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Letture d’Estate lungo il fiume e tra gli alberi Roma, Lungotevere Castello. 18 giugno 29 agosto 2010.

STEP (Supporting Talent to Employment/Education/ Enterprise Project) – Final Dissemination and Event The 2010 Letture d’Estate lungo il fiume e tra gli alberi consists of an intensive Festival programme, rich with events, meetings, panel discussions, entertainment and musical events of many kinds, theatre, poetry, and exhibitions. Two performance areas will host numerous cultural activities that are scheduled daily from 10 am to 02:00at night. The Festival will also feature varied gastronomic offers to satisfy even the most discerning palate. Free on admission - without any entrance fee- this celebration takes place in the extraordinary gardens of Castel Sant’Angelo – now even more beautiful with new fences and freshly pruned trees. Last year, within the “ Estate Romana” and under the sponsorship of the XVII Municipality of Rome, some 2 million visitors of all ageswitnessed or participated in 850 ‘happenings’ included in the programme, which took place over 74 days, making this unique event successful and more and more beloved by the citizens of Rome and appreciated by visitors and tourists alike. Now, based on experience and responding to feedback, the Festival will aim to expand its cultural horizons further by devoting ample spacefor reflection on intercultural dialogue and the environment. This has led to a key association with MULABand the desire to showcaseSTEPat the Festival. STEPhas been developed by a unique partnership of organisations from Italy, the UK, the Netherlands, Spain and Greecethat promote social inclusion and sustainable development through the arts and through cultural and creative expression. The activities from STEP– funded by the Leonardo da Vinci strand of the European Union’s Lifelong Learning Programme – will be disseminated throughout the whole festival period (18th June – 29th August). In addition, the Festival will specifically host the STEPproject final event and showcaseon the 30th and 31st of July. Organizational Management: Federazione Italiana Invito alla Lettura Artistic Direction: Raniero Terribili for MuLab Cultural Association - For information on STEPvisit

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Rome was the venue for a festival and conference to publicise the final results from the STEP project led by WAC and the initial year of As...

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