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Harry the Clever Spider

Fly Facts

Julia Jarman When Mum needs to go to the dentist and no one can find the car keys, Harry saves the day.

Janice Marriott Everything that you ever wanted to know about flies – and maybe a few things you didn’t.



Collins Big Cat

Band 7 Turquoise – longer sentences and a wide range of unfamiliar terms

What’s that Building? Going for a Drive Wendy Cope A beautifully illustrated anthology of Wendy Cope’s poems.

Richard Platt Travel the world and look at some of the most amazing buildings – inside and out! 978-0-00-733613-5


Harry the Clever Spider at School Julia Jarman Harry the spider goes on a field trip to Clare’s school, but escapes in the classroom. 978-0-00-718670-9

Going Fast Janice Vale This fact packed book looks at the fastest animals and machines in the world. 978-0-00-718671-6


Good Fun Farm Ian Whybrow At Good Fun Farm, the animals are fed up. The sign says Good Fun Farm, but they never have any fun.

Maggie Freeman All you ever wanted to know, from how castles were built to where you can see castles today. 978-0-00-718600-6


A Visit to the Farm

The Stone Cutter Sean Taylor The poor stone cutter wished he was a rich man. But is the grass really greener on the other side?

Michael Morpurgo An account of a child’s stay at a farm, it conveys the fun and excitement of working closely with animals.



Horses’ Holiday

How to Make Storybooks

Kaye Umansky Hooray! Hooray! It’s the horses’ holiday! They come by coach, they come by car, they come from far away.

Ros Asquith Ros Asquith, cartoonist and author, gives a masterclass on writing and illustrating.



Africa’s Big Three

Chewy Hughie Jane Clarke Chewy Hughie chews anything and everything he can get his paws on, driving his owners to distraction! 978-0-00-718692-1 9

Brown Bear and Wilbur Wolf B S Sarah Parry Brown Bear loses his sense of smell and Wilbur B Wolf is too old to hunt for food. Can the two find W a way of working together?

Jonathan and Angela Scott A look at the lives of Africa’s biggest animals – the elephant, the rhino and the hippo. 978-0-00-718693-8

T Journey of Humpback The W Whales Andy Belcher A Discover the fascinating world of D humpback whales, including their childhood and their search for food. 978-0-00-746182-0 9


Skara Brae S

The Bogeyman Mij Kelly In the middle of a game, Carrie said to Harry “Don’t step on the lines or the Bogeyman will get you”.

Mick Gowar M In Scotland, a great storm washed away I ttonnes of soil to reveal remains of a village tthat existed 4,000 years before.


978-0-00-746183-7 9


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