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BOSTON ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION I NDOOR GAMES, BOSTON, FEBRUARY 5, 1 927 Colby was represented by M ittelsdorf, Baker, Sprague and Sansone, in a three-cornered race with N ortheastern University and Worcester Poly­ tech. After the first leg, the race was l eft for Colby and N ortheastern to decide. The race was close all the way, but Colby lost by a few yards in the fast time of three m i nutes, fifty-four and two-fifths seconds. T H E HAROLD T. A NDREWS POST I NDOOR GAMES, PORTLAND, FEB. 18, 1 927 Due to inj u ries, M ittelsdorf was unable to run, and Sprague, Rivkin, A n d rews a n d Sansone i n a dual relay race, were defeated by the fast B os­ ton College team i n th ree m in utes, six and three-fifths seconds, a new record for the games. THE A M ERICAN LEGION I NDOOR GA MES, B OSTON, FEBRUARY 22, 1 927 I n the last relay race of the season, Colby was rlefeated by North­ eastern University i n a thrilling race. Colby was represented i n this race by M ittelsdorf, Andrews, Sansone, and Sprague. N ortheastern w·o n by a small margin over the other teams in the fast time of two m i n utes, fifty­ four and three-fifths seconds. One hiundred sixty-seven

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Oracle 1927