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The Coldwell Banker® brand is the North Star of the real estate industry. Guiding people to the homes of their dreams and leading affiliated agents to successful and fulfilling careers has been our calling for well over a century.

This is the real estate company that shines like no other.

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It’s a passion and pursuit we take deep pride in, creating and exceeding impeccable standards in every aspect of the real estate experience. We are a brand devoted to the service of our clients, the success of our network, and the remarkable power of home. We’re committed to creating dominant winners in every market we serve. It’s something we call the Coldwell Banker Way. In the following pages, we invite you to learn more about the Coldwell Banker Way. We believe our depth of care, our suite of production-boosting resources, and our inspiring culture make this company an extraordinary home for real estate professionals.



We are a fifth generation, full-service brokerage firm founded in 1927 specializing in residential, luxury and commercial real estate, property management, mortgage and title services. H. F. Schmidt Real Estate, as the firm was originally known, was based on the principles of honesty, integrity, and an unwavering commitment to outstanding service. Harold Schmidt’s adherence to these standards of excellence earned him the trust and confidence of his clients, building a solid foundation for what was to become one of the most respected and largest real estate brokerage firms in the Midwest.

Harold’s son, Joseph Schmidt, joined the company in 1946 and under his leadership the company experienced unparalleled growth. His sons Fred and Ken entered the company in 1962 and 1968, respectively. Today, Ken Schmidt is the CEO of the firm, Mike Schmidt is President, Tom Gray is the COO, and Steve Bell is CFO. The firm joined Coldwell Banker Corporation as a franchisee in 1983. Our Coldwell Banker franchise is the largest in the Coldwell Banker network based on the number of offices and third based on units sold. Coldwell Banker Commercial named us the number one affiliate in North America.

Our Schmidt family story.

Schmidt Family of Companies is the parent to its Coldwell Banker franchise.

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A culture of caring.

We’re proud to say that Coldwell Banker® agents and offices leave their mark on their communities in incredibly positive ways. Our charitable initiatives make it easy and rewarding to get involved and make new connections in your neighborhood. In 2019, Ken and Mike Schmidt founded the Schmidt Community Fund — a place where we can all give to those that need it so much. Our guiding philosophy is to invest in our youth, programs, and initiatives in the communities in which we all live and serve that further the lifework of the Schmidt Family and the purpose of the Schmidt Community Fund, where together, we can do more. It’s not just people who need a loving home. In 2015, we created the Homes For Dogs Project, facilitating pet adoption drives at Coldwell Banker-affiliated offices nationwide. We’re proud to have inspired the adoption of tens of thousands of pets, with Homes for Dogs Project events also serving as fantastic networking and marketing occasions for agents and St.offices.Jude Children’s Research Hospital® treats more than 8,600 kids a year and provides patient families with a home-away-from-home while they receive treatment. Coldwell Banker was honored to receive the 2021 St. Jude New Partner Campaign of the Year Award, for its efforts to help cure childhood cancer. In its first year, the CB Supports St. Jude partnership aimed to raise $250,000, a goal it met within the first six months. By October 2021, the Coldwell Banker network doubled its initial goal and donated more than $500,000 to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. CB Supports St. Jude campaign allows Coldwell Banker agents to make a donation for every home sale or purchase they complete to support the lifesaving mission of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital: Finding cures. Saving children.

Together, we can do more.

Grow your skills and business with exceptional education

After taking CBU® Learning Center courses, agents saw significant growth in their businesses — up to 60% more listings taken, 110% more closed units, and 140% higher closed sales volume — compared to the 12 month period before they took a course.1 Discover powerful in-person and virtual programs designed to help you throughout your career, covering topics like maximized productivity, negotiating skills, listing presentations, team-building, and more. Grow your skills with high-quality, results-based educational opportunities, including agent panels, guest speakers and instruction on our tools and systems. Our expo series fosters a uniquely productive learning environment and attracted more than 25,000 attendees in 2021.2 Luxury Property Specialist Certification is a powerful and elite course that provides the foundation for a successful career representing exceptional properties and an affluent clientele. It’s a remarkable opportunity to learn from top luxury specialists at the Coldwell Banker® brand and superstar agents from across the industry. Agents with Luxury Property Specialist Certification sell properties with a $200k higher sales price.3 Our agents are also set up for long-term success in real estate with Launch Pad. This instructor-led course is designed to introduce our agents to best practices and resources which can be at the core of your long term success in real estate. Launch Pad focuses on the following areas: Office Orientation, Forms, Seller and Buyer Training, Technology and Digital Media Training, Business and Marketing Plans, and much more! Mentors are available with local area expertise which will help guide you in applying what you learn to your own Arebusiness.youall in? It’s time to Launch!

