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Smart security elicits rapid police response A security system that tippedoff a Coatesville resident while a burglary was in progress at his home on 27 July, helped police to successfully apprehend the culprits at the scene. The homeowner* who was at work at the time, received an alert on his mobile phone when motion sensors inside the house were activated. He logged in to see CCTV camera footage of two men moving around inside his home and immediately phoned police. Knowing the offenders were still at the property and with CCTV camera footage providing irrefutable evidence, the police had a rare opportunity to achieve

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an immediate result. Within 10 minutes a number of vehicles and officers were at the property and had blocked the offenders’ car in the driveway to prevent them from leaving the scene. At least six police vehicles also cordoned off the area and the police helicopter was overhead in case the burglars tried to escape on foot. Once they became aware of the police presence, the burglars tried to get away by heading into nearby bush, but were pursued and apprehended a short time later by Constable Haley Wells from the North Shore Tactical Crime Unit and Senior Constable Penny Rusbatch. “As we were contacted by the


owner who had CCTV footage of offenders currently in their property, there was an urgent police presence to cordon and contain to ensure a high chance of success in detaining the offenders. Catching them would also ensure the public were not re-victimised,” says Constable Wells. “CCTV footage is a massive advantage. It’s evidence that places a person at a place and time. With a lot of burglaries reported, technology like this is gold in ensuring a successful prosecution” she says. According to police, the two men aged 30 and 35 were charged that day and appeared in the North Shore District Court the following day, Saturday, 28 July. And the good news for the homeowner was that no items were stolen. *The homeowner chose not to speak to The Coatesville Chronicle.

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ast week we had some unexpected visitors. No problem there, but these guests arrived at 4am on Saturday ‒ expected to be fed and watered ‒ and there were 35 of them! To cut a long story short, someone had left a gate open on the reserve and the sheep grazing there must have heard the call of the open road, because they legged it. All but five of them turned right out of the gate, then left at the end of Glenmore Road before pausing for a snack 500m later outside our place on C-R Highway. Luckily, a couple returning from a party stopped and opened our front gate letting the wanderers into our garden where they chowed down on anything that took their fancy. Smart thinking, because if they had continued on down the highway and round the bend there might have been a terrible accident. As it turned out, only six hours later and all 40 sheep were reunited on the reserve, grazing as if nothing different had occurred. Now, when I walk the dog there, I can't help but look at those girls with renewed respect for their moxie and wonder if the five who stayed behind regretted playing it safe. Your editor,

Vanessa Johnson

Diary Dates

My three kids catch the school bus which stops at the gate (rural road, Auckland north, with an 80kmh speed limit). Just watched them board the bus and noticed the two cars behind do the right thing and stop and wait. The third and fourth cars however, being far too important to wait, decided to overtake the two stopped cars AND the bus, at speed and into potentially oncoming traffic which cannot be seen due to the rise of the road. Very nearly witnessed a head-on which would have involved my kids and the other innocents on the bus and in the cars behind. To put this into perspective though, with the elapsed time for the bus to slow, stop, pick-up and move off again of around 30 seconds, I can understand why people can’t be bothered waiting and endanger innocent lives with their irresponsible behaviour. At a legislative level I would like to see a law change that makes it illegal to pass a school bus that has stopped on a roadway. At a practical level I will now seriously consider placing a camera capable of recording manner of driving and number plate in a suitable position at my gate, and then pass the footage on to my very helpful and receptive contact at NZ road policing. #endangermykidsatyourperil# Chris Rutter

