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Ranch utilities to get buried


LOVE IS ALL THEY NEED Many people are afraid

to adopt abused animals, thinking their issues are insurmountable, but experts say all it takes to turn an abused animal into a happy one is some care and affection B1

ANNUAL MEETING The Rancho Santa Fe

By Patty McCormac

RANCHO SANTA FE — At its April 7 meeting, the Association approved the Assessment District Committee’s petition and corresponding cover letter, which will be sent to members to begin the process of undergrounding utilities. In addition, it gave the go-ahead for staff to contact people who expressed an interest in serving as district captains for the initial assessment districts. “That would be the beginning of the process,” said Nikki Flynn, assistant planner, who presented the information to the board. The undergrounding project has been ongoing for

Association will hold its annual meeting May 12, where it will update residents on what’s happening and recognize big contributions to the A3 community

TAKE A HIKE A local couple sets off on a five-month trek along the Pacific Crest Trail A7



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APRIL 22, 2011


SPECIAL DAY FOR DADS 8:;<=:>+!;?@+A?B:>CDE;FC?;+/AFG?HHF+"F<A=FC?I+A>FEA+F+IJE+K;:L+CFC1+"FL<>1+CJ;<>E+MI?+ABI::HNA+;?B?>M+%FCNA+%FO*+ Courtesy photo

School board considers Smart Boards By Patty McCormac

RANCHO SANTA FE — The days of teaching students with an ordinary white board are just about over. Enter the new Smart Board that is being considered by the Rancho Santa Fe School Board. At their April 7 meeting, the board was given a presentation of the new technology by Jeremy Short of Smart Technology, about how these high-tech, interactive teaching tools work in the classroom. The Smart Board works like a giant computer touch screen that is attached to a computer. It can be used just as a white board is used today, yet it has all the capabilities of a computer and more.

For example, if a class is studying South America, there are no more pull-down maps. A Smart Board allows teachers to not only show students a map, but they can take them on a virtual tour all the way down to the flora and fauna. An extra perk is that the teacher is able to determine immediately, through students’ hand-held devices, who needs additional information or review. At the end of the class, students can be tested. The Smart Board grades automatically, which goes right into the book. “It saves teachers an hour of grading,” he said. Most classrooms in the United Kingdom have Smart Boards and there area about

2 million in use today in schools worldwide, Short said. They are effective teaching tools because students get to interact with them. “Kids go home and have the Internet, Xbox and iPods. At school they have chalk and paper. There is a disconnect there,” Short said. ‘“Kids get bored. It makes everything exciting.” The Smart Board can put up a screen to help write music and then play it with whatever musical instrument chosen. Even coaches can do “a John Madden,” by displaying a football field and drawing the action or plays on it. Students can do the math on the screen and well as interactive history lessons or be quizzed by paintings, as

to which master created it. It can be applied to any grade level on any subject, he said. “It is limited only by the teacher’s imagination,” Short said. Short said before these Smart Boards are installed in classrooms, teachers need training, which takes only a few hours. And ongoing support is offered. “We don’t want to put technology in the classroom that is not being used,” said Lindy Delaney, superintendent of schools. At the May 5 board meeting, the company will come back with costs to put the boards in the classroom. At that time the board may decide whether to buy the units.

Bill Gaylord Gaylord-Hansen Team Chairman’s Club Member

Sam Hansen Gaylord-Hansen Team

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9095 Rio San Diego Drive, Suite 100 San Diego, CA 92108

9095 Rio San Diego Drive, Suite 100 San Diego, CA 92108

Soccer field work set for summer By Patty McCormac

RANCHO SANTA FE — The end of the school year should be the beginning of construction on the soccer field and track at R. Roger Rowe School in Rancho Santa Fe. “Digging should begin in a month and a half,” said Deb Vaughn-Cleft of Webb Cleff Architecture and Engineering, Inc., which is constructing the project. The board was given an update of the project at its April 7 meeting. The plans include room for storage sheds, a scoreboard, a new long jump area, a four-lane rubberized track and the resealing and restriping of the existing hard courts. Earlier in the TURN TO SOCCER ON A21

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APRIL 22, 2011







rk Ma




Maximum Pleasure, Minimum Effort


Watch endless sunsets from this rare oceanfront condo in the highly desirable gated Del Mar Beach Club. Situated right on the bluff with panoramic ocean views, this oversized one bedroom, two bath residence offers private access to the sand. Amenities include walking paths, several pools, a lounge, fitness center, and more. Your very own resort right here in Solana Beach! Also available for lease.

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Rancho Santa Fe Covenant $2,185,000

Rancho Santa Fe $1,975,000


Solana Beach $1,949,000

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Del Mar $1,595,000



d Re






Rancho Santa Fe $1,295,000

Rancho Santa Fe $1,249,000

Cardiff $597,500

Rancho Santa Fe $380,000

Encinitas $259,000


619.200.7000 DRE # 01125260


858.699.0299 DRE # 01441091



R S F. C O M



APRIL 22, 2011

ODD Event offers locals a taste of charity FILES


ed so good, chefs from 18 DEL MAR — As proof local restaurants prepared that philanthropy never tast- some of their signature dishes for the 15th annual Meet the Chefs of Del Mar, a fundraiser to benefit Casa de Amparo for abused and neglected children. The April 10 event, held at Hilton Del Mar, included everything from soup to macadamia nuts, with dusted scallops served with sweet corn relish a favorite presented by Poseidon, according to an unofficial survey of tasters. Also receiving a thumbs up from a majority of attendees were the grilled lamb chops with roasted eggplant salad from owner-chef SAUTE AWAY !"#$%"& '#(")#* Randy Gruber of Americana +#,+& -."/& 0(& 1#+"23#4*& +0,(5+ +-0))#6+*& 7.2-.& 7"$"& 3,+("3& 72(. Restaurant. In fact, Jane Diliberto of 80-030820& 4,(+& 043& +"$9"3& 72(. +7""(&-#$4&$")2+.&043&80-030820: Oceanside said she grows her own eggplant and +."$$;&92402%$"(("<

By Bianca Kaplanek


A tank and several armored vehicles with dozens of SWAT officers and a bomb robot rolled into a generally quiet Phoenix neighborhood on March 21, startling the residents. Knocking down a wall, deputies raided the home of Jesus Llovera, who was “suspected” of running a cockfighting business, and, indeed, 115 chickens were found inside, but Llovera was alone and unarmed, and his only previous connection to cockfights was a misdemeanor conviction in 2010 for attending one. “We’re going to err on the side of caution,” said Sgt. Jesse Spurgin. Adding to neighbors’ amazement was the almost-fanciful sight — riding in the tank — of actor Steven Seagal, who had brought his “Lawman” reality TV show to Phoenix.

The Entrepreneurial Spirit

— Product Giveaways: (1) New sign-ups for higherend Dish satellite TV systems at the Radio Shack in Hamilton, Mont., also receive free Hi-Point .380 pistols or 20-gauge shotguns (after passing a background check, paid for by the store). The owner said his business has tripled since introducing the premium in October. (2) Bobblehead dolls may be popular baseball giveaways, but as part of the local “Green Sports Alliance” demonstrating concern for the environment, the Seattle Mariners announced in March that for several games this season, fans would get free bags of compost (made from food and other items discarded at Mariners games). — It started as a class project at Brown University, but after a launch party on March 19 (and a sold-out first run of 500), Julie Sygiel’s Sexy Period menstrual-leak-fighting panties are on sale ($32 to $44, depending on the style — “cheeky,” “hipster” or “bikini”). Sygiel said “sexy” is less to suggest sensuality than to help women cope with the time of the month when they feel “not at (their) best. We want to banish that moment.” — A Chinese Capitalist’s Learning Curve: In the early hours of the destruction at Japan’s Fukushima nuclear power plant in March, rumors abounded that millions of people might need iodine products to fight off radiation. A restaurateur named Guo in Wuhan, China, seeing the price of iodized table salt rise dramatically, cleverly cornered a market with 4 1/2 tons of it, trucked to his home, where it filled half the rooms. According to a March 25 China Daily report, the price has returned to pre-Fukushima levels — much less than TURN TO ODD FILES ON A21

TASTY TREATS =04-.#&'04(0&>"&$"+23"4(+&=#42&?-!,2$"*&)"/(*&043 '043$0& @"4& A2B)& "4B#;& C$2%04(24"D+& 6"66"$:-$,+("3& +0)8#4& +0)03< Photos by Bianca Kaplanak

planned to use the recipe provided to try the dish at home. Popular choices also included ravioli — stuffed with lobster and presented by Pasta Pronto and stuffed with butternut squash and served with crushed amaretto cookies from Tommy V’s Italian Chop House. The chilled ginger pea soup with smoked salmon tartar from Amaya at Grand Del Mar was described as “interesting but good” by several tasters. Other participating restaurants were Brigantine, Del Mar Rendezvous, Hilton Del Mar, Il Fornaio, Jake’s Del Mar, Kitchen 1540 at L’Auberge Del Mar, Pacific Coast Grill, Pacifica Del Mar, TO EACH HIS OWN I,3;&J";+*&)"/(*&#/&=04-.#&'04(0&>"&+023&."$ Paradise Grille, Red Tracton’s, /09#$2("& 70+& E)& >#$402#D+& F,(("$4,(& +K,0+.& 043& 60+(0& 32+.*& 7.2)"& ."$ 4"2%.F#$+*&G3&043&?0;&L44&C#+040-&"4B#;"3&I0M"D+&+.$286&043&/0$$# +0)03<


FOOD FOR A CAUSE E+0F"))0 G+($030*& H*& /$#8& '04& @2"%#*& #6(+ /#$&/$,2(&#4&(."&3"++"$(&(0F)"<&G0$)2"$ +."& "4B#;"3& (."& 6"66"$:-$,+("3 +0)8#4& +0)03& #//"$"3& F; C$2%04(24"<

Association readies for annual meeting By Patty McCormac

RANCHO SANTA FE — The annual meeting of the Association is scheduled for 5:45 p.m. May 12 at the Garden Club. “Each year, all homeowner associations have membership meetings, but we are a little different,” said Peter Smith, Association manager. “Some will elect officers for the following year. We do not. We send out

ballots on that day.” He said that at the beginning of the meeting, at about 5 p.m., each candidate for a position on the Association board will give a brief presentation. Then at about 5:45 p.m. the president will give a brief overview of the status of the Association, outlining accomplishments during the year. “At that time we give out the annual community

service awards,” Smith said. “We also give out the Lily Awards. Those are the recognition of homes and property in the community that have kept in the real spirit of Rancho Santa Fe,” Smith said. He recommended that everyone turn out for the meeting. “It helps to become informed on what is going on in the community and it’s a

great social time to meet with your neighbors,” he said. In other Rancho Santa Fe news, The Rancho Santa Fe Patrol is expected to move into permanent quarters at the fire station on El Fuego downstairs from NorthCom in a space recently vacated by the fire administration. The patrol had been TURN TO MEETING ON A22

Local entrepreneur aims to help disaster victims By Lillian Cox

ENCINITAS — As owner of the hip Detour salon on Highway 101, and past president of the Downtown Encinitas Mainstreet Association, Crystal Wells stands as one of Encinitas’ most successful entrepreneurs. After Hurricane Katrina struck in August 2005, Wells’ priorities changed from making money to helping disaster victims rebuild. Six years later she still calls New Orleans home. Wells said she was imbued with these values growing up in a family of four children in Cardiff. “My dad was always trying to help the underdog,” she explained. “My mother was a nurse at Tri-City Hospital so she was also very compassionate. It was very important to give back.” Wells said she felt helpless as she watched news of

Wells took a week off Katrina unfold on the televifrom the salon to help. sion. “I was expecting a whole “If the government wasn’t going to be there, I thought lot of people doing a whole lot of clean up,” she said. “All I saw was a very grassroots effort involved in feeding and housing people.” Seeing a community the size of Encinitas completely evacuated struck close to home. “It was unbelievable, indescribable,” she said. “About my second day I called work and said I’m going to stay a second week because they need help. I was a wreck, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and couldGIVING BACK N$;+(0)& O"))+* n’t believe no one was here.” Wells returned to #74"$& #/& (."& @"(#,$& +0)#4& 24 G4-242(0+< Courtesy photo Encinitas, then went back to New Orleans and stayed a volunteers should,” she said. month. She again returned to “I signed up with The Red Encinitas, this time to meet Cross and then I got an e-mail with her employees and from Habitat for Humanity announce that she was going looking for volunteers to gut to take a year off. homes in St. Bernard Parish.” “The business was doing

fine without me,” she said. “It was a big decision to leave, but I found that my calling was here. What I could contribute was far more important, and made more sense, then staying and running Detour. I set it up to run without me, because I didn’t want the business, and everyone’s livelihood, to be dependent on my well-being.” After her work with Habitat for Humanity ended, she became director of volunteerism for the St. Bernard Parish in June 2009 where she supervised the conversion of a two-story, 40,000 square feet Catholic school into the third site for Camp Hope. The facility served as a base camp for volunteers helping rebuild homes of those who were handicapped, elderly or underinsured. “After the oil spill in April 2010 the Parish turned TURN TO ENTREPRENEUR ON A22

Five people arraigned in murder case By Shelli DeRobertis

VISTA — Two men and one woman each pleaded not guilty April 14 in a Vista courtroom, making them three of the five people arraigned on murder charges for the death of a 63-year-old Carlsbad man who was shot in his detached garage April 1. Joseph Verkade, 34, is accused of being the shooter, and a conviction could lead to the death penalty, according to Deputy District Attorney Matthew Greco. Verkade, Michael Gualt, 30, and Heather Strauch, 32, are each charged with firstdegree murder, attempted robbery and burglary. Judge Marshall Y. Hockett set bail at $5 million for both Gault and Strauch,butVerkade was given a $10,065,000 bail. He said that Verkade had four prior felonies, four prior misdemeanors and a failure to appear charge. Greco said that Verkade is charged with personal use of the weapon, and that he could face the death penalty or life without parole, if convicted. He said that Gault and Strauch both could serve up to 26 years in prison. At 1 a.m. April 1, neighbors called police and reported hearing gunshots and seeing three people fleeing from the garage at the 3000 block of Valley Street. Greco said that there were three individuals who got into a truck and fled the scene. Michael Michel Sahagun was found dead in his garage at his Valley Street residence, of a gunshot wound to his chest. So far, five people have been arrested and arraigned for Sahagun’s death. Greco said it was a preplanned attempted murder. “A sixth individual has been arraigned for assisting, although not charged with murder,” Greco said. The three original suspects arrested in connection with Sahagun’s murder were found by Carlsbad Police SWAT officers at 4 a.m. April 2, in a room at Motel 6 on 3708 Plaza Drive, according to the Carlsbad Police Department. Grant MacGregor Hunter, 23, and Mercedes Tiffany Yorba, 19, were arrested, booked into jail and charged with first-degree murder, firstdegree robbery, first-degree burglary and conspiracy. Gary Dean Gomez, 26, is the alleged accessory, and was arrested for possession of narcotics and aiding and abetting after the homicide, Sgt. Mickey Williams of the Carlsbad Police TURN TO ARRAIGNMENT ON A20

“No money down... don’t pay until you’re happy!”

UGLY CONCRETE? Beautiful overlays with color choice

Concrete • Masonry Over 25 years experience

951.837.8934 Will be relocating to Coast, looking to build up business there.



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APRIL 22, 2011

COMMUNITY COMMENTARIES !"#$%&''()*+,$%&''#)+-.,$/#0+*&)$*/$&1#)$+&$#2#.,&)#3$41*)*&)/ #51.#//#6$ *)$ +"#$ %&''()*+,$ %&''#)+-.,$ /#0+*&)$ -.#$ *)$ )&$ 7-, .#1.#/#)+-+*2#$ &8$ !"#$ %&-/+$ 9#7/$ :.&(13$ ;#)6$ /(<'*//*&)/$ )& =&)>#.$ +"-)$ ?@@$ 7&.6/$ +&$ =/(++&)A0&-/+)#7/>.&(130&'3 ;(<'*//*&)$6&#/$)&+$>(-.-)+##$1(<=*0-+*&)3

Large turnout for forum helping parents learn to communicate with teens

By Nancy Perry-Sheridan

Pensions are the catch of a lifetime City workers getting lifetime retirements at age 55 landed the catch of a lifetime. Public pensions are a Ponzi scheme with the working man at the bottom of the pyramid. Encinitas has four retired workers guaranteed more than $100,000 annually. One earns $12,000 monthly. Each year the list grows. Private workers not only have to pay for their own retirement but also the retirements of multiple city employees. How much do you need in your 401K to get you $12K monthly for life risk free? How hard should you have to work to pay for some city employee’s guaranteed retirement? Public unions use candidate endorsements as bait to catch trophysized pensions. The self-serving relationship between public unions and city officials has to end. In Oceanside, police were given a 5 percent increase a month before the residents learned the city was short $3.6 million. In Encinitas, the sheriff’s union paid for billboards to elect Kristin Gaspar. In San Diego’s plan to move workers to private 401K the police union is exempt. Last week San Diego police negotiated a pay raise while other city employees took 6 percent pay cuts. The hook is we are paying more and getting less. Local governments increase city worker benefits and cut services. The Bureau of Labor reports

ANDREW AUDET Life, Liberty and Leadership

ting what was called an extra paycheck that spiked Cotton’s pension. Cotton gets $6,400 monthly in pension and another $15K in a monthly deal with the city. Barth opposed it saying the $45K could be saved for taxpayers. As a kid, April meant trout season. At the crack of dawn, Dad would drive my siblings and I down dirt roads, his green Ford F-150 lurching along with four kids packed on the seat. Through the windows we’d see them. Swarming mosquitoes and black flies.There was a price to pay for landing a trout that included perseverance,courage and a fair amount off Calamine lotion. My dad would park and turn to the four of us saying “let’s get moving, the fish aren’t going to jump in the truck.” His point being life doesn’t just happen. Success and results require our active participation. North County officials need to get moving on pension reforms. Taxpayer money needs to go to fund community services like parks, roads, schools and seniors. City employees and public pensioners have reached their limit. The season of taxpayer funded retirements is closed.

50 percent of local city costs are labor. Encinitas Deputy Mayor Stocks is endorsed by the police union and a former fire chief who collects a pension of $12K monthly. During Stocks’ terms in office, firefighters got $8 million to build new fire stations with bigger TVs with no improvement in response times. Encinitas city employees cheered when the council awarded them a 35 percent benefits increase. Elected officials are supposed to represent taxpayers not city employees.The $30 million Hall Park remains a vacant field. North County needs to drain the pension fishing hole that is sapping financial resources. Last week,Teresa Barth told residents that Mayor Bond and City Manager Cotton agreed to her request to put pension reform on the agenda. Bond has 60 days to make it happen. Barth wants the discussion in an open meeting. Earlier this year in a closed meeting concerning a pension issue Stocks, Bond and Gaspar Contact columnist Andrew Audet at approved of City Manager Cotton get- aaudet@coastnewsgroup.com.

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LAURIE SUTTON lsutton@coastnewsgroup.com

One hundred and eighty parents came to San Dieguito High School Academy in Encinitas on April 5 to listen to the Tune in to Your Teen parent forum about effectively connecting with our teenage young adults. A panel of four distinguished speakers included SDA counselor Julianne Velasco, Rev. John Breding of Rady Children’s Hospital, Season Hewitt of the Scripps MacDonald Adolescent Treatment Center and Clarita Thoms-May, a licensed marriage, family and child therapist, shared their insights about how to engage our teens on universal high school issues. Springtime can be a very stressful time for our students. There are academic pressures around finals and standardized exams. Juniors and seniors are preparing for next year — taking additional tests, deciding on a college or identifying other options. Feelings of uncertainty and exhaustion are prevalent. “If you notice a change in your teens’ friends, grades or your teen is spending a lot of time alone, be supportive. Check in with him/her about your observations. Support your teen with a nurturing approach, rather than confrontational,”Velasco said. Breding spoke about helping our teens with grief and loss, particularly as it relates to the death of a family member or friend. “We heal from loss through grief and teens need lots of support in their grieving process,” he said.“Grief is a natural part of life. It is important for teens to feel the sadness and the loss in a healthy fashion so that they are prepared for when the next crisis occurs in their life. Foster hope by giving support. Get through by setting small goals — get through one day, then the next, which will build on resiliency… Teens may also grieve from the loss of a friendship, a spot on a team or from academic disappointment.” Hewitt, an adolescent treat-

ment counselor, showed powerful brain scans of a normal brain contrasted with damaged brain scans from use on marijuana and other illicit drugs, which can be viewed at amenclinc.com (click on SPECT image gallery). “Parents send mixed messages about marijuana to their teens, which is very confusing,” she said.“The worst thing that you can do is to ignore the problem. Educate yourself about what’s out there — take advantage of the many resources and ask for help. It is a sign of strength to ask for help.” “Prevention studies show that clear messaging from parents about drinking and drug use is the No. 1 deterrent for teens to not drink and use drugs,” I said to the audience, as Student Support Service council and moderator of the evening. Thoms-May provided results of the recent SDA parent teen communication survey and insights from her private practice. “Interrupting, yelling, lecturing, not giving me all of their attention and comparing me to someone else, are all things that my parents do that make me NOT want to talk to them,”were all things reported by a random sampling of SDA teens. Students in all grades responded to the survey. The anonymous teen/parent survey was prepared by the Student Support Service council of the foundation. SDA teens report turning to their friends and moms, in that order, when wanting advise about problems, questions about sex, online bullying and peer problems. “Ask your teens about how they might manage a problem and listen to their ideas,” Thoms-May said. “Be patient.” Nancy Perry-Sheridan, MSW, is with the SDAlliance for Drug Free Youth, which serves the cities of Del Mar, Encinitas, Solana Beach and the communities of Carmel Valley, Del Mar Heights, Elfin Forest, La Costa, Rancho Santa Fe and Sorrento Valley.

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APRIL 22, 2011


Lic. #00865698

Lic. #01147550



If either you or someone you know is thinking of buying or selling, please contact either Catherine or Jason phone at (858)756-4024, email at cj@barryestates.com, or by fax at (858)756-9553. They appreciates your business, and so does Barry Estates. The information herein is deemed reliable but not, guaranteed and should be verified.



crime REPORT A weekly log of neighborhood crime. Compiled by Shelli DeRobertis A report for the week of April 6, 2011, to April 12, 2011

HOT PROWL A 60-year-old Encinitas man was the victim of both a hot prowl residential burglary and a vehicle burglary, which was reported April 9. The crime took place on Fulvia Street and more than $4,500 of power tools and other miscellaneous items were taken. HELP! A distress call was made from Paseo Acampo on April 8 at 10:52 p.m. in Carlsbad to report that an 18-month-old child fell out of a second-story window. Records show that the child was able to move his or her limbs at the time of the call. SLOW DOWN! A resident who said she was concerned for the safety of children in the area called Carlsbad police to report that a white truck was driving backwards at excessive speeds on Grove Avenue at 1:09 p.m. on April 8. BLING STING On April 11 at 7:20 a.m. a report was made to the sheriff’s station in Vista that a grand theft from a building at Providence Drive had occurred. $35,000 worth of jewelry was reported stolen.

APRIL 22, 2011


in her 30s reported that an assault with the intent to commit rape happened at West Los Angeles Drive in Vista on April 11. LOST & FOUND Someone turned in a briefcase and a backpack to the sheriff’s station in Encinitas, which were found at Lomas Santa Fe Drive in Solana Beach on April 9. FAMILY AFFAIRS A man called police in Carlsbad on April 8 to report that several firearms were stolen from his residence at Segovia Court, and he also reported that he suspected a family member and her acquaintance were involved in the thefts. TWOFER Two separate reports were made to police during the week of April 6 to April 12 for crimes that were committed in Cardiff-By-the-Sea: a hot prowl burglary and a stolen vehicle.

CRIME LOG Compiled by Shelli DeRobertis

The following information was gathered from law enforcement’s most available records for the week of April 6, 2011 to April 12, 2011. SAN MARCOS Petty Theft 8, Burglary 9, Vandalism 3, Assault 0, Grand Theft 0, Robbery 2,Vehicle Theft 4 ENCINITAS Petty Theft 1, Burglary 3, Vandalism 0, Assault 0, Grand Theft 2, Robbery 0,Vehicle Theft 0 VISTA Petty Theft 4, Burglary 13, Vandalism 1, Assault 1, Grand Theft 3, Robbery 3,Vehicle Theft 4 OCEANSIDE Petty Theft 4, Burglary 8, Vandalism 10, Assault 0, Grand Theft 0, Robbery 0,Vehicle Theft 0 CARLSBAD Petty Theft 3, Burglary 2, Vandalism 4, Assault 0, Grand Theft 0, Robbery 0,Vehicle Theft 0 SOLANA BEACH Petty Theft 0, Burglary 0, Vandalism 1, Assault 0, Grand Theft 0, Robbery 1, Vehicle Theft 0






Eric Justin Toth, a former priFederal Grand Jury for the United vate-school teacher, is wanted for States District Court for production of child pornography. In addiallegedly possessing child pornogtion, Toth is facing a state charge raphy in Washington, D.C. for a sex crime in Maryland. Toth was born Feb. 13, 1982. Warrants have been issued in D.C. He is 6 feet 3 inches tall and weighs and Maryland for Toth’s arrest. 155 pounds. He has brown hair and Toth may advertise online as green eyes. a tutor. Toth attended Cornell It is alleged that in June 2008, ERIC TOTH University for a year and transpornographic images were found ferred to Purdue University where on a school camera that had been in Toth’s possession. Toth also allegedly pro- he graduated with an Education degree. Since duced child pornography in Maryland. In June 2008, Toth is believed to have traveled to December 2008, Toth was indicted by a Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin and Minnesota.