1 Listings earned, units closed, and sales volume of agents who have attended CBU® compared to agents who have not 2 Internal Education Expo attendance analytics, 2021 3 Based on 2021 closed transactions reported by Coldwell Banker®. Results not guaranteed.


Achieve Maximum Productivity!

AMP! is the Coldwell Banker agent productivity training program.

The program includes live classroom instruction, self-paced modules, and online and interactive learning, all designed to turbocharge agent effectiveness through the tools and strategies that the “best of the best” use to drive ever-stronger results.

How did our agents set 10.5 appointments in 4 weeks?

Consider this: the average participant in the course successfully set four client appointments, while those who actively followed the AMP! course model set 10.5 appointments in just 4 WEEKS!

The Coldwell Banker® brand is number one in agent satisfaction with their real estate company.1 It’s the truth—the things that matter to you are the things that matter to us. Every Coldwell Banker service is the product of diligent research and incredible responsiveness to the needs of our affiliated agents and brokers. This commitment to serving our network results in impressive agent success and meaningful agent loyalty. Research has shown that agents affiliated with the Coldwell Banker brand are the least likely to switch brands.2 And there’s plenty of reasons why. Our learning resources are second to none—affiliated agents who take CBU® Learning Center courses close up to two-times more units and have up to 50% more closed sales volume than those who don’t.3 What’s more, our powerful brand presence pays dividends— Coldwell Banker properties averaged a 20.7% higher sales price in 2021 than the National Association of Realtors average sales price.4 And in countless communities across the world, Coldwell Banker yard signs command their markets and Coldwell Banker-affiliated agents lead standout careers. This is an extraordinary brand that’s empowered our network to transact $335 billion in sales volume in 2021.5

1 Coldwell Banker® / Quester® Real Estate Agent Research, February 2022. Net Promoter Score by Brand 2 Coldwell Banker/Quester Real Estate Agent Research. February 2022 3 Listings earned, units closed and sales volume of affiliated agents who have attended CBU® Learning Center compared to affiliated agents who have not 4 $444,662 (20% higher average sales price for the Coldwell Banker® network than the 2021 National Association of REALTORS® Average Sales Price of $368,400) Year-end Coldwell Banker® numbers based on Coldwell Banker financial data as of 12/31/21

The home of highly incrediblysuccessful, satisfied agents.


Join the Blue | 13 Just a few of the things Coldwell Banker® agents love about the brand: “Great referrals from other Coldwell Banker companies, great broker and company morale, great education and opportunities with online training.”

“The brand recognition and marketing makes it easier to get business because potential clients have a positive opinion and trust in the company.”

“Innovation, information, and technology that fosters our success... the tools we have are amazing.”

“I like that I always have resources at my fingertips in education, marketing, and technology. It lets you go out and sell yourself and your company with confidence.”

Empowering your success in business and in life. At Coldwell Banker® the most important part of our business is our agents and brokers. In fact, our number-one priority is helping you live an exceptional life. How do we do it? With our Focus 5. Focused on the things that drive agent success, this powerful system is the basis of our most unique and effective offerings.

BRAND Blue is daring. Blue is determined. Blue is driven to succeed. Blue is having the courage to dream big and the boldness to let nothing stand in your way.

EDUCATION Top-level proven sales training to develop dominant winners and ensure maximum productivity and effectiveness in every market we serve. TECHNOLOGY

Leveraging the latest industry trends to maintain a leading edge while providing indespensable platforms that are easy to se and deliver the ultimate competitive advantage. MARKETING World-class marketing services that communicate your value proposition and define your personal identity to generate sales opportunities and stand out, even amidst the most intense competition. PEOPLE It is the highest honor to provide the services and support needed to achieve the most abitious goals while providing a culture of success and positivity that empowers and unites.

We know that teams are here to stay — they are the direction of the future. We provide a growth plan for our aspiring agents who are interested in taking their business to the next level. Our collaborative culture supports learning and development at its very core and provides the blueprint for agents who have the desire and leadership to break into this platform.

