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MARCH 6, 2015

R. Roger Rowe Middle School Principal Garrett Corduan stands next to the John Lennon Educational Bus Tour. Photo by Christina


John Lennon tour bus visits RSF school By Christina Macone-Greene

Derek Miller, Dophie Post, and Dave Van Den Berg stand under the new sign showing the RSF Tennis Club’s honor from the United States Professional Tennis Association San Diego Division as the “2014 Outstanding Facility of The Year.” Photo by Christina Macone-Greene

RSF Tennis Club honored by USPTA By Christina Macone-Greene

RANCHO SANTA FE — The Rancho Santa Fe Tennis Club has a great deal to be delighted about these days. As their membership numbers are growing by leaps and bounds, they were just honored by the United States Professional Tennis Association (USPTA) San Diego Division as the “2014 Outstanding Facility of The Year.” It’s a great testament to a facility celebrating its 50th anniversary. This news has created quite a stir in the Ranch and its surrounding communities. President of the tennis club, Dave

Van Den Berg, believes this recognition means a tremendous deal. “There are only 17 divisions of the United States Professional Tennis Association and we are in one of those districts,” he said. Van Den Berg continues, “So if you take the United States and you divide it up 17 different ways and to have that honor given to us is just fantastic.” Van Den Berg said he attributes this recognition to the USPTA tournaments that it hosts. He also pointed out they have one of the best junior programs in the world right there in Rancho Santa Fe. “I mean take a look out there,”

said Van Den Berg, eyeing the clubhouse large window with an unobstructed view of players on the tennis courts. “You’ll see some of the top players in their age groups in the world playing right in front of you.” Van Den Berg boasted that they players which are ranked in the top five in the world. He also wanted people to know that their very own Derek Miller, the director of tennis, is considered to be one of the top tennis players in San Diego and top junior coaches in the world. “Derek is fantastic,” he said. TURN TO TENNIS CLUB ON 18

Rancho Santa Fe Garden Club decides to invest By Christina Macone-Greene

RANCHO SANTA FE — The recent sale of the Garden Club property prompted discussion at a recent board meeting regarding the direction it would take with the funds. The property was sold for more than $2.8 million. Part of its decision was to partner with the Rancho Santa Fe Foundation. “The Board of Directors unanimously voted to invest $3 million in a Non-Endowment Non-Profit Account with the Rancho Santa Fe Foundation,” said Erin Browne, Executive Di-


rector of the Rancho Santa Fe Garden Club. “Investing in this type of fund will allow the assets to remain under the control of the Garden Club to be used for scholarships and grants to organizations as approved by the Garden Club Board of Directors.” According to Christy Wilson of the RSF Foundation, their organization has had a longstanding and beneficial relationship for more than three decades. “We are proud to have been selected to manage the fund that will result from the sale of the club.


This will enable the Garden Club to continue to make significant and regular grants to nonprofits which focus on horticulture and conservation for many years to come,” Wilson said. Browne wants people to know that investment performance reports clearly indicate that the Foundation has steadily outpaced comparable foundations over the past 10 years. This includes the 2007-08 period, she said, when market returns were particularly weak. “We are confident this relationship will create a


positive impact on the organizations that benefit from the Garden Club grants and scholarships and the Rancho Santa Fe community as a whole,” Browne said. Founded in 1926, the Rancho Santa Fe Garden Club has remained steadfast in charitable contributions toward horticulture and conservation endeavors. “As the organization and the community have grown, our mission now encompasses efforts both within and outside the comTURN TO GARDEN CLUB ON 18

RANCHO SANTA FE — The energy was electrifying as the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus motored to the R. Roger Rowe School in Rancho Santa Fe. It provided participants with a sense of inspiration. R. Roger Rowe Middle School Principal, Garrett Corduan, said it was a day to give kids an opportunity to discover music or their musical talent. “What I saw today was great,” Corduan said. “The kids were encouraged to pick an instrument, play it, and the gentlemen that came along with the John Lennon Bus were right there by their side showing the kids how to makes sounds and music.” Corduan said the best part was watching how the children were immersed in a newfound interest. According to Corduan, approximately 100 students participated throughout the day that had permission slips for the event. “In their interest form for the event, they wrote paragraphs as to why they would like to be selected when the group comes back to be part of a recording session,” he said. According to Corduan, the John Lennon Bus will return in the months ahead and around 10 students will be TURN TO LENNON ON 20

Superintendent, parents meet on foreign language program By Christina Macone-Greene ing how years ago they

RANCHO SANTA FE — A wave of foreign language interest has created a surge at the Rancho Santa Fe School District for grades kindergarten through Five. While much has been said during the course of past board meetings, Superintendent Lindy Delaney felt there should be a different type of platform to address this situation. The meeting was held in the Performing Arts Center at the campus. Numerous parents were in attendance as well as school board members Tyler Seltzer, Marti Ritto and Todd Buchner. Delaney began say-

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did implement a foreign language program for elementary school where they had part-time and full-time Spanish teachers who came in and taught the curriculum for about five to six years. Consistently, she started to hear that students were not retaining the language. “They would come in the next year and they were having to start pretty much back at ground zero. There wasn’t a lot of carryover, and it just didn’t feel like it was working,” Delaney said. “So at that time I put out a parent surTURN TO LANGUAGE ON 18


T he R ancho S anta F e News

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MARCH 6, 2015


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MARCH 6, 2015


T he R ancho S anta F e News

Art auction benefiting Alzheimer’s Association draws closer By Christina Macone-Greene

RANCHO SANTA FE — While art auctions attract an array of enthusiasts, knowing that any proceeds filter in a direction to support a cause makes the event even more special. On March 6, at the Fairbanks Country Club, the Alzheimer’s Association San Diego Chapter is championing its 18th annual Memories in the Making Art Auction starting at 6:30 p.m. “We are proud to have the participation and support of some truly incredible San Diego artists, including Rock and Roll enthusiast, Patrick Carney, award-winning water colorist, Mark Sherman, accomplished oil painter, Natalie Sabin Gore, the wife of San Diego County Sheriff Bill Gore,” said Jamie Hagan, communications manager at the Alzheimer’s Association. “We will also feature

some nontraditional pairings including a delectable Hershey Kiss sculpture by Jean Wells Hamerslag, and three beautiful blow glass pieces by Jennifer Brennan and Kathleen Mitchell.” Hagan said what makes this event so unique are the award-winning local artists, friends of the Association and individuals touched by Alzheimer’s disease. And the backdrop of the Fairbanks Ranch Country Club makes it a perfect venue. “Proceeds of the event will go to support programs and services for the more than 60,000 San Diegans and their families battling this devastating disease, as well as advance critical research for a cure,” she said. While the evening will be brimming with artistic expression, Hagan wants people to know that a silent auction of lovely artwork created by those with Alz-

On March 6, at the Fairbanks Country Club, the Alzheimer’s Association San Diego Chapter is hosting its 18th annual Memories in the Making Art Auction. Photo by Melissa Jacobs

heimer’s or other types of will also take place. “Guests will also enjoy dementia will be available. A live auction of work craft- delicious culinary stations ed by professional artists and live acoustic music by

local band, Ottopilot,” she said. “Kristen Cusato of KUSI news and a former caregiver for her mother

will be emceeing the event along with the talented Clint Bell acting as the evening auctioneer.” Hagan shared there will be an added bonus during the course of the fundraiser. There will be “evening pairing” and “experience pairing.” For example, Hagan said, Mark Sherman’s lighthouse pairing will be auctioned off with a Zolna Yacht Sunset Cruise for 12 on San Diego Bay. Realizing the effort it takes to put on an event of this magnitude, Hagan wanted to acknowledge its generous founding chair, Darlene Shiley. Event committee members include Barbara Mulligan, Bettina Hahn Osborne, Tammy Rooke and Cree Scudder For those interested in attending or perusing the artwork, visit or call (858) 966-3299 for additional information.

Specialists visit RSF Senior Center By Christina Macone-Greene

Dave Vandenberg, Barbara Kruer and Rory Kendall

Rosemary Nauert and Al Castro

RSF Association Board Director Heather Slosar Steve Sansone and Barbara McClanahan with her children Jackson, Anthony, and Avery


The Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club was the place to be to for the “Meet and Greet” event for Covenant members to get acquainted with its new Association manager, William “Bill” Overton. The venue location was the picturesque RSF Golf Club in room 1929. The Feb. 18 event drew attracted a large crowd and Overton was delighted to meet the residents. Photos by Christina Macone-Greene

RANCHO SANTA FE — While fraud, scams and identity theft continues to rise, the Rancho Santa Fe Senior Center wanted its residents to be empowered by learning more about these threats. A recent visit from Gary Rivers, Crime Prevention Specialist from the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department, explained to the attendees how people can protect themselves against all types of fraud. Terrie Litwin, executive director at the RSF Senior Center introduced Rivers. “Scam artists are getting smarter and smarter on how they go about attracting their victims,” she said. “I know Gary’s got the right information and we really appreciate him being here.” Rivers agreed with Litwin. Fraudulent people are becoming more ingenious as far the different ways they are arriving at new scams. Rivers, a former San Diego Police Officer who retired from the force after 29 years, was delighted to educate people on how they can protect themselves. The senior community is particularly at risk with certain scams, he said. Rivers explained there are indeed senior scams which play into the fears of how some seniors may be forgetful and more trusting. According to Rivers’ statistics, seniors who lost $20,000 or more in financial exploitation went on to lose an average of $2,000 a year to other scams over the next five years. Met Life is calling elder financial abuse as the “Crime of the 21st Century.” Rivers went on to say that was once thought to cost the elderly $2.9 billion, True Link Financial found that it’s costing the elderly 12 times that estimate to a tune of about $36 billion.

Gary Rivers, crime prevention specialist from the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department speaks to attendees at the Rancho Santa Fe Senior Center on ways to avoid fraud, scams and identity theft. Photo by Christina Macone-Greene

“So it’s, a growing thing,” he said. “The losses are significant with not only actual dollars, but people have lost their homes, their dignity and their cherished independence.” While the senior population represents 12 percent of the nation, he said, they account for 35% of fraud victims. And if that weren’t enough, Rivers pointed out that telemarketers make up for $40 billion of the $100 billion total annual lost by consumer fraud. One way they are filtering out seniors is by opening the digital or paper white pages and finding names of people who were born in the 1940s and 1950s. Examples of these names would be Dorothy, Abigail, Stella, Florence and many more. “So they’re getting kind of really sly as far as what they’re looking for when they pick out their victims,” he said. Rivers named the top scam signs which include the following: the offer is too good to be true; scammers request for private information such as social security numbers and credit card numbers and codes; grammatical errors in letters and emails for new opportunities; request for fees

if someone has incurred winnings; suspicious email domain; no physical property address on a correspondence; and, pressuring people to commit. “Make sure that the business that you’re dealing with is a legitimate business,” he said. “And no legitimate lottery or sweepstakes is ever going to ask for money upfront.” Another thing to be cautious about is someone wanting access to an individual’s computer. Rivers said people who do this, are able to delve into a person’s system and collect all types of personal information, including banking, passwords and so on. Rivers also touched upon the “emergency distress call” scam. He explained this is when grandparents may get a call from a person posing as their grandchild who tells them they are in jail or in a foreign country and need money wired to them immediately. Callers who think a relative is on the other end need bail money totaling around $2,000. “When you get a call like this, and you’re on the phone with them, you need to ask yourself, ‘Does this sound like your grandchild?’” he told the crowd. Although the caller will plead not to have the grandparent call the parents or other family members, ignore that request, hang up, and call others for verification. “The other thing is these scammers will say they’ve been involved in an accident and need money for that,” he said, adding how callers will say they don’t sound like themselves because they have been injured. While scammers are redefining more underhanded tactics to draw people in, Rivers had an important piece of advice to share: “Just say no.”


