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VOL. 8, NO. 2

JAN. 27, 2012

THISWEEK 4 arrested in Ranch home burglary By Patty McCormac


The Osuna Ranch Steering Committee is in need of extra funding to begin Phase II on the ranch restorations. A3

RANCHO SANTA FE — Four Escondido residents were arrested on suspicion of burglary and felony vandalism after they were found recently inside a Rancho Santa Fe home in broad daylight. Taken into custody were Bret Cueva, 21; Rocky Trinidad, 18; Susana Jimenez, 21; and a juvenile

deputies did not name because of his age, said Detective Matt Mays of the Encinitas substation of the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department. All of the suspects attempted to run away from officers, but three were stopped as they exited the back door. Cueva ran about 100 yards before being run down and captured by

Deputy Justin Cheney, Mays said. The felony vandalism charge was a result of the suspects spraying graffiti inside the house, he said. He said the house was uninhabited at the time of the burglary.The amount of damage is estimated at more than $5,000. Mays said deputies are investigating to determine

whether the four are responsible for the recent spate of burglaries in Rancho Santa Fe. The most recent burglary occurred in the 17100 block of Calle Corte. The Rancho Santa Fe Patrol was notified of a burglary in progress at 9:08 a.m. Jan. 14, said Rancho Santa Fe Patrol Chief Matt Wellhouser.

“Upon arrival, the Rancho Santa Fe officer determined there were several suspects in the house and notified the sheriff’s department,” Wellhouser said. The patrol and sheriff’s deputies surrounded the house and made the arrests. TURN TO BURGLARY ON A26

ON THE AGENDA The Rancho Santa Fe School District Board of Trustees discusses class start times and expected budget A9 shortfalls.


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Demonstrators line SDG&E's Innovation Center Jan. 18 to protest a proposed charge for solar customers. Photos by Bianca Kaplanek

Solar users protest proposed SDG&E charges By Bianca Kaplanek

SAN DIEGO — Dressed as solar panels and the sun while singing a rewritten version of “You Are My Sunshine,” solar energy proponents staged a peaceful demonstration at the Jan. 18 grand opening of San Diego Gas & Electric’s Energy Innovation Center to protest a proposed network-use charge for solar customers. As the 50 or so participants sang and chanted, “Solar power’s what we need. We say no to corporate greed,” “You can’t tax the mighty sun. It belongs to everyone,” and “Hey, hey, ho, ho — the solar tax has got to go,” the California Public Utilities Commission rejected the proposal, saying it could result in solar producers being double charged. SDG&E can submit a forecast of future costs to the PUC every three or four years SDG&E’s proposed solar fee isn’t sitting well with customers who are or may switch to using solar power.

to set rates for its customers. In its most recent filing Oct. 3, SDG&E claimed traditional energy customers are subsidizing solar users, who still use the company’s infrastructure but don’t pay for it. “The way the rate is structured now is broken and it needs to be fixed,” SDG&E spokeswoman Stephanie Donovan said. “We want to make sure it’s sustainable. “There is a cost for keeping that network running reliably and safely,” she said. “We’re simply asking everyone to pay their fair share of these costs.” Opponents claimed the fee would double current electric bills for solar users and be a disincentive to installing rooftop solar panels. “I was planning on getting solar but this fee would TURN TO SOLAR ON A26



JAN. 27, 2012



JAN. 27, 2012

ODD Osuna project on track, but still in need of funds FILES


By Patty McCormac

Like a glove Traditional bridge replacement on as prominent a highway as Interstate 15 in Mesquite, Nev., has generally required rerouting traffic for as long as a year, but the new “accelerated” technology in January necessitated detours for less than a week. Excited engineers traveled in from around the country to watch the old bridge be demolished and the new one (which had been built on a platform off to the side) be slid into place using hydraulic jacks and Teflon-coated metal beams — lubricated with Dawn dishwashing detergent to glide them smoothly into the old frame. The Nevada Department of Transportation estimated that the accelerated process saved commuters about $12 million in time and fuel costs.

RANCHO SANTA FE — Ron McMahon, president of the Osuna Ranch Steering Committee, came to the Jan. 19 Association meeting to give the board a status report on the Osuna Adobe and Ranch restoration. So far so good, was the essence of his report, but there are challenges ahead, such as garnering funding for

building itself,” Director Dick Doughty said. The Association purchased the 28-acre parcel in June 2006 for $12 million with open space funds. The intent is to use it for historical education, as a meeting place for members and as an equestrian center. Built in 1831, the original two-room adobe underwent a restoration and

Leading Economic Indicators Bernard Madoff’s Ponzi scheme cost 16,500 investors a total of as much as $18 billion, according to the court-appointed trustee, but at least Madoff is not on death row. In Hangzhou, China, in November, Ji Wenhua and his brother and their father (who were managers of the Yintai Real Estate and Investment Group) were sentenced to death after their convictions for cheating 15,000 investors out of the equivalent of $1.1 billion. Prosecutors said the men had continued to collect money by claiming profits while losses mounted. News of the Privileged: Among the high-end items catching consumers’ fancy last holiday season was premium firewood, for those who need to burn trees for reasons beyond merely warming the house. “Pretty white birch logs” were a best-selling item for Paul’s Fireplace Wood of Little Falls, Minn., and the owner of J.N. Firewood (Fort TURN TO ODD FILES ON A27

Riders can board their horses and take riding lessons at the ranch. Photos by Patty McCormac

Phase II. “No additional work can commence until the board determines how it can and should be funded,” he said. The next phase includes restoration of the adobe, quarters for an on-site caretaker and bathrooms and a small kitchen for visitors. The cost is estimated at $30,000 to finalize construction documents, $275,000 for the actual construction and $75,000 for landscaping. “It is our vision to preserve and enhance this valuable Covenant asset in a manner respectful to its historic past while creating a vibrant community resource for current and future generations,” McMahon said. Director Larry Spitcaufsky asked if it might be practical to move the adobe to the village where it could be more easily utilized as a historical asset. “The site the building is on is as important as the

expansion in 1924 by Lilian Rice, Rancho Santa Fe’s original architect. She supervised the construction and new adobe bricks were manufactured to replace missing or damaged wall sections. McMahon said the Osuna Ranch is one of the most significant historic sites in the state of California. “The background (of the ranch) establishes the adobe as the crown jewel of historical reference for our almost 90-year-old community,” McMahon said. “We have an architect that specializes in historic buildings,” he said. “They have developed a plan. We developed guiding principals for the plan,” he added. Very important is the establishment of the Amigos de Osuna, a group intended to be the stewards and docents for the Ranch, McMahon said. “This is a support group intended to help with man-

5807 Lago Lindo - The Classic Adobe

This completely remodeled 1975 Weir built adobe home located in the heart of the Rancho Santa Fe Covenant beautifully weaves together Spanish rusticism and California Ranch style. Very energy efficient, this unique 3BR/3BA home has all the comforts and conveniences of a new home while thoughtfully preserving the historic charm and style of years past.

Listed at $3,099,000. Call today to schedule a private viewing! Amanda Shelley, Lic #01897456, Windermere Signature Properties, 858-431-6152

agement, provide docents and help with fundraising,” he said. Although a master plan for the property has been established, nothing is set in stone. “It can always be modified as we go forward,” he said. The first phase of the restoration is nearly complete. “We’ve already done a lot of work, most of it you can’t see,” board President Jack Queen said. McMahon said the work done so far includes a historic structural report, an archeological study completed on the area surrounding the property, drainage control and yard work to minimize further deterioration. Preliminary architectural plans were also commissioned. The lot split, which could result in the sale of a single-family home on the property, is almost completed. The committee has worked with Christy Wilson and the Rancho Santa Fe Foundation to establish the Osuna Adobe Restoration Fund. So far it has funded the Historic Structures report and the Historic Landscape Study. McMahon said the main issue for the Osuna parcel and adobe restoration now is funding. He said he hopes that after the lot split, the house on the property can be sold to help fund the restoration.

The ranch was purchased in 2006 by the Association to be used as a place for historical education, as a meeting place for members and as an equestrian center.

McMahon said he also hopes that additional funding can come from open space funds, private grants through the Rancho Santa Fe Foundation, community fundraising and historic restoration grants. Queen, who was

involved in a similar restoration in Central California, said it is hard to imagine what an asset to the community something like the Osuna Ranch can be. “Let’s get it done,” Queen said.



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If Romney wins, count on Obama to dig into bain By Byron York

RANCH HISTORY Key players in Ranch history Hollywood film director John Robertson enjoys afternoon tea with his wife, Josephine, at their hilltop home located on El Camino del Norte. Josephine was very active in the garden club and also directed the popular plays known as “The Strollers of Rancho Santa Fe.” John was the founder of the Rancho Santa Fe Riding Club. Photos courtesy of Arcadia Publishing, taken from “Rancho Santa Fe,” $21.99. Autographed copies of the book are available at the Rancho Santa Fe Historical Society, 6036 La Flecha. Call (858) 7569291 or email for more information. Available at local retailers, online bookstores, or at arcadia publishing. com.


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But there’s no basis to indict him, either, for the same reason. Nevertheless, the issue has caught fire. No one has been more surprised than the people at Winning Our Future, who in the days leading up to New Hampshire created intense interest in the Romney-Bain video without actually releasing it. “We didn’t run a single ad, and we didn’t show anybody the movie, and you would think the underpinnings of capitalism were at risk,” says Tyler. Until last week, when ads finally began running nationally and in South Carolina, Winning Our Future relied on news coverage, or earned media, to bring attention to its case. “It may be the longest-running earned media ad in history,” Tyler says. Now that the movie is out, fact checkers have spotted significant problems with some of its examples of alleged Romney malfeasance, and Gingrich himself has called for the inaccuracies to be corrected. But even if some of the charges in the film go away, the larger issue of Romney’s career at Bain won’t. For example, the cases of two steel companies outlined in a recent Reuters report and cited repeatedly by Gingrich call for more investigation into Bain’s and Romney’s actions. But the bottom line is that Bain was a private company — a very private company — and the public just doesn’t know much about what happened there. How this issue plays out could be critical to Romney’s future, if not in the GOP primaries, then in the general election if he is the nominee. Romney is running on his business career because (a) voters are overwhelmingly concerned with the economy, and (b) his career in politics is not necessarily a plus with Republican voters. Romney’s two biggest political problems — the creation of Romneycare in Massachusetts and his record of flip-flops on abortion and other issues — stem from his years serving in, and running for, public office. Better to talk about business. Time is running out for any Republican campaign to dig into Romney’s record, even if that campaign had the resources and the inclination. But Republicans can be assured of one thing. The vastly wealthy Obama re-election apparatus is doing the opposition research from every conceivable angle. Sooner or later, we’ll learn more about Romney’s time at Bain.



Perhaps the most striking thing about the current fight over Mitt Romney’s career in private equity is how little we know about it. Romney has based his campaign on his experience in private business — he talks about it much more than his time as governor of Massachusetts — and yet, unlike his governorship, Romney’s business experience has not been the topic of long and detailed public examination and debate. Normally, when a candidate runs a high-profile campaign, as Romney did in the 2008 Republican presidential race, everything in his background comes out in the form of opposition research done by rival candidates. But it appears that in 20072008, the John McCain campaign, which delved into Romney’s every flip-flop, did not delve deeply into the Bain years. McCain’s aides simply could not conceive that the ins and outs of Romney’s business career would become an issue for generally pro-business GOP voters. The attitude in ‘08 was that there wouldn’t be much room in a Republican primary for those kinds of attacks, says one veteran of that race. Those on the McCain campaign felt they had enough with the flip-flops. Fast-forward four years. Shortly before the New Hampshire primary, Winning Our Future, a pro-Newt Gingrich super PAC, acquired a 27-minute film portraying Romney as a predatory capitalist who bought companies to strip them down, fire their workers and take their money. But much of the film’s content — and it appears to have some serious problems — is based on public news accounts. For the most part, it’s not research from 2008 that was dusted off and made into a video. “It astonished me,” says Rick Tyler, the former Gingrich staffer who is a senior adviser at Winning Our Future. “I looked at the oppo reports. They are reams and reams thick on everything from abortion to the Boy Scouts to cap-and-trade. And there is just nothing on Bain. Romney is not running on his government record, which there is oppo research for. He’s running on his business career, which there is no information on.” Tyler is obviously a partisan, but his words are a good warning to both sides in the RomneyGingrich fight. There’s no basis to reflexively defend Romney’s record because we don’t know in any real detail what he did at Bain.


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JAN. 27, 2012






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important to your family in 2012? Kara and Larry Horat have been in real estate in San Diego for many years. With so many changes in the real estate market and the economy over the last few years, the Horats began taking stock of their lives and redefined their priorities. “Losing so much of the ‘stuff’ that we acquired during the boom years really made an impact on our lives,” Larry said. “But the impact was surprisingly very positive.” The experience helped the Horats to think differently about their quality of life and their future. They decided that this was the perfect chance to try something new. “Venturing into something other than real estate was terrifying to me,” said Kara. “The task of finding the perfect business that wouldn’t cost us a fortune and where we would have no inventory and no overhead was daunting.” But, they wanted to change their lives for the better, provide for their financial needs and keep family as their number one priority. So, they

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started More4Families. “The best way to explain our business: In a nutshell, we are a marketing organization that represents a specific company. We have a unique business acumen and there are no sales, no inventory, no overhead and no risk,” Kara said. “Our company can help people take control of their income and their lives and we are on a mission to help people here in San Diego do just that,” she added. More4Families has been growing steadily for the past two years and projections for the next several years are no different. Kara and Larry are

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JAN. 27, 2012


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Headlines THE salon launches ‘Men of Style’ night Crust of Carlsbad Headlines THE Salon who has become synonymous with raising the bar of fashion and style in Encinitas, is now launching their Men’s Lounge Feb. 10, 5: 30 to 8 p.m. at THE Salon. Open to the public, Men of Style is a guy’s night to learn more about how to take care of themselves. Men will enjoy hair trims, a hot face towel, tips on keeping their face and nails in shape and ways of looking better. Beer tasting by local craft beers and tasty bites by new local pizzeria, Crust will be available for everyone’s enjoyment. All is complimentary! THE Salon is asking for a RSVP by phone, as space is limited. Headlines has long been committed to its men clientele. With the expansion of the new salon at its new location, “Headlines can now achieve what it has always dreamed of, a focus on Men and their needs” said Gayle Fulbright, owner. With the signature Lather Lounge now available for hot face towel wraps and a soothing, relaxing shampoo experience, the dream has become a reality for having a place Men can call their salon of choice. Women are encouraged to come to this memorable

have them lining up

Open to the public, the “Men of Style” night welcomes both men and women to enjoy a night of guys looking and feeling better about themselves. Includes craft beer tasting and pizza by Crust. All complimentary.

