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Create your own yardscape from found materials

On a quiet corner in suburban Carlsbad I spot an odd collection of garden art, that forces me to slow down and take a closer look each time I drive past.

I finally got to meet the owner of this eclectic garden, Terri Polley, and she described her ten-year hunt to find the perfect objects for her tiny front yard garden.

“The VW door came from the first car I owned in 1966,” Polley said. “And the license plate tells a little bit about where I came from, Iowa!”

Polley gleefully guides me through the sculptural garden, and explains how the construction of wine bottles arose.

“I had a few bottles from a wine club that we belonged to, and then once it got started all the neighbors brought me theirs,” she said. “I went out an bought a drill press, and watched a You Tube video about how to use it.”

Now, the bottle construction is the entryway to her garden, and slows down traffic on her quiet street.

Create your own yardscape

A yard scape is a cross between the hardscape and found objects that appear in your garden. As many of you know hardscape is the collection of any type of mate-

rial that is not a living plant, tree, flower or vegetable.

If you wander through your neighborhood chances are that someone has created their own collection of driftwood, shells, rocks, sculpture and even children’s toys!

Follow the

designer’s leads

Jamie Durie, landscape designer from HGTV, and author of “The Outdoor Room, (Jamie Durie Publi-

cations) reminds us “when designing an eclectic garden mix, I shop around the neighborhood (Okay, I did a little dumpster diving) for discarded and neglected pots and plants.

What a great way to shop for planters and what goes in them!”

Jamie also suggests checking online in local Next Door or Craig’s List services that advertise free stuff.

When homeowners

or apartment dwellers are moving, they often have to get rid of valuable plants and hardscape material.

North County coast a perfect canvas

Many of my gardener friends walk the local beaches for the perfect items to complete their rock and driftwood collections. One local gardener advised, “Walk the beach at low tide after a good storm, and the stash of rocks and drift-

wood are at their peak. The favorite local spots are Ponto Beach in Carlsbad and the Oceanside Pier.”

After collecting ocean rock, you can build a small stone wall by inserting the rock in the soil, or place in an existing garden as a home for rock garden plants.

In search of rocks and stone

If you enjoy travelling, many local states boast their own collection of rock and stone. Arizona, Utah and Northern California and have geographical areas that boast quartz, amethyst, turquoise and even fool’s gold.

Be certain when trav-

elling in public parks that rock-hunting is permitted. Start with the basics

When starting a new yard scape or rock garden, begin with just a small rock or shell collection and a small patch of soil. Check out the National Rock Garden Society, www.nargs. org for local tours and clubs which can give you lots of ideas for rock garden plants and herbs that are suitable for your new garden.

Jano Nightingale is a horticulturist and educator and teaches vegetable gardening at the Carlsbad Senior Center. Contact her at janosgarden@hotmail.com.

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YARDSCAPE is a cross between hardscape and found objects, such as these colorful bottles, that appear in your garden. Courtesy photo THE DOOR of a VW Beetle becomes a work of art in Terri Polley’s garden in Carlsbad. Photo by Jano Nightingale

Robert & Arlene Carlisle Curators of life

Robert and Arlene have an appreciation for beautiful things—like the way the light reflects off the water at sunset. They note the subtle changes from evening to evening, watching from their balcony at Carlsbad By The Sea. They have also acquired an impressive collection of both bridge and biking partners in their new home in North County.

The Carlisles are especially interested in discovering the intersections between the vibrant retirement community and greater Carlsbad. Given the gallery next door and the proximity to a multitude of restaurants, cafés and shops, they expect to make many new discoveries in the coming months. In their free time, they enjoy organizing community cookouts, helping out on the philanthropy advisory committee, and exploring the miles of coastline just outside their door.

Continue your lifelong pursuits and find new adventures at Carlsbad By The Sea, offering independent living, assisted living and skilled nursing on-site.

18 T he C oas T N ews - s pri N g h ome & g arde N MARCH 31, 2023
We’re an equal opportunity housing provider in Southern California. CA license #374600799 COA #194 Call 800-255-1556 or visit CarlsbadByTheSea.org 2855 Carlsbad Blvd., Carlsbad, CA 92008

Spring cleaning: Don’t toss that ‘junk,’ it may be valuable!

