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College of DuPage Welcome to College of DuPage! Despite this past and current academic school year being like none other, feelings of uncertainty and hesitation can be set aside as the Courier helps guide you along your respective path. The college, even in virtual format, offers resources accessible to all students which can aid in navigating your personal and academic goals. Not only does the college have faculty well-experienced in their field of study willing to become a bridge to academic accomplishments, but also endless opportunities through clubs and organizations, most of which will continue this upcoming semester via zoom or various other online platforms. The Courier has laid out each club and organization by its respective category, along with contact information, as we encourage student involvement to get the most out of your College of DuPage experience this upcoming semester. We hope you find this guide useful and wish best of luck this upcoming semester! Sadie Romero, Editor-in-Chief

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SPRING 2021 PLANS This spring, College of DuPage will offer three types of classes: Virtual Classroom Meetings (VCM) Courses meet completely online in real time at specified days and times using video chat software. All assignments are submitted online. This format is designed to allow students regular face-to-face contact in a virtual format. Online (NET) Courses are taught completely online following instructor timelines and learning outcomes. Students interact mostly through discussion boards and written messages and all assignments are submitted online. Hybrid (HYB) Courses meet mainly online with additional meetings occurring in person as necessary to accomplish learning objectives. Students will meet on campus for labs, studios or clinical work. Face-to-face meeting days and times for each section will vary depending on the course and learning needs.

During the spring semester the following doors will be accessible for students with hybrid courses. • HEC, Door #1 • TEC, Door #7

• HSC, Door #1 • SRC, Door #7

• MAC, Door #1 • CHC, Door #7

All other doors will be locked.

A Wi-Fi access point is located in the parking lot between the HTC, TEC, and HEC buildings

Students attending a hybrid course must: Have his/her temperature checked by a screener and answer brief questions.

Show your College ID or other form of identification.

Wear a face mask. The face mask must cover both your mouth and nose.

Maintain social distancing. Stand six (6) feet apart when meeting, talking or standing in line.


HOW TO: REMOTE LEARNING Unstructured. Challenging. Distant. These are the three words students might use to describe their experience using online school since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. As a student who has taken online classes since high school, here’s a list of ways to become more efficient and manage remote learning for the year 2021. Ask the professor for his or her syllabus before registering. If you cannot handle the expectations based on the load in the syllabus, what’s to say you can handle the work online? If a professor refuses to share his or her syllabus, it gives you more reason to avoid the professor and find someone else. Once you get your syllabus, start marking your assignments on the date it is due. I recommend using the app My Study Life- School Planner. The app has sticky notes, a dashboard that gives a quick summary of what is overdue and what’s not, and so much more. The feedback team responds well and quickly if there are any problems with the app. Seek help! College of DuPage has numerous programs to help students with their education. One main way is by utilizing the Online Tutoring Services Assistance that can be found on COD’s website. Sessions can be up to one hour and, depending on your availability, you can get the same or different tutors. Grow a bond with professors. Professors do not know you, but that does not mean they aren’t willing to try. Let’s be honest, professors do not have to make the curriculum easier even if the class is online. Yet communicating and engaging with your professors can give them an idea of who you are as a student. Eventually, one of them may have the heart to help you out and give you extended time since online school is a challenge for everyone. Gabriella Gallardo, Contributor


LINKS TO BOOKMARK Blackboard Blackboard is the course management resource used at the college. You may not love it, but you will depend on it. Instructors usually post assignments, readings, test dates and grades here. Login at bb.cod.edu Student Email Along with email, these Office365 accounts include access to the entire Microsoft suite including web versions of Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. Login at outlook.com/dupage.edu MyAccess MyAccess is the hub to everything you’ll need to access at COD. Use this to register for classes, manage financial aid, order transcripts, just to name a few. Login at myaccess.cod.edu


