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VOL. 7, NO. 14


JULY 29, 2011

Leaders get tough on late payments ! " # $ % % " M& C' ( ) $ &

CENTRAL The Community Center has been serving Rancho Santa Fe residents and promoting local culture B1 for 40 years.

MANHUNT The family of a

murdered man seek help finding the person who killed the owner of an animal hospital. B1



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Rancho Santa Fe News earns multiple awards By Tony Cagala

RANCHO SANTA FE — The Rancho Santa Fe News earned top awards in The Association of Free Community Paper’s (AFCP) 2011 “Best of the Best” Awards presentation in St. Pete Beach, Fla., May 6. The Rancho Santa Fe News swept the “Community News — Editorial” category. The editorial awards, which seek to recognize the best work throughout the entire free paper industry, went to three investigative pieces, all written by freelance reporter Lillian Cox. First place: “Local woman fights wireless industry to reduce health risks.” Second place: “Local doctor shares his views on dangers from electromagnetic field radiation.” Third place: “Husband’s cancer spurs wife to warn of suspected cell phone dangers.” Cox earned “kudos” for TURN TO AWARDS ON A12

RANCHO SANTA FE — This is the time of year “the teeth come out,” when it comes to getting Rancho Santa Fe residents to pay their delinquent assessment fees. The Association voted at their July 21 meeting to allow staff to record liens against the property and suspend the membership privileges of those who have let their first and second installments go unpaid. “Despite several letters requesting that payment of the outstanding Association assessments and warnings of the consequences of nonpayment, these property owners have failed to bring their assessments current,” said Steve Comstock, chief financial officer. He passed out a list of those whose payments are in arrears to the board. “We do this action in a very civil tone,” Comstock said. “We ask the homeowner to contact the Association about the problem. As we get to the stage of calling, this is where the teeth come out. Some will not pay until the teeth come out.” Comstock said there are 12 individuals, owing about $120,000 and that two of them owe about $40,000. “None of these are in foreclosure or bankruptcy,” he said. Director Anne Feighner noted that those who do not pay on time are paying for it. “People who come out at the last minute are paying penalties,” she said. Comstock confirmed that after the liens have been placed, in addition to the money owed, fees and penalties are ongoing. “We send out monthly statements,” he said. Comstock said there has been a reduction of outstanding fees from 32 individuals TURN TO FEES ON A12

Buying your first home? Let us help. Bill Gaylord 858-776-6830

Sam Hansen 858-442-1232

All loans subject to approval. Certain conditions and fees apply. Mortgage financing provided by MetLife Home Loans, a division of MetLife Bank, N.A. Equal Housing Lender. ©2010 METLIFE, INC. L1110142828[exp1211][All States][DC]




JULY 29, 2011






A Treasure In Lomas Santa Fe Estates

Situated on over one acre on a quiet cul-de-sac, this split level home has not been on the market in over 20 years! On the main level, you will find the kitchen with breakfast area, family room, living room, and dining room. The oversized master suite is located downstairs next to an open air office or den, laundry room, and a three car garage. The three remaining bedrooms with two baths are located upstairs. Enjoy the private backyard with numerous patios, large grassy area, and spa. Conveniently located near shopping, dining and the I-5 and located within a premier school district. Truly a great place in a wonderful neighborhood!

Offered at $1,099,000






Rancho Santa Fe Covenant $4,895,000

Rancho Santa Fe Covenant $2,295,000

Rancho Santa Fe Covenant $2,185,000

Rancho Santa Fe $1,975,000

San Diego $1,349,000


Rancho Santa Fe $1,199,000

To hear about Willis' story and for updates please visit www.rsf.com.

This pup is being sponsored by Kelly & Tammy for Guide Dogs of the Desert.


Rancho Santa Fe $1,195,000






Rancho Santa Fe Covenant $895,000

Cardiff $549,000

La Costa $493,000

Rancho Santa Fe $309,000 - $380,000

Encinitas $242,000


619.200.7000 DRE # 01125260


858.699.0299 DRE # 01441091



R S F. C O M



JULY 29, 2011




Boy or girl?

In January, a baby was born to Canadians Kathy Witterick and David Stocker, but seven months later, they still have not revealed to family or friends whether little “Storm” is a boy or a girl. The couple are intending to raise Storm free of gender-specific cultural stereotypes (i.e., such things as domesticity, aggressiveness, preferences for arts or mathematics) because society tends to overvalue “boy” norms. On a larger scale, in Stockholm, according to a June Associated Press dispatch, the 33 Swedish preschoolers at the Egalia school socialize in daily environments scrubbed of all gender references. For example, boys and girls alike play with kitchen toys and building materials, and when playing “family,” parental roles are interchangeable. Critics say the children will be left unprepared for the “real” world.

The Entrepreneurial Spirit!

• Who Knew? “The streets of 47th Street are literally paved with gold,” said one of New York City’s gold wranglers, as he, down on all fours and manipulating tweezers, picked specks of gold, silver and jewels that had fallen off of clothing and jewelry racks as they were rolled from trucks into stores. The man told the New York Post in June that he had recently earned $819 in redemptions for six days’ prospecting. • New, on the News of the Weird Food Cart: (1) grasshopper tacos (at San Francisco’s La Oaxaquena Bakery, but pulled in June by local health authorities, who were concerned that the bakery was importing Mexican insects rather than using American ones); (2) cicada ice cream (at Sparky’s Homemade in Columbia, Mo., but also yanked off sale by local health authorities in June); (3) maggot-melt sandwiches (which are just what you suspect — cheese and dead maggots — at the California State Fair in July). • In June, scientists at China’s Agricultural University in Beijing announced that they had produced human breast milk from genetically modified dairy cows and expect supplies to be available in supermarkets within three years. Employing technology once used to produce the sheep “Dolly,” researchers created a herd of 300 modified cows, which yielded milk that was reported as “sweeter” and “stronger” than typical cow milk.

Civilization in Decline • Growing Up Early: (1) A loaded handgun fell from TURN TO ODD FILES ON A10

! "#$%&'$(')$%*+,',-*'%&'. /-0$1.2-',*.12'.*'*+-'3$#4 1-#'$('5.,-$'6-/737.,'.12'8/ 9$#2$'$1':%/)';<'*$'#.7,0$1-)'($#'*+-'=-/-1 >$$2?.#2'!170./'@-1*-#A !**#.3*71"'*+#7,*)'3%,*$0-#, ?-#-'B:A'C.*71,D)E':.078F.1,E'G#)11-'C.*771,D)'.12 :-,,73.'C.*71,D)A'H$*'&734 *%#-2E'I%*'./,$'$1'*+-'J$IE'7, K.)1-'C.*71,D)A'' Photo by Patty McCormac

Author writes the book on marketing a better handle on their marketing.” During this economic downturn, Wilkey said he sees a lot of companies shedding or cutting way back on their marketing departments. Big mistake, he said. He said he sees struggling business owners taking out an advertisement in the paper once or twice. When they don’t get results right away,they stop. “Marketing takes frequency, continuing to reach the same people with the same message,” he said. He said these days, people are bombarded by information and it is important to stay on message to give potential customers the time to clear out the clutter, to understand it and act upon it. Wilkey said it takes a person at least seven times to hear a message before it can be fully understood and acted upon. “It takes time to pull people out of traditional buying power and start something new,” he said. He said he deals with hundreds of marketing departments a year. Sometimes when a large company makes a mistake they just move on, but for a small firm that is doing its own marketing, a mistake can be devastating. The book offers a lot of examples and a few “nuts and bolts” to help a business along. “There are lots of examples in the book. I lay out marketing plans for fictitious companies and they can pick them STEP-BY-STEP >7/D-)M,' /.*-,* up and tailor them to their own I$$D' $1' 0.#D-*71"' 7,' .F.7/.I/-' $1 business,” he said. Using his method helps a !0.N$1A3$0' .12' $*+-#' $1/71business see exactly where I$$D,-//-#'?-I,7*-,A' they are going. By Patty McCormac

RANCHO SANTA FE — When the going gets tough, the tough kick up their marketing. That is the premise of the howto book, “Formula Marketing: Success Made Simple,” written by Rancho Santa Fe resident Dave Wilkey. Wilkey, the owner of InSource Consulting, helps companies every day get the word out about their businesses and products and he wanted to share what he has learned over the years. The book is a step-by-step manual on how to write a marketing plan and track the results. “There are a lot of companies out there that need help with their marketing and I work with a lot of different marketing departments,” he said. “I teach marketing classes, write marketing plans and execute marketing strategy. I’ve seen what people understand about marketing and what they don’t.I help them get

BY THE BOOK 6.F-'>7/D-)E'$('B.13+$'L.1*.'C-E'+.,'?#7**-1'.'I$$D *+.*'"7F-,',*-&4I)4,*-&'71,*#%3*7$1'$1'+$?'*$'0.#D-*'.'I%,71-,,'71'*+-,*#)71"'-3$1$073'*70-,A Courtesy photo

“See if you hit objectives and obtain your goals, metric devices can help you track the marketing plan,” Wilkey said. “If it is direct mail you need some way to track to see if it worked. That can be calling an 800 number, or have them visit a website or provide a coupon which can be redeemed and tracked.” After graduating from USC, he worked for Postal Annex Plus for about 10 years, serving as director of marketing, in the operations department and in franchise development. He said at age 45, he likes being in business for himself. “I just like having the freedom to call my own shots and work my own schedule. I like to be creative and take my business in whatever direction

I have a vision for,” he said. He has a number of clients, including CPS Printing based in Carlsbad. Since traditional printing is changing and more of it is going on the Internet, he is helping that firm become more Internet savvy. Wilkey lived in Rancho Santa Fe as a youth. He returned two years ago and bought a home with his wife who was also raised there. He is available to help people with their marketing plan over the Internet and on the telephone for $495 or a meeting in person for $1,900. His book may be purchased online at Amazon and other online bookstores. Wilkey can also be reached at his website at formula-marketing.com.

SAT ‘ace’ sharing her notes on taking better tests RANCHO SANTA FE — She aced her SATs last year and now she’s sharing her notes on how to do it. Keziah Sonder Plattner, a sophomore at Stanford University and a 2010 graduate of Santa Fe Christian High School in Solana Beach, isn’t resting on her high school laurels. After attaining top scores on her SAT, ACT and AP tests, Plattner will be teaching Ivy League hopefuls how to succeed in testing and admissions processes.

Plattner was selected to teach this summer with Revolution Prep, a test prep company. She will be the head instructor for Revolution’s Ivy Insiders classroom courses and tutoring programs, which boast bigger SAT score improvements than any other program on the market. “Since I just recently went through the SAT and college process, I want to share my insights and give

students strategies that really helped me succeed on the exam,” Plattner said. Plattner will be holding a 3-week course starting Aug. 5 in Rancho Santa Fe. The course costs $599; private tutoring packages start at $999. However, Plattner plans on having her course available to anyone, regardless of cost. She intends to offer need-based scholarships to any interested families who are barred from typical test

prep programs because of price. “The SAT can be a huge barrier for talented students who don’t have the opportunity to spend a lot of money on test prep and tutoring. I want any student who is excited about college to have the chance to take my class, regardless of how much they are able to pay.” Prospective students may contact Plattner at Keziah_SonderPlattner@ivyi nsiders.com.

Association hears from merchants in Covenant By Patty McCormac

RANCHO SANTA FE — One of the things the Rancho Santa Fe Association hopes to do this year is to invite local business people to their meetings to talk about their successes and challenges of working in the Covenant. “We want to introduce some of the merchants. Meet them, see what they do and how they do it,” said Jack Queen, Association president. “When you have the right knowledge of business, good things happen.” Tim Cusac was invited to speak. Cusac is the owner of Caffe Positano, which has a location in the village and another at the Del Rayo Center near Fairbanks Ranch. He is also the owner of Rancho Sandwich in the village. He told the board his challenges are the same as most village merchants — lack of parking and high rents. “Would more parking really have an impact on your business or would it just be nice?” asked Association Director Dick Doughty. Cusac said that after opening in the Del Rayo Center, he asked his customers if they knew he had another coffee shop in the village. “They tell me, ‘Oh! I never go to the village.There is no place to park,’” he said. The other major challenge for small businesses is how much it costs to set up shop. “People come here thinking the streets are paved with gold,” he said. “The rents in the village are quite high. It keeps out small businesses,” he said. Cusac said the Association could help merchants by reminding residents what businesses are in the village. “I have people tell me all the time, ‘I didn’t know you were here,’ after we’ve been here eight-plus years,” he said. Cusac told the board he started his own business after working in the highstress, high-tech corporate world. “After 17 years, I chose to work for myself,” he said. He bought Caffe Positano in 2005. “I bought it knowing TURN TO MERCHANTS ON A12


In the previous edition of The Rancho Santa Fe News, tennis teen Zoe Scandalis was identified as having graduating from San Pasqual Academy, when, in actuality, she is a graduate of San Pasqual High School. The Rancho Santa Fe News regrets the error.



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JULY 29, 2011

Encinitas and its ARTful dodgers Fear of offending is After the city heard the recommendations for use of community grants and then offered half of what was asked for, some residents are asking, “Where are our tax dollars going?” Encinitas has a program where the city grants money to support community groups out of the general fund. A panel of residents makes recommendations on how much money should be used. This year the panel recommended funds amounting to $121,326, but by the time the council was finished, community groups only received $64,000 from the city. Thankfully, the Mizel Family Foundation made a donation matching the $64,000, making $128,000 in total grants funded. We owe the Mizel Foundation our thanks. The community groups seeking grants helps thousands. Many groups addressed the council July 13. Wendy Morris of the Assistance League of San Dieguito asked the council for an additional $1,000.The Assistance League has helped more than 700 kids in Encinitas in the past year. The Assistance League runs a store called Fabulous Finds at 1542 Encinitas Blvd. to raise money and will host a golf event this fall. Judy Thume and Lucy Ziska

ANDREW AUDET Life, Liberty and Leadership spoke on behalf of the Coastal Communities Concert Band. The band has 80 people, puts on concerts at the San Dieguito Academy, and works to promote music in schools at a time when music programs have been cut. The band visits third grade classes and met over 1,100 students last year while raising money for high school scholarships. They requested $2,250 to support their own fundraising efforts and only received $750. Joe McNally of the Hutchins Concert Series asked for more money saying 75 percent of their budget funding comes from Orange County. The Hutchins series of nine free concerts are performed at the Encinitas Library. Lauren Pause represented the Community Resource Center on 2nd street that helps families through their Holiday Baskets program. Last year they helped 6,400 people. They also work with the Rancho Coastal Humane Society to help pets in need with a pet pantry.

Anne Night of the La Jolla Playhouse is involved with the POP tour series to fill the gaps in theatre resulting from cuts to school budgets. Her group performed plays to some 2,700 Encinitas students last year covering subjects like diversity and civility that apparently left students singing in the hallways. Last to speak was Paula Kirpalani, who heads the 101 Mainstreet Association. She talked about the recent success of the Summer Fun on the 101 event. There would be more money for community groups, and the people they help, if the City Council had not frivolously wasted our tax dollars. There is the unearned extra paycheck of $8,300 dollars the council approved for former City Manager Phil Cotton. When residents and councilwoman Teresa Barth opposed extending Cotton’s $15,000 monthly consulting contract saying the money could be saved, the council majority of Mayor James Bond, Deputy Mayor Stocks, and councilwoman Kristin Gaspar ignored the residents who spoke and voted to extend Cotton’s contract costing taxpayers $45,000. This year, community groups TURN TO LIFE ON A14

reaching new depths By Diana West

This week, the madness of the counterinsurgency doctrine (COIN), which drives the war in Afghanistan, reached new heights — or depths — as revealed by two news stories. In Great Britain, a former Royal Marine spoke out after the inquest into the 2010 death of Sgt. Peter Rayner to tell the Sun newspaper that soldiers were prevented from opening fire at Taliban fighters in the act of laying IEDs (roadside bombs) so as not to disturb the local population. So as not to disturb? In Iowa, where a community mourns the death of National Guard soldier Terry L. Pasker, who, along with contractor Paul Protzenko was killed last week in yet another attack by an Afghan army soldier, DesMoinesRegister.com reports: “The U.S. military considered the area so safe that soldiers didn’t wear body armor, so as not to offend the friendly locals.” So as not to offend? Fear of offending has long been a salient feature of our culture. It’s become an expression of a self-deprecating, if not self-loathing, society where the “dead white males” who brought us “Hamlet,” the

Constitution and the light bulb have become embarrassments for nonWestern religion, the very lack of which is deemed offensive. Since 9/11, however, this psychosis has had a new application — the ultimate point of my book “The Death of the Grown-Up” (St. Martin’s Press, 2007). In today’s war zone, fear of giving offense is fatal, as noted above. But it also applies as the foundational precept of “dhimmitude,” the twisted state of nonMuslims in thrall to Islam, a condition long observed and documented by the visionary historian Bat Ye’or. The fear of giving Muslims offense is the most profound acquiescence to Islamic cultural pressures because it is driven, at base, by a conviction that self-preservation as a non-Muslim is itself offensive in a Muslim society. The fact is, Muslim societies across time and continents have forced non-Muslims to pay a tax, the jizya, to remain nonMuslims, and inflicted all manner of humiliations, physical and mental, upon them as a matter of Islamic law, or Shariah, for doing so. Where Islamic law is not officially in effect, Bat Ye’or explains, TURN TO OFFENDINGON A12

Obama’s ratings resemble those of past presidents By Byron York

Here’s a scary exercise for Republicans. First, make a graph of Bill Clinton’s job approval ratings for the nine months following November 1994, when Republicans dealt him a crushing defeat in midterm elections. Then superimpose Barack Obama’s job approval ratings for the nine months following November 2010, when Republicans dealt him a crushing defeat in midterm elections. The lines look pretty similar. For one, they start out at almost exactly the same point. Clinton’s job approval rating in the Gallup poll was 46 percent in the first week of November 1994. Obama’s job approval rating was 45 percent in the first week of November 2010. The lines then follow a comparable course. Clinton had a bumpy ride in the months after defeat, but

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his rating never fell below 40 percent and never rose above 51 percent. Obama has been doing much the same thing; in the latest Gallup survey, he is at 42 percent. A turning point for Clinton came in late 1995 and early 1996, when he faced off against thenSpeaker Newt Gingrich and congressional Republicans in a budget fight that resulted in two government shutdowns. Clinton’s ratings were in the low 40s when the fight began. When he emerged victorious — at least in the press and in some public opinion polls — his numbers began a slow climb. In March 1996, Clinton was at 52 percent approval. In June ‘96 he was at 58 percent. In August he hit 60 percent. And in November he was re-elected. Of course, Gingrich and the TURN TO RATINGS ON A12

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JULY 29, 2011



Show on Earth By Sydney LeBlanc


ave you ever heard an elephant weep? If you have, then you know the heartwrenching feeling in your heart; the sound will never leave your memory. You’ll hear it in your sleep, and you’ll never forget it as long as you live. I say that because I’ve heard an elephant cry out in pain when I was a child in Memphis,Tenn., more than 50 years ago. We lived in an area very near where the circus animals would perform every year. At night I would lie in bed and hear the cries of the elephants that were being “trained” for the circus acts. I used to ask my dad, “Why are the animals crying?” My dad would tell me that sometimes, bad people do bad things to animals, but he said they would be OK because the animals were strong. I suppose that was all he could say in order to appease me. But something in my 10year-old head told me that a crying elephant was wrong — very wrong. I didn’t realize when I was a child that elephants, bears, lions and other beautiful animals really didn’t like to ride bikes, jump through dangerous hoops of fire, or balance themselves on balls. I thought maybe they were just having fun. What I didn’t know was that they only did it because they were terrified of what would happen to them if they didn’t. They are punished and deprived of food and water if they don’t perform their acts. They are beaten, and jabbed with sharp “bullhooks” until they are bloody. They are forced to wear tight collars, muzzles, and are tortured with electric prods, dragged with ropes and chains and other painful tools created specifically for beating them into submission. So, when I heard that PETA was staging a protest last weekend against Ringling Bros. Barnum and Bailey on opening day of the circus, my friend and fellow animal advocate, Mary, and I knew we had to be there. No matter what you think of PETA, whether you support them or not, it’s hard not to be a voice for the defenseless animals and be among the many compassionate individuals who are demanding that circuses either stop using animals altogether or stop the abuse and torture. I believe that circus owners hire trainers who are sadistic people and who take great pleasure in beating an

animal in order to have control over it. Please visit this site and read what former trainers have to say about the treatment of animals in the circuses where they used to work: wildlifeadvocacy.org/current/circus/former_employees_speak_out.php Take a look at these pictures and you will be horrified at what you see is being done every day to these pitiful animals. For instance, baby elephants are beaten to a bloody pulp immediately after being taken from their mothers. Ringling Brothers takes great pride in breaking the spirit of their elephants, turning these majestic creatures into mammoth pieces of clay. The heartbreaking photos reveal how Ringling Bros. circus trainers cruelly force baby elephants to learn tricks, and it’s not through a reward system, as they loudly claim. According to PETA reports, “elephants in Ringling’s possession are chained inside filthy, poorly ventilated boxcars for an average of more than 26 straight hours —and often 60 to 70 hours at a time — when the circus travels. Even former Ringling employees have reported that elephants are routinely abused and violently beaten with bullhooks in order to force them to perform tricks.” Undercover video footage of animal training sessions has shown that not only are elephants beaten with bullhooks and shocked with

electric prods, but big cats are also dragged by heavy chains around their necks and hit with sticks. Bears are whacked and prodded with long poles, and chimpanzees are kicked and hit with riding crops. To see the video footage, please visit peta.org/b/thepetafiles/archiv e/2011/06/23/another-elephant-beating-caught-ontape.aspx.