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∞ 10 AUGUST - 10 SEPTEMBER Fill in the online survey on Auckland Council's website and have your say about how Green Road park is developed. Go to: www.aucklandcouncil.govt. nz/haveyoursay ∞ 12 AUGUST, Sunday. Wild Wood working bee, 10am start. ∞ 18 AUGUST, Saturday 10am to 2pm. Open Day at Dairy Flat Hall come along and meet the Green Road park project team. ∞ 20 AUGUST, Monday. Last day to buy early bird tickets to Casino Night - only $25 each! ∞ 23 AUGUST, Monday, 3.30pm-7pm Community information session with AT and NZTA about supporting urban growth in the area. All welcome. ∞ 26 AUGUST, Sunday, Open Day at Dairy Flat Tennis Club 10am-1pm. ∞ 26 AUGUST, Sunday, 9.30am -11.30am. NZ Pests Workshop at Kaipara Coast Garden Centre. ∞ 31 AUGUST, Daffodil Day give generously to help fund cancer research. ∞ 1 SEPTEMBER, Saturday Feeling lucky? Head along to the Casino Night fundraiser for Coatesville School at the Settlers Hall from 7.30pm. It's all play money but we can dream. ∞ 2 SEPTEMBER, Coatesville Market, 10am- 2pm. ∞ 6 SEPTEMBER, Thursday, CWI meets at 7.15pm at Settlers Hall, newcomers welcome.

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Baby joy

Congratulations to Coatesville School Principal Richard Johnson and partner Jesse Chiari who welcomed their baby boy Ashton Henry Lorenzo Johnson on 3 July. We hear the family are all doing well although a little light on sleep.

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In fine voice

Congratulations and welcome back to John Quirk and Cameron Brownsey, both ex-Coatesville Primary School students and now in year 12 at Westlake Boys' High School, who recently returned from a tour of northern Italy. The boys travelled to Europe as part of Westlake's two choirs: Voicemale (an all-male choir) and Choralation (mixed choir with Westlake Girls). Reports are that Voicemale wowed audiences in Rome, Florence, Siena, Pisa, Cremona and Venice. The tour included performances at amazing locations such as singing mass at the Vatican with a specially commissioned mass written for the occasion by NZ composer David Hamilton. One of the tour highlights for the boys was participating in the second Leonardo da Vinci International Choral Festival in Florence. Voicemale sang two recitals and competed against choirs from around the world to ultimately win the festival's Grand Prix award; the highest accolade at the event. The choir returned with a prize of an etching by wellknown Florentine artist and 3000 euros in prizemoney. A world class achievement and once in a lifetime experience. Awesome!

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Downhill racer

Year 11 Kristin School student and Super G speed demon, Harrison Messenger, is in the middle of his winter ski training season at Cardrona. In his first two races at Coronet Peak, Harrison took out first and second place. The Youth Series which takes place this month from 18 to 20 August is his next big competitive event. Good luck Harrison! (located in Coatesville)

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Posties ask...

Our Rural Delivery posties, Albert and Angela Uluinayau politely ask locals to please place your rubbish bin away from your letterbox on rubbish days. It seems some people are placing them in front of their letterboxes, which makes it tricky to deliver the mail. Thanks.

On the horizon

The earliest signs are visible that winter is on the wane and reports of a warmer than usual August sound promising. Daylight saving will be back before we know it. The official day for putting you clocks forward an hour is midnight on Sunday, 30 September.

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Return to the Wild Wood

Weeds were weeded, natives were planted and the sun shone for the brief three hours on the Sunday morning when the troops returned to work on the Wild Wood. The working bee that had been planned for the previous Sunday, rain or shine, actually had to be canned after a deluge hit Coatesville, turning what was a gully, into a small lake. It was wet and slippery and the intended areas of planting were well under water. The following Sunday the ground was still very wet, but on the up-side, no watering of plants was required. Volunteers planted revegetation varieties including coprosma and Manuka, complemented by a mix of sedges for the wet areas, kowhai for the banks and kiokio ferns near the root mounds of the large oak trees. Next working bee: 12 August, at 10am to plant the remaining grasses. If you're keen to come along, email Tanya Ankersmit

Extending the Wild Wood

Wild Wood volunteers are now preparing to extend the Wild Wood area which will encompass the stream flowing through the reserve, whilst still retaining the Pony Club’s cross country course through the gully. This involves fencing, clearing and preparing new ground for planting native trees and establishing a haven for local birdlife. The group also plans to install rat bait