It’s time to hit the garage, basement, attic and closets for that age-old task of spring cleaning!

Before hauling unwanted possessions to the curb, you may be surprised to learn they might be valuable -- especially if you have sports cards and memorabilia gathering dust.

With prices of sports cards rising in recent years, take time to determine if yours are valuable and how to best sell them.

“Older sports cards and memorabilia aren’t just highly collectible; they can be worth lots of money.

Recent sales of scarce vintage cards have topped anywhere from thousands of dollars to tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands.

And really rare cards can go higher,” says Al Crisafulli, Auction Director at Love of the Game Auctions, an internet sports auction house that helps families identify and sell valuable items.

Crisafulli has assisted people in selling such keepsakes as a grandparent’s autograph collection and an uncle’s childhood baseball cards, for tens of thousands of dollars.

In one life-changing event, he helped a family determine that a baseball bat that spent decades protecting their home was used by Hall of Famer Lou Gehrig — and Love of the Game Auctions sold it for almost half a million dollars.

Today, that bat could bring more than a million


The key is understanding what makes old sports collectibles valuable. To help, Crisafulli is sharing some tips:

Older is Pricier? Maybe

Cards from the 1960s and earlier are collectible, and those from before the 1940s can be worth a lot of money, especially those depicting stars.

Do you have cards of Hall of Famers, such as Mickey Mantle, Babe Ruth, Honus Wagner or Ty Cobb?

Even non-stars from the early days of a sport can be worth big bucks, especially if the cards have no creases and retain sharp corners and original gloss.

If you have very old cards from the 1880s through the 1930s, look for tobacco, gum and candy brands, such as Old Judge, Piedmont, Sweet Caporal, Goudey or American Caramel.

If you want to sell sports items for the most

3 ways to prep your home for bug season

By StatePoint

It can be tempting to think that bugs simply disappear in the cooler months.

The truth is that many bug species have evolved to survive all year long, sometimes hiding in the warm nooks and crannies in and around homes. Others go into a hibernation-like state.

To prep your home for bug season and outsmart pests, follow these 3 steps:

1. Tidy up: Household pests love snacking just as much as people do, but you don’t need to play host to them. After meals, wipe down tables, counters and other kitchen surfaces. Be sure to regularly sweep and vacuum crumbs, as well as mop up to eliminate sticky food residue. Keep a tightly-fitting lid on your garbage bin, and rinse cans and jars before recycling them.

2. Be ready: Even an immaculate home will face pest problems at some point. That’s why it is important to have tools on hand to catch a problem early, before it becomes a much bigger one.

money, consider a specialty auction, such as Love of the Game, which has the expertise to properly research sports ephemera

and maintains bidder lists of collectors specializing in sports. More information is available at loveofthegameauctions.com.

Postcards & Photographs

We all have keepsakes of vacation destinations, but most aren’t valuable. However, photographs and postcards depicting sports stars and ballparks can be significant.

Look for early “real photo” postcards from the 1900s through the 1940s, which are photographs printed on postcard backs.

As with sports cards, star power matters, so preserve those Babe Ruths as

opposed to images of your great grandma’s baby cousin once-removed.

And when it comes to photos, look for old markings on the back, such as photographer, publication and date stamps.


Set aside old advertising posters depicting sports stars and food, tobacco or sporting goods brands.

Ads from magazines aren’t valuable, but those used as store displays and for other marketing purposes can be pricey.

Tin signs from the 1960 and earlier can be highly prized, but reproductions aren’t.

Your family’s sporting goods, such as balls, gloves and bats, can be valuable. Pre-1950s uniforms and catcher’s masks, helmets and other equipment are highly collected, especially when endorsed by star players.

Top condition brings the highest prices, but even used equipment can be valuable.

“The golden rule is the older the sports card or item, the more valuable it usually is. Pre-1975 pieces start to get interesting and are worth researching,” says Crisafulli.

Don’t just clean out your “junk” this spring, examine it closely to potentialy maximize its value.

Zevo’s Instant Action sprays target and shut down biological pathways found in insects, not in people or pets. Likewise, the brand’s traps use a UV and blue light system to attract and capture flying insects, and they have a discreet design that can serve as a bouncer at your home’s entry points.

