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“For me, Colleton River Club embodies all of the evocative beauty of the Lowcountry. Along its walking paths, I continue to be amazed by awesome Live Oaks, the salty tang of tidal marshes and stunning river views.” -Jeanne Lane

ON THE COVER: The 16th hole on the Nicklaus Course.


Colleton River Collegiate The tournament welcomed 12 teams this year. The host team MSU won in honor and memory of Mr. Thiess.

GM’s Report

The great outdoors of Colleton River awaits exploration. Pick up our Discovery Map and experience all 12 discovery points for yourself.



On The Links

Learn about the exciting Summer plans including the Summer Reciprocal Program, Summer Golf Instruction and the Learning Center opening.


Culinary Corner

Chef travels to tour a food source provider and our F&B team shares their summer wine selections.

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Event Central

Summer is right around the corner. Enjoy great tips for hosting a memorable backyard barbecue and a recipe for a refreshing cocktail to serve.

Lifelong Learning

LLG hosts three exciting and diverse events – Harley Davidson, ACE Basin and SCAD with new other events already scheduled.

Membership Update A WARM WELCOME TO OUR NEWEST MEMBERS Dr. James & Mary Lynn Bagenstose | Bluffton, SC | March 3, 2017 Hemant & Barbara Goel | Bloomington, MN | January 30, 2017 Michael & Patricia Perle | Oakton, VA | February 15, 2017 Bruce Ward & Lisa Parker | Naples, FL | March 1, 2017 Gregory & Eileen Christenson | Lafayette, CO | March 1, 2017 Allan & Melissa Riorda | Towson, MD | March 13, 2017 Neil Blinco | Ontario, Canada | March 22, 2017 Dave & Joanie Johnson | Columbus, OH | April 3, 2017 David & Marilyn McNulty | Bluffton, SC | April 10, 2017 Don & Kimberly Campbell | Irvine, CA | April 17, 2017 John & Betty Kent | Fayetteville, NC | May 2, 2017 Michael & Robin Reever | Pleasanton, CA | May 3, 2017 Greg & Joy Ziemak | Cape Cod, MA | May 9, 2017 Jason & Karen Chamberlain | Scottsdale, AZ | May 16, 2017 Richard & Deborah Galli | Charlotte, NC | May 25, 2017


Neighbors Meeting Neighbors is a grassroots effort led by Colleton River Members to welcome new neighbors to our community. Our NMN Committee includes 10-15 neighborhood hostesses who reach out and welcome new Members when they join. The group also sponsors 6-8 social events throughout the year that include the entire


Vice President, ARB Chair

Lloyd Rothouse

House Committee Chair


The River | May 2017

Wendy Baker

Marketing & Membership Committee Chair

Pat Sommers

Green & Grounds Chair

A Letter From the President

Our Club has been exceptionally busy this spring. A lot of really great things have been happening and some are nearing completion. Our new Learning Center is due for completion in June and Members are eagerly anticipating working on their games in the new facility with new state-of-the-art technical equipment. The Learning Center is more than just a new amenity for Members. It is also the fourth and final piece of Colleton River’s comprehensive Practice Park, which is unique in the Lowcountry. The packaging of our Learning Center with the Nick Practice Range, the new Short Game Practice Area and the Borland Par Three Course into our new Practice Park gives Colleton River a great amenity and a market differentiator over other nearby communities. Special thanks is due to all the voluntary donors whose individual and collective initiative made the Learning Center possible on such an accelerated pace. Construction has begun to rebuild our very popular Community Dock. The new dock will be similar to the prior one but many enhance-

hancements were non-invasive and solid. The Board accepted their recommendations unanimously and we now await the reopening of this championship caliber course. From the Human Resources perspective, we say a temporary good-bye to our South African guest workers for the summer months and look forward to their return in October...hopefully, with quite a few more of their countrymen and countrywomen to join them at Colleton. We extend sincere thanks to our domestic employees and all Members who welcomed them with open arms and made their stay a wonderful first experience in America. They had a great time at Colleton River and all have expressed eagerness to return in the fall. At the same time we say hello to our new Director of Agronomy, Jeff Kent. Jeff has arrived on the job just in time to lead the renovation of the Nicklaus Course and to lead the maintenance of the Dye during its scheduled shut down in June. We are very excited to have secured Jeff Kent as the steward of our golf courses today and into the future. Please welcome

ments were designed into this new dock to address issues that existed or to simply enhance Members’enjoyment. Our Member committee, which was formed to help guide the development of the new dock, performed their duties wonderfully and we will all benefit from their hard work. We anticipate the new dock to be available for Member use by the 4th of July Celebration. By the time this issue of The River is published, work will have started to renovate our Nicklaus Course, which will reopen for play October 3. Our long-term course architect was retained to help guide our renovation and he provided many suggestions on how to take advantage of the course shut down to make improvements. Our ad hoc Nick Renovation committee Members performed their task with excellence as they reviewed each suggestion with a critical eye to ensure the architect’s recommendations would improve playability and Member enjoyment. In the end, the hurricane recovery recommendations seemed like obvious improvements and their other recommended en-