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MARCH 6, 2015 Views expressed in Opinion & Editorial do not necessarily reflect the views of The Coast News

Community Commentary Referendum against statewide plastic bag ban should incentivize mayor, council to move on local law Clean water advocates say it’s less costly for taxpayers to address the plastic bag pollution at its source By Matt O’Malley

Star power still a political factor California Focus By Thomas D. Elias Condoleeza Rice, the former secretary of state in the George W. Bush administration and now a Stanford University professor, has stated very clearly she would rather attend college basketball games and help choose the college football playoff teams than be a U.S. senator. At 61, she says she prefers a secure job in academe, playing the piano in her spare time, mentoring students and then considering an executive-level job if the Republicans take back the White House. She probably would also rather not face the inevitable questions a campaign would bring about her role in government deceptions that led to this country’s long and costly war in Iraq. “A campaign for the Senate is out of the question,” Rice has said. She’s done nothing counter to that statement, not raising money, not speechifying or anything else, keeping a low profile in general even as others visibly line up to run for the seat Democrat Barbara Boxer will vacate next year. And yet, the latest Field Poll shows Rice leading the senatorial field, including Democrats and Republicans, Latinos and Anglos and African-Americans. This is remarkable in California, a state that hasn’t voted Republican in a presidential or Senate election since 1988 and one where Democratic voter registration runs 15 percent ahead of the GOP’s. What does it mean? Maybe that voters are not yet paying much attention, despite the highly publicized machinations of figures like state Attorney General Kamala Harris, former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and numerous members of Congress from Orange County’s Loretta Sanchez to John Garamendi of Mokelumne Hill in Calaveras County. Some survey respondents told Field Poll director Mark DiCamillo they’re not

yet ready for political action. “It’s just too far away,” said one. “I am waiting for more information to come out.” But Rice’s standing three points ahead of current Democratic front-runner Harris probably also indicates the same thing that Arnold Schwarzenegger demonstrated 12 years ago when he dominated the recall election that ousted then-Gov. Gray Davis: Politics in California has never been only about party. It’s always also been governed by personalities, and stars from other fields can translate that into political success. R e p u b l i c a n Schwarzenegger won the recall and later was easily

given to aphorisms about how his family has lived the American Dream, draws just a 20 percent level of voters “inclined to support” him. Fresno Mayor Ashley Swearengin, who ran unsuccessfully for state controller last year, and former state GOP chairmen Tom del Beccarro and Duf Sundheim have similar levels of support. Almost every Democrat in the potential field does much better, with Sanchez and fellow Congress members Garamendi, Jackie Speier, Xavier Becerra and Adam Schiff all drawing support in the 29 to 39 percent range, well above the mine-run Republicans but far behind

Republican Schwarzenegger won the recall and later was easily reelected not because he’s a distinguished politician or statewman, but because of his repute as a muscleman actor reelected not because he’s a distinguished politician or statesman, but because of his repute as a muscleman actor. Similarly, when the great semanticist S.I. Hayakawa won election to the Senate, it was because of the television exposure he got while countering massive student protests as president of San Francisco State University. Onetime soft-shoe dancer and actor George Murphy, also won a Senate seat as a Republican because of his prior reputation. And John Tunney later won that same seat mostly because his father was a heavyweight boxing champion. A quick look at how the only Republicans avowedly considering a run for Boxer’s seat fare in the Field survey also demonstrates that a lack of star power can be fatal when your party is in the minority. San Diego County Assemblyman Rocky Chavez,

Rice. It all goes to show that while the Republican label has been thoroughly tarnished in California and the GOP has done little to shake off the anti-Latino reputation it got from Gov. Pete Wilson’s all-out support for the ill-fated anti-illegal immigrant 1994 Proposition 187, individual Republicans can still do well. Which means there’s still potential for a healthy two-party system in this state. To make that real, though, the GOP must recruit charismatic candidates with star power – like Condoleeza Rice. Email Thomas Elias at His book, “The Burzynski Breakthrough, The Most Promising Cancer Treatment and the Government’s Campaign to Squelch It,” is now available in a soft cover fourth edition. For more Elias columns, visit

sure vote on California’s law banning plastic shopping bags. Governor Jerry Brown signed the bill in September 2014, making California the first U.S. state to officially prohibit stores from handing them out for free. “It’s not surprising that after spending more than $3.2 million, 98 percent of which is from out of state, the plastic bag industry has bought its way onto the California ballot to protect its profits,” said Mark Murray of Californians vs. Big Plastic, the coalition of local officials and environmental, labor, and business groups supporting the state’s plastic bag ban. “Every poll shows that Californians strongly support the law…. We are confident that Californians will protect a law that is already in place in 138 communities and that will save marine wildlife, reduce litter and save taxpayers millions of dollars,” he added. According to data from San Diego County beach cleanups in 2014, plastics account for 46 percent of debris collected. A d d i t i o n a l l y, a new study this month from the journal Science, quantifies, for the first time, the amount of plastic going into the ocean from land — estimated between 5 million and 14 million tons globally per year. Sadly, says O’Malley, this statewide effort funded by out-of-state special interest groups echoes disparaging local trends in which industry lobbyists have pumped millions of dollars into campaigns to railroad the political process. For more information, visit

San Diego Coastkeeper, which protects fishable, swimmable and drinkable waters, says San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer and the City Council should respond with immediate local action in light of today’s news of the certification of a referendum against a statewide plastic bag ban. If passed, the city of San Diego’s local bag ban would cut down on plastic waste that finds its way into the region’s waters, and the city would become the county’s third to ban plastic bags following action by Solana Beach in 2012 and Encinitas in 2014. In addition to the human health and environmental benefits associated with preventing plastic pollution in San Diego’s waters, says Coastkeeper, it will save taxpayers money. The watchdog organization expects a statewide trash policy to take effect in San Diego within the year. Once passed by the California State Water Resources Control Board (expected in April), this policy will mandate municipalities to prevent trash from entering our waters. “We know it will cost San Diegans even more money to clean up the plastic bags once they’re in the environment. Mayor Faulconer and city council should use this opportunity to demonstrate leadership on the local plastic ban bag now so that we can address the source of the plastic pollution, saving money when Founded in 1995, San Diego Coastkeeper the state requires us to remove it from protects the region’s bays, beaches, waterthe environment,” said Matt O’Malley, sheds and ocean for the people and wildlife Waterkeeper for San Diego Coastkeeper. that depend on them. We balance commuCoastkeeper urges Mayor Faulcon- nity outreach, education, and advocacy to er and council to move on the local law promote stewardship of clean water and a after out-of-state chemical industry lobhealthy coastal ecosystem. byists announced that they collected For more information, visit San Diego enough signatures to force a ballot meaCoastkeeper online at

According to data from San Diego County beach cleanups in 2014, plastics account for 45 percent of debris collected.


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Dr. Terrie Yoshikane DDS MS Specialties: Orthodontics for Children and Adults

Dr. Terrie Yoshikane is committed to helping patients of all ages achieve their goal of a healthy and beautiful smile. Dr. Yoshikane and her team utilize the latest technology and personal care to give their patients the most gentle treatment options and individualized care possible. Dr. Yoshikane has over 25 years of experience and training in providing patients with the highest quality and most advanced orthodontic treatments. No matter the method of treatment, whether it’s Invisalign or Damon braces, Dr. Yoshikane considers it a privilege to be able to create beautiful smiles and change lives in such a positive manner. Dr. Yoshikane has received a number of distinctions and awards. She is in the first and only orthodontist in San Diego County to be awarded the Invisalign Top 1% Provider. Additionally she has been voted “Best of San Diego” nine years in a row. For more information, please call (760) 942-1132 or visit For more than 25 years, physicians at North Coast Health Center have been providing highly personalized care to coastal north San Diego County. With more than 250 physicians to choose from, North Coast Health Center patients have access to primary care, a surgery center, pharmacy, lab, imaging, and


over 45 medical and dental specialties all in one convenient location.

To find the right doctor for you, visit:

MARCH 6, 2015

Orthodontist offers improved options for creating a beautiful smile ENCINITAS — When you think of orthodontics, do you think of a mouth full of painful metal braces? Dr. Terrie Yoshikane of Yoshikane Orthodontics wants to assure you that there is a better way. Recent advancements are making orthodontics appealing to patients of all ages. “Orthodontics is not just for kids,” Dr. Yoshikane said. “It doesn’t have to hurt, and you don’t need to have metal in your mouth.” “In most instances, we can use Invisalign to get the same results as braces,” she said. “We can

patients to feel like part of the family. “We welcome patients to our warm, comfortable office and enhance their care with the most high-tech products and equipment available,” she said. “We care for them like family.” The atmosphere at Yoshikane Orthodontics is also fun. “We have ‘good cooperation’ prizes and ongoing contests for our patients and parents,” Dr. Yoshikane said. “But the best part of our patients’ care is provided by the best team I could have — caring, professional and highly trained staff that are with you every step of the way.” Dr. Yoshikane grew

Orthodontics is not just for kids. It doesn’t have to hurt, and you don’t need to have metal in your mouth.” Dr. Terrie Yoshikane

correct the bite and create big, beautiful smiles with less pressure than traditional braces.” Dr. Yoshikane is the first — and only — orthodontist to reach the Invisalign “top 1 percent” in San Diego County, a distinction given only to the top 100 orthodontists in the nation. Another option for discreet tooth alignment is Damon Clear Braces. “They allow the teeth to move freely and with little discomfort,” Dr. Yoshikane said. Not only are metal braces a thing of the past, so are the molds made of goopy material that went in your mouth. “We use the Itero intraoral scanner to make a digital 3-D model on the computer instead,” Dr. Yoshikane said. “And, we use digital x-rays taken in-house to reduce the exposure to our patients.” Dr. Yoshikane is also excited about a new device called Acceledent. “It is FDA-cleared and helps your teeth move 30 percent to 50 percent faster,” she said. “With it, our patients notice very little discomfort during their treatment.” “We are most excited about the combination of Invisalign and Acceledent to help patients achieve the smiles they desire — no metal, less discomfort and less time to finish.” The patients’ overall satisfaction is the goal for the team at Yoshikane Orthodontics. “We work hard to give our patients the most gentle treatment options and individualized care possible,” Dr. Yoshikane said. They also want

up in Orange County and attended UCLA for undergrad and Loyola School of Dentistry in Chicago, where she graduated in the top of her class. She then went back to UCLA to earn an orthodontic certificate and master’s degree in oral biology. She has served on many boards and was elected the first female president of the California Association of Orthodontists. She currently serves on the board for the American Association of Orthodontists Foundation. The special care she gives to the patients at her practice extends to her charitable efforts. “I have been the orthodontist for Fresh Start Surgical Gifts for more than 15 years,” Dr. Yoshikane said. “We donate our time and services to care for cleft palate and other surgical patients.” Dr. Yoshikane has a deep sense of community and loves practicing in Encinitas. “The people in Encinitas and North County are so health conscious and family and community oriented,” she said. “We have been lucky to be part of this community for more than 25 years and have been proud to give back by sponsoring the local schools, sports teams and participating in the annual Switchfoot Bro-Am events.” Yoshikane Orthodontics is located at 477 N. El Camino Real, #B203 in Encinitas. Hours vary from 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday. For a complimentary consultation, call (760) 942-1132 or visit

MARCH 6, 2015

Nonprofit launches art contest By Christina Macone-Greene

RANCHO SANTA FE — Art for Barks, a nonprofit based in Rancho Santa Fe and founded by Lynn Moon, recently unveiled a contest called, Service Dog Fine Art Contest. An incredibly unique concept, but those who know Moon realize how she persistently reaches for the stars. “Art for Barks was created to support animal rescue and service dog charities and improve daily pet care. We wanted to focus on several animal subjects that we felt needed larger attention,” she said. “We found that the public was well informed about animal abandonment and highly engaged in rescue animal activities. While people were very supportive of Service Dogs, they lacked understanding of the profound contributions by these silent heroes.” Last year, Art for Barks championed the Service Dog Hero Contest, which was highly received. Individuals were educated by the remarkable work Service Dogs perform each and every day. Moon wanted to shine a brighter spotlight. “To provide further recognition, Art for Barks is now establishing the nations’ first collection of Service Dog Fine Art,” she said, adding how the medium will begin with painting and evolve into other categories. For Moon, she believes that quality animal fine art has a special way of engaging the public and promoting dialogue. “Once again we are using a contest to educate about Service Dog Fine Art and consequently attract a larger audience of pet lovers,” Moon said. The advent of social media has enabled progressive organizations, such as Art for Barks, to have a contest built upon a social media platform. Those who take part in the voting process, Moon said, will learn stories about Service Dogs. Some of these animals were given a second chance at life after being rescued


T he R ancho S anta F e News

Pass me the sugar please! small talk jean gillette


The Rancho Santa Fe-based nonprofit Art for Barks is debuting its Service Dog Fine Art Contest. Pictured is one of the watercolor artworks from Alley Benbrook. Photo courtesy Ally Benbrook

and completed a Service Dog training program. Among the array of talented artists taking part in the Service Dog Fine Art Contest is Ally Benbrook, a watercolor artist. Like the others, she works hard to show the relationship between dogs and people in her pieces. Back in the 1990s, Benbrook witnessed her first Service Dog in action. The dog was helping an equestrian with paralysis. Her Service Dog was trained to pick up the lead rope of the horse, bring the horse to her, and pick up grooming brushes if she dropped them. “I mean the dog was trained to do all kinds of things involving the horse,” she said. When Benbrook learned about Moon’s contest she thought it was an outstanding idea. It was a way to promote how wonderful these dogs are at the task at hand. Benbrook also believes this contest will change the way people perceive the art world since most pet art is not particularly viewed as fine art on a regular basis. “I think this contest is a way of uplifting the artist, the art form, the subject matter, and helps everybody,” she said.

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In the same vein, Moon wants people to know that she hopes Art for Barks elevates the popularity of animal art in the United States. According to Moon, due to the lack of art training in schools, many Americans feel intimidated about art. “We believe that the instinctive attraction of humans for animals is so strong, that animal art is the perfect place to educate about fine art principals,” Moon said. “A quality animal art image entertains, nurtures the soul, and expands the human-animal bond. Brain science has shown us that a cherished animal art picture penetrates deep into the human brain and creates a long-lasting positive experience.” The Service Dog Fine Artist Contest ends May 30. To peruse the artists entered and to cast a vote visit or

cannot tell you how excited I am at the latest news to come to me via email. Never mind that it might be poppycock. I am behind this research 100 percent and am ready to volunteer as a test subject. The word is that there is new research on treating disease with sugar. All I can say is “Serve it up, please!” According to the e-mail I received, a local research group is following up results they had from treating a rare genetic disorder with a simple sugar. But can it be possible that it may lead to sugar becoming a health food? I am a huge fan of all modern medical progress, but I have to say, this one really speaks to me. Apparently, “clinical researchers are investigating treating diseases such as multiple sclerosis, allergies, and even cancer with sugar.” They even had a scientific symposium to discuss it. I’ll bet that symposium dinner had the best dessert cart ever. If this stuff pans out, I envision a glorious future where my pharmacy coverage includes See’s stores

and several local bakeries. Perhaps a candy bar a day will keep the doctor away. Feed a cold with pie? Root beer floats for a fever? Take two bites and call me in the morning? This is the news I have been waiting for my entire, over-sugared life. Oh, wait. I am reasonably healthy, but if sugar cures what ails you, I would never have been sick a day in my life, and both my father and grandmother would still be alive and noshing. With my luck, the healthy sugar probably won’t work when paired with chocolate or you won’t be able to take your medicine orally, but instead need tasteless, painful injections. La-la-la-la. I am not lis-

tening. I will stay glued to the newsfeed waiting for that major breakthrough. Those of us with a killer sweet tooth and no real regard for our health (or teeth) deserve a break today. You just know there will be a run on it all when the results are finally published, so I am wasting no time stocking my shelves with all the disease-fighting goodies I love most. If it doesn’t pan out, I’ll have a sweet fallback for that impending earthquake. I’ll see you in the candy aisle. Jean Gillette is a freelance writer who’s been known to eat dessert first. Contact her at jgillette@

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T he R ancho S anta F e News

MARCH 6, 2015

W E N G N I H T E M SO TrocIePssinTg laOw,PSe!a Salt, T A pean p

, Euro Free Products n te lu G d n a rted Nitrate ckwurst, Impo o n K , rs e in e W German Austria Sea Snake from




March 13-17 Friday - Tuesday 11-8pm Green Beer Glass

$3.29 plus tax not included w/dinner

Corned Beef and Cabbage, Carrots and Red Potatoes.

