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Commercial and Private Parking Garages

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Secure your investment in a simple and profitable business Currently there is an insufficient supply of parking places in the city. The steady increase in the number of vehicles and the disappearance of many parking spaces, keep parking prices rising. Well Park offers parking garage buildings located in key areas of the city, areas of high traffic flow near businesses, professional offices and housing. Well Park provides two business models in one project: WELL PARK Commercial and Private Parking Garages.

Commercial Parking Garage spots allows you to enter the kind of business which was previously reserved for large investors, aiming at a 20% annual return on investment. Your investment is managed by the concessionaire and you receive dividends quarterly. Each parking spot is a unit with its own private property deed. Enter a business entailing both: good profitability and protected capital, WITHOUT UPS AND DOWNS.

Images are for illustrative purposes only and subject to change

Well Park is a 100% Parking Garage Building covering two business models: a) P  rivate parking spots (individual or group) with an individual property deed for each one of them ; the owner can rent, sell or simply use it.

The trust manager receives income from daily and monthly sales and pays all the costs (expenses, services, personnel, ABL property tax, insurance, etc.).

b) Business Depot’s Garage: Once awarded, your parking spot (with its own property deed) becomes part of the Parking Garage’s Commercial exploitation which is centrally managed.

The monthly income of the trust is distributed proportionately among all the owners. This calculation is not based on each spot individual’s occupation but on the average occupation of the Parking Garage’s Commercial exploitation as a whole.

Images are for illustrative purposes only and subject to change

Well Park offers parking spots for cars, 4x4, and trucks of different measures. In the larger parking spots, the owner has the possibility to install a storage area. The buildings have elevators for pedestrians, bathrooms on

the ground floor and ramps for the vehicles’ circulation. Well Park has all the facilities of fire prevention, power supply and sanitary required by the City Government of Buenos Aires. The circulation areas are optimized to allow comfortable and safe access and parking .

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Be Our PARTNER COLLABORATION: Our Concept of Doing Business We are in constant search and analysis of new locations to develop new projects in available land, office buildings, malls, hotels, health centers, convention centers and others. We bring our know how into project planning of parking lots and garages through marketing research and economic feasibility studies, definition of entrance and exits, traffic flow control and space layout. We define most appro-

priate equipment of access and control, assemble and operate the parking lots. The support and business development is simple and effective because we use networked control systems with automated and transparent reporting. Each development has its own project: Our work begins with the planning of the building work, when we use our knowledge to design the parking lots, offering economic optimization, seeking to improve space and functionality.

Our services include:

High Tech Automation

. Calculation of Parking Demand

To ensure control, agility, safety and economic improvement to the parking garages and lots, we are constantly analyzing more and more modern equipment.

. Definition of Amount of Space Needed for Each Project . Definition of Access Control and Billing Equipment . Optimization of Space Layout . Safety Rules Monitoring

The aim is to ensure full automation of the processes of ticketing, opening and closing of barriers, collection, vehicle output and emission of control reports.

. Adapting to Legislation in each District . Traffic Flow Guidance . Economic Feasibility Study

Well park development is your ideal partner in all matters related to parking

Well park Developments  
Well park Developments  

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