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CHRISTMAS S TARS Meet our re in and all thedeer new arrivals

Winter Issue 2021


Reintroducing wild dogs in Africa


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The race to save endangered species

THRILLS AND CHILLS! A world of winter wonders and festive fun awaits you

Up close and personal

Try our Keeper Shadowing Experiences!

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Father Christmas Come and visit Father Christmas and his elves at Clacton Shopping Village where you can let him know if you’ve been naughty or nice!











Saturdays 10am-5pm (closed 1pm-1.30pm) Sundays 11am-4pm (closed 1pm-1.30pm)


27/28 November – Clacton Lions 4/5 December – Walton and Frinton RNLI 11/12 December – Clacton RNLI 18/19 December – Clacton Lions

£5 per child: The experience includes a free wrapped gift and opportunities to take photos with Father Christmas, with 100% of proceeds donated to the RNLI and Clacton Lions.

To book your place simply scan the QR code opposite or visit GROT TO LOCATION the Clacton Shopping Unit 16 (between Card Factory and The Works), Clacton Shopping Village, CO15 4TL Village website.

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Contents 06 SHOPPING

Indulge in some retail therapy this festive season and splash out on our fantastic experiences


See our baby gelada baboon, woolly alpacas, an exciting new bird species, and our fabulous reindeer


Find out how amazing charity, Free the Bears, is helping to rescue more endangered bears than ever before


The UmPhafa Private Nature Reserve, supported by Colchester Zoo's Action for the Wild charity, has played a part in a major conservation effort to reintroduce endangered wild dogs


Don’t miss these event highlights at Colchester Zoo – from the Magic of Christmas to school holiday fun


58 MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS Treat a loved one to the ultimate present all year round with an annual Zoo Pass


Rebecca Moore, Director of Colchester Zoo, talks about our sustainability commitment



Our animal adoptions are the ideal gift and support our charity's conservation work

Head Keeper Ang Matthews chats to us about why she loves her job and her favourite animals



Find out about some of the awesome animals here at Colchester Zoo

Download the Colchester Zoo App for all you need to help navigate your way around


Check out a taste-tastic array of food, snacks and refreshments on offer at Colchester Zoo’s outlets


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Winter Issue



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Reintroducin g wild dogs in Africa

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Meet ou r and allreindeer the new arr ivals

The race to save endangered species

THRILLS AND CHILLS! A wo rld of win ter wo nde rs and fes tive fun awa its you

Up close and per sonal er Shad

Try our Keep

owing Experienc


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Cover Photograph Jamie Reeve

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We are excited to be able to bring you the second edition of our Zoo Life magazine, which is jam-packed with seasonal highlights, as we’ve picked out the best zoo stories, gift ideas and winter warmers to help see you through the cooler months and the arrival of the new year. Since our last edition, we've welcomed more exciting new arrivals over the summer, such as the birth of a baby gelada and three alpacas. We also saw the return of our festive friends, Sami, Ronnie, Hickory and Ash, our resident reindeer, which signals the return of our Christmas celebrations! Our Magic of Christmas events will be taking place in December with the chance to see our twinkling festive lights and discover the true spirit of Christmas together as a family. No matter what the weather brings this winter, we also have a range of undercover areas to keep you dry, including hand-feeding our rainbow lorikeets, visiting our Bornean orangutans in their humid habitat, and seeing our savannah species in the Kingdom of the Wild indoor areas. We have also introduced a new range of seasonal hot drinks available from our many catering outlets to help keep you warm on a crisp winter day! After another tough and challenging year, we can start to say goodbye to 2021 and look ahead to a bright and positive new year. We have many exciting new projects and developments planned for 2022, including the reopening of our newly refurbished catering outlet serving delicious wraps!

We would like to wish you a very happy Colchester Zoo Christmas and New Year from the staff and animals at Colchester Zoo and Management thank you for your continued support. www.colchesterzoo.org 05

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The Outpost GiftShop

Whether you’re picking up a special festive gift for a loved one or looking for the perfect zoo-venir after a busy day of exploring the animal kingdom, we’ve got you covered! Browse our NEW winter collection and choose from our wide variety of homeware, gifts and animal themed items.

Cuddle Up! Pick up an irresistible, cuddly toy that looks as good as it feels! No one will be able to resist the super softness of Jelly Cat and, to top it off, we stock a variety of festive styles that are sure to tickle your festive fancy.

06 www.colchesterzoo.org

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Keep your little one warm this winter with a super soft hoodie from Colchester Zoo. Our clothing is available for babies right the way through to adults. Not only will they keep you toasty on your visit, but they also make excellent stocking fillers.

Going Eco

Becoming a sustainable brand is at the heart of everything we do at Colchester Zoo, which is why we are making sure that even the products sold in our shop are as eco-friendly as possible. From our bamboo travel mug to our cuddly toys, we are continuously looking to improve our eco-footprint.

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The Outpost GiftShop

STAND OUT From bold prints to bright colours, your little monkey will love the vibrant range from Puckator. We have gorgeous rucksacks and colourful lunch boxes, perfect for school, and much more.


Burning desire

Get that festive feeling at home this Christmas with a scented Yankee Candle. We stock a range of different aromas to leave your house feeling warm and cosy.

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Cosy & stylish We have a wide selection of beautifully soft winter accessories from Black Ginger and Fashion Scarf World. The perfect gift for yourself or a loved one to keep warm this winter.

Vouch for that

Give the gift of an experience this Christmas by purchasing a Colchester Zoo voucher. Choose from an Animal Experience, Zoo Pass or monetary voucher – the purr-fect gift for any animal lover to use against a variety of products.

‘OUR BEST YET’ One of the main aspects of my role is to choose suppliers and products that fit in with the ethos and branding of Colchester Zoo. I always look to choose eco-friendly items and companies that can help us to work towards creating a more sustainable zoo and reduce our single-use items. We are constantly on the lookout for new brands that we think our shoppers would like, but also work to create new, bespoke products that are exclusive to Colchester Zoo. Our Christmas range this year is our best yet, with charming festive soft toys from Jelly Cat and luxurious gifts from Yankee Candle, both being a huge hit. Our shop is the perfect destination for all your Christmas shopping needs with a range of products available for all ages. Brooke Connelly, Retail Manager, Colchester Zoo

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Keeper Shadowing Experiences Get closer to the animals with Keeper Shadowing – the perfect experience for anyone who is passionate about a particular animal species!

Offering you the chance to enjoy a personal experience with your favourite animal from our selected shadowing species, this makes a great gift for a loved one or simply a treat for yourself. Each Keeper Shadowing Experience includes: • A private half-hour, close-up experience with your chosen animal and a member of the Animal Care Team • Full day complimentary entry to Colchester Zoo • Refreshment voucher • Souvenir gift

Price: £85 per person


Come and meet our tallest residents at the zoo. These animals truly stand head and shoulders above the rest, and you will get the chance to see how you measure up to them in this close encounter. Did you know? Giraffes are the tallest mammals in the world – their legs alone are taller than many humans, at about 6 feet high.

10 www.colchesterzoo.org

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Giant Tortoises

Step back in time and meet these prehistoric giants – one of the largest reptile species in the world. Hear about these fascinating creatures and how they move around their ‘turf’ from our experts. Did you know? The Aldabra giant tortoise is indeed a giant, with individuals reaching over 1 metre in length.

