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I am upbeat about the magazine this month after receiving many reviews on our new look layout. The lifestyle section proved a hit with the wedding and beauty businesses and I am hoping that over the next few months all the sections will be just as favourable with our other advertisers, like Angela Gregory, The Deli, Hodgehill. “We’ve had great feedback from the magazine, thank you” and Laura McArdle, Frox, saying “I’ve had lots of new customers through the door. With the benefits of the improved magazine with its quality, style and content, and having DOUBLED the circulation it is great for a business like ours.” Next month we are bringing you a holiday edition to lift our spirits now that Spring is nearly here and the search is on for bargains. Keep the letters and emails coming in with your suggestions of what you would like to see in the magazine, especially if you want to promote your area. Let’s hope for a prosperous Spring.


Fiona Pennington - Editor


Community News


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Losing a friend and one of life’s characters John Foxall, a best friend, mentor, comedian, husband and a father to two wonderful children and grand children, a giant of man at just five foot six, will be sadly missed. A man who at the age of seventy three was still cycling from Great Barr into Birmingham virtually every day to visit the Central Library where his love of books and especially music ensured that he would return home with records and CDs. He enjoyed music, sitting for hours with his headphones on listening to everything from jazz, pop, classical and special recordings of live music. Pedantic about the amplifiers which created the sound into headphones and speakers, he tried many of the new ones, but always went back to the old valve type amplifiers where a rich sound was produced. His other passion was photography and was never without a camera, photographing the beautiful to the unusual and supplied many images, which this magazine has used.

On his usual trip to Birmingham Central library during one summer, he jumped onto a set filming an antiques show starring David “Cheap as Chips” Dickenson. Thinking this avid photographer was going to ask him to pose Dickenson readied himself but was asked to step aside so as John could take a photograph of a beautiful young lady who stood directly behind him. “Actors” never overawed John. Known by everyone on his travels he would help many who were less fortunate than himself and even in death he made sure someone would benefit by donating his organs. I was fortunate to have spent time with him on holiday where he brought an atmosphere of fun and hilarity the whole time, from the chance meeting of royalty in Spain and actresses such as Susanna York in Greece. He was a great leveller who told it how it is and not what they wanted to hear. A great conversationalist, bringing humour and making people feel at ease even though he had just met them. Bike riding was always a passion, even on holiday, and would sneak off and hire a bike and go off on his adventure. The stories are related over and over again when we all get together and the laughter certainly was uplifting. He will be remembered through the photographs and videos and with all those fantastic memories to draw on. How quickly our loved one can be snatched from us by a freak accident. A day before his seventy fourth birthday, he came off his bike only yards from home and broken his neck, an accident he has probably had countless times over the years, with scrapped elbows, knees and bruises, jumping up cursing the bike or pothole but this time there was just stillness. My Brother in Law will surely be missed.


Five people received the organs so please make sure that you have a Donor card so that you may prolong someone’s life. Bob Cooper Photograph by kind permission of the family

Ice-rink a big hit

with kids during half-term holidays HUNDREDS of local schoolchildren had been ‘getting their skates on’ during the schools half-term holidays, taking full advantage of an all-weather ice rink which had been installed at the Severn Valley Railway’s Kidderminster Town terminus station. With Birmingham having no ice rink for the last eight years and the nearest rinks at Telford and Solihull more than 30 miles away, the Kidderminster - Bridgnorth steam heritage line – one of the country’s top tourist attractions – hit on the idea of offering local schoolchildren a synthetic ice rink, under the huge glass canopy at the railway’s southern terminus in Comberton Hill, Kidderminster. The station was the perfect venue for skating – an ‘open air’ setting where people can stay dry if it rains –almost 900 people – mainly schoolchildren on half-term holiday and their parents – had taken advantage of the new temporary facility.

Elise. Because of heavy engineering work on the line at Bewdley and at Arley, our steam trains are currently running only at the northern end of the line, between Bridgnorth and Highley. “Without any trains to worry about at Kidderminster until we reopen the full line again in March, this was the perfect opportunity to open up the station for another purpose, and judging by the enthusiasm that has been shown so far, skating had gone down really well with everyone. We will certainly consider doing it again.” The Severn Valley Railway will make another big overture to its younger audience at Easter when for the first time, it will stage live appearances by Postman Pat and Jess the Cat.

Passengers will be invited to travel from Kidderminster, Bewdley or Bridgnorth to the railway’s Engine House Visitor Centre at Highley, to see and participate in ‘Postman Pat’s Special Mission’ – an adventure in which children will be invited to help Pat The idea of a skating rink for the half-term and Jess find a number of missing letters holidays was the brainchild of the Severn Valley hidden around the centre. Railway’s Catering Manager, Elise Ballard. The event runs each day from Good Explained SVR General Manager Nick Friday April 22nd, until Easter Monday Ralls: “This was a rather shrewd idea by April 25th.


Community News


Local Times

Bewdley Bugle or iWyre Forest? From the feedback, which we receive, some businesses feel that a weekly or fortnightly publication may suit their business rather than a monthly magazine. In some cases this may be true as many retail businesses have promotional offers which only last a few days or weeks. The recruitment of staff requires a faster turn round than a monthly magazine and looking at the producing of a local publication would certainly benefit the whole community. I would like to hear from residents and businesses in Bewdley and Stourport on whether they would want to participate in this exciting venture. To produce it’s very own newspaper both a printed and digital publication.

Advertising would certainly be cheaper than the Chronicle or the Shuttle and the whole community could use it to express their views about any subject. I feel we could get the local council and our parliamentary candidates to write columns so you will be able to be kept informed of what’s happening in your town. As well as Bewdley a similar newspaper would be produced for Stourport or a larger publication for the whole of the Wyre Forest area. I am open to suggestions about how we can put our regions on the map. Certainly in Bewdley we could soon have more vacant shops than those occupied which would see the death of this historic place. We have some great attractions and businesses within our area, West Midlands Safari Park and Spring Grove House, The Ramada Hotel with its fabulous Seb Coe Health centre, Severn Valley Railway to name a few so how does the town itself attract the visitors?


le Bewd

e l g u B


Perhaps we should look at surrounding towns and clone some of their ideas. Bridgnorth is very busy, as is Pershore, Upton on Severn, Tewksbury, and Malvern, just some of the towns that are marketing themselves and attracting visitors. With the roadwork’s gone, the snow and bad weather behind us and Spring now just around the corner let’s get positive and start promoting our towns. It’s not going to be easy, in fact we are still going to have the “Jeremiahs” who will say that it can’t be done, or the Council are doing nothing to help. Maybe, but why leave it to someone else, have a go at bringing back to life these great little towns. What have we got to lose?

Your Life, Your Style ‌for the life you lead

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Local Health & Beauty

Local Times

A Time of Balance The 21st March marks the spring equinox, a time when night and day are of equal length. The word equinox derives from the Latin words ‘aequus’ meaning equal and ‘nox’ meaning night. It was an occasion celebrated by the Neolithic people of the British Isles and still continues to be a useful astronomical date today. It acts as the mid-point marker of the sun’s journey from winter through to summer and has been essential in the calculation of Easter for centuries. The equinox also acts as a mid-point marker for our own lives, for it encourages us to turn our inner reflections outward into the world and put our plans and thoughts into action as the sun gathers in strength.

The equinox heralds a period of balance and harmony and is an ideal time to embark upon a new venture, whether this is by means of a hobby, improving health and well being or exploring a spiritual path. Carole Carlton is a writer, lecturer and author in ancient spirituality and complementary medicine. She runs workshops and courses at the Ramada Hotel, Bewdley, in all levels of Reiki and the history, folklore and legend behind our well loved annual festivals. She can be contacted via her website at

Hair removal specialists, Tej&Co, have their own new look! Tej’s Beauty Salon is now Tej&Co: a new name and fresh look for the same expert hair removal services. Smooth, hair free skin feels fantastic, but it is not always easy to achieve. Tejinder Ghag – the Tej in Tej&Co – has built a reputation as an expert in removing unwanted hair, founding Tej’s Beauty Salon in 2002. Now Tej’s Beauty Salon of Stourbridge has become Tej&Co, and Tej continues to solve the problem of excess hair, for both men and women. Tej&Co use hair removal methods that really work: tried, tested and – as customers testify– delivering real results. As hair removal is all that Tej&Co offer, changing the name of the business made sense. As Tej explains, “We aren’t really a beauty salon, we’re all about hair removal – and only hair removal. Over the years, I’ve learned that by focusing on that – the best methods, products and techniques – we can deliver the results our customers have been looking for.” Passionate about Results Tej is the first to admit that a passion for hair


removal may sound a little strange, but as she says,

“When you’ve seen the results that the very best methods can give - without being dramatic, it can really change lives – you want to share that.” And as Tej has gained all the necessary qualifications and refined her craft with extensive training in the most effective hair removal methods, she has shared that experience with hundreds of satisfied customers. AFTER 4 TREATMENTS I HARDLY HAD ANY HAIR ON MY LEGS. I AM REALLY PLEASED WITH THE RESULTS AND WOULD RECOMMEND IT TO ANYONE... Energist VPL - Legs

A new website is an important part of the new Tej&Co, with plenty of information about achieving that fantastic feeling of hair free skin. At, you can find out about the latest technologies like Epil-Pro, Energist Laser and the most up-to-date electrolysis methods. You can check out a detailed “Facts” section to make sure you know exactly what’s in store before you book. Or read how Tej takes waxing to the next level with fabulous products from Perron Rigot to minimise the ouch factor.