Jeff when you get a chance to meet him. As most resident Members know, Colleton River’s Dye Clubhouse was selected by the ABC television show The Bachelorette as a prime venue for shooting a scene for an episode of the show scheduled to air June 19. The production company shot scenes for that episode throughout Hilton Head and Bluffton. It was fun for local Members and we hope the final cut of the episode features Colleton River in a very favorable light. The summer time is a great time to be at Colleton River. If you haven’t already made plans to take part in our annual patriotic celebration during the 4th of July please do so. You won’t be sorry as it is a highlight in the Club’s annual calendar. We hope to see you there!

Membership yet focus on ensuring new Members are invited and introduced to others. Past events have included various cocktail and dinner parties including fun times like dock parties, a St. Patrick’s Day celebration, and fire pit parties. For more information, contact either Kathy Sutter or Becky Brown.

Jack Proud, President Dave Drohan

Audit Committee Chair

Ron Waters

Finance Committee Chair

Milton Irvin

Golf Committee Chair

Tom Weisenbach GSAP Committee Chair

ColletonRiverClub.com | The River


The Collegiate Celebrates its 5th Year The Michigan State Golf Team hosted… and won…the ever-expanding tournament again this past March. This win was particularly special as Colleton River Member, Spartan Alum and tournament founder Al Thiess passed away the month prior. The team was able to pass along the winning trophy to his widow, Willa.

Colleton River Collegiate CAPTION: Coach Lubahn and members of the Michigan State golf team nervously watch play on the final hole.

“We just

visualized it, and it is exactly how it played out.” - Coach Lubahn, MSU


The River | May 2017

“We, as a team, decided that we were going to win this tournament and give the trophy to Al’s widow, Willa. We just visualized it, and it is exactly how it played out. There was a lot of emotion for all of us, but this program has been successful because of the people who believed in it, and Al was one of those key people,” MSU head coach Casey Lubahn said.

Play took place on the Pete Dye Course, with 36 holes on Monday, and 18 holes and the Awards Ceremony on Tuesday. Eleven other teams joined MSU this year, including the University of Alabama Birmingham, University of Cincinnati, Cleveland State, University of Connecticut, Memphis University, Miami University of Ohio, Oakland University, University of Pennsylvania, Rutgers University and the University of Wisconsin. “This might be the most special win for me as a coach, as far as the circumstances and I believe it speaks to our team culture.” Guys who have been in the seven, eight nine spot all year, stepping in and helping us win a big golf tournament. We just said all week ‘we are going to find a way.’ In the long run, our leaders came through and helped us find that opportunity to win on the last closing hole,” Lubahn said. The tournament received TV coverage via WHHI-TV this year. Visit our website and click on the YouTube link to view the footage!

CAPTION: The Michigan State team stays at the Byron Nelson Cottage. This is the only time all season that they are able to stay under one roof as a team.

FOUNDER, AL THIESS “Al played his whole life including 4 years on the Michigan State team. During his time there the team would travel to the upstate of South Carolina for spring break as guests of two MSU golf alumni. One owned the Pine Crest Inn where they stayed, the other was the golf pro at Red Fox where they played. Al had such fond memories of these trips that he wanted to give back, and his vision evolved into the 12 team tournament that took place in March.” - Willa Thiess ColletonRiverClub.com | The River


GM’s Report Welcome to summer! We kicked it off in grand fashion with our Memorial Day celebration and we are already looking forward to a week of Independence Day festivities, our most popular and celebrated holiday. I would like to extend my thanks to our staff who work so hard to make these events memorable.