98 plus tax

Our very popular well-trimmed, mildly-cured

St. Patrick’s Day!


MARCH 13-17



Our Irish Eatery SPECIALS

plus tax

“IRISH” BIG JOHN BREAKFAST Three eggs any style, Home fried Potatoes, Toast and “all the Irish Sausage you can eat.

1/2 RABBIT Braised with curry sauce and mixed vegetables

7 $ 98 9 $


$6.98 plus tax



plus tax

plus tax


$14.98 for Filet or New York Steak

98 plus tax

Complete LAMB DINNERS Dinners include potatoes, vegetables & side dishes. Large portions

Lamb Stew ..................................................... Leg of Lamb ................................................... Lamb Chops ................................................... Lamb Shank ..................................................

$8.98 plus tax $9.98 plus tax $9.98 plus tax $9.98 plus tax

Three eggs any style, home fried potatoes & toast. ALL YOU CAN EAT pork link sausage, bratwurst or ham.

EUROPEAN DELICATESSEN & GOURMET FOODS Please Sign-up for Lyoness & Start Earning Cash Back Today!



6118 Paseo Del Norte • Carlsbad Open 7 days a week 6am-8pm • Breakfast served 6am-noon We will be open Thanksgiving Day 6am-6pm

plus tax

MARCH 6, 2015

hit the road


T he R ancho S anta F e News

The latest and greatest gadgets for travelers

e’louise ondash I’m always amazed at the ingenuity of inventors, especially when it comes to creating products that are not only useful but travel well or enhance the travel experience. Here are some items that do both:


No one travels without their techie stuff or the problems they cause — like cord confusion. How to keep them from getting tangled and twisted? Try NEET Cable Keepers, little bright and colorful “sweaters” for phone, computer and other cords, complete with a zipper. Keeps carry-ons, laptop bags and backpacks organized and clutter-free. The fabric shell protects cables from frays and ripping - ear buds and headphone cords, too. Available in 10 colors and three sizes. $12-$30.


For kids in cars: The Cardiff Travel Headrest, invented by San Marcos residents and brothers-in-law Will Regan and Jason Arriola, is the answer to “noodleneck,” which occurs when a napping kid’s head falls over as the car makes a turn or stop. The padded headrest, which features a removable sleeve for easy cleaning, keeps kids upright and asleep. Bonus: it flips up for storage. Also fits adults. $49.99.


Can’t leave home without your tablet? Then check out the STM bags for tablets of all sizes. I especially love the shoulder bag for the 10-inch tablet (which fits with or without a cover) because it has other pockets for phone, pens, a little makeup, charging cable, and ID and credit cards. Great protection while going through airport security. Features water-resistant fabric and removable, adjustable, padded shoulder strap. From $43. Available on Amazon.


Problem: According to research, cell phones are more germ-laden that many everyday objects, including the bathroom throne. Solution: PhoneSoap. It’s actually a box that baths cell phones in ultraviolet light for five minutes. (You get a simultaneous charge and also can still hear signals and alarms.) Watch the amusing/informative video about PhoneSoap at $59.95. Also available: PhoneSoap Polish (a stick) for compact travel.


For fun and functionality: Stwraps (pronounced “straps”) are clip-on buttons that wrap around any strap and allow you to identify baggage and carry-ons quickly, as well as proclaim allegiance to favorite teams. Great for those ubiquitous black bags. Stwrap is officially licensed by the NCAA, MLB, MLS, NASCAR, NBA, NCAA, NHL, NFL and Players. Most are 1 inch to 1.5 inches wide. $4.99 each. Visit


If you struggle with the buckling up kids in the car, MyBuckleMate ends the clumsy task. The device keeps the clasp-end of the seatbelt upright and easily accessible, fits in tight spaces and between booster seats, and allows seats to fold down without removing it. Comes in gray, tan, black and beige. $13.99. www.mybucklemate. com.

BOTTLE BRIGHT TABLETS We all carry eco-friendly, reusable water bottles, but it’s not so easy to clean them. Bottle Bright tablets take care of stains, built-up gunk and odors from hard-to-reach areas. The product was created by another set of brothersin-law who had one too many dirty hydration packs and saw too many water bottles on the trail. Also good for cleaning travel mugs, drink dispensers and other containers. Certified by the Natural Products Association. Ten tablets for $5.99.

CONVERTIBLE STRETCHY SKIRT Ladies under a certain age will find this clothing item fashionable, transportable, convenient and comfy. The convertible, stretchy skirt from Skirt-The-Issue was born from the need for a quick change after a workout without really changing. The form-fitting fabric provides a multitude of stylish possibilities and can be tucked into a backpack, purse or glove compartment. The design ensures that it's never inside out or upside down. Can double as a scarf or top. Comes in many colors and patterns. $30.


T he R ancho S anta F e News

Sports Shields doing more than pitching in Peoria

sports talk jay paris Matt Kemp cleared his throat and everyone beat a path to his locker. The Padres’ new slugger was arranging his camp gear at Peoria. But first came banter with the media, and one guy going rogue. “Hey Matt, what kind of year do you think you’ll have?’’ he said, thrusting his recorder over the scrum. His mug with the beard and voice were familiar. But what outlet is he with again? Kemp smiled and laughed and so did teammate James Shields. Shields exited but not before revealing what makes him special. The Padres’ fresh ace isn’t wasting time working the room, building connections and forming a bond that he hopes last, well, until October. It was a Padres team built on the fly by general manager A.J. Presser and now we’ll see if it sticks. “We got a long way to go here in spring training,’’ said Shields, a Rancho Santa Fe resident. “But I like our

team and the moves A.J. did this offseason. It’s going to be a good squad, I think.’’ Not much to ponder, is there? The outfield was reworked with Justin Upton, Wil Myers and Kemp. Plus there’s catcher Derek Norris, an all-star last year. Shields leads a staff which already showed two pitchers, Andrew Cashner and Tyson Ross, that could lead a rotation. “The one thing we do have is pitching depth,’’ said Shields, who was 14-8 with a 3.21 ERA last year. “You can never have too much. I don’t remember one season I played in where all five of the starters pitched the whole entire season, so you got to have pitching depth. I’m excited to see what we have.’’ So let’s get these pesky spring drills done and it’s straight to the Fall Classic, right? The Padres are spouting all the right things after management did all the right things. But that, and $3, will get you a pricey cup of Joe. “It doesn’t matter if a team says they’re all in or not,’’ Shields said. “I’m all in every year and guys are saying that here.’’ Talk is one thing, but Shields, in his short exposure to his teammates, is encouraged. “We got guys that are hungry, that want to win and are working real hard to get there,’’ he said. “But we’ll see how it goes, how spring training goes and building some chemistry here.’’ This chemistry doesn’t require beakers and white lab coats. Few athletes spend more time together than baseball players — 162 games in 181

days and that doesn’t include six weeks of spring tune-ups. Shields believes how well a team performs on the field is related to how it gets along off it. “Everybody has their own opinion,’’ said Shields, an eight-year pro whose been in two World Series. “I think any baseball player of any kind, or someone who has been a baseball player, knows that chemistry is a big intangible.’’ It seems money can’t buy you love, friendship or pennants. “You can have the biggest payroll in the world and it doesn’t matter,’’ Shields stressed. “I remember when the Yankees had a $200-million payroll and we had a $40-million payroll in Tampa and we went to playoffs and they didn’t.’’ The Padres long for the postseason. But just because Preller went all swap-meet crazy during the winter guarantees absolutely nothing. Shields said there’s more to it than assembling players with impressive resumes. “I think chemistry has a lot to do with it,’’ he said. “Obviously you have to have talent, no doubt about that. But you have to click together and play as a team.’’ While the season is a grind, don’t forget to grin. “Since we grew up playing baseball in Little League it was all about having fun,’’ Shields said. “And that is what we’re going to have to do this year.’’ It’s a season that can’t start soon enough. But this spring Shields is bent on building camaraderie as much as arm strength. Contact Jay Paris at Follow him on Twitter at jparis_sports and at

MARCH 6, 2015 Contact us at with story ideas, photos or suggestions

Speed at the forefront of 2nd annual Encinitas Mile By Tony Cagala

ENCINITAS — The Encinitas Mile is back — all 5,280 feet of it — for the second year in a row. And the sight of running feet covering that mile might look even faster this year when they hit Vulcan Avenue March 15. With an upped prize purse of $2,000, race co-founders Dan Seidel and Mark Sarno are looking draw a faster field of elite racers. This year’s race will feature the first sub-four minute runner in John Simons of North Carolina, who’s personal best time is three minutes 59 seconds. “The elite fields, on both the men’s and the women’s side, will be faster,” Seidel said. Encinitas resident Gina Merchant will be running in the women’s elite bracket again this year. Admitting she’s not a professional runner, Merchant said the whole point of running against them is to compete. “You’re in this race with these people who are really fast and so I’m hoping to drop a good 10 seconds off my time last year just based on the field being really competitive,” she said. Merchant finished last year’s mile with a time five minutes and 13 seconds. What race organizers are hoping to see at the race this year is a mile done in 4 minutes and 10 seconds or quicker. “It’s always important for elite runners to know that there’s going to be a fast time and a chance to

Runner Brian Sullivan, in front, takes an early lead out of the starting gate during the men’s elite race in last year’s Encinitas Mile. The race returns again March 15. File photo by Tony Cagala

compete against fast runners. Last year, the race was won in 4:20, and that was fantastic, but we think, because of the course, we can make it quicker,” said Seidel. Elite racers are exciting to watch because they can inspire everybody to see what’s possible with commitment and training, he said. About 500 runners are expected in the seven heats of the race, and as last year, spectators will be able to watch most of the race unfold start to finish, seeing some excellent runners and a chance to cheer on friends and family, Seidel added. “As a community of runners, we don’t have opportunities to race a mile distance on the road, which is what makes it so exciting,” Merchant said. The nonprofit Fresh Start Surgical Gifts, which helps to provide reconstruc-

tive surgery to children with deformities, will receive a portion of the proceeds from the race. The race will also serve as the 2015 USATF San Diego Road Mile Championship. Steve Scott, a former record holder of the fastest mile, and current track coach at Cal State San Marcos will be back as a guest of the event. Part of the goal of the race is to continue the call of bringing back the mile, a nationwide movement to keep the mile distance in the culture of American running. The movement is gaining steam around the country, Seidel said. “It’s a distance that is at once challenging and doable,” he said. Register online at until March 14. Registration will also be available the day of the race.


Bill is a professional photographer who blends his lifelong passion for sports with his skills in photography to capture memorable moments of all types of action oriented events.Call Bill to learn more about how his sports, portrait and commercial photography services can meet your needs.


MARCH 6, 2015

A rts &Entertainment

Send your arts & entertainment news to

ta Fe Road, Encinitas. The orchestra is under the supervision of Peter Pupping and William Wilson. For more information, download the registration form Know something that’s going at encinitasguitarorcheson? Send it to calendar@ or contact (760) 943-0755 or

arts CALENDAR MARCH 6 ‘DROWSY CHAPERONE’ MiraCosta College’s Theatre Department presents the musical comedy “The Drowsy Chaperone,” at 7:30 p.m. March 6, March 7, March 12 through March 14 and at 2 p.m. March 7, March 8, March 14 and March 15 at the MiraCosta College Theatre, 1 Barnard Drive, Oceanside. General admission, $15 online at or by calling (760) 795-6815. MARCH 7 ARTIST SAFARI Fred Krakowiak, author of “Africa: An Artist’s Safari and The Artist’s Safari,” at the Carlsbad Dove Library at 2 p.m. March 7 to present his multi-media program, “The Artist's Safari.” For further information on Fred or to view his artwork, visit his Web site maverickbrushstrokes. com.

MARCH 10 JUST BEAUTIFUL City of Carlsbad’s Cannon Art Gallery features “Simply Beautiful: Photographs from National Geographic” on display Tuesday through Sunday through May 17 in the gallery, 1775 Dove Lane, Carlsbad, with a Family Open Studios Plus from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. March 21. For information, call (760) 602-2021, or visit MARCH 11 MUSIC SYMPOSIUM The MiraCosta College Music Department presents Grammy-platinum winning record producer/ engineer Ed Stasium in a lecture/symposium on the art of recording from 2 to 4 p.m. March 11, with a drum-miking workshop at 5:30 the Concert Hall on campus at 1 Barnard Drive, Oceanside.

