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completion of Professor White's

thirty-second year of teaching at

Colby marks the continuance of a

brilliant and faithful educational career. Professor White received his prepara­ tory





Tau·n ton, Massachusetts, and received his A.B. degree from Amherst College in

1886, and the A.M. degree in 1902,

being a member of the Phi Beta Kappa Society.

He has held the following

teaching positions: Instructor i n Greek in the Amherst, Massachusetts, High School, 1885-86; Teacher of Classics and Mathematics in the Bowen School for

Boys, Hartford, Connecticut,


Instructor in Latin and Greek at Carle­ ton




1887-91; Latin Master at Worcester Academy,



1891-1902; Professor of the Greek Lan­

guage and Literature at Colby College since


OFFicers oF th e Corporation President

FRA N K L I N W I NSLOW Jot:-J so ,


Waterville, Maine

L. H . D. , LLD.

Vice-Presiden t and ex-officio Chairman Board of Trustees


E L IJ AH W oswORTH, A. B .





{-.if coo

W i nth rop Ce nter Maine Secretary

Portland, Maine

LL.D. Trea_•urer


Waterville, Marne

Board of Trustees Term Expires in

T H E I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E

1934 Newton Center, Mass. Augusta, Maine ewton Center, Mass. Hartford, Conn . Waterville, Maine Waterv ille, Maine Houlton, Mai n e Portland, Maine Wellesley, Mass.





Allston, Mass. Waterville, Maine Philadelphia, Pa. W i nthrop Center, M a i n e Ch icago, Ill . Boston, Mass. Portland, Maine Boston, Mass. New Haven, Con n . Mad ison, Mai ne







sso i:nion.

1-Elccted by Colh • Alumnae .\ssoci3tion.

1936 Washi ngton, D. C. Falmouth Foreside, Mai n e Portland, Maine Waterv ille, Maine New York City Cambridge, Mass. Guilford, Maine Vassalboro, Maine

Committees of the Trustees Academies



Buildings and Groun ds




Co m men cement








Hon orary Degrees

PRE IDE •T Jo1-1NsoN;



In truction



Investm ent



Nom inations

PRE IDE 1T JoHN oN· M EssR . SM ITH, Huss RD


I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E







Professor of the Greek Languages and Literature Secretary to the Faculty



Professor of Mathematics

T H E I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E


p RM E TER, Ptt.D.,


Merrill Prnfessor of Chemistry


Professor of Public Speaking


Professor of Biology


Professor of Physics


C. HARRY EDWARDS, B.P.E. Professor of Ph ysical Education

C..>.RL ]EFFERso

W EBER, M.A. (Oxon . )

Roberts Professor o f English Literature

ER EST CmvrMINGS MARRINER, A.B. Professor of English Dean of Men

EDWARD HE RY PERKINS, PH.D. Professor of Geology

CURTIS H ucH MoRRow, Ptt.D. Professor of Eco n o m ics and Sociology

EDWARD JosEPH CoLGAN, A.M. Professor of Education and · Psychology



I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E


I I ETTA MAY Ru NAL , A.M., L 1 TT.D. Professor of Education and Mathematics Dean of Wo men

Eccuo H EL I E A.M.

Associate Professor of Modern Languages


I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E




o , P1-1.D.

Professor of History


Associate Professor of Business Administration






Professoi· of English



W E EKS, A . M .

Associate Professor o f Chemistry




Associate Professor of Modern Languages




Aj·sociate Professor of Latin






Associate Professor o f English

I 9 3 4

\JI/I 1THROP HAl\lOR STANLEY A . B . Assistant Professor o f Physics

JoHN FRANKLI1 McCoY M.A. Associate Professor of Modern Languages



Associate Professor of Religiun Director of Religious Activities


' .,, .�� , .. "I

"' ·� ·. ··��

�1 ' .··

J .. -

0 R A c L E

THOMAS MoRCAN GRIFFITHS, A.M. 1ssistant Professor of History

ELM ER CH P.fy!AN WARREN, Eo.M. As.;istant Professor of Mathematics Registrar




0 R A c L E


H YNE , A.M.

Assistant Professor of Philosophy


3 4





Assistant Professor of Bibliograph y Librarian




Assistan t Professor of Economics

ALFRED K1Nc CHAPMAN, A.M . Assistant Prnfessor o f English


�-· ,' "' '


CoRI 'NE BuRKE VAN NoRJ\IAN Director of Physical Education for Women




Instructor in Modern Languages

CuLLEN BRYANT CoLTO , A.M. Instructor in English

WALLACE MoRTo ' KELLEY, M .S. Instructor in Chemistry

GRACE RuTH FosTER, A.M. Instructor in Hygiene and Psychology


W HITE T1:-10MAS, A.B. Director of Music



I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E

PHI LIP STEWART B I TH ER, A.B. Instructor in Modern Languages




Instructor in History and Economics

T H E I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E


) A N E COLBURN B E LCHER, A.M. Instructor in Biology

R.\LPH ALDE l MACDO 'ALD Treasurer

A LA N STUART GALBRAI TH, A.M. Instructor in Mathematics


1ssistant Treasurer




House Manager and Dietitian


A lu m ni Secretary



I 9 3 4


Director of Publicity



0 R A c L E


College Physician

\ucE l L\Y PcRINTON,


Alu m nae Secretary











Sen i or Class H i story I t was i n 1930 that o u r class e n tered Colby Coll ege, bri nging w ith i t the cycle o f depression w h ic h , f o r t h e last four years, has been dom i na t i ng the n a t i o n .

T h u s d o t h t he

outside world fare w i t hout hav i ng in i ts m id st the i n d i v i duals const i t u t i n g the class of


O u r class i s the fi rst in t h e h i story of our A l m a Mater w hose e n roll ment has been

restricted .

Beca u se of t h i s restriction the q u a l i ty of Colby students has been raised to a

h i t herto u nattai ned height. 'We hope that we have contributed to the l i fe of our college a slight fract ion of what she has given u s .

W e hope that our athletes, o u r students, a nd our workers aid in com­

pensati ng for the friendshi ps, the idea l s :.rnd the ed ucational ad a ncement w h ich Colby College has made possible. As we

tep out i n to t h e world beyond we leave the hal l s of Colby rel ucta ntly yet w i t h


It i s our desire to leave the stamp of ou r A l m a M a t e r u p o n the world a head

of us in the same way that our Alma Mater has left her stamp upon us. -William H . Millett.



I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E


T H E I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E






Sen ior Class H i story It is with quiet anticipation that we of '34 gather up ou r books and dance-programs and step from u nder the gui d i ng hand of Colby-Alma Mater.

We heave no mournful

sighs of regret at departure , a nd do not droop with w i l t i ng grief, because we are looking forward w i t h the strength of what Colby has held for us: t ies of friend ship, self-confidence, and the rea l i zation of the breadth of l i fe. For these t h i ngs which make l i fe worth while we owe to Colby our deepest gratitude ; and though in our dull way we ca nnot cla i m to have i nscribed our names in Colby's Hall of Fame, we l eave her threshold fi l led with her own opt i m i sm and faith-our heritage for the future. -Eleanor Bridges.



Kappa Delta R h o Chelsea High School, Mass. Cushing Academy. Foot­ ball 4; Interfraternity Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Interfraternity

Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Bowling 1, 2, 3 4 ; Captain 4.



ALDE ·'Bull"

Zeta P:;i Waten·ille High School.

lnterfraternity Baseball 1, 2,

3, 4; Interfraternity Basketball 1, 3, 4 ; Football 1, 2, 3,

4; Upsilon Beta, My!itic, President Mystics; President Freshman Class Student Council 1 .


Leavenworth High School . Colby; Pi Gamma


ALLEN 'Slim"

Upsilon Beta; Sons of

fu; President Pi Gamma Mu 4;

International Relations Club; Echo Board 1 ; Dean's

List 3, 4· Student Library Assistant 2, 3 -1.

NATHAN ALPERS "Nat' Salem High School, Mass.

Chi Epsilon Mu 2, 3, 4 ;

Powder and Wig 3 , 4· Secretary-Treasurer Powder and Wig 4; Director Y. M. C. A . Plays 4· German Club 1,

2, 3; Dean's List l

2, 3, 4· First German Prize 2.



I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E


MORRIS LESLIE AUSTIN Westown H igh School, Pa. Transfer from Penn syl­ van i:i College, Osbloosa, Tow:i. Footb:ill I; Track l, 2.



Delta U psi/on


I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E

Wi nslow H igh School. t ional Relations Club.

Freshman Football ; I n terna­


Wil braham Academy, Conn. Baseball 1 ; Football 1 · Track I, 2, 3, 4; I nterfraternity Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Relay Team 2, 3, 4· Capta i n of Track 1, 4; Upsilon Beta ; V i ce-President, Se nior Class.


New Bedford H igh School, Mass. T n terfraternity Soc­ cer I, 2; P i Gamma M u ; Dean's L i st 1, 2, 3, 4; W inner Sophomore Declamation Contest 2; Debating 1 ; Good­ win Publ ic Speaki ng Contest I.


B AR BARA BRIDGES "Barb Sigma Kappa Wate rv i l l e H ig h School . Hockey 1, 2 · Ten n i s l · Speedbal l 1, 2 ; Y. W. C. A. 1 2, 3, 4; I nternat i o nal Rel a t i o n s C l u b ; Health League I, 2 3 4; C . H .L . Nu­ mera l s .

ELEANOR BRIDGES "Ell ie" Sigma Kappa Waterv i l l e H ig h Schoo l . Hockey 4; Speedbal l 3 4· Y. W. C. A. 1 , 2, 3, 4; I nternational Relations Club 4 ; Executive Com m ittee 4· Assistan t Editor Ech o 2, 3 ; Class P r e ident 4 · Hea t h League 1 2 , 3 , 4 ; Wearer of C . H .L . Numera l s .

RoBERT STA LEY BRODIE "Steve" Delta Kappa Epsilon A m sterdam H ig h School, N . Y. l n te rfrater n i t y Bas­ ketbal l 1 , 2, 3, -t; I nterfratern it y Track 2 ; Football 1 , 2 , 3 ; Basebal l 3, 4 ; Ten n i s 3.

WILLIAM THERON BRYANT "The" Lam bda Chi Alpha Bridgton H igh School .

Baseba l l 1 , 2 , 3· l nterfrater n i­

ty Basketbal l 1, 3 ; l nterfratem ity Footbal l 2 · C h i Gam­ ma Sigma 3, 4; Secretary 3; President 4· Kappa P h i

Kappa 4; Mathematics C l u b 4 ; S t u d e n t Coun c i l 4 ; Dea n's L i st I 2 , 3 · L ibrary Assi sta n t 3 , 4 ; Physics

Assista n t 3 , -t.

T we11ty-se11e11

T H E I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E

MARY LucINA Buss " Bus" Chi O mega Central Fal l s H igh School , Central Falls, R. I . Bas­ ketball 1, 2, 4; Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4· Chi Gamma Theta ; Student League l ; Secretary Y. W. C. A. 2; White ight Com m i ttee 4; Y . W . C. A. Mule Board 4 ; · Colby umeral s J u nior I, 2, 3 4; Wearer of C . H.L . and fay Day Play.

CLARK DRUMMOND CHAPMAN, JR. "Chappy'' Delta Kappa Epsilon

T H E I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E

Deering High School . I nterfratern i ty Baseball 1 , 2 3. 4; Jnterfratern ity Track 2, 3; Mystics; German Club I; Sons of Col by.

WILLIAM JAMES CHAPMAN "Bill" Alpha T a u 01nega Worcester Academy, Mass. I nterf raternity Baseball 2, 3, 4; I nterfraternity Basketball 3, 4· I nterfraternity Track 3, 4; Basketball 2; Football 3; Mystics, Vice­ President 2, 3.


" B i ng"

Kappa Delta Rho H u n t i ngton School


I nterfraternity Soccer 1 ,

2 ; I nterfratern i ty Baseball 1 , 2 , 3, 4 ; I nterfraternity

Football l, 2 3· Glee Cl ub 2; Colby Band 1, 2, 3; Echo 1 , 2, 3; Band Key.




Delta Kappa Epsilon W i n t h rop H igh School . Track 2· K appa P h i K appa 4; Powder and W ig 1 2 3 4 ; Y. M. C . A. Cabi net 3, 4; C h a i r m a n Meeti ng s Com m ittee 3, 4; Le Cercle Franca is ; Deutscher Vere i n ; H a m l i n Prize Speaking, !st P r i ze l ; G lee Club 1, 2 3 4 ; President 4 ; White Mule 3; Dea n ' s L i st l; Chape l Quartette 3, 4.

ARTH U R COULTHARD "Art" Theta Kappa Nu Tran sfer from Mount A l l i so n U n i versity, Sackv i lle, New B r u ns w ick, Canada. E n gl a n d .

Attended H igh School i n

E D wA R D W A R E CRAGIN "Ed" Theta Kappa Nu Waterville H igh School .

I n terfraternity Footbal l


W i nter Sports 1 , 2 ; Upsilon Beta ; Pi G a m m a Mu 3, 4, V ice-President 4 ; Y. M. C. A. 1 , 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 4 ; L e Cercle Francais 2 ; Geology C l u b 3 ; Dean's L i st 1 , 2 ,

3 , 4 ; B a n d 1 , 2 3 4 ; Concert Board 3 · Echo Board l · J u n i o r Prom Com m ittee 3· Fresh m a n H a n d book, A s­ s i stant Editor 2 Editor 3; Com mencement U sher 1 ; Student Marshal 2 , 3 ; ®K, Schol a rs h i p Key 4 ; State Economic: Conference 2.

LOIS BLANCHE CROWELL Sigma Kappa Everett High Schoo l , Everett, Mass. Basketbal l 1 , 2, 3, 4; Hockey 1 , 2, 3, 4; Speed bal l 1 , 2. 3, 4; Vol leyba l l 1 , 2, 3, 4; C h i G a m ma Theta · Y . W . C . A . 1 , 2 , 3, 4, Cabinet I, 2, 3, 4, P resident 4· C hem i stry Student As­ !> i sta n t ; Class Secretary I; Echo 1 , 2, 3; White Mule 3, 4; Dean's L i st 2, Student Council 4; H a m l i n Prize Spea k i n g





1 st


Cob u rn Prize Speak i ng 2 , 2 nd P r i z e ; Cob u r n P ri ze Spea k i ng 3, 2 n d Prize · Y. W. C. A. Handbook 3 ; Chairman J u n i or Dance 3 ; M a y Day Play 3 ; Wearer of C.H . L. , Class N u meral s ; C . W . Hea l t h League !, 2 , 3, 4; Class Representative 2 V ice President 3; Health League Cup 4.


T H E I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E




Tau Delta Phi Stau nton M i l itary Academy. New Haven High School, Con n . l nterfraternity Basketball l 2, 3, 4; Baseball I, 2, 3 , 4; Football I, 2, 3, 4; Hockey 4; Varsity C l u b ; G e r m a n Club I 2 ; I nternational Relations Club 3 , 4; Vice-President Sophomore Class ; P resident J u n ior Class; Chairman J u n ior Prom ; Student Counci l 4; Wearer of the "C."

ELLIOT ARNOLD D1GGLE "Sm udge" Kappa Delta R h o

T H E I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E

R icker J u n ior College. l nterfraternity Bowl i ng 2 ; l n­ terfraternity Basketball 3, 4; Ten ni s 2, 3; Kappa P h i Kappa ; Ech o Board 2 , 3 , 4; B u si ness Manager 4 .



C/1i Omega Towson High School, Towson, Maryland. Hockey 1 , 2, 3 ; Speedball 1 , 2; Chi Gamma Theta· P i Gamma Mu, Secretary-Treasurer 4 ; Echo Board 1 , 2, 3 ; Stu­ dent League 2, 3 , 4; Vice-President 3 , President 4 ; Dean's L i st 1 , 3 ; Daughters of Colby, V i ce-President 3, President 4; Chairman Freshman Tea ; Delegate to N. E . Co-ed Student Government Conference 3; Pan­ hellenic Association 3, 4 ; Student-Faculty Com m ittee 3; Y. W. C. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Wearer of C.H.L. and Nu­ mera l s ; Colby Heal th League l, 2, 3, 4.

ANN PATRICIA DuoBA Chi Omega Brockton H igh School, Brockton, Mass. T ransfer f rom Cornel l . I nternational Relations Club; W h1te Mule Board 4; Y. W . C. A. 2, 3, 4; Health League 2, 3 , 4; Honorable Mention Gy m Meet; Se nior Dance Comm ittee; J unior May Day Play .


ARTH UR CH ESTER DYER, J R. "Chet" Zeta Psi Foxcroft Acade m y ; Hebro n . Footbal l 1, 3 4· I nter­ frate r n i t y B asketba l l 1, 2, 3, 4· Wearer of "C."

ELIZA BETH CLEME. TINE DYSON "Betty" Delta Delta Delta Drury High Sc hool , North Adams, 1ass. Hockey 1, 2· K appa A l pha ; Y. W . C . A. Cabinet ; Mathematics C l u b · G l ee Cl ub 1, 2 , 3 , 4; Sophomore Da nce Commit­ tee ; C hairman of Colby Tight for Women 3.

PAUL EDWARD FELDMA "Red" Tau Delta Phi Central


Schoo l ,

Spri ngfield ,


I nterfra­

ternity Basketba l l 1, 2, 3, 4; German C l ub 1, 2, 3; White Mule 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Cou ncil 4 .

LEo EDwA R D FF.NCER "Turk" Phi Delta Theta I nterfraternity Soccer Brockton H igh School, Mass. 1; I nterfraternity Baseb a l l 2 3; l nterfraternity Basket­ ball 3; I n terfrate r n i ty Track 1 , 2, 3· I nte rfraternity Bowli n g 1, 2, 3 , 4; Track 1, 2 , 3; Captai n Bowli ng Team 3; Assista n t M anager Track 1 2 3; M anager 4 ; Ham l i n Fresh m a n Prize Speak i ng ; Wearer of the "C."


T H E I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E


WILLIAM BUFFINGTON FERGUSON "Bill" ew Bedford H igh School, Mass. Ten n i s 3, 4; Kappa Phi Kappa 3, 4路 Treasurer 4; B i ology Assi stan t 4; Glee Cl ub 2, 3, 4; Deutscher Vere i n 2 .


T H E I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E


Revere H igh School, Mass. C h i Epsilon M u ; Chi Gamma Sigma 路 Cosmopol itan- Ham l i n Prize Contest; Dean's L i st 1 -, 3, 4路 Second German Prize 2 .



"Bill '

Delta U pnlon .

Me rrill High School . I nterfraternity Baseball 2, 3, 4; Mystics路 Band 1; Dean's List 2, 3; ORAC L E Board 3, 4; Busi nes lvfanager 4.

PHU.IP BARTLETT FosTER "Phil" Lambda Chi Alpha B ridgton H igh School .

4; Mathemat ics Club 4.


I nterfratern ity Baseball 2, 3,


B rockton H igh School Mass. Thayer Academy. Y. M. C. A . · Ha ndbook Committee 4 · Band 1 , 2, 3, 4; Boardman Society 3, 4 .

EDWI N EVERETT G ETCHELL "Getch" Lambda Chi Alpha

Lawrence High School.

Kappa P h i Kappa· Y. M. C.

A. 3, 4 .

VIRGINIA GETCHELL "G i n ie" Sigma Kappa

Water\'ille H igh School . Hockey 1 2· Speedball 1 , 2 ; Volleyball 1 , 2 ; Y . W. C . A . ; Student League· E ngl ish Club 2· 2 nd Prize Ham l i n Prize Speaking l · Sopho­ more Declamation 2; O rchestra 3; J u nior Class Play 3; . Christmas Play 4 · Honorable Mention Y. W. C . Gym 1eet 1, 2; Daughters of Colby .


Brookl i ne H igh School, fass. lnterfratern i ty Soccer 1 , 2 ; l nterfraternity Baseball 1 , 3 , 4 · Baseball 2· Track 2 ;

C h i Gamma Sigma 3 , 4 · Secretary 4· Y. M . C . A . Cabi net 3 4 · German Club 1 , 2 , 3 ; White Mule 3 , 4 ; Ech o l , 2, 3 4 , Featu re Editor 4 ; Dean's L ist 2 · Ger­ man Prize 1.


T H E I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E

PAU LINE ELBANA GooowIN "Pol ly" Delta Delta Delta Phi l l i ps H igh School , P h i l l i p , Maine. Hockey 1, 2; Vol leyball 1, 2 3, 4· Speedball I. 2· Volleyball Man­ ager 4 · Y . W . C. A.· Le Cercle Francais; Dean's List I, 2, 3, 4; 2nd Prize Freshman Schola rsh i p ; Wearer of . H .L. Class Nume ra l s a n d C. W. Healt h League 1 2, 3, 4; Phi Beta I appa.



"Co n n i e"

T H E I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E


Lawrence High School Fai rfield, M a i n e . Hockey 2; Volleyball 1; Chi Gamma Theta ; ORACLE Board 4 ; Haml i n Prize Speaking Contest l · Cob ur n Prize Speak i ng Contest 2; Panhellenic Association, Secre­ tary-Treasurer 3 .

FoRo ARTH UR GRANT ' Fanny" Zeta Psi Everett Kappa ; Hamlin Powder

High School, Mass. Fenci ng 2 ; Kappa Phi Chi E psilon Mu; Camera Cl ub, President 4 ; Prize Speak i ng Contest; Echo Reporter 1 ; and Wig.

HAMILTON BROOGHTON GRANT Theta Kappa Nu Cherryfield Academy. l nterfrate rn i ty Soccer 1, 2, 3 , 4 ; I n terfraternity Baseball 3, 4 ; T nterfraternity Basket­ ball 1 , 2, 4; Pi Gamma M u ; Kappa Phi Kappa, H i s­ torian 4; Dean s List 3 ; Library Assi stant 2.


ELLA Co:r..11


Alpha Delta Pi H iggi n s Classical I nstitute. H ockey 1, 2 3 4· M a n­ ager 2 ; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4· Volleyball 1, 2; Speedball 1. 2, 3 , 4; fa nager B asketbal l 4; Chi Gamma Theta ; Y . W. C. A. 1, 2, 3, 4· Cabi net 3: Progra m Chairman 3; I n ternational Relations Club; J u n ior Representati\'e Student Counci l· Assistant Ma nager of Colbiana; H a m l i n P ri ze Spea k i n g ; Chairman Se n ior Da nce Com m i ttee · Wearer of C . H .L . , C. W ., Class u mer­ a l s; Health League C u p ; Health League Board 1, 2 , 3, 4.

SAMUEL GREENFI ELD " Sa n1 " T a u Delta Phi Lenox H igh School, Mass. l nt erfra tern i ty Soccer 1 , 2 · l nterfraternity Baseba l l 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 · l n terfratern i t y Basketba l l 1, 3 , 4 ; Footba l l 1 · German Club 2 , 3 · In ­ ternational R e l a t i o n s Cl ub 4 .

ELIZABETH ELAINE G URNEY "Lib" Chi O m ega Watervi l l e H igh School . K appa A l p h a · Y . W. C. A . l 2 , 3 , 4 ; I nternational Relations C l u b 3, 4 · Health League 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 .

JACOB H A I N S " J ack"

" Jake"

Tau Delta Phi Waterv i l l e H igh Schoo l . l n terfra te rn i ty Soccer 1 2 ; T nterfrate r n i ty Base ba l l 1 , 2 , 3 · l n terfra te r n i ty Bas­ ketba l l 2 ; B o x i ng 1 , 2j Chi Epsilon M u ; Chi G a m m a Sigm a ; German C l u b 1 , 2 , 3 ; I nter-Racial Club 1 , 2 , 3 , 4; Mathematics C l u b 2 3 · Secon d German P r i z e 2 .


T H E I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E

RuTH VI IAN HA OLEY Sigma Kappa Richmond H i l l H igh School Long [slan< l . Tr ansfer Basketball 3, 4; Hockey 3, Br ookl y n College r. Y. 4 · Kappa Al pha ; French Club Pre i<lent 4; Y. W. C . . 3, 4 , Cabi net, Chair ma n Social Serv ice ; Boardman Society.


T H E I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E


W i nslow H igh School . Hockey 1, 2· Speedball 1, 2; Volleyball 1 2· Wearer of C.H .L. Numer a l s ; Y. W . C . A . l · Honorable Mention Gym Meet 1 , 2 ; Stude n t League l, 2 3 , 4.



Delta Kappa Epsilon Sullivan High School . J n terfraternity Basketbal l 1, 2 , 3 , 4; Baseball l , 2 , 3 ; Kaµpa P h i Kappa ; Mathematics Club , Pr eside n t ; Dean 's List 1, 2, 3.

THOMAS JOHN HICKEY "Ton1" Delta Kappa Epsilon Cony High Schoo l . I nterfrater n ity Soccer 2; I nter­ frater n i ty Basebal l 2 · I n terfratern ity Basketball 1 · I n­ terfratern ity Track 2; Hockey 1 , 2, 3, 4; Class Office r ; Dean's List; Student Cou n c i l 4 ; Varsity Club .


DOROTHY DALLAS H IGGINS "Dot" Theta U psi/on W i nslow H ig h School .

Hockey 1 , 2, 3, 4; Speedball

1, 2 3 , 4; Volleyball 1, 2· Manager Speedball 3; Cap­ t a i n 3· K appa A l p h a ; Y. W. C . A . ; C . H .L., u merals ; C. W . , H onorable Mention G y m Meet l, 2· H ealth League 1, 2, 3, 4 · Student League 1, 2 3 , 4 .

S . MADELYN H IGGINS " K i tty" Phi Mu De n n ysville H igh School , Den nysville, Maine. Hock­


C h a i r m a n Foss Hall 4 ; Dance Com m i ttee 2, 4; Pan­

I 9 3 4

ey 1 , 2, 3 , 4; Volleyball 1 2 , 3 , 4; Speedball 1 , 2 , 3 , + Hockey Manager 2, 4; K appa Al pha, Secretary-Treas­ u re r 3 · Y. W. C. A. 1 , 2, 3, 4 · Dea n 's List l; Class P resident 3 · Heal t h League 1 , 2, 3, 4 ; J u n io r Repre­ sentative in Health League; Wearer of C . H . L . a n d C. W . a n d C l a s s N u me ra l s ; May D a y P l a y 3 ; H o u se hel lenic Cou ncil 3 , 4 ; R epresentative Play Day 3 .

MARY ELLEN HoDGDON Sigma Kappa �'atertown High School, Watertow n , Mass. Hockey la nager 4· Kappa Al pha· Le Cercle 2 , 4; Ten n is , F ra ncais 2 , 4· Dea n's L i st 1 , 2; Chairman Dance Com­ m i ttee 2; Ech o l 2 3 , 4; Women' s Editor 4.

JOH N p ARKER HOLDEN " J oh n n y" Phi Delta Theta Yonkers H igh School , N. Y. I nterfraternity Basket­ ball 2, 3; I nterfrate r n i ty B owl i ng 1 , 2 , 3. 4· Fresh m a n Baseball; V a r s i t y Baseball 3 , 4 ; Ech o Reporter 1 ; White Mule, Assistant Ed itor I, 2 , 3; 'vVca re r o f "C.'