Hyenas This is no laughing matter! Colchester Zoo is one of only a tiny handful of UK zoos where you can meet spotted hyenas. You’ll meet these curious carnivores and hear about the important role they play in the wild. Did you know? During the final stages of an alpha female hyena’s pregnancy, she passes on high levels of different hormones to her pups, including Androgen, to help prepare them for life as a high-ranking hyena.

Amur Tigers

The largest of the big cat family will truly amaze you during this face-to-face encounter! This experience will take your breath away as you go behind the scenes and see these stripy felines up close. Learn more about their plight in the wild and their clever adaptations from the Animal Care Team. Did you know? Much like a human fingerprint, no two tigers have the same stripe pattern.

www.colchesterzoo.org 11

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African Lions


Scurrying around, foraging or standing on sentry duty, our cheeky meerkats will be sure to captivate you. Did you know? Meerkat clans, also known as mobs, hunt together and use designated lookouts, who rotate regularly, to keep watch. They also rely on a series of distinct calls to communicate with each other in the group.

One of the ‘mane’ attractions at the zoo, our African lions are truly majestic and will meet you with great pride in this incredible up-close experience. Did you know? Lions are the most social cat, with related females living together in prides and males forming coalitions. Please be aware that this experience is available for a limited time only.


our introduced to Come and be giants le nt ge e . Thes ‘crash’ of rhinos at th s personalities will have enormou is th d an to adore, . et you are bound rg fo r ve ne ll ter you’ or be an encoun po ve ? All rhinos ha Did you know and a g in ar he od go eyesight, but smell. great sense of

12 www.colchesterzoo.org

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Keeperfor forthe the day 2021.indd13 13 Keeper day 2021.indd

Wayside, Plains Road, Little Totham, Essex. CM9 8JF

10/ 11/ 202116:35 01:22 10/11/2021



This excitable bunch will make your encounter a day to remember. Lemurs are always on the move, leaping through their environment. Did you know? Male ring-tailed lemurs compete for females via ‘stink fights’, smearing scent on their tails and wafting the smell towards their opponent.



Come and meet our colourful troop of mandrill monkeys. This group is full of mischief and will leave a lasting impression on you after this experience. Did you know? The mandrill is not only the largest monkey in the world, but it is also one of the most distinctive. It has an extremely striking face, with a red stripe down the nose and blue flanges framing it.

Further information


Meet the waddling penguins and become part of their ‘huddle’. Their big personalities l and social dynamics wil leave you fascinated. Did you know? Penguins are monogamous and often choose to mate for life with just one partner.

14 www.colchesterzoo.org

Keeper for the day 2021.indd 14

Each experience lasts for approximately half an hour, but you will have access to Colchester Zoo from 9.30am as the zoo opens, right up until the end of the day. Don’t forget to collect your special souvenir pack from the Experience Check-In at the end of your day. Interested in booking for two? Add a second person to your experience for just an extra £60! Our Keeper Shadowing Experience is open to guests 8 years and over. During the experience, anyone aged 8-17 years must be accompanied by an adult, who will go behind the scenes with them and must accompany them throughout the rest of their visit. The supervising adult must pay admission.

Passholders SAVE up to £25!

Call the Experience Reception with a valid passholder ID to make your booking. This discount is not available online and is not valid in conjunction with any other offer. Please visit www.colchesterzoo.org for terms and conditions, and essential information before making your booking.

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01206 574488


72 Gosbecks Road, Colchester, Essex, CO2 9JS

ESCAPE THIS WINTER TO THE BEAUTIFUL WIVENHOE HOUSE HOTEL! Spend the shorter evenings lounging in our brasserie restaurant with a glass of fizz in hand, or cosy up by the fire in our welcoming lounge... Slip on your wellies, and enjoy exploring the gorgeous autumnal Essex countryside and the wonders it has to offer, all on the doorstep of our country house hotel.

WHAT’S INCLUDED Bed & Breakfast A bottle of prosecco in room on arrival One cocktail per person at the Brasserie Bar Prices from £147.00 per room

reservations@wivenhoehouse.co.uk | 01206 863666 | wivenhoehouse.co.uk/about/offers

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BABY BABOON LOVE Over the summer, we welcomed four new arrivals to our gelada troop.

Our gelada troop has grown! We are excited to announce that we welcomed the arrival of not one, but four gelada babies this summer, with three of the births taking place during September! On 20 July 2021, one of our female gelada baboons, Keecha, gave birth to the first baby of the season. The young arrival has since become more independent, learning and developing under the watchful eye of mum and dad, Akobo. Keecha was also born at Colchester Zoo in 2008 and has since become an experienced parent, welcoming four previous offspring, three of which are still living here at Colchester Zoo today.

Male gelada, Akobo, is seven years old and arrived at Colchester Zoo in July 2020 from Howlett’s Wild Animal Park to become the new breeding male of the group. Since arriving at Colchester Zoo, Akobo has sired a total of four offspring. This is his first time siring young and he is proving to be a great dad. During September, we saw the birth of three more babies, with the first being born on the 16th to mum, Thandi. She is an experienced parent having already given birth to five offspring, including female gelada, Mucha, and is also a grandmother within the troop.

On 24 September, Adana gave birth, followed by Mucha who gave birth the next day. Adana and Mucha are both first-time mums and have taken to their new role well. Adana is also the daughter of Keecha, making Keecha a grandmother! All of our new arrivals are continuing to grow healthily and can be seen exploring their new surroundings together. They are yet to be sexed and named by our animal care team, but have settled in well within the troop.

16 www.colchesterzoo.org

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CHRISTMAS STARS Welcome back to our festive friends! it’s that time of year when we see the return of our favourite Christmas buddies… our reindeer!

The fabulous quartet can be seen exclusively at Colchester Zoo in their reindeer stable during our Magic of Christmas event dates. Introducing two brothers, Sami and Ronnie, and our other two males, Ash and Hickory...

Meet Ash

Meet Sami

Birthday: 21 April 2013 Arrived from: Wild Place Project, Bristol in March 2018

Birthday: 19 May 2013 Arrived from: Five Sisters Zoo, Scotland in January 2014 along with his brother, Ronnie

Ash’s favourite snack is carrots, but he dislikes his antlers being touched

There is no defined breeding season for this species, but in the wild a birth peak has been noted during the rainy season, with females usually giving birth to a single infant. Unlike their name suggests, gelada baboons are in fact not baboons at all, but a separate species of monkey. Gelada baboons are listed as ‘Least Concern’ on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, however, their population is decreasing so it is great news that our group continues to successfully breed. Our gelada troop can be seen at Gelada Plateau – stop by and see if you can spot the latest additions to the troop!

Sami loves apples and hanging out in the rain

Meet Hickory

Meet Ronnie

Hickory loves parsnips, but prefers it when his antlers aren’t touched

Ronnie’s favourite food is swede, he is a friendly reindeer but isn’t fond of windy days

Birthday: 15 April 2013 Arrived from: Wild Place Project, Bristol in March 2018

Birthday: 21 May 2012 Arrived from: Five Sisters Zoo in Scotland in January 2014

The most striking feature of all four of our reindeer is their long, sweeping antlers that re-grow each year!