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ceeds from the sales to be donated to Big Brothers and Sisters International. Men of Style@Headlines THE Salon. Feb. 10 from 5:30 to 8 p.m. Headlines THE Salon. 121 North El Camino Real, Suite C, Encinitas 92024, near Trader Joes. (760) 846-1812.

Giving grocery lists a healthful makeover By Consumer Reports

Let’s face it: Many of the healthiest foods — bitter vegetables, long-cooking beans and squishy tofu — can be a tough sell. ShopSmart, the shopping magazine published by Consumer Reports, gave grocery lists a makeover with 12 healthy foods that help you get nutrients in unexpected ways from foods like chips, pasta and even dips. “There are always new grocery store items coming out, but with so much choice, it can be easy to fall into a routine of buying the same items over and over again,” said Lisa Lee Freeman, editor-in-chief of ShopSmart. “But there are some great foods to add to your list that will not only kick your meals up a notch, but give you and your family a healthy dose of vitamins and other nutrients as well.” Check your local store for the following healthy options: — Kale and kale chips. Why buy them: Kale is one of the healthiest vegetables

around — low in calories, high in fiber and packed with vitamins A, C and K. Fresh kale is available year-round, or pay a little more for the convenience of having a bag of recipe-ready kale pieces on hand to toss into soups, pasta dishes and stir-fry. If kale is a hard sell in your house, try crunchy kale chips. Approximate price: $1.79 per 1-pound bunch; $6 per 2.2-ounce bag of chips. Calories and fat: 34 calories and 0 grams of fat per cup of chopped kale; 100 calories and 5 grams of fat per threequarter-ounce serving of chips. — Quinoa pasta and flakes. Why buy them: They’ve got everything regular quinoa has going for it — more and better quality protein than other grains or seeds, plus lots of fiber — but in tasty new forms. Quinoa flakes can be zapped in the microwave and eaten hot like oatmeal. Or use them in baked goods instead of oats. Quinoa pasta is higher in fiber, protein, and iron than regular pasta. It’s also gluten-

free and is not as grainy as whole-wheat pasta. Approximate price: $2.59 per 9 ounces of pasta; $6.99 per 12 ounces of flakes. Calories and fat: 180 calories and 2 grams of fat per 2 ounces of pasta; 131 calories and 2 grams of fat per 1/3 cup of flakes. — Bean dip. Why buy it: All beans are packed with cholesterol-lowering fiber, protective plant chemicals called phytonutrients, and protein. Recent studies have found that they also help combat insulin resistance and chronic inflammation — two conditions associated with weight gain and obesity. But if you don’t have the time to cook up a pot of beans, ShopSmart suggests buying bean dip and using it as a sandwich spread or a side dish, or in a casserole. Approximate price: $3.35 per 9-ounce package (Shopsmart chose Emerald Valley Kitchen Organic 3-Bean Dip). Calories and fat: 35 calories and 0 grams of fat per 2 tablespoons. — Anchovy paste. Why

buy it: Anchovies are a topnotch source of heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids. And because of their tiny, edible bones, they’re a good source of calcium, too. If you’d rather not deal with the slimy critters, anchovy paste will give you some of the same nutritional benefits. Just a squirt of it in soups, pasta sauces, and dips will add a touch of savory (but not fishy) flavor. Approximate price: $3.69 per 2-ounce tube. Calories and fat: 40 calories and 3.5 grams of fat per tablespoon. — Dry-roasted soy nuts. Why buy them: Tofu not for you? Try getting a soy fix with roasted soy nuts — crunchy little legumes (they’re not actually nuts) that have a pleasing toasted flavor. Soy nuts are highly nutritious: A serving has about half the fat and twice the protein of the same amount of peanuts. Approximate price: $2.99 to $10.99 per 1-pound bag. Calories and fat: 195 calories and 9 grams of fat per quarter cup.

An intimate place that’s hot and hip, it features amazing upscale pizzas. There’s nothing conventional about them — no smothering of marinara or mozzarella, the crust is thin, light and crispy, and the gourmet toppings are allowed to star. Crust is here to stay. Star owner and Master Pizza Chef Charlie Meola has been making pizza for over 40 years and it shows in his passion for making incredible pies. Crust was born out of his dream to have handcrafted artisan, New York-style pizza in San Diego, and Carlsbad is the place that hit the spot. Crust is a friendly, neighborhood place that is welcoming to both adults and families, making all who enter feel warm and comfortable. Even the colors of the walls and the décor make you feel like you are somewhere special. As for starters, Charlie’s signature meatballs are a treat all its own. Amazing, hand-made meatballs with fresh marinara and pesto sauces melt in your mouth. All their appetizers are fresh and made that day. A great way to start the table off with. Hand crafted salads are another point of difference here. Fresh ingredients with distinct dressings make all the salads something to tickle your taste buds. Large portions are what is served up here and can be ordered as a meal in itself or shared between two people. A wonderful prelude to the to-diefor pizzas. It’s all about the Crust here (thus the name). There

are nine signature pizzas that Charlie has put his love and passion into, all made with his unique flair for combining fresh, gourmet ingredients. And if you would prefer to build your own Crust Pizza, they offer a wide selection of meats, cheeses, veggies and toppings to satisfy even the most discriminating tastes. A gluten-free Crust is also an option, some-

thing you don’t find in most pizzerias. The food and its flavors are brought full circle by Crust’s carefully selected wine list and craft beers. This extensive list of wines from all over the world, as well as its unique beers on tap and in the bottle, are a nice compliment to this mouth-watering fare. This is the kind of neighborhood pizzeria we should all have in our neighborhoods, a testament to the goodness of the oven. 3263 De Los Coches, Carlsbad, (760) 944-1111. Sunday through Wednesday 11 a.m.9 p.m., Thursday through Saturday. 11 a.m.-10 p.m. Beer and wine. Sprouts shopping center. AE, MC,V. As a special offer for our readers in Coast News, mention or bring in this article and receive $10 off of any $25 purchase at Crust Pizzeria.


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Encinitas participates in second annual wellness week Encinitas, the San Diego community known as a mecca for Yoga, natural healthcare and fitness, is hosting its 2nd annual Wellness Week, a week-long dedication to all things wellness Jan. 22 - Jan. 28. Everyone is invited to partake in this opportunity to get started on some of those New Year’s resolutions and find

new ways to improve their overall physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. This truly unique weeklong program of free events and special offers is a combined effort of the Downtown Encinitas MainStreet Association (DEMA) and North County Health Services (NCHS) and is spon-

sored by eLiveLife, Scripps, Community Health Group, Delicious Buzz, Care 1st and the Encinitas Branch of the San Diego County Library. The week’s events range from daily free yoga classes to a Wellness Tour through the new Encinitas Whole Foods Market. There is truly something for everyone, whether a

dedicated health-nut or a wellness newbie. So, be sure to snag a copy of the highlyanticipated Wellness Week Guide, now available at the DEMA office. In the Guide, you’ll find all event details, offers and discounts. For more information visit

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Thank you for supporting our advertisers! Sincerely, The Rancho Santa Fe News Staff


JAN. 27, 2012


Mass transit fares will be dropping in 2012 Follow us on

Go to and click the link

As of Jan. 20, a drop in a host of public transit fares for Breeze, Lift and Coaster services, as well as the RegionPlus Day Pass, will become permanent. The changes affect services provided by the Metropolitan Transit System (MTS) and the North County Transit System (NCTD). The price cuts were adopted as amendments to the Regional Comprehensive Fare Ordinance by the SANDAG Board of Directors on Dec. 16, 2011. Under the

revised ordinance, promotional fares that NCTD implemented on Jan. 20, 2011 for a one-year period will become permanent. The cost of the RegionPlus Day Pass will drop from $14 to $12. Also starting Jan. 20, Albertsons will replace Vons as the exclusive grocery store outlet to purchase and reload Compass Card, the region’s smart card transit pass for bus and rail services provided by MTS and NCTD. Here is a list of promo-

tional fares that will become permanent: • Breeze — One-way regular cash fare reduced from $2 to $1.75 ($1 to $0.75 for Senior/Disabled/Medicare) • Lift — Fare reduced from $4.00 to $3.50 • Coaster — One-way regular cash fare reduced from a range of $5 to $6.50 to a range of $4 to $5.50 ($2.50$3.25 to $2-$2.75 for Senior/Disabled/ Medicare) • Coaster zones reduced from four zones to three zones; from two zones to one

zone within the NCTD service area and no change within the MTS service area) • Coaster — Regular monthly pass fares reduced from a range of $144 to $182 to a range of $120 to $165 ($45.50 to $41.25 for Senior/Disabled/Medicare) • Coaster — For riders with Regular, Youth, or Senior/ Disabled/Medicare Compass Passes, the discount for a one-way Coaster ticket changed to $0.50 and the discount for a round-trip Coaster ticket changed to

$1.00 For more information about the fare ordinance changes, visit

HP chips in for Boys & Girls Clubs The seventh annual Hewlett Packard Chip-in-forKids golf tournament benefiting the Boys & Girls Clubs of San Dieguito tees off at 7:30 a.m. Jan. 29 on the North Course of Torrey Pines Golf Club. Participants will be able to play the North Course, while the pros are playing their final round on the South Course during the Farmers Insurance Open PGA tournament. The day includes a playyour-own-ball format for 18 holes, Callaway gift bag valued at $250, breakfast and lunch with hosted beverages, PGA passes and entrance into the catered 16th green hospitality chalet to watch the finals of the Open. Golfers are also invited to a private Jan. 28 mixer where they can drop off their golf clubs the night before and enjoy complimentary food and beverages. To register foursomes or becoming a sponsor, call Melissa Brown at (858) 7202188.



JAN. 27, 2012

School board discusses start times, budget PET OFTHE WEEK By Patty McCormac

RANCHO SANTA FE — School start times were a topic of discussion at the Rancho Santa Fe School District Board of Trustees meeting Jan. 12. Board member Todd Frank floated the idea that the times needed to be examined and later abstained on the vote to confirm the school calendar for next year. Currently, school starts at 9:15 a.m. on Mondays to give staff more time for development. The rest of the week, classes begin at 8 a.m. School is dismissed at 3 p.m. On both ends of the school day there are extracurricular activities for the students ranging from music to sports. Some of the morning activities require the students to roll out of bed very early. Frank said that parents

have approached him and have asked who sets the start times and if it was possible to look at them again to determine whether school could start a little later. Frank said his own children must rise at 5:45 a.m. to make their morning extracurricular activities and they are tired, but on Mondays they feel much better. “Just that extra hour makes a difference,” he said. Superintendent Lindy Delaney acknowledged the issue. “We’ve tried things.This works the best,” Delaney said of the current start times. “Our kids do a lot.” And just about every minute during the school day is jam-packed. Delaney offered a graph showing the actual versus state-required instructional minutes in a school day. At grade one, there are

36 excess minutes each day. In grades two through six, there is an excess of 10 minutes. In grades seven and eight, there are four minutes each. “There is a calendar,” Delaney said. “We stick to it, and it works.” The board decided to table the issue until another meeting and determine whether they should do a parent survey about this and other issues. “We are all here to represent everybody,” said Jim Depolo, board president. “It is reasonable for the board to ask the question and to discuss it further.” In other school news, renovation and construction projects are winding down, with much of the work being done during the winter break. “We still have a few things we are dealing with,” Delaney said.

One of the items is a roof over a bridge walkway that had a leak. “We are hoping for rain,” she said. “We would like to test it.” The soccer field and track have been completed. “It is beautiful. It’s fun and the kids love it,” Delaney said. School funding is a concern for school officials. “The initial property taxes in December is less than we anticipated,” she said. Also of concern is the upcoming state budget, which is predicted to have another great shortfall. One of the ways being considered in dealing with the expected budget shortfalls is to reduce school days from 180 days to 168 days. The next school board meeting is scheduled for 6 p.m. Feb. 2.

HAPPY TESTERS Horizon Prep students receive high-fives from its mascot, the Horizon Prep Lion, to celebrate ranking in the 97th percentile on the Iowa Tests of Basic Skills. Students in second through eighth grades were tested. Courtesy photo

Coastal cities don’t fare well in air quality North County cities did not fare well in the assessment by the American Lung Association this year. Leading the pack among North County cities, Solana Beach earned an overall B

grade by protecting the public from secondhand smoke in all outdoor areas and reducing sales of tobacco products via a tobacco retail licensure law. In 2003, Solana Beach was the first mainland city in the United States to restrict smoking on beaches and in parks. Since then all North County coastal cities from Del Mar to Oceanside have made their beaches and parks smoke free. Del Mar and Encinitas received overall D grades. Del Mar has been a local leader in the Smokefree Outdoor Air category and earned an A for its efforts, but received Fs in Smokefree Housing and Reducing Sales

of Tobacco Products. Encinitas received a C in Smokefree Air and Fs in the other two categories. The city of Oceanside and Carlsbad both received Fs by failing to protect residents from secondhand smoke in outdoor areas other than beaches and parks, as well as not enacting smokefree housing laws or passing legislation to reduce sales of tobacco products. In San Diego County, the American Cancer Society, American Heart Association and the American Lung Association in California are mobilizing the community to pass the California Cancer Research Act and to fight Big Tobacco’s

campaign of deception to defeat the initiative. Smokefree housing is a relatively new concept, with only 20 cities/counties in California receiving an A grade. According to the release from the American Lung Association, research shows that apartment residents suffer from the worst exposure to drifting secondhand smoke, and tend to have worse health overall. With the exception of El Cajon, which received a D for making outdoor areas of apartments smokefree, all San Diego cities and the unincorporated area of the County of San Diego received F’s in smokefree housing protections.