A culture of passion, purpose, and integrity.

Join the Blue | 17 The business of building a team. Our Team Philosophy focuses on the key skills of hiring, managing and leading a team, and harnessing innate entrepreneurial skills to build and run a business. Business Planning/Coaching We will guide you through the process and help determine your needs. You will set annual, monthly, and daily goals in alignment with your vision and identify the activities needed to support your team’s financial goals. We’ll help you develop strategies to implement into your business plan. Define Your Team Team DefineStructureandEstablish Roles Buyers Agent, Showing Assistant, Listing Agent, Inside Sales Assistant Compensation/Economic Model Financial Benchmarks Best AgentsValuePracticesPropositionoftenseethemselves as just sales people rather than business owners. Shifting that mindset requires vision, goal setting, and a solid plan that focuses on the key activities that will get results.

Join the Blue | 18 teamsEmpowering with tools as strong as our brand. A team can’t run a world-class business without the proper tools. The Coldwell Banker® brand is continually adding to the arsenal of tools we provide to our teams to support their businesses. We also recognize that administrative support plays a vital role in the success of a team. We will hire and train that support and provide resources during this process. Revolutionary Innovation Contact Relationship Management Systems Premium access to an Electronic Transaction Management System Automated Property Marketing Systems Coldwell Banker Blue Matter Blog to provide unlimited content for all of your social media platforms. CB Desk provides immediate access to the most up-to-date content and tools to help you run your business smarter. CBx is visualization of big data — from arriving at the right market value to determining where potential buyers are located. Administrative Support Team policy on agency Team Recruitingagreementsandhiring assistance, including job descriptions

Say hello to a world-class technology suite.

Get to know Moxi.

Customer relationship management (CRM) software should nurture real estate sales, not just any sales. MoxiEngage was built for real estate agents, so it aligns with an agent’s workflow, leverages property data, and encourages long-term lead nurturing. Agents using MoxiEngage see 54% more business, on average.


In this day and age, if you’re not leading, you’re at a major disadvantage. That’s why at Coldwell Banker®, our finger rests firmly on the pulse of technology. We leverage the latest trends and developments to keep our agents in the lead, turning Silicon Valley tech into indispensable tools that are simple to use and understand.

MoxiWebsites is an easy-to-use website builder for your agent website that makes putting your brand’s best foot forward a simple task. It enables you to easily build a professionallooking website to help you get found, sell homes, and grow your brand.

MoxiPresent MoxiPresent is more than a top-notch CMA tool; it’s a feature-stuffed, versatile real estate presentation builder. Easy to use, MoxiPresent gives you the power to take your audience on a journey: from selling guidance and pricing consultations, creating virtual open houses, sharing neighborhood insights — endless creative opportunity! Second to none, MoxiPresent is the most widely adopted presentation tool in the industry and is proven to increase transactions for agents by 43%. Built for real estate — by real estate — MoxiPresent works.

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People begin their home search online, looking at properties and finding a real estate agent to partner with. It’s essential that you have a strong online presence that communicates your value proposition, helps you generate leads, and gain brand awareness in your market.

Start with Moxi, our all-in-one platform. We want you to be successful, and we’re giving you the tools to get you there!

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Cutting-edge tools that give us an edge. Desk is a one-of-a-kind product that combines everything you love about an intranet, news site and search engine into one easy-to-use application. It’s your virtual desk where you can access every product and program you need. Programs like Exclusive Look allow you to leverage the strength of your Coldwell Banker® network and promote your listing before it goes live on the market. Agents and teams who used Exclusive Look earned $78K more.1 Products like BrandSrv and Social Ad Engine help you automate your marketing, easily and stylishly promoting yourself and your listings with customizable videos and social assets. Tools like CBx Buyer Locator harness big data to help you price properties and profile likely buyers, leading to swift and successful sales. And CBx + Moxi Present makes it simple to give stunning multimedia presentations to new clients, while Prospect Square helps you stay in touch with your contacts with automated, customizable reports and an e-marketing center.

1 Based on average commission amount of active agents and teams with production that added a listing in Exclusive Look between January 1st, 2021 and December 31st, 2021. Results are not guaranteed.