? w o n uk o y id


They also have coats which are made from a thick underlayer and overcoat of stiff woolly hair – this helps to protect them against the cold winter weather. The name ‘reindeer’ is from the old Norse word ‘hreinn’, meaning deer, and has nothing to do with the reins of a sled. When it is dark and snowy, it can be hard to keep track of everyone around you, so reindeer use sound to find their herd. Tendons slip over the bones in their feet as they walk, producing a clicking sound, which helps them to stay together!

www.colchesterzoo.org 17

Cz News Winter 2021.indd 17

10/11/2021 16:38


WOOLLY TRIO Have you seen our new familiar friends? On 1 September, we welcomed the arrival of not one, but three alpacas at Colchester Zoo from a local farm in Essex. Our three new arrivals include two females and a male cria (young alpaca). Introducing Laila, Louise and Joey, who can be seen at Southern Wild, located at Familiar Friends. Here you can see a number of domesticated animals and have the chance to hand-feed our goats and sheep at Colenso Village! Laila is the eldest of our new alpaca family, born on 21 July 2015, followed by Louise who was born on 18 September 2017, and finally our youngest and only male, Joey, born on 10 August 2021.

Alpacas are relatives of the camel, so have the same haughty expression and are smaller than llamas which they are often mistaken for.

? Did you know

Unlike llamas, they were not bred to be carriers; instead, it is their fibre that is used for making knitted and woven items, similar to wool. Our alpacas are a domestic species so they are not listed on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

18 www.colchesterzoo.org

Cz News Winter 2021.indd 18

Spot if you can see them on your next visit to Colchester Zoo!

10/11/2021 16:38



Located near to the city of Chelmsford, Writtle University College offers a range of industry focused apprenticeships, college, degree and postgraduate courses in the subject areas of: • Animal Welfare and Conservation • Animal Science • Animal Management • Veterinary Nursing • Animal Care and Welfare

Putting science into practice




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01728 746238 framlinghammotorhomehire.co.uk

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We are excited to announce the arrival of a new species at Colchester Zoo! Abby and Wiz are two female crested wood partridges who arrived from The Living Rainforest in Newbury and have since joined our family of Victoria crowned pigeons to become part of our mixed species exhibit at Feathers of the Forest. See if you can spot these new arrivals alongside their neighbours at Feathers of the Forest!


In the wild, crested wood partridges mate for life. During the breeding season, they can be seen building large domed nests by throwing plant material over their backs, partially covering themselves. The female is completely hidden when inside the nest and can lay from five to six white eggs in the open space within.

? Did you know

Crested wood partridges are classed as ‘Near Threatened’ on the IUCN Red List of Threatened species. Male crested wood partridges are bluish-black in colour with a maroon chest while females are olive green.

20 www.colchesterzoo.org

Cz News Winter 2021.indd 20

10/11/2021 16:38


IGNITING WONDER. From Nursery to GCSEs To book a visit please contact admissions@holmwood.house

Cz News Winter 2021.indd 21

10/11/2021 16:39


EAR BNECESSITIES As the Covid pandemic causes economic hardship across the world, charity Free the Bears fears desperate people are turning to the forest for income after it rescued more endangered bears than ever before.

22 www.colchesterzoo.org

Bears 2021.indd 22

10/11/2021 16:59


It’s a deeply disturbing sight that Free the Bears has come to encounter repeatedly during its 26 years of vital work. Endangered bears inhumanely tethered or caged, many probably mutilated for the extraction of bile from their gall bladders to be used for medicinal purposes. In a disturbing trend over the course of the summer, the charity, which aims to protect, preserve and enrich the lives of bears throughout the world, saw an unprecedented increase in the need for its intervention. Since June 2021, Free the Bears, which is supported by Colchester Zoo’s Action for the Wild charity, has rescued 11 moon bears, including nine cubs. It was the highest

number of baby bears rescued by the charity over such a short period of time since it was established. The significant increase, it believes, could be another devastating consequence of the Covid pandemic as more impoverished people turn to the forest to make up for lost income. Free the Bears has also learnt of other bears being advertised for sale illegally on social media and is trying to track them down before they disappear into the wildlife trade. While the 11 moon bears have been rescued in two countries – Cambodia and Laos – Free the Bears is working tirelessly to rescue four more of the species from a third country,

Vietnam. Here, the moon bears have been caged for more than 16 years, probably mutilated to extract bile from their gall bladders. They are the last four caged bears in Long An province, so rescuing them will bring the charity one step closer to ending bear bile farming in Vietnam forever.

www.colchesterzoo.org 23

Bears 2021.indd 23

10/11/2021 16:59


Sadly, the Covid outbreak in the country has been getting worse with a strict lockdown currently preventing Free the Bears from rescuing ‘The Long An 4’, as they have become known. However, the organisation has pledged to go to their aid as soon as they can. Once rescued, the bears will spend at least a month in quarantine at a bear rescue centre. These old bears appear to be in poor health and will likely require extensive vet care. Eventually, they will hopefully move to a bear sanctuary and enjoy their twilight years in a large forest enclosure with trees, climbing platforms, swimming pools, caves and hammocks, as well as being provided with a healthy diet and enrichment to stimulate their complex minds.

Free the Bears has worked with the Cambodian Forestry Administration to provide a safe sanctuary for bears rescued from the illegal wildlife trade in Cambodia since 1997. Today, the Cambodian Bear Sanctuary is the world’s biggest sanctuary for sun bears, home to rescued bears housed in world-class forest enclosures. Additionally, many sun bears have been sent to join cooperative breeding programmes in Australasia and Europe, including Colchester Zoo’s own pair of sun bears, Srey Ya and Jo-Jo. Free the Bears has also been active in Laos since 2003, using a range of strategies to ensure that bears are protected and survive for future generations. In particular, it has been working with the Luang Prabang Provincial Agriculture and Forestry Office to provide a safe sanctuary for rescued bears.

24 www.colchesterzoo.org

Bears 2021.indd 24

10/11/2021 16:59







£50 OFF









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COVID-19: At Theatretrain we take the safety of our young pupils and their families seriously and will continue to follow government advice as appropriate to reduce transmission.

Patrons Sir Derek Jacobi KBE - Catherine Tate - Lucy Davis - Alfred Molina

Bears 2021.indd 25

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11/11/2021 10:13


Free the Bears aims to: • Create and support world-class bear sanctuaries managed to the highest level of welfare

• Develop alternative sustainable livelihood programmes for the community to prevent impoverished families from exploiting bears for profit • Strengthen wildlife law enforcement efforts through advocacy and training • Protect wild bear populations through community-led efforts and increased understanding of wild bear populations • Build the capacity of local partners and staff Rescuing 15 bears across three countries places massive pressure on Free the Bears.

Latest rescue missions

• Cambodia Rescue #212, 19 June: female moon bear caged for 12 years • Laos Rescue #94, 22 June: young female moon bear rescued from a tiny cage behind a restaurant, appearing stunted with tiny legs, probably from being starved of nutrition as a cub • Laos Rescues #95 and #96, 2 July: brother and sister, approximately 5 months old • Cambodia Rescues #213 and #214, 10 July: orphaned female moon bears, 8 months old, both missing front right paw from wire snare traps • Laos Rescue #97, 30 July: orphaned female moon bears, 4 months old • Laos Rescue #98 and #99, 8 August: orphaned male moon bear brothers, 5 months old

Action for the Wild has supported this important project since 2011.

• Laos Rescue #100, 12 August: orphaned male moon bear, 18 months old

Please consider donating today to help us support them: www.colchesterzoo.org

• Laos Rescue #101, 31 August: orphaned male moon bear, 4 months old Futher updates to these stories since publishing can be found on the Free the Bears website www.freethebears.org

26 www.colchesterzoo.org

Bears 2021.indd 26

10/11/2021 17:00


2021 11 Colchester Zoo GENERAL.qxp_133mm h x 93mm w 01/11/2021 16:32 Page 1

KD Theatre Productions Ltd




proudly supported by


22 – 29 DECEMBER 2021 www.saffronhall.com | 0845 548 7650 (7p per minute plus access charge)

Bears 2021.indd 27

Hidden treasure for all to enjoy...