Police report

From left: Kim Horgan, Christine Peek, Liz Rosie, Tony Peek, Tanya Ankersmit and Phil Smith

station to further protect nesting birds. Recently volunteers met with Sinead Brimacombe, Park Ranger Auckland Council and Andrea Sugar, Treescape Project Manager to finalise the planting and pest control work to be undertaken. When completed, this will be another important step towards improving the reserve and developing the Coatesville Corridor. Owen Aspden

from vehicles, especially large commercial batteries from trucks. Winter brings a new season of Battery thieves don’t take the local theft. If you combine the time to disconnect terminals. long dark nights with a mixture of Boltcutters are used to cut the rain and low temps, you provide cables and securing brackets. perfect cover for thieves to carry This doubles the cost of battery out their burglaries and thefts. replacement. Most people are less inclined to Everinvestigate had mess It’s important to combat suspicious activity this with simple precautions. outside during miserable weather left behind? If possible use padlocks and and our local crooks know this. chains around the battery boxes On rural properties with long to secure the batteries in place driveways, we recommend that and deter the thieves. Engraving you have some sort of warning the batteries with the vehicle device that alerts you to when a registration also allows police to vehicle enters your driveway. locate stolen batteries. Throughout Rodney in the If your mess, nobeen dodgy products & campervan and boat are lastNo month, there's a huge parked awaiting the warmer rise in the thefts of batteries

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weather, then remove the batteries and any other valuables until they are being used. The winter weather means it’s also an important time of year to ensure that your vehicle's tyres are in good condition. Today, with WOF’s being issued for a 12-month period, you need to have your tyres checked regularly for tyre tread depth and correct inflation. These both contribute to your vehicle's handling and safety. A current WOF does not make you exempt from getting a ticket for a balding tyre. Community Constable Mike Brown, Orewa

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Caring for young lambs

Spring has nearly sprung and although most young lambs will be completely fine to be looked after by their mothers, occasionally one will be cold, weak, orphaned, mismothered or otherwise require assistance/raising by hand. Remember when considering whether to take on any neonatal animal – it will need care and feeding at all hours of the night and day – just like a newborn baby. First, try and establish whether the lamb received colostrum from its mother after birth. Colostrum helps protect them while they develop their own immune system and the newborn animal's digestive tract will only absorb colostrum in the first 24-48hours after being born. Lambs should get at least 500ml of colostrum in the first 24 hours in 6-8 meals although any amount is better than none. Colostrum from mum is best although from another ewe, fresh bovine colostrum, or commercial preparations are available. Buy a good quality milk replacer and buy enough to last your lamb until weaning. Quality and digestibility varies between batches and different brands, keeping the same bag of milk powder all the way through helps reduce gut upsets. Make sure you mix the milk powder in clean containers with clean utensils at the correct rate and temperature as it will help it digest properly in the appropriate part of the lamb's stomach. Follow the feeding directions and do not overfeed them in one meal – it is better to feed them little and often. Wiping off their (super cute) milk moustache with a damp cloth after feeding will help reduce skin irritation. As they get older you can gradually increase the meal volume and decrease the frequency – most will end up on two 500ml feeds per day by 3-4 weeks of age depending on their size/growth. Have clean water available all the time and hay and/or quality pasture available from one week of age onwards. Brush or wash dirt off with clean warm water (no soap/shampoo) because they need the lanolin in their fleece. Docking is usually done at 7–21 days of age and lambs will require a lambvacc (pk/antitetanus) if their mothers haven't had a 5in1 booster prelamb or if they have an uncertain colostrum history. Regardless of colostrum history, it is recommended that a 5in1 vaccine sensitiser be given at the same time and a booster injection given 4 weeks later (then annually after that). Weaning can be done at any age from 5 weeks onwards – make sure they have lots of water and are well used to eating hay and pasture before doing this. Drenching is not usually required until after weaning. Jonathan Pollard BVSc