Join the Blue | 26 Welcome to CB Desk. Welcome to CB Desk, a state-of-the-art platform with one mission: to make connecting with the Coldwell Banker brand easier than ever. CB Desk provides immediate access to the most up-to-date content and tools to help you run your business smarter and make better decisions every day. Whether you’re in the office or on the go, the Coldwell Banker world is now at your fingertips.

Listings to Leads.


Listings To Leads (L2L) is a technology that allows agents to automate their property marketing. Every tool provided in this program is designed to generate leads while your properties are marketed. L2L includes unlimited customizable single property landing pages, seller lead generation pages, home buyer/seller guides, and more. All of these are ready to go wherever you want to share them — social media, email campaigns, print marketing, you name it. Automated YouTube video creation, Craigslist posting tool, eFlyers, and short codes (text messaging) for every listing. Management System get stuck running to the office to scan a contract again! We provide premium access to an electronic transaction management system for you. This allows the paperwork associated with a multi-party real estate transaction to be completed through a proprietary online network. Whether you’re on a showing, in a closing, or on vacation, you’ll still be able to conduct business from anywhere with clients located everywhere.


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Prospect Square is built to help agents easily provide interesting and valuable content that their contacts will enjoy. The reports and campaigns in Prospect Square are automated so agents can set it and forget it, while knowing that they are staying top of mind with their sphere.

Change the game with e-marketing.

Exclusive Look Exclusive Look is an agent-to-agent in-network marketing tool that allows you to share upcoming listings, consistent with MLS rules, with the Coldwell Banker® nationwide network. Prospect Square Nurturing your sphere of influence is an important way to grow your business. Staying connected with your existing sphere and expanding your contact list leads to new opportunities and new clients. The challenge is consistently generating content that your friends and family will actually appreciate receiving.

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Your home concierge for life.

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We take great pride in delivering an exceptional experience when it comes to home and recommending exceptional service providers, which is why we have paired our trusted service provider program,, with its own app called HomeHub! Our HomeHub platform allows our brokers and agents to give their customers a truly personalized and pain-free moving experience, backed by powerful technology — and the entire system is automated! A seamless, branded experience is provided to each broker and agent with their contact information built right into HomeHub, providing them with the ability to promote this as their own custom app. With this app, you will be able to provide your client with a live concierge to help set up internet, cable, and utilities, update their address, or get a new driver’s license. They can also get a mortgage, title, and insurance from your recommendations! Additionally, they will be able to find trusted professionals for any home maintenance or projects they have over their entire real estate journey. This will be your client’s move and home assistant for life! The best part is this tool is complimentary for both you and your clients. You can provide exceptional white glove service after you close this transaction and beyond.

Testimonial Tree is the leading online reputation management company. This testimonial software makes it easy for you to collect authentic testimonials from your happy customers and automatically share the best stories online to attract new customers. Schmidt Family of Companies provides this service to our agents complimentary, as a means of empowering our professionals.

With Testimonial Tree, you decide when a testimonial request goes out to your client and which responses get posted online – automatically. Let your best clients do your marketing by posting happy reviews on their third party accounts and their social networks. This program will automatically generate social media graphics with clients’ testimonials for you to share on your social media channels. With custom surveys, you can improve operations and customer satisfaction. Gain insight into what matters most to your customers.

Join the Blue | 35 Grow your business through happy customers.

The Coldwell Banker Move Meter is a proprietary tool built to allow people to dream by comparing various data points to evaluate a move from one place to another. This is a great tool to share with your clients to inspire them to dream. It is also a great prospecting tool for potential sellers to spark their desire to list their home and make their dream move. We have developed a suite of marketing materials for you to leverage. Here are just a few ways that you can showcase the Move Meter in your marketing:

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Coldwell Banker has designed the ultimate seller experience at, where sellers can explore listings across America, get an instant estimate on their home (CB EstimateSM), compare the cost of living city by city (Move MeterSM) and learn more about our Seller’s Assurance Program. We at Schmidt Family of Companies offer additional technologies to supplement those offered by the Coldwell Banker brand.

Cole Realty Resource

Cole Realty Resource is a tool that we provide complimentary to our agents to help them send mailers, call, and/or email prospects with unlimited mailing lists, landlines, cell phones, and emails from all 50 states. Pull mailing lists, searching by address, street level, subdivision, or an entire zip code(s). Filter lists by 250+ data attributes such as year built, age of residents residing at the property, income, home value, length of residence. Search by business type (i.e., find all of the lawyers or insurance agents in your county) for commercial and business data, or find all businesses on a street or in a zip code for networking. Use Cole’s data to create custom audiences for strategic Facebook campaigns (tutorial included). Move Meter

Reach home sellers like never before.

