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George W. Bush Institute’s 2019 Warrior Open

A Caring President Honors Our Military Veterans Special Feature - Page 26

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The Joint Commission DiseaseSpecific Care Certification in Stroke Rehabilitation

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Stroke rehabilitation— Life-changing results Š2019:Encompass Health Corporation:1520729

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Summer 2019

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Meeting our 43rd President Greetings Readers! At an early age, my grandfather taught me the wonderful game of golf. During my middle school years, I refined my swing and continued to play competitively throughout my high school years in North Texas. Golf taught me discipline, self control, patience and strategy . . . all things I’ve carried into my life as an adult. As you will read starting on page 26, I had the honor to attend and cover a very special golf event, held annually in Dallas, Texas. The George W. Bush Institute’s Warrior Open had me inside the ropes at the site of the AT&T Byron Nelson, where I met 24 amazing heroes and President George W. Bush.

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How to Handle a Crisis:

The Basics of Mental Health First Aid

A Toolbox for Stabilizing a Situation

By: Children’s Hospital Colorado


hat does a mental health crisis look like? “It’s a really broad term,” admits Justin Michener, PhD, psychologist and Director of Program Development for Intensive Psychiatric Services at Children’s Hospital Colorado. But there are some ways to spot one — and ways to help. Just like first aid skills like CPR, mental health first aid is a toolbox for stabilizing a situation until professional help arrives.

Here are the basics:

Check-in When someone just seems off, sometimes the best way to help is simply to strike up a conversation. Checking in can offer a read on a person’s general demeanor and attitude toward life — whether they have hope for the future, if they’re feeling stuck — good indicators of a person’s mental state.

Be a good listener Just as you wouldn’t open up someone’s chest and start heart surgery during CPR, you wouldn’t try to solve the problem of someone in crisis. The idea is to convince them to seek help. Good listening is key.

Don’t try to fix it “A lot of times people want to minimize or fix their problems,” says Dr. Glover. “That further alienates people. Just being able to hear a person’s pain and struggle and reflect back what you’re hearing, as opposed to giving advice or trying to fix it — that’s really important to stabilization.”

Where do you send a person in crisis? Crisis hotlines are a great way to get in touch with a professional, fast. The Colorado Crisis Service offers a call service at 844-493-TALK. And if teens don’t want to talk on the phone, they can do it by text. Just text the word TALK to 38255. If teens don’t want to talk on the phone, they can do it by text. Just text the word TALK to 38255.

Notice the signs “When a person is in crisis, you’ll see changes in social interaction,” says child psychiatrist Jenna Glover, PhD, Director of Psychology Training at Children’s Colorado. “Withdrawing from activities, being more irritable. Disruptions at work or school. Performance, energy level, even interest in food.”


If someone seems determined to hurt themselves or anyone else —immediately seek emergency medical attention or call 911.

Summer 2019


Numb Hands Are Not Normal By: Katharine Leppard, MD


here are two main nerves that can cause numbness and tingling in the hand, the median nerve and the ulnar nerve. It is common to find entrapment of both nerves at the same time, which will cause the entire hand to be intermittently or constantly numb.

handed, and the first sign of carpal tunnel syndrome was that they woke in the middle of the night with the entire left arm numb extending to the shoulder. They have gone to the emergency room thinking that they have had a heart attack or a stroke. Most folks believe that carpal tunnel has to be work related, that the person has to do typing or some type of repetitive activity to develop this. This is not true. Carpal tunnel syndrome is the most common pinched nerve in the general population. In most folks it is a general health issue and is not work related. Mild carpal tunnel syndrome can be treated by wearing a wrist splint at nighttime. The wrist splint holds the wrist in a straight position, this gives the carpal tunnel nerves the most room to rest. Physical therapy and chiropractic treatment are not effective for carpal tunnel syndrome. Definitive treatment is a carpal tunnel release surgery.


THE MEDIAN NERVE – IN THE CARPAL TUNNEL The median nerve runs through the carpal tunnel at the wrist and goes to the thumb, index, middle and half of the ring fingers. When the median nerve is pinched, it is called carpal tunnel syndrome. The most common first symptom of carpal tunnel syndrome is numbness in the hand at nighttime. As the condition worsens, patients can experience numbness with activity such as driving, reading the newspaper, styling hair, or putting on makeup. Carpal tunnel syndrome is most common in the dominant hand, however the nerves do not always do what is expected or follow the rules. The symptoms can be worse in the non-dominant hand or can be present in both hands. I also have had had a number of patients who were right 12

The ulnar nerve runs through the cubital tunnel at the inner elbow and goes to the little finger and the other half of the ring finger. Entrapment of this nerve can be difficult to diagnose, as people often have no elbow pain.

Mild cases of cubital tunnel syndrome can be treated with ulnar nerve protection strategies. The ulnar nerve at the elbow has the most room when the arm

is straight. When the elbow is bent, this draws the nerve taut and stresses the nerve. Keeping the elbow as straight as possible both during the day as well as at night can reduce stress on the nerve. Sleeping with the arms curled, and hands held up to the face, is very stressful on this nerve. It is important at nighttime to keep the hands away from the face. Do not place your hand behind your head. Do not hold the phone to your ear for prolonged periods. Avoid leaning on the elbow. Do not rest the elbow on the armrests in the chair or in your car. Also minimize repetitive elbow bending. When lifting weights, stay in a limited range of motion.


Most folks believe that carpal tunnel has to be work related, that the person has to do typing or some type of repetitive activity to develop this. This is not true.

Surgery is the definitive treatment for nerve compression at the wrist or the elbow. Often people with mild nerve entrapment will pursue surgery to alleviate symptoms. Surgery should be pursued for moderate to severe cases of nerve compression to avoid nerve damage. Failure to pursue surgery, or waiting too long to do surgery, can result in permanent nerve damage. This results in permanent numbness, muscle loss, weakness, and loss of function in the hand. Other nerve issues can cause numb hands as well, and sometimes a combination of issues is present. Pinched nerves in the neck are other common cause of upper extremity pain and numbness. EMG (electromyography) studies are an important test in diagnosing nerve issues. Numb hands can originate from a number of sources, and sometimes a combination of issues is important. Accurate diagnosis is critical for accurate treatment. Do not ignore numb hands, to do so risks permanent nerve damage.

KATHARINE LEPPARD, MD Of course all of this is much easier said than done. Elbows are designed to bend. You may fall asleep in a good position only to wake up with your hand curled beneath your face. You may try wearing an elbow pad at night to keep the arm straight, this typically is not comfortable. At times it is better to proceed with surgery and correct the problem rather than to try to change habits.

Medical Rehabilitation Specialists 3470 Centennial Blvd., Suite 110 Colorado Springs, CO 80907 (719) 575-1800

Katharine Leppard, MD Specializes in EMG Nerve Testing 20 Plus Years Practicing in Colorado Springs Voted Top Doctor Several Years Running



Board Certified: Electrodiagnostic Medicine Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Neuromuscular Medicine


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LIVE MORE INDEPENDENTLY WITH DISCOVER GOODWILL Ron and Marilee have created a lifetime of impressive accomplishments and precious memories during their 50-year marriage: decades-long careers as educators, distinguished service to our country as combat veteran and military spouse, raising kids and enjoying hobbies like carpentry and vintage car restoration. In 2012, Ron was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, abruptly ending his teaching career and setting Marilee and him on a new path. Ron and Marilee learned about Voyages, Discover Goodwill’s day program for seniors offering social interaction and recreation and decided to give it a try. Admittedly, Ron’s first day at Voyages was emotional and confusing for him—the staff, facility and participants were all unfamiliar. But Ron and Marilee soon adjusted to their “new normal.” Ron quickly made friends with other Voyages participants, including Wally, a fellow Vietnam veteran. Ron enjoys helping new Voyages participants as honorary greeter, tour guide, activity coordinator, food service helper and comic relief. Ron wears his cheerful willingness to pitch in like a badge of honor, along with being a proud husband, grandpa, veteran and ambassador of Goodwill.

Call 719-785-9294 for a FREE consultation! •

Ocular Emergencies 101 Rapid-Fire Basics to Know By: Dr. Kyle Langr, O.D.


ollowing multiple years of hospital-based eye care experience involving a wide array of ophthalmic diseases, I continue to value a public initiative and the importance of sharing general knowledge and strategies for people in the community to protect their eyes. In times of crisis, people may not be able to respond as quickly or as efficiently to protect ourselves and others without a basic understanding of eye health. By taking a close look and remembering these very common eye emergencies, as well as the recommended immediate course of action, it may sometime buy you or a loved one ample minutes before arriving at a medicalbased optometrist (O.D.) or ophthalmologist (M.D., “OMD�) for further vision-sparing emergency care.

What if Chemicals Splash Into or Around the Eye (Acids, Alkaline/ Caustic Irritants)? You May Notice: Sudden red & swollen eye/eyelids, mild-tosevere irritation and vision loss, eye-spasms and/or foreign-body sensation; may become opaque and have loss of surrounding blood vessels in severe cases. Action: Using saline or dilute water (at least 1-2 liters), irrigate and rinse the eye IMMEDIATELY, and continue until directed by an eye doctor to discontinue. Use regular water if no additional option. Transport immediately to an eye clinic or 16

urgent care facility and state to the triage representative that an ocular chemical injury presumably has occurred. If possible, obtain a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) of the chemical irritant, but do not delay care/transport if not readily available.

What if a Severe Trauma to An Eye Occurs (Mechanical Blunt or Penetrating Globe Injury)? You May Notice: Moderate-tosevere pain, typically decreased, foggy vision, or even complete loss of vision; puffy/swollen appearance, typically with dense, pooled or trapped blood around the affected areas; may or may not have foreign object still present; possibility of double vision, especially if the bones around the eye are damaged. Action: Do not touch the eye. Attempt to place a protective shield or barrier to keep additional objects and weather elements from affecting the eye, but ensure no pressure, contact, or rubbing is made with the eye. Minimize moving the eye around, and try to avoid aggressive sneezes or coughing following the injury, as this can cause changes to the internal structures of the eye and orbit. Transport immediately to a hospital with ophthalmology services, and report to a triage representative as soon as possible by phone or in-person. Do not eat food or drink any liquid following the injury, as there may be a need for prompt eye surgery depending on the extent of injury. You will also likely receive a

prophylactic tetanus shot.