Outdoor Activities The weather is great…get out and enjoy Mother Nature! While we have world class golf and an expanding tennis program, there is much more available at Colleton River. Pick up a copy of the Discovery Map from the Nick Front Desk. It explains the 12 discovery points within Colleton River and correlates to the signage that is in place. A biking, hiking and walking map, complete with a variety of pathways and their distances is also available and if you need to borrow a bicycle, we have them available too. Those interested in kayaking will have some great adventures this year both “inside” and “outside” Colleton River’s gates. Water aerobics are also in full swing at the pool several mornings a week and, of course, taking a dip in the pool is the perfect afternoon cooldown. Communication Keep in the know! We have a number of communication outlets. While the eblast is probably the first channel you think of, there are many more…pick up an Events & Happenings booklet from the Nick Front desk or from one of the boxes located inside each security gate. Flyers are available at the Front Desk and posted on bulletin boards around campus. Have a question about a policy, rule or regulation, or need a Club form? They are easy to find. Just go to the Member website home page and click on “Rules, Regs., Policies…” where you will also find financial reports and governing documents. Access Board and Committee minutes just as easily by clicking on “Events, News & Information” and following the “Board of Directors” link. Don’t forget about the Club’s Facebook page where you can keep up with fun around the community. Town hall and annual meetings are always very informative as are the periodic Club letter updates. And, of course, The River.


The River | May 2017

Website We look forward to enhancing the experience of those using the public and private sides of the Colleton River website by making substantial upgrades to both. The initiative, which has been championed by the Marketing Committee, is expected to be completed this summer. By integrating new technology, we will be able to expand our reach and competitive edge in the marketing arena, while Members will find the pages easier to navigate, more intuitive and interactive. With respect to Club operations, we will see better integration between departments and new efficiencies. Like any new technology there will be a learning curve. Rest assured we are dedicated to making the transition as seamless as possible and providing you the tools to move forward with us. Along with keeping up with technology, we believe this will enable us to better serve the community’s expanding needs. Staffing As you know, Jeff Kent has been named as our new Director of Agronomy. We were able to secure over 150 high quality resumes through our existing network, which was affirmation of the reputation Colleton River has in the national golf community. The candidates we interviewed were the best in the industry and Jeff stood out among this very esteemed group. Jeff has a rich and varied career in turf management with extensive and successful experience in the Southeast and its particular types of grasses. He has served as Superintendent at a number of the country’s most prestigious Clubs including La Gorce Country Club in Miami Beach, Quail Hollow Club in Charlotte, Atlantic City Country Club in Atlantic City and as an Assistant Superintendent at Inverness Club in Toledo, and Congressional Country Club in Bethesda. He graduated with highest honors with a degree in Turfgrass Management from the SUNY system in New York. For the last two years, Jeff was president and owner of Agronomic Consulting Enterprises, LLC., during which time he provided advice and counsel to Golf Clubs throughout the country. His references described him as a tireless worker, an excellent leader of people with high standards of excellence, and a recognized expert in agronomy. We are confident that Jeff’s involvement will bring the already excellent courses to the next level. As we’ve shared with you, the overall labor shortage in the Lowcountry has been challenging to say the least. So, as you know, we got creative and began our new H2B

Visa work program last fall. As we bid adieu to our current South African team, we have already begun the process of bringing the team back this fall and expanding our number of guest workers. Projects With a growing number of golfers turning to technology to improve their game, our Learning Center is the perfect addition. The resulting “Practice Park” at the Nicklaus complex will provide Colleton River with an amenity unparalleled in the Lowcountry. Its proximity to the Halfway Café is an added bonus making the complex a comfortable place for family and friends to come together to practice and play, and enjoy an atmosphere of congeniality and camaraderie. Restoration of the community dock, destroyed by Hurricane Matthew, is well underway. Due to the speed of our staff’s actions coupled with the precision of the Ad Hoc Advisory Committee, the Club was able to contract with a dock construction company and other contributing vendors (electric, pest control, furniture and fixtures) to build a new and improved community dock. As you know, the Nicklaus course renovation began early this month under the watchful eye of Jeff Kent, our new Director of Agronomy. Along with the recommendations of Architect Jim Lipe and the Ad Hoc Renovation Committee, we will also take advantage of the opportunity to work on cart paths and additional projects necessitated by Hurricane Matthew. As we have previously reported, the Conference & Tennis Center sustained damage during the hurricane and we subsequently learned of other repairs and issues that need to be addressed. The work is slated to begin this summer and is expected to take several months to complete. We will provide more details as we get closer to the construction start.

