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Cody Dock, 11C South Crescent, Cody Road, Canning Town, London E16 4TL


GASWORKS DOCK PARTNERSHIP GDP is proud to be a Leaway strategic delivery partner Cody Dock, 11c South Crescent, Canning Town London E16 4TL. Office: 020 74 73 04 29 Charity Registration No. 1141523 Company Registration No. 7135282 _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________

BOARD OF TRUSTEES Marcus McKenzie – Chair David Asuni – Treasurer Bianca Mawani – Trustee, HR Lead Pat Fitzsimons – Trustee Martin Torres – Trustee COMMITTEES & SPECIALIST ADVISORS Celia Cummings – Communications Tom Randel-Page – Architect and Planning Committee PUP Architects – Masterplan Architects Tibbalds Planning and Urban Design – Planning Consultant ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Simon Stone – Trustee, Company Secretary, Legal and Property Lead 2009-2015 Steve Rattray – Trustee, Treasurer 2009-2014 Clive Dutton – Trustee, Regeneration and Planning Lead 2011-2015 Chris Westwood – Vice Chair 2009-2016 Peter Ellis – Chair 2009-2016 Suzanne Rankin – Trustee, 2015-2017 Julia Briscoe – Trustee, Engagement Lead 2009-2016 Simon Myers – Founder, former Trustee 2008–2015 and current CEO Email us Volunteer Programs and Corporate Engagement

GDP would like to thank the following organisations for their support

WELCOME TO CODY DOCK Bianca Mawani, GDP Trustee Associate at Linklaters Having grown up (and worked) in London, I have a true appreciation and admiration of the great diversity of people who live side by side in this city and I have been fortunate enough to build friendships with neighbours who have become like extended family. Community is therefore very important to me and I think that everybody should have safe, welcoming spaces which encourage people to come together and connect with their wider community. In my spare time, I enjoy travelling, dancing, hiking and I love to get out and explore. I have worked in the City for over 4 years (I work at a commercial law firm near Liverpool Street) and was keen to get involved in a project outside of work in East London. When I came across GDP/Cody Dock, I was very excited to join a charity which combined my interest in the community and the outdoors, and which had already been instrumental in developing a contaminated space in a way that engaged people who live and work nearby. I was particularly inspired by the enthusiasm that Simon had (and continues to have) for the projects at Cody Dock. It is currently a very exciting time for Cody Dock – a planning application has been submitted detailing the ten-year master plan, which if granted, will help to further realise GDP’s aim to create a vibrant creative space which will benefit and inspire the community for years to come. If you are reading this, I would really encourage you to come to visit Cody Dock, whether it is to one of the art or cultural events, for a walk along the river, or to try some of the yummy food available from the Cody Dock Café. Hope to see you there soon!

Gasworks Dock Partnership - charity registration no. 1141523

Deadline for entries: 30 June 2018

2018 calendar winning entry by SERDAR SELHEP

Themes: heritage | community | waterways | wildlife









2018 Cody Dock’s calendar winning entries SERDAR SELHEP November






This photo competition is dedicated to all things Lea and focuses on any aspect of the Lea River’s rich tapestry, providing an annual archive that captures its history during this current period of rapid change. The 12 winning entries will be announced on the 31st August and reproduced in our 2019 Cody Dock Calendar. The winners will receive a small cash prize and also feature in our Autumn exhibition, from 22 September to 21 October. For further information on terms and conditions and how to apply, please go to