A warm welcome and fantastic views await you. Family and dog-friendly. Locally-sourced food served all day. t 01394 383555

w www.uffordpark.co.uk

Yarmouth Road, Melton, Woodbridge, Suffolk IP12 1QW

10/11/2021 17:39


Mission Malawi The UmPhafa Private Nature Reserve, supported by Colchester Zoo’s Action for the Wild charity, is proud to have played a part in a major conservation effort to reintroduce endangered wild dogs to Malawi.

28 www.colchesterzoo.org

Wild Dogs 2021.indd 28

11/11/2021 10:06


On 27 July 2021, 14 African wild dogs (Lycaon pictus) were translocated successfully from South Africa and Mozambique to Liwonde National Park and Majete Wildlife Reserve, in an historic project to reintroduce this endangered species to Malawi. The Liwonde pack – three sisters from Somkhanda Community Game Reserve, born in 2019, and five males from Maremani Nature Reserve – were successfully bonded at the UmPhafa Private Nature Reserve before their journey to Malawi. Before arriving at UmPhafa, the males had dispersed from their natal pack and, in the space of 10 days, covered 600km, including a trip into Zimbabwe in search of females. This earned them the name of the ‘cross border pack’.

www.colchesterzoo.org 29

Wild Dogs 2021.indd 29

11/11/2021 10:06


The males and females bonded on UmPhafa over a period of three months, and then began a 27-hour transcontinental journey to Malawi. The 14 dogs from the new Liwonde and Majete packs were flown in a single aircraft from Mozambique’s Massingir Airport to Blantyre in Malawi. They were put into a boma enclosure, allowing them to adjust to the new conditions before being fully released into the wider park area. Each pack has been fitted with a mix of satellite and radio collars to facilitate the continual monitoring of their location and habitat use, and ensure their long-term protection in the parks. Bonding went incredibly well at UmPhafa and the alpha female left pregnant. Since their release, the female has given birth and been spotted with a litter of cubs. The team at UmPhafa and Colchester Zoo’s Action for the Wild are incredibly proud to have played a vital role in this conservation initiative. Futher updates to these stories since publishing can be found on the UmPhafa social media pages.

Wild dogs are the second most endangered carnivore in Africa (after the Ethiopian wolf) and the most endangered in South Africa. With only 6,600 individuals, or just 700 breeding pairs, estimated to be left on the continent, collective conservation efforts are crucial to enabling the African wild dog population to grow and thrive.

? Did you know

30 www.colchesterzoo.org

Wild Dogs 2021.indd 30

11/11/2021 10:06


THE PERFECT SUFFOLK ESCAPE THIS FESTIVE SEASON Join us at The Great House, a beautiful medieval restaurant with rooms, located at the heart of Suffolk in the town of lovely Lavenham.

Christmas is more than a day in December, it’s all the things we love to remember. From festive food and twinkling lights, Christmas at the Great House is filled with delight. Join us for a three-course Christmas lunch from our Festive Menu. followed by a relaxing overnight stay.

The most wonderful time of the year...


The Great House will be closed from 1st January and will reopen from lunchtime on 2nd February. This is to allow our hard-working team some much needed rest after a busy festive season and for the chance to prepare for the year ahead!

info@greathouse.co.uk • 01787 247431 • www.greathouse.co.uk

Wild Dogs 2021.indd 31

10/11/2021 17:43


GOING GREEN In the second of a two-part focus on conservation and sustainability, Rebecca Moore, Colchester Zoo Director, shines the spotlight on what we’re doing to help the environment.

Colchester Zoo continues to work to reduce, reuse and recycle as part of our ‘Green Zoo’ mission. Our ultimate aim is to reduce waste produced and recycle whatever products we can, as well as continue to reduce our landfill contribution.

Minimising impact

Colchester Zoo has developed a Green Policy to recognise that all zoo activities have an impact on the environment and to try to minimise any

negative effects, while reducing waste. We also recognise the role we can play in providing a positive example to the wider community and to encourage others to become greener too.

has a much lower carbon footprint, making it much more eco-friendly than burning fossil fuels. You can see an example of one of these boilers at our ‘Feathers of the Forest’ exhibit.

Energy efficiency

They can also be found at various points around the zoo and are used to heat animal enclosures, buildings and offices. Furthermore, we have installed solar panelling at two animal enclosures, which is used to heat and light the buildings, helping to reduce our energy output.

We have introduced ‘biomass’ boilers to become more self-sufficient and help reduce our carbon emissions. These special boilers run on pellets which are made from compressed sawdust shavings, left over from the wood industry. This energy source

32 www.colchesterzoo.org

Sustainability 2021.indd 32

10/11/2021 17:55


www.colchesterzoo.org 33

Sustainability 2021.indd 33

10/11/2021 17:55


Conserving water

As well as creating our own energy, Colchester Zoo continues to look into how we can conserve more water. We currently collect rainwater through water butts and roofs as well using natural water filtration systems where possible through reed bed systems. We also use grey water for hosing down exhibits and toilet flushing.

Waste not want

Many of our animals enjoy enrichment, kindly donated by many individuals and companies. Donations also include fruit and veg that is riper than consumers would prefer but is perfect for our animals! We are able to use this with a number of species, from bugs to bears, and it is a great way to help reduce food waste.

Reducing waste

For many years, we have worked to reduce the waste produced by visitors and recycle the contents of our bins. We are now also working to reduce our contribution to landfill. After sorting for recycling, our waste now goes to produce energy – the waste is burnt at high temperatures to reduce its volume and to create heat energy which is then converted into electrical power.

Waste to energy technology

In such technologies nearly all of the carbon content in the waste is emitted as carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. If the waste went to landfill, the amount of methane generated by this decomposing would have a higher potential impact on global warming.

We use recyclable hive wrap for when posting our shop orders

Responsible produce and packaging All our food is sourced as locally as possible and we work to ensure that our ingredients do not conflict with any of our conservation policies.

Our freshly brewed, full bean coffee is certified by the Rainforest Alliance which ensures rigorous standards that conserve biodiversity and sustainability. Our coffee and hot chocolate are Fair Trade, and many ingredients are Red Tractor assured. We are committed to ensuring all of our food and ice cream products are either palm oil free or approved by The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), and we have introduced paper straws and Birchwood cutlery in our catering outlets, as well as wooden ice cream spoons.

34 www.colchesterzoo.org

Sustainability 2021.indd 34

10/11/2021 17:55

Established for over 35 years we have a range of contemporary and traditional stoves, fires, and fireplaces to suit everyone’s tastes.

Colchester Unit 11 Peartree Business Ctr Colchester, Essex, CO3 0JN 01206 546111 colchester@zigis.co.uk Halstead





01787 479944

01223 833523

01245 360772

01473 312008

01603 436944






www.zigis.co.uk Ads.indd 35

11/11/2021 16:06


Ditching single-use plastic Colchester Zoo has signed a pledge with the British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquaria (BIAZA) to reduce the levels of plastic being used on our premises and to encourage staff and visitors to commit to reducing single-use plastic in their everyday lives.

• We have eliminated the use of plastic straws and cutlery around our site, now offering paper straws and Birchwood cutlery, and changed our takeaway food containers to a Vegware product made from sugar palm.

