not only a center that teaches English, but a diverse world that helps to form global citizens. We are an entity that was born and raised in Medellín’s downtown area, and here we will remain focused on growth, education, and culture as motors of social transformation. We are excited to present the renovation of several different spaces in 2018 and share with the city our library, art gallery, classrooms especially remodeled for young learners, the Maker Lab, and common areas, so that people can come and partake in what the center has to offer. The site has transformed both physically and in its core, but always making it clear that we are just like the downtown area, a place for everyone. All of this has been possible thanks to the support and collaboration of the Board of Directors of the Colombo Americano, the Smithsonian Institute, American Spaces in Washington D. C., the United States Embassy in Bogotá, and specifically Public Affairs, as well as public and private sectors. To our students, teachers, employees, alumni, and partner institutions, thank you for believing in us. Together we will continue to build the city we want. I’m pleased to share with you our annual report for 2018, inviting you to discover the different educational and cultural social projects highlighted throughout the Colombo’s areas of impact. One is always welcome to this institution, an entity with its doors open to the city.

Michael Cooper · Director


Socioartistic laboratory in the Art Gallery




The Centro Colombo Americano Medellín is a private nonprofit institution with 71 years of experience promoting the use of English and culture in and around the city. We are one of nine Binational Centers (BNC) in the country recognized by the United States Embassy in Colombia.

Juan Manuel Cárdenas Vásquez

We have three quality certifications granted by ICONTEC (NTC 5580- NTC 5555 e ISO 9001), expanding in 2018 to five municipalities in Antioquia by means of our seven branches located throughout the department: Centro, El Poblado, Belén, Apartadó, Bello, Rionegro and Envigado.

Juan Felipe Gaviria Gutiérrez

Thanks to projects carried out in cooperation with public and private entities since our foundation in 1947, we have established ourselves as a leading institution in academic and cultural projects that promote artistic expressions through the use of English as a second language that allows for diversity and impact on new populations.

Javier Jaramillo Velásquez


Davis Duyen Marie Sergio Fajardo Valderrama Aníbal Gaviria Correa Carlos Mario Giraldo Moreno Tulio Enrique Gómez Tapias María Clara Gutiérrez Navarro Carlos Manuel Londoño De La Espriella U.S. Ambassador* (or the person delegated) Ann Mason Juvenal de Jesús Mejía Escobar Jorge Humberto Melguizo Posada Federico Moreno Vásquez Fernando Osorio Mora

Michael Cooper General Director

Sergio Andrés Piedrahita Wood

Claudia Villa Academic Director

Gary Dean Sander

Alejandro Gómez Kinetoscopio Film Program Director

Mauricio Toro Bridge

Alejandro Vásquez Paul Bardwell Art Gallery Director

Gonzalo Alonso Restrepo López John Kurt Schober Ricardo Toro Ludeke Pilar Velilla Moreno

Luisa Mejía Special Proyects Director

Marcos Eugenio Wittig Wood

Juan Ricardo García Finance and Administration Director

Juan Fernando Uribe Navarro

Ángela Cardona Human Resources Director

Paula Restrepo Duque

Natalia Urrego Marketing and Communications Director

Juan Alberto Gaviria Vélez

Clara Mónica Zapata Jaramillo Susan Walley de Jaramillo Felipe Zárate Gutiérrez



VISION In 2025, the Centro Colombo Americano de Medellín aims to continue being a cultural and educational referent on a national and international level, positioning its cultural and academic programs that are inclusive and respond to the needs of society, by way of technology and innovation. We’re committed to the implementation and sustainment of the Health and Safety Quality Management System in the workplace to reduce the possibility of work-related illnesses and accidents. A class from the Adult Program in the MakerLab

MISSION The Centro Colombo Americano de Medellín promotes human and social development through its significant cultural and academic experiences between Colombia, the United States, and other countries.

Panoramic view of the Art Gallery in the Downtown Site


VALUES In and out of our workplace we value: • Respect • Commitment • Pluralism • Responsibility • Honesty • Equality


INSTITUTIONAL THE DOWNTOWN SITE SHOWCASES ITS NEW SPACES On May 11th, the Colombo Americano Medellín celebrated the inauguration of the remodeled spaces at their downtown site. Some of the areas that were remodeled were the Maker Lab, the contemporary art gallery, the library, some classrooms exclusively designed for children, and common areas. The event was presided over by Michael Cooper, General Director of the Colombo Americano Medellín, alongside three government officials from the Public Diplomacy Committee, and the

Cultural Attaché for Colombia, Michelle Riebeling, who were honorary guests on the evening of the inauguration. The circus-like show that was featured front stage gave a touch of color to this grandiose event for the Colombo, which was also attended by friends from various educational and cultural sectors of the city. These new spaces are a gift for the city and their creation was made possible thanks to the State Department of the United States through American Spaces and the Smithsonian Institution.

From left to right: John Schober, Member of the Board of Directors of the Colombo Americano; Michelle Riebeling, Cultural Attaché from the U.S. Embassy for Colombia; and Michael Cooper, Director General of the Colombo Americano de Medellín, at the inauguration of the Downtown Site



VISIT FROM THE AMBASSADOR The Colombo Americano was honored to receive a visit from the United States Ambassador to Colombia, Kevin Whitaker, on December 3rd, 2018. During his visit to the downtown site, and with the company of the Colombo’s General Director Michael Cooper, they visited different areas in the Colombo such as the Café Colombo Credenza located on

the 10th floor, the movie theaters, as well as the renovated Maker Lab and library, where they met with some of the fellows from the multiple social programs that the Colombo makes part of. This visit solidifies the commitment that the embassy has shown to support BNCs nationwide.