‘Voice’ winner coming to Belly Up By Bianca Kaplanek

Craig Wayne Boyd, winner of TV’s “The Voice” will perform at the Belly Up in Solana Beach March 9. Courtesy photo

the head. “It was very life-changing,” he added. “I knew I had to start over. Be careful what you ask for.” Boyd moved to Nashville, where his career continued to have ups and downs. At one point he was a staff writer for a record company. He also formed a band but the group fell apart in the midst of recording. “So I went out on the road to hone my skills as a front man,” Boyd said. In 2010 he released the single “I Ain’t No Quitter” and was about to sign with a record label. “But everything was pulled out from under me again,” he said. “While the single was out I came off a

radio tour and the funding was pulled from the label. I went in and they were literally moving desks out of the office. “I had adversity to overcome over and over again,” he added. “At that point I had to reinvent myself again.”

Boyd was ready to give up on his career when he received an email from the casting director of “The Voice” in October 2013. “I replied, ‘This is a joke, right?’” he said. “But they were serious.” He auditioned the following February. Boyd describes his time on “The Voice” as an amazing learning experience. “I felt like I was broken,” he said. “My confidence level was low. I was very unsure of myself as an artist.” He said fellow country music artist Blake Shelton taught him to trust his “gut instincts,” while Gwen Stefani helped him realize his music was not a niche market. “She told me I could be a global performer,” he said. “She really inspired me and helped make my TURN TO VOICE ON 18




Job #: PAL-001030_02


CD: Gary Kelly


Live: visual

AD: Paul Masatani

CD: Romeo Cervas

Bleed: N/W

PD: Judy Chea

CW: Donovan Le

Trim: 5.075”w x 7.5”h

Scale: 100%

SM: Rosa Baer

Color: CMYK



Print_CoastNews_Rancho Santa Fe_Coast News Inland

Title: 2/27-3/20 Cave Local Print


Date In: 02-09-15


SOLANA BEACH — When the season seven winner of TV’s “The Voice” learned how the Belly Up got its name, it confirmed to him that the Solana Beach tavern was the perfect venue for his first California appearance. “It’s very fitting. He wasn’t a quitter either,” Craig Wayne Boyd said, referring to Dave Hodges, who in 1974 used the phrase for his new nightclub after his friends called him a fool and said that was the direction his business was headed. Boyd has displayed similar tenacity throughout his career — or better yet, his life, which reads like the lyrics of a country music song. Born and raised in Mesquite, Texas, Boyd comes from a musical family and started playing the mandolin at age 4. “I played bluegrass at the local barber shop with my dad on Saturdays,” he said. “My mom was a Pentecostal church-going mom who sang gospel music. I was very confused as a kid, but that’s what makes my country music what it is.” Boyd, 34, was kick starting his career when he first visited Nashville in 2004 for the country music festival and realized he needed a presence there to get ahead. “On my way back I looked in the sky and said, ‘If I’m supposed to be there you’ve got to help me do this,’” he said. “When I got home, my wife had left me while I was gone. That was the 2-by-4 that hit me across Due Date: 02-17-15

MARCH 12 AT THE AVO Moonlight Stage Productions presents “Anna in the Tropics,” through March 29 at the Avo Playhouse, 303 Main St., Vista. Performances are Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights at 7:30 p.m., and Saturdays and Sundays at 2 p.m. After each Friday night performance, join an informal “Talk Back” with the MARCH 9 GUITAR ORCHES- cast. For more information, TRA Guitarists of all skill call (760) 724-2110 or visit levels are invited to parTURN TO ARTS CALENDAR ON 18 ticipate in the Encinitas Guitar Orchestra’s upcoming session from 7 to 9 p.m. March 9 through June 1, with a concert June 5 at Ranch View Baptist Church, 415 Rancho San-

MARCH 8 ART AT COAL The COAL Gallery hosts its annual member's award show through April 5 every day except Tuesday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., Friday and Saturday until 8 p.m. at 300 Carlsbad Village Drive, Suite 101, Carlsbad. Visit


T he R ancho S anta F e News



AE: George Miranda

PM: Jen Collins


May 2015 1-877-WIN-PALA (1-877-946-7252)


Located in Northern San Diego County From San Diego & Riverside: Take I-15 to HWY 76, go east 5 miles From Orange & Los Angeles: Take I-5 South to HWY 76, go east 23 miles

PAL_001030_02_2_27_3_20_Cave_Local_Print_5.075x7.5_R3.indd 1

So Many Ways To Win


2/17/15 5:14 PM


T he R ancho S anta F e News

MARCH 6, 2015

MARCH 6, 2015





License #1076961

RANCHO SANTA FE FAIRBANKS RANCH 5+BR, GH, Soaring Ceilings, Wood Paneled Study $7,350,000

SOLANA BEACH 6BR, Spectacular Ocean Views, Indoor/Outdoor Living $8,850,000 $6,995,000

RANCHO SANTA FE RANCHO BELVEDERE 7-8BR, Study, GH, Resort Pool & Spa $12,995,000

RANCHO SANTA FE FARMS ESTATES Custom 5BR, Study, Theater, Furnished $3,000,000-$3,388,000




LA JOLLA Grand Georgian Colonial 5BR, Panoramic Ocean View $7,490,000 $6,995,000

Celebratin our g




RANCHO SANTA FE RANCHO DEL LAGO 7BR, Study, Theater, 4 Acres, Stunning Views $9,995,000

DEL MAR OCEAN FRONT Custom 4BR, Views, Ideal Location, Ample Parking $12,995,000

RANCHO SANTA FE FAIRBANKS RANCH Custom 6+BR, GH, Indoor/Outdoor Living, Views $4,295,000

DEL MAR BEACH COLONY Custom Remodeled 4BR, Indoor/Outdoor Living $4,995,000

RANCHO SANTA FE FAIRBANKS RANCH Custom French Country Home, 3.36 Acres $6,495,000

RANCHO SANTA FE COVENANT 4+BR, Views, Resort Pool & Spa, Gardens, 3.34 Acres $3,995,000-$4,195,000




RANCHO SANTA FE RANCHO BELVEDERE 6+BR, GH, Study, Wine Cellar, Game Room $15,995,000


RANCHO SANTA FE COVENANT VIEW LOT 11.63 Acres, Approved Plans, Orchard $2,995,000


T he R ancho S anta F e News

DEL MAR Custom 4+BR, Ocean Views, Outdoor Living Room $4,995,000

RANCHO SANTA FE FAIRBANKS RANCH Custom 5+BR, GH, Indoor/Outdoor Living $4,495,000

RANCHO SANTA FE THE BRIDGES Single Level 6BR, Guest House, Golf Views $6,595,000

RANCHO SANTA FE COVENANT 6+BR Tennis Ct Estate, Stunning Views, 4+Acres $5,495,000 $4,495,000

DEL MAR PEEK OCEAN VIEWS 5BR, Theater, Study, Entertainer’s Cabana, Pool & Spa $4,595,000 $4,150,000

RANCHO SANTA FE COVENANT 5BR, Indoor/Outdoor Living, Gardens, 3.45 Acres $5,595,000

RANCHO SANTA FE COVENANT 6+BR, Gym, Pool/Spa, Tennis Ct, 3.32 Acres $4,300,000

6024 Paseo Delicias, Ste. A, P.O. Box 2813, Rancho Santa Fe • 858.756.4024 • Fax: 858.756.9553 • Barry


T he R ancho S anta F e News

MARCH 6, 2015

Food &Wine

Wine of the Month San Diego’s own fine wine festival By Frank Mangio

PONZI PINOT NOIR TAVOLA OREGON – 2012 About the Wine: Warm aromas of ripe plum, tobacco and cayenne frame the final floral notes of violet and dried rose petals, with cherry and raspberry at the core. The flavors float easily into the long, expressive finish. After a cool and challenging 2010 and 2011, this vintage, 2012 was a welcome sight. A long, warm, dry summer with cool nights brought out the full flavor of the Willamette Valley of Oregon. About the Winery: Dick and Nancy Ponzi founded their vineyard in the Willamette Valley of Oregon in the 1960s with the spirit of adventure and a passion for making world-class Pinot Noir. They realized that the northern part of the valley was ideal for cool climate, French Burgundy-style Pinot Noir. The original methods and style of winemaking are still practiced today under the family’s second generation, with winemaker and daughter Luisa Ponzi. The Cost: The Ponzi 2112 Pinot Noir Tavola (the Italian word for table) is available for $19 at Costco.

taste of wine frank mangio


looked at him quizzically, not really accepting if the concept of “just wine” would go over for an event of the size he was hoping for. That was two years ago, and I had just met David Fraschetti for the first time when he laid out his concept of this wine only for his inaugural Vin Diego. “No, we are not letting in beer, no spirits, no fizzy pop.” OK, I said to myself, this guy I can get close to. He’s all wine! That’s how

The Vin Diego Grand Tasting is April 11 from 4 to 7 p.m. at Liberty Station in the Pt. Loma district of San Diego with more than 75 wineries pouring. Photo courtesy Vin Diego

Fraschetti burst on the wine scene in San Diego two years ago. Another strategic smart move was last year’s venue change to Liberty Station in the Pt. Loma district of San Diego. This mixed-use center is in the heart of “America’s Finest City” with large stretches

of greenbelt. On April 10 travaganza. I asked Fraschetti how and April 11, it becomes Vin Diego showcasing Cal- the winery commitments ifornia and Oregon wines. were doing with the event Add San Diego’s finest just a month and a half restaurants such as Marina away. “I am delighted to tell Kitchen, Solare, Kitchen 1540, Jake’s, Solterra and you that this year is poised many more, and you have a two-day wine and food exTURN TO TASTE OF WINE ON 18

Join the party at a Sushi Smackdown


he sushi experience can be quite visual and festive, with sushi chefs working their magic, often with plenty of flair. Gino Mazziani has taken the sushi experience to the next level with his Sushi Smackdown events. These are part culinary event part party and I caught up with Gino recently to learn more.

How did this concept originate? I was working for Bridgegate Films as VP of TV development and was on the set of a show being filmed in Las Vegas and the director and I went to a sushi restaurant for lunch. As we were talking about the industry in general, I asked the director if he had ever seen a show about sushi.

A Sushi Smackdown event in full swing. Photo courtesy Sushi Smackdown


bulbs in my head lit up and I left the set the next day. The initial concept was restaurants competing in their city for the best sushi restaurant title. It started out good but soon we realized the restaurants don't like to be known as second best. The crowd loved the format of tasting the restaurant's best, but we overfilled the restaurants and put too much pressure on the restaurants, which resulted in slow service. I realized we were on to something good but we had to make some changes to keep both the restaurants and our fans happy. We limited our crowd per restaurant to 48 local sushi fans per restaurant at one time.

This gave the restaurants the opportunity to deliver good service and create new customers. Fans love it because they get to try the restaurant's best 17 dishes in a social and fun environment. Sushi Smackdown is definitely not a quiet dinner for two. It is a sushi party where everyone participates in the rating of the restaurant's best and has some fun making new friends. How exactly does a Sushi Smackdown work, walk me through an event. First you go to our site (sush ismac kdow . Pick your city and restaurant. Each restaurant offers multiple dates and times.

A true European style market

Del Rayo Village Center 16079 San Dieguito Rd. Rancho Santa Fe • 619-743-4263 Sundays, 9:30am –2:00pm

Choose your date and time and reserve your event. The events normally start at 7 p.m. so we ask our fans to arrive 15 minutes early for seating. We would like to start the show right about 7:10 p.m. because it is a 2hour to 2 1/2 hour event. Since it is a social event, we put all the tables together or at least create table of eight so everyone gets to meet new friends. We welcome the crowd and explain the event. The restaurant serves the crowd 17 of its most popular appetizers, rolls, sushi, desserts and more. Everyone has a rating sheet with what the restaurant will be serving on it. As each dish comes out, the fans taste each one and rate the dish one to five stars. In between the service, we have our famous sake bomb contests. We take four ladies for the first round, then four guys, and finally the winners go faceto-face, guys versus girls. The winner gets tickets to the next sushi smackdown. I have never seen a crowd get into a competition like they do with our sake bomb contests. It is fun and it creates a great vibe with our crowd. As we come to the end of the event, two chefs will compete for the crowds vote by making their best dish not on the menu. Once the crowd votes for the winning chef, the chefs come out to greet the crowd. Finally the fans have dessert and we say goodbye. You have an impressive list of venues participating, can you list some of them and were they immediately receptive to the concept? Currently in San Diego we have Sabuku, Carlsbad we have Nozomi, Escondido we have Sushi Yama, and Del Mar we have Tabu. The restaurants have all been very successful so far. After the third and fourth round with us, they normalTURN TO LICK THE PLATE ON 18

MARCH 6, 2015


T he R ancho S anta F e News

Educational Opportunities Maximizing your Social Security benefits

MARCH 7 LIONS CLUB Encinitas Lions Club invites the community to its Gift of Sight event from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. March 7 at Oak Crest Middle School, 675 Balour Drive Encinitas. Get a free vision exam, refurbished eyeglasses, diabetes testing, blood pressure screening and hearing screening. For more information, visit GET GROWING The MiraCosta Horticulture Club will meet at noon March 7 in the Aztlan Rooms of MiraCosta College. Barbara Premo will have a workshop on grafting techniques. Bring any tools you have and some plant material to practice on. At 12:45 p.m., Tom Jesch presents Waterwise