We pledge:

• Rather than using bubble wrap to post out our shop orders, we now use a new recyclable hive wrap. Hive wrap is a 100 per cent recyclable and biodegradable protective paper wrap which is a sustainable alternative to foam and bubble wrap.

– To work to reduce wherever possible the level of plastic within our site in a manner |that is appropriate for our location and situation. – To work with members of the public to increase awareness of the situation surrounding the level of plastic in our environment and contribute to positive behaviour change to reduce those levels. – To work with our staff to increase awareness of the situation and contribute to positive behaviour change to reduce levels of plastic. Colchester Zoo’s teams have been working hard to reduce the amount of one-use plastic products sold on our site or reaching our site from our suppliers.

36 www.colchesterzoo.org

Sustainability 2021.indd 36

• We are working with our suppliers to reduce the plastic wrapping in which they supply our bespoke retail products in - for example, our jewellery is delivered in baskets that we return to the supplier and our magnets and key rings are not packaged in small plastic bags. • We are working to reduce the number of plastic sauce sachets used, switching to large sauce dispensers instead, and to remove UHT milk jiggers in our outlets in favour of jugs of milk.

• We are also working to reduce single-use plastic drinks bottles or increase their recyclable content. We sell One Water which comes in cartons made from sustainable paperboard from FSC-approved forests which are 100 per cent recyclable and, as we refurbish our catering outlets, we are transferring to soft drinks available on draft rather than in plastic bottles. As well as reducing one-use plastic products, we are ultimately also working to reduce the use and sale of plastic across the site in general, or where plastic is part of the product, to increase the recyclable material that the product is made from. For example, our eco soft toy products have soft-stitched, not plastic, eyes and our Calico sweets have recyclable packaging.









We are committed to continuing working towards our pledge and reducing our use of plastic around the zoo and thank you for your support on this important journey.

Our eco soft toy products are helping us to reduce plastic.

10/11/2021 17:56


Shantay You Sleigh Saturday 18 December

Gary Meikle Saturday 8 January

I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue Thursday 24 February

Martin Kemp Friday 28 January


BBC Radio’s multi award-winning antidote to panel games returns to the stage in 2022 with its sell-out touring show.


Join Jack Dee, Miles Jupp, Tony Hawks, Pippa Evans and Rory Bremner for an unmissable evening of inspired nonsense. With musical accompaniment from Colin Sell.


Colchester Charter Hall l Thursday 24th February 2022 Colchester-events.co.uk l 01206 573948






Jason Manford Saturday 26 February

Omid Djalili Friday 4 March

Mark ‘Billy’ Billingham Saturday 5 March

Circus of Horrors Friday 25 March

The Diana Ross Story Friday 8 April

Nish Kumar Saturday 9 April

Milkshake! Live Monday 18 April

An Evening with Mortimer and Whitehouse Thursday 12 May

BOOK YOUR TICKETS NOW www.colchester-events.co.uk

01206 573948

Sustainability 2021.indd 37

10/11/2021 17:56


“I CAN’T IMAGINE DOING ANYTHNG ELSE” Head Keeper Ang Matthews chats to us about why she loves her job, her favourite animals, and how vultures and hyenas deserve more praise.

38 www.colchesterzoo.org

Zoo Keeper 2021 v3.indd 38

10/11/2021 18:07


About me I have always loved animals and had pets, including rabbits, guinea pigs and cats, from a young age. I always knew I wanted to work with animals but had never considered zoo keeping. Now I can’t imagine having done anything else. How I became the head keeper I have been a zookeeper for 22 years. I started from work experience and was lucky enough to get a job at Banham Zoo. From here, I moved to Africa Alive and then on to Colchester Zoo. I have managed to work my way up and have now become head keeper at Colchester Zoo. Why I love my job I love my job because every

day is different. I work with a very wide range of animals, each with different needs and different personalities. I really enjoy the out-of-the-ordinary days, and it’s also nice when visitors engage and are interested in learning about the animals. I most enjoy talking about the underdogs such as the vultures and hyenas. They are very underrated animals and it’s nice to try to change people’s perspective of them. Things I like doing most as part of my job The things I like doing the most about my job are giving the animals nice things to do (enrichment). This can be as simple as giving them lots of browse, a paper bag with food in or a simple puzzle feeder, to coming up with a

www.colchesterzoo.org 39

Zoo Keeper 2021 v3.indd 39

10/11/2021 18:08


more elaborate object and building enrichment. I also enjoy training the animals and seeing the training put to good use, for example, using it to facilitate healthcare, so it’s less stressful for the animals than veterinary intervention.

loved his grumpy but lovable personality.

What I enjoy the least I least enjoy having to see animals move on to other collections, even though I know it benefits the populations, or seeing the animals pass away. It’s the hardest part of the job.

5 things you didn’t know Hippo skin feels like an aubergine and secretes ‘blood sweat ‘. It’s not blood or sweat but it looks red when it comes out of the pores and it keeps the animal cool and moist when not in water.

My favourite animals Freddie the pygmy hippopotamus because he is a big softy and likes scratches behind his ear and Igor the tiger, who passed away earlier this year, because we had a close bond, and I

If I wasn’t a zookeeper, I’d probably be… A vet nurse or work in a kennel – as long as it was something to do with animals!

Andean Condors have the largest wingspan of all terrestrial birds at 3.5m wide. The only bird with a bigger wingspan is the sea-based bird, the albatross.

40 www.colchesterzoo.org

Zoo Keeper 2021 v3.indd 40

10/11/2021 18:11

Situated in Frinton on Sea, a small and nurturing school with high academic standards. Please call to arrange a visit on 01255 674492 www.stphilomenas.com


01206 825245 / 01206 822875 sales@alresfordgarage.co.uk

Can we buy your car? • We want Good, Local, Well Maintained Cars • Top Prices Paid! • Very Easy Process - Just call us with your Reg, mileage and a brief decription, for a free valuation • Friendly and Professional Staff • We Sort All Paperwork - including DVLA & Road Tax • We Transfer the Money Immediately to your Bank Account • We can Collect your Vehicle even if it’s currently Out of Tax, MOT or SORN • Convenient location with easy parking 5 minutes from The Hythe Tesco. • Family run business since 1975 with friendly and knowledgeable staff.

See all our cars with pictures and check out our testimonials online at...

www.alresfordgarage.co.uk Zoo Keeper 2021 v3.indd 41

10/11/2021 18:11


Tigers have an organ in the roof of their mouth called the Jacobson organ. They use it to assess hormones in the urine of females to determine if they are in season. The term smiling like a Cheshire cat comes from the face they pull when they use the organ. They look like they are smiling! Meerkats have a complex language. They can tell each other if a predator is coming from the sky or from land and

how urgent the threat is using a series of squeaks and grunts. Geladas are the last grazing primate and have evolved to have pads on their bottoms as they spend so much time on them – like having their own cushion. Because they spend so much time on their bottoms, they also have a colourful chest instead of a colourful bottom. So, they are also known as a bleeding heart baboon.

42 www.colchesterzoo.org

Zoo Keeper 2021 v3.indd 42

10/11/2021 18:11



01376 587 949

DRESSCODENINE.CO.UK Unit 21 Allshots Enterprises, Woodhouse Lane, Kelvedon CO5 9DF

Zoo Keeper 2021 v3.indd 43

10/11/2021 18:11




Our dynamic weekly play sessions enable boys and girls aged 2–7 to develop their social and physical skills in a fun, positive environment. For more details, just call or email.