What If Someone has New-Onset Pupil Changes, Eye Misalignment, or Eyelid Drooping? You May Notice: New-onset enlargement or shrinking of the pupil (black center of eye), in which there will be a noticeable difference from one eye to the other. Additionally, the eye may appear to no longer be aligned properly or move in a certain direction, which can cause double vision. Additionally, you may note a drooping of the upper eyelid on the same side as the affected eye. Action: At any point that two or three of these changes occur simultaneously, see a hospital with ophthalmology/neurology services emergently, as it is imperative to rule out a brain aneurysm or severe vascular diseases. If only the pupil has changed, but the eye movements and eyelid remain unimpaired, I recommend seeing your normal eye doctor instead on the same day.

What Would Someone Notice if a Retinal Detachment was Occurring? You May Notice: New-onset, peripheral flashes of light accompanied by increased floaters; most noticeably may present with a marked, dark-shadow with wavy distortions over a quarter or half of

In times of crisis, people may not be able to respond as quickly or as efficiently to protect ourselves and others without a basic understanding of eye health.

the visual area when viewing solely with the affected eye. Most typically preceded, but not limited to, high nearsightedness, ocular trauma, and/or known diabetic vascular disease. Action: Contact an eye clinic immediately the same-day for further direction, especially during the week. If the incident occurs over the weekend, be prepared to be evaluated first thing Monday morning. You may be recommended to refrain from eating/drinking if sameday surgery with a vitreoretinal ophthalmologist is required to repair the retinal defect.

What if Sudden Painless Vision Loss Occurs? You May Notice: Temporary loss/blackening of one or both eyes, which may come and go on certain time intervals or activities. Additionally, a person may, unfortunately, wake up and realize they have complete or near-complete loss of vision in one eye. Action: Immediately see an eye doctor the same day to rule out any acute changes happening in your eye, and then request and set up a prompt visit with either emergent care services or your primary care physician for further evaluation. This is

typically a result of chronically uncontrolled hypertension, diabetes, and/or cholesterol, which will require laboratory testing and imaging from your systemic doctors to rule out carotid and cardio (heart) strokes or other emergent concerns.

When Is a Contact Lens Related Problem Occurring? You May Notice: Mild-tosevere sensitivity to bright lights; red, watering, and irritated eyes, accompanied by varying vision loss; generally preceded by sleeping in certain contacts lens brands, not replacing lenses frequently enough, or usually a combination of both. Action: Wash hands thoroughly with antibiotic soap, and attempt to remove the contacts if they are still present in the eyes. Wear eyeglasses only thereafter, and present to an eye doctor within the same afternoon or next morning for further care.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Kyle J. Langr, O.D. is a native of Waseca, MN. He has lived in Colorado Springs, CO for a year and a half, and previously worked extensively as a residency-trained ocular disease optometrist on the Zuni and Navajo Native Health Reservations. He recently joined the team at Archdale Eye Care and is currently accepting new patients. Please call us to make your appointment today or visit the provided website for further information and full biography. Archdale Eyecare of Colorado Springs 1541 S 8th Street Colorado Springs, CO 80905 South Office (719) 577-4400 North Office (719) 638-4010

REFERENCES Ocular emergencies. Am Fam Physician. 2007. Sep 15;76(6):829-36.

Summer 2019


Expert Care, Close to Home

Penrose-St. Francis Health Services is a certified member of MD Anderson Cancer Network®, a program of MD Anderson Cancer Center

By: Andrea Sinclair


n 2018, an estimated 1.7 million new cases of cancer were diagnosed in the United States, according to the National Cancer Institute. Fortunately, revolutionary advances in oncological care have increased the projected number of cancer survivors nationwide to 20.3 million by 2026. Cancer touches everyone, everywhere – that’s why nobody should fight cancer alone. At Centura Health being top quality means delivering the highest level of care possible, with award-winning centers, services and teams constantly leading the way in advancing whole health. Penrose-St. Francis Health Services is anchored in the Colorado Springs community, providing finely honed medical care with a compassionate touch to care for the whole person, body, mind, and spirit. 18

Recently, Penrose-St. Francis Health Services became a certified member of MD Anderson Cancer Network, a program of MD Anderson Cancer Center. To obtain this distinguished certification, all staff and departments underwent rigorous clinical practice reviews, safety evaluations, and overall program assessments. Our providers rose to the occasion, achieving this esteemed affiliation. St. Mary-Corwin Medical Center in Pueblo is also a certified member of the network. “Becoming a certified member of MD Anderson Cancer Network demonstrates a total commitment to provide the highest standard of cancer care to patients,” said William A. Murphy, Jr., M.D., chair of the board, Physicians Network. “As collaborators, we will enhance already excellent programs and elevate the standard of care throughout the region.”

The benefits to patients include offering disease-specific guidelines for cancer treatment, prevention, early detection and follow-up care. Treatment is based on guidelines developed by MD Anderson – a global leader in cancer care. These are disease-specific guidelines for cancer treatment, prevention, detection, and follow-up care. It also means Penrose Cancer Center oncologists and surgeons now have the opportunity to present especially rare or complex cancer cases and seek consultation with MD Anderson’s experts.

“Becoming a member of MD Anderson Cancer Network demonstrates a total commitment to provide the highest standard of cancer care to patients,” said William A. Murphy, Jr., M.D., chair of the board, Physicians Network.

This collaboration means that PenroseSt. Francis caregivers are now backed by MD Anderson’s cutting-edge cancer research and treatments. It is undeniable that care providers are the backbone of any healthcare organization and without the unwavering commitment to excellence of Penrose Cancer Center staff, this incredible step forward would not have been possible. Their compassion for patients, commitment to their work, and unrelenting focus to the fight against cancer have helped propel oncological care in southern Colorado towards a new era of hope and healing. Penrose-St. Francis providers have delivered whole person care and innovative healing for more than 137 years. Today, this affiliation provides unparalleled access to a wide range of multidisciplinary care resources, including disease-specific and evidence-based guidelines, treatment plans and best practices developed by MD Anderson. Through our affiliation with MD Anderson Cancer Network and our relentless commitment to the wellbeing of every community in southern Colorado, every caregiver at Penrose Cancer Center is armed with evidence-based research and a shared focus of advancing whole person health. Communities across southern Colorado can rest assured that they’ll receive innovative, personalized cancer treatment. Summer 2019


Celiac Disease

By: Scot Lewey, D.O.

During digestion, gluten grain proteins are broken down into gliadin, which can elicit an immune reaction in genetically susceptible individuals.

What is Celiac Disease? Celiac disease, also historically called Celiac Sprue, is a chronic disease caused by gluten, a protein found in wheat, barley and rye. It develops in 1% of the population. Over 40% of Americans are genetically susceptible. The breakdown product of gluten triggers an autoimmune inflammation of the small intestines, resulting in intestinal injury that can lead to malabsorption and a myriad of digestive and non-digestive health issues. As many as 10% of the population have symptoms related to ingestion of wheat and has been termed non-celiac gluten sensitivity, though recent studies have suggested that the cause may not be gluten but other components of wheat.

What is Gluten? Gluten is a protein in wheat. Similar proteins are also present in barley and rye that are effectively considered gluten, whereas oats have a protein that is different enough that is not considered a gluten related grain. During digestion, gluten grain 20

proteins are broken down into gliadin, which can elicit an immune reaction in genetically susceptible individuals. Antibodies to gliadin were the first available blood tests for celiac disease.

What Happens in Celiac Disease? Gliadin interacts with white blood cells in the intestinal lining in at risk individuals triggering a cascade of inflammation and injury of the intestinal lining. The resulting damage results in malabsorption and a microscopic characteristic appearance of blunted fingerlike projections of the intestine lining. The intestinal damage typically results in symptoms of diarrhea, bloating and gas, and iron deficiency anemia. Abnormal release of chemicals and immune reactions from the inflammation results in various extra-intestinal symptoms and signs. The injury and inflammation heal with restriction of gluten and the malabsorption and symptoms resolve over time.

How is Celiac Diagnosed? Though intestinal biopsy remains the gold standard when combined with classic symptoms and abnormal

blood tests, modern blood tests combined with genetic testing have become the primary method of diagnosis in children and many adults. The issue with biopsies are that the injury is often patchy in distribution and can be mild so celiac may not be seen. In the 1970’s, gliadin antibodies became available but they are not specific for celiac, though may indicate sensitivity to gluten. In the 1990’s, antibodies to an enzyme, tissue transglutaminase, became available and are now considered the most specific test for celiac disease.

Who Gets Celiac and Who is at Risk?

What Should You Do If You Suspect Celiac? You should not stop gluten before having a blood test. Stopping wheat or gluten containing foods before having a test may result in improvement of symptoms, but that does not diagnose celiac, and stopping gluten can normalize both the blood test and biopsies within weeks to several months, such that the diagnosis cannot be confirmed without reintroduction of gluten and over a period of time. If you suspect you have celiac, you should have a simple blood test and, if positive, a biopsy. If the blood test is negative, especially if genetic tests are negative, then celiac is unlikely, though non-celiac wheat or gluten sensitivity may be still possible.

It is now known there are specific genetic predispositions that are required to develop celiac disease. These are the presence of at least one of two patterns of proteins on the surface of white blood cells that are designated HLA DQ2 and/or DQ8. These two patterns are present in up to 40% or more of people, especially those of Caucasian race and European ancestry. However, only a small percentage of those at risk develop celiac. Onset commonly occurs after triggers such as surgery, pregnancy, childbirth, viral infection, or periods of intense emotional stress. Breast-feeding appears to be protective and the age at which and how much gluten one is exposed to may also play a role.

How Common is Celiac Disease? Celiac is much more common than previously thought. In general, it affects 1% of the general population and over 3 million Americans may be affected. Many remain undiagnosed and the average delay of diagnosis in adults has ranged from 7-11 years in several studies. Celiac is frequently missed or misdiagnosed by physicians.

What are the Common Celiac Symptoms and Signs? Diarrhea Abdominal Pain, Gas and/or Bloating Unexplained Weight Loss Malabsorption Iron Deficiency Anemia Osteoporosis Skin Rashes Failure to Grow and/or Delayed Puberty Infertility and/or Recurrent Fetal Loss Neuropsychiatric Symptoms

AUTHOR SCOT LEWEY, DO Peak Gastroenterology Associates 2920 North Cascade Avenue, Suite 300 Colorado Springs, CO 80907 719-636-1201

Summer 2019


Take Charge of your Health During Men’s Health Month Scheduling an annual check-up is a great first step in taking control of your health.