CORPORATE VOLUNTEERING Liz Whitworth We are all winners! There has been a long tradition of businesses bringing groups here over the years to spend a day or more volunteering. We value these opportunities as volunteers are the beating heart of all that we do, getting stuck in whatever the weather with enthusiasm, commitment and good humour. This year, these groups have been vital in helping us accelerate progress on a number of key projects including restoration work on the River Princess and our pontoons, preparing the way for our ambitious Wild About the Crescent project to improve the physical environment for all in the business park as well as vital work in the gardens on our site. We would like to thank them all for their efforts But who gains most out of days like these? Well, the answer is simple: EVERYONE does. Whilst we at Cody Dock have seen physical improvements take place which further the aims and ambitions of our project, there is also the benefit of creating new lasting relationships with the businesses and people we meet. Businesses too can see huge benefits from days like these: Employee volunteering helps build social capital by improving your image in the community. This is especially important for organisations who are visibly working in an area and can often break down barriers between them and local people. It is not just about a day’s ‘hard labour’ away from the desk. For the staff involved these activities can generate increased morale, motivation, commitment and performance. They may have learned new skills which add value to their day to day role or identified a way in which they may be able to further support the project they volunteered at though ‘professional’ volunteering. We have been greatly supported by businesses such as Thames Water and Balfour Beatty in this way recently. Their skills and expertise helping us with our planning application.

Many volunteers who come along are local to our project so their efforts result in an improvement in ‘their’ community so they have a personal investment in getting involved. Corporate volunteering is also a wonderful way to encourage fresh perspectives cohesion across departments, bringing together people from all levels from directors through to admin support staff. Very often these volunteer days are the first and sometimes only opportunity for this cross section of people across a company to experience a day when they can all work together. Businesses can also create stronger relationships with partner companies they work with by holding days such as these where they can work alongside colleagues in a joint venture. Let’s hear what those who have volunteered have to say about their experiences: Engie Volunteer: “The place was lovely, a hidden gem. Hearing about the drive and vision that led to the project being created, and seeing the ambition of the project, was inspiring. The cafe is great, food is delicious. Doing something physical and helping out the project was enjoyable”.

Experian Volunteer: “It was great seeing the final product - a restored bench”.

BP Volunteer: “I tried my hand at learning new gardening skills. Clearing up an area in a group was a great way to promote team-building”.

AET Volunteer: “Our volunteering experience at Cody Dock was very positive, whilst monetary donations are great for these sorts of community projects, the real benefit for us was working together as a team to achieve something for our local community. We really felt that we were making a difference and we even learnt a few new skills along the way! All in all, a great opportunity to be involved in something that will be of fantastic benefit for the wider community”.

We welcome the relationships we have developed both with the organisations themselves and the individuals who have come along and see these continuing partnerships as a vital part of our continuing development and success as a project. So – let’s take a look at the future. We have many more exciting opportunities for businesses to come along and get involved be it at a volunteer day or through specialist support for our ambitious plans. If you would like to find out more please contact Liz for a pack by emailing or call her for a chat 020 74 73 02 49.

NEWSFEED Balfour Beatty Cleaning Up at Cody Dock Customer Experience Coordinator, Michelle Hylton, was engaging with the local community ahead of some recent relining works in the Newham area when she stumbled upon a redevelopment project at Cody Dock, Canning Town, to restore it to a usable site for the local people. But the community needed some help.

With a link to the River Lea, the group wanted to restore the Community Boat so that it can take to the water again and provide an opportunity for local people to enjoy “messing about on the river� and learn about the ecology and heritage of the area from the vantage point of the water.

The Borehamwood eight2O team wanted to get involved in a community project so Michelle saw this as the perfect opportunity to drum up support. So, in October, 20 of our colleagues spent the day on-site carrying out a number of tasks: a team cleared a local wooded area and planted a number of bulbs, benches were prepared and built, and work on the boat – including sanding, painting and cleaning windows – was done, and restoration of the pontoons began. All round a great effort was given by everyone, and the locals at Cody Dock were impressed with the work we carried out. Neil Doherty, Integrated Programme Lead for teams 7 and 8, said: “It was great for the team to give a helping hand to such a great regeneration project in the area”.