Great Partners The products Tej uses are a really important part of the hair removal process, and the ‘Co’ in Tej&Co is partly about the great partners Tej has secured. They include Perron Rigot for waxes, including non-strip wax that makes waxing even delicate areas much less painful. There is also Outback Organics, with natural tea tree enhanced by extracts from exotic Australian fruits and plants, and serums and creams from Ingrown Zone – both are available to purchase in salon. So, at Tej&Co, you’ll find a warm and professional welcome, the latest technology, the very best methods and great products waiting for you – not to mention the hair-free skin you’ve been waiting for. To celebrate their new look, Tej&Co are offering a fresh new deal with 10% off waxing – book now for your chance to share that fabulous feeling of hair free skin!

This month’s Special Offer 10% off waxing - including Hollywood and Brazilian for all new clients with this advert Energist VPL Up to 25% off Energist VPL on underarms, bikini, legs & backs. We value your custom at Tej & Co. As a gesture of our appreciation we also offer

Norton, Stourbridge West Midlands

a great loyalty scheme. Book an


appointment or free consultation now

01384 824039

email us: visit us at: follow us: Tej&Co for all the latest news and offers!

and find out more or visit us at:

Are You Tired All The Time? Do you feel fat and fed up? Are you full of aches and pains with no energy? Give yourself a really good energy boost this Spring... A Massage from an experienced ‘Bodywork or Holistic practitioner’ can put more than a spring in your step – it can help YOU to transform your whole health and well being! An experienced Masseur or Bodyworker is someone who is highly experienced and gifted. Gifted in the sense that s/he will work intuitively, sensing exactly what you need. Afterwards you’ll feel quite amazing and different. Yes different. You will feel happier, lighter and deeply relaxed. Sue MacLusky, of ‘Soothe Out Stress’ is a highly gifted Massage Practitioner. See and click on ‘Testimonials’. SPECIAL OFFER FROM SUE: £39 in March when you mention ‘Your Local Times’. For just £39 you will receive a massage or reflexology treatment which is tailored entirely for you. Sue never follows a set routine and is attuned to meet your needs. Sue is highly experienced and has trained in a wide range of therapies. She guarantees to offer you one of the best experiences you’ll ever have! Sue has trained in Sports Massage Therapy but offers a wide range of treatments and is 100% client focused. She uses hot towels (& hot stones too if you like!) and blends her own aromatherapy oils. She combines many different techniques, such as ‘hands free’ and

Thai massage strokes. Sue is dedicated Massage Therapist who has sought out the ‘Massage Masters’ in bodywork. She believes Massage is an art. Sue has honed her art and also teaches advanced bodywork techniques. “I am committed to making a difference and am passionate about the work I do” FEEL GOOD NOW – call Sue: 07810 578075

Relax and let go with Sue Call 07810 578 075 BESPOKE MASSAGE THERAPIES

• Isn’t it about time you felt great? • Would you like to relax at a deep level? • Do you want to let go of all your stresses & strains? “Once you’ve had a Massage with Sue you won’t want to go anywhere else! Unbelievable.”

Richard, Stourbridge


Sue is based in Stourbridge but works across the UK 9


Local Hair Studio

Local Times

Year of Dreams

L’Oreal Professionel’s Colour Trophy, the longest running competition of its kind, celebrated it’s 56th year of honouring Britain’s most creative hair colourists, who combine fashion inspired looks with great hairdressing. Flooded with entries it was difficult to choose the winners but hairstylists from Abacus, Bewdley stood out by demonstrating real creativity mixed with passion to become the stars of the future. To honour this prestigious award in hairdressing Abacus have been awarded a ‘Year of Dreams’ by L’Oreal Professional. As part of their dream they have achieved a life-long ambition and are currently featured in this month’s Vogue magazine (see page 352).   Allison Ford & Kim Edwards at Abacus, Bewdley (1 & 2 High St, Bewdley, DY12 2DH, 01299 402401) said, “To win 2010’s L’Oreal Professionel Colour Trophy




One serv sele ice on cted ly styl with ists 10

Award was such an amazing experience and we knew it would instantly boost our recognition. Super-glossy, healthy-looking hair with beautiful colour is our passion.” Allison and Kim explain the art behind creating perfect loose curls in this months issue of Vogue, out now!


This offer valid throughout March when you mention seeing this advert in Your Local Times magazine

Part of Abacus’ prize for winning the L’Oreal Colour Trophy 2010 was for L’Oreal Professionel to commission Nuno Du Costa to illustrate their winning look which you can see on the front cover of this month’s Your Local Times.   Allison Ford says “We are very fortunate to have such a credited artist recreate our winning look. It is a wonderful memento of our award and we are honoured to receive this exclusive prize from L’Oreal”.   Heres more about this extremely talented artist...    Nuno is a London based, self taught illustrator specialising in fashion and beauty imagery.

Nuno’s illustrations fall mainly in two categories, colour and black and white brush work but always retain their up to the minute sense of style. His illustrations are hand drawn and painted with water colours and Gouache and then scanned, retouched and painted on Photoshop. Nuno’s clients include the world famous, • VOGUE • L’OREAL Professionnel • CLINIQUE • MAX FACTOR • The Daily Telegraph • Melissa Odabash, fashion designer • Neil Moodie,International hair stylist • Zoe Irwin, International hair stylist


Local Photography


Local Times

Douglas Anderson Wedding Photographer Doug Anderson is an extremely talented local Wedding Photographer who offers a more natural, emotive style. A good photograph will evoke powerful memories. Beautiful, breath taking emotions are captured and held within a split second. Doug’s art is capturing the emotion and excitement of the day. Choosing a Wedding Photographer has to be THE most important decision as it’s the only record you’ll have of your special day.

a genuinely nice guy. I can’t recommend him highly enough.” Rachel Thompson.

Doug’s shoots are tailored to meet your needs but his style is to have fun and be relaxed. “Doug gave us exceptional shots and nothing was too much for him. He explained everything, every step of the way. A fantastic service and m. 07803 048540 t. 01562 746260 mi. e. DOUG ANDERSON – Wedding Photography – natural, unobtrusive & relaxed


“We found Doug very professional & friendly. He went through everything in detail and didn’t mind us pestering him! He captured our day perfectly and our album was beautifully put together and Doug made sure I was happy with every photo before I continued with the final album. He’s a lovely guy and I would definitely recommend him.” Donna & Richard Monga.

Or call 08456 199 038 for more information


Local Health & Beauty


Local Times

Wedding Open Day at Whitbourne Hall... Whitbourne Hall, the stunning Palladianstyle Mansion near Worcester, will be opening its doors on Sunday 17th April, for a magnificent Wedding Open Day. Guests will be invited to look around this beautiful Hall and see for themselves how it has become an impressive wedding venue, after being visited by the formidable Ruth Watson for the Channel 4 programme ‘Country House Rescue’.

Since Ruth’s visit, the residents have employed the services of Portcullis Event Management, who specialise in organising Country House weddings, and providing guests with an experienced wedding coordinator. Built in 1860 and surrounded by beautiful countryside, this impressive and romantic venue promises to be the perfect setting for your dream wedding. Tucked away amidst the Worcestershire countryside, the Hall is naturally hidden, giving you total privacy and the perfect backdrop for all your wedding photos. The Hall is now available on an exclusiveuse basis for weddings, conferences, and private functions. There are four reception rooms to choose from within the main house, with the Adam Revival Drawing Room seating up to 130 guests, and an additional dining capacity for 100 guests in the main Dining Room. Easily accessible from junction 7 of the M5, Whitbourne Hall is within an hour’s drive from Birmingham and only a short distance away from the historic towns of Worcester, Hereford and Leominster.


The Hall will be open from 11am to 3pm. For further information and to receive an invitation to the event, please telephone 01902 798118 or visit the website www.

Prom package Bronze - Dress and make up (including trial) £135 Silver - Dress, make up (including trial) and hair £150   Gold - Dress, make up (including trial) hair & jewellery £165

07884 344 755

Appointments available 82 Hagley Road, Oldswinford, Stourbridge, DY8 1QU

Treat Your Mum this Mother’s day

This package includes 4 hrs of pure relaxation:

• • • • • •

Deluxe facial Eye lash and eye brow tint Brow reshape Full body polish Deluxe Manicure Deluxe Pedicure

All this for only £70.00 that’s a saving of over £20.00 Book now with Jenny

07871 073 866



Local Health & Beauty

Local Times

Cinderella’s Secret Just step in to their spacious studio based on the outskirts of the historic town of Bewdley and find that ‘WOW’ factor as everyone does at the sight of all of the gorgeous gowns!!

you choose to do you can rest assured that Emma and Lynne will make you feel at complete ease where you can choose to browse in peace or have the opportunity to have their full undivided attention.

