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About this Guide CollegiateParent published this guide in partnership with the University of California San Diego. Our goal is to share helpful, timely information about your student’s college experience and to connect you to relevant campus and community resources. Please refer to the school’s website and contact information below for updates to information in the guide or with questions about its contents. This publication was made possible by the businesses and professionals contained within it. The presence of university/college logos and marks in the guide does not mean that the publisher or school endorses the products or services offered by the advertisers. ©2019 CollegiateParent. All rights reserved. CollegiateParent is not responsible for omissions or errors.

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WELCOME Greetings Triton Families The Transition to College At Your Fingertips To-Do List (Recommended)

HEALTH & SAFETY Student Health & Well-Being Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA) Campus Police & Security

HOUSING, FINANCIAL AID & TUITION Housing Dining Hospitality Financial Aid & Scholarships Tuition, Fees, Direct Deposits & More Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA)

TRANSFER & COMMUTER STUDENTS Housing, Parking, Transportation & More


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Family Events & Involvement


Campus Resource Centers, Undocumented Student Services & Student Veterans Resource Center, etc.


UC San Diego Athletics

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Community at UC San Diego UC San Diego’s Six Colleges

ACADEMIC EXPERIENCE Academic Support & Resources The Career Center: Top 4 for 4 Years Global Education, Study Abroad & Outreach Coordinators



The Office of Parent & Family Programs helps you get to know UC San Diego. The Parent Guide is created to introduce or remind you of resources that support your student’s college experience. Learn about living on campus and commuting from home, financial aid and scholarships, security on campus, the six colleges, student well-being, and more.

We look forward to hearing from you! parents.ucsd.edu | parents@ucsd.edu | (858) 534-7273 4

University of California San Diego


College represents freedom and enthusiasm for new experiences. College is a place of discoveries with people from different walks of life, opportunities for scholarly investigation and curiosity for learning away from home. College is a chance to grow, learn and change. Change means trying new things, making decisions and gaining new insights. Know that your student goes through a transition that will differ as they excel year after year. You are a great source of support and we know you will continue to provide recommendations and lend a listening ear to your student.

You also go through a transition when your student — whether the first born, the only or the last child — is off to college. Recognize what those changes are for you. Explore them, talk to family members, visit the campus and negotiate an adjusted relationship with your student.

Office of Parent & Family Programs | parents.ucsd.edu



International Students & Programs

CARE at the Sexual Assault Resource Center

Parent & Family Programs

ucsandiegobookstore.com (858) 534-7323

care.ucsd.edu (858) 534-5793

Career Center career.ucsd.edu (858) 534-3750

Cashier’s Office cashiers.ucsd.edu (858) 534-3725

Counseling & Psychological Services caps.ucsd.edu (858) 534-3755

Commuter Student Services students.ucsd.edu/go/commuters (858) 534-7666

Financial Aid & Scholarships fas.ucsd.edu (858) 534-4480

Housing Dining Hospitality hdh.ucsd.edu (858) 534-4010 6

istudents.ucsd.edu (858) 534-3730

parents.ucsd.edu (858) 534-7273

Parking & Transportation transportation.ucsd.edu (858) 534-4223

Police (Campus Safety) police.ucsd.edu (858) 534-HELP (4357)

Student Financial Solutions (Billing) sbs.ucsd.edu (858) 822-4727

Student Health Services

wellness.ucsd.edu/studenthealth (858) 534-3300

Student Legal Services sls.ucsd.edu (858) 534-4374

Triton Cash Account hdh.ucsd.edu/tritoncash (858) 534-7587

University of California San Diego



Decide if your student will keep the UC SHIP health insurance or stay on the family insurance. (see page 10) Register for Triton Alert to receive emergency notifications from Campus Police. blink.ucsd.edu/go/emergencyphonereg (see page 14) Talk to your student about becoming an authorized payer for billing and payment. (see page 19) Decide if you want to sign up for monthly tuition payment plan called TRIP. (see page 19) Have your student sign up for direct deposit for any potential refunds from the university. (see page 19) Join the Parent and Family Ambassador Program and/or the Parent Leadership Council. (see page 25) Opt-in to the Parent Portal to receive communication from Housing Dining Hospitality. hdh.ucsd.edu/housing/incoming/pages/ParentPortal.html Have your student list your email on TritonLink to receive university communications. students.ucsd.edu

Office of Parent & Family Programs | parents.ucsd.edu





UC San Diego students have access to Student Health Services (SHS), located in the heart of campus. Highly trained, board-certified clinicians of SHS provide full primary care services, supported by in-house laboratory, x-ray, pharmacy, and specialty clinics — all services are exclusively for current students. SHS provides programs and services focused on preventing illness, promoting healthy behaviors, and understanding healthcare and insurance systems. SHS is part of the Student Health and Well-Being Cluster which includes Health Promotion Services and Counseling and Psychological Services. SHS actively partners with campus departments to provide collaborative care for students.

Tuberculosis (TB) Requirement

wellness.ucsd.edu/studenthealth/Pages/ default.aspx | studenthealth@ucsd.edu | (858) 534-3300 8

TB screening is required BEFORE coming to UC San Diego. All incoming students must complete the TB screening requirement before July 15, 2019. After July 15, 2019, incoming students will not be able to register for classes until the TB clearance is complete. Look for the Tuberculosis screening requirement on the Triton Checklist (tritonchecklist.ucsd.edu). TB is a potentially serious disease. This effort protects all students from infection and illness.