Raphael is a 9-monthold, sweet and playful kitten. His adoption fee is $99 including microchip identification. As with all pets adopted from Helen Woodward Animal Center, Raphael has been neutered, has up-to-date vaccinations, and microchip identification. Helen Woodward Animal Center is located at 6461 El Apajo Road in Rancho Santa Fe. Kennels are open daily Monday through Thursday from noon to 6pm; Friday, noon

to 7 p.m.; and Saturdays and Sundays from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. (applications accepted 15 minutes before closing). For more information call (858) 756-4117, option #1 or visit

Association hears from businesses By Patty McCormac

RANCHO SANTA FE — Vanessa Snodgrass, representing Craig Edwards Insurance, spoke to the Association board about their insurance business at the Association’s Jan. 19 meeting in what has become a regular part of the board’s meetings, hearing from Rancho Santa Fe businesses and their experiences of working in the Ranch. Snodgrass, who told the board that Edwards was on vacation, said the insurance company has been around for 25 years and does business from the heart of the village writing insurance policies for homeowners. “I think it is the best company in the world,” said Snodgrass, who has been working there for 13 years. She explained the company sticks to homeowner insurance and does not write policies for commercial concerns. She said the office was expanded last summer. “We are expanding and doing well in what is considered a slow economy,” she said. Snodgrass said one of the good things about the company is that it retains its small-town sensibilities. “Stop by and have a cup of coffee with us,” she said. “We’re like a family in there.” Director Anne Feighner pointed out that Edwards is active in the community. “He does a lot,” she said. Next on the agenda was homeowner Lisa Bartlett, who voiced concerns to the board. “A male riding a dark, if not black, horse on a full gallop, is passing other horses,” she said. “A week ago there

was almost a major accident that could cause a serious injury or even death.” Bartlett voiced another concern about a man flying a model airplane near the riding club and soccer fields, which she said could also result in injury or even death to a rider or soccer player. Although she had other concerns to share with the board, her limit of three minutes of speaking time had run out. Board President Jack Queen thanked her and asked her to return at a later date to tell the rest of her concerns. Next Ivan Holler, Covenant administrator, told the board that road repairs and resurfacing were already under way. “They started a little ahead of schedule,” Holler said. The streets set for resurfacing are Lago Lindo, Via Fortuna, Los Morros, Rambla De Las Flores, Las Planideras and Mimulus. He also reminded the Association that six of the pepper trees near the Osuna ranch were due for removal as required by the county for a better view for the driveway of the single-family residence on the property. “They will be replaced with new pepper trees planted farther back from the roadway,” he said. The Association wants to make sure that everyone who they can reach knows the trees will be removed within the next 10-14 days to ensure there are no surprises. The Association meets at 9 a.m. on the first and third Thursdays in the board room of its offices at 17022 Avenida De Acacias in Rancho Santa Fe. To learn more, call (858) 756-1174.

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JAN. 27, 2012



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community ‘Red Tails’ has action, falls short with history CALENDAR Got an item for the calendar? Send the details via e-mail to

JAN. 27 ART IN PROGRESS Come watch Paul Henry, instructor of furniture design and history at Palomar College, will carve using traditional 18th century techniques at Lux Art Institute, 1550 S. El Camino Real through Feb.4.

JAN. 28 LAST BLAST Closing Day of the Leucadia Wellness Week Festival will be held from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Jan. 28 at Moonlight Beach at Encinitas Boulevard and Coast Highway 101 with food, music, a beach workout, an obstacle course, a fitness challenge, a volleyball clinic and Qi Gong classes. HIDDEN TREASURES The Empresa Performing Art Foundation will hold a rummage sale from 7 to 11 a.m. Jan. 28 at Empresa Elementary School, 4850 Avenida Empresa, Oceanside to support Empresa Elementary’s Music and Performing Art Programs. FREEWHEELING The GoldWing Road Riders Association chapter will meet for breakfast at 7:30 a.m. Jan. 28 at Grandma’s Hill Top HideA-Way Cafe at 539 Vista Bella, Oceanside. Visit or call (760) 476-9450 or (760) 726-9864.

FEB. 1 MAD MANDOLIN As part of its First Wednesday programs, classical mandolin player Chris Acquavella will perform free at 7 p.m. Feb. 1 at the Cardiff Library, 2081 Newcastle Ave. Cardiff. or more information, call (760) 635-1000. JALOPY LOVERS The Palomar Model A Ford Club meet at 7 p.m. Feb. 1 at the Palomar Estates East Clubhouse, 650 S. Rancho Santa Fe Road, San Marcos. Upcoming tours and technical advice are some of the topics on the agenda. Email Sheila at or call (951) 696-0323.

FEB. 2 SQUARE DANCE TIME Learn to Square Dance with the Ocean Wavers Square Dance Club. New classes beginning at 7 p.m. Feb. 2 at the Gloria E. McClellan Senior Center, 1400 Vale Terrace Drive, Vista. Square dance attire not required. Visit or call (760) 510-6987.

FEB. 3 LUNCH AND ART Join the B’nai B’rith Couples Club of San Diego for lunch at 11:30 a.m. at Claire’s Restaurant, 246 N. Cedros, Solana Beach followed by an art tour at Lux Art Institute at 2 p.m. Cost is $5 per person at the door. For reservations, contact

FEB. 4 KIDS’ NIGHT OUT Every first Saturday from 6 to 9 p.m. bring children for an night of fun to Knuckleheads Gym, 6102 Avenida Encinas, Suite M, Carlsbad. Up to age 15 play games, relays or climb the rock wall. Dinner is included. Prices are $25 for members, $30 for TURN TO CALENDAR ON A27

By Gabriel Fregoso

Executively produced by George Lucas, “Red Tails” is cinematic confection rooted in historical fact. The movie depicts an important chapter in U.S. history when African American pilots overcame prejudice and doubt, serving in a racially segregated military, to protect American interests during World War II. Performing with distinction, they were the first African American pilots in the United States armed forces, and were subsequently known as “The Tuskegee Airmen” after the program at Tuskegee Army Airfield, which provided black enlistees with flight training. “Red Tails” was the nickname affectionately bestowed upon them when they painted the tails of their brand new P-51’s red. The movie’s title, along with its design (red letters painted with broad brush strokes), is the first indication that Lucas’ treatment of history will be more popular than academic. We are introduced to members of the 332nd fighter group as they are patrolling an Italian countryside in their clunky B-40s. “Easy” (Nate Parker) is the squad’s leader, a sensible dogooder, who, as it turns out, has a bad habit of drinking before flights. His right hand man is Joe “Lightning” Little (David Oyelowo), a daredevil pilot, who can’t seem to stick to Easy’s plans. Lightning’s aerial improvisations and razor sharp instincts help the squad to destroy a munitions train disguised as a cattle transport within the movie’s first ten minutes, and, later, lead him to take out a German warship single-handedly. While the squad is kept busy with routine assignments and second-hand

David Oyelowo, Elijah Kelley, Leslie Odam Jr., Michael B. Jordan, Nate Parker and Kevin Phillips star in “Red Tails,” a film about African American pilots during World War II. Photo courtesy Lucasfilm Ltd.

been so stubbornly regulated by the Hay’s code, and the idea of a mostly black cast hadn’t been controversial. Always a sucker for nostalgia, Lucas — who has been developing the story for 23 years — envisioned “Red Tails” as an action film in the tradition of aerial combat movies like “Hell’s Angels” (1930), where internal politics are deft but brief, and the majority of screen time is devoted to action. The weight of history, however, has led many to want more from this movie than what Lucas has delivered. While the script provides insight into the politics of the Air Corps, it is slim on the other adversities facing the Airmen. Part of the reason is that “Red Tails” is clearly a fictionalized action flick disguised as a historical biopic; as such, it employs familiar tropes and character-types standard in movies of its kind. Unfortunately, the movie suf“Red Tails” was the nickname affectionately bestowed upon them when fers from clichés and onethey painted the tails of their brand new P-51’s red. Photo courtesy of dimensional characters. Lucasfilm Ltd. While its narrative is far equipment, Colonel A.J. Bullard (Terrence Howard) does his best to keep bigoted parties in Washington from shutting the “Tuskegee Experiment” down. Thanks to his efforts, the Airmen land their big break — the opportunity to face German fighter planes, one-on-one, for the first time. It’s an epic showdown, thousands of feet above the earth, which can only be

fully appreciated on the big screen. With strong performances (including Cuba Gooding Jr. as Major Emanuelle Stance), and brilliant aerial sequences, “Red Tails” succeeds as a throwback to the Hollywood war films of the 1940s. This is the movie, one imagines, Howard Hawks or Samuel Fuller would have made if Hollywood hadn’t

from perfect, “Red Tails” adheres to Lucas’ desire to make a thrilling and informative movie most of the family can see. In a recent interview with, director Anthony Hemingway explained that part of the challenge of making “Red Tails” was finding a way to reach a youth audience unfamiliar with the Tuskegee Airmen and their substantial contribution to American history. Strategically, Lucas and Hemingway chose to focus on spectacle, hoping younger audiences would be “wowed” enough to learn more on their own. Though it lacks the gravitas of “Saving Private Ryan,” “Red Tails” is a rousing tribute to the men whose exploits could have been lost in time.

“Red Tails” Rating: PG-13 When: Now playing Where: Everywhere


out of 4

Young musician works to bring music back to classrooms RANCHO SANTA FE — Spencer Wong, a Rancho Santa Fe resident and a junior at Santa Fe Christian High School, heard the call one day when he read in the newspaper that the music programs have been cut from public elementary schools due to California school budget cuts. Wong, an advanced clarinet and saxophone player, is the lead clarinetist of his school band and has been a member of the band since fourth grade. Under the direction of David Hall, SFC’s band director, Wong plays a lead role in the school’s Eagle marching band, Pep band, and Concert band. To give back to the community, Wong contacted the Education and Community Program Manager of the Community Opus Project, Lauren Widney, and offered to volunteer his time to give free music lessons to the underprivileged, low-income students in various elemen- Musician Spencer Wong, a Rancho Santa Fe resident and a junior at Santa Fe Christian High School, works tary schools in Chula Vista. with youngsters through the Education and Community Program Manager of the Community Opus Project. The Community Opus Courtesy photo

Project is launched by the San Diego Youth Symphony with the goal of bridging the gap between those who have access to music education and those who will have to see their musical aspirations unfulfilled. The Community Opus Project provides community based music programs for at-risk youth in San Diego County. The programs are free and students receive new instruments to begin their musical journey one note at a time, as well as regular expert instructions and mentorship by trained musicians. Wong visited Rosebank Elementary School in Chula Vista and introduced the fourth through sixth graders with a piece from Concerto for clarinet No. 3 by Carl Stamitz. Wong was thrilled that more hands went up wanting to play the clarinet after his performance. He will be visiting various elementary schools in Chula Vista to provide weekly music lessons to bring music back to the classrooms.


JAN. 27, 2012


School designed for all boys As the nationwide trend toward single-sex education increases, the emphasis is on all boys’ schools with advocates saying that the traditional coed system does not meet the needs of our nation’s young men. St. Catherine’s Academy, a kindergarten through eighth grade Catholic school, believes strongly in the benefits of all boys’ education and has been using this model for the majority of its 123-year history. “Anyone who has

worked with children knows that boys and girls have different learning styles,” says Sister Johnellen Turner, OP, the principal at St. Catherine’s. Traditional elementary schools, which expect children to sit quietly and listen, actually favor the learning styles of girls. At St. Catherine’s, teachers capitalize on boys’ natural curiosity and energy by incorporating movement and hands-on learning tools. Furthermore, boys thrive in an environment

where the rules are cut and dry. The military tradition of St. Catherine’s is key to providing the structure, expectations, and peer leadership that boys need to stay focused and reach their fullest potential. In addition, its 5-day boarding program gives students a steady routine with time for homework, sports, and other extracurricular activities. To find out more about St. Catherine’s Academy, visit their website at www.StCatherinesAcademy. org/info.

Sea Life Carlsbad Aquarium More than a standard Aquarium, SEA LIFE™ Carlsbad Aquarium at the LEGOLAND® California Resort provides an educational and interactive dynamic unlike any other. The SEA LIFE experience incorporates LEGO® models into a child’s voyage to the depths of the ocean, presenting the wonders of the underwater world to them in a way specially designed for their understanding. Featuring play zones, fun facts and quiz trails,

SEA LIFE is designed to be a child’s guide to the life of the sea. Starting Feb. 7, 2012, SEA LIFE introduces a new program for parents with small children called “Mommy and Me Under the Sea.” This program includes kid-friendly play activities, fun animal crafts, an educational program and a special Aquarium tour each week on Tuesdays and Wednesdays for one month. Also coming this

spring, crustaceans will scuttle to SEA LIFE with the opening of its newest interactive exhibit, “CLAWS!” The five new displays include Japanese spider crabs, which can grow to 13-feet across, and coconut crabs, named for their ability to crack open coconuts with the power of their claws. For more information on SEA LIFE, Mommy and Me Under the Sea and CLAWS! visit or call (760) 918 – 5346.

Santa Fe Christian schools ■ Focusing

on developing habits and attitudes When students do well in the classroom, they receive a gold star. When a school outperforms, it gets recognized by the US Department of Education. Santa Fe Christian Lower School, a college-preparatory Christian private school in Solana Beach, was named a 2011 National Blue Ribbon School, a distinction by the U.S. Department of Education that ranks it among the highest performing schools nationwide. Santa Fe Christian was one of only 49 private schools in the nation to earn the award this year and the only private school named in California. The SFC Lower School (K – 5) provides a solid foundation for a lifetime of learning. Our educational philosophy is based on the values of academic excellence, stewardship, and Christlikeness.

With research-based curriculum, the experienced and skillful SFC teacher infuses biblical truth in all subject areas. The construction of knowledge and development of skills is for the purpose of better equipping our students to be effective Christian leaders. Our Middle School works to facilitate a smooth transition between the dependence of the Lower School years and the independence of the Upper School years. We call these the “bridge years”, a transition time that provides the academic and social foundations for success in high school. During these three years, we focus on developing the habits and attitudes that will help students succeed in their classes as well as their relationships. Through the core curriculum, electives and extracurricular activities, Upper School students grow to understand who they are in Christ and develop their academic skills in preparation for college. Graduates in 2011 were

awarded more than $10 million in scholarships and received acceptances from colleges such as Stanford, Wheaton, Duke, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Fordham, Westmont, UC Berkeley, USC Film School, Harvard and Boston College. “Aside from all the valuable information I’ve learned in my AP and Honors classes, I am confident in my Christian beliefs and I know how to defend them. Not only did I take advantage of the school’s toughest classes, but I also ran on the track team, competed on the academic team, enjoyed retreats, attended dances, volunteered in the community, authored articles in the student newspaper and made some really close friends. I am equipped and ready for the next step of my life.” — Elise Wilson, Class of 2011, Attending Yale University. Come experience us in action. K-12 admissions open house, Wednesday, Jan. 11 and Feb. 8, 10 a.m. to noon. Sign up online at or call (858)7558900

Mommy and Me Under the Sea



JAN. 27, 2012


‘Sounds of Hope’ concert will benefit children’s hospital Reservations are available now for the “Sounds of Hope for Children” with the Joshua Tree band playing the music of U2 April 28, to benefit Rady Children’s Hospital Discovery and Research Program. Sponsored by the Rady Children’s Hospital Auxiliary’s Carmel Valley Unit, invitations are going out for the Sounds of Hope for Children fundraiser. For reservations or to learn about underwriting opportunities, visit or email The performing arts center known as The Loft at UCSD, will showcase this year’s musical extravaganza. Hosted by Rady Children’s Hospital Auxiliary’s Carmel Valley Unit, this year’s Sounds of Hope event will benefit the Hospital’s cuttingedge Discovery and Research Program, a collaboration with UCSD. This year marks the eighth “Sounds of Hope” concert. which will include danc-

The Rady Children’s Hospital Auxiliary’s Carmel Valley Unit gathers to make plans for for “Sounds of Hope for Children” with the Joshua Tree band playing the music of U2 April 28, to benefit Rady Children’s Hospital Discovery and Research Program. Courtesy photo

ing, dinner, drinks and a live auction. According to event co-chairwomen Melanie Casey and Michele Devine,

“We want people to participate and get involved in supporting Rady Children’s Hospital even in light of the

Rancho Santa Fe’s

Preferred Indoor and Outdoor RV, Boat & Toy Storage

Hi-Tech Motion Detection Security Valet pick-up & drop-off Monthly engine start-up Tire pressure check Detailing Available on site On site fueling, including propane RV’s dumped

Online Quotes At:


807 E. Mission Rd., San Marcos, CA 92069

For additional information or down economy. Our goal is to hospital.” Tickets are $155 per to receive an invitation, visit underwrite 100 percent of our expenses so all money guest and are available to the or raised goes directly to the first 200 people who respond.

