Cold Spring School Annual Report 2021-2022

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CELEBRATING Years of Joyful Learning 0


At the beginning of the 2021/2022 school year, the trustees met for a retreat to discuss the “big picture” of Cold Spring School and to consider our priorities going forward. Lots of exciting ideas came from that retreat. We made a commitment as a school to become more connected to the Fair Haven community. Our administrative team has assisted us in making important connections this year that have helped us in that regard. We have also committed to studying tuition models and finding ways to keep our school affordable, while maintaining the quality teaching staff that makes our school special and unique. Finally, we identified the need for a capital campaign to jumpstart the school’s entry into our next forty years.

Our main priorities for that campaign can be summarized in three separate categories:

1) Creating a renovated, modern space for our oversubscribed preschool, which is the feeder for all of our other grades;

2) Making it possible for students of various diverse backgrounds to join our community, regardless of their financial circumstances;

3) Hiring professional staff who can identify students who may need learning and emotional supports, and then provide those supports to students and tools for their teachers.

While we have been looking outward in all of the ways described above, the board has also been looking inward as well. We have worked hard this year to add diversity within our ranks, to create an environment where everyone on the board feels welcome to share their thoughts and ideas, and to prioritize board education and innovation. These efforts will continue into the future, and are part of ensuring that our board is as representative and dynamic as it can be.

Jocelyn Hurwitz Board President
Cold Spring School challenges children to become selfreliant, curious, and resourceful problem solvers with the academic and social skills to engage constructively and ethically in our diverse, changing world.

It is an honor and privilege for me to lead Cold Spring School - a school that has made its mark as a small, progressive elementary school in New Haven for 40 years. Over the life of the school, we have continued to build a future generation of thinkers, doers and problem solvers. For decades, Cold Spring’s unwavering commitment to the growth and development of young children has remained the same. Designing rich, interactive, creative classroom environments that reflect the interests of children, our focus on problem solving, research, exploration, creativity and collaboration, creating space for student voice in our curriculum, and building a school community that reflects the diversity of New Haven and beyond has always been at the center of our work.

As we enter the 40th year, we continue to put our core values at the center of work, expanding our impact and strengthening our partnerships with our trustees, faculty, staff, parents, community members and friends. As part of a strategic vision to examine our strengths, opportunities and with the goal of investing in our future, we have identified the following areas of focus:

In January 2023, we will expand our campus with the opening of a new classroom/building for our preschoolers. This classroom is designed to meet the specific developmental needs of our youngest students and will allow us to expand the class size to 20 children;

It is incumbent upon us to invest in our teachers - their professional development, training, and support. While we continue to empower our teachers to be creative and innovative, and to give them autonomy to design their curriculum, we are also developing and strengthening our Associate Teacher program by creating opportunities for them to observe, learn, share and, of course, teach;

By creating a new administrative position of Equity and Inclusion Program Manager, we are committed to examining our work using the equity and inclusion lens. Woven through all areas of school life, equity work is ongoing and ever-present. From board work, to hiring, to employee policies, to academic and social/emotional learning, curriculum development and much more, as an institution, we are carefully, thoughtfully and strategically working to become more equitable in our practices, policies, teaching and decision making.

Cold Spring School has always been a leader in paving the way for progressive and innovative practices in education, and we remain steadfast in our commitment to children, teachers and families. Guided by purpose and mission, we continue to anticipate and respond to opportunities that our shifting environments present by being flexible, vigilant and strategic in our thinking and decision-making.

Lastly, I extend my deepest gratitude to the founders of our school and to our community of friends and supporters. Your vision, confidence and trust gives us the momentum to move forward with an agile, innovative spirit without losing sight of our core values and what is important for children. Always, as the world has changed around us, we have changed what we are, but never who we are and what we stand for.


With 155 children, Cold Spring’s enrollment was at its highest ever in the 2021-22 school year. 30 of those students were new to Cold Spring.

Cold Spring School is committed to creating a vital democratic society through the economic, racial and cultural diversity of the student population. In order to help create such a diverse community, Financial Aid has always been and continues to be an integral part of the Cold Spring mission. The school is committed to providing these essential dollars to families in order to make a Cold Spring educational experience accessible to more children in New Haven and the surrounding areas.