By: Michael Yoesel, MD


hile November has become Movember or No Shave November to bring awareness to men’s health issues, the month of June has been officially slated as Men’s Health Month since 1992. Just as women visit their OB/GYN at certain times in their life for particular needs, men could consider visiting a urologist for some of their needs as well. Getting a yearly check-up from your primary care provider (PCP) is a great first step in taking control of your health, but at times the provider may suggest making a visit to a urologist to receive more specialized care. Urologists are medical and surgical specialists who can assist with both men and women; however, they often specialize in men’s health issues. When it comes to issues involving their reproductive organs including the prostate, sexual health, or urinary tract, urologists are specially trained in these problems. Maintaining a healthy body requires maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and with Men’s Health Month being a reminder,

it’s important to have the discussion with a provider on how to establish healthy habits which can include:

you. A urologist could be included in the discussion of the need for further testing, or to evaluate results.

Scheduling annual wellness exams or physicals.

Being aware of changes in your body’s patterns.

Performed by your PCP, these exams ensure that you are receiving all the preventative care that you need and the clinician can be a great resource to answer your questions concerning your health that you may have collected through the year. If needed, they can refer you to other specialists, to help steer your health in the right direction.

This could include using the bathroom more frequently, a new pain or discomfort in particular parts of your body, or an abnormality with other daily body functions.

Follow-up with necessary testing. While at your annual wellness exam, discuss with your doctor when you should begin routine cholesterol testing, colon cancer screening, and whether prostate screening makes sense for

If there comes a time when a male begins to experience problems such as an overactive bladder, difficulty or pain when using the restroom, low back or low abdominal pain, or erectile dysfunction, one should seek care from their PCP, who possibly along with a urologist can further assist and educate you in next-steps to help better your health. Mountain View Medical Group – Family Practice, 3470 Centennial Blvd, Suite 215 Colorado Springs, CO 80907

We’re committed to keeping all of our sons, fathers, grand-fathers, brothers, uncles, nephews and friends feeling their best. Talk to your provider to learn more about men’s health, including: • Heart health and EKG testing • Blood pressure and cholesterol monitoring • Annual physical exam • Testicular self-exam

Celebrating Men’s Health 22

To learn more or request an appointment visit or

• Healthy eating and Body Mass Index (BMI) • Regular physical activity • Diabetes & prostate cancer screening

Summer Glow Put Your Best Face Forward with Cutting Edge Treatments


et us help you achieve a glowing, clear, luminous complexion for your next important gig - weddings, graduations, reunions, or even just a filterfree social media photo.

Imaage Skin Spa is now offering Botox and injectable fillers by Dr. Ian Walker, Cosmetic Surgeon. We offer specialized treatments tailored to our clients’ needs, using some of

By: Diana Parker-Martinez

the latest technologies – Full spectrum LED light therapy, chemical peels, and the Oxylight Sapphire 3. The Oxylight Sapphire 3 is a revolutionary and innovative science technologybased facial. It is popular among Hollywood stars, beauty experts, and influencers. This ultimate facial includes diamond tip microdermabrasion, microcurrent, biosonic ultrasonic, pure oxygen, and LED light permeation, and brow shaping. Your skin immediately looks great – no downtime!

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Buying the Perfect Engagement Ring


Shop Like a Pro By: Robin Johannes, Owner Johannes Hunter Jewelers



electing the perfect engagement ring as a symbol of your love is an intimate and exciting moment in your relationship. The shopping process should be stress-free, memorable and fun! However, with so much information at our fingertips, the beginning of this journey can be overwhelming. Most couples face similar questions as they make this decision and we’re here to help.



@johanneshunterjewelers // 719-633-8982 University Village Colorado // 5182 N. Nevada Ave., Suite 100 Colorado Springs, CO 80918 Watch our video series on YouTube 24

How do I select the right diamond?

How much time do I need to select a ring?

There are three important questions to ask yourself when selecting a diamond; Who can you trust with this purchase? Is budget or quality the deciding factor? Does your selection spark joy? The first priority in selecting a diamond should be where you purchase the diamond. We’re here to help you understand the many aspects of buying a diamond and to make you feel comfortable and excited about your final decision. The “Four C’s” are a common diamond education tool… but what do they really mean? We can help you decipher what matters to you most, whether it is staying within a certain price point or selecting the perfect size and sparkle. After we provide you with knowledge, our goal is to leave you feeling excited and confident in your selection to create the perfect ring.

Timing depends on the choice of design, precious metal, center stone and finger size. Whether you select a ring from one of our many designers or you decide to create a custom ring, we suggest a three month plan. However, we have many tricks up our sleeves to accommodate a speedy deadline including sizing and setting by our in-house goldsmith or coordinating your proposal with a “stand in” ring while the final ring is being made around your center gemstone, in the precious metal of choice or correct finger size. We’ll make this memorable process effortless and stress-free!

Do we want a traditional diamond ring or something totally unique? Most couples choose the traditional look of a sparkling diamond ring. However, alternative colored gemstones, such as sapphires, morganite or natural colored diamonds have grown in popularity over the years and represent something truly unique. The possibilities are limitless! Aside from a rich blue hue, sapphires are found in all colors of the rainbow, including purple, pink or even stormy grey. If vibrant red is the color of choice, then a ruby is the perfect option. For a soft and feminine look, blush pink morganite paired with rose gold creates a stunning and unique look. Diamonds can also be found in an array of dramatic colors including espresso, caramel or striking black. A unique gemstone can provide a less traditional, yet eye-catching look at the perfect price.

How do I choose the perfect ring and still make it a surprise? Whether you are confident in what your partner will love, shop together or are completely starting from scratch, we are equipped with tools to make the choice easy. Your significant other’s social media profiles are a great way to find out about their dream ring including Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook. If you would like to make the choice together but still want it to be a surprise, we have an easy solution. Bring your partner into the store, have them choose three engagement rings, any of which they would love, and make the final choice and presentation the surprise. Another option is to have them come into the store, create a wishlist of jewelry, including a few engagement rings. They won’t know for sure what you are surprising them with, and you can still plan the proposal day to present an engagement ring you know they will cherish.

What are the dangers of purchasing an engagement ring online? There is a vast amount of information out there, and with it comes the good and the bad. Working oneon-one with us can help you understand the endless information that is otherwise difficult to navigate during your online search. Our credentials and expertise will provide you with knowledge and peace-of-mind when choosing the right diamond or ring. We’re honored to be part of the Colorado Springs community since 1988 and take pride in our transparent, friendly, and fun reputation. Enjoy the experience of talking with our trained staff who truly love helping you choose something that you will cherish for a lifetime. A proposal is so personal. It will be a prominent day filled with special memories because of the thought and planning that went into this day. Shopping local with Johannes Hunter Jewelers will leave you feeling confident and thrilled about your ring. Plus, it’s just the beginning of your relationship with Johannes Hunter Jewelers!

Shop like a pro at Johannes Hunter Jewelers, celebrating 30 years in Colorado Springs. For additional information, check out our blog to see the “Shop Like a Pro” educational videos at

Photo credits: George W. Bush Presidential Center

Cover Story // Warrior Open


They’re good golfers, but more importantly, they’re men of good character.” – President Bush

Story: Joshua Cates // Nancy Kay White

A Caring President Honors Our Military Veterans Summer 2019


Cover Story // Warrior Open

A Joyful Day in Dallas George W. Bush Institute’s Warrior Open


n our Spring edition, I referenced the T6 Warbird airplane I flew with country singer Aaron Tippin and the surreal feeling I had, knowing it was the exact plane my great-uncle and WWII Ace would have trained in. On the heels of publishing that story, I received a phone call in early April from a friend of mine in San Antonio. “Hey Josh this is Tony . . . I have really cool news!” “Yeah Tony, what’s that?” “Josh, I’ve been selected as one of twenty-four veterans to play in President Bush’s upcoming Warrior Open in Dallas, Texas.” “Wow Tony, what an honor, I’m so excited for you and this great opportunity,” I said. “But . . . what is the Warrior Open?” “Come be my guest and find out,” Tony said. “This would be a great cover story for your magazine and a great way to pay honor to our veterans and their families,” he continued. Highlighting the resilience and continued leadership of our wounded warriors and their families, it was a great honor to be invited to cover this prestigious golf event and to now share this story with you, our loyal readers. After doing a bit of research on my own, then reaching out to the Bush Center, I found out that one of our very own Colorado Springs’ Veterans, Sergeant Justin Pullin, would also be in attendance, selected as one of the twenty-four warriors to complete and play in this year’s golf tournament. So, I packed my bags and headed to Dallas, Texas to spend two days at the Trinity Forest Golf Club (the new home of the AT&T Byron Nelson Golf Tournament), with 24 amazing Veteran Warriors, President George W. Bush, Professional Golfer Lee Trevino, Dallas Cowboys Quarterback Tony Romo and the passionate and talented team of the Bush Center. ( 28

Top: Tony Romo fist-bumps Captain Anthony Odierno, US Army. Above: KC Lim advising Warrior Sgt. Tony Torres on his next shot.

Top: President Bush with Pro Golfers Ryan Palmer and Lee Trevino. Left: Sergeant Andrew Smith, US Army, practicing his short game before the competition starts.

5182 N Nevada Ave #100, Colorado Springs, CO 80918 719-633-8982

Summer 2019


Cover Story // Warrior Open

USMC Color Guard posts the colors at the 2019 Warrior Open opening ceremony.

What is the Warrior Open? The Warrior Open is a competitive golf tournament that honors post-9/11 U.S. service members, who have been seriously wounded or injured since September 11, 2001. Open only to the 24 warriors selected, the Warrior Open is an 18-hole golf competition. The first day of play is for warriors only, with the second day of play reserved for a ProAm, including PGA Tour Professionals, playing alongside the warriors. On day one I followed San Antonio resident, Command Sergeant Major Anthony – “Tony” -Torres, who was one of the warriors selected for this year’s event. As I stated above, I was Tony’s guest and he was the one who originally introduced me to this fabulous event.


