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VOL. 7, NO. 6

Summit predicts housing recovery


By Patty McCormac

A local artist, whose dream of owning a gallery comes true, supports the B1 community

When news of the potential sale broke in October, Assemblyman Martin Garrick said his office was “inundated” with calls from concerned residents. Garrick mailed a survey to constituents in his 74th District, which includes most of North County north of Del Mar. The survey was also available online. According to the

RANCHO SANTA FE — At last year’s Annual Conversation Real Estate Summit, the panel that produces the North County San Diego HomeDex, predicted doom and gloom for the housing market. This year, however, there is a ray of hope for 2011. That was the report given to the Association at its March 17 meeting by Ivan Holler, the Association’s administrator, who sits on the panel. “Residential market trends appear to be on a slow track to recovery,” Holler said. The summit brings together experts from real estate, water, energy and money, and follows real estate trends. The summit is hosted by the Cal State San Marcos and the North County Association of Realtors. Their optimistic predictions were determined by 2010 year-end statisticsm which were shared at its fifth annual meeting held recently at The California Center for the Arts in Escondido. Holler said the recovery depends on many things including the federal budget deficit and inflation. “Inflation is expected to remain fairly low through most of this year, but will accelerate next year,” Holler said. “Unemployment seems to be inching downward,” he said. It is still very hard to buy a house because banks are still holding onto money. “Instead of a loan application, its a loan interrogation,” he said. He said that most of the units sold during the past year have been under $300,000. The next highest in sales rate were in the $500,000 to




The Association gives the thumbs up to renovating a local building for its new A3 owners


Pets and owners gather at the fairgrounds for the Ugly Dog Contest B1



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MARCH 25, 2011

FRESH STARTERS .:;<=>+$?@A+2?BC=;D:@+A@E+=F=@G+H:DG+A@E+$I+DGA>+.>A@G+#H:J+AG+GH=+A@@KA;+L>=DH+#GA>G+<:>+M?ED+'=;=N>?GO+.:;<+';ADD?B+:@+2A>BH PQ+AG+2:>RA@+"K@+';KN+S+"=D:>G*+#==+DG:>O+A@E+T:>=+UH:G:D+:@+!AR=+-VV*++Photo by Bianca Kaplanek

Discussions continue on fairgrounds purchase By Bianca Kaplanek

DEL MAR — The potential $120 million purchase of the Del Mar Fairgrounds by the city in which it is located was discussed at no less than four meetings during the second week of March. Here is an update on the deal with some highlights of what was said and done.

Senate Bill 1

On Dec. 6, 2010, Sen. Christine Kehoe introduced SB1, which authorizes the Department of General Services to negotiate terms for the sale of the fairgrounds to Del Mar or to reopen the bidding. Bills must sit for 30 days

before any action can be taken. On Feb. 10, SB 1 was referred to the Rules Committee and Government Organization Committee, which deals with bills relating to horseracing, public gaming, alcoholic beverages and legislation permitting the use of state-controlled lands. Sen. Mark Wyland, whose 38th District includes most of North County beginning in Solana Beach, sits on the Government Organization Committee. Deanna Spehn, Kehoe’s policy director, said hearings probably won’t begin for another three to eight weeks because the Legislature is

currently focused on the budget. Support: Schwarzenegger vs. Brown The original deal was negotiated with former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, who could not run for re-election in 2010 because of term limits. While Gov. Jerry Brown said he does not support the sale of state-owned office buildings,he “has voiced no opposition to the sale,” Spehn said, adding that Kehoe’s office has been “assured by the head of the Department of Finance and other senior staff within the Brown administration” that the governor has not received a formal briefing on the sale

because he is focused on the budget. The proposed budget has eliminated $32 million in general fund support to local and county agricultural activities and fairs.

The Garrick Survey

Bill Gaylord Gaylord-Hansen Team Chairman’s Club Member

Sam Hansen Gaylord-Hansen Team

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MARCH 25, 2011






Your Home. Your World. Grace and that elusive breath of the Old World come together in a perfect blend in this quintessential Rancho Santa Fe Covenant home. Crafted from only the finest materials; a sampling includes venetian plaster walls, hand painted antique Spanish floors, distressed timbers, and forged wrought iron. Open the french doors that bookend this home and take in warm breezes and golden sunsets. Included are four finely appointed en suite bedrooms, integrated sound system, lushly landscaped grounds and al fresco outdoor living areas.

Offered at $2,185,000






Rancho Santa Fe Covenant $4,895,000

Rancho Santa Fe Covenant $2,375,000

Bankers Hill $2,297,000

Solana Beach $1,949,000

Del Mar $1,595,000


sc nE




Rancho Santa Fe Covenant $1,550,000

Olde Del Mar $1,469,000

To learn about Rancho Santa Fe and its neighboring communities, please visit www.rsf.com.



Rancho Santa Fe $1,249,000

Rancho Santa Fe $1,295,000





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Del Mar $999,000 - $1,100,000

Downtown San Diego $699,000

Cardiff $619,500

Pacific Beach $459,000

Rancho Santa Fe $380,000


619.200.7000 DRE # 01125260


858.699.0299 DRE # 01441091



R S F. C O M



MARCH 25, 2011



Association approves upgrades for building


By Patty McCormac

The Feral Professor: Tihomir Petrov, 43, a mathematics professor at California State University Northridge, was charged in January with misdemeanors for allegedly urinating twice on the office door of a colleague with whom he had been feuding. (Petrov was identified by a hidden camera installed after the original puddles turned up.) Petrov is the author of several scholarly papers, with titles such as “Rationality of Moduli of Elliptic Fibrations With Fixed Monodromy.�

Can’t Possibly Be True

• Gangs in Durban, South Africa, have recently begun stealing expensive anti-retroviral (ARV) drugs destined for AIDS patients and using them in the country’s most popular street drug, “whoonga,â€? a highly addictive, smoked cocktail of detergent, rat poison, marijuana and the ARVs. The crisis was reported by KwaZulu-Natal province drug-abuse organizations and Durban police, who stood by their claims despite attempts by South African president Jacob Zuma to assure international suppliers of ARVs that TURN TO ODD FILES ON A15

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No ‘paws’ for threat of rain By Bianca Kaplanek

SOLANA BEACH — Dogs and their owners didn’t seem peticularly concerned about overcast skies and the threat of rain during the fifth annual Paws in the Park held

March 20 at La Colonia Park. The four-hour event was presented by the Solana Beach Parks and Recreation Commission and included activities, exhibitions and rescued pets available for

adoption. Highlighting the free event was a dog contest judged by Mayor Lesa Heebner, Councilman Mike TURN TO PAWS ON A15

RANCHO SANTA FE — The Association approved a facelift for the Country Squire Building at 16912 Via de Santa Fe at its March 17 meeting. It is being prepared for a new tenant, California Bank and Trust, Senior Planner Kirk Dakan said. “On the front of the building, there will be three, new small, square windows and in the breezeway frontage, two pairs of windows totaling four new additional windows,� he said. “There will be a pair of replacement entry doors to match the new and existing windows. To keep the building’s appearance more consistent with the older, traditional buildings of the village, the frames on the doors and windows will be a darker stain color.� The Art Jury reviewed the proposal first at its meetings on Jan. 11, Feb. 22 and March 8. It required revisions to the original design to help achieve a more traditional appearance in keeping with the look of the older commercial buildings in the village. The project, both inside and out, is under the

direction of Marion Dodson. In other Association news, Ivan Holler, Covenant administrator, reported that the upgrade of the water line, fire hydrant and driveway at the Osuna Ranch is complete, although it cost a little more than expected. “I think things went well overall,� Holler said. Jack Queen, Association director, said he liked the results. “It looks just like it is supposed to look. Perfect,� Queen said. The Association voted at its Feb. 3 meeting to approve an additional expenditure of $20,500 to complete the drainage work and establish a contingency to cover any additional project costs at Osuna Ranch. Originally it was estimated that $150,000 would be sufficient. The Osuna Ranch was purchased several years ago with Open Space Funds for just under $12 million. Its purpose was to be an equestrian facility and historical center for the community. The Association approved at its Feb. 17 TURN TO ASSOCIATION ON A15

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MARCH 25, 2011

COMMUNITY COMMENTARY !"#$%&''()*+,$%&''#)+-.,$/#0+*&)$*/$&1#)$+&$#2#.,&)#3$41*)*&)/ #51.#//#6$ *)$ +"#$ %&''()*+,$ %&''#)+-.,$ /#0+*&)$ -.#$ *)$ )&$ 7-, .#1.#/#)+-+*2#$ &8$ !"#$ %&-/+$ 9#7/$ :.&(13$ ;#)6$ /(<'*//*&)/$ )& =&)>#.$ +"-)$ ?@@$ 7&.6/$ +&$ =/(++&)A0&-/+)#7/>.&(130&'3 ;(<'*//*&)$6&#/$)&+$>(-.-)+##$1(<=*0-+*&)3

The danger next door: Drifting tobacco smoke in multi-unit housing By Maria C. Gutierrez

Fools and money are soon parted Founding Father Ben Franklin said, “No man’s life, liberty or property is safe while legislature is in session.” He recognized the threat of special interests and the selfserving nature of man. In his world the individual was responsible for protecting their rights. Franklin knew a public that fell asleep to the policies of elected officials would wake up and find they’d been robbed through mismanagement and malfeasance. Across the state we are seeing the fallout from years of public complacency. We fell asleep. We relied on others to do what we should have done ourselves. Residents of Bell discovered the criminal actions of their officials too late. The state teeters on the brink of bankruptcy with a $26 billion deficit. San Diego may have a deficit of $130 million, twice the figure officials had previously disclosed. In Oceanside groups warn that over the last five years pension costs have increased 40 percent while the money collected to pay those costs has risen only 17 percent. The SD County Taxpayers issued a report that North County cities should adopt lower pension benefits for

ANDREW AUDET Life, Liberty and Leadership new hires to pay for critical services without raising taxes. Only Carlsbad and Solana Beach have created two-tiered pension systems. The Encinitas Taxpayers Association, or ETA, speaks up for responsible policy, exposing fiscal mismanagement and ranking council candidates. ETA warned against the pay package approved by the council in 2005 giving a 35 percent benefit increase to city workers.The council ignored ETA warnings claiming the city was on solid footing. A year later, Mayor Bond and Deputy Mayor Stocks said the city was unable to pay for priority projects. Their solution was to bypass voters and approve more debt thru a $20 million lease revenue bond sticking taxpayers with the bill for their mismanagement. Then Councilman Dan Dalager said, “I am not a credit card kind of person”

just before he voted to put another $20 million on the taxpayer Visa Card. ETA gave Dalager a D grade in the last election. Stocks and Bond supported Dalager. Last month the defeated Dalager pleaded guilty to the DA. Recently ETA secured release of the city’s road improvement report. The report had been kept from the public through City Manager Phil Cotton’s use of a questionable tactic labeling the report a “draft.” Stocks and Bond gave Cotton an unearned extra paycheck allowing Cotton to spike his pension. The report showed the city’s road program is underfunded. Elsewhere seniors lost shuttle services due to a lack of funding, city programs have increased fees and some families are paying more for bus service to get kids to school. The library was $11.8 million over budget and the purchase of the $9 million “turnkey” public works building ran $3.5 million over budget prompting Mayor Bond to say, “Now I guess we are in somewhat of a situation of buyer’s remorse.” Bond and his remorse got off easy. It

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public housing authorities to establish smoke-free policies and the next step will be a federal policy that protects children in public housing from tobacco smoke. The American Academy of Pediatrics considers the expansion of smoke-free policies, at all levels, to be essential since tobacco smoke poses a threat to families. The purpose of smoke-free policies is to help protect all apartment residents especially children from secondhand smoke exposure. California’s sustained campaign against tobacco not only has lowered smoking rates, but there have also been major benefits to public health. Much progress is being made, but there is still more to do to end the tobacco epidemic, children are still being exposed to the dangers of second hand smoke in their homes. One way you can help in the fight against secondhand smoke is to consider going smoke-free in your apartment building or speaking to your landlord about a smoking policy for the health and welfare of the children in your community. This is an idea that’s time has come! Smoke-free apartment building and multi- unit housing just makes sense. For more information on nonsmoking multi-unit housing and apartments, visit northcoastalpreventioncoalition.org/p rograms/tobacco-control. Maria C. Gutierrez is a prevention specialist with Vista Community Clinic’s Tobacco Control Programs. She can be reached at (760) 631-5000, ext. 7158 or at mgutierrez1@vistacommunityclinic.org.


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The dangers of secondhand smoke are again back in the spotlight. According to the 2010 U.S. Surgeon General’s report on tobacco, there is no safe level of exposure to tobacco smoke, and that includes secondhand smoke. The report also states that damage from tobacco smoke is immediate since chemicals in tobacco smoke reach your lungs very quickly every time you inhale. Inhaling even a small amount of tobacco smoke can damage your DNA and it can lead to serious illness, such as cancer and ultimately death. Infants who are exposed to secondhand smoke are more likely to die from sudden infant death syndrome. Multi-unit housing is one of the more recent areas of concern. A new study released by the American Academy of Pediatrics, or AAP, shows that children living in multi-unit homes where no one smokes inside have a 45 percent increase in cotinine (a chemical compound found in tobacco) levels compared with children who live in detached homes. It is believed that smoke seeping through walls or shared ventilation systems is the cause for these statistics. The AAP believes smoking bans in multi-unit housing may reduce children’s exposure to tobacco smoke. Residents with chronic health conditions are severely irritated by drifting tobacco smoke as well. Last year, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban development urged local

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MARCH 25, 2011

What about a ‘Don’t visit California’ commercial? Have you seen that “visit California” commercial where they show a variety of people telling you why you should come here? Made me want to do a commercial of my own, to tell people to save fuel and stay home. The original commercial features a bunch of people who are meant to represent California, even though they look like they’re from the Midwest. Having been born here way back in 1948, I guess I qualify as an expert witness. Well, maybe in my region, or at least the block. OK, so I don’t even know what’s going on in my house. Still, I have an opinion, if you care to listen to it. My commercial would show California as one big freeway leading to one big outlet mall featuring endless rows of T-shirts with cute sayings on them next to racks of over-priced sunglasses. It would feature angry locals fighting it out for blown-out surf and spray painting “tourists go home” on rent-a-cars. I would star as the local curmudgeon, from time to time screaming, “Get off my lawn and turn down that radio!” My commercial would feature all the cardboard architecture that has become North County with bulldozers tearing down anything of value and replacing it with stucco duplexes. My commercial would offer star maps to the nearest rehab facility. It would feature newspapers advertising houses for 10,000 times the national average. It would show the crack heads in the alley. Gunshots and trucks without mufflers would serve as the soundtrack. All of the extras would all smile in a creepy, Stepford Wife sort of way while chanting, “Have a nice day,” in unison. My friend and neighbor Joey could be in my commercial, wearing the T-shirt he says he’s going to design someday, “Cardiff-by-theSea, the worst town in the world!” (BTW, that thing would outsell Cardiff Kook calendars two to one, so get on it, Joey.)

CHRIS AHRENS Sea Notes There would be testimonies from all the locals who grew up here and moved to Montana or Cabo or Vista. It would show families packing their belongings as their houses were foreclosed on before they took the long road to the inland dust bowl. It would feature a new monster mall in a previously traditional downtown.There would be a for sale sign in front of the post office in the adjacent town. Thinking about it reminds me of why I left here in 1972 and why I try to drive out to the Arizona desert every weekend. I respect that you love it here, but why do you have to tell everyone and anyone, unless your business depends upon it? That, I understand. But if you love it as it is, advertising it will help accelerate its change. Last weekend the desert was quiet and clean and I passed at least three vans with surfboards on top, heading toward the coast. In the desert you can remember your name and the stars go on forever. I heard my heart beat and remembered that we live in a special corner of the Milky Way Galaxy. I slept outside to the sounds of crickets, bullfrogs and a lonely coyote, not missing the roar of midnight ramblers moving down my street far beyond midnight. The Santa Ana wind just kicked in again.Walk 10 feet and look at the surf. Small, but not bad. Not too crowded and I can see the sandy bottom. Here’s a little secret. I love this place so much that I jealously guard every old house, ever tree and every empty lot. I’m selfish enough to keep the good news to myself. I probably won’t make that “I hate California” commercial, but I wouldn’t mind become Joey’s first T-shirt rep. Don’t just hate it here; tell your friends.

Program pairs veterans with pets By Promise Yee

ENCINITAS — The Rancho Coastal Humane Society recently partnered with Pets for Patriots to help military veterans find and afford companion pets. The program is open to retired military, active duty military and military reserve. “We’re the only organization that provides ongoing support to care for pets,” Beth Zimmerman, founder and executive director of Pets for Patriots, said. “That is what is distinctive about us.” The physical and emotional benefits of pet ownership are numerous. “Owning a pet reduces stress levels,” Zimmerman said. “Pets help people cope with loneliness and depression. And people who own a pet are more physically active, especially if they own a

dog.” Veterans who have adopted a pet through the Pets for Patriots program have reported that their pet has given them a renewed sense of purpose, a trusted friend and a reason to live. Pet adoption does not work for everybody. In two instances a matched Pets for Patriots pet did not fit the family structure and was returned to the local shelter. Generally the positive results for matches far outweigh the poor fits. To help veterans find the right fit the Rancho Coastal Humane Society asks potential pet owners lifestyle questions. “Do they want a running partner or a buddy to hang out on the couch with them?” Simran Noon, spokesperson for Rancho Coastal Humane Society, said. The right pet may be a dog, cat or

rabbit. “Pet therapy animals aren’t limited to dogs,” Noon said. “Any pet qualifies.” The program also helps with the costs of pet care and maintenance. “The whole goal is to make companion pet adoption affordable and achievable and in the long term sustainable,” Zimmerman said. On average a small dog costs about $1,300 a year to feed and provide with routine healthcare and grooming. A large dog costs about $1,800 a year and a cat costs approximately $1,000 a year. This does not include specialty care or surgery. Military veterans pay the initial pet adoption fee to ensure they have the minimum financial means to take care TURN TO VETERANS ON A17

“City National Bank earned our trust.” Catalina Express has been in business for 29 years and has carried more than 19 million passengers to and from Catalina Island. We’ve trusted City National with our business banking from the very start. Today we rely on City National for both our business and personal banking needs. It’s this mutual trust that strengthens the relationship between us. You know all the way to the top that City National believes in what you do. City National is The way up® for both me and my business.

Greg Bombard President & Co-Founder, Catalina Express

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MARCH 25, 2011

Marine readies for Ironman community CALENDAR By Lillian Cox

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ourtesy photo

OCEANSIDE — It’s not enough that Rob Hilton has completed multiple combat deployments with the Marine Corps in Iraq and Afghanistan. While doing so he maintained his training regimen as a long-distance runner, racing around the base at night, round and round in circles. Within 24 hours of stepping on U.S. soil last August, he picked up where he left off and continued to train for the grueling Ford Ironman Championship in Kona, Hawaii, on Oct. 8. Hilton isn’t new to triathlons. He began competing as a student at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County in 2003. “I was really dedicated but the second-place curse was going on,” he remembers. “I couldn’t crack the first-place code.” His plan was to wait until getting out of the military before realizing his goal of competing in the Ironman in Kona. That changed in the fall of 2009 when Charlie Cartwright of Frederick, Md., a friend he introduced to triathlons, was killed in combat. Hilton suffered a second blow when his best friend, Chris Antonik of Crystal Lake, Ill., died on the battlefield last July. “After watching Charlie and Chris pass away, it became clear to me that maybe I had put off goals that I wanted to achieve in life,” he said. “It was like a calling that woke me up. I

thought, ‘Hey, if you want to do these things in life, stop putting them off and do it now.’” The second thing that changed was hiring two top coaches. Sergio Borges’ approach to the running segment of the triathlon was

Triathlon and the Bulldog Bike Race on Camp Pendleton. To qualify for the Ironman Championship in October, Hilton will compete in the Rohto Ironman 70.3 California in Oceanside on April 2 and another Rohto Ironman 70.3 in Orlando on


fter watching Charlie and Chris pass away, it became clear to me that maybe I had put off goals that I wanted to achieve in life.” — Rob Hilton MARINE TRIATHLETE

about developing muscular endurance, rather than longdistance endurance. His advice soon paid off. “Prior to three weeks ago, my best time on the Olympic distance triathlon was 2 hours 15 minutes,” Hilton said. “After working with Sergio it’s down to 1:56.” He also hired coach Will Scandalis who works with him through the master swim program at Pure Fitness in Carlsbad. “Will is amazing,” he said. “He’s a former triathlete himself.” As of today, Hilton has placed first in his class for each race he’s competed in this year: the Carlsbad Marathon, the Desert

May 15. He’ll then travel to Europe to compete in the (full) Ironman France in Nice on June 26. In the midst of training he found time last October to participate in the Ride for Semper Fi, a 430-bike race from Scottsdale, Ariz., to San Diego that raises money for the Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund. “When I came back with the remains of my friend in July I heard about the Ride for Semper Fi,” Hilton explained. “These are just normal people. Some had never rode 100 miles before. It touched me that people TURN TO IRONMAN ON A20

Special veterans’ RANCHO SANTA FE court hits county Value in the Covenant of

By Shelli DeRobertis

! 0 d! ,00 e c 759 u d 1, e R $ w No

This 4-bedroom, 3-bath single-level ranch home on 2.2 acres is situated conveniently on the west side. The home boasts a large great room with fireplace and entertainment bar perfect for family gatherings or entertaining friends. The interior and exterior space blend together with large windows and doors bringing in ample light. The recently renovated kitchen has beautiful neutral silestone countertops; Fisher and Paykel dishwasher; and new cabinetry. The generous family room flows to the outdoor space where you find a covered patio and pool in a park-like setting. Turn Key!

Patricia Scott

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SAN DIEGO — A courtroom that serves only veterans opened its doors last month, making San Diego a provider of the seventh Veteran’s Treatment Court in the state. When a person who enters the criminal court system as a defendant is identified as a veteran, they will have their case heard in Department 57 by San Diego County Superior Court Judge Roger W. Krauel. The National Association of Drug Court Professionals, or NADCP, calls the Veterans Treatment Court a hybrid of drug courts and mental health courts because they follow the drug court model to serve veterans who struggle with issues such as addictions or serious mental illness, and promote sobriety, recovery and stability. “Veterans may benefit from interventions, and their military service may be a contributing factor to why they are there,” said Chris Deutch, spokesman for NADCP. He said an example would be a veteran who had a flashback and got violent at a bar. He also said that in order for a case to be heard in the treatment court, that the charges did not need to be drug or alcohol related. “Some are only nonviolent charges and some are case by case,” he said. The members who make up the team that handles the case must all feel comfortable

with the case, Deutch said. Deputy District Attorney George Loyd is one of several people who worked to bring the Veterans Treatment Court to San Diego, and a member on the team who represents the district attorney’s office. Loyd said there are currently nine team members who make up the collaborative court of treatment providers and are from a variety of agencies such as the sheriff’s department, probation department, defense bar and veteran’s administration. The treatment court is held every other Friday. “So far it’s a great program,” he said. “San Diego has the highest concentration of veterans within any jurisdiction in the country,” he said. He said that a majority of the people who visit one of the military bases in the county end up liking the area and staying here. “We have seen an increase in the numbers of veterans affected by PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) and other mental health issues,” Loyd said. The specialized court is a way to address those issues and protect the community by addressing them, he said. The main reason the court is important is because it’s a way to fight crime if problems are addressed right away, he said.

