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Autonomous Operating Mechanism Pursuing a strategy of continuous improvement of the products, Coelme-Egic introduces a new device for the remote control of disconnectors and other switching devices.

The Autonomous Operating Mechanism The autonomous operating mechanism (AOM) makes possible the remote operation of switching devices installed in “lonely sites”. Its modular structure allows an easy customization. The main components of AOM are: • the power supply unit • the motor operating mechanism • the remote control unit

Optional Features Upon request, the AOM can be connected to one or more cameras and send pictures to the control room. If so equipped, the AOM allows to check the actual position of the switching device from the control room, before and after the operation.


...FLASH INFO . . . FLASH INFO . . . FLASH INFO . . . FLA Power Supply Unit The power supply unit consists of a 24 Vdc battery system, recharged by solar panels or autotransformer. If a low voltage network exists (AC or DC), the power supply unit only transforms the available power, to make it “suitable” for the operating mechanism and for the remote control unit.

Motor Operating Mechanism

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Remote Control Unit The main features of the remote control unit are: • Software: - access protected by password - able to manage more than 40 devices - intuitive and easy to use • Alarm record file • Complete data management and reprogramming from remote • Internal logic for the automatic management of some functions • Data transmission by means of: - GSM or satellite network - Direct connection with PC • Automatic sending alarms to PC and/or mobile phone • Possible managing of different phone numbers (up to 3) • Possible connection to several cameras (more than 30)

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AOM-en-C/E - 03/2007 - Due to product and standards evolution, characteristics and dimensions are likely to change.

The motor operating mechanism is the standard COELME type, which guarantees high performance and reliability.

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