0 R A c L E


AucE MAY HovEY Theta Upsilon Morse H igh School , Georgetown, Maine. Y. W. C. A . 1, 2, 3 , 4 ; German C l ub 1, 2 ; I nternational Relations Club 4 · Dea n's List 2, 3; German Prize 2; Health League 1, 2, 3, 4· Wearer of C.H.L.

EwALD W I LLIAM HucKE "Ilill" Delta Upsilon

T H E I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E


Waterv i l le H igh School . I n terfratern1ty Basebal l 2, 3 , 4 ; Baseba l l I ; Football 1 , 2, 3, 4 ; Hockey 1, 2 , 3 , 4; Capta i n 4; Wearer of "C '; Cosmopolitan Club; Pres i ­ d e n t Student Cou ncil 4 ; C l a s s President 4 ; White Mule 2, 3 4 ; Busi ness Manager 4; J u n ior Prom Comm ittee 3 .

GEORGE HATHAWAY H U NT Kappa Delta R h o Gard iner H igh School . I nterfraternity Track 1 , 2, 3, 4; Track 1 , 2 , 3, 4 ; R e l a y Team 3; P i Kappa Delta 2 , 3, 4 ; Secretary 3 , Secretary-Treasurer 4 ; Y . M . C. A . Cabinet 1 , 2 , 3, 4 ; Vice-President 4 ; I ntercollegiate De­ baing 1, 2, 3, 4; Mu rray Prize Debate I ; Hallowel l Publ ic Spea k i ng Contest I · Wearer o f "C."

RrcHARD HILLIARD JoHNSON "Die" Zeta Psi Waterville H i g h Schoo l . I nterfraternity Basebal l I , 2; I n terfratern ity Basketbal l I, 2, 3, 4; I nterfraternity Track I, 2, 3 , 4; Football 1, 3 , 4; Track 1 , 2, 3 , 4; Y. M. C. A. Com m ittees; Mathematics Club; Band 1 , 2; Secretary-Treasurer Freshman Class; J u nior Week­ end Comm ittee; Senior Week end Comm i ttee.


ADELAIDE ELIZABETH JORDAN Alpha Delta Pi Bar H a rbor H igh School . Chi G a m m a Theta, Treas­ u re r 2; Read i ng Room 1 , 2, 3 , 4, Chairman 4; Dean's L i st 1 ; Class V ice-President 2; Y. W . C . A. 1 , 2, 3 , 4 ; Health League I , 2 , 3 , 4 · Wearer o f C . H .L . ; Pan­ hel l e n i c Cou ncil 3 , 4 ; J un ior Week-end Com m ittee 3.


" Kevie"

Sigma Kappa L a w re nce High Schoo l , Mass. Colby J u n ior College, Con n . Basketba l l 3 , 4; K appa A l p h a · Y. W . C. A . 3, 4; Glee C l u b ; H ea l t h League ; Class Represe ntative 4 .

M ILDRED ELIZABETH KEOGH " Mickey" Sigma Kappa Law re nce H ig h School, Mass. Hockey 1 , 2, 3; Speed­ bal l 1 , 2, 3 , Manager 2· Chi G a m m a Theta; Y. W. C. A. Cabi net 1, 2; Student Government 3; Student As­ sistant B io l ogy 4· Hea l t h League 1, 2 , 3, 4; J u n ior­ Senior Da nce Com m i ttee ; May Day Play 3· C . H .L .; '34· C . W .

R1cHARD NoYES K I MBALL "Dick" Zeta Psi L e x i ngton H igh School , Mass. I nterfraternity Base­ ball 2, 3, 4· l nterfratern i ty Track 1 , 2, 3, 4; Track 1 , 2, 3 , 4; Secretary P ress Club 3; H older Colby Pole Vault Record ; M e m be r of '32-'33 I nterfrater n i ty Cross­ Country C h a m pionsh i p Team; Wearer o f Numera l s a n d Varsity "C."


T H E I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E

ERNEST FRANKLIN LARY "Ernie" Zeta Psi Foxcroft Academy. H iggi n s Classical I nstitute. In­ terfraternity Basketball 1, 3 , 4 ; Basebal l 1, 2 , 3 , 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Kappa Phi Kappa; Dramat ic Arts 4 .


T H E I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E


B r i stol High School . T n terfraternity Baseball 1 , 3; Fencing 1, 2; Chi Gamma Sigma ; Y. M . C. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Cabi net 4; Deutscher Vere i n 2, 3; Treasurer 3; Good w i n Prize Spea k i ng Contest 2· Student Cou ncil 3· Student Library Assistant 2, 3.


"J. J."

Theta Kappa Nu

Morris H igh School, N. Y. l nterfraternity Soccer l, 2 , 3 ; Jnterfraternity Basebal l 1, 2 , 3 ; l nterfraternity Base­ ball 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseba l l 2; Football 2; Box i ng 1, 2· I appa P h i Kappa ; I nternational Relations Club.

WALDRON DAYTON LISCOMB "Ben" Zeta Psi Bar Harbor H igh School . I nterfraternity Soccer 1 , 2; I nterfraternity Basebal l 1, 2, 3, 4; I n terfraternity Bowl­ i ng 1, 2, 3, 4; Golf Team 3, 4; D ramatic Club .


RowENA LoA�E "Pat" Sigma Kappa Presque I sl e H igh School . Y. W. C . . Play 1 ; E ng­ l is h Cl ub 2; I n ternational Relati o n s 4· White Mule 3 · Women s Ed i tor White Mule 4 ; Aroostook Club 1 , 2,

3, 4; Colby Daughters 1 2 , 3 , 4; Dance Com m ittee 3· May Day Com m i ttee 3; Colby Night C o m m i ttee 4; D ramatic A rt Class Pla y ; Wearer of C . H .L . ; H onor­ able Mention in Gym Meet 1 .

W ILLIAM A LEXANDER LocAN "Bill" P h i Delta Theta R utherford H ig h School , N. J. I nterfraternity Soccer 1, 3; I n terfrate r n i t y Baseba l l 2 3; I nterfraternity Bas·

ketball 1 · B aseball 1 · Footbal l 1; T rack 1; Ma nager H ockey 4· Upsilon Beta· White Mule 1; J u n ior Week­ end C o m m i ttee; Wearer of the "C. '



Kappa Delta Rh o Thayer Academy. I nterfrate r n i ty Soccer 1 , 2; I nte r­ frate rn ity Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; I n terf ratern:ty Basket­ ball 1, 2; I n terfrate rn i t y Track 1, 2 , 3 , 4 · I nterfrate r n i­ ty B ow l i ng 1 , 2, 3, 4; I nterf rater n i ty Footba l l 1, 2, 3 4 ; Track 1. 2 , 3 , 4; Upsilon Beta · I nter-Racial C l u b ; Ech o B oard I; Secreta ry-Treasurer Senior Class.


Delta Kappa Epsilon Cony H ig h Schoo l . I n terfraternity Soccer 2 · I n terfra­ ternity Baseba l l 1, 2, 3 , 4; I nterfraternity Basketbal l 1 ; Footbal l 2; Mystics· Treas u re r 3 ; I n ternational Rela­ tions C l u b .


T H E I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E

GEORGE SOLOMON MANN Boston Lat i n School, Boston , Mass. Dea n's List.

German Club;

WILLIAM HENRY MILLET " Bi l l " Kappa Delta R h o

T H E I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E


Spri ngfield H i g h School , Spri ngfiel d , Vt . l nterfra­ ternity Baseball 1 , 2, 3, 4 · Chi Epsilon Mu; Secre­ tary-Treasurer 4; Chi Gamma Sigma, Vice-President 3 ; Powder and Wig, President 3; Sons of Colby ; Stu­ dent Cou ncil 4; Colby Echo I, 2, 3 , 4; Ed itor-in-Chief 4; Dea n 's List 1, 2, 3, 4 · Band 1, 2, 3; Hallowell Prize Speaking 3· Good w i n Prize Speaki ng 3; White Mule 3, 4 ; Literary Editor 4; Powder and Wig Play 1, 2, 3 ; Commencement Play 1 , 2.

SUMNER PETER M ILLS, JR. "Pete" Alpha Tau O m ega Hebron Academy. l nterf raternity Track 3 ; Football 1 , 2 3 , 4; Boxing 2 ; Pi Kappa Delta, Secretary 2, Vice­ President 3 , President 4; Powder and Wig, President 4; Y. M . C . A . Cabinet 2, 3, 4 ; Chai rman Discussions Committee 2; Chai rman I nternational Relations Com­ m ittee 3 , 4; Young Republ ican Club 3, President 3 ; I n ternational Relations Club 2, 3, 4 , President 3; Ex­ ecutive Committee 4; Debating Team 1, 2, 3, 4; F i nals Hamlin Prize Speaking l ; Fourth Prize Good w i n Speaking Contest l ; First Prize 3; College Repre­ sentative to Maine I ntercollegiate Oratorical Contest 3 ; Second Prize ; Student Council 3; Echo Reporter 1 , Sports Editor 2, 3 , 4 ; White Mule 3 , Managing Ed itor 4; L ibrary Assi sta nt 1, 2; Secretary-Treasurer of Class 3; President Assembly Comm ittee 3; Chapel Mon i tor 3 , 4; Delegate to Northfield Student Conference 3; Commencement Play 1, 2.

GRETA EsTELLE MuRRAY "Gretsy" Phi Mu B rownville J u nction High School .

Speedball 1 , 2, 3 ,

4; Volleyball 1 , 2 ; Field Hockey 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 ; Chi Gam­ ma Theta ; Y . W . C. A . 1, 2, 3, 4; Nomi na t i ng Com­ mi ttee 2, 3; Engl i s h Club 2; Ham l i n Prize Speaking 1 ; Sen ior Member Student Government; ORACLE 4; Dean's List 2; Vice-President Senior Class; Wearer o f C . H .L. ; M a y D a y Comm ittee 3 ; House Chairman Foss Hall 3 , 4; Colby Health League I , 2, 3, 4 ; Maine Student Vol unteer Union 2, 3.


RALPH NATHANSON Tau Delta Phi G reenfield H igh School, Mass. P i G a m ma M u ; P i Kappa Delta ; Deba t i n g 1 , 2, 3 , + M a nager of Debate 4; Student Assistant Department Public Spea k i n g 4 · I n ternational Relations C l u b ; Dean's L i s t 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 ; H a m l i n Prize Speak i n g Contest 1 ; Good w i n P n ze Spea k i ng 2, 3 ; Hal !O\.vell Contest 3: M urray Prize Debate, Secon d Prize 2 .

FRANKLIN NoRVISH "Fra n k" Alpha Tau O m ega B rockton

H ig h

School ,

B rockton ,


l nterfra­

ter n i t y Baseball 1 2: l n terfrater n i ty Track 1 , 2; Track 1 , 2; Kappa Phi Kappa 3, 4; President 4· M ystics 2 ; Y . M . C . A . Secretary 4 ; C h i G a m ma S igma 2 , 3 , 4 ;

Glee Club 1 2 . 3 4 · Student Cou n c i l 4 .

FRANCES M YRTLE PALMER "Fra n n ie" Phi Mu Maine Cen t ral I nstitute. Hockey 1, 2 , 4· Ten n i s 1, 2 , 3 , 4 ; Manager 3· Volleyball 1 , 2 ; Y . W . C . A . 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 ; Board m a n Soc iety 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 ; Wearer of C . H . L . · Student Health League 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 · Student Vol u nteer Delegate 2; Ca m p Maqua Delegate 1 .

AARON MARSHALL pARK ER Delta Kappa Epsilon Coburn Classica l I n st i t u te .

I nterfraternity Soccer 2 ;

I nterfrate r n i t y Baseba l l 3 ; l nterfratern ity Basketball l ; J n te rfrater n ity Track 1 , 2 , 3· Track 2 , 3 ; I n ternational Rebtions C l u b .


T H E I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E


ARNOLD SAMUEL PEABODY "Jim ' Delta Kappa Epsilon Houlton H igh School . Maine Central I n stitute . I ntc1 fraternity Basebal l 1 , 2, 3 · Football 1 , 2 , 3, ' 4 ; Basket­ bal l I, 2, 3, 4· Captain of Football 4· Upsilon Beta ; Secretary Sophomore Class; Vice-President J u n ior Class ; Athletic Council, Secretary 2, 3; President 4 ; Wearer o f " C " ; All-Maine Football 2, 3, 4 .

WOODROW W ILSON PEABODY "Woody" Delta Kappa Epsilon

T H E I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E


Houlton H igh School . I n terfraternity Baseball 1 ; I n­ terfraternity Basketball 1 , 2, 3 4; Baseball I , 2, 3, 4 ; Football 4 ; Upsilon Beta, President 2 ; Y . M . C. A . 1 , 2 , 3, 4 ; Freshman Com m ittee 3, 4 ; Wearer of the 'C" ; Student Faculty Conference Com m ittee 4; I nterfra­ ternity Football Champions 3.




Cony H igh School . Kappa Alpha ; Y. W. C. A . 1 , 2, 3, 4· Program Com m ittee 3 4; Le Cercle Fra nca i s 2 ; Health League 1 , 2 , 3 4 ; Press Club 3 ; Wearer of C.H .L. ; Dea n ' s List I , 2, 3 ; H a ml i n Prize Spea k i ng 1 ; Coburn Prize Spea k i ng 2 ; Murray Prize Debate 2 · House Cha i rman, Dutton House 2 ; Assista n t B usi ness Manager of Colbiana 1, 2; May Day Play 3; Trea!lurer Student Go\'ernment 4.

PoRTIA MuRDOCK PENDLETON " Putcha" Phi Mu Waterville H igh School . Far m i ngton Normal . M a n­ ager Hockey 1 ; C h i Gamma Theta; Y. W. C. A. 2, 3 , 4 ; I nternational Relations Cl ub 3 ; G l e e C l u b 2, 3, 4 ; Glee C l u b Libra r i a n 3 ; Pres ident 4 ; H a m l i n Prize Speaking; Coburn Prize Speaking; Boardman Society Social Com m ittee Chairman.


R EBECCA PE NJMAN " Becky" T he:a U psi/on 8ri stol H i gh School,


H a rbor. M a i ne.

Ten n i s 3,

+ Voll eybal l 2 , 3 , 4· Speed ball 2· Kappa A l p h a ; Y. W. C . A . 1 , 2 , 3, 4; H ou se C h a i r m a n , Mary Low Hall 2 ;

President Pan he l l e n i c Cou ncil 4 ; Honorable Mention G y m l\1Ieet 1., 2 ; J u n ior Week-e nd Com m ittee 3; Wear­ er of C . H .L.; Health League 1 , 2, 3, 4· J un ior May Day Play 3.


F reeport H ig h School .


PENNELL " B rick"

Ba ngor Theological Sem i nary.

HAROLD MYER PLOTKIN " Ha l ' H u nti ngton School ,


Head Cheer Leader 2, 3 ,

4 ; I nter-Racial Club 2 , 3 , 4 ; I nternat i o nal Relations Club 4 ; Powder a n d W i g 3 , 4 ; Colby White Mule I. 2, 3

4 , Managi n g Ed i tor 3 , E d i tor-in-Ch ief 4· Colby

Ech o l 2, 3, 4 M a nagi n g Editor 3, 4; Non-F rater n i ty Member Student Cou n c i l 3 4; G y m Dance Com m it­ tee ; J u n ior ·week Com m i ttee ; Varsity C l ub "C."

ErrA JosEPH INE PoRTER " Jo" Theta Upsilon Freeport H igh Sch ool . Basketba l l 1 , 4 ; H ockey 1 , 2 ; Ten n i s 3 , 4 ; Speed bal l 2 ; C h i G a m m a Theta ; Y . W . C . A . I 2 , 3 , 4 ; Com m i ttee 3 ; Deutscher Vere i n 2 , 3 ; I nternational Relations C l u b 4 ; Geol ogy C l u b 3 ; E n g · l i sh C l ub 2 ; Glee Club l ; Secretary-Treasurer Class 3 · H onorable M e n t i o n G y m Meet l 2 ; Wearer of C . H . L . ; Heal t h League 1 , 2 , 3 4 ; J unior May Day Play 3 ; Colby Night Play 4.


T H E I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E


Loms PERCIVAL PRoGALASKI "Duke" Ph £ Delta Theta Man hasset H igh School Manhasset, N . Y. I nter­ fraternity Soccer 1 ; l nterfratern ity Baseball I · I n ter­ fraternity Basketba l l I 2, 3 4· Football 1 ; Basket­ ball 1 , 2 , 3 4· Gol f - Kappa Phi Kappa · G lee Club l ; Echo, Assi stant Busi ness Manager · Hallowell Prize Speaki ng Contest ; Dean s List 3.


T H E I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E


Watertown Senior High, Watertow n, Mass. l nter­ fratem i ty Track 1 2 , 3 , 4; Football 2 3 , 4; Track 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 · Upsilon Bet a · Sons of Col by ; V ice Presiden t ; Secretary-Treasurer Student Council.

W I LBERT J AMES PULLEN Bud" Lambda Chi Alpha Calais Academy, Calais, Mai ne. I nterfrate rnity Base­ bal l 2, 3, 4 ; Student Assistant in B i ology .

GEORGE CHARLES PUTNAM ' P ut" Kappa Delta Rho Crosby H igh School, Con n . l nterfraternity Baseball 1, 2 3, 4; Football 1 , 2 , 3, 4; Hockey 2; Chi Epsilon Mu· Sons of Colby, President 3 ; Varsity Club; Dean's List 1 ; Hallowell Prize Speaki ng Contest 2; Band 1 ; Concert Board 3, 4 ; Treasurer 3 ; Echo Board l ; Sophomore Decl amation, 2 nd Place.




RAYMOND " Ke n "

Kappa Delta R h o Fort Kent H igh School . I nterfrate rn i ty Baseball 1 , 2 , 3, 4 ; l nterfrate rn i t y Basketba l l 1, 2 , 3 , 4 ; Football I , 2 , 3, 4 · l nterfrate rn i ty Bowl i n g 1, 2, 3, 4· U p s i l o n Beta ; French C l u b ; Dean's L i s t 1 ; Class V ice-President 2 .

MARGARET BEATRICE RAYMOND "Peg" Phi Mu Aroostook Cen t ral I nstitute. H ockey 1 , 2 , 3; Ten n i s I , 2 · Manager 2 · Aroostook C l u b ; P resident Aroos­ took Cl ub 4; Dance Comm ittee 2; Colby Queen 3.

FRED B ARKER ROBERTS " B uck" Delta U psi/on W h itewater City H igh School, W h i tewater, W i scon­ s i n . C h i Epsilon Mu President 4 ; Chi G a m ma S i g­ m a , Treas u rer 4 ; Camera Cl u b 3 ; Band Charm 3 .

MARION LomsE Ross Phi Mu Col umbia Fal l s H igh School . Speedball I 2; Volley­ bal l 2; Field Hockey 1 , 2; Kappa A l pha ; Read i ng Room Com m i t tee 1, 2, 3, 4; Secretary-Treasurer of Class 3, 4; Y . W. C. A. I , 2, 3, 4; Health League 1, 2, 3, 4; ; Wearer of C . H . L . ; Honorable Mention Gym Meet 3 .


T H E I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E


MARGARET EASTON SALMOND "Peg" Sigma Kappa Coburn Classical T nstitute. Hockey 1 ; Weare r of C . H .L. a nd Class _ urneral s · Honorable Mention in Gym Meet 1 , 2 ; Health League J , 2, 3 4; Volleyball 1 ; Y . W . C . A . 1 , 2 3 4 ; Le Cercle Fra ncais 4 · Vice­ Pre ident 4; Dea n 's List 1, 2, 3, 4; Freshman Schol­ arship Fi rst Prize· Phi Beta Kappa .

FREDERICK ScH RF.IBER "Fred ' Tau Delta Phi

T H E I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E


Portland High chool , Portl a n d , Maine. l nterfra­ tern ity Soccer 1 . 2; l nterfraternity Basebal l 1, 2 , 3, 4 · l n terfraternity Basketba ll 1 , 3 4 ; I nterfraternity Track 1 , -t· Boxing 1 ; Ka ppa Phi Kappa 3, 4 , Secretary 4 ; I nter-Racial Club 2 3 , 4, Vice-President 3 ; I nternation­ al Relations Club 3 , 4 President 4 · Engl ish Club 2 ; Deba t i n g 4 · H a m l i n Prize Spea k i ng 1 · Sophomore Declamation 2; Dea n's List 1, 2 , 3 4; Student As­ sistant in Libra ry 2 3, 4; Cheer Leade r 2 , 3 , 4.



Phi Delta Theta Waterville H igh School . ew Engl and Con e rvatory of M usic. Chi Gamma Sigm a ; Vice-President 4 ; Col­ by Concert Board 1 , 2 , 3 4; Secretary 3; President 4 · ssi sta n t in Physics 3, Band Leader 1 , 2 4 ; Student 4 ; Dea n's List 1, 2 3, 4 · Glee Club Soloist 1 2 , 3 , 4 ; P h i Beta Kappa .



"Stet '

Delta Kappa Epsilon Cony H igh School . l nterfratern ity Baseball 1 ; I nter­ fraternity Basketball 1 ; Football Assistan t Ma nager 1, 2 , 3, Ma nager 4· Pi Kappa Delta, Treasurer 3 ; Vice­ President 4· Y. M. C. A. Cabi net 3; Le Cercle F ra n­ cai s ; Deba t i ng 1 2, 3, 4· F reshman Prize Spea k i ng, 2 nd Prize; M urray P ri ze Debate, 1 st Prize 2 n d Yea r ; Hal lowel l Prize Speaking 3 · Good w i n P r i ze Spea k i ng 3· Echn 1, 2; ORACLE Board 2, 3, Editor-i n-Chief 4 ; Student Assista n t i n Publ i c Spea k i ng 3 ; Dean's L i st 1 , 2, 3 ; F reshman Schola rsh ip 1 st Prize; Sons of Colby ; Wearer of "C"; P h i Beta Kappa.


pA L WALTER STIEGLER " Babe" Phi Delta Theta M a n hasset H ig h School , New York. I nterfraternity Baseba l l Championship 3; I nterfraternity Basketball 1

3, 4· Footbal l l , 2, 3, 4 · All-M a i ne 3, 4; Track 1 2 · B ox i ng 1, 2; M a i ne A mateur Boxing Champion 2 ; Kappa P h i Kappa ; Press Club 3; Student Cou ncil Vice-President 4 · Athletic Council 4 ; Class Officer, Vice-President I · Major "C" 2 3, 4; White Mule I.


T. STORMS 'Marty '

H iggi n s Classical I nstitute. Engl i s h C l u b ; Debati ng 1, 2. 3. 4 ; Murray Prize Debate I , 2 ; Dean's L i st 2, 3 · M u rray P ri ze Debate · Board m a n Society .

R UTH ELIZABETH STUBBS "Stubbsie ' Sigma Kappa Deering H igh School Portland Maine. H ockey 1, 2 ; Speed ball 1, 2 , ,3 · Volleyba l l I 2, 3 ; Health League 1, 2 3, 4; Le Cercle Franca:s; Deutscher Vere i n ; ice­ President of Cla ss I; Dean's List I; May Day Play 3 .

NORMAN ARCHER TAYLOR "Normie' Delta Kappa Epsilon Skowhegan H ig h School .

I nterfraternity



Ten n i s 1, 2 3, 4 ; Ma nager 4 · Capt a i n 3, 4 ; Kappa P h i Kappa · F rench C l u b ; S o n s of Colby ; Dea n's L i s t l · Varsity C l ub · Wearer of the "C.'


T H E I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E




Delta Kappa Epsilon White Pla i n s High School, . Y. I n terfratern ity Track 2 ; I nterfraternity Ba eball 3, 4 ; Hockey 1 , 2, 3, 4 ; Chess Club 4; Grammar School Baseba l l League 1, 2· Varsity Cl ub.


"] udge"



"Dynam ite'

Theta Kappa Nu


Steuben High School . I nterfraternity Baseball 3 , 4 ; Track 4 · Geology Club 3, Secretary-Treasurer 3 · Cam­ era Club 3, 4 · Mathematics Club 4 ; Wi nter Sports 4 ; Second i n Cross-Country Ski ; Second i n 1 00-Yard Ski ; Second in 220-Yard Ski.

I 9 3 4


0 R A c L E


ANNIE MAY TucK Alpha Delta Pi Ke nts H i l l Sem i na ry. Soccer 2, 3, 4; Hockey l ; Ten­ nis 2 , 3, 4; Wearer of C.H .L.; Chi Gamma Thet a ; Y . W . C. A. 1 , 2, 3 , 4 ; Banquet Com m ittee 3 · German Club 1, 2 · Mathematics Club 3, 4 ; Vice-President of J u n ior Class ; ORACLE Board 3 ; Health League 1 , 2 , 3, 4.

CATH ERINE FRAZEE WAKEFIELD Alpha Delta Pi Cambridge Latin School Cambridge, Mass. Radcli ffe College. Kappa Alpha ; Cercle Franca i s ; I n ternation­ al Relations Cl ub, Vice President 4; Dean s List 1 , 3, 4; Assembly Com mittee 4; Glee Club; Delegate to Model League of Nations 2, 3 , 4.


MURIEL FRANCES WALKER "Mim"' Delta Delta Delta Skowhegan H igh Schoo l . Basketba l l 1 2 Hockey 1 , 2 ; Ten n is 1 , 3 ; C h i G a m m a T et · national Relations Club 4; Daughters of Col by, President 4; Dea !1 's L i st 1 , 2, 3, 4; Colbiana


h � l � ter� Vice­

l, 2; econd Fresh m a n Scholarship P r i ze ; P h i Beta Kappa .


w EEKS 'Liz''

Phi Mu H a verh i l l H igh School , Mass. Hockey 1, 2 , 3, 4 · Bas­ ketbal l 3· Volleybal l 3; Speedball 1 , 3 , 4; Volleybal l M anager 3 ; Colby Health League 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 ; Wearer of C . H .L. a nd Class Tumera l s · C h i G a m m a Theta ; Y. W. C. A. 1 , 2, 3 4 : Social Com m ittee 3 · Service Comm ittee 4; Boardm a n Society 3 , 4, Secretary 4 ; Stu­ dent Vol u nteer Conference of Maine 3 4; May Day

Pby 3 .

HoRACE B o uNos W ESCOTT "Bounce' Kappa Delta R h o Crosby H igh School , Belfast, M a '. ne .

Dean 's L i s t 2 ;

Bowl i ng 4 ; G o l f 4 .

ELEANOR Lms W H EEL WRIGHT "El" Delta Delta Delta cademy. Basketbal l 1 2 3, 4· H ockey 1 , 2 , W il ton 3 , 4 · Speedbal l 1 , 2, 3, 4 ; Vol leyball 1 , 2 ; Hockey M anager l; Chi G a m m a Theta ; Y . W . C. A . 1, 2, 3 , 4 ; Cabi net 2 ; English C l ub 2 ; I n ternational Relations Club 4 · Student G overnment Cou ncil 3; Secretary Stu­ dent Government 3 · Health League 1 , 2 , 3 , 4; P resi­

dent 4 ; Wearer of C . H .L . a nd Class N u merals, C . W . · Class Secretary 2 ; H a m l i n Prize Speak i ng 1 ; P a n hel­

lenic Council 3 , 4; M a y Day Play 3 ; Dramatic Art Play 4 · Delegate to N. E. Co-ed Student Go ernment

Conference 3; Representative Play Day 3; H onorable Mention 9ym Meet 1, 2; Health League Cup; ORAC L E 3 ; R epresentative P l ay Day 4 ; Col by D a y P l a y 4 ; Maine Student Vol u n teer Union 2 , 3 .


