College Visions Annual Report, 2021

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College Visions empowers low-income and first-generation college students to achieve the promise of higher education, while leading the way for innovative college planning and advising.

letter from our interim executive director For young people across our community, the past 20 months have been defined by loss. Not only the loss of family and community members, but also the loss of opportunities, experiences, and celebrations. But at College Visions, we also saw the strength of our students and our community. With your help, we embraced collaboration, determination, perseverance, and compassion. We kept celebrating with students as they reached their goals because joy and love are even more important during times of sadness and hardship. While your support of College Visions has always been important – and deeply appreciated – your donations last year were especially meaningful. Your financial gifts and volunteer time helped our students defy the odds. While we still don’t know the full extent of pandemic impacts on college enrollment and persistence, the indicators are troubling. In urban Rhode Island, the percentage of high school students reporting that they planned to attend college dropped precipitously in spring 2020 and local and national data show fewer low-income, firstgeneration, students of color applying, enrolling, and earning degrees. In response, this year College Visions expanded our programming to include 11th graders, increasing our high school enrollment by nearly 50%. This additional year will help students kickstart their academic and extracurricular profiles, helping them secure acceptances and generous financial aid. We also expanded our analysis of College Visions students versus Rhode Island peers, in terms of academic readiness and likelihood of graduation, helping our Board of Directors and staff develop future programs that will even better meet the needs of our college students.

There is so much for the College Visions community to celebrate, but our students continue to face challenges. They are already grappling with financial pressures as they seek to support themselves and family members. While College Visions emphasizes affordability as we advise students, we know that college debt is a continuing concern, particularly for Black and Latino graduates. Similarly, career paths can be more challenging for these young people, even with a degree. These aren’t problems that College Visions can solve alone, but through our community, we are looking for solutions to these financial and employment challenges – we hope you will join us in our efforts. I’m proud to lead College Visions during this challenging and generative time—and honored to have your ongoing support and partnership. Our incoming class of high school juniors and seniors are joining a powerful community of friends, staff, supporters, and peers—whose mission is to help them achieve great things. I’m excited to see what the coming year will bring. With gratitude, Moira Hinderer, Interim Executive Director College Visions

cap student: TATIANA AREVALO

cranston east '22

"Being a first-generation college student means a lot to me. It means that I will be able to have the opportunities that my mom and dad did not. It also means having a good future and not having to worry about struggling with hardships like my parents once did." "This year, I am looking forward to the college process and being able to finish everything on time with my advisor. I'm also looking forward to graduation and walking the stage and seeing how proud my family is of me."

college access program Since 2004, the College Access Program (CAP) has guided lowincome, first-generation Rhode Island students to apply to and enroll in college. During this intense program, students work with staff mentors, build strong peer relationships, and visit colleges. An outstanding 98% of CAP students enroll in college. The work of CAP has never been more important. Even as we hope that COVID-19 is receding in our communities, we are in the midst of a college crisis for the students College Visions works with—lowincome students, first-generation students, and students of color. Among all of these groups of students we see troubling trends locally and nationally. Students have lost access to support systems, their families are experiencing financial distress, they are stressed and worried about the future. Now, more than ever, students need strong mentors, they need help imagining a positive future and making plans for that future.

"I cannot properly express just how grateful I am for CV. A a first-generation college student and a first-generation immigrant, the college process has been daunting. CV, in a way, has held my hand through the process. My advisor is responsive, eager to help and encouraging." "CV has given me the opportunity to lean on diligent, kind people and know that I am in good hands. I truly cannot stress enough how lost I'd be without College Visions. I am grateful that I have access to such good and free resources during this hectic process." Christina Gomes Cranston East '22

kolajo paul afolabi college success program Getting into college is a big step, but we know that young people do not see the full benefits of higher education until they earn degrees. College brings many challenges. Students need to adjust to classes, new living situations, and new people. Many CV students need to balance work and family responsibilities with school. CV advisors are a friendly support system who celebrate and encourage students and who are also here for tough conversations. The CSP’s investment in college students achieves outstanding results. In RI, 41% of low-income students who enroll in college will earn a degree within 6-years, while 72% of wealthy RI students earn a degree within 6 years. CV significantly narrows this gap. 67% of our students earn a degree within the 6 year window.