San Diego County’s


!"#"$%&''"()'%'*%&$$"+'%&%,-./'/#"%0*-$+"1,2%34"+"%,/1"+%+4*-15%6*'%7"%$"1/"5%-)*6%,*$%&60%'0)"%*,%1".&1 &8'/*62%%9,%'4"%+-7:"8'%/+%&%,-./'/#"%,$*(%*-$%;<%=*+'%>&6'"5%)&."?%"@(&/1%A&6%B/".*%C$/("%A'*))"$+%*$ 8&11%'4"/$%4*'%1/6"%&'%DDD@ED<@39FA%GH%4*-$+%&%5&02 I*$%5"'&/1+?%1*.%*6%'*%JJJ2+5+4"$/,,26"'K'(J2%I*$%J&$@ $&6'%/6L-/$/"+%*$%/6,*$(&'/*6%-+"%'4"%+4"$/,,M+%*61/6"%3/)%I*$(2

Seyyed Nasser Alavi Loftabad Battery, Unlawful Penetration, 2005

Ramiro Lizarraga Murder November 2007

Brandon Scott Ellis Conspiracy September 2008

Julio Cesar JacoboCuriel Murder San Marcos, 2008

Gerardo M. Gomez Attempted Murder December 2004

Imedo Molina Laurel Murder December 2005

Jose A. Lopez Attempted Murder December 2004

Ricardo Persona Rape, Child Molestation San Diego, Jan. 1997

Julio Romero Child Molestation Ramona, 2005

Arturo G. Gomez Rape with Force San Diego, May 2007

Petty Theft 0, Burglary 0, Vandalism 0, Assault 0, Grand Theft 1, Robbery

Reach over



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Program up for public comment — again By Bianca Kaplanek

SOLANA BEACH — Plans that would give Solana Beach more permitting authority over most new development are now available for a six-week public review. The city’s draft Local Coastal Program — its sixth in the past 10 years — will then be presented to City Council for approval at the end of June before it is submitted to the California Coastal Commission for what everyone hopes will be the last time. An LCP is the basic planning tool used by cities to guide development in the coastal zone. It is required by the California Coastal Act of 1976 to ensure coastal areas are used and developed according to statewide public objectives. Each LCP contains ground rules for future development and protection of coastal resources. It includes a land-use plan and zoning ordinances to implement that plan. Solana Beach is unique in that the entire city falls within the coastal zone. It is one of a handful of cities statewide — and the only one in San Diego County — without an approved LCP. Solana Beach submitted draft LCPs in 2001 and every year between 2006 and 2009. The Coastal Commission requested and received additional information following the final submission and deemed the draft LCP complete in August 2010. Since then the city and CCC staff have met four times to discuss additional Coastal Commission comments and suggestions regarding the land-use plan. Another meeting is set for April 25. Following those meetings, the city made a dozen policy changes. Several of those address sea walls and other bluff-retention devices, perhaps the most problematic issue in trying to get an approved LCP. Bluff-top property owners say they should have the right to build the structures to protect their homes. Environmentalists say the shoreline protection devices prevent the natural creation of a beach and will eventually eliminate land that belongs to the public. City and Coastal Commission staff have yet to agree on two other CCC recommendations. One would expand short-term rentals to include those less than seven days. The other would require a $30,000-per-hotel-room mitigation fee for low-cost overnight accommodations. The city “does not agree that either of these two recommended changes will have an overall beneficial effect to the (c)ommunity,” the staff report states. “Conversely, both ... could have unintended negative effects.” The municipal code, TURN TO COMMENT ON A22



APRIL 22, 2011

Girl Scout joins club to grow garden


Revisiting 40-plus years of surfing in 20 minutes The stairs were closed for repair and my friend Dave Gladstone served as my Sherpa, guiding me down the slippery dirt trail to the base of the cliff at Swami’s. Not much surf and not many people on water or sand. Nice afternoon though and I desperately needed to dust off the stress of the day. I made camp on the rocks near RC and we talked about the new carving in the park, something he termed the “Tilting Tiki.” Sure to launch a thousand quips and nicknames, the tiki will certainly reignite private debate on public art. I call it Gumby, because of its comical asymmetry. Of course it’s not a classic highbrow masterpiece, standing majestic like Michelangelo’s “David,” but a winking totem that can serve to remind us all not to take ourselves too seriously. It’s taken awhile but I think I like it. RC reminded me of the first beach art either of us were aware of, “Hot Curl,” a crude statue built by Michael Dormer and Lee Teacher, set up on the rocks at Windansea. There were no permits for the cement surfer and the city quickly removed it. After appeal, they decided it could stay. Then a rather famous surfer in the region got drunk and demolished it with a baseball bat. Or so the story goes. That was somewhere around 1963, so the debate and defacement of public art in our area has something of a history. One thing led to another and soon RC and I made a cerebral visit back to Maui in 1969. We had both lived in the same neighborhood during that vintage year. I had gone to school with his brother at Maui Community and was getting good grades until the college built a second story on the library.The surf was so good so often that year that the view proved impossible and I ended up missing more classes than I attended. RC was more realistic. He was there to do whatever it took in order to surf. We didn’t run in the same circles at the time, but we knew a lot of the same people and surfed all the same spots: Kahului Harbor where my roommate Ed got chased from the water by a 12-foot tiger shark, the River mouth and a decent left point called Pakakalo. Neither RC nor I are big fans of surf chord, but they would have been TURN TO SEA NOTES ON A22

HAPPY TRAILS !"#$"#"%!&'(&)*%+,*%")-%./0$")-%1"23%4&00*%,+*%"#5%5675#85)25-%.835#0*%055)%.5#5%"(%9"#)5(%:5"3%8)%(.5%;"</)"%=&/)("8)0>%?.5 2&/7'5%@8''%(.#/A.835%(.5%:"28B82%C#50(%?#"8'%B&#%(.5%)56(%B8D5%E&)(.0%"0%(.5F%E"35%(.58#%@"F%B#&E%(.5%=5682")%(&%(.5%C")"-8")%$&#-5#> Courtesy photo

Local couple embarks on epic journey By Lillian Cox

Instead of celebrating retirement with a mai tai in Maui, Jack Ross, 65, and wife Barbara Bolton, 56, have embarked on an ambitious 2,650-mile, five-month hike along the Pacific Crest Trail, which extends from the Mexican to Canadian border. The journey will take them through desert terrain, mountain foothills, raging waters and snow-packed peaks of the Sierra Nevada and Cascade mountains. Jack says the trek has been on his bucket list since reading a National Geographic article in 1977. Finally, last Thanksgiving he turned to his wife and said,“If not now, when?” “We are looking at this as a series of 30, five-day backpacking trips,” he explained. “Some trips are three days long, some nine. It averages to five days.” The journey began April 18 as they left from Campo

and will conclude in Manning Park, British Columbia, on Sept. 20. Each trip will end at a predetermined resupply point where they will pick up a box shipped by friends containing food for the next segment of their journey. They’ll also enjoy a warm meal at a restaurant, and spend the night at a hotel. The next morning they’ll be back on the trail, hiking an average of 20 miles per day. Jack figured they’ll need 4,000 calories each day to maintain their strength. The breakfast menu will alternate between granola with dried fruit and powdered milk one day, and two oatmeal bars per person the next. Snacks will play an important role in sustaining their energy. Jack has prepared a 300-calorie maltodextrin beverage with electrolytes to promote the slow infusion of calories. That will

be supplemented with dark chocolate M&Ms and Snickers candy bars, trail mix and sandwiches and tortillas filled with peanut butter and jelly or salami and cheese. “I’ll be eating a lot of things I wouldn’t normally eat,” Barb adds, smiling. Dinner choices include Mountain House freeze-dried dinners or food dehydrated at home such as hamburger, lentil stew, Mexican burrito stew, black beans, rice and salsa. They’ve made room for packets of condiments and small bottles of olive oil and tequila to spice up the fun. After dinner, the couple will ante up their treats in a heated game of Pigmania, which is similar to dice. If the reception is good, they’ll upload their daily journal entries to their blog. Each hiker expects to go through five pairs of Merrell hiking boots by the time they reach Canada. Barb’s backpack weighs

about 22 pounds, including food and water. She is only taking the clothes she is wearing. Jack will be carrying an additional 8 pounds, the weight of a pair of rain pants, the tent, an ice axe and electronics such as a small AMradio, Smartphone and a personal locator beacon that will show their location in real time to followers of their blog as well as search and rescue crews in case of an emergency. “Our greatest fear is 300 miles around Kennedy Meadows at Lake Tahoe,” Jack said. “We’ll be wading across raging rivers. If it’s massive whitewater we’ll turn around and go early in the morning. Fortunately we are very good swimmers, but in 35-degree water all bets are off.” Barb met Jack in 1993 when he ran a personal ad in the newspaper for someone who was sports-minded. They TURN TO JOURNEY ON A22

Hip, delicious come together at HapiFish The first thing I noticed when I walked into HapiFish is the complete transformation the space has undergone. It’s clean, modern interior is a huge departure, and improvement, from past tenants of this space on North Coast Highway 101, right across from Encinitas Surfboards. It’s still a big space but is broken up into several sushi bars, a regular bar, a dedicated sushi room, and a very large dining area. Their objective is to offer different rooms that cater to different dining periods and needs. My advice is to park it at one of the sushi bars as the chefs provide an interactive and entertaining experience. HapiFish is billing itself as contemporary American cuisine and sushi served in a new and exciting way. I will say, there is an energy level among the staff that does make it exciting. Their individual sushi tables provide full interaction with chefs and they are very open to customize any sushi item or roll

DAVID BOYLAN Lick the Plate based on customer requests. They have put an original twist on sushi with the conceptual goal to recreate the vibe at the first sushi bars. Before refrigeration, global shipping and the Internet, the only way to find out what was fresh was to ask the chef at the sushi bar. Their goal is to recreate that dialogue between guest and chef. They offer sushi tours for individuals or couples that put you in the hands of the chef and let you recreate this experience. Their impressive roster of chefs reads like an all-star team of San Diego sushi chefs including chef/owner Justin Masunaga who has worked at nine sushi bars across the western U.S. and New

HAPI CHEF G652/(8D5%C.5B%=8(2.%H5="#2&%@&#38)<%.80%0/0.8%E"<82 "(%I"78J80.> Courtesy photo

Zealand. Executive Chef Mitch DeMarco has worked at San Diego area for the past 14 years including Zenbu, Harney, Sushi on the Rock, Taisho and Hana Sushi. Sous Chef Tad Reeder is the No. 2 sushi man and

counts Station Sushi, Sushi on the Rock and Taisho as former employers. And finally, Jonathan Pearlman is the head kitchen chef and a CIA New York grad. So yes, the TURN TO LICK ON A22

DEL MAR — Katelyn Hennes, a 17-year-old junior at Westview High School, partnered with the Del Mar Branch of the Boys & Girls Clubs of San Dieguito to build a vegetable and herb garden for her Girl Scout Gold Award project. “Katelyn’s vision brought a much-needed jewel to the outdoor area of Del Mar Branch,” said Candace Gerlach, clubhouse manager of the Del Mar Branch.“Being in the garden, you can feel how much care was put into it. It is warm and inviting and the children will enjoy it for years to come.” The 6-foot-by-8-foot garden includes flowers that attract butterflies and humming birds, and an enclosed vegetable and herb garden. Numerous stepping stones were placed about with a sitting bench and colorful planter boxes that volunteers helped paint. About 30 volunteers came to help Katelyn over the April 1 weekend to make the garden a reality. To prepare for the project, Hennes approached businesses and groups for help in planning the garden and for donations. Preparation also included gathering and sorting supplies, managing and scheduling the volunteers, making schedules for each specific teaching day with the children, and meeting with the Boys & Girls Clubs of San Dieguito to understand exactly what they wanted to grow in their garden and how to locate it. Building the garden took about 20 hours and Hennes worked with three team members and numerous volunteers and club members. Members of her high school National Honor Society helped her beautify the area surrounding the garden, along with members from her Girl Scout troop. This beatification process included pulling weeds, laying down soil, planting flowers, painting garden boxes and making a tin scarecrow for the garden. Hennes plans to spend two hours a day for five days at the Del Mar branch of the Boys & Girls Club, where she will teach lessons devoted to different topics of interest such as: gardening, sustainability, nutrition and healthy cooking. Hennes is a member of troop 8116, and has been officially in Girl Scouts since the Daisies in kindergarten.



APRIL 22, 2011

& Discovery Teaching Math in a way kids can understand!

Summer Math Camp

Math competition in Solana Beach


— number), Magic Squares (stu- selected from the top three Drive. Mathnasium Learning National TriMathlon Day on problems), and Mental Math all participating Mathnasium Centers provide high-quality May 14 in Solana Beach. Workout (evaluates Number locations. The 12 national win- math instruction for students in Registration is free and open to Sense). Questions become pro- ners will receive honors and second through 12th grade. all students in third, fourth, gressively more difficult for stu- more than $10,000 in cash They teach math in a way students can understand. Highly prizes. dents in higher grade levels. fifth and sixth grades. Learn more and register trained instructors direct stuStudents will first comThe TriMathlon consists of three challenges: The Counting pete locally at Mathnasium of online at mathnasium.com/ dents through an individualGame (students count from any Solana Beach. Along with TriMathlon or call (858) 755- ized program based upon their number, to any number, by any medals for first-, second- and 6284 (MATH), e-mail solana unique strengths and weakthird-place winners, each beach@mathnasium.com or nesses. Your child could TriMathlon participant will stop by at 981 Lomas Santa Fe become crazy about math! For receive a certificate of achieve- Drive, Suite E in the Vons mall more information, visit math ment National winners will be at I-5 and Lomas Santa Fe nasium.com/TriMathlon). SOLANA


($75.00 Value) When you Enroll by May 31st Mathnasium will host its first dents create their own math scorers in each grade level from • Master Math Facts • Excell in Fractions, Decimals & Percents • Conquer Algebra & Geometry • Jump Start All Grads • Test Prep


of Solana Beach in Lomas Santa Fe Plaza

858-755-MATH (6284) solanabeach@mathnasium.com

“Yes I can!”

Academic camp inspires excellence

At SuperCamp, students gain confidence, motivation and learning skills to make them unstoppable. 84% Increase self-esteem 73% Improve grades 81% Develop more confidence 68% Increase motivation

At Stanford, Loyola Marymount, Brown and 6 other universities

98% Continue to use skills

Visit our website or call us to request a free brochure.

www.supercamp.com 800-285-3276


SuperCamp, the original academic summer enrichment program, inspires excellence in middle school, high school and college students with its combination of learning skills and life skills that help raise students’ grades, confidence and motivation. SuperCamp is fun and engaging. The students love SuperCamp — the nonstop activities, the staff and the new friends they make — which is one of the reasons why the program is so effective. The campers are busy from sun-up to lights-out. Life skills and training are weaved

PALOMAR 2011 Summer Camps & Schools C O N F E R E N C E at Stadium Golf Center

Junior Golf Program




Rancho Bernardo


Rancho Penasquitos

Scripps Ranch Temecula Torrey Pines


Valley Center


619-339-2377 www.futurechampionsgolf.com

San Marcos

La Costa Canyon Oceanside

Camps and Schools with Top 50 Kids Instructor in the US: Chris Smeal, PGA and Staff Professionals

Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles: — Junior Forum, a sevenday camp for students entering sixth through eighth grades will take place July 13 to July 19 — Senior Forum, a 10-day camp for students entering ninth through 12th grades will take place July 22 to July 31. Campers live on campus for the duration of the program, which adds to their enjoyment and the overall experience. For more information on SuperCamp’s summer camp programs at Loyola Marymount, Stanford, Brown and six other prestigious universities, visit supercamp.com or call (800) 285-3276.

Sol Surf Camp combines FOOTBALL & CHEERLEADING old soul with new age style of surfing Now Accepting Football & Cheerleading Registrations for the Following Cities:

San Diego’s #1

throughout the entire curriculum, while they’re gaining new learning skills in areas such as creative writing, speed reading and comprehension, problem solving, study and test-taking techniques and critical thinking. At SuperCamp, campers learn about the 8 Keys of Excellence, eight character traits that help them in school and in their personal lives. The 8 Keys are Integrity, Failure Leads to Success, Speak with Good Purpose, This is It (make the most of every moment), Commitment, Ownership, Flexibility and Balance. SuperCamp is holding two sessions this summer at

Vista Wildomar

Challenger Football & Cheer Available! For More Details and Information Visit us Online at:


When surfing started to become popular, it was a soulful experience as well as a great way to get exercise and stay in shape. It was never intended to be a team sport. Although it was and still is an individual sport, the respect and camaraderie that was once commonplace has all but faded away. At Sol Surf Camp they would like to bring back the old soul and combine it with a new age style of surfing. They feel that there is no better way to enjoy nature than by riding waves. Whether you surf a short board, long board, body board, or body surf, riding waves is cool. Instructors intend to teach the campers that riding the right board for the right wave is the best way to fully enjoy their wave riding experience. They want their campers to learn how and why they should respect the ocean, beach and other wave riders, while at the same

time totally enjoying the best sport in the world.

Goals and Objectives

— To teach kids from ages 6 and up to ride waves to the best of their ability — To provide a safe learning and wave riding environment — To provide a not greater than 1-to-3 instructor/camper ratio, so that they can better assist in each child’s wave riding instruction. — To teach kids about water safety — To teach kids about wave riding safety — To teach kids about beach safety and preservation — To create new friends that may last a lifetime! For more information, visit solfsurfcamp.com. To sign up now, contact Sasha Kukulj at (619) 889-0404 or solsurf@earthlink.net.

APRIL 22, 2011




!"#$%&' ()*+%,' ()-' +%,.#,-* /012'12%'3044'5)6%%'347%*'3)89: ;%.1&' <)8=2#' >)81)' ?%' ,%*09%81 (#,9@8' >=0)==)' )89' A),4%@&' ) +7++@'*2%'/)*'2)++@'1#'2#49'.#, )'.,0%89:'Photos by Daniel Knighton

Daisy is a 4-year-old, 7-pound spayed female, Chihuahua blend. She has an enthusiastic and fun personality. Daisy’s adoption fee is just $195 plus a microchip registration fee. All pets adopted from Helen Woodward Animal Center have been spayed or neutered, have up-todate vaccinations and microchip identification. Helen Woodward Animal Center kennels are open everyday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Applications are accepted until 5:45 p.m. at 6461 El Apajo Road in Rancho Santa Fe. For more information, call (858) 756-4117, option No. 1 or log on to animalcenter.org.

STREET FAIR Art Guild plans

Carnival of Color

;%.1& E8=0801)* ,%*09%81 3,%89) F/#,#6%, )89'!7*108& F%G)*&',%*0H 9%81 >1%+2)80% >1044-)8 *2#/'#.. 12%0,'8%/ 2)1*:'

>)8' 5),=#*' ,%*09%81' >),) <#"08*#8'=2%=B*'#71')'2)1'08'12% -0,,#,'#8'!+,04'CD')1'12%'E8=0801)* >1,%%1'?)0,:'

Council makes plans to beautify city entrance By Bianca Kaplanek

DEL MAR — Council members recently began taking steps to begin a muchneeded makeover for the northern entrance to the city. At the March 28 meeting, City Council unanimously agreed to release Coast Waste Management from its requirement to lease the buyback center at 2265 Jimmy Durante Blvd. and authorized the removal of the fence surrounding the site. Coast Waste has been leasing the facility from what is now North County Transit District since 1978. Last June, as the city sought to conduct pilot programs for solid waste and recycling collection, it negotiated a one-year contract that required Coast Waste to assign its lease with NCTD to Del Mar and make monthly payments of $358 to NCTD on behalf of the city. As part of that agreement, Coast Waste was directed to close the center.The city also removed a requirement that the trash company maintain the facility. Since August the fenced site has been locked and vacant. The city negotiated the contract because there was interest from the San Dieguito River Park Joint Powers Authority and the Lagoon Committee to use the site for parking or as an interpretive center for the Coast to Crest Trail. Last summer NCTD told city staff it would not honor

FENCED IN I#78=04'-%-"%,*',%=%814@')712#,0J%9'12%',%-#$)4'#.'120* ,78H9#/8'.%8=%&'#8%'#.'12%'.0,*1'12086*'$0*01#,*'*%%'/2%8'12%@'%81%,'K%4 5),'9,0$086'*#712'#8'(0--@'K7,)81'3#74%$),9:'L1'*7,,#789*')'/%%9'=#$H %,%9'4#1'12)1'/)*'#8=%')'"7@")=B'=%81%,'.#,',%=@=4)"4%*: Photo by Bianca Kaplanek

mates, about 3,800 square feet of the site could be developed, but any building would need to be on stilts at least 6 feet above the current grade. The site would have limited parking potential, and development would require at least a half dozen permits. The entire parcel could, however, be developed for passive recreation or informational and educational uses with walking paths and viewpoints. Based on the site analysis, NCTD suggested possible lease rates of between $40,000 to $57,200 annually for the 13,000-square-foot buyback center site as NCTD’s goal is to seek maximum return on all investments, according to

the agreement at the current current regulations,” Planning rate and would require a mar- Director Kathleen Garcia ket lease rate instead. said. TURN TO ENTRANCE ON A22 After Christmas trees According to staff estiwere illegally dumped outside the fence in January, Coast Waste asked to be released from the payment requirement because of the liability of maintaining a vacant site. With approval to terminate the lease, the company agreed to pay the balance, which is now two months of rent, to the city. INDEPENDENT EXPERTS According to a analysis conducted by the city for Factory Trained • Dealer Diagnostics NCTD, development of the Genuine Parts • Dealer Specialty Tools entire 29,280-square-foot site is limited as it is partially Loaner Cars On Site • Smog Service • Servicing under water because it is • Repairs • Parts • 18 Years in Carlsbad included in the old alignment. “Our flood overlay zone and the setback requirements really do dictate the useful area — or the lack of useful 2598 State St., Carlsbad, CA 92008 area — on this site with the



RANCHO SANTA FE — The Rancho Santa Fe Art Guild is sponsoring Golden Carnival of Color, where visitors can meet the artists, see their work and enjoy complimentary food and drink, May 2 through June 30. The artist reception will be from 5 to 7 p.m. May 5 at the Rancho Santa Fe Art Gallery, 6004 Paseo Delicias. The featured artist at the gallery is Carol Curtis. Other off-site exhibits include the works of Rod Lingren at Wells Fargo Mortgage, 6046 El Tordo; Francesca Filanc at the Rancho Santa Fe Library, 17040 Avenida de Acacias; Darlene Katz at Morgan Stanley/Smith Barney, 6037 La Flecha and Debbie Giese at The Rancho Santa Fe Tennis Club, 5829 Via De La Cumbre. Artwork may be pur-

chased. The juried show features Stephanie Goldman as judge. Goldman is an instructor at the Athenaeum School of the Arts in La Jolla teaching figure drawing, portraiture and color theory who received her bachelor’s and masters TURN TO GUILD ON A22

Sanctuary Lands & Homes Unique Properties for Unique People

• Oceanfront Estates and Immense Retreat Properties in Baja Sur, Mexico • In the Safe, Peaceful Region of La Paz, the City of Peace • Lands from 1 - 13,000 Acres on Both the Pacific Ocean & Sea of Cortez View listings at:

www.SanctuaryLands.com Ph: 760-936-3733, DRE # 00910395 Email: Stefan@SanctuaryLands.com

18th Annual Torrey Pines High School Foundation

RUMMAGE SALE Saturday, April 30, 2011 7:00-11:00 a.m.

Torrey Pines High School Back Parking Lot 1 mile east of I-5 on Del Mar Heights Rd.

Gently Used Treasures Quality furniture • Antiques Children’s Items • Books • Art • Lamps Sporting Goods • Jewelry • Clothing Tools and much more! FREE DOCUMENT SHREDDING DROPOFF 9:00am to noon in front parking lot Limit 3 standard (12x15”) storage boxes Call 858-793-3551 for info Thank you to the agents from the Carmel Valley Coldwell Banker office for your generous support!