Sometimes, fraud is really denial In a previous column, I wrote about fake and fraudulent claims that people make against insurance carriers; those that we usually uncover during an investigation. A red flag usually pops up sometime during the adjuster’s examination and then we get the call. In this case, where the claim amount is in the millions of dollars, we’re likely to get that same call. Young Billy was driving home one night and at around midnight, he approached some detour warning signs as he drove across a small bridge. It was a clear, dry, beautiful evening in October and road construction is often scheduled during late hours simply to avoid heavy traffic, so it would be safe to assume

BRIAN SCOTT Eye Spy there weren’t any witnesses. Billy swerved off the road and rolled his vehicle several times down the steep embankment until it came to a crushing halt and turned upside down. It wasn’t until dawn that authorities discovered poor Billy dead.The family refused to allow an autopsy. Not long after the accident, a lawsuit was filed alleging that the construction signs were faulty and causing drivers to be confused. Understandably, his loved ones were very upset, and angry. Who could fault them? For a parent to lose an 18year-old child — someone should answer for the loss. More likely, someone has to pay and it’s probably going to be the ones with the deepest pockets. That would be the construction company and its insurance carrier. Now I feel for them just as much as the next guy, but I have a job to do and that job is to find out exactly what happened that night before making any decisions as to how to move forward.The first thing I did, as I do in most cases, was run a background on the subject. I was able to generate a list of people he knew; business associates, relatives, friends, etc., however it

was a small list because he was so young. I proceeded to interview as many people as I could which resulted in a picture of who Billy used to be and what type of person he was, but so far no one had any direct knowledge of where Billy was the night of the accident. I discovered that Billy had a best friend named Eric, but there was one problem — Eric moved to Houston and his girlfriend kept screening my calls and wouldn’t bring Eric to the phone. He was my last lead. I contacted the attorney assigned to the case to obtain authorization to fly out to Houston and meet with Eric face-to-face. For some reason, I had a hunch that Eric had something to say — something profound, that would take this investigation in a whole new direction. I got on a plane bound for Houston not knowing if I would find Eric, or if he would even talk to me. I rented a car and checked into the Marriott, which happened to be located directly across from his apartment building. At 4:55 the next morning, I pulled into the parking lot of his building and noticed the vehicle that was registered to him.This was a relief because, up until now, I wasn’t completely sure he actually lived there. Five minutes later, Eric got into his car and I followed him to a junk yard where he was employed. He got out of his car and TURN TO EYE SPY ON A26



JAN. 27, 2012

Margaritas that live up to the hype at Casa de Bandini DAVID BOYLAN Lick the Plate I’ve always enjoyed margaritas, but can’t say I’ve ever sought them out or went out specifically for one. That’s probably because I’ve never

and when I poured it in, it gave it a beautiful burgundy hue. I loved this drink and can’t wait to go back and have one on their nice outside patio. I counted 17 margaritas including a “skinny margarita” for you calorie counters, that’s made up of Sauza Hornitos Reposado, Cointreau and fresh lime juice, agave nectar, then shaken over ice. As a side note, the chips and salsa and gua-

this point I’d not seen at an old school Mexican restaurant. I’m not sure calorie count is what I want to be thinking about when going out for this type of food so I just skimmed over that quickly. There is a full kids menu and a gluten-free menu with a lot of options for those not good with the gluten thing. The fresh, restaurantmade tortillas are a draw in themselves. They come out hot and are the perfect accompaniment to most of the dishes on the menu or just on their own. I’ve taken to tearing them up into bite size shreds and mixing them into dishes or soup. Every dish I tried provided a very substan-

ate and I definitely have planned to go back and sample their soup, breakfast and of course the happy hour. Mariachis entertain Wednesday through Sunday from 6 to 9 p.m. and they are very entertaining. Menu,

tial portion, great flavors and care in presentation normally not associated with a place doing this kind of volume. It’s been a full house every time I’ve been there and from what I’ve heard, that’s the way it is all the time. Prices are moder-

hours and location can be found at David Boylan is the founder of Artichoke Creative, an Encinitas based integrated marketing agency. He can be reached at




Reg. $221

Edward B. Coffey D.D.S., M.S. Christopher Henninger D.M.D.

Includes: Cleaning • Polishing • Exam • Consultation • Bitewing X-rays • Check for Gum Disease

• Cosmetic Dentistry • Emphasis on Prevention • Specializing in Crown & Bridge Work • Periodontics • Root Canal Therapy • Implants • 24 Hour Services


Exceptional gentle dental care for you and your family Most Insurance Companies Welcome Se Habla Español

1445 Encinitas Blvd., Encinitas




Per Arch Reg. $375

With coupon. Offers expire 2-27-12

Margarita nirvana at Casa di Bandini at The Forum in Carlsbad. Photo courtesy JWalcher Communications

had one made with premium ingredients, including top shelf tequila. The Rolls Royce margarita at Casa de Bandini in Carlsbad is the margarita that will have me coming back for more and bringing friends, too. Its foundation is Clase Azule, an ultra-premium, 100 percent Weber Blue Agave, Reposado Tequila that comes in a beautiful, handcrafted, hand-painted Talavera carafe and is aged for a minimum of eight months in small oak barrels. It has distinct, smooth flavors and aromas. Bottles retail between $70 and $200, which explains the $12 cost of the margarita. The Clase Azule is combined with Triple Sec, sweet and sour, and a shot of La Pinta — pomegranate infused tequila — served on the side, which I was told I could sip, or pour into my drink. I had to give it a sip and while I’m not a huge fan of flavored alcohol, this proved to be a smooth accessory to the margarita

camole that should accompany a good margarita, are all made in-house and are delicious. Casa de Bandini relocated to its current Carlsbad location in 2009 from Old Town, where it resided for more than 25 years and built a huge following that has followed it to their new location. One of San Diego’s more familiar sights was the long line of locals and visitors awaiting their traditional Mexican “fix” at the historic adobe built in 1829 that housed Diane Powers’ popular restaurant in Old Town San Diego State Historic Park. Its Forum location in Carlsbad brings with it the same romantic essence of Old Mexico — reminiscent of the original location with lavish dining rooms, enchanting lighting and lush landscaping. Casa de Bandini guests dine under color-drenched umbrellas in outdoor patios and enjoy drinks in the restaurant’s intimate sidewalk patio. Indoors, the cozy dining rooms are decorated with Mexican folk art and hand-painted walls. The comfortable equipale chairs with colorful, hand-woven Zapotec fabric covers, and a charming hand-carved stone fountain framed by a large Talavaratiled pool captures much of the flavor of the former location. As far as the food goes, they utilize the freshest ingredients when possible to make their authentic regional cuisine. The menu showcases past favorites as well as innovative new entrees, seafood dishes and several healthy choice options. They have calorie and nutritional information printed next to the healthy options, which, until

2012 Competitive Tryouts Boys U10-U11

Girls U10 - U11



Boys U12

Girls U12 - U14






hϭϭ 'ƌĞĞŶ ; Ϳ - &ĞďƌƵĂƌLJ ϮϮ Θ ϮϰΎΎ hϭϰ 'ƌĞĞŶ ;WƌĞŵŝĞƌͿ - DĂƌĐŚ ϱ Θ ϳΎΎ

'hϭϯ 'ƌĞĞŶ ; Ϳ - &ĞďƌƵĂƌLJ Ϯϴ Θ DĂƌĐŚ ϭΎΎ

ůů ƚƌLJŽƵƚƐ ĂƌĞ ĨƌŽŵ ϰ͗ϬϬ ƚŽ ϱ͗ϯϬ Ɖ͘ŵ͘

dƌLJŽƵƚƐ ǁŝůů ďĞ ŚĞůĚ Ăƚ ZĂŶĐŚŽ ^ĂŶƚĂ &Ğ ^ƉŽƌƚƐ &ŝĞůĚ ϭϲϴϮϲ ZĂŵďůĂ ĚĞ ůĂƐ &ůŽƌĞƐ͕ Z^& ΎΎ dƌLJŽƵƚ ůŽĐĂƟŽŶƐ ĨŽƌ ƚŚĞƐĞ ƐĞƐƐŝŽŶƐ ǁŝůů ďĞ ƉŽƐƚĞĚ Ăƚ Ă ůĂƚĞƌ ĚĂƚĞ͘ ŚĞĐŬ ƚŚĞ Z^& ǁĞďƐŝƚĞ ƉƌŝŽƌ ƚŽ ƚƌLJŽƵƚƐ

We Ask That ALL Players: N N N N N

ƌŝŶŐĂ&ƌŝĞŶĚ͊ ƚƚĞŶĚĂůů ƚƌLJŽƵƚƐĞƐƐŝŽŶƐ ƌƌŝǀĞ ĂƚƚŚĞĨŝĞůĚ ϯϬŵŝŶƵƚĞƐ ƉƌŝŽƌƚŽƐƚĂƌƚƚŝŵĞ ƌŝŶŐtĂŝǀĞƌ&ŽƌŵƐŝŐŶĞĚ ďLJ ĂƉĂƌĞŶƚŽƌ ŐƵĂƌĚŝĂŶ;ĚŽǁŶůŽĂĚĨŽƌŵ Ăƚǁǁǁ͘ƌƐĨƐŽĐĐĞƌ͘ĐŽŵͿ tĞĂƌ ƐŚŝŶŐƵĂƌĚƐ͕ ĐůĞĂƚƐĂŶĚ ďƌŝŶŐ ƉůĞŶƚLJŽĨ ǁĂƚĞƌ &Žƌ ŵŽƌĞ ŝŶĨŽƌŵĂƟŽŶ Žƌ ĚŝƌĞĐƟŽŶƐ ƚŽ ƚŚĞ ĮĞůĚ͕ ǀŝƐŝƚ ŽƵƌ ǁĞďƐŝƚĞ Ăƚ &ŝŶĂŶĐŝĂů ƐƐŝƐƚĂŶĐĞ ŝƐ ĂǀĂŝůĂďůĞ ZĂŶĐŚŽ ^ĂŶƚĂ &Ğ zŽƵƚŚ ^ŽĐĐĞƌ ͮ W͘K͘ Ždž ϭϯϳϯ ͮ ZĂŶĐŚŽ ^ĂŶƚĂ &Ğ͕ ϵϮϬϲϳ ͮ ϳϲϬ͘ϰϳϵ͘ϭϱϬϬ



JAN. 27, 2012

JAN. 27, 2012





JAN. 27, 2012

Woman pleads guilty to fatal DUI collision with bicyclist By Shelli DeRobertis

A Carlsbad woman in her early 20s pleaded guilty on Jan. 12 to driving drunk and causing the death of a cyclist who was riding his bike to a nearby hotel where he worked. A six-year sentence is scheduled to be imposed on Julianne Elise Thomson, 23, on March 12, for causing the tragic death of Vista resident Arthur John Jacobs, 64. “She was facing a range of sentences, from a felony probation term all the way up to 15 years in prison,” said Aimee McLeod, the county prosecutor on the case. Thomson maintained a not guilty plea even after a judge found enough evidence at a November 2011 hearing for her to stand trial for the drunken crash that killed Jacobs as he bicycled to work.

But the plea agreement was reached before the trial began. Jacobs was struck by a Ford F-150 that crashed into him and a block wall on El Camino Real, just north of Cassia Street at about 9:45 p.m. on July 27, 2011. Carlsbad Police found Thomson hiding in some bushes at an apartment complex around the corner from the fatal crash about 15 minutes after it was reported. A witness told authorities that the driver of the truck crashed into a curb and bushes, and then fled at a high speed into the nearby apartment units, according to Lt. Paul Mendes of the Carlsbad Police. San Diego County Superior Court Judge K. Michael Kirkman had set Thomson's trial for Jan. 23, and she faced charges of hit and run causing death, gross vehicular manslaughter, a DUI causing injury and a DUI with a blood-alcohol level .08 or higher. McLeod said Thomson’s blood alcohol level was measured at .25, which is more than three times the legal limit. McLeod said the victim’s family is expected to be present at the sentencing hearing. The victim lived with his daughter and worked at The Park Hyatt Aviara. The fatal crash was located less than 2.5 miles from Jacobs’ work.

