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ENA Micro 9 One Touch

Technical overview JURA standards Variable brewing unit from 6 g to 10 g Intelligent Pre Brew Aroma System (I.P.B.A.S.©) Powder recognition for second ground coffee Hot water function Cappuccino frother Height-adjustable coffee spout Energy Save Mode (Energy Save Mode, E.S.M.©) Multi-level conical grinder JURA-Standards CLARIS filter cartridgeVariable Brüheinheit von 5 bis 16 g High-performance pump, 15 bar Intelligent Pre-Brew Aroma System (I.P.B.A.S.©) für zweiten, gemahlenen Kaffee Thermoblock heatingPulvererkennung system


Technische Übersicht

Heißwasserfunktion Integrated rinsing, cleaning and descaling programmeCappuccino-Düse Höhenverstellbarer Kaffeeauslauf Adjustable water hardness Energiesparmodus (Energy Save Mode, E.S.M.©) Zero-Energy Switch orMehrstufiges power switch Hochleistungs-Kegelmahlwerk Filterpatrone CLARIS Hochleistungspumpe, 15 bar

Specific benefits Thermoblock-Heizsystem Latte macchiato at the touch of a button Integriertes Spül-, Reinigungs- und Cappuccino at the touch of a button Entkalkungsprogramm Intelligent preheatingWasserhärte einstellbar Zero-Energy Switch bzw. Netzschalter TÜV certificate for user-friendly user manual Swiss made

Settings and programming options Spezifische Vorzüge Programmable amount water auf Knopfdruck Latteofmacchiato auffor Knopfdruck Amount of water canCappuccino be adjusted TFT-Farbdisplay each preparation Intelligentes Vorheizen Adjustable coffee strength Integriertes Zubehörfach

Design and materials Height-adjustable dual spout (cappuccino / coffee)

55 – 138 mm

Accessories Cup Warmer Cool Control Stainless steel vacuum milk container

optional optional optional

Design und Materialien

In FiguresHöhenverstellbarer Kaffeeauslauf Kaffeeauslauf Water tankBreitenverstellbarer capacity Höhenverstellbarer Cappuccinoauslauf Coffee grounds container (servings) Tassenbeleuchtung weiß

65 – 111 mm 20 – 50 mm 1.1 l 110 – 153 mm

approx. 10

Bean container with aromaamber Tassenbeleuchtung preservation cover 125 g Sound Design Cable length approx. 1.1 m Voltage Zubehör 230 V AC Edelstahl-Isoliermilchbehälter 0,6 l Power 1450 W Tassenwärmer optional Energy consumption 10.6 Wh Cool Control optional Energy consumption with E.S.M.© 4.3 Wh Stand-by power 0W In Zahlen Weight Füllmenge Wassertank 9,4 2,1 kgl Kaffeesatzbehälter 16 Dimensions (W x H x D) (Portionen) 23 x 32.3 x Bohnenbehälter mit Aromaschutzdeckel 250 g Checks Kabellänge ca. 1,1 m Colour Spannung Micro230 Silver V AC Article number 13587 Leistung 1450 W Energieverbrauch Energieverbrauch mit E.S.M.© Stand-by-Leistung Gewicht Maße (B x H x T) Prüfungen Artikelnummer / Farbe

2 levels

Coffee strength can be adjusted for TÜV-Zertifikat für anwenderfreundliches each preparation Benutzerhandbuch Programmable brewing temperature 2 levels Plain text display Einstellungen und Programmiermöglichkeiten Kaffeewassermenge programmierbar Rotary Switch

12 Wh ca. 5 Wh ≤ 0,1 W 10,9 kg 23,8 x 34,2 x 43,3 cm 13560 Brillantsilber

Art. 68978 – 201104 spiceadvertising – JURA behält sich das Recht vor, Daten anzupassen.

201110 – JURA reserves the right to modify specifications without notice.


Kaffeewassermenge pro Zubereitung einstellbar

Integrated cappuccino rinsing and Kaffeestärke programmierbar cleaning programmeKaffeestärke pro Zubereitung einstellbar

Brühtemperatur programmierbar Heißwassertemperatur programmierbar Klartext-/Grafikdisplay Rotary Switch Aktive Bohnenüberwachung Überwachte Restwasserschale

5 Stufen 2 Stufen 3 Stufen

Integriertes Cappuccino-Spül- und Reinigungsprogramm Pflegestatusanzeige

JURA – If you love coffee

ENA Micro 9 One Touch downsize to simplicity Smallest One-Touch automatic cappuccino machine

Simple operation

JURA is proud to present the world’s smallest One-Touch automatic cappuccino machine: the new ENA Micro 9 One Touch. This machine is actually 11% shorter than the compact ENA line. Its smaller design helps it make a real impact, which is further reinforced by the stylish Micro Silver colour. Smallest One-Touch automatic cappuccino machine Even when space is at a premium, the ENA Micro 9 is still able to provide lovers of speciality coffees with maximum enjoyment. The newly developed brewing unit, which has been specially engineered for a single cup, makes this the world’s smallest automatic machine that is capable of preparing a cappuccino and a latte macchiato at the touch of a button without your having to move the cup. Dimensions (W x H x D): 23 x 32.3 x 44.5 cm Simple operation Operation is so straightforward that it can be summed up in two words: Press – enjoy. The easy-to-understand symbols and ergonomically arranged buttons give you exactly what you want without any fuss. The traffic light display (green = ready, yellow = programming mode, red = prompt to take action) and the Rotary Switch for custom settings make the machine very intuitive to use.

Wide range of specialities

Wide range of specialities JURA is really raising the bar and its ENA Micro 9 One Touch offers an impressive range of specialities at the simple touch of a button: latte macchiato, cappuccino, café crème, espresso, hot water serving. The newly developed micro brewing unit ensures espresso quality of the highest standard. Extremely straightforward height-adjustable dual spout The state-of-the-art fine foam technology turns out specialities topped with milk foam that can only be described as a luxurious treat. The dual spout, which is height-adjustable on a continuous scale (55–138 mm), features separate coffee and milk pipes to ensure perfect hygiene.

Extremely straightforward height-adjustable dual spout

Jura Ena 9 micro office machine  

Ena micro 9 commercial bean to cup machine