Immunization Requirement

All incoming students are required to enter their immunization dates into their UC San Diego Student Health Medical Record before registering for classes. Look for the Immunization Requirement on the Triton Checklist (tritonchecklist.ucsd.edu). University of California San Diego

Students who do not enter their immunization dates into the UC San Diego Student Health Medical Record will not be able to register for Winter Quarter classes until after November 1, 2019. All students must be up to date on basic childhood vaccines before starting college. There have been outbreaks of measles, mumps, pertussis, and meningitis on California college campuses. Required vaccines include tetanus/ diphtheria/pertussis (Tdap), measles/mumps/ rubella (MMR), varicella (Chickenpox), and meningococcal conjugate A, C, Y & W 135 (MCV4). We strongly recommend hepatitis A, hepatitis B and human papilloma virus (HPV). Students should see their primary care provider before starting college and have a full review of their immunization record.

Students must have all their TB and immunization information submitted before the deadlines (see important dates on back of the guide). Student Health Services is transitioning to a new electronic medical record system that may delay the lifting of holds, which will then prevent students from registering for classes. Flu – SHS offers multiple flu vaccination clinics each fall. Flu shots are free to students with UC SHIP and will be provided at low cost to students with other insurance. wellness. ucsd.edu/studenthealth/resources/healthtopics/flu/Pages/default.aspx

Office of Parent & Family Programs | parents.ucsd.edu


Waiving out of UC SHIP – Action is required by the student each new academic year. Waivers are valid for the full academic year unless indicated otherwise on the waiver approval notification. wellness.ucsd.edu/studenthealth/insurance/ waive-uc-ship/Pages/default.aspx Reduced Access Fee for Tritons (RAFT) – If UC SHIP is waived, students can consider opting in for RAFT. RAFT gives students the peace of mind to be seen at SHS for many primary care needs without the worry of high costs. RAFT provides scheduled visits, in-house laboratory services, and x-ray services at no additional cost when rendered at UC San Diego SHS. The fee for RAFT is $60 per quarter and is automatically billed to the student’s account each quarter. wellness.ucsd.edu/studenthealth/insurance/ raft/Pages/default.aspx All registered students have access to SHS with or without UC SHIP. Students who waive UC SHIP but do not purchase RAFT can still use SHS and will be required to pay the full cost.

INSURANCE UC SHIP – UC SHIP is a comprehensive health plan that provides a full range of medical coverage, including inpatient and outpatient services, specialty care, emergency care, hospitalization and mental health care, and pharmacy coverage. Health Insurance is a mandatory non-academic condition for enrollment at UC San Diego. Students are AUTOMATICALLY ENROLLED IN UC SHIP unless the student is waived out. wellness.ucsd.edu/studenthealth/insurance/ uc-ship/Pages/default.aspx Services Outside SHS – It is important students understand how to use UC SHIP. The plan requires students to obtain a written referral from SHS prior to all non-emergency and non-urgent care services outside of SHS. SHS provides most primary care services at no cost to the student. For care outside of SHS, there are out-of-pocket expenses the student will be responsible for, such as deductibles, copays, and coinsurance. 10

Contact Your Family Insurance – Families are to contact their health insurance company, whether it is Kaiser, Medi-Cal, or a private HMO, to confirm their student is attending college in San Diego. Ask that your student’s coverage be transferred and request a temporary patient ID number that your student will use while in San Diego. SHS Social Worker | (858) 246-0469 ucop.edu/ucship | (858) 534-2124

COUNSELING AND PSYCHOLOGICAL SERVICES (CAPS) Mental health needs are as diverse as UC San Diego students themselves. The multiculturalproficient mental health providers at CAPS help students navigate current challenges and teach new coping skills to flourish in their academic and personal development. University of California San Diego

CAPS provides a variety of services: •

All counseling services are free of charge and confidential for registered students.

Psychiatry services are available for medication evaluation and monitoring on a short-term basis.

For long-term psychotherapy and specialized care such as intensive outpatient and inpatient programs, students are referred off campus to community providers using their required university health insurance.

Same day urgent care walk-in services are available for students experiencing an immediate crisis or emergency.

Due to confidentiality laws, CAPS will not provide information about students’ use of these services unless they sign an authorization to release information.

Students with mental health issues requiring long-term treatment should continue to adhere to their appointments and treatment plan with their home care provider before coming to college. When students arrive at the university, contact CAPS for assistance to develop a mental health treatment plan and to identify off-campus providers. Students who have UC SHIP must have a written referral from either CAPS or Student Health Services to have their off-campus care covered by the UC SHIP plan. caps.ucsd.edu/parents.html | (858) 534-3755

OFFICE FOR STUDENTS WITH DISABILITIES (OSD) Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD) works with students with permanent and temporary documented disabilities. Disabilities may occur in the following areas: psychological, psychiatric, learning, attention, chronic health, physical (including sprains, strains and breaks), vision, hearing, and acquired brain injuries. Based on current functional limitations, accommodations

for classrooms, labs, exams, transportation, and housing may be arranged. Students must contact OSD as soon as the disabling condition is diagnosed. osd.ucsd.edu | osd@ucsd.edu | (858) 534-4382