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k Bo o ay ! d OPEN 7 DAYS to Café 7am-3pm • Restaurant 4pm-10pm 22 School Rd, Riverhead THE COATESVILLE CHRONICLE | AUGUST 2018 | 5

Improving road safety Local Board View By Louise Johnston It has been a big relief to see both the temporary speed limit reduction at the intersection of Dairy Flat and Coatesville Riverhead Highway and the police actively enforcing this limit. There have been a number of complaints about the size of the temporary signs and AT are intending to install billboard type signs on the northern approach to the intersection with messaging about the temporary speed reduction and the proposed roundabout. AT have said that the roundabout is still scheduled for construction in the summer earthworks season, but from previous experience I will not relax until I actually see the digger onsite. For the Dairy Flat Highway (DFH) safety improvement

project, AT received over 200 submissions. The main safety issues identified were speed limits, limited visibility and safety concerns at intersections along DFH and in turning right. There was also a number of requests for traffic lights/roundabout at the C-R Highway intersection. In the next couple of months AT will issue the proposed draft safety improvements for DFH. As the traffic experts of DFH it is very important that we provide feedback on this draft. You can keep up to date on the project via and search ‘Dairy Flat Highway safety improvements’. At this stage I do not have the dates of when the draft Greenways Plans will come out for

Louise Johnston, Rodney Local Board member, at the CRH-DFH intersection

review for Coatesville and Dairy Flat but I will update the local Facebook pages and community groups as soon as I know. Hopefully you will be able to drop in to Dairy Flat Hall on Saturday, 18 August between 10am and 2pm and provide your feedback on Green Road, the Cornwall Park of the North Shore! Any questions, please contact me via email at louise.johnston@

Auckland Transport's View Information supplied by AT Auckland Transport is working with the local community to help improve safety in, and around Dairy Flat, and in particular the dangerous intersection at the Coatesville-Riverhead/Dairy Flat Highway. Earlier this year, AT engaged with Dairy Flat locals, key stakeholders and the Rodney Local Board on safety improvements on the highway. As a result, there was a high number of submissions and valuable feedback, that will help shape the plans for the delivery of the much-needed safety improvements. There are numerous driving hazards on the Dairy Flat Highway that are leading to the high number of crashes, and AT is committed to delivering the safety improvements as quickly as possible. Some of these improvements could include rumble strips, improved signage, wire ropes and upgraded intersections. AT Group Manager Network Management and Safety


Randhir Karma says the Dairy Flat Highway will have significant improvements for drivers. “We understand that Dairy Flat Highway can be dangerous, there are problems with intersections, and other roadside risks along the highway that need to be addressed so we can improve safety, enhance the experience for drivers and ultimately reduce the trauma caused by crashes on Dairy Flat Highway.” Following recent concerns about road safety at this intersection, and the need for immediate action, it was decided to install a temporary fix in the form of a temporary traffic management plan. This work includes the temporary 60km/h speed limit signs and the flexi-bollards. The temporary speed limit signs and flexi-bollards will remain until the road layout is changed which is expected over this summer. The flexi bollards provide a physical reminder that traffic management is in place and helps to reduce vehicle speeds. Part of AT’s wider strategy to improve safety is to reduce speeds on the entire length of the highway, from 100km/h – 80km/h and 80 – 60km/h in different locations. The Coatesville-Riverhead/Dairy Flat Highway intersection will be delivered with funding from the Regional Fuel Tax. If you would like more information on the Dairy Flat Highway safety improvements, visit: https://at.govt. nz/projects-roadworks/dairy-flat-highway-safetyimprovements/