0345 313 0422



The world’s favourite rugby play programme Fact Files 2021 v2.indd 44

10/11/2021 18:18


Animal Fact Files Find out about some of the awesome animals here at Colchester Zoo!

My favourite food: Leaves, stems, flowers and fruit

My name: Reticulated giraffe

Scientific name: Giraffa camelopardalis reticulata I’m classified as: ‘Vulnerable’ on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species

About me: I’m the tallest animal on earth reaching heights of over 5 metres (16ft). However, despite my long neck, I only have seven neck bones, which is the exact same amount as humans! One of my neck bones is as big as an adult humans’ head. Not only do we have long slender necks, but our tongues are 40cm long, helping us to pull off leaves from the tallest trees in woodlands and wooded savannahs. I also like to eat stems, flowers and fruit found in my natural habitat. We are found in Kenya, Ethiopia, and Somalia, but we can also be seen at Colchester Zoo’s paddock at Kingdom of the Wild – a replica of my habitat in Africa that I share with maneless zebra, southern white rhino, crowned crane, greater kudu and ostrich. Did you know? I will protect myself from predators such as lions by kicking – my kick is so powerful that I can kill an adult lion! My population is now threatened after experiencing a 40 per cent decline in numbers over the past 30 years!

www.colchesterzoo.org 45

Fact Files 2021 v2.indd 45

10/11/2021 18:19

Local professional Estate Agent dealing with Sales & Lettings. Personal one to one bespoke service from the start, right through to handing over the keys. I am very lucky to have the support of Keller Williams, who are the largest estate agency in the world, based on agent count. There are over 180,000 agents across 40 countries, achieving 4,300 sales a day! Keller Williams Plus is part of the global KW network and recently launched in the UK. Each agent operates our own business within the infrastructure of the KW family and benefit from the learnings and knowledge of achieving a sale every 20 seconds. I cover the Colchester area, plus its surrounding villages and towns, up to 50 miles away. Under the KW umbrella, my colleagues cover the whole of the UK and worldwide. I only take on a handful of properties so I can continue to give a personal professional service to my clients 7 days a week.

Jade Humphrey

Your Personal Estate Agent

07850 574757 www.kwukplus.com/jade-humphrey

Fact Files 2021 v2.indd 46

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My name: Rhinoceros iguana

Scientific name: Cyclura cornuta cornuta

My favourite food: Leaves, fruits, flowers, seeds, insects, land crabs and occasionally carrion (dead birds and fish)

I’m classified as: ‘Endangered’ on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species

About me: We get our name from the three large ‘horns’ that are present on our heads resembling the horns of a rhinoceros. Although both males and females have horns, they are more prominent in males. I live in dry, rocky terrain in coastal areas but also inhabit scrub woodlands, semideciduous forests and dry to subtropical, moist forests. We often burrow underground to retreat from our harsh habitat on the West Indies on Hispaniola (Haiti and the Dominican Republic) and surrounding islands. We defend our territory by using elaborate head and neck movements to scare away predators but will also use the same movements to attract females! I can be found at Colchester Zoo in Worlds Apart, often relaxing on the rocks in my enclosure. Did you know? I can lay 2 to 25 eggs, with an average clutch size of 14 eggs. I will guard my nest for several days after laying and I will incubate them for around 85 days! Once fully grown, I can reach up to 120cm in length!

www.colchesterzoo.org 47

Fact Files 2021 v2.indd 47

10/11/2021 18:19


My name: Red panda

Scientific name: Aliurus fulgens I’m classified as: ‘Endangered’ on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species

My favourite food: Bamboo, roots, fruits, eggs, insects and lizards

About me: Unlike my name suggests, I’m more closely related to a raccoon and a skunk than the giant panda! I have flexible ankles which rotate so I can climb down a tree headfirst. I spend most of my time climbing through the trees, so this adaptation helps me to scale along dense bamboo and escape from predators. I can be found in Bhutan, China, India, Myanmar and Nepal but at Colchester Zoo we can be found in our enclosure at Wilds of Asia. Did you know? I’m not much bigger than a house cat, I’m just heavier with a slightly longer body covered in reddish-brown fur. Our red and white fur acts as great camouflage in the wild, as we live among trees that grow white lichen and red moss.

48 www.colchesterzoo.org

Fact Files 2021 v2.indd 48

10/11/2021 18:20

Idyllic Day Spa & Health Club

The Gainsborough Health Club & Spa is a stunning Day Spa Retreat & Health Club, set in the heart of the beautiful Suffolk countryside. Our facilities include all that you need to escape from the stresses and strains of modern life and enjoy some dedicated relaxation time.

The Lady Gainsborough Spa Day Our Signature Spa Day has been designed by our Spa Team, to bring you a day of pampering and relaxation. It’s a perfect Spa Day to enjoy as a couple! What to expect: Full day use of our spa facilities including Swimming pool, Jacuzzi, Sauna & Steam Room Robe & Towel Hire Enjoy complimentary herbal teas while relaxing in our relaxation lounge

To book please call us on

01787 279009

Please visit our website for details on Spa Days and Club Memberships


Fact Files 2021 v2.indd 49

Our Signature treatment experience includes 45 minutes of pure bliss steaming in your very own Mud Chamber with a full body mud mask, to soften the skin followed by a 50-minute Hot Stone Back, Face and Scalp treatment to truly unwind and relieve stress and tension.

Monday - Friday - £75 per person Saturday & Sunday - £85 per person

10/11/2021 18:20


Rumble in the jungle?

If all that action has left your stomach running on empty, refuel and refresh at one of the fantastic catering outlets here at Colchester Zoo!

Penguini's Hot Drinks There’s nothing better than enjoying the colder season wrapped up warm and sipping one of our luxury seasonal hot drinks! Stop by one of our many catering outlets around the zoo and choose one of our special hot drinks from a range of available flavours. Whether you enjoy steaming chocolate infused with a festive syrup or like your latte with a little punch, we have the perfect beverage to keep you warm this winter.

50 www.colchesterzoo.org

Food 2021.indd 50

Penguini’s restaurant is open daily offering family favourites, such as pizza and jacket potatoes, as well as a selection of freshly made sandwiches and other light snacks, which can be enjoyed either undercover within our restaurant or, if it’s a nice day, you can enjoy your meal alfresco on our outside terrace. Breakfast is also served daily during selected hours offering pastries and hearty cooked options – the perfect way to start your day. Penguini’s Restaurant also has a fantastic coffee counter which serves delicious cakes, with hot and cold drinks. Don’t forget to look out for our seasonal hot drinks at selected times throughout the year. Penguini’s Restaurant is located at the top of the zoo and just a short walk from the entrance. From here, you can make your way to either our sea lion pool or head through Worlds Apart.

10/11/2021 18:28

Simply elegant dining experience at

THE LION BRASSERIE Dine in at our simply elegant restaurant, following our full refurbishment. Seasonal menus, fine wines and cocktails available to eat in or takeaway. Located in the heart of Constable Country. Bespoke services for weddings and special occasions.

