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NOT A HORSE OF COURSE: self-help for Youth, Ages 13-19

NOT A HORSE OF COURSE: self-help for Youth, Ages 13-19 course description and requirements College of Mental Health Counseling

Register by March 30 (Register today. The above date is set at the sole discretion of the instructor.) To Register, email and 1. provide your full name to be printed on the course Certificate, 2. the date you wish to start the course, and 3. your full regular mailing address where your Certificate should be sent. 4. State whether you need financial assistance. Please provide your tuition through secure paypal at this link, and ask your parents if it’s OK to enroll. You will then receive a “confirmation of acceptance” email. All personal information is kept strictly confidential, known only to the instructor, and shared with local professional helpers only if harm is threatened. Give us your feedback

Registrations are welcome from North America and international locations.

Based on participant comments, simply completing the assignments results in amazing benefit. "I find your materials in-depth and high quality and would like to promote it among the Guidance Counsellors I get in touch with during my outreach activities....Best Regards, Judith"

Prerequisites: The successful student possesses good reading comprehension and writing skills, email skills, and psychological-mindedness. You should also have a supportive teacher and parent(s) or someone you can talk to about the course as you proceed. Course Objective: To help you experience the exploration of your personal life, thoughts and emotions, and your relationships with others and to increase your self-awareness and mindfulness. You Will Learn: 1. How to identify and express your difficult emotions in healthy ways, for example, fear, anger, guilt, sadness, emptiness, low self-worth, and despair. 2. How to listen empathically to others’ needs and be assertive in communicating your own needs, feelings, and thoughts. 3. How to give and receive negative feedback or criticism respectfully. 4. How to identify and help anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts. 5. How to solve problems and make decisions. 6. How to identify and positively understand different influences on your life, for example, relationships with parents and peers. 7. How to feel OK again after a loss or breakup.


8. How to distinguish between healthy and unhealthy thinking. Course Materials (provided with tuition and except for the text, all are available at the following links): 1. Essential Effective Communication Skills 2. Effective Counselling Skills text (sent as a PDF email attached file) 3. Fifteen Principles of Feedback and Criticism 4. Anger Self-Assessment 5. Life Story Questionnaire (sent as an editable Word .doc email attached file) Course Assignments: 1. Create and design a minimum of 100 to 120 long and short-answer questions and answers reflecting the scope and depth of the text and the articles “Essential Effective Communication Skills” and “Fifteen Principles of Feedback and Criticism,” with page numbers where answers are found in the text or stating which article is being used for the response. 2. Complete and submit the Life Story Questionnaire. 3. Complete the Anger Self-Assessment and write a one-page report of what you learned. 4. (Optional) Read A_Technology_of_Words_Five_Steps_for_Creating_Solutions_and_Agreements, try it with your class, and write a minimum one-page report on your experience (extra credit). 5. Write a short report of how you benefitted from taking the course. Tuition: The $40 tuition can be provided through paypal at this secure link, or in Canada through your online banking using interac etransfer directed to Ask about financial assistance if needed, approved on request. Course Certificate: The Course Certificate of Development in Personal Wellness will be issued by regular mail when we have received your tuition and completed assignments. Professional support from your instructor is available daily. Time for Completion: Depending on your learning style and pace, the course may require about four weeks, allowing two hours per weekday to complete all assignments. Time extensions to complete assignments are approved on request. To Register, email and provide your age, your full name to be printed on the course Certificate, and your full regular mailing address where your Certificate should be sent. All personal information is known only to the instructor and is never shared with other parties unless harm is threatened. Remember to pay your tuition through paypal at this secure link, but ask your parents if it’s OK to enroll. In most cases, parents will arrange to pay for the course. Ask about financial assistance if needed. Your instructor is Daniel Keeran, MSW, a professional counsellor and trainer having over 30 years’ experience. He is the author of numerous books and articles on counselling, personal development, spirituality, philosophy, mindfulness, anger, grief, and more. All course materials were prepared by the instructor who is available daily for support. 2

WOW! This Is Amazing! A Mental Health Course For Youth  

Register by March 15

WOW! This Is Amazing! A Mental Health Course For Youth  

Register by March 15