Reach new clients and encourage prospects or current clients to utilize the Move Meter by visiting XpressDocs to deliver the Move Meter postcard. Look for the “Dream Seller Campaign” section in XpressDocs. Email message Send emails to your sphere and encourage them to run a Move Meter search to discover if their dreams are a reality. Email templates are available on MoxiEngage, InTouch, and Prospect Square.

Share Move Meter content on your social channels and ask your sphere: If they could move anywhere, where would it be and why? Download social assets and Move Meter videos from BrandSrv. mail


The Campaign Activation Guide on is available on Desk, and will teach you how to bring the campaign to life through all the supporting materials.

Social content

When choosing a real estate company, size definitely matters.

The Coldwell Banker® brand is a global network of over 100,000 agents spanning 41 countries, united by what is perhaps the strongest legacy in real estate. As an individual agent, you’ll see some serious advantages from affiliating with one of the industry’s largest names. Advantages such as global referrals, unparalleled brand recognition, advertising campaigns, and advanced tools ensure that our agents have the resources they need to maximize their business. Because when it comes to your real estate business, bigger is most certainly better.

We provide complimentaryunparalleled,support. It’s all about you.

Join the Blue | 41 We’re here to support you. You have an expansive team of support people behind you every step of the way. We provide unparalleled resources in technology, lead generation, relocation/referrals, and personalized marketing to help our agents reach their sales and revenue goals in an environment that is geared toward success. Put your energy into your clients, and let us handle your marketing! Our team of professional designers and digital marketing specialists are here to create totally custom designs for you, whether you need social media marketing graphics or ads, postcards, brochures...the options are endless! Let us help to increase your digital presence, advertise your services and listings, attract buyer and seller lead opportunities, and more! WORLD-CLASS SUPPORT IS OUR SPECIALTY President, Marketing Digital Marketing & Technologies DigitalManagerMarketing Specialists Continuous Improvement AgentRegionalSalesLuxuryMarketingCommercialPrintGraphicManagerDesignersSpecialistRealEstateSpecialistAmbassadorsManagersServiceCoordinatorsServiceCoordinators Commission Specialists Regional Presidents, Vice Presidents, and Directors In-House President,AttorneyCommercial Real Estate & Property Management Commercial Coordinators Property andServicesMortgage,ReferralRelocationSpecialistsManagementServicesCoordinatorsTitle,andInsuranceMORE!

This is how you’re viewed by the consumer digitally. Do they trust in your brand? Are they confident doing business with you? This is where you work very closely with the Marketing Group to build these assets, and where your unique selling proposition shines! 40% on Marketing

Join the Blue | 43

When we’re effective with these first two areas of focus, especially marketing listings, this is what generates lead opportunities — consumers that have expressed some type of interest in a home or learning more about what you and your brand have to offer. A lead is an unqualified consumer — you must be savvy in working these opportunities through the sales cycle to convert them to a prospect.

A large focus is on marketing listings, solds, open houses, agent videos, local market stats, etc. You are responsible for delivering this content to your Digital Marketing Specialist. 10% on Lead Opportunities

The Digital Accelerator Program is a digital marketing and brand reputation package to help increase your digital presence, advertise your services and listings, attract buyer and seller lead opportunities, and more. DAP is focused: 50% on Brand Reputation

Level up with Digital Accelerator.

Leadology When you combine the power of digital and social media with Artificial Intelligence (AI), you get Leadology — our internal lead generation division. Our targeted and rigorously tested advertising campaigns generate leads that are then nurtured by a first-of-its-kind AI software. The result is a buyer or seller who’s raised their hand and is ready to talk to one of our agents.

Referrals and Relocation Coldwell Banker is part of the Realogy Advantage Network, which is a nationwide high-performance network of more than 500 brokers and around 100,000 agents, recognized for exceptional customer service, from some of the most recognizable names in real estate. With market-leading expertise and continuous education through a dynamic certification program, Realogy Advantage Network agents sell homes faster than the national average and help clients and customers realize their true real estate advantage. Our in-house Relocation and Referral Team offers more than 70 years of Relocation experience. We offer a full complement of services for clients who are moving, whether as a result of personal choice or a job change. Over $2.5 million in commissions was paid to our agents last year through the Relocation Department. Whether you have a client moving across the state or across the country, we can help!