Marketing & Sales Colleton River’s Member Experience program continues to hit home runs. During the first quarter, we have had nine Member Experience packages and three single day tours with a 25% conversion rate. Real estate sales are also moving along with 11 real estate transactions (three homes and eight homesites) through March 2017 with 11 pending transactions (nine homes and two homesites). Colleton River now has 366 homes (245 on the Nicklaus side and 121 on the Dye side), 13 homes under construction, three in the ARB review process and several major/ minor construction projects. Food & Beverage The Membership continues to enjoy Chef Robert’s cuisine and the numbers are strong. I think you’ll find dining at Colleton River not only a wonderful culinary experience but also a good value, not to mention there is no service charge. I want to encourage you to make reservations as many events and popular dining nights sell out. If it’s been some time since you’ve dined with us, you’ll definitely want to come back and give us a try…you just may not want to go anywhere else again! Bon appétit! See you at the Club!

ColletonRiverClub.com | The River


ON THE LINKS The start of 2017 has been fabulous with record setting Member rounds, fantastic weather and course conditions. The Dye course has received excellent reviews since the renovation and will only improve as we move into the summer growing season. With that being said, the Nicklaus course is up next for renovation. The major parts of the project consist of re-grassing the fairways and renovating the bunkers. The course will be closed from May 8th and until October 3rd. On Mondays, the back of the Nicklaus practice facility will be open for Members to practice since the Dye course will be closed for maintenance. All other days, please use the Dye practice facility.

maintenance schedule so we should be able to guide you accordingly. CAPTION: Tim Liddy, of Pete Dye Designs, said the updates felt like an Archeological dig to restore the Dye Course to its original glory.

Reciprocal Program As we head into the summer months, please don’t miss out on taking advantage of our summer reciprocal program. This program provides you the opportunity to play other courses in the area between June 1st and September 15th. To arrange golf, please contact a member of our Golf Professional staff. Tee times can be reserved up to one week in advance. All arrangements must be made by a Member of our golf staff. Please do not contact another Club directly. Keep in mind that we know each Club’s

News from the Golf Coach With the successful addition of the Practice Park and renovation of the Borland short course, the Learning Center will be front and center as we open it up to the Membership this summer. The Center will consist of 2 indoor hitting bays, 3 outdoor hitting bays, a welcome area, a storage/club repair room, offices, and mens’ and ladies’ restrooms. Complimented by the latest technology, the Club has taken a huge step forward in keeping with our vision of “Operating the finest teaching program for a Club community in the U.S.A.”. Stop on by so we can show you around! Your Golf Academy will be introducing some great new programs to help the Membership enjoy this new facility and great game of golf. Below is a small list of services that will be offered this summer: • • • • • • • • • •

CAPTION: The 16th hole of the Nicklaus and the 18th hole of the the Dye course are both included in the newly-released “Top 20 Holes in South Carolina” list.


The River | May 2017

Bay #1 - Teaching & Coaching Bay with 3 camera V1 video system and TrackMan 4 launch monitor Bay #2 - Club Fitting Bay complimented with TrackMan 4 launch monitor, Titleist, Callaway, Ping, TaylorMade Bays #3-5 - Outdoor covered hitting bays with fans and heaters BodiTrak Pressure Mat Putting surfaces & holes in bays for putter fitting Various teaching aids available Supervised Coaching/Practice Father’s Day Golf School June 17th Junior Golf Camp June 26th – July 7th Edufii Teaching Platform by David La Pour

What is Edufii? The best way I can describe it is a personalized (and private) golf coaching website for the student. First introduced to the Members here at Colleton River in 2016, this new and innovative teaching platform allows the coach to document students’ progress by creating a private web based “Training

Space.” We now have the ability to video learning points during the lesson and post the information directly to the student’s training space (website) to review either at home or abroad. The student can also ask questions, and receive analysis from the instructor. In my opinion, this is literally a game changer for golf instruction, and especially for student improvement. Talk to me today about how to get “Edufiied”! Summer Golf Instruction Schedule • Trackman Club Fitting Mon – Sat 9am to 4pm • TPI Golf Fitness Program (personalized appointment)


Summertime Rough In the summer the golf course rough becomes thick and sometimes wet. When hitting out the rough make sure you study the ball and how it is sitting before you decide what you can do with the shot. When in the rough around the green realize that it’s hard to get spin on the ball so the ball may come out “hot”. Use your 60 or 56 degree wedge to keep it from flying across the green. One last tip, be careful where you are stepping, it’s easy to step in a hole or depression and twist an ankle. Good luck with your rough shots!