CALENDAR Know something that’s going on? Send it to calendar@

MARCH 6 SPRING CAMPS Registration is open for city of Carlsbad spring and summer camps, offering sports, arts, science and other programs for youngsters 3 to 16. Spring camps are offered March 30 to April 10. Summer camps run from June 15 through Aug. 28. Visit to register. For more information, visit carlsbadca. gov/parksandrec, or call (760) 602-7510.

without Compromise." For more information, call (760) 721-3281. STAR WARS DAYS See the Miniland Death Star model DURING Star Wars Days at Legoland California Resort March 7 and 8. Children 3 to 12 $79; adults $85. Parking $15. For information: (760) 918-LEGO or MARCH 8 MARKET IN THE RANCH Shop the Rancho Santa Fe Farmer’s Market every Sunday from 9:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. at 16079 San Dieguito Road, Rancho Santa Fe in the Del Rayo Village Center. For more information, visit FRESH START GOLF There is still time to register for the 23rd Annual Fresh Start Celebrity Golf Classic. Play with a Hollywood celebrity or professional athlete March 8 and March 9 at the Morgan Run Club and Resort in Rancho Santa Fe. March 8 has a pre-tournament reception and dinner at 6 p.m. March 9 registration starts at 9 a.m. with a shotgun start at 11 a.m. For more information, visit or call (760) 448-2019 BIG BOOK SALE The Alpert Mendelson Library

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The Social Security Act of 1935 ensured that hard working Americans would have income to support them during retirement. Over time, Social Security may have reduced worries about retirement to the point that many people don’t give their Social Security a second thought. With a little planning, you can receive more in Social Security benefits than expected as well as learn how to leverage other sources of income for retirement. Social Security is not straight forward for most people. In fact, there are strategies you can employ to maximize the benefits you are eligible to receive – particularly among married, divorced and widowed individuals. Please join us for a Private

Social Security Workshop at the Crossings Golf Course, where you will be provided with critical information to help you maximize your Social Security benefits. Important Social Security facts to be covered in the workshop include; What is the current status of Social Security? When is the optimal time for you to start collecting Social Security? How can you maximize benefits for yourself and your spouse? What are delayed retirement credits? How can you coordinate Social Security benefits with other retirement assets to maximize your retirement income? This FREE informative workshop will be held at The Crossings At Carlsbad at 5800 The Crossings Dr., Carlsbad, CA 92008. Join us

for a FREE CONTINENTAL BREAKFAST, Saturday, March 14, 2015 at 10:30am. Reservations are required, so please call today. We are expecting a capacity audience and seating is limited, please guarantee your attendance by calling Serena at 760-642-2678. A special thank you to those who attend, all guests will receive a FREE Social Security Guide! We are providing this valuable information pertaining to your Social Security benefits at no cost. Please understand, we are not affiliated with the Social Security Administration and we do not provide any legal or tax advice, nor promote, market or recommend any tax plan or arrangement.

of Temple Solel, 3575 Manchester Ave., Cardiff, will hold its annual Used Book Sale at the temple’s Purim Carnival 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. March 8, Parking at Mira Costa College, with shuttles running throughout the day. For further information, call Joan Tedlow, librarian, (760) 436-0654, ext. 280. SENIOR DANCE The Oceanside Department of Parks & Recreation is holding a senior dance from 2 to 4 p.m. March 8 at the El Corazon Senior Center, 3302 Senior Center Drive, Oceanside. Cost is $5 at the door. Live music will be provided by the Sundance band.

cludes appetizers). Drinks are available for purchase. For more information, contact Coordinator Melanie Burkholder at (307) 6907814 or hhpcbad@gmail. com.

ERNMENT Myrna Zambrano, Special Assistant to Assembly Speaker Toni Atkins, will make her monthly visit to the Solana Beach library from 10 to 11 a.m. March 12 at 157 Stevens Ave., Solana Beach. She can assist with state issues you may have, such as DMV, unemployment, consumer complaints, property tax, and Medi-Cal.

MARCH 10 STORYTELLER Join friends of the San Dieguito Heritage Museum for coffee, dessert and an engaging talk by local storyteller, Jack Innis, author of “San Diego Legends,” at 7 p.m. March 10 at the Encinitas Community and Senior Center, 1140 Oakcrest Park Drive. Cost is $5. For information and reservations, call (760) 632-9711. SENIOR FUN The Coastal Club at Temple Solel – The Tuesday Place for Older Adults meets each Tuesday at Temple Solel, 3575 Manchester Ave. Cardiff. Adults 60+ are invited to free fitness, films and entertainment. A kosher four-course lunch is served at noon for $7 with a movie matinee at 1 p.m. Lunch reservations required at (858) 674-1123. NEW FRIENDS The Catholic Widows and Widowers of North County support group for those who desire to foster friendships through various social activities will meet for dinner at Hunter Steak House, Oceanside March 10. They will play golf at Welk Resort Golf Course, Escondido March 12 and for a fish fry dinner March 13 at San Rafael Catholic Church, Rancho Bernardo. For reservations, call (858) 674-4324.

MARCH 9 HELPING HORSES Laughing Pony Rescue of Rancho Santa Fe is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to the rehabilitation and re-homing of abused, neglected and abandoned horses of all breeds. Founder, Celia Sciacca, will host a fundraiser at a private home in Fairbanks Ranch May 9 with dinner, a poker tournament, raffle, and an auction. For more information, visit laughingponyrescue. com. HAPPY HOUR POLITICS Make reservations for Happy Hour Politics from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. March 18 at The Crossings, 5800 The Crossings Drive, Carlsbad to hear Julia Hart-Lawson RN, MA, Carlsbad Unified School District, speak to the controversy surrounding the issue of childhood vaccinations. There is MARCH 12 KNOW YOUR a $20 cash cover charge (in-

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MARK THE CALENDAR DRAMA AND LUNCH The Rancho Santa Fe Village Church Community Theater Drama Ministries presents Dr. Dee Silver from 11:45 a.m. to 1 p.m. March 15 at 6225 Paseo Delicias, Rancho Santa Fe, on aging and themes from the upcoming production of “The Curious Savage,” by John Patrick. Cost is $12 with catered lunch. Call (858) 756-2441 for more information. VINTAGE VW The 22nd annual Bob Baker Vintage Volkswagen Spring Festival will be from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. March 22 with live music and food trucks at Bob Baker Volkswagen, 5500 Paseo del Norte, Carlsbad. See restored and original air-cooled VWs. WINE SHOW Tickets are available now for the San Diego International Wine Show returns to Del Mar April 25 and April 26, benefiting the San Dieguito River Valley Conservancy. Tickets are $55 pre-sale, $65 at the door, and $80 for a two-day ticket. Attendees must be 21 years and older. Visit for more information and to purGOV- chase tickets.


T he R ancho S anta F e News

Pet of the Week Meet Nicola, pet of the week at Helen Woodward Animal Center. She’s a bit shy as first, but like spring in San Diego, she warms up quickly. She loves to be silly and spends her days sending sweet looks to passers-by. Do you have a place in your home for this charming 4-yearold Tortoiseshell blend? She has been altered and is up-to-date on all of her vaccinations. Her adoption fee is $106, and, as with all pets adopted from Helen Woodward Animal Center, they are micro chipped for identification. As an added bonus, they also come with two free passes to Sea World, at 6461 El Apajo Road in Rancho Santa Fe, are open daily Monday



Business news and special achievements for North San Diego County. Send information via email to community@

through Thursday from noon to 6 p.m.; Fridays from noon to 7 p.m.; Saturdays 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.; and Sunday 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. (last application accepted 15 minutes before closing). For more information call (858) 756-4117, option #1 or visit

MEADE JOINS MUSEUM Julee Meade has joined the San Dieguito Heritage Museum as its new Education Director. She will be handling all the family activities and plans to create fresh, new events for each month. Having a dedicated Education Director is an exciting step for the Museum, broadening its community outreach. The museum has also added a recently donated modular trailer, which will be converted to a old-fashioned early-midcentury Main Street 101 facade for exhibits and events.

50 YEARS FETED Dolores Frazee received a proclamation from the city of Carlsbad for her 50 years of dedication to the community and to the Carlsbad Republican Women. Frazee, a past president of the club, devoted much of her life to volunteerism. She and her late husband, Robert Frazee, former mayor of Carlsbad (1974-78); former California Assemblyman (1978-1994) lived their entire married life in Carlsbad. Frazee has been a particular supporter of voting rights. She was also given a joint resolution for service from State Senator Patricia Bates and State Assembly Member Rocky Chavez.

Set your clocks & do a few other semi-annual tasks that will improve safety in your home...

Carole Jayne Stewart July 23, 1933 – February 20, 2015

Carole Stewart died peacefully of natural causes in Carlsbad, Ca. Born in Bemidji, Minnesota, to Herbert and Edith Larson, Carole developed an early interest in performing arts. By age seven, she was singing on the radio in Fargo, North Dakota (WDAY) with her sister Patty as “the Layne Sisters.” During WWII the duo toured the country in Pullman rail cars, promoting War Bonds. In 1945, the Larson family moved to California, where the Layne Sisters had the privilege of working with celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe, Eddie Cantor and Van Johnson. The girls made various recordings and performed for thousands of people. Carole was a 1951 graduate of Leuzinger High School in Hawthorne, Ca. After high school she began a real estate career in Manhattan Beach, where she Nicholas Anthony Arcidiacono Carlsbad April 5, 1982 - Feb. 16, 2015 Ruth Elizabeth Fly, 87 Carlsbad Dec. 30, 1927 - Jan. 22, 2015 Clyde “Ted” Reinert, 75 Oceanside Nov. 30, 1939 - Jan. 24, 2015 Theresa Kathryn McCready, 67 Encinitas Feb. 4, 1947 - Jan. 23, 2015

lived for 15 years, and was involved in community affairs, serving as president of the Dolphins Club (a women’s charity organization) and the PTA. In 1974, Carole moved to Carlsbad. She continued to work in residential and commercial real estate, buying many properties including Carlsbad’s Surf Motel, the Royal Palms (now Carlsbad Inn) and the 17-acre Thunderbird Ranch. She continued to perform with various dance and song groups and encouraged her children and grandchildren to pursue the family’s passion for music. Over the last 18 years another passion of Carole’s was helping other women through Alcoholics Anonymous. She mentored many, and her own success through the program was a testament to its ability to transform human lives. Carole was preceded in death by her parents, Herbert and Edith Larson; siblings Mavis, Ramon, and Patricia; and husbands Walter Lee Cooksey (in 1956) and John Gregory Stewart (in 2002). She is survived by her brother, Gerald; her four sons, Randall, Reed, John, and Dana Stewart; nine grandchildren, five great grandchildren, and countless friends. A memorial service will be held at the Rancho Carlsbad community clubhouse on Saturday, March 14th, at 2:30 p.m. Annie Marie Waldvogel, 97 Encinitas June 10, 1917 - Jan. 24, 2015 John L. Dole, 87 Encintias Sept. 14, 1927 - Jan. 28, 2015 Hannah Sophia Lang, 97 Encinitas Sept. 24, 1917 - Jan. 28, 2015 Iole Diane Schielke, 97 Vista June 22, 1917 - Jan. 26, 2015

 Check and replace the batteries in your

smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) alarms AND check the AGE of the alarms. The U. S. Consumer Product Safety Commission suggests replacing any smoke alarms older than ten years and CO alarms older than five years since their sensors degrade and lose effectiveness over time.  Prepare a disaster supply kit for your home (water, food, flashlights, batteries, blankets, medications). Once you have created your home disaster kit, use the semi-annual time change to check its contents.  Check for hazardous materials in your home and outbuilding storage areas. Properly discard any which are outdated, no longer used, or in poor condition. Move any within reach of children or pets to a safer location.  Check and discard expired medications those dates really DO have meaning - some very common over-the-counter medications can cause serious problems due to change through aging.




1315 S. Santa Fe Ave Vista, CA 92083

435 N. Twin Oaks Valley Rd San Marcos, CA 92069



IN YOUR TIME OF NEED... whether it be for the loss of a loved

one or to support a friend, we want you to feel that you are in good hands. At our facility, we provide the attention and support needed to make this life’s transition as easy as possible.

340 Melrose Ave., Encinitas



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El Camino Real #450, Carmel Valley, has been named to Barron’s list of the “Top 1,200 Financial Advisors” in its Feb. 22issue. Yahnke was ranked as No. 26 on the Top Advisors of California. This is the second year Yahnke has been the only San Diego-based independent advisor in the Barron’s rankings.

LOVE FOR LEASHES EarthWise Pet Supply is hosting “Love for Leashes,” a collar, leash and harness drive for Second Chance Dog Rescue, through March 7. Donations can be made during normal store hours at 7805 Highland Village Place, Suite G-101, Carmel Valley. New and gently used collars, leashes and YAHNKE MAKES harnesses of all sizes will TOP LIST be accepted. Every time a Dale Yahnke, CFA, customer donates a collar, CFP and co-founder of Dow- leash or harness they will ling & Yahnke, LLC, 12340 receive one entry for an opportunity drawing at the end of the drive. The prize is a $50.00 gift certificate to EarthWise Pet Supply.