OFFICE FOR THE PREVENTION OF HARASSMENT & DISCRIMINATION (OPHD) The Office for the Prevention of Harassment & Discrimination (OPHD) assist students, faculty and staff regarding reports of bias, harassment and discrimination. Our mission is to educate the UC San Diego community about these issues and to assist in their prevention and resolution in a fair and responsible manner. UC San Diego has an online bias reporting system to report bias-motivated incidents or other acts of intolerance. reportbias.ucsd.edu | ophd@ucsd.edu OPHD also provides harassment and sexual violence prevention education to all incoming students and serves as the Title IX office. Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 prohibits sex discrimination in any educational institution that receives federal funding. As the Title IX office, OPHD identifies “responsible employees” to report sexual harassment, sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence, stalking or other prohibited behavior. Any university employee who is not a confidential resource and who, during employment, receives information regarding such conduct must notify OPHD. Students, faculty or staff with concerns about these issues should contact OPHD or CARE at the Sexual Assault Resource Center. ophd.ucsd.edu | ophd@ucsd.edu

Office of Parent & Family Programs | parents.ucsd.edu


HEALTH INSURANCE PORTABILITY & ACCOUNTABILITY ACT (HIPAA) The primary goal of the federal law of Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA) is to make it easier for people to keep health insurance, and protect the confidentiality and security of health care information. The medical records of a student (18 years of age or older) are protected under HIPAA and will not be shared with parents or others unless the student has provided written consent to release these records. Students have the right to:


Inspect and request a copy of medical records.

Request an amendment or addendum to medical records.

Receive an accounting of disclosures of their private health information.

Request restrictions to release medical information.

Request confidential communications with you (the parent).

In health or safety emergencies, including alcohol or drug violations, the university may release relevant student records to parents as permitted by law. The university may notify parents of alcohol or drug violations by students under the age of 21. wellness.ucsd.edu/studenthealth/about/ HIPAA/Pages/default.aspx

University of California San Diego

CAMPUS POLICE & SECURITY With a primary mission of protecting lives and property, and the belief that people are our most valuable resource, the men and women of our department established an exemplary record of law enforcement service to our campus. Through integrity, respect, and community support, we are committed to enhancing public safety and improving the quality of life for everyone who works, studies at or visits this campus. Police Department

UC San Diego employs 45 trained, full-time, state-certified peace officers. UC San Diego police officers have peace officer authority everywhere in the state of California. They receive the same basic training as city and county peace officers throughout the state, and training to meet the unique needs of a campus environment. The department handles all patrol, investigation, crime prevention education, and related law enforcement duties for the campus community, and operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The department is a 911 Public Safety Answering

Point, receiving 911 emergency calls from landlines and cellular phones within our service area.

Campus Patrol

The patrol division responds to all campus calls, conducts public safety officer-initiated activity, ensures the smooth flow of traffic, and generally serves as a public safety resource in support of our community. We welcome community members to schedule a ride-along to better get to know our community. police.ucsd.edu/services/ride-along.html | (858) 534-4357

Office of Parent & Family Programs | parents.ucsd.edu


Residential Security Officer (RSO)

The Residential Security Officer (RSO) program is a community partnership between the Police Department, Housing Dining Hospitality, and the Academic and Residence Life offices at each college campus. This is a unique program where full-time employees are dedicated to each housing area to further enhance the safety and security of the 15,000 residents of the campus. The mission is the safety of residents and their property. RSOs patrol the campus between 8 p.m. and 6 a.m. RSOs are trained in First Aid/CPR. They also attend a 40-hour Laws of Arrest course in accordance with section 832 of the California Penal Code.

Community Service Officer (CSO)

The CSO Program employs UC San Diego students and offers many safety-related services, including year-round campus safety escorts. CSOs are trained in First Aid/CPR, traffic control, self-defense, and driver’s safety. CSOs operate Triton Rides, a late-night ride


service for students, staff, and faculty up to one mile from the UC San Diego campus, which includes free unlimited use to safely get community members to their destinations. For a safety escort, students can call extension 4-WALK or (858) 534-9255. The CSO program hires students year-round.

Register for Triton Alert

UC San Diego uses a phone and email notification system and the UC San Diego Emergency Status website to keep the campus community updated on emergency situations. Members of this community and parents can register to receive notifications. Go to blink.ucsd.edu/go/emergencyphonereg. Text a Tip to UC San Diego: Text your message to “274637” (CRIMES). police.ucsd.edu | emergency@ucsd.edu | (858) 534-4357

University of California San Diego

HOUSING DINING HOSPITALITY Housing is located within each of the six colleges (for first-year and returning students) and at the Village (for transfer students), creating a lifeline of thriving smaller neighborhoods within the larger UC San Diego community. Housing includes a flexible dining plan, cable TV, housekeeping, maintenance, security, paid utilities (electricity, water, trash, and recycling), 24/7 high-speed Internet access, access to a registered dietician, and laundry facilities.


The UC San Diego Housing Contract includes a unique, declining-balance dining plan. The dining plan is flexible, allowing residents to purchase individual items according to their appetite and schedule. The dining plan allows full access to a registered dietitian who assists with specialty diets, allergies, and dietary restrictions. There are several dining locations across campus, including markets that are open until 1 a.m. hdh.ucsd.edu/diningservices


Residents can deposit money into a Triton Cash Account for use at any on-campus laundry facility. Information is available from the Triton Card Account Services office. hdh.ucsd.edu/TCAS/pages/index.html

Triton Cash Account

Triton Cash Account is the university’s prepaid spending account linked directly to the campus ID card. It’s convenient, fast, easy, and accepted at 60+ locations on- and off-campus. hdh.ucsd.edu/tritoncash | tritoncardaccounts@ucsd.edu | (858) 534-7587 Office of Parent & Family Programs | parents.ucsd.edu



Students receive mail and packages via their Campus P.O. Box. Students receive a mailing address when their room assignment is available in August. UC San Diego is home to Amazon@UCSanDiego, a fully staffed pick-up and drop-off location situated at the campus Bookstore. Now, students can take care of all Amazon orders in one central location.