Got an item for the calendar? Send the details via e-mail to calendar@coastnewsgroup.com.


COFFEE! Hope Church of Vista will host the first free Hope Concert Coffee House at 7 p.m. March 25, 1755 Thibodo Road. The event will feature twice nominated Dove Awards Male Vocalist of the Year, Bryan Duncan. Call (760) 726-3873 or visit hopechurch naz.com to learn more.


THUMBS The Friendship Gardeners of Del Mar will meet from 1 to 3 p.m. March 26. Hudson Elliott from the Del Mar Armstrong Nursery will discuss ornamental grasses. Call (858) 755-6570 for the meeting place and more details. WATER DAY The fifth annual World Water Day Festival will be held from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. March 26, Lagoon Discovery Center, 1580 Cannon Road, Carlsbad. The festival is a free, family-oriented festival which aims to focus on local and global water issues.


OUT Help restore wildlife habitat by removing invasive, non-native plants with the San Dieguito River Valley Conservancy from 1 to 3:30 p.m. March 27, San Dieguito Lagoon, Del Mar. Tools, training and refreshments will be provided. Reservations are required by e-mailing volunteer@sdrvc. org or calling (858) 674-2275, ext. 12.


LEGAL WORKSHOP The city of Carlsbad’s Senior Center will host a workshop on the creation of a legal Power of Attorney document from 9 a.m. to noon March 28, 799 Pine Ave., Carlsbad. Participants will leave the workshop with a valid Power of Attorney in force. Registrations must be made by calling (760) 602-4650.


GOOD CAUSE MAEGA will host its annual spring fundraising dinner from 5:30 to 8 p.m. March 29, Tony’s Jacal Restaurant, 621 Valley Ave. All proceeds from this Mexican barbecue are used to provide college scholarships for deserving high school graduates. Contact Marie Grey at mgrey233@aol.com or call (858) 337-9825 to learn more. TONY Invisible Children, a TURN TO CALENDAR ON A19


MARCH 25, 2011

Great location, beautiful people, good food at Rimel’s in Cardiff Cardiff Town Center is one of those places that no matter how hot you think you are, you will always find someone more attractive. It’s probably a combination of the location, the lifestyle and the cool shops and restaurants like Rimel’s, where I recently stopped in to sample their dinner offerings. I’ve tried popping in before but it was always very crowded and with no reservations, I always opted to move on. A recent Tuesday night found a couple seats at the bar, so I decided to give it a shot. The bar is a cool place to hang out, as the kitchen is a whirl of activity with flames shooting high and plenty of orders to keep the cooks moving at a feverish pace. The barstools, while very stylish looking in solid wood, were not very comfortable for extended seating … but they sure looked good. The whole place looks good. The vibe at Rimel’s is pure California coastal. Warm earth tones, mesquite fires sending delicious scents through the air, indoor and outdoor seating and a nice view of Cardiff State Park and the ocean beyond make this a prime location to take an out-of-town guest for that SoCal experience. There is also a good chance for an

DAVID BOYLAN Lick the Plate action sports celebrity sighting. I could have sworn Rob Machado was there, or someone who looked a lot like him. The menu at Rimel’s covers a lot of ground but they bill themselves as Rimel’s Rotisserie with fresh meats, poultry, game and seafood roasted to perfection over our mesquite, wood-fired grill and rotisserie. They buy from San Diego fisherman daily and catch their own local seasonal fish, which is a cool touch. Their side dishes and other menu selections are made daily in-house. A quick background on rotisseries takes them way back to medieval times when the spit was the preferred way of cooking meat in a large household. A “spit boy” or “spit jack” sat near the spit turning the metal rod slowly and cooking the food. Mechanical turnspits were later invented, first moved by dog-powered treadmill, seriously, that’s what my research turned up. Spits are now primarily electric powered. The word comes from France

ON THE MENU !"#$%"&%'#($)(*$+#,,&#$-./0/&%'#10$&($)$2&1)%")$)(* ,1##($%"&3#$0)4%#$)/$5&6#370$&($8)1*&99:;<:/"#:2#)= Courtesy photo

where it first appeared in Paris shops around 1450. I was encouraged to try the chicken and vegetable pot stickers and the menu proclaims them as the “best in town.” Six dumplings sautéed in sweet pepper sauce and served with Siracha and green chili garlic sauce. The sauce is a colorful, almost psychedelic looking swirl of green and orange and yes, the dumplings are delicious. Next up were the local black mussel steamers, which

Fundraiser benefits dual charities RANCHO SANTA FE — The Springtime at the Valenti Ranch fundraiser will be held from 5 to 9 p.m.March 28 at the Valenti Ranch to benefit The Pegasus Rising Project and the Rancho Santa Fe Rotary. Tickets to the event are $100 per person and $50 for all Rotarians. To purchase tickets or make a tax-deductible donation to the cause, call (858) 832-8297 or e-mail Valenti Foundation@gmail.com. Festivities will feature a variety of hand-selected wines, Kona coffee, appetizers, a jazz trio from Orchestra Nova San Diego and an opportunity drawing. Sponsored in part by Jet Methods, Smoot, Smoot, Sadrian and Hollan, TaylorMade, The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe, Barefoot Wine & Bubbly, Claire’s on Cedros Bakery and Café, PRP Wine International, Zanzibar Café and Hawaiian Queen Coffee, a highlight of the evening will be a private concert by violinist Lindsay Deutsch. The performance will include Deutsch’s new arrangement of “Rhapsody in Blue,” show tunes from “Porgy and Bess” and selections of “Autumn Leaves,” “Winter Wonderland” and “Summer” from Vivaldi's “Four Seasons” and “Spring” by Mike O’Conner. In addition to Pegasus Rising, the other beneficiary of this event is the Rancho Santa Fe Rotary. Rotarians are dedicated to advancing world understanding, goodwill, and peace through the improvement of health, the support of

SPECIAL CONCERT > 0-#%&)3$%.(%#1/$;<$+&.3&(&0/$?&(*0)<$@#4/0%" A&33$;#$-)1/$.9$/"#$B)1%"$CD$2-1&(,/&6#$)/$/"#$E)3#(/&$5)(%"$94(*1)&0#1= Courtesy photo

education, and the alleviation scribe to the motto, ”Service of poverty. All members sub- Above Self.”

are almost a pound of fresh mussels cooked in a white wine broth with garlic, onions and jalapenos served with plenty of toasted sourdough. This is a serious bowl of mussels and plenty for two or even three people to munch on. The broth is great and the toasted bread perfect for dipping. The fish of the day was local halibut and I left it up to the discretion of our server on the preparation. He TURN TO LICK ON A17




MARCH 25, 2011

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ourtesy photo

Experience why Dr. Tess is America’s Favorite Dermatologist

$100 OFF ANY PROCEDURE OVER $500! * New patients only. Expires March 31st, 2011

Also visit our Scripps Ranch location: 9999 Mira Mesa Blvd. suite 103, San Diego, CA 92131

Graduating seniors appointed to military academies COAST CITIES — Graduating North County seniors recently received Congressional Nominations from Congressman Brian Bilbray to the United States Naval Academy, the United States Military Academy, the Air Force Academy and the Merchant Marine Academy. The nominees included: — Adam Black, Merchant Marine Academy, Torrey Pines High School. — Luke Dillard, Naval Academy, Canyon Crest



MARCH 25, 2011



Academy High School. — Maxx Killman, Naval Academy, Canyon Crest Academy High School. — William Main, Naval Academy, Cathedral Catholic High School. — Brian McNiece, Air MAXX KILLMAN BRIAN MCNIECE Force Academy, Torrey Pines High School. — Katrina Mecklenburg, West Point, Cathedral Catholic High School. — Richard Tong,Air Force Academy, Torrey Pines High School. KATRINA MECKLENBURG RICHARD TONG

Fire district readies for annual boot drive RANCHO SANTA FE — Rancho Santa Fe firefighters will be taking to the streets again this year to help raise money for burn survivors. The annual Burn Institute Boot Drive, which raises money to fund burn survivor support services such as Camp Beyond the Scars, will take place on April 6. Firefighters will be standing at major intersections throughout the district during the morning and afternoon commute, collecting monetary donations of any amount in empty fire boots. “We look forward to this

event every year,” said Engineer Tim Wood, who is coordinating Rancho Santa Fe Fire Protection District’s efforts this year. “It’s a great chance for us to interact with members of the community and raise funds for a very important cause. It also creates a friendly competition among participating fire agencies to see who can raise the most money.” The Burn Institute is a nonprofit agency dedicated to burn prevention and support for burn injury survivors and their families. For more information on the Boot Drive and the Burn Institute,

visit burninstitute.org. The mission of the Rancho Santa Fe Fire Protection District is “To protect life, property, and environment through prevention, preparedness, education and emergency response.” Formed in 1946, the Fire District now spans approximately 38 square miles and protects more than 29,000 citizens. The Fire District currently operates out of four full-time fire stations and serves the communities within and surrounding Rancho Santa Fe, Fairbanks Ranch, and 4SRanch.

Mother and daughter awarded for client service RANCHO SANTA FE — agents in San Diego County. Becky and June Campbell, a The Campbell pair were mother-daughter team with rated based on their performColdwell Banker ance in nine cateReal Estate in gories: customer Rancho Santa Fe, service, communicahave earned San tion, finding the right Diego Magazine’s home, marketing, “Five Star: Best in integrity, negotiation, market knowlClient Satisfaction” edge, closing prepaaward for 2011. ration and overall Researchers conBECKY satisfaction. tracted by San Diego CAMPBELL After a rigorous Magazine surveyed more than 30,000 recent screening process, less than home buyers to identify seven percent of real estate exceptional real estate agents in the San Diego mar-

ket were selected as award Rick Hoffman. “I’ve watched and admired the dedication winners. The duo also donated a and commitment June and portion of their commission Becky bring to all of their from every closed clients. I’ve also had transaction to the San the pleasure of Diego Affiliate of the receiving compliSusan G. Komen mentary calls from Breast Cancer customers singing Foundation. the praises of these “It comes as no wonderful ladies. surprise to me that Coldwell Banker is June and Becky are indeed fortunate to JUNE being honored for have June and Becky CAMPBELL their dedication to on our Team.” their clients, “ said Coldwell The Campbell team Banker San Diego President excels at forging lasting

client relationships through their focus on customer service, Hoffman said. Making clients’ needs their top priority has been the cornerstone of their business. This commitment to customer satisfaction has helped them build a solid foundation of repeat clientele. “It’s what they do,” said Steve Salinas, branch manager for Coldwell Banker in Rancho Santa Fe. “They are committed to exceeding their clients needs and expectations.”

Miss Organized Serving San Diego over 20 years

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Patient has questions about Before You cardiologist’s techniques Sell Real Estate Dear Dr. Gott: I learned I had mitral-valve prolapse (MVP) about 40 years ago and have had it monitored ever since. I am now 65 and otherwise healthy. I have always had spells where my heart would start beating real fast, but they have been more recent lately, occurring almost once a month. About four years ago, my cardiologist put me on 20 milligrams lisinopril daily. My blood pressure is 135/80. Since then, we moved from California to Arkansas. Last month, a new doctor took me off lisinopril and prescribed 60 milligrams diltiazem twice a day. He referred me to another cardiologist. The new cardiologist wants me to start taking 240 milligrams Pradaxa instead and suggested I undergo valve repair ASAP. The surgeon he is referring me to repairs by splitting the breast and putting a ring around the valve. My research shows newer and less intrusive methods for repairing mitral valves (like the MitraClip). Can you refer me to a doctor in Arkansas that does these new procedures? What do you think about the procedure and starting the Pradaxa?

DR. GOTT Second Opinion

year ago, following years of apparent successful use in Europe. Reports were the tiny medical clip might literally save millions of Americans from open-heart surgery. Mitral regurgitation affects more than 8 million people in the United States. The clip is reported to be far safer than surgery and nearly as effective. In fact, a study presented at an American College of Cardiology conference at that time found more complications (sixfold) from surgery than experienced by those who got the clip. It is important to note that the company that manufactures the MitraClip funded the study; nevertheless, doctors called it a turning point for advanced procedures. Here’s the glitch. While the clip is commercially available in Europe, from what I can understand, it has yet to receive FDA approval in the United States, even though the procedure has been performed numerous times here under FDA protoDear Reader: The New col. Without FDA approval, York Daily News ran an arti- insurance companies might cle on this subject almost a not cover the procedure, and

there might be restrictions. The system includes a catheter-based device delivered to the heart through a blood vessel in the leg. It is designed to reduce significant regurgitation by clipping together the leaflets of the mitral valve. Repair with the clip is performed by physicians in the catheterization laboratory. Because the heart beats, there is no need for heart-lung bypassmachine involvement. This is a highly personal decision and shouldn’t be made lightly and without the advice of your physicians. If the procedure is as good as it sounds, your recuperation will be minimal, and your body will be less traumatized; however, it may not be available to you. Ask your physician for a referral to a cardiologist for a second opinion. Reach out to a large teaching facility in your area or call your state medical society for their suggestions. I congratulate you for taking the initiative to educate yourself regarding the newest procedures for mitralvalve prolapse. Keep in mind that you may be a candidate for other, less invasive procedures to correct your MVP. Readers who would like additional information on cardiac abnormalities should TURN TO SECOND OPINION ON A15

Ronna Bixby

760-431-4745 rasl1@att.net

Since 1865

Consider the Benefits of a Life-Income Plan. !

Bypass capital gains tax


Save on income tax


Save on estate tax


Increase cash flow


Diversify holdings


Create a community legacy

Let our charitable gift planner show you and your advisors the many tax-wise giving options available through The Salvation Army. For information call 800-314-2769 x1260 or return coupon. Name(s) Address City, State, Zip Birth Date(s) Phone ( ) E-mail The Salvation Army Debbie Rossi, Planned Giving Director 2320 Fifth Street, San Diego, CA 92101 Toll Free: (800) 314-2769 x1260 E-mail: debbie.rossi@usw.salvationarmy.org Visit: www.tsalegacygift.org

CNG ACGA11 ©2010 The Salvation Army



MARCH 25, 2011

TOP ATHLETES O*"%!'#5P'.%1#")%L5'.(%05#(4H)6-;"%Q5#6(%<';;"#%O"-,+%5.;623"(+%0#',%6"04+%0#'.4+%<')*5"%Q#5PP6"+%7-#69%Q-,,"6+%R-469.%?246"#+ >-4-65"%1-I4'.+%<')*5-%L-S"%-.3%L-2#".%?'4*"+%J54*+%0#',%6"04+%$-;S+%7'-;*%T"-..-%<5;S+%K23#"9%O*"(5./+%7-,566"%L2.3(4"34+ <S96-#%7-665(4'+%L2;9%="##-#5+%B-35('.%!-.(,"9"#+%O-96'#%<)-#S(+%R965"%1#"(S"+%B5S-"6-%L-.35(+%C-#9.%7*'5+%B-S-"6-%L-J('.+ U66".%7-#6-.3"#+%7'-;*%&-.5;"%L2/'+%?6-5#%B;R5.."9%-.3%&-(,9."%?"66A%%Courtesy photo

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ourtesy photo


Remodeling & Room Additions Kitchen, Bath, & Lighting Renovations Electrical, Plumbing, & Service Calls


QUALITY CRAFTSMANSHIP BBB ACCREDITED Residential & Commercial Improvements Licensed and Insured CA State License #840289 E-mail: info@tradewindssandiego.com



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ourtesy photo

Rats or gophers destroying your yard? Find more ways to save


Goodbye Rodents!

Don’t poison, use nature’s pest control... Attract barn owls to your yard by installing an owl nesting box! As seen on Ustream


A nesting pair consumes up to 2,000 gophers, rats and mice per year!

AIR SUPERIORITY 760.445.2023

Frugal families cut their budgets to the bone. Many budget busters, such as eating out too often or being wasteful with electricity, are easy to identify. Sometimes it might seem like you can’t find any new ways to save. Readers on my forums share updates with an ongoing discussion on their most recent ways they’ve managed to save even more money. Here are a few of their suggestions. Garbage service: This won’t work for all households, but some families can cut out their waste-management company. One reader, Michelle from Wisconsin, shares: “I cut off garbage service yesterday. They were charging $25 a month to come every other week. I can drop the same amount of trash at the dump for $8. Even if you figure in $5 a month for gas to get there it is still a savings of $12 a month.” Competitive pricing: If you have cable television or satellite, negotiate to get the best price by making a switch or giving them a chance to meet or beat another offer for

SARA NOEL Frugal Living you to stay. Be sure to find out about cancellation fees, channels available, contract durations and reception before making any changes. Multiuse products: Lean toward buying products that offer alternate/multi-uses such as vinegar or baking soda or items that can be reused. Another reader, Cheryl from Ohio, adds: “I keep trying to cut down on the number of things I buy (and need) around the house. Like instead of so many cleaning products, opting for an all-purpose cleaner for almost all tasks.” Pets: Learn to groom your pets yourself and consider making your own pet food. Donna from California, shares: “I am a member of a bulk-meat-buying group for dogs (B.A.R.F. co-op). They TURN TO FRUGAL ON A16



MARCH 25, 2011


Selling your home in:

Rancho Santa Fe? Santaluz? Rancho Pacifica?

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The “News” is the only paper that has 1,100 papers delivered to the door steps in the Santaluz area and 500 homes in the Rancho Pacifica area — that’s 1,600 affluent potential buyers that do not get the “Review.” Since there are less than 3,000 homes (only delivered by P.O. Boxes) in the Ranch your listing will reach 50% more potential buyers... right next door! Statistics show that 78% of RSF home buyers live within 5 miles of the Ranch. Why settle for 3,000 when you can get 4,500 potential buyers — 1500 of which may want to “move on up” to the Ranch?

Also, our ads are posted online in a searchable format. Multiple surveys done over many years have shown that people read both the News and the Review equally.


1/2 page color ad

If you’re selling your home and your agent is not currently placing an ad in the Rancho Santa Fe News

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MAR. 25, 2011

BARRY ESTATES, License # 1076961


Celeb rati our ng

2 0 th






The Symphony Estate $12,995,000


www.RanchoPaseanaFarm.com $29,950,000


Custom Mediterranean $3,695,000 NK IRBA





Spanish Charmer $1,295,000

French Country $3,499,000 H!




French Countryside $2,750,000




Panoramic View Lots $995,000-$1,295,000 & $2,595,000

The Villa of Rancho Santa Fe $8,995,000

French Country Masterpiece $6,900,000-$7,200,000 CH!




Emilio & Sons Masterpiece $5,995,000



















From left to right: Laura Barry, Lori Esses, Dan Barry, Scott Honnen, Catherine Barry, Amy Nalder, Jason Barry, Jena Martin, Eilis McKay


Del Mar Ocean Front $7,399,000



MAR. 25, 2011


Custom Balinese Inspired Estate $1,795,000 O! IEL


Old World European $1,475,000




Classic Elegance $6,995,000 T!

Vintage Mediterranean $2,850,000 AR!


Beach Cottage $1,399,000







Mediterranean Magic $3,395,000 NT!


Private Paradise $4,200,000

Mystic Mediterranean $2,195,000-$2,395,000 !



Panoramic View Lot $1,499,000




Golf Course Mediterranean $2,295,000

6033 Paseo Delicias, Ste. K, P.O. Box 2813, Rancho Santa Fe 858.756.4024 - Fax: 858.756.9553 • barryestates.com



MARCH 25, 2011

Is it worth it to spend money on shoe insoles? By Consumer Reports

As heels get higher and higher, shoe shoppers are left deciding between 4 inches or 5 inches for their next pair. But is there room for comfort in the world of sky-high stilet-


Not if shoppers are looking to shoe insoles to relieve their aching feet. Recent tests by ShopSmart, the shopping magazine published by Consumer Reports, reveal

that shoe insoles may not be worth the money. “The shoe trend right now seems to be the higher the better, but not everyone wants to teeter on 5-inch platforms every day,” said Lisa

Lee Freeman, editor in chief of ShopSmart. “Our tests found that shoe insoles make little difference when it comes to comfort. But there are things women can do to avoid killing their feet and causing permanent damage.” Almost 90 percent of women wear painful footwear at least some of the time, according to the American Podiatric Medical Association. ShopSmart’s advice: Just skip the ridiculously high shoes and wear flats sometimes.

Step by step: Insoles flop

ShopSmart enlisted 14 female staffers to don a pair of their high heels to see whether some popular insoles would make the shoes more comfortable. Each staffer wore her shoes at work for six or seven hours and used fresh samples of each insole for two to three days.They walked around the office twice a day, on a course of about a third of a mile, indoors and outdoors on a

driveway. Panelists rated the insoles for cushioning, comfort, stability and how easy they were to put in and take out of shoes. The verdict: None of the products impressed. The fact is, high heels aren’t comfortable, and a little insole probably won’t make a big difference. Here’s the skinny on the sole savers: — Fab Feet 3/4 Insole and Foot Petals Killer Kushionz provided some cushioning, making the shoes more comfy than they were without the insoles. They also made the shoes feel more stable. — The Foot Petals insoles fasten to shoes with super-sticky adhesive, so it won’t be easy to take them out and move them from shoe to shoe. Some tore the shoe lining when panelists tried to remove them. — Dr. Scholl’s For Her High Heel Insoles made no noticeable difference, although some panelists said they provided some cushion-

ing and arch support. — Insolia High Heel Inserts were the biggest disappointment. Testers said these insoles didn’t provide any more comfort than their shoes alone and actually made the shoes less comfortable and stable than the other insoles.

