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T H EO D O R E G R E E N L E A F S M A RT, � T " Te d"

" Clea r-headed f>i 'l'lid, w hose joyful sooni, Edged 'With s h a rp laugh ter, cu ts rl f wa in, The wou1ul:ng cords tha t bind a,nd stra in The hea rt u n t il it bleeds." H i ggins Classical In stitute ; Baseba l l 1, 2, 3, 4 ; C a ptain 4 ; Track 1, 2 ; Goodwin Prize S peaking Conte t 3 ; C ros Country 1 , 2 ; Interfraternity Wi nter S ports 3, 4 ; Geology A ssistant 4 ; W e are r of the " " . "Ted" is one of the e 11na� urning boy . He has won the friendship of all he meets by t h is Q u ietness coupled with an cagerne s �o help anyone who needs he l p , Ea:rer and earnest in attending to the smallest detail of all his dutie . together with the fact that he i a rattling good ba eball player, mak s his position a t Colby one to be envied.



"S m itty"

" Wh o'd stoop to bla m e t h is

<Yrt of t rifling?"

Brow n v i l le J unction H i gh School ; Footb a l l 2 ; I nterfra­ te rn ity Ba ketball 1 , 2, 3, 4 ; D r u id s ; Kappa P h i K ap p a.

"Oh, y e s indeed, I come from Washington, D. C . " T h e innocent visitor a sumes that t h is is correct ; the boy know that he was never out of Brownville until he entered Colby. We let him have h is say, however, knowing that he w i l l get away with it unless the victim ha been to Wash ington. "Smitty" i a worker in b is line and that seems to be English and History. He ha been expo ed to a l l ·.be i;our es given in those t wo depa rtments. It is now rumored that he is about to become a benedict and support a family by teaching chool. We venture t o say that he will be a succe s in both undertakings.




<I> � e

" D ick"

"Music ha th its ch a r m . " South O range, N . J . , H igh School ; Mystic 2 ; I nterfra­ ternity Track 1 ; Coll ege O rchestra 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Glee C l u b 1 , 2, 3 ; P resident G l e e Club 4 ; D r ui d 3 ; Interfraternity Bowl ing 4. " Dick" came to us from Map lewood, N . J . , and with him he brought h i mu ·ical fingers which we have so often seen in action. During his stay at Colby, he specialized in tickling the " i vories," but besides being a musician, " D ic k " has also proved to be a p h i lo opher o f parts and a poet a t heart. He believes that sartorial impeccability is the q u intessence of virtue. You can t ickle the " i vories," Dick, but you will never play for George O lsen ; jazz antagonize your keen sensi­ b i lities, although you may not realize i t now. U you had known this at an earlier year, you might have stood with Rachmaninoff. But t h is should not discourage your melancholy so11l. W e wish you the best of luck, "Dick," in whatever field of l i fe you may enter.


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