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Making a difference: Jason Steele After seven years living in Italy where he met and married his wife Roberta, Jason Steele and his young family returned to New Zealand in 2012. Back then, the couple's two boys – both born in Italy – were fluent in Italian but didn't speak English, so the transition to Kiwi life took time. After a few early challenges that included choosing a school for Samuele (5 years at the time) and pre-school for Josh (then 3½years), they met BOT member Belinda Finlayson at a birthday party and heard about Coatesville Primary. And the rest, as they say, is history. Today, you could say Jason's a bit of a superdad. As well as his busy family and work life, he finds time to be the Friends of The School (FOTS) Chairman. Last year, under his leadership the FOTS raised $60K for the school and this year their target is $65K. The Chronicle sat down with Jace to find out what's behind his colossal commitment to the community. How does Coatesville’s community differ from Italy? In Italy the church plays a big part in the community, that’s not from a religious point, but very much as a central point of the community. This extends from things like afterschool care, holiday programmes, scouts, fund raisers and support groups. In Italy, community is everything and it's supported extensively. People make a community, it just needs someone or something to start the momentum and drive things and the people will come. Coatesville has some fantastic people and incentives that have

Jason and Roberta Steele with their sons Josh (left) and Sam.

started but there is so much room for more and what I see is needed is participation from those in the community and that’s something everyone can do. Why did you volunteer for the role of PFA Chairman in 2017? Free beer – I was told there was free beer at the AGM so I rocked up and got one but it came with strings attached. The truth is I was asked by Karl Sentch (school BOT member) if I would consider getting involved and he was offering the free beer! At the time I was working crazy hours, leaving home at 5am to my office in Manukau and getting home at 7pm. I knew nothing about what the kids were doing at

“Rome wasn't built in a day, but it was built!”

567 Don Buck Rd, Westgate, West Auckland Phone: (09) 416 1001 Mobile (021) 771 633 Email:



school or anything at afterschool for that matter. I realised I could stay at work for another 10 hours a day and still not get further ahead, so I decided change was up to me. I think there are a lot of people like me who are so busy working they don’t realise life is flying by. Your kids grow up before you know it and sometimes it’s just easy to put your head down and work. I have two boys who are impressionable and it’s up to me to help them to be the best they can be. I didn't want them to see me kill myself working and not get involved in their lives. So why did I put my hand up? To show my boys I am part of their lives. To learn more about what they do each day, about what the school does and how it helps me develop them. I saw other people in the community getting involved, volunteering to help and making a big difference. Sandy Hitchcock (school BOT) ran the boys' first

few years of soccer and I saw the massive impact she had on them and the other kids. Sandy motivated me to get involved and I hope I might just motivate someone else to slow down and get involved with their kids. The truth is, since taking up the chair role, my/our life has improved. I have met some of our best friends, some great kids, been involved with much more than I could have imagined and along the way we have raised some money for the school. Tell us about the chairman role. This is my second year and I am slowly learning that even if I want to, I can’t do everything. One of the things I have learned that helps me in my work is how to get people to be involved and do things when you’re not their boss and not paying them! As for workload, last year we kicked off the firewood project so I spent many weekends – probably 2-3 a month, cutting up trees, splitting, stacking and delivering wood so that we could enter this year with around 70m³ ready for sale. I admit that this year I have stepped back as my job is taking up more of my time. We have a great group of FOTS and there are always people to help, so it’s been much easier on me. A year on, how would you describe your leadership style and how have people reacted to your can-do attitude? I like to get stuck in and be involved everywhere I can. What’s been good to see is the number of other dads who've come out of the shadows and got involved. Many have the same problem as I did – work, work, work – but when there is an opportunity to get involved with no strings attached

– even if I do offer free beer – a lot of guys are getting involved and that's great to see. Getting dads involved is what I really want to see and not just with FOTS but getting together outside of this. I'm a MX bike rider and we have about 10 of us who now meet up once a month for a ride together locally. Most of the guys have gone out and bought bikes this year just to come join us, so it’s been growing and I hope to get more involved – all riding levels welcome! Has anything surprised you along the way? The biggest surprise is how much some people do. Heather Seel was chairperson before me and like most people I had no idea what she did, but I can honestly say that lady does a huge amount of work for the school and the community and most of it goes below the radar. I honestly could not have done what little I have contributed without Heather there guiding me and picking up the pieces.

“As gypsy renters

... providing a stable home for the kids is difficult. The school they go to becomes their rock.