Academic Support

MATH ASSISTANCE Use Google Hangouts and call mathassistancearea@gmail.com WRITING APPOINTMENTS Reserve an appointment at cod.mywconline.com. PERSONALIZED TUTORING Join sessions for specivic courses on Blackboard. bb.cod.edu Learn more at cod.edu/LearningCommons

Metal Health Support

CALL FOR CALM Free-of-charge, anonymous, emotional support text line for Illinois residents experiencing stress related to COVID-19. Text “talk” to 552020 MEDITATION Weekly sessions on Zoom. Contact mindfulness@cod.edu Learn more at cod.edu/coronavirus/ mental-health-resources

Departments and Services Counseling and Advising The Counseling and Advising Center will help you construct a plan to accomplish your academic goals. Faculty counselors and program advisors will help in career and degree related progress Schedule a virtual appointment at cod.edu

Access and Accommodations Students with disabilities can contact Access and Accommodations for support in their college career.The center is voluntary and confidential. It includes support with testing, interpreters, and adaptive tech. Learn more at cod.edu/access

Career Services Get help writing a resume, develop interview techniques and learn a variety of skills to become more marketable and ensure career success. Career Services will help with both short and long-term career goals. Learn more at cod.edu/careerservices

Financial Aid The Office of Student Financial Assistance will help navigate the various ways to pay tuition. They can help bridge the gap between the student’s need for, and the availability of different methods of financial aid. Learn more at cod.edu/financial_aid


CLUBS AND ORGANIZATIONS The Office of Student Life offers a wide variety of clubs and organization, virtually. No matter your interest, there’s someway to get involved at College of DuPage. Contact the Advisor with questions.



Academy of Law and Justice Tauya Forst, johnsont217@cod.edu

Horticulture Club bartzm@cod.edu

Albanian Club Marty Bartz, mitrani@cod.edu

Acounting Club Christopher Ferro, ferroc@cod.edu

Human Services Network Jason Florin, florin@cod.edu

Arab Student Association Amal Jarad, jarada@cod.edu

American Meteorological Society Paul Sirvatka, sirvatka@cod.edu

Interior Design Club Jane Kielb, kielbj@cod.edu

Asian Student Association Lubna Haque, haquel@cod.edu

Anatomy & Physiology Club Karan Oliver-Tucci, olivert@cod.edu

Library Tech Assistant Club Amanda Musacchio, musacchioa@cod.edu

Black Student Alliance Devin Chambers, chambersd62@cod.edu

Animation Club Anthony Venezia, venezia@cod.edu

Paralegal Club Linda Jenkins, jenkinsl@cod.edu

Casa de Amigos Profesora Mares, marese@cod.edu

Architecture Club Mark Pearson, pearson@cod.edu

Philosophy Leslie, Wolf, wolfl214@cod.edu

Chinese Student Club Min Pan, panmin@cod.edu

Astronomy Club Joseph DalSanto, dalsantoj228@cod.edu

Pre-Dental Association Jeff Trautmann trautman@cod.edu

German Club Miglena Nikolova, nikolovam@cod.edu

BioTech Club Karen Persky, persky@cod.edu

Pre-Physician Assistant Club Lubna Haque, haquel@cod.edu

Indian Student Association Thomas Kulanjiyil, kulanj@cod.edu

Business Club Joe Tungol, tungol@cod.edu

Programming Club Sheikh Shamsuddin, shamsudd@cod.edu

Japanese Culture Club Shingo Satsutani, satsutan@cod.edu

Chem Bonding Club Lubna Haque, haquel@cod.edu

Society of Women Engineers Alyssa Pasquale, pasqualea185@cod.edu

La Connexion Française Mirta Pagnucci, pagnuccim@cod.edu

Cyber Defense Club Brock Stout, stoutb@cod.edu

Songwriting Club Elizabeth Murphy murphye@cod.edu

Latino Ethnic Awareness Association Rosie Carbajal-Romo, carbajal-romor@cod.edu

Engineering Club Blerim Abdullai, abdullaib@dupage.edu

Student Education Association Yuri Flores-Rivera, ​floresriveray@dupage.edu​​​

Muslim Students Association Amal Jarad, jarada@cod.edu

Entrepreneurship Club Peter James, jamesp@cod.edu

Student Veterans Association arriolaj211@cod.edu

Seoul of COD- Korean Club Maria Ritzema, ritzemam@cod.edu

Environmental Club environmental.cod@gmail.com Future Physicians Club Beth Kirkpatrick, kirkpatrickb@cod.edu Game Development Bradley Sward, swardb@cod.edu