Flexible exclusive appointments with Emma and Lynne give you the chance to indulge in the unhurried and thoroughly enjoyable dressing-up game in a “grown up style”, the way we used to dream of when we were little girls!! With their stunning range of Sparkly, Glittery and Classic styles to suit all tastes, you can rest assured that you will find that extra special dress for any event.

Glamorous and fabulous gowns await you for every occasion; Balls, Weddings, Proms, Bridesmaids, Cruises, Race Days, Evening fact any special occasion.

It’s a wonderful place to visit to choose that dress you have been searching for in a relaxed and comfortable environment. At Cinderella’s Secret you can make choosing your dress an enjoyable experience and why not take your friends along too and have your own personal exclusive shopping party. Whatever


Helping you find the perfect dress is what Cinderella’s Secret is all about, Emma & Lynne will advise you all the way and with years of experience in dressing ladies to not only look fantastic, but also to feel fabulous, they will bring you the confidence to select the ultimate gown. With gowns ranging from size 4 - 24 they are able to offer dresses that will accommodate and flatter every shape and style. For further details contact Emma or Lynne 01299 269093 ~ 07977 574647 ~ 07798 628477


Local Health & Beauty


Local Times

My healing SHEN therapy in Bewdley

By Sue MacLusky

I believe it’s our natural state of being to be well. And as a busy Massage Therapist, I also abide by the old saying, ‘thy physician, heal thyself’. In order to be effective, I see it as my duty to heal myself. And it’s a continuing process. As a Massage practitioner, I often see the damage caused by trapped emotions. Our bodies hold on to emotions; thus during a massage you often see the body take a big yawn as it lets go of a painful stored memory. Well just recently, I’ve had quite an emotional time. The result has been a fatigue and low energy and the return of my asthma. Yes of course I have regular massage, but as a therapist myself, I believe in exploring other therapies too.

One of Bewdley’s hidden gems

So a friend recommended SHEN to me. And I was amazed to find it available locally. Now I have to say, this surely has to be one of Bewdley’s most hidden gems! Tony Bailey runs a ‘retreat sanctuary’ from the upper storey of his beautiful old


beamed house on Severnside South. Www. Tony uses a hands on healing technique to release painful stored emotions held within the body. It’s a deeply relaxing experience and one in which you remain fully clothed and warm throughout. You lie in a specially designed cradle. As I closed my eyes, my experience was that I felt as if I was being held, very safely and securely, in a specially dug out canoe!

I felt myself getting lighter

As I floated downstream I felt myself getting lighter. I found the experience deeply therapeutic. Tony Bailey has been offering SHEN for over 13 years. Like Tony, I believe our emotions have a powerful hold over us. Tony Bailey is warm and friendly, but moreover, he’s an expert at what he does. I already have more energy and my asthma has gone. I would highly recommend SHEN therapy. A doctor once said to me, “the best way to achieve inner peace is to finish off all the things you once started.” I believe SHEN does just that. Finish and let go of all that stuff. Phew what a relief! Contact Tony Bailey on 01299 – 401407 or 07801 810016 mobile. Or feel free to phone me to ask me more about massage &/or my own experience of SHEN therapy, Sue MacLusky: 07810 – 578 075

Karen Butler Health Professions Council

Registered Chiropodist

01299 871272

Reiki Training at the

Ramada Hotel Kidderminster 1st, 2nd, Master, Master/Teacher Degrees Small classes Comprehensive manual Lunch and refreshments For 2011 courses please contact

Carole Carlton

(UK Reiki Federation Teacher ) Telephone 01299 841540 19

Books We Like


Local Times

Books We Like ‘Power and the People’ by Alastair Campbell

More behind the scenes insight from former spin doctor. In this, the second volume of his diaries Power and the People he charts New Labour’s rise to power.

‘We Had It So Good’ by Linda Grant

The book follows the hopes and dreams of the Baby Boom generation through the eyes of Stephen Newman, who swaps the sunny suburbia of California for the grey skies of London before hastily deciding to start a family.

‘Snowdrops’ by A D Miller

A stunning debut from The Economist’s former Moscow correspondent – set in mid 90’s Moscow it follows Nick an English Lawyer who loses his moral bearings as his hedonistic lifestyle goes into freefall.

‘A Kind Man’ by Susan Hill

This tells the story of a young couple whose happiness is shattered following the early death of their daughter, Jeannie.


Telesales Person Required

Full or Part time

Experience in selling advertising would be an advantage Must have:

good communication skills, be enthusiastic, work to deadlines and be computer literate. Located in Bewdley you will receive training to achieve targets. Please email your CV to: or call

08456 199 038 for more details


Local Oratory


Local Times

Breathing is a Good Idea! Last month we discussed the terror many people feel when asked to speak in public. I recall the words of one lady before her first speech. They were along the lines of, “I don’t care what I say or how I say it, I just want words to come out and to be able to breathe.” Having developed some experience now in speaking, I can confirm that breathing is a good idea! In fact, in my early days, at the top of my speaking notes in big red letters I would have the word BREATHE. If you’ve never tried speaking to an audience you may wonder about the state of someone who needs a written instruction to breathe. Trust me, by the time you’ve walked to the lectern, surveyed the sea of expectant faces and worried about whether your words will come out in a straight line, the last thing on your mind is breathing. In their normal state, our lungs are around half full. This is fine in normal conversation where we are relaxed. We can fit in enough quick breaths to keep us going. But put us under pressure and we start to run out of air pretty quickly and are soon gasping. Not a great way to reassure the audience. And if you want a demonstration of this, there is a BBC Midlands Today newsreader who can


be heard gasping for breath at the end of every other sentence. So although it sounds silly to have a note saying BREATHE, it was a reminder to inflate my lungs fully before starting. Just try it now. See how you immediately feel more relaxed? Of course, there are other things we can do. Most people new to addressing an audience speak too quickly. This has two effects. The first of which is that it makes breathing more difficult. The second is that the audience may struggle to hear what is being said. The answer is to SLOW DOWN! And to pause. Often. Pauses allow us breathing space and time for the audience to reflect on what we have said. Watch and listen to Barack Obama. He uses short sentences. And pauses frequently. Try it! To practise breathing … and pausing … why not come along to one of our Stourbridge Speakers Club meetings? David Wike Communications Officer Stourbridge Speakers Club Phone 01527 835161.

Places to Be ‌for the life you lead

a t t ractions * events * sounds * theatre * cinema 23

Local Attractions


Local Times

Summer has arrived…

…for Safari Park West Midland Safari Park has declared summer and has now opened its gates to visitors every day until November. The Park, which was last year voted the ‘Best Attraction in the Midlands by Kids and Parents’ in a poll conducted by Advantage West Midlands, intends to keep the momentum going now that ‘summer’ has arrived, albeit a little early, with their “good family value” campaign which promotes 10% savings for a family of four on their normal admission prices, which also includes a free return ticket. There are further family savings in the Leisure Area on wristbands for the amusement rides. The Sea Lion Theatre at West Midland Safari Park is just one of the exhibits that is included as part of the admission charge. Chris Ireland, Head Keeper of the Discovery Trail, said, “Our Sea Lions are highly intelligent and very interesting. The Sea Lion Theatre is totally unique in the 24

Midlands and is the ideal place to learn more about these fascinating animals”. The other attractions included in the admission charge are the self-drive four- mile Safari, Seal Aquarium, Creepy Crawlies, Mark O’Shea’s Reptile World, Seaquarium, Friendly Animal/Reptile Encounters, Hippo Lakes and Safari Express train. West Midland Safari and Leisure Park will remain open daily, including Bank Holidays, up to Friday 4th November 2011. Standard admission costs £13.99 for adults, £11.99 for children. A family saver ticket costs £46.76, which admits two adults and two children and offers a 10% saving on standard admission prices. Admission costs also include a free return ticket. Amusement rides are charged extra in all cases. Further information is available from the Park’s official website Or by telephone 01299 402114.

Food for Thought ‌for the life you lead

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Local Recipe

Local Times

Saffron Recipe supplied by The Deli at Bewdley Saffron gives a distinctive aroma and flavour and a yellow colour to Spanish paella and Italian risotto and is also a classic ingredient in the French fish soup, Bouillabaisse. Crush the stigmas and soak in water before use.

To Serve

Sumac and thyme-roasted chicken with saffron jus, paprika roasted potatoes and garlic beans

Preparation method

The fruity tartness of sumac, a delicious Middle Eastern spice, works brilliantly with chicken. Try it in place of salt or lemon juice in other recipes.