It’s also smart to use these traps in potential problem areas, such as near trash cans and fruit bowls and near toilet bowls and drains.

3. Safeguard the yard: Defending your yard from pesky pests will not only improve the comfort of your home’s outdoor spaces, it will help prevent insects from finding their way indoors.

Be sure to eliminate standing water by properly tending to your lawn and by periodically clearing downspouts of debris. Any water feature in your garden should use running water. If you have a patio or deck, consider screening it in. If you don’t love the look of screened walls, installing ceiling fans can be an effective alternative.



• Cost Effective

• Cleaner Job Site

• Less time & disruption on the Job site/property

• Save up to 30% on cost, compared to other construction options

• Up to 50% time savings: site work & ADU production happen

MARCH 31, 2023 T he C oas T N ews - s pri N g h ome & g arde N 19
DON’T JUST CLEAN out your “junk” this spring, examine it closely to potentially maximize its value. Courtesy photo
BENEFITS OF MANUFACTURED ADU'S crestbackyardhomes.com 760.815.6977 PO Box 232068 Encinitas, CA 92023-2068 Manufactured Homes are Energy Efficient! 01 02 03 04 05 CREST BACKYARD HOMES is a Turn-key Solution for your ADU! 3 Comprehensive Site Evaluation 3 Permit Processing, Streamlined Construction, and Installation
ADU Options, Purchasing, and Financing
Total Cost Vs. Return on Investment Analysis
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East Cove Cottages by Warminton Residential is now offering brand new, move-in-ready luxury cottages just about one mile from the beach in Encinitas for prices that begin in the mid-$1Ms.

premium finishes and Italian-crafted Bertazzoni stainless steel appliances and included solar. No additional upgrade or improvements are needed. All you have to do is move-in and bring your stuff.

If you are the active type, or are a traveler, these homes will hold even more appeal. They were designed with intention to be low maintenance and offer “lock-and-leave” lifestyle possibilities. As one local real estate professional said, …”this invites residents to “chase the surf without the worries of the constant upkeep.”

Showcase Home Open For Tours

Daily 10 am to 6 pm!

This is a limited collection and the only movein-ready new home opportunity in Encinitas. As a coastal enclave, East Cove Cottage includes just 13 two-story homes and one single-level plan, and nearly 50 percent of these have been sold. With summer on its way and time being of the essence, now is the time to get that beach-close home you’ve always wanted.

Each of these cottages is different than the next. The architecture, layout, design curated interior and homesite orientation varies, creating a classically eclectic beach house setting. Their beauty is further enhanced by the turn-key livability they offer. Unlike typical beach cottages, these new homes feature modern floorplans, hardwood floors,

The location of East Cove Cottages places you in the heart of Encinitas where you can bike to the beach or downtown for lunch. Shopping, dining, renowned surf spots, schools, Encinitas community park, a skate park and a dog park are just a short walk away.

East Cove Cottages is located at 1220 East Cove Place in Encinitas. The sales office and Showcase Home are open daily 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Call 760.263.6799 or visit eastcovecottages.com.

The Warmington group of companies has been building new homes since 1926 and has roots in San Diego County, having crafted homes in some of the area's most beautiful neighborhoods.

This includes Scripps Ranch, Santaluz, Aviara, and La Costa, and in the communities of Encinitas, Carlsbad, Oceanside, and San Marcos.

MARCH 31, 2023 Leucadia Art Gallery Fine Art, Local Artists CORNER FRAME SHOP Leucadia Art Gallery (corner of Diana St and N Coast HWY 101) 760.753.8829 cornerframeshopleucadia.com @leucadia.artgallery @cornerframeshop HiveSavers.com Bee Relocation 760-897-4483
IF HAPPINESS AND A NEW HOME ARE WHAT YOU SEEK, COME TO EAST COVE COTTAGES. WHERE BRAND NEW MEETS Ahhh! COME ‘SEA’ HOW GOOD LIFE CAN BE! Courtesy photos To view or post events, SCAN THE QR CODE or visit us online at calendar.thecoastnews.com Looking for something FUN to do? Then you need to check out our new EVENT CALENDAR for things to do in North County SD

Family business makes backyard homes a reality

When it comes to providing quality work and expertise, Crest Backyard Homes likes to keep it in the family.