In the admissions season leading up to the 2022-23 academic year, Cold Spring School saw record interest from prospective families. At a time where so much in the world remained unpredictable, Cold Spring’s mission and educational philosophy resonated with parents who wanted to ensure that joy would be at the core of their children’s learning. Cold Spring will welcome 153 students for the 202223 academic year.

One of the most exciting pieces of the admissions season was Cold Spring School’s announcement of a new Preschool Building that would be constructed for the 2022-23 academic year. Such a building not only will better provide the space these children need to explore and grow to their fullest potential, but it also will allow Cold Spring to grow the enrollment of this popular, beloved program for 3 and 4 year olds. Cold Spring’s Preschool program is full at the expanded class size of 20 students for the 2022-23 school year.


by Cold Spring School


the student body received tuition assistance to attend Cold Spring. Financial aid awards ranged from $1,850 to $24,558 (95% of tuition)

Total Financial Aid

Financial Aid remains a core value to Cold Spring School decades after its founders started this oneof-a-kind program. While Cold Spring has always strived to provide families with the funds they need to make a Cold Spring education accessible for more children, the financial need of particular families can be extensive. In the 2022-23 academic year, Cold Spring is offering an even greater number of students the highest financial assistance possible - 95% of the school’s yearly tuition. Additionally, the Admissions Office at Cold Spring has worked to build partnerships with other external organizations that provide even more financial support for families with the greatest need so that a Cold Spring education can be a reality for them.

6 ADMISSIONS 2021-22
155 Number of
in Preschool - Grade
tuition Preschool = $16,100 Kindergarten - Sixth = $25,850 (Tuition covers all instructional materials, supplies, and field trips) $807,396
Awarded: 37% of

to all of

Cold Spring during the 2021-22 academic year. As an independent school, Cold Spring does not

any national or state funding, which means that we rely on our donors to ensure that our students and teachers have the resources they need to engage in the individualized learning that makes our school so unique. The financial support of our parents, staff, trustees, alumni/ae, friends and community partners led to dynamic professional development, class field trips, individualized student projects, schoolwide

events, and community outreach. 100% of our staff donated to the Cold Spring Fund this year!

Cold Spring Funds directly support the annual operations of the school, including academic and nonacademic programs, arts, music, financial aid, and faculty development and retention. The ongoing generosity of our community is what has kept Cold Spring School strong for 40 years!

9 FINANCIALS REPORT FUNDRAISING RESULTS Cold Spring Fund Restricted Gifts A Path to Possibility Campaign Special Events $96,383 $75,000 $92,600 $33,674 $9,159Grants Areas of Support Revenue Tuition $2,178,900 Fundraising $297,700 Other Income $256,400 Auxiliary Programs $207,600 Program $135,100 Building $ 222,400 Administrative $243,300 Salaries & Related $2,566,300 Expenses Thank you! We are so grateful
our community members who helped support



Lauri Aceto

John Akin and Mary Stevens

Katie and John Akin

Emily Anderson and Jacob Sandmann

Samuel Andoh

Eric Annes and Jennifer Edelman

Salima Aouchiche and Michel Rakotomavo

Geoffrey Attardo and Margretta Gurley

Raj Ayyagari and Uma Deshmukh

Omer Bajwa and Lisa Kinney-Bajwa

Ben Barlow

William and Megan Barnett

Laura Renee Barraclough Robby Baskin

Brian and Christine Bauereis

Margaret Beale Spencer

Dave Bechtel

Therese Bennett and Martin Hartog

Fred Benton and Rachel Hudelson

David Berkowitz and Anne Watkins

Helen & William Mazer Foundation

Sarah Berry and Roger Colten

Michael and Sarah Besenyei

Thomas Biederer and Sreeganga Chandra

Karen Binelli and Guy D’Aguanno Bridget and Alexander Blank

Noah Bloom and Alice Rosenthal

Paul Bloom

Franciela and David Boeding

Bernard and Susan Bolitzer

Debra Boltas and Hanlyn Davis

Katherine and Robert Botta

Kyle Bradley and Hannah Purdy

Judy and Doug Bradley Sabrina Braham Chevaunne Breland Rob Brereton

J Bunton and Linda Oechsle

Andreas Burgess and Sadia Shepard

Jennifer Butler

Anne and Guido Calabresi Stacey Calhoun

Robert Calhoun Meghan Calhoun

Dita Carley

Steven and Yoshiko Carney Michael Chiorazzi and Shelli Farhadian Deborah Chrisman