The Bush Institute’s Warrior Open began in 2011 for United States military personnel seriously wounded or injured since September 11, 2001. Since then, more than 150 warriors have participated in the Military Service Initiative’s Team 43 Sports, which include the Warrior Open and the W100K bike ride, held at President Bush’s ranch in Texas.

The events amplify and draw attention to the service, sacrifice, and resilience of post-9/11 warriors and their families, particularly the issues they face in making a successful transition to civilian life. Through research, policy development, programs, and presidential recognition, the Bush Institute’s Military Service Initiative informs, influences, and unites communities, non-profit organizations, businesses, academia, and philanthropy. Together, they aim to maximize the health and well-being of post-9/11 veterans and military families, setting the conditions for a successful transition and their continued leadership as civilians.

“Perhaps the most joyful day in Dallas. I’m looking forward to watching you play. I hope you’re as excited as I am, to honor America’s current and future leaders. Every one of these Vets volunteered in the face of danger. They understand what it means to be a team player. They understand what it means to be disciplined and courageous. They have the attributes necessary to lead our country in future years. They’re good golfers, but more importantly, they’re men of good character.” – President George W. Bush

Summer 2019


Cover Story // Warrior Open

Meet Sgt. (Ret.) Justin Pullin Fort Carson, Colorado


uring the Warrior Open, I had the pleasure of meeting Texas native and Fort Carson, Colorado resident Sergeant Justin Pullin. It was an honor to follow Justin on several holes and cheer on not only a great veteran who served our country, but also a fellow Coloradan, who credits his healing to the golf club at Fort Carson. “My daily life in Colorado Springs is outdoors. I love to bike, hike, and of course golf. I literally spend 6-7 days a week at the baseball fields helping coach at practice with CageRat Baseball. “My fondest memory of the Warrior Open was on hole 5 when I asked President Bush if he would take a picture with me. I proceeded to give my phone to someone to take the picture, but President Bush said ‘I got this,’ and we took a selfie with my phone. We received many amazing mementos, including a TaylorMade staff golf bag (pictured on the previous page) signed by the President, three additional golf balls signed for my three kids, plus a ClubCorp membership. Since the Bush Warrior Open, I’m more focused on goals for golf and life. I plan to finish college, focus on being a better father, golfer, coach, and husband.”

Right: Sgt(Ret.) Justin Pullin credits his mental and physical healing to the game of golf and his time volunteering and connecting with other Veterans at the Cheyenne Shadows Golf Course.


Tell us, who is Justin Pullin? I was born in Houston, Texas, but grew up in La Porte, Texas. I graduated from La Porte High School in 2002 and joined the United States Army on January 12th 2005. After basic and AIT (advanced individual training), I was stationed at Fort Hood, Texas.

Please describe your injury.

Justin’s home course, Cheyenne Shadows Golf Club at Fort Carson.

My first and only deployment to Iraq was with the 1st Cavalry Division in late October of 2006. In January of 2007, my Bradley Fighting Vehicle was hit by an IED. I was doused in diesel from the IED hitting my fuel tank and the flames engulfed me right after. I jumped out of the tank to attempt the stop, drop and roll, but to no avail. I took off running down the road in Iraq ripping my uniform off, however the damage was already done. Roughly fifty percent of my body had 3rd degree full thickness burns (I dont remember the 1st and 2nd degree burn percentages). I spent 18 months recovering at Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio, Texas. I received multiple skin grafts for my burns, battled with congestive heart failure and infections in my knee. I developed ARDS, where my immune system attacked my lungs. After a long road back to health, I went back to Fort Hood and worked at the 1st Cavalry Division Horse Detachment until I retired on November 29th 2009.

One of Justin’s favorite memories from the event was playing in the shadow of the beautiful Trinity Forest Club House and teeing off in front of President Bush.

How has the game of golf helped you recover and transition? I started golfing in May of 2017 and at the time I weighed over 250 pounds. Instantly, I fell in love with the sport. Looking for more ways to get involed in the game, I started volunteering at the Fort Carson Golf Course (Cheyenne Shadows Golf Course), so I could golf more. I’m happy to report that I’ve now lost over 80 pounds and my spirits and my health feel so much better. While volunteering at Cheyenne Shadows, I met a lot of people, even a fellow purple heart recipient, who told me about the Bush Center’s Warrior Open.

In January of 2007, Justin’s Bradley Fighting Vehicle was hit by an IED, dousing him in diesel fuel, which ignited and caused burns on over 50% of his body.

I never thought I would be good enough or even able to golf with so many people watching, especially President Bush. So, I put in a lot of time on the course and on the driving range and worked up the courage to fill out the application. The hard work and preparation paid off, when I got the call that I had been selected to be one of the twenty-four warriors in this year’s golf event. Summer 2019


Cover Story // Warrior Open

An Event for the Entire Family


rinity Forest Golf Club boasts a bold, fresh, and modern clubhouse. The open-air terraces and modern approach to golf was a fitting symbolism of the Warrior Open and how events like this give way to a fresh start for our Veterans and their families.

“We love you, we honor you, and we are committed to helping you lead our country.” – President Bush to the warriors at the closing ceremony Capping off a weekend filled with laughter, joy, healing, and support, President Bush presented The Warrior Cup to Captain Jerry Woods, USMC, who had the lowest score. Specialist Anthony Morales, USA, won the The Champions Cup for low net score. and the Pro-Am Champions cup went to the team of PGA Tour Pro Ryan Palmer, Specialist Alexander Glenn-Camden, USA, Captain Bradley Boone, USA, Josh McKee, and Mark Warren.

Right: Every year at both the Warrior Open Golf Tournament and W100K Bike Ride, Mrs. Bush hosts the caregivers. This year she hosted a yoga class while the Warriors were on the golf course.


“I feel honored to be out here. My Father was in the Military and so it holds a special place in our family. Seeing these guys, makes me feel humbled by everything...their commitment, their heart, just who they are. It’s a pleasure being around them.” – Tony Romo, Dallas Cowboys Quarterback and Football TV Analyst.

Summer 2019


GYROTONIC® Movement and Whole Body Health “Work within the comfort zone of your body, move without effort and with a smile in your heart. Be kind to yourself and don’t compare to others. Watch what happens - you will grow and your body will evolve.“ -Juliu Horvath, Creator of The GYROTONIC® Method

By: Dawn King


hough it’s been around for decades, the GYROTONIC® Method is now being embraced and utilized by professional dancers, elite athletes (including Andy Murray and Tiger Woods), and health-minded celebrities like Lady Gaga and Madonna. The GYROTONIC® exercise method is a complete and comprehensive approach to exercise that is quickly elevating the workout regimens of active persons worldwide. Currently, the GYROTONIC® exercise method is thriving in 74 countries, spanning diverse lifestyles and demographics, and is continuing to grow!

thought of as incorporating remnants of classical ballet, gymnastics, yoga, pilates, tai chi, and swimming. Due to its therapeutic basis, it is appropriate for all bodies, ages, and abilities.

What is the GYROTONIC® Method?

The movement focuses specifically on: breathwork, joint decompression, spinal health and flexibility, mind/body connection, balance and neuromuscular coordination.

In technical terms, The GYROTONIC® Method can be described as a full-body, circular, rhythmic movement, breathing-based workout that uses custom equipment (called the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM®) to increase an individual’s range of motion. It stretches, strengthens, and aligns joints without jarring or compression. It is often

Teacher Training Programs


Through undulating, spiraling, and abdominal work GYROTONIC® is a holistic movement form that helps create joint and spinal health. In addition to elevating the performance of athletes and dancers, it is a wonderful form of rehabilitation for those recovering from injuries and/or surgeries.

Luckily, you won’t have to travel far to experience this life-changing movement therapy. Sun Pilates Studio in downtown Colorado Springs offers private, semi-private, and group classes on the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM®. For more information on the GYROTONIC® Method, please visit our website at or the GYROTONIC® website directly at

LOCATIONS Downtown Downtown 816 S. Tejon Street Garden of the Gods 402 W. Garden of the Gods Woodland Park The Country CountryClub Clubof ofColorado Colorado The




ABOUT THE AUTHOR Sun Pilates Studio Dawn King, Owner 719-632-0509

Welcome home to Cordera. Homes from $400’s to $900’s • Family clubhouse Acclaimed Academy School District 20. See homes, connect with builders and learn more at

Where the American dream lives on. Summer 2019


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Sequence of Investment Returns:

Wait, My INVESTMENT PORTFOLIO Owns What Now, fully customizable, filtered investment portfolios are an obtainable reality.


An Enigmatic Risk By: Alex Lippert, CFA, AWMA® & Joel Malick, AIF®, AWMA®


he sequence of returns that your portfolio experiences in the first few years of retirement is a strong indicator of whether you will be successful or see your investment nest egg drawn down to zero in retirement. This “Sequence of Return Risk” may be one of the most unknown risks in retirement planning and those who retired prior to any recessions in recent history have felt its lasting effects long after the smoke has cleared, and the markets have recovered. Dr. Wade Pfau, a mathematician and economist from Princeton, studies retirement income planning and presented the below visual in an industry journal that is simply striking. The graph shows the attributable impact on retirement that return has in any given year. As you near retirement, the impact of the returns you receive increases dramatically in importance and once the retirement event occurs, the impact of return in the first seven years skyrockets! For instance, in the first year of retirement, that years investment return explains nearly 15% of a retiree’s final outcome. Of course, it’s impossible to know what the market will be like in the beginning of retirement and so the structure of your assets and your income distribution strategy are critical in dampening this ever-present risk. I.E. work with an advisor!


by: ALEX LIPPERT, Alex Lippert, CFA,CFA AWMA® Vice President of Wealth Management Strategic Financial Partners


f you own shares in mutual funds, ETFs, or have any exposure to an index, understanding all of the companies that you invest in and their potential link to unethical (or at the very least disagreeable undertakings) is a complete mystery to you. If you own individual stocks, you may be surprised to know that many well-known “blue-chip” companies may have some revenue streams from activities that could absolutely be considered unethical or not socially conscientious. Unfortunately, the wideworld of finance generally

does not distinguish between what is ethical or unethical when it comes to growth potential or an opportunistic risk/reward profile of an investment. Investors and their advisors largely make decisions based upon these inarguably important surface-level risk and return characteristics. However, because no thought is normally given to the investments from a screening perspective, it is almost assured that most are not only investing in, but unknowingly affirming business practices that are quite disagreeable to them.