And there’s more

Constant travel means that animals are confined to boxcars, trailers, or trucks for days at a time in extremely hot and cold weather, often without access to basic necessities such as food, water, and veterinary care. Elephants, big cats, bears, and primates are confined to cramped and filthy cages in which they eat, drink, sleep, defecate, and urinate — all in the same place. Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus boast that its three units travel more than 25,000 miles as the circus tours the country for 11 months each year. Ringling’s own documents reveal that on average, elephants are chained for more than 26 hours straight and are sometimes continually chained for as many as 60 to 100 hours. Tigers and lions usually live and travel in cages that provide barely enough room for the animals to turn around, often with two big cats crammed into a single cage. In July 2004, Clyde, a young lion traveling with Ringling, died in a poorly ven-

‘ELEFRIENDS’ !"#$%&$%"&'()$*%"%+')$'$*%',-#"$&'."%/)')$'0)11%2'03%4'5)&3/#'#/',-#"$&'."%/)'6#71%8)"+ #/'9712':;<'=*%2')1&#'*)+'-"#$%&$&'#8%"'$*%'4%%>%/+< Courtesy photo

tilated boxcar while the circus was crossing the Mojave Desert, where temperatures reached at least 100 degrees. Clyde likely died a miserable death from heatstroke and dehydration. Previously, two tigers with Ringling injured themselves while attempting to escape from their cages in an overheated boxcar. And do we really have to explain why some animals try to escape and run rampant, trying to kill their trainers and others who get in the way?

The Insiders: A former Ringling Brothers employee speaks out

Sam Haddock was an elephant handler who worked at Ringling’s Center for Elephant Conservation (breeding and training center) in Polk City, Fla., for almost 10 years. Haddock was involved in training baby elephants at Ringling and came to regret his career choice later in life. He provided PETA with photos to share with the public and help elephants. His circus career began with Ringling in the 1970s as an elephant trainer. In 1978, he left the circus and was diagnosed with active tuberculosis (TB) a few weeks later. He believed that he had contracted this deadly disease from the elephants, who were being treated for TB. Some 30 years later, elephants at Ringling are still becoming infected with and dying from TB. When Mr. Haddock first contacted PETA, he described the violence and unimaginable cruelty inflicted on baby elephants and said that he had the shocking photos to prove it. A short time after providing PETA with dozens of disturbing images and a statement detailing how baby elephants are bound with ropes to break their spirits, Mr. AS NATURE INTENDED 5%1%?"3$3%&'13>%'@1383)'A7//B'$*%'C#"D%"'E#F Haddock himself passed *#&$'#C'G;=0H&'I.$$)E>'#C'$*%',*#4BJ'*)8%'K#3/%+'$*%'-"#$%&$')()3/&$'$*% away following a sudden ill$"%)$D%/$'#C'%1%-*)/$&'?2'E3"E7&'*)/+1%"&< Poster courtesy of PETA ness. To read Mr. Haddocks’

complete 15-page declaration, please visit ringlingbeatsanimals.com/pdfs/hadd ockDeclarationRedacted.pdf .

How can they get away with it?

Circuses easily get away with routine abuse because no government agency monitors training sessions. The minimum requirements of the federal Animal Welfare Act (AWA) are routinely ignored. Even though animal welfare standards are overseen by the USDA under provisions of the Animal Welfare Act, repeated violations are cited against Ringling Bros. and the cruelty continues. Perhaps we should just “follow the money.” Efforts to ban circus animals in cities like Denver, Colo., have been rejected by voters. You have to ask yourself: Why?

Who can stop this?

PETA obtained copies of USDA inspection reports that describe some of these repeated citations against the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus for failing to adhere to the bare minimum regulations of the Federal Animal Welfare Act. According to the most recent USDA inspection report, Ringling has failed to provide adequate veterinary care to an elephant named Sarah who is apparently suffering from an infection. Yet Sarah is still on the road with the circus and is being forced to perform night after night. In fact, the USDA currently has open multiple investigations of potential violations of the AWA by Ringling.

What can you do?

Don’t let the colorful pageantry, the music, and the circus barkers camouflage what is really going on These are animals that think, feel, and are intelligent.They need our help. Please get involved and be pro-active.

How to help L#7' E)/' $)>%' 3DD%+3)$% )E$3#/' ?2' E#/$)E$3/(' $*% M/3$%+',$)$%&'N%-)"$D%/$'#C .("3E71$7"%' OM,N.P' ./3D)1 5)"%' +383&3#/<' Q%"%' 3&' $*% E#/$)E$'3/C#"D)$3#/R'

Headquarters USDA/APHIS/AC ;STT'U38%"'U#)+B'M/3$'V; U38%"+)1%B'AN'WTSXSF:WX; YD)31R')E%Z)-*3&<7&+)<(#8 !*#/%R'OXT:P'SX;FSVXX

Western Region USDA/APHIS/AC W:[T'5%/$"%'.8%< 6731+3/('6B'A)31&$#-'X\:: ]#"$'5#113/&B'5@'VT[W^FV::S YD)31R')E4%&$Z)-*3&<7&+)<(#8 !*#/%R'O_STP';_;FS;SV ])`R'O_STP';_;FS;^: U%C%"%/E%&'C#"'$*3&')"$3E1%R'' !%#-1%' C#"' $*%' Y$*3E)1 ="%)$D%/$' #C' ./3D)1&B -%$)<#"( U3/(13/('6%)$&'./3D)1&B'"3/F (13/(?%)$&)/3D)1&<E#D M,N. ./3D)1' \%1C)"%' .E$B 7&+)<(#8'O&%%'.\a5P \31+13C%' .+8#E)E2' !"#K%E$B 431+13C%)+8#E)E2<#"( A%2%"' G13$b%/&$%3/' )/+ 5"2&$)1B' D%2%"(13$b<E#D O"%-"%&%/$&'431+13C%')/+')/3F D)1'-"#$%E$3#/')(%/E3%&P Q%"%')"%')'C%4'&7((%&$3#/& C"#D'!Y=.R' c'\*%/'$*%'E3"E7&'E#D%&'$# $#4/B' #"()/3b%' )' +%D#/F &$")$3#/'$#'3/C#"D'$*%'-7?13E< d%$' 2#7"' 1#E)1' /%4&' #7$1%$ >/#4' )?#7$' $*%' &7CC%"3/(' #C )/3D)1&'7&%+'3/'E3"E7&%&<'' c',$)"$')'E)D-)3(/'$#')D%/+ $*%' E"7%1$2' $#' )/3D)1&' #"+3F /)/E%'3/'2#7"'E#DD7/3$2'&# $*)$'3$'3/E17+%&'1)/(7)(%'C#"F ?3++3/('$*%'7&%'#C'?711*##>& )/+'#$*%"'D)/7)1B'D%E*)/3F E)1B' )/+' E*%D3E)1' +%83E%& 3/$%/+%+' $#' E)7&%' -)3/' )/+ &7CC%"3/(<' c' A#&$' 3D-#"$)/$12B' ?#2E#$$ )11'E3"E7&%&'$*)$'7&%')/3D)1& )/+' E*##&%' )/3D)1FC"3%/+12 %/$%"$)3/D%/$' #-$3#/& 3/&$%)+<



JULY 29, 2011

Day at the Races aids cancer research community CALENDAR By Bianca Kaplanek

Unlike nearly everyone who has suffered from pneumonia, Paula Zinnemann feels “blessed” to have been diagnosed with the lung infection. “It saved my life,” she said. A little more than five years ago, while living in Rancho Santa Fe, Zinnemann was feeling sick and having trouble breathing, so she visited the emergency room of a nearby hospital. A chest X-ray revealed she had pneumonia. “That didn’t surprise me,” Zinnemann said. The test also detected a large mass in her right lung that was later confirmed to be stage 1B cancer. Zinnemann said her first thought was that the doctors were wrong. “What do they know?” she said. “My second reaction was, ‘How can that possibly be?’ “I’m healthy,” she said. “I eat right. I exercise. I was never a heavy smoker and I quit more than 30 years ago.” Doctors removed the lower lobe of Zinnemann’s right lung. She underwent tests every six months until this past February, when she was declared free of cancer. But Zinneman must continue to undergo scans annually. After her diagnosis

Got an item for the calendar? Send the details via e-mail to calendar@coastnewsgroup.com.

JULY 29 RELAY FOR LIFE The Carlsbad Relay for Life will be held from 9 a.m. through 9 a.m. July 30 and July 31 at Valley Middle School, 1645 Magnolia Ave., Carlsbad. This is a 24-hour walk around the track where participants set up campsites with food, drink, live music and games,celebrate, remember and fight back for loved ones who have fought cancer. The proceeds go to the fight against cancer. Everyone volunteers so there’s no administration costs. PHILANTHROPY North County Philanthropy Council (NCPC) will host a luncheon and program from noon to 1:30 p.m. July 29 at the Sheraton Resort in Carlsbad, 5480 Grand Pacific Drive. Cost is $45. Register at info@ncphilanthropy.org or call (760) 729-6711.

RACE DAY !"#$%&'#&()%*")+,+-)%.'"/'%0,##(1'##2%*(&-#3%4)-1%56(%/(452%7-,#(3%8,1%9-)),*2%4')%),$652%:)(*,3(#5%-4%56(%!"#$%;'#&()%<-"#3'5,-# -4%=1(),&'2%'#3%4),(#3*%3"),#$%56(%,#'"$")'/%>'?%'5%56(%@'&(*%,#%ABCB%5-%D(#(4,5%)(*(')&6%:)-$)'1*%4-)%56(%:"/1-#')?%3,*('*(E Courtesy photo


Zinnemann said she was surprised to learn the grim facts about lung cancer. Every 2 1/2 minutes someone in the United States is diagnosed with lung cancer and every 3 minutes someone in this country will die from it, according to the

Brooks Theatre hosts a Basic Introduction to Movement class focusing on mime, mask theatre, silent cinema and gesture, from 10 a.m. to 1p.m. July 30. Cost is $40. Performance at 4 p.m. Call (760) 529-9140 to register.

Lung Cancer Foundation of America. Lung cancer is the number one cancer killer — it claims more lives than breast, prostate, colon, liver, kidney and melanoma cancers combined, the foundation reports.

Lung cancer is generally asymptomatic and has no tests for early detection, resulting in most people being diagnosed in the later stages of the disease. Lung cancer has the added stigma of being associated with tobacco use, a

lifestyle choice; however, it is estimated that 60 percent of diagnosed lung cancer patients will be nonsmokers or who have quit smoking decades ago. It has never been TURN TO CANCER ON A15

Two chefs put world travels, recipes into one cookbook When you speak with chefs Bernard Guillas and Ron Oliver, it’s difficult to determine which they most enjoy: creating their global menu for the Marine Room at the La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club, or traveling the world to bring ideas to their kitchen. “The discovery of new culture, cuisine and customs are the ingredients that enrich my personal life,” explained Executive Chef Guillas, a native of Brittany, France. “Life is a path of discovery, from new ingredients to forging new friendships.” Oliver echoed those sentiments. “Traveling allows me to make new friends,” said Chef de Cuisine Oliver, who has garnered eight Best Restaurant in San Diego Awards for the Marine Room. “When I’m traveling is when I actually have the most free time, as opposed to being at home when I’m always so busy. So some of my closest friends are the ones I’ve made while traveling overseas and still keep in touch with.” The veteran chef-globetrotters have amassed an


ents,” Guillas said. Ingredients and directions for each part of the recipe appear in separate columns for easy reading, and the story of acquiring the recipe — a mini-travelogue — appears above. “We both like countries that are off the beaten path, rich in culture and history, and whose people show overwhelming hospitality,” Guillas said. “For me, (my favorite) is the Republic of Georgia, where in the central market of Tbilisi, I was transported to ancient times watching a butcher cutting beef on an oak stump with an axe.” Oliver’s favorite country is Turkey, “where my wife and I were picked up by a stranger we met through the Internet and taken to a restaurant that serves true Ottoman cuisine, including a dessert of candied eggplant and soft-shell walnuts. The stranger is now a lifelong friend.” The cookbook-travelogue contains recipes from 41 WORLDLY CHEFS ;6(4*%F()#')3%G",//'*%'#3%@-#%H/,+()%')(%I),5()* the -4%56(,)%#(I%&--JD--J%K</?,#$%.'#*L%MI-%;6(4*2%H#(%N-)/3EO%%M6(%&--JP countries, including

amazing array of recipes which appear regularly on Marine Room menus, as well as in their newly published cookbook, “Flying Pans: Two Chefs, One World.” The title refers to the many air miles the chefs have accumulated jetting to dozens of countries. Page through their userfriendly cookbook, printed on high-quality, heavy-stock paper, and you’ll find that each recipe is placed on a double truck (two pages that lay flat). There is a mouthwatering color photo on one page and the recipe on the other (the stunning photo illustrations were done by New York-based photographer Gregory Bertolini, a friend of the chefs). “We created the book in the same way we create a dish — by focusing on detail and D--J% ,*% '+',/'D/(% 4-)% :")&6'*(% -#% =1'Q-#E&-1% -)% '5 utilizing the finest ingredi- 5I-&6(4*-#(I-)/3E&-1E Courtesy photo


Carlsbad police, CHP host child seat safety awareness event The city of Carlsbad’s Police Department is partnering with the California Highway Patrol to host a child safety seat event Aug. 4. “This event is a way for the Police Department to partner with the California Highway Patrol and educate the community on how to properly install a child safety seat,” said city of Carlsbad Police Department Crime

Prevention Specialist Jodee Sasway. “The Carlsbad Police Department is committed to keeping children safe, and events like this help us do so.” Participants can register for their car safety seat inspection by calling the Carlsbad Police Department at (760) 931-2287. Advanced registrations are preferred but not necessary. Parents or caregivers are

asked to bring the vehicle and safety seat user manuals to the event. If possible, the child using the seat should be present to ensure a proper fit. Inspections can also be provided for expectant parents. Inspections take approximately 30 minutes. Following the kick-off event, child safety seat inspections will be conducted by the Police Department on the first

and third Thursday of each month from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Call (760) 931-2287 for an appointment. The Police Department started the program since more than 90 percent of all children are riding in an ill-fitted and potentially dangerous car seat. Spending just a few minutes at one of the safety inspections can greatly reduce

the risk. “Having your child’s safety seat inspected for proper installation can greatly reduce the safety risks,” Sasway said. The event will be held at the city of Carlsbad Safety Center, 2560 Orion Way, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Visit chp.ca.gov/community/safeseat.html for additional child safety seat information.


AUG. 1 FOR LOVE Because I Love You (BILY), San Diego, a nonprofit group supporting parents with troubled children of any age, meets every Monday from 7 to 9 p.m. at Seacoast Community Church, 1050 Regal Rd, Encinitas. The group offers Community Outreach for parents, drug tests and a nonfaith-based program. For more information, call (760) 634-3336 or e m a i l BILYSanDiego@gmail.com. LIVING SENIOR AARP Chapter 239 will meet at 1:15 p.m. Aug. 1 at the Belmont Village Retirement Village, 3535 Manchester Ave., Cardiff-by-the-Sea with Alex Morales, expert on Senior Cohousing. Senior Cohousing combines the autonomy of private dwellings with the advantages of shared facilities and community living. Call (760) 632-7111 for more information. HIP HOP FITNESS Fit Kids America is offering a new Hip Hop Class for kids ages 5 to 11 at Tri-City Wellness Center, 6250 El Camino Real, Carlsbad. Classes are fee-based Mondays and Wednesdays from 9:30 to 10:30 a.m. Priced determined by number of classes. Call for TURN TO CALENDAR ON A14

Who’s NEWS? Business news and special achievements for North San Diego County. Send information via e-mail to community@ coastnewsgroup.com. New director

CARLSBAD — Hospice of the North Coast named Cecelia (Ti) Johnson as director of the HOPE Bereavement Center, 2525 Pio Pico Drive, Suite 301. Prior to joining HNC in July, Johnson served as bereavement coordinator at T h e Elizabeth Hospice. Adults who have recently experienced the death of a loved are CECELIA (TI) invited to lecture and JOHNSON discussion seminars. E-mail tjohnson@hospicenorthcoast.org or call (760) 431-4100.

Storytime with Clifford

OCEANSIDE — Kiddie Academy of Oceanside will host Storytime Live!, with a visit from Clifford, the Big Red Dog at 11 a.m. July 30. Registration is required and can be found at kastorytime.com. For more information, contact Michael Garcia-Jurado at (760) 439-5552.

Pre-school help for military

LA COSTA — La Costa Valley Preschool and Kindergarten, 2276 Calle Barcelona, is supporting military families through several civilian/military efforts that meet National Association of Child Care Resource & Referral Agencies (NACCRRA) standards. For details, contact lacostavalleypreschool.com or call (760) 436-2797. To learn more about NACCRRA’s programs and financial assistance, visit naccrra.org/MilitaryProgra ms/ or call NACCRRA at (703) 341-4100.