ALL IN RANCHO SANTA FE — It was a night a night full of calls, bluffs and tells during the inaugural Rancho Santa Fe Community Center Celebrity Poker Tournament at the Rancho Santa Fe Garden Club Saturday night. Card players spent the evening playing No-Limit Texas Hold ‘em with celebrities as former baseball player Bret Boone and speaker and author Richard Lederer, whose son Howard Lederer and daughter Annie Duke are poker stars. The event was held as a fundraiser to benefit the RSF Community Center. Clockwise from top: Melissa Grosvenor, left, poses with event sponsor John Matty. Veronica Daly, with Richard Lederer and Serby Zivku enjoy the reception before cards hit the table. Baseball player Bret Boone, center, is dealt a hand. Photos by Tony Cagala

JAN. 27, 2012



Plenty to see, do and eat in beautiful Manhattan Beach bles a work of art and tastes hostess station. Most visitors even better. Tonight’s fish is a are surprised by the clear, perfectly seasoned salmon Plexiglas windows in the floor which, when mixed with of the lobby, allowing a view condiments (onion, cucum- of the wine cellar below — E’LOUISE bers, red peppers and jicama) best done before you have too ONDASH and served with deep-fried many tastings. A fire pit just plantains, creates an explo- outside the lobby is the perHit the Road fect place to enjoy the wine. sion of flavors. There are few things in We sample the Strand’s The vegan enchilada is life better than a cloudless equally delicious, and I’m signature drink, the Sunset sky, 72-degrees, a gentle breeze and a wide, white Southern California beach on an off-season weekday. That’s what my friend, Wanda, and I see on a recent Thursday after a 90-minute drive north from North County. We’ve arrived in Manhattan Beach, and checked into the Shade Hotel, four short blocks from one of the most beautiful stretches of sand we’ve ever encountered. And there’s something else distinctive about this seaside real estate — the more than 50 volleyball courts that stretch about as far as the eye can see. Manhattan Beach is This warm “dipping pool” on the roof of the Shade Hotel can be heated known as the beach volleyball to spa temperatures. The tile deck is artfully landscaped with succulents capital of the world, but of every description. Photos by E’Louise Ondash today, the courts are empty. Not a problem, we think, and ecstatic when the gluten-free Over Manhattan, a refreshing why haven’t we been here churros arrive. mix of vodka, fresh-squeezed sooner? “We accommodate any tangerine juice and blood We can’t come up with a special dietary needs,” says orange puree. At this point, it satisfactory answer, but we’ve Chef Chris Garasic. But doesn’t matter what we eat, got less than 48 hours to make gluten-free churros? but the roasted beet salad, up for lost time. “The great thing about duck rillette, Arctic char and We take a walk on The being the chef is that you can grilled hanger steak are Strand — two parallel north- experiment in the kitchen,” delectable. The meal culmisouth sidewalk thoroughfares he explains. nates with a terrine of coffee that, according to a local, has Just a short walk away is ice cream and a dense chocoa definite protocol: walkers The Strand House restaurant, late-something, and hot, deep only on the upper tier; any- opened in summer 2011. Its dish pears and apples topped thing with wheels on the expansive glass windows give with handmade spice ice lower. diners a bird’s eye view of the cream. We discover that the Manhattan Beach Pier. It also Thank goodness we must multi-million-dollar homes offers the latest take in wine- walk to the Shade, a 38-bed along The Strand offer an tasting — six automated wine boutique hotel tastefully intriguing, eclectic collection dispensers (Napa designed in what I call art of architecture styles — from Technologies) in the lobby, deco with a contemporary Tuscan to mid-century to each featuring four wines. twist. All beds have Tempurultra-contemporary and more. Guests access various sized Pedic mattresses and towels Most have small-but-stylish pours by swiping a “debit are thick Egyptian cotton. street-level gardens that fea- card” purchased from the Complimentary offerings ture tight, well-designed layouts of succulents of every color. There are species we’ve never seen before, and I take many photos. The scene is still quiet when we arrive at Mucho Ultima Mexicana (903 Manhattan Ave.; 310-3744422) in the popular Village area that has many fashionable boutiques (which we visited earlier), salons and day spas. It’s an unfashionable 5 p.m., but an hour later, most seats are occupied with postworkday revelers. We understand why after indulging in Mucho’s freshberry mojito, Cadillac margarita and Ceviche Especial. The colorful appetizer that could sub as an entrée resem-

Dinner patrons at The Strand House can sample one or more of the 24 wines of the world at this automated machine in the lobby. Wanda Stiles of Carlsbad fills her glass with a red.

include breakfast (with bagels and lox), wi-fi, and beach-cruiser bicycles. After breakfast, we take a last stroll on another section of The Strand and walk to the end of the pier. Unlike others on the West Coast, this pier has no restaurants or curio shops, but does have a small aquarium at the end. It’s an ideal spot for a panoramic view of the beach, Palos Verdes to the south, Malibu to the north, determined surfers and lazy pelicans. I’ll be back. For visitor information, visit E’Louise Ondash is a freelance writer living in North County. Tell her about your travels at

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JAN. 27, 2012


The good and the bad of the Chinese elm KENT HORNER Local Roots

RUN FOR FUNDS Del Mar Hills Academy students got plenty of fresh air and exercise during its annual Jog-A-Thon fundraiser in December. The effort raised almost $10,000 for supplemental PTA-sponsored programs. As second-grader Ava Sargent, far left, looks on, second-grader, Trevor Sleet, plays one of the carnival games held available to the youngsters after they had finished their laps. Courtesy photo

Prevent prescription medication dangers Health Watch By the physicians and staff at Scripps Memorial Hospital Encinitas

Have you cleaned out your medicine cabinet lately? If not, you may have expired or unused prescription medications on hand. This can be especially dangerous if there are other people in the home who may have access to these drugs. Prescription medications can be invaluable in treating and preventing illness. But the use of these drugs in a way that is not intended by

the prescribing physician is a potentially deadly problem. Safe use of prescription drugs begins with ensuring that medications don’t get into the wrong hands. Avoid transferring drugs into containers labeled for other medications; for example, don’t put prescription muscle relaxants in an old aspirin bottle. Someone may mistakenly take the prescription medication when they really just needed an over-the-counter pain reliever. Keep track of your prescriptions and the quantities you should have on hand, as well as the number of refills available. If possible, make sure you are the only one

authorized by your pharmacy to order and pick up refills. Store medications in a safe area inaccessible to others, and be sure that your “secret” hiding places are truly secret and not easily discovered with a bit of snooping. Better yet, keep them in a locked tackletype box. Talk to your children about abuse of pills, just as you talk to them about the dangers of alcohol or other drug use. Never share medications with friends or family, even if they have the same symptoms. Many conditions have similar symptoms but require very different treatment. Only a physician can diagnose

County fair brings home top awards The San Diego County Fair was a top award winner at the Western Fairs Association (WFA) Convention and Trade Show held Jan. 8 through Jan. 11 in Anaheim. The 2011 Fair received a total of 39 awards, including 17 first-place honors. The 2011 WFA firstplace awards were presented to the San Diego County Fair in the following categories: — Viral or Video Documentation — Marketing Campaign – Generational — Outdoor Advertising — Newsletter/E-blast — Printed — Newsletter/E-blast — Electronic — Newsletter/E-blast — E-blast — Photo of an Unusual Entry — America’s Funniest Fair Video — Creative Fair Ribbon — Fair Sponsorship — Best New Idea This Year – Exhibits — Best New Idea This Year – Maintenance

— Best New Idea This Year, Service Member Partnership — New Featured Event, Exhibit or Program — New Conservation Program/Being Green — New Innovative Use of Technology — Competitive Exhibit Handbook The 2011 San Diego County Fair also received 20 awards from the International Association of Fairs and Expositions for outstanding Agricultural and Competitive programs at this year’s IAFE Convention and Trade Show. In addition to the 20 IAFE awards, the 2011 San Diego County Fair also won two special awards: — The Best of Division Award for Fairs with attendance of more than 1 million — The Excellence in Competitive Exhibits Award for Fairs with attendance of more than 1 million. The San Diego County Fair is the largest annual event in San Diego County and the sixth largest fair in the United States, drawing more than 1.4 million visi-

tors annually. The theme for the 2012 San Diego County Fair will take fair fans “Out Of This World” to the stars, planets and beyond for 24 days. The 2012 San Diego County Fair will be open June 8 to July 4, except Mondays, June 11, June 18 and June 25. For more information, visit The 22nd District Agricultural Association is a state of California agency that owns and operates the Del Mar Fairgrounds, Surfside Race Place, Horsepark Equestrian Center and the Del Mar Golf Center. The 22nd DAA produces five events each year: The San Diego County Fair, the Del Mar National Horse Show, Professional Bull Riding, The Scream Zone and Holiday of Lights. The fairgrounds hosts more than 350 events annually, the largest of which is the live horse-racing meet each summer, operated by the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club for the 22nd DAA and the state of California. For more information on the Fairgrounds, visit

and prescribe medications. Moreover, sharing prescription medications is illegal and can result in fines or jail time. Even if they’re not abused, prescriptions can pose a risk if they are expired or damaged. All prescription drugs have an expiration date on the label; after that, they can break down and change, rendering them ineffective, harmful, or in some cases deadly. The commonly prescribed antibiotic tetracycline, for example, can cause a deadly skin infection if taken after it expires. Take inventory of medicines every six months and dispose of medications that lack clearly marked expiration dates. Also dispose of any medications that are discolored, separated, crumbly, or powdery — even if they haven’t yet expired. Don’t simply toss old or unused medications in the trash bin — it may be easy for children, pets and others to find them. Nor should medications be flushed down the toilet; they can affect the water supply and be ingested by the public, as well as harm natural aquatic habitats. Instead, remove drugs from their original containers, crush them, and then mix them with an undesirable substance, such as used coffee grounds or kitty litter.This makes the medication less appealing to children and pets, and unrecognizable to people who may search through your trash. You can also take unwanted medications to your pharmacy for proper disposal, or to secure drop boxes at Sheriff’s Department sites. They will ensure medications are disposed of according to state and federal laws. “Health Watch” is brought to you by the physicians and staff at Scripps Memorial Hospital Encinitas. For more information or for physician referral call 1-800-SCRIPPS.

Being the low-maintenance kind of guy that I am, when I choose a tree for around my own place or in one of my designs, they usually tend to be palms, succulents or small patio trees. However, I did inherit some very large Chinese elms when I purchased my house more than 20 years ago. Chinese elms, classified as Ulmus parvifolia, are originally from Asia. They are native to China, Japan, North Korea and Vietnam. This tree has been described by many landscape architects as “one of the most splendid of the elms, having the poise of a graceful Nothofagus,” which if you didn’t know is another tree from the graceful beech family found in the warm to temperate oceanic regions near Chile, Argentina, New Zealand and Australia. I initially didn’t like these elm trees. They are deciduous by nature and drop leaves faster than you can say “Rumpelstiltskin.” Needless to say, they can make a big mess, especially when hanging over the roof, where gutters become clogged, leaf build up rots the roof and debris falls into the planter beds and smothers delicate plants. These trees are also very prolific seed producers once they have reached sexual maturity. They are unusual in that they flower in the fall months instead of the spring like most plants in the Northern Hemisphere and are a monecious plant with perfect flowers. Monecious means that the plant has both sexes — the male anthers for pollen and the female ovary for seed production — in each flower thereby classifying them as perfect. Other flowering trees are called diecious, which means that the sexes are found separately in the same species and must cross pollinate to reproduce. Mother nature often creates androgynous plants or animals having both sexes when cross pollination is not possible. Life must go on. But anyway, having watched my elms during the winter months for many years, it finally became clear to me that this type of tree is not 100 percent deciduous. Temperature is the key to leaf drop. During the El Nino years when we had warm rains from the south or the “Pineapple Express” as we call it around here, my Chinese elms did not lose all their leaves. In fact, they began sprouting new foliage in January somehow knowing from the warm rains and low light duration that it was time to make new

foliage without the fear of a new frost. It takes several cold clear nights near freezing in succession to effectively make these beautiful trees drop their leaves. Research at the Morton Arboretum has found this species of elm to be one of the most cold tolerant that there are. In artificial freezing tests, the LT50 (temperature at which 50 percent of the plants tissues die) these elms were able to survive was minus 29 degrees Fahrenheit. Amazing! Because of this, it is now found on all continents except Antarctica. It was introduced to Europe at the end of the 18th century as an ornamental. In the United States, it appeared in the middle of the 1800s proving to be very popular as a replacement for the American elms that were killed off by the Dutch elm disease. It is currently a favorite tree in New Zealand and Australia where it tolerates the windswept shores of the coast very well. As a tree man, I find the canopy of these trees to be unbelievable. They lend themselves well to opening up and show off the internal structure of the tree well while allowing the outer lateral branches to hang and weep like a cascading 360degree waterfall of emerald leaves that surround a curving graceful trunk. The bark of this plant is the true bonus and calling card of this incredible species. Paper thin, it pops off the main trunk as it swells with water and new growth during the spring and summer. The old bark pieces themselves are small and resemble puzzle pieces, which makes it easy to remember the name of this tree while thinking about a Chinese puzzle piece. Give these trees ample room to grow when you install them in your landscape, they will grow quite large in time. Kent Horner is a local landscape contractor and designer with 30 years of experience in all aspects of your garden. For information concerning your project or questions involving your surroundings, email him at

MiraCosta brings on new coach MiraCosta College announced the appointment of Frank Zimmerman as the new coach for its men’s soccer team. A 24-year coaching veteran, Zimmerman served previously as assistant coach at Palomar College and also assisted with the MiraCosta College women’s team in 2006. Zimmerman has been the head coach at Oceanside High School for the past 16 seasons as well as the director of coaching for the Soccer Club of Oceanside. “We’ve hired the best

Mexico is safer than what you see in the news JOE MORIS Baby Boomer Peace I have that seriously bummed feeling creeping in. I’m flying home to Encinitas. That will conclude three weeks in my second home in Puerto Vallarta. Our first contest winners, Dean and Sue Henningsen, are coming in to use my condo for a week and then my place is rented until mid February. After that I’m wide open. Since I only purchased my condo on the beach in August I have a hard time committing to potential renters. I keep thinking, wait, I want to be there. I’ll figure this all out over the first year of ownership. Right now I’d rather keep my place open for my use, but if I rent it out then it pays for itself and I get to live there for free for at least six months out of the year. Being in paradise for three weeks this time, there are a few things I just started noticing. Besides the locals being so friendly all the time (they don’t have stress down here) I realized that there are

no bars on windows and most people’s doors are always open. The other thing I noticed is that nobody, including me, has screens on their doors or windows. Now this is tropical paradise down here but typically when you hear the word tropical, visions of monster bugs come to mind. I seriously have not seen a bug in the last year that I’ve been coming down here. I also keep my sliding glass door open every night so I can hear the constant rush of waves lapping on the shore while I sleep to 65degree perfect sleeping weather nights. Great Feng Shui. People from the states write and ask if I’ve seen beheaded bodies or “shoot ‘em up” street fights. One of my readers called the other day to compliment me on my column and he too asked me if I feared for my life in Mexico. The response was a simple “No,” but I went further and told him I seriously feel safer walking down a dark street at midnight in Puerto Vallarta than I do in the States. One reason is because at midnight people are still all over the streets here, both visitors and locals. In Encinitas they roll up the streets, oh,

about 8 p.m. or so — world of difference. The crime rate in Puerto Vallarta is non-existent. No one can remember the last time there was an actual

I’ve come to think now that something is going on in our press and politics when dealing with Mexico. homicide here. They did catch one of Khadafi’s sons there a month or so ago. Oh, and Charlie Sheen was seen with his wife and two kids. I’ve come to think now that something is going on in our press and politics when dealing with Mexico. The press is hell-bent on portraying Mexico as a scary place to visit. It’s mind boggling how reality and perception are so divergent. I was talking to a concierge at the exclusive

Film festival schedule set FRANK ZIMMERMAN coach we could ever hope for,” said Dan Mulville, MiraCosta College’s athletic director. “He has experience at the community college level as a player and coach, he’s been tremendously successful at Oceanside High School and his club program is simply amazing.” ?? A native of Oceanside, Zimmerman is a graduate of Oceanside High School and MiraCosta College, and he played on the soccer team at both schools. He completed his bachelor’s degree in vocational education at San Diego State University, and now teaches digital video communications and runs the audio-visual department at Oceanside High School. “It’s a privilege and an honor to be a part of MiraCosta College,” Zimmerman says. “I’m very excited for the opportunity to work at my alma mater. I think this is a tremendous opportunity and something that my family and I are very excited about. I love the idea of working with students. I can’t wait to get to work.” The MiraCosta College men’s soccer coach is a parttime position. Zimmerman will continue to work at Oceanside High School, and will also continue to lead the Soccer Club of Oceanside. For more information on the MiraCosta College soccer program, contact Dan Mulville, athletic director, at or call (760) 7572121, ext. 6246.