Joel Malick, AIF®, AWMA®

Colorado_Summer_2017 copy.indd 30

5/13/17 6:47 PM

Source: Wade D. Pfau, Ph.D., CFA, ‘The Lifetime Sequence of Returns-A Retirement Planning Conundrum,’ Journal of Financial Service Professionals, January 2014.

The above visual demonstrates this concept in numerical form, detailing how an “average rate of return” (for all of you spreadsheet masters out there) can be extremely misleading depending on the sequence of returns. In the hypothetical example, both new retirees begin with $1,000,000 in assets, withdrawing 4%/year (inflating annually) and over the course of their life expectancy they both average a 6% rate of return (however their annual sequence of returns is inversed, so the first year of return for one is the last year of return for the other). George Washington sees positive market returns in the early retirement years while King George III experiences negative years. As you can see, George Washington’s assets actually increase in value during his retirement and King George outlives his nest egg, running out of money. If you’re thinking this is a fun microcosm for the American Revolution, you may be onto something…

Our advisory practice at Strategic Financial Partners, in Colorado Springs, specializes in advanced planning for individuals and organizations. We are finance nerds with a penchant for serving others and seeing our efforts create meaningful impacts; this is the “why” behind our daily work. We hope you found this article interesting! Strategic Financial Partners specializes in creating and developing quality relationships with our clients by providing coordinated financial solutions to help clients reach their personal and business goals.

For more information, please visit our website:

Disclosure: Separate from the financial plan and our role as financial planner, we may recommend the purchase of specific investment or insurance products or accounts. These product recommendations are not part of the financial plan and you are under no obligation to follow them. Alex Lippert and Joel Malick are registered representatives and investment advisor representatives of Securian Financial Services, Inc. Securities and investment advisory services are offered through Securian Financial Services, Inc. member FINRA/SIPC. Strategic Financial Partners is independently owned and operated. 1755 Telstar Drive, Suite 501, Colorado Springs CO 80920 2056861 DOFU 04-2019

Summer 2019


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What is the right dose of rehabilitation after a stroke? By: Dr. Richard Senelick, Neurorehabilitation Specialist The team at Encompass Health Colorado Springs knows that each patient’s journey to rehabilitation is as unique as the symptoms they experience after stroke.


t is a common experience. You or a loved one awakens with a painful sore throat. A test for strep throat returns positive, and your doctor writes out a prescription for a specific dose of an antibiotic to be taken a specific number of days.

When physicians write prescriptions, they know there is a correct dose of the medication; the antibiotics are an exact number of milligrams for a precise number of days. There is a well-established standard of care. However, what is the correct dosage of therapy needed for a patient following a stroke?

Dosage matters When deciding where a patient should continue their recovery after discharge from an acute care hospital, it is important to note the varying dosages and quality of rehabilitation that patients receive in different care settings. While an inpatient rehabilitation hospital typically provides patients three hours of therapy five days per week, a skilled nursing facility typically offers much less and has no such requirement. In addition to the amount of rehabilitation provided, the type of therapy a patient receives is an important component in maximizing outcomes. Not only does the amount of therapy vary widely across care settings—the type and quality of therapy varies, as well. It is all about dose, function, and motivation. 40

What takes place in therapy makes a huge difference. The number of repetitions (dose) of a functional task matters, and the repetition of increasingly challenging tasks brings far more rewards than repetitions of skills already mastered. For example, as a guitar player, I know that I must focus on deliberate practice if I want to improve. I have to work on things I haven’t yet mastered, but when I am tired it is tempting to go back and work on things that are easier. The same is true in rehabilitation. This is why the therapist asks the patient to perform slowly an increasing number, or dose, of more difficult tasks. Inpatient rehabilitation hospitals can also offer patients intensive therapy through advanced technology and environments that mimic daily life, such as apartments for daily living, grocery stores, and car simulators. It is practice with a specific purpose. The therapy has to include functional tasks to produce meaningful improvement. If I sit in a chair and move my arms in space, I’m not going to get better. Conversely, if I have to cut my food or pick up an object and place it in a small container, now I’m doing a functional task.

Consider the importance of motivation Motivation marks the final component of providing an optimal dose of rehabilitation. It is essential that we all

The team at Encompass Health Colorado Springs knows that each patient’s journey to rehabilitation is as unique as the symptoms they experience after stroke.

answer the following question: Where will you be more motivated to perform an increasing dose of functional tasks —a state-of-the-art inpatient rehabilitation hospital under the care of a dedicated and experienced multidisciplinary team or a skilled nursing facility? The environment in which rehabilitation takes place makes a difference. Don’t set a glass ceiling for your patients by sending them to a suboptimal facility. You want to be certain it is one that provides a high dose of functional tasks in an environment that is stimulating and motivational. It is as important a decision as the right dose of antibiotics.

Know the guidelines According to the adult stroke rehabilitation guidelines released by the American Heart Association, whenever

possible, stroke patients should be treated at an inpatient rehabilitation hospital such as Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital of Colorado Springs rather than a skilled nursing facility. The team at Encompass Health Colorado Springs knows that each patient’s journey to rehabilitation is as unique as the symptoms they experience after a stroke. By using an interdisciplinary team approach, which includes physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists, physicians, case managers, pharmacists, dietitians, and clinicians at Encompass Health Colorado Springs work together to create a customized care plan designed with each patient’s unique goals at the center. To learn more about Encompass Health Colorado Springs, seek a referral or tour the hospital, please visit coloradospringsrehab or call 719.630.2308. Summer 2019


Shifting Paradigms in Dentistry The Biomimetic, Preventative and Adhesive Philosophies Combined


n the ideal professional world of general dentistry, restorative dental work would never cause tooth sensitivity, never lead to further dental procedures, and never need to be replaced. Depending on your personal experiences in the dental chair, this may seem like a far-fetched fantasy. However, there are some major shifts in the philosophy of conservative dental care that are getting us closer to that goal. This advancing science-based dentistry is called Biomimetic Dentistry. The term biomimetic dates back decades, but it represents the idea of creating something that mimics a biologic substance in form, function, and structure. The more we understand the complex engineering and mechanics of healthy tooth structure, the more tools we will have to recreate those mechanisms in our dental restorations. Our teeth need to withstand a lifetime of considerable stresses whether from chewing, clenching, grinding, or trauma. We can now use these biomimetic methods and materials 42

Author Dr. Brad Perrett with Dr. Thomas Jennings of Pinnacle Dentistry, Colorado Springs

and take weak, cracked, and decayed teeth and restore them in a way that allows them to feel and function like strong natural teeth.

How is this different from our traditional philosophy, you might ask?

is made possible by advanced adhesion to those strong areas of the tooth where the remaining tooth structure and new restorative materials behave like one. Each tooth must be designed and rebuilt according to an individualized plan which is based on where the weak areas need more strength. This natural looking dental restoration is carefully bonded to the tooth in a manner where it will behave and look very similar to the natural tooth structure, absorbing the stresses of daily function. Doing

At the core of Biomimetic Dentistry is the tooth sparing goal of only removing and replacing the damaged or decayed areas while preserving nearly all healthy tooth structure that remains. It is a departure from the old philosophy What fuels our passion for of just drilling adhesive dentistry and the and filling or even simply crowning biomimetic philosophy is teeth. It involves the idea of being the most careful removal of the old filling conservative dentist we can be materials, cracks, while doing dentistry far better and decay without sacrificing the strong than we ever imagined areas of the tooth. Restoring the tooth to structural integrity


dentistry this way has so many advantages which include being gentler on the tooth, sealing out bacteria, reducing or eliminating post-operative dental pain, preserving the health of the dental pulp (keeping the tooth alive), and delivering long lasting, highly esthetic and functional results. It also opens up more treatment options to the patient such as repairing older dentistry instead of replacing it. Because of the bacterial seal and the conservative nature of the treatment, root canals are far less necessary. Logically, if we stop or even decrease the number of times a tooth needs treatment over its lifetime, then we know it has a better chance of long term success. We believe that our patients deserve to keep their teeth for their lifetime.

Modern dentistry should have this as the primary mission.

What fuels our passion for adhesive dentistry and the biomimetic philosophy is the idea of being the most conservative dentists we can be while doing dentistry far better than we ever imagined. This swing towards conservative care starts with trying to prevent problems from ever occurring. Preventative dentistry has been around a long time, but now there are many new tools to boost our preventative care for both young and old. Understanding the root cause of dental disease and how to address it must be done before proper restorative treatment can be finished. The proper diagnosis of dental disease and the treatment of dental disease must go hand in hand. For those situations where we need to replace old dental restorations or place an initial restoration, a minimally invasive approach should be done. Even severely damaged teeth which would traditionally

require extraction can be saved and without a traditional crown. If done successfully, biomimetic dentistry will greatly increase the longevity of a tooth, and hopefully, eliminate future cycles of retreatment. A scientific study that came out in 2015 revealed the younger generations would have much higher percentages living into their 90s and even 100s. As we expect to maintain a high quality of life and have longevity, it will be necessary to develop (and implement) ways of preserving our natural teeth. If you have any questions about this or any other dental concerns, please don’t hesitate to call one of our doctors at Pinnacle Dentistry.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Pinnacle Dentistry 2430 Research Pkwy Suite 200 Colorado Springs, CO 80920 (719) 590-7100

Stay Healthy! Pinnacle Dentistry offers a variety of services to keep your teeth healthy for years to come! • Crowns • Bridges

• Full or Partial Dentures • Dental Implants

Improve the look and function of your smile by visiting Dr. Thomas Jennings and Dr. Brad Perrett.