Christians on Campus Erich Hauenstein, hauenste@cod.edu

Feminist Alliance Mary Jean Cravens, cravens@cod.edu

Anime and Cosplay Jim Allen, allenj@cod.edu

Coptic Youth Fellowship Leslie Wolf, wolfl214@cod.edu

Pride Alliance Or’Shaundra Benson, bensono@cod.edu

Chess Club Jeffrey Trautmann, trautman@cod.edu

Global InterVarsity Nicholas Hebert, hebertn53@dupage.edu

Mental Health Awareness Team Dennis Emano, emanod@cod.edu

Hands Up! (ASL Club) Adam Wasilewski, wasilewskia54@cod.edu

Jewish Student Alliance Ideen Zarkin, zarkini@cod.edu

Model UN David Goldberg, goldberg@cod.edu

Sci-Fi/Fantasy & Gaming Club Jim Allen, allenj@cod.edu

Melchizedek Bible Study Christina Rossier, rossierc@dupage.edu

Students for a Democratic Society Samuel Mitrani, mitraniv@cod.edu

The Page Turners Lisa Higgins, higgins@cod.edu

Second City Campus Ministry beemerk@cod.edu


Veterans National Honor Society arriolaj211@cod.edu

Alter Ego Productions Shannon Hernan, hernan@cod.edu


Courier Student News Jim Fuller, fullerj@cod.edu

Autismerica Michael Duggan, duggan@cod.edu

Forensics Kacy Abeln, abelnk@cod.edu

Care to Cure Naheed Rouf, hasann@cod.edu

Prarier Light Review Adam Fotos, fotosa@cod.edu

COD Buddies Jennifer Butler, butlerj61@cod.edu

Student Leadership Council Stephanie Quirk, quirks@cod.edu

Girl Up Samiha Syed, syeds1283@dupage.edu

HONOR SOCIETIES Alpha Delta Nu Maureen Waller, waller@cod.edu Alpha Mu Gamma Bonnie Loder, loderb@cod.edu Delta Psi Omega canday@cod.edu Honors Student Advisory Committee Lisa Higgins, higgins@cod.edu Phi Theta Kappa phibeta@cod.edu

The Office of Student Life continues to operate virtually. View upcoming events, giveaways, and more on ChapLife. chaplife.cod.edu 6

SCHOLARSHIPS How do I qualify for merit-based scholarships? All scholarships have a unique set of criteria. The merit requirements vary. We encourage students to complete the scholarship application, including answering a set of qualifying questions, to discover the scholarships for which they are eligible, based on their academic performance. What are the deadlines for scholarships? Applications for Fall semester are accepted, generally, mid-January through mid-March. Applications for Spring semester are accepted, generally, early September through November 1st.

How do I qualify for need-based scholarships? All scholarships have a unique set of criteria. Needbased scholarships require students to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The college defaults to the federal government’s determination of need, based on the FAFSA. If a student elects not to complete the FAFSA, this may limit the number of scholarships for which they arequalified. We strongly encourage students to complete the FAFSA to in order to qaulify.

Popular Scholarships Foundation’s Textbook Scholarship • Glenn Hansen Leadership Scholarship Health Initiative Scholarship • Mercedes Benz Scholarship • Naperville Woman’s Club Rotary Club Of Naperville Downtown • Student Life Leadership Award

apply at cod.edu/scholarships



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