"For me, being in CV was like a form of financial security. They helped me learn more about the college process and the financial resources that were available to a first-gen student." "Being the first to attend college is a scary thing, but also a fun one. I was able to go to the college of my dreams because my mom supported any decision that I made and my advisor helped me create the perfect application for Smith College." Leslyann Oquendo Smith College

cSp student: ANGEL PRADO


"Being a first-generation college student means a lot to me because I've been working toward this since I was a little kid. I come from a family of 5 and I am the middle child. I've always wanted to go to college for myself, my family, and to leave behind the gang violence going on in the city and now I really am in college." "I turned my dreams into reality, I just need to take advantage of my opportunity and make the best out of it. Hard work and dedication go a long way—I am proof of it."

KOLAJO PAUL AFOLABI Kolajo Paul Afolabi focused his career in research on helping low-income, first-generation students pursue higher education. Kolajo was a 2003 graduate of Brown University and a valued College Visions friend and Board Member who earned special academic honors for his studies in public policy and American institutions. After graduation from Brown, Kolajo worked in educational consulting at Policy Study Associates in Washington, DC where he continued this line of work. In 2007, Kolajo began a doctoral program in education at Harvard University. His research focused on college access and success, community colleges, financial aid, and student success programs. His dissertation was to focus on the transfer function of community colleges for low-income students. While pursuing his doctorate at Harvard, Kolajo remained connected to Providence and the Brown community by teaching as an adjunct professor at Brown in the Department of Education in the fall of 2011. In his memory, the Harvard Graduate School of Education awarded the first Kolajo Paul Afolabi Award for Commitment to Educational Justice in 2012. The College Visions Kolajo Paul Afolabi College Success Program is named in his honor. Each September, with the Afolabi Family, College Visions celebrates the life and legacy of Kolajo, beloved son, brother, friend, and teacher, with the annual 5K for Kolajo.

THANK YOU FOR GIVING in honor of kolajo paul afolabi Kathleen Afolabi Dr. Kolajo A. Afolabi Yetunde Flicker Sara Allender Mary Grace Almandrez Melissa Antonelli Anne Aycock Eleni Bazos Catherinr Bennett Kristin Bianchi Lindsay H. Bolter Heather Bridges Gretchen Brion-Meisels Shelby Carvalho April Champion Jessie Curtner Carrie Driscoll Nick Figueroa Daniel Finer

Diana Fishman & Ryan Adams Divina & Lorenzo Gamble David Good Margaret Gramins Todd Grindal Ryan Hathaway & Jason Showalter Moira Hinderer Sara Hirschhorn Ros Honey Cassandra Jens Adrienne Keene Megan Kelly-Sweeney Jenny Lafleur Alex Laforest Rachel Levy

Matthew McDonald & Jing Yuan Maggie Mittendorf Simon Moore Bevin Murphy Kathleen MurphyShiffman Kat Murray Jessica North Macie Kerri Obstein Annice Ormiston Becca Pollock Jack Richter & Cassandra StaffordRichter Erin Romero Matthew & Rachel Rufo Liuba Shapiro