Proceeds benefit Torrey Pines High School Students



Not guilty plea for man charged in stabbing By Shelli DeRobertis

VISTA — The man who was arrested in Indiana for the March 25 murder of Devin Allen, 27, which took place near a Carlsbad pub, was arraigned in court last week and pleaded not guilty to a first-degree murder charge. Carlsbad Police had identified Juan Alberto Rocha, 20, as a suspect in the homicide, and Rocha was arrested March 29 at a bus station in Indianapolis, Ind., after fleeing the state. He was booked into a jail in Indiana on a murder charge and also charged with assisting a street gang to commit a felony. Rocha was extradited from Indiana to face charges in California, and booked into the Vista Detention Facility on April 13. At his arraignment April 14, Rocha entered a plea of not guilty to the first-degree murder charge. His bail was set at $5.1 million. The next court dates include a readiness conference set for May 5 and a preliminary exam on May 26, both in a Vista courtroom. Rocha also has two misdemeanor charges that will also be addressed on those TURN TO STABBING ON A20

Foundation for Animal Care goes fashionista RANCHO SANTA FE — Fashionistas of all ages will gather at Bags and Baubles held at a private Rancho Santa Fe estate from noon to 4 p.m. May 1. Guests will bid on a special gathering of new and “gently-loved” designer handbags to benefit the Foundation for Animal Care and Education, or FACE, Foundation. The organizers expect more than 150 bags up for grabs by the May 1 event. Bidding begins at a fraction of retail value, so expect great deals.They’ve collected brands such as Prada, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, Marc Jacobs, Dolce & Gabanna, Fendi and more. For reservations and directions, contact Brooke Haggerty at (858) 450-3223 or e-mail brooke@face4pets.org. Youth Co-Chairwoman Maranda Phillips, 12, is being recognized for raising $5,500 for the FACE Foundation through sales of her homemade holiday decorations. Special activities will cater to even the TURN TO CARE ON A20

APRIL 22, 2011

Scenery and art at Torrey Pines Reserve community CALENDAR COAST CITIES — The second annual Art in the Pines, a nonprofit fundraising event, is being held from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. May 15 at Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve. The Torrey Pines Natural Reserve Docent Society and Torrey Pines Association invite all to enjoy spring wildflowers in full bloom, watch artists capture the beauty of nature on their canvases, experience the reserve and breathe in the fresh ocean air. Art in the Pines is an allday event featuring a professionally judged plein air contest with an awards ceremony; artists’ booths exhibiting nature-inspired art for sale in a variety of media such as painting,pastels,drawing,sculpture, ceramics, and photography; food and live music; children’s nature and art activities; an opportunity drawing for donated artwork; guided nature walks; tours of the historic Torrey Pines Lodge and expert demonstrations in several different artistic mediums. Hike the reserve during the first two weeks of May to observe artists at work. Several paintings were sold “right off the easel” last year. All proceeds from Art in ART IN THE PINES !"#$%#&'()$&*$++$,-%&.$++&/0&1,"#&(2&#30&%04()5 the Pines go directly to help ,))6,+&!"#&$)&#30&7$)0%8&,&)()1"(2$#&26)5",$%$)9&0:0)#&;,<&=>&,#&'(""0< the children’s program at the 7$)0%&?#,#0&@,#6",+&A0%0":0B Courtesy photo

reserve. That model program serves 4,000 children in the San Diego area every year with an outdoor experience tied to the school curriculum. Where else can you go to have a great hike, see dolphins and trapdoor spiders, and learn about geology, all in a half-day visit? A free shuttle will run from the reserve’s North Beach and South Beach parking lots. The event is free, but the parking lots are $10 per car or a valid annual pass. Additional parking will be available at National University located just south of the Reserve at 11255 North Torrey Pines Road. Guests are strongly encouraged to consider walking to the event — a 15-minute walk uphill from south parking lot, and 10-minute level walk from National University parking lot. Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve is located between La Jolla and Del Mar. From Interstate Highway 5, exit on Carmel Valley Road and drive west for about 1.5 miles to Coast Highway 101. Turn left and proceed along the beach for about a mile. The park entrance is on your right just before the highway begins to climb the Torrey Pines grade.

Academy fundraiser to support computers CARMEL VALLEY — The Canyon Crest Academy High School Foundation has launched something a little different for this year’s fundraising, with its $50K for CCA college fund raffle. This raffle will raise money for new computers campuswide, while providing two grand prize-winners with a $25,000 cash prize that can be used toward their student’s college education. Other cash

prizes will also be given. “With the cost of higher education rising every year, a direct approach to helping families and friends support the goals of our children is ideal,” said Loraine Dyson, vice president fundraising. “$50K for CCA prizes can be applied immediately in any way to college tuition or whatever needs a family has.” Tickets are $40 each or three for $100 and are available

to everyone.Two $25,000 grand prizes will be awarded, in addition to a $1,000 third prize, $500 fourth prize, and a $250 fifth prize. Only 3,000 tickets will be sold, and the drawing will be held at CCA’s upcoming fundraiser, Cirque du CCA, on May 20 at Anthology. To learn more about $50K for CCA and the Canyon Crest Academy Foundation, and to download the entry form, visit canyoncrestacademy

foundation.org. The Canyon Crest Academy Foundation is a nonprofit, parent volunteer organization dedicated to realizing CCA’s educational programs and priorities through financial, volunteer and community support. Canyon Crest Academy is part of the San Dieguito Union High School District, at 5951 Village Center Loop Road, San Diego.

Tour offers trolley loop to garden treasures RANCHO SANTA FE — The Rancho Santa Fe Garden Club has announced a new twist to its tradition of showcasing to the public a select few estate gardens each year. Rambling thorough the Ranch — Garden Tour and Open Air Market is the newly adopted theme. The event, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. May 7, is co-chaired by members Janet Lawless Christ and Barry Zarling. With a fun and fresh approach, new logo, and a very smart “tours by trolley” approach, the volunteer group is taking on what hopes to be a great new annual tradition. “We realized that trans-

portation from estate to estate was one of our toughest challenges. We had feedback that told us people did not want their experience in each garden to be restricted to the schedule of a big bus. Partnering with Old Town Trolley was an easy solution,” said Helen DiZio, president of the Garden Club. “We are delighted that Janet and Barry are off and running and have formed an impressive volunteer team.” In order to promote an intimate experience, a limited number of guests will come and go to the estate gardens during a five-hour period at their leisure, hop on and hop off the open air

trolleys, which will run a continuous loop of the properties. The tour will start and stop at the Garden Club clubhouse, situated near the center of the village. “Each garden is only five minutes away from the next, so the ride will be fun and an enjoyable way to experience the natural botanical color of Rancho Santa Fe,” DiZio said. Ample street parking is available at the Garden Club as well at the nearby school. This year there are six estate-sized home gardens for participants to experience. “We believe these six gardens epitomize the beauti-

ful agrarian nature of Rancho Santa Fe. Live music played by local artists at each garden will round out the entire lyrical experience,” said Janet Christ, event co-chair. The six gardens depict the lush plant and topographical diversity of Rancho Santa Fe, majestic vistas, canyon rock expanses, gentle rolling fields and winding roads. Because these are large estates, there is bit of walking; flat-soled shoes are encouraged. Properties can only be accessed via the trolley, which is included in the price of the ticket. There is no parking at the various TURN TO GARDEN ON A20

Learn about government in nation’s capital COAST CITIES — Young Democrats of America will host its annual High School Leadership Academy from July 17 through July 20 in Washington, D.C., and will be accepting 48 students from graduating classes 2011 to 2014 with diverse leadership experience. Interested individuals should apply at yda.org by May 11. Final enrollment

decisions will be announced by May 20. This unique four-day summer camp will focus on developing the next generation of Democratic Party leaders. Students will participate in leadership workshops and policy panels and will be introduced to the nation’s top Democratic elected officials and Party leaders.

YDA will provide an inside view of elections, the media, campaign finance, grassroots organizing, interest groups, the legislative process and careers in politics. The HSLA will feature an interactive experience unlike any other summer political camp in Washington. There is a $575 registration fee, which covers hotel,

meals, educational materials, a guided monument tour and ground transportation within Washington, D.C. This non-refundable registration fee will be due June 17 for those students who are accepted into the program. Airfare or other travel arrangements must be purchased by each participant. For more details, e-mail ydahsla@gmail.com.

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Ecke Central Elementary School will offer a presentation by Captain Charles Moore in celebration of Earth Day at 7 p.m. April 22, PEC auditorium, 185 Union St., Encinitas. Moore is a leading authority on trash in our oceans. E-mail Darcy Lyons at kdlyons@cox.net if you’d like to attend.


BE AWARE A free, familyoriented event designed to bring awareness and appreciation for our planet’s natural resources through exhibits and awards will be held from noon to 3 p.m. April 23, Lagoon Discovery Center, 1580 Cannon Road, Carlsbad. IN THE FAMILY North San Diego County Genealogical Society will meet from 10 to 11:30 a.m. April 23, Carlsbad City Council Chambers, 1200 Carlsbad Village Drive. Dr. Stephen Baird will discuss familial and non-familial relationships and how you can tell the difference. Call (858) 5094937 to learn more. WELCOME WEALTH A welcoming wealth workshop will be held from 9 a.m. to noon April 23, San Dieguito Adult School, 800 Santa Fe Drive, Encinitas. This workshop is for those wanting to create or refine their budget. Visit sdadulted.com or call call (760) 753-7073 to register.



Seaside Center for Spiritual Living will host its annual Easter festivities beginning with Easter Sunrise Service in the Meditation Garden at 6 a.m. followed by an Easter breakfast. Celebration services will be held in the sanctuary at 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. Call (760) 753-5786 or visit SeasideCenter.org to learn more. HAIR CUT-A-THON The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society will host a Hair Cut-AThon April 24, 815 N. Vulcan Ave., Encinitas. A minimum donation of $25 gets you a shampoo and a haircut. All proceeds benefit Team in Training. Call Michelle at (760) 845-7561 to make an appointment. YUM! Carlsbad Boy Scout Troop 748 will hold its 53rd annual pancake breakfast fundraiser from 7:30 a.m. to noon April 24, Carlsbad Senior Center, 799 Pine Ave. All proceeds will help the Scouts in the troop attend summer camp and other activities during the year. Call (760) 757-4762 to learn more.


BINGO! The American Legion will host bingo every Monday night at 6:30 p.m. beginning April 25, 210 W. F St., Encinitas.The evening will include cash prizes, door prizes and food. Call (760) 7535674 to learn more.


OUT The Center for Compassionate Care will lead a support group for parents who are grieving TURN TO CALENDAR ON A17



APRIL 22, 2011

Orphaned ‘Pizza Puppies’ Grandma’s applesauce are ready to be adopted launched in the Ranch

DAVEY RANCHO SANTA FE — The Helen Woodward Animal Center had a special Pizza Puppies event April 8, after the arrival of Dewey and Davey, a pair of Jack Russell Terrier puppies found abandoned behind a Los Angeles pizza parlor. The pups were just eight weeks old but were soon ready for their appearance in HWAC’s adoption department. “It almost reminds us of the story of ‘Lady and the Tramp,’” said HWAC spokesperson Trisha St. George. “But in this case both Dewey and Davey were tiny puppies when they were found in an alley behind a restaurant. We’ll never under-

stand how someone could look into those precious, innocent little faces and still dump them into an alley where, in all likelihood, they would have died if someone hadn’t happened by and found them.” St. George said that Dewey and Davey are believed to be 2 months old. Davey weighs nearly 7 pounds and little brother Dewey is still less than 4 pounds. With proper care and nutrition, both puppies are expected to grow up to become happy, healthy, 15- to 20-pound adult dogs. The name of the pizza parlor where the puppies were found was not released, but the puppies were turned over to Los Angeles area animal rescuer Julie Joseph. “Julie contacted Helen Woodward Animal Center,” Adoption Manager Brian Simpson said. “She brought the Pizza Puppies down to us. They passed their health and temperament exams, received up-to-date vaccinations, were neutered, and implanted with microchip identification.” Soon these little orphans were ready to be adopted and begin their lives with their

RANCHO SANTA FE — The village of Rancho Santa Fe is known for many things. Now add to that Momo’s Applesauce. The sauce is an all-natural, kosher, organic recipe with a blend of apples, sugars, spices and a heaping spoonful of love from the grandchildren of Delores “Momo” Wise. Momo’s Applesauce has been put into production and will be on store shelves in the coming weeks. Momo’s Applesauce has been dished up and devoured in the Wise family since 1947 when Momo made her historic first batch. Since then, Momo’s dearest friends and family have pined over and negotiated their way to extra jars of Momo’s applesauce. Wise is humble and grateful for the opportunity to fill the bellies of the people she cares most about. “Every time I would make a batch for a family gathering or some of my gift jars for the holidays, people would always tell me how wonderful it is and that they wish I would bottle it up and sell it,” she said. “The kids always sneak away extra jars and I just figured I’d have to make more before they came to the house. It’s always been such a hit with family and friends and now you can try it too.” Wise Family Foods LLC was created by Momo’s grandchildren and Rancho Santa Fe residents Core Operating Officer

new families. The adoption fee for Dewey or Davey is $295. “There’s also a one-time $40 registration fee for the microchip,” Simpson said. “That way they can be identified if they ever decide to go out for pizza on their own.” Pets adopted from Helen Woodward Animal Center also receive a free one-night stay at Club Pet Boarding after the first month. For more information about Dewey, Davey, or any of the other orphan pets available for adoption, visit Helen Woodward Animal Center at 6461 El Apajo Road in Rancho Santa Fe, call (858) 756-4117, or visit animalcenter.org.


Access county districting plans online RANCHO SANTA FE — The county is now offering everything the public needs to submit redistricting plans and suggestions for San Diego County’s 2011 redistricting process on the county’s redistricting website at sdcounty.ca.gov/redistricting. From now until May 9, members of the public can submit their proposed plans for one or more of the county’s five supervisorial districts using the new 2010 census data. In county redistricting, a “plan” means a set of data that assigns census tracts or blocks to a particular district. The 2010 census data for building these plans is now online, along with

detailed instructions, definitions and submission guidelines. The public should submit plans as electronic files. Each publicly submitted plan will be published online and forwarded to the county’s Redistricting Advisory Committee for consideration. In addition to submitting redistricting plans, residents are encouraged to contribute ideas and suggestions about county redistricting to the Redistricting Advisory Committee in person at any of the committee’s meetings or by e-mail or U.S. mail. A meeting schedule and contact information is posted on the redistricting website. The county’s

Redistricting Advisory Committee is the citizen’s panel charged with gathering public opinion on how to adjust the county’s supervisorial district boundaries to balance their populations. Such balancing is required by law every 10 years following the census. At its upcoming public meetings, including an evening meeting in each district, the committee will consider the public’s plans and suggestions. Ultimately, the committee must recommend no more than three proposed redistricting plans to the board of supervisors. The board will adopt a final redistricting plan that takes effect in early September.

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“We pride ourselves in making an applesauce that doesn’t look and taste like baby food,” Christy Wise said. “It is thicker, chunkier and tastes better. In fact, it’s so homemade, the taste and texture will speak for itself.” Momo’s Applesauce can be found online at MomosApplesauce.com.

Solana Beach Grand Opening

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Christy Wise and Chief Apple Officer David Wise. Their goal was to share Momo’s Applesauce, the inaugural product of Wise Family Foods. The sauce only uses the freshest ingredients, including organic Washington and California apples, water, sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg and natural flavors and does not use any chemicals to peel or process their apples. The applesauce is milk, dairy and peanut-free.




617 S. Coast Highway, Oceanside • 760.722.1868




APRIL 22, 2011




The Symphony Estate $12,995,000







Custom Mediterranean $3,595,000 T! NAN



Spanish California $3,295,000





Panoramic View Lots $995,000-$1,295,000 & $2,595,000 NT!



Covenant Charmer $1,799,000


French Countryside $2,750,00 O! IEL


Old World European $1,475,000




Classic Elegance $6,350,000 T!



Vintage Mediterranean $2,850,000 S!



Golf Course Mediterranean $2,295,000

Mediterranean Magic $3,395,000











The Villa of Rancho Santa Fe $8,995,000

French Country Masterpiece $6,900,000-$7,200,000


Emilio & Sons Masterpiece $5,995,000 T!









www.RanchoPaseanaFarm.com $29,950,000


French Country $3,450,000 COV

2 0 th







Del Mar Ocean Front $7,399,000 FAIR

Celeb rati our ng


License # 1076961




APRIL 22, 2011





Private Paradise $4,200,000

Panoramic View Lot $1,499,000 DEL






Beach Cottage $1,399,000

Spanish Colonial $2,995,000

6024 Paseo Delicias, Ste. A, P.O. Box 2813, Rancho Santa Fe 858.756.4024 - Fax: 858.756.9553 • barryestates.com 6024



s Died An u s






Come ‘stop and smell The Rose’

Easter Celebration Service @ Moonlight Beach April 24th 10:30am

510 S. EL Camino Real, Encinitas, CA 92024

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APRIL 22, 2011

Locals stars of student science CARMEL VALLEY — Torrey Pines High School students were honored by three San Diego-area student teams who were recognized for their innovative entries in ExploraVision. They were selected as three of 24 total regional winners from a group of 4,346 entries, representing the participation of 13,387 students in this year’s program. The Toshiba/NSTA TURN TO SCIENCE ON A20




2616 EL CAMINO REAL CARLSBAD, CA 92008 (760) 434-2223

3764 MISSION AVE. OCEANSIDE, CA 92058 (760) 433-4488

677 SAN RODOLFO DR. SOLANA BEACH, CA 92075 (858)793-6883

www.KahootsPet.com Limit 1 coupon per household per day. Expires 5-1-11

FABULOUS FUNDRAISERS ;7"% <0)749=)% >1744#% CDEE%F?1,04(% G4HG7'05)% I4(('% A'#2"5% 4+% J'(174 >'(,'%8"K%/'?5""(%L0MM4()%4+%N'%34##'%*)"14(.%+54:%#"+,-%'(.%O',,$%<5?,,"(%4+%J'(174%>'(,'%8"%*+'5%5067,P0,7%&"'.%4+%>1744#%F0:"1#'05"%J417"%*)"14(.%+54:%5067,-B Courtesy photo

Fundraiser features famous rockers LA JOLLA — The Bishop’s School’s Say You Will Fundraiser,held April 16,was a sold-out event. Local celebrity emcee Rory Devine revved up the crowd as she announced speakers and live auction items, including a white Labrador puppy, a private lunch with Condoleezza Rice and travel opportunities. A video was shown featuring Bishop’s teachers discussing the benefits they’ve enjoyed through the faculty professional growth program, which gives them the resources to attend conferences, develop new courses and challenge themselves with advanced studies in their respective fields; alumnus Alex Afsahi shared his experiences as a recipient of student financial aid, his resulting education at Yale and his current role as an educator in post-Apartheid South Africa; and finally, last but certainly not least, a performance by world-famous rock band Foreigner. It was an evening not to be forgotten with an outcome that will benefit the Bishop’s community for years to come. FOREIGNER TAKES THE STAGE !"##$% &'()"(% *#"+,-% '(.% /012 Visit bishops.com for 34(")%*5067,-%4+%845"06("5%9"5+45:%',%;7"%<0)749=)%>1744#%'?1,04(%>'$ @4?%A0##B Courtesy photo more information.

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Silver anniversary brings art to skies of Solana Beach SOLANA BEACH — In honor of the city’s 25th anniversary, the 2011 Arts Alive banners are now flying high on the streetlight poles along Coast Highway 101 and Lomas Santa Fe Drive. This year’s banner theme, Celebrating Solana Beach, highlights the city’s anniversary set for July 1. These colorful banners were painted by students, professional and future artists, as

well as a few Solana Beach moms and dads. The imaginative images and visual messages about Solana Beach are resourceful and entertaining. Creators recommend a stroll along the Coastal Rail Trail on Coast Highway 101 or a drive up Lomas Santa Fe for the chance to see all the unique banners. The Arts Alive Banners will add color and visual interest to the city throughout the summer and then will come down for the Arts Alive on the Coastal Rail Trail event. This year the CRT event is scheduled for Oct. 2; so mark your calendar and plan to attend. All the 2011 Arts Alive banners can be viewed on the city website at cityofsolanabeach.org. The Arts Alive Program is a popular and successful art and cultural community program sponsored by the Solana Beach City Council and hosted by the Public Arts Advisory Commission. The banners can also be viewed online at cityofsolanabeach.org.

Dad’s estate leads to sibling war HOT OFF

Dear Bruce: Our family is involved in an ugly feud over our father’s estate. We want access to his house to make repairs to sell it and to check it periodically for upkeep. However, the house is 150 miles away and we cannot make regular check-ups/visits.The power of attorney and trustee is my brother. He refuses to cooperate with us. He says “I have the power”! Is there any legal way to “petition” him to allow us to make the repairs? We siblings have only honorable intentions. — Reader in Nebraska Dear Reader: Your brother says, “I have the power.” This may very well be that he has the Power of Attorney, but



APRIL 22, 2011

BRUCE WILLIAMS Smart Money you as an interested party also have some power. It’s called the courts. I assume when you say “we,” you mean the siblings other than this brother. You guys should immediately contact an attorney and explain the animosity here. That you believe your brother is not only uncooperative, but his actions are counterproductive. I believe that the Surrogate Court could straighten this matter out.

The major question is, why is your brother being so uncooperative? What is there in your requests that he deems as unreasonable? This confirms that old expression, where there is a will, there’s a fight.

Dear Bruce: I have been living with my fiancee for four years. We own a home together. We do have a signed document stating that if one of us should pass away the house becomes sole property of the other. We have no children. What other documents should we have in place besides the will? I am 53 years old and my partner is 58. We



Advancing education for our youth.

What priority should the government spend Visit ranchosfnews.com to see video footage of this more tax money on? By Promise Yee

week’s Hot off the Block




I would have to say infrastructure … it does provide jobs.

I think the best thing I can do is vote wisely.


Weak muscles cause problems, pain in daily life

Dear Dr. Gott: Four years ago, I was told that I have both neuropathy and myopathy. I’m finding it more difficult to walk and even to lie down comfortably. Is there anything new I can take to eliminate the nerveand muscle-damage discomfort I’m experiencing? I take one 300 mg gabapentin at night. I’ll be 74 this year and take no other drugs.

Dear Reader: Neuropathy, as you know, is caused by damage to nerves. It can occur anywhere in the body, but it is most common in the extremities, especially the feet and legs. Unfortunately, you don’t specify what type of neuropathy you have, and there are many from which to choose. Peripheral neuropathy is the most common form so this is the type I will assume you have. To begin with, it isn’t a single disease but a symptom with numerous possible causes. It results in communication problems between the central nervous system and the remainder of the body. It may be caused by an injury, infection, diabetes, vitamin B deficiency, hypothyroidism, liver or kidney disease, or other conditions. The feet and hands may be numb, may tingle, and there may be pain involved. A person may lack coordination, experience muscle weakness or paralysis if motor nerves are affected. Bladder or bowel difficulties might occur. Initial treatment may be with over-the-counter pain medication, anti-seizure medications such as the gabapentin you are taking, antidepressants or a lido-

DR. GOTT Second Opinion caine patch. There are a number of steps a person can take on the home front. At the top of the list — discontinue smoking if you currently do so, followed by foot and hand care. Massage the extremities gently or have someone else do it regularly in an attempt to improve circulation. Avoid the pressure of poorly fitting shoes, crossing your knees, or resting on your elbows for extended periods of time. Speak with your physician regarding the use of over-thecounter topical creams containing capsaicin rubbed onto painful areas; discuss acupuncture and biofeedback. Myopathy is a neuromuscular disease that results in muscle weakness. It may involve muscles on both sides of the body. The three main types are polymyositis, dermatomyositis and inclusion body myositis. Polymyositis affects the skeletal muscles on both sides of the body. Dermatomyositis is characterized by a skin rash resembling red or purple patches that develop on various parts of the body. The rash may be accompanied by progressive muscle weakness. Inclusion body myositis affects proximal and distal muscles, often resulting in weakness on one side of the body only. Symptoms of myopathy include fatigue following minimal exercise such as walking or standing, difficulty swallowing or breathing,

and muscles that may be tender to simple palpation. Diagnosis is made through an individual’s medical history, testing of muscle strength, lab testing that reveals elevated levels of muscle enzymes and autoantibodies, MRI, and through other means. Chronic inflammatory myopathy cannot be cured in most adults, but the symptoms can be reduced and treated through medication, exercise, acupuncture, massage, braces for support, physical therapy and a number of other methods. Most individuals with the diagnosis respond well to prescribed therapies. I recommend you speak with your physician to determine which therapy is best for you.

Dear Dr. Gott: I have reached my 79th birthday and have been diagnosed with pelvic prolapse, affecting mostly my bladder. However, my OB-GYN describes it as bladder, bowel and cervix. Owing to my heart skipping occasionally, I went through an EKG and all stress tests and blood testing preparing me for surgery. I was given approval for the surgery until my OB-GYN told me that she would not perform the necessary surgery as it would be a long procedure and she didn’t want to put my body through that much stress. A pessary was ruled out

because it did not work for me. So, for the time being, I have decided to live with the situation but am now asking your advice on whether I should get a second opinion or do nothing? What problems do you think I would encounter later on? It is not that easy to talk about, but in doing so, I find it is not all that uncommon.