T H E I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E


BARBARA ZERUA WH ITE "B. Z." Sigma Kappa Oak Grove Semi nary . Hockey 1 , 2; Volleyball 1 , 2 ; Speedball 1 , 2 ; Y . W . C . A . 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 ; Y . W . C . A . Program Commi ttee 3 ; Hamli n Prize Speaki ng l ; Class President 1 ; C olbiana Board 2 · Concert Board 3, 4; Dea n 's L i st I , 2, 3; Assembl y Com m ittee 4 ; Health League 1 2 3, 4 ; Wearer C.H.L.; Honorable Mention Gym Meet 1, 2; Colby Representative at Mai ne Play Day 1 ; Dramatic A rt Class Play 4 ; May Day Com m i ttee 3.

RuTH EVELYN WH ITE " Babe" Chi O m ega

T H E I g 3 4 0 R A c L E

Fort Fai rfield H igh School . R icker J unior College. Hockey 2, 3 , 4 ; Speedball 2, 3, 4· Basketba l l 2, 3, 4 ; Kappa Al pha, President 4 ; Aroostook C l ub, Vice­ Presi<lent 3· Health League, Secretary-Treasurer 4 ; Play Day 4 ; M a y D a y Program 3 ; Masque ; Dance Commi ttee 2, 3· Honorable Mention Gym Meet 2 ; Wearer C . H .L . a n d Class Numera l s ; Busi ness Staff Powder and Wig; 0RACL.E Board 3.


Sigma Kappa


Dover H igh School, Dover, N. H. Y. W. C. A. 1 , 2, 3, 4; Cabinet 2; Vice-President 3 ; Treasurer 4; Coburn Prize Spea k i ng 3; Glee Club I; 2 ; Colbiana Board 2, 3 · Dean's L i st 1 , 2, 3 ; Chapel Mon itor 1 , 2, 3 , 4 · Health League I, 2, 3, 4 ; J u nior Ivy Day Play 3; Fresh man Scholarsh i p Award l · Boardman Society, Secretary 2 ; Vice-President 3 ; P resident 4 ; A ssembly Comm ittee 3; Delegate to Student Vol u n tee r Convention, B uffa­ lo 2; Secretary Maine Student Vol unteer U n ion 2, 3 ; Deputation Com m ittee 3 ; Freshman Speaker for Colby Night 1 .



Waterv i l le H igh School . Hockey 2; Soccer 1 , 2; Ten­ nis 1 , 2; Wearer C.H .L. and Nume ra l s ; Health League; Y. W. C. A . ; Powder and Wig; Vice-Presi­ dent 4 ; Masque, President 3; V ice-President 2; Student Assistant Librarian 3; F i rst Prize Ham l i n P r i ze Speak­ i ng Contest 1 ; F i rst Prize Coburn Prize Speaki ng Con­ test 2; Second Prize Sophomore Declamation 2; First Prize Coburn P r i ze Speaki ng 3 ; Freshman Speaker at U ndergrad uate Banquet. 1 ; Commencement Play 1 , 2 ; D ramatic Art Class Play 3 ; Lead i n "Frank Merriwell at Col by" 4; Danci ng D i rector J u nior Play 3.



" P i nky"

Alpha Tau O m ega Hope Street H igh School, Providence, R. I. I nterfra­ tern ity Soccer 1 , 2; I n terfraternity Baseba l l 4; I n ter­ frate r n i ty Track 3, 4; Ups i l o n Beta ; Freshman Week Comm i t tee 3; P resident Sophomore Class; Member Student Coun c i l .

JoHN FRANCIS SuLLIVAN "Jack" Alpha Tau O m ega M iddleboro H ig h School Mass. Bucksport Sem i nary. I nterfraternity Basketba l l 4 ; I nterfratern i ty Bow l i ng 4; l n terfrate r n i ty B a se ball 2 , 3, 4 ; I nterfraternity Soccer 3; B a seball l ; Cross-Coun t ry Track 4· Basebal l Squad 2· Kappa P h i Kappa ; I n ternational Relations C l u b ; H a l l owel l P r i ze Speak i n g 4; Chapel Monitor.

T H E I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E


T H E I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E



President L t:RA1


E E . Dow



Junior Class H i story We, the members of the class of 1 935, have j ust completed t he t h i rd year of our col­ lege career.

Many t h i ngs have been accompl i shed by our represe ntatives which have made

u s a prom i nent factor i n the l i fe of the college.

I n all fields of extra-curricula activ i t ies our

classmates have shown ability and have made outstan d i ng performances.

Two members

hold offices usual l y reserved for seniors, namely Captai n of Baseball and President of t he Young Men's Christian Associat ion.

Scholastically the class of 1 93 5 has made an env iable

record n umberi ng a mong its members several future "Phi Betes."

In the year to come we

shall not be content to rest on our l a u rels, but rather to make t he most of this fi nal oppor-¡ t u n i ty, to add greater and more worthy deeds to those al ready accompl i shed . Our one a i m in the fol lowing year is to do someth i ng worth while for our Alma Mater, which w i l l leave a profound i m pression i n the records of Colby . Laurance E. Dow.


J u n i o r Class Roll Carroll Waite


Watervi l l e

George Herbert Anderson


Dan iel P u t n a m Ayotte


R ic ha rd Nason Ball

Waterv i l le

Leo Barron

Wate r v i l l e

H ug h D ru m mond Beach

ew Bed ford, Mass.

Warre n Emile Bela nger

Waterv i l l e

George Reed Berry


Mark Jerome Berry

B u rl i ngton ,

J oseph Warre n B i shop

Brookly n ,

J oseph Ward B rogde n

t. . Y.

N o r t h Prov i dence, R . I .

H a rold F rederic B rown


Norma n Robert B rown


J o h n Chapma n B u rgoon

. H.

Waterv i l le

Edward F ra n c i s B u y n i sk i

Worcester, Mass.

Morri s Cohen

B rook l i ne, Mass.

E l l i¡o tt Arnold D i ggle

Fa i rhaven, Mass.

L a u rance Everett Dow


John Joseph E n gl i sh

B rockton Mass.

R obert F ra nc i sco Estes


Albion L o u i s Fa rnham

B row n v i l l e J u nction

A r t h u r W i l l ia m Feld m a n

Boston Mass. W h jte P l a i n s, N . Y .

R a y Goldste i n Everett W h i t ney G ray

W i nc hester, Mass.

Edward John G urney

Watervi l l e B rewer

Leo F ra n c i s Haggerty


Melv i n G reenleaf H iggi n s

Waterv i l l e

D a v i d R ussell H ilton

Wate r v i l le

Deane Llewe l l y n Hodges

Norwood , Mass.

C ha rles Edward Houghton , Jr.

Gard i ner

John Warren H u n t

Portla n d

D a n a William Jaquith

Monticell o

Paul Robert J e n k i n s

B rockton Mass.

Lawre nce V i ncen t Kane

New York, 1 . Y.

M i l to n Philip K l e i n hol z

B rookly n , N. Y.

Herbert M a n ue l Keven

Central Fal l s , R . I .

Theophile Sta nley K ra w iec

Worcester, Mass.

Maurice K r i nsky

Waban Mass.

Emmart LaCrosse Jr.


Donald F ra nc i s Lark i n


George Earl Lowell


T H E I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E


Fl oyd Frederic Ludwig


John R ichard Merrick


C l a rence Adelbe rt Morri l l R icha�d

R ic h mond

a t h a n i e l Noyes

Sullivan Harbor

Mart i n M ichael O'Donnel l

Norwood, Mass.

Joseph Thomas Orlowski

Rock vil le, Con n .

W i l l i a m Thomas Pa i ne


Charles Otis Pea rson

G u i l ford

Ced r i c Guy Porter

Houl ton

John J a mes Pullen

A m i ty

Carl Eugene Reed

A m i ty

Roger H a n son Rhoades

Belfa st

Donald F:ajrgr.ieve R i chard son

Lawrence, Mass.

Donald P h i l i p R obita i l l e

T H E I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E


H a w l e y R u s el i

Lyn nfield Center, Mass.

Harold M a n¡i n Sal i sbury

Northeast Ha rbor

R ic ha rd Sti nson Sawyer

Waterv il l e

Raymond Earl Shibley

F a i rfiel d

C l a rence Al drich Smith

White Plai ns, N. Y .

Edgar John Smith

Casti n e

Joseph L ibby Stevens

U n i ty

Ken neth Carl Sutherland


John Robert Turbyne

Waterv i l le

A l v i n Lombard Vose

'vVaterv i l l e

, rthur Benj:i m i n Wei n

Waterv i l l e

Donald J o h n on Weiss


Robert Henry Wetterau

Wash i ngton Depot, Con n .

J ackson Heights, L . I ., N. Y.

Ralph Samuel Will iams Walter Lyndon Wort h i ng



T H E I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E









J unior Class H i story Three years we have spent at Colby enjoying new experiences and prepar i ng ourselves for l ives of service. As we near our Senior year we more fully real ize the value of t he oppor­ tunities which have been opened to us and it is our purpose as Colby women to cherish the i nspi ration of our professors, of friendships, of knovvledge· to cont inue in l i ves of scholar­ s h i p and fel l owsh i p ; and to carry on the trad itional ideal s-ed ucati onal, social, moral, and spiritual,�of Colby. This i s the message and pledge of J u nior women to our college. Sylvia M. Richardson .


Jun ior Class Roll Ed n a Fra nces Bailey M uriel D u rfee B a i l i e B e u l a h E m m a Ben nett H ope B u nker

Steep Fal l s Port Chester, N . Y . Lancaster, N . H . Water v i l l e Waterv i l l e

R i ta Clara Carey El i no r M a r j o r i e Chick

Westbrook Waterville

E d i t h Clarke Merle An n i e Cole E m i l y Marie D uerr Margaret Ellen D uerr E l i zabeth Mary Fran kl i n Margaret Georgia Henderson

Vassalboro Tem pleton, Mass. Templeton, Mass. Brattleboro, Vt. Waterv i l ie Waterv i ll e Bethel Watervdle W i n th rop East Mad i son, N . H. Cape El i zabeth Saco

Doroth y Flore nce Herd K a t h r y n A rlene Herrick Louise Marion H i nckley Barbara Carey Howard E l l e n Mercie Hoyt M argaret J orda n Reba Eleanor Jose R uth Charlotte Keller

Camden W i nooski, Vt. G rovela n d , Mass.

E l izabeth Emma La allee R uth E l i zabeth Maddock El i zabeth Sawyer fa n n An nette Marie Martel A vis Edna Merritt V i rg i n i a Moore Beth Page Pend leton

Calais Salem, Ma ss. Presque I sl e Southwick, Mass. Waterv i l le Skowhegan Portlan d

Syl v i a Mae R i chardson B l a nche S i l verman Mary M a t i l d a Small Wilma Sta nley

Somerv ille, Mass. Southwest Harbor New York, N . Y .

V i rg i n i a Moulto n Swallow B riley Mariel l e Thomas R ut h Hovey Thorne R ut h R achael Toabe Elean o r Mary Tolan A n n Caroly n Trimble

Waterviile North A nson Lawren ce, Mass. Portland Calais Westbrook

Dorothy Elai ne Washburn Betti n a Deane Well i ngton G race Harthorn W heele r

Monticello Waterv ille

R uth W heeler Bertha A l m y ra W h ittaker

Oakland Quee ns V i l l age, N. Y .

H ilda Frances Wood

Waterv i l l e


T H E I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E



OP H01 fOR E






I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E


A LB ERT E . R o B 1 t s o .



Sophomore Class History I n the 1 93 3 edition of the ORAC L E was fou nd the fol lowing sentence : "Colby should be consoled with the thought that, although the year has not brought rel ief from the depression, i t has brought to the college portals the Clas of 1 936. undoubtedly the fi nest ever to enter therei n . "

The tribute here pa id to the class of 1 936 i s phenomenal only because of t he fact

that after a year's se\'ere test the t ruth of it sti l l stands.

We have d iscovered that it is easy

to enter Colby to the tune of pra i ses but i ndeed d i fficult to come up to the expectations of th-ose who utter them.

The sophomores are proud of their athletes who have a l ready

made their marks w i th the Colby tea ms. atta i ned commendation i n the cla ssroom .

They a re proud of their scholars who have With t\.VO years more to pro\'e further that we

are one of Col by's greatest classe , we face tomorrow with the determ i nation to rise, con­ q uer, and ach ieve. Harold W. Hickey.


Soph omore C l ass Roll New Hal'en. Con n . Do,·er-Foxcroft P l y mouth, Mass. Waternlle Hou lt o n Augusta \ :ner i l l c . J. South River, Wate rv i l l e \\ ater bu ry, Con n . Wa k efi eld Ma ss . Bel g rade L akes Oak I anti Wa te rvi l l e e w bu rriio rt , Mas�. Por tl and Greenville J u nction Pro,·idence, R. I . Quinc y . Mass. h en ectad y . J • Y . Lawrence, Mass. 'orth \ assalboro Lawrence. Mass. Groveland, Mass. A lb i o n Ne w b u r y port , M.1ss. Po rt i an tl B roo k l y n, 1 • Y . Ga rd 111 e r Mon on Wate rvi l l e B rownville Ju nction Water vi l l e F o rt K e n t Cetlarhur t. L. I .. N. Y . Fra111 1 11gham, Ma Portland W a te rv i l l e H ou l to n New B ed ford , Ma ·s. l l roo k l y n , N. Y. Monticello Hou l ton \\'orcc�ter. Ma�s. Turner Berbhire, Ma s. Randol ph. M a s. Clinton Lawre nce. Mass. W a te n· i l l e Quine�· Mass. Bethel . Conn. Augu. ta Manch e t e r, . H. fou l ton,· i l l e . . H. Aug11 ta H ou l ton Watervi l le Needham , Ma s. ew Bedford, Mass. W i ns l o w R ck�· H i l l , Conn.

Herman Robe r t A l d e rma n Bi o n B radbu r y Ander�on, J r. Frederick Joh n Banzi J ohn Ea rl Ba rc l ay rranci. Barne Arthur W i l liam Bartel 2nd A l d e n Bassett Bel yea Raymond John B i n kow k i A l to n Da\'id B lake. J r . William Ed ward Bowen Arthur 0 ca r Brown Howard Le lie Bro' n Ro be rt Orman Brown e w ton B uck ner J a mes Charle J ames Caddoo Frederick D u ncan Cal l Omar E lg i n Cantlers Brainard Edward Can�rly. J r. G eorge Jo eph Clancy William Murra\· Clark Aaron Louis Cio e Ro be r t Wi lm ot Colom .,· John Jo eph Coyne, Jr. George HJrtley Cran on George Howar t l Cro, ,. Herbert W i l l ia m De\'cber John Ph ilip Dolan BernarJ D rucker W i ll ard Hanson Dunn M i l lard Edward Em,111uel o n oye En in Etl m u nd Ra y mond W i l la rd Farnham Fernand Dieudonne Fonin Ra y George Fou rnier R ichard ha n k l i n \\ i l l i a m Thomas Fuller harles Robert Geer Thunton H ugh G i l m a n l.eorl!e \·ictor Gilpatrick M ose Mai hie Gold erg George Thomas Grace Linton Je w ett Hartt Fl o vd Mi lton Haskell Ed ;varJ Jame Henr) H a rold \• i l lartl H ic k e y John - Pa u l H i ne George Howard Hol b r ook Reg ina l d H o l t H um phrey \"ictor James J ucbon H a rold W i l l is K i m b a l l , J r. H ,·man K u rtzman E d ward Tom pkin K yle Thomas West J .ibb1· A rne Olof Lind be rg Edmund D'Arc y Loud Ronald Frederick Macleod George Edward Mac air Ed ward James McCartlw Wallace Bate McLaugh lin a111 uel Maneli Ro siter W i l fred Ma rco u Oliver Chapman Mellen


T H E I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E


T H E I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E


Robert Bate Merril l Robert Nicol M i l ler Kenneth Franklin M i l l Robert Burton Moore Bertram George Mo her Lewis Alden ightingale Joseph Bernard O'Toole, J r. Alberoni Raoul Paganucci Leon Hartlett Palmer George Gray Parker Felix Gordon Patch Ralph Oakley Peabotly Walter W i nfield Peacock, J r. EdwarJ George Perrier Louis John Pettit Felix Viateur Picard lbert Omar Piper Edward Loud Poland Howard Charles Pritham Harry Reid Putnam Louis George Rancourt John Frank l i n Reynold John Gran i l l e Rideout Asa Hud on Roach Robert Robertson, 3rd Albert E l l iott Robin-on Ernest Jo eph Roderick john Prescott Roderick Stephen Mark Rogers Elbridge Baker Ross James Linw ood Ross Sheldon Rotenberg Rudnick Foahd John Saljem Sidney Schiffman Gordon W i l l iam chumacher William Chester Shaw Boris Philip Sherman J r. Philip el on Simon Thomas Grier vanSlyke Robert Walter Sparke rthur Living ton Speaďż˝ John Delmar Sprin rcr Lynwood Buzzell Standi h James Robert Stineford Anthony Charles Stone Reuben Stupnitsky Lawrence Joseph Sullivan Howard Oscar Sweet Robert Carleton Thornas William Robert Toth H ugh Francis Travers Joh n Bernard Ward Robert amucl William

Waterville orridgewock Conimicut, R. I . New Bedford, Mass. Oakland Fort Fairfield Portland Waterville Dover-Foxcroft Cambridge, Mass. A r l i ngton, Mass. Houl ton Longmeadow, Ma s. Fort Fairfield Waterville Winslow Waterv i l l e Loud ville G reenville J u nction Tarrytown, . Y. Waterville Waterville Hartland Smyrna Mills South Hamilton, Mass. ewton Highland , Mass. Waterville Waterville Wakefield, Mass. Melrose, Mass. Houlton Al lston, Mass. Waterville Bronx, . Y. Portland New Bedford, Mass. Brooklyn . Y. B rookl ine, Mass. All ston Mass. Lynnfield Mass. Scituate, Mass. Danforth Waterville Brownville J u nction East Walpole, Mass. ew Bedford, Mass. Midd leboro Mass. Strong Brockton, Mass. Unionville, Conn. \Vaterville Lynnfield Center, Mass. Brooklyn, N. Y.








I 9 3 4

Secretary PHYLLI


Sop homore Class H istory The c l a s s of 1 936 i s n e a r i n g the e n d of its second y e a r at Col by.

D ur i ng t h i s fi rst h a l f

of o u r coll ege career we have proved oursel ves m o r e t h a n capable of the demands placed upon us by the rush of col lege l i fe .

Members of our class have bee n successful in every

phase of coll ege a c t i v i ties, a n d as a w hole, we have fi r m l y u pheld the ideals of the col l ege. W e have formed frien d sh i ps \ h i c h t h i s year we have strengthened so that they w i l l l a st a l i fetime.

Now, confidently, we look forward to the next two years, k nowi n g t ha t w it h

our conti n ue d ambition a n d courage we can m a k e t h e m e v e n m ore happy a n d profitable. The achievements of the class of 1 936 will make u s a n d o u r Alma Mater memorable, not only now, but in the future. Edythe D . Silverman.



0 R A c L E


Soph omore Class Roll New llec.lford,

E<l n a M i l d red A l len J eanette E l i za b e th lle n n Al ice Loui> August.1 Bocqucl Ao-ne Cooper Ca r l yle Phyl l is W i l m a Cn rro l l K athryn E l i zabeth C a well Dorothy Ste1-en Cu n ningham

Mass. Waten i l le

Watervi l l e We>t Roxbury. Mass.

Rumford N. J .

East Or a nge,

Spencer, Mass. Portland Fairfiel c.l Welb ll ra ttlcboro , Vt. South C h i n a Waterv i l l e Brook l i ne, Mas�.

l l c l e n Fra nces u rtis Barbara E m m a L >a)' B e u la h Fe n de r> on Katheri ne Delia F ra n k l i n R u t h Car l i e F u l l e r

T H E I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E

M a rlene J e n n i � i lc Natalie G i l le1· Dorothv W i � ,Jow Gould K a t h c rrne Lou:,,c H a rv e y B er tha A rl e ne I-laves Teresa J e n n ie H c � d e r on

�cwton Cente r . Mass . H o u l ton \V i nchc rer, . J-1 . Lowel l . Ma�>.

ha rlotte M o nt go m er y 1-Jowl.rnd H e l e n Luci l e Jone' P h y l l i :, May Jones l k k n E l i zabeth K e l l er f\ l :i x i n c Leo!::i K napp Ca t h e r i ne Cecil L1ughtr!O

B righton. Mass. \�'atertown, Mas:.. Auburn W a te r v i l le K mgfie l d Harmony Augu s ta

Nancy Dorothea Libby Loi - Katherine Lund Lo u i se M:1cCan:•Ruth L y d i a f\ l a i l ey Sara h f l eanor M a n te r

Freeport Newton Center, Mas>. Ando1'cr, Mass. Water v i l l e Westfield, M J ss . orridgewoc k Sprir;gfield, Vt. W i l to n Portlano Portland B r idgew :! t er Roc k l a n d

Ruth K at h e r i n � M i c h a l e k

E l i zabeth M i l le r R u t h A ugu>ta M i l let t Ro we na Mos h :: r E l izabeth A l ice M u l kern R u t h Chandler R i c h a rcbon Grace V i l l ro ' Robi n,,on Helen Katheri ne d :: Rorhemont K a t h e r i n e Rol l i m

Fairfield Auburn Portland

Ma rion Roberta R 1·:1 11

Edy the Di ane S i h·crman E m m a M a r y Small Doris L u c i l a mith Li l l i a n Peary S t i n h fi e l d n nette Tebbetts France n i ta Led u x T h i b'1 u l t Bert)' S i nc l a i r T h o i n pson Do ro t h y Spooner Tozier

Cornish Westfield Strong Water v i l le lewburyport, Mass

Portland Fairficl<l Topsfi e l c.l

A n nabe l l e W h i te W i n n ifred Yvonne W b i te Carolvn L i W i l l iam

Watervi l le Watervi l l e Brunswick

Bets y - W i nche l l


F R E S H M A N CLASS OFFI CE R S Vice-President


\iVJ L L I A l'-f D . DEANS

L E DA L c. MAHO EY Secreta ry-Treasurer

p \ L J . H AROLD

Fres h m a n Class History Thus far i n its college ca reer the i l l u strious class . of 3 7 has been noted for its rebe l l ious nature .

The fi rst real outcropp i n g of the rebel spirit showed i t se l f \vhen a majority of t he

students of the class protested ag::i i n st the trad itional "fresh m a n rul e s . "

Tt is more t h a n

l ikely t h a t t he class has b e e n thought of a s bei ng a bit t o o moder n i stic and a s t ry i ng t o overlook t he sacred ed i cts wh ich have been handed d ow n f r o m c l a s s to class. Such thoughts, however, :n u st have been l ost i n the maze of achievements that t he g roup, as a whole a n d as i n d i i d u a l s

has accomplished .

The athletes of t h i s fi rst year

class have performed not only on their own team s but a l so o n the varsity squads a fter the fi r t semester .

H ockey a nd basebal l has c l a i med freshmen for its varsity roster. Journal i sts

si ngers, a nd speakers also a re far from lacking. Natura l l y the class of 1 93 7 expect.; Colb y to give i ts me mber that others have received .

a share of the benefits

I t expects its constituents to absorb k nowledge, truth, w isdom,

c u l t u re, and to cont i n ue with t h ree more year

of successful e ndeavor to fi n i s h a nd pol ish

the work al ready beg u n . Lendal Mahoney.


T H E I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E


freshman Class Roll Leonard Sidney bramson Haro l d Ca r l ton A l l e n Jo;cph George ntan Frank B. Bailey E d m u n d Lil l ie Barnard Norman W i nslow Bcab Stanley u t huland B('a;lcy And re Bignon Roger Jo>eph Bourassa R u fu s Allen Brack ley Benj a m i n Benton Brownstein George ei lson B u r t G a rnald Leander Col W i l fred James Combcllack L u ci en Lauricr Cyr George Qu i ncy Davis W i l l ia m Donald Deans

T H E I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E

Roxbury. Ma>>. cw Bedford, Mass. Ea>t E l m h u r>t, L . I., . Y. Waterv ille Belfast Water v i l l e Brook l i ne, M a s> . Da mari>cott.1


W i nslow Strong c w l-l a "e n , Conn.

Providence, R . I . North New Portl and Augusta

Waterville H i ngh a m , M a s . San Pedro, Ca l i f. ew York, N. Y. Wate r v i l l e Augusta H i ngham, Mass. Wakefield, Mass. Rockland Brook l y n . Y. Fairfield

A nthony DcM a r i n i s Fred Demer orman Roberts Dow Valentine Stephen D u ff, J r. David Sti l es Eaton W i l l ia m A rthur E l l i ngwood Paul Franci Evers M e l v i n Osc:ir Flood Richard Fol lett F ra n k l i n Carpenter Fnrbes A rnold J u l i u s Freed m a n Solomon Carter F u l l er, J r . R o l a n d I rv i ne Gam mon Tame Edward Glover Morton Maxwell Goldfi ne Fel i x John Gondela Matthew Edson Goodrich Lawrence Nelson Gray J a m es Edward G u i ney Clarence Edgar H a m i l ton A rthur Frederick Han nigan Paul Edward Han nor. Paul J ames Harold Francis Mortimer Harris. J r. Thoma Richard H e n ne y, J r. Leslie Joh n Huard Laurence H u m ph rey Harold H u rwitz Robert Du nbar Hussey Charles Washbu rn Jacoby W i lliam Carter Jakeman Ken neth Al)!ernon Joh nson Myron Lewis Johnson J a mes David Keith Charles Penney K i ns m a n . J r. E i no Arma K i l' i

Millinocket Haworth, N. J . Brook l i ne, Mass. Fram i ng h a m , M a s s.

Caribou Wate r v i l l e Chestnut H i l l . Mas . W i nslow Watervi l le W i nchester, Mass. Cambric.lge. Mass.

Caribou Mel ro;e, M a�s. Lawrence, Ma s. Waltham, M ass. B i ng h a m ton, . Y. Lynn, Mass. Watervi l l e C l i n to n cw B�dford. Mass. Wate r v i l l e Wareh a m , Mass. Watertown Ma s. ewton Upper Fal ls , Mass. East orth field, Mass. Central Aguirre, Porto Rico Augusta

Walpole, Mass. Watervi l l e Watervi l l e N e w Bedford, Ma s.