As San Diego’s top accessory dwelling unit (ADU) builders, Vista-based Crest Backyard Homes specializes in installing backyard living quarters that are commonly used to house either multigenerational family members or to help a household gain some extra income and provide more local housing by renting out the additional space.

The team consists of experts with more than four decades of manufactured home experience and more than three decades of construction experience.

Though ADUs have been around since the

1980s, their popularity didn’t start to grow until 2017 when State regulations began to change, making ADUs a more appealing and affordable investment.

Crest Backyard Homes designed and installed its first manufactured home in 2002 in Leucadia under its own name as opposed to being the installing contractor for several dealers.

“We’ve been doing this for a long time,” said founder John Arendsen.

Now a licensed general contractor, manufactured home contractor, real estate broker, manufactured home dealer Tiny Home and Park model dealer and developer, Arendsen first started

his real estate and manufactured home contractor business, On The Level, in 1986, just a few years after he moved his family from Orange County to Vista in 1981.

The company expanded over the next decade. Then, Arendsen started and ran his next company, Crest Backyard Homes, in 1997. In 2017 arendsen and Tim Hipps joined forces and expanded the team to what it is today.

While Arendsen operates as a contractor and developer marketing, promoting and running the front end of the business, Hipps runs the back end as the dealer by working directly with clients on selecting the ideal floor plan, options and

upgrades for their property and budget. He also coordinates with the contractors on the site development and utility installation.

Arendsen and Hipps both born on August 8th are longtime friends and former friendly competitors, which is why Arendsen chose him to help on the production side of the ADU business.

Also on the tight-knit team is Lenska Bracknell, the lady in the field. She interfaces with our client from beginning to end. In many ways you might say she’s our best all around player, MVP so to speak. Lenska is not only a licensed real estate broker, analyst and investor she is also a licensed drone

and fixed wing pilot specializing in real estate photography, site evaluation and feasibility. But most importantly she’s the teams project manager.

Arendsen is also joined by his wife, Janis, also an industry expert, consultant and expert witness and who works with lenders, attorneys, engineers and myriad local building jurisdictions to help homeowners with permit processing and loan procurement.

Keeping the family close by, their daughter Janeene Arendsen Lovell works as operations manager of all their businesses and creative director. The younger Arendsen has been dedicated

to her family’s business since the age of 8 when she first began organizing its records and data.

“We have a really tightly wrapped team,” John Arendsen said.

The combined several decades of experience between the small but mighty team has earned them much praise from their past clientele.

Anna Hopkins, a satisfied CREST homeowner said working with the local North County-based ADU specialist helped them get answers and advice on ADUs during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, making things even more challenging. Still, Hopkins was thrilled with their level of expertise throughout the process and the final results.

“The Crest Backyard Homes team went above and beyond in all aspects of the project to execute our dream of adding an ADU in our backyard,” said Anna Hopkins.


“The three menaces to any chimney, fireplace, or stove.”

Every year there are over twenty thousand chimney / fireplace related house fires in the US alone. Losses to homes as a result of chimney fires, leaks, and wind damage exceeds one hundred million dollars annually in the US.

CHIMNEY SWEEPS, INC., one of San Diego’s leading chimney repair and maintenance companies, is here to protect you and your home from losses due to structural damage and chimney fires.

Family owned and operated and having been in business for over 30 years, Chimney Sweeps Inc. is a fully licensed and insured chimney contracting company (License # 976438) and they are certified with the National Fireplace Institute and have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.


For a limited time, readers of this paper will receive a special discount on our full chimney cleaning and safety inspection package with special attention to chimney water intrusion points in preparation for the rainy season.

22 T he C oas T N ews - s pri N g h ome & g arde N MARCH 31, 2023 Full Service Chimney Cleaning Includes full safety inspection reg. $279 ONLY $149 CALL TODAY: 619-593-4020
BACKYARD HOMES! Revenue or extra income housing, granny flat or multi-generatonal housing, caregiver for the elderly or child care, or the manufactured home option. Courtesy photo
BD80 BD81 11’-10” x 36’ 1 bed 1 bath, 426 sq.ft. 13’-4” x 36’1 bed 1 bath, 480 sq.ft. VISIT crestbackyardhomes.com or call 760-815-6977 to make an appointment to see our furnished model, tour several of our projects and inquire about your future ADU.
The Crest Backyard Homes team went above and beyond in all aspects of the project to execute our dream of adding an ADU in our backyard.”