MEET THE DOCKERS OFFICE FOR CRAFTED ARCHITECTURE Office for Crafted Architecture (OfCA) is a design and build workshop created by Nicolas Henninger and Daya Bakker in London in 2013. Both coming from an architectural background, we met during the 10 years activity of the collective project EXYZT ( We gained international recognition after being commissioned to deliver some work in various major European cities and international events across Europe. Among them Metavilla, the French pavilion in the 2006 Venice Biennale of Architecture, the Southwark Lido for the London Festival of Architecture in 2008, the Dalston Mill for the Barbican Gallery in 2009, leading to the construction of the Dalston Barn in the Eastern Curve Garden the year after. OfCA ( has been created on EXYZT’s idea of an architecture still fabricated by people for people with a passion for the making of spaces and the sharing of self-build knowledges. We believe these knowledges are helping citizens to be more resilient and less dependent on the liberal market of services. “Burn your TV and build yourself a pergola!”, we’d rather say. So far, OfCA has been employing and training young people who want to start a career in construction or learn basic skills, and young designers and architects who also believe that their practice of design should rely on a better understanding of the making processes. Awais Ali, a young undergraduate in architecture, has also joined the team. In the past few years, OfCA delivered a number of projects of various scale in the UK. We joined Cody Dock in June 2016, this is our base, we are extremely excited to be part of this amazing project in the making and will be hands-on to help building its future!

Previous page: The Union Yard, South Bank, London, 2014; The Hazelnut, May Park Primary School, Bristol, 2014;. This page, left to right: Food Barn, Manchester International Festival, 2017; Dalston Barn, Eastern Curve Garden, 2010; Croydon Reuse Organisation CR0, Croydon, 2016; Dalston Mill, Barbican Gallery, 2009; Southwark Lido, London Festival of Architecture, 2008; Pagham's Beach House, West Sussex, 2015; Metavilla, French Pavilion at the Venice Biennale of Architecture, 2006;


Big Issue Invest is the social investment arm of The Big Issue. We extend the mission of The Big Issue by providing finance and support to social enterprises and charities seeking to dismantle poverty and create opportunity for people across the UK. We invest between £20K and £3 million in organisations seeking repayable financing options, helping them to scale up and maximise their social impact. Since 2005, we have invested more than £30 million in 300 social ventures and we currently manage or advise on more than £150 million worth of social funds. Big Issue Invest Corporate Social Venturing acts as the initial funding opportunity available within Big Issue Invest and focuses on providing support, in the form of mentoring, from our corpus of corporate partners, and funding. Barclays have been a historic partner of Big Issue Invests, Corporate Social Venturing. The aim is to bring Barclays closer with the full array of social businesses currently working with Big Issue Invest, so as to provide value to our historic portfolio of investments, fulfilling the aim of increasing resource and support to social businesses who are working across the UK. Cody Dock represents the perfect opportunity for Barclays to engage with a social business that is local to them, a space that will allow for Barclays, Big Issue Invest, and social businesses to discuss business development opportunities. By working with Cody Dock, Barclays are able to continue to deliver support to the local community that surrounds Canary Wharf.

As a way to begin the process of engaging Barclays across the group, we are hosting The Social Business Brain Trust Programme at Cody Dock, the programme between Barclays and Big Issue Invest that provides a three months focused advice process to mission led organisations. Barclays offers engagement of 120 of their senior leaders, to be paired as mentors to social businesses to help them deliver greater impact. The programme provides community engagement to Barclays’ staff, allowing them to use their skills to deliver value, whilst mission led participants in the programme would benefit from finance and data experts, as well as marketing and corporate communications specialists, through networking, community activity and collaboration. By engaging large corporate partners with the opportunity to engage with social businesses, we aim to see a value chain relationship, with social businesses accessing specific support from Barclays in the areas mentioned above, and Barclays receiving knowledge of their customers and the changing ecosystem of community/social focused business. This knowledge can then be internalised and used in developing their approach to both their CSR and businesses agenda. @bigissueinvest

LOCAL BUSINESSES Liz Whitworth Getting Down to Business at the Dock Over the years, the team at Cody Dock have established strong and lasting relationships with businesses which has proved rewarding to both ourselves and the organisations we have grown to know.