ColletonRiverClub.com | The River


2017 SPRING TOURNAMENT RESULTS 2017 Ladies’ Spring Member-Guest 1st Place Net

1st Place Gross

Linda Reker Beth Santee Casey Vanderveer Linda Bruce

Sandra Wooster Natalie Buontempo Roberta Bowman Chris Wolfe

2017 Spring Member-Guest Tournament Champions


Jim Muscarella Will Fuller

2017 Pro-Member-Guest Overall Net Champions

Overall Gross Champions

Borland Par 3 Champions

Andy Bowman Drew Freed Matt Lucchesi Clark O’Donoghue Keith Jennings

Robert Fowler David Fowler Gray Hinkle John Fraidley RickWesley

Ralph Viviano Rich Torre Rich Timbo Mike Hostilo Franklin Newell

Colleton was recently featured in Met Golfer as well as Island Real Estate. Once information about The Bachelorette filming is realeased, we can expect to be included in more. WHHI-TV aired our first episode of 843 TV. This can be viewed on our YouTube Channel at www.youtube.com/ColletonRiver. Stay tuned for upcoming coverage in Charleston’s The Post & Courier as two of South Carolina’s top golf holes are located right here at Colleton.

Low Professionals Luke McClellan - 135 Chris Epperson - 136 Dave Solomon - 140

2017 Couples’ Club Championship Overall Net Champions - 61

Overall Gross Champions - 75

Richard Vanderveer Casey Vanderveer

Tony Busa Becky Busa CAPTION: The Dye Clubhouse. ABOVE: The 15th hole of the Pete Dye course.

10 The River | May 2017

ColletonRiverClub.com | The River


Culinary Corners

Event Central

Spring has sprung! The pollen is washed away and everything around us is waking up. This time of year always reminds me of certain things to cook, taste, and experience. What a great time for food and an abundance of vegetables; including peas, mushrooms, asparagus and herbs. We also experience sensations like the smell of wood smoke and heat from the grill, sunshine on your face, and a cool breeze. Spring is also the beginning of wild salmon season, and of course all things crab!

Speaking of all varieties crab, it’s tournament time here at Colleton so keep your eyes open for genuine Alaskan Red King. Often imitated, but I’m pleased to say only available here. The sustainable crab is so prized, it becomes very limited and very tough to find. I have to say I was lucky to experience one of my favorite dishes ever, at the now shuttered Shibuya, in the MGM Grand. The king crab preparation was so tasty, delicate, and memorable I have to share its characteristics with you, please bear with me: King Crab Tempura with Curry Salt I recall a heaping plate of split shells containing the lightly tempura-fried king crab, glazed with an ultra-light ginger flavored shoyu, so crisp and light it melted in the mouth (with the help of the Sake of course). So flavorful, simple and delicious I think about this every time I hear the words king crab. It was truly an amazing taste experience. The Colleton River Culinary Management Team I am pleased to introduce Chef Derek Benoit, our Club Sous Chef who joins the culinary team from the great Ford Plantation in

Georgia, where he spent nearly eleven seasons on the Executive Sous Chef tier. What an honor it is to bring him aboard! At the same time I take pleasure in re-introducing Chef Ryan McDade, our Executive Sous Chef who joined us in the late fall, and has been responsible for many great events throughout the holidays as well as organization of daily team operations. We are lucky to have this immense level of talent in our ranks. Lastly, in April I visited our beef producer in Omaha, to see the operations first hand, and to thank them for all they do for us as a dining community. To say it was eye–opening is truly an understatement. But it made me appreciate what we have more deeply than ever. The uniqueness of this all corn-fed product, coupled with the absence of growth hormones and antibiotics is exclusively yours to enjoy now for years running. I wish you and your families a safe and enjoyable warm weather season, and look forward to seeing you very soon.

Robert Wysong Executive Chef

Colleton Summer Wine Selections As the consistent warm weather quickly approaches your Food & Beverage team start to shift our attention to lighter more refreshing wines for the summer months. We look for wines that are more fruit forward with a crisp ripe finish.

Following are a selection of the wines we have chosen:

Vueve du Vernay, Brut Sparkling Wine from France Pale straw in color, fresh fruity and floral on the nose, the palate is full with delicate apple and pear fruit flavors complemented by smooth velvety bubbles.

Chateau Berne, Cotes de Provence Impatience Rose, Rose Wine from Provence, France Extremely pale and shiny salmon – pink robe, with a pretty iridescent shimmer, fresh and lively nose, with fairly powerful fruity and floral aromas. A pleasure – filled, flowery summertime rose, with a long, smooth finish.

