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European Cultural Learning Network CREATE

Do you work as an artist or freelance creative professional? Do you earn a living from your artistic or creative works? Do you mentor, coach or train other artists or aspiring artists? Do you use your artistic or creative skills to help other people realise


their potential or develop confidence? Do you work for an organisation that promotes cultural learning?

Lifelong Learning Programme



European Cultural Learning Network The European Cultural Learning Network (ECLN) is a Leonardo da Vinci project which has been established to explore issues that are relevant to 'Cu ltu ra I Learning' practitioners. By 'Cultural Learning', we mean the whole range of artistic and cultural practice that is delivered by artists and creative people within and across 3 different situations.

'informal situations' e.g. through the ad-hoc sharing of knowledge and skills between people within informal artist networks; 'non-formal situations' e.g. occurring in cultural or art centres or through cultural and community associations; within arts-based projects and programmes targeted at specific communities or young people; or to promote, support and develop specific cultural or artistic practice; 'formal situations' e.g. classes, workshops, lectures or seminars as part of a formal learning programme in school, college, adult education or university.


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Over the period to September 2015, ECLN will explore and pilot new ways of supporting European Cultural Learning professionals and their organisations and increase the profile and connectivity of the sector as well as supporting its vocational education and training (VET) needs. The ECLN partners will approach the project in progressive stages, which involve:


-Researching the Cultural Learning Sector in each partner's country -Mapping & identifying new sectoral organisations and stakeholders -Developing professional training and development approaches to respond to identified VET needs -Testing & honing these approaches for sectoral dissemination -Exploring new professional certification and qualification frameworks -Promoting, networking and informing the sector through a new European Cultural Learning Observatory (online multi-media platform) -Testing the demand for, and the feasibility of establishing a new European professional association- the European Association for Cultural Learning (EACL)





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The European Cultural Learning Network project has 12 founding members representing 11 countries


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Lifelong Learning Programme


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We have started our work with connections to many more organisations and individuals from across Europe. Why not join us? There is no cost to register and get connected! If you would like to know more about the Network and receive future bulletins and alerts, please follow our updates on- or register your details. This project is funded and supported by EU Leonardo Lifelong Learning Programme Email:


Twitter: @ecln_network

European Cultural Learning Network ECLN flyer  

Information about the Network for Cultural Learning across Europe funded by EU Leonardo Lifelong Learning Programme. More information

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