For the chicken • 4 chicken supreme’s, skin on (alternatively use boneless chicken breasts) • 1 tbsp sumac, plus extra for garnish • 2 sprigs thyme, leaves only, chopped • 2 garlic cloves, crushed • 2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil • sea salt and freshly ground black pepper For the potatoes • 4 medium-sized potatoes, preferably Maris Piper, peeled and cut into 1cm/½in cubes • 1 tbsp smoked paprika • 2 tbsp olive oil For the jus • 500ml/18fl oz fresh chicken stock • pinch saffron • 125g/4½oz very cold unsalted butte, cubed


• • • •

350g/12oz French beans, trimmed 1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil 1 tbsp finely chopped flat leaf parsley sea salt and freshly ground black pepper

1. Preheat the oven to 200C/400F/Gas 6. Trim and score the chicken with a sharp knife and place in a bowl with the sumac, thyme leaves, garlic, extra virgin olive oil and salt and freshly ground black pepper. Ensure the chicken is thoroughly coated in the mixture then leave to marinate for 30 minutes (or longer if you have time). 2. For the potatoes, pat the cubes dry on kitchen paper and season with smoked paprika, salt and freshly ground black pepper. 3. Pour the olive oil into a roasting tin and heat on the hob. Add the potato cubes, coat them in the hot oil and roast in the oven for 20-25 minutes, or until crisp and golden brown. 4. Meanwhile, remove the chicken from the marinade, rub with a little oil and fry in a hot frying pan, skin-side down, for five minutes until the skin begins to crisp. 5. Remove from the pan, brush with a little of the marinade and place in a roasting dish. Preheat the grill to a high heat. Roast the chicken in the oven, skin side up, for 15 minutes then finish under the grill for a further two minutes to crisp the skin. Transfer to a warm plate to rest. 6. Meanwhile, for the jus, place the chicken stock and saffron into a small saucepan, bring to the boil and reduce by three-quarters until syrupy. Gradually whisk in the cold cubed butter until thickened. Season to taste with salt and freshly ground black pepper and keep warm until needed. 7. Bring a large pan of salted water to the boil, add the beans a cook for three minutes, or until just tender. Drain and toss with the olive oil, parsley, sea salt and freshly ground black pepper. 8. To serve, carve each piece of chicken in half, sprinkle with a little sumac and serve with the potatoes, beans and saffron jus.

Simon Cook



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Mothers day special, April 3rd traditional 2 course carvery for only £13.95

Mobile: 07545 928 686

Function room avilable for hire, suitable for Weddings, anniversaries & parties etc.

Email: Web:

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New exciting Bar snack and restuarant menu available from 1st March Limited seats only...please book early to avoid dissapointment. Tel 01905 620229.

Monday - All Steaks Half price Friday - Fish, Chips & Peas for only £6.50 Shrawley, Worcester on the B4196

Lucky 7’s Snack Wagon **** 4-star rated **** Hot snacks – Cold snacks – Chips – Tea – Coffee Where to find us in Kiddy: Howdens car park, Worcester Road Monday to Friday 8:00am till 2:30pm

Orders: 07528 798 210

The Sun & Slipper Inn Mamble, Worcs, DY14 9JL Off A456 between Clows Top and Newnham Bridge

Traditional Pub and Restaurant

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Come out from the cold…

a warm welcome awaits you at Hodgehill Garden Centre’s Coffee Shop and Deli

By Fiona Pennington

It’s warm, it’s friendly and the smell of freshly ground coffee and home made soup fills the air. Gingerella’s Coffee shop and The Deli at Hodgehill Nursery are real gems, just off the Birmingham Road and not to be missed! DELI & COFFEE SHOP DEALS FOR MARCH: Don’t miss Special Deli & Coffee shop ‘Takeaway deal’s for a fiver – yes £5 for an olive bowl, bread, cheese, meat or pate plus a hot or cold drink. Also, special “Deli Deals” for St.David’s day (March 1st) – a selection of Welsh cheeses! Also DELI DEAL - CHEESE, BISCUITS AND OLIVES for £5 Open every day except Monday.(10-4pm) Gingerella’s offers “seats, eats and treats” and along with The Deli next door it’s got

The Deli

Supplier of Quality Produce Based on a Passion for Good Food Hodgehill Nurseries, Birmingham Road, Kidderminster DY10 3NR

0777 300 4992 28

Coffee Shop

Monday: Closed Tues - Sat: 10am - 4pm Sunday: 10am - 3pm

lots to tempt you out of your car and into a nice warm environment where you can fill up your shopping basket with lots of tasty produce from The Deli. (Olives,tapas, flavoured Olive Oils for dipping, exotic cheeses, salami etc..) Both The Deli and the coffee shop offer “try before you buy” free samples on any of their goodies. And, for those times when you really can’t decide between the succulent dark chocolate cake or the deliciously moist fruit slab, the friendly staff will persuade you to do what every girl really wants to do - to have a slice of both of course! And why not? I would thoroughly recommend a stop off at Hodgehill Garden Centre’s very own coffee shop and Deli. You can’t beat delicious homemade, organic and locally sourced food. Fiona.


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Handy Hardwood Flooring Despite the many types of floor coverings available today, hardwood is still the most beautiful and the best. You can choose from many styles and colours to complement any interior. What’s more, the natural beauty of the wood brings many benefits. If you worry that hardwood floors are environmentally unsound, fear not. By choosing a hardwood floor instead of a synthetic floor covering, you are using a renewable source of energy. While the trees were growing, they would have contributed to cleaning up carbon dioxide emissions. Synthetic flooring, on the other hand, will have involved harmful factory emissions.  One of the most attractive qualities of wood, aside from appearance, is the lack of maintenance needed after installation. Modern finishes on hardwood floors mean the days of backbreaking scrubbing on hands and knees are a thing of the past. Only sweeping or vacuuming and light cleaning using specially designed products are needed. Hardwood floors, as opposed to carpets, are incapable of harbouring or collecting dust and other allergy particles. This means your family will be at less risk of allergies or allergy induced medical conditions. Several health organisations endorse wood floors for allergy-prone people. 

Additionally, hardwood floors are an excellent financial option. While good quality flooring is a bit more costly than the cheap alternative, hardwood maintains its value over time. It does not show the wear and tear that synthetic products do. This will increase your home’s value in the long run. If you don’t have any experience laying wood flooring, it is recommended that you call in the professionals. Hardwood floors expand and contract much more that laminate flooring, so you need to know where and how to account for this. However, with the right tools, including a circular saw, and a lot of research, a handy DIYer will find laying wood flooring surprisingly easy.  Once laid, wood flooring remains beautiful for many years to come if proper care is taken of it. Maintenance is low, but you need to take certain steps to keep it looking good.  The worst enemies of your hardwood floor are grit, sand and dirt. These three act like sandpaper, grinding, scraping and dulling the shiny surface. Use door mats both inside and out to help prevent the dirt being carried through the house. It is wise to remove outdoor shoes too, but that is airing on the side of caution.  Water allowed to stand on any part of your hardwood floor can cause warping and discoloration. Be sure to wipe up any spills promptly.  For any piece of furniture, apply hardwood floor pads to legs and surfaces in contact with the floor to avoid scratches. If your floor does get a bad scratch in it, you can buy colour-matched scratch filler kits.  Direct sunlight can discolor a hardwood floor. Protect your floor with voile curtains or blinds.  Pet claws and nails need to be kept well trimmed, as they can scratch wood surfaces.  Clean your hardwood floor by using a good broom, a vacuum with a special bare floor attachment or a good dust mop. 


There are showers And then there are Showerlux showers Glass shield for easy cleaning • 10 year guarantee Highest quality materials • Easy to install

Shower Cubicle & Shower Tray inc. Waste RRP £1112.77 Offer price 20% Discount


An extra 10% off with this advert Bellini glossy travertine wall tiles 600 X 300 RRP £32.83m2 Only £14.95m2 with this advert. • 01562 749800 Coppice Trading Estate, Kidderminster, DY11 7QY

Mon - Fri 7.30am - 5.00pm Saturday 8.00am - 12.00 noon 33

Feeds & Needs for Chickens Layers Pellets eds Equimix for Chickens eeds for Chickens Feeds Mixed Corn Feeds & Needs for Chickens Equimix Feeds

Layers Pellets Mixed Corn Poultry & Water Feeders Chicken House Layers Pellets Feed Advice Mixed Corn Hen Care Products

eds eds

Layers Pellets Mixed Corn Poultry Feeders Poultry&&Water Water Feeders Chicken House Chicken House Feed Advice Feed Advice Hen Care Products Hen Care Products

17 Severnside South Bewdley, Worcestershire, DY12 2DX

Poultry & Water Feeders Tel: 01299 402960 Chicken House Fax: Feed 01299 Advice 405143 Hen Care Products Opening times

Feeds & Needs for Chickens Mon-Fri 8.30am-6.30pm Equimix Feeds

Your pet deserves the best



Now available from Bewdley Pet Supplies

01299 400 832 For Kavel’s other products go to 34

LayersSaturday Pellets 9.00am-11.30am Mixed Corn Poultry & Water Feeders Chicken House Feed Advice Hen Care Products

Bewdley Pet Supplies Bewdley’s New Pet Store Family Owned Business

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Food, Supplies, Accessories

Free Local Delivery Service 27a Dog Lane, Bewdley

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Whitlenge diary March by Fran Southall Spring has sprung and the pace in the garden moves up a gear. To save lots of work later in the year it’s really worth spending time now checking your borders for developing weeds and tackling all those problem areas. If you can bear it some areas can be left fallow for a year, while you work on those pernicious weeds such as bindweed and ground elder, even organic gardeners like Alan Titchmarsh recommend a one off treatment of glysophates to clear the beds. The important thing is to read labels and follow instructions very carefully. Once the area is clear spread mulches and compost to deter and minimise weed growth, caution must be taken on where your compost comes from as this can bring in a lot weeds and ruin all your hard work.

inexpensive plants will provide a great splash of summer colour and be placed just where you need them. This does not mean you have to go out and buy a cold frame, these can be made very easily from recycled materials such as bricks, or pallets with a Perspex sheet over the top that you remove on very hot sunny days remembering to replace before night time This can also then be used for any seedlings that need hardening off.