Nominated for award

DEL MAR — Surf dog Ricochet has been nominated in the category of Emerging Hero Dogs for her philanthropic raising of funds and awareness for human/animal causes. She has raised almost $100,000



JULY 29, 2011

Originator of wheatgrass growers is still the best around town By Lillian Cox

For many locals, Mark Bakula is to wheatgrass what Paul Ecke is to poinsettias. Bakula’s one-acre property in Leucadia produces organic wheatgrass that is sold to retailers from Oceanside to the Mexican border. This includes all Jimbo’s and Robeks stores as well as other coastal businesses such as Ki’s Restaurant, Swami’s Cafe, Surfdog’s Java Hut, Lotus Café & Juice Bar, Mozy Cafe, Juicer’s, Juice Stop and Fountain of Youth Juice. He also offers home delivery for an extra charge. Wheatgrass is considered “‘the life-blood’ of any good cleanse and the most complete food on the planet today,’” explained expert and grower Michael Bergonzi of Optimum Health Institutes in San Diego. “Mark was one of the originators of wheatgrass in Southern California,” he said. “He was also one of my teachers.” What makes Bakula’s organic wheatgrass special, Bergonzi said, is the composting. “I’ve been in the business for 20 years and Mark’s probably been doing it for 30,” he said. “His wheatgrass is probably better than mine.” Bakula became interest-

ALWAYS GREENER !"#$% &"$'("% )*+,% ,*-% ."+% /#0123% ),4-2% 5*2+"#2%*67'-25%)*+,%+,2%4#8"6*.%),2"+8#"--%,2%8#4)- Photo by Lillian Cox

ed in wheatgrass in his native Milwaukee, Wis., a place he affectionately refers to as, “The Home of the Triple Bypass: Bratwurst, Beer and Dairy.” “SAD (standard American diet) is pretty rough on most people,” Bakula said. “I was very toxic, eating a lot of dairy. I had headaches, and kept searching for things to feel better, then discovered raw food, wheatgrass and colonics.”

Bakula started growing wheatgrass for co-ops and health food stores in the dairy state. In 1984 he grew tired of the cold weather and moved

to Ocean Beach. He says the wheatgrass market was glutted at the time with growers who had been doing it for years. Instead, Bakula worked on boats on Shelter Island and later opened a futon store in O.B. He continued to grow wheatgrass for his own consumption and that of his friends. “In the early 1990s, juice bars started opening up and I began growing it again for the commercial market,” he said. In 1994 he moved to his present address in Leucadia. Bakula says the most important quality of wheatgrass is its internal cleansing properties. “It’s so potent that you have to be careful,” he warned. “People will usually have one or two (1-ounce) shots. Some of those who do more than two shots never want to hear the word ‘wheatgrass’ again.” Wheatgrass is not packaged in bottles or cans because it needs to be con-

Record your life story through the Rancho Santa Fe Senior Center RANCHO SANTA FE — Everyone has a story. Your experience of living and a desire to record it are the only qualifications you need to produce a meaningful recollection of your life’s journey. Diane Welch, media personality, author and local historian, will work with you to produce an audio recording, outlining transitions of your life story. This makes a great gift for families, friends and future generations. The Senior Center is proud to partner with Welch Productions to provide you with this opportunity. For more information or to schedule your appointment, call Welch Productions at (858) 523-1182.


Decorative stamped and colored concrete restoration




Estimates Lic. # 749247

Expires 8-31-11

sumed shortly after juicing. “It seems the best things are perishable,” Bakula said. In addition to wheatgrass, Bakula sells sunflower greens and fruit trees from his property that thrive in the coastal climate.. Also known as “Solman,” meaning “Sun Man,” Bakula said his customers are baffled why his wheatgrass seems to taste better than anyone else’s. He says the answer is simple: composting, because it enriches his soil. “It’s live food,” he said. “Ninety-nine plus percent of the planet eats live foods. Only humans, pets and zoo animals eat cooked food. There are more than 90 nutrients you get from the soil. If you are missing anything, it will fill it in.” For more information, call Bakula at (760) 94GRASS (944-7277), e-mail him at solman@cox.net, or visit solman.com. To learn more about wheatgrass, visit wheatgrassgreenhouse.com.



JULY 29, 2011



JULY 29, 2011


Celeb rati our ng

2 1 st




License # 1076961






6BR + Detached GH, 5.2 Acres, Views $11,995,000

7BR, Game Rm, Theater, Tennis Ct, 2.85 Acres $14,000,000

228 Acres, 3/4 Mile Race Track $24,950,000

6BR w/GH, His & Her Studies, Art Studio $9,995,000

4+BR, 2BR GH, 3.37 Acres, Panoramic Views $8,995,000





6BR French Country, 3.66 Acres, Very Private $6,900,000-$7,200,000

7BR w/Guest House, Theater, 4.79 Acres, Views $6,995,000

Renovated 5BR, Media Rm, Large Game Rm, 5.5 Acres $5,900,000

6+BR, His & Her Studies, 4+Acres, Views $4,595,000

COVENANT 5BR, Single Level, Soaring Ceilings $3,499,000



4BR, Vaulted Ceilings, Golf Course Views 3BR/2.5BA, Steps to the Beach, 3 Car Garage $1,999,000 $1,288,000




Totally Renovated 5+BR/6.5BA, Tennis Ct $3,695,000

6BR, Office, Media Rm $2,249,000

Bank Owned! 5+BR $2,895,000




8.79 Acres, Citrus Grove $3,895,000

5BR, GH, Study, 5 Acres $4,200,000

5BR/6.5BA, Pool & Spa $3,500,000




4BR, Study, 2.05 Acres $2,395,000

5+BR, Wood Paneled Study, Tennis Ct $3,595,000

Single Level 4BR, Private & Quiet $1,495,000

6024 6024 Paseo Delicias, Ste. A, P.O. Box 2813, Rancho Santa Fe 858.756.4024 - Fax: 858.756.9553 • barryestates.com



JULY 29, 2011

Going to the movies has never tasted so good DAVID BOYLAN Lick the Plate The first thing I thought when I entered the Cinepolis Luxury Cinemas in Del Mar Highlands Town Center was that this was going to be something completely different,new and exciting. It felt like the high tech, luxury and culinary worlds got together and said, “Hey, let’s combine forces and create a movie going experience unlike anything that’s been done.” They were aiming to revolutionize the moviegoing experience and I’d say they pulled it off quite nicely. The lobby and lounge area has contemporary leather furnishings, a full bar with local craft beers, fine wines and cocktails, a concession stand serving gourmet food and a dining area to sit down and enjoy a meal. There are touch screen monitors for guests to screen movies before purchasing tickets and online reserved seating options available to pre-purchase your exact seats. So yes, the lobby and lounge area is fully tricked-out and a great place to meet friends before or after the movie for a bite to eat and a drink. The auditoriums are where things really get interesting. They have fully reclining leather seats that offer ample space between each row and an armrest between every two

FEAST FOR THE SENSES !"#$%&'()$*+,"-.#+)$/010'2$*+,"3&)$&44)$&$56.#"$,"5$#"7"#$8.$86"$3.7+"$5&896+,:$"1-"'+",9"$5+86$-.)6$)"88+,:); 90#+,&'2$4"#+:68)$&,4$86"$<")8$)9'"",)$&'.0,4= Courtesy photo

seats that lifts to create a couch-like loveseat. I mean really, I’ve never experienced such comfort in a movie theater, ever. Fully reclining? I mean come on; I felt like I was flying first-class Virgin Atlantic, but better.Every seat also houses its own swivel table and waiter service so you don’t have to leave to grab a snack.There are two 21-and-older auditoriums that offer full bar service for having a cocktail or pairing a glass of wine with your food. So speaking of the

food…this is a food column right? Cinepolis is equipped with a full kitchen and, of course, the previously mentioned in-seat service. They say that service is barely noticeable and I would think, based on the space between seats, that that is probably the case. Besides standard movie fare like popcorn and candies, there is also a sizable menu. Appetizers include a cheese plate, teriyaki beef skewers, Angus beef sliders, Philly cheese torpedoes, mini corn dogs, quesadillas and

flatbread pizza’s to name a few. The samples we tried were all quite good. Prices for starters range from $8 to $13. Seafood options include fresh, handmade sushi rolls, coconut shrimp, tuna yakatori, and herb crusted calamari. All these options are in the $11 to $13 range, and the rolls we tried were surprisingly good. This is not a place to go for sushi, but as a treat during a movie it’s a nice option. There are some fun wraps and Panini’s, including a pro-

sciutto Panini and a grilled shrimp Caesar wrap. Sweet potato fries and a beer battered French fry plate could be fun to munch on with a cold beer, as well. Prices in this section go from $8 to $13. The desserts are where things start to get really interesting. I could totally see having dinner before a movie and going to town on this menu: Chocolate fondue, tiramisu, raspberry cheesecake brulee, gelato, ice cream…that’s just a few of the options.


June, underscored parental drug use as a major risk factor in a child’s drifting into substance abuse.“I had a case where a child was born with drugs in his system,” recalled Rush. “Both parents were using. We were looking for (placing the child in any relative’s home), but both sets of grandparents were using. So (the) great-grandmother’s in the courtroom, and I had asked her if she would pass a drug screen, and she said she would not ....”


Marla Zanelli


Old Guejito

511 S. Rios

Parklike, peaceful and serene 109 Acres in the country! Gated community, build your ranch getaway!

Cul-de-sac location, horizon ocean views, .42 acre! Offered at $979,000


ye rowg Bu c s E tin Insenta

pre Re

the pocket of a kindergarten student in Houston in April, firing a single bullet that slightly wounded two classmates and the “shooter.” (2) Prosecutors in Grant County, Wis., filed first-degree sexual assault charges recently against a 6-year-old boy, stemming from a game of “doctor” that authorities say he pressured a 5-year-old girl into in 2010. (3) Lakewood, Colo., police, attempting to wrest control of a sharpened stick that a second-grade boy was using to threaten classmates and a teacher, gave him two shots of pepper spray. (The boy had just finished shouting to police, “Get away from me you f—-ers.”) • Tippecanoe County (Ind.) judge Loretta Rush, interviewed by the Journal & Courier of Lafayette, Ind., in

Leading Economic Indicators

• In June, officials of California’s Alvord Unified School District announced that their brand-new, $105 million high school, Hillcrest, would remain unused for the coming school year (and perhaps beyond) — because the budget-strapped state does not have $3 million to run the

Got a dependable carpenter?


All Cash, close in 15 Days!

August Summer Rental

This has been my motto with my sales this year! On the golf course in Solana Beach, call me for details!

in Solana Beach! 4 bedrm 5 bath, ocean views, walk to beach, track, Cedros Design District!

Chanel, Hermes, Manolo Blahnik,YSL, Chloe. Indulge at a fraction of retail price!

Specializing in historic home restoration • • • • •

Kitchen Remodels Room Additions Bathroom Remodels Home Repairs/Maintenance Excellent References

Lic. #954560

MARLA ZANELLI - CDPE 858.922.1341

phone: email: realestate@delmarla.com web: www.DelMarla.com dre#01040946


415 S. Cedros Ave. Solana Beach


DRE# 01040946






Heck, I’m assuming they even have a dessert wine to go with all these sweets. All the desserts are under $11. Of course, there is a full coffee, tea and blended bar with all the typical fancy selections you would expect, plus smoothies and milk shakes. I am also very happy to report that the movie classic snacks are well represented with some fun touches including cheddar cheese popcorn, cinnamon rolls and Nathan’s famous hot dogs with plenty of topping choices for a very respectable $2.50. So yes, food and drink options exist for just about everyone at Cinepolis but those options do come at a price. The average ticket price is $16 so if you throw in a couple of drinks and some food you are probably looking at around a $60 to $80 movie and dining experience for two depending on what kind of food you go for. That said it’s quite an amazing theater experience. If you just go for the movie, the $16 ticket is well worth it given the level of comfort and movie viewing technology that includes High Definition, 3-D and surround sound.It’s worth a visit for sure. Check them out at cinepolisusa.com and look for their La Costa location coming soon. David Boylan is the founder of Artichoke Creative, an Encinitas based integrated marketing agency. He can be reached at david@artichoke-creative.com.

school for a year. (In any event, it costs $1 million per year just to maintain the building to prevent its deterioration.) • Full-Circle-Outsourcing: A Mumbai, India, company, Aegis Communications, announced in May that it will hire about 10,000 new employees to work in its call centers fielding customer service problems for U.S.based companies. However, those jobs are not in India. Aegis will outsource those jobs to Americans, at $12 to $14 an hour, at nine call centers in the United States.

People Different From Us

• Self-described Las Vegas “performer” Staysha Randall took 3,200 different piercings in her body during the same sitting on June 7 to break the Guinness world record by 100 prickings. (Veteran Las Vegas piercer Bill “Danger” TURN TO MORE ODD FILES ON A14


JULY 29, 2011


Nurturing environment for Toddlers-Kindergarten Dr. Montessori founded the first Casa dei Bambini, or “Children's House” in 1907. Today Lifetime Montessori School honors her legacy as one of only four certified Association Montessori International (AMI) schools in San Diego County. Lifetime Montessori School's mission is to foster a nurturing environment that is physically and psychologically supportive of learning for toddlers through kindergartners.They offer a cooperative and enriching atmosphere where your child will develop their knowledge through self- and teacher-initiated experiences. When children graduate from Lifetime Montessori School they are confident, secure, independent and joyful learners. Lifetime Montessori School begins a child's educational experience at 18 months of age in the toddler community. The goal of the Toddler Program is to create a sense of accomplishment, pride and independence in the child. Dr. Montessori found that when children feel confident in their abil-

ity, they have a more positive attitude towards learning. Under the nurturing guidance of the teachers, toddlers learn to care for themselves and their environment (potty training, dressing themselves, cleaning-up toys, etc.). Hands-on activities and games refine motor skills, teach basic concepts and expose children to art and music. Socialization is also an integral part of each moment in the classroom with children learning from each other. In this way the Toddler Program develops children's independence, knowledge and confidence in their abilities. Lifetime Montessori School's Primary Program is a 3-year preparation to First Grade and it includes Kindergarten. The three year olds, four year olds and Kindergartners are all working together in a cohesive community every day. Dr. Montessori discovered that the younger children in the classroom learn faster when emulating older children. Conversely, the older children retain a better understanding of the materials and concepts learned

when they have the opportunity to “teach” the younger members of the community. Children need an interactive, hands-on, educational environment to become self-motivated and successful learners.At Lifetime Montessori School children are free to explore with their senses to fully understand the world around them. In this way, the 3-year Primary Program provides children the security and consistency so important at this stage of their development. All the teachers have earned at least a bachelor's degree and have obtained their Montessori diploma through a rigorous training program. Components of the AMI training include studying educational theory and psychology, classroom observation, practice teaching and material preparation. Lifetime Montessori School serves families in Rancho Santa Fe, Santaluz and the surrounding communities. Call today to schedule a tour at 858-7590631, or find more information online at www.LifetimeMontessori School.com

Teaching Accountability and Responsibility Does your son need structure and motivation? If so, it is worth investigating a military boarding school right here in our own neighborhood. Located in Carlsbad on a 16 acre oceanfront property, Army and Navy Academy is a premier college preparatory military boarding/day school for boys, grades 7-12. Students learn to take responsibility, adhere to a daily schedule, and develop good habits. Whether it is making their bed, studying for a test or practicing for a game, students understand that they will be held accountable. Since its inception in 1910, Army and Navy Academy has sought to develop scholarship and honorable character in young men. The rigorous University of California standards are followed and put students on the path for eligibility to fine colleges and universities. The class of 2011 had a 100% matriculation rate to college, with

90% entry to a four-year college or university. Graduates from the past few years are attending universities that include: MIT, Rutgers, Penn State, NYU, USC, Colorado University, United States Military Academy at West Point, University of California (UCLA, UCI, UCR, UCSB, UC Davis) and many other prestigious institutions of higher learning. On campus and in the dorms, students learn to set goals, adhere to the Academy's value system and gain invaluable life lessons by leading others. Specific training is provided during the academic day in the Leadership Education Training class. The LET program is based upon the JROTC program (Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps), and includes the following: first-aid and CPR training, time management, team building and leadership training. All students are required to develop their physical abilities as well as their personal

leadership skills through the Academy's challenging physical development program. In sports and physical training, students acquire mental strength and concentration, physical conditioning and coordination, strategic and tactical planning, and teamwork. A military school environment can be ideal for teenage boys; they thrive on the structure, motivation and discipline inherent in the program. If your son needs structure and the motivation to reach his full potential, the Academy offers a unique opportunity to excel in Academics, Athletics and Leadership. The Academy has limited spaces available for fall 2011. Fully Accredited by CAIS in Association with the Western Association of Boarding Schools and Colleges. For more information on The Army and Navy Academy, call 888762-2338 or visit their website at www.armyandnavyacademy.org




JULY 29, 2011



her reporting from the judges, while Production Editor Charles Steinman received notice for his page design on the “Local woman fights wireless…” story. Judges noted the “great lead” and good use of the “above the fold” photograph, saying, “(the layout) captured the reader’s attention.” Judging for the awards took place March 5 at the Sheraton Hotel in Denver, Colo. Six judges, each having a background in the disciplines of the publishing industry, viewed over 1,800 entries from more than 100 different publishing companies. Publishers submitted their best work to the 41 categories from “Best Original Photography” to “Best Original Writing.”