What to Bring to Move-In

Once students receive their room assignment information in August, we encourage them to contact their new roommates and discuss what each person will bring. hdh.ucsd.edu/housing/incoming/pages

Housing Billing Statement

The housing charge is billed to the campus billing statement, the same location UC Tuition and Education fees are billed. All statements are emailed to students’ UC San Diego email account. Students can authorize a parent to receive a copy of the statement. More information regarding student housing charges are emailed in late August. Learn more about the University Billing Statement on p.18. students.ucsd.edu/my-tritonlink/tools Housing Administrative Services hdh.ucsd.edu/housing | housinginfo@ucsd.edu | (858) 534-4010

Breaks and Residence Halls Closure

All residence halls are closed during winter break. Students don’t move out their personal belongings; however, occupying the residence halls during the winter break period is prohibited. During spring break, the residence halls and apartments remain open. hdh.ucsd.edu/housing/incoming/pages/ housingcontract.html


University of California San Diego

FINANCIAL AID & SCHOLARSHIPS Financial aid counselors assist students and parents in applying for and securing financial assistance when family resources are insufficient to meet educational expenses. Financial Aid counselors answer questions about financial aid, scholarships, grants, loans, and work study (need-based campus employment), including questions about any part of the financial aid process. Counselors offer the best funding options available to students depending upon the timing of application for aid, students’ level of financial need, and the availability of funding.

Financial Aid

Yearly Deadline

Each year, students must reapply by March 2 using the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or California Dream Act Application. Check the Financial Aid & Scholarships website for specific annual deadlines. fas.ucsd.edu | finaid@ucsd.edu | Phone: (858) 534-4480 | Fax: (858) 534-5459

Financial aid includes scholarships, grants, loans, and work study. Financial aid funds may come from federal, state, institutional, and private sources. Two basic types of financial aid: 1. Gift funds: Money that does not need to be repaid. 2. Self-help funds: Money that is borrowed and must be repaid or earned by working while the student is enrolled.

Office of Parent & Family Programs | parents.ucsd.edu


STUDENT FINANCIAL SOLUTIONS (SFS) Tuition & Fees | Billing & Payment | Refunds & Direct Deposits Planning Ahead

Families and students may access the UC San Diego Budgets and Costs of Attendance page for up-to-date information on the cost of UC San Diego. While this tool is for planning purposes, it helps determine approximately how much money students need to attend UC San Diego and how much financial aid they need to meet that goal. students.ucsd.edu/finances/financial-aid/ budgeting

Tuition and Fees

Access the most up-to-date information on tuition and fees from the Student Financial Solutions website including billing due dates, receiving and understanding billing, and payment options. students.ucsd.edu/finances/billing-payment/ index.html


Billing and Payment

Three most important things parents should know: 1. Parents will only have access to billing after they have been authorized by the student. 2. UC San Diego uses an electronic billing system called E-Bill. 3. Once a month, students receive a bill reminder via their ucsd.edu email. Authorized parents receive an email reminder to check their E-Bill account online. How do parents receive their student’s bill? The university regards students as adults with certain privacy rights, regardless of the student’s age (see FERPA information on p. 20). SFS staff discusses billing and related issues only with the student, unless students enrolled their parent as an authorized payer. SFS may not disclose certain information about the student without the student’s prior written consent. University of California San Diego

How do parents become an authorized payer? In TritonLink, students log into the Authorize a Payer tool and register up to three payers to view and pay the bill online. Parents receive an email notice from ebill@ ucsd.edu, with the subject line “UC San Diego E-Bill Authorization — Action Needed.” This email is only valid for 14 days and allows the recipient to set up a username and password. Once authorized as a payer, SFS speaks to the parent about their student’s bill or account activity.

Triton Registration Installment Plan (TRIP) Monthly Payment Plan Option The university offers a payment plan for costs associated with attending UC San Diego. •

Students are encouraged to apply prior to the first billing due date of each quarter.

Students must be enrolled and be clear of any university holds to apply for TRIP.

Includes a one-time, non-refundable application fee of $40, and one-third of the student’s mandatory registration fees and tuition.

1. Ensure the agency makes the check payable to “UC Regents.”

Remaining installments will be billed later in the quarter.

2. Include the student’s PID (personal ID) and full name on the check.

Each payment must be made by its due date. Look for charges in the Pay Your Current Balance section when viewing and paying the bill.

Scholarship Checks from an Outside Agency

Scholarships must be sent to UC San Diego:

3. Mail the check to: Student Financial Solutions Attn: Scholarships 9500 Gilman Drive La Jolla, CA 92093-0026

trip@ucsd.edu | studentbusiness@ucsd.edu | Phone: (858) 822-4727 | Fax: (858) 822-2314

Refunds and Direct Deposits

Student Account refunds are issued to the student. Students are strongly encouraged to sign up for Direct Deposit, the fastest and safest way to receive refunds. Otherwise, a check is mailed to the current address listed on TritonLink.

Office of Parent & Family Programs | parents.ucsd.edu




To protect the privacy of students’ educational records (including but not limited to grades and tuition statements), these records are considered confidential under the federal law of Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), and are protected from third parties (including parents and families). FERPA provides students, including those under 18, with the following rights:


Educational records are protected from third parties.

Students can inspect, review and correct educational records.

Schools must have students’ permission to release educational records to third parties.

Educational records do not include directory information (i.e., name, e-mail address, telephone).