Dear Reader: Pelvic prolapse is a weakening of the muscles and ligaments of the pelvic organs with the end result being that the organs slip downward out of their normal position. As you have

determined, this is a rather common condition that affects almost 50 percent of all women who have had children. Symptoms include loss of bladder and bowel control, an increased sensation of urgency to urinate with a sensation of being unable to fully empty the bladder, repeat infections and excessive vaginal discharge. To document the diagnosis, there are bladder-function tests plus pelvic floor strength tests, ultrasound, MRI or cystoscopy. Because there are several types of prolapse, I will

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explain them briefly. If the anterior vaginal wall and bladder fall, the condition is known as a cystocele. If the posterior vaginal wall and rectum fall, the condition is known as a rectocele. If the uterus falls, a person has uterine prolapse. Small bowel protrusion through an area between the vagina and rectum is an enterocele. Initial treatment might begin with medication. For example, menopause causes a decrease in estrogen levels in a woman’s body that results in a weakening of

PRESENTED BY: Rachel Vrana, Attorney at Law, 760.634.2403 Jenny Erdmann, Attorney & Financial Professional, 619.557.8208



191 N. El Camino Real, Ste. 112

11658 Carmel Mountain Rd., Ste. 130

760.436.9030 858.451.9717

Potpourri Resale Store

950 Boardwalk, Suite 304, San Marcos



1024 So. Coast Hwy., Oceanside





APRIL 22, 2011

New program connects work-ready youth with employers By Wehtahnah Tucker

OCEANSIDE — It’s no secret that while unemployment rates have stabilized, the number of people out of work is unprecedented in the nation’s history. The impact of a stagnate economy on teens looking for career track work is compounded by numerous factors including inexperience in the hidden job market. The task of beginning a career is daunting for youth who have multiple barriers to higher education and employment, including living at or below the poverty level, exposure to gang violence, foster care living situations and adjudication issues. Maren Dellin, the job developer at Interfaith Community Services’ Transitional Youth Academy, is working to connect workready teens with North County employers to give students at Oceanside High School an opportunity to begin their careers despite the tough economy. The employment program is a collaborative effort between Interfaith Community Services’ Transitional Youth Academy and the career center at Oceanside High School that is funded by the Gary and Mary West Foundation. While the program is in

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CAREER PATH H-7)/"'0%("#$%&'()%)#%"-1,)*%+,"-6%H"-7'*%N'""927'%D'9&5*%.'6/6%>7,#9*%3-2'"A9%>O'09*%P"-7F9%>O'09%920%Q9""5%<$-),%49")-7-49)' -2%),'%79"''"%7#/26'&-21%4"#1"9$%9)%>7'926-0'%J-1,%<7,##&I%Courtesy photo

its infancy, there are hopes to expand. “The career counseling program and the job developer position is being piloted at Oceanside High School and if successful and goals are met, it is the intent that it will be replicated at the two other local Oceanside high schools,” said Jeannine Guarino, the academy’s program manager. That’s good news for employers who are looking for a work-ready employee and for students seeking jobs that offer upward mobility. Student job-seekers are taught skills that are invaluable in the highly competitive job market. “The job market doesn’t look very rosy,” Dellin said. In fact, according to the

Bureau of Labor Statistics, teen unemployment rates are three times that of the national average. In California only 18.5 percent of all teens are employed according to the most recent Census data. That’s down 15 percentage points from 10 years ago. However, the students enrolled in the AARC, or Academic Acceleration and Recovery Center, at the high school are learning what it takes to get a foot in the door of a desirable employer. Larry Smith, 18, has benefited from the program. The Oceanside High School senior landed a job at Sears six months ago. “They helped us learn how to dress appropriately, practice interviews, write our resume and fill out

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COAST CITIES — The Del Mar/Solana Beach Optimist club held its annual Oratorical contest April 2 in Solana Beach. The contest brings together students up to the age of 19 to demonstrate their public speaking skills. The topic this year, chosen by Optimist International, was “If I were the leader of the


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SMOOTH TALKERS !"#$%&'()*%+,-'(%./01'%.#,2%3/"4,5%#(('"6%7#28

You can be assured we will take your case seriously, return your phone calls in a timely manner and strive to provide quality, honest and affordable representation.

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free world, the first issue I would address would be …”. Winners of the club contest go on to a Zone contest and then a District contest where the final winners, boy and girl, will each receive a $2,500 college scholarship. The next stage of the contest was held at 9 a.m. April 16 at the Carlsbad Village Theater, at 2822 State St.


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Encinitas Blvd.

through the program. Upon leaning about a potential job lead, Nealy said he’s going to apply with confidence after all he’s learned in the program. “They teach you how to speak in front of people, as well as writing a resume and all of the things you need to do to find a good job,” he said. The supportive network is one of the components that ensure success once a student lands a job. “There would be incidences before where I wouldn’t know how to handle a certain situation in my job and in this program there are people I can turn to to ask those questions,” Nealy said. “The program is really hands-on. They don’t just let you go after you get a job.”

Optimist club names student oratory contest winners Neighborhood Savings for Residents of NORTH COUNTY!


job applications,” he said. Smith said he hopes to eventually join the armed forces. “I think everything I’ve learned (in the program) will help me at any career I go into,” he said. The odds are stacked against teens looking for work. The national unemployment rate for 16- to 19-yearolds remains above 25 percent; for those ages 16 to 17, the unemployment rate is close to 30 percent according to a recent study. But Dellin and high school career counselor Brad Simi are betting on the students to overcome the barriers to employment and become success stories. Terrance Nealy, 16, is aiming to reach his educational and economic potential

Nealy plans to major in psychology and attend college on a bowling scholarship. When entry-level job hunters are able to find work, they earn more than just a paycheck.They learn valuable life skills like the importance of meeting deadlines, how to report to a manager and how to get along with coworkers. These are lessons that are not taught in a classroom setting and the job experience young employees acquire sets them up for future success with promotions and raises beyond the minimum wage according to the academy’s findings. According to studies, teens, especially those who are economically disadvantaged with no paid employment are more likely to drop out of high school, become involved with the criminal justice system and to become pregnant. Minority teens have experienced the sharpest increases in unemployment since 2000. Yet, teens enrolled in the employment program enter into jobs that have a career path, provide upward mobility and opportunities for advancement into a position that pays a living wage. “The goal is to transition into adulthood and live independently,” Guarino said. Dellin said bulding a network of employers is key. “We can provide workers who are highly motivated and are constantly supported so that it is a safety net for the employer,” she said. For more information on the program, contact Dellin at mdellin@interfaithservices.or g or at (760) 721-2117, ext. 206.

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WINNING WORDS !"#$%&'()*%+,-'(%./01'%.#,2%3/"4,5%#(('"6%7#28 1"9)/&9)-#26%)#%:'&%39";<#&929%='97,%>4)-$-6)%+&/?%>"9)#"-79&%7#2)'6) ?#56@ 0-A-6-#2% (-"6)84&97'% B-22'"% J92"/-% K,921*% 6'7#2084&97'% B-22'" C/6)-2%K,/21%920%),-"084&97'%B-22'"%L'A-2%M/*%9&#21%>"9)#"-79&%7#2)'6) 7,9-"B#$92%G'"#2-79%H'96'I Courtesy photo



APRIL 22, 2011


vaginal muscles. Estrogenreplacement therapy can restrengthen those muscles; however, this therapy is not appropriate for all women. That decision must be left to each patient’s primary-care physician or gynecologist. The next step might be physical therapy to include either biofeedback or electrical stimulation — then surgery. The procedure depends on what specific type of prolapse a person has. I don’t know your full medical history and can only suggest you return to your surgeon with a list of questions. Bring a trusted family member with you who might


have a different perspective on the situation. Ask why the doctor has chosen not to perform the procedure after all your testing. Perhaps she found something in the test results that she failed to share with you. Then, if you remain dissatisfied, ask for a referral to another specialist for a second opinion. Bring all your test results when you go. He or she will either agree with the first doctor, or will feel your quality of life is compromised enough that the procedure should be performed. Dear Dr. Gott: I just took the shingles vaccine at a local drugstore. I filled out papers but nowhere did it mention that anyone who



the death of a young child or adult at 6:30 p.m. beginning April 27, 2111 Geneva St., Suite 100, Oceanside. The eight-week support group will offer insights, sharing, resources and strategies for honoring the memory of deceased young loved ones. RSVP by calling (760) 796-3757.


AARP San Dieguito Chapter 239 will present the lecture “Long Term Care Planning: How to maintain control over your physical and financial decisions so that probate judges don’t make them for you” by attorney Richard S. Stevens at 1 p.m. May 2, Belmont Village, 3535 Manchester Ave., Cardiff-bythe-Sea. Call (760) 632-7111 FILM FEST DEMA will host to learn more. the first of three evenings of environmental film from sunset to 9 p.m. beginning April 28, QUESTION Pacific Station plaza, 687 S. GOOD Coast Highway 101, Encintas. Crossroads Encinitas will host a series titled The Cottonwood Creek message Environmental Film Series is “Frequently avoided questions organized annually by DEMA of the Christian faith” on in order to help promote down- Tuesday nights at 7 p.m., 846 town Encinitas and to raise Munevar Road, Cardiff. This is environmental awareness. Visit an informative time to hear encinitas101.com to learn perspectives on questions related to Christianity. Call (760) more. 635-5714 to learn more. INVEST WISELY A women’s investment club will meet the BURNING BRIDGES fourth Wednesday of each American Contract Bridge month at 6:30 p.m. in the North League Unit 531 will host the County area. Their portfolio North County Spring Sectional includes stocks from many diffrom 10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. April ferent sectors, including retail, 29 and April 30, First tech, medical and the food Presbyterian Church of industry. The only requirement Oceanside, 2001 S. El Camino to join is a desire to learn about Real. Visit acbldistrict investing and stocks. E-mail 22.com/531/sectional.pdf or call dollarsandsenseforwomen@cox (760) 433 4466 to learn more. .net to learn more.




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had a history of cancer much interest. My doctor should not take the vaccine. recommended the vaccine Please advise. for me; however, I am reluctant to get it. My concern is Dear Dr. Gott: In your that I understand the vacrecent column, you said that cine is formulated with live the shingles vaccine should virus and my white blood not be given to former can- count is below normal. cer patients. I am in remis- Neither my doctor nor a sion from large B cell non- pharmacist was able to comHodgkin’s lymphoma. I have ment on this. Wegener’s granulomatosis, Dear Dr. Gott: I read which although in remission, DD is still there. The Wegener’s your article that the shingles is the reason that a shingles vaccine is not right for everyvaccine is recommended. I one. I am 65 now and I had will be having CD19 level ovarian cancer 25 years ago blood testing before any vac- with chemotherapy on weekcination, but with my history, ends once a month for a year. should I still have the vac- Your article said I shouldn’t cine? have the vaccine because I had cancer. Does this hold Dear Dr. Gott: I read true for me even though I your recent article regarding had cancer so long ago? Also, the shingles vaccine with I can’t remember if I had

Dear Dr. Gott: I am a white male, age 58-1/2. I had chickenpox as a child and suffered with a classic case of shingles in February 2010. I received a prescription at a cost of about $300 for 21 pills, seven days’ worth, that helped tremendously. I asked my doctor at that time about the vaccine, and he said he had not studied the vaccine enough yet, as it was new in February 2010. Could you please enlighten me about new information regarding this vaccine or where to go for new information about it because I don’t want the discomfort again?

your column on the shingles vaccine with interest. However, I am wondering why you stated that those undergoing radiation for cancer or with a history of cancer should not have it. In 2009, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. I also turned 60 that year and asked my oncologist about having the shingles vaccine. He said I could have it as long as I waited one month after I finished chemotherapy. I was undergoing radiation at the time when I had the vaccine and seem to have no issues as a result. Have I done myself

Dear Dr. Gott: I read


chickenpox. Please advise.



APRIL 22, 2011

Living in the Ranch one of the best ‘presents’ in my life Twelve years ago I moved from Los Angeles to Rancho Santa Fe. I remember driving down Via de la Valle for the first time toward our new home in the Ranch thinking how beautiful the eucalyptus trees were hanging over the road. I was pregnant with my son and driving this huge U-haul with some of my past cluttered in the back in packed boxes. I had no idea then what to expect. I had never heard of Rancho Santa Fe. To be honest, I thought it sounded like a place in New Mexico. Tears were streaming down my cheeks as I drove quietly to my new home. I must admit, I was apprehensive and afraid. What kind of life would I find in San Diego? As I share with you my son’s 11th birthday celebration, I am also remembering my beginnings in the Ranch. Now looking back, I wish I could have whispered to my younger self, “You just hit the jackpot, but you don’t know it yet!” That’s how I feel today. Sometimes it takes a while to discover a place and to understand its own worth on our journey. “Presents” can also come in the form of change. In the beginning, losing what we know might be hard. Sometimes what we don’t want to happen can turn out be a blessing in disguise. Celebrating my son’s life here in the Ranch and getting to know this wonderful community has been truly a gift in my life.

Around Town

On March 29, some lucky Ranch residents attended the much anticipated Lady Gaga’s Monster Ball tour at San Diego State’s Viejas Arena. Wow, I must say as a Lady Gaga fan myself, that’s thrilling! I have included a picture of Ali Acosta, Dylan Mulvaney, Tony Sorge, Lauren Sorge and Kassidy Brown. I’ve always found it odd how Lady Gaga calls her fans her “little monsters,” but the term has stayed and it seems they love it. Thanks for sharing the photo. On April 3, Ranch resident Jackson Bernard Tuck (my son!) celebrated his 11th birthday party at the Ultra Zone Laser Tag down in San Diego. I had the good fortune of driving two of his buddies — Brett Vitale and Brandon Catledge — along with Jackson down to the party. We met his other good friends Matthew Sorge, Chloe Temple, Atiana Smith, Holden and Reese MacDonald at the location. I included an exuberant group photo of them from that day and one of me with Jill Sorge — my very first friend in Rancho Santa Fe. Thanks to all of his good friends for coming out and making the day perfect. On April 10, I received a phone call from my good friend Jill and her daughter Lauren Sorge. They were headed down to see the overflow at the dam at Lake Hodges, which has been a local tourist attraction lately. Later that day, I received

MACHEL PENN SHULL Machel’s Ranch a spectacular shot just down below the overspill at the base of the dam. I just had to share it with my readers. And, if you haven’t heard of the mysterious monster Hodgee, it’s a fun tidbit of information to know. Just like the infamous Loch Ness body of water in the Scottish Highlands, our very own Lake Hodges may have its own monster living in the dark crevices down below. You must check out this website that documents the history of its sightings at Hodgee.com. I love good stories like that. On April 13, I stopped by my favorite coffee shop in Rancho Santa Fe — Caffe LITTLE MONSTERS !"#$!%&'()*$+,")-$./"0)-1,*$2&-,$3&451*$6)/41-$3&451$)-7$8)''#7,$94&:-$#-$;)#4<)-=' <1>&41$(?1 6)7,$@)@)$#- %&-A Pasitono in Fairbanks. This %14($&-$.)4%?$BCD Courtesy photo will be the seventh summer that owner Tim Cusac has delivered gourmet coffee, pastries and sandwiches to the Ranch. A popular stop right after school is the Rancho Santa Fe Sandwich Shop, which is also owned by Tim. You can see the children lined up outside in the courtyard waiting for soft serve frozen yogurt. Congrats, Tim on bringing so many lovely choices for the residents. One of my favorite items at his Sandwich Shop is his freshly made chicken salad. I must add, it’s LONGTIME FRIENDS !<&01*$I#""$3&451 “divine” as my sister would )-7$.)%?1"$M1--$3?/""$%1"1<4)(#-5$NN$,1)4'$&> say. >4#1-7'?#H$(?#'$,1)4D$61>(*$O1:$P&4=$2#E1'$<1'(

Save the Dates

On April 23, don’t miss out on the Cielo Spring Food & Art, Craft Fair to Benefit Rady’s Children Hospital, which will start at 11 a.m. Saturday. Local artists and businesses will be there with their own booths featuring excellent Easter and Mother Day’s gift ideas for the family. There will also be an egg hunt for the kids to enjoy. The event location is just off of Del Dios Highway at the Cielo Plaza. On April 28, my favorite writer — New York Times best selling author Luanne Rice will be here locally at Warwick’s Book Store, located at 7812 Girard Avenue in La Jolla at 7:30 p.m. Luann Rice will be in town promoting her newest novel, “Silver Boat,” which is published by Penguin. If you are an avid book lover or loyal fan of Luanne’s, this will be a night you must attend. Luanne Rice has written 29 novels and many of her books have been made into films. The BIRTHDAY New York Times Book FUN Review has referred to her 9&((&E$4&:* writing as “Exciting, emo- >4&E$"1>(*$)41 tional, and terrific.” I could- !(#)-)$3E#(?* F11'1 n’t agree more. I have also .)%+&-)"7 featured a photo of Luanne )-7$G?"&1 Rice here in my column. For 21EH"1D$2&H more information on this 4&:*$>4&E$"1>(* event, visit to warwicks.com, )41$.)((?1: listed under upcoming 3&451* events. I)%='&-$2/%=*

If you have a fun event you would like Machel Penn to cover, contact her at mpenn@coastnewsgroup.com.

941(($J#()"1 )-7$94)-7&G)("1751$&!H4#"$KD Photo by Adrian Kinloch

'1""#-5$ )/(?&4$ 6/)--1$ F#%1$ :#""$ <1$ )( Q)4:#%=R'$ <&&='(&41$ #-$ 6)$ I&"")$ &-$!H4#"$ BS (?#'$E&-(?D Photos by Machel Penn Shull (top) and Adrian Kinloch (left)

LAKE HODGES 6)=1 L&751'$+)E >"&:#-5$&014 )>(14$)""$&> (?1$41%1-( 4)#-'D Photo by Lauren Sorge



harm or is the vaccine or effective? Also, if the vaccine only lasts six years, should I have another when I am 66 or avoid it owing to my cancer history? Dear Readers: Thank you all for writing. When I wrote this article, I acquired the information from reputable sources to include the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that specifically indicates people with a weakened immune system because of HIV/AIDS or another disease that affects the immune system, treatment with drugs that affect the immune system, cancer treatment such as radiation or chemotherapy, a history of cancer affecting the bone marrow or lymphatic system such as leukemia or lymphoma, and women who are or might be pregnant should not get the vaccine. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration mirrors this and states conditions such as cancer of the lymph, bone or blood and those with a weakened immune system caused by treatments such as radiation should not be immunized. Drugs.com indicates if a person has leukemia or lymphoma (or other cancer affecting bone marrow) or a weakened immune system caused by disease or by receiving medication such as steroids or chemotherapy, they should not take the vaccine. The Mayo Clinic indicates the vaccine isn’t recommended if a person has a weakened immune system due to HIV/AIDs, lymphoma or leukemia or is receiving immune systemsuppressing drugs such as steroids, radiation or chemotherapy and more. The website www.Zostavax.com indicates that patients should not get the vaccine if they have a weakened immune system. MedlinePlus indicates a person who has a weakened immune system because of treatment with drugs that affect the immune system such as prolonged use of high-dose steroids, cancer treatment such as radiation or chemotherapy, cancer affecting the bone marrow or lymphatic system such as leukemia or lymphoma should not get the vaccine. Therefore, I stand by my original March statement that indicated there are some people who should not receive the vaccine. However, that said, I defer to each reader’s oncologist, hematologist or other specialists who may have a different view on the subject. Thank you all for writing. Dr. Peter H. Gott is a retired physician and the author of several books, including "Live Longer, Live Better," "Dr. Gott's No Flour, No Sugar Diet" and "Dr. Gott's No Flour, No Sugar Cookbook," which are available at most bookstores or online. His website is AskDrGottMD.com.



APRIL 22, 2011

Oysters will make you glad for the ‘R’ chopped chives 1 teaspoon finely chopped chervil 1 teaspoon finely chopped parsley 1 tablespoon finely chopped red onion 1 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper Combine all the ingredients in a bowl, and mix gently. This is best made the day of serving, but it can be made a day in advance if necessary and stored, covered, in the refrigerator. Yield: 2 cups Recipe from “Maine Classics” by Mark Gaier and Clark Frasier (Running Press, 2011)

MARIALISA CALTA Kiss the Cook One of the best things about April is that it has an “R” in it. If you love oysters, you know what I mean. That’s because the old saw about only eating oysters in months with an “R” turns out to have merit. Oysters are, indeed, best in the colder months, when the water is colder and they are plumper and juicier and just generally tastier. Starting in that R-free month of May, the water begins to warm and the oysters’ fancy lightly turns to spawning. This process leaves the oysters generally watery and lackluster. Which means April is your last chance until SeptembeR to indulge. If you are on the East Coast, all oysters — whether they come from Maine or Louisiana or in between — are of the same species, “Crassostrea virginica,” also known as the Atlantic, Eastern or American oyster. Likewise, Pacific oysters are all of the species “Crassostrea gigas.” But why, then, do Louisiana oysters taste so much different from Maine oysters? And why does an oyster from one place in Maine (say, Damariscotta Bay) taste different from an oyster from a different place in Maine (Spinney Creek)? Rowan Jacobsen, author of the guide “A Geography of Oysters” (Bloomsbury USA, 2007), explains. Oysters, he writes, have a “somewhereness” to them, “like great wines.” And, he continues, “in a mass-produced society where most foods don’t seem to be from anywhere, this makes them special.” Oysters, in effect, concentrate the essence of places they come from. Their tastes vary because of differences in water temperature, currents, light and food supply. A Damariscotta oyster is said to be saltier than a Spinney Creek oyster, and to have a chewier texture. These taste variations


old and my partner is 58. We currently reside in Maine.We have no plans to marry. Also, we have not blended our finances. What should I do to protect myself? — Lynne via email Dear Lynne: I am unclear why you are handling this the way you are? You say, you “own a home” together, which means somewhere along the line there was a closing and the deed was drawn. You likely didn’t have an attorney represent you, which is another matter. I believe that the deed should be changed to a survivor type document that varies in name from state to


SHUCK ‘EM !"#$%&'"()'*+$,#"$-'.%/01'2#3'(45'#(,'2#3'6'78(94'*"')9,%'(',($,+'$(/0#'*"'597: Photo by Ron


have given rise to an entire industry/cult of the “boutique” oyster, named after the bay or inlet where it is grown. Rhode Islanders will debate the differences in Watch Hill or Quonset Point oysters. Folks from Massachusetts may prize Tomahawks over Wellfleets. On Canada’s Prince Edward Island, where I get my yearly quota of oysters, I favor Colville Bay oysters over every other kind. Oysters from cold, northern waters are generally firmer, brinier and cleanertasting. Which is why, in the United States, Maine oysters are among the best. They are highlighted in a new book “Maine Classics” by chefs

Mark Gaier and Clark Frasier (Running Press, 2011). Oysters, of course, hardly require recipes or any culinary direction more than “shuck ‘em and eat ‘em.” I prefer them with only a squirt of fresh lemon and a grind of black pepper. But if you are introducing a neophyte to the oyster, you might want to fancy them up a bit. “Maine Classics” tells you how with various sauces, relishes and drizzles. The book includes a classic French mignonette, as well as a classic ketchupbased “cocktail sauce.” But my favorites are the Citrus Vodka dressing, which the authors say is based on the “Oysters a la Russe” served

state. You mentioned you have a will. I assume that everything goes to her; everything goes to you, etc. Once again, since this appears to be a permanent arrangement you should run this past an attorney or attorneys (one for each of you) to make certain that you are protected from the families of your significant other, should they pass away.

song? How do I approach the nothing to lose. I really corporation? And how do I wouldn’t get my hopes up too protect myself? — Leslie, via high. e-mail Dear Bruce: Where can I DEAR LESLIE: I really put $250,000 to be insured by don’t want to be the one to the FDIC? I want to be able pop your bubble, but, unfor- to draw the interest or all of tunately, the chances of this it as I wish. How much intertype of thing being picked up est could I draw yearly not by by the fast-food places are touching the $250,000? — less than slim. First, if you Janice, via e-mail have a jingle it can’t be Dear Janice: At the risk patented, but you can copyright it, which is a very inex- of being so repetitive, so pensive process. I would then many people ask me this contact the corporation and question. In today’s world, ask who their advertising the interest that you earn is agency is and you can submit pitiful to a saver such as it to them directly. yourself. There are CDs that Unfortunately, these agen- will pay more than 1 percent cies are very averse to using or $2,500 a year in interest unsolicited material, but on before taxes. You ask about the other side of that once insurance such as the FDIC. I it’s copyrighted you have don’t know anywhere else

Dear Bruce: Back when I was in high school I wrote a jingle for a very popular fastfood chain for fun and money. I believe the jingle would make a great commercial. I think it’s one of those songs that would stick in the public’s head, which makes for great advertising. How I can go about patenting my

aboard the Titanic, and brilliant Lemongrass-Chile Dipping Sauce. The recipes here make enough for twodozen oysters. Just drizzle a bit of sauce over each. Hurry up: April is almost over!