U.S. Embassador talking to the CHOP Program fellows

REFERENTES In May of 2018, the mayor’s office of Medellín through its Secretary of Culture held the event “REFERENTES Expocultura” where institutions and professionals of the cultural sector came together. This first edition was mainly focused on empowering, making visible, and connecting artistic areas such as dance, theater, music, visual and audiovisual art. As a referent of education and culture for the city, the Colombo was invited to participate with its Deseartepaz program from the gallery, promoting this as a model of cultural and community development and transformation through art. The ex-director of the art gallery, Juan Alberto Gaviria, was also invited to participate in a talk on the topic of art and social transformation.


Poster design 2018 event

Report summary Impacted populaton


Cultural Academic

98,993 21,924

USD 1,255,928 USD 724,038



USD 1,979,966


from the 2018 report We trained a total of

12,052 students



through our different English courses, corporate alliances, strategic agreements, and social projects.

participated through the different cultural programs spearheaded by the cinema, gallery, library and special projects.

USD 327,089 was generated through free press

USD 724,038 was invested in social programs and English scholarship programs.


The Colombo Americano de MedellĂ­n has 71 years of experience and history promoting bilingualism and cultural exchange through its different English programs and student advising office. Corporate courses are also offered to different companies, strengthening ties through corporate agreements with a variety of productive sectors in the region.



In 2018, a total of 21,924 people studied in our different academic programs.

English courses for children, youth, and adults.


Strategic agreements


Corporate alliances


Social projects focused on English training


English scholarship programs


Study abroad counseling




During 2018, our English programs provided language training to a total of 12,052 students through the Children, Youth, and Adult Programs, institutional agreements, social projects and English scholarship programs.


English courses for children, youth, and adults 10,016

Strategic agreements

Corporate alliances

Social projects focused on English training




Total 12,052


In 2018, a total of 1,241 students certified their English competences at an intermediate or advanced level.

Level certified


B2 Level


C1 Level





English ∕ Social

SOCIAL PROJECTS AND ENGLISH SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAMS Throughout 2018, we were committed to the personal growth and inclusion of all types of people by developing strategic alliances that allowed us to academically train 1,152 students through our different social projects and English scholarship programs. This effort required investments of USD 724,038. SOCIAL PROJECTS AND ENGLISH SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAMS



English Social Projects


English scholarship Program


Public Investment USD 577,183

USD 83,946 USD 62,908


USD 577,183

Total Invested

USD 724,038


Colombo Investment

USD 146,854

CHOP COLLEGE HORIZONS OUTREACH PROGRAM The College Horizons Outreach Program (CHOP) is an initiative from the United States government to support the education of Afro Colombian and Indigenous high school students between the ages of 13 and 18. Through this scholarship program, low income ethnic populations are provided access to English training with the purpose of strengthening their language competences and empowering them so that they can take advantage of different educational opportunities such as access to university studies and potentially participating in programs or internships overseas.

Students from the CHOP Program in Medellín during their orientation session

In 2018, 31 Afro Colombian and indigenous students from the municipality of Apartadó completed the program and reached a B1 level of English. Currently, 59 students are active in this program in the cities of Medellín and Quibdó.


English ∕ Social


Students from the English for Girls Program in Quibdó

The English for Girls program was created in Colombia in 2017, as a result of the support from the U.S. government in Colombia towards the signing of the peace accord to end the armed conflict in the country. In association with the Office for Women Peace and Safety in Colombia, the Colombo Medellín started this program which aims to contribute towards the empowerment and leadership of young girls and the reduction of teenage pregnancies in those areas that have been affected by this conflict. The program focused on providing English training and the development of leadership skills over a year and a half.

In 2018 the English for Girls groups completed their educational process, with 43 young women from Leticia and 40 from Quibdó graduating from the program and achieving B1 and B1+ levels of English according to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).



The English Access Microscholarship Program allows academically high-achieving young people, who are finishing their high school, the opportunity to broaden their horizons through English language learning and exposure to U.S. culture and customs.

33 young students from the Institución Educativa Litoral Pacífico in Nuquí, finished their English studies in 2018 and achieved a B1 level.

This program is an initiative set up by the U.S. State Department to support education programs for youth around the world. It is run in over 85 countries and started in Colombia in 2009, benefitting more than one thousand students to date. The Colombo Medellín has led this program in the cities of Medellin, Apartadó and Quibdó, with positive results from each of the cohorts. In 2017, the program impacted the population in Nuquí, located in Chocó.

Students from the Access Program in Nuquí


English ∕ Social

MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. FELLOWSHIP PROGRAM (MLK) The MLK Jr. Fellowship Program started in 2006 with the support of the U.S. Embassy, and since 2014 has been sponsored by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). Throughout these years, the program has allowed its fellows to access educational and professional opportunities such as the opportunity to pursue post graduate level studies abroad or in Colombia, as well as the creation of socially based initiatives and community projects aimed at supporting the most in-need communities.