Join the Blue | 44

ReferralsRelocation,and the BankerColdwellway.

Coldwell Banker goes commercial.

When you partner with the brand that offers global presence and local power, you’ll rise to the forefront of your specialty, whether industrial, retail, hospitality, office, or agriculture. Our tools make the best agents even better. From lead generation to referral programs, we’re behind the scenes supporting every transaction. Our world-class website and iconic brand work nonstop to enhance your exposure. With 3 million annual page views, was built around what clients do most: search for properties and locate offices. Our Blueprint portal delivers resources to boost every aspect of your business.

The numbers are in. Nobody beats the Coldwell Banker® brand. Plenty of real estate companies talk a good game, but when the rubber meets the road, few others stack up to the bona fides at the Coldwell Banker brand. Whether it’s having over $335 billion in sales volume,1 leading the social and digital media environment, contributing to local communities and causes, or activating the power of a global network for referrals, the Coldwell Banker network has the competition’s number. Which means so do our agents.

1Year-end Coldwell Banker® numbers based on Coldwell Banker financial data as of 12/31/21.

Join the Blue | 47 1,900+ agents Across MI, OH, FL, & USVI Schmidt Family of Companies Properties using listing concierge sell 35% closer to list price - Based on Coldwell Banker Realty Listing Concierge usage data reported through May 31, 2020. Women’s Choice Award ® Winner 5 years in a row agents100,000+Across41Countries Coldwell Banker ® We Closed $335 Billion in sales volume in 2021 Coldwell Banker ® We Closed $5.52 Billion in sales volume in 2021 Schmidt Family of Companies FranchiseBankerColdwell#3 *in the world by transactionssold We are the Schmidt Family of Companies 127 Years of guiding people home. FranchiseBankerColdwell#1 *in the world by number of offices We are the Schmidt Family of Companies

Join the Blue | 49

For agents seeking to develop and enhance their luxury skillset, Coldwell Banker Global Luxury® certification is a fantastic way to open new doors. Presented by the esteemed Coldwell Banker Global Luxury Ambassadors in partnership with the Institute of Luxury Home Marketing®, the course is designed to help affiliated agents win luxury listings, market luxury properties and grow your business. Upon completion of the luxury certification course, agents can gain two esteemed designations: Luxury Property Specialist (LPS) and Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist (CLHMS). Additional luxury mentorship and prestigious speaker series are invaluable occasions to learn firsthand from some of the industry’s most successful figures. Discover the countless ways you’ll be supported by the Coldwell Banker Global Luxury® marketing program. Enjoy expansive online syndication on high-traffic websites such as The Wall Street Journal, List Hub Global, Unique Homes, Robb Report, JamesEdition, Mansion Global, MarketWatch, Penta and Barron’s.1 We create real influence through dedicated platforms like the elegant website, Homes & Estates magazine, the Curated blog and our branded content partnership with Modern Luxury—which delivered over 32 million impressions last year.2 Bespoke marketing assets and a refined identity empower agents even amidst the most intense competition. This is luxury real estate with the power of the Coldwell Banker® brand.

2 Modern Luxury Media reporting December 2021.

1 JamesEdition, Barron’s, Mansion Global and Penta display properties priced at $1M+. ListHub Global displays properties priced at $2M+.

The global standard in luxury real estate.

The “Home of the Week” video series is featured on the top-ranked Coldwell Banker® YouTube channel, posted to our Global Luxury blog, and shared with social advertising targeted specifically at high net-worth individuals.

The Global Luxury Listing Presentation is artfully designed and written to highlight the spectrum of tools, platforms, and media partners that elevate our luxury marketing to an art Representingform. the country’s most expensive homes, Coldwell Banker® Luxury Property Specialists listed two of the top five most expensive properties in the U.S.

Join the Blue | 50

Covering spectrumtheof luxury homes. Our ability to market extraordinary homes is a testament to our unending commitment to excellence. From our exclusive video series to best-in-class editorial and social media coverage, our portfolio of tools is as vast as the range of homes they help sell.

Proven results.