719.590.7100 Briargate Business Center 2430 Research Pkwy • Suite 200 Colorado Springs, CO 80920

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Why Are My Eyes Always Watering? Get an Accurate Diagnosis By: Dr Ron Pelton


ears are not simply “salty water.” They are a complex mixture of chemicals and nutrients that are needed to keep the front surface of the eye healthy and to maintain clear vision. Too few tears can cause significant eye pain and redness, but too many tears can be very irritating, making it difficult to see. Tears are made by glands in the eyelids and the largest one (the lacrimal gland) is in the outer corner of the upper eyelid. Tears are released on the inside surface of the eyelids and are spread across the front part of the eye when you blink. This feeds the cornea and keeps it healthy. The tears then drain into small openings (puncta) in the inner corner of the eyelids and then down small tubes (canaliculi) into the lacrimal sac which in turn drains into the nose (this is why your nose runs when you are crying). The medical term for excess tearing is “epiphora.” There are many causes of epiphora but they typically fall into one of two categories – either overproduction

of tears or a blocked tear drain. Overproduction of tears can occur when the eyes are irritated such as from allergies, ingrown eyelashes, smoke in the eyes, etc. There are many causes of eye irritation and they can all cause tearing. There are also multiple conditions that can result in a blocked tear drain. If tears are being produced but the drain is blocked, they have nowhere to go but down your cheeks. This can be very irritating and can cause problems with everyday tasks such as reading, driving, watching TV, etc. A blocked tear drain is rarely dangerous and is most often a nuisance. However, it can become infected (dacryocystitis) and cause significant pain. The first step toward treatment and resolution is to accurately diagnose the cause of your excess tearing. If you have watery eyes and want to find out the cause and treatment, schedule an appointment with our office (contact information below). We can evaluate you for this or any other issues related to your eyelids.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Ron W. Pelton M.D., Ph.D. is a native of Benton, AR. He has lived in Colorado Springs, CO and has been in solo practice in oculo-facial plastic surgery since 2000. Dr. Pelton graduated from Vanderbilt University Medical School in Nashville, TN and subsequently completed his residency in Ophthalmology at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, TX. Dr. Pelton then completed a two-year fellowship in oculo-facial plastic surgery at the University of Utah prior to opening his practice in Colorado Springs. Dr. Pelton is certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology and is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, the American Academy of Ophthalmology and the American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons. 2770 N Union Blvd // Colorado Springs, CO 80909 // (719) 329-0040 //


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Hub of Activities

Gold Hill Mesa: Lifestyle by Design, Community at its Best


rewarding way of life with an emphasis on family, friendships, and free time is the attitude at Gold Hill Mesa. Families embrace tree-lined streets, smartly designed homes, mountain vistas, and a community that promotes a fulfilling lifestyle.

landscaping and green spaces are maintained by the homeowner’s association. Planned for 614 residencies, it is already more than two-thirds full, with over 430 homes built. If market conditions remain strong, completion is projected within the next two to three years.

Gold Hill Mesa is a hub for exciting and inspiring events and activities year-round. From quarterly art openings to ongoing live music to festive holiday parties, the community embraces its residents with open arms. Throughout the summer, the community center, The Exchange, is bursting with events and activities for families to indulge in, from picnics to potlucks, concerts in the park, and more,

With the recent addition of Vanguard Homes, Gold Hill Mesa now has four masterful builders to choose from. The neighborhood offers architectural variety, with a choice of seven exterior styles in a range of price points. Throughout the community, you can find showcase model homes and helpful builder representatives for David Weekley Homes, Hi-Point Home Builders, JM Weston Townhomes, and Vanguard Homes.

Especially proud of their “Music on the Mesa” concert series, the community is celebrating its 11th year of free, outdoor concerts on the green. This year’s series runs June through October, featuring professional bands from many genres. These concerts are open to the general public. The neighborhood’s popularity can be attributed to several factors: the location, with equally great access to the city and the mountains; and, stylish homes that require less upkeep for residents, since front yard

For more information about the dynamic and innovative lifestyle at Gold Hill Mesa and the expertly crafted, stylish new homes, stop by the model homes located throughout the neighborhood, visit them online at, or call 719-633-2202. Summer 2019


Understanding and Coping with Grief By: Gloria A. Brooks, MPA, FACHE


hen experiencing the tragedy of losing someone you love and care for, we find ourselves confronted by both heartbreak and a sense of trauma from that loss. During this time, we begin to experience grief. While it’s true that everyone grieves differently, it’s important to remember that we all share a common thread – the life of someone close to our heart is now lost. This leaves us, as family and friends, to cope with the grief.

The Pikes Peak Hospice & Palliative Care Center for Grief and Loss offers a range of grief support and bereavement services so that family members can find the approach that’s right for them. Our professional grief counselors and trained volunteers ensure that you don’t have to make the journey alone.

Although it may be hard to imagine during the days, weeks, months and even years after the passing of a loved one, it’s important to remember that we can survive and come through this pain. Throughout the grieving process, we ultimately work through the pain to begin to heal. It’s important to know that you don’t have to do it alone.

Our comprehensive grief support services are available to all in the community whether or not the person has had a loved one use our care services. We offer tailored support groups that bring grieving people together for an opportunity to connect with and gain strength from others who have experienced similar types of loss.

It’s okay to ask for help. Look to your community for guidance. Often times, support groups and grief counselors are available in your area and act as a valuable resource for those who have experienced losing a loved one or are in the process of experiencing that loss. 46

Connect with others who understand grief.

Whether it’s through one of our adult grief support groups, children’s grief groups, or special offerings such as workshops and outings, our team is here to help guide you through this journey together. It’s important to keep your loved one close to your heart and honor them by continuing to live a fulfilling and rewarding life. During the difficult times following loss, we can find comfort by trusting that the person we loved would want us to live our lives to the fullest.

We are here to help! We’re available 24/7 with specialists who are here to help. Call 719.633.3400.

Enduring the roller coaster of emotions and reactions that come with the loss of a loved one can seem overwhelming at times. Grief is a very personal journey, traveled in different ways and at different paces, and you don’t have to experience it alone.

About the Author Gloria A. Brooks, MPA, FACHE, is President of Pikes Peak Hospice & Palliative Care and the President and CEO of Pikes Peak Hospice since June 2017. Brooks is only the third leader in the history of Pikes Peak Hospice & Palliative Care. A Fellow in the American College of Healthcare Executives, she holds a Master of Public Administration with a minor in Nonprofit Management from Oakland University, Rochester, MI, and a Bachelor of Science from the University of Evansville, Evansville, IN, with a major in Art Therapy.

About Pikes Peak Hospice & Palliative Care Pikes Peak Hospice & Palliative Care is the largest and only not-for-profit hospice and palliative care provider serving El Paso and Teller Counties. It provides outpatient hospice services in patients’ homes and extended care facilities and also delivers care at the 16-bed Pikes Peak Hospice Unit at Penrose Hospital in Colorado Springs. Services also include a robust palliative care and consultation program and comprehensive grief support for adults and children. The organization also participates in We Honor Veterans, a national program jointly developed by the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization and the Department of Veterans Affairs. Pikes Peak Hospice & Palliative Care 2550 Tenderfoot Hill Street Colorado Springs, CO 80906 719.633.3400 Summer 2019



A Once Eradicated Disease That Is Making an Unnecessary Comeback Factors Contributing to the Recent Measles Outbreaks By: Dr. Adrian Tinajero and Dr. Reagan Anderson

Overview Measles is a potentially deadly virus that causes fever, cough, runny nose, and irritated eyes followed by a characteristic skin rash. Once only found in medical books, it is now the headlines of many newspapers and social media feeds. Regrettably, there are now over 700 reported cases of measles in the United States as of April 26, 2019 (per the CDC). But why is this happening? What can we do about it? And, how do we protect ourselves from this virus?

What is Measles and How Do I Protect Myself Measles is one of the most contagious viruses out there! One of the reasons that measles is so contagious is because it is spread via air droplets when an infected person coughs or sneezes. Recovery from measles typically takes a week or two for uncomplicated cases. However, complications of measles for young infants, elderly adults, pregnant women, and those with other medical conditions can have devastating complications to include damage to the lungs and brain. Prior to having a vaccine to prevent it, measles killed approximately 2.5 million people a year! Yes, you read that correctly, 2.5 million people a year! The vaccine is reported to be 97% effective, given between ages 12-15 months and then again between 4-6 years of age. Some people require a booster shot later on in life (please talk to your primary care provider to see if this applies to you). A very small percentage of people receiving this vaccine may get a sore injection site, may have a low-grade fever, or 48

develop other minor complications. In other words, the vaccine is very safe. If you are wondering about autism’s link with the measles vaccine, there is absolutely no association between the two. Some “scientists” years ago published a paper that said there was an association, but when investigated it was found that they COMPLETELY MADE UP THE INFORMATION FOR FINANCIAL AND PERSONAL GAIN. The measles vaccine does not cause autism. So, if there is a highly effective and enormously safe vaccine, why are we seeing an increase in the number of measles cases in the United States?

What is Happening The recent increase in measles outbreaks can be explained by different factors, including poor health education, lack of access to health care, and increasing vaccine hesitancy. We can travel virtually all over the world within a few hours and people who are not immunized are spreading this virus globally. Most recently, we are seeing an increase in vaccine hesitancy or better put, an increase in people who believe in “anti-vaccination.” Although the antivaccination movement remains small, what is most concerning is how easy it is to spread misinformation. Social media groups often promote biased or completely wrong information without ever being held accountable. One group, for example, promotes that some vaccines contain aluminum, a “neurotoxin,” in an amount that exceeds levels deemed to be safe. This is incorrect information about the aluminum found in some vaccines. Regardless, the measles vaccine does not contain aluminum so even if someone wanted to use this argument to justify not getting vaccinated, they can’t when talking about the measles vaccine.

How Do We Know What Is True The first step is to build a relationship with your healthcare provider. They can provide unbiased information and help you navigate through some of the misinformation plaguing us. History can teach us great lessons. Before the measles vaccine in 1963, measles was a very common disease that killed millions. By 2013, 15.6 million deaths from measles were prevented by vaccination!!!

In Conclusion Measles is a very serious disease that is preventable with a very safe vaccine. The early signs of infection include fever, runny nose, cough, irritated eyes, and a skin rash. Although most uncomplicated cases resolve within a week or two, dangerous complications can occur from contracting measles - even including death. These horrible complications usually occur to the most susceptible people in our population. The vaccine is highly effective and very safe. Measles can be eradicated once again if people would just get immunized against it.

Call to Action Talk to your local primary care provider or pediatrician to determine if you have had all of your required immunizations. It could save your life or the life of a loved one.