JAN. 27, 2012

The 22nd annual San Diego Jewish Film Festival, sponsored by the Leichtag Foundation, and presented by the San Diego Center for Jewish Culture at the Lawrence Family Jewish Community Center, will run Feb. 9 through Feb. 19, with showings in North County. “What soap is to the body, laughter is to the soul.” – Yiddish Proverb Laugh and learn at 7:30 p.m. Feb. 16 with classic Jewish episodes from three animated series, “Family Guy,” “South Park” and “The Simpsons.” Following the three episodes, Mike Reiss, writer and producer for “The Simpsons” will share his hilarious behind-the-scenes insights, anecdotes and clips from his career. Portions of the fstival will take place at the Edwards San Marcos Stadium 18 and the Carlsbad Village Theatre in Carlsbad. Single ticket prices for most films are $10.75 to $12.75 for seniors, $11.75 for JCC members and $13.75 for non-members. For tickets or information call (858) 362-1348 or

visit The San Diego Jewish Film Festival showcases 48 contemporary Jewish-themed films including: — Feb. 9, Feb. 16 and Feb. 19 - Opening the festival is Mabul (The Flood). Yoni Roshko faces a flood of challenges in growing up. — Feb. 11, Feb. 12 and Feb. 15 – Genius or madman? From 1958’s “To Know Him is to Love Him” to the Beatles’ “Let It Be” in 1970 and beyond, Phil Spector’s music was the soundtrack of our lives. — Feb. 11, Feb. 14 and Feb. 19, “ Mary Lou,” an ebullient film about a lonely youngster searching for his mother but finding himself showcases real-life Israeli rock star Svika Pick’s music. — Feb. 11, Feb. 14, Feb. 15 – “Dusk.”Against a milieu of deceit, four families improbably come together at dusk in an Israeli hospital. The Feb. 14 screening is free. — Feb. 12, Feb. 18, Feb. 16 – “Prima Primavera” tells of Gabor, a charming, mentally-challenged man is the only witness to a bank robbery — Feb. 12 and Feb. 16 – “Heaven Underground: The

Weissensee Jewish Cemetery” is a journey into history that celebrates the immortality of memories and the importance of tradition. — Feb. 12, Feb. 16 and Feb. 19 – Based on actual events, “Little Rose” is a captivating espionage thriller set in 1967- 1968 Poland when political unrest escalated against the brutal rule of the Soviet-dominated Communist Party. — Feb 14 and Feb. 16 – “Within the Whirlwind,” a woman is trapped in Stalin’s anti-intellectual purges of the 1930s. — Feb. 15 – A real-life story of Muslims saving Jews, “Free Men” relates the transformation of a barely literate immigrant into a passionate freedom fighter. — Feb. 16 – “ Salsa Tel Aviv” integrates romance, misunderstanding, comedy and salsa dancing into a plot exploring the serious social issue of illegal foreign workers in Israel. — Feb. 19 – Closing the festival is “My Best Enemy” which explores what action turns a friend into a fiend, a neighbor into a mortal enemy.

Ireland is focus at Balboa Park event Part of an ongoing series highlighting San Diego’s diverse and vibrant ethnic mix, the colorful celebration of Irish culture, “Tower After Hours: Ireland” exhibit begins at 6 p.m. Feb. 23 at the at the San Diego Museum of Man (SDMoM) in San Diego, 1350 El Prado. Experience traditional

Irish music, dance and storytelling performed by the county’s top talent. Part of an ongoing series highlighting San Diego’s diverse ethnic mix, this celebration of Irish culture will showcase an array of regional food and drinks provided by the local Irish pubs and restaurants. Tickets are $10 for members, $15 for students

and military and $20 for non-members. Ticket price includes entrance to SDMoM, food samples, beverages and cultural entertainment. Tickets are available online at For more information, call the Museum of Man at (619) 239-2001, ext. 10 or visit

Haixa resort in Punta Mita. He was walking me around as I was taking pictures of the second largest continuous swimming pool in the world. His name was Sergio. He said that he lived in Los Angeles four times. He said that each time he had to come across the border illegally was to reconnect with family in Los Angeles and to make enough money to pay for the Coyotes the next time he wanted to come back. He said it costs him $3,000 American dollars to pay a Coyote to come across the border. He said the first time was really scary because there were six other males all in a trunk of a car with him when coming across the San Ysidro border. He was sure someone would shoot him. He spent $3,000 to be crammed into the trunk of a car with five others. The second time he came across he paid $3,000 again and was in a van coming through the desert with 30, yes that’s 30, people in a mini van. He balled himself up on the ground to show me how he had to be fit. The coyotes would get them close to train stations and drop them off and wish them luck. That’s how he got to Los Angeles, which was to just take Amtrak — so much for those checkpoints south of San Clemente. The reason I bring up Sergio is because I feel so guilty. I just bought a plane ticket, came to Mexico, bought an oceanfront condo and as long as I go back to the United States without being here a continuous 365 days, no one hassles me. Now I’m conservative by political standards, but I love these people down here. They used to come to the United States for a better life and to

make money to help family back home, but Mexico is happening now and maybe that’s why the US wants to portray it down here as ugly. Mexico is one of the only nations in the world that lives on a budget, a balanced one at that. The US could learn a thing or two from these guys down here. The government owns the petroleum and I buy premium gas for my little Mercedes for $2.90 per gallon. That’s about 10 pesos per liter. I can only imagine what I’m going to have to pay for “free enterprise” gasoline in Encinitas. What is it now for premium, $4 a gallon? Jeez. The education system in Mexico is improving exponentially and because of low cost wages; it’s cheaper to move a company to Mexico than it is to China. The other thing I notice is that Mexicans here are typically middle and upper middle class. They drive nice cars, they wear stylish clothes and you rarely see someone who has eaten too many beans and tortillas. They are health conscious down here as well. And, the women are beautiful, almost Mediterraneanlike. I would guess women would say the men are handsome, too. My next column will likely have my fingers shivering over the keyboard. I’m coming home to winter and leaving the warm breezes behind. I’ll be back though. Have to. Life is getting fun in this old age. It is really fun learning how to live like a rich man on a poor man’s budget. Peace be with you. See you soon. Joe Moris may be contacted at (760) 500-6755 or by email at

King of Swing in town Known for his smile and unassuming demeanor, Major League Baseball Hall of Famer, Tony Gwynn, will be doing what he loves to do — getting out into the San Diego community. Join him at a VIP Meet and Greet event beginning at 6 p.m. Feb. 16 at the Mission Valley Marriott. Gwynn will mingle with guests and engage in oneon-one conversations. During dinner, he will share stories about his notorious baseball career and how he hopes his bout with cancer will help change the culture of baseball and the encouragement of tobacco

use. The evening is limited to 200 guests. The cocktail and “meet and greet” hour begins at 6 p.m. followed by dinner at 7:30 p.m. The evening will conclude with an autograph-signing session of memorabilia sold at the event. No outside memorabilia will be allowed. Tickets are $300 in advance or $350 at the door. Corporate tables of six will be available for $1,600. For ticket purchase and detailed information, go to t o ny g w y n nv i p m e e t a n d, email Sue at whitakerinnovations@gmail .com or call (775) 232-0982.

ATTENTION READERS! Say you saw it in the Rancho Santa Fe News! When you shop or use the services that are advertised in the Rancho Santa Fe News, you are supporting the newspaper and our efforts to bring you quality news. We are funded only by advertising revenue, so please, when you use a product or service that you saw in the paper, say you saw it in the Rancho Santa Fe News!" Thank you for supporting our advertisers! Sincerely, The Rancho Santa Fe News Staff




JAN. 27, 2012

Five women worth talking about in Rancho Santa Fe MACHEL PENN SHULL Machel’s Ranch In January of 2008, the rain seemed like a ominous sign to go home. Sitting at a traffic light in Encinitas, while the turn signal flashed on my dashboard, I had the distinct feeling that if I didn’t make that appointment, I might be missing out on a golden opportunity. That meeting just happened to be with the publisher of The Rancho Santa Fe News. Luckily, my instincts served me well. I remember sitting with Jim Kydd discussing my column. We bounced ideas back and forth to each other, and he liked the idea and wanted to run the column, if the editor approved. As you might have guessed, two weeks later, “Machel’s Ranch” appeared, and I’ve been sharing stories with you ever since that almost illfated rainstorm moment. I’ll never know what might have happened if I hadn’t made it. I do know that sometimes you can’t make up a for moment and if you miss it, it’s gone for good. Seven years in Hollywood taught me that lesson all too well. Four years later and many things have changed with time but there are a few constants that have stayed the same — those few women who appear regularly in my column. These women have been making an appearance in “Machel’s Ranch” since the beginning. After really thinking about it, I figured out Rancho Santa Fe has the making of its own reality show that doesn’t have anything to do with the word “desperate.” This town is full of winners, families, moms and moguls. Only the eucalyptus trees are privy to the secret lives of some of the Ranch locals — unless you happen to be a girl with a camera and a pen and paper to document these happenings. After four years of “Machel’s Ranch,” I am introducing the cast of these chic women that bring verve and flavor to the inside pages of the Rancho Santa Fe News. 4th Anniversary “Around Town” In 1999, I met Jill Sorge. Big, fat and pregnant, I wasn’t

Originally from Newport Beach Meredith MacDonald is the proud mother of Reese and Holden MacDonald, and is the daughter-nlaw of Ranch resident, Violet MacDonald. Move over Kyle Richards. Photo by Machel Penn Shull

one of those beautiful skinny women that could show a bit of their mid-drift with a black pair of leggings. Due to some complications, I ended up looking more like a linebacker in a jean jumper. Needless to say I was horrified. Just when I thought fatness and loneliness had taken me down the black hole, I met Ranch resident, Jill Sorge. A former model and soap opera actress, Jill and I hit it off immediately. Her beautiful face, and kind words of “Don’t worry, you lose the weight,” helped me see the light. Jill had had three kids and looked fabulous. If she can do it, I can, too, type attitude bonded us together for life. Jill has been appearing in this column from the beginning. From her many activities associated to Santa Fe Christian — all three of her children go there Watch out "Desperate Housewives" and any other reality show gals. Rancho Santa Fe has the "The Spa Girls." The Spa parties have been part — and other events, Jill’s of my column since 2008 when I first met Karian. Photo by Machel Penn Shull schedule of running two homes in San Diego could give any of these featured reality show regulars a run for their money. A consummate friend and an amazing human being, God answered a prayer when I met Jill. In 2001, I met Meredith MacDonald at a Gymboree class in Solana Beach. As each mom went around in the baby circle describing their day, when Meredith spoke up about her wants and needs, “I can’t wait for my baby to go to sleep and have some fun again.”You could say my ears perked up immediately. “Me, too!” I thought. Well since then, Meredith and I have had some fun times, laughs and silly moments. With a personality like Elizabeth Elaine Gallagher is a powerhouse hitter in the Real Estate business in Jill Sorge is the proud mother of Anthony, Matthew and Lauren Sorge. Taylor, you know the type Southern California. Elaine is married to Michael Gallagher, and her son She is married to Tony Sorge and they live in Rancho Santa Fe in the that attract the attention is a well known director in Hollywood. Photo by Machel Penn Shull Faibanks area. Courtesy photo when they enter the room, you could say being friends in personal and professional married in September of this ed by Karian at her house in As a savvy real estate agent— with Meredith was like being settings. I was immediately year, too! The Crosby. Rumor has it Gallagher & Gallagher—and back in Hollywood again. drawn to her ambitiousness In 2006, I met Karian around town that she recent- a mother of a successful son Everywhere we would go felt and dedication the the news- Forsyth at Mille Fleurs with ly turned down Matchmaking that directs movies in grandiose and exciting. paper industry. Krista has her husband Tom. I can still reality show because her life Hollywood, Elaine makes it Always dressed glamorously been featured in “Machel’s remember thinking, “Who is is already filled to the brim. all look so easy, with upbeat with the perfect Prada bag Ranch” as one my closest that glamorous couple out on Karian Forsyth has been a attitude and sweet soul. I’m and her million dollar smile, friends and co-workers the patio?” Well you could constant since the very begin- sure you’ve seen her zooming Meredith MacDonald has around town. From Thyme in say that Karian and I became ning of “Machel’s Ranch.” around town in her beautiful more zest and flavor than the Ranch lunches to our fast friends. From her impecIn 2008, I met Elaine Black convertible Bentley. I Kyle or Kim. (If you watch Mille Fleurs moment, Krista’s cable style to her powerhouse Gallagher at Delicias. I instantly loved Elaine from these show, you will know the youth and vibrant attributes personality, Karian Forsyth remember thinking, “Wow a day one. I am so glad we are reference.) have added much delight to when you meet her gives you beautiful blonde with a per- such good friends. In 2005, I met Krista these pages and excitement the feeling she stepped off a fect smile, who is she?” Well, Lafferty, while working in the along the way. At my bridal chartered jet from Aspen and we soon became friends. I do newspaper publishing busi- shower, I credited Krista for you can’t wait to find out think I pursued Elaine you ness. Krista is tall and has a helping me meet my husband what’s been going on in her could say. Her beauty is actu- Thank-you readers for reading slender build with deep blue Robin. I was with her when glamorous world. The fea- ally second to her kind spirit “Machel’s Ranch.” Let me know if you eyes. With her can-do atti- we met at Mille Fleurs in tured spa parties that have and good heart-warming soul. would like to share some exciting tude, she has always been a 2006. And, in case you didn’t become one of my favorites Her stories have added heart news in town. I can be reached at “force to be reckoned with” know, Krista will be getting in Rancho Santa Fe are host- and glamour to these pages.

Karian Forsyth is married to Tom Forysth. As you may know, Karian is the hostess of all of the spa parties. Karian runs her own "Matchmaking Business" and has been rumored to have recently turn town a reality series offer due to her other commitments. Courtesy photo

Krista Lafferty grew up in the newspaper business in Rancho Santa Fe. We met in 2005 when we both worked for another newspaper in town. Courtesy photo

In January 2008 I met Jim Kydd the publisher of The Rancho Santa Fe News regarding my column, "Machel's Ranch." Jim Kydd is the proud owner of The Coast News Group. This photo was taken at my wedding to Robin Shull in 2009. Courtesy photo



JAN. 27, 2012






Our Philosophy is Really Quite Simple . . . to create a beautiful and lasting environment while taking you further than you dreamed you could go!