Five foot shockers (and what to do)

Abused feet can start looking real ugly, real fast. Mind ShopSmart’s list of risky common missteps and simple fixes to avoid pain and deformation down the road: 1. Teetering on high heels. Steep stilettos can lead to hammertoes, bunions, blisters, stress fractures and pain in the balls of the feet because weight is distrusted abnormally. What to do: Go for shorter heels. Try 3 inches, max, instead of 4 or 5. 2.Wearing shoes that are too tight. Many women still buy the same shoe size even though their feet have grown, TURN TO CONSUMER ON A20

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ourtesy photo

Summer basketball camps open NURSERY MAINTENANCE • DESIGN 1452 Santa Fe Dr., Encinitas



Open 7 days year-round • 8am to 6pm

• Fountains, Pottery, Organics, Gift Shop • Weekly arrivals, delivery available



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CARMEL VALLEY — Torrey Pines High School basketball coach John Olive is hosting summer basketball camps again this summer, and registration is available now. The camps will be held at Torrey Pines High School, 3710 Del Mar Heights Road. The schedule will offer camps for youngsters 6 through 12 years old from 8 a.m. to noon June 27 through July 1 and from July 11 through July 15. For participants 13 through 17 years old, the TURN TO CAMPS ON A17



more were needed and that none were being diverted for whoonga. • Somehow, prison inmates finagled $39 million in undeserved federal tax refunds in 2009, according to a February report by the U.S. Treasury Department’s inspector general for tax administration. In Key West, Fla., for example, where prisoner Danilo Suarez was sentenced in January to five years in prison for filing multiple fraudulent returns, jailers discovered a pass-around sheet of instructions for false filings. While some refunds were legitimate (e.g., on preincarceration investment activity), the IRS was found to conduct fraud screenings on fewer than half of all returns filed by prisoners. (The IRS complained that, until 2008, it was illegal for the agency to share information with state corrections officials — or even with the Federal Bureau of Prisons.) • State law in Tennessee prohibits registered sex offenders from re-contacting their victims, but there is no such restriction on anyone


send for my Health Report “Coronary Artery Disease” by sending a self-addressed stamped No. 10 envelope and a $2 check or money order made payable to Newsletter and mailed to Newsletter, P.O. Box 167, Wickliffe, OH 440920167. Be sure to mention the title or print an order form off my website’s direct link at www.AskDrGottMD.com/orde r_form.pdf. Dear Dr. Gott: I’m a 57year-old man happily living with my wife of 34 years. Although I watched my diet, exercised, and have no family history of cardiovascular disease, I had a 90 percent cardiac blockage in 2009 and ended up having a heartcatheterization procedure and stent insertion. I saw the signs early and now take 40 milligrams of simvastatin. Because I had paid my deductible and co-insurance, I saw a back surgeon about my back, which had been giving me problems for years. After X-rays, a CT and MRI, he determined that I have a vertically herniated disc between my fourth and fifth vertebrae. He said I need a spinal fusion, which would involve going through my abdomen. He gave me prescriptions for pain but didn’t prescribe physical therapy or other alternatives. I’m hoping I can avoid surgery by exercising and watching what I do. I gave up golf and began exercising at a health club, swimming, lifting weights, and walking on an incline treadmill. I limit activities that aggravate the pain. Recently, I met a man who had spinal fusion in the same area. I asked him what caused him to go ahead with the surgery, and he replied it was because of a drop foot on his left side. My question is, can I live with a herniated disc and not have surgery? Is there another type of doctor I can see who would have an alternative?



MARCH 25, 2011 convicted of a sex crime before 2007, and still in prison, but who is not yet on the registered list. (Post-2007 sex criminals are automatically registered upon conviction.) Consequently, according to a February WMC-TV report, convicted molester Terry McConnell cannot be prevented from mailing birthday cards to one of his two pre-2007 victims (one reading, “I cannot believe my little tot-tot is already a teenager. You might be tired of me writing this, but I can’t get over how fast you are growing up”). (Prison officials say their limited resources are better used on monitoring incoming mail rather than outgoing.) • Senior Houston police officer Mike Hamby, 51, was suspended in February after witnesses reported that he, off-duty and not in uniform, had tossed a tear-gas grenade into a group of rivals in a rodeo cooking contest. Hamby has 30 years’ service and was a member of his union’s board of directors. About 300 teams compete in the barbecue cook-off, and police were investigating whether Hamby was merely trying to sabotage a competi-

Dear Reader: Spinal fusion is the permanent connection of two or more vertebrae in the spine that eliminates any motion between them. This is accomplished with screws, rods or plates to hold the vertebrae in place and promote healing. Fusion is performed in a small portion of those people with recurrent herniated discs or such severe herniation of the disc that it pushes on the nerves, causing problems. The specific technique used is largely dependent on the surgeon’s experience and comfort level with a specific approach. Unfortunately, as I have said countless times, nothing is without risk. In this case, infection, bleeding, blood clots, blood-vessel injury around the site and pain at the site where the bone graft was taken can occur. Beyond this, once fusion is accomplished, stresses of the spine are shifted to adjacent areas, which can accelerate wear and tear in those joints on either side of the fusion. This, too, could result in chronic pain. There are methods of making several smaller surgical incisions as opposed to open surgery through one large incision. This procedure is rather complex, requires great skill, and is not available at all hospitals. Despite the procedure, you may have less pain following surgery, but it’s unlikely all your pain will disappear. If you don’t want surgery, speak with your orthopedic specialist.Take your films, and get a second opinion from a highly qualified physician. Check in with a naturopath. If your original specialist has already recommended fusion, it may be that you will not experience relief without a radical procedure; however, if there are options to delay what might be inevitable, ask for recommendations for physical therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic manipulation, a pain-management clinic and/or massage therapy.

tor’s food.

Unclear on the Concept

• As is usually the case when Walmart announces the intention to build a new store, community supporters (pushing for jobs, an enlarged tax base and shopper convenience) battle community opponents (trying to save mom-and-pop retailers), and when plans were announced for a northeast Washington, D.C., location, it was the local Advisory N e i g h b o r h o o d Commissioner, Brenda Speaks, who produced a brand-new reason for opposing such a store. Young people, she told an anti-Walmart rally (according to a February Washington Post report), would be more likely to get criminal records because, with a big corporation around, they could less resist the temptation to steal. • British drug dealer Luke Walsh-Pinnock, 22, recently released after a prison stint, threatened in February to sue police in the Kilburn neighborhood of London after officers distributed a



Nichols and youth commissioners Corryn Newman Boulle, Brynn Forrester and Robbie Glatts. Winners were named in a variety of categories, including biggest, smallest and cutest dog, closest owner-pet lookalike, best tail wagger and best trick. Gently used dog toys, leashes, beds and blankets were collected for animal rescue groups and information was available for everything from positive pet training and holistic care to spay and neuter assistance DOUBLE TAKE !"#$%&%"'() *+,$) "-) %.() *+#/) 0+#%"1"0+-%$) 2/34(#) 51!+#4+-( and how to pamper a +-6)7889).(#):4+1/);+:#+68#9),(#(),"--(#$)"-)%.()1."46#(-<$)6"="$"8-)8>)%.()148$& ($%)0(%&8,-(#)488/+4"/()1+%(?8#3@ Photo by Bianca Kaplanek pet.


meeting the request by the golf club to allow members in good standing for at least 10 years, who have sold their property and moved from TURN TO MORE ODD FILES ON A21 the Covenant to retain their

Even without intervention, your condition likely will not lead to neurological deficits or result in a progressive worsening condition; however, it is a possibility. If and when you feel your quality of life has been sufficiently compromised, consider the procedure once again. Who knows, perhaps in a year or two, less invasive and more advanced techniques might be available. Research is always ongoing. Readers who would like additional information can order my Health Reports “An Informed Approach to Surgery” and “Managing Chronic Pain” by sending a self-addressed stamped No. 10 envelope and a $2 check or money order for each report made payable to Newsletter and mailed to Newsletter, P.O. Box 167, Wickliffe, OH 440920167. Be sure to mention the title(s) or print an order form off my website’s direct link at www.AskDrGottMD.com/orde r_form.pdf. Dear Dr. Gott: At one time, somebody suggested eating a berry for a urinarytract infection, but I don’t remember the name of the berry. Dear Reader: It’s the cranberry. At the first sign of a urinary-tract infection, drink at least 16 ounces of 100 percent cranberry juice each day until symptoms disappear. The properties in cranberry juice will interfere with the ability of bacteria to adhere to the bladder tissue. Be sure to read labels to avoid purchasing cranberry-juice cocktail, which has other juices or ingredients in the blend. Dear Dr. Gott: I’ve heard a lot of mixed things about vitamins D and E. Can you tell me the good and the bad about them? Thank you. Dear Reader: Vitamin D is fat-soluble, meaning that it is stored by the body for future use. It can be produced within the body during expo-

sure to sunlight and is also available in some foods and through supplements. Before the body can use it, however, it must undergo two changes. The first occurs in the liver, the second in the kidneys. At this point, it is now active and ready for use in the body. Vitamin D is widely known to aid calcium absorption. It also maintains appropriate blood-calcium and phosphate levels, which are necessary for normal bone mineralization. It is necessary for bone growth and remodeling (repair). The body also uses Vitamin D for reducing inflammation, modulation of cell growth and normal functioning of the immune and neuromuscular systems. Because Vitamin D is not naturally found in many foods, it is commonly added to cereals, milk and other dairy products. Some foods that naturally contain D include cod-liver oil, salmon, tuna, mackerel, sardines, liver and eggs. The recommended dietary allowance (RDA) varies with age. Infants from birth to 12 months should receive 400 IU daily. Children and adults from 1 to 70 years

membership in the club. Now condo owners within the Covenant who are current residents are asking why they cannot join the club, which had been restricted to them in the past. Queen said he originally thought allowing condo ownof age should obtain 600 IU daily. For those over 70, the RDA is 800 IU daily. Deficiency can cause rickets and osteomalacia. Rickets is the softening and weakening of bones in children. It may also cause bone deformities. Osteomalacia is the softening of the bones in adults. It is not the same as osteoporosis. Osteomalacia is

ers to join the golf club was a “positive move,” but on further thought, there might be complications. “I think it bears some serious discussion,” he said. That discussion will take place at a future meeting.


the Developmentally Disabled We need your tax deductible donations. Furniture • Clothes • Etc.

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Factory Trained • Dealer Diagnostics Genuine Parts • Dealer Specialty Tools Loaner Cars On Site • Smog Service • Servicing • Repairs • Parts • 18 Years in Carlsbad


2598 State St., Carlsbad, CA 92008

A Quiet Country Lifestyle Where All Your Needs Are Met ~ elegant assisted living ~ N O W


• Be Cared for Physically, Emotionally & Mentally • 24/7 Assistance • No Hidden Costs • Hospice Welcome • Minutes from Town




2950 Majella Rd., Vista 92084






4,497 survey responses submitted: — 71 percent opposed the sale. — 81 percent felt they should be able to weigh in on any proposed sale. — 71 percent indicated the biggest concern was that private investors would decide the fate of this public treasure. — 77 percent felt horseracing should continue on the property. A majority responded that the state should continue to manage the facility although no specific number was indicated. Some critics say the survey results are flawed because there was no way to determine if one person completed it once or multiple times. It was also conducted before details of the plan, such as the purchase price,



media-based nonprofit dedicated to ending Africa’s longestrunning war, will screen “Tony” from 7 to 8:30 p.m. March 29, La Colonia Community Center, 715 Valley Avenue, Solana Beach. Invisible Children exists to raise awareness about children abducted and forced to fight as soldiers.



8minuteDating will host a single

trust indenture and governance model, were revealed. Support: Neighbor & Labor Del Mar has been trying to secure a letter of support from Solana Beach. Residents in that adjacent city share many of the same goals — local control, preserving the wetlands, limiting development and recovering costs to provide public services. However, officials are unsure about the proposed purchase and governance models. Del Mar is suggesting to buy the property under a public trust that would limit what can and can’t be done on the site. Everything but horseracing would be managed by a nonprofit board made up of representatives from nine different jurisdictions. Solana Beach officials have suggested a joint powers authority buy and run the approximately 400-acre facility, but

haven’t ruled out the Del Mar proposal. They have attorneys reviewing the plans. Meanwhile, the city has received letters of support from The Jockeys’ Guild and California Teamsters Public Affairs Council. The San Diego and Imperial Counties Labor Council said they would also support the purchase if the city would honor all labor agreements and worker retention principles and if SB 1 included language that made similar guarantees. Council authorized staff to draft a document that the city supports those requests. “Having, in the past, acquired quite a few companies, one of the assets that you look at ... is the work force, and we certainly appreciate the quality of the work force (at the fairgrounds),” Councilman Carl Hilliard said. “I want to give every assurance ... that it’s

professional event from 6 to 9 p.m. March 30, Ocean House Restaurant, 300 Carlsbad Village Drive. 8minuteDating provides a hip and fun way for North County single professionals to meet. To learn more, visit 8minuteDating.com.

For more details, call (760) 6022012 or visit carlsbadlibrary.org. PETAL POWER The Del Mar Rose Society will meet at 6:30 p.m. March 31, Powerhouse Community Center. Mayumi Yamada McCarville, owner of Cedros Gardens, will present a variety of edible organic garden fruit trees along with a discussion on Camellias. Call (619) IT’S RAINING! Acclaimed 203-1534 to learn more. local author Victor Villaseñor will discuss his latest book “Beyond Rain of Gold” at 7 p.m. March 31, Carlsbad City Library, GARDEN CLUB The Vista 1775 Dove Lane. Books will be Garden Club will meet at noon available for sale and signing. April 1, Gloria McClellan Senior Center, 1400 Vale Terrace Drive, Vista. The club will discuss how to prepare for their upcoming annual Flower Show and Plant Sale. Call (760) 726-8737 to learn more.



Visit our showrooms or online


A Qualified Remodeler “Top 500 Nationally” Company


7160 Miramar Rd., San Diego • 858-693-4000 7943 University Ave., La Mesa • 619-466-5100


lic. #665346

Dieguito Chapter 239 will present the forum 50 Ways to Love Your Money at 1 p.m. April 4, Methodist Church, 170 Calle Magdalena, Encinitas. AARP members and friends will come

MARCH 25, 2011

our full intention to continue on with that work force. We wouldn’t throw away one of the best assets over there.”

Community Input

Del Mar hosted an informal workshop March 9 to garner public input. Residents were concerned that Del Mar would have only one seat on the governing board. They also want assurance the city won’t be on the hook financially if the facility loses money. Overall, they support the purchase, especially because the city would finally have zoning control. “This may be one of the most important issues I’ve ever seen (in this city),” 23year resident John Graybill said. “We need to continue to press ahead to preserve what’s important in Del Mar.” “Whatever we do, let’s get going with it,” Sharon Hilliard said.

together and learn more about savings, budgeting, credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards, managing debt, and more. To RSVP, call (760) 632-7111.



Crossroads Encinitas will host a message series titled “Frequently avoided questions of the Christian faith” on Tuesday nights at 7 p.m., 846 Munevar Rd., Cardiff. This is an informative time to hear perspectives on questions related to Christianity. Call (760) 635-5714 to learn more. INVEST WISELY A women’s investment club will meet the fourth Wednesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. in the North County area. Their portfolio includes stocks from many different sectors, including retail, tech, medical and the food industry. The only requirement to join is a desire to learn about investing and stocks. E-mail dollarsandsenseforwomen@cox. net to learn more.





is the taxpayers who are stuck with the bill. Even with the $20 million bond the city doesn’t have the money to complete other approved projects like the Hall Property Sports Complex. The council’s use of the $20 million to plug holes in the budget is like the “in-over-hishead homeowner” who takes out a second mortgage to pay the first mortgage he can’t afford digging himself a deeper hole from which he can’t escape. My dad says there is no free lunch. Franklin risked all and many of our Founding Fathers paid for our liberty with their lives. I’m pretty lucky that my involvement in paying the liberty price can be as simple as signing up at the encinitastaxpayers.org website to get free updates of city policies, attending a few meetings like the Citizens Initiative Project shown below and voting for City Council every two years. Don’t play the role of the fool. Together we can educate Mayor Bond, Deputy Mayor Stocks and other elected officials to the first rule of financial holes. Stop digging. Andrew Audet can be reached at aaudet@coastnewsgroup.com.

Be our fan on Go to: thecoastnews.com and click the link



$600,000 range. In homes that sell in the $1.5 million and more range, the number is up slightly up from 2009. “We did see a slight uptick in 2010,” Holler said. The median price for homes in North County increased by 0.84 percent. The number of days a home stayed on the market decreased slightly from 36 to 34, the report said. In April 2010, 729 homes were sold, down 1.62 percent from March 2010. The median prices of single-family detached homes by zip code range from $2 million to $2.5 million in Rancho Santa Fe to

have similar groups around the country, where a bunch of people get together and buy large quantities of meat (as in, grocery-store-sized orders) and get it quite a bit cheaper than an individual could. For a while there, we were getting turkey at about 25 cents per pound. Also, they typically have free-range and organic available. I had to stop buying because I shut down my extra freezer (old and energy hog) so nowhere to store cases for the time being, but it is a great benefit to getting your prices down on dog food, especially if you own three big eating machines like I do!” I recommend talking to your vet about switching your pet to homemade food and discussing specific recipes. There’s considerable debate specifically over the Bones and Raw Food Diet. Find out what is best for your pet. Grooming: And speaking of grooming, while many frugalistas have low-fuss hairstyles (all one length or long hair), you can learn to trim your family’s hair in between salon/barber visits. Some people don’t feel comfortable using hair clippers or vacuum cutters, but for trimming simple bangs, you can try a Creaclip (creaclip.com). Another reader, Polly from Pennsylvania, raves about creaclip: “It’s SUPER easy. Took me a whole two to three minutes to cut my hair, and it came out better then some of the cuts I’ve gotten a discount cutters. I would not be unhappy if given this hair cut from a hair cuttery or something similar.” Sara Noel is the owner of Frugal Village (www.frugalvillage.com), a Web site that offers practical, money-saving strategies for everyday living. To send tips, comments or questions, write to Sara Noel, c/o United Media, 200 Madison Ave., 4th Floor, New York, NY 10016, or e-mail sara@frugalvillage.com.

under $500,000 in Vista. “Recovery will be remain very location specific,” he said, pointing out that some areas like Temecula will continue to be outpaced by other areas. Holler is in very good company on the panel, which included Robert Brown, professor of economics at Cal State San Marcos; Gary London, Realty advisor; Peter Maclaggan, president of Poseidon Resource Corporation; Lynn Reaser Ph,D, noted economist; Debra Reed, executive vice president of Sempra Energy; Ken Weinberg, San Diego County Water Authority; and Borre Winckel of the Building Institute of San Diego County.

DIVORCE MEDIATION A Peaceful Settlement RANDAL B. HOPWOOD Family Law Attorney 760-438-1800 www.Hopwoodlaw.com


MARCH 25, 2011



camps are from 1 to 5 p.m. June 27 through July 1 and again July 11 through July 15. Scholarships are available for all camps. Olive was also an NBA player and NCAA Division One college head coach at Loyola Marymount University. For further information, call (760) 6345644. To receive a camp form, visit johnolivebasket ballcamp.com.

of a pet. Then Pets for Patriots partner organizations help ease the financial burden. Pet retailers give a yearly in-store gift card to veterans to help with pet costs. Veterinarian partners help veterans with a 10 percent discount on animal medical services. “We are actively looking for veterinarian partners in the community,” Zimmerman said. Pets for Patriots is a national program that began in 2010. It is now in 19 states across the U.S. “Our goal is to be in every state in three years,” Zimmerman said. The local partnership between the Rancho Coastal Humane Society and Pets for Patriots began in January and there has already been a pet adoption through the program. “Every community is a little different,” Zimmerman said.“People get to know about us through recruiting and veterinarian partners in community.” For more information,visit petsforpatriots.org and rchumanesociety.org.




suggested grilled on the steaming rice bowl, which is actually a large plate. Their fresh vegetables are wokked with chicken broth and soy sauce and cooked al dente then topped high over a bed of jasmine rice with the fish on top. It was a nice and healthy way to go and a very substantial portion. I’ve always known local halibut to be thinner than the Northern variety yet this one was a very hearty, thick piece of deliciously moist fish which was fine by me. We also tried the sashimi style ahi tuna, which came with a choice of two side dishes, ginger and wasabi and one sauce. Side dish choices include wokseared vegetables, herb roasted or garlic mashed potatoes, cup of soup, field greens, Caesar or pacific rim salad, jasmine white or hearty brown rice and house black beans. The wok-seared veggies were our pick and they paired nice with the ahi. As I mentioned, they have an extensive menu that includes rotisserie chicken, steaks, fish tacos, ribs, burgers, and a nice selection of salads. The lone dessert selection was a chocolate bundt cake from VG’s Bakery down the block. That was a cool local touch and while it was very moist, I could have used a scoop of ice cream to go with it. There is a nice selection of local beers and a decent wine list also. Prices range from $8 for appetizers to $25 for the priciest entrée with a lot to choose from in the $10 to $20 range. They are open daily for lunch also. Rimel’s is located at 2005 San Elijo Ave. in Cardiff-by-the-Sea. Check out the whole menu at rimelsrestaurants.com. David Boylan is the founder of Artichoke Creative, an Encinitas based integrated marketing agency. He can be reached at david@artichoke-creative.com.

Sanctuary Lands & Homes Unique Properties for Unique People

• Oceanfront Estates and Immense Retreat Properties in Baja Sur, Mexico • In the Safe, Peaceful Region of La Paz, the City of Peace • Lands from 1 - 13,000 Acres on Both the Pacific Ocean & Sea of Cortez



The Drapery Shop, Inc. 2253 S Santa Fe Ave Ste A Vista, CA 92083 M-F: 8:00am-4:00pm Saturday by appointment 760-727-1617 thedraperyshop.hdwfg.com CL# 767581


The reasons why people come to Del Sur are as varied as the nine diverse neighborhoods and six distinct parks within them. And with spacious townhomes, classic homes with alleyways, large traditional family homes, luxury residences featuring single-level living and custom homes, there’s every reason to stay.


Embracing the heritage of San Diego in the coastal hills of North County

N E W H O M E S F R O M T H E $ 4 0 0 s T O T H E $ 8 0 0 s 1,70 2 T O 3 ,74 8 s q . f t .

California West Communities • Davidson Communities Shea Homes • Standard Pacific Homes • William Lyon Homes






Life pulls us in all directions. Our home brings us together. From inside and out, the Smiths finally meet in the middle to catch up in their Del Sur Room.

View listings at:

www.SanctuaryLands.com Ph:

760-936-3733, DRE # 00910395

Email: Stefan@SanctuaryLands.com

Homes within Del Sur are constructed and sold by builders not affiliated with Black Mountain Ranch LLC or its affiliated companies. Black Mountain Ranch LLC and its affiliated companies do not guarantee or warrant the obligations of, or construction by such builders, or the availability or pricing of homes. Actual development may vary from developer’s vision. No guarantee can be made that development will proceed as described. Prices, specifications and details are subject to change without notice. © 2011 Black Mountain Ranch LLC. All rights reserved.



MARCH 25, 2011

An extra hour of daylight to enjoy local spring activities Are you excited about daylight saving time? I am. I don’t mind losing that extra hour of sleep if that means I can have more time after work and school to enjoy all of the wonderful events that take place during springtime. Now that spring has officially arrived, make sure you don’t miss out on some of life’s more sublime pleasures like taking a hike one of San Diego’s many trails. One right under your nose here in the Ranch is San Dieguito Trail. There is an entrance just right across from Cielo that you can access easily off Del Dios Highway. Just because we live close to the beach, don’t forget to take advantage of the Ranch’s rugged natural landscape that can offer a quick reprieve to your busy week. Here is a link in case you would like more information on out local trails in the area: sdrp.org/trails.htm. Just make sure you wear the appropriate shoes for your hike. My advice would be to go with a friend.There’s always safety in numbers. I have included a candid photo from some local residents right before they ventured out on San Dieguito’s trail. Now let’s find out some other exciting stories that have been taking place in Machel's Ranch.