About the Author Dr. Tinajero is a Dermatologist in Colorado Springs. Dr. Tinajero completed his Dermatology Residency at St. John’s Episcopal Hospital in New York. He enjoys hiking and spending time outdoors. Dr. Anderson is a Board-Certified Dermatologist, Mohs Micrographic Surgeon, and Clinical Professor of Dermatology at Rocky Vista University. He practices General and Surgical Dermatology in Colorado Springs. Both authors work at Colorado Dermatology Institute’s two locations in Colorado Springs: South Colorado Springs at 1220 Lake Plaza Drive North Colorado Springs at 8580 Scarborough Drive 719-531-5400 //

Summer 2019


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Seven Ways to Live Longer and Be Healthier From Brookdale Senior Living


o you want to know the secret to a long and happy life? The secret is … there is no secret. Research shows that there are many factors at play when looking at those who have lived through an entire century. Genetics play a role, but environment and lifestyle choices make a difference, too. That means if you want to be a centenarian, there are many actions (big and small) you can take to increase your chances.

Here are seven suggestions you can implement today.

Stay Positive “PATL” stands for “Positive Attitude Towards Life” and is a measurement tool that has been used in several studies on longevity. The term encompasses everything from laughter and optimism to relaxed behavior and extroversion. High levels of this trait are attributed to a large number of centenarians.

In other words, people who have positive attitudes are proven to live longer. It won’t always be easy, as life can throw you against the ropes sometimes. But as long as you get back on your feet and make sure to laugh a little, you could be in for an extended, more enjoyable life.

Exercise Often This does not mean you need to spend hours in the gym every day or train for marathons. It just means that if your routine includes light exercise on a daily basis, you will likely be healthier and, in turn, could live longer. Whether you choose yoga, Pilates, daily walks or just getting a good stretch in before bed, you’ll significantly increase your chances of joining the 100-plus club. It’s also said that playing games can improve longevity. Because when you swing that badminton racket, you’re not just working up a sweat — you’re having a good time and making new friends.

Eat right When it comes to diet, make healthy eating a lifestyle, not a temporary thing. Stick to these five rules: If you drink alcohol, stick to one to two glasses a day. Eat until you’re almost full but not tired. Eat your smallest meal in the evenings. Eat mostly veggies and beans. Eat three- to four-ounces of meat five times a month.

Do good Volunteer. And volunteer often. Not only will you be exercising, helping others and making new relationships, you can also increase your life expectancy. Working toward a higher cause and helping others increases your chances of joining the centenarian club significantly. The benefits of doing good don’t stop there either. People who regularly volunteer have seen an increase in life satisfaction and well-being while also experiencing a decrease in depression.

Join a community Human connection is imperative to your well-being. Whether it’s family, friends, a religious group or your next-door neighbors, belonging to a community can make 52

you an overall healthier person. Some doctors say that community involvement is the single most important factor when it comes to longevity. Social activities that also include exercise have double the benefits. Going for group walks, taking classes, and participating in team sports are all extremely valuable. Whatever it is you choose to do, make sure you’re always maintaining and developing relationships along the way.

Try not to worry so much Meditation and prayer are known links to longevity. It’s no surprise that taking time out the day for some deep breaths and reflection can increase life expectancy. But what happens when you let stress rule your life? Studies indicate that when high levels of cortisol, a stress hormone, are released into the body, it can weaken the immune system and even create heart problems. Take a moment to relax, find your center and focus on the truly important things in your life.

Enjoy yourself Though this secret is close to the first one, it encompasses a different set of values. It’s really about treating yourself, taking leisure time to sit a bit and staying active within your community. It’s okay to be a little bit selfish every once in a while. It’s okay to get a massage or eat a second cookie. What’s important is to live as though every day is a

remarkable one and to approach every experience with an open mind. There’s not a single secret to this long-life thing, but there are definitely some ways you can improve your lifestyle in order to get the most out of your time here on earth. And if you’re looking for a place where all seven of the secrets listed above are built into your daily routine, stop by one of our communities for a visit. Learn more about increasing your longevity and the benefits of a senior living community by visiting

Antiques – Give a Home Character and Soul Colorado Springs Designer Rich Schell and “Antiques Diva” Toma Clark Haines Give Advice on Purchasing Antiques By: Rich Schell and Toma Clark Haines


ntiques evoke many reactions from people, eliciting a comment as simple as, “I grew up with that,” or, “My Grandmother had one of those.” Whatever our response, antiques have been around for centuries, and furniture that appears antique, to even those of us with tremendous knowledge will refer to something having been made a century ago, as a reproduction. I’m gratified that antiques have started to sneak back into the hearts of many because, for a long time, they began to lose favor. However, I believe most seasoned designers have always used them in their interiors as a way to give a home desired character and soul, as well as a collected, nurtured presence to the space. Wherever the origin, and whatever the purpose, each piece offers up itself and its past to a much more modern world. By the way, antiques are not represented by just furniture, but also by accessories and lighting - both large and small. I personally have a home filled with outstanding antique pieces that I have collected and put into every room. I love them, not only for their look but also for their function. From the start, and my earliest quests to furnish my home, I was usually able to afford the antique far sooner than a new piece with less character or purpose. I enjoy the history that is packed into each one, these pieces tell a story without even knowing from whence they came. I follow many designers on Instagram, and love their excitement when sharing a find from an estate sale or flea market that dramatically changes their personal space or that of a client! Another great thing? Antiques provide instant gratification when shopping local. No ordering required. There is a seemingly never-ending supply of homes that are full of great stuff when 54

Toma Clark Haines is The Antiques Diva, CEO of the world’s largest antiques touring company. Photo in Berlin at Flohmarkt am Strasse de 17 Juni

homeowners are downsizing and moving to smaller homes that are more easily managed. Be aware of estate sales, boutiques, and antique stores . . . and, always be on the hunt. A dear friend of mine, Toma Clark Haines, “The Antiques Diva,” hails from Oklahoma, and has mastered the worldwide antique industry with her intensity and knowledge of antiques, as well as her expertise in her ability to source them. Her one true intention is to make people aware of the “gold” that comes from living with and loving antiques. I would never want to stop my constant quest for the things I love. That’s part of what makes me a maximalist. The rest of this story I’m turning over to Toma, to allow her to take you on the journey of how she does it.

Toma’s Journey Antiques are another way of traveling. They transport you to other times and other places allowing you to experience how other people lived. An American by birth, I’ve lived overseas my entire adult life moving to Paris at 25 - living five years in Paris, five in Amsterdam, eight in Berlin. I currently reside in Venice. As a child growing up in rural Oklahoma, each night we ate dinner with the antique silverware my great grandparents brought over with them on the boat coming from Britain to America. As we would eat, I would imagine the lives this cutlery had seen. The dinner conversations they had overheard, the mouths they had fed, the tables where they were sat. And it sparked my imagination.

As an adult when I first moved to Paris at 25, my first weekend living in France, I set off to the Paris Flea Market. As I would travel in Europe wherever I went, I sought out local flea markets and antique districts. This was my version of cultural cruising - exploring a culture through shopping for pieces from the past. When we understand the past, we understand the present, and it prepares us for the future. At first, I shopped for myself. I wanted my home to represent who I was, where I had been, what inspired me. But as I began decorating, my home friends began asking me to help them buy antiques for their home. Before long friends of friends were asking me to help them source, and almost by accident, a business was born. As a joke one day in the Paris Flea Market - the exact moment I secured a friend an unheard-of discount (40% off) - a champagne cork popped and as a joke I quipped, “And that’s why they call me ‘The Antiques Diva.’” I had a shopping sack in one hand, champagne glass in the other. Initially, the dream was to write a book, but when 2008 struck the book project was killed. Dreams are a funny thing - had I achieved my dream at that time I wouldn’t have achieved my destiny. I failed forward. I had already begun blogging, and readers of the blog had begun asking if I would take them on antique buying tours.

Top: Antiquing in Sweden - D Larsson Antiques Helsingborg. Bottom: Paul Bert Serpette. The Antiques Diva & Co is the only approved official guide of the Paris Flea Market.

What started as a 1 one-woman company quickly grew because I realized what I didn’t know. I surrounded myself with a team who knew more than I did. Today I offer one-on-one customized antique buying tours in Europe, Asia, and America, working with a team of 31 people in 16 countries. We are the world’s largest company offering an antique sourcing service. Working with both the public and trade, we help clients buy antiques. We translate, negotiate, and liaise clients with third-party shippers. The number one rule for buying antiques is to buy what you love. When it comes to pricing for antiques, price is subjective. Always negotiate. The discount amount depends on where you are - you may get 5%, you may get 25%. The best way to get a discount is to simply ask, “Is that your best price?.” The right price is the price you paid. If you love it, you’ll never regret your purchase regardless of what you paid. Check for quality when sourcing antiques. There are subtle signs. Heavier chairs often indicate they are older. Hand carving versus machine cut indicates both quality and age. Check hinges on drawers. Summer 2019


Top Left : Vendor in the Paris Flea Markets Paul Bert Serpette. Bottom Left Toma Clark Haines is The Antiques Diva, CEO of the worlds largest antiques touring company.

Are they glued, dovetailed, or nailed? When buying antiques you want to touch and feel them - get to know the piece. You’ll often be surprised. Did you know about the hidden drawers in Secretaries? Is there a maker’s mark? The best thing about antiques is the patina! I often joke to clients, “Don’t point out the imperfections to an antique dealer or they’ll charge you double!.” Just as we get wrinkles and gray hair as we get older, pieces get patina and you’re paying for the timeworn texture. Do ask your dealer questions! Most antique dealers are in this industry because they love their profession. Ask the age, where it comes from, what it was used for, what type of wood it is (or other material), its country of origin. Afterall when you’re buying antiques - you’re not buying mass-produced items - you’re buying a story.

A Last Word from Rich Toma has the job I could only dream of. Her extensive knowledge is truly remarkable, and her passion is only second to being an amazing mentor! My one true desire is to take her up on the irresistible invitation to “house sit” her cats, Feona and Fortuny, in that fabulous Venice apartment. Her website is below if you’d like to know more!