4 tips for integrating nature into your interior design


This spring home improvement season, get inspired by the outdoors with biophilic design.

“Biophilic design – the concept of integrating nature into interior design – is not only gorgeous, it fosters a healthy living environment, promotes happiness and comfort, and reduces stress,” says Jennifer Kline, multimedia graphic artist at ProVia. “There are many ways to reap these wellness benefits while adding vitality to your living spaces.”

To connect to the natural world within your home, consider these ideas:


Taking a stroll through the forest can summon feelings of tranquility. Capture this inner peace at home from the moment you step inside with a fiberglass woodgrain entry door. Those from ProVia provide authentic-looking woodgrain textures, such as oak, cherry, mahogany, knotty alder and fir, and can accommodate various door glass enhancements. Engineered for energy efficiency, they’re also a sustainable choice, helping you protect the natural world as you embrace its splendor.

Other design choices, such as exposed rustic ceiling timbers, rich hardwood furniture, warm hardwood floors and vinyl woodgrain windows can help you carry the forest motif throughout the home, while imbuing interiors with richness and warmth.


“If you’re lacking natural light, it’s time to open those blinds and drapes and let the sunlight stream through your windows. It may also be time to consider a few enhancements that will help you enjoy more sunshine and observe your natural surroundings, even when you can’t be outdoors,” says Kline.

For kitchens and breakfast nooks, bathrooms and dens, consider vinyl garden windows, which invite more light into your space and include shelves ideal for housing indoor plants, such as fragrant herbs. Their three-dimensional design helps give rooms an airy, spacious feel.

Family rooms and bedrooms are great locations for vinyl picture windows, which let in large amounts of light while providing unobstructed views of outdoor scenery. Need inspiration?

Visit ProVia’s Window Photo Gallery at www.provia. com/windows.

To brighten your foyer, add an entry door with glass. Energy efficient sliding glass patio doors also let in sunlight, and give you the option to invite fresh air into your home or enjoy the melodies of singing birds on nice days.

Skylights can flood small or closed-off spaces such as walk-in closets or bathrooms with light and

give you views of blue skies.


To give your home a welcoming, fresh feel, add various houseplants and indulge in fresh-cut flowers.

A windowsill with small plants of varying shades of green can add texture, while larger potted plants near doorways help guests feel welcome. Fill dark, underutilized spaces with taller plants and place bright, lightly-scented garden flowers in such spots as the kitchen island and coffee tables. Use earthen or wood-carved vases for additional warmth.


From the warm brown tones of a picturesque southwestern mesa to the cool, earthy feel of quarried rock, manufactured


stone veneer adds rugged texture, intriguing patterns and shapes, and a variety of hues straight from Earth’s natural color palette.

Whether you’re creating a focal point in a bedroom with an accent wall, adding character to your kitchen with a stone veneer backsplash, surrounding a tub with stone veneer for a spa-like bathroom, or highlighting your fireplace, different stone profiles and grout colors can help you customize the look. Experiment with combinations using ProVia’s visualizer tool found at provia.com/ stone/grout-visualizer.

“Incorporating biophilic elements into your interior design can transform your home into a warm respite from your busy life,” says Kline.


Now is the perfect time to move into your brand-new modern cottage near the beach in Encinitas, about one mile from the water. You’ll enjoy an easy, breezy lock-and-leave lifestyle. These low-maintenance luxury homes invite you to spend weekends chasing waves, not mowing the lawn. Each of the homes in this limited collection is filled with beautiful amenities and many upgrades, including wood flooring, Italian-crafted Bertazzoni appliances, solar, and so much more. You can get the home near the shore you’ve always wanted at East Cove Cottages.