K e r m i t LaFleur Paul H e n ry Landry Homer Joseph La Romeo Lucien Lemieux Howard Randolph Li bby W i l l ard Dunn Libb)r Theodore Paul Lougee John A l l a n MacDonald Ral ph Austin Ma.:donald Lendal Charles M a hone y

Waterville Brookline, Mass. Waterville Oakfield Waterville Waterville Caribou


Francis Richard Maker James Robert Mar ball Alfred Louis Marzullo Frank Marzul lo Robert Vincent McGee Robert Frederick Murphy Charles Neel Nawfel, J r . tanley A rthur Paine Pau l Kendall Palmer Luke Roland Pelletier Richard Walter Peter>on Malcolm Merle Pierce Reynold Nathan Pierce tanley Plotkin Frederick Kenneth Pou l i n Carroll F r e d Price Donald Edward Price Floyd Everett Prince James Lawrence Robbim orman Cedric Robbins A l len Woodward Rockwell orman Richard Rogerson Israel Rothblatt Lewi Everett Rush Michael Gerald Ryan \.Yayne Burton Sanders Frederick Olin Sawyer Leo Maurice Seltzer John Joseph Sheehan Durand Shongood Arnold Edwin Small Donald Roger Soper Bernard CalYin Stal lard Edwin H u m p h rey Stebbin Kenneth Leonard Stickney Ral ph Henry Stowell Wi lbur Warren Stron" Or"o Suorsa Robert Keith Thoma Stanley Parker Thompwn Roger Benton Til ley Robert Ben on Towle David Mun on Trecartin Robert Wishart Turbyne Her chell Myron Turner Edwin Cl i ff Veysey Robert Howland Warren tanley Joseph Washuk A l f red Howe Wheeler Henn'· Victor Wilcox Percy Harold Wil lette Robert David Wittenhagcn Emery Parker Worthen Hayden B�ckwith W right Whitney Wright Gordon Stan\ ood Young Leroy elson Young

Pawtucket, R. I . New haron Brook lyn, . Y. Brooklyn, , . Y . Brockton, fas . Hal lowel l \, aterville Dexter obleboro U nity Lynn. Mas>. We>t Lebanon . H. Dexter Brooklirn:. Mass. \\ aterv i l l c H i nckley Fairfield M i l l i nocket Sear mont orwe l l . Ma s. >Sew Ha"en, Conn. Houlton Salem, Mass. Barre, M a s. Auburn \Vest Lebanon, . H. East M i l linocket Fairfield Cambridge, Mass. Tew York, 1. Y. Cornish Bar Harbor Berlin, r. H . Colchester, Conn. We t Lebanon, 1 . H . Oakland Th maston Ame bury. Mass. \ aterville Wollaston Mass. Ashland Oakland Bridgeport, Conn. Waterville Va -,afboro \� aten·iJle W i nche·ter, Mas . Augu ta Oakland Belfast \.Yaterville Beverly, Mass. Lexington, Mass. Camden Hyde Park, Mass. Hartford, Conn. Lynn Mass.


T H E I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E


T H E I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E







ELEA 01t B. Ro s

freshman Class History After Fresh man Week and sorority pledging, the Fresh man Class plu nged i nto cam­ pus activi ties in a big way. We managed to win a cup Colby N ight for the best song and stu nt. What with Gym <111 d Frat Dances we took up most of the space


the Plotter's

Col u m n with our freshman sensations. We were not far be h i nd i n athletics, either, tying for the hockey championship with t he seniors. T he Men's Di v i sion hel ped us with Fresh man Banquet and Dance, and t hey went over with a bang. We feel that we have made some l asting friendsh i ps and that there will always be outsta n d i ng memories of our fi rst year at Colby. Helen 0. Jevons.

Freshman Class Roll H pcinth Hutchins Batchelder lkatricc Louise Berube Thelma M i riam Beve rage: Cornelia Bigelow Josephine Agathe Bodu rtha Adeline E. Bourget Frances J u l ia Bu rns Florence Bertha Cayer Dorothy Chandler Iola Holmes Chase Kathryn DeEtte Cobb ara Johonnett Cowan Lora Roger Cum m i ng Marcella Duoba Edith Frances Ellis Mary Ella Ewen J a net Pri cilia Goodridge Dorothy Wall Goodwin Marjorie Davis Goul d R u t h Sprague Hodgt o n Abbie Eleanor Hooper Pearl Esther Hoyt Barbara Ethel H u tcheon Catherine Margaret I vanisin Helen Owen Jevons Amelia Tinkham John on Mar Elizabeth Judkins Gertrude Josephine Lewia Margaret Ruth Libbey Ruth Marston Luci lle Kathf} n Pinette Mima Borland Robert on Eleanor A l meda Rose Eleanor Brown Ro s Mu riel Stel la Scribner Dorothy Woodward Smith Mary Frances Stevens Virginia Jennie Elizabeth Tarbell Amy Harriet Thompson Loui�e Gertrude Tracey Mary A n na Utecht Ruth Webster Walden Pauline Loui e W a l ker Harriet Rradford Weibel Edan Alison Weiler Gladys Joyce Wein Hazel Elizabeth Wcp£er Bertha Juanita White E lizabeth W i l k i nson Katherine Winkler Bertina Woodsum Ruth Yeaton Bertha Zukas

Wells Oakland Oak land Warner. N. H. Portland Eu ti. \Vindsor, Conn. Waterville West Newton. Mass. Mechanic Fal l s Wi ndsor, Conn. Pittsfield Newton Center. M:is . Brockton, Ma s. Brook lyn, . Y. lloway, . ]. Westbrook Watervi l le ewton Center, Mass. Woolwich Presque Isle Mapleton Presque I le Lisbon Fal l G l e n Rock, . ]. Providence, R . I . Watervi l l e Hal lowe l l \\ estboro, Mass. Waterv ille M i l l i nocket West Roxbury, Mass. Waterville Houlton ewport Jenki ntown, Pa. North Belgrade Smyrn a M i l l s Water ille Waterville Bru nswick Greenville Biddeford Edgewood. Pittsbur-•h, Pa. Watervi l l e Waten· i l l e Jamaica, L. I . , N. Y. Morrill Jamaica, . Y. Wakefield Mass. !'outh Braintree, Mass. \Vaterville Bethel, Con n .


T H E I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E


Col by Fratern ities F raternal orga n i zations play a very i mporta nt part i n t he l i fe o f Colby students.


p revious d a . s great rival ry a nd i n many case s deep e n m i t y existed a mong them w h ich had to u n wh olesome campus relation�. At the present t i me, however, all u nfriendl y rivalry and contention have d i sa ppeared, and the fraternities have banded together i n harmonious con­ cord .

The socia l l i fe of the

ollege i s built around them a s a nucleus and d u ri ng t he year

each fratern i ty presents its a n nual da nces w h ich a re the source of great pleasure to members o f both di i s i o n s of the col lege. I nterfrater n i t

athletic contests a re real sti m u lation and enable men who a re not 0£

v a rsity cal iber to e n j oy the t h r i l l of competition as well as to obtai n much needed healthful exercise. This year a new fraternal orga n i zation has j o i ned the ranks i n the women's d i vision.


this t i me we extend a hearty welcome to Theta Upsilon and wish the Chapter great success in the com i ng year .

T H E I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E




Now-Pa rker, N. Taylor, A . Peabody. Maher, Chapman, W . Peabod)'. J-kl \ e y , T. Ta y l or

Fifth Row-S hee h a n , G i l pa t r i c k , B a r ne,, Brodie, Trec a r t i n Fo11rth Row--Gcer, Beac h , Sawyer, Pri nce, Haskel l , Rogerson Third Ro w- R o:.s , S m a l l , Jacoby, H a rold, Russe l l , R . Pcabodv Second RoU'-Ayotte, Stevens, H ickey. Stetwn, Bca:,lcy, Bh1ke, Road1

T H E Delta Kappa Epsi lon 1 93 -1 Tho111as J . H ickey

Raphael J . \V. Maher

Haw ley R u ss� l l

Cl ark D. Chapm a n W i n chror> W . Clement

A:iron M . Parker

Nor111a11 A . Taylor

Curtis M . Havey

A r nold S . Peabody

Theodore W . T;iyl r

Robert S. B rodie

rth u r \\ . Stetson, J r .

I 9 3 4

Woodrow \V . Peabody

1 93 5 l a n iel P. A yotte

Ralph 0. Peabody

H ugh D . Beach

Rich:ir I S. Sawyer

Francis Barnes

John P. Dol a n

Sta nley D. Beasley


A l to n D. B l ake, Jr.

George V . G i l patrick

J a m es L. Ro�

Floyd M . Haskell

Lyn wood B . Standish

john D. Spri nger

Joseph T . Ste\·ens

1 936

R bert C. Brown

Asa H . Roach

R . Geer

orman R . Ro£rer. on

Floyd E. Pri nce

1 93 7 Va lentine S. Duff, Jr.

Charles \V . Jacoby

J a m es E. G u i ne y

John j. Sheehan

rnold E . Small Bernard C. Stallard D:i vid M. Treca rtin

Paul J . H a ro l d


0 R A c L E

Front Row---G ra nt, K i m ba l l , Joh nson, A lden, Liscomb, Pugsley, D)•tr, Lary, H i l ton


Third Row-Abbott, M e r r i c k , A nder:.on. 13ro w n , You ng, McCarthy, M u rphy Row-Palmer, MacDo n a l d , Mosher, Noyes, Ervin, Roderic k , Wash u k , R ideout

Fifth Row-- B i�hop, Dow, Libby, Reynolds. Jakeman, LaCrosse, K i m m a n Fourth Row-Si mmons, Roc k we l l . Stowe l l , E l l i ngwood, MacLcod. E n g l i :. h

T H E Zeta Psi 1 93.J John M. Alden

David R. H i l ton

Waldron D. Li comb

Arthur C. Dyer, Jr.

Richard H . John on

Eug-ene A. McAlary


George T. Pugsley

Ford A. Grant

. K i m b:il l

F.rnest F. Lary 1 935 Carroll W. Abbott

John ) . Engl ish

Thoma� vV. Libb)'

John R. Merrick

Joseph W. Bishop Harold F. Brown

Ronald F. MacLeocl

Edgar J . Smith

William A . E l l i ngwood

Bcrtr:im C. Mosher



1 93 6 E.

oyes Ervin

Leon R . Palmer

Walter W . Pe:icock, J r . John G . Rideout

Edward J . McCarthy

E. Cliff Veysey 1 937

orman R. Dow

John A. MacDonald

Ralph H. Stowell

M. Edson Goodrich

Ralph A. Macdonald

Stanle)' ] . Wash u k

W i l l iam C. Jakeman

Robert F. Murphy

Gordon S. Young

R:iymond C. S i m mons


I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E


Fo11rtli Row-H iggi ns , B i nkowsk i , Turbyne, P u l l e n Tl1ird Row-B:inzi. S:iwycr, H ua rd , Reed, F. M :t rz u l l o Second Row-A. Marzul lo, Sp:trkes, Lougee, S a l i sbu ry, B r o w n , Haggerty Front R o w-N ighti nga l e , Pearson, Roberts, Flynt, H ucke. B e l a nger, Sutherland

T H E Delta U p s il on 1 93-1 Warren E. Belanger

W i l l a nl C. F l y n t

F. B:.trker Roberts

E w a l d W. H ucke

1 93 5 Rarmond ]. B i n kowski

Lewi> A .


Leo F. Haggerty

Charle, 0. Pearson

Mel'" i n G. H iggins

John J. Pullen

Harold M. Sali�bury Kenneth C. Sutherland John R . Tu rbyne

Carol E. Reed

1 936 Frederick J . Banzi

A rt h u r 0. B rown Willard H . D u n n

Ray G . Fou rnier

Frederick 0 . Sawyer

Linton J . H a rt

Robert W. Sparkes

Theodore P. Lougee

R. Keith Thomas

George E. McNair 1 93 7

Clarence E. H a m ilton

Leslie J. Huard

Durand Shongood

Pau l E. H a n non

Alfred L. M a rzu llo

Robert B. Til ley

Frank Marzullo


I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E

Front Row-K a ne, Stiegler, Fencer, Logan, Bev i n , Progalaski, R ic h a rchon

Fourth Row-Sh a w, W rig ht, Stone, M i l l s , M a k e r Third Row-Dea ns, L a n d r y , Ro5�, P i pC:"r, C o l o m y , C l a rk Second J<ow-1-kn ry, La r k i n , Vose, H a n nigan, McG..:c, Pou l i n , Corne

T H E Phi Delta Th eta 1 931 bncr G. BeYin Leo E . Fencer

B . Smith

John P. Hol<len


W i l l iam A . Lo"an

Paul W. Stiegler

Loui> P. Progala>ki

BrO\ n

1 935 H a rold W . K imba l l , Jr.

Donald P. Robitaille

John J. Co) ae, Jr.

Donald F. Larkin

Elbridge B . Ros , Jr.

Lawrence V. Kane

Kenneth F . M i l l

rorman R.

l v i n L. Vose

Donald F. Richar<l on

1 936 William M . Clark

Francis R. Maker

W i l l iam C. Shaw

Robert W. Colomy

Alberoni R. Paganucci

A nthony C. Stone

Ed i ar<l J. Henry

lbert Piper

Hugh F. Travers

1 937 George

. Burt

Paul H . Landry

Loui E. Rush

W i l l ia m D. Deans

Romeo L. Lemieux

Donald R. Soper

A rthur F. Hannigan

Frederick K. Poul i n

\l\' hitney Wright


I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E


Fourth Row-Langlois, S ta l l a rd , S t i c k ney. Dow, F l ood, S;111 Jcrs Third Row-R yan, O'Toolc. O'Do n n e l l . Spear. Vig-uc, Pierce Second Row-S a l i e m , McLaug h l i n , S c h u m ac her, Robi n�on, Mciorc. Su I i i ' an, K i d Front Row-Cha p m a n , Frend1, Norvish, B rogJen. S u l l i v a n , Berry, Gray

T H E Al pha Tau Omega 1 934 Mark J. Berry

W i l l ia m C. Chapman

Frank F.

Jo�eph W . Brogden

Alan F. French

John F. Sull ivan

on·i h

Sum ner P . M i l l s

I 9 3 4

1 935 Laurance E. Dow

E1• erett \Iv. G ray

Martin M . O'Donne l l

Robert F. Estes

Edward J . Gu rney

Gordon W . Schumacher

Charles E. Houghton

1 936 George T. Grace

al lace P. McLaughlin

lfred Robinson

Robert B. Moore

Foahd J . Saliem

\'ictor J. Jud on

]. Bernard O'Toolc

Lawrence J. Sull ivan

Paul F. Ever

Charle 1 • 1awfcl, J r .


Richard W . Peterson

Kenneth L. Stickney

Eino A . K i 1• i

Malcolm M. Pierce

Frederic B. Vigue

H o m e r J . Langlois

Lewis E. Ru h


. Gray

1 93 7 R. Hennessy, J r .

M. Gerald Ryan


\.\ ayne B . Sander

Leroy 1• Young

0 R A c L E


Front Row-Wort h i ng, J a q u i t h , P u l l e n , Fmtcr, Gcrchcl l , flrrant, Jenk i ns, L u d w ig

Fifth f?ou·--La F J c u r; Sweet, Libby, Tu rb) nc, I l ick<.:)" E 1 n : i n u e l son Fourth Now-W i l lett<:, B l a nc h a r d , J k1 1 1cr�. Mc Lc l l :rn , 1 -l u l brook, Caddoo, G l<>1 cr Third f?o w-l-J u ��ey, Dc�mon<l, Farnha m , Prith: i m , H i nes, B u c k ner, Stcbbin� Second R?111- A l lcn, W . Pai ne, Wor t h e n , Robbin�, Fo l l e t te, Ca nd ers , S, Pai ne, Porter

T H E Lambda C h i Alpha Wil liam T. B r ya n t

P h i l ip B . Fo ter

1 93-f W i l b u r J . Pul len

EcJwin E . Getc h e l l

1 935

Albion L Farnham

D a n a W . Jaquith

W i l l i a m T. Pai ne

Deane L. Hodges

Paui R . J e n k i m

Wal ter L. Wort h i ng

F i o r d F. Ludwig

1 936 J ames

. B uckner

Herbert W. D:Veber

Reginald H. H u m p h rey

Charles J . Caddoo

Raymond W . Fa rnham

Howard C. Pritham

Omar E. Canders

J o h n Paul H i nes

StanwoocJ R . Pul len

Wil lard E . Emanuel on

Harold W . H ickey

Ho\\ ard 0. Sweet

George H . Holbrook

1 937 Harold C . A l len

Robert D . Hm:.ey

J ames L. Robbins

Web>ter C. Blanchard

James D. Keith

;...To rman C. R ob b i n :.

Kermit LaFleur

E d w i n H . Stebbim

Fred Demer:;

W i l l ard D. Libby

Robert W. Turbyne

Harold J. De:;mond

Byron D. McLel lan

Percy H. W i l lette

Richard Fol lett

Stanley A . P:iine

Garnal<l L. Cole

James E. Glover

Robert D. W:ttcnhagen E m e ry P. Worthen


I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E




- ,












, /

�· �·

� �


Patch Harte l , Perrier Second Ro w M e l l o n Belyea, G i l m a n . Beals, Davis. G u i ney, H u nt, Com bel l ack Fro11t Row-Diggle, Addonizio, M i l l ett, Raymond, Westcott. Putnam, MacGregor, Clark, H u nt

Fourth Row-Ha rclay. For t i n , Johnson. Berry, Ca l l . Ward. W i l l ia m s . Third Row- M a h oney . Gammon. Pa l m er. Thomp,on, Ru r,iroon, B a l l ,

Fifth Row-H acker. H u y ni k i , Rhoades. Loud . K y l e , Wcttera u , Mar,ha l l



�, ! �, � J. t , t t t; ' \ 'I t t -, t 4' ' . ' I - ., ' f' ;f '� ., ' '�- ' ' �


T H E Ka ppa Delta R h o 1 93 4 Chester H. Clark Jr.

Robert M . MacGregor

E l l iott A. Diggle

Ercole A. Adclonizio

Kenneth W . Raymond

George A. H u n t

W i l l iam H . M i l lett, J r.

Horace B . \Ve.cote

Richard H . B a l l

john R . H u n t

john Ward, Jr.

George R . Berry

Felix G . Patch

Donald J . Weiss

john C. Burgoon

Ech :ircl F. Buyniski

Edward G. Perrier

Robert H. vVetterau

Roger H . Rhoades

Ralph S. W i l l iams

John E . Barclay

Fcrnand D. Fortin

George C . Putnam, J r .

1 93 5

1 936 rthur W. Barte l l . l I Alden B . Belyea

Edward T. Kyle

Thurston H . G i l m a n

Ed mund D. Loud

Myron L. Joh n. on

Oliver C. Mellen Jame. R. Stineford

Frederick D. Call

1 937 Jame E . G u i ney

Pau l K . Palmer

W i lfred J. Combellack

Richard S. Hacker

Carroll F . Price

George Q. Da\â&#x20AC;˘i

Lendal C. Mahoney

Donald E . Price

R. I r v i ne Gammon

James R. Marshal l

Stanier P. Thompson

orman W . Beals


I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E



Th eta Ka p pa N u 1 93-1 A r t h u r Cou l thard

Ham i l to n B . Grant

Frederick C. Lawler Tru eman W. Tracy

Edward W. Cragin

1 935 George H .

nd e r on

George E. Lowell

Joseph T. Orlowski

Clarence A. Morri ll 1 9.>G

! i l ler

B rainard E . Ca1·erly, Jr.


A n d re Bignon

R ufus A . B rackley

H:irry R . P u tn a m

1 937

Lawrence H u m ph rey


L. R o l a n d Pel l i tier

I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E



1) )" �

l .- s . l' t'.• � •:

.. ·'


,, ..�


.. j





�t �


Jf0l �' t;ll ;;i lif1� pl-....: . ! '.: ")· · �• 0. �� (.f.,i : r �1 :• I 1 f








�.. .





Fo111·tl1 Row- R u d n i c k , H u r w i tz, K r im k y, Cohen, A l derman T/1ird Row-Simon. Close, Goldstei n , Manelis, Libby, Sch i ff m a n Second Row-Kovcn, Barron, K u rtzman, Fra n k l i n , B rownstein, Se l tzer Front Row-Dal'idson, Fe l d m u n , Schreiber, Goldberg, Braud)', Natha n>On, Hai ns, G reen fi e l d





- :�. , ·'l' , �,.�-· l ""' l , 1 ' �� 1 � �-· �\-t'

� �:JI ,..' T ,, - ··�· . � � �·' ·., , f ·

�: ·



,.� 1/1. ..,,

T H E Tau Delta Ph i 1 934 Jacob H a i n s

Selwyn I. Braudy

Saul Goldberg

H e n ry David o n

S a m u e l S. Greenfield

Pa u l E . Fel d m a n

Ralph Na than on Frederi'k Schrieber

1 935 L e o Barron

Herbert M . Koven

Ray Goldstein

M a u rice K rimky

Morris Cohen

1 936 Sheldon R . Rud nick

Herman R . A l derman

Richard Fra n k l i n

Aaron L. C l o e

H y m a n K u rtzman

P h i l i p 1 . Simon

S a m u e l Maneli

Sidney Sc hiffman

rthur W. Fel d m a n

1 937 B e n j a m i n B . Brownstein

Harold H u rwitz Howard R . Libby


Leo M . Seltzer

I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E

Fourth Row-Jones, M a n n , Ewen, Whc:clcr, S m a l l , M a n te r , R i.:harcl,on Third Row-White, Hu n h r, Wel l i ngton, W i n k ler, Walden, B a i l ie:, Rns� Seco11d Now-Cu m m i ngs, Woodsu m , Ca r l )1le, Getchel l . H a n d l e y , K e l l ey , W i nchel l , L u n d . Caswe l l Fron/ /?ow-S a l mond, E. Bridges, Hodgdon, Crowe l l , Keogh, Loam:. 1-3. Bridge,, Harding. W h ite, Stubbs

S igma Ka p pa


Founded :it Colby College I 7 4

Colors: Maroon



OFFI CERS I resident


J Iice-President


Secretary M l:MBERS

1 9.�4 Barbara Bridges

Mary E. Hodge.Ion

Rowena Loane

Eleanor Bridges

Loui e S. W i l l iams

Margaret Salmond

Lois B. Crowell

Evel yn M . Kelley

Ruth E. Stubb

Virginia Getchell

M i l dred E. Keogh

Florence I. H arding

Barba r a Z. W h i te R u th Handley

1 93 5 Muriel D. B ai l i e

E l i zabeth S. M a n n

Hope Bunker

Marr M . S m a l l

Agnes C. Car l y l e

Lo:s K . Lund

Bettina D . Well ington Grace H. Wheeler

1 936 Kath ryn E. Caswell

S . E l e a n o r Man ter

R u t h C. R ichardson

W i n ifred Y. White Lysbeth W i nchell

Phyllis M . Jones

1 937 Lora R . Cumm ings

E l eanor B . Ros

Katherine W i nkler

Mary £ . E wen

Ruth W. Walden

Bettina Wood u m

, incty-one

I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E


Fourth Row-Marston, Tarbe l l , Gou ld, Ha rvey, W h i te, K e l l ey, H i nckley, Chandler

Front Row-K e l ler, F u l ler, Buss, G u rney, A . Duoba, W h i te, Donnel l , Trimble, W h eeler

Seco11d Row-W i l l iams, Jcvons, E l l is, Roll ins, Herd, W a l ker, Rose, G i l ley

Third Row-Stanley, Robin�on, B u rns, M . Duoba, Gou l d , Stevens, Libby

C h i Omega


Founded J.t t h e Uni versity of Arkan�J.s, 1 9 5


C11rrli11al and Strau• OFFI CERS









1 934 Mary L. Bus


E l izab:th E. Gurney

A n n P. Duoba

R u th E. White

A . Don ne l l

1 935 Dorothy F. Herd

Katherine Rollins

Ann C. Trimble

Louise N. H i nckley

\Vi l m a Stanley

Dorothy D. Wheeler

Ruth C. Kel ler

Ruth Wheeler

1 936

R u t h C. Fuller

Dorothy \V. Gould

Natalie Gil ley

Katherine L. H arvey

Helen E . K e l le y

TJ.ncy D . Libby A m y Thompson

1 937 13eatrice L . Berube

Edith F. E l l is

E l ea no r Rose

Frances J. Burn

Marjorie D. Gould

Helen 0. Jevon�

Mary F . Steven

f) o ro t h y Chandler Kathryn D. Cobb

R uth M a rston

Pau l i ne L . Wal ker

Marcella Duoba

M i m a B. Robert on

El izabeth Wilkin on

inety -three

Virginia J. E . Tarbell

I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E


I �

� :I lt




I �

t _ l_ �





"' o




Front Rotu-Jones, W hee l w right, Good w i n , W a l ker. Dyson, Wa>hburn, Martel. Duerr, Herrick

Fi/th Row-Ryan, Thomas, Chase, Thornp>on. Bennett. Hooper Fourth Row-Duerr, Wagner, H u t,hcon. S m i t h , M i l lett, Cu n n i ng h a m Third Now-Fra n k l i n , Sti nchfiel d , Fenclcr,on. Howland, M u l k ern, Thiba u l t , MacCarey. Jordan Second /(0111- Utecht, Wcpfcr, Goodridge, Yeaton, Johnson, Mar>ha l l , Thorn, Maddock

. ·



l: r, . �-� 1J ' J 4 - ! ..� · f :'{.} � • . ;.I , � ' � . ��. � � -. J � .�\ '-� . ��. I � . v �

.-. \A ' -�� ,� ,�� '


Delta Delta Delta Founded at Boswn


11in:r�ity, I

Col?•-,: Silt•er, Gold and Blue OFFI CERS /'resident

M U R I EL F. \¥ :\LKER DOROTHY E . \¥A HB . Rl'i




MEMBERS 1 93 4 Elizabeth C. Dyson

Pau l in e A . Goodwin E leanor L. W heelw right

M u riel F . \\ al ker

1 93 5

B e u l a h E . Bennett E l i nor M . Chick Emily M. Duerr

Margaret E . Duerr Kath ryn A. Herrick Margaret Jordan A n nett: M . Ma r te l

ha m Dorotb1· . S. C u n n i n� . Beu !ah Fenderson K :itherine D. Fra n k l i n Cha r l ot te M . Howland

H . L u c i l e Jones Eleanor L . MacCarey R u t h A. M i l lett Eli za be t h . M u l kern

B r i l ey M . Thomas Do roth y E . Washburn R u th E. Maddock

1 �3 6 L i l l ia n Stinchfield A n nette Tebbetts A n ita L. Thiba u l t El izabeth S . Thompson

Roberta Ryan 1 93 Iola H. Chase Janet P. Good ridge ,\ bbic E. Hooper Barbara E. H u tcheon

Ame l i a T. John on Dororlw \V . S m i t h M a r y i ... tec:ht


Hazel E . W epfer R u t h Yeaton father L . Ma r,h a l l Joan A. \\ ag ner

I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E


Fourth Row-Sm i t h , M ichalek, M a i ley, Ca rro l l Third Row-Benn, Hayes, Big-elow, Robinson, Mosher Second Ro111-f\ l l e n , Berube, Scribner, Day, C:iyer Front Row-Wood. Grey, Jorc b n , Wakefield, Tuck, Me rritt

A l p h a Delta Pi


Founded a t \\' c � l c ya n Female College, J 5 1 Colors:

Blue and

I I ' liite









I g 3 4

1 93 4 Adelaide Jordan

E l l a Grey

A nn ie M Tuck

1 935 H i l d a F. Wood

Barbara C. Howard

1 936 Grace V. Robin on

Edna M . A l len

B:irbara E . Day

Jeannette E. Benn

B. A r l e n e Hayes

Phyl l is W. Ca r ro l l

Ruth L. M a i ley

E m m a M. S m a l l Doris L. Sm ith

Roll'ena Mosher

1 93 7 'ornelia Bigelow

Florence B. Cayer

Ninety-set rn

M u riel S. Scribner

0 R A c L E


Seco11d Row-A. Bourget, Tracy, Pi nette, Cowa n , Z u kas, J u d k i ns Fro111 Row-Pendleton, M u rray. H iggi ns, R a y m o n d , Ross, Palmer, Weeks

Fourth Row-Tol a n , B a i ley, Prndlcton, Weibel, G i l e Third Row-Libbe)', l vJ n isin, Bnd u rr h a , Hodgdon, J ose. de Rochcmont

Ph i Mu Founded a t Wesleyan College, 1 852


Colors: Old Rose a n d Wliite







1 934 S. Madelyn Higgins

France M. Palmer

Marion L . Ross

Greta E . Mu rray

Portia M . Pendleton

Elizabeth H. Weeks

Margaret B . Raymond

1 935 Edna F. Bailey

Beth P. Pendleton

Eleanor M. Tolan

1 936 Helen K . deRochcmont

Marlene J. Gile

1 937 Josephine A . l:lodu rtha

Catherine M . I vanisin

Lucile Kathryn Pinette

Adeline E . Bourget

Mary E. Judkins

Louise G . Tracey

Sara J . Cowen

Margaret R. Libbey

Harriet B. Weibel Bertha Zukas

Ruth S. Hodgdon

.\ i11ety-ni11e

I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E


Th eta U p s i l on


Founded at U n iver;it y ot Ca l i fornia, I :; I -1 Colors: Rainhou




�·ice·l'resirlent Secretary


MEMBERS 1 93 4 Ali



Ho v e y

Jo e p h i nc E . Porter

Rebecca Pen n i m a n

1 935 Ri t:t C. Carey





Doroth y D. Higgins


E l i zabeth E . LaY:il lee

S y l v i ::i R i c h ::i rd on

1 93 6 J-lp.i: i n t h 1-1 . R a tchelcl c r

Tere. ::i J . H e n d e rson

O n e / 111 11rlred one



I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E


The Plot Thickens B y t h e Plotter S ENIOR SKETCH ES:

B i l l H ucke-hea d i ng Colby's most active Student Counc i l . . . .

