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Age 6-11






Collins Primary Focus


Writing Develop children into confident, independent writers. Build children’s understanding of how to write for different audiences and purposes, plus ideas for group composition work, along with support for modelling and scribing with the class. ●

Includes fiction and non-fiction texts from classic literature and popular children’s authors.

The stimulating source material gets children thinking, talking and writing for a range of genres.

With a wealth of shared and independent writing activities for use in class or as homework.

Vocabulary Boost word knowledge, encourage a love of the English language and enable the effective use of a wide vocabulary across the curriculum. The range includes activities that develop understanding of word origins, help to build fluency in reading and enrich children’s writing. ●

A step-by-step approach for progressing vocabulary skills through fun, practical activities.

Includes group work activities for use in class, as well as follow-up tasks to consolidate learning independently.

Offers three levels of differentiation with enrichment ideas for support and extension.


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