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Nov 22nd, 2013 Dear ISHCMC community, Another busy week has come and gone with a number of fundraisers taking center stage. On Monday our SRC had a ’’Wear Red, White, Blue, and Yellow’’ fundraiser for the Philippines with many students wearing the flag colours—along with making a donation to relief efforts—as a sign of support for those in need. Also, this past Thursday many students wore their ISHCMC Terry Fox shirts as a sign of support for the run that will take place this coming Sunday. ISHCMC will have a very large contingent at the event and we look forward to seeing a sea of blue shirts among the runners participating. Good luck to all participants! Thank you to all parents for making Teacher Appreciation Day such a memorable one! The combination of food and flowers was a loving touch that was appreciated by all.

“It took cancer to realize that being self-centered is not the way to live. The answer is to try and help others.” - Terry Fox

Many parents have been wondering where to find our ISHCMC positive postcards. Our school postcards are located in the primary office and are available for anyone in the school community to use including parents. Please feel free to write a few lines on a card and drop it off in the mailbox located in the primary office near the entrance. Have a great weekend, hope to see you at the race this Sunday!

Event Terry Fox Run

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ISHCMC community

Nov 24th at 8am

Location District 7

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ISHCMC community

Nov 27th at 9:20 and 11:10

SISAC Track and Field ISHCMC Community Meet

Nov 30th-Dec 1st

Primary Coffee Morning

Dec 5th at 8am

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Terry Fox Run this Sunday

When? The Terry Fox Run is on Sunday November 24th Where? The Terry Fox Run is located in D7 Crescent Mall Why? The Terry Fox Run is a memorial of Terry Fox’s memorable action to raise awareness of cancer. He ran half way through Canada to raise money for cancer research, during this run he lost his leg and it was replaced with a fake one. Terry Fox died of the same reason he started, because of cancer. We have raised 105 million this year, we are hoping to raise as much as we did last year, which was 140 million.

We hope you can join our large ISHCMC community on Sunday as we run in support of cancer research.

Orphan Community Development Fundraiser: ‘Caring 4 Creepers’

Listen up all primary students and teachers! The Community development ASA is planning a fundraiser for the orphans at the Friends of Street Kids group. ‘Caring 4 Creepers’ is a way to collect food for the orphans. It is based on the popular game ‘Minecraft.’ Creepers are animals from Minecraft that explode when you’re near them anywhere. The Friends of Street Kids organization is a school and home for primary students who don’t have parents, they are orphans. Grade 4 learned about Street Kids from Mrs. Molly who makes a difference to them every week. We visited Street Kids and learned

about the school. The fundraiser will start on the 1st of December, and will go until the holiday break. You will have to bring food that will not rot in a package. We will have white creepers based on each house team next to the rhino hut. Every time you bring food, a piece of paper will be stuck to your creeper with your house team color on the creeper of your house team-Please bring food! You can drop the food in the morning (not during the day). The house team to cover their creeper with paper with their color will win a movie hour! Please donate!!!!! By Reporter Jan W., edited by Emma S., Nikolaj DVR. & Bopha J.

Movie afternoon! We had fun watching the movie Despicable Me. Some people had pillows, some had stuffed animals with them and some people even had minions! We had lights out and there were some very good things to eat and drink like chips, chocolate and water to drink. The best part was the movie itself. It was about someone who wanted to steal the moon. But he owned some children so it started to distract him from his evil plot, and he had someone else that was trying to make him fail his plot. So he stole the moon, but the guy that was annoying him traped the children But he saved them in time. He also put the moon back. By Drew and Jan

Philippines Appeal A really strong typhoon hit the Philippines (Tacloban). The name of the typhoon was “Haiyan”. The speed of the wind was 139mph. We did a donation for the philippino people. We had a choice to where red, white, blue and yellow. We did not have to wear the clothes but did have to bring the money in. After school there was a bake sale to raise money for the typhpoon Haiyan. The USA made a team called DART to help out in the food supplies and water provisions…..The typhoon did a lot of damage to the phillipines. We hope they get better soon!!!!!!! By Advaith Jai, Aditya Dwivedi

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