Time to “Spring Ahead” This Sunday In loving memory of

MARCH 6, 2015

(Dove, Heart, Flag, Rose)

lege governing board at its Feb. 10 board meeting. For more information about the Palomar College program, go to nursing/. MOVEMENT LAB The Movement Lab, offering a new barre method, is celebrating its six-month anniversary at its 243 N. Highway 101, Solana Beach. This location is the first Extension Method certified studio in America. There is a Balancé Babies class (for moms and babies), as well as Allegro Ballet Bootcamp, Body Beat and more. For more information, call (858) 354-2070. PIZZA IN BRESSI RANCH Pieology Pizzeria, opened to the Carlsbad community March 2 at 2647 Gateway Road in the Bressi Ranch Village Center. Each custom pizza with unlimited toppings is $8 or less. Pieology also offers gluten-free crust, wholewheat crust and a selection of seven signature pizzas. The restaurant is open Monday through Thursday 11 a.m. to 9:30 p.m., Friday and Saturday from 11 a.m. to 10:30 p.m., and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. Call (760) 930-8988 for more information.

NEW NURSING PROGRAM Starting fall semester this year, Palomar College nursing graduates can reCROP ceive.93 a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from Point.93 Loma Nazarene Uni4.17in 15 months withversity 4.28 out leaving the Palomar COMPANY EXPANDING Caring Transitions anCollege campus. This new partnership between the nounces new franchise owner, Dawn two institutions was apL esicko, proved by the Palomar Colh a s lau nc hed a Caring Transitions of Carlsbad, to serve Carlsbad, Oceanside, Vista, San Marcos and San Diego County. Caring Transitions manages relocations for seniors and busy families as well as downsizing and estate liquidations. For additional information, call (760) 509-9189 or visit CaringTransitionsCarlsbad. com. NEW CHIEF OF STAFF Retired Army Col. Lawrence H. Saul is the new chief of staff of the Army and Navy A c ade my in Carlsbad. Saul comes to the Academy with 40 years, Saul has been involved in the training and education field. Saul succeeds retired Marine Corps Col. Russ


MARCH 6, 2015


T he R ancho S anta F e News

Cooking with Chef Jessica Leibovich By Christina Macone-Greene

RANCHO SANTA FE — The Rancho Santa Fe Library Guild hosted its February Kitchen Hack series with Chef Jessica Leibovich as their culinary expert. The library’s community room was packed with attendees wanting to learn more about Chef Jessica, who has been respected for more than 15 years in her field. The theme of her cooking demonstration was, “Eat, Breathe, Move, Heal!” Chef Jessica Leibovich who took part in the February’s Kitchen Hack Her expertise has Cooking Demonstration Series. Photo by Christina Macone-Greene

benefited clientele ranging from athletes, cancer patients, epileptics, candida needs, gluten-free diets, and many more needs. Those in attendance wanted to learn more about this chef who is known for her food preparation and ways certain foods can enhance and heal the body. Attendees were able to watch Chef Jessica prepare Zucchini Noodles with Avocado Cream Sauce and Quinoa Cakes with Spinach and Goat Cheese. Likewise, following

the cooking demonstration, everyone walked away with the recipes so they could try their culinary hand in preparing these entrees.


In 2015 California State University San Marcos celebrates its 25th anniversary. Founded on the principles of excellence and access, the University opened its doors at a temporary storefront location for the first time in 1990 to 448 students. Today CSUSM is home to nearly 13,000 students and boasts approximately 33,000 proud alumni who are making an impact every day in the region and beyond.

Be a part of our celebration! Visit for a complete calendar of events and to learn more.






THE SMART WAY TO BUY AND SELL LUXURY REAL ESTATE CONCIERGEAUCTIONS.COM // 212.257.5018 Concierge Auctions, LLC is a marketing service provider for auctions, possesses California Auctioneer’s Bond #511475, is a licensed Florida Real Estate Corporation (CQ1032600) and Auction Business (AB2760) - 777 Flagler Drive, W Palm Beach, FL 33401 (888) 966-4759 and Concierge Auctions, ULC — 100 King Street West, Ste 5600, Toronto, ON, M5X 1C9, Canada . Auctioneer Frank Trunzo (FL AU2328)(CA Bond #511522). The services referred to herein are not available to residents of any state where prohibited by applicable state law. Concierge Auctions LLC, its agents and affiliates, broker partners, Auctioneer, and the Sellers do not warrant or guaranty the accuracy or completeness of any information and shall have no liability for errors or omissions or inaccuracies under any circumstances in this or any other property listings or advertising, promotional or publicity statements and materials. This is not meant as a solicitation for listings. Brokers are fully protected and encouraged to participate. See Auction Terms and Conditions for more details.


T he R ancho S anta F e News

about Ranch Santa Fe Garden Club and being a part CONTINUED FROM 1 of a deep rooted tradition, munity of Rancho Santa Browne invites all to visit its website at rsfgardenFe,” Browne said. For those who are in- for information on terested in learning more membership, events and

activities. Its first quarterly meeting is slated for March 12 at 6:30 p.m. at the Garden Club. “Everyone is welcome to join the Garden Club,” Browne said.


Den Berg enjoys the additional energy at the club. And it’s growing every day. Over the last few months, membership has increased by 100+ members. The level of enthusiasm has breathed new life into the tennis club. According to Van Den Berg, the club is getting calls from people excited to learn that there is a possibility of joining and that’s been one of the most distinctive changes, too. “We’re here for the benefit of the people of the covenant,” he said. “So everything we make through that comes back to the members.” And this also includes their new monthly social events for members. In his late-30s, Van Den Berg became a tennis player enthusiast. What drew him to the game was the competitive aspect of it. The game also helped

him stay in good physical condition. “It took me years to figure out that most all of my friends were made through tennis because it’s a tremendously social game,” he said, adding it was a great way to meet people. Van Den Berg said he also has a passion for tennis because of what it has added to his life and that of his family. And as for the Rancho Santa Fe Tennis Club, it’s a hub not only for tennis, but a social destination, too. It’s starting to be recognized as a focal point in the community. “You can just come and sit down and watch some of the best young players in the world,” he said, adding how the weather affords year-round playing. “Stop by and visit this beautiful facility because we are in one of the nicest places in the world.”

after seven years of leadership. Ginn has been a member of the CEF board of directors for the past three years, serving most recently as vice chair of the board’s executive committee. She also has played a pivotal role on the board’s strategic planning and fundraising advisory committees. For more information,

visit SEASALT OPENS Seasalt Del Mar, from owner and partner Salvatore Ercolano, is now open near the Torrey Pines Reserve at 2282 Carmel Valley Road, within walking distance to the Torrey Pines State Beach and Torrey Pines State Reserve. Call (877) 755-7100 or visit for more information.

finals. “It’s an old hymn I grew up singing,” he said. “I knew it was chancy but I felt I had to pay homage to who I personally felt was helping me.” Boyd’s sound has been described as “topped with a rebellious flair.” “It’s the attitude,” he said. “It goes against the grain of what’s being pushed out there now. It’s not your grandmother’s country music anymore, but I have a little bit of that flavor.” Boyd said his life has changed completely since he was named the winner in

December. He’s currently opening for Rascal Flatts in Las Vegas. When that ends in midMarch he’ll be touring until early October. “I can’t go to Taco Bell to eat in peace anymore,” he said. But Boyd isn’t complaining. He said he was very excited when he was asked to perform at the Belly Up March 9. “It’ll be my first time going to San Diego, so I’m really looking forward to it,” he said. Visit bellyup. com for tickets and more information.



“And I have him in charge of our school program, too. We have 55 to 60 kids every day that come from the Rancho Santa Fe Middle School.” The program, Van Den Berg mentioned started a couple years ago with 10 children. Its popularity has grown rapidly. He also mentioned how the school district’s superintendent Lindy Delaney has been a tremendous supporter of the tennis program. The club has transformed over the last few years. At one time it was considered to be exclusive, Van Den Berg said. “We’ve changed it into, what I call, a vibrant, fun place to be and much more family oriented,” he said. With more kids programs on the roster, Van


Hanthorn, who retires as the school’s first chief of staff. GINN HEADS CEF The Carlsbad Educational Foundation appointed Michelle J. Ginn as its new CEO. She succeeds Valin Brown, who left CEF at the end of November



style appealing to more people.” Stefani sort of changed the package without altering what’s inside. Boyd also credits some of his success to a return to his roots. “I grew up in a religious home,” he said. “I strayed. There was a point in time when I realized I wasn’t the one in control. And I’m kind of a control freak. There’s a higher power really watching out for me. That’s one reason he chose to sing “The Rugged Old Cross” during the semi-

ARTS CALENDAR CONTINUED FROM 11 MARCH 13 COLLEGEL SYMPHONY MiraCosta College Symphony Orchestra will perform at 7:30 p.m. March 14 and March 15 at 3 p.m. in the Concert Hall on campus at 1 Barnard Drive, Oceanside. ‘GIVING TREE’ IN DANCE Del Mar Library will host a special after-hours performance for all ages at 6 p.m. March 13 at 1309 Camino Del Mar. Dance collaborative Tumbleweed will present "The Giving Tree: a Dance Experience." Following the performance, the audience will be invited to participate in a

read-aloud of the book. For more information, call (858) 755-1666 or visit MARK THE CALENDAR VILLAGE CHURCH THEATER The Village Church Community Theater presents “The Curious Savage,” a comic tale, which will challenge you to discover again the values of kind-

ness and affection lost in a world that seems motivated at times by greed and dishonesty. Tickets are $18 for 7:30 p.m. March 20, 7:30 p.m. and 4 p.m. March 21 and 2 p.m. March 22 at the Village Church Community Theater, 6225 Paseo Delicias, Rancho Santa Fe. Purchase tickets online at / 2014 -2015 season. SISTERHOOD ON STAGE The Sisterhood Theatre group will perform "Colors of Love" with music and poetry at 2 p.m. March 15 at the San Marcos County Library, 2 Civic Center Drive, San Marcos. For more information, call (619) 846-7416 or email


vey because I was actually trying to figure out as a new superintendent what our parent community valued as an elective.” At that time, students were focusing on art, music, computers and Spanish. Roughly, when she added up that time, Delaney discovered that students were spending about 20 percent of their week in non-academic settings. “At the same time, our test scores were not what I had hoped they would be,” she said. “So we revamped the schedule.” In this survey, science came out as the number one choice of interest for parents, art was second, music was third, and Spanish was down at the bottom. According to Delaney, they removed Spanish because it didn’t stick. While foreign language hasn’t been completely off the radar, she said, they’ve been trying to figure out how they could fit it into the


ly sign up for a whole year. We started this program a couple of months ago. Ticket sales have doubled each month allowing us to add more restaurants to the program. Is there a variety of sushi served at these, nigiri, sashimi, rolls or does it tend to be one type of presentation? We like to see a variety of food with each restaurant. Each restaurant will serve three or four appetizers, four or five sashimi and nigiri, five or six rolls, a couple of surprise dishes not on the menu and a couple of deserts. The surprise dishes are normally two chefs competing for the crowd’s vote who is the better chef. They


to be the best ever,” he said. “We sold out our winery table spots in January. Our wine line up is again heavy with top tier producers from California and Oregon.” The sunset Rare and Reserve Tasting and Silent Auction takes place April 10 from 6 to 8:30 p.m. Guests will enjoy delicious appetizers and live jazz music. Taste from Napa Cabs and rare bottles from Sonoma and Santa Cruz, as well as Pinots from Oregon and Santa Barbara. The event will benefit the Jacobs and Cushman San Diego Food Bank. The Grand Tasting held April 11 mostly outdoors from 4 to 7 p.m. in the Promenade at Liberty Station has tasting access to more than 75 wineries with over 300 tastes, and San Diego’s top restaurants. A VIP priced admission is available for a 3 p.m. entry. Live Jazz music keeps the beat going. An added bonus is the news that the hot Paso Robles

MARCH 6, 2015 schedule. Then Delaney turned to the parents who each had a turn to speak. Many desired to have foreign language in K through 5, while a handful of parents expressed their shock when they discovered that there was no foreign language when they enrolled their child. They had automatically assumed it would have been part of the curriculum. A few parents expressed the desire to have a committee do the footwork on how a foreign language program could be implemented at the elementary school level. Many of the parents agreed that they didn’t expect their children to be fluent in a foreign language. What was important to them was the “exposure.” Chair of the Rancho Santa Fe Education Foundation, Alexia Bregman, was in favor of foreign language. She said the ideas that some parents were presenting was probably workable. “We should obviously start working towards that,”

she said, adding how moving forward to this goal should be a culmination of the administration, Education Foundation and parents. For Bregman, it was important to work together and see how it could be funded to determine if there was any feasibility to this. Delaney said she appreciated everyone’s candor and interest because they were all there for the same reason. At this point in time, Delaney felt a parent survey would probably be the next step. For the upcoming board meeting agenda, she was going to present two professional companies who do school surveys. Delaney wanted the group to know that what she was probably going to do was contact a couple parents who attended the meeting to ask for input on the survey. Delaney also appreciated the idea of a foreign language committee. “I do want to get some parent input before we go out on the survey and would like to start working on that with the parents,” she said.

each create a dish and the crowd gets to vote on them. How much are tickets and what is the best way to purchase them? Tickets are normally $59 per person. We are running specials with daily deal sites at $35 or your fans can use the promo code PLATE to get their tickets for $32. What events and venues do you have coming up in March and April? In March and April we have our normal Sushi Smackdown events, usually every Monday through Thursday night. We have introduced our VIP parties and special events such as Raw Romance on Saturday afternoons from 1 to 3:30 p.m. where we feature beer and sushi tasting events, and our romantic sushi experience with our Raw Ro-

mance events. We are about to announce our big event coming up in April with one of the well-known local breweries featuring the ultimate sake bomb challenge. All of our Sake Bomb winners and our fans will be invited to this event at the brewery. It will be catered by one of our top sushi restaurants. We are expecting a crowd of over 200. Learn more about Sushismackdown at

wine country is planning to send 18 “Cab Collection” members and their wines. Cabernets and Bordeaux blends will dominate this group’s offerings. An estimated 3,000 attendees, mostly in their 30s and 40s and mostly women will be ready for another great wine time. Some ticket categories have an attendance limit so be sure to check in to for your choice. The producer has been kind enough to allow TASTE OF WINE readers to receive $10 off on a General Admission entry to Vin Diego and the Grand Tasting April 11 from 4 to 7 p.m. by using the Promo Code “MANGIO” for the discount. Wine Bytes Encinitas Wine Merchants in Encinitas has planned wine tasting events with Grgich Hills from Napa Valley March 19. Happy hour is daily from 4 to 6 p.m. with $5 and $6 on selected wines. On Mondays happy hour is extended from 4 to 9 p.m. Call for details at (760) 407-4265.