In these times of austerity and recession there are ways of saving money in the garden too. Having limited resources can often give rise to more creativity and unique expression, making things personal rather than a mass produced elegance purchased from the large shopping chains stores. So in the spirit of make do and mend, where do we start? If you act now before the bare-root season is at its end you can half the cost of container plants. The range is wide e.g. Trees, shrubs, roses, fruits, and hedging. As soon as plants arrive open packing and soak dry roots in a bucket of water. If they can’t be planted immediately heel them into moist soil and lay on a mound of earth to support them. To increase perennial displays lift and divide the plants. This also rejuvenates old congested plants and increases the number of blooms. Prepacked perennials offer a great way to fill gaps in the flower beds on a budget. At this time of year these small bare-root plants will need potting up and growing on before planting out later in the summer. Place pots in cold frames to protect them from frosts and encourage them to grow. These

Even seed buying can be costly, sure bets and unfussy candidates are the mallows (Lavatera trimestris loveliness) they are very tough and long flowering. The opium poppy (Papaver somniferum) is an impressive annual and is a once only purchase as one plant provides enough seeds for the following years. Nasturtiums and field poppies (Papaver rhoeas) never fail and Geranium macrorrhizum will grow among rocks and scrub and is perfect ground cover that means less weeding. So let’s get creative, making our gardens are own, with our own style rather than being consumer driven clones and if garden gnomes are your thing, be brave, be daring!

Even in Shakespeare’s time English summers were tricky “Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May, And summers lease hath all too short a date” so lets be ready when and if it arrives to enjoy every minute. 36

Lickhill Road North, Stourport, DY13 8RU

01299 828988

(100 yards from Burlish Crossing)

CALOR GAS all sizes available 6Kg 13Kg 19Kg 47Kg 7Kg 15Kg


£17.50 £23.49 £28.00 £56.50 £20.00 £30.00


ournewood NURSERY


Single bag COAL - Household 10Kg - £3.10 Single bag COAL - Household 20Kg - £6.20 Single bag COAL - Smokeless 10Kg - £4.35 Single bag COAL - Smokeless 20Kg - £8.50 Three bags COAL - Smokeless 10Kg - £13.00 Five bags COAL - Household 10Kg - £14.90

LOGS single net £3.10 Compost 3x 75L Bags £10.00 5 nets £14.90 5 nets logs Huge selection of fencing at plus 5 10Kg bags of the most competitive prices Household Coal £29.90

Open 7 Days 9-6

Pet food James Wellbeloved, Royal Canin, Burns, Wagg, Bakers, Iams & many more 37

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Three Top Options for Loft Ladder Installation Loft ladder installation is by far the best way gain access to your loft. There are many ladders available that make it safe and easy to get into your loft, whether it is simply a space you use for storage or an occasional hobby room. Here are three great options for loft ladder installation: Easy Stow Aluminium Loft Ladder An easy stow aluminium loft ladder is lightweight, sturdy and durable and can be used for ceiling heights of up to 3m. The easy stow design is spring assisted too which makes it easy to lower or raise the ladder when you need to use it. It has a working load of 23 stone. Timber Loft Ladder If you prefer a classic look for your ladder then the timber sliding loft ladder is a great choice. If you opt for this model when you have your loft ladder


installation you can be assured that it will hold weights of up to 23 stone and, for extra safety, has 2 spring- assisted power arms. It can be varnished or painted to match your existing décor. Telesteps Telescopic Loft Ladder An elegant and incredibly compact loft ladder that saves you space in the loft and fits into a very small hatch opening. These ladders have 90mm treads for extra comfort and are available in several models for different ceiling heights. Manufactured in Sweden and commonly known as the “Rolls Royce” of loft ladders. Attic Access Group is a company specialising in loft ladder installation and they could help you transform your loft space. With prices starting from just £255 call 01299 823902 for a FREE loft access survey or visit


RMG Roofing Services have been serving customers in Kidderminster for over 20 years and has grown to cover the whole of Worcestershire and surrounding area.

Visit or ring Peter on

07766 727900 to discuss all your garden maintenance needs

Call us now on 07837 939382

for a free no obligation estimate 39

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Colour your home to enhance your mood Carefully applied colour in your home makes an immediate and lasting visual impact, giving off an array of moodchanging associations. Your colour scheme should complement the space and suit your personal preferences. Before you choose your colour schemes, always consider the space. Dark rooms can be brightened up with light-coloured walls, accessorised with white voile curtains and plenty of green plants. Tiny rooms look more spacious with pale, cool colours, accessorised with minimal light-coloured furniture. Boxy rooms cry out for a focal point, such as a feature wall contrasted with an attention-grabbing piece of furniture or art. By understanding the qualities of primary and secondary colours and how they work together, you’ll have a better understanding of how to apply them in your home. Primary colours are red, yellow and blue. Secondary colours are orange, green and violet. Deep, warm colours including red-violet, red, red-orange, orange, yellow-orange and yellow give a room an intimate, cosy

feel. Light, cool colours such as green, blue-green, blue and blue-violet make a room seem more spacious and elegant. Pale neutral colours also have this effect. Red: bright and bold, red suggests vitality and aggressiveness. It is a great accent colour, making cold, open rooms seem more inviting and intimate. Deep, subtle shades of red such as burgundy and maroon are perfect for living rooms. Its complementary colour is green. Green: the colour of nature, green is refreshing and pleasing to the eye. It makes dim rooms seem more vibrant by bringing a garden-like atmosphere indoors. With its varying shades, green works in just about any room. Its complementary colour is red. Yellow: stimulating, sunny and cheerful, yellow is associated with intellect, power and creative energy. Bright yellows bring warmth and light into dark rooms, and pale yellows make small rooms seem larger. It is also a great kitchen colour. Its complementary colour is violet.  Violet: strong and majestic, violet is a powerful accent colour. Pastel violets take on the mood characteristics of red or blue depending on which is more prominent in the shade. Lilac for example, takes on blue’s characteristics, while lavender takes on red’s qualities. Its complimentary colour is yellow.  Blue: most blue shades denote harmony, peace, steadfastness and loyalty. While it’s appropriate for any room, blue is an excellent bedroom colour because it makes one feel comforted and serene. It can also soften rooms that are over-bright. Its complimentary colour is orange. Orange : orange combines the energy of red with the intellectual associations of yellow. Dominant and lively, orange is a vibrant choice for bathrooms and work areas. Peachy oranges have a delicate effect, while brownish oranges such as terracotta give off warm, cosy vibes. Its complimentary colour is blue. The easiest way to colour your home is to start off with a relatively blank canvas, featuring fairly neutral shades on your more permanent fixtures and fitting such as sofas and floor coverings. These don’t have to be boring. You can use rich but neutral colours like chocolate and versatile stone. These shades work wonderfully with an accent colour running through your homes accessories. You can use your curtains, cushions, lamps, candles, blankets, rugs and pictures.


A Local family run business at Dog Lane, Bewdley DY12 2EF

Established 1989

Be inspired Be unique • Carpets • Karndean • Vinyls • Professional planners & fitters • Rugs and Runners • Excellent customer service guaranteed

TEL: Alison or Justin 01299 404014 : 07767 206433 41


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Urgent Security Update Ok folks, I daresay you were expecting the third part in The Evolution Of Music series, so please allow me to apologise before I explain the reason for this interjection. Some of you may remember a piece I did on the new Malware threats we now face, well there’s something far more sinister going around that I feel you need to be made aware of... A number of our customers have told us of their experiences with these people and having done some research of my own, I wanted to share this with you to hopefully give you the prior knowledge to deal with it in the appropriate way... It all starts with a phone call, usually from an Asian sounding individual giving a typically English name - Kevin Dawson, Adam Johnson, Jack Wills and Haydon George are a few that seem popular !! They then proceed by introducing themselves as “Microsoft” or a company acting on Microsoft’s behalf and that your ISP ( Internet Service Provider ) has contacted them about your computer as it is running slow and badly infected with viruses, which are consequently sending out infections to other computers and compromising the security on your machine. To backup their claim, they will ask you to power up your PC ( if you indeed have one in the first place !!) and access a program called “Event Viewer” which shows a list of supposed faults and errors, these are NOT unusual and every PC will show a host of “errors” - this is normal and certainly NOT indicative of an infected machine... Ultimately, they will take you through a series of screens to get you to, inadvertently, download and install a program which gives them access and control of your PC. If you have taken them on their word, you will now see the cursor moving around by itself as they manipulate and compromise your computer, very unsettling. If you ask them for the name of their company, they will quote or ( check them out for yourself ), on first impressions they LOOK very professional until you start to read the English, which in many places is poorly translated and written. They will tell you that they’re based in Cardiff 42

and the following phone numbers for return calls will be quoted - 0800 977 0035, 0203 3180526 or 0203 3180527 – all are bogus and will give you the option to choose 1 for Sales or 2 for Tech Support. Their ultimate aim is to get you to part with your hard-earned cash – usually £94.99 for a full 12 months support – BARGAIN ( NOT ) !!!! Now, if you hadn’t sussed early on in the conversation that the entire episode is suspicious, if you get to the point where logic kicks in and you start to question their authenticity, they usually get quite agitated, downright rude and verbally abusive – hardly a professional attitude I’m sure you’ll agree, certainly not what you would expect from a company representing the mighty Microsoft !! So what’s the solution ?? Here are a few suggestions to take, if you get the call... 1. 2. 3. 4.