Students have the option to decline release of directory information.

Students are responsible for sharing education-related records like grades, tuition statements, attendance and/or transcripts with third parties who have a legitimate right to know. ucsd.edu/catalog/front/ferpa.html Registrar’s Office students.ucsd.edu/sponsor/registrar | registrar@ucsd.edu | Phone: (858) 534-3150 | Fax: (858) 534-5723

University of California San Diego

Office of Parent & Family Programs | parents.ucsd.edu


TRANSFER STUDENTS We’re excited your student wants to complete their education at UC San Diego. Here, the quarter system moves fast with just 10 weeks of classes and one week of finals, but there are opportunities for transfer students to connect and adjust to the environment. Transfer Student Housing

The Village is a community of apartments and retail spaces designed especially for transfer students. Village West and Village East total 13 buildings, two of which are high rises with incredible ocean views. All resident apartment homes feature modern amenities and a sleek aesthetic design. There are several scholar communities available to enhance students’ success, including Transfer SUCCESS; Computer, Science and Engineering; Quiet Scholars; and Bioscience. Additionally, Student Success Mentors are available to assist students during their time at the Village. hdh.ucsd.edu/housing/thevillage/pages | thevillage@ucsd.edu | (858) 534-9380 22

Transfer Year Experience and Student Organizations

Each college offers a Transfer Year Experience course during fall and winter quarters. This course equips new transfer students with critical skills on how to succeed at a large research university. Lectures and discussions are designed to connect students to academic and co-curricular resources, programs, and opportunities. Topics include academic success strategies, personal well-being, research, and communication skills. fye.ucsd.edu | fye@ucsd.edu | facebook.com/ucsdfye

University of California San Diego

Earl Warren College Warren College Transfer and Commuter Commission warren.ucsd.edu/student-life/ transfer-commuter Student Life warren.ucsd.edu/student-life warrendean@ucsd.edu Warren College Student Council wcsc.ucsd.edu | wcsc@ucsd.edu

Eleanor Roosevelt College Eleanor’s Transfers and Commuters ercstudentlife@ucsd.edu Student Council at Eleanor Roosevelt College scerc.ucsd.edu

Sixth College Revelle College Revelle Transfer Student Network revelle.ucsd.edu Revelle College Council rcc.ucsd.edu

John Muir College

Sixth Transfer Organization & Commuter Society sixth.ucsd.edu/student-life/involvementopportunities sifront@ucsd.edu Sixth College Student Council scsc.ucsd.edu sixthcollege.president@gmail.com

Tribe of Muir Transfers facebook.com/groups/2203025235 Muir College Commuter Council facebook.com/muir.commutercouncil Muir College Council mccchair@ucsd.edu

Thurgood Marshall College Transfer and Re-Entry Student Organization marshall.ucsd.edu, click Programs Thurgood Marshall College Student Council tmcsc.ucsd.edu Office of Parent & Family Programs | parents.ucsd.edu


COMMUTER STUDENTS Commuter students live at home with parents, families, or live off campus. From Commuter Appreciation Week to a roommate finder website and lockers, there are several resources that support UC San Diego commuter students. commuter.ucsd.edu Off-Campus Housing – Members of the UC San Diego community use our exclusive OffCampus Housing directory.

offcampushousing@ucsd.edu | (858) 534-3670

Parking and Transportation – Students

carpool, bike, or use public transportation. Students with the Triton U-Pass get unlimited rides on San Diego’s MTS, North County Transit District (NCTD) bus, and trolley routes. The Triton U-Pass is free and is available at the Campus Parking Office. Students can download the U-Pass Cloud App to mobile phones. Search “U-Pass” online for more information.

Commuter Lounges – The Price Center

and the colleges have commuter lounges where students can relax between classes and study. The Price Center Commuter Lounge is centrally located with several amenities. There are study rooms, computers and printers, and lockers to rent at the Price Center and at the Student Center. University Centers (858) 534-7666

transportation.ucsd.edu | (858) 534-4223


University of California San Diego

FAMILY EVENTS & INVOLVEMENT Visit parents.ucsd.edu to learn about the Office of Parent & Family Programs, events, and communications that keep parents informed about UC San Diego. • Homecoming Weekend: October 18–20, 2019 • Siblings Day: January 25, 2020 • Triton Parent & Family Ambassador Program: Become an ambassador for the Office of Parent & Family Programs to share your experience and knowledge and offer your support to parent-peers. • Parent & Family Giving enhances the student experience by connecting families to the UC San Diego community through meaningful opportunities in volunteerism, intellectual engagement, and philanthropy. Parents like you enrich the college experience beyond the classroom. The Parents Fund impacts undergraduate students by providing resources that foster a balance of academics, personal growth, and extracurricular activities and transform your student’s campus experience.

• Triton Family Connection Quarterly E-Newsletter: Find out what’s happening on campus. • Ask a Parent! Get one-on-one advice and guidance from a Triton Parent & Family Ambassador. • Calendar for Parents and Families: Stay informed about events, deadlines, holidays, and breaks.

Ayuda en Español Llame a la Línea de Ayuda para Padres y Familias, o mándenos un correo, y será mi placer ayudarle a navegar nuestra universidad.