1040 Los Vallecitos Blvd. #103


(Left of Ethan Allen, next to PC Design)



760-744-2662 STORE HOURS: Mon-Fri 10am-4:30pm • Sat 10am-5pm Sun CLOSED


JAN. 27, 2012


Twisted Vine makes a fine comfort hangout for ‘grapeheads’ FRANK MANGIO

Taste of Wine

wine to taste would be the San Gregorio Primitivo Dei Feudi 2008, a sensational red and close kin to a California Zinfandel. With these wines as a model, he shared with me his goal that Italian wines will dominate the list when all is said and done. Chef Mia is a native Californian and loves to work with fresh produce, delicious seafood and organic farming. On her small plate menu, try the Seared Yellowtail Tostados with avocado,salsa fresco,pickled red onions and lime crema. On the larger plate menu, I recommend the Moroccan Marinated Fish of the Day, with jeweled Israeli couscous and seasonal vegetables. There are six different choices of flatbreads with the most nutritious being the Zucchini with Eggplant and Roasted Pepper Sauce with Feta Cheese. Hours are Monday through Thursday 11 a.m. to 10 p.m., Friday 11 a.m. to 11 p.m., Saturday 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. and Sunday 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. For more information, call (858) 780-2501 or visit

The latest creation to attract the burgeoning population of “grapeheads” who love chef-inspired cuisine paired with wines from all over the world, is bistro-wine bar Twisted Vine off the 56 Freeway at Camino Del Sur in San Diego. Twisted Vine at once offers nutritious globalinspired menu items by Executive Chef Mia Sailing, the fifth-generation Italian wine director Luciano Leonardo and restaurateur extraordinaire Tammy Moore. Tammy has built and operated many restaurants in the San Diego area (including Pat & Oscar’s) and Twisted Vine could be her best idea yet. I knew I felt at home when Leonardo came up to me before I got my bar seat warm, and offered a 2008 Argiano Super Tuscan. This blend is a communion of 40 percent Cabernet, 20 percent News & Views Sangiovese, 20 percent Syrah Another top professional and 20 percent Merlot. A from the French Laundry more southern style Italian Restaurant in Napa Valley has

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Congrats to Kristian Story and Erik Turner of the ‘90s rock band Warrant. They took a Silver Medal at the recent largest American wine competition, the San Francisco Chronicle Awards, with their 2008 Warrant Red, Napa Valley. Check out how they did it and the other wines in their portfolio at

Wine Bytes

Owner Tammy Moore, left, Luciano Leonardo Wine Director and Executive Chef Mia Sailing, are the people to know at the new Twisted Vine Bistro and Wine Bar. Photos by Frank Mangio

come to work at Addison in the Grand Del Mar Resort. He’s Anthony Secviar and he’s the new chef de cuisine. He was raised in San Diego and honed his skills in Spain. The first was Wine Director Jesse Rodriguez, who has built a world-renowned wine list. Over the holidays, he and Food & Beverage Director Ekrem Tercanoglu were congenial hosts at The Grand Del Mar’s Eat, Drink & Be Merry party. The Temecula Valley Winegrowers Association is hosting a Pacific Coastal Wine Cruise, with five nights on the Celebrity Millenium, going from San Diego to Vancouver, B.C. Departure is May 27, with stops at San Francisco and Victoria. Wine events on board are planned. Call (800) 801-9463 for more information. From the prestigious Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in L.A. comes the finding that drinking red wine in moderation may help cut women’s breast cancer risk. Natural chemicals in the skins and

seeds of red grapes “slightly lowered estrogen levels while elevating testosterone among premenopausal women who

drank eight ounces of red wine for about a month.” Breast cancer is the leading type of women’s cancer in the U.S.

—Vigilucci’s,on the beach in Carlsbad, is presenting an “Assagi Italiani” Wine Dinner starting at 6:30 p.m. Jan. 27. It’s Northern Italian cuisine like Insalata alla Salame di Tonno, Risotto alla Salsiccia and Filetto alla Campagnola. Il Poggione is the signature wine for the night, including a 2006 Brunello Di Montalcino. The cost is $80 each. Call (760) 434-2580 for an RSVP. — Alternative Wines in Carmel Valley has Frank Family Vineyards Jan. 27. They are serving Chardonnay, Cabernet, Zinfandel (“Taste of Wine” Top 10) and a rare Cabernet ’05 in a Magnum. Call (858) 780-9463 for cost and times. — San Diego Wine Company in the Miramar area of San Diego is bringing in a Spanish and French Tasting from 11 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Jan. 28. Cost is $10. Hear the details at (858) 586-WINE. — North County Wine Company in San Marcos has Jann Forth of Forth Vineyards on from 4 to 10 p.m. Feb. 3. Cost is just $10. Call (760) 7442119 for details. — Twisted Vine Wine Bar Bistro & Wine Bar in San Diego is pouring Sparkling Reds for Valentine’s Day on Feb. 11 with five varietals. It will start at 4 p.m. with a fee of $35. RSVP at (858) 780-2501.

Frank Mangio is a renowned wine connoisseur certified by Wine Spectator. His library can be viewed at (Average Google certified 900 visits per day) He is one of the top Ekrem Tercanoglu, Food & Beverage director, left, and Jesse Rodriguez, wine director of The Grand Del Mar, co-host the resort’s five wine commentators on the Web. Reach him at holiday Eat, Drink & Be Merry party.

Tastings party raises funds for Bishop’s School The community is invited to The Bishop’s School Tastings Party from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.Jan. 27. An evening of food and wine will be offered at the home of Amanda and Troy Latimer, 1805 La Jolla Rancho

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950 Boardwalk, Suite 304, San Marcos


Road, La Jolla. For admission, couples and individuals are asked to bring one or more bottles of premium wine with a rating of 95+ points in the Wine Spectator, Parker or Wine Advocate rating, with a $100 minimum value,or a cash donation of $100.

Wine donated at The Tastings Party will be in the Wine Auction Section at the April 21 event. Attire will be casual. This year’s Wine Steering Committee includes Douglas Abel, Mike Dorvillier, Stuart Eppsteiner, Wainwright Fishburn, Brad Geier, Richard

Gibbons, Stacy Jacobs, Brian LaGrange, Ken McCain, Ali Mojdehi, Marco Monroy, Edward Piegza, Mark Pulido, Rio Sabadicci, Marie Sabadicci Masood Tayebi and David Thomas. This is a casual, fun night with food and drink provided by donors, Giuseppe's Fine Catering, La Valencia Hotel, Cucina Urbana, Campine, The Fish Market, Something Homemade and Green Flash Brewing Company.

JAN. 27, 2012





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Reader Advisory: The National Trade Association we belong to has purchased the above classifieds. Determining the value of their service or product is advised by this publication. In order to avoid misunderstandings, some advertisers do not offer employment but rather supply the readers with manuals, directories and other materials designed to help their clients establish mail order selling and other businesses at home. Under NO circumstance should you send any money in advance or give the client your checking, license ID, or credit card numbers. Also beware of ads that claim to guarantee loans regardless of credit and note that if a credit repair company does business only over the phone it is illegal to request any money before delivering its service. All funds are based in US dollars. Toll free numbers may or may not reach Canada.

Cars 1999 1/2 HYUNDAI ACCENT 5 Speed A/ C, Radio, 33mpg, sacrifice $1,950 ask for Mike (760) 6320330 1999 FORD TAURUS 4 door, V6, original one owner, complete service records, always garaged, fully loaded, excellent condition, 20/24 MPG, white with gray interior, best offer OVER $2,500 (760) 630-9808 MAZDA SPORT Miata, mx, turbo, 2 seater, black soft top with cover, cd stereo, air, manual, (stick 6 speed), performance tires with spare, apprx. 38,000 miles. (760) 207-0073 San Marcos, $15,950.00 0B0. 1990 BU IC K RE ATTA CONVERTIBLE Only 63K original miles, All maintenance. records. Rare, only 2400 convertibles built. Beautiful, fully loaded. condition, classic shortly. $7,950 Call Shelly (760) 809-4657

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JAN. 27, 2012


Make room for pelicans in the lineup KYLE STOCK Coastal Cosmos They swoop out of the sky, sometimes in tight formation, sometimes solo. They choose their line, then glide effortlessly along the updrafts of unbroken waves, soaring skyward just as the wave closes out. Their grace and style is the envy of all homo sapien wave riders. Pelecanus occidentalis californicus, or the California brown pelican, is one of the most talented surfers in the animal kingdom. In 1970, the California brown pelican was listed as an endangered species because of harm done by pesticides. The insecticide DDT was outlawed in 1972, and the pelican population of California has since increased. This past spring, the brown pelican made front-page local news as extra large numbers of them overtook the San Diego coastline. Biologists were never clear as to the causes In 1970, the California brown pelican was listed as an endangered of this profusion. Some said species because of harmful effects of pesticides on the environment. In it was an abundance of 2009 it was removed from endangered list. Photo by Kyle Stocks schooling fish in local waters, while others hypothesized a problem with breeding grounds in Baja Mexico. Taken off the endangered species list in 2009, the large number of brown pelicans represents the general health of our marine ecosystems. According to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the brown pelican is the smallest of seven pelican species, although they are

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Expires 2-29-12

one of California’s largest sea birds. Adults average 4 feet from the tip of the bill (itself 12 inches long) to tail, with a 7-foot wingspan and weigh about 8 pounds. California brown pelicans range throughout all of California and much of Baja Mexico with nesting populations on the Channel Islands and in Baja. Along with their waveriding skills, brown pelicans exhibit another interesting water behavior: the plunge dive. Flying in upwards of 60 feet above the ocean’s surface, they spot schools of anchovy, sardine and mackerel. Once spotted, the pelican spreads its wings for maximum control and dive bombs into the school, opening its bill with the spectacular impact. The large pouch, or gular, under the bill fills with water and hopefully a large haul of fish. Water is then drained out, leaving the meal. Brown pelicans are the only plunge divers among all pelican species. When observing them dive bomb again and again, I often wondered how they were not harmed by the drastic impact with the water. It turns out that their vertebrates are formed specifically to withstand such forces. People are often surprised to hear that the pelican can hold more in its mouth than in its stomach. In 1910, humorist Dixon Lanier Merritt wrote, “Oh, a wondrous bird is the pelican! His bill holds more than his belican. He can take in his beak enough food for a week. But I’m darned if I know how the helican.” The next time you see Pelecanus occidentalis californicus gliding across a wave or plunge diving for dinner, appreciate the battles they have fought for survival. They are a vital and beautiful factor in our beloved marine ecosystem. Although their conservation status is now listed as “least concern,” the California brown pelican continues to be closely monitored. Our care and respect will help future generations experience the majesty of our wave-riding, avian friend.

The secrets to no-bake cookies SARA NOEL Frugal Living Dear Sara: I want to make no-bake cookies with oatmeal and peanut butter, cooked on the stovetop. Other people make them and they are moist, with a glossy sheen. Mine are dry and dull. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. Any tips or suggestions? — Anny, forums Dear Anny: There are quite a few different no-bake cookie recipes that contain oatmeal, peanut butter and chocolate in various quantites, and some include maple syrup, honey, milk and/or chocolate powder. The difference in ingredients can make the end result look considerably different and taste quite a bit different, too. One problem with some no-bake cookie recipes is that if you don’t cook the chocolate long enough, the cookies fall apart and end up a crumbled dry mess. They can also become dry if you use the wrong kind of oats (most recipes call for quickcooking oats). When I make mine, I use an electric skillet rather than the stovetop. I opt for a medium setting so the chocolate isn’t boiling on high. You don’t want to over-boil or under-boil the chocolate.You need to boil exactly one minute from the time it hits a rolling boil, stirring constantly, then remove from heat and mix in the other ingredients. Rather than simply dropping them by the tablespoon, I shape them a bit to form a more uniform cookie shape, too. Dear Sara: I would like to use my oven to dehydrate foods like celery, peas, etc. What temperature should I use, and for how long? — A.D., forums Dear A.D.: To dehydrate whole celery stalks in your oven, you would need a temperature of around 135

degrees for six to eight hours. The lowest temperature setting on most ovens is 150 degrees, so you would need to prop the door open a bit to get the lowered temperature. Keep in mind that you would need to blanch your celery beforehand and shouldn’t use a cookie sheet (mesh screen is preferable), too. In other words, it can be done, but using your oven would be pretty costly. If you don’t own a dehydrator, even buying it already dried would be more cost-effective. Another option is to freeze your celery. You can freeze it as-is or blanch it for three minutes before freezing (chopped rather than whole stalks would be best). As for peas, they need about 120-140 degrees to dry. So again, you’d need to prop your oven door open and they can require six to 14 hours to dehydrate, so they can end up being even less cost-effective than drying celery. Not to mention the nutrient loss associated with using your oven. Dear Sara: When freezing leftoverbagged baby carrots, do I need to do anything to them or can I just put them in a freezer bag and freeze them? — Carol, Maine Dear Carol: You can’t freeze them raw and then thaw and eat them raw. But you can freeze them to use for cooking later. You need to blanch them for three to five minutes and then plunge them into ice water and let them cool for five minutes. The cold water prevents the carrots from overcooking, which would result in mushy carrots once thawed and cooked later. Once the carrots have cooled, place them into freezer bags, removing as much air as possible to prevent freezer burn. I’d eat them within nine months. Dear Sara: I’m looking for gift ideas for a family of four (two parents and two children). I’d like to purchase something that isn’t just for the parents and costs less than $100. — Linda H., New York Dear Linda: I have lots of ideas, but here are just a few.You could buy them an ice-cream maker, movie tickets, an Original Whirley Pop stovetop popcorn popper set, a restaurant gift card, a karaoke machine, board games, video games or a Boochie or BlongoBall set. You can gift a membership or annual pass to an attraction such as the beach, museum, aquarium, nature center, etc., too. Sara Noel is the owner of Frugal Village (, a website that offers practical, moneysaving strategies for everyday living. To send tips, comments or questions, write to Sara Noel, c/o Universal Uclick, 1130 Walnut Street, Kansas City, MO, 64106, or e-mail

JAN. 27, 2012



SOUP TO NUTS by Rick Stromoski

Friday, Jan. 27, 2012

FRANK & ERNEST by Bob Thaves

THE BORN LOSER by Art & Chip Sansom

BIG NATE by Lincoln Peirce

Circumstances in the year ahead could produce many more opportunities than ever to fulfill several of your important ambitions. With the blueprint already in your mind, all you have to do is manifest it. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) -- There is a strong possibility that you might experience a rather unusual turn of events. When trying to help out another, the party in question could end up doing more for you. PISCES (Feb. 20-March 20) -- Big rewards could come in small packages, so don't be too quick to reject a job that doesn't pay well. If you do good work, much more is likely to be in the pipeline. ARIES (March 21-April 19) -- You're not only quick on you feet, you're fast when working with your brain as well. Don't let anyone set the pace for you -- disengage yourself from others and operate on you own. TAURUS (April 20-May 20) -- Because you'll be able to handle most any dilemma with deduction and intuition, you should resolve a problem with accuracy and lightning speed. GEMINI (May 21-June 20) -- Get out and mingle. Not only will you enjoy doing so, you're likely to meet someone new with whom you could form an instant bond and maybe even a lifelong friendship.