Around Town

At the end of February, one of my dearest friends, Meredith MacDonald, celebrated her birthday at the plush Ritz restaurant in Newport Beach. If you haven’t been to the Ritz, it’s feels like something out of New York with the big round leather seats under romantic lighting as music fills the restaurant. Here is a gorgeous photo of Meredith with her mother, CC Whitney, from their special mother/daughter birthday outing. Thanks for sharing the photo from that special weekend. On March 12, I headed entered the exclusive neighborhood of The Crosby. I just love it when I pull up to the gates, and say to the attendant, “Karian Forsyth, I’m here for the spa party.” As the sentence rolls off my lips, I feel like I’m watching one of those reality shows with all of the gorgeous women decked out in their pearls and gems as they sip fruity cocktails, while the cameras roll. This is how Karian’s parties feel: opulent, elegant and fabulous. I usually spend a good hour getting ready to for these Saturday once a month events, which ends up with me trying to wrangle some outfit together that leaves me feeling less than perfect. But then again, that’s why I’m having a treatment done, right? I have included one photo from that day that captures the relaxed day of luxuriating all of guests enjoyed as they waited poolside for their rejuvenating treatment. Thanks, Karian! I wouldn’t be surprised our local resident ends up on her own reality show. Stay tuned. On March 13, I was down at Lemon Twist with my husband Robin Shull when his parents and good friends all arrived to enjoy a Sunday hike on the San Dieguito Trail. One of the local residents is none other than Trudi Crockett, one

MACHEL PENN SHULL Machel’s Ranch of San Diego’s local artists. For the last 18 years Trudi has had the divine pleasure of painting as her first profession and supplying fancy resorts all over Southern California with beautiful impressionist art of their hotels. Visit Trudi’s website at resortimpressions.com if you would like to purchase art from well known local artist. I have included the photo that day of all the hikers that enjoyed the wonderful weather that Sunday. On March 15, I received some exciting news that Sheila Malek, owner of Ellie’s Formal Wear in Encinitas, has launched her own fashion page blog on Facebook. Sheila shares some quick tips and how to get that great fashion look for any occasion. Visit facebook.com/#!/pages/Elliesfashion-talk/200054936673699. Check it out. Sheila gives advice on how to use your current wardrobe and lists the latest fashion trends at this link.If you are looking for some direct tips, she has a style team waiting for you at Ellie’s Tailor Shop. Her direct number is (760) 944-0539. Here is a lovely photo of Sheila with her daughter that was recently taken over the holidays. Check out her link to find out how you can look like a supermodel, too. Thanks for keeping me informed Sheila! On March 17, I connected with one of my favorite women in Rancho Santa Fe, Elaine Gallagher. She had recently celebrated with friends in Del Mar at Club M at the Bently Charity. I have included a fun shot from the event, plus another photo that captures the beginning of her journey as a health coach. Last year, Elaine lost 30 pounds on the Medifast diet, which has to her link on yestosuccess.tsfl.com. If you would like to take steps on how to improve your diet and need direction, Elaine is someone locally that can help you to find your path to losing weight, feeling and looking great, too.

Save the date

On April 8, Men Against Breast Cancer will be honoring local residents Phil and Amy Mickelson. For more information on this event, check out menagainstbreastcancer.event brite.com. Marc Heyison is the found of Men against Breast Cancer, which is the first and only nonprofit organization designed to educate men on how to be effective caregivers if breast cancer strikes their family. Marc also helped coauthor a book in 2008, “Frankly Speaking When Someone You Care About Has Breast Cancer.” If you someone you love has breast cancer and you need guidance, you can contact Marc directly at Marc @menaganstbreastcancer. org. If you have a fun event you would like Machel Penn to cover, contact her at mpenn@coastnewsgroup.com.

HAPPY TRAILS !"##$% "&'% (#)'*% +#,-./00% 1"#./#2% 3$4/% 1"#./#% 5*06 6*7% 8*#49#*/&'%:)'#/$2% "&'% 3"0*/% "&'% 3/&% ;6)44% "44% /&<,$% " 6*./ ,&% ;"& =*/8)*0,%(#*"4%,&%>"#-6%?@A Photo by Machel Penn Shull

SPA DAY 3"#*"&% G,#7$06% /&<,$*&8% 6/#% 7H"% H"#0$% 5*06% 6/#% 8*#49#*/&'7

IJ"&"%"&'%;)7"&2%"47,%E"&-6,%;"&0"%G/%#/7*'/&07A Photo by Machel A GRAND TIME B4"*&/% C"44"86/# -/4/F#"0*&8% 5*06% 9#*/&'7 "0% 06/ C#"&'%=/4%>"#%+4)F%>A Courtesy photo Penn Shull

FAS H I O N F O R WA R D !/902% >/#/'*06 >"-=,&"4'%-/4/K F#"0/7% 6/#% F*#06K '"$% 5*06% 6/# L,06/#2% ++ D6*0&/$A% E*8602 ;6/*4"% >"4/.2 9/"0)#/'%5*06%6/# '")860/#% 6/#/2 6"7% 4")&-6/' " 9"76*,&% -,4)L& 06*7% 7H#*&8A Courtesy photos

ALL SMILES B4"*&/%C"44"86/#2%D"$&/%;-,00%:&'/#7,&2%C*&" E)F$ 1)0/#F")86%"&'%D6*0&/$%3/44A Courtesy photo



the result of an abnormality during the making of bone, whereas osteoporosis occurs in otherwise healthy, normal bone. Excessive intake (toxicity) can result in loss of appetite, weight loss, heartrhythm abnormalities and elevated blood-calcium levels with subsequence heart, kidney and blood-vessel damage. Toxicity does not occur from excessive sun exposure. High intake of enriched vitamin D foods is also unlikely to cause toxicity so the problem lies in the overconsumption of supplements. Vitamin E is the name given to a group of fat-soluble compounds with distinctive antioxidant activities. There are eight chemical forms but only one (alpha-tocopherol) is recognized to meet human requirements. It is responsible for protecting cells from freeradical damage and is involved in immune function, cell signaling, regulation of gene expression and various other metabolic processes. It also inhibits protein kinase C activity (an enzyme) and indirectly dilates blood vessels and inhibits platelet aggregation (clumping). Most dietary sources of vitamin E come from nuts and oils. These include wheatgerm oil; almonds and hazelnuts; soybean oil; sunflower seeds and sunflower oil; peanuts, peanut butter and peanut oil; safflower oil; and corn oil. It can also be found in spinach, broccoli, kiwis, tomatoes and mangoes. The RDA is 6 IU (4 milligrams) for those up to age 6 months, 7.5 IU (5 milligrams) for those from 6 to 12 months, 9 IU (6 milligrams) for ages 1 to 3, 10.4 IU (7 milligrams) for ages 4 to 8, 16.4 IU (11 milligrams) for those 9 to 13, and 22.4 (15 milligrams) for those over age 14. Lactating women should consume 28.4 IU (19 milligrams) daily. Deficiency is rare, and symptoms have not been found in otherwise healthy people who fail to get adequate amounts from their diets. Deficiency is most common in individuals with an underlying condition that causes fat malabsorption. Symptoms include peripheral neuropathy, immune impairment, retinopathy and more. Research has not shown that vitamin E obtained from a healthful diet can cause toxicity; however, supplements can cause problems to include poor clotting and hemorrhage. Readers who are interested in learning more can order my Health Report “Vitamins and Minerals” by sending a self-addressed stamped No. 10 envelope and a $2 check or money order made payable to Newsletter and mailed to Newsletter, P.O. Box 167, Wickliffe, OH 44092-0167. Be sure to mention the title or print an order form off my website’s direct link at www.AskDrGottMD.com/orde r_form.pdf. Dr. Peter H. Gott is a retired physician and the author of several books, including "Live Longer, Live Better," "Dr. Gott's No Flour, No Sugar Diet" and "Dr. Gott's No Flour, No Sugar Cookbook," which are available at most bookstores or online. His website is AskDrGottMD.com.



MARCH 25, 2011



Eric Antwan Bell, a convicted federal multi-agency task force inifelon, is wanted for his alleged tiated an investigation in 2009. involvement in the sex trafficking On Jan. 3, 2011, a federal warof minors in the Tampa, Fla., area. rant was issued for Bell’s arrest by Bell was born March 11, 1974, the United States District Court in Tallahassee, Fla. He is 5 feet 8 after he was charged federally with inches tall and weighs 190 pounds. producing child pornography, aidBell has a tattoo on his chest. He ing and abetting the production of also has scars on his right finger, child pornography, unlawfully posERIC BELL right hand, and right elbow. sessing a firearm, engaging in sex It is alleged that Bell had trafficking of a minor, and aiding underage girls working for him from his resi- and abetting sex trafficking of a minor. The FBI is offering a reward of up to dence since 2008, and advertised them for prostitution on the Internet. A local, state and $5,000 for information leading to Bell’s arrest.

San Diego County’s

10 MOST WANTED Seyyed Nasser Alavi Loftabad Battery, Unlawful Penetration, 2005

Ramiro Lizarraga Murder November 2007

Brandon Scott Ellis Conspiracy September 2008

Julio Cesar JacoboCuriel Murder San Marcos, 2008

Gerardo M. Gomez Attempted Murder December 2004

Imedo Molina Laurel Murder December 2005

Jose A. Lopez Attempted Murder December 2004

Ricardo Persona Rape, Child Molestation San Diego, Jan. 1997

Julio Romero Child Molestation Ramona, 2005

Arturo G. Gomez Rape with Force San Diego, May 2007

crime REPORT

CRIME LOG Compiled by

A weekly log of neighborhood crime. Compiled by Wehtahnah Tucker

The following information was gathered from law enforcement’s most available records for the week of March 8, 2011 to March 15, 2011.

Wehtahnah Tucker

A report for the week of March 8, 2011, to March 15, 2011

ENCINITAS Petty Theft 1, LOCKS ON LOCKS OFF At Burglary 4, Vandalism 2, least four vehicles were broken Assault 4, Grand Theft 1, into in Cardiff-by-the-Sea on Robbery 2 March 9 and March 10. Several RANCHO SANTA FE were parked outside of resiPetty Theft 4, Burglary 4, dences with the doors left Vandalism 0, Assault 4, unlocked. Grand Theft 0, Robbery 0 KEEP THE CHANGE A burSOLANA BEACH Petty glar stole $600 in video games Theft 1, Burglary 2, and 3,200 coins worth $800 from Vandalism 0, Assault 1, a vending machine on San Elijo Grand Theft 0, Robbery 0 Avenue in Cardiff-by-the-Sea on March 9. CARLSBAD Petty Theft 10, TAG YOU’RE IT A 26-year-old Burglary 10, Vandalism 0, Assault 4, Grand Theft 2, man accused of going on a tagRobbery 2 ging spree, causing an estimated $38,000 in damages, pleaded not SAN MARCOS Petty Theft guilty in a Vista courtroom on 10, Burglary 4, Vandalism 4, March 15 to 21 charges of vanAssault 3, Grand Theft 1, dalism, including two felony Robbery 1 counts. Oscar Fernandez was OCEANSIDE Petty Theft 6, arrested earlier this month at an Burglary 1, Vandalism 4, Oceanside home-improvement Assault 2, Grand Theft 1, store where he worked. He has Robbery 1 since posted bail. VISTA Petty Theft 15, WRONG TOUCH San Diego Burglary 4, Vandalism 6, County Sheriff’s deputies cited Assault 8, Grand Theft 2, three women at a massage parRobbery 1 lor in Vista following an undercover prostitution sting March 14. The proprietor of Transcend official said. The suspect was Spa, 54-year-old Lin Lin Zheng, ordered to appear in court and was cited for municipal code vio- released to his parents’ custody. lations including unlawful touching, unlawful advertisement, lack of the proper business insurance and not keeping proper ledgers. The sting was initiated after neighbors complained about numerous men visiting the spa at all hours of the day and night. ARTWORK GONE BAD A 16-year-old boy on probation was arrested March 15 on suspicion of 71 acts of graffiti vandalism. San Diego County Sheriff’s deputies visited the convicted vandal at 8 a.m. at his home in Oceanside and found evidence of the crimes in his home. Deputies arrested the teenager on suspicion of vandalism in Vista that caused an estimated $30,839 in damage, a sheriffs

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leading to ingrown toenails, corns, calluses, blisters and cramps. What to do: Get measured.The ligaments in the feet stretch over time, affecting length and width. 3. Wearing flip-flops

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would take time out of their life to do this. I thought that if these guys are doing this, then I can certainly run the Ironman.” John Greenway is the founder of the Ride for Semper Fi. “Rob brought a whole new level to us,” he said. “He brings a very personal side that most people don’t see. He

MARCH 25, 2011 often. The comfy summer staple can widen your feet and cause stubbed toes, sprained ankles, and dry, cracked heels. What to do. Wear sandals with heel straps for better protection and support and to reduce the risk of cracked heels. 4. Standing for hours at a time. Standing for long peri-

ods causes ankles to swell. What to do. Wear supportive, comfy shoes for long standing sessions. 5. Going barefoot. Having no protection can cause cuts and even a tetanus infection or hepatitis. What to do. Walk barefoot at home, but cover up outdoors.

brings that ability to see what it’s like to be a Marine, and go to battle for their country, and what it’s like to lose your best friend. He gives everybody a much better understanding of what they give up so that we can all have this incredible life.” In working hard to achieve his goal, Hilton says he’s no different from anyone else. “A lot of people look and say, ‘I wish I could’ or ‘I

should have,’” he said. “If you wish you could, you should. Is there anything more important in your life? A lot of people never find out what they are capable of.” For Hilton, there is nothing more important in his life than to be healthy. “People ask what drives me to do this,” he said. “Because I can. Anyone can. I honestly believe that anyone can do this — it’s all in your head.”



MARCH 25, 2011

>"*0+C",$ *'+&,'#-$ E'C'A"2$ O)00&2"#$ +2):+$ 2'*$ #':$ I'"#&'= !"#$%&'()$*'+&,'#-+$."*&++"$/)01+2'&3'*$"#,$4*&#$5)6'$2",$78+-$1&#&+2',$9'*1)*3&#($:&-2$-2'$38+&;$(*)89$<=>)39"#?$)#$-2'$@):# I"C?$%";2+28#,$-2"-$+2'$90"#+$-)$#"3'$D*'-?0B$"1-'*$2'*$*'"0 :2'#$ -2'?$ ,';&,',$ -)$ 2"6'$ "$ 9&;-8*'$ -"A'#$ :&-2$ !"3+)#$ -2'$ ;"3'0B$ ):#',$ C?$ D&0$ E&'(0'*F+$ G"+&+$ >"3'0$ %"&*?H$ %";2+28#,$9899?H Photos by Daniel Knighton

L=?'"*=)0,$ 5"$ >)+-"$ *'+&,'#@"#?"$ .&#-M$ :"-;2'+$ -2' ";-&)#$1*)3$2'*$-"C0'-)9$9'*;2 "+$ 2'*$ 3)3$ -"0A+$ :&-2$ 1*&'#,+ &#$-2'$C))A$+"0'$"*'"H


CARDIFF-BY-THE-SEA — A Purim Carnival and Jewish Food and Culture Festival with games, rides, entertainment and ethnic foods took place March 20 at Temple Solel, 3575 Manchester Ave., Cardiff-bythe-Sea. There was a used book sale, a blood drive and Israeli dancing and performances. There was also camel N=?'"*=)0,$4#;&#&-"+$*'+&,'#-$K)'$!0'#-M$,"#;'+$)#$+-"('$:&-2$" petting and photos. The event G;'"#+&,'$*'+&,'#-$."?"$I)-6&#&;AB$;2"&*9'*+)#$)1$18#,*"&+&#($1)*$@'390'$!)0'0B$9)+'+$:&-2$2'* ;2&0,*'#B$$J*&$"#,$K"2"6"H (*)89$)1$;2&0,*'#H was open to the public.


had been feeding the carburetor directly, through an opening in the engine housing (between the seats), as the van was in motion. (It was not reported why they were doing it that way.)

leaflet near his mother’s home warning that WalshPinnock was once again free. Walsh-Pinnock said he felt “humiliated” by the leaflet, in violation of his “human Inexplicable rights.” • Washington, D.C., resident Nicole Pugh, arriving at The Redneck her polling station in November with the sole Chronicles (1) Timothy Walker, 48, intention of casting a vote for was hospitalized in mayor, noticed a line on the Burlington, N.C., in February ballot asking her choice for Neighborhood after he fell off of an SUV Advisory while he was on top, holding Commissioner, even though down two mattresses for the no candidates were listed. On driver, who apparently round- a lark and with no knowledge ed a curve too fast. (2) Three of the office, she wrote in her people were hospitalized in own name, and that evening Bellevue, Wash., in January was informed that she had when their van stalled and been elected, 1-0, to an office then exploded as the ignition that had been vacant, was re-engaged. They were through apathy, for the previcarrying two gallons of gaso- ous 14 years. Though other Neighborhood line in an open container and Advisory

Commission positions are contested and the candidates quite active, none is paid, and they work mostly via meetings. (However, having the title can garner press attention — for example, for Brenda Speaks, commenting on the planned Walmart store, above.) • When James Maynard arrived at the murder trial of his former long-time lover Fiona Adams, 24, in February at Britain’s Nottingham Crown Court, it was supposedly in support of Adams, who was contending that she did not recklessly start a fire that blazed out of control and took the lives of two of the couple’s three children. However, Maynard, in full view of a mob of reporters, was wearing a grotesque clown mask resembling the face of the character Pennywise in the Stephen

King novel “It,” and he declined numerous opportunities to comment on why he was wearing it. (After a threeweek trial, Adams was acquitted.)

Least Competent Criminals

Elusive Perps: (1) Armed-robbery convict Edward Nathan Jr. escaped from a Florida work-release center in 1983 and, as “Claude Brooks” and other identities, managed to avoid police for the next 27 years, until he slipped up in December in Atlanta — arrested after being caught urinating in public. He was returned to Florida and charged with escape. (2) Accused thief Anthony Darwin, 30, who had successfully eluded authorities in Wisconsin since 2004, turned himself in to Sheriff Bob

Spoden in Janesville in January, apparently only because he needs treatment for cancer. However, not wanting to pay for the expensive surgery, Spoden asked a judge to dismiss the arrest warrant and put Darwin back on the street. (Judge Alan Bates released Darwin for treatment, which will surely be paid for by the taxpayer, although perhaps not on the sheriff’s account.)

Recurring Themes

The Country Afraid of Its Own Shadow: (1) Britain’s Oxfordshire County Council, which oversees youth swimming classes, banned goggles from the pools in February because of the fear that kids might snap the elastic bands and hurt their eyes. (2) Malvern Primary School in Huyton, Merseyside, recently banned play with regulation

soccer balls because they are made of leather. “Football,” it ruled, must be played with less-dangerous sponge balls.

An Odd Files Classic (December 1992)

The German news agency Deutsche Presse Agentur reported in November (1992) on Japanese inventor Kenji Kawakami’s “New Idea Academy,” which features his own innovations and counts among his most successful products a portable washing machine that straps onto the user’s leg (swirling the clothes with each step); a travel necktie with room for writing utensils and a calculator; padded booties for cats so they can dust the floor while walking around; and a “solar flashlight” that provides a strong beam of light as long as the sun is shining.



MARCH 25, 2011

Golfers swing ‘fore’ smiles at annual tournament By Bianca Kaplanek

RANCHO SANTA FE — Athletes, actors and area residents swung “fore” smiles at the 19th annual Fresh Start for Kids Celebrity Golf Classic on March 14 at Morgan Run Club & Resort. The two-day event was again hosted by Alfonso Ribeiro, best known as Carlton on “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air,” and Grant Show of “Melrose Place” fame. It began the night before with cocktails, dinner, live and silent auctions and entertainment by Dat Phan, the first winner of “Last Comic Standing.” About 160 golfers played in the tournament, which featured food and beverages along the course and contests that included prizes for closest to the pin and longest drive. The event raised approximately $150,000, about $15,000 more than last year. Founded in 1991, Fresh Start Surgical Gifts provides free reconstructive surgery and comprehensive medical services to children and young adults who suffer from physical deformities caused by birth defects, accidents, abuse or disease. The Carlsbad-based nonprofit organization offers multidisciplinary care and continuous follow-up. While some surgeries are fairly simple, others are extremely complex and require numerous surgeries and medical treatments over the course of many years. More than 600 local volunteers provide all donated services that include surgeries, laser treatments, speech sessions, consultations and evaluations. Fresh Start’s next fundraiser is a Cinco de Mayo half marathon May 1 at the Irvine Spectrum. The organization is forming a team to participate in a half marathon, 10K, 5K, 1K for children or 50K bike tour for cyclists. Visit freshstart.org for more information.

Photos by Bianca Kaplanek

KICK-BACK LINEBACKER !"#$"%&'()#$'"%'*"+'#),-'(./0,.'-*.'+-),-'"+'12%"0,'3.)24')%'5#.)%+"6.'7"&*'&,)62)-.'8*0'+-),-.6'*"+'#),..,'8"-* -*.'3)%'9".&0':*),&.,+')%6';)+-'<;)=.6'"%'>??@'/0,'-*.'A.8'B%&;)%6'C)-,"0-+D

LAST BUT NOT LEAST I0;/'<,0/.++"0%);'M.);'I2"0%'&"H.+')'-*2G(+ PUTTING ABOUT I;.%%'K.,,)#04')'/",+-L-"G.'<),-"#"<)%-'"%'-*.'&0;/ 2<')+'+*.')%6'3*),"'F,)+*.,4'K,.+*'3-),-'#*"./'.N.#2-"H.'0//"#.,4'-)$.'0// #;)++"#4'+"%$+'0%.'62,"%&'-*.'<,.-02,%)G.%-'<2--"%&'#0%-.+-D "%'-*.';)+-'#),-'-0'*"-'-*.';"%$+D

CHIPPING IN E";;".'F2#*)%0%4'5#.)%+"6.'7"&*');2G%2+')%6',.-",.6 6./.%+"H.'()#$'8"-*'-*.'I,..%'F)='C)#$.,+')%6'3)%'9".&0':*),&.,+4 <,)#-"#.+'*"+'#*"<'+*0-D

CARTED AWAY C)-'!".,%)%4';./-4')%6'J2++'7);;4')%'.H.%-'+<0%+0,4 LET’S BE HONEST M02,%)G.%-'*0+-+'O;/0%+0'J"(.",04'(.+-'$%08%')+':),;-0%'0%'PM*.'K,.+*'C,"%#.'0/'F.;'O",4Q')%6'I,)%-'3*08'0/'PR.;,0+. C;)#.Q'/)G.',.G"%6'<;)=.,+'0/'-*.'-02,%)G.%-',2;.+D'PF.';.&"-')%6'60%S-'8,"-.')'+#0,.'=02'6"6%S-'G)$.4Q'J"(.",04';./-4'+)"6D 8)"-'"%'-*.",'#),-'/0,'-*.'+*0-&2%'+-),-D

MARCH 25, 2011





MARCH 25, 2011

Design - Build - Maintain San Diego Landscaping At Its Finest


MARCH 25, 2011


Dog Day Afternoon


Where can I redeem my E tickets?