Marcia Russell Denis Scott Heather Skorupa Sarah Staley & Mike Balulescu Annie Steele Jack & Fran Steele Dominique Taylor Allison Tepley Judy Touzin Catherine Tyler Skyler Ng Lisa Weiner Jennie Weiner Ellen Welty & Michael Middleleer Imeh Williams Ginny Yang Seth & Tonya Zimring

cv prep This program, offered in partnership with Providence Public Schools, provides an intensive 6-week exploration of college and career options. The program is hosted on the Rhode Island College campus. CV Prep instructors provide a high energy, positive environment that encourages students to work on team-building skills and set personal goals while also considering all the possibilities that the future holds. This program is open to rising 9th-12th graders and has enrolled students from every public high school in Providence! “The program is amazing. It opened my eyes to new things. I have a clear vision of what I want to do after high school. And that is to go to a four year Historically Black College or University. I had fun during this program but it was also very educational and the teachers here are really nice and considerate of the students.’ “I think this program was very beneficial for my child because he lost so much with the pandemic. I see the growth and maturity in him, and for that I thank you.”

cv alumni: what are you up to? kabir is an educator at brooklyn ascend middle school in brownsville, brooklyn! CV's continued support, love and opportunity after my senior year of high school helped me get my teaching job here in Brooklyn. I've been teaching at Ascend since 2016. I've had the honor of teaching 8th grade Social Studies and it has been such a rewarding opportunity. I'm constantly learning from my students and reflecting on my own politics and how they show up in my work. I work there because I have the freedom to teach history rooted in radical Black tradition and I wouldn't have it any other way.

kabir olawale lambo Michaelle is now the founding principal of Excel Academy charter School rhode Island. It is a tuition-free charter public K-12 school opening in the fall of 2022! I am most proud of being seen as someone with the heart and mindset to take on this opportunity. This work is deeply personal to me. I am not looking to be "the best" - this does not exist. I do strive to work intentionally with our exceptional team who are aligned in leading unapologetically to dismantle oppressive practices and build our young people to be confident and fearless as they develop a deep love of learning and curiosity in our world.

Michaelle Larracuente Steven is an engineering director at sharkninja, a consumer products company! I had originally been working in the automotive industry and was based in Ohio, but wanted to be in a smaller growing company where I can have more impact. I always wanted to work for a fast-paced consumer products company and Shark was a good fit. Since the start of the pandemic, I've discovered a newfound appreciation and prioritization for personal life and work life balance. After this mindset shift is when I actually started to receive promotions!

Steven Gacin




Foundation & Government Grants - $600,608.05

Fee For Service - $112,849.30

Events - $9,933.38

Business & Corporate Sponsors - $20,100

Individual Giving - $156,226.48

PPP Loan Forgiven - $98,970

Other Income - $1,404



Personnel - $601,787.85

Recruiting - $461.25

Professional Development - $9,846.99

Communications - $18,853.62

Occupancy Expenses - $42,197.12

Materials & Supplies - $80,394

Consultants/Contracted Services - $18,491.55

Insurance & Fees - $7,670

Capital Expenses - $19,549.56

Depreciation - $1,536


Mary Grace Almandrez Associate Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer, University of Rhode Island

Soumangue Basse Vice President, Business Banking Colleague Development Manager, Citizens Bank

Ebony Bridwell-Mitchell Associate Professor of Education, Harvard Graduate School of Education

Shamika Cameron

Nancy Fisher Chudacoff Of Counsel, Cameron & Mittleman

Moira Hinderer Ex Officio Interim Executive Director, College Visions

Osvaldo Jose Marti Head of Lower School, Moses Brown School

Jaretta Konneh Director of High School Initiatives, Providence After School Alliance

Ivette Luna, Secretary Manager, Consumer Engagement Strategy and Brand Planning, Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island

Deborah Obalil, Chair President & Executive Director, Association of Independent Colleges of Art & Design

Grant Porter, Treasurer

Julio Reyes

Senior Consulting Manager, Finance and Analytics Conduent State Healthcare, Rhode Island Executive Office of Health & Human Services

Director of Undergraduate Admissions Recruitment, Office of Undergraduate Admissions, Roger Williams University

Program Director, Undocumented, FirstGeneration College and Low-Income Student Center, Brown University