Sincerely Sauvignon Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc from South Africa Bright pale yellow, cool aromas of citrus peel, gooseberry, licorice and pepper, with a whiff of tropical fruits, round but dry, with classic, pure varietal flavors of gooseberry and pepper. This dense, textured wine finishes with sneaky length on the palate.

Doamine du Prince Grenache Blanc, Marsanne & Roussanne Still White from Rhone Valley, France

A lovely bright yellow with a powerful nose of fruit and a nicely dry finish.

Spellbound Chardonnay, Chardonnay from California Oak barrels work to call forth the density and complex oak characteristics of fresh vanilla bean and luscious crème brulee. To maintain the crisp fresh fruit acidity within the wine, we ferment nearly ten percent of the wine in stainless steel. We hope that our Members and their guests enjoy these wines that were hand selected for them (available by the glass or by the bottle).

12 The River | May 2017

Summer is just around the corner and it’s time to break out the grills and invite family and friends over for a backyard barbecue. Whether you are serving burgers and hot dogs or nice juicy steaks, these helpful hints can set the stage for an event that your guests will talk about long after the party is over.

Lighting around lawn areas can always be a concern. Most of us have ample lighting on our decks and patios, but if your celebration exceeds these areas; you might want to consider placing some festive lighting out. There are several options available to accomplish this. Café and string lighting is easy to find, relatively inexpensive and easy to install. To offer a little more movability for the placement of the lights, you could always place posts in planters and attach the lights with eyehooks. This way, they can be taken away and stored when not in use. If you prefer, there are companies that can be hired to install and then remove lighting for any event as well. If the above lighting option is not for you, an alternative would be to have outdoor torches. These do supply ample lighting, a nice glow from the flame and can even offer some insect control as so many oils now have citronella in them. Offer additional insect protection to your guests by tucking little baskets of insect-repellent towelettes around the party so people can

spot them when needed. They’re super effective and less messy than bug spray. When it comes to beverage selections, many planning experts say to keep it simple. Offer your guests items that are easy to pick up such as a tub of waters, sodas and beers or easy to pour options such as wines. If you would like to offer a mixed drink to your guests, choose one that can be pre-made, such as margaritas and sangrias, and placed in pitcher or dispensers for easy self-service. Lawn games are always a great way to keep your guests entertained. Some of the most popular lawn games for backyard barbecues would be Bocce Ball, Corn Hole and Ladder Golf. All of these games are easy to set up and play. They are a great party starter, especially with guests who haven’t met before. Everyone will want their turn! • Nothing says that you can’t use real china and glassware for a backyard barbecue. Not saying that you pull out the fine china, but to add some china and glassware to a table setting outside instead of using plastic or paper can add elegance to the event. If you are going to set your food up as a buffet, make sure to offer the condiments that might be needed for the food being presented at the tables instead of on the buffet. This will keep your guests moving more smoothly through the buffet and give a more homestyle feel to the dining experience.

CAPTION OPPOSITE: Meals pictured were created by Chef for The Bachelorette filming. Stay tuned for more details about them in the next issue!

ColletonRiverClub.com | The River



CAPTION: Staying active is a critical component of an overall healthy lifestyle. Colleton River offers seemingly limitless options for being active, and having fun while doing so!

CAPTION: Play for Pink participants braved one of the colder days of the year all for a great cause.

The importance of physical fitness cannot be emphasized enough. In today’s society that is moving towards a more sedentary lifestyle, it is more important than ever to increase the daily activity level to maintain both cardiovascular fitness and body weight. Regular exercise will help maintain the performance of your lungs and heart to most efficiently burn off excess calories and keep your weight under control. Exercise will also improve your muscle strength, increase joint flexibility and improve endurance. A major benefit to exercise is that it will help decrease the risk of heart disease (the leading cause of death in America). Regular exercise can also decrease your risk of stroke, colon cancer, diabetes and high blood pressure. And can be something that you enjoy that helps to increase the overall happiness in your life, as well as relieve symptoms of stress, depression and anxiety. Here at Colleton River, we offer a wide range of activities that will help you stay in shape or get you moving off the couch. If you are looking for something that will get you going, come try one of our group fitness classes during the week. Or start your day off on the right foot by taking yoga to stretch out all your aches and pains, and increase your flexibility and core strength. If you are really looking for that great workout, try one of Friday’s rotating scheduled classes from Cardio and Core where we use up tempo music to help build stamina and strengthen the core, to Roll with It where the use of foam rollers releases and aligns your body with modern techniques. Try to find some activities that give you pleasure or even buddy-up so that your exercise regimen is a fun and enjoyable activity, and one that you can make a part of everyday life.

