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3D Model

Foil Bag

For this tutorial we are using PSD Extended CS5


Files in this set READY TO USE Finished Scenes





Ground plane The first model (01) render ground plane shadows in a transparent background To activate you must go to the top menu in photoshop select 3D them activate Ground plane shadow catcher and them Snap object to the ground plane before render (see last chapter 10) In the second sample the ground is connected with the bag model (see last chapter 04) customizing process.

Photoshop ground plane (01)

Model w/ ground plane (02)


Change render quality to interactive (CS4 and CS5) Only for versions CS4 and CS5, if you are using CS6 jump this step. After you opened one of the model samples check the 3D scene panel, to change render settings, set Quality to interactive (Painting) before starting the customizing process. Follow the pink dots, from top to bottom.




Customizing the floor Just for the Model with ground plane - Change color - Control floor opacity - Control reflection intensity - Hiding the floor


02 03 04

(01) Floor material (02) Floor color (03) Floor opacity (04) Floor reflection

FLOOR COLOR To change floor color, go to diffuse (02) double click in the color box or click on the texture icon to place a texture map FLOOR OPACITY You can control floor opacity (03) inserting a value in the box, 0% for hiding the floor, 100% to full opaque, or inserting a texture map (this work like a mask, black to hide, white to show) This models have a texture map to fade the floor with the background

FLOOR REFLECTION You can control floor reflection (04) inserting a value in the box, 0% no reflection, 100% full reflection. HIDING FLOOR (05) To hide the floor go to opacity, remove the texture map, (click in texture map icon) and insert 0% value in the box.



Loading a new label Go to the 3D materials window, click on BAG then DIFFUSE (click in the texture icon) then OPEN TEXTURE, replace the image placeholder by yours.


New label Replace this layer (01) by yours, close and save





Center hanging die cut You can leave, remove or place yours the hanging die cut (01), open texture, place yours close and save



Customizing your scene - 3D tools (Please check the QUICK TOUR tutorial) You can rotate the model to find the perfect angle for this scene. Be sure to pick the model layer, before starting using the 3D tools, then select in the TOOL BOX the 3D tool you need (01). (3D axis tool interface to rotate (02), scale...and more. If this tool is not visible check here (03) 3D AXIS

01 02



Customizing your scene - 3D lights (Please check the QUICK TOUR tutorial)

If you need to lighten any dark part of the model, change light intensity or change the light color

05B 01

(01) Lights window (02) Pick the light you need to customize (03) Light intensity (04) Light color (05) Light control (05A) show 3D light in the scene (05B) Light rotation (05C) Light rotation tool


03 04




Render the final picture After concluding the customizing process, you need to render the final picture, where you can see the soft shadows, reflections... To do that you must go to 3D scene to change render settings, change Quality to Ray traced Final, follow the pink dots, from top to bottom and let the computer render the scene.

For any questions you can use the photoshop help or contact me through my email -

Foil Bag tutorial  
Foil Bag tutorial  

Foil bag photoshop labeling