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Junior Class Day MON DAY, JUNE 14, 1926, 9.30 A. M . LOWE R CAMPUS Prayer

Theodore Prescott E mery CLASS ODE Hail to thee, blest alma mater, Guardian of a fuller life, Lead us on to nobler efforts, Teach us mastery in the strife, N ot the mastery of our fellows, Not the gain of selfish praise, But the strong, eternal triumph Of each self through endless days. Short the years h ave been and fleeting, Spent within thy sacred halls, Learning how to heed thy message Sounded out when d uty calls. Guided by thy l ight inspiring, Truth has held before our gaze, Thou hast fostered, led us, nourished­ Praise to thee, our mother, praise. I n the year that lies before us May thy counsels give us m ight, Gird us for the life triumphant, Arm us for l ife's noble fight. Hail to thee, our alma mater ; May the scroll of fut u re days Show us ever true and loyal, P raise to thee, our mother, praise.

History of Women

Bernice Vivian Green


Martha Sandberg MUSIC

H istory of Men A ward i ng of Gifts

William A lexander Macomber Robert Leroy Bowerhan

C lass O ration

Rowland E verett Baird

Address by Class Guest of Honor

R ichard Alston Metcalf

One hundred nimety-six

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Oracle 1927  

Oracle 1927