Kayaking The final Spring kayaking trip to Ace Basin was held on May 10th. The group toured Combahee Creek and took in the sights of the Carolina Spider Lilies.

14 The River | May 2017

Fitness Feature: Yoga Fusion The perfect blend of disciplines. Yoga flow for strength, flexibility and balance. Pilates to strengthen the core. Tai chi for calmness and centering through movement meditation. Transformations are seamless, a variety of progressions provided for all levels of fitness.

A REEL Treat! Come join us for a REEL treat on Thursday, June 29th from 8am1pm, as we offer a brand new Member experience event, Redfish Fishing Charter. This event is limited to 15 people as each boat can accommodate 3 people with a captain. You will experience some of the best saltwater fishing in the Lowcountry. Participants will meet at the Nicklaus Clubhouse at 7:30am to be transported to the Saw Mill boat launch to meet your boats. The charter is priced at $200.00 plus tax which includes bait, spin and fly as well as snacks and beverages. Please contact the front desk at 843-8364400 to reserve your spot.

ON THE COURTS Greetings Colleton River Club Members! It’s hard to believe summer has almost arrived. The past winter was probably one of the mildest winters on record and the courts have been busy with programs, lessons, social play, and USTA league matches. We had a few teams that played over the spring in USTA league play at the Club. Joe Isola captained the 4.0 Men’s team. Sam Boyd captained the 4.0 forties Women’s team. Pam Dyer and Nancy Grossman captained the Women’s 4.0 55 and over team. Our teams were very competitive and the Women’s 55 and over team won the league this season. Congrats to all who competed and represented our community! As we move towards the summer many of you are getting ramped up for the mixed doubles league. We anticipate more teams forming this year at Colleton, and are excited to wel-


come more Member players at all levels. Please come out and join the fun! We are currently conducting our 5th installment of Rusty Rackets. Rusty Rackets is a wonderful way to get back into the game if you’ve taken some time off. Our events kicked off with the Play for Pink event this past March. We braved the wind and cold and had a fun time. We have several other events planned for the rest of the year including social Round Robins, a Member-Guest social, Pro exhibitions, and the ever-popular Nick vs. Dye Challenge. We are looking forward to a busy and successful summer 2017 at Colleton River. See you all on the courts!

Your Tennis Staff

Mondays 9am-10:30am, Men’s clinic Mondays 10:30am – Noon, Women’s clinic 3.5 and above Wednesdays 9am-10am, Theme of the week Wednesdays 10am-11:30am, Doubles strategy and play 3.5 and above

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Colleton River Cares CRC Friends of Habitat CRC continues to display tremendous philanthropy in supporting the Lowcountry initiative to provide affordable housing in our area. Our Club has raised funds to sponsor 10 homes and has contributed over $100K towards the infrastructure at “The Glenn”, Habitat’s development just off of Marshland Road on Hilton Head. We would love for you to come to see this development first hand. Two of the houses at The Glenn are completed and sponsored by CRC with considerable labor provided on these homes and others by CRC Friends of Habitat. Overall, Colleton River Cares has provided approximately $750K to support the Habitat effort in the Lowcountry over the last 15 years. We are currently raising funds to build a home for one of our employees, Pedro Bermudez. Pedro works on the Club’s maintenance staff and is in the process of completing his volunteer hours to qualify for a Habitat home. It has been a keen desire of CRC Friends of Habitat to build a home for one of our own employees. We are close to realizing this goal! If you would like to support this wonderful effort please make your tax deductible contribution to: Hilton Head Regional HFH and mail to: CRC Friends of Habitat , PO Box 2747, Bluffton, SC 29910. The levels are Gold---$5,000 or more, Silver---$2,500 or more, Bronze--$1,000K or more. Any other gift level is greatly appreciated. Please contact Bill Spadafora or Dick Fowler with any questions about how to get involved in supporting Habitat.

Vision: A world where everyone has a decent place to live. Mission Statement: Seeking to put God’s love into action, Habitat for Humanity brings people together to build homes, communities and hope. 

16 The River | May 2017

An understanding of art increases self-esteem.

The Art of Seeing Art CAPTION: Pedro, a part of our maintenance team, will be a recipient of a Habitat House thanks to his volunteer hours and the efforts of the CRC Friends of Habitat Group.