I really do not get out enough. I just found out that a handful of the original Disneyland rides I remember well are gone … and have been for a while. It just never occurred to me to check. My favorite of the now defunct group was the submarine ride. Somehow, in spite of claustrophobic leanings, that ride grabbed my imagination and whimsy. I absolutely loved its mermaids, giant squid and sea serpent. I figured it must still be there, because I took my children on it in the early ‘90s, which was just a minute ago, right? I think I have spotted a pattern here and it’s no surprise, really. I have known for some time that my life is rocketing by me so fast you’d think I wouldn’t need a facelift. I have become reasonably adept at ignoring many of the obvious harbingers of time racing by, but every now and then, updates like the Disneyland rides snap me back to reality. The good news is that Disneyland replaced my beloved, yet cheesy submarine with the “Finding Nemo” ride. I haven’t been on it yet, but I am such a fan of that movie, that I have to applaud the upgrade. It seems the park has also said goodbye to the Skyway. We thought it especially cool because it went right through the top of the Matterhorn. I got a double whammy upon finding that the PeopleMover was replaced with Rocket Rods in 1995. I don’t think I ever even saw those and they, too, disappeared in 1998. The tracks just sit there unused now, which just seems terribly unDisneylike. The others gone missing include the low-tech Old Mine Train through Frontierland. I only have memories of riding it near dusk, which I believe is when we would finally give in because our feet were too tired to walk anymore. My children, raised along with the Mario Brothers, will be thrilled to hear that “Luigi’s Flying Tires,” part of a new Cars Land opening in 2012, will replace a ride even I don’t remember, called “Flying Saucers.” From the looks of it, it was like a giant air hockey table, but the discs didn’t do much except bounce a little. The “Flying TURN TO SMALL TALK ON B15

@AB CD(' E F%"' GH$%' #004#-' 91-+' @)1 8%)2' $))6' .-#5"' C#&5%' GI' #$' $%"' @"-' C#& <#/&1&)40*,' =#**)56' D&"#?' F%"' "J"0$' 2#, )."0'$)'$%"'.4K-/5'#0*'/05-4*"*'5)0$",$,'3)& $%"' 41-/",$' *)1L' 54$",$' *)1L' K",$' $&/56L' *)1 $%#$'>),$'-))6,'-/6"'/$,')20"&'#0*'>)&"?'' Photos by Daniel Knighton

CHEER-FULL FUN (),5)"L' #0' R-*' A01-/,% N4--*)1' )20"*' K+' 8#0' @/"1)' &",/*"0$' T#&"0 F#+-)&L' &"#5$,' 2/$%' ,4&.&/,"' $)' $%"' 5&)2*' 5%""&, *4&/01'$%"'N",$'F&/56'5)0$",$?

A DOG AFFAIR DK)J"L'8#0'@/"1)'&",/*"0$'=#4-'=#&41/0)1'#0*'%/,'8$#33)&*,%/&"'$"&&/"&L'F)M)?' QUITE A PAIR 8400+J#-"'&",/S *"0$'@#0" D0*&"2'#0*'%/, O%/0"," O&",$"*L'(#,5#-L $))6'%)>"'$). %)0)&,'-#,$'+"#& K4$'%#*'$)',"$$-" 3)&',"5)0*'.-#5" $%/,'+"#&?

DRESSED TO IMPRESS C/,,/)0'N#+'&",/*"0$ ="11+'8$"&0'#0*'%"&'5)56"&',.#0/"-';/1/'*&",,"*'#, O)56"&'C/&#0*#'#0*'O#&>"0'C/&#0*#?'''F%"'.#/&'$))6 ,"5)0*' .-#5"' 3)&' @)1' P%)' B))6,' C),$' B/6"' Q$, R20"&'5)0$",$'#0*'3/&,$'.-#5"'3)&'N",$'O),$4>"?'

SWEET TREAT GUS+"#&S)-*' O%4-#' V/,$#' &",/*"0$' C"1#0' R-*, "0M)+,'%"&'K-4"K"&&+WK4KK-"14>',%#J"*'/5"'$&"#$?

FACE PAINT X/0"S+"#&S)-*' (#05%)' 8#0$#' <" &",/*"0$'Y",,/5#'N400',%)2,')33'%"&'.#/0$"*'3#5"?'

Local artist gives back to community By Lillian Cox

DEL MAR — Last year Heather Roddy learned firsthand that when one door closes, another one opens. For four years the artist sat outside the Enchanted Gallery at the Flower Hill Promenade, where her work was displayed, painting and greeting visitors. Her whimsical art also lined the walkway. A year ago her world was rocked when the gallery closed its doors. Despite the setback, she continued to paint outdoors, on the upper and lower levels of the mall. “Shoppers as well as Pannikin goers were able to SADDLE UP !"#$%"&'()**+',"--,'.#/0$/01,'#,'2"--'#,'3405$/)0#-'#&$ watch a painting evolve from -/6"' $%/,' 5%#/&' $/$-"*' 78#**-"' 9.:' #$' $%"' !"#$%"&' ()**+' ;#--"&+' /0' $%" scratch,” she remembers. “I met some lovely people, <-)2"&'!/--'=&)>"0#*"? Photo by Lillian Cox

some who are now collectors of my original works. I painted everything, all sizes and subjects such as dogs, roosters, people and flowers.” Among those who woul d walk by were Jeffrey Essakow, mall owner, and Rose Jabin, mall manager, who encouraged her efforts to liven up the promenade. In addition to displaying her art outdoors, Roddy placed paintings in the windows of vacant stores. “I joked about having my own gallery here one day,” she recalls. “After all, that’s every artist’s dream ... and my mascot is a flying pig.” Essakow didn’t think Roddy’s idea was farfetched.

“Long story short, I was given the keys to the onceoccupied Morrison Hotel Gallery and in Jeffrey’s words told, ‘Get in there and do your thing and let’s see what happens,’” she said. “I call that faith on Jeffrey’s part. Rose has been an incredible support, guiding the ins and outs of having my own space and dropping by for coffee and healthy banter about new ideas for events.” Today, Roddy rents on a month-to-month basis, relying on the support of the community to continue. “People walk in with their dogs and coffee or stay for a glass of wine — it’s very interactive,” she said. “I will be TURN TO GIVE BACK ON B13



MARCH 25, 2011

Another chance to be a part of Fletcher Cove By Bianca Kaplanek

SOLANA BEACH — Residents who were unable to be included in the original Fletcher Cove Park donor tile project will have another opportunity to leave a lasting impression in the area. The city will remove what City Engineer Mo Sammak described as the “dull, typical concrete and stucco” retaining wall at the northeast corner that separates the park from the community center. At the March 10 meeting, council members authorized an agreement with local artist Betsy Schulz to replace it with a mosaic art wall. The proposed wall,

which will be about 40 feet long and 2 feet high, will be built with colored concrete and textured to match the existing seat wall in the park. Designed by Councilman Mike Nichols, a landscape architect, it will have a wave shape on top and include the words “Fletcher Cove.” The tiles will be designed, fabricated and installed by Schulz, who did the existing walls at Fletcher Cove. Unlike that project, city staff will handle all applications and tile placement, which will be chosen by random selection, City Manager David Ott said. “This will be a staff-controlled initiative, unlike the

previous time,” Ott said. “Staff will take all requests ... to make sure everything is fairly allocated.” The wall will accommodate between 40 and 50 tiles that will be available for $700 each. The project cost, estimated to be $21,100, includes $1,400 to demolish the existing wall, $4,900 to build a new one and $14,800 to create and install new tiles. Additionally, a 14square-foot area of the boardwalk that was recently removed to repair damage to the storm drainage system will be replaced with tiles. Five donor tiles for $700 each or one large tile for $3,000 will be sold for that area.

Project cost is estimated at $2,200. Any funds raised over the cost for both projects will go toward the current renovation of the community center. Council members unanimously supported the new wall but some were concerned about the cost, which is $200 more per tile. “This is kind of pricey from my perspective,” Councilman Tom Campbell said. “I think it’s great. I love the concept. But we’re perhaps pricing it so some people just can’t afford to do it that would like to do it.” “We want to make sure TURN TO COVE ON B15

PLAY BALL! !"#$%&'()&*+,-)./&,$0&12003)/&*,.'343*,'3$%&3$&'()&$3$'( #*)$3$%&%,")&#5&'()&63.,4+)&7),%2)&#5&8,$&93)%#&:,/&;5.#"&+)5'<&=,-/ *+,-).&>).4-&?3$$3)@&A@&,$0&/3/').@&?-+)3,&9,$4)@&BCD&?-+)3,&,+/#&/).E)/&,/ ,&1200-&5#.&>).4-&:(#&(,/&4).)1.,+&*,+/-D F>).4-&+#E)/&'#&1)&,1+)&'#&*+,/#5'1,++&:3'(&G30/&:(#&,.)&"#.)&+3G)&(3"@H&/,30&(3/&"#'().&I,"3+3,&?3$$3)D FJ)& 5))+/& +)//& +)5'& #2'D&K()& 4#,4()/& ,.)& ,1/#+2')+-& ,",L3$%MH Photo by Lillian Cox

Miracle League season kicks off By Lillian Cox

SOLANA BEACH — The baseball season officially kicked off at San Dieguito Park on March 12 for the Miracle League of San Diego’s ninth season.The nonprofit gives children with special needs the opportunity to play baseball thanks to support from the community and peers who serve as “buddies” both on and off the field. Miracle League President Dan Engel welcomed the crowd who gathered at Engel Family Field, the first rubber-

ized ADA-accessible ball field in Southern California. Engel and his wife,Suzie,founded the Miracle League in 2005. Serving as emcee of the opening day ceremonies was Emmy Award-winning broadcast journalist Jane Mitchell, producer and anchor of “One on One with Jane Mitchell” which airs on Channel 4 San Diego, home of the Padres. Among her remarks Mitchell presented Kevin, Patrick and Dave Kenny of TURN TO MIRACLE ON B13

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MARCH 25, 2011


IN A FLASH !"#$%#&''()*%$+,-#%.#/%0)"-12'3%"-4%5),#%6(7)"-8,2%92&-4(4%7)((-%0:"#/* "%'24()-%12''&-,$;%1(-$() $/"$%1(:(3)"$(#%$/(

Audi is a 2-yearold neutered male, domestic short-haired blend with classic tabby white and orange fur. Audi’s adoption fee is just $75 plus a microchip registration fee. All pets adopted from Helen Woodward Animal Center have been spayed or neutered, have up-todate vaccinations and microchip identification. Helen Woodward Animal Center kennels are open every day from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Applications are accepted until 5:45 p.m. at 6461 El Apajo Road in Rancho Santa Fe. For more details, call (858) 756-4117, option No. 1 or log on to animalcenter.org.

:21":%")$*%'&#,1*%;2<"%"-4%#&)9%1&:$&)(= >/(%1(-$()%,#%:21"$(4%"$ ???%@/(#$()9,(:4%,-%@")4,99= Courtesy photo

Modern community center born in Cardiff By Lillian Cox

CARDIFF BY THE SEA — Twins Ash Francomb and Kris DeGranzio have enjoyed much success in their 42 years: Francomb as a fashion designer whose bikinis were featured in the 2005 swimsuit edition of “Sports Illustrated.” DeGranzio as a professional photographer with credits that include shooting the annual swimsuit issue for “Surfing Girl” in Hawaii two years in a row

and the Rip Curl campaign in Kauai. They also collaborated in designing the graphics for sportswear for the girls division of Billabong. Most recently they partnered in two businesses: Ash Francomb Made in California vintage surf and yoga clothing line and PCH 101 Studio, a California tropical-inspired design studio. Their latest venture is Green Flash, a modern community center in Cardiff that

celebrates the local art, music, yoga and surf culture. “It’s a place for people to meet and connect,” DeGranzio explained. “People connect today, but it’s online. Real people are doing real things together here. They are getting face time again.” The idea for the center arose last summer when the twins were looking for a venue for a two-day art show they wanted to produce

titled “Blue Realm.” Ultimately, they couldn’t resist signing a lease for the space, which boasted a stunning ocean view. Since then, they have hosted six thematic shows, one showcasing the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and another the Cardiff campground. In addition to their work, they have exhibited the art of other prominent TURN TO CENTER ON B19

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Taste of Wine Mourvedre is one of those wines that wind up in the back of a country’s list of popular wines with maybe a couple of paragraphs. Like Aglianico in the Campania District of Italy, Mourvedre tends to get lost and labeled as a blending grape with its more-well-known companion in the south of France, Grenache. Although Grenache would be my first choice for a worldwide breakout, lip-smacking sultry Mourvedre (pronounced more-vehd-ruh) with its rich, visceral taste, could very well be the next big thing in the southern Rhone Valley. Talk to Ted Plemons, a partner at Cass Vineyard and Winery in the Paso Robles district in the Central Coast of California, and he will underline that prediction. “We bottled the 2008 Mourvedre in January of last year and it surprised us how fast it sold out at $38 a bottle,” he said. At the recent Family Winemakers of California event in Del Mar, he unveiled a large box container with a faucet that was filled with a blend called Flying Nymph. This sultry combination is the essence of southern Rhone, with Syrah, Mourvedre and Grenache. The vintage is 2009 so it’s

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FLYING NYMPH >(4%A:('2-#%29%@"##%B,-();%,-%A"#2%C23:(#%&#(# $/(%D2&)E(4)(%7)"F(%"#%"%3:(-4%,-%/,#%2E()#,8(4%32G%+,-(%1"::(4%0:;,-< H;'F/= Courtesy photo

still flying around with ripe cherry, strawberry and currants. A 750 ML bottle is $12.50 and the box, which is 18 liters of wine, goes for $100. That means with a 4ounce pour, you could get 124 pours. The fruit is all estate and made by the Cass winemaker. Just to set the record straight, Mourvedre is really native to Spain where it is

called Monastrell and second to Granache (Garnacha in Spain) in importance. It was brought to the south of France in the 19th century and shortly after, found its way to California where there is now about 400 acres grown. Mourvedre seems to balance out at 15 percent alcohol. It is a late-ripening varietal TURN TO TASTE OF WINE ON B14



191 N. El Camino Real, Ste. 112

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MARCH 25, 2011

Real pirate exhibit just one of Denver’s draws

Business news and special achievements for North San Diego County. Send information via e-mail to community@ coastnewsgroup.com.

E’LOUISE ONDASH Hit the Road Come for the pirates; stay for the history, museums, art, shopping, trails, food and fun. I’m talking about Denver — a city that’s always been on my way to somewhere else. This time, though, my husband and I stayed to see what the Mile High City has to offer. In three-and-a-half days, we only scratched the surface. We began with pirates — that is, “Real Pirates: The Untold Story of the Whydah from Slave Ship to Pirate Ship.” This exhibition at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science (through Aug. 21) features more than 200 artifacts from the Whydah, a slaveship-turned-pirate-ship that sank in 1717 off the coast of Cape Cod.This fast-sailing vessel, heavy with the bounty of 53 other ships, went down in a storm. It is the only pirate ship that has been discovered off the U.S. coast. It wasn’t until 1984 that the Whydah was discovered and much of its contents retrieved by underwater explorer Barry Clifford. A veteran diver, he and his co-workers recovered more than 100,000 artifacts from the ship. The retrieval continues. Visit nationalgeographic.com/ whydah/story.html. The Whydah artifacts are both glorious and scary.

Support for center

A PIRATE’S LIFE !"#$#%&'(#&')#%*+,,#-.',$%',%/"#%#0"'1'/2$%/+3#4,%5#*6,$/4+/#%"67%8'4+/#$%6(/#,%$8#,/%/"#'4%846('/$%6(%8&.,5#49%:,%;#,#4+&< 8'4+/#$%$8#,/%/"#'4%*6,#=%-.'>)&=%6,%+&&%/"#%/#*8/+/'6,$%/"+/%/"#%864/$%6((#4#59%?,&')#%4#;.&+4%$+'&64$%6(%/"#%/'*#<%7"6%7#4#%8+'5%+,5%/4#+/#5%8664@ &=<%8'4+/#$%68#4+/#5%.,5#4%+%5#*6>4+/'>%$=$/#*%+,5%$8&'/%#3#,&=%+,=%/4#+$.4#%/"#=%>+8/.4#59 Photo by Jerry Ondash

The latter includes a strikingly small leg bone and a little leather shoe, probably belonging to 10-year-old John King, who insisted on sailing with the crew.Visitors also see a fearful body-shaped, cagelike contraption that was used to hang pirates in public places as a warning to others. Other mesmerizing souvenirs from the deep include the ship’s bell, interestingly displayed in a water-filled aquarium; a pistol; cannons and cannonballs; sword handles; and treasure — lots and lots of gold and silver coins called “pieces of eight.” They

are so named because these Spanish coins, the first world currency, were worth eight reales each. There are several stations where kids can enjoy hands-on activities, and everyone can touch some pieces of eight through Plexiglas barriers. Through the miracle of technology, visitors can experience the rolling of a pirate ship from the captain’s quarters. (If you tend to get motion sickness, close your eyes or move on.) What visitors might be surprised to learn is that life aboard a pirate ship was quite

democratic. The legitimate sailor’s life was one of hard labor, abuse and little pay, but pirates collectively elected officers, voted on the ship’s course and shared equally in the loot. Not surprisingly, pirate profits generally dissipated quickly once they were in port. There were many temptations and plenty of people to lighten the pirates’ pockets. The 13,000-square-foot interactive exhibit is more than just a display of pirate treasure, though.Thankfully, it doesn’t gloss over the horrific history of the slave trade and

its relationship to piracy. It explains the “triangle route” that operated between Africa, the Caribbean and the thensouthern American colonies. There are reproductions of the shackles worn by Africans who were jammed into ships’ holds and made to endure inhumane conditions. Often many died before arriving in the Caribbean or the South. Pirates favored these slave ships because they were built for speed. However, if they were captured by pirates, the Africans and some of the TURN TO HIT THE ROAD ON B19

String of events planned through Woodward Center each month. RANCHO SANTA FE — all animal lovers. The center hosts Take Dog lovers are invited to The Helen Woodward Animal Center offers an array of An Orphan Dog To Work Day take an orphan dog out of the activities through June for on the third Wednesday of kennel and into your office April 20, May 18, June 15, July 20, Aug. 17, Sept. 21, Oct. 19, Nov. 16 and Dec. 21. Oneday adopters must pre-qualify the same as long-term adopters. For details, call (858) 756-4117 option 1. See which pets are available for this event at animal center.org. As the weather warms, it is time again for Surf Dog Clinics from 10 to 11 a.m. March 27, April 16, May 21, June 18, July 17, Aug. 6, Aug. 13 and Aug. 20 at Dog Beach in Del Mar. The classes are in preparation for Helen Woodward Animal Center’s

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sixth annual Surf Dog Surf-AThon on Sept. 11. Registration is limited to 25 dogs per clinic and one dog per human. Cost is $45 per dog. Each clinic is one hour long. For more information, call (858) 756-4117, ext. 312 or visit animalcenter.org. The 11th annual Pet Day on the Bay at Hornblower Cruise sets sail at 10 a.m. May 14. Bring your dog, $20 and guests are encouraged to donate a towel or blanket to the Embarcadero on May 14. You and your pooch can choose to cruise one of three bay cruises. For more information, visit hornblower. com/hce/port/overview/sd+pe tdayonbay or call (888) 4676256.

The center’s 23rd annual Spring Fling is set from 5:30 p.m. to midnight June 4. The black-tie fundraiser is themed Broadway Tails. For information or sponsorship opportunities contact Nedra Abramson at (858) 756-4117, ext. 312 or visit Helen Woodward Animal Center; 6461 El Apajo Road in Rancho Santa Fe, or visit animalcenter.org. The Woodward center is always looking for volunteers age 14 and up, with orientation sessions set for 9 a.m. to noon March 19, May 14, Aug. 6 and Oct. 8. To receive an application, call Volunteer Manager TURN TO WOODWARD ON B15

Student earns award for good character my, took first prize S O L A N A in the middle-school BEACH — St. division. Last year, James Academy St. James’ student announced that for Patrice Nguyen won the second year in the elementary divia row, one of their sion. The Character students has won Matters essay conthe University test provides a platof San Diego Character Matters REX HAMMOCK form for insightful classroom discussion and Essay Contest. Rex Hammock, in TURN TO AWARD ON B15 eighth grade at the acade-

RANCHO SANTA FE — Community Concerts of Rancho Santa Fe presented an $8,000 check March 10 to the Rancho Santa Fe Foundation, on behalf of the Performing Arts Center at Rancho Santa Fe’s 324 Club. The funds included all proceeds from the Billy Dean Benefit Concert in October, sponsored by Community Concerts, an event held in conjunction with the official dedication of the R. Roger Rowe School. The eight seats purchased by Community Concerts at $1,000 per seat, will be specifically designated in the concert hall and have a plaque that specifies Community Concerts as the donor.

Pet pleasers

SOLANA BEACH — Kahoots Pet Store hosted its grand opening at 677 San Rodolfo Drive on March 19. The store specializes in offering animal supplies for fish, birds, reptiles, cats and dog, as well as harder to find items such as dog runs, large, full-sided enclosures, iguana habitats, flight cages and aviaries. For more information, call (858) 793-6883.

Elections coming

RANCHO SANTA FE — Three candidates will vie for two seats in this year’s Association board election. Ann Boon, Ann Mercer and Larry Spitcaufsky have tossed their hats in the ring for the upcoming May 12 election for two seats being vacated by outgoing board members Tom Lang and Deb Plummer. The Association will mail ballots to Association members which must be returned by June 13 at 5 p.m.

Rugby champs

CARMEL VALLEY — The Torrey Pines Rugby Club won the Southern TURN TO WHO’S NEWS? ON B15



In terms of radiation it’s really unlikely it will influence the rest of us in the United States.



MARCH 25, 2011

By Promise Yee Visit coastnewsgroup.com to see video footage of this week’s Hot off the Block

Do you think radiation leaked from Japan will spread here?




I think the likelihood of radiation coming here is practically nil. It’s making people rethink nuclear power, which is not bad rethinking, but shouldn’t be crazy rethinking.

I think the chances are almost nil we would have any radiation here. At least any radiation that’s dangerous to health.

Local woman earns history award RANCHO SANTA FE — Rancho Santa Fe resident Phyllis Paul was presented with the Ben Dixon Award by the Congress of History on March 4. The award is the highest award given to an individual, recognizing her for her involvement and advocacy in historic preservation in Rancho Santa Fe. Dixon was the original founder of the Congress of History and holds an annual conference of academic lectures on San Diego and regional history. This year’s theme was They Made a Difference: The Unsung History of Women in the San Diego Region. Paul is a California native and a graduate from Stanford University. She and her husband and children moved to Rancho Santa Fe in the early 1970s. Paul had a keen interest in historic homes and sites and fell in love with the romanticism and rich history of Rancho Santa Fe, the original Rancho San Dieguito land grant to Don Juan Maria Osuna. Early on she became involved in the Rancho Santa Fe Historical Society. Her first project with the Society was to conduct a survey of historical homes and commercial buildings mostly designed by master architect Lillian Rice. The Society was also responsible for getting the Rancho Santa Fe Covenant on the California State register in 1989. In the summer of 1990

the Society and the Association invited the Historic American Building Survey team from Washington, D.C., to spend two months documenting their surveyed buildings,

which resulted in the National Register listing of several buildings in the Village. The project was captured in their elegant book TURN TO HISTORY ON B15

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Light is a gift, brighten your life, beautify your home. STAYING STRONG !"#$%&' ()&*+*,&(' -)("#' .%/(0%&' "#1' 2%/' -#31%&' &%$%#043' 5,)#1%1' 6,&07' !,)#03 !"#$%&'8+0#%((9':7+$7',;%&"0%(',)0',5'07%'<&+=!+03'.%44#%(('!%#0%&'+#'!"&4(/"1>'<7%';&,?&"@',55%&('$4"((%( "#1'();;,&0'+#'07%'"&%"(',5'%A%&$+(%9'#)0&+0+,#'"#1'$,@;4+@%#0"&3'7%"407'$"&%'"$0+*+0+%('0,'$"#$%&';"0+%#0('"#1 ()&*+*,&('"(':%44'"('$"&%?+*%&(> BC,)'7"*%'#,'$,#0&,4',*%&'?%#%0+$(',&':7"0%*%&'$")(%1'3,)&'$"#$%&9D'.%/(0%& %A;4"+#%1>'BE)0'07%&%'+('"';,((+/+4+03'07"0'3,)'$"#'&%1)$%'07%'&%$)&&%#$%',5'$"#$%&'/3'FG';%&$%#0'+5'3,)'(0"3 "$0+*%9'%"0'&+?709'H%%;'3,)&':%+?70'+#'&"#?%'"#1'@"#"?%'(0&%((>D Photo by Lillian Cox

Cancer fitness program helps patients and survivors thrive By Lillian Cox

CARLSBAD — The term “cancer fitness” sounds like an oxymoron. That is, until meeting Susan Webster and Deb Snyder and seeing that you can have cancer and still be fit. Recently Webster and Snyder founded North County Cancer Fitness, or NCCF, to share their experience and hope with others.