The BOT members are also working behind the scenes not just with the school but on the sports fields and greater community. These are examples but there is so much others do that all goes below the radar, Cindy Pole spends weeks/months gathering, organising books for Ag Day then weeks/months selling all leftovers

on Trade Me Auctions. Tanya McKinnon spends months making Ag Day ribbons for Coatesville and other schools. There are so many examples but this is just a couple. On the other side, it never ceases to amaze me how many people are happy to sit back and let others do the work and not get involved. I hope that what we do through the FOTS gives them more opportunities to change that and get involved. Rome wasn't built in a day, but it was built! Why do you give so much time to the school? We are renters, we are faced with the unfortunate reality that we will probably never own a house in Auckland. As gypsy renters we have had to move to three houses in four years, so providing a stable home for the kids is difficult. The school they go to becomes their rock, it’s the constant that does not change even if the drive home does. The stability is the school they go to and the community that supports them, supports us and for this we are all thankful. What’ on your wishlist for 2018? To raise a minimum of $65,000 for the school this year. We are halfway through the year already so what’s up next is our Casino night on Saturday, 1 September. We've also got a free movie and popcorn night for the kids and a couple of working bees are planned. Don’t forget Ag Day on 27 October! Who would you most like to connect with in the community? Dads. Too much is left to the lovely mothers out there. Dads need to come and get involved, be it a school event, a fund raising event or just come to one of our monthly FOTS catch ups. No strings – just come along and listen and enjoy a free beer! 

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Albany Toyota – Your local family owned and operated business for over 25 years! Come and find out what makes ALBANY TOYOTA different from the rest. Our dealership not only has a complete range of new passenger and commercial Toyota’s, we also have a huge Used Car selection with something to suit everyone’s needs and budget. We offer FIXED PRICE vehicle service and have GENUINE Toyota Parts. All this, coupled with friendly and fast service makes ALBANY TOYOTA a pleasure to deal with. And we are right on the Coatesville doorstep at …

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Exhibition to showcase new talent Artworks by 10 award-winning contemporary Chinese artists will go on show for a month at a new art local gallery and venue in Riverhead called Hu’s Art Farm. The exhibition Stones from Other Mountains is championed by the Young Artist’s Foundation (www. and will see the 10 young artists from top Chinese art academies travel to New Zealand to participate. While they are here, they will take part in the extended workshop and exhibition at Hu's Art Farm where they will also stay. The event is being co-hosted by the Bank of China and presented in partnership with Elam Art School, McCahon House and China Chamber of Commerce. Its purpose is to support artistic exchange between New Zealand and China. Curator, Bridget Riggir-Cuddy from Artspace in Karangahape Road is in charge of displaying the works that include a range of media: paintings, installations, screen and object-based works. The opening ceremony on 22 August is an invitation-only VIP gala event. According to Hu’s Farm manager Damon Jones, the guest list includes the who’s who of New Zealand’s art and movie scene as well as key representatives from China’s Commercial Bank and the China Chamber of Commerce. Mr Jones believes local visitors to the show may be surprised by what they find. “When people think of Chinese art, they often think of historical or traditional art which is representational. These works are contemporary and the styles vary hugely between the artists who are all acclaimed for their work,” he says.

Rural idyll: the view from the gallery over the farm and onto the pond.

Each artist is the recipient of the Graduates Art Fair Young Artist Award (China) and was chosen to represent the best of a new generation in Chinese art. Stones from Other Mountains is the first exhibition to be displayed in Hu's Art Farm's purpose-built art gallery. The building looks on to lawns that slope towards a tranquil pond and on sunny days the gallery's three over-sized barn doors can be opened to optimise natural light. However, a sophisticated built-in lighting system will ensure the works are displayed to their best at all times of the day and night. The 21-acre property is owned by an Auckland resident who has been a longstanding patron of the arts. Her vision with Hu's Farm was to create an environment that would support and encourage artists in their creative process. The gallery space also doubles as a function venue that can



accommodate seating for up to 115 guests. And a recently built carpark now provides parking for up to 50 cars. Mr Jones says the exhibition will give visitors the chance to get to know Hu's Farm, which is bound to become a sought after location for weddings, special events and holiday lets. Stones from Other Mountains will run from 23 August to 22 September. The exhibition is open to the public from 10am to 3pm on weekends and by appointment on weekdays. 