1/2 bottle good-quality vodka (plain or citrus) 1 tablespoon red-wine vinegar 1 orange, peeled, sectioned, and roughly chopped 1 lemon, peeled, sectioned, and roughly chopped 1 lime, peeled, sectioned, and roughly chopped 1 teaspoon finely

2 tablespoons canola or corn oil 3 stalks lemongrass, tough outer layers removed, inner layers very finely chopped 1 tablespoon finely chopped shallots 1/4 cup sugar 1/2 cup fresh lemon juice 1 Serrano chile, finely chopped 1 teaspoon Thai or Vietnamese-style red chile sauce (see Cook’s note) Cook’s note: For the hot sauce, you can use the popular Sriracha sauce with the rooster on the label, available in the Asian aisle of most supermarkets. In a small, nonreactive saucepan, heat the oil over medium heat until warm, and then saute the lemongrass until soft, three to five minutes. Add the shallots, and cook until soft, one to two minutes. Add the remaining ingredients, and stir to combine. Chill and serve.The sauce can be made up to a week ahead of time and kept, covered, in the refrigerator. Yield: 1 cup Recipe from “Maine Classics” by Mark Gaier and Clark Frasier (Running Press, 2011) Marialisa Calta is the author of "Barbarians at the Plate: Taming and Feeding the American Family" (Perigee, 2005). For more information, go to www.marialisacalta.com.

there is insurance available other than through the FDIC. While the $250,000 would be completely covered as I indicated, the interest that you will receive is pathetic. Furthermore, on the real short-term CDs, the interest may very well be under the 1 percent. If you go into a longer-term, while the interest can be drawn down, (if you wish to get out the principal) there will be penalties. I wouldn’t make a long-term commitment to get a higher rate of interest since I do believe that interest rates will be creeping up. I certainly hope so. Send questions to Smart Money, P.O. Box 503, Elfers, FL 34680, or e-mail them to bruce@brucewilliams.com. .




Department said. At the April 14 arraignment for the latest three arrestees, Sahagun’s brother again addressed the court, as he had done previously at the arraignment for the first set of suspects. Gerardo Sahagun spoke to the court and requested the judge deny bail to the suspects. “These defendants who conspired to commit these

crimes have a criminal history of drug use and probation violations, (and)are charged of committing these heinous acts of violence against my brother,” he said. “These defendants are clearly a threat to the safety and security of the public if released.” The three additional suspects were taken into custody April 11, after an investigation led authorities to a search of a residence in the 2300 block of Ron Way in San Diego.

Jesus said, “I am the Vine, You are the branches” Come connect to the root and bear the Fruit of the Spirit: Love, Peace & Joy

Friday Night Worship Service @ 7pm Sunday Worship Service @ 10am

510 S. EL Camino Real, Encinitas

760.942.4900 www.elcaminocf.com



ExploraVision competition asks students to imagine ideas for future technologies that could exist in 20 years.



youngest of the fashion savvy. Three hair stylists will be on hand adding flair to hair with rhinestones, feathers and tinsel. The event will also feature great deals on fine jewelry. Jewelry designers Kazanjian Brothers, Norman Covan, Rhonda Faber-Green,



dates, according to the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department, which include a hit-and-run charge that has been issued a $25,000 bail and a reckless driving charge. Rocha’s total bail amount is $5,125,000. The prosecutor on the case is Deputy District Attorney Geoff Allard, of the San Diego County Gang Division. The homicide occurred

APRIL 22, 2011

The teams are now creating websites to be submitted for national judging in May. The Torrey Pines team members included Albert Chen, Xinyue (Alice) Fang, Howon Lee, Marci

Rosenberg, led by Coach Brinn Belyea. Their project was Pseudopancreatic Autograft Jejunum, which replaces insulin injections with a more liberating treatment for diabetics that

would utilize special insulinproducing yeast and tissue from a portion of the small intestine (jejunum) to create a virtual insulin-producing “pancreas” in the body.

and Patricia Robalino will also be on hand offering original creations for purchase. Each jeweler will provide at least one item for a raffle drawing. One of the raffle items is a diamond tennis bracelet valued at more than $6,000. Raffle tickets are three for $25 or 15 for $100 and may be purchased in advance. Winners need not be present to win.

Attendees will turn their fashion sense into support for the FACE Foundation’s pets in need of life-saving veterinary care. Wines, teas, and appetizers will be served while guests shop for a good cause. Chairwomen and committee members include Honorary Chairwoman Lisa Pavin, Event Chairwoman Lena Evans, plus Youth Co-

Chairwoman Maranda Phillips and committee members Missy Cameron, Ellise Coit, Gina Jordan, Sherry Kline, Cini Robb and Lorraine Surnamer. The FACE Foundation was established in 2006 as a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) public charity, whose mission is to enhance and preserve the quality of life of animals. For details, visit face4pets.org.

while Allen was leaving Hensley’s Flying Elephant Pub & Grill, and two men approached him and one of the men asked for a cigarette before the lethal stabbing took place, according to the North County Times. Allen was found with at least one stab wound, and he was “out by the street,” when police arrived at 3800 block of Harding Street near the intersection of Carol Place, according to Sgt. Mickey Williams of the Carlsbad Police Department.

Allen was airlifted to According to the San Palomar Medical Center in Diego County Coroner’s Escondido, and pronounced report, Allen suffered a fatal dead at 11:33 p.m. stab wound to the abdomen.



about eight years, first having to jump the hurdle of creating a special assessment district through the community service district and then approval by the Local Agency Formation Commission. “It’s still a work in progress,” Director Anne Feighner said. “People are very interested in it, but will they pursue it.” Flynn said the Assessment District Committee was established by the Association board last fall. Since then the committee has been working to complete documents to begin the process of undergrounding utilities by district. First is the formal petition to be signed by each property owner and submitted to the Rancho Santa Fe Community Service District and a cover letter to go along with the petition, explaining the undergrounding process and outlining the requirements and responsibilities of the property owner. She said in May, the Assessment Committee and the Association held a communitywide meeting to provide information to members who were interested in undergrounding utilities. “About 75 members attended the meeting, many to express a strong interest in leading their district in the process and serving as district captains. These captains would serve as a liaison between the residents in their district and the Community Service District through the duration of the process,” Flynn said.



garden properties. Also new this year is an Open Air Market on the grounds of the Rancho Santa Fe Garden Club that will stay open until 4 p.m.The market is

Now with the board’s approval, staff members can contact people who expressed interest in being district captains and provide them with the necessary information and materials to initiate the application process in their district. The next step will be when the captains talk to their neighbors, get the petition signed and come back to the Association for approval. A majority of them must want to proceed. If approved the engineering assessment study will be prepared by an assessment engineer at a cost of $2,000 per property owner. If the Community Service District board rejects the application, the $2,000 will be refunded and the process will not move forward. Once the engineering study is complete and accepted, the Community Service District board will adopt the study and conduct a public vote of all the property owners in the proposed assessment district. Then there will be a public hearing that will help decide if the formation of the district should proceed. In a recent survey 30 percent of the residents said they believed the Association should provide some kind of financial help for the districts. About 35 percent said they believed the Association should not provide help and about 10 percent said they were not sure. “For us it will be a learning curve as well,” said Ivan Holler, Association administrator. open to all visitors, whether or not they are going on the garden tour.Plans are to feature 40 vendors for home, garden, arts, food and craft. Tickets in advance may be purchased for $30 by sending a check to the Rancho Santa Fe Garden Club, P.O. Box 483 Rancho Santa Fe, CA, 92067, which will be available at “will call” on May 7. Tickets purchased the day of the event are $40. The Rancho Santa Fe Garden Club is at 17025 Avenida de Acacias, at the corner of La Granada in the village of Rancho Santa Fe. Visit ranchosantafegardentour.com for more information on ticketing, sponsorship and vendor information.



APRIL 22, 2011


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Vitamin Guy biz Make your landscape truly moves to Carlsbad green with 'fertigation' CARLSBAD — Vitamin Guy was a desert mainstay, located in Rancho Mirage on Highway 111, until owners Randy and Jeanne Weaver relocated the 33-year-old business closer to their home in Carlsbad. “We value our desert customers, and continue to serve many through the mail and UPS,” Jeanne Weaver said. “But we enjoy a wonderful life here at the beach and we knew that we could introduce our American-made wholesale vitamins here locally.” Randy Weaver has spent the last 20 years in manufacturing as president of Bimbo Bakeries and continued as president of Natural Alternatives, Int’l, or NAI. NAI manufactures Juice Plus and Dr. Cherry’s products. “I’ve lived the ‘cGMP,’ or ‘current Good Manufacturing Practices,’” he said. “We follow strict guidelines to ensure Vitamin Guy customers receive the highest quality products at the lowest possible prices.” Jeanne Weaver was an accomplished LPGA



year, the board of trustees chose a U-13 field type, appropriate for a middle school, and artificial turf for it. They decided against the natural turf for a number of reasons including the everincreasing cost of water. Vaughn-Cleft told the board the total cost of the job would be $2,437,595 including the soft costs of $450,000



what Guo paid, and he can neither return the salt (lacking documentation) nor sell nor transport it (lacking the proper licenses).

Weird Science

— From a March Discovery.com report: “Forty million years ago, a female mite met an attractive partner, grabbed him with her clingy rear end, and began to mate — just before a blob of tree resin fell on the couple, preserving the moment for eternity.” The resin-encrusted mites were discovered recently by researchers from the University of Michigan Museum of Zoology (who noted that, in those days, the female dominated mating, but that evolution has reversed that role). — Medical Marvels: (1) Supatra Sasuphan, 11, of Bangkok, was recently noted as the world’s hairiest girl by

teaching professional. “Offering hands-on customer service comes naturally. “I enjoy the personal interaction. We have several local seniors to whom I hand deliver vitamins. I know it makes a difference to show folks that we care. If I can make a difference in one person’s life everyday, I’m ahead of the game.” “There are two ways to order from Vitamin Guy, and two ways in which you can receive your order,” Jeanne Weaver said. “We have a couple of websites, but our long time customers tend to pick up the phone. We still offer the human touch in this world of mass automation.” Most orders are filled, and ready for pick up or delivery, within 24 hours. Simply visit vitamin guy.com to place your order, or call (760) 2681001 and Vitamin Guy will mail a price list to you. Ask about personalized vitamin packs and school fundraisers too. To welcome you, first-time callers will receive a free bottle of Vitamin B-12 or Vitamin D, paying only shipping and handling costs.

COAST CITIES Spring is here and with it, an explosion of the pests and rodents that wage a constant war, as you work to create a water-wise and organic system for your landscape as it approaches its peak growth season. It is the perfect time to consider GTI Fertigation, a system that makes your irrigation system do the work and do it simply, safely and efficiently. In addition to containing a 100-percent organic, non-lethal critter repellent, GTI Fertigation eliminates overfeeding and underfeeding as fertilization is continuous, not intermittent. Eliminating the need for poison or traps, it provides increased nutrient absorption by turf and other plant materials due to foliar and root feeding that is micro-dosed each time the irrigation system comes on. As the unique system pampers your entire landscape layout, it also safely repel noxious critters such as rabbits, rats, deer, gophers,

and the hard cost $1,985, 095. The total cost includes the equipment. Tim Ireland, project manager, said the projected cost does not include problems that might arise during construction. “There are always the unknowns,” he said. He said between 35 and 40 percent of the cost of construction will be paid for labor. The new field will be the Guinness Book of World Records for her wolf-like facial hair as one of only 50 people in history to be recorded with hypertrichosis.Though she has of course been teased and taunted at school, she told a reporter in February that the Guinness Book recognition has actually increased her popularity at Ratchabophit school. (2) According to a team of University of Montreal psychologists, a 23-year-old man, “Mathieu,” is the first documented case of a person wholly unable to feel a musical beat or to move in time with it. The scientists report for an upcoming journal article that Mathieu sings in tune but merely flails with his body, bouncing up and down much more randomly than do people who are merely poor dancers. — From the September 2010 issue of the journal Endoscopy, reported by three physicians at the Albert Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia: A 52-year-old woman undergoing a routine

ground squirrels, moles, raccoons, etc. What exactly is Fertigation? Fertigation is simply the application of fertilizers and other products to a landscape through an existing irrigation/sprinkler system. Recent advances with injector systems and fertilizers have allowed fertigation to become extremely cost-effective for the ornamental landscape industry. From large municipalities to major universities to

small homes, fertigation is quickly becoming the way to fertilize responsibly. Fertigation reduces the amount of fertilizers and chemicals needed to keep plants healthy and provides a reduction in water usage, as the soil is fractured and better able to absorb water. The GTI Fertigation system will eliminate labor costs associated with granular fertilizer applications. Up to 95 percent of the fertilizer

used in a fertigation system is absorbed into the root system compared with only 20 percent of traditional granular fertilizer. Up to 80 percent of granular fertilizer runs off of the landscape and into our storm drain system, eventually polluting our beaches and bays. GTI Fertigation specializes in building complete fertigation programs for landscape contractors, homeowner's associations, schools, commercial properties, municipalities and residential homes. What sets GTI apart are its flexible program options, product lines, and injector systems, all tailored to meet the specific needs of each property and budget. You can be assured that each and every property will receive extensive expertise and knowledge from a dedicated team of professionals. For more information, call (760) 496-8973 or e-mail Sean@gtifertigation.com

rented to soccer and lacrosse teams and others who wish to use it, but with proper insurance and the approval of the superintendent of schools. In other school board news, six temporary teachers were given pink slips, as is the custom this time of year when the state budget is still in flux. Lindy Delaney, district superintendent, said these teachers are told when they are hired they are temporary

and could be laid off. “We don’t do it lightly because it is hard on people,” she said. Still, when the state budget is finally in place and the district is confident about funding, they could be asked to return. “We hope to get most of these employees back,” she said.” Ireland continues to finish up the final punch list of the construction of the new

school. A major sticking point are metal stairs that should have been galvanized before installation, but were not. The mistake was noticed afterward. Ireland said it is not a safety issue, it is a wear and tear issue because if left untreated, the stairs will deteriorate sooner than planned. “This is a 30-year problem,” he said. He said the consulting firm he hired believes the

stairs will have to be torn out, galvanized and then reinstalled. “It is a solution to get this to as near perfect as we an get,” he said. Ireland said the project will take about four weeks. Payment is being withheld from the subcontractor who provided and installed the stairs. The next board meeting is scheduled for 6 p.m. May 5 at the school.

colonoscopy was shown on the screen to have a cockroach in her traverse colon. A literature review revealed no previous cases of cockroaches (but, e.g., ants, wasps, bees). Though the cockroach was not welcome, the doctors acknowledged that in some other countries, they are delicacies. — Scientists Just Wanna Have Fun: A team of whimsical researchers at the University of Osaka (Japan) Graduate School of “Frontier Biosciences” has produced a strain of mice prone to “miscopying” DNA — making them susceptible to developing sometimes-unexpected mutations, such as their recently born mouse that tweets like a bird. Lead researcher Arikuni Uchimura told London’s Daily Mail that he had expected to produce, instead, a mouse with an odd shape, but the “singing mouse” emerged. Previously, the team produced a mouse with dachshund-like short limbs.

Leading Economic Indicators

including a Facebook manager for the Interior Department ($115,000 annually), a student internship at the Housing Finance Agency ($48,000) (the same salary as being offered by the Pentagon for mailroom clerks), and managers of equalopportunity employment programs at the Peace Corps ($155,000) and the Transportation Department (almost $180,000).

Least Competent Criminals

WHAT IS FERTIGATION? Fertigation is simply the application of fertilizers and other products to a landscape through an existing irrigation/sprinkler system. GTI Fertigation offers a highly effective nonlethal repellent that can be applied with your fertilizer. It does not kill the critters but rather sends them packing. It is 100% organic and safe for kids and pets.

— People With Too Much Money: (1) During New York City’s Fashion Week in February, “fanny packs” made a comeback (though certainly not under that name), according to a Wall Street Journal report, ranging in price from a $325 Diane von Furstenberg to an Hermes “Kelly Bandeau” model, expected to sell for $4,675. (2) An unidentified “coal baron” in northern China purchased an 11-monthold, 180-pound red Tibetan mastiff recently from a breeder in Qingdao for the equivalent of about $1.52 million. “The price is justified,” said breeder Lu Liang. “We have spent a lot of money raising this dog, and we have the salaries of plenty of staff to pay.” — What Federal Cutbacks? In March, DailyCaller.com, combing federal government job announcements, found more than 1,000 in Washington, D.C.,

Smooth Reactions

A suspicious wife (who lives apart from her husband because of work requirements) flew to the couple’s principal home in Wilmette, Ill., on March 4 and, finding her husband’s new girlfriend’s clothes hanging in their closet, scissored out the crotch area of all her pants, doing about $2,000 in damage, and leaving the remnants in the driveway before returning to her East Coast home. According to police, neither the husband nor the girlfriend chose to file complaints, and the case is closed.

Clever, But Didn’t Think It All the Way Through: (1) Daryl Davis, 30, was arrested in Springfield, Pa., in March and charged with stealing a pickup truck off of a dealer’s lot. According to police, Davis had carefully forged an owner’s credential for the truck at another dealership and obtained a “duplicate” key, allowing him to drive the truck off the second dealer’s lot. However, when he made the original bogus credential, he had used his own name and photograph and was easily tracked down. (2) LaShay Simmons, 22, was charged in March in Houston with theft of about 250 Sprint phones by (according to police) ordering 10 to 20 phones at a time under the names of legitimate businesses, but then calling Sprint back later to change the delivery location. However, she always made the callbacks using her own easily traceable Sprint phone.



looking for a new home and had most recently been seriously considering building a place on the Osuna Ranch. “The fire department needed more room, so this space became available,” said Patrol Chief Matt Wellhouser. “It’s going to be great.We will have more space, more office space, more space for storage and operations and user-friendly access from the front door for members to come in.” In addition, the patrol will be closer to and more visible from the R. Roger Rowe School. “That was a big factor in the decision,” he said. He said the new office will also be a storefront for both the sheriff’s department and the CHP, which will have offices inside the building. The patrol should move from its trailer where it has been housed for the past two years into its new quarters by June 1. In other Association news, administrator Ivan Holler told the board at its April 7 meeting that its new document management system is up and running. “We’ve had two rounds of training,” he said. “We’ve actually scanned in a couple of files. That is now up and working.” He said within a month everyone should be able to have mastered the system. “We are currently making the software conform to our work patterns,“ Holler said. He said the vendor has been more than helpful during this time. “It’s been a lot of work, but I think it’s going very well at this point,” he said.



degrees from the University of Humanistic Studies in Del Mar. She has studied with artist, Ken Goldman (collaborating on many large-scale murals and commissions for public institutions and private residences), landscape colorist, Wolf Kahn, and most recently with portrait painter, Nelson Shanks, at Studio Incamminati. The show is sponsored by Union Bank RSF, The RSF Foundation, Morgan Stanley RSF, Wells Fargo, The Country Squire RSF, The RSF Tennis Club & the RSF Library. The Rancho Santa Fe Art Guild is a 501(c )(3) organization whose purpose is to embrace the visual arts, provide exhibit space, enhance community awareness and foster artistic skills. Visit ranchosantafe artguild.org or call (858) 759-3545. Gallery hours are Tuesday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Saturday from 10:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.


APRIL 22, 2011





our camp into housing for BP oil workers, and it remained that way for a long time,” she remembers. Last October Wells accepted a job as a volunteer coordinator in Haiti, reorganizing a shelter and headquarters facility for volunteer doctors and nurses. Over a period of four months, she trained Haitians to assume her responsibilities after her departure. The goal was to create a model to show other non-government agencies that, given the opportunity, they could rebuild their own countries, too. In hindsight, Wells said she reacted to each crisis from a sense of civic duty. She recommends that other Americans take time off to volunteer either in their own community, another community that needs help or overseas. “It binds families in a way that nothing else can,” she said. “If you give without any expectation of a reward, you


Sbicca and Shimbashi. Pamplemousse Grille created the dessert buffet featuring a collection of confections that included crème brulees, dark and white chocolate truffles, fruit tartlets, beakers of mousse, cookies and artisan cheeses. In addition to food and wine, the event included silent and live auctions that featured jewelry, vacation stays, a $5,500 wedding package, a $900 bottle of wine and dinner and wine packages



the city staff report. A chain-link fence with wooden slats, green fabric and barbed wire surrounds the buyback center site that includes the NCTD parcel, a city-owned parcel and a city right of way.



handy if they had been invented for Maui’s Honolua Bay back then. Those who have surfed there know that it is a virtual ding factory and a lose board quickly becomes a broken board. The stories switched from boards to classic cars



talent at HapiFish is formidable. Mitch DeMarco was our chef on a recent visit and he immediately made it known that our wish was his command. Besides his skill with the knife, Mitch was entertaining and engaging and even fashioned a new roll for my companion which we coined the Pretty Lady Special. I’m expecting to see that on the menu next time Mitch. It was a delicious combination of cucumber, avocado, asparagus, mango, salmon, yellowtail, albacore, spicy tuna, spicy tuna and grilled shrimp

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ourtesy photo

will be handed something in return you cannot buy or put a price on.” Wells has since returned to her home in St. Bernard Parish. With tax incentives that make New Orleans attractive to film producers, she has carved out a new career as a

hair stylist on movie sets. Even though she returns for visits to her home in Leucadia, she has no immediate plans to relocate to the coast permanently. “I like the culture here,” she said. “It is very different, and a little bit slower.There’s a

donated by more than half of the participating restaurants. Tickets were $125 per person or $185 for a VIP reception that featured wine and cheese tastings, reserved seating, special drawings and gifts and a performance by Jordan Perez, a 16-year-old pianist who composed and recorded songs inspired by his volunteer work at Casa de Amparo. More than 300 people attended the event, which raised more than $100,000 in 2010. Organizers expected to meet or exceed that amount this year. Everyone received a

booklet that included recipes for all the dishes. “I love it,” said Maureen Duff, a first-time attendee from Carlsbad who enjoyed the sushi selection from Shimbashi. “It’s a great event and we’re supporting a great cause.” “It’s wonderful,” said Vista resident Carly Wills, another first-timer who included Jake’s dry-rubbed grilled shrimp and farro salad among her favorites. Kathy Siegel of Carlsbad said she also liked Jake’s shrimp, but added, “Nothing’s bad.”

The run-down fence is unsightly and blocks the view of the lagoon and mountains from Jimmy Durante Boulevard and San Dieguito Road. It also serves as a shelter of sorts for homeless people who camp there, Mark Delin, assistant city manager, said. However, removing the

fence without some additional barrier could make the site available for illegal parking or dumping.The fence also hides the empty lot that is currently overrun with weeds, Delin said. Council members favored taking down the fence. “I think it would be a great improvement,” Councilwoman

Lee Haydu said. Council directed staff to coordinate the fence removal by Coast Waste with NCTD so the site can be cleaned up. Meanwhile, the city plans to work with the garden club to beautify its portion of the lot. The city may also add rocks or barricades to prevent illegal parking.

and I told him how my brother had taken my 1962 Ford Falcon out on the infamous Hana Road and tried to jump a puddle with it, Dukes of Hazzard style, before drowning it up to the roof. They left the poor thing there and never were able to revive it. We rambled on, him telling me stories of hot surfers that rode the bay, the

best of the lot being Les Potts, Paul McKinney and Herb Torrens. RC had picked up Potts hitch hiking one day and Les, who was a musician and would later help found a band called Space Patrol, sang a song he had written about watching the Maui sunrise from under water. Trippy. We laughed as nearly half a century of surf washed

over us, and I said goodbye before making my way around the point to snag a few good waves and create memories. We could go on forever and, if what the ancients say is true, we surely will.

wrapped in soy paper. Yes, all that fit in there and it was a delightful protein explosion and I’m assuming minimal carbohydrates per her request. We sampled a variety of sashimi and nigiri and they all had that very fresh, melt-inyour-mouth quality to them. There is a wide selection of traditional and custom rolls to choose from as well and we went with the traditional California and spicy tuna, which were solid. Hapi plates were next and we sampled the salmon citrus, which was a salmon sashimi topped with marinated onions, micro greens, lemon squeeze and Asian pesto sauce. It was very nice indeed.

We added some turf to our surf with the ribeye wraps, which were thinly sliced ribeye wrapped around asparagus over an onion and mushroom reduction. The meat and asparagus were a great combination. We finished things up with an original HapiFish creation called Hapi Endings. Yes, the jokes start flying as soon as this is mentioned.They roll ice cream and fruit in types of cake, cut and plate it like a roll, top it with fresh fruit and whipped cream, and drizzle it with chocolate, strawberry, and other dessert syrups. Try all of them as they are really, really good. The fudge fantasy is like a Thin

Mint Girl Scout cookie in a delectable roll. Leave room for dessert for sure. There is a great selection of beer, wine and sake and they are quick to suggest a nice pairing with your order. HapiFish is a great new addition to the North County dining scene and I would suggest checking them out soon. Prices range from $4 to $25 and they offer daily happy hour food and drink specials. More information can be found at hapifish.com.

lot going on and it’s very interesting, and old, which I like.” Wells offers this advice for San Diegans in preparation for a natural disaster. “Don’t count on the government,” she said. “Depend on yourself and what you are able to do.”

married in 2005. While they have traveled the world extensively, the couple says the experiences that best prepared them for this adventure was a 30-day hike in the Mt. Everest region of Nepal, and an 18-day hike along the Annapurna Circuit. Jack has also been getting in shape by running laps up and down the stairs at Swami’s Beach. They estimate the total cost of their trip to be under $10,000, but advise that others can do it cheaper if they purchase used equipment and less expensive food such as ramen noodles. Barb and Jack credit their friends with making their dream possible, some of whom will be house sitting while others will meet up with them later to share part of the adventure. They are also looking forward to encountering “trail angels” along the way, who are known for opening their homes to hikers, or positioning themselves along the trail with free soft drinks and water jugs. The Coast News readers can share Barb and Jack’s expedition vicariously at their blog at post holer.com/jackandbarb.



