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Crafty Kitchenette:

Chalk it Up!

Restyle discarded jars into chalkboard-chic canisters for a diy coffee bar under ten bucks! Writer & Producer, Jessica Hansen,

Two important things needed to get you through your college years: creativity & coffee. This project brings both of those together. Raid your closet, cupboards, & drawers & roundup all those used-up candles & glass jars. Score yourself some chalkboard paint & brew yourself a pot of coffee to enjoy as you get crafty. Raid your dorm, apartment, or parents’ house for containers you can reuse & recycle…if you come up empty handed, check out local antique, thrift, & secondhand stores for cheap options to makeover. For under $10, recycle an eclectic collection of old containers into a lovely, space-conscious coffee bar perfect for any dorm or apartment kitchen.


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The Goods:

-Candle jars that include lids -Random jars with lids, like canning jars, spaghetti sauce jars & salsa jars -Cardboard or plastic containers with lids. Try peanut butter jars & cocoa or oatmeal containers.

Premiere 2012 |

The Tools:

-a bottle of chalkboard paint, $3.49 -a foam brush or paint brush, $0.99 -painters’ or masking tape, $1.99 -a paint chip, free -patterned scrapbooking paper, $0.50 -ModPodge, I had this on hand total: $6.97