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The big wet and planting

By Grant McKechnie

“It’s been so wet.” We hear that sentiment just about every day from customers in the nursery at the moment, and we quite agree. It’s been a wet, wet winter, evidenced by the way our boots sink into the lawn every time we walk across it. As for lawn mowing — well, we just won’t go there. Lots of people think they need to stop planting over winter, but winter — even a really wet one like Kahikatea thrives in Coatesville's growing this — is actually the perfect time conditions. to plant. Plants have a chance to What can you do about it? Is get established and get their roots drainage an option? Can you divert down into the ground before the the water away from your planting dry season. If you wait to plant until with a trench drain? Sometimes a late spring/summer, you’re likely simple spade slit on the downhill to have to water the plants over side is enough to run the water summer. The exception is the real away from your plant’s rootball. wet, swampy areas where planting If drainage isn’t an option, then can safely be delayed a month correct plant selection is critical. or two because there will be an Here’s a quick rundown of some underlying dampness in the soil first choices for those really wet, later on. boggy spots: Winter is a good time to evaluate Small growers: swamp flax, how wet different parts of your members of the carex (native grass) property are at the worst time family. of year, and that will define what Medium growers: manuka, you plant where. Everywhere KUMEU MEAT PROCESSORS cabbage tree. seems to be soggy now but there QualityofHome Killed Big growers: willows, Taxodium are degrees wetness and it’sMeat Processing distichum (swamp cypress, a important to be sure of what you Phone: 09 412 2007 Mobile: 021 685 199 deciduous conifer with copper are dealing with. autumn colour) Nyssa sylvatica For most of us, the top 5 to 10cm 80 F Main Road, Kumeu (tupelo, also deciduous, red of (behind soil is squelchy now; what really BNZ Bank) autumn leaves) poplars, swamp counts is below that level, that’s email:the gum (Eucalyptus ovata), and of where majority of your plant’s course, our native kahikatea, which roots are headed. If your soil is still thrives in Coatesville. squelchy and oozing water 20 to Home of the tasty sausage There’s lots more choice for 30cm down, that is wet and limits damp (rather than boggy wet) soils your choices when it comes to and free-draining soils, but we’ll plants — probably more than any talk about that another time. other factor.

Reminder: How to share the road with horses All road users must take care when approaching a horse and rider – even cyclists and pedestrians. Drivers: ∞ Slow down to 20km/hr ∞ Keep a distance of 2 metres between your vehicle and the horse and rider. ∞ Obey rider hand signals. ∞ Don't pass a horse on a bridge or when an oncoming car is approaching. ∞ Don't pass a car that is passing a horse. ∞ Pass a horse and rider the same way you would pass a 2-year-old child that’s just run out on the footpath unsupervised. ∞ Don't make loud sounds or rev your engine. Cyclists: ∞ Slow down and talk as you approach a horse. Horses can’t see or hear you coming and can be dangerous when caught by surprise. Pedestrians: ∞ Please keep your dog on-leash and under control. Horse Riders: ∞ Wear hi-vis clothing and an approved hard hat. ∞ Don’t ride on footpaths or nicely mown berms. ∞ Only ride two abreast if you’re leading another horse or shielding a horse from traffic. ∞ Carry a cellphone but don’t use it while mounted. ∞ In a residential area, pick up horse poo where it's safe to do so, or go back later to remove it. ∞ Wave and be courteous to considerate drivers.