Holiday Wine Cellar in Escondido has lots of action this month, including a Cote du Rhone & Loire Tasting March 12 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. for $5. And a Darioush Napa Valley wine date March 13 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. for $25. Call (760) 745-1200 for an RSVP. PAON in Carlsbad has a Vignalta tasting event March 12 at 5:30 p.m. in the wine bar, and a Bordeaux wine dinner, Right Bank vs. Left Bank March 19 starting at 6:15 p.m. Cost is $135. RSVP for both at (760) 729-7377. Business Opportunities in the Wine Industry is the subject of the next course at San Diego State University starting March 18 from 6 to 9 p.m. It goes until April 15 each Wednesday evening. Contact the college at (619) 265-7378. Frank Mangio is a renowned wine connoisseur certified by Wine Spectator. He is one of the leading wine commentators on the web. View and link up with his columns at Reach him at and follow him on Facebook.

Lick the Plate can now be heard on KPRi, 102.1 FM Monday - Friday during at 4:10 and 7:10 p.m. David Boylan is founder of Artichoke Creative and Artichoke Apparel, an Encinitas based marketing firm and clothing line. Reach him at david@ or (858) 395-6905

MARCH 6, 2015


T he R ancho S anta F e News

a family gathering or hook up with friends for some entertainment. An intellectual or physical challenge will stimulate your senses.

SOUP TO NUTS by Rick Stromoski

By Eugenia Last FRIDAY, MARCH 6, 2015

FRANK & ERNEST by Bob Thaves

THE BORN LOSER by Art & Chip Sansom

BIG NATE by Lincoln Peirce

MONTY by Jim Meddick

ARLO & JANIS by Jimmy Johnson


ALLEY OOP byJack & Carole Bender

Rely on your intelligence and insight. There is money to be made if you refuse to let personal problems that are beyond your control stymie your professional progress. Keeping your two lives separate will ensure success in both areas. Productivity should be your focus.

LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) -- Check out travel magazines and websites or visit a travel agent. The stimulation and inspiration you are looking for can be found in an exotic or out-of-the-way destination.

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) -- Don’t allow your frustration to cause an emotional outburst. Keep your opinions to yourself and think twice before you blurt out something you may regret.

LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23) -- Put extra effort into developing better connections with people you can relate to. If you enPISCES (Feb. 20-March 20) -- Overly gage in activities that attract caring peosensitive family members will be hard to ple, you will be appreciated for your condeal with. Do whatever it takes to avoid tributions. confrontations. Concentrate on finishing SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22) -- You work a creative project that you have been hard for your money, but reckless spendpostponing. ing or unnecessary extravagance will ARIES (March 21-April 19) -- Someone wreak havoc on your budget. Be wary of from your past will make a surprising con- anyone looking for a handout or donation. tribution. This is not a good time to deal SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23-Dec. 21) -- Orwith government agencies or authority ganize a pleasure trip or outing with a figures. close friend. Tension with family memTAURUS (April 20-May 20): Negativity bers will leave you feeling dissatisfied will be your downfall. Don’t allow self- and uptight. The less time spent at home, doubt or indecisiveness to keep you from the better. taking an advanced position. With your CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) -- It’s intellect and insight, you will succeed in time to put your financial, insurance and any venture you attempt. legal papers in order. Update contracts or GEMINI (May 21-June 20) -- Don’t let agreements. An older individual will be anyone take advantage of you. If you able to provide some valuable advice. feel you are being pressured, stand up AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) -- Emofor your rights. A change of scenery will tional pressure or personal issues will help to clear your mind and avoid a trou- have you feeling pulled in two different blesome confrontation. directions. Take some time to pamper CANCER (June 21-July 22) -- Share your yourself. A day spent doing enjoyable achappiness with the people you love. Plan tivities will lessen your stress.

T he R ancho S anta F e News

MARCH 6, 2015



selected to participate in a music video, which highlights their school. The bus is equipped with a state-of-the-art sound studio and more. Corduan was impressed with the bus and the people who worked there.

“The amount of technology in that bus, whether it is just the recording component or the video component was all high definition and all super high quality,” he said. Through this John Lennon foundation, a legacy continues to help and inspire children. And the kids had an opportunity to learn about

Offer Expires 3-31-15

Lennon and The Beatles. “In the presentation, they were telling the children that John Lennon just wasn’t just a musician. He was a poet, an artist and a photographer,” he said. Brian Vincik, a parent whose child attends the school, was thrilled to have the bus there since it brought so many different com ponents. On a whole, he believed the bus afforded a sense of imagination to the kids. While the children receive traditional exposure in the classroom and extra activities, the mere presence of the bus gave them additional insight. The bus had multiple levels of musical themes. “There’s engineering, production, and it gives the kids a behind the scenes look,” Vincik said. “Right now a lot of kids turn on the radio and hear something but they may not have the appreciation of how it’s made.” The bus gave them that refreshed point of view. Vincik spent a great deal of time on the bus throughout the day and was delighted to see the reaction from the children. As a parent, he appreciates when his child is exposed to several things and looks for that one moment realizing that something clicked. “And this bus is part of that journey. I guarantee you there’s going to be one child in here that’s going to be inspired by this and it will hopefully change their life,” said Vincik, adding how the buses are worldwide and make a positive impact to children everywhere.

Spring Garden Festival Tomatomania ®•Herbal Marketplace Bromeliads•Palms and Cycads Kidzone•Garden Emporium

March 14 and 15


9 AM – 5 PM

SPRING GARDEN FESTIVAL March 14-15, 2015 This Coupon is good for $ 2.00 OFF admission

Only one coupon per car needed May not be combined with any other special offer. Valid March 14-15, 2015 only.

760/ 436-3036

• On-going speakers • Herb Festival Marketplace • Spring Plant Sale • Crafts and activities for Kids • One Stop Shopping for all of your Spring Garden Needs …and so much more! Free with paid admission or membership.

230 Quail Gardens Drive, Encinitas, CA

MARCH 6, 2015


T he R ancho S anta F e News


Place your classified ad through our website 24/7 REACH MORE THAN OVER

120,000 • 760.436.9737 • OPEN HOUSES


VOL. 28,


N0. 25






JUNE 20,

Two commer be demolis cial structure hed to make s at Carlsba of retail d’s La way for and a revamp Costa Towne Center above, would apartment building that will retail. Courtesy include 48 apartmes. The larger includes the addition rendering nts, a courtyarnew building s , shown d for resident s, and

Carlsbad reta revamped il center to be with apartm ents

Sophia Ceja, 3, of planned for April Oceanside, shows 19. See the full story off a handful of eggs on page she found A9. Photo . Four city by Promis e Yee egg hunts are

Council clo ser


By Rachel


CARLSBAD for five years, — With the 33-yea it’s primary the corner storefr last gettingof El Camino r-old La Costa Towneont empty Real and a ENCIN ITAS Center La Costa The ownerrevamp. another — The counci Avenue at molish two of the step toward is at cific View commercialproperty gained acquiring l took ter and site on Wedne the Pareplace approval Counc and half them structures favor of il members sday night. 2.3 times apartments with buildin in the shoppi to desion on April voted 3-2 ng centhat price.” from Carlsb gs that are conditionsa $50,00 0 deposi in Counc Edding ad’s Planni half retail t spelled Planning 16. dum of unders vocate of ilman Tony Kranz,ton said. out in a and other ng Comm Commissione coming memoranistandin an adty. That million the purchase, forwar figure ping center d with plans rs praised document g for the proper final purcha erty’s curren was based said the $4.3 the owner paves to redeve that they sign, and on the se agreem the way for t public council was only a main tenantsaid curren lop the dated s for zoning. propent, which a majority intend tly lacks shop“(La And ed as a first the end . signage, Additi of May. hopes to approv the wall. You Costa Towne Center offer. it deed in favoronally, Kranz e by But the is) just this said Plannihave no idea said he of upping agenda long debate ing that what’s inside, big long votng Comm item the ter EUSD price white sparke has issione it’s not invitin been long had a strong should have over whethe case, which knowd a overdue.” r Hap L’Heureux. Commissione rezoning even agreedr the counci g,” million much more would have l “This cenmall an to pay valuable. made the land Encinitasto acquire the eyesore. r Aurthur Neil The city Black called Union School site from $10 could the distric the Resident the little t’s rezonehave tried to fight Jeff EddingDistrict. excited would likely request, have but owning at the prospect ton said he’s pensive the court battle,resulted in anthat TURN TO cil is gettingsite, but worrieof the city TOWNE Last Kranz added. exCENTER ON “bamboozled d the counauction month, EUSD A15 “The Pacific View was due Pacific View the propercity offered $4.3 .” bid set at to with a minim Elementary, million past, and ty in the not-too ticking, $9.5 million. With um for cade ago. The which the city is now offerin the clock -distant dum of understacouncil approve closed a de- just before submit d a memora nding at meeting g more the deadli ted an offer , bringing n- delayed Wednes than the ne. day night’s the city site. Photo closer to a safegu the auction by two EUSD has Mosaic, by Jared acquirin ard, in case part 2 Whitlock months g Artist Mark By Promis as the deal e Yee Patterson with the has plans OCEANSIDE up to his for a follow announcemen Kay’s husban — TURN TO Surfing DEAL ON A15 donna mosaic t that an The Parker helped banLIFT d Dick MaUr. A5 accept the building grant will fund grant at the the Kay City Counci meeting ow to reacH Message Family Resour Parker April l 16. the honor The final remains ce Center (760) 436-97 us the planne of namin He said at source A&E.............. 37 on Eden installment affordable d Mission Cove center after g the reCalendar housing Gardens tells of Classifieds............ A10 bought project wife was well deservhis late Calendar@coa OUSD takes the commu ..... B21 nity’s reasons. applause for two ed. The Food stnewsgroup. the affordable Mission Cove to youth. commitment to reduce wastepledge Legals& Wine....... B12 com Comm Community form “green A6 housing and ........... mixedwere glad unity membe Community@News aimed at teams” Opinion......... ....... A18 rs sion use project on and resource to have a family recycling. Avenue coastnewsgro MisB1 Sports........... .......A4 oped throug is being develthe city’s center as part Letters h a partne ....... A20 of betwee low-income ing project rship Letters@coa hous- tional n the city , and pleased and Nastnewsgroup. the name equally sance Community Renais com center will nonprofit of the developer. Kay Parker honor the late The , a belove ground project will break housing this summe d, fair advocate. r. GradBy Jared


to finalizin g Pacific

View deal

Center to of housi be part ng projec t

Two Sectio ns 48 pages






1-2 wks

Display PCI


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Place your own line ad online at Line ads run both publications. Display classifieds run Coast News, 22,000 RSF 10,000 INLAND 10,000


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OPEN HOUSE FRIDAY & SAT 123, SUNDAY 1-4, MARCH 6-8 Elegantly Provincial home in Carlsbad. 4715 sq ft, 4br, 3 ba, custom entrance door with marble ties foyer, high cathedral ceiling. 7336 Cadencia St. Carlsbad, CA 92009 OPEN HOUSE SATURDAY 11-4PM AND SUNDAY 12-4PM, MARCH 7 & 8 Resort like living, Bright open 3bd/3 bath. Dual master bedrooms with additional bed and bath downstairs. Private end unit home. 1881 Key Largo, Vista, CA 92081 OPEN HOUSE SUNDAY, MARCH 8 FROM 1:00-4:00PM Breathtaking views! Built in 2013, magnificent circle drive entrance. 4600 sq ft, 4br $1,795,000 31345 Lake Vista Terrace, Bonsall, CA 92003

REAL ESTATE DOWNSIZE TO DOWNTOWN Are you ready to enjoy the carefree condo lifestyle in Downtown San Diego? Walk to great restaurants and entertainment; stroll our beautiful bayside? Let me find the perfect condo for you. Call me or visit my website. I know Downtown--I live here myself! Sari Reznick, Realtor® Certified CID Specialist® Cal BRE #01954419 cell: 619-708-9106 website: DowntownHomeSanDiego. com. Keller Williams Metro Realty, Cal BRE #01295699. PACIFIC INVESTMENT PROPERTIES Apartment Experts - Property Sales 1031 Exchanges, Lending Mike Farber 760-215-0967 Realtor MLS Loopnet Investments since 1979 BRE # 00897660 COLORADO ROCKIES Pristine Colorado Pine Forest W/mtn views all around, walk lake, river, 15mins to town, Wildlife & Infinite open lands adjoin secluded village. 5+ ac. Developer owned priced for quick sale @ only $29,500 w/great owner financing w/low down Payment. Call owner 970.376.8825 OCEAN-VIEW TIMESHARE Sleeps-6, fully-furnished w/kitchen. Visit Fixed week 20: May 16th-23rd, 2015. $13,000 o.b.o. (818) 366-2043

FOR RENT TOWNHOUSE - 2BR/1.5BA, 2 story, private patio, 2 car garage, pet on approval. Great location. Carlsbad school district. Off Lake Drive in Oceanside. Available April 1. Call 760.476.1433 to see. $1500/mo. + sec. deposit. $1295 RANCHO SANTA FE PRIVATE GUEST HOUSE 1BR/1BA single employed professional, quiet lifestyle n/s/p (760) 390-5551 BEACH VACATION RENTAL- Ocean-view, sleeps-6, fully-furnished, Available May 16th-May 23rd, 2015. Visit $1,800/week +deposit (818) 366-2043

MISCELLANEOUS COMMUNITY FLEA MARKET 9th year Large north county Community Flea looking for vendors! Sat. Market March 28 Vista Elks lodge 1947 E. Vista Way, Vista 92084 Vendors pay $25 for a 20x15 Space (large enough for a car and table. Must reserve space. first come first served. space for 80 Vendors check in at 6am ready to sell by 7:30. Clean out your garage, advertise your business, crafts, kids stuff automotive resale consignment, anything legal. call Myra for details 760-803-5074

Put the power of print to work for you! For as little as $3.75 per week Call 760.436.9737 for info


SERVICES Take time for yourself... let us do the dirty work!