SWEET ENDINGS N0$%&( "*$0L 1*-%(O*2";*(>:""2'&($%":;;'*$(&(80% %2( ;*%( ?&45'*42:$$*( O"0''*C$ ,/2,2'&%*(42:$$*(2-(/0$(5'&%*7(8:% /*($&01(0%(D&$(D2"%/(%/*(*332"%=

Chris Ahrens is a surfer and author of four books on surfing. E-mail him at cahrens@coastnewsgroup.com.

David Boylan is the founder of Artichoke Creative, an Encinitas based integrated marketing agency. He can be reached at david@artichoke-creative.com.

which prohibits rentals of less than seven days in residential zones to protect the character of those neighborhoods, was developed in 2003 based on public outreach and community input. It requires a permit and subjects property owners who are in violation to steep fines. Keeping the existing seven-day minimum “intact will not diminish the Coastal Act goal to maintain access to beach areas for the public” as the city has facilities close to the beach that are reasonably priced. According to the staff report, the $30,000 fee could discourage new hotel development and remodeling. The LCP will be available for public comment until June 8 on the city website at ci.solana-beach.ca.us. The Coastal Commission must certify, certify with modifications or deny the LCP by Nov. 10. There are six scheduled meetings between now and then.

APRIL 22, 2011





APRIL 22, 2011

ROBERT B. FIELDS FIELDS PROPERTIES 27 YEARS EXPERIENCE People’s Choice Award San Diego's Best Realtor 2008/2009/2010


rancho santa fe california


Spectacular custom Covenant estate. Built with impeccable detail. 6BR/8BA, office, 9,082 square feet, detached guest house. Beamed cathedral ceilings throughout, hardwood floors, gourmet kitchen, luxurious master bedroom, two family rooms, home gym or theatre, game room, pool and spa, lushly landscaped. 2.83 acres. Golf course views. Feels like Santa Barbara n RSF. Offered at $6,900,000

rancho santa fe california


Designed by Arthur Valdez for the Kreiss Family, the home features 5BR suites & 1-BR guest house. A large interior courtyard, 9 fireplaces, outdoor loggia, 2 pools, tennis court, and a four-green par-3 golf course. The property is fully fenced and gated on 3 Covenant acres. A trophy property like no other. SHORT SALE Offered at $3,400,000

rancho santa fe california


Fabulous custom single-level Spanish Hacienda in The Bridges! Beautifully designed custom estate with 6BR/5.5BA and 6,100 sq. ft. Rustic interior with distressed hardwood floors & cathedral ceilings. Pool, spa, and golf course frontage. The lowest price custom home available in the BRidges. Creative seller can carry a second TD. Offered at $2,500,000

rancho santa fe california


A remarkable hillside gated estate on 4.58 acres built for royalty. Gorgeous Mediterranean architecture approx. 15,000 sq. ft. with 8Br/9BA. Lush tropical landscaping, 2 detached guest houses, a pool house/game room, detached gym and tennis court. A home for the most discriminating buyer. Offered at $9,995,000

rancho santa fe california


Custom Mediterranean showplace on a lushly landscaped 1 acre parcel contiguous to a 20 acre park with two lakes, hiking trails. The perfect family home, fully walled/fenced for maximum privacy. Dramatic circular drive. Quality construction throughout. 6BR/8BA with 9100 sq. ft. Designer kitchen, luxurious master suite, and resort style pool and spa. Priced below market for quick sale. Offered between $2,850,000 and $3,150,000

del mar california


Oceanfront, directly on the sand with 50 feet of frontage. Complete and thorough remodel designed by Dean Meridath. 3 bedroom/ 3 bath, soaring cathedral ceilings. Gourmet kitchen with stainless appliances. Luxurious master bedroom. Accordian doors open the entire western wall to the beach. Outdoor fireplace. Seawall installed. Parking for 5 cars, two in garage. Offered at $13,000,000



APRIL 22, 2011

Pet myths


Myth: The abuse of animals is not widespread. Reality: Local animals shelters report that abused and neglected animals are either reported to local animal rescue authorities or relinquished on a daily basis. Myth: It is the animal’s fault they are in the shelter. Reality: This couldn’t be further from the truth, according to Rancho Coastal’s Jim Silvera. “Most of the time it was a human that caused the animal to be given up.Very rarely have I seen a situation where it was the animal’s fault, something they did to cause their owner to relinquish them. Myth: You can’t change a dog with a vicious behavior — especially if it’s been abused. Reality: Even famed NFL quarterback and animal abuser Michael Vick’s pit bulls have been treated and transitioned to good homes. Reports are that only one was not able to make the transition. Silvera tells us that many times it depends on how the dog is originally wired from birth, too. Myth: An animal won’t bond with new owner due to previous abuse. Reality: Less than 1 percent will not be able to bond again, according to RCHS statistics. When you give most animals love and attention, they give it back to you, regardless of their past. Myth: Once a pet loses an owner, they grieve and never get over it. Reality: Animals do grieve, but they get over it.Very few animals cannot transfer a love bond. Once again, all they need is love and attention and they will learn quickly that you care about them. Myth: Pet stores are a great place to buy dogs and other pets. Reality: Most pet store dogs are purchased from “puppy mills.” The term is used by Humane Societies, the ASPCA and the community to indicate USDA kennels that commercially raise wholesale dogs with profit instead of the welfare of the animals as their primary objective. Under the USDA standard of care, the breeding dogs — the mothers of the puppies — never get out of their cages, are housed in wire crates, often stacked so that the dogs on the bottom tier live in terrible stench and filth with no human contact, and receive only enough food and water to be kept alive.This is legal in the U.S., but is not humane. The truth about pit bulls: Pit bulls are no more vicious than golden retrievers, beagles or other popular dogs. In a recent study of 122 dog breeds by the American Temperament Testing Society, pit bulls achieved a passing rate of 83.9 percent. That’s as good or better than beagles at 78.2 percent and golden retrievers at 83.2 percent. How did your favorite breed do? Visit ATTS.org.


Neglected and abused animals need our help to overcome their long plight By Sydney LeBlanc

Animal shelters have the enormous task of finding homes for adoptable animals. Finding suitable homes for the many neglected and abused animals is made more difficult because of the many myths that are out there. One myth the shelters are faced with is the belief that behavior problems plague rescue animals. It’s reasonable that many people would believe (erroneously, however) that most of these animals have issues with resocializing and they first need to be handled by someone experienced with this type of training. Many people believe

they can’t be resocialized at all, no matter how much love, attention and training they receive. This is very rarely true, according to Jim Silvera, president and CEO of Rancho Coastal Humane Society, or RCHS, in Encinitas. “The animals that are medically and behaviorally able to move on with their lives, after coming from an abusive environment, do amazingly well. They appreciate the new families that come into their lives ...They have unconditional love to give, and humans are accepting of that. When you make a ‘match’ of a good person and a good animal that needs a good person, that bond is there forever.” But, as a consequence of the flawed reasoning or the myths surrounding abused and neglected animals, many of these poor creatures get passed up by most prospective adoptive families. Many believe that for the animals that have been severely mistreated or misused (such as in the




case of NFL quarterback Michael Vick’s pit bull dog-fighting rings) it might be next to impossible for them to ever trust a human again. Many also believe that a dog coming from this kind of environment eventually will be relegated to death row. Unfortunately some shelters do label a dog like this untreatable, and therefore unadoptable, and the death sentence would be imposed without the chance of any kind of “authentic” behavioral evaluation or training. Silvera tells us that the widely held belief that these animals cannot regain trust after abuse is a myth. He knows this because RCHS takes in dogs and cats from abusive environments as well as the “last chance” animals from other shelters, and gives them thorough evaluations and training. “Nothing could be further from the truth,” he said. “Rancho Coastal boasts more than a 99 percent save rate of the animals that are ownerrelinquished or rescued from other shelters, and some of them had been neglected or mistreated, and we’ve found loving homes for them, and they are doing well.” Silvera gives credit to RCHS’ great pro bono trainers who set up training protocols for the dogs. “We can work with the animals in the shelter with volunteers and staff,” he says. “Mistreated dogs, cats and others are able to gradually adapt and learn good behavior that makes them ideal adoption candidates.” Industry experts say that rescue dogs, for example, have often lost their innate sense of trust and they may exhibit strong territorial behaviors about food that can create problems.They can also be wary of any strangers who try to approach them. It is quite common to see these animals growl, bark and snap

hey appreciate the new families that come into their lives ... they have unconditional love to give.” — Jim Silvera RANCHO COASTAL HUMANE SOCIETY CEO ON THE ADOPTABILITY OF ABUSED ANIMALS IN SHELTERS

because of their fear and prior conditioning. Of course, this behavior stems from the negative incidents in their past. Following are some helpful tips if you have taken the leap of generosity and adopted a dog or cat that you sense has been mistreated in the past. — Don’t raise your voice. Instead offer them praise for the desired behavior and this will help calm them. — Using small treats and an assortment of toys will give them a sense of security and boost their confidence. For those who are lonely and nervous, the toys become their “security blanket.” — Talk to them in a soothing voice, go on nice walks with your dogs and spend playtime with cats and bunnies. Make them an immediate member of your family. If necessary, consult with an animal behaviorist. — Most of all, be patient and enjoy your newfound friends.

LITTLE DOLL !"#"$%& '"()*+$,& -$.)& /")0& 12-*3)$$+& 425& 62*(0"%& "7& 8& .+"$3,-9& ,2:& /02 ;*<83$&=2("$)9&12-*3)$$+7&7*7'$()&/87&85*7$,&"3&)0$&'87)> Courtesy photos

Spotlight pet of the week Pixie is an example of an adorable pet that is perfectly adoptable. RCHS can’t say for certain that Pixie’s background included abuse, but she gets a little nervous around new people at first. Pixie is a sweet 1-year-old female Terrier/Chihuahua mix that is great with other dogs. Cats, well, they’re not real sure, but she is pretty mellow and would probably love just about any

family regardless of their furry family members. Pixie weighs 10 pounds and, according to longtime RCHS volunteer Diane Johnson, she had a hard start in life. When she arrived at the shelter, relinquished by her current short-term family, they were told that Pixie previously had been neglected by her owner and, consequently, was somewhat shy around people. She needs to feel safe and

secure in a mellow and gentle home. She is used to being indoors most of the time, but knows how to use a doggie door. She lived with another dog, but really just likes to cuddle with her humans. Pixie recently spent the night at a volunteer’s house and he said, “She was the perfect house guest — no barking, no accidents and very affectionate. She likes nothing more than to be by your side, getting a tummy rub, but is not demanding of your attention. She was just a bit shy and submissive at first, but very quickly warmed up to

me. She was good on our walks, and seems to have no problems with other dogs.” Visit vimeo.com/ 20317779 to see a video of Pixie and contact the Rancho Coastal Humane Society in Encinitas at (760) 753-6413 for more information about Pixie or any of their animals looking for their forever home. Many thanks to Rancho Coastal Humane Society President and CEO Jim Silvera for his comments and insight, and for his many years of dedication to animals in need.



APRIL 22, 2011



APRIL 22, 2011

Who’s NEWS?

No charges filed yet in fatal bike accident

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By Shelli DeRobertis

ENCINITAS — The man who came forward in connection with the hit-andrun death of a bicyclist on April 10 in Encinitas has been released from jail, after no charges were filed. Joseph Ricardo Fernandez, 46, contacted Carlsbad police April 11 and mentioned that he was possibly involved in a collision. Police determined that his vehicle, a Dodge Ram 1500, was similar to the truck that was involved in the fatal bicycle collision on North Coast Highway 101. Fernandez was arrested for a felony hit and run and held in the Vista jail on $50,000 bail, but instead of being arraigned in Vista Superior Court, he was released on April 14. “When you arrest someone, you have 72 hours to arraign them,” said sheriff’s Sgt. Mark O’Connor. The sheriff’s department said it’s a complicated case because they must prove that the vehicle at the TURN TO BIKE ON B9

Book Cellar delights readers with halved prices RANCHO SANTA FE — All the selection you want at half the price is what you’ll find from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. May 5 through May 7 at the Rancho Santa Fe Book Cellar, 17040 Avenida De Acacias at the Half-Price Book Sale. This sale happens twice a year and there will be a drawing for a $50 gift certificate at 4 p.m. May 7. Staffed and managed by volunteers, the Book Cellar and the Rancho Santa Fe Library benefit from the proceeds of the Half-Price Sale. The Book Cellar keeps its selection of books fresh by continually culling and restocking the shelves. In addition, the rare books in its Collector’s Corner can also be purchased for half-price. The Book Cellar is below the Youth Services Wing of the RSF Library, with its own entrance through a side patio. It is a community store which features used books, large print books, children’s books, collector’s and audio books. In addition, readers are invited to shop the Book Cellar Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. For more information, call (858) 756-4780 or visit rsflibraryguild.org.

Totally fair


Marci Kawar and her children Jordan, 11, and Haley, 8, packed her basket during the Von's Grand Re-Opening on April 14 in Cardiff-by-the-Sea on Santa Fe Drive. Photo by Wehtahnah Tucker

SOLANA BEACH — Solana Santa Fe School students received special citizenship awards for fairness, one of the six pillars of character taught at the school. Recipients included Taite Jorgensen, Olivia LaQua, Ethan Lee Bellows, Annie Richard, DJ Younkin, Felipe Ramos, Zachary Faith, Daniel Carey, Jason Lamb along with Randie Lehberg, Paige Younkin, Amelia Bolaris, Tatum O’Coyne, Abby Hendricks, Elina Ghods, John Guy, Kian Chakamian, Melanie Molina-Lopez and Jackson Hunter.

For the big spills

RANCHO SANTA FE — SERVPRO cleanup and restoration company has a new franchise in Fairbanks Ranch/East Rancho Santa Fe and will respond to the community’s property damage emergencies, ranging from multi-million dollar disasters to those suffered by individual businesses and homeowners. For more information on SERVPRO of Fairbanks Ranch/East Rancho Santa Fe, contact Ernani Heldt, Jr. at (858) 756-5655.

SPRING WINE FAIR The Spring Wine and Art Fair at The Crosby Club at Rancho Santa Fe turned the spotlight on 30 wineries, most from the Northern California Napa area. Guests were able to taste a variety of wines and nosh on some beautifully presented food, such as salmon with all the trimmings and strawberries and brie. The April 16 event was held in the ballroom of the club where about 150 people attended. The doors opened first for wine club members and then at 5 p.m. for the public. Attendees were able to buy their favorite wine by the case on site.

Above, Sharad and Sapna Khandwala, Sandy Patel and Usha and Janak Ravel gather around a table to sip wine and sample the food. Left, Melanie Medina, Liz Diaz and Maryann Morris check in visitors.

Photos by Patty McCormac

Turnbull celebrated

SOLANA BEACH — Solana Beach Chamber of Commerce named the The Turnbull Commercial Real Estate Company its Member of the Month. Turnbull is at 777 S. Coast Highway 101 and was lauded for its involvement in the Chamber of Commerce, Fiesta del Sol, Citizens Groups, Highway 101 Village Walk, South Cedros Property Owners Association and more.

Celebrate 100

CARDIFF-BY-THESEA — The community of Cardiff-by-the-Sea in Encinitas is planning the celebration of its 100th birthday. Organizers are now accepting parade and vendor applications and want the community to get involved and participate. Applications are available at cardiffbirthday.com.

Classified of Year Rosanna and Doug Forsyth taste the offerings of Husic Vineyards.

Barbara and Kevin Hunter enjoy the afternoon.

Marie and Bruce Merino taste Michelle and Dan Harris of Temecula Lane and Charlie Wood partake of what Cote Bonneville has to offer. are on hand for the tasting. Leal’s wine.

CARLSBAD — Christine Mazurkiewicz, lead nutrition services assistant at Kelly Elementary School, was named Carlsbad Unified School District 2010-2011 Classified Employee of the Year. She and two other finalists, Worker’s Compensation/Benefits Technician Laurie McCormick and Web Developer Sharan Merchant, will be honored at the May 11 board of trustees meeting. She will TURN TO WHO’S NEWS? ON B8




APRIL 22, 2011

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Getting to know emergency dispatch’s unsung heroes

DECADES OF SERVICE !"#$%&'(#")*+)%,'*%-$$)%+)%.,$%/+-%*")0$ KEY COMMUNICATOR @,'(:"$% A)9*.8% 0+<<9)"0'."+)*% <')'?$(8 SOLVING PROBLEMS 6$))"7$(%!'('*0+8%'%)'.9(':%;(+-:$<%*+:=$(8 12345% Photos by Patty McCormac



By Patty McCormac

special people are not out for a big, public pat on the back.They would rather remain in the background, being the voice on the radio, helping people. As can be imagined, this job is not for just anyone. It takes a special type of person to be able to do it day in and day out, according to Jeff Logan, operations supervisor. “This job takes a lot of time and a lot of time away from family,” he said. But, for those who can do it, the job is rewarding. “I love it,” said Kasey Willingham, who has been on the job since November. “It’s the kind of job where I feel I help people and make a difference. Jennifer Marasco, a six-year veteran, — Mike Parkinson said she likes dealing with the public. “I like dealing with problems and DISPATCHER being able to provide a service,” she said. “It’s a fulfilling job when you help somebody.” For Melinda Valentini, a nine-year veteran and shift supervisor, it is the variety of problems with which she deals in a day. “Every day is different, she said. “There is nothing typical. I love it.” Still, most dispatchers have a certain type of call that affects

them more than the others. It usually involves children, either as the victim or a child who is on the phone because a parent is hurt or injured, Logan said. Child drownings are difficult for everyone. He said each person is aware of their trigger calls and deals with them afterward either by talking to their peers or a counselor. Logan had one call from a foster mother trying to talk down her foster child who was having an extremely bad day. Logan didn’t realize until later how much the call had affected him, because he had a childhood that brought him very close to being placed into the system. Hard on everyone was the Witch Creek Fire, which burned parts of Rancho Santa Fe and in just about every part of NorthCom’s jurisdiction. Everyone came in and stayed on helping direct emergency operations until the worst was over. “We could see the fire out of the windows,” Logan said.“We were able to stay because this is a shelter in place building and we had (fire trucks) here to protect us.” Some of the dispatchers’ own neighborhoods were being evacuated, but they stayed. “They wanted to stay,” Logan said. When NorthCom officials go looking for dispatchers, they

RANCHO SANTA FE — They are rarely seen, but these ofttime unsung heroes are on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to help people on the worst day of their lives and to make sure that that help is on the way. They are the public safety telecommunicators who staff emergency dispatch centers around the world and right here in Rancho Santa Fe. Named the North County Joint Powers Agency, NorthCom for short, it handles emergency calls for Rancho Santa Fe, Solana Beach, Encinitas, Del Mar, Oceanside, Carlsbad, San Marcos,Vista, Elfin Forest and the Rancho Santa Fe Patrol. The dispatch center is located above the fire department on El Fuego behind R. Roger Rowe School. “We handle just about anything that could go wrong with a person,” said dispatcher Mike Parkinson, who has been on the job since 1986. Each year during the second week of April, these very first responders are honored with their own week. Locally there is an open house and luncheon with representatives from the cities they serve. Low key to be sure, but these


e handle just about anything that could go wrong with a person.”


Will new tablets Wine and jazz share equal billing at Thornton e-race the iPad 2? By the Editors of Consumer Reports

After almost a year in which the Apple iPad has been virtually the only game in town, a new generation of tablets has arrived to take it on. In Consumer Reports’ latest tests of the 10 mostpromising tablet computers, the Apple iPad2 with Wi-Fi and 3G topped the Ratings. But the Motorola Xoom revealed itself as the iPad 2’s chief rival primarily due to its feature set, including a 10inch display, and its operating system, designed for tablets. CR tested various models from Apple, Archos, Dell, Motorola, Samsung and ViewSonic. Each tablet was evaluated on 17 criteria, including touch responsiveness, versatility, portability, glare and ease of use. Testers found several models that outperformed the rest.The Apple iPad2 with Wi-Fi plus 3G (32G), $730, topped the Ratings, scoring Excellent in nearly every category. The first generation iPad, $580, also outscored many of the other models tested but tied with the Motorola Xoom, $800.

The largest gap in performance among the 10-tested models was evident in CR’s battery life test. Each model’s battery life was measured by playing the same video clip continually on each tablet and timing how long it played until the battery ran down. The top-scoring iPad2 lasted 12.2 hours, but the lowestrated, the Archos 70 Internet Tablet, $270, lasted just 3.8. Before choosing a tablet, CR recommends considering the following: — Many features are almost universal. Easy-to-use touch screens based on capacitive technology are now widely available. All the models tested feature Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, a front-facing webcam and GPS capability. Android-based models can be expanded using built-in USB ports or slots for SD flash-memory cards, but the iPad 2 lacks both. — You get what you pay for. Competition still hasn’t lowered prices. Still, Apple, long known in the computer market for charging more than competitors, has TURN TO CONSUMER ON B14

Wine and jazz are true soulmates. They are joined at the hip, are twin heaven-sent creations, and both make people very happy. It’s always a friendly debate as to which wines are best, but when it comes to jazz, I know of no other venue that does it better than Thornton Winery in Temecula. The jazz greats who play at Thornton make sure it is on their schedules every year. Most have received their big break at Thornton. Champagne Jazz originated 23 years ago when owner John Thornton was looking for something that would keep wine customers coming back and at the same time draw music lovers in. He realized the magical fusion of the two attractions. John and his son Steve, who operates the winery and restaurant, have provided 21 total wine,food and jazz concerts this year, in an intimate, personal, garden patio environment. The first concert begins at 4 p.m. May 1 with Spanish and jazz flamenco guitarist Jesse Cooke. Mindi Abair and Bobby Caldwell follow at 7 p.m. May 7. You could not choose a more exciting 1-2 combination than these two; sort of like a Thornton California Champagne Brut Reserve, fol-


Taste of Wine lowed by an Estate Bottled Syrah. Mindi has broken open new jazz trends with a pop music path. She blows a mean sax and sings with a refreshingly unique crossover voice that’s brought her stardom. Bobby has this smooth Sinatra-like style, sprinkled with R&B and big band. Like fine wine, he gets better with age. Other top music stylists on the bill include Boney James, Dave Koz, George Benson, Chris Botti and many more throughout the summer and on to Oct. 15. For the complete list and pricing, visit thorntonwine.com or talk to Tonya Wake, the brilliant events manager, now in her 17th year of managing the concerts. Call (951) 699-0099 for details.

Witch Creek, an urban cellar by the Sea

I really enjoy a winemaker with a gleam in his eye as he proudly pours his latest release, knowing he or she has hit it so right this time. Sitting across the table from winemaker

Ryan Baker at Witch Creek Winery, on the Coast Highway in Carlsbad with the ocean air off-shore, was a vintage moment in time. Last year I pointed him out as one of the four most interesting winemakers in Southern California. Baker grew up in nearby Olivenhain but had to go to Northern California to learn how to make wine. After studying at UC Davis and working in Sonoma, he settled at Witch Creek in 2005. Decisions were then made to commit to the Italian style of winemaking with most grapes coming from the Guadalupe Valley of Mexico and Clarksburg in Northern California. A wine menu from Witch Creek reads like an Italian map. Names like Nebbiolo, Barbera, Sangiovese, Brunello, Primitivo, Teroldego, Montepulciano and Aglianico take their place alongside the more familiar Syrah, Zinfandel and Merlot. The cork popped on a bottle with no label and Baker had me smell the bouquet and taste the just-bottled 2009 100 percent Montepulciano. The ’08 was a winner with club members and in the tasting room at $21. It was showing the youthful fruit and had a wine baby’sbreath, but 2009 had been a really good year and expecta-

tions are high for this Italian varietal. “I am allowing the spicy raspberry fruit to show itself in the taste,” he said. “We’ll do 116 cases. I don’t think it gets any better than that.” I thought so too … until we got to his 2009 Sangiovese. It’s all good at Witch Creek. Look it up at witchcreekwinery.com.