Sandy Richter Educator and CV Volunteer


Cicily Shaw, Vice Chair Director of College Counseling, Boston Trinity Academy


Susan Anderson Success Program Director

Lariona Jacobs Junior Cohort Coordinator

Dionna Jenkins Access Advisor

Moira Hinderer Interim Executive Director



Monay McNeil Success Advisor

Luckson Omoaregba Access Program Director

Kacee Montgomery Operations Director

Bethania Ramos Access Advisor

Monephia Nembhard Development Associate

Teeravuth Nokeo Access Program Manager

"We are incredibly thankful to everyone who stepped up to make sure that low-income, firstgeneration high school and college students had the support and resources they needed to manage academics, employment, and family responsibilities during the pandemic." - Deborah Obalil, CV Board Chair

our growing cv community Foundation & Corporate Donors Aaronson Lavoie Streitfeld Diaz & Co Amica Angell Foundation BankNewport Bank of America Charitable Foundation Barrett Family Foundation Bhikhaji Maneckji Fund Blue Cross & Blue Shield of RI Brainerd Family Foundation The Carter Fund Champlin Foundation Charles & Nancy Dunn Family Foundation Citizens Bank City of Providence, Community Development Block Grant Cox Charities Northeast Fund CVS Health Fiduciary Trust Charitable Frederick C. Tanner Memorial Fund The Frieda Mueller Fund HarborOne Foundation Harry M., Miriam C. & William C. Horton Fund HealthSource RI June Rockwell Levy Foundation Lloyd G. Balfour Foundation, Bank of America, N.A. Trustee Mary Dexter Chafee Fund Matouk Family Fund MetLife Neighborhood Health Plan of Rhode Island Nellie Mae Educational Foundation Nordson Corporation Foundation

Ocean State Charities Trust Otto H. York Foundation Pawtucket Credit Union Providence College Providence Shelter for Colored Children Rallis Conover Family Fund Rhode Island Foundation Robinson Mountain Trust Sensata Technologies Foundation Simple Pleasures Southwest Airlines The Sidney E. Frank Foundation TriMix Foundation United Way of Rhode Island Walmart

Individual Donors Gifts of $2,000 and over Dianne Abuelo Anonymous Carolyn Birnbaum Anonymous Paul Curtis Sara & Jeffrey Enright Alexandra & Thomas Moffatt Deborah Obalil & Jim Olick Russell & Carla Ricci Frederick Roses Jack Richter & Cassandra Stafford-Richter Gifts of $1,000 - $1,999 Nii-Ama Akuete Michael Allio Michael Brosterman Jean S. Callaghan Richard & Inge Chafee Howard & Nancy Chudacoff Joel Cohen & Andrea Toon Dione D. Kenyon Jack & Sara McConnell

Terry Meyer Simon Moore Paula & Jeremy Sager Abbot Stranahan Samuel Zurier Gifts of $500 - $999 Mary Grace Almandrez Soumangue Basse & Amanda Regino William Bennett Ebony Bridwell-Mitchell Larry & Jill Goldstein Abel Hernandez A Bill & Ann Hinderer Jori Ketten Tim Monroe & Cheryl Nixon Rebecca Murray Marguerite & Wells Pile Janice & James Prochaska Julia Rafal Joanne Rich Clay Rockefeller & Manya Rubinstein Joan Sorensen Jennifer Wood & Bob Lee Gifts of $250 - $499 Jeffrey & Jessica Brier Alana Buckbee Elizabeth Burke Bryant & Daniel Bryant Shamika Cameron Nicanor Figueroa Michael Fournier & David Liddle Carol Golden & Stuart Einhorn Marc & Susan Greenfield Jill Harrington Moira Hinderer Paul Hirst Heather Hudson Barbara Hurst Osvaldo Jose Marti William & Dione Kenyon Emily Kloeblen