Install Linux on your machine or buy a Mac, in that way their attempts at accessing your computer will be futile or simply TELL them you have a Mac, this will end the call immediately. Threaten to call the Police If you receive a phone call from someone claiming to be from Microsoft, don’t fall for it because Microsoft never calls anyone out of the blue. Simple – Hang up !!!!

This is a scam that’s been going around for a few years now and is operated from call centres based in Kota in Rajasthan. Apparently it’s the brain child of one man, he has provided fake documentation to a number of payment companies including Paypal and Alertpay, a Montreal-based online payment company, to set up accounts which route money to a bank account in Kota with Axis Bank. In conclusion, try not to be too polite and let’s work together to put an end to this worrying trend......... Next issue – the continuing series of how recorded music evolved from cylinder to digital in Part 3 of The Evolution Of Music, have a great month. Steve Gould

Plumbing Problems? Call Nigel on 01562 631735 • 07542 045940 Flipping Dripping? Gushing Flushing?







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TEl: 07830 352 187 25 YEARS EXPERIENCE

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For all your electrical requirements Fault Finding • New fuseboards • Outdoor lights Rewires • Additional sockets • Inspection and testing All work approved • No job too small

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LOOKING FOR A CHEAPER MOBILE TARIFF? Anthony Ruben, from the Utility Warehouse, says he can guarantee that you will save money compared to the tariff you are currently paying on your mobile service, if not Utility Warehouse will refund you Double the Difference!

Anthony can be contacted on Stourbridge 01384 831078 or 07957 856 727

Testimonial “Dear Anthony, thanks for helping us save money and for sorting us out so very promptly and efficiently.” Guy & Lynne, Stourbridge. You can check out how to save money with the Utility Warehouse via website: 44

Sick and tired of endless bills through your letterbox? Have you ever thought how good it would be to get all your services listed on one single bill? Well, there is a way you can do just that – if you take a look at what The Utilities Warehouse has on offer. By switching to them you can not only save money but also get everything on one bill. Would you like to know how you can save on your essential home utilities each time you shop at High Street Stores or buy on line? Please don’t hesitate to contact me if I can be of any help to provide a free appraisal for your residential or business utility services we provide.

Dizzy Dollys Laundrette Self Service • Service Washes Ironing Service Football Kits • Curtains etc Free Collection Delivery Whole Wyre Forest

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Natural Gas • Oil and LPG • Rayburn • Caravans • Pools

Wise men have their boilers serviced in the summer HOUSMANS, GORST HILL, ROCK NR. KIDDERMINSTER WORCS DY14 9YR Tel: 01299 266 654 Mob: 07974 449574



Rats, Mice, Moles, Ants, Fleas, Bedbugs, Cockroaches, Wasps, Squirrels, Rabbits,

Foxes, Corvids, Feral Pigeons, textile moths and all other vermin and pests dealt with.


Roofer and General Builder Fencing, Patios, Gutterings, Fascia Boards, Garden Walls etc Free Quotes Phone: 01299 266447 Mob: 07955124317

J A Daniel

Telephone 01299 878630 Mobile 07810 706600 7 DAYS A WEEK


Established 30 years 46

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Iconic Cars

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The Most Iconic Cars Of All Time

There are certain cars - not necessarily expensive sports cars or even the best, most reliable or useful cars – which we all admire. Here we count down the ten most familiar, well loved and longed for cars around…

Mini Cooper

Ever since Michael Caine uttered the immortal line ‘you’re only supposed to blow the bloody doors off,’ we’ve longed for our own super-sweet, utterly cool Mini Cooper. No other car is so recognisable or so adored by drivers here and all over the world.

Jaguar E-Type

Sensuous lines, come hither eyes and the ability to go like no other, the Jaguar E-Type is the car most men would sell their wives for. Sports Car International magazine named it the best car of the 1960s but many would argue it’s the best of all time.

VW Beetle

The re-launch of the Volkswagen Beetle in the late 1990s disappointed many a fan of the original bug which was produced from 1938 to 2003. Uncomfortable seats, a lack of speed and roaringly noisy engine are among the problems which has seen the Beetle named among the worst cars of all time. But still we love them.

Porsche 911

No Porsche manufactured since has lived up to the 911. But perhaps it’s simply because few cars can better it for driveability or design – Porsche consistently adapted the design to appeal to everyone from curve-loving 60s swingers to 1980s city boys.

Aston Martin DB9

Few new cars have captured the public imagination like the DB9, launched in 2004. Practically perfect in every way it lives up to previous DB incarnations and then some. A basic model may cost a similar


price to a three bed terrace in South Wales but you know which you’d rather…

VW Microbus

Just packing up a bag, strapping your surfboard to the roof, loading The Beach Boys in to the tape deck and chugging down to Cornwall with all of your mates. It’s every kids dream and, judging by the prices fetched by campers to this day, for many the dream doesn’t fade.

Citroen 2CV

Only less recognisable than a Mini or a Beetle, the 2CV is as French as baguettes, frogs legs and Chanel. A French village is indeed incomplete without a rusting 2CV or two. Girls love them, men tolerate them. If only because James Bond drove one in For Your Eyes Only.

Morris Minor Traveller

Once the preserve of countryside vicars and greying old ladies with fox terriers, the wood-framed Moggy Minor Traveller has, somehow, never been cooler. Whatever it is that makes us long for tweed and spotted dick has turned the Traveller from style-death to chicer-than.

Ford Escort MK1

Whilst modern Ford Escorts might be frowned upon by the chav-hating kids of the noughties the MK1 and MK2 models of the late sixties and seventies were everyman car perfection and remain a triumph of car design as far as retro-lovers and rally drivers are concerned.


If there’s one car which sums up the original boy racer it’s the MK2 GTIs which rolled off the production line from 1984. Still picked up and souped up to this day there’s just something about a white, convertible MK2 with rally lights…

Voted as the UK’s Most Loved Valeter in the UK via “Best of”

07881 922 443 Bewdley

Auto Services City & Guilds Qualified Engineers Servicing • Repairs • Welding • MOTS Valeting • Modern & Classic • Cars & Motorcycles Collection and delivery service available. Also Mobile Service

Please contact Gary on 07889 222578 or Roger on 07931 475097 Email 49

our yyour Local Times

Local Trains

Pioneers in preserving a railway heritage When we have a relaxing day out, travelling on preserved railways like the Severn Valley, few of us realise how much time and effort has been exerted in keeping our heritage alive. Never mind about the fund raising but these pioneers had to overcome the politics involved in restoring the line it used to run on every day before the Beeching cuts. Over the next twelve’s issues we will bring you the history of the Severn Valley Railway, the trains which now take you from Kidderminster to Bridgnorth and the heartache involved in restoring the carriages and the engines which pull them. Having lived in Bewdley for eight years I have travelled many times on the famous line, enjoyed the special events which have been organised which can be enjoyed by all the family, but knew little of an engine being quietly restored in Bewdley. 4150 is a G.W.R. 2‑6‑2T from Dai Woodham’s scrap yard at Barry in South Wales, where the five remaining 4100’s were surveyed and No 4150 was chosen as the most complete and in the best condition having been previously reserved by others but not purchased. In early 1973 a formal inspection by a B.R. boiler smith confirmed this choice and Dai Woodham set the price at £2,750. A committee was formed and The 4150 Fund was announced to the world on 5th March 1973 with an initial share issue of up to 5000 shares at £1 each. 50

Mr Woodham, having a habit of cutting up engines whenever trade in other areas grew slack encouraged a quick sale and with the aid of a generous private loan the full purchase price was handed over in July of that same year. Having become the proud owners of 78 tons of scrap locomotive, the Fund Committee spent each weekend dismantling valve gear and freeing rusted brakes etc. ready for the journey to the engine’s new home. During this time a team was in action raising much needed funds; some things never change. In company with No.7812 ‘Erlestoke Manor’, No 4150 left Barry in 1974 and was towed by a Class 25 diesel to the Dean Forest Railway at Parkend. The engine was left on the Marsh Branch siding but site difficulties meant that no restoration was possible. This situation remained for three years, and in 1977 the Fund Committee put to the shareholders the possibility of moving to a new home. An approach was made to the Severn Valley Railway, which proved very receptive. A ballot was held among the 4150 Fund shareholders and there was an overwhelming vote in favour of taking her to the SVR. Travelling by rail once more and after an overnight stop at Gloucester Horton Road Depot she arrived at the SVR’s Bewdley site on 19th January 1978. So if you want to follow the restoration of 4150 and how you can own part of this great engine make sure you get your copy of this great magazine by logging on to www.yourlocaltimes.