(858) 534-7273

campaign.ucsd.edu/parents-families | parentfamilygiving@ucsd.edu | (858) 534-8568 Office of Parent & Family Programs | parents.ucsd.edu


COMMUNITY AT UC SAN DIEGO Principles of Community

The UC San Diego community includes students, staff, and faculty who have a vested interest in the university. Members of our community pride themselves on academic, personal, and professional excellence and value integrity, accountability, and respect. The Student Conduct Code underscores the pride and values that define our community while providing UC San Diego students with a framework to guide their actions and behaviors. The code sets forth applicable standards of our community and authorizes the administration of student conduct at UC San Diego. All participants involved with the student conduct process are encouraged to reflect upon their roles in the community and seek out opportunities for personal growth and development. It is our aspiration that students involved in this process will strengthen their competencies in communication, relationships, leadership, critical thinking, and active citizenship.

UC San Diego’s Principles of Community further illustrate expectations of all members of our community. In accordance with these principles, the community supports student development and learning across the campus, six undergraduate colleges, and graduate or professional schools. ucsd.edu/about/principles.html

Office of Student Conduct

Office of Student Conduct provides central leadership in the non-academic student conduct process at UC San Diego. The office advises students, staff, and faculty on the student conduct process; campus policies; and student rights, responsibilities, and resources. The mission is to create a fair and educational process that promotes accountability and learning, while enhancing the living and learning community for students. The office provides leadership opportunities for students interested in policies, judicial affairs, and student affairs. The office welcomes questions on the student conduct process, campus policies, or for advice on how to become involved as student leaders. studentconduct.ucsd.edu | studentconduct@ucsd.edu | (858) 534-6225


University of California San Diego


The structure of UC San Diego’s Six College System is unique. Each college possess a distinctive culture that fosters student’s academic, social, and living experience at the university. The colleges provide a tight community, attentive advisors, and a welcoming student affairs staff. Students from every college with varying fields of interest interface with each other in the classroom and during cocurricular activities. REVELLE COLLEGE Purpose – Truth – Vision. Students become well-rounded thinkers and leaders by taking a rigorous set of courses from a variety of academic disciplines. Founded by Dr. Roger Revelle, chief architect of the university — he and faculty were committed to the principle of a broad liberal arts education that would provide a firm grounding in the major disciplines of the sciences, humanities, arts, and social sciences. At Revelle College, UC San Diego’s first college, the offices of Academic Advising, Student Affairs, and Residence Life employ this mission in their daily work with students. Roger Revelle’s Birthday; Revellution, an annual spring concert; and the Watermelon Drop are long-time traditions that Revelle students come together to celebrate. revelle.ucsd.edu Academic Advising (858) 534-3490

Student Affairs (858) 534-3493

Office of Parent & Family Programs | parents.ucsd.edu

Residence Life (858) 534-3025 27

JOHN MUIR COLLEGE Celebrating the independent spirit. Named for the 19th century naturalist, writer, and founder of the Sierra Club, John Muir College celebrates selfreliance, calculated risk-taking, and the joys of finding your own direction. Muir students are recognized for their individuality and independent spirit. The offices of Academic Advising, Student Affairs, and Residence Life institute this philosophy to develop and propel students’ academic, social, and living experiences. As community members of John Muir College, students gather to celebrate decades-old traditions like the Pumpkin Drop and Harvest Festival; Muirstock, a festival with well-known bands; and Celebrating John Muir Week highlighting green initiatives, as well as an observance of John Muir’s birthday. muir.ucsd.edu Academic Advising (858) 534-3580

Student Affairs (858) 534-3587

Residence Life (858) 534-4200

THURGOOD MARSHALL COLLEGE The student as scholar and citizen. Strong communities are composed of tenacious individuals. Thurgood Marshall College, named after the first African American Supreme Court Justice, believes students have the power and the obligation to make the world a better place. Students bring their skills to the table and become more effective and empowered citizens. The offices of Academic Advising, Student Affairs, and Residence Life encourage students to grow, learn, and challenge themselves to reach out and become engaged members of our ever-changing society. Throughout the year, Marshall College students, staff, and faculty celebrate the annual MarshallPalooza Carnival, a 40+ year tradition, and the Cultural Celebration community festival. marshall.ucsd.edu Academic Advising (858) 534-4110

Student Affairs (858) 534-4390

Residence Life (858) 534-4340

EARL WARREN COLLEGE Toward a life in balance. Students stand up for what they believe and build a more ethical society by becoming balanced thinkers who boldly examine all sides of an issue. No matter their major, Earl Warren College helps students develop leadership, independence, and innovation. Named after the former California Governor and Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, Earl Warren, the offices of Academic Advising, Student Affairs, and Residence Life inspire students to live the motto “Toward a life in balance” and encourage students to explore the relationship between leadership and 28

University of California San Diego

ethics. Warren College is also known for traditions that include High Table Dinner, which engages students and faculty in an evening of fine dining and conversation, and the DeWitt Higgs Memorial Lecture, which engages students in a discussion on current events and their impact on law and society, as well as Winter Warrenland semi-formal dance and the BEARLS, otherwise known as the Academy Awards for Principles of Community. warren.ucsd.edu Academic Advising (858) 534-4350

Student Affairs (858) 534-4731

Residence Life (858) 534-4581

ELEANOR ROOSEVELT COLLEGE International understanding. Guided and inspired by Eleanor Roosevelt’s commitment to public service, students not only learn more about world cultures and regions, they get the opportunity to impact them firsthand. The offices of Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, and Residence Life believe in understanding one’s culture and cultural heritage and push students to self-discover and personally grow by exploring new and different opportunities. Unique to Eleanor Roosevelt College is the International House where international and domestic students develop a concern and respect for others and, together, share academic and cultural experiences. The traditions held at the college are Rock N’ Roosevelt, Making of the Modern World Blowout, and the annual Leadership Recognition Celebration. roosevelt.ucsd.edu Academic Advising (858) 534-9864