our growing cv community Ivette Luna Pam MacColl Sandy & Mary Moore Enith Morillo Kimberly J. Noble Bintou Paye Abby & James Perry Grant Porter Joshua Rodriguez A Daniel Rodriguez & Susan Rohwer Angela Romans Phoebe Salten & Merrill Weingrod Sophia Setsu Cicily Shaw Susan Smulyan Carlton & Kathleen Tucker Mary Brooks Wall Shelley Wilson Joshua Wynn & Danika Severino Wynn Rafael A. Zapata Gifts of $100 - $249 Anthony Affigne Clarice Anderes Oyinlade Ayandele Carl & Kathy Baer Bill & Diane Barrett José Batista A Glenn Bautista A Robert Bedick & Marsha Miller Andy Birch Deborah Brayton Carrie Bridges Jessica Brown Anne & Michael Brunson Cara Camacho Rosa Cantor A Jill & Bill Caskey Keith Catone & Dulari Tahbildar Will Chan Minna Choi & Sebastian Ruth Kate & Arthur Chute

Nicole Clement Mary & John Cloud Lara Couturier Mary Dalton & Bob Ameen Martha Dineen Wales & Ralph Wales Sara Dorsch Jenn & Rich Dunn Adam Edelsberg John Eng-Wong Mary-Beth Fafard Sarita Fernandez A Mary Ford Steven Gacin A Thomas Gardos Manas Gautam Liz Glatzer Esteban Gomez Robert Gray Pamela Hanson Carbone Dorothy Hiralien A Mary Hollinshead Jill Holloway Jessica Hopkins Andrew Horwitz & Alexandra Callam Kent Hu Andres Idarraga Audie & Bill Jennings Matt Jerzyk Kelsey Johnson David C-H Johnston A Tyrene Jones Essell A Dermerkersal Karbah David Karoff & Barbara Hunger Jaretta Konneh A Andrew Koziol Linda Kushner Ariel Lambe & Kevin Mercik Richard & Karen Lambe Richard & Judith Lappin Michaelle Larracuente A Perri Leviss Rachel Littman Michael Mackenty Andre Manar

Vincent & Josephine Marzullo Pat McGauran Tina Meetran A Yuselly MendozaA Kelly Milukas Linda Mitchell Caroline Molloy-Calia Martha Moore Patricia Moore Martha Murphy Carlene Newman We so NY William Obalil Robert Orsi & Christina Helmer Jamall Osterholm A Linda Palmateer Rachel Ranitch Lucy Peterson Ellen Polansky Bihelca Quinonez A Hillary Reser Adriana Reyna Audrey Reyna Elizabeth Roberts Henry Rodriguez A Gleyribel Rodriguez A Bill & Sandi Rosen Daniel Schleifer & Johanna Walzak Lucie Searle Peggy & Henry D. Sharpe, Jr. David Shield Brett Smiley Chris Soto Alexander Speciale Deborah Steinberg & Ann Solomon Brian Stevens Sarath Suong Julie Tang Nakia Thomas Joseph & Brownsyne Tucker Edmonds Cindy Umanzor Axtrid Uzcategui A Louis Vassalotti

our growing cv community Barbara Vincent Ash Wall Ellen Welty Sumei Yang Myrth York & David B. Green David Ziff Lauren Zurier Gifts of $50 - $99 Adrienne Marshall Ali Field Aliana Soto Chanda Womack Chanthaly Morin Chelsea Fevry A Cindy Larned Claire Harlan Orsi Claire Phipps Darie Ward-Cherry David Hawkins Dionne Nickerson & Sebastien Ezzahi Don Schim Douglas Thomas Edwine Paul Elena Shih Elizabeth Jones Emily Rodriguez Erica Elden Even Steven Hilary Salmons Hoamy Tran Jan-Delle Johnson A Jennifer Castro Jill Teeters Jim Gannaway Julio Reyes Karen Balik Karin & Edward Wetherill Kate Aubin & Josh Catone Kathryn Crewe Kelly Kerri McLaughlin LaShawn Simmons Luz Guthrie Marc & Hedwige Hiralien Marc Gursky Margaret Garcia