The Martin Luther King, Jr. Program provides English language training and leadership activities to highachieving university students of Afro Colombian and Indigenous heritage from social strata 1, 2, or 3, using Dr. King’s wise words “Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education” as its underlying principle. The binational centers in Colombia that run cohorts of the program are Barranquilla, Bogotá, Carli, Cartagena, and Medellín, with the latter being the National Coordinator of the program.

Graduation ceremony of the MLK Fellows in Medellín

In 2018, 182 fellows completed their studies as a part of the 2017-2018 cohort of the program. Out of these, 62 were fellows that graduated from the cities of Apartadó, Medellín and Quibdó, under the coordination and supervision of the Centro Colombo Americano de Medellín.


English ∕ Social

RIONEGRO BILINGÜE This program, which is a part of the Development Plan of the Municipality of Rionegro located in the east of Antioquia, aims to achieve greater competitiveness and insertion in global markets by providing English language education to students and teachers in public schools of the region. As of 2016, the Colombo Americano has participated as one of the partners in this program, providing language training to primary school teachers and teachers of other areas, as well as students in tenth and eleventh grade. In 2017, additional subprograms were included which meant that English teachers and university students who received scholarships from the Mayor’s Office of Rionegro thanks to their outstanding scores on the national exam in 2016 and 2017 were also given language training by the Colombo Medellín. Throughout the three consecutive years the program has been running, the Colombo has offered spaces open to the general public which promote a positive environment around bilingualism in the municipality and eastern region of Antioquia.

That is why in 2018, the video forums open to the general public were held periodically, educational games and events were programmed at 3 of the 16 public schools in the region, and an English Day held at the main square were all activities that contributed towards motivating and encouraging the general community on the importance of learning English. Other events and programs that formed a part of this project were the immersion to the United States where 7 students and 4 teachers studied at Tennessee State University (TSU) for a month, and the organization and development of the ELT Conference, an academic event which assembled approximately 200 people such as teachers, academic coordinators, and students of language programs at universities in the region. The Colombo Medellín continued to participate strongly in the municipality’s Bilingual Meeting Group, offering workshops and conferences for teachers and English language coordinators alike, given by members of our academic team as well as foreign specialists that visited the Colombo throughout 2018.

Workshops given as a part of the Rionegro Bilingüe Program

Close to 80 teachers and 432 students from 16 public schools, as well as 8 university students from the municipality of Rionegro participated in this project through the subprograms that the Colombo Americano Medellín offered as a part of Rionegro Bilingüe.


English ∕ Social

PLAN ANTIOQUIA This program is a joint initiative between the U.S. Embassy and the Antioquian Government, which included a component of English training and pedagogical workshops focused on strengthening the competencies of 30 teachers from the municipalities of Ituango, Tarazá, and Valdivia, located in the Bajo Cauca region of Antioquia. The program had a total of two groups, one of which focused on civic education and was led by a foreign expert. The other group focused on enhancing their language competencies and explored different strategies to positively impact their classes, such as the use of didactic resources and IT.

A total of 5 workshops, each lasting 16 hours, were given to the group of teachers led by members of the Colombo Americano Medellín’s academic team throughout the year. A total of 80 hours of English and pedagogical training were provided to the group, which showed enthusiasm and dedication to the end of the program.

Members of supporting entities in the Plan Antioquia Program

SPECIALIZATION PROGRAM IN BILINGUAL EDUCATION Since 2016, the Colombo Americano Medellín is the site where the Specialization program in Bilingual Education offered by UNICA University from Bogotá is held. The first cohort of this program in Medellín was sponsored by Fundación SURA and two groups of public school teachers registered under the Secretaries of Education of the city and region were its beneficiaries.

In 2018, 41 teachers completed the program and graduated as Specialists in Bilingual Education. As of this year, the program is offered to the general public and at the moment a group of 14 participants are taking the program, ranging between public and private school teachers, academic coordinators, and professionals from other areas. Additional to this and thanks to the partners, UNICA University has garnered in the city, the program now offers a double degree as students who finish the Specialization Program can validate their studies and continue with the Masters in Education Program offered by the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana in Medellín.

Graduation ceremony of the Specialization program in Medellín


English ∕ Social

Thanks to the support of public and private entities, twelve social projects were developed throughout 2018.




ACCESS - Nuquí

Public Investment

Colombo Investment


USD 35,400


USD 26,214

CHOP - Medellín


USD 28,143

CHOP - Apartadó


USD 28,506

USD 7,362

MLK - Medellín, Apartadó, Quibdó


USD 148,385

USD 48,946

EFG - Quibdó


USD 18,142

USD 3,516

EFG - Leticia


USD 46,454

USD 2,988


USD 208,945

USD 21,132

Plan Antioquia


USD 30,023

CCI Alumni


USD 6,967


USD 577,183

English Access Microscholarship Program

CHOP - Quibdó College Horizons Outreach Program

College Horizons Outreach Program

College Horizons Outreach Program

Martin Luther King Jr.

English For Girls

English For Girls

Rionegro Bilingüe

Community College Initiative

Subtotal Total


USD 83,946

USD 661,130


English ∕ Study Abroad

STUDY ABROAD The Colombo Americano Medellín has a Study Abroad and International Exams office where EducationUSA operates. Its main objective is to provide information and personalized guidance on study abroad opportunities in the United States, as well as administering a wide range of standardized English tests and examinations.