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CWI takes centre stage

Greetings from Coatesville Women’s Institute. For most of us, it's great to know that we are past half-way through winter, the shortest day is behind us so now we can look forward to spring. At our July meeting, our speaker was Andrew Young the CEO of the Well Foundation attached to the Waitemata Health Board. A delightful young man whose passion is to inform companies and groups of the work that the Well Foundation does with charitable donations. This ranges from purchasing the first surgical robot capable of doing knee surgery for North Shore Hospital, to community-based units that visit poorer sectors of our community. These units help educate families about what is available to them in the way of health services. The Foundation is also working on upgrading the chapel at

Waitakere to make it a more inviting area for friends and family to spend some quiet reflective time. During July we also had our drama practices at Val Moore’s home. There were lots of laughs and we enjoyed her hospitality for a cuppa and a bite to eat. Our Entertainment Day was well supported and a good day was had by all our Auckland North Group. Coatesville decided to have the theme of "Strong Women" in our performance to celebrate 125 years of the suffragettes. Tracey Van Lent our Drama Convenor did a great job of formatting a new version of Lily the Pink based on our members. A bracket of songs specific to the suffragette movement and last but not least a dance routine based on Shania Twain's song "I feel like a Women". All three

items were well received. With Entertainment Day done and dusted, over the next few weeks we will focus on our hospital buddies at our craft days. Erica Lacy has again kindly opened up her home for this. In August we will enjoy a late mid-winter dinner with family and friends at the Black Cottage. In September we have one of our lovely members speaking on a subject that they are passionate about. Member to be advised. We are a friendly, fun-loving bunch of women who meet on the first Thursday evening of the month at 7.15pm at Coatesville Settlers Hall. We welcome visitors and new members alike. Denise Bott If you have any questions or you're interested in joining our group, please phone Denise on 411 5209 or 021 677 762

Above: The CWI Entertainment Day practice at Val Moore's home. Below: Denise Bott dressed as Lily the Pink with a bottle of medicinal compound.

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Green Road park planning starts L

ocals are being asked to speak up about how Green Road park should be developed now that the consultation phase of planning has started. In June Auckland Council engaged WSP Opus to map out the future of the park, which comprises 154 hectares of farmland. And during August there will be two opportunities for the public to contribute their input. The first is an online survey being held from 10 August to 10 September and the second is an open day on 18 August at the Dairy Flat Citizens’ Hall. Developing a master plan for Green Road park is a key project of the Rodney Local Board who are encouraging people to give their feedback either at the open day or online. Jenn Benden, a consultant with WSP Opus, says the survey will ask people to share their vision of what the park should look and feel like based on other wellknown New Zealand parks. While the open day will give locals the chance to meet the project leaders in person and get a feel

Jenn Benden, consultant from WSP Opus, attended the CRRA meeting in June to discuss the consultation process.

for the land’s assets through maps and imagery. The project team will then use the feedback to collate the Green Road Park Needs Assessment Report. This document is likely to be finished before Christmas and will include the needs, wants and attitudes of the local community plus recommendations about how the land should be used. “At this stage we’re open to anything,” says Benden. “Some groups are bound to have competing interests, say like a sports group and an environmental protection group, but it’s about finding a balance. Barriers are less of an issue because of the size of the land,” she says.

Clean and Green Drains always seem to need regular monitoring and cleaning. Check and clear them often to prevent flooding.

Because of the wet winter, meeting on site isn’t possible at this time but Benden says it may happen later in the year. For now, attending the open day is the best way to get to grips with the scale of the park and the scope of what might be possible. “Nature’s so important to our physical and mental well-being,” says Benden. “It’s clear the community wants a recreational park as soon as possible and the Local Board are very excited. It’s an amazing time to get involved.” Go to:www.aucklandcouncil. Come along to the open day on Saturday, 18 August from 10am till 2pm at the Dairy Flat Hall.

What would you like to do at Green Road park? • Horse riding • Dog walking • Sports grounds • Picnic areas

• Skate park • Ice skating • Pentanque • Kite flying • You decide!

The consultation phase is your chance to share your ideas.

Civil Defence Don’t forget to check the batteries before this goes in your survival bag.

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