Marlyne JacquetA Mary & Jay Steinberg Matt Billings Matt Isbel Michelle Oslon Mike & Kelly DeAngelis Natasha Yakovlev Nicholas Longo & Aleida Benitez Nwando Ofokansi A Onelissa Martinez A Pam Jennings Peter Drucker Raul Cervantes Rebecca Kessler Reza Clifton Rick Benjamin & Margaret Klawunn Ruth Harvey Sabrina Uribe Ruggiero Samantha Wallace Sandra Enos Sarah Bowman & Alexis Thompson Sarah Roskam Leibel & John Caserta Sophie Kx Stephanie Ogidan Preston & Shane Preston Sunshine Carlow Susan Anderson A Tammie WorthingtonWitczak Todd Harris Victoria Restler Vina Saengdara A Vitaliy Bryonbojingles Yemi Williams A Gifts up to $49 Alexa Serafine Allis Ly Alvaro Beltran Amandeep Singh Arden Basti Ashley Ashley McKean Palomino Ava Whiteside

Beiya Pena-Gonsalves Benjamin Concepcion A Betsy St. Vill Betsy Sullivan Betty Bernal Bev Enrich Brianne Gilkes Bridget Landry Candy Nhoyble Carl Decoteau Carlos Then A Chris Perry Christina Ayrassian A Claire Stehfest Crystal Rodrigues Deena Disraelly Dennise Kowalczyk Destenie Vital Doris De Los Santos Eliza Vorenberg & Barnaby Jackson Elizabeth Dargie Elliot Rivera Emily GonzalezA Emmanuel Ventura-UrenaA Erica & Bryan Dewsbury Erica Lambert Erroll Lomba Felix Manon A Francesca Zetar Grethel Rivera Hanna Wellish Helen Dukes Ibrahima Diaboula A Jamal Jeffers Janice Weisfeld & Francis Haines Jasmine Leal Jennifer Recinos A Johanna Leclair Hussey John Greene Joshua Ellison Julio Santos & Estela Santos Kabir Lambo A Laura Duclos Laura Huaranga Laura Robinson

our growing cv community Thank you for supporting our vision!

Leslie & Michael Zimring Linda Martinez Lisbeth AvalosA Lydia Marie Marcela Betacur Marcela Dodi Margaret & Jim Gardner Maria Gonzalez Mark Ingram Martha Yager Melanie Conde Mikaila Arthur A Mindy Souvannalay Monephia Nembhard A Monique Breindel Nancy Riley Nilanda Sutoummalee Paul Gonsalves Peter Chung Rachael Koehler Rebecca Taub Renzo Arteta Rochelle Lee Sara Florencio Sara Mickelson Scott Raker Shannah Kurland Shauna Duffy Shelby Mack Sheyna Trujillo Stefan Idowu-Bello Suzanna De Silva Jerzyk Ted Famiglietti Thalis Perez A Victoria Thibeault William Feng A Yaruska Ordinola A

CV Alumni

"College Visions (CV) is investing in all our futures by exposing local eager high schoolers to possibilities for their educational future. CV shows the highschoolers the steps and aids their process into college. They even help the college students over bumps and hurdles in their beginning years. This is a win-win for the community."

Terry Meyer "I support College Visions because their services to first generation and other low-economic high school students are desperately needed. And their strategies work. I know how difficult the college admissions process is having gone through it twice with my own children. They had the advantage of assistance from two parents with college degrees. College Visions helps bridge the gap for those students without that support."

Carolyn Birnbaum

- Steven Gacin, CV Alumni

"CV has made a massive impact on my life. They helped set me on a trajectory for success when graduating high school and supported me throughout my time in college."


College Visions 131 Washington Street, Suite 205 Providence, RI 02903




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