Eleanor Bridges-a nother prexy, sweet and democratic . . . . Doris Don nell-Colby's m ost aristocratic co-ed for fou r years, and t he co-ed fash ion plate . . . . J i m Peabody-leader of the famous Houlton trio, and football capta i n . . . . M i m Walker-a delicious phi bete who i s marked b y the i ndel ibl e s t a m p of . . . B i l l Millett-Echo editor, Vermont's famous " Son o f Col by" . . . Clark Chapman-whose affairs with Queen P e g Raymond e v e n I could n 't keep track of. . . . Paul Stiegl e r-headed for West Point. . . . The two d istinctive phibates : A rt Stetson-editor of this book, and Francis Smith-viol i n ist of note-the scholarship of both of w hom have not i nterfered with their l ikeableness . . . . Kay Wakefield-born in C h i na,

T H E I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E


with a sophisticated Radc l i ffe outlook . . . . George Pugsley-enjoyed the year with caswell ­ i a n d iscrim i nation . . . . Betty Dyson-who fi nally satisfied h e r adagio longings . . . . Pete M i l l s-e nded the quartet of bl ue and gray years with the questionable d i st i nction of bei ng a Was h i ngton correspondent-a pri nce of a guy whom we once termed "dynamic." . . . Mary Ellen Hodgdon-who w i l l probably conti n ue to ride i n LaSall e s : . . . . Johnny Holden -the smoke r i ng expert who spent most of his time at the Elm wood . . . . Peg Sal mondthe u n usual combination of beauty and bra i n s . . . . Steve Brodie-the nonchalant Mary Low pride and j oy . . . . Pat Loane-Presque Isle vs. G reenwich V illage battle contin uously w i t h i n her. . . . Hank Davidson-prexy i n '33, all-Mai ne, and Mr. New Haven . . .


Wood_y Peabody-whose rare appearances on our col u m n s how his abi l i ty to be cozy . . .


Nat A l pers and Georgie Mann, members of Nu Phi ( non-frat ) , headed for med school,

and m y roorn mates, so anything [ m ight say would be l i belous . . . . Ann D uoba-vivacious and excitable . . . . J o h n ny Alden-captivated by the flashing smile of Barb Johnson . . . .

Kitty H iggi n s-very t i ny but i mporta nt. . . . Sybil Wolman-none of us could really understa nd her, headed foi: New York d ramatics . . . . Win Clement-became d isappointed in a freshman girl this year and wrote a waily song, "Liar of Love." . . . Greta M urray-quiet, but probably the most active senior girl. . . . Red Fel dman-responsible for Tau Delt's i mportance . . . . Ruth Swbbs-¡who never wasted a m i n ute accord i ng to our Fossil i te date ledger. . . . Babe W h i te-a great girl even if she does come from Labrador ( or where i s Ft. Fai rfiel d ? ) . . . Ab BeYi n-track captain, whose red face is merely a reflection from t he flam i ng l ocks of Beulah Fenderson .

. and to end the senior section, The Plotter, whose

i nspiration was Brook l i ne's Phyll is. THE OLD MAESTRO OF THE QUI P AND THE JEST, THE PLOTTER.

One h1111dred two

Phi Beta K a p p a Soci ety Colby Chapter


( Beta of M a i n e ) Founded at Wil l i a m a n d M a ry College i n 1 776 Colors: Green and White O F FICERS FOR 1933- 1 934

. C LA R E

President Vice-Presiden t



MRs. A . H. WHEELER Secretary-Treasurer Carl J. Weber



Executive Council B reckenridge

Vvebster Chester

Florence E . D u n n

Historian A l fred K. Chapman Mem bers from 1 933


Evel y n A. B rackley

Gerald i ne F . Foster

Ethel D . B ragg

Leonard H e l ie

Evel y n R . Stapleton

A ie E . B ra w n

B a rbara E . J o h nson

R ut h Weston

Rebecca M . Chester

Donald H. R hoades

Perry G. Wortma n M a u rice Zeserson

M a r i o n L . Clark Mem bers from 1934* Paul i n e E. Good w i n

L i l i i a n F . Shapiro

F rancis B. Smith

Arhtur Vv. Stetson , J r . M uriel F. W a l ke r

M a rgaret E . Sal mond " E l e c t e d p r i o r to March 1 5 .

One l11111dred tliree

I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E


T H E I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E

T !1ird Roll'-Berrr. Prngala k i . Bryant. T:ii lor Second Row-I a 1·c)', tiegler, Leno, K ri m\.. r. u l l i v:rn. Getchel l , Clement Fro/If Roll'-D igglc, Fergu on , . on i �h . Prof. olgan. c h reiber, Granr

Kappa Ph i Kappa Iational H onorary Ed ucation Society OF FICER

Presiden t






Faculty Advisor


Mark Berry

Maurice K ri n sky

vV. Theron Brya nt

E rnest F . Lary

W . W i nt hrop Clement

John J. Le no

Elliott A . Diggle

Frank Norvish

W i l l i a m B . Ferguson

Lou is P. Progalaski

Ed w i n E . Getchell

F rederick Schreiber

Ford . . Grant

Paul W. Stiegler

H a m ilton B . Grant

John F . Sullivan

Curtis M . Havey

Norman A . Taylor Vachel W. Wakefield

One hundred four


Seco11d Row---C rant, Cragin, Al len Front Row-Donne l l

Pi Gamma M u Soci a l Science H onorary Society



Vice-Presiden t

EnvVARD \V. C R.'\.Cl)< DoR r s A . DoNNI:LL



Permanent Secretary


Doris A . Donnell

Fra ncis W. All e n Sel w y n I . B rodie

H a m ilton B. Grant

Edward W. Cragi n

A lice M . Hovey Ralph Natha nson

One h1111dred fi11e

I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E


T H E I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E


Second Row-Hain , Putnam Bryant, Frnnt Row-Brown, Fi her, Roberr



M i l l ett, Coyne

C h i Epsilon Mu Honorary Chemical Society F. BARKER RoBERn






Secretary-Treasurer Faculty Advisor .



Nathan Alpers

Jacob H a i n s

Norma n R. B rown

M ilton P . Klein holz

W . Theron B ryant

W i l l iam H. M i llett, J r.

J ames J. Coyne, Jr.

Carol E. Reed

Samso n Fisher

F. Barker Roberts

One hundred six

Second Row-Fisher Lawler


orvish, Hains

Front Row--Goldberg Bryant, Roberts, Smith

C h i Gamma Sigma Honorary P hy sics Society


Presiden t









Frederick C . Lawler

W. Theron Bryant J oseph M. Dwork i n

W i l l ia m H. M i llett, J r .

Samson Fisher

F r a n k Norvish Carol E. Reed

Saul Goldberg Jacob H a i n s

F . Barker Roberts

Mel v i n G . H iggi n s

Francis B. S m i t h

One h undred seven

I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E


T H E I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E


Second Row-Hickc)', Ma honey, S tiegler Dow, ndcrson. ;-..: o rvish Front Ro111- Mil lctt, Bryant, H ucl.c, Fel d m a n , Plotk i n

Student Council President

EwALD 'vV. H uc K E





Delta Kappa Epsilon

Thomas J. H ickey

Zeta Psi

George T. Pugsley

Delta Upsilon

Mel v i n G. H iggi ns

Phi Delta Theta

. Paul W . Stiegler

Alpha Tau Omega

Fra n k Norvish

Lambda Chi Alpha

Wi lliam T. Bryant

Kappa Delta Rho

Wili iam H . M i llett, J r.

Theta Kappa Nu

George H. A nderson Paul E. Feldman

Tau Delta Phi CJ.ASS PRESIDENTS 1 934

Ewald W. Hucke

1 935

Laura nce E. Dow

1 936

Arthur 0. B rown

1 937

Lendel C . Mahoney

One hundred eiglit


Second Rou:-E. S m al l , Howard , Gou l d , M u rray, Crowel l

From Row-W a � h bu r n , Donnel l , Dc:rn R u n nab, M . S m a l l , Pca>e

Stu dent League Officers Dorm :\ . D o � 1 EL1.




B A R BA R \ C .



H A R R I ET v..; . PEA E



Faculty A dvisor

CL SS R E PR E S E N TATIVES Senior-G reta E. 1vf u rray Junior-Dorothy E. \i\Ta s h b u rn Soph om ore-Emma

If ary S m a l l

Fre.d1 1nan-Marjorie D. Gould

One /11111dred 11i11e

M. R t · '1NAL

I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E

T H E I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E


Third Row--Henry, Johnson Hu sy. Lawler Second Row-Mills, Clement, Goldberg, Jaquith, French, Brown Front Row-Hunt, lorvish, Pro£. Newman, G u rney, Cragin, Hodges

Young Men , s Ch ristian Associ ation EDWARD J . G U R N EY, ] R .

President Vice-President


. FR A

Secretary Treasurer


N0Rv1 H


Faculty Advisor


Deane L . Hodges

Deputations .

Myron L . Johnson


Joh n J . Pullen


. Alan A . French

Han d Book . New England Field Council

Edward J . G u rney, Jr.


W . W i nt h rop Clement Frederick C. Lawler

Campus Publicity

Dana W . Jaquith

Com munity Service

H a rold F. B rown

Jewish Representative

Saul Goldberg

Fresh man Representative

Robert D . H ussey

One hundred let!


Second Row--Bailic Handley S wa l low, Mil lett

Front How-Jones, Trimble, Crowe l l , W i l l iams

Young Women• s Christian Assoc i ation President




ANN C . T R I M BLE H . Lucr L L E J oNES


Lo ISE S . 'vVrLLI


Vi rgi nia

Program Com m ittee

(. Swallow

Ruth A. M i l lett

P ublicity Com m ittee


Social Com m ittee

. Muriel D . Bailie

Service C o m m ittee

Ruth V. Handley

One h11nd1·ed eleven


I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E


T H E I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E


Third /?0111-M il lctt. Gil riatrick, Libby, Dean:. Second Ncu·- -B l a nc h a rJ , Stet o n . Merrick , Putnam, Tarlor, B rown Front Rotl'-Barnes, Goo< l rich, Rideout, Ross, Abbott, Small

Sons of Colby OFFICERS JAME L. Ros · J o H N G. R r nEot·T CARROLL W. A B BOTT

President Vice-President Secretary M EM BERS Seniors




Franci s \V. Allen Clark D. Chapman W i l l iam H . Mil lett George T. Pugsley George C . Putnam Francis B . Smith Arthur W . Stetson, J r . Norman A . Taylor

Carroll W. Abbott H ugh D. Beach Harold F. B rown Melv i n G . H iggi n s J o h n R . Merrick J o�eph L . Stevens

F rancis Barnes Alton D . Blake, J r . E . Noyes Erv i n George \ . G i l patrick Harold W . K i m ball, J r . E<lward L. Pol and ( G r. G ra ndson of J e remiah Chapl i n ) J ohn F . Reynolds J oh n G . R i deout James L . Ross 011e /11mdred twelve

Webster C. Blanchard W i l l i a m D. Dea n s M . Edson Good rich Kermit LaFl e u r W illard D . L i bby Lewis E. Rush Arnold E . Small Roger B . Tilley


T/1ird Row -Mil lett, Jones, Manter, M. Gou ld Second R o m - Li bbcr , Scribner, Ro . S m a l l . Cu m mings Front Row-Bunker, Walker, Donnel l , D . Gould, Loanc, Moore

Daughters of Colby OFFICERS DoRrs A. DoNNELL

Presiden t


Vice-Presiden t

. RowE 'A

Secretary MEJ\I B ERS



Hope B u n ker Virginia Moore Grace H. W heeler

Dori s A. Donnell Vi rgi nia Getchell Rowena Loane Muriel F . Wal ker

Fresh men

Soph o m ores

Lora R . Cummi ngs Marjorie D . Gould Eleanor B . Ross M u riel S. Scribner V i rg i n ia F . E. Tarbell R uth W . Walden

Dorothy W. Gould Lucile H. J ones Ruth L. Mailey S. Eleanor Manter R uth A. M i l lett Emma M. Small Special

Carol i ne Totman

One /111 11dred thirteen


I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E


T H E I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E


T liird Row-H u n t Second Row-Rideout, Stetson Front Row---G u rney, M i l ls, Hickey

Pi Kappa Delta RTHUR


w. STET ON, J R .




Secrettffy- Treasurer

M E M BERS George V. G i l patrick

Ralph Nathan so n

Edward J. G ur ney, Jr.

J o h n Rideout

Harold W . H ickey

Art h u r W . Stetson, J r .

George H. H u n t

M a r t i n T. Storms

S . Peter M i l l s, J r.

Arth u r B. Wei n

One li1111dred jouneen


Seco11d Row-Worthing, Hines, Haggerty Front Row--F lynt, M u rray, Stetson

Colby Oracle Board Editor-in-Chief


Art and Assistant Editor





Managing Editor Wo men's Editor .


Business Manager



Men's Athletics Editor


Women 's Athletics Editor

PROF. A. G. Eusns

Faculty A dvisor .

Assoc1A TE EDITORS George V. G il patrick

John P. H i nes

Pau l i ne E. Goodwin

Katherine Roll i n s

Leo F. Haggerty

Joseph L. Stevens

Dorothy D. Higgi ns

Catheri ne F. Wakefield Bettina D. Well i ngton

One hundred fifteen

I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E


T H E I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E


1'/1ird Row-Ro�s, Bel) e:t. Berry, B a l l , H:iskell ccond Row- tevcns, W i nchel l . F r� n k l i n, Ca�wc l l . OToolc M i l l s Front Row-W i l l i a m , H e r rick. Digglc. Hodgdon, M i l lett, Smal l , Goldberg


Editor-in-Chief Managing Editor Women's Editor .

Business Manager


E<lward G u rney EJ war<l Perrier

As�1 T.\ N T EDJTOR�

Mary M . Small Kath ryn Herrick

James Ross Robert W i l l i a m Eli zabeth M . F ra n kl i n Lysbeth Wi nchell

I d e n Bel yea FloyJ Haskell Oliver Mellen J oseph O'Toole

Kat h r y n E. Caswell

REPORTERS F red Demers Norman R . Dow R. I rv i ne Gam mon Morton M. Gol d fi ne, I I I H a rold H u r w i tz

Len<lall C. Mahoney Sta nley A. Plot k i n M . Gerald R y a n D a v i d M . Treca rt i n H . B . W right

W h i t ney Wright


Advertising Manag::1 Circulation Manage:

I � J

Assistant Business Managers

One l11111drcd sixtee n

I Third Row-Haggerty. Demer . Cohen, Goldberg, Millett, Gilpatrick Sf'Coud Row-Duoba, \· inche l l , Bu� . Loan�, Crowell, Laughton, Ca wel l Front Row- K rinsk'" Hu ·ke, Plotkin, Pullen, M i l l s

Wh ite Mule Board Editor-in-Chief Business Manager Art Editor . Managing Editor Women's Editor . Advertising Manager A ·sociate Editor ,-/s.iistan t Editor .

HAROLD PLOT K I :-; E. WILLIAM HucKE JoHN J. PuLI.E:-.: . S . PETER - 1 I LL, . RowE LO A ' E 1fA ( RfCE l RI N$KY DONALD R r cH.\RDrn>i ROBERT I LLI.\M Literary J\;f uLerJ·

Sa ul Gol dberg William Mil lett 1orris Cohen Robert Colomy

George G i l patrick Catherine Laughton nn Duoba M:iry Buss A rt Mulers

R ichard Johnson Lyspeth Wi nchell

Kathryn Cas.,,v el l Lois Crowell Business Nl ulers

Paul Feldman Leo Haggerty

l fargaret Henderson a ron Close

Frederick Demers

One hu ndred se1 enreen


I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E

T H E I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E


Third Row-Hooper, Tarbe l l , W h ite Second Ro w-R oss , H u rcheon, Smith, Robinson Fron/ Rotv-Merrifl, Hariâ&#x20AC;¢ey, Welli11gtoll, Ray mond, Loane







M EMBER S Abbie Hooper

Margaret Raymond

Pearl Hoyt

Eleanor Ross

Barbara Hutcheon

Doris Luella Smith

Rowe na Loane

Jane Tarbell

Grace Robi nson

Ruth White

One /wndred eigh1a11

Second Row-Barnes, Putnam First Row-Herrick, S m ith, W hite

Colby Concert Board ExEcrTIVE

Bo.'\ RD

Faculty AdvJSor-EvrnETT F. STROC\'G

Kath ry n A . Herrick W i n n i fred Y . W h i te Fra ncis Barnes

Francis B. Smith, Chairman George C . Putnam Ba rbara Z. W h i te

M E I BERS H I P Col\1t-r 1TTEE

Men 's Division

Theoph ile Stanley K ra wiec Arth u r 0 . B rown Robert L. Gilpatrick Fra ncis R. faher Oliver C. Mellen

Saul Goldberg George H. Ande rson Harold F. Brown Edward J . G u rney Dana W. Jaquith 1Vomen's Division

Bett i na D . Wel l i ngton Dorothy H. Gould Theresa J. Henderson

H. Lucile Jones Rowena Mosher Helen K . de Rochernont Edyt he D. Silverman

Program Editor-John J . Pullen

One lumdred ni11etee11

T H E I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E


T H E I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E

Fifth Rotv-Al len, Towle. B rown, rQllrth Noiv-Stebbirn., Sti ncfor<l

Libby. W heeler, Crosby, Thomas J. Ros,, Harris, H u nt, ose, Fournier

First Ro111-8:1 rnard, Fergu.on.

wal low, A nd<:rson. Clement, P. Pc.:ndkton, Bail, y, U i l p:itrick,

Third Row-Dyson, H . Pendleton Thom:is, Smith, Goul d, M . Ros:., M i l l ett, Winchell, V.'epfer Second Row-Martel. S i l verman, Wh ittaker, Wakefie ld, \Vh i te, K el l er, Herrick, Benn, Yc.uon Merritt, Gondeb

Colby Combined Musical Clubs 0 H J CERS \V. Wr '.'ITH ROP CLH!E. "!

President Men 's Glee Club .


President Wo1nen's Glee Club

JosEP1-r W . B rsHoP

Manager Men's Glee Club


Manager Women's Glee Club




Faculty Advisor


Winnifred Y. White

Kathryn A. Herrick

Director-John W. Thon�as

One hllndred t111e11ty




Men�s Glee C l u b First Tenors R a y G . Fou rn i e r George

. G i l p:i t r i c k

f ra n k I orv i sh Bernard G. Sta l b rd

\ l v i n L.


Second Tenors W. W i n t h rop Clement

J o h n W. H un t

J o h n P . Do� a n

J a mes R . Sti neford J oseph B. OToole

First Bass H a rold C. A l l e n

W i l l i a m B . Ferguson

F ra n c i s 13:irnes

Ed w i n H. Stebbi n s Al fred H . W heeler

Edm u nd L . Bar ard H a rold F . Brown

Ol i v e r C. M e l l e n James 0. Ross

R a l p h A . Macdonald

Women's G l ee Club First Sopranos Lor:i C u m m i ngs

B ri ley Thomas

El i zabe t h Dyson

M y ra W h j ttaker

Beth Pendleton

R u t h Yeaton

Second Sopranos J e a nnette B e n n

n ne Martel

Doro t h y G o u l d

Elea nor Ross

Evel y n Kelley

Edythe S i l v e r m a n Cat h e r i n e Wakefield

First Con tralto Portia Pend leton

B e u l a h Ben nett

Dorothy S m i t h

vis �vferritt V i rgi n i :i Swall O\

Second Contraltos E d n a B a i l ey

R ut h

Kath r y n H e r r i c k

Betsy W i nchell Hazel Wepfe r

One h undred t111e 11ty-one

f i llett

T H E I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E

T H E I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E

Col by Band M EM BERS Leonard S. Abramson

David R. H i lton, Dru m Major

Harold C. Allen

Deane L. Hodges

A . William Bartel , 2 d

John W. H u nt

Mark J . Berry

Willard D. L ibby

Andre B ignon

Francis R. Maker

Webster C. Blanchard

Eugene A. McAla ry

Harold F. Brown

Robert B. Moore

Norman R . Brown

Joseph B. O'Toole, J r .

Frederick D. Call

Reynold N. Pierce

Bra i nard E. Caverl y, Jr.

Frederick K. Pou l i n

Will iam M. Clark

Leo M. Seltzer

Wil fred J . Combellack

D. Roger Soper

Edward W. Cragin

Francis B. Smith, Student Director

Alan D . French

Ralph H. Stowell

R . I rvine Gammon

Robert B . Towle

Fel i x J. Gondela

Alvin L. Vose

Lawrence N. Gray

Alfred H. Wheeler

One hundred twenty-two


Second Row-Johnson. P u l len, Alpers, Plotkin Fr�mt Row-M il lett, Wolman, Small, Carl yle, Mills



S Y B I L L. WuLl\fAN




MEMBERS Nathan Alpers

Myron L. Johnso n

Eleanor Bridges

W i l l iam H . Mil lett S. Peter M ills

Mary L . Buss W . W i nthrop Clement

Harold M . Plotk i n

Ford A. G ram

Eleanor L . W heel wright

Edward J . Gurney

Barbara Z . Wh ite

Dorot hy F . Herd

Sybil L. Wol man

Lou ise S . W i l l iams

One lwnrlrrd twenty-three

I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E


T H E I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E

Fourth .Row- u l J i ,·an, Mar ou ,

a wycr, Ranzi, Leno

Third Row-Rerry, Flood, H i l ton. Greenfi e l d , Feldman, Shibley

Second Row-Hovey, Duoba. McCarey, Walker, G r:i.y, W h ite, Fr:i. n k l i n , Loane, Henderson First Row-P:: tlmer, Mils,

hreibcr, Wakefield, W i l k i n>on, B r idges, G r i fl1ths, Porter, G rant

I nternational Relations Club President Vice-Pre,·ideiJt Secretary-Treasurer

John M. A l den Fra nci, W . A l l e n athan A l pers Barbara Bri<lges E l eanor Bridges Hcnr · Da,,idso n E l l iot A. Diggl e A n n P. Duoba am on Fi her


ME 1BER l 34

E l i zabeth E. G u rner lice M . Hovey George H . H u n t Ernest F. Lary

W a l d ron 0. Liscomb Rowena Loane

Raphael J . Maher Ralph Nathanson

Aaron M . Parker A rnol<l S. Peabody \ oodrow W . Peabod)• Portia M. Pendleton Etta J . Porter Louis P. Progala,ki Frederick Schreiber Catherine F. Wakefield M u riel F. W a l k r r

1 935 Daniel P . Ayoue M u riel D. B a i l i e H ugh D . Beach Mark J. Berry Beul:ih E. Bennet

J ose ph E. Brogden Hope B u n ker

J o h n C. Bu rgoon 1\ rrh u r W. Fel d m a n Marg:iret G . Henderson David R . H i l ton Charles E . Houghton, Jr. Laurance V . Kane H a rold W . K i m b a l l

1 936 J . E. Barc l a y

Robert 0. Brown J a m es . · . B u c k ner Katheri ne D . Fra n k l i n

Dr. W. J . W i l k i nson

Harol<l W . H ickey Lois K . Lund E l eanor L. MacCare\' . Sarah E. Manter Robert N. M i l ler

Rossiter W . Marcou Richard 1. 1o,·es

R:ilph 0. Peab�dy Beth P . Pendleton Donald F . Richardson Raymond E. S h i bley J o h n F. S u l l i va n Frederick 0. Saw) er H ugh F. Tra vers nthom· C. Stone Reg i n :i l c l H . H u m ph rey

Instructors Profr�sor T. M. G r i ffi ths

One /111 11dred twenty-four

M r.


I. Pa l m er



h'.ow-R i dcout. Jones, Fr:r n k l i n, Laughton, Stetson

Second Row-S i l ve r m a n, H errick, Thibau l t Goodwi n , Bour�ct Fir.a Row-Taylor. a l m o n < l . H a ndley. Bro�son. Rocque! . Mel l e n

Le Cerde Fran�a i s R L' fH \ .

President Vice-President





c . M EL L E N

,\LICE L .

ME 1 B E R S

Alice L. Bocquel

Catherine C . Laughton

Michel i ne B rosson

Ol i ver C. Mellen

rth u r vV. Feldman

Kenneth W . Ra mond

El i zabeth M . Frankl i n

John G . R ideout

Pa u l i ne E. Goodwin

Margaret E. Salmond

R uth V . Handley

Edythe D. Silverman

Kathryn A . Herrick

Art h ur W . Stetson, J r .

Mary E. H odgdon

Norman A . Taylor

H. Lucile J ones

A n i ta L. Thibault

One· hundred ltt•enty·fil'e


E. s \ U- 10 :-l lJ BocQL'Er.

I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E


T H E I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E


Second Row-Feldman, Bartel, Tracy, Martel, Crosby, Vo�c First Row-K rinsk)', Grant, Rudnick, Swallow

Camera Club .