Student Affairs (858) 534-2237

Residence Life (858) 534-2261

SIXTH COLLEGE Innovative – Creative – Interconnected. Does your student have a big idea they’re bursting to share with the world? Inaugurated at the dawn of a new century, Sixth College prepares students to become dynamic and engaged citizens of the 21st century: innovative, creative, and interconnected. The offices of Academic Advising, Student Affairs, and Residence Life employ an intentional educational partnership with students of diverse backgrounds, interests, and abilities; expand learning beyond the classroom; support individual creativity and expression; help to develop life skills beyond the college years; and help to be respectful of and caring for others. Sixth College has several annual traditions including Winter Game Fest, Semi-Formal, Spirit of the Masters, Let It Flow, Kuncocshun, Digital Film Festival, and the Chocolate Festival. sixth.ucsd.edu Academic Advising (858) 534-9001

Student Affairs (858) 822-5953

Office of Parent & Family Programs | parents.ucsd.edu

Residence Life (858) 822-5268


CAMPUS RESOURCE The Community Resource Centers support students, staff, faculty, alumni, and the UC San Diego community to build and sustain a socially just campus through educational resources and programs. Each center is equipped with a library, kitchen, lounge, work spaces, and computers. Students relax, meet peers, cook food, and — most importantly — be themselves.

Cross-Cultural Center ccc.ucsd.edu | (858) 534-9689

Black Resource Center brc.ucsd.edu | (858) 534-0471

Raza Resource Centro raza.ucsd.edu | (858) 822-0072

Women’s Center women.ucsd.edu | (858) 822-0074

Intertribal Resource Center itrc.ucsd.edu| (858) 822-0048

Asian Pacific Islander Middle Eastern Desi American Resource Center facebook.com/apimedaatucsd | (858) 822-0525


Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Resource Center lgbt.ucsd.edu | (858) 822-3493 University of California San Diego

CENTERS Undocumented Student Services

Undocumented Student Services at UC San Diego is committed to serving our undocumented students through a holistic approach. We provide advising, professional development, graduate school preparation, immigration legal services, referrals to other campus resources, scholarships, fellowships, and other forms of individualized support. undoc.ucsd.edu | undoc@ucsd.edu | (858) 822-6916

Student Veterans Resource Center

The Student Veterans Resource Center is committed to ensuring that military-affiliated students successfully make the transition from the military environment to campus life, progress toward completing their academic degree, and are aware of on-campus and San Diego resources that assist in the transition from service member to veteran. The center provides peer-to-peer support, mentoring, and social networking. Students using the center include those who are active duty, veterans, and spouses/dependents of service members and veterans. svrc.ucsd.edu | svrc@ucsd.edu | (858) 534-5080

Center for Student Involvement

The Center for Student Involvement offers student organization advising services and advising to all three Greek Councils (Interfraternity, Panhellenic, and Multicultural). They also provide community service programs, facilitate workshops centered around communication and leadership, and host campus-wide events. getinvolved.ucsd.edu | getinvolved@ucsd.edu | (858) 534-0501 Office of Parent & Family Programs | parents.ucsd.edu

Two Running Violet V Forms (1983) Robert Irwin Stuart Collection UC San Diego Photo: Philipp Scholz Rittermann



UC San Diego officially begins a journey to the Big West Conference and becomes a participant in NCAA Division I athletics in 2020. Division I athletics provides opportunities to positively impact UC San Diego, allowing us to continue our proud tradition of academic and athletic excellence at the highest level. The move to Division I supports engagement with our 185,000+ alumni, strengthens their connection to the university, fosters stronger relationships with the San Diego community, and nationally elevates recognition of our university’s outstanding education and research. By Fall 2024, UC San Diego will be a full member of the Big West Conference and eligible to compete for all conference and NCAA championships. ucsdtritons.com | (858) 534-4211 32

University of California San Diego

ACADEMIC SUPPORT & RESOURCES Incoming students will undergo adjustments in their schooling. There are several resources to help students make that adjustment. People who help students and places students can go for help Academic Advisors

Advisors help students plan an academic program to fulfill interests, abilities, and career goals by meeting major and graduation requirements. Students meet regularly with an academic advisor to stay on track with their academic goals. Each of the six colleges has an academic advising office and students are also paired with an advisor from their selected major.

Professors and Teaching Assistants

Students get to know their professors by visiting them during office hours. Professors are a great resource for student research and other academic opportunities. Teaching Assistants are upperclassmen and graduate students supervised by professors within a specific discipline.

Tutoring Centers, Tutors, and Study Groups There are several tutoring centers like Physics, Engineering, English, and Linguistics where students receive help from tutors on a specific topic. Created by students, study groups support peer-to-peer learning in a group setting.


Students are their own resource. Students academically succeed by attending class as scheduled, following the syllabus, planning adequate time to study, taking notes, using course handouts, keeping a calendar, and asking for help before a challenge arises.

