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The New Kite

The Wind T

Julie Sykes Mum tries out Lenny’s new kite. She holds on tightly, y,, but trips over the dog and falls into the pond.

Monica Hughes M T This book informs early readers about the w wind by showing its effects.


978-0-00-718577-1 9

It Was a Cold, Dark Night

Water Bears W

Tim Hopgood Ned is looking for a home in the cold, dark forest. 978-0-00-732922-9

Around the World James Carter Travel through sun, snow and showers with two children. 978-0-00-718658-7

Sam the Big, Bad Cat Sheila Bird Sam the big, bad cat isn’t feeling well and Tom wants to take him to the vet. 978-0-00-718572-6

Percy and the Rabbit Nick Butterworth When Percy’s cap, scarf and gloves go missing, they end up being used by some mischievous mice!! 978-0-00-718570-2

Collins Big Cat

Band 3 Yellow – varied sentence structure and natural language

Sue Gates S E Explore the extraordinary world of water bears, ttiny animals that you can find all around. 978-0-00-732923-6 9

The Baby Turtle T Andy and Angie Belcher A F Follow the first day of a baby turtle, from h hatching on the beach onwards. 978-0-00-718659-4 9

Where is my School? W Alison Sage A S See the exact location of Kim’s classroom w within her school, and then locate her sschool in the city. 978-0-00-718569-6 9

Hands H Thelma Page What can you do with your hands? There are lots of ideas in this simple explanation book. 978-0-00-718587-0

Rat-a-tat-tat Michaela Morgan Rat-a-tat-tat! Who is that? Open the door and see. 978-0-00-718573-3

Dance to the Beat Uz Afzal Find out how to perform some simple dance moves in this instruction book. 978-0-00-718576-4

Rebecca at the Funfair

How to Have a Party H

Frances Ridley Rebecca didn’t like the hall of mirrors, and the rollercoaster made her turn green.

Susan Gates S F Follow a young girl on the day of her p party as she checks though her list of p preparations.




The Little Egg T T Tanya Landman ‘A little egg was in its nest. Pick! Peck! Pock!’ But what happens to the little egg next? B

Monica Hughes Learn about the qualities of each kind of light and the relationship between darkness and light.

978-0-00-718677-8 9


Rolling R

The Helper Bird T

Gareth Owen G Follow a group of children as they climb to the F ttop of a hill and race each other to the bottom.

Anita Ganeri A T This little bird may be small, but it’s very h helpful to bigger animals.

978-0-00-741292-1 9


Doing Nothing D

Night Animals N

Petr Horácek P The frog is sitting at the bottom of the pond, doing T nothing. But other animals keep coming after him… n … 978-0-00-741293-8 9

Louise Spilsbury L W When we go to sleep at night, some a animals are just waking up. 978-0-00-741295-2 9


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