COMMUNITY COLLEGE INITIATIVE The Community College Initiative (CCI) is a program from the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the State Department of the United States of America, which gave five (5) students from Medellín the opportunity to undertake technical or vocational studies for a year in a community college in the United States. These students traveled between July and August 2018 and will return to Colombia mid-2019.

The CCI Program covered all expenses in terms of travel and educational fees for the participants and allowed them to choose their area of interest for their studies: agriculture, applied engineering, business administration, business, early childhood development, information technologies, journalism and tourism.

CCI alumni meet at the Downtown Site of the Colombo Americano

YOUTH AMBASSADORS The Young Ambassadors Program is an initiative supported by the Office for Education and Culture of the United States Department of State, the United States Embassy in Bogotá and implemented by the Junior Achievement Colombia Organization. The program is aimed at Colombian students between the ages of 15 and 17 who stand out for their leadership and volunteerism capabilities. The program not only works with students, but also includes a mentor with extensive professional experience working with young people. For a period of four weeks, a high school student from Leticia, Amazonas, a high school student from Bello, Antioquia, and a mentor from the Colombo Americano Medellín traveled to the United States and learned about its society and culture while sharing their own culture with others. Through this exchange program, the Young Ambassadors strengthened bonds of friendship, improved their English, and also obtained new tools of civic and community participation.


English ∕ Study Abroad

RIONEGRO BILINGÜE CULTURAL IMMERSION TO TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY During the months of June and July of 2018, four teachers and seven high school students, all participants of the Rionegro Bilingüe Program, participated in a cultural immersion for four weeks at Tennessee State University spearheaded by the Mayor’s Office of Rionegro, Antioquia. It was an all-inclusive program paid by the Mayor’s Office that was organized thanks to the support of the Colombo Americano Medellin and its EducationUSA office. During these four weeks, the participants were accompanied by personnel from the Colombo Students of the Rionegro Bilingüe program participating in a cultural immersion Medellín/EducationUSA and from Rionegro Bilingüe. These eleven people had English classes from Monday to Friday and on weekends they took part in cultural activities in the music capital of the United States, Nashville.

CCI ALUMNI WORKSHOP PROJECT WITH CCI COHORTS 2015-2016, AND 2016-2017 At the end of September and beginning of October 2018, the first “Project Return” workshop was held with the support of the United States Embassy in Colombia. 17 participants from different areas of the country, and from Community College Initiative (CCI) program cohorts 2015-2016 and 2016-2017, participated in the event which was held at the Downtown Site and Envigado Site of the Colombo Americano de Medellín. During the workshop, participants shared anecdotes on how their life has been changed they returned to Colombia from their experience in the United States, and they also partook in a guided tour of the Moravia neighborhood.

Visit to the Moravia neighborhood with Rachel Wilson, Higher Education and Alumni Coordinator for the U.S. Embassy, with the CCI Program


English ∕ Study Abroad

IMPACTED POPULATION 2018 In 2018 a total of 8,029 people received advising sessions

29 talks were given related to study abroad possibilities with 1,200 attendees

In 2018, 1,836 exams were administered MET, TOEFL ITP, C-ORAL, APTIS, GRE, TOEFL iBT, GRE Subject.



Community College Initiative



Youth Ambassadors




Advising sessions




A total of 9,889 people were attended to through our Study Abroad office during 2018



Seventy one years ago, when the Colombo Americano de MedellĂ­n was established, it was not only thought of as an entity dedicated exclusively to learning English, but also as a multicultural center; one that encouraged new artistic experiences through the exchange and diversity between nations. For seven decades, the Colombo has been a cultural landmark of the city center and a promoter of new expressions between Colombia and the United States. One of the elements that shapes Colombo's cultural commitment is the city's only bilingual library and its work to promote reading across new languages. Another is the gallery of contemporary art that uses processes of social transformation through art. There is also the cinema program, a loyal promoter of cinema art and new visual experiences from other countries, and special projects, which make possible cultural musical exchanges between countries. Our goal is to educate, raise awareness, and impact new audiences with experiences that reflect diversity and bring society closer to new ways of seeing and enjoying life.


Throughout 2018, USD 1,255,928 was invested in cultural programming and renovation of spaces at the Downtown site.


USD 407,838


USD 78,036

Special Projects

USD 770,054


USD 1,255,928










Special Projects




In 2018, 98,993 people were impacted with our cultural activities.


In the Colombo Americano, the first two floors of our traditional Downtown site were renovated, this included the Library, Art Gallery, MakerLab, classrooms specially designed for younger populations, as well as social areas. This project was made possible thanks to the support of American Spaces from the U.S. Embassy.

Contribution U.S. Embassy

USD 400,000

Contribution Colombo Americano

USD 250,000

Total amount invested

USD 650,000

Cultural ∕ Cinema

KINETOSCOPIO FILM PROGRAM Throughout 2018, the Cinema program impacted 41,976 people with its regular programming, cinema festivals, and workshops.

The Kinetoscopio Cinema Program has a lengthy tradition which has transformed it into a referent for the city and the go-to place for reflexive and diversified cinema. From its beginnings, the program has strived to provide alternatives for its audiences through three main lines of action:

• Audiovisual showcase at the Centro Colombo Americano theaters

• Academic formation in film appreciation and audiovisual creation.

• Kinetoscopio Magazine

AUDIOVISUAL SHOWCASE FILM FESTIVALS AND CYCLES The cinema festivals showcased in theaters were put forth thanks to alliances with organizations that aim to create constant exposure to a plethora of cinematographic material. The main objective is to contribute towards the formation of a discerning public through diverse exhibitions.