RANCHO SANTA FE ROTARY WELCOMES NEW MEMBERS !"#$%&'()%'*+,-)#'.+,(+'/%'*#(+01'2%3-#4%5',%2'4%4"%0'6%07'8%5(#$%0'(#'()%'-39":'/0#4'3%;(&'<0%57=%,('!3+,'>+3;#90&'6%07 8%5(#$%0&' ?+(7%' @+2A%5' +,=' @%+()%0' B+,7#,:' >%3#2&' ()%' *#(+01' -39"' 7,=9-(5' ,%2' 4%4"%0' *7(+' ?#5C(#3,7A:' /0#4' 3%;(& <0%57=%,('!3+,'>+3;#90&'?+(7%'@+2A%5&',%2'4%4"%0'*7(+'?#5C(#3,7A'+,=')%0'5D#,5#0'B+907-%'*+)747:''''Courtesy photos



to the current 12 when his office began notifying residents several months ago that their fees had not been paid. He said there is still about $105,000 from last year that was still outstanding. In other Association news, Steve Comstock asked the board to approve the newly elected vice president



nothing about the business other than I liked coffee,” he said with a chuckle. In July 2006, he opened Rancho Sandwich. “Mostly I needed the space,” he said. He opened his Caffe Positano in Del Rayo Center in 2008. He now has between 14 and 18 employees. Other than coffee and sandwiches, Cusac said his businesses are a sort of community channel for local information, because each day between 100 and 300 people pass through his doors. These people have conversations that reveal how they feel about a certain issue or news of the day.



the de facto state of dhimmitude may still arise and flourish in the habitual appeasement of Islamic sensibilities to forestall the occasional violent eruption or attempt — the odd 9/11, 7/7 or thwarted Times Square bombing. The net effect of all this appeasement, this dhimmitude, is the creeping — gallop-



Republicans were re-elected, too; pundits who describe the ‘95-’96 shutdowns as a disaster for the GOP often neglect to mention that. So in a narrowly political sense, both Clinton and the GOP won the shutdowns. The question now is whether Obama and his Republican adversaries might do the same after their current fight over the debt ceiling. In his drive for re-election, Clinton needed Republican help, not just as a

“I’m very proud of my newsroom,” said Jim Kydd, owner and publisher of The Rancho Santa Fe News. Coming from the East Coast with a background in ad sales, Kydd saw an opportunity to start up a weekly newspaper after finding a lack of dedicated community news coverage in the area. The Rancho Santa Fe News employs 13 in-house staff members and several freelance reporters. The free paper industry is a $4 billion industry, with circulations in excess of 100 million copies weekly, according to the AFCP. The industry consists of a diverse mix of publications, including shopping guides, newsweeklies and community newspapers. To read the awardwinning articles, visit ranchosfnews.com. and treasurer as signers with Association financial accounts, authorizing them to sign checks when necessary. Also, the Rancho Santa Fe Patrol is in its new home in the downstairs of the fire department behind the school. “We have our name on the door and we’ve already had customers,” said Matt Wellhouser, chief of the patrol.


bought it knowing nothing about the business other than I liked coffee.” — Tim Cusac OWNER OF CAFFE POSITANO

He said 50 percent of his customers are residents of Rancho Santa Fe and that 90 percent of them are regular customers. “It offers a sense of tone about what’s going on in the village,” he said. “It’s like being a bartender, but at a different time of day.”

ing — incursions of Islamic law into non-Islamic institutions and societies. In Afghanistan, the same triggers are in place. We have an infidel army walking on eggs to placate, cajole and bribe an Islamic society into supporting what are, any way you cut them, infidel values and interests against those of the indigenous Islamic jihadist groups. To this end, Western

military authorities now specifically ordain that the Quran must be revered (or else violence might ensue). They, in effect, require that Islamic customs on polygamy, on the sexual abuse of children, be tolerated (or else violence might ensue). The Danish cartoons, the Rev. Terry Jones, freedom of speech must be denounced by the highest Western military

officials — by Gen. David Petraeus himself (or else violence might ensue). These capitulations on bedrock Western traditions of speech, conscience and human rights could occur only under a debased leadership, military and civilian. When the fear of giving offense to the local Islamic community (by shooting Taliban or wearing body

armor) trumps self-preservation (by shooting Taliban or wearing body armor), we know the military’s dhimmitude is complete. What I am describing, of course, is the execution of COIN doctrine to win Afghan “trust,” also known as “hearts and minds.” As Brig. Gen. Steven Kwast put it in 2009: “Victory in this conflict is about winning the hearts and

minds of the Afghan people and engendering their trust. When the Afghan people trust us and believe us when we tell them what we’re going to do, we will win this overnight.” Tell it to the Easter Bunny. Meanwhile, our troops pay the price and our military is dhimmified. Taking off troops’ body armor so as not to offend friendly Afghans? Are they kidding?

foil but as a source of policy initiatives. For a man who announced “the era of big government is over,” Clinton had to be dragged kicking and screaming toward both balanced budget legislation and welfare reform — now seen as key accomplishments of his presidency. Republicans did the dragging, and when Clinton moved the GOP’s way, his prospects improved. The public also found that it liked divided government. Republicans were elected in 1994 because voters wanted to place a check on

Clinton. Republicans were elected in 2010 because voters wanted to place a check on Obama. With that check in place, Obama might find that if he, like Clinton, were to move the GOP’s way, his prospects might improve. Of course, there are plenty of reasons why it might not work. In November 1996, unemployment was 5.4 percent. It’s 9.2 percent now and is predicted to be at 8 percent or above in November ‘12. “The economic situation is so dramatically different,” says a Republican strategist who is

skeptical of the Obama-GOP win-win scenario. “You have anemic economic growth, you have unemployment that has been above 8 percent for more than 20 months, and you have a deficit that is more than a trillion dollars. Clinton had an economic strength that Obama doesn’t have.” In the end, Obama might be doomed whatever he does. But as his campaign aides have pointed out, he’s betting that voters will judge him on whether they feel he’s taking the economy in the right direction, not whether he has

reached any particular point. It’s a pretty thin hope, but it might be a little more realistic if voters perceive him working with Republicans to go in that right direction. To many Republicans these days, Obama resembles Jimmy Carter more than Bill Clinton. Certainly Obama’s dour, eat-your-peas lecturing evokes the worst of Carter’s sanctimoniousness. But Obama’s popularity is nowhere near as low as Carter’s was at the same point in their presidencies According to newly com-

piled figures from the Gallup organization, Obama’s average job approval in the most recent quarter — his 10th quarter in office — was 46.8 percent. Carter’s was an astonishing 31 percent. Obama is more in the range of Ronald Reagan (44.4 percent) and Clinton (49.3 percent) at that point in their presidencies. Both won re-election. As they seek to win the White House themselves, Republicans can only hope that Obama is not as savvy — or as flexible — as his predecessors.



JULY 29, 2011

The importance of being earnest in our friendships lucky on that day, you had a driver or you arrived by limousine. Otherwise, you were one of many fighting for a parking spot, then schlepping to the track in your heels across the dirt parking lots…that is if you happen to be a female attending the races that day (men’s shoes appear to be easier to navigate across the dirt lots). Just thought I would throw a little reality from my own personal experiences in from the past. My great friend Bianca and Tony Macaluso invited us to attend their private box. Unfortunately, this year and recent time off prevented both us from making it that day. Here are some gorgeous photos from their luxurious day at the races.They also celtheir one-year !"#$%&'( )'$*%+',-#. /'#"'0 ebrated 12#3($%. '0&. 4-5-6#"$(. 72086"#& anniversary at the beginning 7'*%'.!29$#23.'$./'#"'0:3.6"#$%&'( of July. Eat your heart out 6'3%;..Photo by Machel Penn Shull “Brangelina.”

MACHEL PENN SHULL Machel’s Ranch Oscar Wilde once said, “A true friend stabs you in the front.” Originally, I was planning on sharing an over-thetop sappy friendship quote. However, after reading Wilde’s quote, I redirected my thoughts on the subject of friendship. Figuring out the darker shades in our relationships is just as important as highlighting the sunny sides, too. So, I read a few more quotes from all sorts of famous, important dead people that have made lasting impacts on society, like Thomas Jefferson to Helen Keller to Aristotle. I became quite inspired by their insights on why we need and have friends in our lives. Then I stumbled across this quote by Saint Jerome, which struck a nerve with me. “The friendship that can cease has never been real.” So, here is my question to you. Do you have enough courage to be honest with your feelings if that means risking a friendship? If we don’t have the nerve to be real in our most intimate circles, than why bother faking it? Life is too short to be boggled down by unwanted drama and those that do not truly care for the “real you.” Yes, I have had my heart broken by close friends in the past. However, over time I have learned to be wise and less needy for useless acquaintance-ships. Quality versus quantity, right? Here is one last quote by author Samuel Paterson that pretty much says it perfectly: “Books, like

LOVELY LADIES 452*,A"3-.=#2+.$2@H.K5'"0-.I'55'8%-#H/'$%(.L-#"08$20H./-55(.!'5&A"0.'0&./-55(.)'#,3.'$ and Gallagher Team enjoyed a $%-.M<'*-.E#'*,.1'3%"20.7%2A.N90*%-20;G.Courtesy photo wonderful fashion show friends, should be few and sipping champagne poolside. beach towns — San Clemente. luncheon at the Paradise Grill There was even a Hollywood And, what’s a romantic couple in the Flower Hill Promenade. well chosen.” Now let’s focus on some Psychic giving personal read- to do on a Sunday there? The fashion show was spon“live individuals” here locally ings for anyone that was brave Enjoy sipping some of the sored by “Ranch and Coast under the eucalyptus trees enough to find out their best hot tea and eat crumpets Magazine” and featured that appear to be having a future. (You can count me out together, while holding hands. “TRE Clothing” and “Fairen on that one!) Oxygen Medical I’m being a bit ridiculous, but Del.” The lovely models wore “storybook summer.” Spa was also on deck pamper- yes, that’s what we did. race track fashions accentuatAround Town We also met a lovely stu- ed with the classic hats to preing the ladies with the latest On July 9, Karian Forsyth facial treatments. Here are a dent/waitress, Erica Shrader. empt the beginning of race celebrated her birthday in few photos from that day. Her charm and warm person- track season in Del Mar. high style under a perfect Happy birthday to one lovely ality was honestly such a Featured here are four lovely blue sky in The Crosby. I do woman that is definitely my delight. If you need a quiet women, including one of my believe all of the clouds disap- “real” friend and I feel I am adventure with your loved one favorite blondes from the peared just for Karian’s spe- blessed to be in her inner cir- or your girlfriends, this is Ranch, Mrs. Elaine Gallagher. cial day! I’m sure you recog- cle. For more information on worth the trip up the coast. Thanks for sharing this nize Mrs. Forsyth as one of my Oxygen Medical Spa, check From Rancho Santa Fe, I beautiful photo from that day, would say it’s only 40 minutes Elaine. A portion of the profeatured regulars in my col- out oxygenmedicalspa.com. On July 10, I celebrated away. Here is more informa- ceeds went to the Jenna umn. What’s wonderful about Karian is that she has the gift my wedding anniversary with tion on my favorite teahouse Druck Foundation, which is of making you feel like a my husband, Robin Shull. We —poshtearoomandcafe.com. I also known as the Center for celebrity. All of her guests are managed to squeeze in a have featured a cute photo of Community Solutions. spoiled and pampered with- quick “getaway” to Laguna Robin with the lovely Erica On July 20, Opening Day out exception. The women Hills the night before. On our we met from that day. Yes, I at the Del Mar racetrack that attended enjoyed exotic way back to San Diego, we am a trusting woman! clogged the 5 freeway from On July 15,The Gallagher both directions. If you were salads and appetizers, while stopped at one of my favorite

Save The Date

Mark your calendars for the CD release of local celebrity singer, Sacha Boutros for Sept. 22 at “Anthology,” starting at 7:30 p.m. Sacha sings locally here in San Diego, and is booked world-wide on tours from Europe to Japan. She was also listed at one of the top 10 jazz musicians in the U.S. in 2008. I attended Sacha’s CD release a couple years back and it was a smashing evening. If you love jazz, trust me, you won’t want to miss this event! For more information on other local performances, here is her website information: sachaboutros.com. If you have a fun event you would like Machel Penn to cover, contact her at mpenn@coastnewsgroup.com.

GET PAMPERED )'0'8-#./"+6-#5(.<900"08.2=.>?(8-0.)-&"*'5.7@' HOLLYWOOD STYLE E20(.'0&.!"'0*'.)'*'5932.2= '0&. A"$%. !#'0&"-. BC"5-3. Photo by Machel Penn Shull





@'#$(; F-5. )'#. '$ $%-. #'*-. $#'*,. 20. G>@-0"08. F'(;G Courtesy photo

HATS AND SMILES 1#2+. 5-=$H. I52#"'. 152#-JH. !"'0*'. )'*'5932H. 4'#25 TEA TIME <26"0. 7%955. A"$%. Q23%. E-'. <22+. '0& !'&-#.'0&.720"'.I#'C-55.>#$'5-.20.G>@-0"08.F'(G."0.F-5.)'#; BIRTHDAY GIRL /'#"'0. 12#3($%H. ='#. 5-=$H. *-5-6#'$-3. %-#. 6"#$%&'(. A"$%. *523-. =#"-0&3. '0& 4'=-D3.K#",'.7%#'&-#."0.7'0.45-+-0$-;. Courtesy photo ='+"5(.20.O95(.P.'$.E%-.4#236(; Photo by Machel Penn Shull Photo by Machel Penn Shull





information at (760) 931-3171.

HELPING HEARTS North Coastal Womenheart welcomes women with cardiac health issues at its monthly meeting, at 10:15 a.m. Aug. 2 at Glen View, 1950 Calle Barcelona, Carlsbad. For more information, contact Marilyn Deak at (760) 438-5890.

AUG. 3 BEST BREW MiraCosta College’s Community Services offers a class in Beer Making, from 6 to 9 p.m. Aug. 3 at Oceanside Ale Works, 1800 Ord Way, Oceanside. Fee is $50. To register, call (760) 7956820, or visit miracosta.augusoft.net/. FORD FANS The Palomar Model A Ford Club will hold its monthly membership meeting at 7 p.m. Aug. 3 at the Palomar Estates East Clubhouse, 650 S. Rancho Santa Fe Road, San Marcos. For more information or directions, e-mail Sheila at rssaxman@verizon.net or call (951) 696-0323. ART SHOW CarlsbadOceanside Art League, at 300 Carlsbad Village Drive, Suite 101, will display the winners of its 60th Open Juried Show from Aug. 3 through Sept. 4. An artists’ reception and awards ceremony will be held Aug. 7.Visit coalartgallery.com or call (760) 434-8497 for more information. GUITAR



Friends of the Cardiff library welcomes Nathan James at 6:30 p.m. Aug. 3 at the library, 2081 Newcastle Ave., Cardiffby-the-Sea, for its First Wednesday program. James performs blues and American roots music on his guitar, while singing or playing the harmonica. For more information, call (760) 635-1000.


Finding the big and the ‘Schmall’ in life By Tony Cagala

AUG. 2


Catholic Widow & Widowers of North County will meet Aug. 3 for a Happy Hour at Belle Fleur Restaurant in Carlsbad. Reservations are necessary. Call (858) 674-4324 or e-mail catholicwwnc@hotmail.com.

AUG. 5

DANCE BIG MiraCosta’s

Dance Program will present “Summer Dance Explosion 2011” at 7:30 p.m. Aug. 5 in the MiraCosta College Theatre, 1 Barnard Drive, Oceanside. Admission is $8.Tickets can be ordered in advance through miracosta.edu/dance or at the Box Office, (760) 795-6815. For additional information, call (760) 757-2121, ext. 6526.

AUG. 6 SNAKES ALIVE San Marcos Community Services will sponsor a program by Reptile Specialist Susan Nowicke at 10 a.m. Aug. 6 at Jack’s Pond Park, 986 La Moree Road, San Marcos, for children over the age of 4 who can sit quietly during the presentation.There is a $3 charge per participant. An adult must accompany all minors. RSVP to (760) 7449000, ext. 3508.

AUG. 7 ALL ABOUT ART Gallery 204-Vista Art Foundation is holding an art sale and boutique from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Aug. 7 at 204 Main St. in Vista. The Vista Art Foundation is a nonprofit organization that supports local artists and provides a learning environment for children and adults. For information, call (760) 3058278.

JULY 29, 2011

She’s impersonated a 20th century San Francisco madam, produced and cast films, modeled for greeting cards, was a massage therapist, a hypnotherapist — and that’s only just the beginning. “I’m not sure what it is, or where it started,but I feel life is like a highway under construction,” Jacquie Schmall said. “We get up in the morning and we come down this little highway, its familiar, and suddenly there’s an off ramp. Oh, I wonder where it goes. “Some people would say, ‘Ehh, I’m busy, that’s OK, my highway’s fine.’ I go to every off ramp. I figure nothing ventured, nothing gained. So I learn how to garden, or I learn how to paint, or I learn how to act.And I keep going on the off ramps…And here I am, and I keep starting things.” Schmall has a selfdescribed eccentric background. She came to California from Connecticut when she was 53 after seeing an open door,leading to choices that she had never had before. “I was brought up as an only-child to be neat, to be clean; and I got married and had kids and never really evolved. And then I came to California and I met all the hippies and all the guys left over


Robinson did the honors.) Coincidentally, on the very same day in Edinburgh, Scotland, the woman with the most lifetime piercings (6,925) got married. Elaine Davidson, 46, wore a full white ensemble that left bare only her face, which was decorated green and sported 192 piercings.The lucky guy is Davidson’s longtime friend Douglas Watson, a balding, 60-something man with no piercings or tattoos.

Recurring Themes

News of the Weird has mentioned various overseas


in the last 18 months. Ricochet surfs with special needs kids and people with disabilities for therapeutic purposes. She has a video on YouTube “From service dog to SURFice dog.” For more information, visit surfdogricochet.com.

Title sponsor

CARMEL VALLEY — Pacific Wealth Management of San Diego, 12544 High Bluff Drive, Suite 440, has been named the new title sponsor of National Multiple Sclerosis Society’s annual charity dinner auction set for Nov. 19, at Loew’s Coronado Bay Resort in Coronado. In addition, Pacific Wealth Management, launched a “More to Life” event series featuring a free program of self-defense awareness July 30, Edgar Ling, otolaryngologist (ears, nose and throat), on allergy and environmental challenges living in Southern California Aug. 24; and a walking tour through the San

NEXT EXIT? !"#$ %&'$ '"()*"+,$ -&./0)"$ 1.23&##$ )(+4,$ &5'&)*$ 65$ ,&7)+8 #)5"4($655$'&39(:$Courtesy photo

from Haight-Ashbury.” During her time in Northern California, she discovered Sally Stanford, a San Francisco madam in the 1900s who later became mayor of Sausalito. Schmall began impersonating the sharptongued Stanford, appearing in parades and private parties. Schmall said Standford became a hero of hers because of her strong personality.

“She was eccentric and colorful, and today most of us don’t want to do that,” Schmall said. Schmall has also modeled for a series of greeting cards called, “Oh Jackie!” which was later turned into a book called, “Who’s Counting? Jackie’s Guide to Staying Young and Having Fun.” She got her start modeling after appearing in a credit card ad.

prisons where crime kingpins serve time in relative comfort (through bribery or fear), but according to a June New York Times dispatch, Venezuela’s San Antonio prison (which houses the country’s drug traffickers) is in a class of its own. San Antonio’s four swimming pools frequently host inmates’ families and “guests,” who lounge with barbecue meals and liquor. Paid “bodyguards” pass the time shucking oysters for alpha-dog-inmate Teofilo Rodriguez. DirecTV dishes serve the cells. Drug-smuggling via guards is so prevalent that Venezuelan locals actually visit the prison to buy the surplus (which they carry

out because guards only “search” them upon entering). Rodriguez’s enforcement is backed up by an openly displayed arsenal of guns. Said a Russian drug traffickerinmate, “This is the strangest place I’ve ever been.”

Armed and Clumsy (allnew!)