MARCH 31, 2023 T he C oas T N ews - s pri N g h ome & g arde N 23 Sylvia Rose DRE #01377761 *Must register clients on or before their first visit. Broker referral fee paid upon the close of escrow. HomesByWarmington.com is the registered domain for Warmington Residential and represents its new home communities throughout California. Square footages are approximate only. Details may vary considerably and are subject to change without notice. See a sales representative for full details. 03.24.23
FOR KITCHENS and breakfast nooks, bathrooms and dens, consider vinyl garden windows, which invite more light into your space and include shelves ideal for housing indoor plants, such as fragrant herbs. Courtesy photo

Award Winning ‘TREE DOCTOR’ uses special techniques for exceptional results

Since 1985, Russell Bowman has been delighting residents of San Diego County with his plant and tree expertise.

So, it’s no wonder Bowman Plant & Tree Care Specialists have been named the San Diego Union-Tribune Community Press’ “Best of North County” voters’ poll for tree and plant care for a 2nd year in a row!

He is lovingly referred to as the San Diego “tree doctor extraordinaire” by his clients, Bowman is known for transforming sickly trees and gardens into Disneyesque wonderlands.

Using his own proprietary blend of organic biological nutrition, Bowman feeds plants at night — a technique he picked up during his time as a horticulturist at Disneyland.

“When you feed plants at night, they have enough time to absorb the nutrition, before it is degraded by the sun’s rays,” he said. “That’s why, when most people are

winding down their days, eating dinner, and going to bed, we are out feeding plants and trees.”

He’s done more than just care for sick plants and trees, he’s revolutionized both residential and commercial properties by the use of his organic fertilizer tanks that inject his magical

program pays back through reduced water bills.

“When you give your body proper nutrition, it affects your overall health and boosts your immunity, so you don’t get sick. The same is true for plants and trees.” Bowman feeds complete “nutrition delivery biology” derived from earthworm castings to replenish the missing healthy soil biology.

This works with a client’s current irrigation system so that each time the landscaping is watered, the needed soil biology is replenished.

“This is the secret to keeping your property looking like a five-star resort.”

formula through your irrigation systems.

This program reduces the households use of water overall by 30%.

In a very short time, this

Tree Services

Russell is quick to point out that healthy plants and trees are also environmentally friendly. A healthy plant will be more efficient at photosynthesizing sunlight into oxygen and the healthy soil/compost helps bring down uses far less water.

He donates his time and

expertise for the trees for the Point Loma Association and gardens at the Rock Church in Point Loma, Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery, the YMCA, Barnes Tennis Center, Chili’s Restaurants, Stone Brewery in Escondido, and San Diego Botanic Garden.

He also served with the San Diego Rose Society in Balboa Park for 12 years.

Landscape Services

“My calling is to beautify the earth, making trees and plants healthy,” The Master Gardener taught me everything I know. I’ve learned that when you love something, it’s not something you have to do; it’s something you want to do.”

To learn more about Bowman and his services, please contact Russell at 858-499-9417.

He provides tree and plant nutritional care as well as ongoing routine garden maintenance.

Russell Bowman abides by all applicable state laws and requirements and does not perform any services that require a licensed contractor. Business license B2017006153.


Irrigation Services

24 T he C oas T N ews - s pri N g h ome & g arde N MARCH 31, 2023 6170 Innovation Way, Carlsbad, CA 92008 760-696-0535 Katie@ColucciCo.Com | www.coluccico.com KATIE NELSON LET KATIE TAKE CARE OF ALL OF YOUR REAL ESTATE NEEDS Katie grew up in North County and is an local expert sure to help you with your next real estate transaction. She is on the inside track locally and never misses a beat! SMART IRRIGATION TECH Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor Certified Water Manager Irrigation Backflow Owner - Felipe Jeronimo • + (760) 472 4100 irrigationtech41@gmail.com • www.smartirrigationtechandlandscaping.com • Fence Retain Wall • Low Voltage • Irrigation • Landscape • Painting • Cement • Lighting • Backflow • General Landscaping Construction • Tree Service • Garden Maintenance • Plants and Tree Care Fertilizer Specialist
RUSSELL BOWMAN is lovingly referred to as the San Diego “tree doctor extraordinaire.” Courtesy photo
My calling is to beautify the earth, making trees and plants healthy...”
Russell Bowman Owner
From tree planting, trimming, pruning & removal, to stump grinding, consultation and irrigation, we do it all! From mowing lawns, edging, weeding, pruning, flower beds, tree pruning, irrigation & fertilization, we do it all! From design to installation including repairs and consultation, we do all things irrigation!
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