Cleaning Service Martha Melgoza- Owner Deep cleaning in living areas, kitchen, dining, bathrooms, bedrooms & windows

Cell 760-712-8279 Or 760-580-6857 Se Habla Español

FORD, LINCOLN, CHEVY, GMC, & CADILLAC GET FREE OIL CHANGE!! Visit to register for offer and get more details. For questions please call us at (800)969-8477. FULL SERVICE TREE CARE Thinning, Pruning, Shaping, Lacing, Trimming, Tree Removals, Crown Reduction, Stump Grinding, Palms, Quality Work. Affordable Prices! (License #784978). Insured, Free Estimates. Call Troy (760) 480-1670. EXPERIENCED CAREGIVER 20 years of experience (hospital & inhome care). Services include transportation for appointments and errands, light housekeeping, companion, food-preparation. Clean driving and background check. Call Chelsea 858 -877-0820. No Agencies. SHIELD ROOFING Roofing repairs and roof replacement by Shield Roofing Inc., your local roofer Visit us at or call for a free estimate, ask for Guy 760458-2022 Ca Lic. 939068 REMODELING? 2nd Generation Family Owned Local Contractor. Kitchens, baths, additions, whole house, fire & flood restoration. We handle design, plans, permits and deliver peace of mind. Konstrukt Design & Remodel-Since 1973. Lic.#833211 858-453-6555 MEMORIAL PRESENTATION SLIDESHOW WITH MUSIC I am a multimedia producer. When my Mom passed away, I scanned about 70 photos spanning her life. I can do the same to project at your loved one’s service. Keepsake forever. 760-436-8449 JESSE’S TREE SERVICE~WE DO IT ALL! Lic.860309 Ins. Bonded 760-845-9909 ENHANCE YOUR HOME OR OFFICE WITH BEAUTIFUL LIVING ART ARRANGEMENTS FROM GREENS & THINGS PLANTSCAPING Specializing in high-end, contemporary living art, our plantscape designers use live plants, natural elements like stone and drift wood, and other creative materials to create simplistic yet sophisticated living art to suit your style and exceed your expectations. Ad some color and life to your world and call (760) 942-1234 or email madeline@ FOR AFFORDABLE DOG WALKING AND PET WASTE REMOVAL 35/mo/dog. More info?? Please call Mark 818-922-9074 BACK-HOE, BOBCAT, Grading, Trenching, Concrete & Asphalt Demo, Footings, Pool Removal, Leveling. Owner/Operator. #503159 760-781-4149 LAWYER MAKES HOUSE CALLS Free consult. Bankruptcy, Modification, Short Sale. Elder Abuse. Other matters. Lawyer/R.E. Broker 760738-1914 BRE #00661666.

Visit us Licensed (#00026922) and Bonded

ITEMS FOR SALE MATTRESS SET FOR SALE Queen Mattress Set $150 New in Plastic No Room. Call Today! 760-691-2337

HELP WANTED PERSONAL ASSISTANT I am an independent entrepreneur in need of a personal assistant to help me with a wide range of tasks including book keeping, errands, office organization and paperwork, data input,prepare and mail checks, social networking, phone calls Email resume to:frankbaines75@gmail. com

HELP WANTED JOB! KITCHEN HELP POSITION IN OCEANSIDE. Family operated bar & grill in Oceanside offers a secure long-term position in the kitchen (weekday nights + weekends). Cleaning, food prep, dishwashing, cooking etc. Must be drug-free, in possession of a driver’s license and own a reliable transportation. (760) 433-5086 (3pm–9pm) BRAND AMBASSADOR / SALES REPRESENTATIVE Mauzy is seeking an experienced P/T Brand Ambassador. Excellent hourly pay +Bonus. Please call 619-247-0689 for more info & interview. HAIR SALON Hairstylist for Booth Rental wanted for Full or part time. Coastal Carlsbad salon with garden setting. Call Lynde for details at 760-845-5540. HAIRSTYLIST WANTED! Booth Rental-Full or part time. Casual, friendly, COASTAL ENCINITAS salon. Call Studio 839 for detail! (760) 436-9839

WANTED SEEKING ROOM IN SOLANA BEACH AREA – Mature woman looking to rent from another woman. Private bedroom and bathroom, w/kitchen and laundry privileges and garage space. References on request. Needed ASAP. Call Pamela (760) 630-4619 home; (760) 6957021 cell RELIABLE, KIND, LONG TERM HOUSEMATE OR HOUSE/PET SITTER Respectful, kind, mature, quiet woman seeking to be long term housemate offering house and pet sitting in lieu of rent or for reduced rent. Warm and caring person, trusted by animals and people. Services I offer include: pet care and exercise, feeding, administering medications, grooming, waste removal, plant watering, trash, mail, property monitoring, etc. I am a cheerful, conscientious person who is currently employed at UCSD (for over 27 years). I workout, dance, meditate and write poetry for fun. I don’t smoke, drink, do drugs or have my own pets or overnight guests. I have excellent RSF references and I’m looking forward to talking with you! Rhonda 760670-7501. ART WANTED ESTATES, COLLECTORS, BANKRUPTCIES Top Dollar for fine works. Free informal appraisal and authentication advice. Creighton-Davis Gallery, 760432-8995, coastnewsgroup


T he R ancho S anta F e News CADNET CLASSIFIEDS



MARCH 6, 2015



MARCH 6, 2015


T he R ancho S anta F e News

Rowe robotics teams make a showing RANCHO SANTA FE — On Feb. 21, three teams from the R. Roger Rowe Middle School successfully competed against a field of 36 teams at a regional championship held at Canyon Crest Academy. Throughout the day, the RSF Portal Pounders team (Katherine Arnold, Tyler Bovenzi, Grayson Hudgens, DJ Nelson, Gabrielle Nguyen and Brandon Wong) remained undefeated going into the final alliance rounds. During the alliance rounds, the RSF Portal Pounders chose its fellow school teammates, the RSF Intergalactic Dragons (James Busby, Conrad Delgado, Aaron Lustig, Lucas Luwa and Justine Yu), as one of its alliance partners. The alliance won its initial matches and moved on to play against the top-seeded team for the championship. Robot malfunctions during the final rounds cost the alliance the championship, and placed them in second. This allotted them one of only four spots given to move on to the Super Western Regionals. The RSF Portal Pounders will be competing in the Super Western Regional Championship in Oakland March 27 through March 29 against 13 other Western states. The school’s third team, the RSF Intercontinental Ballistic Ninjas (Erika Adams,

The R. Roger Rowe Middle School robotics team, the Portal Pounders, from left, Tyler Bovenzi, DJ Nelson, Grayson Hudgens, Brandon Wong, Katherine Arnold and Gabrielle Nguyen, nailed second place at the regional championship, and move on to compete in the Super Western Regional Championship in Oakland March 27. Courtesy photo

Jasmine King, Alex Lillian and Aria Mojaver), competed at four different qualifying tournaments during the past several months and succeeded in moving on to the Feb. 21 regional event. At a Dec. 7 event, the Ninjas received a

about school’s FTC robotics Motivate Award. This judged award cel- program, contact David Warebrates the team that exem- ner at plifies the essence of the FTC competition through team building, team spirit and enthusiasm. For more information

deepfling - Coast Hwy 101 - the Lumberyard 937 s coast hwy 101, ste C100 encinitas, ca 92024

760.942.4254 - - m-f 10:30-5:30, sat 10-5, sun 11-5

“It begins with a conversation, and ends when your dreams come true!”

KRISTA CONFER Your Rancho Santa Fe, Solana Beach & Del Mar Territory Manager Call Krista for all your advertising needs.



2253 S. Santa Fe Ave Vista, CA 92083 cl#767581



Tropical, Spectacular Views & Great Location on 4.55 Acres! Bring your horses! ON SALE NOW! 25% off all

Hunter Douglas NewStyle® Hybrid Shutters

Unique, gated, private & serene hilltop property near I-15 with stunning views. Spacious main home apprx 2760 sqft along with second structure/guest home apprx 2300 sq ft that is waiting for your imagination and finishing touches. Great for two Families!!! Cascading Waterfall, Resort style Pool & Deck with large outdoor movie screen to enjoy your favorite shows. Avocado & an assortment of Fruit Trees as well as your own private Pond. Main house with its fresh interior paint, a 4 bedroom / 3 bathroom with Living Rm, Family Rm, Dining Rm, Kitchen, Laundry Rm. New Carpeting and Laminate Flooring. Lower pond across the driveway. Second structure is a single level with the possibility of 2 Bedrooms / 2 Bathroom along with a 1 bedroom with loft area (could be a separate living area or OFFICE) and a tremendous grate room. There’s even a bonus of a basement! Whether you are a gentlemen farmer or an existing farmer with an extended family, this is the place to be! These 4.55 acres could be a grower’s delight with a wide range of options! Nights can be most captivating as you gaze at the stars, watch a movie on a theater like outdoor screen, and hear the serenity of the waterfall. Come and imagine your life here on Paradise hill! By Appointment Only. Call for Open House Schedules!

Hunter Douglas NewStyle® hybrid shutters

NewStyle® hybrid shutters blend the look of a real wood shutter with the strength, stability and straightness of modern-day materials to create design in perfect harmony. Available in a range of popular colors, frame types and options to fit any décor.

Start the conversation today and call Jim & Joanie

Jim & Joanie Burton Coastal Country Real Estate

760-729-6400 BRE #’s 01950583 • 00624604


T he R ancho S anta F e News


MARCH 6, 2015

Cannot be combined with any other incentive. Financing for well-qualified applicants only. Limited Terms Available. Subject to credit approval, vehicle insurance approval & vehicle availability. No down payment required. See participating dealers for details. Must take delivery from dealer stock by March 3, 2015.

$1,995 due at lease signing 36 month lease 10 at this payment (Standard 2.5i Automatic model, code FFB-02). $0 security deposit. Tax, title and registration fees extra. Cannot be combined with any other incentives. Special lease rates extended to well-qualified buyers and are subject to credit approval, vehicle insurance approval and vehicle availability. Lessee pays personal property and ad valorem taxes (where applicable), insurance, maintenance repairs not covered by warranty, excessive wear and tear and a mileage charge of 15 cents per mile for mileage over 10,000 miles per year. Must take delivery from retailer stock by March 8, 2015.

Purchase or lease any new (previously untitled) Subaru and receive a complimentary factory scheduled maintenance plan for 2 years or 24,000 miles (whichever comes first.) See Subaru Added Security Maintenance Plan for intervals, coverages and limitations. Customer must take delivery before 12-31-2015 and reside within the promotional area. At participating dealers only. See dealer for program details and eligibility.

Cannot be combined with any other incentive. Financing for well-qualified applicants only. $20.83 thousand financed. Subject to credit approval, vehicle insurance approval and vehicle availability. No down payment required. See participating dealers for details. Must take delivery from dealer stock by March 8, 2015. Car Country Drive

5500 Paseo Del Norte Car Country Carlsbad

Car Country Drive

760-438-2200 ** EPA-estimated fuel economy. Actual mileage may vary. Subaru Tribeca, Forester, Impreza & Outback are registered trademarks. All advertised prices exclude government fees and taxes, any finance charges, $80 dealer document processing charge, any electronic filing charge, and any emission testing charge. Expires3/8/2015.

22nd Annual Bob Baker

ar Country Drive

Car Country Drive

Vintage Volkswagen Spring Festival! Mark your calendars! Sunday, Mar. 22, 2015 10am-2pm. Food Trucks, Live Music & Raffle! Spectators are FREE! Car Show entrants only $10. Open to all Air-Cooled VWs!

Lease for



ar Country Drive

Automatic Transmission and More!


per month + tax


for 36 months

6 at this payment. On approved above average credit. $1999 Due at Signing. $0 security deposit required. Payments plus tax & license, 36mo. closed end lease with purchase option. Excess mileage fees of 20¢ per mile based on 10,000 miles per year. Offer Expires 3/8/15

760-438-2200 VOLKSWAGEN

5500 Paseo Del Norte Car Country Carlsbad

All advertised prices exclude government fees and taxes, any finance charges, $80 dealer document processing charge, any electronic filing charge, and any emission testing charge. Expires 3-8-2015.

ar Country Drive

2015 Volkswagen Jetta S 2.0L

Issuu converts static files into: digital portfolios, online yearbooks, online catalogs, digital photo albums and more. Sign up and create your flipbook.