People Who Accidently Shot Themselves Recently: Sean Murphy, 38, destroyed most of his finger trying to shoot off a wart (South Yorkshire, England, June). A Secret Service agent (assigned to Nancy Reagan) shot himself in the hip holstering his gun (Ventura, Calif.,

Diego Botanical Gardens in cated July 14 as Victoria Waufle Day. Waufle is a threeSeptember. time John Cosh Leadership New commandant Award recipient and serves on CARLSBAD — Lt. Col. the club’s executive, personCharles Glimka has been nel and special events committees. n a m e d Commandant Just smart for the Army COAST CITIES — Corey and Navy Monarch, a bioengineering Academy major and a resident of beginning the Carlsbad, was named to the 2011-2012 University of Toledo Spring school year. CHARLES 2011 Dean’s List. T h e GLIMKA Cameron Small of appointment of Glimka came as a result of a Encinitas and Holland Davey reorganization of the of Rancho Santa Fe were Commandant’s Department named to the Dean’s List in after an internal assessment. the Villanova School of Glimka’s career with the Business for the 2011 spring Academy began in 2006 after semester: retiring as a Gunnery Sergeant from the United States Marine Corps where Green leader he served 22 years. OCEANSIDE — MiraCosta College Waufle Day Horticulture instructor Claire VISTA — The Boys & Ehrlinger has earned the Girls Club of Vista awarded Green Associate credential in Past President Victoria Leadership in Energy and Waufle for her efforts as Environmental Design board president July 14. (LEED) from the Green Waufle was honored with Building Certification a proclamation from Vista Institute. Mayor Judy Ritter, who dedi-

Schmall, who turned 78 on July 20, has been living in Del Mar for a year. One of her artwork designs will be featured as the cover of a book of poetry called, “Deeper into the pond,” the result of a contest she entered and won. She produces artwork using what she’s termed “rainbow geometry,” which she describes as the light that bounces off of all of us and produces an emotional response. Her artwork has been featured in Crepes and Corks. She said she could go around painting pictures of trees and ducks and things, but instead opts to explore the imagination, helping to expose the joy out of the ordinary. “I love the idea of helping people to see their own lives,” she said. “Especially children, they’re wide-open to try things, and the fact that they should be seen and not heard, I think, is way out of date.I think children should be heard, because they see things…in such a pretty way. They’re such a joy to be with — they can be annoying on the other end of things, for sure.” A people observer, Schmall said that the art of conversation is dwindling, too. Conversation is not about talking, conversation is about listening,” she said. “I think February). A 17-year-old boy, playing with a gun in bed, shot himself in the testicles (Orlando, February). A training officer at the Ohio Peace Officer Academy shot himself in the thigh (December). Sheriff Lorin Nielson of Bannock County, Idaho, shot himself in the hand (December). Johnathan Hartman, 27, holstering his gun in his back pocket (after threatening his girlfriend), shot himself in the butt (Billings, Mont., December). A man trying to scratch his nose with a pellet gun shot himself in the face (Amherst, Mass., November).

Now with Scripps

DEL MAR — Scripps Health has acquired Del Mar Family Practice, at 12395 El Camino Real. The acquisition will add primary care to the existing Scripps Clinic Del Mar location, which also includes Scripps Clinic Center for Weight Management and the Scripps Clinic Division of Plastic Surgery.

Gover named chairwoman

OCEANSIDE — Tanya Gover of Oceanside has been elected chairwoman of the board of directors of the Boys & Girls Club of Oceanside, a nonprofit youth centered organization. Gover was initially drawn to the Boys & TANYA GOVER Girls Club of Oceanside as a volunteer for its program to educate young adults about teenage pregnancy. Gover has been instrumental in helping the club raise funds for scholarships

there’s a lot of loneliness in this country; I think the computers and technology have made us feel isolated. I think Facebook is not the answer; I’ve got 101 friends on Facebook — I don’t even know more than 20 of them.” She was frightened one day when she “Googled” her name and saw how many pages there were with her name on them. “I’m afraid to write anything.Why does it do that?” While Schmall does enjoy her free time in Del Mar, she is still looking to participate within community. “I think the average person may look at only young people,and I think that’s a mistake. I think there’s some of us, may not be young, but we are still able to extend the skills that are needed at the time,” she said. But for the time being, Schmall said she is enjoying the highway she’s on just now. More information may be found on her Facebook page or on her blog at http://jacquiepleasecallmelater.blogspot.co m/2011/06/paintings-byjacquie.html.



requesting $500 to $1,000 dollars were told there was little money available for them. It looks like the available money went to Cotton’s extra paycheck and extended contract. Encinitas is fortunate to have many community groups supporting residents. It is unfortunate these groups are getting short-changed by the council majority. At Encinitas City Hall it seems there is taxpayer money for special interests, but little money for taxpayers or the community groups that serve them. Note: All of these groups provide a valuable service to the community. If you can help them, they could all use our support. Please look them up. and programs along with increasing the club’s visibility throughout the community.

Whole Foods helping

ENCINITAS — Whole Foods Market, Pacific Station Courtyard, 687 S. Coast Highway 101, hosted its first 5-percent Community Support Day July 20, where 5 percent of the store’s net sales went to the Community Resource Center. CRC was selected through an online community vote.

Artist of month

ENCINITAS — Jeffrey Sitcov will be The Artist of the Month for August at St.Tropez Bakery & Bistro, with a portion of the JEFFREY proceeds SITCOV going to Photocharity, a Cardiff based nonprofit. His exhibit will be photographs of his recent trip to Italy. St.Tropez Bakery & Bistro is located at 947 S. Coast Highway 101.


United States. Think castiron skillet Southern peach cobbler with peanut brittle and coconut ice cream. “One Saturday every June,” Oliver writes, “the quaint, tranquil town of Trenton, South Carolina, celebrates the harvest at their annual Peach Festival. I discovered this event during my first month in culinary school and imagined returning one day when I had a family. Ten years later, on a sunny day,



determined how or why Zinnemann got lung cancer. There is no history of the disease in her family, and although her mother was a heavy smoker, she said she doubts it was from secondhand smoke. Zinnemann left home in her late teens. “It would have to have been incubating for 50 years,” she said, acknowledging that it is possible but not likely. “It could have been environmental,” she said. “Early detection is the key because usually nobody is diagnosed until it is too late.” She is hoping for the creation of a test similar to Pap smears, mammograms or colonoscopies to catch the disease in time to deal with it effectively. “The only way to do that is to fund research,” she said. With that thought, Zinnemann is hosting the sec-



JULY 29, 2011 we arrived.” As for the exquisitely delicious recipes from other countries, here is a sampling: Chicken pistachio meat loaf with gingered tomato jam and pear frisee salad from the Czech Republic; zaatarspiced swordfish kebab with bulgur salad and eggplant tahini from Turkey; rack of lamb renaissance with spring vegetables and ouzo herb sauce from Greece; lobster spring roll with guava soy dipping sauce from Vietnam; and Mildura caramelized apricot cake with clover-

honey fromage blanc from Australia. “Tasting native foods allows you to connect with the locals and strike up a dialogue,” Oliver said. “The best place to experience native foods is at the central farmers markets,” Guillas added. “Be adventurous; the locals will really appreciate you if you show an interest… It creates an unforgettable experience that you will recount in your memory and cherish.” San Diego County, too, has all the ingredients to

become a culinary destination, Guillas believes. “There are 3,000 farms and 46 farmers markets here. We should be showcasing local products. The Marine Room uses 80 percent local products. Sometimes we have 300 people here. That’s a lot of produce.” The Marine Room, at 2000 Spindrift Drive in La Jolla, is open at 4 p.m. for happy hour; and 6 p.m. for dinner. The chefs welcome those with special dietary needs. “We have a big board in

ond annual Day at the Races July 31 at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. Proceeds will benefit the Lung Cancer Foundation of America, which focuses on funding research programs. The cost is $150 and includes entrance to the races, a lunch buffet on the patio of Il Palio Restaurant, two drinks, a private betting window, tours of the paddock, live and silent auctions and a raffle to determine who will present flowers and champagne to the winner of the Breath of

Life horse race being dedicated to the organization. Sponsorships are also available for $2,500 to $10,000. Zinnemann is also reserving part of an Amtrak car for anyone coming from the Los Angeles area, where she has lived for the past three years. Last year about 100 people attended the event. “It was just a great day,” she said. “And going back on the Amtrak train is a party. Anybody who has lungs has to get in there and fund

research.” V i s i t , lcfamerica.org/day_at_the_ra ces_2011.html for more information or to register.

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the kitchen listing ingredients to be avoided for celiac disease and various allergies,” Guillas said. “We’ve been doing that for a long time.” You can order “Flying Pans,” which won two coveted awards from 2011 International Association of

Culinary Professionals Cookbook Awards, from Amazon.com or twochefsoneworld.com.

E’Louise Ondash is a freelance writer living in North County. Tell her about your travels at eondash@coastnewsgroup.com.



JULY 29, 2011


JULY 29, 2011


Family solicits funds for info on doctor’s murder JEAN GILLETTE Small Talk

By Patty McCormac

Venturing beyond the bubble — if necessary I have been accused of regionalism or, at least, a lack of adventure, because these days, I rarely drive beyond Del Mar to the south and Oceanside to the north. Now most residents of North County absolutely understand my form of regional agoraphobia. It’s paradise here. Still, things do happen “outside the bubble” and all of us are occasionally required to venture beyond. One big hurdle to staying North Countybound is the airport. It appears that in the summertime, especially this summer, getting from here to the airport can be very risky business. One Thursday, a coworker needed to pick up his mother, flying in from O’Hare, at 6:30 p.m. Anyone who has ever driven a freeway immediately knew he was in trouble. Then, every time someone passed his desk, they had yet another reason why getting from here to there was going to be a hot mess. Already knowing a rush-hour pick-up would be dicey, things began to really pile-on. First someone reminded him that the Del Mar racetrack was in the second day of its season — Ouch. Then another wellmeaning friend pointed out that it was the first full day of Comic-Con, with people streaming in from Los Angeles. Couple this with summer tourist/beach traffic from here to La Jolla —Yeow. At this point, he thought he had heard every horror story/warning possible about the impending trip. Oh no. It’s then I chimed in with my own negative update about Airport Terminal 2 being completely torn up, leaving no nearby parking and a very, very slow-moving line TURN TO SMALL TALK ON B8

RANCHO SANTA FE — David and Kathy Stonebreaker, brother and sister-in-law of murdered Del Mar veterinarian Dr. Robert Stonebreaker, are attempting to solicit funds for a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of his killer. “It’s been a year-and-ahalf and there has been no progress in the case. We know someone out there knows what happened. There is a killer out there walking around and somebody knows something,” Kathy Stonebreaker said. “We don’t have the full amount and are hoping that his friends, acquaintances, associates and colleagues will donate whatever they can afford to the fund.” Robert Stonebreaker, 53, was the owner of the Animal and Bird Hospital in Del Mar. He also founded Freeflight, a nonprofit organization for rescued birds and for helping endangered species. His death was first investigated as a traffic accident on Jan. 16, 2010, when his Porsche was found in a ravine near the intersection of Caminito de Conejos and Paseo Delicias in Rancho

REWARD !"#$%&'#(#)(*+'"*('"+,$-.'/0*'10-"2$0-+'/0*'"'*(3"*1'/4-1 /0*'$-/0*#"2$0-'%("1$-.'20'25('"**(+2'0/'25(',$%%(*'0/'6(%'7"*'8(2(*$-"*$"6*9':0)(*2';20-()*(",(*'$-'<"-4"*&'0/'=>??9'@$+')01&'3"+'/04-1'$- 25( 1*$8(3"&'0/'"':"-A50';"-2"'!('50#(9 Courtesy photo

Santa Fe. homeowner on Paseo Delicias Investigators did not find found Stonebreaker’s body in the driver at the scene of the their driveway. crash, but the next morning a Investigators at that

point believed they were investigating a fatal traffic accident and that Stonebreaker had left the scene of the crash in search of help. His body was found about 1,000 feet from the crash site. The medical examiner’s office alerted investigators that Stonebreaker’s injuries were not consistent with that type of an accident, which led to his death being classified as a homicide. Detectives are still working on the case, but an arrest is not imminent. Stonebreaker’s business and Freeflight have continued under the direction of his widow, Pamela. David and Kathy Stonebreaker, who live in the Ontario area, hope the reward will motivate someone to speak to the detectives on the case. “I wanted to say the detectives are doing a great job interacting with me and my wife,” David Stonebreaker said. “I just wish Pam would cooperate with the detectives.” Sgt. Roy Frank, who is the supervisor of detectives investigating the case, said they are working to eliminate

suspects and persons of interest. “Mrs. Stonebreaker is a person we would like to talk to more in depth with,” Frank said. “Unless we can eliminate a person they are considered a person of interest and we will continue to evaluate the person.” He said detectives have put in countless hours on the case. Frank is encouraging anyone with information to come forward. “Anyone out there with information to help us solve this case, whether they realize it or not, it’s important we talk to them,” he said. “It is our goal to solve this case and hold the person responsible accountable.” Donations may be made to the Robert Stonebreaker Reward Fund, c/o Certified Federal Credit Union, 5601 E. Washington Blvd., Commerce, CA, 90040.The phone number for information at the credit union is (323) 859-2250. The Sheriff’s Department has also put out a Crime Stoppers reward to aid in solving the mystery. Anyone wishing to offer information may do so anonymously by calling 1 (888) 580-8477.

RSF Community Center continues its valued services to residents board of directors of the Rancho Santa Fe Community Center. The 40-year mark was celebrated this April at the center’s annual gala where hundreds of members, past members and fans turned out to support the organization. The center started out in the school’s gym, said Erin Leahey, executive director of the community center. “It operated like that for many years — it was used by the school during the day and the community center after school hours,” Leahey said. As the population increased, the need to build its own facility became apparent. So, 15 years ago, at a cost of $3 million, the current building was constructed. It’s still going strong. “Things are great. Our programs are full of kids who seem like they are having a good time this summer,” she said. “We have a really strong Junior Dunkers for both boys and girls,” she said. Stratton said in addition GO FOR IT I-+$1(' 25(' :"-A50 to programs for children, the ;"-2"' !(' B0##4-$2&' B(-2(*' "*( center also helps in communi)"--(*+' J*08$1$-.' (-A04*".(#(-2 ty events like the Fourth of July Parade and Picnic and 20'$2+'J"2*0-+9 By Patty McCormac

RANCHO SANTA FE — Back in 1971 in Rancho Santa Fe, a group of people got together and decided they needed a community center for its residents. “There were 17 families who recognized a need for something for after school and summer and that is what we still do,” said Allison Stratton, president of the

DEDICATION B0##4-$2&' B(-2(*' +2"//' $-A%41(+' /*0#' %(/2C' D"3*(-A(' !"**&C' D&1$"' E"-20*C' B5*$+2$( 7AF0-".%(C'G*$-'D("5(&C'6"-$(%%('H$+(C'D$-1"'64*,(2'"-1':0)(*2'7(2%(*9 Photos by Patty McCormac

Rancho Days. And for adults there are yoga classes and wine events. The local Toastmasters Club meets there as well and coming in the fall, Jazzercise will be offered. Leahey said that joining the community center is a great option for the working parents in Rancho Santa Fe, because it gives them peace

Looking Wonderful is a Great Thing, Feeling Wonderful is Everything!™





of mind and a safe, nurturing, educational opportunity for their children. The after school program offers many activities including arts and crafts, trips to the library, ping pong, sports and homework time. “We let them play first,” she said. Many parents who have found themselves delayed or

tangled in freeway traffic can simply call the school and the community center and ask for their child to be picked up from school and taken to the center. Stratton said she used that service herself when she forgot about fairgrounds traffic and found herself stuck on TURN TO CENTER ON B7



8929 University Center Lane Suite 201 San Diego, CA 92122

40963 Winchester Road Temecula, CA 92591

858.450.4199 951.695.9934



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JULY 29, 2011

Rancho Santa Fe Is Sangiovese the greatest grape? Real Estate News Prudential group on track for big year

Prudential California Realty is pleased to announce that the sales performance of Jim M c I n e r n ey and Rachel Christensen has put them on track for another exceptional year. With a RACHEL sales volume CHRISTENSEN in excess of $12 million through the first six months of 2011, McInerney and Christensen have already qualified for Prudential’s Chairman’s Circle Gold award. The achievement ranks McInerney and Christensen, who are based in Prudential’s La Jolla office, at the top two percent of more than 54,000 Prudential agents nationwide. “La Jolla offers such an unbelievably high quality of life, it is no surprise to me that the market is JIM rebounding,” MCINERNEY s a i d McInerney, a 32-year resident of the area.“We are expecting to double the amount of homes that we have sold by the end of the year.” The McInerney Group can be contacted through Prudential California Realty’s La Jolla office, at (858) 5517233, via e-mail at McInerney@prusd.com, or on the web at LJ92037.com.

Listen to ‘Market Talk’ on the Web

Real Estate Veteran Michael Taylor is single-handedly working to bring transparency to San Diego’s real estate market. Taylor is a top producing agent and the leader of a team of real estate professionals based in Prudential California Realty’s Rancho Santa Fe office. From living in the Rancho Santa Fe area for the past 25 years, Taylor developed an unsurpassed knowledge of the real estate market in Rancho Santa Fe. In his monthly w e b i n a r, “Rancho Santa Fe Market Talk,” which airs on the first Tuesday of every month, MICHAEL from 7 to 7:30 TAYLOR p.m., on RSFMarketTalk.com, he offers insights and guidance about the number of local home sales and inventory levels, as well as a detailed market share report that shows which companies are actually doing business, in addition to how much business is being done in each one of San Diego’s larger communities. Taylor can be contacted at his office at (858) 756-5120, via e-mail at Mike@MichaelTaylorGroup.c om, or on the web at TheMichaelTaylorGroup.com. Taylor can also be followed on Facebook.com/MichaelTaylor G r o u p , Twitter.com/MikeTaylorGrou p, and Youtube.com/MichaelTaylorG roup.


Taste of Wine As most of my readers know, I will be leading a small group of wine aficionados through Tuscany, Italy during the harvest of its signature grape, Sangiovese. Tuscany is a maze of different microclimates with seven distinct districts. It’s like you placed all the major wine making areas in California in a tight cluster with their own climactic kingdoms, all growing DOWN ON THE FARM ! "#$%& '(#$& )*('#+& ,-./#'0& 12#1& %#3(. Sangiovese. Italy itself is a vast garden )#'4*56(.(& 7*12& #'& #'/*('1& 8$(..& #'9& 56($.*:(& .1$#7& ;511<(.=& of grape varietals with over Courtesy photo 2,000 native wine grapes that ity. Connoisseur certification. came from a long history of setWhen California Italians “I feel a special bond with tlers from other lands that emerged as the new world Tignanello,” he is fond of saybrought their vines quality wine makers, ing. “It represents a major with them to plant in old world Italy had to point of departure for my winthis wine paradise. dramatically change ery, my family and I, and Today, Italy is for the better, and sparked the beginning of the the largest producer they did. The gov- Italian wine renaissance.” and exporter of wine ernment, with the Other world-class in the world, with the cooperation of the Sangiovese based wines that I U.S. its largest larger wineries, recommend are Banfi Wines importer. But big is raised the standards Summus, a fine wine blend of not the Sangiovese to the highest quality Sangiovese, Cabernet and story. Growers on possible and by the Syrah in the Montalcino estate average farm on just late 1970s the revolu- and Banfi Brunello Di 2.5 acres and operate tion to fine wine was Montalcino, a Sangiovese clone old-world equipment well under way. aged for four years; Fontodi with historic techLeading winer- Chianti Classico with 100 perniques as shown in ies, for the first time, cent Sangiovese, a classic the photo of the were allowed to Tuscan wine; and Barone wagon, storage jugs blend their wines Ricasoli Castello di Brolio and press. and called them Chianti Classico, from a family The American FINE WINE ! ;51> “Super Tuscans.” that dates back to the 11th cenappetite for Tuscan 1<(&5"&?$-'(<<5+&#&"*'( Antinori was the first tury. /<5'(& 5" Chianti reached its 7*'(& Franceso Ricasoli is credit)#'4*56(.(+ "$5% with his Tignanello, a peak in the ‘60s ?#'"*& @*'(.& *' wine of 85 percent ed with working with the when, wrapped in A5'1#</*'5+&,-./#'0= Sangiovese, with the Italian government on higher quaint, ubiquitous Courtesy photo balance of Cabernet standards for Sangioivese straw bottles, it was and Cab Franc. wines that became Chianti the darling of mindless wine Piero Antinori is the wine Classico. All these classic drinkers.Tuscany was churning “maestro” that I studied under Tuscan wines give us rich notes out wines that were watered- with a Wine Spectator video down with little regard for qual- course where I earned my Wine TURN TO TASTE OF WINE ON B8

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RANCHO SANTA FE — Martina Hingis will play in the Mercury Insurance Open in the tournament’s Pro-Am contest Aug. 1 from 9 a.m. to noon at the Rancho Valencia Resort. The event will also feature several current professional players including amateurs that have won the opportunity to play alongside the

pros. The public is invited to watch the Mercury Insurance Open Tennis Pro-Am and admittance is free. Individual tickets are now on sale for the 2011 Mercury Insurance Open, July 30 to Aug. 7 at the La Costa Resort and Spa. Reserved grandstand and box

seat tickets, which range from $10 to $125, are now available online at mercuryinsuranceopen.com or through Ticketmaster at ticketmaster.com. Tournament ticket packages are also on sale and begin at $70. The Rancho Valencia Resort is at 5921 Valencia Circle.