Sarah Clark and Gus Spohn Carrie and Kevin Clark

Autumn Cloud-Ingram and Justin Lopes Ronisha Cody

Erin Cofrancesco Aisling Colon and Jonathan Holloway Angel and Patricia Colon Alice Colonna

Diana P. Congdon Rachael Connolly and Alexander Fredericks Todd Cort and Jennifer Rosenberg

Paula Coyne Douglas and Roseline Crowley Alex and Erin Crowley

Athena Cummings Donna DaCosta Ann Dallas

Angharad Davies and David Malley

Michael Della Rocca and Christine Hayes

Michael Diaz and Jennifer Heikkila Diaz Joelen Donohue

Sophia Donovan Michael and Christa Doran Abigail and Ross Douthat Linda Drazen

Sophie and Walter Drejer Ania Drejer Teel and Randy Teel Ian Dudley and Jessica Mack Barbara Ehrlich

Ziv Eisenberg and Shiri Goren Natausha El-Dasher and Timothy Lyons Jane Ellison and Glen Palm Jean and Jon Blue

Emily Erb

Kim Garley-Erb and Christopher Erb

Eve Famutimi and Cajetan Iheka Louis Fazen and Alisha Bjerregaard United Way of Greater New Haven Laura Fernandez and Christopher Hsu