ABOUT THE AUTHORS Rich Schell Interiors 1731 Mt. Washington Avenue Colorado Springs, CO 80905 719-475-1200 Toma Clark Haines is “The Antiques Diva.” CEO/Founder of The Antiques Diva & Co - the world’s largest antiques touring company. Offering services in Europe, Asia, and America. Ad&co also offers a training and mentoring program for antique dealers. 56


RICH SCHELL. Designer | 719.475.1200 |

Ditch the Profile Search A New Approach to Dating


n January of 1999, I moved to Colorado from the Midwest. Not knowing anyone in the Rocky Mountain state, to fill my time and meet people, I jumped into the many outdoor sports this vast place has to offer. Learning to mountain bike, snowboard, hike 14ers, and snowshoe, I even competed in adventure races for a couple of years. I fell in love with Colorado but found my “love life” less than adventurous. Struggling through the rigors of online dating, I found the experience frustrating and expensive. In addition to my outside activities, I was also the owner of a pet and boarding store, so the time it took to wade through profile after profile was time I didn’t have. In talking with friends of mine, I found their experiences very similar to mine. I have a degree in Psychology and Sociology, so my training in human behavior and social groups naturally led me down a path to find a solution to a problem many single people face in looking for meaningful, long-term relationships. Hence, #1 Matchmakers was born.

Our goals in working with clients are: • Coaching clients through the process to create a fun and successful dating experience. • Understanding their relationship goals. • Identifying and providing compatible matches. • Accepting clients that we feel we can successfully match. • Quickly responding to their questions and communicating with them in a transparent way. • Treating each client with respect, empathy, and professionalism. • Maintaining the highest ethical standards. • Providing background checks on all clients. • Offering affording pricing.

My business idea was to approach matchmaking in a different way, a more personal approach - an experience in matchmaking that coaches clients through the process of dating that provides security and ease. We understand each person is an individual with different characteristics. We do the work for our clients by building relationships with each individual and “handpicking” each potential match. We also customize the first date. Our dating consultants are dedicated to providing every client with a comfortable, fun matchmaking experience. Part of our program includes an annual “members only” party event and two fun outings. You can contact us at (719) 888-9713 or check us out online We also have franchise opportunities available in other cities.


Founder Karen Opp

A more affordable approach to modern dentistry. My Smile Dental Plan® provides you and your family with access to exceptional dental care. Unlike insurance, it has: • No deductibles • No annual maximums • No participation requirements My Smile Dental Plan is accepted at 11 office locations in Colorado Springs and at over 700 trusted offices across the U.S. Visit to learn more.

What does it cost?

Sample Savings Average Fee*

MSDP Plan Fee**


Routine exams, diagnosis & X-rays




Root canal (single root)




CEREC® crown




Limited orthodontics (12 mo)†




111 annually‡



2 individuals


3+ individuals


135 annually‡ 159 annually

Includes a one-time only, non-refundable administration fee of $15 as long as the membership is kept current.

*The 80th percentile cost in the United States of the usual and customary fee as reported by National Dental Advisory Service in 2017. **Average Plan Fee for participating offices across the country. ***Sample savings reflected are an average and exact savings will vary by state. †Up to 12 mo, including records and retention.


dental plan


By: Andrea Sinclair

Nursing Excellence Drives Innovation Penrose-St. Francis Health Services Earns Magnet Re-Designation


ostpartum hemorrhage is the leading cause of maternal death worldwide - the U.S. rate has almost doubled in the past two decades, while many countries have significantly lowered their maternal mortality rates. Hemorrhage, hypertension, and infection are all contributors to maternal mortality in our country, where the national rate is about 2.9 percent. When nurse leaders at Penrose-St. Francis Health Services realized that not only was postpartum hemorrhage the most preventable cause of maternal death, but that they already had the tools they needed to tackle this patient safety issue, their nurse-led initiatives succeeded in lowering the number of postpartum hemorrhages below the national rate. Empowered nurses deliver worldclass care and impact patient outcomes positively, that’s the bottom line. Championing excellence in leadership and patient care delivery is at the core of the organization’s culture, where nurses are supported and provided the environments to fulfill their collective mission to care for the whole person – mind, body and spirit. 60

Nurses are bold and courageous, willing to re-imagine the norm in pursuit of their calling to make a difference – one whole person and one healthy community at a time.

For this reason, Penrose-St. Francis is the only healthcare system in southern Colorado to receive the prestigious Magnet® recognition for the second time, the highest national honor for nursing practice. This recognition is proof of continued and reliable nursing excellence at Penrose Hospital and St. Francis Medical Center, where incredible nurses and caregivers provide world-class, whole-person care to every patient, every time. Nurses are bold and courageous, willing to re-imagine the norm in pursuit of their calling to make a difference – one whole person and one healthy community at a time. Following recommendations by the Association of Women’s Health, Obstetric and National Nurses (AWHONN), the national professional nursing organization, and the World Health Organization (WHO), Penrose-St. Francis nursing leaders and staff implemented the use of oxytocin postdelivery to reduce postpartum hemorrhage rates. Additionally, they standardized protocols to define stages of hemorrhage by the cumulative amount of blood lost by a woman during labor, a tell-tale sign of hemorrhaging. “A leading cause of postpartum hemorrhage and maternal mortality is the failure to recognize excessive blood loss during labor,” Rose Ann Scibona, Penrose-St. Francis Chief Nursing Officer, said. “Our nurses recognized this factor and quickly mobilized to improve processes and impact patient outcomes.”

Only 475 of the nation’s hospitals (8 percent) are Magnet® designated – 11 are in the state of Colorado. Penrose-St. Francis is the first and only to receive this distinguished recognition twice in southern Colorado. Magnet® is a continuous journey, re-designation is required every four years, and it is expected with each application for re-designation that the nurses and hospital staff demonstrate improvement and advancement in their care of patients.

For patients, Magnet® status means they will always receive superior care from compassionate and dedicated nurses, coupled with the organization’s mission, values and commitment to wholeperson care, reassuring and protecting patients.

Through the years, the bar is raised higher as hospitals, nurses and those who support nurses improve care, making treatment safer by reducing harm to patients, continually striving for safety, world-class quality and innovative ways to deliver care.

For patients, Magnet® status means they will always receive superior care from compassionate and dedicated nurses, coupled with the organization’s mission, values and commitment to whole-person care, reassuring and protecting patients. It means the very best care, delivered by nurses who are supported to be the very best that they can be. For nurses, Magnet® designation means they can expect to work in an organization that honors the immensely valuable work nurses do every day. Nurses are given professional autonomy and a voice in decisions that involve care and treatment at the bedside. Moreover, nurses know a Magnet® organization is one that champions and encourages the value of continuing education and specialty certification. Even more impactful, being a designated Magnet® facility means that applying new knowledge, using cutting-edge technology and groundbreaking research to improve patient care is championed and highly valued. Penrose-St. Francis nurses and caregivers are connected and fueled by individual passions and purposes to change the world around them. These people, with their talent, skill, knowledge, integrity and character, are by far the most important determinant in the organization’s success, touching thousands of lives across all practice settings.

Summer 2019


gordon n. shayne Attorney At Law








CONTACT US The Law Offices of Gordon N. Shayne 509 North Tejon St. Colorado Springs (719) 358-2668 Summer 2019


Formulated by board certified dermatologists!

MEet the

Supports Healthys u p pSkin lement



Use sun protective clothing with sunscreens and live an abundantly healthful lifestyle. Educate yourself on skin health, then use the

HEALTHMINS' Supports Healthy Skin Supplement to give yourself every holistic advantage toward the skin you have always wanted!

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FLYING FOR BUSINESS OR LEISURE? YOU CAN GET THERE FROM HERE! Fly direct or connect with one-stop options to over 300 destinations. The Colorado Springs Airport provides the unbeatable ease of convenient parking, short lines, great service, and a Mortgage Solutions Financial™ Premier Lounge – plus, when you are home, you’re home. Look before you book and experience the COS difference.

Dr. Brad Perrett

Dr. Thomas Jennings

Stay Healthy! The committed and empathetic Pinnacle care providers welcome you as part of our family! We strive to maximize your well-being by providing comfortable, conservative, long-lasting, beautiful solutions that are creatively designed to eliminate unnecessary treatment.

Pinnacle Dentistry offers a variety of services to keep your teeth healthy for years to come! Improve the look and function of your smile by visiting Dr. Thomas Jennings and Brad Perrett.

Briargate Business Center 2430 Research Pkwy ¡ Suite 200 Colorado Springs, CO 80920 719.590.7100 -

Peace of mind

has an address.

The conversation about when the “right time” is for your mom and dad to have help with life’s day-to-days isn’t an easy one. You want to give them the best care possible. Our Assisted Living caregivers treat you like family. So rest assured, whenever your family needs us, we’ll be there.

For more information, contact the community nearest you. Brookdale Bear Creek

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Assisted Living 4723 Surfwood Lane Pueblo, Colorado 81005 (719) 561-1400

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Brookdale Broadmoor Assisted Living Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care 615 Southpointe Court Colorado Springs, Colorado 80906 (719) 579-5000 ©2019 Brookdale Senior Living Inc. All rights reserved. BROOKDALE SENIOR LIVING and BRINGING NEW LIFE TO SENIOR LIVING are the registered trademarks of Brookdale Senior Living Inc.

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Bringing New Life to Senior Living®

Life Keeps Moving, So Should You You don’t have to live in pain. At Centura Orthopedics, our orthopedic solutions can repair or replace what’s bothering you and get you on your way to living the life you enjoy. Our orthopedic team considers all the options, then develops a treatment plan specific to your needs. We offer both surgical and non-surgical options, as well as complete rehabilitation services, to help minimize pain and maximize recovery. Visit

OUR INCREDIBLE CAREGIVERS Alex Simpson, DO Centura Orthopedics


Centura Orthopedics is the official orthopedics provider for:

Centura Health does not discriminate against any person on the basis of race, color, national origin, disability, age, sex, religion, creed, ancestry, sexual orientation, and marital status in admission, treatment, or participation in its programs, services and activities, or in employment. For further information about this policy contact Centura Health’s Office of the General Counsel at 1-303-673-8166 (TTY: 711). Copyright © Centura Health, 2019. ATENCIÓN: Si habla español, tiene a su disposición servicios gratuitos de asistencia lingüística. Llame al 1-719-776-5370 (TTY: 711). CHÚ Ý: Nếu bạn nói Tiếng Việt, có các dịch vụ hỗ trợ ngôn ngữ miễn phí dành cho bạn. Gọi số 1-719-776-5370 (TTY: 711).