Book your table today 01206 803406 reservations@thelioneastbergholt.co.uk www.thelioneastbergholt.co.uk


Accommodation launching early 2022! Food 2021.indd 51

10/11/2021 18:28

Visit us online at www.johnfowlers.co.uk info@johnfowlers.co.uk

Reassuring legal advice you can rely on


01206 576151 Food 2021.indd 52



01206 302694


West Mersea 01206 384441

10/11/2021 18:28


All wrapped up After the successful opening of our NEW catering outlet, Scoop and Go, and the surrounding area, we have taken the decision to update and develop one of our much loved catering outlets offering delicious wraps! The new development will offer a more comfortable experience while ordering your wrap and will look to update appliances with a modern feel to match the upgraded area. A selection of hot and cold drinks will also be available for purchase. Why not enjoy a heavenly scoop of ice cream after your delicious wrap with a visit to its neighbouring outlet, Scoop and Go? As well as the update to the catering outlet, this exciting project will make the most of the surrounding area, offering outdoor seating with lake views. You will even be able to spot a flamingo or two as you settle down to enjoy a delicious wrap. This outlet is due to open early 2022.

Snack Shack Doughnut worry, be happy! Pick up a pack of piping hot doughnuts or freshly made popcorn at Snack Shack. With outdoor and indoor seating available, this catering outlet offers the perfect location for a pit-stop to rest your feet from a full day of exploring. Hot and cold drinks are also available at the catering outlet to help quench your thirst. Snack Shack is located outside Penguini’s on the terrace. All food and drink are subject to availability and may change at any time. Please ask staff at the outlet about all allergen and dietary requirements. Please note: Opening of catering outlets may be seasonal or weather dependant.

Food 2021.indd 53

www.colchesterzoo.org 53

10/11/2021 18:29


Zoo Dates 2021-22

We have a calendar jam-packed with seasonal events taking place throughout the year!

Magic of Christmas 4 & 5, 11 & 12, 18 – 24 December 2021 Immerse yourself in the wonderful Christmas atmosphere at Colchester Zoo as we are joined by our favourite festive friends.

Watch our reindeers, Sami, Ronnie, Hickory and Ash, in their reindeer stable as they spend the day grazing before flying Santa’s sleigh. Our elves are also back crafting in their famous workshop, helping you to make a Christmas craft to take home as a way of remembering your special day at the zoo. Christmas is not complete without a visit to Santa through the magical Santa Experience and to the Kalahari Theatre to discover a new story with the reading of a Chirstmas Tale. Please be aware that all activities, dates, times and prices are subject to change and availability. Please visit www.colchesterzoo.org for the latest information, and terms and conditions.

54 www.colchesterzoo.org

Events 2021.indd 54

10/11/2021 18:31


Add a spark of magic to your festivities this Christmas! Join us on 4, 11, 18 & 23 December as we remain open until 7:30pm. Discover our magical illuminations with a number of beautifully lit life-size animal sculptures! We also have some stunningly illuminated Christmas trees and other festive scenes and lights for you to enjoy.

PLUS the extended opening will give you more time to enjoy our fantastic events beneath our twinkling Christmas lights! This includes seeing Santa’s beautiful reindeer, walking through our Enchanted Woodland, crafts at the Elves’ Workshop and much more!

Visit www.colchesterzoo.org for more information

www.colchesterzoo.org 55

Events 2021.indd 55

10/11/2021 18:31

Your wish has been granted! 27 Nov 21 - 16 Jan 22 mercurytheatre.co.uk 01206 573948 Events 2021.indd 56

10/11/2021 18:32


February Half Term

Banish the winter blues by joining us throughout February half term. We have a variety of undercover areas to keep you dry this winter. Watch your little monkey slide, tumble and climb at Jungle Tumble, our indoor soft play area. Why not face your fears by holding a creepy crawly at the Discovery Centre or build landscapes and watch them come to life at our Interactive Zone? No matter what the weather, we have you covered!

Easter Holidays


We also host a range of animal encounters taking place at selected times throughout the day. Our daily encounters are a great way to see some of our animals. Each encounter may be based on a feeding time, training session, enrichment activity or simply the chance to hear from our Animal Care Team.

h n

Don’t forget to follow us on social media for the latest updates on our up-and-coming events, including booking tickets and event timetables.

No Easter holiday is complete without a trip to the zoo! Spring into the school holidays as we welcome an abundance of new arrivals and the return of ice cream season. Stop by our catering outlet, Scoop and Go, where you can indulge in a delicious ice cream. Choose from a range of flavours, including raspberry ripple and mint choc chip. Spend the whole day in the sunshine enjoying our outdoor activities. Swing like a monkey on our outdoor play areas or take a stroll along Elephant Bushwalk for exceptional views of our elephants in their outdoor paddock. Please be aware that all activities, dates, times and prices are subject to change and availability. Please visit www.colchesterzoo.org for the latest information, and terms and conditions. The opening of catering outlets is weather dependant.

tion informa e r o m r o.org fo hesterzo lc o .c w Visit ww www.colchesterzoo.org 57

Events 2021.indd 57

10/11/2021 18:32


GIFT A PASS TO A WHOLE WORLD OF FUN Take the stress out of gift giving this Christmas with the ultimate present that lasts all year round – our Zoo Pass is PURR-FECT for all ages!

58 www.colchesterzoo.org

Membership 2021.indd 58

10/11/2021 18:36


Our fabulous Zoo Passes can be purchased online, in person at the zoo or as a gift voucher for a loved one. You can even choose from a printed voucher which comes packaged within a branded Colchester Zoo wallet or as an E-voucher, which can be printed out at home or even sent straight to the recipient. Not only will the recipient be able to visit their favourite animal at the Zoo for a whole year* but they will also receive a host of benefits, including discounts within out catering outlets, entry to our annual special events and money-off selected animal experiences, PLUS lots more. With so much to see and do on every visit, whether you’re popping in for a few hours to see your favourite animal or letting your little monkey release their wild side at our indoor soft play area, a Zoo Pass is the ultimate gift that offers value for money! Why not give the gift of memories this Christmas? If you purchase a Zoo Pass gift voucher or E-voucher, this will be valid for 3 months from the date of purchase – the recipient then has this time to call or visit us to redeem the voucher and have their pass processed by our Guest Services team. Please read our full Zoo Pass terms and conditions as well as our online shop terms and conditions before making your purchase on our website. *Closed Christmas Day.

PRICES www.colcheserzoo.org

www.colchesterzoo.org 59

Membership 2021.indd 59

10/11/2021 18:37


SPREAD THE LOVE THIS CHRISTMAS Our ANIMAL ADOPTIONS are the ideal Christmas gift, guaranteed to make any animal lover go wild as well as supporting our charity, Action for the Wild, to continue to help conservation projects worldwide. Choose from four exclusive packages. Our Animal Adoption packages can be purchased online, in person at the zoo or as a gift voucher for a loved one. You can even choose from a printed voucher which comes packaged within a branded Colchester Zoo wallet or as an E-voucher, which can be printed out at home or even sent straight to the recipient.

Please note that it takes at least 48 hours to process an adoption and it is then sent out by post. Please allow sufficient time for this when you place your booking as there can be a delay in delivery of 5-7 working days. Gifts featured are subject to change without notice. Postage not included, charged at £3.75.

Some packages include a personalised plaque which will be displayed at the enclosure of your adopted species for the duration of your adoption.

Adopt your favourite species! Voucher packages: www.colchesterzoo.org 60 www.colchesterzoo.org

Adoptions 2021.indd 60

10/11/2021 18:38


How your donations help

Colchester Zoo is the largest private zoo in the UK.