Our affiliated agents are a remarkable force in the arena of highend real estate, transacting over $267 million in sales volume daily in 2021. That’s an impressive 59% year-over-year growth over 2020, with over 50,000 $1M+ properties sold. We’re also proud to be a leader in the ultra-luxury space, having closed more than 340 transactions over $10 million last year.1 Data based on closed and recorded buyer and/or seller transaction sides of homes sold for $1 million or more as reported by affiliates of the U.S. Coldwell Banker franchise system for the calendar year of 2021. USD$. Total volume calculated by multiplying the number of buyer and/or seller sides by sales price.



LUXURY in Print 40,000 copies of LUXURY Magazine are directly mailed to homes with values over $500,000 throughout the markets we serve. An additional 10,000 copies are distributed at our offices in Michigan, Ohio, Florida, and U.S. Virgin Islands.

How we market luxury homes.

Join the Blue | 53

LUXURY Magazine is the flagship publication of the Schmidt Family of Companies. LUXURY is proud to publish the most distinguished properties represented by our Coldwell Banker Global Luxury brand. Coldwell Banker Global Luxury is the world leader in luxury home sales, and this publication highlights the real estate firm’s extensive portfolio of luxury homes. Digital Magazine

The digital edition of LUXURY Magazine is updated monthly to act as the current version of the magazine. Each listing includes a live link, taking the reader to the listing website for more information. We run robust social media advertising campaigns monthly to a national audience. Email Campaign The magazine is emailed monthly to a proprietary high net worth email database of over 12,000 addresses.

For ten years straight, Coldwell Banker national ads have been ranked as the most effective in the industry,2 resonating with consumers better than any other advertising in real estate.

Experience Powerful PR The Coldwell Banker brand is a newsmaker in the real estate industry and beyond, earning over 15,000 PR hits last year. In 2021, we made over 24 billion impressions and created $76 million in publicity value for our global network.3 Our leadership team and network of agents are consistently called upon by the likes of CNBC, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Cheddar, Fox Business and Yahoo Finance as the authoritative voice in real estate. We also act as on demand counsel for our network in emergency and crisis situations.

When you’re a part of the Coldwell Banker® brand, your business gets supported by the most effective marketing in real estate.

Award-winning commercials, expertly placed on cable, streaming, tentpole TV events and digital platforms, make for consumer brand recognition and influence of the highest tier. Our advertising campaigns are a rallying point for the network and a great occasion for client outreach. We make it easy to customize national campaigns to suit your local needs.

1 2021 LucidPress branding survey. 91% of survey respondents correctly identifying the brokerage’s logo. 2 ACE Metrix scores 2012-2021 3 Burrelles, Cision and Internal Brand Reporting, 2021 4 Reflects total website visits for 2021. Source: Comscore 2021 Media Trends The industry’s top advertising. Ten years running.

Beautiful Marketing Made Simple Present your business perfectly at every touchpoint with attention-grabbing marketing pieces and elegant design that’s ready to use. As part of the #1 most recognized real estate brand,1 your business benefits from the market presence and professional branding of an industry leader. And access to a library of beautiful imagery and customizable assets, the Coldwell Banker brand is the ultimate platform for building your business.

Benefit from National Advertising

Reach Home Sellers Like Never Before

With the low-inventory market, winning the listing has never been more important and more of a challenge. In this regard, our communications uniquely set up our agents for success. Our national advertising campaign, titled “Dream,” encourages homeowners to imagine the different places they could live if they capitalized on today’s home values and sold. And when they’re ready to sell, we’ve positioned the our brand as the smartest choice, thanks to our unmatched legacy of success and our enticing new experiences for home sellers. On the web, these experiences include our instant home estimate tool, CB EstimateSM, and our industry-exclusive Move MeterSM—a big data tool that compares quality of life and cost of living city-by-city to help people see the advantages of selling and moving. As the #1 most visited real estate brand online,4 these experiences are perfectly designed to funnel valuable seller leads to our agent network.

“When we increase diversity among our broker owners and focus on a culture of inclusion, brokerages will better serve groups that are traditionally underrepresented as home and property owners. The Coldwell Banker network can help build wealth and promote equal opportunity for all.”

— M. Ryan Gorman, CEO of Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC

Join the Blue | 57

Supporting diversity and inclusion

Inclusive Ownership Program

The Coldwell Banker brand has long been committed to being a leader in diversity and inclusion, not just in the real estate industry but in the world at large. We’re proud to be a company that takes action to create a more equitable society.


