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Wint hrop Waterville Columbia Falls Waterville B rooklyn, N. Y . N e w Bedford, Mass. Winthrop Portland Mooers, N. Y. Wilton Stratton P ittsfield Providence, R . I . B elfast Fair1i.eld B rooklyn, N. Y . B rooklyn, N . Y . Portland Waterville H a rtland Wolfeboro, N. H. B rooklyn, N . Y. B rooklyn, N. Y . New Bedford, Mass. H udson, Mass. Westboro, Mass. Weeks Mills Skowhegan Worcester, Mass. Winthrop, Mass. Waterville B rewster, Mass. B rooklyn, N. Y.

So p homore Class History In the beginning of the reign of the m ighty " Heal" there entered at Colby a new and wonderful people. You ask, "Who was this peopl e ? " T h i s w a s the wonderful c l a s s of ni neteen h und red twenty-nine. In their first undertaking, the freshman banquet held in Sidney , they were a glori­ o u success. The water of the Kennebec withstand i ng the attacks of "General Heal" and his b rave warriors. This is the second year of thei r soj ourn and things are sti l l going their way. Under the leadershi p of " Seek, ' ' t hey performed well their d uties to the timid frosh . After two months in their watchful care the favored frosh held the banquet unmolested ( ?) in the college gym . This people t h e reupon proved their s u periority t o the class of nineteen h undred thirty by coring t wice in the p u shball contest. They are friends of a l l , s a v e the " t o o fresh, " and n o w reign s upreme. Six fly-three

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Oracle 1927  

Oracle 1927