Ahriel Fernandez

David Fiellin and Lynn Sullivan Fiellin

Irene and Owen Fiss

Doreen Flanigan

Catherine Forman and Kenneth Rosenthal

Harris Foster and Lori Gregory Aleda and Anna Franz

Cheryl Franz

Kirsten Fulda and Bryan Hayes

Renuka and Shiv Gandhi

Maria Gabriella Garcia and Carlos Riollano

Yilma Gebremariam

Tamar Gendler and Zoltan Szabo

James Seward and Sarah Gersick

Wendy Gilbert and Joel Greenwood

Stephen and Mary Gleason

Joshua and Elizabeth Gleason

Liza Goldman Huertas and Stefan Mansourian Mihir Gonsai

Margaret Graustein and Sebastian Rossi

Zareena Grewal and Hamada Altalib

Sandy Grindley

Susan and Jeff Gruen Piyush and Rachelle Gupta Mary Hall

Richard and Callie Ham Nakia Hamlett

Meredith Hanrahan Boshes

Alison and Kerith Harding

Natasha Harris

Sonia Hegde and Samit Joshi Erica and Raimund Herzog

Adrienne Hicks

Margaret Higgins and Francis Saunders Cathryn Holinger

Robert and Carla Horwitz

Peter and Barbara Hunsberger Heidi Hurwitz

Jocelyn and Scott Hurwitz

Ingrid Rouco and Fernando Pastor

Charra James Sarah Jay and Jamie Atherton She’mone Jenkins and Vegas Valentine

David and Wendy Johnston

Rita Jones

Edward Jones

Sam and Jennifer Julier

Amy Kapczynski and Alice Miller

Sarah and Matthew Keaney

Ryan Kelly

James Kempton and Jennifer Myer

Donna and Scott Kern

Ivis and Theodore Kim

Joan and Stephen King Maxx Kopelman and Zev Balsen Kathryn Kozey

Julie and Ravi Krishnaswami

Polly LaBarre and Zeb Esselstyn

Annie and Ivan Ladd-Smith

Aishwarya Lakshmi Ratan and Becca Lowry

Jon Langenwalter

Stephanie LaVecchia

Nyesha and James Lazarus

Mary and Richard Lee

Michelle Lee and Jeffrey Rogers

Leslie Lemert

Deborah Levine

Elana and Robert Levine

Rennie Lieber

William and Carolyn Lieber

Georgia and Matthew Lieber

Xavier Llor and Luis Victori Cintora

William and Allyson Long

Courtney Long Marisol Lopez-Castro and Tomas Castro

James LoPresti and Tracey Rose

Veronica Lowery

Rebecca Lowry and Aishwarya Lakshmi Ratan

Lemi Luu

Jane Lynch and Hussein Fancy James and Ellen Lynch

Bronwen MacArthur and John Mangan

Timothy and Roberta Mack Wayne Maculatis

Sarah Mahurin and Matthew Mutter

Abdul-Rehman Malik and Fareena Alam

Linda Malley

Lisa and Ken Marcus

Ellen Matloff and Mike Bowler

Gale McCullough

Leanna McGrail

Gerry McGuffin

Sue and Tom McLaughlin

Domingo Medina and Maria Pinango

Robert Milstein and Andrea Seigerman Milstein Leland Milstein

Anna Moldawa-Shetty Charra Moore

Monique Moore

Melanie and Peter Mullan

Timothy Nanzer and Aileen Gariepy Jocelyn Ness

Network for Good Timothy Newhouse and Marijeta Bozovic

John Nixon and Shawna Reed


A. Miles Nogelo and Geraldine C. Nogelo

Paul North and Maria Baffi

Chris O’Connell and Nicole Davis

Melina Oliver

Kelsey and Jeremy Paff

Noah Palm and Marisa Spittal

Shyam Deval and Arati Pandit

Gregory Papuga and Adina Ness

Christina Pavlak and Mark Saltzman

Jules Petrucelli

Melinda Pettigrew

Kathryn Picanso and David Spiegel

Helen and Francis Picanso

Barbara Pierson Roy and Craig Roy

Maria Pinango and Domingo Medina

George and Deborah Platt

David Plotke and Elaine Zimmerman

Ashley and Troy Poole

Summer Poole

Beth and Andrew Poole

Tina Post and Mark Temelko

Emily and Al Powers

Deborah Price

Jedediah Purdy

Deirdre and Walter Purdy

Nishi Rampal

Carolyn and William Ramsey

Jarrod Ratcliffe and Kristen Chambrelli

Mark Ratcliffe and Jeannine Ratcliffe

Connie Razza

Nate and Amanda Roberts

John and Nancy Rogers

Steven Rome

Paulette Rosen and Michael Vollmar

Frank Rossini

Ren Rossini

Gina and Michael Rossini-Nogelo

Corey and Jae Rossman

Martha and Martin Rossman

Royalty-Downey Family

Sarah Russell and Sean McElligott

Chan and Deborah Russell

Adrienne Savage

Esther and Walter Scheps

Michael Schmitt

Lorraine and Howard Schumacher

Zak Schwartz

Penny Serafin

Abhinav and Rashu Seth

Phyllis Shetty

Jayasheel Shetty

Marcia Shia

Kelly Shoemaker

Laura Merola

Gouri and Murali Sivarajan

William and Beverly Sloat

Marc Sloat

Timothy Snyder and Marci Shore

Natasha Spencer and Carrington Ward Tirzah Spencer

Jason Spencer Tom and Martha Spittal

Mary Stanley

Sara Stanley

Elizabeth and Bruce Stanton

Tomokazu and Nozomi Sumida

John and Betty Sundstrom

Shel Swanson

Karen Thande

Njeri Thande and Jason Stanley

David Thompson and Virginia Chapman

Jennifer Tom and Philip Wong

William Torello

Franciscus van den Bosch and

Darinka Djordjevic Fortura Vancini

Christina Vanitallie Carlos and Sarah Vidal

Nicole Walters

Wesley Ward

Ryan and Marina Warsaw-Fan Bishop

John Weiser and Shoshana Zax

Mark and Liz White

John Wilhelm

Paige and Andrew Williams

Jean and Ed Williams

Terri Wilson Carman and Jim Carman

Edward and Martha Woodcock

Paul and Helen Woodcock

Emma Wormser

Andrew and Ellen Wormser

Timothy and Susan Yolen

The Yolen-Hsu Family

Karen and David Zwick

Business Sponsors

Altira Fitness / Tuff Girl Fitness

Apicella + Bunton Architects

B.W. Bishop & Sons, Inc.

Cohen and Wolf P.C. Attorneys at Law

David Thompson Architects

Fairhaven Furniture

New Haven Terminal, Inc.

Robin Companies LLC

Women’s Health Associates, LLC

We worked carefully to ensure the completeness and accuracy of this list. We apologize for any mistakes, and ask that you contact Georgia Lieber at glieber@ or (203) 787-1584 to correct any inconsistencies.

Board of Trustees

Abdul-Rehman Malik Lisa Marcus Summer Poole Sarah Russell Shel Swanson Njeri Thande, Secretary David Thompson, Vice President
263 CHAPEL STREET | NEW HAVEN, CT 06513 | (203) 787-1584 | COLDSPRINGSCHOOL.ORG Thank you.Thank you.
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