The Art of Seeing Art is a volunteer program (with more than 50 Colleton River Member volunteers!) that gives twice-monthly presentations to 4th, 5th, and 6th graders in several Bluffton public schools. Our presenters encourage the childrens’ appreciation of art and, just as importantly, enhance their self-esteem by drawing them into discussions of what they see in a famous paint-

ings. With each presentation is a creative project related to the painting being viewed. Before each session, volunteers assemble for a brainstorming session to discuss the most effective questions to ask the children and to discover what they themselves see and find valuable in a given painting.

CAPTION: The goal of the volunteer group is to increase Bluffton students’ exposure to the arts, and hopefully forge a love of the arts in the process.

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Colleton Shots

18 The River | May 2017

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Lifelong Learning Lifelong Learning Presents: Keith Wandell, Colleton Member and Former CEO of Harley Davidson Colleton’s Lifelong Learning Group Committee Member, Peg Roedel was fascinated by Keith Wandell’s stories of his leadership of the iconic American company, Harley Davidson. She had a hunch that others would enjoy his unique experiences and she was right, 134 Colleton Members enjoyed Keith’s presentation at the Nicklaus Clubhouse on April 6, 2017.

And Mr. Wandell didn’t come without bringing his own one-of-a-kind Harley Davidson bike. On display in the Nicklaus Ballroom was an awesome 45-degree V Twin Engine yellow bike. Keith shared highlights of Harley Davidson’s corporate history noting that 90 bikes were produced for the military in WWII and this inaugurated a deep bond between the two entities.

In the 50’s Harley was the only U.S. Company producing motorcycles. In ’69, the iconic movie, ‘Easy Rider’ cemented the brand’s values of freedom, rebel idealism, and fostered the cult of a ‘community of equals’ based on a product made ‘the American Way’. The riders are known as HOG’s – Harley Owner’s Group and by 1992, it claimed 1.5 million members. In 2009, Mr. Wandell was recruited to be the first CEO in its history from outside the company. He credits his wife, Debbie for encouraging him to accept the management challenge. He ruefully noted that initially all anyone in the company wanted to know was, “But do you ride…?” Keith regaled the audience with the unwelcome surprises he found as he toured the corporate manufacturing plants and assessed how to recover from a precipitous 40% drop in sales. He discovered a company that had lost its way and turned inward instead of recognizing and responding to its market. Despite inevitable resistance, he worked with two unions to rectify the errors and change the company’s culture. He shutdown poorly performing plants and instituted modern manufacturing practices, including building an entire new plant in Shelbyville, KY. Keith experienced memorable rides in his career with Harley Davidson. He participated in the ‘Tokyo to Fuji’ ride with 150,000 Japanese enthusiasts as well as the ‘Beijing To the Great Wall’ ride during which he rode with 30 Chinese riders on a 6-lane highway lined by cheering fans that had never seen a Harley Davidson bike before. He shared numerous slides of his adventures.

The ACE Basin: Hidden Treasure Next Door

UPCOMING CLUB EVENTS The Fourth of July is just around the corner and the planning is well underway! Below is a list of some of the FUN times we have planned for the Holiday.

Saturday, July 1st

Monday, July 3rd

Tennis Round Robin, Kids’ Fitness Boot Camp, Stars & Stripes Boot Camp, Italian Night

Uncle Sam Fun Run, Pool Party with DJ & Games, Culinary - Take Away Meals, Jr. Tennis Camp

Sunday, July 2nd

Tuesday, July 4th

Cookie Decorating for the Kids, The Colleton Games, Culinary - Take Away Meals

Cart Parade, Fourth of July Celebration, Fireworks

Junior Tennis Camp – July 3rd – 7th

Subject to change.

Golf Academy Kids Camp – July 5th – 8th

The Life Long Learning Group took a trip to SCAD (Savannah College of Art & Design) earlier this year that included a tour of the headquarters, museum and working classrooms. The group then enjoyed lunch at Gryphon’s on Savannah’s Madison Square before heading back to Colleton River.

The Lifelong Learning Group hosted Dr. Al Segars a Veterinarian with SC Dept. Of Natural Resources and Coordinator of the ACE Basin National Estuarine Research Reserve. Dr. Segars spoke as an advocate for the ACE (Ashepoo, Combahee, and Edisto River) Basin, which spans coastal Beaufort, Charleston and Colleton counties. The 350,000 acres north of the Broad River, is renowned for its extensive natural beauty consisting of marshes, wetlands, hardwood forests, and riverine systems flowing into St Helena Sound.

20 The River | May 2017

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