Presiden t



Vice-Presiden t








William Bartel, 2 nd

An nette M . Martel

George H. Crosby

Sheldon Rudn ick

Arthur W. Feldman

V i rginia M. Swallow

Ford A. G rant

Trueman W. Tracy

Ma mice Kri nsky

Alvin L. Vose

One hundred twenty-six


T /1ird Row--A nder ·on, Lindberg, Bi hop Second Row-P rog a la s k i Shaw, O'Donne l l , Krawiec First, 1 onish, VanSlyke

Cosmopol itan Clu b Presiden t


First l 'ice-President


Second Vice-Preside n t






•cu H



Faculty Advisor


M EMBERS Ercole A. Addonizio

Theophile S . K rawiec

Joseph W. B ishop

Mil ton P. Klei nhol z

John J. E ngl ish

Joh n J. Leno

Samson Fisher

Arne 0 . Li ndberg

Robert M . MacGregor

W i l l iam T. Fuller Jacob Hains

Frank Norv ish

Edward S. Henry

Mart i n M. O'Donnell

Ewald W. H ucke

Harold M. Plotk i n

Kenneth A. Johnson

Lou is P . Progalaski Foahd Sal iem

One hundred twenty-seven

I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E



C. Rou:-iov

Coac/1 of Basehn// and Football


T. R v �.

Conch of Trad(


C. H

I 9 3 4


Director of Atli!Nics

0 R A c L E


Coach of Hocl(ey and Fresh man Foothnll


F R A N K Goo0 I u c 1 1

1.-sistant Conch o f Foothnll

One hundred twenty-nine


T H E I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E


Tay lor, A. Peabody, Bev i n , H u.:kc, R. Peabody, H u n t

Colby Captains Football















One /111 11dred thirty


Second Row-Taylor, Logan FiJ St Row--Grant, Fencer, Stct·on

Colby Managers ARTHUR vv. SrnTsoN, J R .


W1 LLIAJ\I A . Loe



Baseball Track




Ten 11is .

One h undred 1/iirty-011e



I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E



Vars ity Club


E I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E


1 934 Thomas J. Hickey

Will iam A . Logan

J oh n P . Holden

R obe rt S. B rodie

Ew:dd W . H ucke

Arnold S . Peabody

Henry Dav i d son

George H . H u n t

H a rold M . Plotk i n

A r t h u r C . Dyer, J r.

R ichard H. Joh nson

John M .


Abner G. Bev i n

Leo E. Fencer

R ichard N. Ki m ba l l

W i l l i a m B. Ferguson

E rnest F. Lary

Woodrow W . Peabody George C. Putnam A r t h u r W . Stetson, J r . Paul W. Stiegler Norman . \ . Taylor

Ford A. C rant 1 935 D a n i e l P. AyoLte

Albion L. Farnham

Edward G . Perrier

Hugh D. Beach

Dav i d R. H i l ton

Roger H. Rhoades

R a l ph 0 . Peabody

El bridge B. Ross

J oseph W . B rogden La u ra nce E. Dow

Martin M. 0 Donnel l

Donald P. Robita i l l e

R i c h a rd S . Sawyer

Robert F. Estes 1 936 Arth u r 0. B rown Cha rles R . Geer

Ronald F. MacLeod lberoni R . .Paga nucci 1 93 7 Romeo L. Lem ieux

O n e /1 1111drcd t/1il'ty-levo

Lou i s G. Rancourt An thony C. Stone

T H E Va rs ity Football Rev i ew Earl y football p ractice started t he second week in September and Coach Roundy was more than pleased \ ith the material which an swered his fi rst cal l . squad of nearly forty cleated warriors t rotted onto Seaverns Field for t he fi rst d ri l l and prospects for a successful season wer bright. The sguad consi sted of the follow i ng : BACK : Capta i n A. Peabody , Alden H ucke, Beach Thomas, Rancourt, W . Peabody, G i l patrick, Do�an, Ross S ut herland, Caddoo. L1�n1E


S h a w Johnson, Russell, Merrick, Flood, Stiegler Putnam , Lary,

Do'vv, ( Captai n-Elect ) , Stone, MacLeod,

f i lls, Pugsley, Sal ie m .

E N o : Davidson, R . Peabody, Ba rnes

R::iymond, O'Don nel l , Paganucc i ,

Chapman. With this pro m i s i ng sg uad of aspi rants Coach Roundy started his task of groom i ng a wealth of material i nto a smoothly work i ng machine. The cha nces for a State C hampi on­ ship were good and had the ! ni ur y j i n x !10t v isited so often at Sea\· erns Field, the Blue and G ray woul d have stood a better cha nce of tak i ng the championsh ip. "Chet" Dyer, flashy l i ttle hal f-back was t he: fi rst v ictim for the casualty l i st . Before the fi rst game of t he seascn "Chet" received a broken leg while i n practice scrim mage. C het was a tripl e-threat man and would have worried any opposing eleven. " B u l l " Thomas ' as t he next on the l ist when he ::i lso received a b roke n leg i n the 13oston Uni\'ersity ga me. Before the season was tv\'O ' eeks old Coach Roundy "' as forced to carry on w i thout

One h 1111dred thirty-three

I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E


I n spite of t hese bad break s the

the se rv ice of ten men who were on the i n j u red l i st. M ules pl ugged stead i l y a head .

Trin ity College opposed Colby in the fi rst game of the season on September 30t h . T h e game w a s played on the M ules' pastureland w h ich w a s v e r y d ry and d usty. Although t here were many weak spots i n the Colby l i ne, the team worked well as a unit and eme rged v ictorious by the score of 1 2 0 obtai ned by mea n s of two perfect passes. Colby entertai ned Tuhs here on the fol lowing week-end and a terribly crippled Mule The game was c�ose t h rough­

outfit was forced to bow to the opposi tion to the t u n e of 6-0. out.

Stone and Thomas were the outsta n d i ng men for Colby . On the afternoon of October 1 4th the Colby Mu�es were tu rned loose on

Field in Boston to s i n k their hoofs i n to the Boston U n i ve rsity Ter riers.


The terrific hear

was a great hand icap to a team w h i c h had been accustomed to the cold w i nd s of the

Elm City and t h i s along with the i nc reased i n j u ry l i st was a great asset to the Boston

team in overcom i ng the Waterville club by a score of 9-7 .

Ra ncourt proved h i s worth

in t h i s game by m a k i ng some long gai ns .

T H E I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E


On the afternoon of October 2 1 , Colby met Northeastern U n i versity on their fi e l d near H u nti ngton Avenue in Boston .

Stra nge as i t may seem , the authorities had made use

of a steam roller to i m p rove the pla y i ng s urface, forgetting the harm that such a hard Th is game was replete w i t h excitement and i nj u ries. North­

fie ! J would do the players.

eastern scored fi rst on a long pass over Alden's hea d .

Then Captai n Peabody made a

sweepi ng e nd r u n to tie the score and a few m i n utes later tossed a long pass to Beach That ended the scor i ng for the day.

over the goal l i ne .

D u r i ng the fadi ng moments of

t he ga me Northeastern began to "click" aga i n and w hen the fi nal w histle blew, t h i s scrappy team was n o t fa r f r o m another touchd ow n .

T h e final score was 1 2-6.

The State Series opened on October 2 8t h and the Colby team j ou r neyed by t ra i n and bus to B r u nswick.

ln t h i s game Colby d isplayed a m a rked superiority over Bowd o i n but

lacked the d r i v i n g punch when w i t h i n scor i ng d istance. weak i n p u n t i ng .

Dav i d son blocked k ick after kick.

The polar bears \.Vere notably

Among other leadi ng players of t he

day were V./. Peabody, R . Peabody, Dow, R ancourt, and Stiegler.

Hav i ng won over Bowdoin 6-0, Colby plan ned to send full strength aga i n st Maine on the following Satu rday.

Colby Night before the game brought many former capta ins and

m anagers of previous team s together w i t h other a l u m n i back to the campus. the game was clear and cool. and the auxil iary stands.

The day of

A n u n usually l a rge and enthusiastic crowd fi lled the sta d i u m

Before the g a m e was m o r e than a f e w moments o l d , Dav idson

caught a l ong forward pass on the t h ree-yard l i ne after the ball had bounded out of a

M a i ne man's hands.

That was spectacular !

goal line hut fu mbled the bal l . to obtai n possession of it. scored a touchdow n .

Then Captai n Peabody started to cross the

It bounded across the goal l i ne and everyone scrambled

"Hawkeye" Stiegler was successful in t h i s q uest and Colby

At the e nd of the half the score was 7-0 for t he Mules.

q ua rter M a i n e scored but failed to convert.

In the t h i rd

At the begi n n i ng of the fourth q u a rter,

Maine's s u perior reserve power began to have its effect. Colby's weaker reserves could not cope with the situation . Play after play which had failed to penetrate the Colby l i ne now went for long gai n s resu l t i ng in two more touchdowns for the Orono I nst itution. The fi nal score was 1 8-7. Captai n Peabody, Davidson, R. Peabody, and i n fact the w hole team , w e r e at their best and played c red itabl y . T h e loss to M a i ne crushed all spi rit from the team and on November 1 1 , the closi ng day of the 1 93 3 season, a slow, l i stless, sl uggish Colby met a n eqmd l y slow, l i stless, and

O n e h1111drerl 1hir1y-fo11r

sluggish Bates before a small, dead , u n e n t h usiastic Arm i stice Day a u d ie nce. There was no outsta n d i n g exhibition of superior play i n g on either side and the game finally ended, a

0-0 deadloc k . D uri ng the period devoted to football , Colby scored 44 p o i n t s to offset a total o f 3 9 poi n t s piled u p by her opponents.

I n g a m e s Colby won t h ree, l o s t t h ree and tied o n e ,

thereby mainta i n i ng an e q u i l i bri u m . Capta i n Peabody Stiegler, and Dav i d son were u na n i mously chosen for the all M a i ne team . At a banq uet gi ven the letter men t h rough the k i n d ness of Senator H . £. Wardsworth , D o w was elected Capta i n f o r the 1 934 season ; Stiegler w a s voted to be t he most val uable man on the tea m and rece i ved the Specialty Shoe Store award w h i c h Mr. Samuel H il l son presented in person. The ma nagerial staff for football was made u p of Art h u r

W . Stetson, Jr., Manage r ;

Donald F . Lark i n , Assistant Ma nager ; Alden Belyea ; H ug h G i l m a n , Albert P iper, and Arnold Smal l , S ub-assistants.

T H E I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E


e q u i p ment was negligible. the fi nal report.

The ma nagers were u n usually efficient this season .

Loss of

For t he fi rst t i m e i n years every football was accou nted for in

T h i s may be attributed not only to the e xcel l e n t work of the assistant

managers, but also to an al most new foun d honesty among the members of the squad . Everyt h i n g considered the football season of 1 933 was successful but we hope some fu ture team w i ll be able to su rpass t h i s record and bring a Championship home once more .

Freshman Football Rev i ew Excellent material for future varsity football team s was u nearthed among the members of the Freshman football team this yea r . Such men as Ed Good rich, Paul Harold at guard ; Lesl i e Huard , W . Sau nders, Len Mahoney at end, MacDonald at cente r ; Landry a nd You ng at tackle will f u r n i s h future material in the l i ne. Lemieux Sheehan, Shon­

good, Wash u k , and La Fleur w i l l furnish good men to carry the bal l .

T h e p u rpose of t h e fresh m a n squad i s to teach t h e m e n t h e Colby system a n d to i n itiate them i nto the systems used by other M a i ne colleges. At the start of the season t h i rty-seven men composed t he squad and twe nty-seven carried t h rough to t h e e n d , si xtee n of w hom earned t h e i r Colby n umerals. A t t he start of the season t h ree games were scheduled b u t the one w it h R icke1 at Houlto n was cancelled because of snow . Tn the game w it h Kent's H il l the Fro�h played a 0-0 game. The Frosh were far outclassed by the Hebron tea m w hi c h be:it them 1 4-0.

One /11111dred thirty-;ix

Outdoor Track Colby d id n o t part i c i pate i n a n y d ual meet i n t h e 1 93 3 outdoor ca m pa i g n . I n the State Meet the M u l es were overvvhel med by r he superior power of the other M a i ne col leges a nd t ra iled in fou rth place w i t h 7 poi nts. Capt. Sti nchfield v on fi rst place in t he j a vel i n , tossi ng the spear o v e r 1 0 feet. B o b Estes grabb d a t h i rd pbce i n t h i s event. B u d d y H ilton ga rnered t h i rd i n the m i l e to complete the Colby scoring f o r the d a y . I n the 1 933 f a l l season C a c h R y a n rev i ved cros·-cou ntry ru n n i ng. w i t h m uch success. The hill a n d dale ru n ne rs lead b y the i ndom i table sophomore ace. Cl i ff \ eys(:'y strong founh in t h e H arvard Road Race, w h i c h was won by Bowdoi n .

p!aced a

eysey , who �hapes

u p a s the greatest t rack man ever to enter Col b y . eas i l y showed his hee l !> to t he other com-· petitors in thi

event a nd set u p a new record .

H ilton eb·e n t l i .

Herb DeVeber placed fifth and Buddy

B i l l P r i t ham a n d B i l l Pa i ne com pleted the scoring.

Cl i ff a nd h i s coach j ou rneyed to . ew York two weeks l ater a nd Cl i ff a stounded even his fondest ad herents by copping t h i rd in the I ntercollegiate C ross-Country C ha m pi o n s h i p, lead i ng such men as Gene enzke of U n i ve rsity of Pen nsy l v a n i a a nd Ted R u ssell of lfa n ­ hattan to t h e tape. Cl i ff m ade fi n i shed se e n t h . sity C l u b meet.

his i ndoor debut


the B .

J o h n n y Dol a n of the


games and

f ules also placed in t h i s

m e e t tak i ng fi fth i n the 45-yard h igh h ur d l e s . peted in the


H e placed fo urth i n the m i l e i n the U n i ve r­ Cl i ff n e x t com­

ational I ndoor Championsh i ps 1 11 l cw York. H e

ran i n the 5000-meter r a c e a n d placed fi ft h .

T h e w i n ner of t h i s

race s e t a n e w A m e rican l ndo0r record and i t i s q u i te a n honor to Cl i ff a s he set the terrific pace d u r i n g the early stages of the race that e nabled Folio\ s to make t h i s mark. his fi rst yea r o f

Veysey cli maxed

arsity competi tion by ta k i n g second in the

3000-meter ru n in the I ntercollegiate I ndoor meet.



e nabled Colby to gai n more poi nts than such col leges as Syra · CLI F F V & YSE\'

cu e U n i versity

Boston College, and Holy Cross as well a s

se·.reral o t h e r lead i ng col leges. One

!t1111drcd thirty-;e11e11

T H E I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E


T H E I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E



Hunt F u l ler , Buyni�ki

The Relay Season O n e o f t h e most extensive relay programs i n recent years w a s carried o u t b y Coach Ryan and his baton passers d u ring the i ndoor season of 1 934. The m i le team received a n i n v i tation to run in the M i l l rose ga mes and fi ni shed third. The quartet was composed of Dol a n , G . H unt, H i l ton, and Bev i n . In the B.A.A. games a team composed of B u y n i sk i , S. Fuller G. Hu nt, and Bev i n was defeated by Worcester

Tech in the most t h r i l l i n g race ot the n ight. The team of B u y n i sk i , S . Fuller, G. H u nt , a nd

Bevi n came i nto i t s own i n the U n iversity Club meet and won a race from Boston U n iver­ sity and Tufts by al most half a lap. A two-mile team was sponsored for the fi rst time in the h i story of track a� Colby, and although t he team of J. H u nt, Bev i n , DeVeber, and Veysey did n't fare so wel l , i t i s expected t h a t t h e e xperience gai ned t h i s year w i l l b e of val ue to those rema i n i ng n e x t year . A freshman m ile t e a m w a s also sponsored f o r the fi rst time and proved q u i te successful in the B .A.A. meet · plac i ng t h i rd in a four-cornered race. The team was made u p of Edson Good rich, son of F ra n k Goodrich of Colby football fam e ; Steve You ng, former Hebron Academy ace ; Bob Marshall, a nother Hebron product, and Stan Washuk, ex-Cony High ace.

Freshman Track T h e freshman track hopeful s enj oyed a very successful cam paign d u ri ng the 1 93 4 w i n te r seaso n - w i n n i ng meets from Hebron Academy, Coburn Classical, an<l Cony H igh ; w h i l e losing only to the strong Bridgton Academy group. The season produced several outstan d i ng stars i ncludi ng Capt. Bill Dea ns, Stan \Vashuk, Bob Marshall, and Kerm La fleur. Dea ns appears to be o ne of the best h u rdlers to e n ter Colby in a long t i me. He set up a new i ndoor record of 5 .4-5 s. in w i n n i ng the 45-yard low h u rdles in the Cony meet and has equalled Doug Wheeler's mark of 6. 1 -5 s. in the 45-yard h igh h u rdles. Washuk i s a prom i s i ng spri n ter a n d broad j u mper. He holds t he freshm a n record of 3 5 . i n the 300-yard run and is the equal of any of the varsity performers in t he dashes and broad j u mp. LaFleur i s an e xcellent shot-putter and j um per. Marshall i s probably the best pole vaulting prospect to e nter Col by in many years. Eino Kivi in the shot put, h igh j um p, and pole vaul t , and Ed Good rich i n the dashes should also come i n for some pra i se. One /11111rlrcrl thirty-eight


Second J<ow·-Taylor, Ru ell, Sheehan, G u i ney, H ickey First Row-Mi l ieu. Ro


Rancourt, Hucke, Robitaille, Lem ieux , Paganucci, Logan

H oc key S c h edu le, 1 9 3 4 Colby

Oppone n t

J a n u a ry


Wyandottes at Water ille





J a n u a ry


Bates at Lewi ston



Fai r









J a n u a ry


B owdo i n a t Wate r v i l l e


J a n uary

1 1

o rt heastern at Boston


J a n uary


B ro w n at P rovide nce .



J a n uary


BO\ doin at B r u n swick



J a n ua ry


Bates at Wate r v i l l e



A rctic


Februa ry 1 0

Bowdoin a t Wate r v i l i e




G ood

February 1 4

Bates at Lew iston



Olie /11111dred thirty-nine

Played I ndoors Played I ndoors Mild


Pla yed I ndoors

I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E


Hockey Review Called out by

oac h M i l lett early in December, si xteen varsity hockey candidates,

along with fourteen freshm:rn aspi ra nts, took to the ice of the Waterv ille South End A rena. Of this gro u p such men


Capta i n B i l l H ucke, Hocker Ross, Tom H ickey, Al Paga 11-

nucci, Lou is Rancourt, J oe Brogden and Don Robitaille formed the nucleus of a team de�­ t i ned to escort the 1 93 4 State Hockey Title to Colby. Act i v i ties Jtarted w hen ary 4.

olby met the Wyandotte Worsted Company team on J a n u­

Al though defeated 6-3, r he M ule

looked good for such an early date, e3pec iaily

cons:dering the fact that their opponents were one of the fa test amateur cl ubs i n . ew Eng­ land.

The passing w:is not a

smooth as it m ight have been, but a great deal of power

was a ppa re nt. Two days later saw the B l ue and G ray se tet w i n its open i ng State Series ga me by pou ncing on the Bates Lobcats 6-2 at Le\: iston.

Colby's starting l i neup revealed H ucke at


center, Paga n n ucci and Ross, w i ngs, Brogden and Rancourt defense and Brogden i n the

I 9 3 4

th rough the '.Vhole game .

0 R A c L E


net. On Jan uary 10 t he Colby icemen a d m i n i stered a 5-3 beating to t he Bowdoin Bears on

the Waterv ille rink, in a fast contest i n which both goal ies succeeded i n stopping most of a heavy puck shower. On the next day the team left for its southern i n vasion. evening fi n d i ng them battl i ng

ortheastern to a 5-5 tie i n the Boston Garden.

pl ayed good hockey for the M ules

Ross and Ra ncourt

with all of the sta rting l i ne - up except one playing

The following n ight a ti red Colby club was defeated 1 1 -2 at

Providence by the B rown Unive r ity team . type of game, a s the Colby boy

The score, however

i� not i nd icat ive of the

more than held their own d u ring the fi rst period but

weakened i n the latter periods d ue to the exertion of the previous even i ng and allowed B rown to score "vith l ittle d i fficulty. On J a n uary 18 Colby lost its fi rst State Series contest by bowi ng to Bowdoin, 4-2 . A l though outpla y i ng their ri vals, the Colby skaters were u nable to click in the crucial moments.

Four days later however, a rej uvenated ice crew clapped a 5-4 defeat on Bates

i n the most tensely i n terest i ng game of the seaso n .

Only the l ast-mi n ute work of Ross and

Ra ncourt saved a n overti me per:od and poss ible defeat. A fighti ng Bowdoin team defeateJ the Colby crew for the second time by a 4-3 score. The game was a close one all the way with the Pola r Bears fi na l l y squeezi ng out a v ictory. n a ries, Lem ieux

In this game th ree fresh m a n l umi­

Sheehan and G u i ney were i ntroduced as varsity performers and they

responded with u n q uestionable ability. At last there rema i ned but t he fina l ga me with Bates at Lew i ston, sta n d i ng between Colby and the state title.

With only four m i n u tes of the fi nal period left to play, Bates was

lead i ng 2-0, and the loss of the game meant t he loss of the fought-for ch.1mpions h i p ! resui t of Colby's last m i n ute struggle is briefly shown i n the fi nal score.


The tally was tied

at the t h i rd period gun, and i n t he overti me session Lemieux and Rancourt each sl ipped t he puck pa �t Heldman to salt away the second Colby Hockey Championsh i p in three years .

One hundred


Second Row-K nauff. yone, Spear, Thomas. Lary, Walker. Jekano�ki. Whiting. Lowe l l . DaYicbon F1rjf R o 111- R o uncl y , B rown, Geer, Sawyer, Davan, Foster, R . Peabody, Thoma , \\ . Peabody M i llett

Rev i ew oF t h e 1 9 3 3 Baseball Season Start i n g o u t \'e ry slowly, t h e 1 933 baseball team gathered po\ e r as t h e season prog­ ressed and swept towa rd the fi rst championship that Colby h3s won in fi fteen years. H a ndi­ capped by t he loss of m a n y vetera n s t h rough grad uation and the fa i l u re 0£ some to ret u r n to col l ege, and bothered by v e r y u n seasonable weather-the coldest A p r i l

i nce 1 9 1 3-the

fi na l resu lts a re a tribute to the work of Coaches Roundy and M i l lett and the fine spirit d i s played by t he players t he m selves. W i t h o n l y a few vetera n s to serve a s a n ucleus there was a con t i n ual s h i ft i ng of the players so that the best possible combination could be a r ri ved at.

It wasn't u n t i l over one-t h i rd of the sched ule had bee n played that a good

defe nse could be combi ned w i t h the noticeably i nc reas i ng offe n s i ve powe r of the O n the mound George Foster Ral p h Peabody a n d "Hank be the mai n stays.

"Sta n " Jeka nosk i



Davi dson were expected to

as t ra n sferred from the eight ca nd idates for backstop

honors and was e x pected to serve a s a rel ief h urle r .

D a n n y Ayotte, " Bob" V i olette a n <l

Art B rown, a fresh m a n , were the t h ree most prom i s i ng catchers with B row n i e i m prov i ng a l most d a i l y . The make up of the i nfield was somewhat in J oubt from the fi rst . "Scrubby ' Sawyer at t h i rd a n d ·'Goofy ' Geer at second seemed to be the only two mortgage holders. Geer showed the smoothest field i ng for m of a nybody on t he squad and was a powerful an<l consi tent h i tter.

" Bob" 'vVal ker, never a st rong batter t urned in several t i mely h i ts

d u r i n g the Serie!> and took advantage of his l a nky b u i l d to pby h is fi rst base position to perfect i o n . Ca pta i n Pad d y " Da\ a n had bee n transferred from hort stop to t he outfield t h e preY ious year becau se of a n i nj ury to his t h rowing arm recei ved in footba l l . The arm was still i n poor con d i t i o n so he h ad to a l te rnate w ith ' Woody " Peabody a t short. The outfield berth w e re held down by R a l ph Peabody , " Hocke r ' Ross, "Til' Thomas and

Da\'an 'v\' i t h Foster and Davidson see i n g some service. The a n nual e x h i b i t i on game with M a i ne o n Patriots Day \ a s cancelleJ because of m i n a n d w h e n fi fteen m e mbers of t h e quad l eft t w o days l ater, for Boston they could boast of only a l i ttle over a v eek s o u td oor practice. The resu l ts of t h i s l ack of practice and coor­ d i nation were forcibly b rought home 'vvh e n t he team played Boston U n i \· ersity. They overOne li1111dred forty-one

T H E I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E


shadowed the Terriers by col lect i ng fourteen h its but presented them the 1 3- 1 0 game by com m itting fifteen errors. Agai nst Northeastern the team steadied somewhat but was beaten 6-0 . The Tufts ga me was cal led on account of ra i n i m med iately afte r the J umboe had bu nched several h i ts to send three runs over the plate in the t h i rd i n n i ng.

I n Provi­

de nce, Sawyer and Peabody prevented a shut out at the hands 0£ Brown by sl a m m i ng out a double and a homer in succession to make the score 6-2 . . The fi rst State Series game with Bowdoi n , a feature of J u n or Week Encl , resulted i n a 5-4 w i n for Col by. George Foster won h i s o w n ball game w hen h e slam med a home-run ofI the roof of Shannon to break u p a t ie score in the sixth i n n i ng. This game defin itel y e tabl i shed Brown in the catcher's box and many favorable compari ons were d rawn between

h : rn and that stel lar receiver of a few years ago, Charl ie Heddericg. B i l l Carriga n , pi nch­ h i t t i ng for the a i l i ng Dave Morey brought the Bates Bobcat to town but the famous Red Sox ma nager was out-smarted by our own Edd ie Roundy when Sawyer drove Geer across with the w i n n i ng run in the n i nth i n n i ng ·of a 9-8 ball ga me. Foster's arm had been the

cause of much concern all season and in spite of al most consta nt medical attention it went wrong d u ri ng the game and because of this he was never in the best of condition d u r i ng the rem a i n i ng games. The ! a i ne game, next on the docket, was far from bei ng an exhibi­ tion of good ball playi ng.

The team was u nable to give Ralph Peabody the support he


deserved and allowed Maine to win, 4-3. cred i ted to the B riceme n .

I 9 3 4

Colby 5, Bowdoi n 3, and aga i n Foster proved h i m self a master pitcher.

0 R A c L E


Duri ng t h i s game not one earned ru n was

Seem i ngly unafraid of Bates w h o m they h a d already humbled, t h e B l '..l e and G ray squad jou rneyed to Lew i ston. A sudden i nc rease of confide nce resulted in the fi rst game in which errors d id not play a prom i nent part and Foster retal iated for his weakness i n the previous encou nter by w i n n i ng the contest 5-2 . The Bowdoin ga me three days a her placed the M ule on the p i n nacle from which it was never after d i slodged. The fi nal score was The next week a

snag was struck when t he peren n ial Maine " j i n x " bobbed up i n Orono.

Hol d i ng a 7-0

lead u ntil the 7th i n n i ng and with Ral ph Peabody p i tch i n g no-hit bal l , the team ceased to function properly a nd M a i ne came from beh i nd tied the score and then se nt t he w i n ning run over i n the n i nt h . A nother hectic game was the next Bates game which Colby took 7-5 .

Tt remai ned for " T i t " Thomas to spear a hard hit Ay in the l ast i n n i ng a nd k i l l a

threate n i ng Bates rally w h i c h left two men on bases at the end ·of the ga me.