Freshfields volunteers cleaning up the Crescent One element has been our regular breakfast meetings with a number of businesses close to our site. These have been a great forum to share information on common issues and plans as well as a sounding board for new ideas and initiatives.

Google volunteers

We all care about the environment we are working within and this meeting has resulted in opportunities for joint working, such as on the Wild About the Crescent project with Union Coffee. We want to see these relationships grow and the projects gain more and more partners so we can make a real difference to the space we share.

Star Lane students at Union Coffee But it isn’t just about coffee and croissants. Businesses and organisations we have come to know and work with have also generously donated both cash and time (such as legal and specialist technical advice) to our project which have helped us move forward. We are truly grateful for this support.

University College London Urban Project We look forward to all these relationships continuing as we move in to a new phase here at the Dock with all the challenges and opportunities it will bring to the ĂĄrea. If you would like to support Cody Dock in any way or become a member of our local business breakfast please contact Liz at for a chat and to find out how.

STAR PRIMARY SCHOOL Liz Whitworth Pupils shine at Cody Dock Pupils from Star Primary School have had a busy year at the Dock. From singing at our events to tackling practical tasks they have taken it all in their stride. The choir hit all the right notes to ensure a delightful musical backdrop at our scorching hot Big Lunch in June and seasonally chilly Frost Fair in December.

In July, a group of 19 students and staff worked with us on a joint project with local business - Union Coffee - to create a bug motel. The group enjoyed a tour of the Union Offices and roasterie and then it was on to Cody Dock to take part in a workshop building a bug hotel whilst learning about insects and habitats. The students also helped design and illustrate a sign for the new wildlife area outside Union which brightens up the walk along Cody Road.

At our Halloween Event, 15 students were treated to a red-carpet premiere of ‘A Creepy Night at the Dock’. The children spent a fun day with Tim Allen, renowned animator and friend of the Dock, learning about stop animation and working with plasticine and other materials to create their spooky masterpiece. There was no stopping their creativity and it was wonderful to watch them all coming up with wild ideas inspired by the Dock.

Deputy Head Jacqui Jennings, is thrilled with what has been achieved: “the children have had great experiences at the Dock and have thoroughly enjoyed themselves trying new things. We are looking forward to more opportunities in 2018”.


A Haven for All In August, we proudly unveiled a new addition to our site. Tucked neatly at the back of our sensory garden by the dock is the outdoor classroom. Built by young volunteers, supported by our partners at Build Up, it has proved to be a popular space for all. Over the months it has been used to host a wide range of activities from the coolest birthday party or end of the week chill out space to the spooky setting for storytelling at our Halloween Event. The most regular user has been our Natural Crafts group who have come each month to hold their sessions. Alessandra from the group says “it is a lovely place to socialise as a growing parent/carer community. During our sessions we have had some really cosy moments around the fire, introducing each other, reading books, telling stories and cooking while children and parents/carers work together on a small craft project inspired by nature. The beautiful way the classroom has been designed is also a talking point, when people visit us for the first time their initial reaction is usually "wow!" Bill Wallace employed at a neighbouring business says “Cody Dock is a great place to wind down after a busy week and start the weekend. We often get together in the outdoor classroom next to the River which, although in the open air, is secluded from any evening chill. There is even a fire pit to barbecue food. Many a Friday evening drinking beers, bantering over the week’s football results, has been enjoyed at Cody Dock”. If you have an event or would like to use the classroom for a learning session or activity please get in touch with the team for more information.

EVENTS ROUND-UP Liz Whitworth Cody Dock has been the place to be over the past few months... Throughout, there have been regular sessions from Newham Natural Crafts and Yoga for Kids which have proved a real hit.

15th September saw the launch of our ‘Your River Lea’ photo exhibition featuring the winners of our calendar competition, inspired by people’s memories and experiences of the River Lea.

Yet another good reason for people to visit when we opened our doors for Open House on the weekend of 16th – 17th September where visitors were able to explore our site and take a tour.

The month was rounded off nicely with our gardens winning a level 5 Outstanding Award in the London in Bloom It’s Your Neighbourhood category.