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Local Golf

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Bewdley Pines Golf Club A conversation in the clubhouse involved a member being asked about his standard of play. “Oh I am only average” his reply but is he correct? Since the early 1900s the average score for 18 holes has been around 100 and hasn’t changed .It is estimated that about 80% of players never break that score so if you shoot in the 90’s or better you are above average! In fact the dictionary describes the word par as a standard score for a hole or course that a good player should make, so maybe our friend is a better player than he has realised. The tour professionals score better than par but surprisingly their average has hardly fluctuated over the years. In 1945 the world’s top player was American Byron Nelson and his average score for each round was 68.34. In 2005 world number 1 Tiger Woods average was 69.11, quite a surprise I’m sure you’ll agree. So despite the technological advances in equipment scoring has not improved. We know for sure that driving


distance has increased, the current world number 1, Lee Westwood, averaged 295 yards last season. His improved physique and state of the art driver combining to allow him to generate 120 mph club head speed as he hits the ball. Wow! But he is certainly not the longest hitter out there. In fact way back in 1974, a massive 515 yard drive was recorded in Las Vegas on a par 4 hole measuring 450 yards. Golf courses are constantly being lengthened, tightened and greens quickened so in reality many skills are required to improve. Consider taking time to practice your short game, the easiest way to lower your score. And as for the 515 yard drive, well that player pitched back onto the green and then 3 putted for a bogey 5, an average score for such a hit don’t you think!

For more information on how to play, or improve your golf contact Mark Slater PGA Professional, Bewdley Pines Golf Club. 01299 404744.


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The Harriers With two of the biggest home games of the season fast approaching in March 2011, the folks over at Kidderminster Harriers are hoping that YOU will be staying behind them!

A huge, national media campaign led by the club’s Supporters Trust last month helped raise awareness of the tough financial position over at Aggborough Stadium, leading to a tremendous show of support from the public with a crowd of almost 3,000 for the home match with Altrincham. The team won 2-1 that day to send them all home happy and carried on their fantastic run of results which has seen them keep right up close with those chasing promotion. Indeed, at Aggborough, the promotion dream is very much alive!! In March, Harriers host two huge matches; firstly on Tuesday the 8th March they play Crawley Town who are also hotly tipped to be promoted this year, whilst on Saturday the 19th March, Darlington come to town as the run of games continues. If the huge turnout against Altrincham was anything to go by, then a big, vocal support from the terraces certainly helps keep the players motivated! Your Local Times spoke to the Harriers Press Officer, Matt Wall, and he told us: “It was fantastic to see so many people inside Aggborough for that game – it really helped the boys to have everyone so heavily behind them and it may have given them that little extra encouragement to see out the result. 54

“Obviously we want all of those people to come back! We have a really strong chance of getting ourselves into the promotion play-offs this season, so if you haven’t been down to the ground this season yet, it’s time to come and see what all the fuss is about!”


Here at Your Local Times we also have the perfect helping hand, too, in the form of two FREE match ticket vouchers which we’re giving away each month as part of a special Harriers promotion. Simply get the right answer to the question below, and the free vouchers will be heading your way – you can use these to get into Aggborough for any home League game between now and the end of the season. Good luck, and see you at the ground! The official website for the Harriers is

Q: Which team did Harriers beat 2-1 in front of a near 3,000 crowd last month? A: ALTRINCHAM B: CRAWLEY TOWN C: DARLINGTON Email your answer to: or text A, B or C to 07736 540 136 *Full terms and conditions available at the rear of your issue.

CONGRATULATIONS to Sarah Packman who was last month’s winner and tickets are on their way to you !!

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Instructions for sudoku For anyone new to Sudoku puzzles, fill in the blank spaces so that each row, each column and each 3 by 3 block contains all the numbers from 1 to 9.

The Harriers Competition Rules and Conditions No cash alternative to prize. Winner will be notified y e-mail or telephone. Two competition match vouchers will be issued to the winner, which must be exchanged in person (free of charge) for match tickets the Kidderminster Harriers’ Ticket Office, located at Aggborough Stadium, Hoo Road, Kidderminster, DY10 1NB. Any personal data will be processed in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. It will only be used for the purposes of notifying outcomes of the competition. Your information will not be shared with any organisations external to Your Local Times except for when a third prize is issuing a prize directly. If you do not wish to be informed of future events or offers please state so.


Answers to puzzles on page 67‌

Des Taylor


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The Big Fish Angler Extraordinaire

This has been the longest winter for over a decade and with it has come some pretty poor fishing to say the least; I’ve certainly had my worst winter for years! The rivers have been low, clear and cold and the still waters temperatures jumping around like a yo yo! But let’s put that to the back of our minds now for daffodils are in the garden, blackbirds are collecting nesting materials and it’s still light when you are leaving work in other words spring is here, thank the lord! All the summer species will be moving now indeed my mate Rob Hales has just phoned and after weeks of slow fishing three 30lbs carp have come out in twenty four hours plus six other 20s proof enough that fish have awoken! So after fishing probably something like 40+ springs in my time I think I might have a few good tips to help you catch a few extra fish so here are my top ten tips to catch more fish this spring! My three top tips are: 1) Its time for big carp weather that’s a 10lb fish in your local park pond or 40lb from a gravel pit so

My friend Chris Lowe with a 36lb carp caught in the period coming out of winter

my first tip is aimed at this species. Although it’s still a bit cool carp will now start to turn their noses towards more shallow water. The spring sun without wind will soon warm the shallow areas and carp will be the first to have a look. The first deeper drop offs before the shallow water is a place to have a bait at this time that way you catch fish moving into the shallower area. Try one bait popped up in the deeper water on the level of the shallow water the fish is moving into i.e. if the deeper water is 7ft and the shallows 3ft pop up a bait 4ft from the bottom in the deeper water. Very often the carp will be swimming at the depth of the shallow water even when they return to deeper water, top tip! 2) The waters will still be clear so lines in the water will have an effect on the movement of the fish. So back lead all rods but also just as important don’t put as many rods in the area as allowed. Remember one rod and one line in the right spot is better than four rods at this time of year, more rods do not catch more fish especially when fishing in one area. 3) If you’re fishing day sessions for carp in these clear waters three casts with heavy leads can kill a swim for half the session sometimes all day. This is when a bait boat if allowed is superb I remember fishing in Oxford in spring a few years ago now and before the boat could return to the bank I had a 25lb+ mirror grab the bait, would that have happened had I cast right on his head? It used to be, years ago, that carp as a summer fish but be in no doubt this period coming out of the winter can be one of the most productive times for this big fish. All your baits and products can be bought locally from SBS Baits or for more tips go to You Tube and see some amazing fish. 57



 Monday, 14th MARCH   All Saints Church, Wribbenhall, Bewdley, DY12 1DEQ   10 to 12.30p.m.   All books, Video, DVD, CD sale 5 for £1 – also jigsaws Also, every occasion cards, wrapping paper, crafts   and accessories – Some new assorted modern cards 4 for a £1   Refreshments and chat  free See you there

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Wyre Forest District Council

is warning council tax payers about a telephone scam offering discounts

The scam was highlighted to the authority by a concerned local resident.  She was telephoned by someone claiming to be from a government department.  The caller was offering a substantial discount on her Council Tax dating back several years.  No such discounts are paid. During the call the local resident was asked for private information, which she did not supply. Councillor Desmond, Cabinet Member for Resources said: “We would like to warn our residents to be on their guard for potential scams for Council Tax such as the incident earlier today.   It is highly likely that in this was an attempt to secure private information including bank account details which would have lead to a fraud. If residents receive similar calls then please end the call immediately without giving your details”   The Council is liaising with the Police in relation to this incident and if anybody has any further information or have been contacted themselves please phone the Revenues Section on 01562 732928.

Senior Sports excel at Holy Trinity International School Leadership Level 2 course. Throughout the study course students are carefully monitored, keeping track of any health or training issues that may occur.

With a number of students playing for local football club, Kidderminster Harriers Youth Team, senior sports students at Holy Trinity International School’s (HTIS) sixth form are enjoying success in both the classroom and on the sports field, thanks to the school’s inclusive approach to training and education, with sports science and sports leadership A2 courses attracting an increasing number of students utilising the practical exam component to support their studies.

gaining exam success by sixteen, two years before earlier than their contemporaries.”