Student Success Coaching Program

Success Coaches assist first-generation college students (those who are first in their family to go to college) with transitioning to the university. Success Coaches and students work to identify pathways to achieve personal, professional, and academic goals for the student. successcoaching.ucsd.edu | (858) 822-3011


Office of Academic Support and Instructional Services offers group workshops in Math, Science, Language, Writing, and English as a second language. Students can improve their grade point average, learn effective study skills, and learn more about a subject. oasis.ucsd.edu

Writing Center

The Writing Center supports students from all six colleges, the college writing programs, and all academic disciplines. Students can sign up for individual assistance or group workshops. writingcenter.ucsd.edu

First Year Experience Program

An initiative from all six colleges, the First Year Experience (FYE) Program offers a 2-unit Pass/ No Pass course designed to help new students maximize their educational experience. FYE facilitates academic success by helping students understand and fulfill academic and curricular expectations; engage and map co-curricular opportunities; and strengthen critical thinking, organizational, interpersonal, and wellness skills.

fye.ucsd.edu | fye@ucsd.edu Office of Parent & Family Programs | parents.ucsd.edu



Some students enter UC San Diego with a clear career direction. Others want more time to explore options while discovering personal interests and strengths. career.ucsd.edu | (858) 534-3750 FIRST-YEAR: Self-discovery and exploration Log in via single sign-on for Handshake, our online career coaching appointment and event platform. Drop by for career coaching or make an appointment with a coach on Handshake. Take a career assessment to explore careers that match personal interests. Get an on-campus job, volunteer, and join a student organization.


University of California San Diego

SOPHOMORE YEAR: Exploration and decision-making Prepare a resume and cover letter and create a LinkedIn profile. Attend the graduate and professional school fair or a career fair. Build a network with faculty, alumni, and employers. Gain skills and core competencies that will launch you toward a strong future and participate in Co-Curricular Record programs. elt.ucsd.edu/competencies/index.html

JUNIOR YEAR: Decision-making and preparation Narrow down your career choices by meeting with a Career Coach. Get an internship, research position, or part-time job. Set-up informational interviews. Network by attending conferences, career events, employer information sessions, and graduate school orientations.

SENIOR YEAR: Implementing career goals Make an appointment with a Career Coach to review your resume, cover letter, personal statements, and graduate school applications. Practice interview and networking skills. Ask for letters of recommendation from your network. Stay connected with the Career Center for life-long career services offered to UC San Diego alumni. Office of Parent & Family Programs | parents.ucsd.edu



We provide experiences in a globally connected world by bridging educational opportunities to the vast global research network of our campus. We support international students, faculty, and scholars to achieve academic and personal success, and connect students to high-impact opportunities abroad. global.ucsd.edu

International Students & Programs Office

Through outreach, resources, programs, and events, two full-time professionals for the Six Colleges support out-of-state and international students with transition, connection, and success at UC San Diego and within the California culture. nonresidentinfo.ucsd.edu

UC San Diego International House

istudents.ucsd.edu | (858) 534-3730

International House (I-House) is a vibrant and engaging residential learning community of nearly 350 American and international students from over 30 countries that promotes global citizenship and international awareness. I-House is a hub of exciting activities and programs focused on global cultures and issues. I-House accepts applications three times per year from students interested in this living experience.

Study Abroad Office

ihouse.ucsd.edu | (858) 822-1791

We enhance the academic and intercultural experiences of international students, provide the highest level of knowledge and expertise in advising and immigration services, and facilitate global education through programs and services to the campus community.

We are committed to making international academic and co-curricular experiences accessible to our diverse student population and providing life-long and meaningful academic and career benefits to UC San Diego students. studyabroad.ucsd.edu | (858) 534-1123 36

International and Out-of-State Outreach Coordinators

Office of the Dean global.ucsd.edu/deans-office | (858) 822-0464 International Faculty & Scholars Office ifso.ucsd.edu | (858) 246-1448

University of California San Diego


FALL QUARTER 2019 Friday, September 20

Tuition due/registration fee payment deadline. Deadline to waive mandatory UC SHIP health insurance.

Thursday, September 26

First day of classes

Friday–Sunday, October 18–20

Homecoming Weekend parents.ucsd.edu

Monday, November 11

Veterans Day (No Classes/Offices Closed)

Thursday–Friday, November 28–29

Thanksgiving Holiday (University Closed)

Friday, December 6

Last day of classes

Saturday–Saturday, December 7–14

Finals Week

Friday, December 13

Tuition due/registration fee payment deadline. Deadline to waive mandatory UC SHIP health insurance.

Sunday, December 15

Residence halls close for winter break.

Office of Parent & Family Programs | parents.ucsd.edu


WINTER QUARTER 2020 Tuesday–Wednesday December 24–25, 2019

Christmas Holiday (University Closed)

Tuesday–Wednesday December 31, 2019– January 1, 2020

New Year’s Holiday (University Closed)

Saturday, January 4

Residence halls open for winter quarter.

Monday, January 6

First day of classes

Monday, January 20

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (No Classes/Offices Closed)

Saturday, January 25

Siblings Day parents.ucsd.edu

Monday, February 17

Presidents’ Day (No Classes/Offices Closed)

Friday, March 13

Last day of classes

Saturday–Saturday, March 14–21

Finals Week

Friday, March 20

Tuition due/registration fee payment deadline. Deadline to waive mandatory UC SHIP health insurance.

SPRING QUARTER 2020 Monday–Friday, March 23–27

Spring Break (Residence and apartment halls remain open)

Friday, March 27

César E. Chávez Day Observed (No Classes/Offices Closed)

Monday, March 30

First day of classes

Monday, May 25

Memorial Day Observed (No Classes/Offices Closed)

Friday, June 5

Last day of classes

Saturday–Friday, June 6–12

Finals Week

Saturday, June 13

Apartments and residence halls close at 6 p.m. for the summer

Saturday–Sunday, June 13–14

Commencement Ceremonies

Calendar is subject to revision. blink.ucsd.edu/instructors/resources/academic/calendars/2019.html 38

University of California San Diego

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