Attendees to the Ciclo de Cine Infantil

Ciclo de Cine Infantil: In collaboration with the Cinemateca Municipal de Medellín, children between the ages of 4 and 11, most of them coming from underprivileged neighborhoods that have suffered the consequences of violence, were brought from different districts and towns to partake in this film season. American Film Showcase: Award-winning contemporary American documentaries, offer a vision of American society and culture through independent documentary filmmakers sponsored by the United States Embassy.

Director Carlton J. Faison and James Bland in the presentation of their documentary “Giants”


As part of this project we host a special presentation of the television series Giants followed by a Q&A session with the directors Carlton J. Faison and James Bland.

Cultural ∕ Cinema

FILM FESTIVALS For years, the film festivals showcased at the Colombo Americano have been a must for cinema lovers, providing glimpses at the best that cinema has produced from different latitudes and perceptions. Eurocine: The showcase of recent and high impact films in European box office listings, provide filmgoers with the opportunity to immerse themselves in the different cultures of this continent. Festival carried out by Kultur Visión in Colombia. Festival de Cine Francés: A consolidated festival that brings the best of cinema from the country that saw its birth as an art form. Festival carried out by the French Embassy in Colombia.

Cinema goers at the Eurocine Festival

Cinema goers at the French Cinema Festival

Ciclo Rosa: The LGBTI community has few spaces like this to be able to appreciate films that focus on the construction of tolerance and inclusion towards this community. This film program is made possible thanks to the founding partners: Goethe Institut, Cinemateca Distrital, and Colombo Americano de Medellín with support from the mayor’s office of Medellín. Directors of the movie “El Susurro del Jaguar” in Ciclo Rosa

KINETOSCOPIO MAGAZINE In 2018, the Kinetoscopio magazine continues to focus on positioning itself nationwide as the oldest publication for cinema enthusiasts in the country, and one of the few that it still printed in Latin American. There are a total of 6 distribution points in main cities and at the end of 2018, a total of 124 editions had been published, which meant that movie lovers had easy access to the magazine.

Printed editions of the Kinetoscopio magazine in 2018

Kinetoscopio strives to make sure that its content is relevant to the changes that have occurred in the cinema industry, and does this through the themes, characters, and filmography that are showcased in each of its editions.


Cultural ∕ Cinema

SEMINARS Bergman in Medellín: We celebrate 100 years of a movie genius of the most influential figures in cinema history, this celebration included a presentation of his most representative movies, a seminar about his body of work and a special issue of the Kinetoscopio magazine. Restoration workshop in partnership with Film Clasics and UCLA: Jillian Borders from the UCLA Film & Television Archive in Los Angeles (UCLA) came to Medellín to share his knowledge about preservation and restoration process in movies.

Attendees to the animation workshop

Animation Workshop in association with the Film Commission Medellín and Full Sail University: This workshop was part of an iniciative in specialized formation to the filmmakers of Medellín. Given by Juan Díaz, Associate Course Director and experienced animator Attendees to the Bergman Seminar

LAUNCH EVENTS Kinetoscopio Magazine has created a strategic alliance with the most important film festivals in the country, which allows the magazine to be presented within the framework of film festivals in the state and country.

In 2018, edition N°121, was launched within the framework of the 57th edition of the Cartagena International Film Festival (FICCI), of which we participated as part-ally in the master class of Bruno Dumond, special guest speaker. The Magazine’s 124th edition was launched as part of the first Academic meeting for the audiovisual sector of Medellín in association with the Comisión Fílmica de Medellín and the Cinemateca Municipal. PRINTED EDITIONS

Kinetoscopio Magazine launch with Bruno Dumont at FICCI 2018


• Kinetoscopio 121: Bruno Dumont, humanidad deseo y fervor • Kinetoscopio 122: Ingmar Bergman, 100 años • Kinetoscopio 123: Cine en el caribe colombiano • Kinetoscopio 124: Todo el cine es político

Cultural ∕ Cinema



Public sector

USD 30,666*


Private sector

USD 169,333

42 %

USD 207,838*

51 %

USD 407,838

100 %

Colombo Americano Total

*Valuation from cash and in-kind contributions

Throughout 2018, the program impacted 41,976 people with its cinema showings.

In 2018, USD 407,838 was invested in the Cinema program.

Sala 1 Movie Theater at the Colombo Americano Downtown site


Cultural ∕ Gallery

PAUL BARDWELL ART GALLERY The Paul Bardwell Contemporary Art Gallery is committed to a model of community cultural development under the Deseartepaz program, where the participation of international and national artists guides processes that generate reflections on society’s current issues. Deseartepaz has three main lines of work: Socio-artistic laboratories, Art and childhood, Art and School.

SOCIO-ARTISTIC LABORATORIES The laboratories invite different entities, artists, students and audiences to participate in theoretical-practical activities where art is a tool for reflection and the debate of various social issues in the country. The results of these laboratories are artistic interventions open to the public.