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Long-term colon cleansing unnessary DEAR DR. GOTT: I cannot thank you enough for the inspiration to lose weight. I started a lifestyle change a month ago and I’ve lost 15 pounds. I feel so much better, but I’m struggling with bowel movements. I eat lots of fresh veggies and no fried foods, sugar, potatoes or white rice. The problem was that my bowels didn’t move on a regular basis. After I ate, I felt bloated and was miserable for days sometimes. I found a colon cleanser at my local health food store and now take one capsule twice a day and feel incredible, but the packaging doesn’t recommend taking it for more than a week or so. I have a family history of colon cancer. My mother and two of her three siblings died of colon cancer. I also just found out that five of my grandfather’s siblings died of colon cancer (he died at 91 of natural causes). I’m scared to death of getting it and want to keep my colon clean without hurting myself. Are colon cleansers harmful if I take the ones from the health food store that have all-natural products, especially if I take them over a long period of time? I feel incredible when I have two or more movements a day. I haven’t felt this good in over 10 years. DEAR READER: Congratulations on your weight loss. However, I am concerned about your bloating and constipation issues, especially given your family history of colon cancer. You don’t give me your age, gender or any other medical history. How long have the bloating and constipation been an issue? Have you talked to your physician about your concerns? Have you had a colonoscopy? Do you have any other health concerns or medical conditions? Do you take any overthe-counter or prescription medications? Constipation can be the result of benign causes, such as poor diet, lack of exercise or diet modification; moderate health concerns, such as obesity or irritable bowel syndrome; and serious conditions, such as colon cancer. I urge you to speak with your physician. An examination, blood work and testing may be ordered.A referral to a gastroenterologist may be appropriate. Readers who are interested in learning more can order my Health Reports “A Strategy for Losing Weight: An Introduction to the No TURN TO SECOND OPINION ON B7



JULY 29, 2011

Covenant Stars shine bright for Jammer Foundation benefit votes down senior units By Tony Cagala

By Patty McCormac

RANCHO SANTA FE — Despite an earnest argument by the developer and approval by the proposed project’s neighbors, the Association voted down the request for a Covenant modification to accommodate 38 units of senior housing units at Del Dios Highway near Paseo Delicias. Calling the project too dense, the Association agreed with the Art Jury’s decision to reject it. “This is a community of land owners,” said Director Dick Doughty. “That is one reason Rancho Santa Fe is so unique. Give us all elbowroom. Rancho Santa Fe is for people who want that elbowroom.” Speaking at the July 21 meeting, Rancho Santa Fe resident Daniel Greene urged the board to deny the request calling it a “Lawrence Welk community. “There is nothing wrong with preserving the character of Rancho Santa Fe the way it is,” Greene said. The Art Jury turned it down because it was not consistent with the overall land use pattern of the Covenant, or with the lower density, larger lots that characterize the community. The Association had granted Quantum Development a six-month extension in January to gather enough signatures from neighbors supporting the project. But at the time, four of the directors told developers they had problems with the project and although the extra time was granted, it should not be misconstrued as support for the project. Still Quantum Development moved forward, hoping the board could be convinced that the project was worthwhile. Developers first brought the plans for the project to the Association in July 2010. To be geared toward seniors, the units were to be lower maintenance and homeowners could simply “lock and leave” them when they wanted to go away. With the project’s location on Del Dios Highway, near to Paseo Delicias, which is considered a gateway into the community, the project would have required a Covenant modification. As a part of the process, the developer had to notify owners within 500 feet of the project. Only Director Jack Dorsee saw value in the project, and was the only one who voted in favor of granting the modification. Queen said the project just didn’t fit Rancho Santa Fe. “I think it’s a terrific community someplace else,” Queen said.

RANCHO SANTA FE — It was an evening spent under and alongside the stars during the second annual Jammer Foundation’s Jammin Under the Stars fundraiser benefit. The event, organized by San Diego Charger Quentin Jammer and his wife Alicia, along with Jolane Crawford, Ginger Levy and Maria Barry and hosted at the private estate of Sean and Maria Barry, was in benefit of the San Pasqual Academy. The San Pasqual Academy, in Escondido, opened in 2001. It’s a first-inthe-nation accredited high school with on-site housing for the student body, which is made up of foster youths who are victims of child abuse or neglect. “At the Academy, kids can have a family,” Quentin said. “It really can put a halt on kids moving through the foster system.” The Jammer Foundation came to the aid of the San Pasqual Academy by chance, Alicia said. But they knew these were the kids they wanted to help, she added. “We never wanted to just write a check,” she said. “It’s an honor and a privilege to be a part of their lives.” “Alicia and Quentin have really put their arms around the kids,” said Debby Syverson, development director of the Academy.

“They are very involved, not just providing funds, but in time and energy.” The evening’s fundraising campaign benefits the school’s “Shop ‘till you drop” program which allows the students to purchase all of the necessary items they will need for the school year, Syverson said. The money raised also goes towards scholarships and mentoring programs, she added. Josh Racette graduated from the Academy in June. While a student, Racette played football and said that he’s seen the football program grow a great deal since the Jammer Foundation became involved with the school. Racette will be attending SHINING STARS !"#$%&'()*+,#-*.#/0*12)3.'3*45--),0*")+.0*&'.6*&'+)*7"'$'50*8'$6)"*539*:5,,)3*;/,#")( Mayville State University in 539*!65,")(*45-)(<**!65,=),*$6)),")59),*45$>2)"?30*")+.0*&'.6*)@)3.*5..)39))(*!)(5,*A#9,'=2)B0*;2(2-# the fall, where he will continue 7B5-#0*85,%*!65()*539*$6)),")59),*73=)"'$5< ;53*C5(>25"*7$59)-?*=,5925.)(*45D,')"*4#,9530*")+.0*4#(6 A5$)..)*539*:)@)"#/-)3.*:',)$.#,*+#,*.6)*7$59)-?*:)DD?*;?@),(#3< Photos by Tony Cagala


Water makers capture Mother Nature’s process in a bottle By Tony Cagala

“If you have ocean, sun – you can have drinking water; you don’t need electricity, you don’t need all that fossil fuel to make water,” said BJ Kjaer, president and co founder of Solar Rain. Solar Rain has been on store market shelves for a month-and-a-half now, operating out of a nondescript building inValley Center where rows upon rows of solar panels can capture the sun’s constant rays. “It was an overnight success 20 years in the making,” Kjaer said of the new water making company. RAIN MAKER E4* FG5),0* /,)('9)3.* 539* $#H+#239),* #+* ;#"5,* A5'30 It all began with Encinitas (.539(*3)I.*.#*#3)*.6)*"5,=)*.53%(*5.*.6)*J5"")?*!)3.),*/,#$)(('3=*/"53. resident Dr. David Boylan and .65.*$#3@),.(*#$)53*&5.),*'3.#*+,)(6*9,'3%'3=*&5.),< Photo by Tony Cagala Tor Ewald. Kjaer explained that the two men were working Help Rescue Your Loved One From Addiction on a hydroponic farm, working to create the first, or one of the first, pre-bagged lettuce farms. And in an effort to reduce the amount of water they were using, David was working on a www.sandiegointerventions.com way to purify the water in an eco-friendly way. That’s when Don Seltzer, M.Div. they started working on this. Intervention Specialist Kjaer is an organic farmer Recovery Coach in Valley Center, where water is a concern. Kjaer got involved with the project five years ago dseltzer@hiddenlife.com and started building their first prototype and then a second and a third until about a yearand-a-half ago they decided to go into business together with Ages 5-15 August 8th-12th 9am-noon the purpose to prove this concept would work. A Monday- Piano A Tuesday - Drums A “We wanted to make sure Wednesday - Voice A Thursday - Recorder A A that we could take this to a A Friday - Guitar A commercial level. Right now, WE WILL PROVIDE ALL INSTRUMENTS AND SUPPLIES NEEDED we started with bottled water because we want to make sure 2146 Encinitas Blvd. the concept works and the Suite 105, Encinitas water’s good…and that people 760-753-7002 accept that it’s OK to drink

ocean water,” Kjaer said. After that’s done, they would like to do a town where there is no water and to be able to use it on crops at some point. Most everything that emulates the natural hydrologic cycle process is done on-site. “Basically what it is, it’s a humidity-still. It’s what Mother Nature has done since the beginning of time.Those clouds right there are full of clean water. It’s just a matter of taking those clouds and cooling

them down and squeezing the water out of there,” Kjaer said. “That’s exactly what we’re doing; we’re taking ocean water, which is a plentiful source.” Solar Rain harvests its ocean water through an existing, manmade hole in the bottom of the ocean floor, which is maintained by a reputable organization that is a very safe and secure source and is TURN TO WATER ON B8






GREAT FOOD! Steps to the beach

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Valet service returns By Bianca Kaplanek

To help get cars off of residential streets and into identified parking areas — and make visiting the city easier — Del Mar Village Association’s summer valet program is returning from 5 to 11 p.m.Tuesday through Saturday.This year, the price has been reduced from $8 to $6. To encourage visitors and residents to use the service, several restaurants are further cutting that price by reducing final bills for customers by $3, lowering the total fee to $3. Participating restaurants are Americana, Bully’s, En Fuego Cantina & Grill, Crepes and Corks Cafe, Jimmy O’s Sports Bar, Sbicca and Zel’s. Valets may be found at the green umbrella in front of Bully’s on the west side of Camino del Mar between 14th and 15th streets. The service is available until closing day of horse racing at the Del Mar Fairgrounds, Sept. 7.

When is it time to repair or replace it? By Consumer Reports

What do side-by-side refrigerators, laptop computers and zero-turn-radius riding mowers have in common? They’re among the most repair-prone products consumers can buy, according to Consumer Reports’ most recent Product Reliability Survey. And in CR’s separate Repair or Replace Survey, 27,404 subscribers reported about the troubles they had with 53,218 broken appliances, electronics, lawn equipment and more. Though consumer goods have become more complex and contain more electronics than a decade ago, the 33 products featured in the survey aren’t failing more frequently. But when things go wrong, they tend to go horribly wrong. Consumer Reports National Research Center found that more than half of the products that did TURN TO CONSUMER ON B8


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have tried everything and nothing has ever worked for me until I found Just Skin. I lost 30 pounds in no time and haven’t gained the weight back. That is an awesome feeling!” hydrates are always burned first followed by (2) protein and (3) lipids (fats). Once the body has depleted its carbohydrate reserves, it will simultaneously draw on its protein and fat reserves for energy. Just Skin’s high protein weight loss system will help maintain lean muscle mass

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City looks to install electric car chargers By Bianca Kaplanek

Once parking and policy issues are addressed, residents may soon see electric vehicle chargers popping up around town. Following a presentation at the July 11 meeting by Bruce Bekkar, chairman of the Sustainability Advisory Board, City Council unanimously authorized staff to move forward with plans to install four stations, and possibly more. Bekkar recommended the city act now to take advantage of incentives provided by a partnership between the Department of Energy and about 55 companies, including Nissan, Chevrolet and Ecotality. The goal of the project, funded primarily with a $230 million DOE grant, is to place 14,000 220-volt chargers around six states and the District of Columbia in the next two years. Plans also include the installation of 300 to 400 480volt fast chargers that can charge an electric vehicle, or EV, from empty to full in about 25 minutes, or “essentially, a Starbucks stop,” Bekkar said. Ecotality, which specializes in clean electric transportation, is the San Diego representative planning to place 1,500 chargers in the county within the next 18 months. If installed as part of the DOE partnership, the chargers would be free and the city would receive an installation credit of $2,500 per unit. “And there’s some flexi-

CHARGE IT H3%(I#$&/(J%5%-'9#<(13$"3(49K(L%(966$;$&2($&(M%#(N96(LK '3%(%&5()*('3%(K%96<($-(9(,-%6E*6$%&5#K<(DD@E;)#'(-'9'$)&(,-%5(')("3962%(%#%"E '6$"(;%3$"#%-7(O))/$&2(9(L$'(#$/%(9(2$9&'($J)5<($'($&"#,5%-(9&($&'%69"'$;%(")#)6 '),"3(-"6%%&(9&5(P%LEL9-%5(4%5$9(5%#$;%6K7 Photo courtesy of Ecotality

bility about how that money can be spent so it’s an appealing opportunity,” Bekkar said. Installation costs begin at more than $1,500 depending on whether there is an appropriate electrical panel, how far the panel is from the charging spot and any extra work that needs to be done. The Sustainability Advisory Board worked with city staff to identify four potential installation areas. They are on the south side of City Hall, next to the City Hall Annex, on the southeast corner of the library and, for the greatest visibility, at 15th Street and Camino del Mar near Starbucks. Bekkar said placing the stations, especially a fast-

charge unit, where they can be seen is a way to brand the city as friendly toward greener vehicles. “This would be the homerun ... to have the quick-charge port somewhere in a very visible spot,” he said, adding that none of the locations identified at this point are “set in stone.” Since users would be expected to pay as they would for gas, the units could also generate income for the city, Bekkar said. The biggest hurdle could be determining whether parking spaces should be designated dual use or EV only. “Parking issues are always contentious,” Bekkar said.

“I would really like to move forward with this project if it makes sense,” Mayor Don Mosier said, adding that he’d like to keep staff time to a minimum. “We’re not reinventing the wheel here,” he said. “This is happening all over San Diego County.” Mark Ochenduszko, interim city manager, said staff will bring the item back for council consideration after identifying policy questions and alternatives, what needs to be reviewed from a legal standpoint, how the proposal might be approached from a planning perspective and the physical inspections of proposed and potential locations. Councilman Carl Hilliard said staff should contact other cities, such as neighboring Solana Beach, who are already working to install the units. Mosier said because the grant money is part of the American Reinvestment Act, it is a time-limited opportunity. “All this money has to be expended by the end of next year and if we want to participate in this Ecotality program we need to move fairly rapidly,” he said. Bekkar said the city is guaranteed the installation credits but it should act by the end of the year. “I think we have a little bit of time, but then again, this is Del Mar so we may need it,” he said. “We’re going to move forward with due speed in the Del Mar way,” Mosier said.

Taxi rules now in effect By Bianca Kaplanek

In response to complaints about traffic and safety from residents and business owners, City Council unanimously adopted an emergency ordinance to regulate taxis during their July 11 meeting. The new law, which takes effect immediately, restricts cabs from parking or waiting in any area of the city between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m., and establishes the four parallel parking spots in front of Jimmy O’s Sports Bar on 15th Street as a dedicated taxi stand zone from 10 p.m. to 8 a.m. The availability of cabs is important late at night when bars close to prevent alcohol-related collisions and fatalities. The taxi-zone spaces will be identified with appropriate signage and curb markings. Violators will be fined $43. Cab drivers may stop in any available parking space at any time to load or unload passengers. Gretchen Crowson, assistant to the city manager, said cab drivers create significant traffic circulation and pedestrian safety issues when they stop, start and make U-turns attempting to solicit fares from people on the sidewalks. “In addition, taxicabs often wait or stage in public parking stalls for possible fares during the day, and sometimes for hours,” Crowson said. This limits the number of parking spaces for restaurants and retail customers, she said. Jim Coleman, whose insurance business is on Camino del Mar, said he was highly in support of the new law. “I couldn’t be happier about it,” he said, noting that the problem has grown by huge amounts over the last six months. Coleman said he has photos of about a dozen taxis taking up parking spaces. “We all agree, at 10 o’clock when people are staggering out of the bars, we want taxis there for them,” Coleman said. “What we don’t want are the taxis in front of (the restaurants) at 7 o’clock at night taking up parking spaces meant for the customers, being rude to the...people on the streets, hanging around the back of the cabs, having their cigarettes, putting them out in the streets,” he said. Jen Grove, executive director of the Del Mar Village Association, described the problem as “an epidemic.” Camino del Mar at 15th Street has become the center of the universe for taxis, Grove said. “ Why? I do not know, but clearly Del Mar is the place to be on 15th.” Resident Bill Michalsky said he also supports the ordinance, but recommended adding late-night designated zones farther south on Camino del Mar and near TURN TO TAXIS ON B7



JULY 29, 2011



Willow is a blackand-white beauty who is a recent mother to five kittens. She is 3-years-old and is loving and affectionate to everyone she meets. Her sweet nature will make her a welcome addition to any family. Her adoption fee is $75 plus $40 for the microchip. All pets adopted from Helen Woodward Animal Center have been spayed or neutered, have up-todate vaccinations and microchip identification. Helen Woodward Animal Center kennels


MANZANITA @'(%)-8*83,<%+)&&,*(/ ,##(#%#"-83*%&'(%FOPE/%5,$%',.( 08)3((-(#%&'(%+)3+(0&%)4%&'(%B)"&8Q"( ')&(<%(R0(-8(3+(6%7)-(%<89(%/5,<< ')5(/%&',3%')&(<%-))5/%#)13%<)3* +)--8#)-/2%&'($%,<<)1(#%.8/8&)-/%&)%B( &(50)-,-$%:,3+'%-(/8#(3&/6%S,+'%+)&T &,*(%',#%,%#8/&83+&<$%"38Q"(%#(/8*36 @'(%7,3;,38&,%+)&&,*(2%&)0%-8*'&2 3,5(#%4)-%,%3,&8.(%+',0,--,<%/0(+8(/2 ',#%,%1,<<(#T83%0,&8)%,3#%1,/%"3#(&'(%+,3)0$%)4%("+,<$0&"/%&-((/6

are open everyday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Applications are accepted until 5:45 p.m. at 6461 El Apajo Road in Rancho Santa Fe. For more information, call (858) 756-4117, option No. 1.

MARIPOSA @'(%+)&&,*(/%*-,+(#%&'( 0-)0(-&$%,3#%B-)"*'&%&'(%.8/8&83* (R0(-8(3+(%4"-&'(-%)"&%83&)%&'(%<,3#T /+,0(6%@'(%7,-80)/,%A)&&,*(%8/%-(58T 38/+(3&%)4%,%+)"3&-$%')5(6%J&%1,/%/(& B,+9%18&'%,%<)3*%-,5B<83*%0)-+'6 Photos courtesy of Arcadia Publishing, and taken from “Rancho Santa Fe,” $21.99. The book is available at local retailers, online bookstores, or at arcadiapublishing.com. Autographed copies of the book are available at the Rancho Santa Fe Historical Society, 6036 La Flecha. Call (858) 7569291 or e-mail rsfhistorical@sbcglobal.net for more information.