Their program is offered at the state-of-the-art Tri-City Wellness Center at 6250 El Camino Real near Palomar Airport. NCCF offers classes and support in the areas of exercise, nutrition and complimentary health care activities to cancer patients and survivors who are newly diagnosed, in the midst of chemotherapy and radiation,

or have completed treatment. Webster was working on a certificate as an aquatics instructor at the wellness center in January 2009 when she met Snyder who had just completed chemotherapy for Stage 4 metastatic breast cancer. “I was bald, wearing a

golfers competing for a $100,000 purse. The Cox Celebrity Championship consists of a two-day CelebrityAmateur tournament May 20 and May 21, nightly sponsor parties and the main event, a 36-hole celebrity competition May 21 and May 22. As part of Cox Communications’ title sponsorship, Cox’s local-


30 years!


ly based TV station, Channel 4 San Diego, will produce a 30-minute special featuring the tournament’s marquee event, the 36-hole, low-gross celebrity-only competition. and televise it throughout the summer. This year, a percentage TURN TO TOURNAMENT ON B15

CROWN MOULDING for 2011! Call for details.

kitchen lights by michael j dove


Tickets available for annual Morgan Run tournament RANCHO SANTA FE — The 2011 Cox Celebrity Championship has been set for May 20 through May 22 and will be hosted by New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees at the Morgan Run Club & Resort, 5690 Cancha De Golf. The event will feature more than 60 celebrity


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MARCH 25, 2011 Items on this page are paid for by the provider of the article. If you would like an article on this page, please call Chris Kydd at (760) 436-9737, ext. 110.

Rancho Santa Fe resident scammed

Pioneering the pest control industry

COAST CITIES — When you see the trail of ants or find spider webs glistening everywhere on your way to the morning paper, it’s time to call Corky’s Pest Control. There is no reason to let ants, spiders, rodents, termites or any of the hundreds of potentially damaging pests wreak havoc on your beautiful home. Corky’s can solve your problem,and save you money and aggravation. Success in the pest control business, like most businesses, is a combination of experience, knowledge and dedication. Four decades of expertise and knowledge of our climate, our particular pest problems, and an expert’s knowledge of the products will best provide solutions for every customer. Owner Corky Mizer has over time added more services, products and diversity to his company in order to provide his customers with the greatest value. Besides the basic high-quality pest control service that forms the core of his company, he has added the best people in each discipline to make new business divisions within Corky’s Pest Control. Included is his termite inspection and fumigation division. Corky’s is the first company to include a picture termite inspection process that allows the inspector to send pictures of the home while he is there and receive back a state-recognized termite inspection e-mailed to the customer in a minimum amount of time. Corky can also eradicate the termites in several ways,repair any structural damage that is found, and offer ongoing termite inspection, prevention and removal. Included in the termite eradication process is a four-year guarantee, knowing that if the job is done right it will last longer than that. By comparison, most other companies only offer a two-year guarantee. Corky has an amazing passion for his business, and surrounds himself with the best of the best to make sure his company offers “state of the art” pest control. Among his knowledgeable staff is a full-time plant pathologist so they can find lasting and effective solutions to every problem. Many of his staff members include Bachelor of Science, doctorate and special certifications among their degrees. And every day, his technicians are undergoing continued training to stay current with the evolving products their customers need and the changing pest problems that come to San Diego. Part of what is special TURN TO PEST ON B7

LIGHT UP YOUR LANDSCAPE J+1*%1)'21",*7)91*%4+1')9&+)1$=&3B1$%)*$6)B&&6)9&+)*)%+473)'21",*7)3*+6?)'4"()*')%(&'1)'(&K$)*L&81.)M1++* N177*)O*$6'"*21)P1817&2B1$%)'21",*7,Q1'),$)'421+,&+0R4*7,%3)61',5$)*$6)"&$'%+4"%,&$)&9)&4%6&&+)7,8,$5)'2*"1'?)'4"()*')2&&7'?)61"S'?)7*$6'"*21 7,5(%,$5) *$6) 5+11$) '&74%,&$') ,$"746,$5) $*%,81) *$6) 6+&45(%0%&71+*$%) 27*$%'.) A&+) B&+1) ,$9&+B*%,&$) "*77) CT/TF) GG/) T-/-) &+) 8,',%) %L7*$6'"*2,$5."&B. Courtesy photo

Turn your yard into a lush retreat You don’t need to go on vacation to enjoy the ambiance of a tropical resort.With a little imagination you can create a lush landscape for your yard that’s so comfortable and appealing you won’t want to leave home. Jason Jarvis, president of Terra Bella Landscape Development which specializes in luxurious outdoor living spaces, suggests you start your landscape planning by deter-

mining your main activities, such as relaxing, entertaining and playing, then plan from there. He offers these tips to transform your outdoor space into the yard of your dreams.

Select plants for drama and effect

Don’t be afraid to go big and bold, filling areas of your yard with a variety of plants to create a tropical setting like your favorite vacation spots.

— Choose large, leafy green base plants as the starting point. — Create a jungle-like setting with textures, colors, and dramatic leaf shapes. — Cram the plants together for a lush look. One of Jarvis’ more popular techniques is planting in layers with smaller plants in the front, medium-sized in the middle and tall, bold plants in the back.Not only does this add

privacy from the neighbors, but it also creates the feel of a tropical landscape.

Create special features for enjoyment and mood

For a truly special yard, think beyond a lawn and plants to make your home a relaxing and fun place for family and TURN TO RETREAT ON B7

Senior home accepting applications VISTA – Residential applications are being accepted for the opening of McIntosh Manor, an upscale licensed RCFE (Residential Care Facility for the Elderly) assisted living home nestled in the historic Guajome Fruit Colony of Vista. There are nine positions. The 1.5 acre property features sweeping panoramas of manicured grounds and orchards. Benches provide a view of Guajome Lake which is surrounded by one of the larger freshwater marsh habitats in San Diego County and home to endangered bird species such as the California Least Tern and the Light Footed Clapper Rail. Both the dining and living areas, and bedroom suites, are tastefully decorated with furniture made of solid wood and elegant appointments. Each bedroom has a phone. To promote optimum health and wellbeing, a customized health plan is developed for each resident addressing a spectrum of needs and requirements that incorporate regular exercise with caregivers as well as visits with physical therapists who come on a regular basis. Since it is believed that nutrition is key to physical well being, three meals are served each day, most cooked from scratch with homegrown organic fruits and vegetables harvested on the property. Gardens not only provide

MCINTOSH MANOR !"#$%&'()!*$&+),')*)-./0*"+1)2+&21+%3)(&4',$5)*$)*'','%16)7,8,$5)9*",7,%3)7&"*%16)*% :/;<)!*=177*)>6.?)@,'%*.)A&+)B&+1),$9&+B*%,&$)8,',%)B",$%&'(B*$&+7,8,$5."&B?)"*77)CDE<F):-E0EGHH)&+)10B*,7 ,$9&IB",$%&'(B*$&+7,8,$5."&B. Courtesy photo

fresh produce and flowers for nourishment and enjoyment, but an opportunity for welcomed participation from residents. Guests who would like to garden have plenty of space to do so including designated space for their personal gardening projects. All meal times are a time for fun, laughter and socializing. The refrigerator is always stocked with healthy beverages and snacks to satisfy any craving. The staff not only has available psychological professionals to assist with life's transitions, but caregivers who spend quality time with residents each day. Great effort is made to learn about passions in the lives of residents so that

caregivers can replicate some part of that today with the goal helping residents continue to find purpose and meaning that leads to a long and healthy life. For residents who find it important to keep abreast of news and pop culture, daily newspaper delivery and regular magazine subscriptions are available.Those having difficulty with vision are encouraged to take advantage of staff who enjoy reading the news together.In addition,McIntosh Manor has a rich library of books to choose from. Guests from community organizations such as love-on-a leash assistance and local youth groups are frequently invited socialize with the residents and staff of McIntosh

Manor. Professional musicians often drop by to play music and take requests for favorite songs. Movie nights are especially popular, and feature both current films and old classics. Throughout the year excursions are planned for both ambulatory and non-ambulatory residents so they can enjoy trips to the beach, movies, mall – even looking at Christmas lights during the holiday season. All holidays are celebrated, and the staff loves to surprise guests with their favorite treats, from time to time, making sure they know they are remembered and cared for. McIntosh Manor recognizes TURN TO SENIOR ON B7

When Lois, a Rancho Santa Fe resident, recently called an air conditioning and heating company because her heater wasn't working, she had no idea what would lie ahead. She explained to the dispatcher of the company that her heater had stopped working. He of course dispatched a technician out to her home. Lois wasn't too concerned with the cost of the repair, as her home was only about ten years old. She knew she probably just needed a tune-up or a minor repair. Lois was surprised when the service technician told her that she needed an entirely new unit, which would cost her about $10,000! It simply did not make sense to her. It was her understanding that air-conditioners have a 20 year life span. The technician insisted that her unit could not be repaired. He offered many incentives to her, but something didn't seem right. That is when Lois decided to call around to get a second opinion. She came across a company called “The Honest Guys.com” and phoned them right away. When Lois called The Honest Guys, she was surprised to learn that they would come out to her home for free to diagnose her unit. Upon inspection, Reb Brown, the owner of the company, found that Lois's unit was simply in need of a $65.00 capacitor. Reb explained to Lois that unfortunately air-conditioning and heating companies are notorious for ripping off customers. In fact, when we interviewed Reb, he told us about an ABC news investigative story in the 1990's whereby several air conditioning contractors were called out to homes in the greater Los Angeles Area for repairs to units that were in perfect working order. The investigative reporter found that all but 2 of the 8 contractors that were called out were actually honest enough to say that there wasn't anything wrong with the units! 80 percent of the companies lied, and stated that there were major repairs needed on the units. Reb explained that he comes across this situation weekly. “It's an unfortunate thing,”he explains. “I have built my business on integrity and trust. I could TURN TO SCAMMED ON B7



about Corky’s Pest Control is that their service can be customized to fit individual needs and budgets. Their technicians can come to your house, evaluate the problems and provide solutions for each situation. If you live a green lifestyle, you’d be surprised to know most products used by Corky’s are botanicals, natural products that control pests that are environmentally friendly. You can request all botanicals if that is your preference. For properties that are fully landscaped and the customer does most of their own landscape work, Corky’s can provide periodic professional help to keep insects and pests under control and out of your life. Even with regular maintenance, when summer comes and brings out the pests in force, Corky’s can adjust their service schedule to meet those increased needs. Many of our most common pests are attracted to aphids and whiteflys who spend their time on roses, hibiscus, citrus, and other fruit trees. The honeydew these insects secrete is what attracts the ants, spiders, and other crawling insects, so ongoing treatments to discourage and eliminate these tempting treats for our unwanted pests are what create an insect- and pestfree yard so you can enjoy the best of the Southern California weather. For more than 44 years, Corky has satisfied thousands of residential, commercial, and mobile home customers. Comments like the following are ongoing: “I want to thank you for the excellent service your company has provided over the past twenty years … and Steve has been a wonderful employee servicing our home.” This is why Corky’s sprays more residential homes and landscapes in San Diego. Corky’s has continued to provide interior and exterior pest control, termite control, fumigation and repair, home repair service and much, much more. For more information, contact Corky’s Pest Control at (800) 901-1102 or visit www.corkyspestcontrol.com.



MARCH 25, 2011

Items on this page are paid for by the provider of the article. If you would like an article on this page, please call Chris Kydd at (760) 436-9737, ext. 110.

Sanctuary Lands & The City of Peace Ten years ago Stefan Jacob went to La Paz in search of the pristine oceanfront lands. He wanted to find a place that wasn’t yet cluttered with tourist development — a place where he could wander for miles along wide open beaches in sublime nature.The area he found is still a sanctuary, in the yet undeveloped Pacific coast of Baja, west of La Paz — “The City of Peace.” It is the ideal place for people who love unspoiled places and tranquility. It is a place where you still can ride horses on sandy beaches, let go of the stress of the world and find peace. Sanctuary Lands grew out of this experience. Sanctuary Lands focuses exclusively on lands of great natural beauty, off the beaten path of glitzy tourism, yet close enough to civilization for easy access to shopping and air travel. All the properties come from friends and associates who are mostly Americans and Canadians, and range in size from small oceanfront and sea view parcels, to huge personal, family, or community retreat properties of thousands of acres.The properties are often surprisingly inexpensive because they are not in the common tourist corridors. One listing is 13,000 acres with 2.5 miles of sandy beachfront — three times the size of the whole town of Rancho Santa Fe, and almost as large as Manhattan, N.Y., at a price less



entertaining. Jarvis has transformed plain yards into showplaces with special features inspired by some of the world’s most famous resorts including: — Comfortable outdoor living room and entertainment center — Unique-shaped pool with gently slopping beach — Bold or relaxing fountains and water features — Fun sports areas such as putting greens — Fireplace or fire pit — Kitchens that go beyond the barbeque — Custom decks and gazebos — Landscape lighting for paths, to accent plantings and for mood-setting Express yourself with

CITY OF PEACE !"#$%&"'()*"#+,)-.$&,/,)/0$1&,23/1().#)1"#+,).-)4'/"%)#"%&'"1)5/"&%(6).--)%7/)5/"%/#)8"%7 .-)412%9()%.&'2,:6)(/%)$1.,/)/#.&47)%.)$232129"%2.#)-.')/",()"$$/,,)%.),7.882#4)"#+)"2')%'"3/1;)<11)%7/)8'.8/'%2/, $.:/) -'.:) -'2/#+,) "#+) ",,.$2"%/,) =7.) "'/) :.,%1()<:/'2$"#,) "#+) >"#"+2"#,6) "#+) '"#4/) 2#) ,29/) -'.:) ,:"11 .$/"#-'.#%) "#+) ,/") 32/=) 8"'$/1,6) %.) 7&4/) 8/',.#"16) -":21(6) .') $.::&#2%() '/%'/"%) 8'.8/'%2/,) .-) %7.&,"#+,) ."$'/,;)?.'):.'/)2#-.':"%2.#6)32,2%)!"#$%&"'(*"#+,;$.:).')/@:"21)!%/-"#A!"#$%&"'(*"#+,;$.:; Courtesy photo

than some people pay for a house here. Contrary to the common news about Mexico, the La Paz region of Baja is peaceful, with low crime and some of the highest education and income levels in the country. It is a small city of 250,000 people and is the capital of the state of Baja California Sur (“Baja South”), about two hours north of Los Cabos. La Paz maintains an old world charm while providing modern services with non-stop

flights to Los Angeles. It has a friendly laid-back atmosphere, and is also the eco-tourism center for all southern Baja, with snorkelling, scuba diving, sea kayaking and fishing available right from town. All along the harbor is a 5-mile promenade where families stroll in the evening eating home made ice cream,and jog in the mornings. La Paz is still very much a family town, where people can walk safely any time of day or night.

For more information,visit SanctuaryLands.com or e-mail Stefan@SanctuaryLands.com “Welcome to the Peaceful Baja,”Stefan Jacob,Family and Friends. (760) 936-3733 - CA DRE License # 00910395 *All properties sold by Sanctuary Lands have First American Title Insurance, and First American escrow service, which allows for all purchases to be made in Calf. with American guaranteed title and escrow.

yard accessories Don’t overlook yard accessories to help set the ambiance for your landscaping project. Think beyond patio furniture. While garden supply stores can be an excellent source, you don’t need to be restricted to items labeled for the garden. Here are some ideas for accessorizing your yard in ways that are decorative, functional and expressive. — Furniture such as sofas, lamps, and coffee tables — Outdoor rugs for comfort and to establish a sitting area — Decorative pots for plants and artistic appeal — Antique objects, memorabilia and collectibles — Wind chimes, sun dials and gazing balls — Bird baths, houses and

feeders — Mirrors to reflect the outdoor ambiance — Art and statuary— both formal and fun Let your imagination go, seek professional help for the big ideas and you’ll soon be on the path to an appealing yard that will be the envy of the neighborhood.


Terra Bella Landscape Development specializes in superior-quality design and construction of outdoor living spaces, such as pools, decks, landscape lighting and green solutions including native and drought-tolerant plants. For more information call (858) 335 8151 or tblandscaping.com. The address is PO Box 9192, Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067.

that although some guests suffer with memory loss, they need to be treated with patience, understanding and respect. “Our goal is to provide the best care in a non-institutional setting,” said owner Alexandra McIntosh. “Unlike other facilities it is all-inclusive so that there is not a change in the cost as the level of care increases and family members know that dear elder parents will be well cared for any family like setting.” McIntosh Manor is located at 2590 Majella Rd., Vista. For more information visit mcintoshmanorliving.com, call (760) 216-6344 or email info@mcintoshmanorliving.com.

also helps to build a relationship with a company. Lois was so thrilled with the service that she received, she decided to set

up yearly maintenance contracts with The Honest Guys.com.“I simply will not be a victim of a scam in my own home” stated Lois, “I am going to refer all of my friends to this nice young man named Reb!” To avoid being a victim, you too can set up your yearly maintenance. Simply call The Honest Guys.com today at (760) 739-7259, or log onto their website at TheHonestguys.com. As Reb says, “I love living and working in San Diego. I want to be known for our honesty. Our name says it all!” Call today for spring specials.

About Terra Bella



CALL CORKY ?.') :.'/) %7"# BB) (/"',6) >.'C() 7",) ,"%2,-2/+ %7.&,"#+,) .-) '/,2+/#%2"16) $.:@ :/'$2"16) "#+) :.521/) 7.:/) $&,@ %.:/',;) ?.') :.'/) 2#-.':"%2.#6 $.#%"$%) >.'C(D,) E/,%) >.#%'.1) "% FGHHI) JHK@KKHL) .') 32,2% ===;$.'C(,8/,%$.#%'.1;$.:; Courtesy photo

not sleep at night if I knew that my business was built on ripping people off. It's simply not how I do business.” This attitude is what has lead to the success of The Honest Guys.com. When asked what a homeowner could do to avoid this type of trap, he strongly suggests setting up yearly maintenance contracts with a trustworthy company. “Your air-conditioning and heating equipment is some of the most expensive equipment in your home” he explained. “Similar to a car that needs an oil change, your a/c and heat-

ing unit needs yearly maintenance as well. This simple, inexpensive service will extend the life of the units, and avoid costly repairs.” It


Quality tree service — only if you need it COAST CITIES — They are the some of the largest living things on the planet and they’re always changing. They also make up 15 percent of your property value. What are they? Trees. The above facts are courtesy of Brian Bishop, owner of Bishop’s Tree Service. Bishop says his business was borne out of a lifelong love of trees, and the quality of service he offers can attest to that. “When I was a little kid, I thought Paul Bunyon and his ox was the coolest thing ever,” he said. “I wanted to cut trees. When I was 16 I just started cutting trees on my own. Around 1994 I became a certified arborist.” The rest is history. Today, Bishop’s has a staff of nine, who offer a variety of tree services. Crown cleaning, crown reduction, crown restoration, lifting and raising, thinning, tree removal, stump grinding, line clearance and brush clearance are all offered. Bishop and his team take pride in what they do. Their bottom line is about saving you money and saving your trees. It’s not about up-selling. “I will tell someone, ‘You don’t need me. The tree’s fine. Come back to me in two years,’” he said. “I’m a tree guy, not a salesman. It’s what I do because I want to do it. The more I can educate people, the more I can do quality tree work.Raising the industry standard.” As consumers we are used to hearing the phrase,“The customer is always right.” Bishop doesn’t necessarily subscribe to that theory. “When we do estimates, I ask questions.The customer isn’t always right. I give the most inexpensive alternative for long-term management.” Bishop’s pride in his work and his knowledge come from his years of experience and also his role as president of the Professional Tree Care Association of San Diego, or PTCA.“The mission of PTCA is education,” he said. “Basically the reason I agreed to be president is because I believe in education.” Bishop also believes in giving back. “We donate work to San Diego Botanic Garden on a regular basis. I believe in giving something back to the community where we can.” In a community that prides itself on its trees, Bishop’s Tree Service stands out. “The difference between me and a lot of people out there is that out of our nine employees, five are certified arborists. You won’t find that ratio anywhere.” What this means for customers is that you get a certified arborist in your tree. “It takes about 20 minutes to screw up a tree forever.” Bishop stresses the importance of getting the job done right and getting it done right the first time. For more information on Bishop’s Tree Service, call (760) 720-9649 or visit bishopstreeservice.net.




MARCH 25, 2011

Do you know of a Ranch resident or organization that would make an interesting Ranch Profile? E-mail suggestions to editor@coastnewsgroup.com and use Ranch Profile as the subject.