Art exhibit presented in Lab 56: Corrupción

Students visited Lab 58: Infancia con Destino


Lab 56. Corruption: This laboratory was carried out with university students from the visual arts program at University of Antioquia and guest artists Rafram Chadad from Tunisia and Pablo Mora from Colombia. Talks were held with journalists and public policy experts to analyze the origins and specific cases of corruption in the country and in the world. The results were exhibited at the Crea Lab cultural center at the University of Antioquia. Students from seven schools in the Aburrá Valley participated in a memes contest on the proposed topic, creating a new way of reporting on social nonconformity. Lab 57. The Rules of the Game: For this laboratory, groups of students from seven public school participated, using games to revise notions related to legality. The laws are, after all, the rules of the game of living in society. The artist Mariangela Aponte from Cali, Colombia accompanied the process during the gallery activations scheduled for the exhibition. Lab 58. Infancy with Destination: The focus of this laboratory was against the sexual exploitation of children and adolescents in tourism. Students from seven public schools participated in a series of workshops where they reviewed the different scenarios where sexual exploitation may occur. The laboratory had the support of the Children’s Unit of the office of the Secretary of Inclusion of Medellín. The exhibition featured works by the Catalan artist Nuria Güell and Rafael Ortiz in addition to proposals prepared by participating students. The exhibit was held at the Paul Bardwell Contemporary Art Gallery and it also made part of a temporary exhibit in spaces at the EPM Foundation Water Museum.

Cultural ∕ Gallery

ART AND SCHOOL Every year in the framework of the socio-artistic laboratories, public school students participate in academic conferences that include talks by the invited artists and guided visits to the gallery.

In 2018, more than 5,000 people between visitors, participants, public school students, teachers and workshop leaders benefitted from the different activities held by the gallery.

Teenagers participating in Lab 57 in the Art Gallery

There were more than 20 exhibitions from local artists, as well as social and educational projects held at the Colombo Americano MedellĂ­n.



Public sector

USD 1,600


Private sector

USD 2,833


USD 73,602

94 %

USD 78,036

100 %

Colombo Americano Total

25,000 people participated and attended the different activities hosted by the gallery.

In 2018, USD 78,036 was invested in activities in the Art Gallery.


Cultural ∕ Library


learning through its services, collections and academic, cultural and literary activities.

As of June 2018, the Library at the Colombo Americano de Medellín offers the city new, modern and renovated spaces for reading, studying, research and access to technology and information, with the purpose of promoting the enjoyment of reading; as well as a closer relationship with English language

In the second semester of 2018, the library had a total of 14,846 users, 4,089 people that used the Digital room, 511 membership applications, and 2,866 loans of printed and audiovisual material. In total 26,138 people between Colombo students and the general public were impacted through the services offered.

COLOMBO GREEN FEST During the month of November the Colombo held the second Green Fest 2018, a festival that promotes ecological entrepreneurship and the adoption of earth friendly practices for children, youth and adults in the areas of education and recreation. The event had exhibition stands for the viewing and purchasing of eco-friendly products and offered different spaces for people to learn about how we can be more conscious of the way we are consuming and disposing resources. The following organizations participated and enriched the Colombo Green Fest Children participating in the environmental project presented with Emvarias in the Downtown site 2018: Corantioquia, Policía Ambiental, Emvarias and their character “Linda Calle”, Fundación EPM, Fundación Zarigüeya, Área Metropolitana del Valle de Aburrá y Gente Local. This fair has continued to reinforce our organizational commitment to the protection of our environment.

LEARNING SPACES INNOVATE, CONNECT & EXPLORE THROUGH ENGLISH AND ARTS During 2018, the Learning Spaces programming consolidated a permanent agenda of activities and workshops in English and in Spanish, geared towards children, youth and adults that are students of the Colombo Americano, as well as the general public. Teachers, workshop specialists, volunteers and special guests shared their experience and guided these workshops in our new Maker Lab. The Maker Lab is a place that promotes learning through didactic, creative and interactive activities. The Learning Spaces activities impacted a total of 3,829 students and general public from the different academic programs and sites of the Colombo Americano de Medellín.


Students from the Adult Program in a workshop held in the MakerLab

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See below some of the activities done in the MakerLab during 2018:


Learn and explore the best apps for learning English and improve your skills.


Watch a video or documentary and discuss your ideas and opinions on the content seen.

Travel Stories

Learn from other cultures in the world by listening to the travel stories of our invited guests.


Enjoy reading Aloud children´s stories in English.

World Holidays

Learn about the different festivities celebrated throughout the world.


Learn about the different cultures, philosophies and lifestyles.

Green Science Club

Explore and have fun learning basic science concepts while trying out fun experiments.

¡Hazlo tú mismo!

Create simple items by using recycled materials.

Arts & Digital Lab!

Come and learn about photography, cinema, marketing, digital communication and social media.


Learn about higher education opportunities in the United States (US) and the different standardized tests that you will need to take to get admitted into universities in the U.S.

Fun at the Library!

Learn and reinforce your English language skills with these reading strategies.

Fun with English

Practice English through different didactic and literary activities.

You Wont’s Stop Talking (paid)

Paid conversation club to improve speaking skills.

Game Zone

Learn English while you have a blast with this variety of group games and activities.


Cultural ∕ Library







Material loan


Use of the digital and video room


Learning Spaces



Interior space of the Library after renovations



Throughout 2018, the Library impacted 26,138 people between Colombo students and the general public with their offering of services, book collections, and activities.