As the zoo operation is private, it receives no external funding, and is liable to pay VAT at the full rate of 20 per cent on all its income, as well as business rates and corporation tax. All funds from its retail, catering and admissions go directly to funding the zoo and its future development. This income along with donations helps to fund Colchester Zoo’s charity, Action for the Wild, which assists conservation projects all over the world, including its own project, the UmPhafa Nature Reserve in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Colchester Zoo is therefore wholly sustained by its visitors and we are eternally grateful for your much needed support.

ormation rzoo.org for more inf Visit www.colcheste

www.colchesterzoo.org 61

Adoptions 2021.indd 61

10/11/2021 18:38


Eatwell Guide

Check the label on packaged foods

Use the Eatwell Guide to help you get a balance of healthier and more sustainable food. It shows how much of what you eat overall should come from each food group.

Each serving (150g) contains Energy 1046kJ 250kcal



Saturates Sugars

3.0g 1.3g LOW





34g 0.9g HIGH

ay ery d s ev able t e eg dv an


38% 15%

of an adult’s reference intake Typical values (as sold) per 100g: 697kJ/







or otat hig oes he , br r fi ead bre , ri ce ve ,p rs as ion ta s an d


Whole grain cereal

Cous Cous

Frozen peas

Bagels Whole wheat pasta

Porridge Lentils


Plain nuts

Beans lower salt and s ugar

Chick peas


L o w f at s o f t ch e es e





Source: Public Health England

Spaghett i

n Leaince m


Be ans , pu Ea

lses , fish so t mo , egg red urced re bea s, mea t and other proteins and fish ns and pro per w pulses, 2 ces sed eek, one of portions of sustainably meat which is oily. Eat less

Soya drink

nd Dairy a

ent, Food Standards Scotland

and the Food Standards Agency

in Northern Ireland

Veg O il

Plain L fat y oogwhu rt

ves nati alter d

t an er fa ns e low Choos gar optio u lower s

Per day

in association with the Welsh Governm

Limit fruit juice and/or smoothies to a total of 150ml a day.

sugar lt and t, sa d fa

Eat a t lea st 5

Chopped t omatoe s

Eat less often and in small amounts

Water, lower fat milk, sugar-free drinks including tea and coffee all count.

e dd drates ohy sa arb les yc ith rch ta rs he ot



uit f fr s yo ble iet ta r ge va


po rtio ns


Choose foods lower in fat, salt and sugars

6-8 a day

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Lower fat spread

Oil & spreads Choose unsaturated oils and use in small amounts

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Healthy and Sustainable Diets Kevin Jones, Store Manager at Sainsbury’s Stanway store, talks about healthy and sustainable diets, part of the company’s commitment to supporting its environmental and economic responsibilities.

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We’re serious about our responsibility to help our customers eat healthily, no matter how much time or money they have. We also want to help our customers make more sustainable choices, to protect our planet for generations to come. A key priority for our business is to develop and deliver healthy and sustainable diets for all, and provide our customers with the information, incentives and rewards to make better choices for themselves and for the planet. Our aim is to help everyone eat better; key to this is making eating well affordable, easy and tasty. Our aim is to support customers to make healthier and more sustainable choices. Our healthy and sustainable diets plan covers four key areas – to find out more visit www.sainsburys.co.uk 1. Helping customers make informed choices 2. Improving access and availability of healthier choices 3. Healthier/more sustainable baskets 4. Measuring impact and performance

The Eatwell Guide

Fortunately, eating healthily in line with ‘The Eatwell Guide’ (our UK dietary guidelines for health), can also help reduce environmental impacts too. And we can all play our part by making improvements one plate at a time.

Seven in ten shoppers are thinking about, or already have, changed their diets for these reasons, and over half of our customers believe that plant-based diets have a positive impact on the body. However, our customers are all on a journey and seek our help as they tell us that it can sometimes be confusing to know what is both a healthy and sustainable choice. We want our customers to feel in control of both their health, and also their impact on the planet, through small steps towards a significant change in eating behaviours without compromising on taste or enjoyability. The food choices we make and the way in which we eat has led to food production being the single largest source of environmental change. Many of the risks we are seeing, from global warming to loss of biodiversity, pollution of waterways, deforestation and land degradation, are associated with unsustainable production of food. Coupled with this, the health burden associated with these choices can be rapidly rising rates of obesity leading to conditions such as diabetes and heart disease

A way of eating that is better for you and the planet

While scientists have increasingly understood the

relationship between nutrients, and therefore our diets and our health, recent studies have evaluated The Eatwell Guide, which illustrates the UK Government’s dietary recommendations, and found that shifting diets closer to this recommendation would also have benefits for the environment too. It consists of the five key food groups and the proportions the diet should be made up of with these foods to meet nutritional recommendations.

Sustainability commitment

Since we set up shop in 1869, we’ve always had a strong sense of social, environmental and economic responsibility and an understanding that our success depends on society’s success. We want to help everyone eat better and, through our sustainability agenda, we are helping to drive lasting, positive change in the UK and internationally. As such, we are proud to be the principal Supermarket Partner of COP26, the United Nations Climate Change Conference.

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Be a star baker this festive season Ready in 1hr 14 mins Cooking Time 12-14 minutes Prep Time 1 hour – including 30 minutes’ dough chilling time Makes around 20 biscuits Ingredients 200g unsalted English Butter by Sainsbury’s, softened 200g Fairtrade white caster sugar by Sainsbury’s 1 tsp Fairtrade ground cinnamon by Sainsbury’s 1 medium free-range egg, beaten 400g British plain flour by Sainsburys, plus extra for dusting 250g icing sugar by Sainsbury’s, plus extra for dusting Gold and silver sprinkles, silver balls and white shimmer pearls, to decorate

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Method In a bowl, cream together the butter, caster sugar and cinnamon until light and fluffy. Add the egg and flour and mix to a dough. Gather into a ball. Wrap in cling film and chill in the fridge for 30 minutes. Preheat the oven to 200C, fan 180C, gas 6. On a lightly floured surface, roll out the dough to a thickness of 1/2cm, then cut out star and Christmas tree shapes with cutters. Transfer to two non-stick baking trays and bake for 12 to 14 minutes. Cool on a wire rack. Mix the icing sugar with 1-2 tablespoons of water in a bowl until smooth and thick. Spoon into a piping bag fitted with a writing nozzle. Pipe decorations onto the biscuits then decorate with the sprinkles, silver balls and pearls, and dust with icing sugar. Enjoy!

Nutritional Details Each serving provides: Energy 980kj 234 kcal 12% Fat 8.8g 13% Saturates 5.0g 25% Sugars 22.2g 25% Salt 0.0g 0% Typical values per 100g: Energy 1846kj/441kcal Each serving provides 68.0g carbohydrate 1.5g fibre 4.4g protein

Season’s Greetings! As we approach the festive season, may we take this opportunity to thank all of our customers for their great loyalty and support throughout this year. And may we take this opportunity to wish you and your families ‘Season’s Greetings’, and we look forward to continuing to serve you.

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Download the Colchester Zoo App for all you need to help navigate your way around the park, learn more about the animals you see and find great places to stop for a bite to eat. Colchester Zoo is home to more than 200 species set in 60 acres of beautiful parkland and lakes – there’s so much to see and do. The Colchester Zoo App is a great way to discover the various attractions around the zoo; it also highlights our easy access route, as well as detailing the location of all hand sanitisers and highlighting the other safety measures we have introduced.

Explore the map, see your location, and navigate to find your favourite animals Read more and learn interesting facts about the species you see Plan your route to our daily encounters and access our audio talks about a variety of species Look up your nearest food outlet, toilet facilities and play areas Keep up to date on offers available at the zoo Read important information and FAQs during your visit

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