Wine Bytes

— North County Wine Company continues their Friday fun April 22 from 4 to 8 p.m. with seven wines for $10, from new Chardonnays to Italian Brunellos. For more information, call (760) 7442119. — Belle Marie Winery in Escondido is planning a Winemakers Dinner from 6 to 8 p.m. April 22. It’s a five-course dinner paired with their wines, with the use of spice blends. The cost is $89 per person. Call (760) 796-7557 for details. — San Diego Wine Company on Miramar Road has a Blind Wine Tasting from 11 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. April 23 for $10. For more information, call (858) 586-WINE. — DAOU Vineyards and Winery is featured at FLAVOR Restaurant in the Del Mar Plaza on April 26. Reception at TURN TO TASTE OF WINE ON B14



APRIL 22, 2011

Household uses for cornstarch JEAN GILLETTE Small Talk

Yes, my car is getting fresh with you guys My car’s cuter than your car. My car has eyelashes. I realize that “cute” is not what everyone is shooting for in a car, but it certainly is working for me. I had no idea of the fun in store when I opened the package Christmas morning. Right around that time, my life had begun to seriously lack fun. Life gets that way sometimes. As if knowing my mind, my quietly funny daughter went to some trouble to find and order eyelashes for my car. Eyelashes. For my car. I was tickled at the concept, but … well… I just had no idea. When I finally put them on, I discovered the greatest mood lifter in the world. Those goofy eyelashes make a lot of people laugh and I love nothing more than to make people laugh. It can be a little unnerving to realize how well your children truly know you. I am certain some have sneered at my new accessory, but in a show of unexpected modern civility, it has not happened to my face. I know that decorating and anthropomorphizing your car might hover near the category of pratfalls and matching “I’m with stupid”T-shirts, but somehow I think the lashes are just a hair above that. One day a dour-faced woman and fellow Prius driver parked nose to nose with me. As we got out of our cars, I braced for disdain. Instead she grinned and asked, “Can you order them with those?” It made my day. The lashes were, predictably and delightfully, a huge hit with the youngsters at my elementary school. Then I began to notice people in parking lots or along the sidewalk would stop, point and laugh out loud. Fabulous! Most people, absorbed in the struggles of their lives, don’t notice them or politely ignore them. But it rockets my entire mood when I see someone spot them and laugh. It’s even better when they nudge their friend and make them look. Regularly, women want to know where I got them and I have to tell them truthfully that I don’t know. I tossed the box and didn’t even ask from where my daughter ordered them. I will admit, with some guilt, that just now I have become very selfish about having car eyelashes. They may pop up everywhere TURN TO SMALL TALK ON B14

NEW ADDRESS !"#"$% &''()*+(% ,$-.*#% /"$0"+% 1"#"2+*0"(% -03 "45*$("(% 67*+0"+3% *0% 89:;% !"#"$% &''()*+(% &*<=% >'+."+#<% /*##"% ?"# @-('=%-$%A*$1B'%C*$0*%D"%)-0B%*%+-22'$E1700-$F%*$(%("(-1*0-'$%,5+-#%G8H Courtesy photo

Expansion in works for Woodward Center RANCHO SANTA FE — Forty years of dedication and some new quarters were celebrated with a dedication ceremony on April 16 at the Helen Woodward Animal Center. Donors, board members, relatives of the late Helen Whittier Woodward, and corporate sponsors gathered at 6523 Helen Woodward Way, formerly Calle Del Nido, in Rancho Santa Fe for the ribbon-cutting and dedication.Attendees took tours of the new small animal medical facility and administrative offices. The new building, near the original entrance of the center on San Dieguito Road, covers 20,358 square feet. The mailing address for HWAC will remain as P.O. Box 64, Rancho Santa Fe, CA. The physical address will become 6523 Helen Woodward Way, Suite 100. “It’s not exactly Noah and the Ark,” said HWAC spokesman John Van Zante.

“But this move is a major undertaking after more than 35 years in the first building that Helen erected to care for orphan animals and to educate children.” Bryce Rhodes, chairman of the center’s board of directors, and grandson of Helen Whittier Woodward, believes his grandmother would be pleased. “She had a great love of animals. It would definitely make her happy to see what has become of the work that she began when she bought this property 40 years ago.” HWAC President Mike Arms said that the new facility has been a long time coming. “Even before I arrived at HWAC in 1999 there was already talk about the need to expand in order to continue serving the community that has grown around the center. It’s been my honor to lead us through this phase of construction and into the future of the center.”

Realtor to address SDSU business school graduation RANCHO SANTA FE — Connie Sundstrom, of Prudential California Realty’s Rancho Santa Fe office, was recently invited to share the insights and knowledge that have made her a successful real estate professional, at the San Diego State’s College of Business commencement ceremony May 21. Sundstrom is the president-elect of SDSU’s Business Alumni Network. “I am very excited to be a part of such an important event,” said Sundstrom, who also enjoys donating her time to Volunteer San Diego and the Rancho Santa Fe Rotary Club. “The experiences I had at SDSU are very special to me.” A graduate of San Diego State’s College of Business, Sundstrom’s passion for real estate grew from the time she spent in the Real Estate Society at the university. She credits this experience, com-

bined with the knowledge she acquired when earning her bachelor of science degree in finance, with allowing her to provide her CONNIE SUNSTROM clients with useful guidance about the implications of their decisions when considering a mortgage and valuable advice about the potential for investment properties to generate income. Born and raised in San Diego, Sundstrom is an agent for John Lefferdink and Associates. A focus on continuous improvement has distinguished Sundstrom since her beginnings at Nordstrom and TURN TO REALTOR ON B14

Cornstarch is a frugal household staple. It’s primarily used as a thickener when baking and cooking (think: sauces, stews, gravies and casseroles). But much like baking soda and vinegar, it’s a versatile product that can be used daily around your home. How have you used it? Here are a few handy reasons to keep some in your pantry. Detangler: If you have a knot in your yarn or shoelaces or your pet has matted fur, sprinkle some cornstarch on it to help detangle the problem. Laundry starch: According to Argo &

SARA NOEL Frugal Living Kingsford (argostarch.com), you can use cornstarch to make laundry starch. In a large bowl or pot, stir 1/2 cup of corn starch into 1 cup of cold water. Stir in boiling water (2 quarts for a heavy solution; 4 quarts for medium and 6 quarts for a light solution). Dip the clothing into the starch solution and let dry. To iron, sprinkle the garments lightly with warm

water, roll up and place in a plastic bag until evenly moistened, then iron as usual. Their website shares other household tips such as using cornstarch to relieve a mild sunburn, itch from rashes or hives, for cleaning windows and pots and pans and to polish silver. Stain removal: Cornstarch works well on grease and blood stains. For a grease stain, simply sprinkle cornstarch onto the garment and allow it to set and absorb the grease for a few hours. Brush off.The cornstarch will remove grease spots on walls, TURN TO FRUGAL ON B14

NCTD introduces pre-sold Coaster tickets COAST CITIES — The North County Transit District is introducing a new option for Coaster customers who have been requesting the opportunity to plan ahead. Single-day Coaster train tickets will now be available for pre-purchase, a move NCTD hopes will create an even smoother Coaster experience for Padres fans on game day. Until now, single-day Coaster tickets have only been available from ticket vending machines and are only valid the same day. With the new pre-purchase option, NCTD is encouraging Padres fans to “Get Ahead of the Game” and avoid the long lines that often form around ticket

machines for home games. The pre- sold Coaster tickets are now for sale during business hours at all three of NCTD’s Customer Service locations — Escondido, Vista and Oceanside.And for a limited time, Padres fans buying their tickets ahead of game

days will receive a free official Padres canvas visor with their purchase, while supplies last. The pre-sold tickets are also expected to prove popular with customers planning TURN TO TICKETS ON B14

100 OFF


Any Cart w/purchase

Your North County Dealer


New & Used

888.918.3672 2600 Temple Heights Dr., Ste G, Oceanside, CA 92056


Value in the Covenant of

RANCHO SANTA FE ! 0 d! ,00 e c 759 u d 1, e R $ w No

This 4-bedroom, 3-bath single-level ranch home on 2.2 acres is situated conveniently on the west side. The home boasts a large great room with fireplace and entertainment bar perfect for family gatherings or entertaining friends. The interior and exterior space blend together with large windows and doors bringing in ample light. The recently renovated kitchen has beautiful neutral silestone countertops; Fisher and Paykel dishwasher; and new cabinetry. The generous family room flows to the outdoor space where you find a covered patio and pool in a park-like setting. Turn Key!

Patricia Scott

858.756.2254 619.857.6926


West Coast Properties




Key players in the Ranch

!"##$%""&'()#* &)+,-."+'/"01 2"3,+.4"1',15"$4 6(.,+1""1'.,6'%).0 0)4'%)(,7 /"4,80)1,7'6. .0,)+'0)##."8'0"*, #"-6.,&'"1'9# :6*)1"'&,# ;"+.,<'/"4,80)1, %64'=,+$'6-.)=,')1 .0,'>6+&,1':#?3 61&'6#4"'&)+,-.,& .0,'8"8?#6+'8#6$4 @1"%1'64'AB0, C.+"##,+4'"( 261-0"'C61.6 D,<E'/"01'%64 .0,'("?1&,+'"('.0, 261-0"'C61.6'D, 2)&)1F':#?3< Photo courtesy of Arcadia Publishing, taken from “Rancho Santa Fe,” $21.99. Autographed copies of the book are available at the Rancho Santa Fe Historical Society, 6036 La Flecha. Call (858) 7569291 or e-mail rsf historical@sbcglobal. net for more information. Available at local retailers, online bookstores, or at arcadia publishing. com.

APRIL 22, 2011

Older children’s health coverage gets tax boost SACRAMENTO — A new state law,as of April 7,conforms California to federal law making tax-deductable the cost of employer-provided medical coverage to nondependent adult children under the age of 27, according to the Franchise Tax Board. The Federal Health Care Act of 2010 made numerous changes to the health care system. One provision that became effective in 2010 requires group health plans and health insurers to extend that coverage to adult children under 27 years old. For federal law, these benefits are now deductible medical care expenses. AB 36 is effective immediately and applies to taxpayers filing their 2010 tax returns due April 18. Taxpayers whose Form W2 includes the amount of medical coverage for nondependent adult children in California wages, should request that their employer issue Form W-2C excluding the amount from California wages.

Ranch altruist honored as ‘Person of the Year’

RANCHO SANTA FE — Rancho Santa Fe resident Linda A. Lang has been selected as the “Person of the Year” by the Big Brothers Big Sisters of San Diego County. Lang is chairman, chief executive officer and president of Jack in the Box Inc. She will receive her award at Big Brothers Big Sisters dinner Oct. 6, at the Hyatt Regency La Jolla at Aventine. “I’m honored to be recognized on behalf of The Jack in the Box Foundation’s long-term partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters,”Lang said.“Having a mentor can literally change a child’s life. We’re especially proud to support military programs that provide mentors to children with deployed parents.” Lang was named as chairman and chief executive officer of Jack in the Box Inc. in October 2005 and added the title of president in February 2010. She also serves on the board of The Jack in the Box Foundation, a nonprofit organization that focuses the compaBEST AND BRIGHTEST B0,' *,*3,+4' "(' .0,'B"++,$' G)1,4' !)F0' C-0""#'H-6&,*)-' I,-6.0#"1' =6+4).$' .,6*7' (+"1.' +"%7' (+"*' #,(.7' J)1F' /)1F7 G+61,,.'K$#6=6+68?7'61&':6++),':6"7'%).0'36-@'+"%7'(+"*'#,(.7'H#3,+.':0,17'!"1F'/""'L)*7'C)&&06+.0"'M06..6-06+$67'!"%"1'J,,7'C06+6&'N)@+6*7 ny’s charitable donations to N6+?1'>?&)7'G,)-"1F'I"1F'61&':"6-0';"16'L)##*6+7'0688)#$'&)48#6$'.0,)+'()+4.O8#6-,'*,&6#4'("+'.0,)+'%)1'6.'.0,';"+.0':"?1.$'H-6&,*)-'J,6F?, make a difference in communities where employees, fran=6+4).$'8#6$"((< Courtesy photo chisees and guests of Jack in the Box restaurants work and

Torrey Pines takes local Academic League title COAST CITIES — The North County Academic League varsity playoff final could have been called “The Showdown of Del Mar Heights Road” or “The Battle of the Birds,” as the Torrey Pines Falcons defeated their Coast Division rivals, the Canyon Crest Academy Ravens, to capture the championship and the right to compete in the San Diego County championships April 28. All of the rounds of the county finals will be broadcast live on ITV, cable channel 16. Torrey Pines beat Canyon Crest, 169-63, in the Ravens’ first visit to the varsity champi-

onship match. The first five minutes of the match was a back-and-forth battle, but the veteran Falcons soon pulled away and cruised to the victory behind the lightning-fast buzzing-in of Sharad Vikram on the toss-up questions. Torrey Pines, coached by Nona Killmar, was the regular season Coast Division champ, and San Dieguito Union High School District rival Canyon Crest, under coach Brian Shay, was the Coast’s runner-up. Winners and runners-up of the NCAL’s four divisions participated in the varsity playoffs. First-round matches saw Rancho Bernardo defeat North

Division runner-up Rancho BuenaVista,97-61; Torrey Pines defeat Valley Division runnerup Valley Center, 122-61; Canyon Crest down Valley champ Fallbrook, 129-59; and Inland runnerup Mt. Carmel beat North champ Carlsbad, 92-77. In addition to Torrey Pines’ win over Rancho Bernardo, the other semifinal match saw Canyon Crest beat Mt. Carmel, 122-77. Torrey Pines won the NCAL Freshman championship by virtue of its 85-43 victory over Inland Division champ Rancho Bernardo. The Falcons, Coast Division win-

ners, pulled out to a 47-26 lead 10 minutes into the 25-minute match, but the Broncos closed to 54-43 with six minutes left. The Falcons shut out the Broncos the rest of the match for the decisive win. The North County Academic League consists of teams from 27 public, private, and charter high schools that hold weekly competitions answering questions based on the California state curricula and current events. Sponsors for this unique academic extracurricular program are welcome. Visit the NCAL website at rbvhs.org/teachers/ferreirae /ncal/index.htm.

If this is not possible, taxpayers can use form FTB 3525 as a substitute for Form W-2C. Taxpayers should use the corrected wage form to file their state tax return to exclude from taxable income the value of this employer-provided medical coverage. Self-employed individuals may deduct the health-insurance premium paid for nondependent adult children under age 27.No adjustment from the federal tax return is needed. Taxpayers who have already filed their 2010 state tax return reporting the amount of medical coverage for their nondependent adult children in their California wages, should file a 540X, amended tax return to exclude this income and claim a refund.The same applies for self-employed individuals who reported a California adjustment including the health insurance premium paid for nondependent adult children. For more information,visit ftb.ca.gov and search for Health Care Act.

live. In addition, Lang serves on the board of directors for the WD-40 Company, San Diego State’s College of Business Administration and the San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporation. In 2009, former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger appointed Lang to the California State University Board of Trustees, which is responsible for the state’s 23-university system. “We are incredibly grateful to Linda Lang and Jack in the Box for its support of military families served by Big Brothers Big Sisters,” said Paul Palmer, president of BBBS San Diego County. “This event will help us raise awareness about the critical need for mentors, during a time of financial hardship and multiple deployments, which cause increased stress on families, especially felt by the children.” A longtime supporter of Big Brothers Big Sisters, the Jack in the Box Foundation recently pledged $1 million to support military mentoring programs, locally known as Operation Bigs, which was the first program of its kind in the nation that provides caring mentors to children who have a military parent deployed.

Del Mar Rotary members gather for day of service DEL MAR — The Rotary Club of Del Mar will again participate in an international day of community service April 30 with two projects. This year, the club is assisting Nativity Prep School and the San Dieguito River Park. The club has been a longtime supporter of Nativity Prep, a high school serving the underprivileged youth in a challenged neighborhood. This year, members will be working with the USD Rotaract club along with the Torrey Pines High School and

Cathedral Catholic High School Interact clubs. The San Dieguito River Park has been a legacy project for the club and it hosts two work parties there per year. This year’s Rotarians At Work project has not been identified yet, but club members will be on hand working with the Rotary-sponsored Boy Scout troop to improve the park’s natural habitat, scenery and plant life. The club meets at noon Thursdays at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, 334 14th Street, Del Mar.



APRIL 22, 2011

Retail powerhouse still growing after 50 years By Wehtahnah Tucker

ENCINITAS — The house that Don built is celebrating 50 years of family. Hansen’s is known the world over as a premiere retailer, but to the residents of Encinitas and the visitors who flock to the store year after year, the shop is built on consistently good customer service. “We take a different focus than a lot of businesses,� said Josh Hansen, one of three Hansen children who work for the business. “When you come in here (to Hansen’s) it’s like coming to see family,� he said after working at the store for a decade. The gleaming building at the southern end of downtown has its roots in humble beginnings. Hansen Surfboards was established in 1961 on Oahu’s famous North Shore by Don Hansen. Just a year later, he moved the shop from the small shack on Kawela Bay to a larger building overlooking Cardiff Reef. It was here that Hansen’s surfboard shaping business really began to grow. The reputation of his boards reached beyond the boarders of Encinitas into the international surfing community. By the mid-1960s, Hansen Surfboards was shipping surfboards to many TURN TO GROWING ON B14

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Auxiliary gives gift of support

Villa Anghiari Tuscan Province of Arezzo, Italy

CARMEL VALLEY — Planners created a nightclub right out of the 1960s with plenty of vintage cocktail dresses, carefully coifed hair (lots of hairspray) and gentlemen sporting bow ties and fedoras. The stylish seventh SERIOUS FUN 9"0)/-%:'(;$)<%'(1%!'(2#%='>'$'#$2%7)-%2(-"%-$)%#32/? Sounds of Hope for Children 2-%"+%-$)%@2A)%'.;-2"(%'-%-$)%:".(1#%"+%&"3)%+"/%B$2@1/)(%+.(1/'2#)/%*2(? concert, presented by Rady (2(7% #",)% )C;2-2(7% 3/2<)#% '(1% /'2#2(7% ,"()6% +"/% -$)% 9'16% B$2@1/)(D# Children’s Hospital Auxiliary’s &"#32-'@%E.C2@2'/6D#%B'/,)@%F'@@)6%G(2-H%-"%0)()+2-%-$)%&"#32-'@D#%E.-2#, I2#;"A)/6%J(#-2-.-)8 Photo by Amy Connor Photography

• Restored 16th Century Farmhouse • Highest Quality Craftsmanship • Rustic Stone and Brick, Exposed Beams • Unobstructed 360º Views Over the Italian Countryside • 20 Acres with Olive Grove • Ultimate Privacy



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APRIL 22, 2011

Community offers website for input on development CARMEL VALLEY — Concerned citizens in Carmel Valley have launched the website whatpricemainstreet.com to provide community members the opportunity to learn more and share their thoughts about Kilroy Realty Development’s proposed Main Street project. The proposed Main Street project is located on the southwest corner of Del Mar Heights Road and El Camino Real. The site is considered by many as Carmel Valley’s last sizeable undeveloped parcel of commercial property and currently planned for 500,000

square feet of suburban office space. The developer intends to build 270,000 square feet of retail, 535,000 square feet of office (housed in a 10-story and a seven-story building), 150-room to 175-room hotel and 608 residential units plus parking structures, totaling over two million square feet on the 23-acre site. As proposed, the project would be the largest density increase ever considered in Carmel Valley’s more than 30-year history. To learn more about the impacts of the proposed Main Street project or express concerns to decision makers, visit

whatpricemainstreet.com or e-mail Jerry Mailhot at jmailhot@whatprice mainstreet. com. “The community has grown increasingly concerned about the one-sided promotion of the Main Street development to the residents of Carmel Valley,” said Jerry Mailhot, a longtime Carmel Valley resident and former member of the Carmel Valley Community Planning Board. “The website was developed to show the potential negative impacts of the project on Carmel Valley and surrounding communities.”

Heights Road between High Bluff Drive and El Camino Real increasing travel and wait times for all commuters and residents along the main artery in Carmel Valley. Opponents add that the proposed project will be 10 times the density of the Del Mar Highlands Town Center and twice the size of University Town Center — a scale many residents are not comfortable with. Additionally, the developer has proposed paid parking for the office and hotel portions of the project, which will cause overflow parking and

negatively impact surrounding streets and lots currently offering unrestricted and free parking. “We are not seeking to eliminate or reduce existing entitlements for the property but working to ensure the density, traffic and parking envisioned in the Community Plan are adhered to,” Mailhot said. “It is important that any future development on the site is consistent with Carmel Valley’s community character and within the proposed traffic and infrastructure demands for which the area has been planned.”

The Heritage Ball, now in its 28th year, will take place Aug. 27. For more information on sponsorships and donations, vie for countywide honors. call the Mission Development Young orators Office at (760) 757-3551, ext. CARLSBAD — The win- 161. Sponsors will receive ners of St. Patrick’s School’s recognition in promotions and annual speech contest for fifth- on the night of the event. through eighth-graders included first-place winner Willy Visit from the master CARLSBAD — From Mass, with Kelly-Grace Struble taking second place and the India, Pattabhi Jois, grandson third-place award earned by of Ashtanga Yogi, Sri K., will be hosted at Ashtanga Yoga stuAlison Pateros. The topic was “An dio, 1905 Calle Barcelona, Suite American Invention.” Annette 218, from April 25 through May Broom Latasa, school librarian, 7, including special workshops. once again administered this For information, contact Salima Ruffin at (619) 804-6011 event. or e-mail salima@joisyoga.com.

Wounded Warrior Project. Teams competing include Dare to Be Fit, the Oceanside Police Department, the Oceanside Fire Department and Marines from Camp Pendleton.The event is open to all Oceanside residents. Complete information is available at pushupsforcharityoceanside.com/.

According to Mailhot, among the potential negative impacts highlighted on the website are traffic and infrastructure impacts to the community, parking constraints and, the size and scale of the project. The Main Street project will add more than 30,000 traffic trips per day to Carmel Valley roads, which is five times more than the planned traffic generation for the site and does not include projected traffic from nearby approved entitlements. The project will bring two additional stop lights and pedestrian crossings to Del Mar


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Chairwoman named

OCEANSIDE — Father David Gaa, executive director of Old Mission San Luis Rey, has named Gail De Salvo, of Oceanside, as chairwoman of the 2011 Heritage Ball.

Get ready to sweat

OCEANSIDE — A Pushups for Charity Challenge will be held April 23 at Dare to Be Fit Studio, 110 Copperwood Way, Suite M, to benefit the

President named

LEUCADIA — William Morrison has been elected the new president of the board of directors for Leucadia 101 MainStreet Association. Morrison has been a Leucadia resident for the past eight years. He is a founding board member of Leucadia 101 MainStreet and has been active as committee chairs and as treasurer for 2010. He is a licensed landscape architect and operates Morrison Workshop.



APRIL 22, 2011



look for people who are cool under pressure and who can multi-task,” said Charlie Knust, communications manager. They must calmly be able to give instructions for CPR or how to deliver a baby when the person on the other end of the line may be on the edge of panic or way beyond. He said food servers make good dispatchers because they are able to handle several

things going on at one time. Candidates are first run through a six-week, in-house academy that covers orientation, policy and procedures using the radio and a final exam. If they pass that, then they continue with their training with a seasoned dispatcher who helps them until they are able to handle calls by themselves. Only about 50 percent of applicants actually finish the MAKING A DIFFERENCE B")($&C1<<1#=3".&<12()&."21#=&"&-177('D (#,(&(>('$&-"$&53(#&)3(&-%()&3('&E%?A Photo by Patty McCormac training and go to work. To learn more about the JPA, call (858) 756-3006 or visit ncdjpa.org.


died at a hospital at 4 a.m. department, Fernandez volun- the truck was consistent with A sheriff’s detective and a tarily returned with the detec- evidence at the scene. deputy from the Encinitas sta- tive and deputy to the station He said that a headlight crime lab is the one involved. tion arrived at the residence to be interviewed; his truck was assembly was found at the acciBoth the bicycle and the where Fernandez was staying also impounded. dent site. vehicle are at the lab. after he called authorities. In previous reports, He also said that drinking O’Connor said the district According to the sheriff’s O’Connor said that damage to might have been a factor. attorney wants the department to finish a thorough investigation. “We can only file charges once we can prove something beyond a reasonable doubt,” As seen on said Steve Walker, spokesman for the San Diego County District Attorney’s office. May 17th 1-6pm He said they are continu(Local Anethesia only) ing to review the investigation. In office procedure BOTOX as low as $10/unit (call for details) “It doesn’t mean we’re not going to file. Right now we’re Introducing the FILLERS - buy one syringe, not comfortable filing those 2nd syringe 1/2 off charges,” he said. James Steven Swarzman, (Restylane, Perlane, Juvederm and Radisse) 47, of Encino, was taking a latea multi-modality approach to Space is limited, call now! night ride with several friends facial rejuvenation (mini facelift, when he was struck from fat grafting, Fraxel laser resurbehind at about 1 a.m. in the DR. BRIAN REAGAN facing, local anesthesia only, 1200 block of North Coast Owner quicker recovery) Highway 101, according to Plastic & Reconstructive authorities. Surgery SkinMedica TNS He and a group of cyclists Essential Serum DR. MONIKA KIRIPOLSKY, had been riding near the beach buy one get the second Dermatology, Cosmetic in the Encinitas area when the Surgery 1/2 OFF fatal accident occurred. and receive a FREE TNS Bressi Ranch Medical Plaza • 6221 Metropolitan St., Suite 100 • Carlsbad According to the Medical Ultimate Daily Moisturizer Examiner’s Office, Swarzman 760.707.5090 • www.drreagan.com • www.truebeautysd.com CONTINUED FROM B3

STUDENT INPUT !"#$%#& !'()*& +,"-(.$& )*/-(#*& 0"'1)"& +,%)*" *"2()&*3(&%44%'*/#1*$&*%&-1#(&51*3&*3(&+))1)*"#*&6(,'(*"'$&%7&8-/,"*1%# 7%'& 9%)*)(,%#-"'$& 8-/,"*1%#& 8-5"'-& :,3%";& "<%#=& 51*3& )(>('"<& "'(" ?/)1#())& <("-(');& *%& -1),/))& 9'()1-(#*& :?"."@)& >1)1%#& 7%'& "->"#,((-/,"*1%#A Courtesy photo

Student queries federal official on education CARMEL VALLEY — Marisa Acosta, a 14-year-old Canyon Crest Academy student and local youth theater performer, co-hosted a dinner and discussion April 2 with Eduardo Ochoa, the U.S. Assistant Secretary of Education for Postsecondary Education. The evening’s discussion centered on President Obama’s vision for advanced education and the nation’s growing Hispanic community. In attendance were local Hispanic business leaders, including Vice Chairman of the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals Jerry Ascensio;

Perla Myers, a University of San Diego math professor, and Marisa’s father,Gary Acosta,cofounder of NAHREP. Also in attendance were Steve McCormick and Marisol Best from the La Jolla Playhouse with President of the Asian Real Estate Association of America Jim Park and his wife Judy, a local educator. “Meeting with Secretary Ochoa was very exciting and I feel that the evening’s discussion was an important step in our community’s efforts to convey the importance of a college education to all segments of our community,” Acosta said.