Cultural ∕ Special Projects

SPECIAL PROJECTS PROMISING ARTISTS OF THE 21 ST CENTURY PROGRAM JAZZ For the tenth consecutive year, the Colombo Americano de Medellín presented its traditional jazz program in the city of Medellín. Crazy About Jazz Info Sessions. As a part of our audience formation process and in association with the Club de Jazz, the Colombo Americano offered two pedagogical concerts previous to the University Jazz Festival, in which the history of jazz was discussed, as well as the participation of women throughout the history of this musical genre. Young, local musicians performed in all of the concerts and the local jazz expert and aficionado, Christian Salgado, guided the chats.

of North Texas Jazz Quartet were the invited bands for this cultural exchange in the city. This project was made possible thanks to the Colombo Americano Medellin, the US Embassy, the Network of Music Schools in Medellin, Casa de la Musica, and the Laboratorio del Espiritu Library.

115 students participated in the Jazz Camp and 1,760 people attended the chats and concerts.

Jazz Camp. Workshops on techniques and jazz improvisation standards with students from the Network of Music Schools, Fundación Universitaria Bellas Artes, Universidad EAFIT, Universidad de Antioquia, and for the first time Instituto Tecnológico Metropolitano. The workshops also included an EducationUSA information session in which participants were given information about higher education opportunities in the United States. Jam Session. As it has now become a tradition, the Jazz Camp ended with a jam session between the participants and the invited guests held at Parque de los Deseos. University Jazz Festival. This event consisted of two days of concerts at the Teatro Metropolitano with two jazz groups from universities in the United States: Middle Tennessee State University and University of North Texas, alongside two local bands: the Jazz Fussion Band of Bellas Artes Medellín and the Big Band of Universidad de Antioquia. This event was organized by the Colombo Americano and the Medellín Cultural Association. International Guests. Middle Tennessee State University Jazz Quartet of Nashville and the University

University Jazz Festival at the Metropolitan Theater


Cultural ∕ Special Projects

A CAPELLA: OUT OF THE BLUE FROM YALE During the month of March 2018, the Colombo Americano brought a group made up of 14 university students from Yale University to the city. Out of the Blue is an award-winning a capella group from Yale University known since 1986 for their incredible voices and electric presentation style of classic rock, pop, R&B and dubstep a capella style. Two concerts were carried out as a part of their visit. The first took place in the downtown site of Comfama and the second concert and special information session was held at the Colombo Americano downtown site. This project was made possible thanks to the Colombo Americano, the U.S. Embassy, and Comfama.

Yale University Choir in the Comframa Claustro

A total of 260 people attended and enjoyed the concerts.

KYB LEADERSHIP PROGRAM Also during the month of March 2018, the Colombo Americano hosted a group of 8 high school students from Nashville, Tennessee. These young people are a part of the Katherine Brown Leadership Academy (KYB) that is supported by the Roberta Baines Wheeler Foundation and Tennessee State University. The goals of the program are to offer academic opportunities to youth between the ages of 15 and 18 years of age by providing training on social responsibility and civic engagement, empowering them to be agents of change in their communities.

8 youth from Nashville and 10 from Medellín were the participants and beneficiaries of this program.


The KYB program empowers youth in four key areas: 1. Introduction to leadership and effective communication 2. Lifelong learning and community service 3. Conflict resolution and teamwork 4. Cultural appreciation and openness to diversity

Under this collaboration, the guests from Nashville worked alongside 10 participants from our ACCESS and CHOP programs as they learned about the importance of leadership and youth empowerment needed to transform their communities. The students had information sessions with local experts and explored social problems that Medellín and Nashville share.

Cultural ∕ Special Projects

GOSPEL SYMPHONY & THE JEREMY WINSTON CHORALE For the traditional Flower Festival in Medellín, the Colombo Americano hosted the Jeremy Winston Chorale under the direction of Jeremy Winston, renowned choir director from Central State University in Ohio. Gospel music is synonymous to the African American churches and the southern culture of the United States. The word gospel derives from the word Godspel or word of God, which is often used to refer to the Christian Gospels. The choir’s visit included five concerts; the main presentation was the Gospel Symphony concert with EAFIT University’s Symphonic Orchestra under the direction of Cecilia Espinoza and Jeremy Winston. During this concert at the Metropolitan Theater, the group performed songs from the George Gershwin Opera “Porgy and Bess” and traditional Gospel songs.

Other concerts were performed at the Flower Festival’s Musical Stage at Parque Norte, St. Nicholas Cathedral in Rionegro, Universidad de Antioquia, and Universidad CES.

The group also offered a master class and a musical workshop to the students of the Francisco Luis Hernandez Betancur School for children with hearing and visual disabilities. 3350 people enjoyed the concerts, workshops, and activities that were carried out in the city by the Jeremy Winston Chorale.

Gospel Symphonic Concert at the Metropolitan Theater in Medellín


Cultural ∕ Special Projects

UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS EL PASO COMMERCIAL MUSIC ENSEMBLE For Hispanic Heritage Month, the Colombo Americano invited the Commercial Music Ensemble from the University of Texas El Paso to the city. Because of its geographic location, the University of Texas El Paso has a diverse student body, most of which are of Hispanic descent. This group delighted the audiences with their variety of North American pop music and even performed a couple of songs in Spanish. During this visit, three concerts were carried out at Universidad de Antioquia, Universidad CES, and the Lido Theater. The concerts were made possible thanks to our partners for this project: Universidad de Antioquia, Universidad CES, and the Secretary of Culture for Medellín.