Belly Up event to aid ALS research, awareness By Bianca Kaplanek

Emphasizing the “fun” in fundraiser, Team Godfather Charitable Foundation is holding its second annual event Aug. 6 at the Belly Up Tavern to promote awareness of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, also known as ALS and Lou Gehrig’s disease. Proceeds from Still Groovin’ with Godfather … for a Cause You Can’t Refuse will also be used to fund research and provide a support system for individuals and families currently dealing with the disease. Team Godfather Charitable Foundation was founded in May 2010 by Carlsbad residents Mike and Maureen Ramirez, along with family members and friends. After being diagnosed with ALS in September 2009, Mike Ramirez said he went into a “deep funk,” but it didn’t last long. Doctors said he had about two years to live. “They didn’t say I have two years to die,” he said. With that attitude, Ramirez began traveling and spending more time with family and friends. He also decided to help others, and his nonprofit organization is the result. He said the name came from a nickname he acquired from his poker buddies and has nothing to do with “The Godfather” movies. However, he received a letter last year from a Beverly Hills law firm claiming copyright infringement. But no legal action was taken after the foundation changed the font on its website. ALS is a disease of the nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord that control voluntary muscle movement. It caus-

‘BOWOW-BUNGA’ !"##$% &'(% #)*% +,-.(/% "0% ,% &,/&$% 1,.(2% ,3# /')1/%)44%4)-%&'(%+,5(-,2%&))6%%Courtesy photo

Top dogs get ready to hit the beach

AN OFFER NOT TO REFUSE 789(%,3#%7,"-((3%:,58-(;2%<(4&2%,3#%=-(*%,3#%>,-$<%?,+9/2%+)4)"3#(-/ )4%@(,5%=)#4,&'(-%A',-8&,B<(%C)"3#,&8)32%5,9(%,%#)3,&8)3%18&'%/)5(%)4%&'(%4"3#/%-,8/(#%,&%&'(%DEFE%=-)).83G 18&'%=)#4,&'(-%4"3#-,8/(-%,&%&'(%!(<<$%H0%@,.(-36%IH?JK/%!-,#%L(--$2%-8*'&2%1,/%&'(%(5+((6%@'(%#)3,&8)3%1,/ 5,#(%&)%&'(%MN?%#8.8/8)3%)4%&'(%7"/+"<,-%>$/&-)0'$%M//)+8,&8)3%,&%&'(%DEFE%7>M &(<(&')36% Courtesy photo

es a loss of muscle strength and coordination that eventually results in complete paralysis. ALS affects approximately one TURN TO GODFATHER ON B7

RANCHO SANTA FE — This year’s Helen Woodward Animal Center Surf Dog Surfa-thon on Sept. 11 will be featuring some of the best surf dogs to ever hit the waves all in an attempt to raise money for orphaned animals in need. This is the largest surfing dog contest in the country and will be host to some of today’s top professional surfers and local TV stars. Guy Takayama will also debut his newly designed

“Surfah dog” surfboards, made especially for those four-legged surfers. Helen Woodward Animal Center’s Adoption Kennels are open Monday through Friday, from noon to 6 p.m., and Saturday through Sunday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. For more information, visit Helen Woodward Animal Center at 6461 El Apajo Road, call (858) 7564117, or log on to animalcenter.org.


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JULY 29, 2011



the freeway. “I called the community center and that took away a lot of the stress of the day,” she said. The operation of the community center has hit a few financial bumps along the way because of the cranky economy, but with the help of the community and a push for fundraising, the situation has improved.



JULY 29, 2011 “We met our fiscal budget this year and we are happily back on track and we are continuing to face the issue of maintaining the facility because we don’t have an endowment for that, so we continue to fundraise every year to cover the overhead,” Stratton said. The search goes on for a new executive director to replace Erin Leahey who has decided to move on. “We are always looking for people who are interest-

ed in helping on the board or a committee. It is a great place to meet people and get involved in the community,” she said. When Stratton moved to Rancho Santa Fe nine years ago, she said the Moms and Tots program at the community center was instrumental

in helping her meet new people. “When my kids, (now 8 and 10) reached school age, they began doing after school and summer programs. It has been a huge part of my life,” Stratton said.



out of every 100,000 people. As many as 30,000 Americans have the disease at any given time; a common first symptom is a painless weakness in a hand, foot, arm or leg, which occurs in more than half of all cases. Other early symptoms include difficulty with speech, swallowing or walking. In about 10 percent of the cases, ALS is caused by a genetic defect. Otherwise there is no known cause or cure. Team Godfather’s belief is that ALS is not an incurable disease, only an under-funded one. Last year the Belly Up event allowed the organization to fund grants to three ALS groups, including the San Diego Chapter of the ALS Association. Early admission tickets

STRONG FOUNDATION !4,8$%"8' ,8/' :$33%25,*' :/2,/#' 5+' ;< MAKING IT WORK ! "#$%&' $(' )$*+' ,-./' -01-2,-"/' $(' -' +%33/# */-#+'$40='5,+'2/>'(-7545,*'>-+')%54,'?@'*/-#+'-"$9 4/-#252"'&#$6/7,'-,',8/'7/2,/#9'Photos by Patty McCormac


Flour, No Sugar Diet” and “Constipation and Diarrhea” by sending a self-addressed, stamped No. 10 envelope and a $2 U.S. check or money order for each report to Dr. Peter Gott, P.O. Box 433, Lakeville, CT 06039. Be sure to mention the title(s), or print an order form from my website’s direct l i n k : AskDrGottMD.com/order_for m.pdf. DEAR DR. GOTT: I recently noticed that I have a hard, almost bony bump on my right collarbone. It doesn’t

hurt and I can’t remember doing anything to injure it. What could or would cause this? The right side is visibly larger (slightly) than the left. Any information on possible causes would be greatly appreciated. DEAR READER: Without being able to examine you, I cannot begin to guess the cause. It may simply be a normal bony protrusion. Have you lost weight recently? If so, the bump may have always been there, but is now more pronounced because the excess fat and tissue have diminished. It could also be the result of an injury, medical

condition such as Paget’s disease of the bone, cancer or more. Given that you don’t remember injuring yourself and it doesn’t appear to be causing any pain or other symptoms, it is likely a normal bone growth. Talk to your physician and request an X-ray just to be sure. Dr. Peter H. Gott is a retired physician and the author of several books, including "Live Longer, Live Better," "Dr. Gott's No Flour, No Sugar Diet" and "Dr. Gott's No Flour, No Sugar Cookbook," which are available at most bookstores or online. His website is AskDrGottMD.com.

the city,” Crowson said. The ed to improve service and franchise will allow the city decrease impacts on parking to control and manage how by permitting cabs to stage coastal restaurants such as cabs are operated and in remote lots, such as City Jake’s and Poseidon. receive additional revenue, Hall. The city can also Although council mem- she added. require the use of environbers agreed with the suggesThe franchise is expect- mentally friendly vehicles. tion, Mayor Don Mosier said multiple zones could create an enforcement problem, at least initially. Introducing In addition to the urgency ordinance, which required a four-fifths vote to A COASTAL INSPIRED COLLECTION pass, council members adoptOF GREETING CARDS AND PRINTS ed the new law as a first reading for a regular ordinance. PHOTOGRAPHS AND ARTWORK BY No taxi drivers spoke at the meeting, but they and JEANNETTE PRINCE other members of the public will have an opportunity to provide additional comments W W W . C A R D I F F T O W N C A R D S . C O M during the second reading later this summer before the law becomes permanent. Council members also directed staff to develop a taxi franchise that would create centralized dispatching and reduce the number of cabs that can operate in the city. Del Mar currently issues 190 taxi permits annually. “Public safety is being compromised because of the excessive number of cabs in



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for this year’s event are $200 and include a two-hour hosted reception beginning at 5:30 p.m., musical guests and a silent auction. General admission is $85. Doors open at 7:30 p.m. Music will be provided by Rock Party and Atomic Groove. Although his health has declined, Ramirez will be at the fundraiser, Daryl Sacks, foundation president, said. “He’s retired now and he hangs out to conserve his energy,” she said. “But he’s doing great. He’s the most inspirational person we know.” V i s i t teamgodfather.org to purchase tickets or bid on the online auction.

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to play football. The foundation, which formed in 2007, has not only assisted the growth of the football program, including the construction of the brand new football field, which is slated to have a grand opening in the next few weeks,but has developed health and wellness programs for all of the Academy’s students and given them a chance to feel at “home” while developing life skills. Quentin couldn’t thank Charger’s quarterback and teammate Philip Rivers enough for his efforts and support in the building of the football field. For the first time, the field will allow the team to host home games. The next goal of the foundation is to build a track for the track and field team, Quentin said. He also hopes that in the future,the foundation can take the San Pasqual Academy model nationwide so that other foster teens might experience the same one-of-a-kind care. Last year’s event raised $75,000. The Jammer Foundation is a registered nonprofit 501 (c) (3). For more information, visit jammerfoundation.org.

of black berry fruit, earthiness, the high grades of minerality, excellent food friendly acidity and silky tannins that benchmark all Sangiovese wines. Sangiovese’s name comes from early Roman Empire times. The literal translation means “the blood of Jove,” the Roman version of Jupiter. The blood of Sangiovese ran thick in Italian immigrants as they flooded California in the late 19th century. The early Seghesio family is credited with growing it in Sonoma, the first in California. A rising star in Tuscany is Agricola Fontanelle with the three Rosati bothers that contribute to Sangiovese-based wines that are turning heads.





approved by the Coastal Commission, Kjaer said. The water comes from an undisclosed location off of the coast of San Diego that Kjaer would only describe as being somewhere north of Mission Beach and south of Oceanside and where there is a lot of kelp, which helps to clean the water. The water is filtered through the sand, which not only helps to clean the water further, but prevents any sea life from being harmed or inadvertently sucked in. The company makes water every day, Kjaer said, and as demand increases, they’ll begin to harvest the water every day or every other day. Everything, including the bottle, is made in San Diego county. “According to the FDA, there is no shelf-life on water, but we put a one year expiration date on our bottle just because we don’t want, necessarily, any water to sit around any longer.We believe in being fresh and local, that’s kind of the whole idea,” he said. Kjaer hopes to educate

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break stopped working altogether, and another 30 percent still worked, but poorly. “Should I repair or replace it? How much is the repair likely to cost? What will a new one cost? These are many of the questions that go through a consumer’s mind when a major product breaks,” says Celia Kuperszmid Lehrman, deputy home and yard editor at Consumer Reports. “Being armed with the right answers can save people thousands of dollars on appliances and gear.”


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They also cultivate high quality olive oil and an “heirloom”breed of pig. They use small oak barrels and age the wines for 24 months. The best example now released is the 2007 Ri.Va.Le. Chianti ($15) distributed through Quigley Fine Wines in San Diego. Two California wineries produce Sangiovese wines to try: Niner Wine Estates in Paso Robles and their 2008 vintage ($24) with winemaker Amanda Cramer. It packs a strawberry taste with a touch of spice and lovely acidity that mates with Italian hard cheese. At South Coast Winery, master winemaker Jon McPherson makes his Sangiovese in the hills of Temecula with a style more like Brunello. The current release is still 2006 ($34). Age and French Oak barrels are key to the refined acidity of this

AIR SUPERIORITY 760.445.2023

Sangiovese. — Stuart Cellars in Temecula Wine Is Sangiovese the greatest grape? Country welcomes the seventh annual It’s worth a glass or two to find out for Futures Barrel Tasting event July 30, yourself. from 6:30 to 10 p.m. Sample 10 wines plus gourmet food for $70. RSVP at Wine Bytes (951) 676-6414. — Enjoy a gourmet Winemaker — San Diego Wine & Culinary Center has a Caymus & Groth Wines Dinner at Orfila Winery Escondido Aug. Tasting July 29 from 6 to 9 p.m. in coop- 4 from 6 to 8 p.m. $85 per person. eration with Alternative Wines. $45 Details at (760) 738-6500, ext. 22. — La Costa Wine Company presper person with finger foods. Call (619) ents its Cakebread Wine Tasting Aug. 5 231-6400 for an RSVP. — Holiday Wine Cellar in from 5 to 8 p.m. Cost is $25. Call (760) Escondido has a Frank Family Wines 431-8455. event July 30 from 2 to 4 p.m. Fee of $10 in advance. For your glass, call Frank Mangio is a renowned wine connoisseur (760) 745-1200. — Pala Mesa Resort in Fallbrook certified by Wine Spectator. His library can be is offering half-off Fallbrook Wines by viewed at www.tasteofwinetv.com. (Average Google the glass or bottle on Fridays. The Food certified 900 visits per day) He is one of the top five and Beverage Director recommends the wine commentators on the Web. Reach him at Syrah. Call (760) 731-6806. mangiompc@aol.com.

consumers about the water, because it’s not just another bottle of water, he said. “All of the bottled water on the shelves today is mostly tap water; and the other water is a spring water and they’re mostly shipped from all over the place, thousands of miles away...except for Solar Rain, which is ocean-sourced water. So it takes a little while to get people to understand what it’s all about.” The bottle is eco-friendly, too. Solar Rain uses bottles from Enso Bottles, LLC, an Arizona-based company, which has developed a process that adds an organic fatty-acid enzyme to the bottle. That enzyme works as an appetizer to the microbes so that if it doesn’t get recycled (the bottle is 100 percent recyclable), then the microbes will start to attack the bottle should it end up in a landfill. The bottle will typically breakdown in nine months to five years, depending on the environment in the landfill, Kjaer explained. Kjaer said he’s encountered a little bit of resistance when it comes to people drinking ocean water. “Some people say, ‘eww, yuck, the oceans are

polluted,’ and so, my answer to that is that…less than one percent of the water on the planet is fresh,drinkable water.Where do 99.9 percent of all the people on the planet, where do they live? They live on land. So where are the people going to pollute? They’re going to pollute on land. “So they’re going to pollute on land. “So they’re going to pollute that one percent of the aquifers. So 99.9 percent of the people are polluting the land, which holds one percent of the water. Whereas, 97 percent of all the water on the planet is ocean water, so that’s where the least amount of pollution is,”he said. Solar Rain also offers consumers the opportunity to know what’s in their water, tested by an independent lab, and when it was bottled by going to the company’s website and typing in the bottle’s code. “We always want to be transparent. We want people to see what’s in there; we want to know what’s in there, too,” Kjaer said. For more information, visit solarrainwatery.com.

Here’s what else CR’s survey found: — Computers break — a lot. Around one in three laptops and desktops break by their fourth year. Many computer breakdowns are due to malicious software (malware) or hard drive failure. Installing antivirus software on a computer is the best defense against malware. To be safe, always shut down the device before traveling even a short distance. — Some technologies are finicky. Refrigerators with icemakers are twice as likely to break down as those without. The device’s complicated

design and the extreme environment it must operate in explains the high failure rate. Among laundry appliances, front-loading washers are more repair-prone than toploaders. The large rubber gasket that forms a watertight seal around the door is the common culprit. Mold is another issue. Manufacturers recommend periodically cleaning the gasket with a bleach solution and keep the door ajar after each use to allow ventilation. — Extended warranties don’t deliver. Based on CR’s survey, appliances usually don’t break during the extended-warranty period, normally after the standard warranty has expired, but within two to three years of purchase. Even when breakdowns occur in that time the median repair cost isn’t much more than the median price of a warranty. And if a product doesn’t break the extended warranty is just a waste of money. A computer might be an exception, especially if you travel frequently and take the device along for the ride. Make sure the warranty covers accidental damage and extended tech support. — Brand reliability varies by product. Manufacturers often have strengths and weakness in different product categories.

“No money down... don’t pay until you’re happy!”


A nesting pair consumes up to 2,000 gophers, rats and mice per year!

JULY 29, 2011

Beautiful overlays with color choice

Concrete • Masonry Over 25 years experience

951.837.8934 Will be relocating to Coast, looking to build up business there.

Where to buy

Solar Rain is available throughout San Diego, including many North County coastal locations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

GE, for example, has made very reliable cooking appliances, but its refrigerators with icemakers have been repair-prone. John Deere’s lawn tractors have been very reliable, but its self-propelled lawn mowers have been significantly more repair-prone than other brands. And LG has made reliable plasma TVs and clothes dryers, but not reliable side-by-side refrigerators. — The 50-percent rule still stands. CR recommends purchasing a replacement if the repair will cost more than half the price of the new product. Replacing electronic gear might be less costly than most people think because prices are steadily dropping in some categories. Major appliances, on the other hand, are getting more expensive and they usually have long service lives. — Some products are harder to repair. The survey indicates that repairs of gas cooktops, built-in refrigerators and home-theater systems can also be frustrating because they take an inordinately long time or cost a lot, or because the item requires further service calls. Dryers, electric cooktops and digital cameras have the highest success and satisfaction rates. Visit the Consumer Reports website at consumerreports.org.



of drive-by traffic. I had discovered this the hard way, when I went to pick up my son mid-July. Somehow I had missed the fairly major development that Terminal 2’s convenient parking lot was now gone and if you intend to actually meet your guest as they descend to baggage claim, you need to drive to a faraway parking lot and take a tram back to the terminal. That is doable if you have planned adequate time. I had not. Thank heaven for cell phones. Suddenly, we realized that the list of traffic-stoppers had reached the ridiculous level, and the speculation began. We figured that within minutes we would hear that Interstate 5 was completely closed due to a flipped semi probably because of an earthquake, and that freak high tides had washed a whale across Coast Highway 101, as well. We figured in a hurricane, just for good measure. We began to wonder how hard it would be to “borrow” a helicopter and pilot from Camp Pendleton, because the Terminal 2 renovations won’t be finished until 2013. After all this, I dragged my family out hours early to drop off my Boston-bound son. It was Sunday morning, but I still expected the worst. Me, making him load up early, and him not wanting to is his magic charm. Without fail, we have light traffic all the way, no beach crush, no Comic-Con commuters, only a handful of Arizona license plates, and even the drive through the airport is manageable. We arrive almost two hours before his flight leaves. He gives me the look mothers are given when they are wrong. I stop just short of telling him all my “almost missed a flight” stories … again. There is no justice. Jean Gillette is a freelance writer in the market for a crystal ball and a cheap helicopter.. Contact her at jgillette@coastnewsgroup.com.



JULY 29, 2011



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Items For Sale 200

Items For Sale 200

Items For Sale 200

Free Stuff




YELLOW GAZANIA Ground cover, huge lavender, aloe. (760) 643-1945.