A closer look at Rowe school’s science program By Patty McCormac

RANCHO SANTA FE — Before Kelly Stine became a science teacher at R. Roger Rowe School, she worked at Birch Aquarium where students from all over the county came on field trips. When students visited from Rowe, she said the aquarium educators routinely kicked up their curriculum at least one grade level and sometimes higher. “We knew these kids knew their stuff,” she said. Stine has been teaching science at Rowe now for eight years and is very passionate about the program. “There is a lot of value placed on science here,” she said. “Our kids take science from kindergarten on. It is a big part of the school.” On a recent day, Stine’s seventh grade Life Science class was examining owl pellets, regurgitated fur and bones, which are indigestible by owls. “It’s a little gross, but is kind of cool to see how an animal digests its food,” said Sandra Sandria as she and her lab partner Melissa De Luca picked through the pellets with tweezers recovering teeth and bones. Next door, teacher David Warner teaches physics and math. He also runs the Tech 21 Lab that helps students learn how science applies to everyday life. The Tech 21 Lab was developed as an elective course for students interested in rocketry, robotics, car

EXAMINING PELLETS !$&6.' C&9D%..".' &.*' ;,&3%-' E+&*&#"$) +4&5%.+'"6)'#+))+7-'*2,%.8'&',+9+.7'9)&--:

design, CAD and other technology-related science courses. Students have the ability to explore science through technology. This class is offered to students in grades five through eight. “Just fantastic options and we have quality, quality teachers,” Stine said. Lindy Delaney, superintendent of the school district, said that such emphasis is put on science because it is an integral part of life and a student’s educational experience. “Science incorporates all of the other disciplines and allows students the opportunity to explore the world around them. We hope

to provide many different experiences for our students — science being an important element of their education,” Delaney said. Elena Colvin, who teach- EXPLORING LIFE !&.*,&'!&.*,%&'&.*'C+)%--&'<+'@29&'#%9D'7$,"28$'"6)'#+))+7-'6%7$'76++F+,-'7"',+9"3G es science to fourth and fifth +,'7++7$'&.*'0".+'B,&85+.7-'*2,%.8'&',+9+.7'9)&--: Photos by Patty McCormac grades, said her classes are currently studying the three basic types of volcanoes — yes, there are three — shield, strato and cinder cone. Her class was building a few volcanoes and preparing them to erupt. Colvin said science is important for children in everyday life as they develop their critical thinking and problem solving skills. It also FOCUS ON SCIENCE !"#$%&' (&)*+,&-' &.* KICKED UP CURRICULUM ;+&9$+,' <&3+ TURN TO SCIENCE ON B13

/-&0+))&' 1&23,+&2' +4&5%.+' "6)' #+))+7-' *2,%.8' & ,+9+.7'9)&--:

=&,.+,'%.'$%-';+9$'>?'@&0'%.'6$%9$'$+'7+&9$+-'5&7$ &.*'#$A-%9-'&.*'$"6'7$+A'&##)A'7"'+3+,A*&A')%B+:

‘Five Wishes’ workshop aids all ages RANCHO SANTA FE — The Elizabeth Hospice Center for Compassionate Care offers a Five Wishes free workshop from 2 to 3 p.m. April 15 at the Rancho Santa Fe Seniors, Inc., 16780 La Gracia. Five Wishes is a document that helps express how you want to be treated if you become seriously ill and

H,"5' )+B7I' B,".7I' 9".7+-7' 6%..+,' !A*.+A' !#&,D-I' +.J"A' &' #%FF&' )2.9$' 6%7$' $+,' E",%F".' K,+# B"2,7$G8,&*+'7+&9$+,'L",+A'<&3%*-".'&.*'M2)%+';&0+,I'&)".8'6%7$'N&.9$"'!&.7&'H+'B%,+B%8$7+,-I B,"5')+B7I'0&9DI'<&3+'C9O2+&*I';,+3",'P,2+8+,'&.*'L,&%8'C9Q+AI'9"2,7+-A'"B'7$+'B%,+B%8$7+,-: !#&,D-'6".')2.9$'B",'7$+'9)&--'0A'+.7+,%.8'$+,'&,76",D'%.'&'9".7+-7'$+)*'0A'7$+'B%,+'*+#&,75+.7: Courtesy photo

Auditions open to experienced singers required. Auditions will be conducted on a first-come, first-served basis. Further information about the audition process is available at lajollasymphony.com. The La Jolla Symphony & Chorus performs masterworks of both classical and contemporary composers in Mandeville Auditorium at UCSD in a six-concert subscription series. Choral repertoire during the balance of

nationalhealthcaredecisions day.org. The Elizabeth Hospice’s Center for Compassionate Care has been created to centralize programs and services offered to children and families coping with the diagnosis of a serious illness or adjusting to the death of a loved one of any age. For more information, call (760) 737-2050.

Ranch youth soccer ready for sign-ups


LA JOLLA — The La Jolla Symphony & Chorus will hold spring auditions for its chorus at 8:30 p.m. March 28 in the Conrad Prebys Music Center, 9500 Gilman Drive, on the UCSD campus. The chorus welcomes trained singers (community and university) of all voice types who possess excellent music reading skills and a serious commitment to choral singing. Appointments are not

unable to express your own wishes. It looks at all of a person’s needs: medical, personal, emotional and spiritual. Participate in the review and completion of the Five Wishes document and receive advice on starting a dialogue with your family and physician. To learn more about Healthcare Decisions Day and get free information visit

the 2010-2011 series includes J.S. Bach’s The Passion According to St. Matthew and Franz Josef Haydn’s Harmonie-Messe. The LJS&C is a 110-person orchestra and 130-voice chorus that performs groundbreaking orchestral and choral music along with traditional favorites from the classical repertoire under Music Director Steven Schick and Choral Director David Chase.

RANCHO SANTA FE — Rancho Santa Fe Youth Soccer is ready to begin registration for is fall season from 9 a.m. to noon April 2 at Solana Santa Fe School, 6570 El Apajo. New players to the program must bring a copy of their birth certificate or passport to verify their age. The registration fee is $300 and is inclusive of uniforms, insurance equipment, referee fees, team/individual photos, and field rental. The fee for the Pee Wee program is $200. Online registration forms are available for those who would like the convenience of completing the paperwork at home. If you choose to register your player online, you can pay by credit

card or e-check. Log on to rsfsoccer.com and click on Academy to begin the process. Players can also sign up for the spring break and summer camps at that time. For more information on the camps, click on Camps & Clinics. Be sure to print out the paper work and bring it to the April 2 walk-in registration.This will also be the only day the organization will accept coach and team requests. Rancho Santa Fe Youth Soccer is a nonprofit volunteer run organization and each year it relies on volunteers to donate time as a coach, assistant coach or sponsor to keep the league running. This season, it is creating age group coordinator

positions to help in organizing the teams for the different divisions. Anyone interested in volunteering for one of these positions, or as a coach or assistant coach, can contact the office at (760) 479-1500. Sponsors are also being sought for the league’s programs. Academy Sponsorship packages start at $450 and include the sponsor’s name on the team jerseys and a listing on the website. More information about sponsorships is on the website at rsfsoccer.com under Sponsors. For more information on the Academy Program or about volunteering or sponsoring a team, go online to rsfsoccer.com or call the office at (760) 479-1500.



MARCH 25, 2011

Closing statements made in trial of ex-Marine accused of murder By Shelli DeRobertis

VISTA — Days after a judge delivered a life prison sentence to a former Camp Pendleton Marine for murdering an Oceanside man over a car restoration, a jury is deciding if the other Marine involved is also guilty of firstdegree murder for his role in the bloody death. Former Lance Cpl. Raphael Ramey, 21, was sentenced March 14, to life in prison without parole for the stabbing and beating death of Charles Evan Williams, 23.

Former Pfc. Xavier Akeem Adams, 20, is charged as a co-defendant in the brutal slaying of Williams, which took place on a quiet Sunday in August 2009 in the office of the auto restoration shop Williams owned. He is also charged with a special circumstance allegation of using a knife and lying in wait. “They went to see him to slaughter him,”Deputy District Attorney Minaz Bhayani said during closing statements of Adams’ trial on March 17.

Adams and Ramey were both arrested at a residence in Fallbrook the day after the murder,and were apprehended when they tried to enter Williams’ silver Cadillac that was located near the residence. During the police video-

tape interview, Ramey admitted to the killing and said he was furious at how long his car was taking to be restored, and felt he was being “punked” by Williams, whom he said kept lying about when the car would be ready.

Ramey said he had paid Williams $12,500 nearly two months ago for the restoration of a 1970 Chevy Impala, and needed his car because he was going on leave to Texas. He downplayed Adams’ role in the murder.

But Adams admitted to stabbing Williams a couple of times during his statement to police. Evidence was recovered in the trunk of the Cadillac,which TURN TO MURDER ON B12

Barbecue cook-off highlights Pala Casino 10th anniversary PALA — Tickets for Pala’s anniversary celebration, costing $60, $50, $40 and $30 are available, with no service charge, at the Pala Box Office in the casino or by calling (877) 946-7252. Tickets also will be available at Star Tickets, (800) 585-3737, or startickets.com. Pala also is offering a ticket and hotel-room package for the concert by calling (877) 725-2766. The anniversary celebration also will include the Pala Championship Barbecue competition, which starts at 10 a.m. April 2, on the casino’s South parking lot; and the $100,000 10th anniversary giveaway, which starts at 10 a.m. throughout the casino April 3. The barbecue competition will offer $7,500 in prize money to the best barbecue cooks in Southern California. It is open to the public and the

entry fee is $295. Barbecue cooks will compete in five categories: chicken, pork ribs, pork shoulder, brisket and children’s hamburgers. Youngsters will prepare the meat, but parents will do the cooking. Entry applications are available at fit2gopromotions. com, or by calling (951) 4451903. Tickets will be $5 at the gate, which includes entry to the grounds and one tasting. Additional tastings will cost $10 for three and $20 for 10. The gates open on Pala’s South parking lot at 10 a.m.The public tasting begins at noon. A panel of barbecue experts will judge the competition and prize money will be awarded at 6 p.m. The rock/rhythm and blues band Burn at Both Ends will perform from noon to 5 p.m. For more information, visit palacasino.com.


Breathtaking Ocean Views Centrally Located Near Little Italy and the Waterfront in Downtown San Diego 10½ Foot Floor-to-Ceiling Heights Direct Elevator Entries Into All Homes on Floors 24 through 33 Residences Priced From $500K to $3MM

ONLY FIFTEEN RESIDENCES REMAIN PRICED UNDER $2MM PENTHOUSES AVAILABLE AT $655 PER SQ. FT. Since November 2008, Sapphire Tower has captured 43% of all sales in our 92101 zip code listed above a selling price of $1,485,000!


888.812.3398 sapphiretower.net

— San Diego Multiple Listing Service (MLS)

4% BROKER CO-OP Sapphire Sales Team Chuck, Lisa & Glenn

SALES GALLERY OPEN DAILY 1262 Kettner Blvd., Suite #2701 San Diego, CA 92101

Prices effective date of publication and subject to change. CA License #01369404



MARCH 25, 2011

Councilman cleared of possible fairgrounds conflict of interest potentially buy the Del Mar DEL MAR — Fairgrounds. In January, Hilliard volCouncilman Carl Hilliard is back in the saddle as the city untarily resigned from two continues discussions to subcommittees that deal with

By Bianca Kaplanek

the fairgrounds, including the one focused on the sale, after the District Attorney’s Office and Fair Political Practices Commission received com-

plaints — none of them formal, he said — that because he owns and breeds race horses his participation in the proposed purchase presented a possible conflict of interest. Since then he has also recused himself from council meetings during which the

potential purchase was being discussed. City Attorney Leslie Devaney said she was unable to identify any conflict based on public records as it pertained to her client, which is the city of Del Mar. However, her ability to delve into the

matter “was and is limited given that the city attorney does not serve as independent legal counsel to any one council member,” she said. As a result, Hilliard hired former San Diego District TURN TO COUNCILMAN ON B14

FROM TREE TO TIKI !"#$%#&' ()*+' ,)&-' )' .%(' (//01)#23.4' 3.' 3-&' %)#*5' &-)4%&' /$' 0%2%*/,6%.-' )-'



!()637&'8%)19':)#19';<='>/1)*')#-3&-'?36'@319)#0&'3&'&19%0"*%0'-/'1/6,*%-%'-9%'A)&-%#'B&*).0'C%)0'#%,*31) 85'D,#3*'E= Photo by Wehtahnah Tucker

A L L !


your stone & tile to their original beauty Floors • Walls • Countertops • Stone care & restoration Honing, polishing, sealing & cleaning • Professional stone care & service that can’t be beat!

619.871.3251 / 866.503.8777 F R E E

E S T I M A T E S !

Tree stump transformed into public art at local beach park By Wehtahnah Tucker

ENCINITAS — The latest installation of public art in the city is a result of nature taking its course and the ingenuity of making the best out of a sad situation. An 80-year-old Torrey pine removed from Swami’s

park in January after falling victim to a bark beetle infestation is taking new form as local artist Tim Richards works diligently to create a tiki out of the 11-foot-tall section of the tree left by work crews. Other parts of the tree were taken by artists to be

used in private collection pieces. City Council voted in February to allow the stump to be carved into an Easter Island head. “This whole process started in

schools going into the playoff schedule. First-round playoffs for the varsity crown begin at 6 p.m. March 29 at Rancho Bernardo High School, 13010 Paseo Lucido in San Diego, featuring Torrey Pines High School, Canyon Crest Academy High School, Mt. Carmel High School, Carlsbad High School and Rancho Buena Vista High School, Rancho Bernardo High School, Fallbrook High School and Valley Center High School. For the Junior Varsity first-round playoffs, matches will begin at 6 p.m. March 31 at Canyon Crest Academy, 5951 Village Center Loop Road, Carmel Valley.

Participants will include Torrey Pines High School, Rancho Bernardo High School, Carlsbad High School and Escondido High School The freshman first-round play-offs will be at 6 p.m. March 31, also at Canyon Crest Academy, featuring Torrey Pines High School, Vista High School, Escondido High School and Rancho Bernardo High School. Varsity championship playoffs will be held at 6 p.m. March 29 at Rancho Bernardo High School, with the winner representing NCAL at the County Championships in April. Freshman and junior varsity championship playoffs will be at 6 p.m. March 31, also at Canyon Crest Academy.

$150 OFF Academic league goes to playoffs any job

COAST CITIES — The clash of the big brains is about to begin as the North County High School Academic League competition season has ended with the following

OPENING EARLY G APRIL 2011 ! ON CEDROS AVENUE! There’s CASH in your closet.

Call 858-345-1480

to make your appointment.

WE CAN COME TO YOU! 415 S. Cedros Ave. Solana Beach



s Died An u es



Consign your pristine designer & highend clothes, handbags, shoes & accessories. If you’re not wearing it, CONSIGN IT!




Come ‘stop and smell The Rose’

Easter Celebration Service @ Moonlight Beach April 24th 10:30am

510 S. EL Camino Real, Encinitas, CA 92024

760.942.4900 www.elcaminocf.com



Even experts make mistakes KENT HORNER Local Roots go. I planted them underneath the willowy canopy of a Chinese elm tree on the west side of my carport as a screen. There was plenty of shade to protect them from the hot sun but the little palms were turning much more yellow with each passing day. My first inclination was to fertilize generously. For the most part, the majority of plants I know respond well in

Renovation to plaza receives extension




2616 EL CAMINO REAL CARLSBAD, CA 92008 (760) 434-2223

3764 MISSION AVE. OCEANSIDE, CA 92058 (760) 433-4488

677 SAN RODOLFO DR. SOLANA BEACH, CA 92075 (858)793-6883

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project, and we have developed an interest list of potential tenants that would consider Solana Beach for future or growing business,” Chamberlain wrote. “It is our intention to target potential user groups from our interest list that would best support the demands of the property and surrounding community.” At the same time, Chamberlain said, his company is preparing a request for proposal from local architectural firms to further develop the plans. “It is our intention and desire to proceed with obtaining a building permit and commencing construction within the extension period,” he wrote. About 6 of the 18.8 acres of the plaza, built in the



Open 8am to 5pm daily

. 101 st Hwy N. Coa


La Costa Ave


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When you become a Pulte homeowner, you also become a Pulte home designer. Because with our Life Tested designs, we update our homes with the ideas that can only come from experience. Which means our homes aren’t just built for life; they’re built for how you live it.




Map NotTo Scale

The Pines


• Trees & Palms • Bedding & Indoor Plants • Shrubs • Succulents • Native & Water Plants • Benches • Statuary • Fertilizers, Soils & Insecticides















s Encina Aveni da

Built from the idea up.


SOLANA BEACH — The transformation of Lomas Santa Fe Plaza into a “lifestyles” center won’t begin for at least another 10 months. At the March 10 City Council meeting, property owner American Assets received a one-year extension for the project, located on Lomas Santa Fe Drive east of Interstate 5. Without it the permits would have expired next month and a new application would have been required for the redevelopment. Since the original approval in April 2009, economic conditions have declined considerably, making preleasing difficult, John Chamberlain, president of American Assets, wrote in his request for the extension. “Our leasing team is aggressively marketing this




By Bianca Kaplanek

favor of a good feeding. At this point, I spread a liberal amount of Palm Special all around the bases of the new palms. Palm Special fertilizer is a specially formulated granular fertilizer designed to give palms the raw materials they need to flourish. Micro nutrients such as zinc, magnesium sulfate, manganese sulfate, copper and iron are formulated in this mix along with nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. The micro nutrients are used by the palms to formulate new leaves as they push out from the center stalk of the tree. When absorption in the


Being a palm lover, a tree man, a landscaper and designer, it is sometimes hard to swallow the bitter truth when you think you’re an expert with plants and you come to find out you’ve made a mistake. In my experience, I have come to learn that certain remedies work for a good majority of plants but not all. Case in point, one of my favorite palms, the Lady Finger or Rhapis palm, is finicky. If you put this tree in the full shade, or inside a building, it will typically do very well and turn a deep dark emerald green color with shiny bright leaves. My Rhapis palms did not do very well from the get


MARCH 25, 2011








Amberly at La Costa Oaks, Carlsbad

From the high $500s Single-family homes up to five bedrooms and 1,914 – 2,889 sq. ft.

The Pines at 4S Ranch, San Diego

From the high $600s Single-family homes up to six bedrooms and 2,679 – 3,262 sq. ft.

The Willows at 4S Ranch, San Diego

From the mid $700s Single-family homes up to six bedrooms and 3,353 – 3,986 sq. ft.

not to be combin

400 La Costa Ave. • 2 blocks west of I-5

LA COSTA 760.753.3153 www.andersonlacostanursery.com

Homes listed are subject to prior sale or withdrawal from market, and price of homes are subject to change. Square footage is approximate. Community association fees required. This material shall not constitute a valid offer in any state where prior registration is required or if void by law. Photographs are not intended to represent the featured home being offered, and may also contain features or designs not available on all homes. Models do not reflect racial preference. Contact a sales associate for details. Pulte Home Corporation is a licensed California real estate broker (lic. #00876003) ©2011 Pulte Home Corporation. All rights reserved. 3/1/2011




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included two bloodstained knives, bloody clothing and shoes, and a picture of the evidence was shown in the courtroom on a large screen. Bhayani said that everything Adams did was supporting Ramey in Williams’ death. “You can’t discriminate between a perpetrator and an aider and abetter,” he said to the jury.“This is a singular entity. All Ramey’s actions are attributable to Adams’ and vice versa.” He said that two weeks before the murder, Ramey was getting angry about the car and talked to Adams about it. They talked about “jacking” Williams, and Adams told Ramey “I got your back,” Bhayani said.

MARCH 25, 2011 There was a plan for the day, date, time, location and manner of death, he said. “They controlled that,” Bhayani said. An appointment was rescheduled from a Saturday to a Sunday to see Williams at his shop, Classic Luxury Street Concepts, and have him sign a fake contract to ship the Impala to Texas when it was finished. The plan was to get Williams and trap him — and Ramey brought two knives he had purchased at Wal-Mart, and brought Adams along to the appointment for added muscle. He said Ramey waited and watched for an opportunity to act,and when Williams sat down at his desk to work on the contract, Ramey gave a signal to Adams, who was guarding the door. Then the stabbing began by Ramey with the first jab being at Williams’ throat, Bhayani said. He was stabbed more than 50 times. Adams was the very last hope that Williams had, as he begged for his life, which included mentioning that he was a father and had a son, Bhayani said. But Adams stabbed him also, with a blade that went all the way to the bone, Bhayani said. Defense Attorney Matt Mohun said to the jury that he hoped they found Adams guilty of voluntary manslaughter instead of first-degree murder. “There’s no dispute that Adams was not the actual killer,” he said. “We all know who is.” He said the evidence supports the lack of required intent for the more serious charge, and asked for the jury to think about whether the murder would have happened if Ramey had done nothing. He argued that his client aided and abetted because of a sudden quarrel and acted rashly without due deliberation.

Tee it up for teens SANTALUZ — It’s time to sign up for the Tee It Up For Foster Teens golf tournament set with tee-off at noon and a cocktail reception, dinner and auction at 4:30 p.m. April 25 at The Santaluz Club. The tournament will benefit the 150 foster teens of San Pasqual Academy High School. “We have unique, wonderful auction items that will be available for our participants,” said Friends of San Pasqual Academy committee member Karen Ventura. Auction items include golf and lunch with Charger Quentin Jammer, dinner for 12 people at the Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club or at your private home, Italian Night and dinner at the Markstein residence, a one-of-a-kind jewelry piece created by Gina Daley and more from Friends of San Pasqual Academy supporters. Sandy, Dana and Graham Saxton of Jake’s Restaurant have once again donated the dinner wine for this event. Quentin and Alicia Jammer are the honorary chairpersons, with co-chairpersons Thom and Stacy Freismuth, Jeff and Madeline Javelet and John and Stacy Snyder. Sponsors for Tee It Up For Foster Teens are Ken and Carole Markstein and Markstein Beverage Company, Bill and Donna TURN TO TEE ON B14

Dust off your blue suede shoes, whip out your poodle skirt, polish your saddle shoes, and GET READY TO SHAKE, RATTLE & ROLL! Join the Shirells & Troy Shondell

Along with other Stars and Singers From the 50s, 60s, & 70s

Saturday April 16, 2011

Sheraton Grand Pacific Resort & Spa 5480 Grand Pacific Drive, Carlsbad, CA 92008 Doors open at 5:oo p.m. • 50s attire Foundation for brain injured veterans, a Division of Alara Advocacy Foundation, Inc. cordially invites you to our celebrity sock hop, awards banquet, auction, & classic car show. Come support our efforts to raise funds to support a music therapy center for our troops returning from Iraq and Afghanistan with with traumatic brain injury. These young men and women answered America's call to duty and were injured serving and protecting our freedom.

Tickets are only $50.00 per person

Mention that you read it here and get your tickets for $40.00 For more information,to volunteer or for tickets call 866-716-8865


must strike a very “We delicate balance

between respecting Saab’s unique DNA, but still having the courage to push it forward.

Continental Motors 617 S. Coast Highway, Oceanside 760-712-3331 • www.contmotors.com



coming up on my one year anniversary in May and that will be a huge celebration!” Roddy, in turn, supports the community by making her gallery available for nonprofit events that benefit children, dogs and women’s shelters. Charities she has helped include Polinsky Children's Center, Rady Children's Hospital, Hearts for Healing - Scripps, the Jewish Community Center and PAWS - San Diego. In addition to the space, she donates one of her paintings for a silent auction and even refreshments. She also enjoys teaching. “I like to share what has taken me years to learn. I do away with the mystery, giving away every secret that has taken me years to learn. The expression on the students’ faces is everything when they see what they can accomplish by ‘Going for it!’” Linda Hawkins became a student after wandering

into the gallery last fall. “I’m on my fourth painting,” she said. “It’s a great atmosphere and Heather is fun. Any painting you walk out with is wonderful — she doesn’t let anything out that isn’t good.” In addition to acrylic paintings, Roddy creates furniture art and animal portraits including that of 2008 Kentucky Derby Winner “Big Brown.” Roddy is a native San Diego, the daughter of renowned painters Gary Jenkins and Susan Jenkins. Recently she was offered her own television show, teaching painting techniques, to be aired on PBS in the fall. Meanwhile, she counts her blessings and takes it one day at a time. “Let’s face it,” she said. “I’m here on a wing and a prayer. There are great months and scary ones, too, just like anything. People are very surprised to see a gallery staying open during ‘these times.’ I’m told over and over and over again that the feel-

ing in my gallery is magical, inspirational, uplifting, energetic. Are we not deserving of these feelings?” Roddy uses the analogy of fresh flowers to convey the importance of having a piece of original art in the home. “The right paintings will give off amazing vibrations, however, they will never perish but continue to give back,” she said. Heather Roddy’s Gallery is located at the Flower Hill Promenade, Suite A220, in Del Mar. The gallery is open seven days a week, from noon until 8 p.m. Children’s classes are scheduled Sundays between 3 and 6 p.m. and adults Thursdays from 5:30 to 8:35 p.m. and Fridays from 3 to 6 p.m. Cost is $75 for three hours. Purchase of art cards, five classes at $75/each, includes one free class. For more information, visit heatherroddyartgallery .com or call (858) 395-5605.