Musical ensemble during the concert in Sala 1 Movie Theater, at the Downtown site

350 people enjoyed the concerts that were offered in the city of Medellín.

STORYMAKERS IN SIGNS AND SOUNDS NARRATION AND AUDIOVISUAL CREATION WORKSHOPS The project StoryMakers in Signs and Sounds were narration and audiovisual creation workshops directed at children and youth with visual and hearing disabilities, which had the purpose of stimulating children’s creativity by involving them in the creation of stories, acting as well as learning about audiovisual language through sensorial experiences.

to have access to film; it is also accompanied by sign language translation to allow for people with hearing disabilities to also experience the film.

The workshops were done from May through November of 2018 with students ranging from 5 to 15 years of age from the Francisco Luis Hernandez Betancur School for children with disabilities. These workshops were embedded in the curricular activities of the students and carried out during their time at school.

• 12 youth with hearing disabilities: 4 girls and 8

The final result of the workshop was a documentary called The Book in which 28 students participated. The documentary was done with an audio description that allows people with visual disability


Participants and Beneficiaries:

• 16 youth with visual disabilities: 7 girls and 9 boys

boys (one boy is blind and deaf)

351 people were impacted by this project including the people that attended the film inauguration and the children that created the documentary.

Cultural ∕ Special Projects


In 2018 we invested USD 120,052 in different workshops and musical projects



Public sector

USD 21,868

18 %

Private sector

USD 80,129

67 %

Colombo Americano

USD 18,055

15 %

USD 120,052

100 %


During 2018, 5,881 people participated in the concerts and activities promoted through special projects in Medellín, Rionegro, and El Retiro.


Jazz Program


A Capella


KYB Leadership Program

18 350

UTEP Gospel Symphony


Story Maker

28 Total



Areas of Support

SUPPORT AREAS HUMAN RESOURCES Our Quality Management System established under the guidelines of NTC ISO 9001:2015, NTC 5555, and NTC 5580, successfully passed the renewal audit with zero nonconformities, meaning that we value quality in our processes and aim to work

towards continued improvement. The people on our administrative team as well as each process leader with the support of each employee, will study the different suggestions made in the audit and implement those that are plausible.

WORKPLACE HEALTH AND SAFETY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM The Colombo Americano, at all of its sites, ended 2018 with zero work accidents. This was made possible thanks to:

• The identification, assessment, and control of risks and emergent events. • The reduction in unsafe behaviors, through the processes of pre-service and in-service training. • Managerial commitment and the inclusion of programs and activities related to workplace health and safety in administrative strategies.

• The accomplishment of regulations and norms. In 2018, the commitments and responsibilities of both employees and contractors were strengthened in the implementation of standards and legal requirements as a fundamental part of the management system.


USD 327,089

was generated in free press


In 2018, interactions there were with public of our interest


Satisfaction Survey

Customer Satisfaction


of our students indicated that their experience studying with us was satisfactory and relevant to their personal objectives or goals. *

of our students would recommend the Centro Colombo Americano to their family members, friends, or acquaintances. *

of our alumni felt satisfied with the quality of English training received by the Colombo Americano. **

*Customer Satisfaction Survey given to 3.115 students in 2018 from the Kids, Youth and Adult Program. Statistical confidence level of 95%. Estimated error rate 5% **Customer Satisfaction Survey given to 534 alumni in 2018. Statistical confidence level of 95%. Estimated error rate 5%


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SITES Downtown (Principal) Cra. 45 N. 53-24. Medellín, Antioquia. Belén Calle 30A N. 82A - 26, C. C. Los Molinos. Torre Ejecutiva, piso 13. Medellín, Antioquia. El Poblado Cra. 43A N.1-50, Local 334. C. I. San Fernando Plaza. Medellín, Antioquia. Bello Diagonal 55 N. 37- 41, piso 6. C. C. Estación Niquía. Bello, Antioquia. Rionegro Calle 43 N. 54-139, C. C. San Nicolás, piso 3, local 3377. Rionegro, Antioquia. Apartadó Calle 100F N. 115 - 06, Barrio El Darién. Apartadó, Antioquia. Envigado Cra. 48 N. 34 sur 29. Local 902. Torre Corporativa. C. C. Viva Envigado, Antioquia.

RESOLUTIONS Apartadó Institution of Education for Work and Human Development with Operating License No. 224 of 2011 and 323 of 2016, registration of academic programs No. 128, 129, 130, 131, and 142 of March of 2016, issued by the Ministry of Education of Apartadó. Bello Institution of Education for Work and Human Development with Operating License No.20141703 of 2014, registration of academic programs No. 20141704 of 2014, issued by the Secretary of Education of Bello. Medellín Institution of Education for Work and Human Development with Operating License No.08966 of 2010, registration of academic programs No. 08967 of 2010 and renewal according to resolutions No. 09566 and 11104 of 2015, issued by the Secretary of Education of Medellín.


Rionegro Institution of Education for Work and Human Development with Operating License No.918 of 2014, registration of academic programs No.025 of 2015 and 312 of 2016, issued by the Secretary of Education of Rionegro. Envigado Institution of Education for Work and Human Development with Operating License No. 3748 of June of 2017 and 5033 of July of 2017, registration of academic programs No. 3749 of June of 2017 and 5191 of July of 2017, issued by the Secretary of Education of Envigado.

Consult resolutions at


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