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Freshman C lass History F reshmen enter Colby every year, and each c lass thinks it is better than the one before. This year the c ase is diffe rent,-we know we are bette r than any previous class. Our class i s start ing with good Colby fundamental ideals and hopes t o work u p to a grand finale before we start o ut on l i fe's seas in 1930. Col lege means a great deal to us, and we are confident that each member will enter all act ivities whole-heartedly, thus keeping the faith and trust Colby puts in us. Our F reshmen D ays m ay well be written Fre hman Daze, yet we have not m issed the real aim of college, which is to s ec u re an adequate education to help us in our l ife work.

G raduate Student E mily Redington Heath


Special and Unclassified Dorothy Irene Carter Theora Doe E sther Libby Grace M orrison Gladys Leola Weed Jo Longfellow P attangal l

Fairfield Waterville D exter Waterville Waterville W aterville

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Oracle 1927  

Oracle 1927