No sooner had we caught our breath than October and the Halloween Mischief Event was upon us. The buildup saw Star Primary children creating a spooky animation in our gallery aided and abetted by the animator, Tim Allen. The film was premiered at a suitably decorated ghostly Dock joining a puppet theatre show from the Busking Theatre company and music from the Trinity Laban Saxophone quartet to entertain everyone (many in Halloween costumes) along with activities and games.

10th December was our Frost Fair event. Snow fell to create a perfect backdrop. Still, many braved the cold to wander round the stalls, join in the seasonal games and warm up with hot food washed down with a glass of mulled wine or hot cider. Yet again we were treated to entertainment from the Busking Theatre and Trinity Saxes as well as the children from Star Primary choir.


Nadia’s Café

Nadia’s Cody Dock Café is open 7 days a week serving fresh coffee, as well as healthy and delicious food, bursting with flavour. The Café is also open for extended hours during events and can cater for walking groups and local businesses on request. For more info, please contact

Elder Flowers & Best Buds

Gardening and social group for energetic Elders and wise Buds. A Wednesday & Saturday volunteering opportunity to potter around, connect with each other and nature. For more information, please contact

Cody Dock Art School

Spring term: 9 January—29 March. Half term 13-15 February Tuesdays, Drawing, 11am-2pm Wednesdays, Workshop, 10am-4pm Thursdays, Sculpture, 10am-4pm For bookings and enquiries, please contact Tim Beswick at

Newham Natural Crafts

Every second Saturday of the month, 12pm-3pm. Natural Crafts is a group of parents based in Newham who like to create more opportunities for children to learn outdoors. For information on times, workshops and how to book, visit

UPCOMING EVENTS GREAT BRITISH SPRING CLEAN 2 – 3 March Are you a local business? Would you like to help improve the environment where we all work? Come and join our clean-up. YOUR DAYS TO GET INVOLVED 24 March: Public volunteering day to complete our Pergola Garden 21-26 May: You are invited to come and create our bee hive area. We are particularly looking for people with carpentry skills. ALL ABOUT THE LEArning SCHOOLS’ POSTER COMPETITION Deadline for entries: 25 March To celebrate the launch of our Community Boat we are inviting students across Newham and Tower Hamlets schools to design a poster. Win a free boat trip along the River Lea! Each trip can accommodate up to 80 passengers. For more information on how to submit go to SPRING EVENT 28 April, 12pm – 6pm Get involved: taster sessions on various opportunities at Cody Dock. PUBLIC BOAT HANDLING TRAINING May – June We are offering free boat commercial handling experience. Starting in May we will be running sessions on the River Princess. Spaces are limited so if you’re interested get in touch soon. Please contact us to find out more and to put your name down for our first round of training. The boat will be available for hire by schools and corporate groups. LONDON FESTIVAL of ARCHITECTURE 1 – 30 June We will have a rolling programme of activities over the month to celebrate London’s Architecture Festival. It will involve open studios, workshops and exhibitions. More details in OPEN GARDEN SQUARES WEEKEND 9 – 10 June Come and see our wonderful gardens across this weekend and try out our activities and workshops. BIG LUNCH SUMMER EVENT 16 June Share a meal with your neighbours as part of this national event. Featuring live music, games and activities. Bring a dish to share! ALL ABOUT THE LEArning POSTER EXHIBITION 16 June- 29 July All winning designs from the Schools’ Poster Competition will be displayed as part of an exhibition in the Summer term. They will also feature in our newsletter and be used as promotional material for our boat service and opportunities on it. YOUR RIVER LEA CODY DOCK PHOTO COMPETITION Deadline for entries: 30 June This photo competition is dedicated to all things Lea: heritage, community, waterways and wildlife. For further information on terms and conditions and how to apply, please go to For more information on dates and how to book, please contact





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Cody Dock Newsletter #5 Spring 2018  
Cody Dock Newsletter #5 Spring 2018