The most

exc i t i ng and the wildest game of the season was the last tilt with Mai ne a t Waterv ille. Going i nto the n i nth i n n i ng the score was Colby 1 3, M a i ne 6. When the i n n i ng had closed i t was found that six Maine runs had crossed the plate and only a remarkable catch of a By ball in deep center field by "Hocker" Ross had retired the side with the bases loaded to capacity.

During t h i s i n n i n g Foster G l e n n W h i t i ng "Woody" Peabody and Ralph Pea­

body all saw pitch i ng service in that order. In d i rect contrast to this game was the fi nal game with Bowdoi n which \.Vas won 5- 1 . With t he coveted b u n t i ng j ust w i t h i n their grasp, and remembe r i ng the two prev ious dead­ locks w i th M a i ne for fi rst place in the Series, the M ules played smart, errorless ball and furn ished a cause for a celebration by the entire college. Colby M a i ne Rowdoin Bates

Won 7 5 3 2

Lost 2 4 5 6

Percentage .778 .550 .350 .250

A shon resume m ust i ncl ude mention of the e xceptional batti ng ability of Geer, the

\Vork of Foster and Ral ph Peabody on the mound and at bat the work of Walker at fi rst a n d tht' quick ness of the team as a whole to take adva ntage of oppone nt's m i splays. With only fou r letterme n leav i ng t h rough graduation, prospects look very bright for a nother equally successful year and possibly another championship team . O n e hundred for/y-lwa


Standing-Holden, Fergu on, Perrier Sitting-Taylor

Tenn i s The Ten n i s team had a very successful seasoo last year. For the t h i rd yea r i n succession Colby fi n i shed in second piace . The Colby team was runner-up to Bowdoin for champion­ ship honors Colby defeated Bates 7-2 i n the fi rst match of the season . The second match was with the Uni er i ty of Maine resul t i ng in a win 6-3 . Colby was defeated in a close m atch with B owdoi n in spite of the score 7-2 . Colby was represented in the State Meet held l ast year at Colby. The Colby team played very credi tably. Taylor and Silveria were run ners-up for the State I n tercollegiate Doubles t itle. The team \vas composed of: Tayl or, Capta i n ; Silve ria, W ilson, Holden, MacCracken , Ferguson, Perrier, Manager. This year Colby is expecting a strong aggregation o n the courts, there being fou r veterans available f o r this year ' s team Capta i n Taylor, a veteran of three campaigns, Per­ rier, a veteran of two years ago, Holden and Ferguson etera ns of a year ago. To round out the team stdlar material from the F reshman class will be a a ilable.

One hundred /orty-tl1rec

I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E


T H E I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E


Roderick, Tysnn, v\l i l Ea m , Abbntt, Li�comb, Mabch

Golf I t took l onger for Colby Coi lege t 0 recog n i ze gol f t h a n t h e U n i ted States to acknowl ­ edge R ussia.

vVhen the spun wa . fi na l l y proc l a i med � I X sturdy wc:rriors took up t he i r

cl ubs a n d scal ped the fi rst i n te rcoll egiate crovvn e v e r offered i n M a i ne . It i s to D r . George G . Ave r i l l t h a t t h e team owes a great d e a l f o r i ts v e r y e xistence.


the spring o f 1 933 the good d octor a n nou nced h i s donation of a cup ( the A � e r i l l c u p w i l l probably become .Yl a i ne's e m b l e m of gol fi n g rn prem ac y ) 2 n d o n M a y 2 2 nd t h e Col by sextet swept out M a i ne and Bowdo i n to become the fi rst rec i pients of that beau t i ful embl e m .

The six m e n w h o flgu rec! in t h i s u n i que v i ctory a nd who a re de t i ned to take t h e i r

pl aces a l o ng side 0 £ the o t h e r greats i n Colby h i story a re as follow s : Carroll Abbott, Charles Tyson , E r nest R oderick, Robert W i l l ia m Waldron L i scomb a nd J n· i ng Malsch. Thei r May v ictory m arked the close of a n u ndefeated seaso n .

The very first match in

the h istory of Colby Col l ege was played at Bowdoi n in a d ri v i ng w i nd a n d ra i n stor m . W h e n the c l o u d s had clea red a w a y that afte rnoon s i x d r i pp i n g figures stumbled i nto t h e

c lub-house a nd h u n g u p t he i r first 0£ an u n b roken series of w i n s.

F ro m B ru n swick Co:ich

M illett took his mashie wielders to the w i nd swept fairways of the B a ngor Country Club w h e re t hey ad m i n i stered a crushing defe:::t t u nto the pel i eteers of the U . of M a i ne . Then a t t h e Waterv i l l e Cou n t ry Cl ub, Colby aga i n defeated fi rst Bowdo i n and then M a i n e . C a rn e t h a t m e morable M a y 2 2 nd w h e n a l l t h ree colleges assembled at Wate r v i l l e for a t h i rty-six hole fi n a l battle for the Aver i l l c u p .

Before the m o rn i ng round had bee n com­

pleted it was evident that Colby was the superior club.

A t d usk the v ictorious sextet had At a club ban quet that

compiled a l m ost t w i ce a s m a n y poi n ts as f' ither of her opponents.

eve n i ng ( te nd e red by Dr. Aver i l l ) the beau t i ful cup was prese n ted to the v ictors. For the current season the team 'Ni l l have the services of a l l its vetera n s except Malsch . Three new ca n d idates for the team , Louis Progobsk i , Robert W a r re n , an<l Lesl ie Huard , have shown themselves to be of cha m pi o n s h i p cal ibre .

One /11111dred forty-/011r


Second Row-Tn l a n . M i l lett, V <1 n No r m a n , K e l ley Front Roftl--vV h i te, W h t:c l w righ t , Gou i d , Thorne

Colby H ealth League President


Vice-Presiden t





Evel y n Kelley


Eleanor Tola n Ruth M i llett

Soph o m ore

E l izabeth W i l k i ns o n

Fresh m an

011r h1111dred /orty-fit•e

I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E


T H E I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E




M. Hodgdon, Wh ite, Wheelwright. F.. Bridge,, Bu . P. P::ndlcton, Gar) , Weck , D. Hig•rin�, Duob:i, M . Higgins

Field Hockey L a s t fal l t he hockey season started as u neventfu l l y as usual , b u t w a s desti ned to go down in Co-ed H i story as t he most u nexpected upset in women's athletics.

The senior

hockey tea m has won the cham pionship every year si nce t he i r class were fresh 11e n . Natu­ ral l y i t was taken for gra nted that t hey would easily overcome any opposi tion si nce they have practiced together for t h ree years.

I n the sem i-final games the Sophomores and

J u n ior teams were elimi nated , t he Sen iors w i n n i ng from t he Sophomores 4 to I a n d t he

Freshmen w i n n i ng from t he J u n iors 2 to I . t he fi nal game.

An enthusiastic Freshman class prepared for

They even produced two yell ow dogs as mascots which were placed one

on each side of t he goal posts to guard the Fres hman goal.

The game was hard fought.

The F reshmen made on� goal i n t he first hal f, the Sen iors making one i n t he second.


two teams were very evenly matched, t he defense on t he Fresh men side bei ng outstan d i n g . T h e Freshmen u ndoubtedl y h a v e a li ne t e a m and may l o o k forward to w i n n i ng more hockey cham pionships for their class. The follow i ng week r he Student Health League chose the honora ry varsity team, com posed of ou tsta n d i ng pl ayers from t he four class teams.

Those chosen were :

Forwards: Lois Crowe l l , Eleanor Wheelw right, Dorothy Herd, M u riel


Lucille Pi nette. Defense: Ella G ray, Madelyn H iggi ns, A n ne Tri mble, Natalie G i l ley, Sara Cowa n . Goal: Portia Pendleton.

One hundred forty-six

F ESHMAN HOCKEY TEAM-CO-CHAMPIO 15 Bourget, Wcpfcr, Bcn;be, Zub


l vanisin, Scribner, Ros , Cowan, Pinette

The l i ne u p for t he Seni or-Fre s h m a n game was a s fol lows : F R ESHMEN


lw, H utcheon

M urray, G . , l w W heel wright, E . , I i

Ii Wepfer, H .

Crowel l , L . , c


Hodgdon, M . ,



Scribner, M .

r i , B e erage, T.

B r idges, E . , rw

rw, P inette, L.

W hi te R. l h

lh Zukas, B.

H iggi ns , D . , r f

c h , I va n i s i n , C .

H iggi ns, M . , c h

r f , Berube, B .

Weeks E . , I f

I f Ross, E.

G ray, E . , r h

r h , Cowan, S .

g, B o urget A .

Pendleto n , P . , g

One h undred forty -seven

T H E I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E


T H E I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E


SENJOR BA KETB. LL TEAM --CH.t\MPIONS P. Pendleton, W heelwright, G ray. Porter, Weeks, Crowe l l , Kl'iley

Basketba l l This year's basketball teams were u n usuall y well-matched. No game was won by a very large score, and i n most cases t he w i n ner was not certa i n u nt i l t he final w h istle. The results follow in t he order of t he classe s ; the Sen iors uphol d i ng their d i g n i ty by gai n i ng fi rst honors. The final sta n d i n g was : Won Lost Tied 6 0 Sen i ors 0 3 2 J u n iors 1 2 Sophomores 3 1 0 F reshmen 6 0



Second Rott1-T r i m ble, Wheeler, M rritt, B . Pend leton

Second Ro111--Gil le)', Hayes, Thompson Front Row-A. W h ite, Fulkr, L. Jones

Front Row- Ke l l e r , He rd , E. M. Duerr One hundred forty-eight


Seco11d Row-Thomas, B . Pendleton, Tolan, Jordan Front Row-E. M . Duerr, Toabc, Washburn

Vol l eyba l l T h e class of ' 3 5 woo t he volleyball champions h i p for t he second season .

Their s uc­

cess has bee n d ue not to any out stand i ng play i ng but rather to thei r tea mwork.


Seniors were handica p ped by t he small n u mber of players· otherwise r hey m ig h t ha,·e had a successful season.

The fi na l stand i ng \\"as : Won

] u n iors









Fresh m e n



T he c l a s s tea m s : Seniors: Good w i n , P. Pendleton. Weeks, Palmer, Crowel l , Pe n n i m a n . /union: E . M . D ue rr, Herrick, Washburn, J orda n B . Pendleton Tol a n . Sop h o m ores: Hayes Thompson. F u l l e r M u l kern, N . Libby, Jones. Fresh men : Utecht, Rose, R oss Walden, Li bbey, Zukas. T he H onorary Varsity c h osen consi sted of: Good w i n, Utecht, Thom pson

D ue rr, Hayes, E . Pendleton.


/111 11drcd forly·11i11c

E. M .

I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E


Speed ba l l Col by girls have a game which i s not k nown in any ot her college in the State.

It is called

Speedba l l . To those who know the other games, we can sa y t hat i t i s a combi nation of football a

and basketball played on SOPHO� J O R I:.


Second Row-Thiba u l t, M u l ke rn , P . Jones,

L. Jones Front Row-Fu l ler, Thomp on, Libby

hockey field.


bal l i s round and a l ittle l arger than a vol l eyball and smaller than a basketba l l .

Positions a re

taken as in field hockey. Now you have a j u mbled picture of Colby at hletes rushing a round t he field beh i nd Foss

T H E I 9 3 4

Hall on late spring days. mores



Freshmen and Sopl10speedball

d ur i ng


per iods, but its popularity i s evident w he n J un­ iors and Sen iors w i l l i ngly come forth after long days of classes. teams.


Thei rs a re t he reall y expert






Eleanor Wheelw right doing some beautifu l pass­ i ng down t he field after t hey have managed to S EN I OR VOLLEYBALL TEAl\l

Second Row-Pa l m e r, V a n


P. Pendleton Front /\ow-Good w i n , Weeks

get t he ball away from t hat other fast pair, Dot Washburn a nd M uriel Bailie. so good

These teams were

that the college Physical


department sent the twenty-two girls over to

0 R A c L E



Bates d u r i ng Teachers' Convention l ast fal l for a demonstration game.

Although the field was

much d i ffe rent there, the g i rl s did not d i sgrace Col by. A tournament of classes at which t he cham­ pionship team i s determ i ned ends t he season. Last year's J u n ior class i s now hol d i ng t hat title i n defiance of defeat.


Rourget, Libbey. R . Hodgdon, Zukas, Utec h t , Marsh a l l

One hundred fi/ty

Ed itori a l Anyone w ho peruses t h i s an nual a n d compares i t w i t h t hose w h i c h have gene before w i l l obser e several i n novations in t h i s l atest prod uction. F i rst of a l l and perhaps the most striki ng is t he u se of campus scenes for d ivision pages, p r i n ted not in t he colorless d rab gray of t he ordinary photograph, but in a new bea u t i f u l p u rple ink. Then, t he theme of t h e book this year i s d ra w n on a vertical design and i s carried out completely. The O racle Board has worked hard a n d faithfu l l y doing the necessary ro1 1 t i ne work con nected w i t h t he com p i l i ng of such a proj ect and has succeeded in bri ngi ng together t he same a mo u nt of material covered i n prev ious editions in a fewer n u m be r of pages.

There a re various problems w h i c h future Oracle Boards w i l l have to face. F i rst of a l l is t h e q uestion of photograp h y . At t h e beg i n n i ng of the y e a r we proposed to follow i n t h e footsteps of o t h e r l a rge e w England colleges a n d u n iversities ; that i s, to h a v e a l l photog­ raphy p laced in the hands of one m a n . The plan fa i led because of compl a i n t s a ri s i ng as a res u l t of t he bel ated attem p t to carry it out. I n the future, however, such a proposition should be p u t i nto effect because i t would mean u n i formity of background and head si zes a s well a s economy of t i m e . A t the U nivers i ty of ew H a m pshire two days ( more if necessa r y ) a re set apart to ta ke all ind i v i d u a l and group pictures for the college a n n u a l . This system w o r k s out very wel l a n d results i n a great s a i ng i n t i m e and e xpense. W e s h o u l d l i ke to h a v e such a p rogram i naugurated h e r e a t Col by next year. A nother cha nge which m ust come eventual l y i s t h e estab l i sh m e n t of a constitution governing the election of editors a n d their assistants. Strangely enough a n u nw r i tten law has been followed placing control of this p ubl ication i n the hands of a few representatives of a few fratern ities. This hit or m i ss system of selecting the ed itors must be terrn i nated and a new businessl i ke , sensible plan adopted w h ic h w i l l spread the work on this a n n ual over a more representative port i o n of t he student body . When t h i s i s d one together w i t h a change i n the system of photography, \. e m a y wel l be on the road to a bigger and better ORACL E .

W e have a l so e l i m i nated pictures of various class honorary societies d ue to the fact t ha t they a re d y i ng a n a t u ral death because of u nnecessary e xcessive e xpense and because of t he i r fai l u re to m a ke a truly val uable contribution to t he l i fe o f the college . O ne ital i nnovation w h ic h is i m m i ne nt in the coll ege curricu l u m is the reorga n i zation of the \thletic Department. U ndoubted l y t he old system has been i nadequate to meet the varied needs of the students. The coll ege n ow proposes to b r i ng athletics u nder its j uri sd iction, to handle i t exactl y a s i t handles other departments s u c h as Engli s h , History, o r B iology. This we fi r m l y belie e i s a step in the right d i rect i o n . Not only w i l l the new progra m el i m i nate the profit m a k i ng m otive from t h e control of major athletics thereby remov i ng the d e pe ndence of m inor s ports upon the maj or, but i t a l so w i l l i nt rod uce a m o re adequate hea l t h program for a l l students. I n d ra wi ng up plans for this a n n ua l we a re i ndebted to Professor H . C . L ibby for h i s val u able s uggestions to Professor A . G . Eustis for h i s excell e n t advice, to J oseph S m i t h a n d t h e Ca mera Cl ub for t h e t i me a n d energy e x pe nded i n obtai ni n g pictures, a n d t o a l l s t udents who s o graciously cooperated w i t h u s i n every way. To the Oracle Board of the com i ng year we extend our best w i shes w i t h the hope that i t may succeed where we have fai led ¡ that a \ o i d i n g a l l the errors of t he past i t JT1ay build this book to u nprecedented heights of q u a l i ty and workm a n s h i p .

One /111 11rlred fifty-one

T H E I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E


Men• s Col by N ight Friday eve n i ng, November 3 , s a w h un d reds of Colby a l u m n i and undergrad uates gathered i n the Men s Gym nasium to celebrate Colby N ight.

Simulta neously with t he

Vlaterv ille meet i ng, gatheri ngs were bei ng held in many other c ities, notable among t hese bei n g the fest i v i ties of the New York Colby Alumni Association, over wh'.ch presided Cha rles H . Gale, '22.

These celebrations, however, lacked the i n spiring presence of Nancy,

the White Mule, who was finally i nd uced to make a ba shful entry to the gym and give her Alma Mater's stock a boost for the next day's game with University of Maine. After the colorful entrance of the newly u n i formed band

playing Colby marche .

H. C. Marden, '2 1 , took the floor to preside over the ceremonies.

Mr. Marden, in h i s

c ustomary man ner, refreshed well remembered anecdotes t o keep t h e eve n i ng i n t h e usual Colby Night spirit.

Mayor L . Eugene Thayer of Waterv ille welcomed the returning

al11mni and j oi ned i n hoping for a Colby v ictory on the morrow.

T H E I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E


Mr. Mar len then introduced Leslie F. M u rch ' 1 5, now a Dartmouth professor and

faculty adv isor to the Dartmouth Athletic Cou nc i l , who paid tribute to the Colby spirit and added h i s si ncere w ishe� for success i n the Maine game.

George Otis Smith, '93,

former chairman of the Federal Power Commission followed with an a m us i ng d i scourse on "Mules T H ave Known," putting the crowd in a humorous mood with a recital of some

questionable experie nces with the beast of burden, i l l ustra t i ng the appropriateness of t he a n i mal as the Colby mascot. Captai n Jim Peabody of the 1 934 tea m was called to t he floor next, and as spokesman for the squad, prom i sed a fighting eleven from the starti ng w h i stle to the fi nal gun .


Ceci l Goddard '29, A l u m n i Secretary, vvas ne t to appear, a nd he brought with h i m a veri table reu nion of former Colby football captai n s and managers.

The fi rst to be pre­

sented was Dr. Archer Jordan, '94, of Auburn, who i n stigated the fi rst Colby Night celebration held i n the l ibrary on the eve of the 1 894 Bowdo i n game.

Then followed t he

appearance and i n t roduction of many other grid i ron l u m i naries, a mong them Eddie Ca wley

Ralph Good, H e i n ie B u rckel and G i nger Fraser, ending w i t h the three most

recent Colby capta i ns, Wally Dono an, '3 1 , Mose Joh nstone, '32, and Bob V iole tte '33. Coach Edd ie Roundy took the floor next, and after l aud i ng h i s players for their loyal s p i r i t and cooperation, promised that he v.:ould send a determi ned team on the field aga i n st Maine .- President Joh nson was i nt roduced next and read t he e ncouragi ng words which were sent by Hon . Herbert E . Wadsworth , who was forced by i l l ness to m i ss Colby Night and t he Maine game for t he fi rst t i me i n years.

All present exprl'ssed regret that M r.

'vVad. worth was ill and after vot i ng to send h i m a message of good w i shes, rose to crive h i !11 a rousi ng cheer.

Many l etters and telegrams from a l u m n i groups the cou ntry over, encouraging a Colby ictory, were read by M r . Marden.

The evening was enl ivened by frequent music from

the ba nd, and everyone was kept on h i s toes by the efficient work of s i x c heerleaders, a nd the meeting was adj ourned to rush Chef \Veyn10uth's feed after a roari ng version of "On To Victory ."

(111(• /1 1111dred


Women ' s C o l by N ight I t i s November 3, 1 93 3 , a n d a nother Colby Night h a s rolled aro u n d . B u i ld i ng is a scene of seeth i ng excitement. each other before t he program beg i n s .

T h e A l u m nae

Time m u st be given for old friends to greet

M i s s R u n nals i n her u s u a l gracious manner extends a welcome to old and new Col by co-eds. Eleanor Rowell , 33, i s lead i ng t he s i ng i ng of t he Colby Marc h i ng Song in such a fash ion t hat soon t he s p i r i ts of everyone are t u ned to a fi ne reception for t he class and a l u m nae s t unts and songs. A s u s ua l i n such a n a ffa i r, t he Freshmen carry off t he cup w h ic h l ooks suspiciously l i ke a five a n d ten m ug, m uc h bedecked w i t h r ibbons. Now comes t he guest of t h :: eve n i ng, i ntrod uced by M iss R u n nals, Melva M a n n F a r n h a m , ' 2 3 . M e l v a i s h o m e on a vacat ion f r o m her w o r k w i t h her h usband a m o n g t he islands of the I nl a n d Sea of Japa n . S he is very e n t h u s iastic about t he country a nd t he work going o n t here a n d con eys this enthusiasm to her aud ience in a c harm i ng m a n ner. We a re exceedi ngly proud of her a nd of - he r achievement. R u t h Gould G i l patrick and V ictor G i l patrick have w ri tten a new song, "Colby March of Progress," w h ic h starts off a merry period of general s i nging. Perhaps we ought to have t he words of it aga i n here : S w i ng t he portals open wide¡ Desti ny i s cal l i ng sons of Col by. Forward march with sturdy stride; Onward and upward our go3l be F il led w i t h devotion and pride. How fi rm our fou ndation. Molded in veneration. A l l faithful hearts accla i m for aye The progress of the Blue and G ray. Salute our college, t he hall s , t he fac u l ty ; Loyal sons t o t he i r name w e shall ah,-ays be. Mark time w i t h t he tread of u n i ty T hat strengthens t he m ig h t A n d w i ns i n t he fight, To honor the brave and t he free. The team's afield in t he q uest for v ictory, Clean and hard may their slogan forever be. Then win or l ose We'll still enthuse, W i t h glory a nd homage to thee. The one l a rge group break s u p i nto s h i ft i ng laughi ng, c hatte r i ng k nots of friends. Cider, pretzels and dough n u ts add a great deal of pleasu re to the occasion. After a long t i me, someone starts A l ma Mater. Colby Night has e nded , and people are feel i ng t hat happy sense of bei ng at home after a long absence. May we q uote Lois H oxie S m i t h , '03, who wrote in t he F i rst Quarter of t h i s year's Colby A l u m n u s : "Colby N i g h t , f o r Colby women, i s get t i ng to b e a n occasion i n w h i c h a l arge amount o f j ust pride and pleasure i s taken. It has both q u a n t ity and qual ity . . . . We a l l k now these a ffa i rs do not j ust happen fort ui to usly, year after year, but are t he resu l t s of careful plan n i ng o n t he part of Colby g i r l s M iss R un nals, a nd a group of t h e a l u m nae . . . . That i n formal ity, often so hard to achieve in a l a rge gatheri ng, happened sponta neousl y and blended t he w hole eve n i ng i nto a very happy and memorable one.

One l111 11r/rerl fifty-three

T H E I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E


f0 ·

T H E CIEST OF" THE 5Tl\U<lc« "'.� � -"'�,��\' � A .. ' T E i< FE"-1 '-'E"E l< S HIS (,Jl .. DUA. T 1 0 � fl!OM �1 JAC t\" COO tH}S , 1Q(Q 1 OF THE


�l •

1 n Pl1c�SED Stu L P T V l'! E l



-.ffT H

"' "' E "




:,Tu O I Q

PU r! C H " � E D


1 0-





COL 13'( C OLLEG E .

fOI! O U T S I D E N E 'v.J � P... P E" I< � 1 "-' A. ':> A C OL O Y G<l ... O V i'T E ? J u s T 1 ,,. ..... n.., ""F r E n G n A ouAT 1 0•1 1 . ME l..I A. 5 E L Et H : o To toN � l'! E ' .S , '- M O OU l! l " G. -Y '1 E i< E � T 7 Y E A R � CorHl!l(IUTEO /l (l T I C::. L E 5 O F" POL IT I C A L C OM ME N T T O " N u n O E '1. OF" N E W '> P... P E fl :, IN E u l'! o P F A N O -Y '1 £ U . S . A. . "Tn 1 :, -Y '< P E <> F clUUfl N 1'L I SM L "T E l1. B E C ... M E V E � '( O u s T O F J"nEs OllooK:, PoPuL .. t< . - " C. Loc::_ 1< ----o;:IS '" T .. E L I O l!Anv .. ..... Q T 'IE" '3•<>

i � �


A-Y H LETIC 5, �

�iii[, �"--



f'IT C l-I E O A \/IC TORY O V E I'! THE REO sax I A llECORO ""

i l�tT �THI S�� f.r . .wy��.r..-.�����} . -

CoNT ... ltt � w o oo Hor\ £

M ,. O E 0 F A 000� C l'\ � £ AlfoF\ , 111. � fAOl"I T H E

TA K E N <ff

E L I J AH fARl �tl LOV E J O Y,

W Ho

ctN N o ... . 1, 18!>7 I S l'C R I F ICE� H I ') L I F E roA F n E E C O M Of l H E f' ll f. '> '> � -----

T liird Row-Stet on

Second Row-Hickey, Gurney Front Row-Hunt, athanson, Storms

C ross Country Debating Trip On Saturday, March 24, a d e legation of s i x students left Waterv i l le to represent Colby College at the tenth b i e n n i a l convention of Pi Kappa Delta the national forensic society,

held in Lexi ngton . Kentucky, for fo·e days com m e nc i ng April 2 . Over one h u n d re d colleg-es \Vere represented at t h i s convention by deba t i n g teams, oratory contestants a n d entries i n t he extempora neous spea k i n g contest. Col by's debate team was composed of A rt h u r W. Stetson , '34, H arol d W. H ickey, '36, and Edward J. G urney '35, w i th George H. H unt '34, a s alternate. The q uestion for the debates was that of i ncreasi n g t h e powers of the President as a permanent pol icy. Colby was represented i n the Oratory contest by Ralph -athanso n , 34 the subject of h i s a d d ress bei ng. " Democracy's Roa d . " M a rt i n Storms, ' 3 4 w a s e n te re d i n t h e extemporan eous spea k i ng contest u n de r the general subj ect, "Agriculture in America." P reparation for thi� u ndertak i ng entailed a great amount o f work for the members of the delegation as well as for Professor Libby, deba t i ng coach. I t was necessary for each m ember of the debate squad to be prepared to speak o n e ither side of the proposition, neg::i tive or a ffirmative. Tak i n g i nto consideration the fact that Nathan so n was i n competi t i on with o er seventy-five speakers, i t i s not d i fficult to real i ze the a m o u n t of work he p u t i n . Storms \.\·as req u i red to be fa m i l i a r with a ast amount of material conce r n i ng

h i s general subj ect, from w h ich a pa rticular topic was picked for h i m to speak externpora neou sly. A l l members of t h i s d e legation have bee n prominent i n the work of public speaki ng a n d deba t i ng . Stetson a n d Nat hanso n have been m embers of t he debate squad for four years, H un t a n d G u rney for t h ree years a n d H ickey a n d Storms for two. A l l had taken pa rt in p revious i nter-collegiate debates, a n d a re members of P i Kappa Delta. The twenty-s i x h u n d red m il e trip was made by a u tomobile, a nd stops were made i n R o ton, New York, Washi ngton a nd R ichmond. The delegation ret u rned t o Colby pril 1 0.