2 WICKER POOL CHAISE LOUNGE movable back, ivory metal and webbing $12 for both (760) 599-9141

JEWELRY BOX Musical, etchd glass door, 4-drawers, 9” W X 11” tall, $14; three fancy cocktail rings, $7 each. (760) 599-9141

OUTDOOR WALL MOUNT $30 Beautiful LAMP Minkska Outdoor Lavery Wall lamp. Die Cast Aluminum with Bent Beveled Glass and Powder Coat Finish. Finish with Antique Bronze. Uses 1100W Med. Base Bulbs. Paid $50; never used. Still in box. (760) 715-7773

F.Y.I. 100

Items For Sale 200 Garage Sales GARAGE SALE Saturday July 30, 8 a.m. - 11 a.m.,, kids stuff, 1859 Lilac Court, Carlsbad 92011

Antiques ANTIQUE IRONING BOARD Wooden, 1940’s era, good condition $75 (760) 496-8936 LONGABERGER SMALL BASKET Maple 1989, 15” X 10” X 6”, swinging handles, liner protector, woven splints, never used, $100. (760) 4369933 NORITACKE CHINA beautiful service set of 12, $150 (760) 729+6044


PACKARD BELL STEREO 2 speakers, 8 track, collector’s item, in fine condition $99 (760) 729-6044

INDEX F.Y.I..................................... ..100 HEALTH & WELL BEING ....150 ITEMS FOR SALE................200 BUSINESS SERV.............. ...300 FINANCIAL SERV.................310 HOME SERVICES................325 MISC. SERVICES............. ...350 PERSONAL SERV................375

HELP WANTED....................400 JOBS WANTED....................450 BUSINESS OPPS............ ....475 ROOMMATES................... ...500 RENTALS...................... .......600 REAL ESTATE......................700 LEGAL/PUBLIC NOTICE.... 800 AUTOMOTIVE..................... 900


Per Paper 1-2 wks 3 wks 6 wks 12 wks 26 wks 52 wks Display PCI $40







CLASSIFIED LINE AD RATES: $3.00/word, 15 word minimum. Contract rates available for 4+ insertions. Call for information. LINE ADS RUN IN ALL PAPERS - 108,000 READERS


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HP PRINTER 5440; $25 (760) 721-825

Furniture 3 SOLID OAK BAR STOOLS press back style, 23 1/2 inches high, $75 or best offer (760) 804-1640 REAL WICKER LOVESEAT With design, unused, natural color, $75. (760) 496-8936.

VICTORIAN WICKER LOVESEAT White with cushions, 53”L X 30”T X 19”D, must see, beautiful, $85 OBO. (760) 599-9141.

Miscellaneous 15 GALLON PLANTS $35 each, fan palm, jade, crown of thorns, black pine, loquot, macadamia nut (760) 436-6604 15 GALLON PLANTS & MORE Fan Palms, Crown-ofthorns, Jade, Loquot, Black Pines, Macadamia Nuts, Aloe Vera, $35. each. (760) 436-6604 2 CAFTANS satin, med/large, colorful, never used, $15 ea. (760) 599-9141. (760) 599-9141

To view or place ads online go to: coastnewsgroup.com

or stop by office at: 828 N. Hwy 101, Leucadia

BONFIRE WOOD FOR SALE $5 per box, you bring the box. Val (760) 753-4412 CASTLETON CHINA SET White Ironstone Independence pattern, service for 6, 60 pieces total, $50. Or best offer. (760) 434-4705

Computer / Electronics

2 SPLASH CIMBALS Sadian name brand, 1 10” B8 splash, 1 hand hammered HH duo splash $100

760-436-9737 or fax ad copy 760-943-0850

BATH SAFETY GRIP solid white metal for bath tub 19 inches high x 6 inches wide, great condition, originally $90, sell for $30 (760) 6962425

COWBOY BOOTS Black leather, fancy, 9 1/2 W, as new, $85. (760) 643-1945

Ask for Classified Dept.


BABY/CHILD ITEMS musical potty chair, fold-up banana stroller, wood rocking chair, $10. each. (760) 599-9141

WWII AMMO CONTAINER Collector’s item, $49. (760) 729-6044.

2 COPPER 1 windmill/tower 8 inches wide x 10 inches tall, 1 old fashioned western bank building 3.5 inches wide x 8 inches tall $8 each, $16 both (760)599-9141

Copy and Cancellations

3 PIECE PATIO SET 2 chairs with high backs & a round glass table, $100. (760) 7263482

CHARBROIL PORTABLE GAS GRILL assembled and BRAND NEW! including propane tank and grill brush $33 call (760) 944-7717

TWIN MATRESS & BOX SPRING Pillow top in good condition, no stains, rips or tears. Can be seen on Craigs List, $70. (760) 412-7878.


22”X20” JADE CARVING Large Soochow jade carving, 22” x 20”. (760)599-7219. (760) 599-7219

DEEP BICYCLE BASKET Bell brand, handlebar attached, white/metal, never used, $16. (760) 599-9141. DOG RAMP Heavy plastic with carrying handle, carpet lined, $50. (760) 207-2927. ELECTRICAL WALL SIGN Wood/ glass/ water sounds, 16”W X 12”L, South Seas, palm trees, hut, water, $15. (760) 599-9141. ELIZABETH TAYLOR PRINT Black & white, wood frame/ plexiglass, 38”W X 26”L $20. (760) 599-9141. ENGLISH RIDING BOOTS LADIES made in England, “Malborough”, brown, great condition, used gently, size 7B $100 (760) 944-6460

LARGE COOKIE JAR colorful, Lenox Birds design $55 (760) 643-1945 LENOX CHINA Large birdhouse cookie jar, colorful birds, $55. (760) 643-1945 LIKE NEW HUNTER AIR $99.00-hunter PURIFIER. 30381 hepatech air purifier features a whisper-quiet fan that draws air into the unit without excessive noise. Operational manual included. Pictures available. (760) 8421970 MENS COMFORT SLIPPER size 13, “Tamara”, slip on, brown, new, left in box $20 (760) 944-6460 MENS SOCKS SIZE 13 from the “Feel Good Store.com”, no-binding, snag resistant, 98% cotton, 2% stretch lycra, 2 crew, 1 over the calf, new unused $15 all (760) 944-6460 MEN’S SANDALS Size 13, from the “Feel Good” store.com, “wave” flip-flops khaki color sandal with Orthaheel, pure walking comfort, brand new $35 (760) 9446460 MEN’S SHOES Size 13, “Rockport” - gray suede with black, $10. Used, good condition. (760) 944-6460. METAL BEDFRAME WITH WHEELS $10. (760) 496-8936. NEW CARPET 12 X12 ft, manufacturer: Fabrica; Collector: Sondoval, color: lisbon-holly (soft gray); Style: Friezze, $150. (760) 944-6460. OLD MANUAL TYPEWRITER $35. (760) 4968936.

PICNIC BASKET Brown wicker with plastic plates, cups, utensils & cloth napkins & tablecloth, $17. (760) 5999141. PLANTS/CACTI & SUCCU“Mother-in-Law LENTS Tonque”, 4 ft. tall, $40; “Agave Mediopicta”, 4” & 8” pots, $12 for both. (760) 944-6460. RASH GUARD SHIRTS 2 long sleeve, extra large $15 each (760) 643-1945 REHAB BLACK BOOT short black rehab boot for sprained ankle, size woman’s medium $40 (760) 758-2549 ROOM DIVIDER 40” wide, 5 ft. tall, 20” deep, $20. (760) 496-8936 SEARS KENMORE SEWING MACHINE Portable with table & manual, 10-12 years old, not a 3 arm, $50. Also an entertaining folding table, $30. (760) 758-8958. SHARP ADDING MACHINE classic electric 12 key in good condition, includes 2 rolls of paper, clear printing, clear large keys, 13x9 $20 (760) 7127640 SHARP TV 24” screen, very good picture with remote, $75. (760) 942-7430. SHOPPING BAGS hundreds of shopping bags, American and European, high end, heavy duty paper and vinyl bags, small, medium and large, like new $18 OBO (760) 944-6460 SOUP BOWL AND PLATTER large with rose trim by Keystone Cannonburg Pottery Company USA $30 (760) 4369933

FIREWOOD FOR SALE Quality Eucalyptus, pine, oak & citrus, any size load avaiable. (760) 942-7430. GARDENING ITEMS Some terracotta & ceramic pots & saucers, pot feet, bamboo & green metal stakes, etc... all for $18. (760) 944-6460 HOOVER BRUSH VAC $10 model S1083, handheld vacuum, 18’ cord, no expensive rechargeable batteries to replace or recharge, roller brush and brush attachment (760) 942-1413 HOOVER HAND HELD VACUUM Heavy duty, like new, $29. (760) 729-6044 HOT box of fifty hot wheels in original packaging. random models. $40 (760) 726-8491 INDOOR BRASS POT 12 1/2” high, 12” wide, with two brass handles, $25. (760) 944-6460

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Items For Sale 200

Items For Sale 200

Automobiles 900




TEMPUR-PEDIC SEAT CUSHIONS from the “Healthy Back Store”. Portable, weighs 2 lbs and is 16” X 13”. One brand new and one gently used. Original packages $60 and $50. (760) 944-6460

TENNIS RACQUET Prince Extender, 4 3/8 grip, powerful, good condition, $20. (760) 6322487

1992 TOYOTA CAMRY Automatic, power steering, brakes, windows, stereo, CD player, special rim tires, title & smogged, $2,700. (760) 4532513.

TWO COCKTAIL RINGS $10 each. (760) 599-9141 TWO TENNIS RACQUETS $14 each. Lady Bancroft “Quart King”, Men’s Spalding “ACE Long 28.5, excellent condition. (760) 599-9141 VINTAGE CANISTER SET (4) 2 large, 2 small, brown metal with chrome lids, $8. (760) 496-8936 WATER SHOES by Speedo, men’s size 9, $15 (760) 9425692 OFFICE FOLDING TABLE metal and brown, $35 (760) 758-8958 TABLE LAMP brass stand, with white shade, $35 (760) 758-8958

Sporting Goods AIR PUMP WITH GAUGE For bicycles, sports balls, pool inflatables, $15. (760) 9421303 BASEBALL BAT BAG Black duck cloth, $10. (760) 5999141 BASEBALL GLOVE Dual finger, easy catch web, like new, $18. (760) 599-9141 BIKE SHOES Specialized Touring Shoes - $10, used, size 10, no cleats (760) 942-1413 LIGHTNING BOLT SURFBOARD light weight, short board, tri-fin, $135 or trade for knee board (951) 658-8495 MEN’S MOUNTAIN BIKE 24” 21-speed mountain bike, shifters on handlebars with centerfold brakes, $50. (760) 942-7430. SKATEBOARD RAMP curved metal skate board ramp, brand ’Ramp Logic’ $50 (760) 753-3616 TENNIS RACKET Pro Kennex, silver ace, graffite, $25 (760) 942-5692

Items Wanted JACK DANIELS Collector looking for old jd or lem motlow bottles and advertising or display items. Up to $149 each (760) 630-2480 WANTED Wanted Used Saxophones, flutes, clairnets, any condition, will pay cash. 760-346-9931 (760) 705-0215.

Miscellaneous Services HORSE Trainers- 23 years experience, Dressage, Eventing, Trail Training, Behavior Issues, “Husband” horse training, Beginners welcome! House calls available. Cook Training Stables- 1-760703-5551.

Wanted To Buy DIABETIC TEST STRIPS WANTED Any Type, Any Brand. Will pay up to $10 a box. Call Ronda at (760) 5937033.

Misc. Services 350 Personal Assistant, Professional Organizer, Interior Decorator for home or office. Redecorate your home or rearrange existing furnishings. Help paying bills create filing systems, errands, meal preparation, driving to appointments, event and travel planning,10 years experience. Free consultation

Call Sherry at 619-917-9577


MBA w/6+ years project/construction management experience. I can manage projects at your estate, coordinate contractors, and meet with vendors. Sierra Estate Services. Call Chris 858-752-9779 or email: sierraestateservices@yahoo.com

UGLY CONCRETE? Beautiful overlays with many colors to choose from. Very reasonable. Concrete, masonry. 25 years exp. (951) 837-8934

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1995 MERCEDES SL500 white, hard top convertible, 122,159 miles, 1 owner with maintenance records, dual leather power seats, head light wipers, slip control, abs wheels, a/c, p/w, p/l cruise control, BOSE am/fm cassette, convertible top is black, hard top is white $10,000 (760) 6220785 MAZDA SPORT Miata, mx, turbo, 2 seater, black soft top with cover, cd stereo, air, manual, (stick 6 speed), performance tires with spare, apprx. 38,000 miles. (760) 207-0073 San Marcos, $15,950.00 0B0.

Trucks/SUVs 1983 CHEVY EL CAMINO CLASSIC V6, 3.8 engine, 74K miles, cruise control, factory air conditioning, one owner $9,000 (760) 439-0310

Vans 1991 TOYOTA VAN new battery and tires, radio/cd player, well maintained $3,700 (760) 975-2620

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PREGNANT? CONSIDERING ADOPTION? You choose from families nationwide. LIVING EXPENSES PAID. Abby's One True Gift Adoptions. 866-413-6292, 24/7 Void/Illinois

PROCESS Mail! Pay Weekly! FREE Supplies! Bonuses! Genuine! Helping Homeworkers since 1992! Call 1-888-302-1522 www.howtowork-fromhome.com

Automotive WANTED JAPANESE MOTORCYCLES KAWASAKI 1970-1980 Z1900, KZ900, KZ 1000, H2-750, H1500, S1-250, S2-250, S2-350, S3400 CASH. 1-800-772-1142, 1-310721-0726 usa@classicrunners.com

Autos Wanted DONATE YOUR CAR. FREE TOWING. "Cars for Kids". Any condition. Tax deductible outreachcenter.com, 1-800-597-9411 TOP CASH FOR CARS, Any Car/Truck, Running or Not. Call for INSTANT offer: 1-800-454-6951

Computers NEW COMPUTER - No credit check. Guaranteed approval! Checking account required. FREE TV. www.E-ZoneDirect.com. 1-888267-4134

Electronics DIRECT TO HOME Satellite TV $24.99/mo. FREE installation, FREE HD/DVR upgrade. New customers - NO ACTIVATION FEE! Credit/Debit Card Req. Call 1-800795-3579

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Health & Fitness Viagra 100mg, Cialis 20mg. 40 pill +4 FREE, only $99.00. Save $500. Discreet Call.1-888-797-9024

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Miscellaneous $$OLD GUITARS WANTED$$ Gibson,Fender,Martin,Gretsch. 1920's to 1980's. Top Dollar paid. Toll Free: 1-866-433-8277 AIRLINES ARE HIRING - Train for high paying Aviation Maintenance Career. FAA approved program. Financial aid if qualified - Housing available CALL Aviation Institute of Maintenance (866)453-6204. ATTEND COLLEGE ONLINE from home. Medical, Business, Paralegal, Accounting, Criminal Justice. Job placement assistance. Computer available. Financial aid if qualified. Call 800-494-3586 www.CenturaOnline.com

Real Estate

2011 Postal Positions $13.00$36.50+/hr., Federal hire/full benefits. Call Today! 1-866-477-4953 Ext. 150

***FREE Foreclosure Listings*** OVER 400,000 properties nationwide. Low down payment. Call now 800-250-2043.

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VITAMIN GUY Since 1978

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THE PAINTER 20 years experience References / Free estimates



J.H. Dandy



Patios, decks, pergolas, arbors, wishing wells, crown moulding, chair rail, stairs, etc... LICENSED, BONDED, INSURED


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ROBERT 760-415-2006 Lic. #890924

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JULY 29, 2011

Stop Renting Lease option to buy Rent to own No money down No credit check 1-877-395-0321

Wanted To Buy WANTED DIABETES TEST STRIPS Any kind/brand. Unexpired up to $18.00. Shipping Paid Hablamos espanol 1-800-2660702 www.selldiabeticstrips.com $$CASH PAID$$ DIABETIC TEST STRIPS. Sealed Unexpired Boxes Only. FREE SHIPPING. FASTEST PAYMENT! 1-888-0216 (24/7)

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DONATE YOUR CAR…To The Cancer Fund of America. Help Those Suffering With Cancer Today. Free Towing and Tax deductible. 1-800-835-9372 www.cfoa.org

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JULY 29, 2011



SOUP TO NUTS by Rick Stromoski

FRANK & ERNEST by Bob Thaves

THE BORN LOSER by Art & Chip Sansom

BIG NATE by Lincoln Peirce

Friday, July 29, 2011 Provided you don't take on more than you can handle, your prospects for the coming months look extremely encouraging. Do all the necessary homework and weed out all the money wasters first, before you make any moves. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) -- Be leery of someone who attempts to involve you in a game of one-upsmanship, especially if money is involved. Chances are that he has experience or expertise he isn't telling you about. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) -- Even if you believe you have money to burn, handle your finances with prudence and caution. Deal only with the realities at hand and don't count on Lady Luck carrying you to victory. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23) -- Fence sitting could get you into a lot of trouble, and we're not just talking sore haunches. Either take a firm position on a critical issue or don't get involved at all. You don't need any additional complications. SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22) -- Avoid talking too freely to a friend about a matter that is supposed to be confidential. Although you usually can trust this person, she or he might misunderstand and spread the news. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23-Dec. 21) -- If you are too easily put upon by friends, a certain pal could palm off a difficult job on you that he or she is avoiding because of


by Luis Campos

MONTY by Jim Meddick

Celebrity Cipher cryptograms are created from quotations by famous people, past and present. Each letter in the cipher stands for another. TODAY'S CLUE:

E equals H

ARLO & JANIS by Jimmy Johnson


COW & BOY by Mark Leiknes

“ G M J Z M K


P G A H , U G A L G

the responsibility involved. Know what you're getting into. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) -- Try to keep the needs and interests of your pals on the same level as your own. If you put your wants ahead of those of others, you will quickly alienate their friendship. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) -- Nothing will be accomplished if you aren't as persevering as you should be in regards to your plans. Throwing in the towel because of a few impediments is folly. PISCES (Feb. 20-March 20) -- Be wary if you're offered something on the side for going along with a secret deal. It could turn out to be nothing but sugar coating that will turn sour at a moment's notice. ARIES (March 21-April 19) -- Going against your better judgment is foolish and you know it, so regardless of your reasons for wanting to do so, back off. When you start ignoring your common sense, you're in trouble. TAURUS (April 20-May 20) -Demanding the impossible from a person on whom you palmed off a difficult job is wrong, and you know it. Give him or her the same space you would have wanted for yourself. GEMINI (May 21-June 20) -- Be wary of a merchandiser who is representing something as a bargain when, in fact, he might be merely dumping it because of some hidden imperfections. Shop wisely. CANCER (June 21-July 22) -Frustrations will result if you aren't realistic about the objectives you establish for yourself. If they are too overwhelming or beyond your scope of expertise, you should hire a pro.








L S G , D I







D L . ”




PREVIOUS SOLUTION: “I cheated a lot because I just couldn’t sit and do homework. I usually sat next to someone extremely smart.” Leonardo DiCaprio



JULY 29, 2011



1 AY D N



COVENANT HORSE TRAILS! $4,475,000 Gated Covenant estate on the horse trails. 6 bedroom suites, mahogany-paneled library/office, gourmet kitchen, 6 fireplaces, large guest house, pool and spa. On 2.95 beautifully manicured acres. Call for a private showing!


GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY! $2,200,000 - $2,700,000 Incredible opportunity to own in Fairbanks Ranch. 5 bedroom suites, gourmet kitchen, beautiful library/office, 4 fireplaces, travertine floors and a wine closet. Enjoy outdoor entertaining by the pool with detached guest casita and barbeque. Call for a private showing!

FAIRBANKS BEAUTY WITH VIEWS! $2,450,000 In guard-gated Fairbanks Ranch on 2.24 acres with lovely panoramic views. 6 bedrooms, 6.5 baths, marble floors, 5-car garage, newer remodeled kitchen and baths, plus large family room with a fireplace and wet bar. Seller is motivated! Call for a private showing!

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