The Inclusive Ownership Program is designed for the important purpose of increasing the presence and power of underrepresented communities within the real estate industry. The program waives the initial franchise fee on the Main Office for people of color, women, LGBTQ+ people and veterans, and provides additional financial incentives and business support to help these entrepreneurs thrive. All of this is combined with one-on-one mentoring with our senior executives. Since its debut in 2020, we’ve welcomed to the system 23 companies through the Inclusive Ownership Program. Fair Housing for All Our affiliated agents are proud to take the Fair Housing Pledge, a commitment to providing every client, regardless of race, gender or orientation, the same level of respect and excellence. What’s more, the Coldwell Banker brand has reimagined our Fair Housing Act workbook, making it one of the most current and comprehensive guides in understanding and abiding by this legislation. Empowering Women

From our CB Women initiative to the creation of our What Moves HerSM series championing the perspectives and talent of women in real estate, the Coldwell Banker brand is deeply invested in fostering leadership and entrepreneurship opportunities for women. We’re honored to be a winner of the Women’s Choice Award® for five years in a row, a recognition designated by 9 out of 10 female customers highly recommending the brand. A Network of Belonging We’re deeply committed to our partnerships with industry associations like NAHREP, NAREB, AAREA and the LGBTQ+ Real Estate Alliance that represent and support agents from diverse backgrounds. Our Agents of Change Mastermind events are another powerful opportunity for Coldwell Banker agents to network and learn together while celebrating diversity.

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IS LOVE. At Coldwell Banker®, we are guides, mentors, educators, friends, and confidants. But most of all, we are believers in all that home stands for. As brokers of the most significant transactions in our clients’ lives, we approach our profession with the love and appreciation that only home can create. a house and a

True blue. Blue. It’s the color of first place and the color of winners. Blue is as limitless as the sky and as vast as the ocean. It’s about seeing endless possibilities where others see obstacles and embracing the future with open arms. It’s having the courage to dream big and the boldness to let nothing stand in your way. Blue is daring, determined, and driven to succeed. It’s the color of thinkers, doers, and dealmakers, 100,000 agents strong, spanning 41 countries across this big blue planet. Blue is true and blue is beautiful. That’s why blue is the official color of Coldwell Banker.®

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Success is cause for celebration.

The Generation Blue Experience® is a gathering unlike any other. Here, thousands of agents come together to share knowledge, have fun and get fired up to be the best. Whether united virtually from every corner of the globe, or brought together in the most prestigious venues of amazing cities like Los Angeles, Miami, Las Vegas, Chicago and New York, we gather to celebrate who we are and what we can become. Incredible speakers share knowledge, insight and wisdom. Informative classes teach new skills and the latest technology. Amazing social events featuring some of the world’s top entertainers let agents connect professionally as colleagues and personally as friends—many times creating friendships that last a lifetime. At the Generation Blue Experience, it’s easy to see that being part of the Coldwell Banker® brand means being part of something truly special. There’s a powerful spirit that runs through the Gen Blue community, through every agent, office, and broker. We wake up inspired. Inspired to have fun. Inspired to care. Inspired to be an indispensable part of our neighborhoods. Inspired to create something amazing for our clients and our business. Across 41 countries and more than 100,000 people, we are united by our passion, by our joy and by our desire to do great things in real estate. Every few months we pack our bags, hit the road, and bring you Innovation Exchange. When the “tour” hits your region, you’re welcomed with dozens of opportunities to dive deeper on tools you may not be familiar with, hear from top producing agents on best practices and successes, get hands-on with round table discussions, and so much more. Did we mention games, prizes, and giveaways?

It’s time to join the blue.

The Coldwell Banker brand is home to affiliated agents and brokers with drive and vision, talent and compassion. They work every day to redefine the standards of what it means to serve their clients and guide them to the homes of their dreams. They create successful and fulfilling lives for themselves and their families with the strength and support of the Coldwell Banker brand. That’s the power of the Coldwell Banker Way.

It’s our highest honor to provide our affiliated agents and brokers the resources they use to achieve their most ambitious goals. Tools and programs that grow and strengthen their businesses. A culture of success and positivity that empowers and unites. And a commitment to industry leadership that’s remained steadfast for well over a century. If you’ve found yourself inspired, energized and ready to take the next step in your career after learning all about our company, we welcome you to the Coldwell Banker brand, your new home.

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