One /11111drrd fifty-fi1•r

T H E I 9 3 4

Q R A ( L E


l-I E L P


Th e 1 9 3 4 Winter Carnival The fi rst \'v' i nt e r Sports C a rn i v a l t o b e held a t Colby i n m a n y years took place o n the F re s h m a n F i e l d , Monday a fternoou, Febr ua ry 4 .

real \· inter day ..,·as f u rn i shed by

the weather man w i t h blowi ng s now and the t e m pe ra t u re belm


The meet was

orga n i zed and conducted by Professor Ed'\ a rd s :.ind h is assistants from t he P hysica l Ed ucation Departm e n t , and p r i ze r ibbons were posted i n


variety of events f o r men's

an<l women's com peti tion. to

T h i s car n i val was the fi rst ever

\'v'omen's D i v i sion t o o k a n acti e part.

be held at Colby i n w h ic h the members of t h e I n fact the success of t h e afternoon attributed

to the g i r l s w ho o u t n u m be red t he male contestants.

They came d ressed in red , ora nge,

gree n 3.nd b l u e · in t ro u sers, snow s u i ts, sweaters and scarfs and they certa i n\ y brightened u p a cold w i n te r a fternoon .

R Es



NlE. •'s EvE


Ski, 1 00-Yurd Dash , won by Vey ey, 36; second Tracy '34· t h i rd Geer, '36. Ski, 220-Yard Dash , won by Geer. 3 6 ; second, Tracy, '34 · t h i rd Veysey, '36. Ski, Cross Country, won by B i gnon '37 ; second Tracy, '34· t h i rd E r v i n , '36. Sn ouish oe, 100-Yard Dash, won b y

e y s e y , '36· second L a ' !er ' 3 4 ; t h i rd , G i l patrick

Sn owsh oe, 220-Yard Das h , won by Veysey '36; second , G ilpatrick


36; t h i rd , Lawler, 34.

Snowshoe Dogteam Race, won by Ddra l appa Epsi lon, Geer G i l patrick Beach and Ross · second Zeta P s i Veysey, E r v i n , Abbott and Bi hop .

R E.


oF Wo�rn ··s EvENT

Ski, 50-Yard Dash, won by W heelwright, '34 · second H utcheon


Ski, J()f)-Yard Dash, won by M i l lett, 3 6 ; second, W i nkler, ' 3 7 . Sn owshoe, 50 Yard Das h , \ on by W h i te , '36 · second, Gould, ' 3 6 · t h i r<l, M i llett, · 3 6 . S11 ow;l10e, 100-Yard Dash , won by W h i te , 3 6 ; second, J o r d a n , '35 ; t h i rd , T h o rn e ' 3 5 . S11owd1 0e Dogteam Race, won by W h ite ' 3 6 , G o l d '36 H utcheon , ·37, and C u m m i ngs, ' 3 7 .

One hundred fi/1y-sc1'eu

T H E I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E


The 1 9 3 3 J un i o r Week-end



The J u n io r Promenade, always the most b r i l l i a n t sociJ.! event of any coll ege year , opened w h a t was probably the m o s t successful J u n ior Week-End e Y e r h e l d at Colby on Friday e ve n i ng , A p r i l 2 8 , 1 933. The A l u m nae B u il d i ng, elaborately decorated i n a black a n d w h i te motif, was the scene of this gal a affair, the m u s ic for w h i c h was f u r n i shed by that nationa l l y famous da nce band, Leo Hannon and h i s M us ical Bel l hops. A s the c l i ma x of the even i ng, M iss Peg Raymond, elected Q ueen of the P ro m by t h e men of the J u n ior Class, w a s presented w i t h a bea u t i fu l l o ing cup by H e n ry Dav i d son, p resident o f the class. On Saturday afternoon, the fest i v i t ies conti n ued a s the baseba l l team met Bowd o i n i n i t s fi rst game i n t h e conquest of the championship. Satu rday eveni ng, each frate r n ity house t h re w open i ts doors for d a n c i n g and refreshments and there were few couple who had not made the roun d s of t he m a l l by S u nday morni ng. The com m ittee respo n si bl e for the successful week-end i nc luded : Henry Dav id son, A r nold Peabody Richard Joh nson, Ewald H ucke, W i l l i a m Logan, Peter M il l s , H e n ry Thomas, H.obert MacGregor, Edward C ragi n , H a rold Plot k i n , Made l y n H i gg i n s, M i l d red Keog h , M ur iel Wal ke r and M a r i o n Ross.

One /11111dred fifty-nine

I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E


Graduate Organi zations G E ERAL A L l'vl 11 A SOCIA T!ON President: Lco n J rd W . M a � o. '"! 2 , 1 2 2 E�ot ? 2 nd Strcc:t, New York Secretary: H . C h esterfield M:irdcn, '2 1 , W::itc r v i i l c , Moine.


s OCl.·\TION G E ERAL A LUJ\INAE Pre.ridenr: Helen Spri ngfield S r rn 11 _!! , ' 2 4 , \l/;1 1 c r l ' i l lc , M J i nL. · Secretary: MargareL Tot 1 n a n , 1 � '. F::iirficl<l , M:1 i ne. BosTo CoLBY AL M 1 A ssoc1AT10N Pn'.(ir/ent: Harland R. Ratdiffe, '2 3. 3 2 '"1 Wa,h i ngwn trcet . .Ku.tun, M�''· Secretary: B u non E. S m ::i l l , ' 1 9 . 9 7 Milk Street, Brn.ton. Ma ' · Bo TON CoLBY AL M A E A soc 1Ano President: Sara Mat hew; Go clman. '96, 36 Fra nci, trcet. B roo k l i ne. Ma �. Secretary: Madge Tooker You ng, ' 2 0 , 2' A l h,111 y Street, WoJ i a,ton, Ma».

T H E I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E


Co N ECTICUT V A-LL E Y CoLBY CL B President: Cha rles F. T . Seavern , 'f) I , I 2 6 - A y l u m A l'C:nue. H a nford , Secretary: Royden K . Greelc1-. ' 1 3 , NewfiL i d Street, M iddletown, Con n .


LUJ\INAE CoNN ECTI C T V ALLEY CoLBY SOCIATI O N President: Dorothy M . Crawford, ' 2 2 , 2 5 A d e l aide venue, �':nerbury Con n . Secretary: Pau l i ne H:in on. ' 1 3 , 5 U n i ver it)' Place, 1 ew Haven, Con n . HOULTON COLBY CL B President: Roy M. Hayes, ' J 8 . H o u l ton, Maine. Secretary: ]. Ardel le Cha. e, ' 2 7 , H o u l ton. Maine. M I DDLE ATLA TIC STATES CoLBY ALUM 1 A oc1 TIO President: C h a r l es E. G . S h a n non, '99 Summit A venue, Tarbcth , Pa. Secretary: Raymond Haske l l , 'H, G i rard Col l ege. P h i l adelph ia, Pa. NEw YoRK COLBY ALUMNI A socrATION President: atha niel WeQ, ' 1 7, I I 5 '�'est 7 3 rd treet. ew York Citv. Secretary: Helen D . Cole: ' I ; , 3 5 Prospect Place. New York City. RttoDE IsLAND CoLBY AL l\ C 1 1 AssocIATION President: E l •ner H . H u ey, 1 3 , 99 Brown Street, Providence, R . I. Secretary: Wayne W . McN:illy, '2 1 , 2 2 Eames Street. Providence, R . I. WASH I NGTON CoLBY AL M •r AssocIATION President: E rne� t G . W a l ker, '90, 3307 R Street, �. W . , Wash i ngton, D. C. WATERVI LL E CoLBY A LUMN I AssocrATION President: El lsworth W . M i l l ett . '25, Waterv i l le, M a i ne. Secretary: Robert P. B rown, '30, Fairfield, Maine. WATERVILLE CoLBY Au M 'AE AssocrATION Preside111: Anne W. Macomber. ' 3 I , Watervil le, Maine. Secretary: D o r is W . H a rd y , ' 2 5 , Watervil le, Maine. WESTER1 MAIN E COLBY A L U J\ I N I A SOCIATIO Preside11t: Richard L Sprague. 'l , 1 2 0 E x c h a nge Street, Portland, M a ine. Secretary: Ralph L. Goddard, '30, Casco Bank & Tr ust Co. Portland, Mai ne. WESTERN 1vfA1 N E CoLBY ALUMNAE Assoc1AT10 ' President: E ther E. K nudson. ' 2 7 , 56 Ham mond Street, Portland, M a i n e . Secretary: C a r r i e V. B a k e r , ' 2 5 , 85 W i l mot Street Portl a nd, M a i ne.

One hundred sixty

T H E O N E H c K DRED .\KD TwELFT l l

An n u a l Com mencement M o :-< DAY,


1 9 1 933


The Larger Benefits Frederich


R ut h \Veston

Tietzsche, Prophet of Opt i m is m

DonalJ Hosea R hoades

Mu sic Com menceme n t

B a i nbridge Colby, LLD. Lawyer, New )'. ork City

dd ress

Co N F E R R I 1



WAR D l G O F PRIZE B E :-< E D I CTIO'.\'

R EC E '


H onors 1 n Genera l Scholars h i p Magna Cum Laude R ut h \Veston £,·e J y n R o

Gerald i ne F ra nces Foster



C u m Laude Donald Hosea R h oades Evel y n A ugusta B rackley

Leona rd Hel ie

Perry Gi lbert Wort:na n

Ma mice Zeserson

L i l l i a n Fa n nette Shapiro

\ v ie Esther Brawn Ba rba ra El i zabeth Joh nson

Marion Lois Clark

Et hel Demaris B ragg


One h undred sixty-one

f a ry C hester

T H E I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E

Degrees Conferred in 1 9 3 3

Bachelor of Arts M E� S Dl \ I 1 0. Joh n Robert


'u rt:,

W a l ter Larkin Diu nam

Water v i l l e

Robert Eli Ro>cnberg


Howard I aac Libb} , J r .


r l u rnh:1111 ·on n.


Soli Morri


Watervi l l e

W· t e rbu ry,

l r\'ing Malsch

0 R A c L E

Pari,, Frarm:

D o n a l d Ho,ca Rho.tdl

Francis Flaherty

I 9 3 4

G u y Ra\'iart

\Vater l' i l l c

Leonard Hel ie



Horace Pu rinron Daggell



WO lE \\' cstficld.

cs la Louisa A lck n Marian G l e n n A r ·hcr Ruth Eliz:ibeth

\ r111stronµ­

Ruth Helen Arc h ie)'


Boston, Mass.


John A l l a n Webu

\\ t l l ia111 Malcolm W i bon

G J rd i ner Prt·squc ! sic trong Fair5dd Thoma, ton Unit)

Dorri, Moore



Margaret Louise Choate


Corc.lelia Putnam

Ger..1lc.line Luci l l e Colbath

Lois E l i zab:th D'.::in Ooroth)' Di ngwa l l [ ,abel le D:iggett Fairbanks Thelma Frances Flagg Gera l d 1 11e Frances Fo,ter 1 ·orma L i l l ian Ful ler

Watcrv i l k

E l eanor Mae Rowel l E leanor M :t \' Rowell



Pre que I s l e Hou l ton Waldoboro Strong Wat c rv i l k

Averi l l D u tton Gel lerson

Hou l ton

E l i 7.abeth Emery Haley

G u i l ford

E\! �l y n Marguerite H a l l


M u riel Barbara H a l l ett

Marguerite deRochemont

Waketicl<l, Mas>. \.Ycstbor

J ou l tn n

Lynn. Mass. West

ewbury, Vt.

Bradford. Ma s.

Anne Crichton Ni\'ison Ruth Emma

Mary Gertrude P.tlmer

Dorothea Carlisle Da\ ie

Hou l ton Waterv i l l e

ran ni ngton

A l ice Pomeroy Mor·e

W:ttcn i l k


fac.l i:.on Portlanc.I

Bertha E l i zabeth Lewi, habel John on M i l l ::r

Rebecca Mary Chester

M a rion Lois Clark

Roxbury, Mass.

Dorothy Randall HarJo,

B..1rbara El izabeth Joh n o n

\ c l m a Annie Brown

Brockton, Mass. Fra m i ngham, Mass.

,\ nna Gertrude H a n 111gan

Edith May Hoskin

E\'cl)'11 A ugusta Brack l ey


Mau rice zl,erson

Waterv i l le

Ethel Dem:iris Bragg

Ca lat:.

Mathc,on T) \on

W:iterr i l l e

\'e r i l l

Avie father B r:iwn

A l bert Leroy Sk ickb


Ros:i mond F u l l e r Barker

Glac.lys Josephine

13e!fast Portland

L i l i a n Fannerte Shapiro Helen Patricia S i lferbug Louise Coburn Smith Mary

Lucretia Smith

EH:lyn Rose Stapleton An?1a El tzabeth Swanton Anna Lou:se Tinkham Anita Loui e Viles

"uuth P<tris H i nckley Hou l ton Rockland Skowhegan Waten· i l l e New Bcdtord, Mass. Ventnor, �- ] . Washingto n . D. C. Ma ard i , W i l m i ngton, Vt. Mass.

Mic.ldl cbor<\ Mass. W:itcrvil lc

R u t h Margaret Vose


Ruth Weston


P h y l l i s E,ther W hittlll


One h1111dred jiXt)'·two

Bachelor of Science MEN'S D I V I SION Fairfield

Carl W i nfred Ackcly

Waterbury, Con n .

Frdnci, Richard Altieri

Myron Joseph Le\'inc Clarem e Raymond Lewis

J : righton. Ma:-,. Woon

cket, R . I .

Hou l ton

John Willard Locke, 2d

Wakefield, Mas�.

Vernon Lloyd Bol,ter

Sout!t Sebec

John Frederick McCann

B rownville }u nction

Leon A l vah Bradbury


John Co tas M a l l iaros

E l l is Malcol m Anderson

Herbert Kennon B rydn

Albert Bigelow


Reginald O'Hal loran

Philadelph ia, Pa.

Victor H ugo Paquet

1-!eights, Va.

Dom inion

Lawrence Martin B u rns Da,·id

tewarr Ca rr

Hou l ton

Harold Frederick Cha,c.: Be1 t1 a111 Henry Chut::

Beverl f. Mas,.

Loui:- f(lstcr Cona nt, J r.

Cambridge. Ma,s. Waltham . Mass.

J o h n Patrick Da,·an W i l l iam

Mattapoisett, Mass.

1ye Dexter

E mery Sewell D u n fee Everett

Marcus Fairbrother


Carl Frederick Foster

Forc>t City Bo ton , Mas . Bridgewater. Mass.

Bertrand W i l liams Hay' ard

Water v i l l e

Stan ley Chester Hersey E i r.o Eric H i l l John Fra n k l i n H i l l . J r. Carleton Jerome Holmes

\Vatervillc Waterv i l le

Henry Paul Rancourt Leonard Mel vin Ru,hto n

Clyde Whitaker Skil l i n Joh n Lewis Skin ner

Chcster Malco l m Stratto1� Wil liam Mil ler Terry Til lson D::vi


Raoul Henry V1olcttc Robert Karr Walker Oti

Walter Wheeler

Howard H iggins W h itten

Stanier Charles Jekanoski

A m herst, Mass.

Harrison Fran k l i n \Villiams

Dana A l bion Jordan

Cape E l i zab-;th

Raymond Le0n W i l l iams

Raymond Otto Knauff


Wallace Cushing Terry ( 1 93 2 )

Arth u r Walden Palmer ( 1 906)

New Bedford. Mass. Haverford, P:i.

WaterYille Meth uen, Mass. Bo·ton, Mass. Fairhaven, Ma

Perry Gilbert Wortman Wil l iam Albert Lyons Bu rton B):.ron Blaisdell ( 1 9 1 (\ )



G len Cove, l . Y.

Theron Richard Stinchfield




J a 1 nes Edward Pou l i n . J r.

Long Co\'c


Charb Lloyd Hooker


Carroll Everett Pooler

Da,·id Sydney Sherman

Robert Francis Greene

�1i l linocket


Filbert Avil:i Silveira. J r.

. Y.

Dracut, Mass. New Brain tree, Mass.

U l ric Ronaldo Pomerleau

Mon on

orwood. Mass.

Joseph Foley

Oscar Stanley l icker,on

G u i l ford New York,

Robert James Finch

'el; n


Carleton D utton Brown

Strong Need h a m , Mass. Wh ite P l ai ns,

'. Y.

Camel en Waterville St. J oh n�bury, Vt. M i l l i nockrt Clint0n Brookl i ne, �fass. Cli nton Gr:'.emille Needham, Mass. New H:irbor

WOM EN'S D I V I SI O N Charlotte Leona Blomfield

Monson, M a

Katherine P h y l l i s Hol mes


R u t h A nnabe l le Leighton \ irginia Louise Par ons

Ruth Pullen

NMth Amity

011c /111 11dred si.rty-tlircc

. \uburndale, Mas .

New York, N. Y .

T H E I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E


Honorary Degrees Doctor of Laws:


.D., W i l l ia m s Col lege · LLB.,

ew York Law School ; LL.D .,

Ohio Northe rn ; Moores H i l l College, I nd i a na ; L i ncol n Memorial University. yer,


ew York City.

Doctor of Divinity :

T H E I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E



. B ., Oberl i n ; B .D . , D . D . , Pac i fi c School of Religion.

the F i rst C h u rch 1 11

Tevvton, Massach usetts.

Pastor of

Doctor of Pedagogy : J ·sn ,

OwEN WELLMAN-A. 8 . , A .M.

Colby ; EJ .M., Harvard Un i versity. Professor

of Ed ucation, University of New Hampshire. Master of Arts:

FRAN K BA I L EY H u B BA R D-Trea urer of Col by College.

COMME TCHf ENT P R I ZES Awarded for excelle nce i n Engl i s h Compos i tion to Donald Hosea R hoades anJ R uth Weston.




Awarded by vote of the Class of 1 933 to W i l l iam Malcol m Wi lson as the best Colby College citizen.

One h1111drcd sixty-/011r

S peaking Prizes Awarded, 1 9 3 2 - 3 3 Coburn Prize Speaking Open to all membe rs o f the vVomen's D i v i s ion-The g i ft of Helen Lou i se Cobu rn F irst Prize, Sybil Lee Wol m a n Second P r i z e L o i s B l a nche C rowel l T h i rd Prize, Elizabeth Emery Haley Fourth Prize, Bertha A l m ra W h i ttaker Goodruin Public Speaking Prizes Open to a l l members of t he

M e n 's

D i v i sion-Th e gi ft of Marie E. Good w i n i n

memory o f H o n . Forrest Goocl\\" i n F i rst P r i ze, Su m ne r Peter f i l ls, J r. Second P rize, Leon A l rn h B ra d b u ry T h i rd Prize, John James P u l l e n F o u r t h P r i z e , Horace P u ri nton Daggett Hallowell Public Speaking Prizes Open to the Class in Publ ic Speak i ng-The G i ft of F l oren t i ou s Merrill Hallo\Yell F i rst Prize, J o h n J a mes P u l l e n Secon d P r i z e , Ralph athanson

T h i rd Prize, I r i ng Mart i n 1 falsch Fourth Prize , Al v i n Lomba rd \'ose Mu.nay Prize Debate Open to the Class in Debati ng-The gi ft of George Edw i n M u rray F i rst Pri ze, Stanley C hester Hersey, John Warre n H u n t and M a rt i n Storms Second Prize Donald M i lton E i t her, Theoph i l e Stanley K ra wiec, and H orace P ur i nt o n Daggett Soph o more Declamation O pe n to t he Men and Women of the Sophomore Class Fi rst P r i zes M a urice K r i n sky a n d Elea nor Eldora Shaw Second P r i zes, Ed ward J o h n Gurney, J r. a n d Ruth R ac hel Toabe Hamlin Speaking Prizes A"varded to Men a nd Women of the Freshm a n Cl ass for e xcel lence


F i rst Prizes, Robert Ed m u n d J e n k i n s a nd A m y Thompson Secon d P r izes, O l i ve r Chapman Mell e n :rnd Agnes Cooper Carl l e

O n e l11111a'red sixty-five

publ ic read i ng

T H E I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E


Sch o l a rsh i p Prizes Awarded, 1 9 3 2 - 3 3 Fresh man Srh olarship Prizes Awarded to F reshman Men and Women m a i n ta i n i ng highest scholastic averages Fi rst Prizes, O l i ver Chapman Mellen and Edythe D i a ne S il verman Second Prizes, J oseph Bernard O'Toole, Charlotte Montgomery Howland and Helen Lucille Jones

German Prizes

T H E I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E


A ...vardcd to Men a nd Women for excel lence in German F i rst Prizes A rne Olaf L i ndberg and Ruth Weston Second Prizes, Donald Hosea R hoades ; md Dorothy Elaine Washburn

Ma1y Low Carver Poetry Prize Awa rded to a stu lent of t he Women's D i vision for t he best origi nal poem Awarded to Rebecca Mary Cheste r for her poem, "The Search."

Solomon Gallert English Prize Awarded for excel le nce in Engl ish-The gift of Mrs. Joseph L. B. Meyer i n mem ory o f Sol omon Gallert Awarded to Catheri ne Frazee Wakefield for her essay, "The A nglo-Saxon Phil osophy i n Beowu l f and Thomas Hard y . "

Mar:;to11 Morse Prizes Awarded for excellence in e xposi tion in Mathematics, Physics, Astronomy­ The gift of Marston Morse F i rst Prize, Geral d i ne Frances Foster Second Prize, I sabel Joh nson M i l ler

One l111 ndrerl nxty-s1.r

W A R R EN STUART MALCOLM, 2o Although Malcolm had not been with us for a year due to t he i l t ness w h ic h caused his death last fal l , word of h is passing was received w i t h as great a shock as if he had d ropped from our m idst, for, even as he was m i ssed , the memories of t h i s popular Augusta boy were so strong with those who k new h i m well that h i s absence could hard l y be concei ed. Always an opt i m i st and a lighte r to the end, Warren had earned the admi rat ion of his associates on t he athletic liel<l as well a� h i s brothers of the Zeta Psi fraternity and the college k new him as a t rue example of Colby spirit.

T H E I 9 3 4 0 R A c L E


SUM. TER LEW I S CUS H I NG Hardly recovered from the death of Warren Malcol m , w e hel d h igh hopes for t h e recovery o f S u m ner Cushing, severely i nj ured in a fal l from a tree, until he succumbed a few d.:iys afterward. Also an A ugusta boy a nd a membe r of Zeta Psi, Cushing had not been w i t h us si nce t he previous spri ng, but l i ke l\.falcol m , memories of h i s k i n d heart, sin­ cere nature and ready smile had l i ngered on and w i l l be long remember:"d . D u r i ng h i s two years at Colby he had come to be looked for w herever Colby people gathered and could be depended u pon to hel p make every occasion a success.

FRANC I S MORTlMER H A R R I S, J tt . Although Francis iort i mer Harris, Jr. was with us less than a semester he has left beh i n� many friends who mourn h i s death which was caused by a fatal a utomobile accident w h ile on the way to h i s home in D i nghamton, New York, to spend t he Christmas vacation. "Mort" was conspicuous

£or h i s w i n n i ng personal ity and h i s carefree d i spostion, bei ng l oved by his fellow-students and by faculty members a l i ke for t he personal traits which endeared h i m to all who k new him. Harris was a member of t he Colby M usical Cl ubs and a pledge to the Lambda C h i Alpha fraternity.

One l11111dred sixty-eight

COLBY COLLEGE F o u n ded i n the year 1820 FRAN K L I N W. J O H N SON, L i t t . D . , Preside nt

Offers Courses Leading to the Degree of B achelor of Arts

Catalog Sent Up o n R equest

For Information Address




Stoneface and Kn i t-Tex Clothes Ta il ored-by-Hand

One of Ce n tral Maine's Lead ing Dep:irtrnent Stores

$20.00 . $25.00 . $30.00 Leather Suede Sport Coats

$5.95 Hats - Tru n k s - Sport Coats - Caps

A /ways Emphasizing

Bags - Sport Sweaters

Q uality

Alfred Clothing Co.

Watervi l l e , M a i ne

3 8 M ai n S t .

Watervi l l e, : M e .

Everything for the B u ilder . . .

HOLMES · SWI FT and COMPANY Wh olesale Grocers Distribu tors


Fort Western Brand Food Products And Fancy Grocery Specialties

Just Across t h e Bri dge in Win slow

Tel . Waterville 456-457





Prin ters to Colby College

Everything in Printing and Engraving that a Col lege Man, Woman or Society needs. Come in and consu l t u s, no matter how trivia l the job.

FRAN C I S M O R GAN J O S E P H , Colby 1 90 1 , Pro pri e t o r SA V l




The Preble Studio 0. K. BRADB URY

Oracle P hotographers for 1934


6 8 M ain Street


Coloring in Oils


Fra m ing

Watervi l l e, Maine


-------- --- -- -------- ---- -


l I. E. W A DS\ ORTl-1 . l'rc..-idc111



1 1 . S. \VOOUM A :

W ad. sworth






Woodman Company A-1a n ufact u rers of




.. .. .. .. .. .. - .. .. .. . .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. - .. .. .. .. .. - ..




H O WA R D �

N ew Engl a nd ' s L a r g e s t Co l l ege A n n u a l D e s i g n e r s a n d E n g ra ve rs


a lso Publishers hook


H O WA R D -W E S S O N C O . Artists and Makers of F i n e P r i n t i n g P l ates


Portland Street ( Printers Building) WORCESTER, M A SSA C H U S ETTS Telephone 3-7266



M I TC H EL L ' S Catering to College Trade

. . . Flowers . . . 1 44 M a i n Street

Watervdle's Leading Restaurant

Puritan Sweet Shop Honie Made Candies, Sodas and

Q u ality



Fairfie l d Publishing Co. ( TH ·.

Ice Cream


\Va tervi l l e

G.\ Lr\ l-1 1 \ D PRE S, I

C. )

Regular Dinners Steaks




Sea Foods F a i rfield, Maine

Telephone 40

t All H o u rs


C o m pliments

Mer chant Tailo r


Also Clea nsi ng, Press i ng, Repa i r i ng Serv ice

A Friend

Waterv i l le

95 M a i n Street Telephone 2 6 6 - M





B etter B read


Cake Ret:: i l

D o ugh n uts Wholesale

Waterv i l l e


Dirigo Oil Company Ligh t Lunches

Service Station Watervi l l e

Fairfi e l d

Cities Service Products

Fine Confectionery Del icious Cold Soda

Special i zed G reasi n g Good rich T i res a n d Tubes

Boothby & Bartlett Co.

We Make Our O wn Ice Cream

Reliable Insurance of Every

H A G E R ' S

D escription

1 1 3 M A I N STREET Waterv i l l e


185 Main St.


Waterv i l l e , Me.


The College Store for Cloth es . .



Light Lunches The

189 M a i n St.




Waterv i l l e , Me.

Post Office Square

The College Store


Men and


C O MPANY Hardware D ealers




Pacy Lev i ne, 路1 7

Ludy Lc,路ine. 路 2 1

I .f --

! !

----------- II Colby College Book Store - - - - - - -

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111 �l l lirn!�ll�l�l�I�iITl �T ll�I �Ill 3 5031 00471008 7

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Oracle 1934  
Oracle 1934