CANCER (June 21-July 22) -- Several unique opportunities having to do with your work or career might present themselves. However, the chance to take advantage of them is fleeting, so don't shilly-shally. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) -- Follow your inclinations if someone is constantly on your mind. There could be some very good reasons why you need to touch base with this person soon. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) -- Your ability to pick up on the thoughts of others and use them in advantageous ways will come in handy. Keep one eye on the zeitgeist, and the other on the bottom line. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23) -- You're likely to get an opportunity to win someone important over to your side by objectively discussing a matter with him or her that is of mutual concern and interest. SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22) -- A little brainstorming with some of your co-workers could pay off in spades. Some rather ingenious ideas for increasing productivity and lowering stress could be the result. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23-Dec. 21) -Unusual circumstances could once again involve you with someone whom you recently met who you'd like to get to know better. You'll find that you have much in common. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) -- An important matter can be resolved to your satisfaction, but it might require the full use of your imagination and resourcefulness. Happily, these are two of your best assets.


"VZBJVSRA, OW VZXFNX by Luis Campos BZWUN JH: FT MP NMPEN Celebrity Cipher XMP HPZGPHXFWON WT cryptograms are created from quota- G M F R E M W W E , M P G P V N P N tions by famous SPFOB VO VZXFNX." — OPE people, past and present. Each letter Z W Z P Y MONTY by Jim Meddick

in the cipher stands for another. PREVIOUS SOLUTION: "Anytime you have a 50-50 chance TODAY'S CLUE: of getting something right, there's a 90% probability

S equals B

ARLO & JANIS by Jimmy Johnson


COW & BOY by Mark Leiknes

you'll get it wrong." — Andy Rooney


JAN. 27, 2012


The love between a librarian and her books JEAN GILLETTE Small Talk I know. Being a librarian sounds like the perfect job. You spend all day surrounded by glorious books and handing them out to smiling youngsters. It seems all sunshine and rainbows, crisp covers and slick typefaces. But there is a dark side to it all, a side laced with pain that few see or understand. We have small trouble cinching up our corsets and

dealing calmly with a book that is lost or stealthily returned drenched in Hawaiian Punch. With composure, we daily face torn pages, younger siblings’ penmanship practice, chewing puppies, chewing younger siblings, controversial passages and other occupational hazards. What cuts to the quick is rejection. Sometimes … they don’t like our books. Is there any sorrow like that of being rebuffed by a reader? I think not. I take it far too personally. I nearly double over when I hear, “Do you have any GOOD books?” This after I have spent 20 minutes dredging up every book I have ever

known or loved to tempt a fifth-grader for his or her book report. Talk about playing to a tough audience! I feel so powerless when my rave reviews just bounce off a student’s 21st-century, video-Internet-3-D armor. I so badly want a Vulcan mindmeld or, more realistically, a hologram I can summon with the snap of my fingers to give the young, but closed, mind a quick look at what went on in my head while I read that book. I’d be grateful if the upcoming Microsoft and Apple R&D kids make that their next project. No, no. Don’t worry about me. In spite of this knife-in-the-heart challenge,

I will persevere. It never stops me from trying again, because, in truth I am addicted. Yep — completely addicted to the brilliant thrill of finding just the right book for the right reader. Having a youngster or a parent report to me that they “loved that book you recommended!” is sweeter than any paycheck. I live to hear that a oncereluctant reader now would rather read than eat. It makes me want to jump up, hug somebody and do my happy dance. My apologies to the cook. Jean Gillette is a freelance writer serving up delicious reads. Contact her at

Concours shows off cars Register and buy La Jolla Concours d’Elegance 2012 tickets online now for the eighth annual La Jolla Concours d’Elegance to be held April 1 at La Jolla Cove. “ better represents who we are and who we are becoming: a solid concours that grew from a car show for and by ‘car guys,’” said Mike Dorvillier, chairman of the La Jolla Concours d'Elegance committee. Vehicle exhibitors are encouraged to submit applications early as space on the field is limited. “We’ve expanded the Concours to involve more of the community, and we keep attracting bigger crowds,” said Dorvillier. The La Jolla Concours will be held at on the grass at La Jolla Cove. Keith Martin returns as



walked over to my vehicle and asked, “Why are you following me?” “Are you Eric Williams,” I asked. “Yes,” he replied. “I’m a private detective investigating the death of your friend, Billy, and I am hoping you could tell me where he had been the night of the accident,” I said. Eric sighed in relief once he learned that I was not his probation officer here to arrest him for a violation. He was so relieved that he sat in my car for an hour and provided me a tape-recorded statement informing me that he and Billy had been at a sports bar celebrating his birthday, and had




not make it financially viable,” said Carlsbad resident Susan Burkland, who was among the demonstrators. “It’s like taking us back in time,rolling back the forward movement we’ve made. “I think they make enough money,” Burkland said in response to SDG&E’s subsidizing claim. “I’m not terribly happy about the increase,” said Gilbert Field of Carmel Valley, who’s had solar panels for three years. Not everyone at the



Henderson Caverly Pum Charney


“Property taken from the house, mostly electronics, were recovered,” he said. Wellhouser said there had been an increase of burglaries over the past year. “In most of our cases, the suspects have easy access to the houses through unlocked doors,” he said. “To make it worse, the alarms are not being turned on.” Other recent burglaries include two cases in the 6900 block of La Valle Plateada on Jan. 10; the 6100 block of La Granada on Jan. 3; the 16400 block of La Via Feliz on Dec. 22; the 5400 block of Mariposa on Dec. 16; and the 5900 block of El Montevideo on Dec. 9. “Don’t be a victim,” Wellhouser said. “Lock up the house, even if you leave for five minutes. Turn on your alarm

the emcee and will present awards recognizing winners in a variety of categories, including cars on the Saturday Motor Tour, Concours specialty classes and special awards such as the “Keith Martin Award,” “Director's Choice” and more. A full list of award categories is listed at Tickets to the Sunday Show are $35 in advance and $40 at the entrance. The car exhibitor registration fee is $100. Proceeds will benefit the La Jolla Historical Society, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that is dedicated to the discovery, collection and preservation of La Jolla’s heritage. For more information visit, to obtain a registration form or to buy tickets,call (619) 233-5008. much to drink. Eric testified that they had two pitchers of beer, followed by several shots of scotch. Both boys were underage, but had phony IDs. This shed a whole new light on the story because it appeared that Billy was quite intoxicated when he drove off that bridge. Eric went on to say that he urged Billy not to drive, but to no avail. The construction signs were not faulty.Turns out the only thing that was faulty was Billy’s decision to mix alcohol and driving, which resulted in his untimely death. The claim was withdrawn. Brian Scott is a licensed private investigator and welcomes comments, questions and suggestions by contacting him at, or at

demonstration was a solar producer. Alexandra Lane of Point Loma said she was there because she didn’t believe the proposed fee was fair. “The last time I checked, the sun was free and it should stay that way,” she said. “We know the rate structure needs to be fixed and we made a proposal that stirred up a lot of controversy,” Donovan said. “But we are listening. “We want people to provide new ideas and solutions,” she said. “We don’t believe we are the only ones with an answer.We do share the goal of ensuring solar is sustainable for San Diego.” system. Don’t leave valuables out. Lock them up. Put the jewelry in the safe. We have found that it takes just seconds for these crooks to accomplish the burglary. Make sure your door locks work. Test them. Open windows are not a good idea, just a push with your hand and the screen pops out. “It is a good idea to have serial numbers and descriptions of your electronics, cameras and other items kept in a safe place,” he said. Wellhouser said to be observant and to report any suspicious activity to the patrol or the sheriff’s office. To reach the Rancho Santa Fe Patrol, call (858) 7564372 or visit The Sheriff’s Department offers a free home crime prevention inspection. Call (760) 966-3500 for more information.



JAN. 27, 2012

Cutting back on salt intake is good advice for most people DEAR DOCTOR K: My blood pressure has been creeping up lately, so my doctor suggested I reduce the amount of salt in my diet. Where should I start? DEAR READER: That’s good advice — and it’s good advice for most people, especially for people with high blood pressure. Cutting back on salt (sodium chloride) lowers blood pressure and saves lives. Aim to limit your daily sodium intake to no more than 2,300 milligrams (about a teaspoon) per day. How do you do that? Start reading food labels to find out how much sodium is in the foods you eat. That’s the easy part. Of course, if you’re eating out, it’s harder. Some chain restaurant

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DOCTOR K Second Opinion and fast-food meals can top 5,000 milligrams of sodium per serving — that’s more than an entire day’s recommended sodium intake. Check restaurant websites for sodium information, or ask your server to steer you to low-salt choices. In some cases it’s not hard to tell which foods to avoid. Certain foods are inherently high in sodium, so go light on them. Some of the biggest culprits are pizza with meat toppings, processed cheese, hot dogs, salami and spaghetti with Dean’s List at the University of Massachusetts Boston. Alan Flower of Encinitas received a bachelor of arts cum laude and Chad Morgan of Carlsbad was awarded a Master of Security Analysis and Portfolio Management degree, from Creighton University Dec. 17. Ross Lucier of Encinitas, made the Dean’s List at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Courtney Leilani Cambra of Carlsbad was named to the Dean's List at Converse College.


Ripley, Minn.) touted its “really cool blue flame and crackling noises,” according to a December Wall Street Journal report. (The wood itself goes for well over $1 a pound.

The Entrepreneurial Spirit! “(Our critics) are absolutely right. We are professional liars,” said Everett Davis, founder of the Internetbased Reference Store, which supplies pumped-up, but false, resumes for job-seekers having trouble landing work. Davis and associates are, he told Houston’s KRIV-TV in November, ex-investigators

schooled in deception and therefore good at fooling human resources personnel who follow up on the bogus work claims. Davis admitted he would even disguise a customer’s past criminal record — but not if the job is in public safety, health care or schools. Western nations and foundations have tried for decades to build sewage treatment plants in sub-Saharan Africa, with little success (since many countries lack stable governments to assess operating fees), and to this day, raw sewage is still merely collected and dumped, either in rivers or directly onto beaches, such as the notorious (and formerly beautiful)


um, more potassium in your diet helps keep blood pressure in check. Many fruits and vegetables, like bananas, oranges and grapefruit, are naturally low in sodium and are good sources of potassium. Retrain your taste buds to enjoy foods with less sodium. Reduce salt gradually and consistently, rather than trying to cut back by a large amount all at once. As time goes on, you won’t miss the salt. I used to sprinkle lots of salt on nearly everything I ate (no, not on apple pie). After gradually using less salt over several months, the same foods I used to put salt on taste great without it. Some people are born to be more sensitive to salt, and salt in their diet is more likely

to raise their blood pressure. There is no easy way to know if you are one of those people,but there is an easy way to measure your blood pressure. Particularly if your doctor has ever told you that your blood pressure was high or borderline high, talk to him or her about using a home blood pressure machine. It is simple to use and accurate. We have more information on preventing high blood pressure in our Special Health Report, “Hypertension: Controlling the Silent Killer.” You can find out more about it at my website.

Kuntz and Ric Shwisberg, veterans of The Morgan Group, Inc., have joined forces to launch a new apartment development company, MKS Residential LLC. MKS Residential is an institutional quality developer of Class A apartments with a regional construction and development office in Denver.

Callaway Golf Volunteers is partnering with Partnerships With Industry for a clean-up and office improvement project from 8 a.m. to noon Jan. 28 at its North County/Oceanside office. Callaway is providing all the labor and supplies for painting, clean-up of storage areas and cleaning carpets

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Chabad Hebrew the company has retained Academy will host a parent founder and president Julia and educator seminar with Simms, in an executive role. Michelle Anthony, author of “Little Girls Can Be Mean” from 6:30 to 8 p.m. Jan. 30 at Chabad Hebrew Academy Auditorium, 10785 Pomerado Road. Reservations may be made at or by phone at (858) 566-1996, ext. 1203.

The Optimist Club of Cameron Paddison of Carlsbad, “The Achievers,” Rancho Santa Fe, pursuing a inducted new member, degree in biomedical sciences Jeremy Schaeg. Club and Zachary Myers of Rancho President Carl Tillinghast was Santa Fe, pursuing a degree his sponsor. Schaeg’s grandfain business administration Apartments going up ther and father were both were named to the Dean’s List members of Optimist Clubs. Based in Solana Beach, at Marquette University. Najim Rasul, a resident construction industry mem- Callaway lends a hand of Solana Beach, made the bers Ronnie Morgan, Louis



sauce. Even white bread has a lot of sodium in it. Watch out for hidden sodium, too. Some foods that are high in sodium may not taste especially salty. Examples include breakfast cereals, bakery muffins, energy and sports drinks. Avoid processed and prepared foods such as cold cuts and canned vegetables. These are the biggest sources of sodium in our diets. Choose fresh and minimally processed foods instead. If you can’t eliminate processed foods entirely, then compare brands to find the ones with the least sodium. There’s a surprising amount of variation from brand to brand. Also pay attention to potassium. In contrast to sodi-

Lavender Hill in Ghana. U.S. entrepreneurs recently established Waste Enterprises in Ghana to build the first-ever fecal-sludge-to-biodiesel plant (funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation). Feces undiluted by water, and then heated, is highly concentrated and more resembles coal than the goo that Americans associate with sewage. man was rescued by fire crews in Tranent, Scotland, in December and taken to Edinburgh Royal Infirmary. According to police, four men were attempting to steal an eight-ton steamroller when the 25-year-old got his leg trapped underneath. The other three fled.

L’Auberge Del Mar’s Kitchen 1540, has hired Scott Thomas Dolbee as Executive Chef starting Jan. 23. Dolbee will oversee all of the food and beverage operations. Dolby came from the Four Seasons Resort Whistler.

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Name change Prompted by the sale of the company in the middle of last year, j. simms agency, a public relations, advertising and branding firm operating in San Diego for 17 years, has taken on a new name and has plans to expand across the globe. Now known as CHE,

n o n - m e m b e r s . Reservations are needed by 6 p.m. Fridays by calling (760) 438-8600. EXPO FOR FUN The San Marcos Senior Center presents a free Recreation Expo from 9 a.m. to noon Feb. 4 at the San Marcos Senior Center, 111 Richmar Ave. For more information, call (760) 744-5535.



Christian Science practitioner Mark Swinney will speak on “The healing effect of prayers,” from 3 to 4 p.m. at the Dove Library, 1775 Dove Lane, Carlsbad, hosted by First Church of Christ Scientist, CarlsbadVista. For more information, call (760) 724-3383.



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