HTIS Head, Mrs Pam Leek-Wright, explaining the school’s dynamic approach to sports education stated: “Sport continues to be a major draw at Holy Trinity for students looking to study a range of sports courses in our sixth form, and throughout the school, and in certain circumstances some senior students have even had the opportunity of taking sports examinations at the age of fifteen,

Through creative management of the school’s timetable, HTIS provides a firm foundation for student training. This includes driving them to and from training sessions and creating close links with their sports coaches, allowing the school to keep up to date with individual study progress. Such subjects covered are, NVQ Sports Recreation and Allied Occupations and the Kidderminster Harriers’ Activity


HTIS’s extended sports curriculum has attained county triumph, across of range of sports including football, rugby, cricket, cross country, swimming, hockey, netball and the British Schools boys and girls biathlons, with the school in preparation for an InterIES sports competition to be held in Guayaquil, Ecuador this coming May, 2011. Picture L to R: With Holy Trinity International School’s Head, Mrs Pam Leek-Wright, Aaron Thomasson 17yrs is studying History, Psychology and RS, Oliver Butler 17yrs is studying History, Geography and PE, and Paul Hurrell 17yrs is studying History, PE and Spanish. They all play for Kidderminster Harriers Youth team.

Business to Business ‌for the life you lead

r e c r u i t m ent * coaching * accounting * shopping * traders 59

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New Quarterly Magazine Your local publisher is launching a new quarterly magazine called Your Local Trader. As the title suggests it is aimed at local traders and service industries and will follow the same successful format as Your Local Times magazine. Competitive advertising is again the key to success in these depressing economic times but only being printed every three months the circulation will be much larger. It will

be delivered direct to homes in Bewdley and Stourport as well as our usual stockists in the surrounding towns and villages. This may be of help to those businesses who go round pushing leaflets through our doors. Time is money, and I am only too aware of how long it takes distribute to every home in the area, apart from the printing costs. So why advertise in a specialist magazine? It will have local traders and services contact details plus the usual features supplied by them and tips for gardening, DIY, vehicle maintenance and much much more. We know that advertising works in our magazines but targeting the consumer is key to a successful promotion. The same great quality and format as Your Local Times Magazine suggests that the reader will keep the magazine, either on the coffee table or to hand so they can reference the local traders contact details. It will also be on-line so you can view their web site, should they have one, without any hassle browsing.


If you would like to appear in this first edition please call 08456 199 038 or go on-line at for more information.

An advert this size will cost you ÂŁ75.

How’s that for value ?!

Telesales person required Full or Part time Experience in selling advertising would be an advantage. Must have good communication skills, be enthusiastic, work to deadlines and be computer literate. Located in Bewdley you will receive training to achieve targets. Please email your CV to: or call 08456199038 for more details

Bewdley Gallery

Trevor Price established Bewdley Gallery in 1980 and has a range of original paintings, limited and open edition prints all at competitive prices.

Oil Paintings Commission your own unique artwork today

Phone Colin on 01905 428 252

The Gallery also has a picture framing service with hundreds of designs to choose from and with 25 years of experience. All work carries a lifetime guarantee.

Lax Lane, Bewdley, Worcestershire DY12 2DZ 01299 400 918 61


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The Magic Bullet As unemployment increases many of us have little option but to find some way of earning money. Those who have been employed and are suddenly thrown into the benefit system, have found it is not always as the press would have us believe.

Form filling, your private life and finances scrutinized by officials and the indignity of the interviewing system when trying to find the right job turns many people to the possibility of working for themselves. At least that way you are in control of your life. Daunting. Yes. Scary. Yes but rewarding when you find something that you love doing and you can earn money doing it. Don’t be put off by bureaucracy, the “taxman”, banks that will not lend you the money and friends or family, which try to talk you out of it. Think your ideas through, make a business plan and if you enjoy the business you are about to embark in, go for it and do it. Like Richard Branson, with his books, “Losing My Virginity”, ”Screw It, Let’s Do It” and Felix Denis, “How To Get Rich” you will be surprised that some of our best entrepreneurs have suffered rejections, bad advice, banks which have been reluctant to lend them money and ridicule from those short sighted individuals who haven’t had the


guts to “have a go”. But they have endured all this and won the battle to be part of Britain’s most successful businesses. There is no Magic bullet making money is just a knack. A knack that you can acquire. So will you be running your own business or will you be still looking for that dream job? Plenty of advice is available from our advertisers so give them a call. They all started just like every other business, with a dream or an idea. Give it a go, what can you lose? As long as you don’t get into debt in the first year by borrowing money then if it doesn’t work, you can always say that you gave it a go.

Remember, you will need to promote your new venture and Your Local Publisher is here to help.



Your Local Writer

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Let Me Help You Advertise Your Business Here If YOU are reading this, then so are your potential customers!

Sue certainly makes life easy!! Running a business is difficult enough without having to find the tine to produce editorials for

I’m a fully qualified and highly experienced

magazine adverts!! Having sue to take that

journalist. With a great eye for a story I

pressure of and produce the writing for me

can make your business really stand out

has been a massive help. She captures the

by offering you a FREE editorial of your

essence of the business well, I always have

choice when you advertise with us. All you

full confidence in her work. Look forward to

need to do is phone me up and I’ll tell you

working with Sue again soon.

how I can HELP YOU ( in the same way I have helped Laura at Frox dress hire, Janet & Angela at Hodgehill Deli and Coffee shop and Kevin, the cancer survivor at ‘Simply Charming’ ...they are just a few of our many

Laura McArdle, Frox Dress Hire. DON’T DELAY CALL SUE TODAY ON 07810 – 578 075 or e-mail

delighted advertisers ).

Regular advertising in Your Local Times

“Sue wrote a feature regarding our charity

is far more effective than any other local

that helps young disabled swimmers in

advertising, simply ask any of our regular

the West Midlands. She highlighted the

advertisers – OUR ADVERTS WORK!

continuing need to raise money to allow these swimmers to realise their hopes and

Most of our adverts sell for well under

dreams. The article generated much interest

£100 – for full colour and a full design

and has opened new avenues to us to help

service – we are totally unbeatable !

us maintain our fundraising efforts”.


The Future of Accounting & Bookkeeping is on-line

Serving the LOCAL business community

• On-line bookkeeping • Year end accounts • Tax returns • VAT • Payroll • Business advice • Budgets & Cashflow Forecasting

Integrated Accounting & Bookkeeping Service Call Ken Bell

01299 402776 email


The Great Bewdley Debate


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Start A Debate on the State of Bewdley On Saturday in the Deli we had our usual subject of the day with our customers. This week it was along the lines of “Why don’t more people shop locally in small towns like Bewdley?” at least it started like this and it was interesting to see how the various conversations developed during the day. A brief synopsis of some of what was said is highlighted below... “I do try to support the local shops, but the supermarkets are so convenient and save me money.” “Its the cost of car parking, its free to park outside Tesco, Morrison’s etc.” “Towns like Bewdley and Stourport are dying no proper shops not worth stopping to shop.” “I do not go to supermarkets at all. I shop on line for the basic needs; Loo rolls, washing powder and family basics. I don’t get tempted by the endless offers on things I don’t need. I have these items delivered fortnightly and then shop in Bewdley each weekend. Why? I actually think this saves me money with the cost of fuel factored in. I enjoy the banter and interaction with the local independent shops. The quality of their produce is better and I get a personal service. They even know my name and those of my children.” “I have stopped supermarket shopping. I live on my own and do not want an offer on 2 pineapples. I just want one at a fair price and do not want to do the normal thing of throwing the free one away!” “I don’t want to see Bewdley die and so shop locally to keep these vital independents in business. It’s a cliché but unless we use them we will loose them.” “I don’t want to see Bewdley go the same way


Stourport is so I catch the bus and come to local shops I feel I can trust. Yes, I then go to the Mug House, but hey great pub!” “I think it will go full circle, I don’t want a supermarket I want good local shops. I like the walk between the farm shop the butcher and the deli. A pub in between helps! I am FED up of offers I don’t actually want, but feel I need to have!” “I shop here because I want real cheese!” “I like to know where my food comes from, if it is local FANTASTIC.” “Big question, we have become too lazy and think supermarket shopping is easier and saves money. I don’t think it does and I save money in these hard times by avoiding them. I also enjoy my local shopping experience no computer blip blip bleep.” I think there is a serious side to this, maybe more than one. Can shared ideas help others save money? Can local shops survive? What do people think of shops in Stourport and Bewdley? Why does it cost so much to park? What shops are to let why not take on a lease with your redundancy package? Who should be doing what to help? What is our town council, district council view? What do people want from their local shops? Enough here to start something? Surely. Now lets here what you have to say on any subject.

Share your thoughts with us by emailing or Phil from the deli@Bewdley


£100-£500+ per week Spare time from home

Check out Des Taylor’s video on You Tube… a documentary about his pursuit of a 40 pound Carp


Call: 0121 314 9785

(this will not affect your present job or business)

Hate cleaning cleaning your your oven? oven? Then Then call… call… Hate

Fishing Baits Factory Shop Public & Trade

email: Units 27 & 28, Meadow Mills, Dixon Street, Kidderminster, Worcestershire DY10 1HH.

Tel: +44(0)1562 754172 • Fax: +44(0)1562 754173

BRITE Professional Oven Hate cleaning your oven? Then call…

Professional Oven Cleaning Service Service Cleaning


T. 01562 01562 66532 T. 66532 T. 01562 66532 M. 07966 270348 M. 07966 07966 270348 M. 270348 E. Solutions to Puzzle Corner page 56



Your Local Times March 2011  

Your Local Times March 2011

Your Local Times March 2011  

Your Local Times March 2011