Treat Yourself Tuesday





APRIL 22, 2011

An egg-cellent time had by all at spring festival

GETTING CRAFTY F12-$=(1,?"?6<*.$M.$H+('$("#$@1,1'"; FIRST ENCOUNTER !"#$ %&'(#)$ *+,,-.$ &/&$ 012#-$ 32&(('.$ 4&5#'$ (6$ 7#2#, 1,A$(6+?"#'$6,$"#)$H&H#);H2&(#$*+,,-$@&?#B 86)&,(#'$&,9$:;<6,(";629$=+<<#)$>&*)#)&.$4"6$1'$&$*1($&4#'()+?/$&($"#)$@1)'($<##(; 1,A$41("$("#$A1&,($"&)#B Photos by Bianca Kaplanek

By Bianca Kaplanek

Children in third grade and younger gathered for crafts, games and hugs from the Easter bunny during the 22nd annual spring festival and egg hunt April 16 at La Colonia Park. The free event, sponsored by the Solana Beach Parks and Recreation Department, also offered jump houses, piñatas and refreshments including cookies, lemonade and coffee. YOUNG HUNTER N1,#;<6,(";629$=+<<#)$>&*)#)&$1'$<6)#$1,(#)#'(; #9$1,$H2&-1,A$41("$"#)$#AA$?622#?(16,$("&,$91'?65#)1,A$4"&(O'$1,'19#B

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STICK TO IT I62+,(##)$C)2#($ J6)&2#'$ @)6<$ >&)91@@;*-; ("#;=#&$"#2H'$C2#K1'$J&26,#.$L.$<&/#$&$*+,,-$@&?#$41("$& H&H#)$H2&(#.$H1,/$@6&<$#&)'$&,9$26('$6@$A2+#B

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APRIL 22, 2011



SOUP TO NUTS by Rick Stromoski

FRANK & ERNEST by Bob Thaves

THE BORN LOSER by Art & Chip Sansom

BIG NATE by Lincoln Peirce

Friday, March 11, 2011 There are some strong indications that you could make an important shift in your thinking in the near future, which will allow you to open up a number of new social and commercial opportunities. Things could get very interesting! TAURUS (April 20-May 20) -- Listen to what others have to say, but pay heed to your own thinking as well. Between the two, you should get the best answer to a situation that needs resolving. GEMINI (May 21-June 20) -- Tackle your most important jobs early on, along with the ones you least like doing. As the day grinds on and wears you out, you may not be as careful as you need to be for the more tedious tasks. CANCER (June 21-July 22) -- Just when you need it the most, the warmth and sociability you'll unexpectedly experience will help restore your faith in mankind. People will treat you like the winner you are. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) -- People won't dump their assignments on you just because they think you're weak and won't complain, but because they'll see you are more competent than they are in handling onerous assignments. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) -- The organizational and managerial skills you possess are exceptionally prominent.


by Luis Campos

MONTY by Jim Meddick

Celebrity Cipher cryptograms are created from quotations by famous people, past and present. Each letter in the cipher stands for another. TODAY'S CLUE:

Y equals T

ARLO & JANIS by Jimmy Johnson


COW & BOY by Mark Leiknes

“ N K T M K W N W I L

It won't be hard for you to find multiple ways to put them to outstanding uses. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23) -- Your boss might be instrumental in giving you the opportunity to show your stuff. Make the most of this chance to do a thorough job on something that's dropped in your lap. SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22) -- If you have a fresh idea or new project, this is the day to launch it. There are strong indications that you will be exceptionally fortunate when it comes to untested endeavors. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23-Dec. 21) -- You could be remarkably perceptive when it comes to your hunches or intuition, especially concerning anything of a material nature. Act on any strong signals you get. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) -- Even though you may feel a need to be around certain people, find some time for yourself whenever you can. You'll function better if you can take a few breaks occasionally. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) -- When you least expect it, a couple of secret ambitions could be fulfilled in some unusual ways. Make the most of this happy day. PISCES (Feb. 20-March 20) -- Owing to the logical, realistic outlook you'll have, you will be able to define certain developments very precisely, keeping all negatives in proper perspective. ARIES (March 21-April 19) -- It's quite likely that as the day wears on, you'll get the chance that you've been looking for to change certain conditions more to your liking. In your mind, they'll be for the better.






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R T G G X H N PREVIOUS SOLUTION: “I never really look for anything... I wake up in the morning and whichever way God turns my feet, I go.” Pearl Bailey



APRIL 22, 2011



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22”X20” JADE CARVING Large Soochow jade carving, 22” x 20”. (760)599-7219. (760) 599-7219 50 COLLECTOR TYPE COMIC BOOKS 1980’s - early 1990’s, in bags with boards; new condition, $35. (760) 845-3024 ADULT POTTY CHAIR free standing or over toilet, new, $40. (858) 3421460 AUTO COOL FAN, NIB As seen on tv solar powered ventilation system, $15 (760) 599-7219 BICYCLE HANDLEBAR PACK $15. (760) 942-5692 BURMESE JADE PENDANT Heavily carved on both sides; multi-colored; 2-1/2”L x 1-1/2”W $40 (760)599-7219 CALENDAR - PHOTOGRAPHIC ART by Michael Seewald, 1950, 17” X 21 1/2”, cellophane cover, never opened, collector’s item, $75. (760) 436-9933 CARDBOARD FILE/STORAGE BOXES folded with lids (new) from small to large, 50 - 75 cents each. (760) 944-6460. COLEMAN SLEEPING BAG Blue, single, $10. (760) 412-7878

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DESIGNER SUNGLASS CASES Various collection & sizes, all new, $5 - 10 each. (760) 944-6460



Contract rates available for 4+ insertions. Private party items under $150 & Automotive Ads FREE. ALL OTHER ADS* MUST BE PREPAYED NO REFUND FOR EARLY CANCELLATION *Any ads other than private party individuals selling personal items and automotive ads.

LINE ADS RUN IN BOTH PUBS - 108,000 READERS Line ads run in both publications. Display classifieds run Coast News, 27,000 RSF 10,000


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To view or place ads online go to: coastnewsgroup.com

or stop by office at: 828 N. Hwy 101, Leucadia

MEN’S SHOES Size 13, “Rockport” gray suede with black, $10. Used, good condition. (760) 944-6460. MISC. KITCHENWARE for sale (due to Home foreclosure sale) - (760) 4344705




MEN’S SANDALS Size 13, “Orthaheel Wave”, Orthodic brand flip-flops. New, never worn, kahki color, paid $54. Bargain at #39. (760) 944-6460

PLANTS, CACTI & SUCCULENTS 4 ft. tall Mother-In-Law Tongue, 2 at $40. (760) 944-6460.

15 GALLON PLANTS Fan Palm, Crown-of-Thorns, Jade, Loquot, Black Pines, Macadamia Nut, Aloe Vera & other plants available, $35 each. (760) 436-6604

HELP WANTED....................400 JOBS WANTED....................450 BUSINESS OPPS............ ....475 ROOMMATES................... ...500 RENTALS...................... .......600 REAL ESTATE......................700 LEGAL/PUBLIC NOTICE.... 800 AUTOMOTIVE..................... 900

MAGAZINES 13 beautiful back issue polish magazines in color direct from Poland: $20 (760) 845-3024.

NEW CARPET 12 X12 ft, manufacturer: Fabrica; Collector: Sondoval, color: lisbon-holly (soft gray); Style: Friezze, $150. (760) 944-6460.

PULSE JET ENGINE 100 lb. thrust. SS tig-welded; 64” long, 6” OD tailpipe. 760.599.7219

F.Y.I..................................... ..100 HEALTH & WELL BEING ....150 ITEMS FOR SALE................200 BUSINESS SERV.............. ...300 FINANCIAL SERV.................310 HOME SERVICES................325 MISC. SERVICES............. ...350 PERSONAL SERV................375

LIKE NEW HUNTER AIR PURIFIER. $99.00-hunter 30381 hepatech air purifier features a whisper-quiet fan that draws air into the unit without excessive noise. Operational manual included. Pictures available. (760) 842-1970

MAPLE WOOD CAPTAIN’S CHAIR Beautiful, like new, $149. (760) 7296044

10 EASTER POSTCARDS 100 + years old. Take all, $25. (760) 845-3024


LADIES ENGLISH RIDING BOOTS Made in England (Marborough, brown leather, barely used, great condition, size 7B, $100. (760) 944-6460.

DRUM FLOOR TOM Black, $20. (760) 753-3616. EXERCISE MACHINE Crunch board, for $50. Also can be viewed on ebay, classifieds. (760) 412-7878 FABIAN CHINESE SYMBOL Double A metalex, 18”, 45 centimeters, brely used, $150. (760) 753-3616. FABRICS Various bolts of: Matelasse, Chintz, cotton, plus some small, medium & large cut pieces of material & sewing items, $75 for all. (760) 944-6460. FIREWOOD High Quality! 1 truckload(1/3 cord) split stove size, good mix soft & hard wood euc oak ash olive $80 delivered! Todd or Dave (760) 277-9016 GARDENING ITEMS Some terracotta & ceramic pots & saucers, pot seet, bamboo & green metal stakes, etc... all for $18. (760) 944-6460 GARDENING POTS & PLANTS Terracotta, ceramic and landscaper black pots; 1,5 & 7 gallons; saucers, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10”; cacti small, medium & large, $4-$25. (760) 944-6460

PLANTS/CACTI & SUCCULENTS “Mother-in-Law Tonque”, 4 ft. tall, $40; “Agape Mediopicta”, 4” & 8” pots, $12 for both. (760) 944-6460. PLUM TREE/SCHEFFLER TREE In very large container, 3 ft. wide, $20. Also, SCHEFFLERA TREE, 3 ft. tall and 4 ft. wide, in large decorative pot, $25. (760) 496-8936. POSTERS POSTERS POSTERS 70 era & on up, Disney, Reagan, Museum openings & travel posters, $150 OBO for all. (760) 944-6460 RED WOOL LONG COAT with black collar, $50. (760) 758-8958 ROAD SIZE EMERGENCY KIT new all in one 60 piece road size emergency kit, includes cable jumpers, still in box, $25. (760) 672-4380. SEARS KENMORE SEWING MACHINE Model #6812, good condition, $65. (760) 758-8958. SKILL SAW with metal stand, $100. (760) 433-2321 SMALL HANDMADE QUILT $30. (760) 758-8958. SNUFF BOTTLE COLLECTION $6 to $75: cameo, jade, clay, wood, cameo w/ inside painted, ceramic, carnelian. (760)599-7219 SNUFF BOTTLE COLLECTION $6 to $75: cameo, jade, clay, wood, cameo with inside painted, ceramic, carnelian. (760)599-7219 SOLAR PANEL (ARCO) 41 Watts, 24 Volts, used, $70. (760) 746-7209. TEMPUR-PEDIC WONDERSEATS (2) from the “Healthy Back Store”. The comfort cushion built to provide comfortable seating posture. It’s portable, weighs 2 lbs and is 16” X 13”. One is brand new and the other gently used. Original packages $60 and $50. (760) 944-6460

WANTED Wanted Used Saxophones, flutes, clairnets, any condition, will pay cash. 760-346-9931 (760) 7050215. DIABETIC TEST STRIPS WANTED Any Type, Any Brand. Will pay up to $10 a box. Call Ronda at (760) 5937033.


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THREE TREE POLE SUPPORTERS 10 ft. high, 3” round, $15 each. (760) 944-6460. TWO BLACKBERRY STORM BATTERIES $15 each, fully charged, plus a stand alone charger, $10. (760) 4127878 VERIZON SAMSUNG INTENSITY 2 Blue in color, can be used as prepaid or contract, $90. (760) 412-7878

Sporting Goods GOLF BALLS 100, name brands, top condition, 20 cents each. Also, putter, The Solid Brass Company, perfect condition, $20. (760) 436-9933 SNOWBOARDING JACKET, LADIES Size large, Zero Exposure, nearly new condition, $25. (760) 496-8936 TENNIS RACQUET Prince Extender, 4 3/8 grip, powerful, good condition, $20. (760) 632-2487

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APRIL 22, 2011

Automobiles 900

Automobiles 900



MAZDA SPORT Miata, mx, turbo, 2 seater, black soft top with cover, cd stereo, air, manual, (stick 6 speed), performance tires with spare, apprx. 38,000 miles. (760) 207-0073 San Marcos, $15,950.00 0B0.

CHEVY ASTRO VAN 1994 Astro van cargo style. Rebuilt motor, new alternator, ac/heat. 22+ mpg. Would make great work van. $2,500 or trade for pickup truck. Carlsbad(928) 2036000. (928) 203-6000

1994 FORD TAURUS 4-door Wagon, automatic transmission, AC/power everything, low mileage, 98K miles, excellent condition, $1,700. (760) 500-0772 2000 TOYOTA ECHO 4-door, automatic transmission, AC, low mileage, 114K miles, looks & drives good, excellent gas mileage, 37 miles to the gallon, $3,600. (760) 500-0772

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YAMAHA VINO 125 SCOOTER With helmet-like new only 750 miles-grayonly 1 owner- $1,600 (858)756-5967

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APRIL 22, 2011



too. Rub cornstarch onto the wall with a soft cloth. For blood stains, make a paste using cornstarch and water. Apply the paste to the blood stain and let it dry. Scrape off the paste and launder as usual. Crafts: In a previous column, I shared fun craft recipes for kids (finger paint, mock moon sand and sidewalk paint) that use cornstarch. Visit frugalvillage.com/2011/03/30/createkids-crafts-in-your-kitchen. You can make homemade clay, too. One reader, C.J., from Canada shares the following recipe:

the Hilton Torrey Pines Resort, where she excelled as a result of her emphasis on service and talent for solving problems.To ensure her clients interested in the purchase and sale of luxury homes and estate properties receive an advanced level of representation, she earned the Fine Homes Specialist designation.


— 1 cup cornstarch — 2 cup baking soda — 1-1/4 cup cold water Stir the cornstarch and baking soda together in a saucepan. Mix in the water and cook over medium heat, stirring constantly until mixture reaches a slightly moist, mashed potato consistency. Cover with damp cloth. When clay is cool enough to handle, knead it like dough until it is easy to use. Create or store it in an airtight container for later use. When creation is dry, decorate with water colors, poster paints, felt tip pens or leave them plain. Make ornaments: Mix 1/4 cup of cornstarch and 1/2 cup of water in a saucepan and stir until smooth. Heat until it thickens. Let cool. Dip yarn scraps (about 1 foot long each piece) into the cornstarch paste mixture and use cookie cutters as molds to shape the yarn ornament. Allow to harden on wax paper. Once dried, hang as an ornament, make a garland or attach a magnet on the back and hang on the refrigerator.Visit thethompsontales.blogspot.com/2011/ 02/valentines-craft-1.html for a tutorial. Use for fabric wall decoupage: Cornstarch is a Mod Podge/liquid starch alternative. Stir 1/4 cup corn starch into 1/2 cup cold water. Add 4 cups of boiling water and mix. Cut fabric into desired shapes and apply to the wall or door using the cornstarch paste and a paint brush. It can be removed and updated easily. Sara Noel is the owner of Frugal Village (www.frugalvillage.com), a Web site that offers practical, moneysaving strategies for everyday living. To send tips, comments or questions, write to Sara Noel, c/o United Media, 200 Madison Ave., 4th Floor, New York, NY 10016, or e-mail sara@frugalvillage.com.




PALA FOR PETS !"#"$%&"''($')*+$#,'&($-#"./"$0""1"&($/"2,$/"%34,)5$-)".1*.$6,.%/34.2($/"2,$/"%34,)5$7,884,$0"#%89):($39+".$),%*9)/,%$),;< ),%,.&"&4=,5$".1$>*:/,$?"#,3($#,"1$/**@($/,#,8)"&,1$&3,$24'&$*'$"$/3,/@$".1$"$&)9/@#*"1$*'$1*2$".1$/"&$'**1($8#".@,&%$".1$%9;< ;#4,%$&*$A"9),#$B)9+;($1,=,#*;+,.&$%9;,)=4%*)$'*)$&3,$C**1D")1$E.4+"#$B,.&,)$".1$F,1)"$E8)"+%*.($C**1D")1G%$%;,/4"# ,=,.&%$ ".1$ %;*.%*)%34;$ +"."2,)($ H*4.,1$ 8:$ !"#"G%$ &,"+$ +,+8,)%$E.2,#"$ I,=*1"($ ,=,.&%$ %9;,)=4%*)5$ J9*.2$K)9*.2($ #4., /**@5$ L)4@"$ I,#"%/*($ 39+".$ ),%*9)/,%$ ),;),%,.&"&4=,5$ 6*.4/"$ 6"2".&,($ +*&*)$ /*"/3$ 1,;")&+,.&$ 2),,&,)5$ ".1$ A"+;3",. 0*9@3"=*.2($&3,$!"#"$64.4<6")&$/"%34,)M N,;),%,.&"&4=,%$*'$&3,$C**1D")1$B,.&,)$=4%4&,1$!"#"$&*$),/,4=,$&3,$+*.,:$".1$%9;< ;#4,%$'*##*D4.2$"$'9.1)"4%4.2$/"+;"42.$&*$3,#;$&3,$/,.&,)$/*.&4.9,$4&%$".4+"#$),%/9,$".1$"1*;&4*.$;)*2)"+%M$Courtesy photo



managed to offer more than the other tablet brands for a lower price. Buying a model with a data plan may lower the initial cost of the device, but canceling early may result in a stiff penalty. Otherwise, it might be cheaper to buy a 3Gcapable model without a contract. — Display quality varies. The iPad2’s display should perform as well as the original iPad’s, among the best tablet


6:30 p.m., dinner at 7 p.m. The cost is $95 each. Enjoy DAOU paired wines from Prosecco to Cabernet and Moscato. RSVP at (858) 755-3663. — The hottest getaway will be up in Pebble Beach near



parts of the world. Many of Hansen’s original shapes are still available today at Hansen’s. In fact, Hansen’s now stocks approximately 700 surfboards, both Hansen surfboards and also surfboards by other manufacturers including Lost, Channel Islands/Al Merrick, Simon Anderson, Byrne, Chemistry, SurfTech, Aviso and S-Core. It’s a cornucopia of boards in every shape and size for any surfer at all levels. Within the following decade, Hansen’s transitioned into a retail business



Carmel Valley Unit, raised $660,000 to benefit the Hospital’s Autism Discovery Institute. Held March 25 at the historic Prado Ballroom and featuring music by The Dean-O-Holics, a 17-member “Rat Pack” tribute band. The event was marked by the true generosity of nearly 300 guests, who gathered to support this institution according to event co-chairwomen Marilyn Nolen and Romie

displays tested. It has excellent color and is viewable from almost any angle without degrading the image. The Motorola Xoom’s display can be viewed from almost any direction, too, but it loses more contrast at off-angles than the iPad. — Shape matters. A tablet display’s shape is as important as its size. In landscape (horizontal) mode, most have the short, wide shape of a digital TV. The iPad2’s display is squarer, similar to a traditional television’s. A wider display is a better fit for movies

and high-definition TV shows. And for a display of a given width, such a tablet can be shorter than a squarer tablet and easier to slip into a purse or briefcase. — It’s good to be square. Apple’s approach has its advantages, too. In landscape mode, for example, the display’s greater height lets the email app display more messages in the inbox, assuming you use the same size text as on other tablets. When you’re typing in landscape mode, an iPad can accommodate a taller onscreen keyboard or more

content on the screen above the keyboard. In portrait mode, its display is less cramped when you’re Web browsing or reading a magazine or an e-book. — Future-proofing will pay off. Hardware specifications don’t tell the whole story. Portability, storage capacity and weight are important. But less obvious differences in software, connectivity and upgradeability are also critical. And with faster 4G data networks becoming more widely available, 4G capability.

Carmel/Monterey for the annual Food & Wine event. Seventy celebrity chefs, 250 world class wines, four days from April 28 to May 1. Call (866) 907-FOOD (or 3663) for tickets. — Fast Forward Productions introduces its Wine Rave Series for young wine enthusiasts with the ice

breaker at FLUXX Nightclub downtown San Diego on April 28. More than 25 cutting edge wines, spirits and breweries for a viral tasting experience, with high energy deejays and delish appetizers. The cost is $45 in advance and $65 at the door. Visit wineravesd.com or call (619) 312-1212.

Frank Mangio is a renowned wine connoisseur certified by Wine Spectator. His library can be viewed at www.tasteofwinetv.com. (Average Google certified 900 visits per day) He is one of the top five wine commentators on the Web. Reach him at mangiompc@aol.com.

and quickly became one of the most popular and wellknown surf shops in Southern California. With only one location in downtown Encinitas, the Hansen family — including longtime employees — is on track to celebrate another 50 years of business. “We’re a surf, beach lifestyle company,” according to Hansen. “With 16,000 square feet of retail space, Hansen’s has the unique ability to offer something for everyone in the family, both young and old. We’ve got apparel, beach accessories, surf gear, snow gear, skate gear and even home décor

and books. In fact, it is now the largest surf shop in San Diego County. While the online business brings in good sales, it’s the face to face contact and relationships with loyal, local customers that drives Hansen’s success. “We’re not just selling products,” Hansen said. “It’s the experience that you get when you walk in these doors.” Engaging customers and being a core part of the community are fundamental to the success of Hansen’s. “We’ve got the ‘Goods for Grades’ program where we really get to reward kids for doing well in school,”

Hansen said. “We thrive on giving back to the community that’s given us so much.” Groms and wahinis frequently bring in their report cards for discounts on the goods in the shop. Hansen’s is a destination rather than a surf shop. After 50 years, the family has built its reputation on hard work and dedication to the community. “Why would we ever leave this place?” Hansen asked as he looked over the Pacific Ocean. “We’ve got the best of all worlds right here and we’re looking forward to being here for another 50 years.”

Martin. Guests sipped classic cocktails and dined on contemporary cuisine, while onstage under the glow of towering martini glass lights, Rady Children’s Hospital President Kathleen Sellick and Kristin Gist, senior director of Developmental Services at the Autism Discovery Institute, shared some of the work that the ADI is doing. The institute’s mission, to “create a research center that translates the latest discoveries into the best

possible clinical care” for children with autism spectrum disorders and their families, is on the forefront of intervention, treatment and research. Autism affects one in 110 children in this country and the incidence of diagnoses continues to grow annually. Nolen and Martin were more than delighted with the evening’s outcome, which will allow the group to fund a much-needed playground at the Autism Discovery Institute. “Our goal is always

to treat our guests to a truly memorable evening that combines philanthropy and fun. We are overwhelmed by the generosity we saw extended Friday evening,” they said. The Carmel Valley Auxiliary has raised nearly $4 million for Rady Children’s Hospital from the seven Sounds of Hope events the volunteer group has produced in recent years. To donate to Rady Children’s Hospital’s Autism Discovery Institute or learn more about the Auxiliary, visit chacv.org.

recreational trips on the Coaster, which are more convenient than ever now that the train schedule offers Sunday service throughout the spring and summer. Throughout this season, NCTD is promoting recreational Coaster ridership by partnering with a variety of organizations sponsoring street fairs and festivals that will take place directly along the Coaster route. To learn more about “Coaster SunDaycation” options, visit gonctd.com/ SunDaycation. The pre-sold tickets will be available for Coaster round-trip fares, which have recently been reduced to $8 to $11, depending on the destination. The pre-sold round-trip tickets are also valid on Sprinter light-rail, Breeze buses, and for one transfer each way on the MTS Trolley. Most Padres fans take a trolley connection to Petco Park after they exit the Coaster at Santa Fe Depot station. The pre-sold Coaster tickets will be punched with a specific date for use, although some undated tickets may be available for organizations seeking bulk sales. For customer service hours and Coaster schedules, visit gonctd.com/Padres2011.



soon, but for now, having the only pair in town is my personal mood booster. I am, of course, well aware of the somewhat perilous downside of having “the car with eyelashes.” I have been known to lose patience when driving and give in to possible rudeness. While far better than in my youth, I am not the world’s best driver and have rolled through a stop or exceeded a speed limit from time to time. That simply has to stop now. There is no blending in as just one of hundreds of green Priuses anymore. I’ll bet my daughter thought of that, too, when she ordered them. Smart girl. So off I drive each morning, gleefully knowing that at some point in the day, I will make someone laugh and I can join them in that laughter. It doesn’t get any better than that. If you have a fun event you would like Machel Penn to cover, contact her at mpenn@coastnewsgroup.com.

APRIL 22, 2011





APRIL 22, 2011

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