SWINGING FRIAR !"#$%&'()'()$*+',+$-.'(#/$0"#$#12'0#3#(0$.($.4#('()$/,5$.6$0"#$7'+,28#$9#,):#$.6 %,($;'#).< =#((5$>8,00#(?,:#+@$2",'+3,($.6$0"#$7'+,28#$9#,):#AB$6:(/+,'B'()$2.33'00##@$,((.:(2#/$0",0 0"#$%,($;'#).$C,/+#B$&'88$".(.+$0"#$7'+,28#$9#,):#$'($,$4+#D),3#$2#+#3.(5$.($E:(#$F$,0$C#02.$C,+G$&"#( 0"#5$48,5$0"#$H.8.+,/.$I.2G'#B< Photo by Lillian Cox



Jersey’s Mike’s Subs in Solana Beach with the Miracle League’s first Making a Difference plaque: “In recognition of the generous support provided by Jersey Mike’s Subs, and the contributions of the Solana Beach Jersey Mike’s franchise since its opening, the Miracle League of San Diego is pleased to present its inaugural Making a Difference Award named in honor of Jersey Mike’s ongoing support of local charities during the Month of Giving, which culminates in the Make a Difference Day celebrating Jersey Mike’s 55th year. Thank you for your generosity and support on behalf of the Miracle League of San Diego’s athletes, families and fans! Presented, Opening Day, March 12, 2011.” Also making remarks was Kenny Blattenbauer, chairman of the Miracle League’s fundraising committee, who announced that



MARCH 25, 2011

the Padres will honor the Miracle League in a pregame ceremony June 7 at Petco Park when they play the Colorado Rockies. In addition, top fundraisers of the fifth annual Home Run Derby on May 21, an effort to raise money for Miracle League player scholarships, will be honored at the ceremony. Crowds cheered as each team stepped forward, proudly wearing jerseys provided by their sponsors: — Angels: La Jolla Golden Triangle Rotary Club — Giants: Jersey Mike’s — Indians: Del Mar Solana Beach Optimist Club — Marlins: San Diego Madres — Mets: All Star Move — Orioles: Medical Rehabilitation & Kinematics Lab — Padres: Board and Brew — Pirates: Barney & Barney — Rays: Del Mar Solana Beach Rotary Club — Red Sox: Avista

The ceremony ended with the national anthem sung by young Brody Merila, son of Mark Merila, a former Padres player who is currently a member of the coaching support staff. It was time to play ball with the Giants vs. the Padres and the Indians vs. Pirates. Among the players and buddies caught up in the day’s enthusiasm was Rays player Percy Kinnie, 7, and sister, Kyleia Dance, 10. Kyleia also serves as a buddy for Percy who has cerebral palsy. “Percy loves to be able to play softball with kids who are more like him,” said his mother Camilia Kinnie. “He feels less left out. The coaches are absolutely amazing!” The spring season includes eight games and will run through May. All games are played on Saturdays at Engel Family Field. For more information about volunteer opportunities or to make a donation, visit miracleleagueofsan



helps them understand the world around them and indeed their own bodies. The school partners with Scripps for an Ocean Week when students spend an entire week focusing on the ocean and getting lessons from professionals in the field. Coming up next on April 8 is Science Discovery Day, when every class will host professionals to tell them what is happening in their own fields. “Each teacher looks for ways to enhance the curriculum with author visits, guest artists, guest scientists and



November,” Richards said. After the city’s Arts Administrator, Jim Gilliam, accepted submissions, several committees and departments approved the final design before it headed to the council. Richards and his son, Justin Ames, have teamed up to transform the stump within the next two weeks. “It’s been a really interesting experience,” Richards said. “When I first heard about it, I thought it was a great opportunity to create something in that space.” This is his first public art piece. Both men are donating their time. In a city that highly values its tree population, many were sad to see the majestic tree come down. The Torrey pine became infested with the bark beetle last summer.The insects reproduce and feed inside older trees, while also cutting off their vascular system. After efforts to save the tree failed, Encinitas crews cut it down Jan. 13 to keep the beetles from spreading to neighboring trees. Terry Smith, the city’s park and beach supervisor, said two replacement Torrey pines also were planted near where the infested Torrey pine stood. Richards is an award-winning member of the International Wildfowl Carvers Association. His carvings are 100 percent wood and he prefers recycled wood selecting from pine, spruce, cedar, redwood, basswood, aspen and poplar. A variety of hand and power tools are used to carve the pieces. The painting is all done by hand using acrylics, oil paints and

other subject-specific professionals,” Delaney said. Tanya Baumgardner, sixth-grade science teacher, said she believes that Rowe is already one of the leaders of the STEM Initiative announced by President Barack Obama last fall. Its purpose is to get more students interested in science, technology, engineering and math, to prepare them for future jobs and competition on the world stage. Baumgardner said she believes one of the reasons the science program at Rowe is so successful is that it strikes a balance between the literacy and the hands-on experiences.

“We have to prepare them for future careers,” she said. Stine said because Rowe students have been immersed in science since the beginning of their schooling, many find it a natural progression when they leave. “A lot of our students choose it as their life.” She said science is ever changing with new discoveries on every level. “This is one of the fields that is ongoing. There is nothing flatline about it,” she said. Stine said this generation will change the world on every level through science with how they think, vote and conduct their adult lives

clear coats. Although Richards was at the mercy of stormy weather this past weekend, he remained optimistic about the timeline for completion. “I got rained out over the weekend,” he said with a sigh. He estimates another two weeks and the project should be done. An unveiling is scheduled for April 4. “Hopefully, I’ll be done before that if the weather holds.” With a chainsaw and hand tools for the woodcarving, Richards makes steady progress each day he works on the tree he said despite constant interruptions. “All day long people want to talk to me,” he said. “I

wasn’t expecting this much attention.” “Most people are supportive (of the woodcarving),” Richards reported. The ones who are not on board have also expressed their opinion to the artist. “They say it’s not appropriate; that it should be a swami or a surfer,” he said. “I still think it’s the best use for that log,” he said. Simplicity is key with a woodcarving that might not last for more than a few years. “It’s temporary and that’s the fun thing for me — to see how long it will last.” The self-taught retired artist moved to Encinitas in 1985. He now splits his time between Utah and his coastal hideaway.

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Herrick, Mike Maher of Merrill Lynch and Craig and Karen Edwards of Rancho Santa Fe Insurance. The tournament includes dinner for two along with the cocktail reception. There will also be four opportunities to win a car on all Par 3 holes. The two luxury cars will be provided by Peter and Sandy Mossy and Mossy Auto and also by Bill and Susan Hoehn and Hoehn Motors. Other Friends of San Pasqual Academy committee members include Helaine



1970s, are being redeveloped as a “lifestyles” center, an industry term for a retail area that provides high-end shops and pedestrian amenities such as outdoor seating, public art, plaza areas and landscaping. The project is being designed to encourage pedestrian activity. Almost 20,000 square feet of the existing retail, restaurant and office space between Vons and Ross Dress for Less will be demolished and replaced with

Silverstein, Carol Cebron, Lois Jones, Ann Boon, Carole Markstein, Heidi Hollen, Karen Gray, Andrea Reynolds, Chuck Yash, Kathy Yash, Teri Summerhays, Kathy Lathrum, Eleanore Clark, Monica Sheets, George Scott, Debby Syverson and Joan Scott. For more information on Tee It Up For Foster Teens, call (858) 759-3298. Friends of San Pasqual Academy is a nonprofit 501 (c) 3 organization. Visit friendsofsan p a s q u a l a c a d e m y. o r g . Donations can be sent to P.O. Box 8202, Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067. 65,300 square feet of commercial, retail and restaurant space, for a net gain of about 45,500 square feet. Three two-story buildings will be connected by a central rotunda. The Vons supermarket will remain as is. The project includes a two-level underground parking structure. The city notified property owners within 300 feet of the project about the extension request. No comments were received. Chamberlain said he hopes to award contracts by May and begin construction in January 2012.

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Attorney Paul Pfingst to conduct a “thorough review” of all his financial interests and relationships with the fairgrounds and horse racing to determine if he had any conflicts,Devaney said. Based on Pfingst’s review of Hilliard’s business and financial relationships, as well as his



scarf, skinny as a rail and hoping to get stronger,” Snyder remembers. “I looked at Susan and said ‘I want to look like you.’” Webster explained that she had also been through breast cancer surgery earlier, and that the experience left her exhausted and barely able to walk. Inspired by Webster’s story, Snyder reached out and asked if she would train her. Webster accepted the challenge. “I decided we have to have a program to help Deb gain weight, get in shape and become stronger,” Webster remembers. The two became fast friends, meeting for walks and tea. Webster decided to return to school where she first became a certified personal trainer, then a certified cancer exercise trainer. It was at the end of 2009 that the idea to start a nonprofit was born. Tri-City

MARCH 25, 2011

required statement of economic interests, Devaney said at the March 7 council meeting she could find no basis “that would lead me to recommend to the city of Del Mar that Mr.Hilliard should recuse himself from any discussions or decisions on the fairground issues that Del Mar is engaged in at present.” “Therefore, the decision whether or not to recuse himself from these discussions is

Mr. Hilliard’s decision alone,” she said. “I’m unrecused,” Hilliard said in response. “There was never any doubt about it at all but because of the serious allegations that were made it had to ... be thoroughly investigated.” Hilliard said Pfingst based his conclusion on a preliminary opinion given to him by the Fair Political Practices Commission.

Hilliard, an attorney, said a formal decision from the FPPC generally takes about six months. Hilliard said he owns or co-owns about a dozen horses in California and Kentucky. He said in the past two years he has entered only one in the Del Mar race and it earned him $400. “I think I gave it (the horse) away,” he said.

Wellness Center stepped up and agreed to open up their facility to NCCF participants including the gym, two swimming pools, walk/jog track, yoga, Pilates reformer and personal training. Although the cost is $60 a month for a three-month program, scholarships are offered to make the program available to everyone. “Without the Wellness Center’s generosity, NCCF wouldn’t be in the position it is today to help those who can’t afford this,” Snyder explained. “We don’t turn anyone away. Period.” The program is also open to caregivers. Webster says that the idea for a cancer exercise training program arose from a 2006 study of oncology nurses who identified a need for a place for patients to go to get exercise, nutrition and support after finishing cancer treatment. “We learned a lot about the biology of cancer and side effects of surgery, chemotherapy and radia-

tion,” Webster explained. “Chemo aged my heart by 10 years. I am 50 but my heart is 60.” Today, Webster’s cancer is in remission. Snyder’s cancer is stable. “You have no control over genetics or whatever caused your cancer,” Webster explained. “But there is a possibility that you can reduce the recurrence of cancer by 40 percent if you stay active, eat right, keep your weight in range and manage stress.” A Fitness in Recovery class is offered Tuesday and Thursday at 1:30 p.m. at the wellness center. Another class, Fighting Cancer with a Fork, will be offered at 6:30 p.m. April 28 by Erin Skoda, a registered dietician. The event is open to cancer patients, cancer survivors, caregivers and anyone interested in prevention. Cost is free. Snyder is buoyed by the support NCCF has received from the community including MiraCosta College, which

is helping generate volunteers and the office of Congressman Brian Bilbray, who was able to expedite their application for a 501(c)(3). “One thing Susan and I have found has been the generosity of people,” Snyder said. “If we tell them about our program, it’s usually followed by, ‘How can I help?’” “When I write thank you notes, I say, ‘Today you changed the life of a woman with breast cancer.’ It sounds dramatic, but it’s true. We change lives here, we do.” Although the nonprofit was originally created for patients with breast cancer, services have expanded to include all cancers. NCCF is open seven days a week. For more information or to make a donation, visit northcountycancerfitness.org or call (760) 683-9105. For information about the Tri-Center Wellness Center, visit tricity wellness.com or call (760) 931-3171.

Any purchase of $25 or more. Limit 1 per customer

662 Encinitas Blvd.

Encinitas 760-436-3244 Also visit Twigs by Teri for floral arrangements & gifts.

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AT FIREFLY ! "#$#%&'()"#*+,'-%$)%)&./'0.&1#")%0')%$+23#34'*"56'+#*&4'78./&#'5*'9)%#:'$5+26%)/&'(".%;'<.%0)54'(#"".")=>.".%5'"#?'<)$1.#+'@2"/&4 >1#*'A.2+'B)%.235'.%3'5C%#"'D)6'E."".//5F Courtesy photo


that loves heat and produces high sugar. Tablas Creek is another Paso Robles vineyard that focuses on Mourvedre and the Chateauneuf-du-Pape southern French style of winemaking. Their version has very thick skins and darkas-night coloration, typically picked in November. Their club member price is $28. Find out more about Cass at casswines.com. The Tablas Creek website is tablascreek.com.

Firefly revisited

Jim Barrasso, the cordial restaurateur of Firefly, that anchors the string of comfort-

able wine bar-restaurants along the El Camino Real Corridor in Encinitas, recently introduced his new chef with a Ferrari-Carano paired wine dinner. Paul Rinaudo, now creating entrees for Firefly, came from the Gaslamp San Diego, J-Six Restaurant. On this night, his main course was a Roast Pork Prime Rib that matched up with one of my Top Ten Wines from last year, the FerrariCarano Tresor 2007 Bordeaux style blend from the Alexander Valley in Sonoma ($58) Firefly’s next event is the Tolosa Winery dinner on April 20. Check out others as well at fireflygrillandwinebar.com, or call (760) 635-1066.

Wine Bytes

— Bacchus Wine Market in the Gaslamp Downtown San Diego has all new releases from 4 to 8:30 p.m. March 25. Try seven for $15. Call (619) 236-0005 for details. — Meritage Wine Market has a lineup of toothstainin’ reds for you to try from 4 to 7 p.m. March 25 for $20. RSVP at (760) 479-2500. — Vigilucci’s Seafood and Steakhouse in Carlsbad at the beach has an Antinori Italian Foie Gras Wine Dinner at 6:30 p.m. March 25. Wines include the prestigious Bolgheri Super Tuscan 2007 and the Tuscan Brunello Di Montalcino 2005. Don’t miss this. Cost is $120 per person. Call (760) 434-2580 to reserve.

— San Diego Wine Company has a Saturday tasting from 11 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. March 26. It’s all Italian wines for $10 each. Call (858) 586-9463 for details. — San Diego’s newest winery is Lenora Winery in Ramona. Every Saturday and Sunday five wines are poured from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., including a souvenir wine glass. Call (760) 788-1388 for details. Frank Mangio is a renowned wine connoisseur certified by Wine Spectator. His library can be viewed at www.tasteofwinetv.com. (Average Google certified 900 visits per day) He is one of the top five wine commentators on the Web. Reach him at mangiompc@aol.com.



Tires” creators are going to really need to bring their best stuff to impress today’s lightning-fast gaming crowd. I have four nieces who will just laugh and shake their heads at me when they read this. They are in the top one percentile of Disneyland



we pay for it,” Ott said. Campbell also suggested limiting the number of tiles purchased. “There should only be one tile per family so someone can’t buy six in a row and create a monument to themselves,” he said, adding that first priority should be given to those who don’t already have a tile. Councilman Dave Roberts said he heard complaints about tile size and placement in the previous project. “But I just don’t see why we’d want to limit it,” he said. “This is a different project. It’s a different location, and it will be more handicap accessible.” Mayor Lesa Heebner agreed that $700 is pricey,


of ticket sales, auction proceeds and sponsor sales from the Cox Celebrity Championship hosted by Drew Brees will be donated to the Brees Dream Foundation and dispersed among San Diego nonprofit organizations to support its ongoing efforts in San Diego. The Brees Dream Foundation distributed more than $135,000 from monies raised at the



titled, “Rancho Santa Fe: A California Village,” now in its fifth edition. Paul founded the Historical Preservation Committee of the Rancho Santa Fe Association, which continued surveying and monitoring properties in the Ranch. She also authored a guide of significant historic buildings, Historic Homes & Buildings in Rancho Santa Fe. The cradle of history of



Megan McCarty at (858) 756-4117, ext. 305 or e-mail meganm@animalcenter.org or visit animalcenter.org. Additional helpers are needed for the 2011 Summer Critter Camp. Applications are being taken for Junior Volunteers ages 13 through 17 years of age. All applicants must be entering ninth grade in the fall of 2011. The Critter Camp application deadline is April 22. To receive an application, contact Volunteer Coordinator Laurie Doyle at (858) 7564117, ext. 560, e-mail lau-



MARCH 25, 2011 fans, coming down from Oregon at least once a year for a visit. The youngest even had her wedding outside Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. Now that’s a solid fan. Please tell me the castle is still there. Jean Gillette is a part-time editor and freelance writer still trying to catch her leprechaun. Contact her at jgillette@coastnewsgroup.com.

but “it’s a more prominent location,” she said. Heebner also reminded everyone that the community center project is being completed through the efforts of volunteers and their donations. “And I’ve never heard one person complain about the location of their tile,” Heebner said. “I think it’s kind of neat to walk around the park and take a look at all the variety of locations. “Sometimes, chance is just what it is,” she said. “We’re all trying to help the city,” Councilman Joe Kellejian said. Depending on the number of tiles purchased, priority may be given to residents who weren’t able to be included in the first project. Contact Wendé Protzman at (858) 720-2439 for more information or to purchase a tile. 2010 Cox Celebrity Championship to Rady Children’s Hospital, San Diego Armed Services YMCA, Friends of Scott Foundation, and the National Multiple Sclerosis Society - Pacific South Coast Chapter. Tickets for the threeday tournament are $10. Military and children ages 14 and under are free. For other ticket promotions and information, visit coxcelebritychampionship. com. the Ranch, the Osuna Adobe, circa 1830s, was threatened by overdevelopment. Paul led the charge for the Association to acquire the site from the developer with the intent to preserve and interpret its history. She has served on the Osuna Committee for the last five years, and is in the process of organizing the Osuna Amigos Foundation, which will be the guiding entity for funding and the restoration of this significant adobe. ried@animalcenter.org or visit animalcenter.org. If you are a party maven, then volunteer for the annual black-tie gala Spring Fling fundraiser June 4. Some assignments include table service, registration, cashier, bartending, cocktail service and more. Volunteers must be 21 years of age or older. Contact Volunteer Manager Megan McCarty at (858) 756-4117, ext. 305, or by e-mail at meganm@animalcenter.org or visit animalcenter.org. Animal lovers can also be pet foster parents through Helen Woodward Animal Center.



root zone is poor for these trace elements due to transplant shock or a lack of roots during this phase, palms will actually pull these micro nutrients from their older or lower branches causing the existing foliage to yellow. This is also part of the reason that you don’t prune the fronds off a juvenile palm until it is completely brown and dry. Rhapis excelsa, or Lady Finger Palms as most of us know them, originated in China. Three hundred years ago, Japanese Samurai and nobles alike collected and crossed these diminutive plants and so were born a great many cultivars. Soon multiple dwarf varieties and variegated culti-


California Junior Varsity Championship, outscoring Del Norte, 24-5.The victory capped an undefeated league season for the club. The club has players from Torrey Pines High School, La Costa Canyon High School, Westview High School and Canyon Crest Academy High School.

vars were created making for a wide range of Rhapis palm types. In the 1800s the Rhapis palm caught on in Europe and Great Britain. Noblemen and wealthy connoisseurs cherished these eye catching plants in their foyers and conservatories. These typical Rhapis would reach between 6 and 14 feet in height.Sometimes growing in large clumps many feet across. Being from Asia, these trees are not frost tolerant, they do require fairly warm ambient temperature to remain healthy and enjoy well draining soil. Herein lays my problem. Thinking that the yellowing was due to fertilizer deficit or cool temperatures, I began to water my Rhapis palms like

you would a Phoenix roebilini with even worse results. Finally, I was talking with one of my guys about the problem because at this point my trees were a sickly light yellow green color and had been that way for months.His recommendation was to stop watering the trees. So we did, I turned off all the drip emitters to these palms and it was literally amazing. In less than 3 weeks, 70 to 80 percent of the foliage began to turn dark green once again. It seems that overwatering is often more debilitating to a plant than under watering. Many things can happen to a plant that is over watered. Denitrification, or lack of nitrogen absorption, causes a chlorophyll shortage turning it yellow. Many plants will start to root

North Chamber-sponsored Women’s Week event, a symposium with women in leadership roles across all organizations and industries, March 30 through April 2. For details, visit sdwomens week.com/speakers.html.

Claremont McKenna College CarlsbadSolarProgram.org. in June.

Air Force stars

Tasty open house

CARDIFF-BY-THE-SEA — Cardiff Seaside Market, 2087 San Elijo Ave., will welcome more than 20 vendors at its Taste of Seaside Market open house from 1 to 4 p.m. April 16 at Cardiff Towne Center. Healthy Market Tours hosted by Clinical Nutritionist Christa Orecchio of The Whole Journey will give tours of the market at 1:30 p.m., 2:30 p.m. and 3:30 p.m.

COAST CITIES — San Diego Chapter 118 of the Air Force Association named Jonathon R. Gebo and Elan A. Sherazee as ROTC scholarship JCF adds staff award winners. Gebo desires to COAST CITIES — The become an Air Force fighter Jewish Community Foundation pilot. Sherazee hopes to of San Diego is adding new pro- become an Air Force physician. Going solar fessional staff in an effort to CARLSBAD — Local busicontinue providing the highest Outstanding women ness owner Daniel Sullivan is quality level of philanthropic COAST CITIES — The offering incentives with a service to the community. San Dieguito Unit 416, Carlsbad Solar Program. The Eli Landau has been hired American Legion Auxiliary is program allows residents to go as controller and Amy Scher proud to announce the selec- solar for little up-front cost and will take on an expanded role tion of San Dieguito Academy’s possible cash-back awards for as the new Young Funders pro- Maia Rosengarten from their involvement. gram manager. Encinitas; Santa Fe Christian’s There will be two educaKatie Sullivan from Carlsbad; tional solar seminars about Women’s Week La Costa Canyon High School’s solar technology, rebates and RANCHO SANTA FE — Andre Barragan from Vista and incentives for residents at 11 Rancho Santa Fe resident Canyon Crest Academy’s Priya a.m. April 9 and May 7 at the Wendy Walker, the veteran pro- Bisarya from Carmel Valley, as Carlsbad City Library, 1775 ducer of the Larry King show, delegates for the American Dove Lane. will be one of the keynote Legion Auxiliary Girls State For more information, call speakers at the San Diego Program, to be held at (800) 785-5482 or visit



students’ personal reflections on their experiences that foster one or more of USD’s Character Development Center’s 10 Badges of Character — respect, responsibility, compassion, courage, perseverance, trust, honesty, gratitude, self-discipline, and citizenship. This essay contest offers students an opportunity for conscious reflection and writing about these character traits. Hammock was the recipient of $125 check and a plaque for his winning essay.

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rot due to a lack of oxygen in the root zone. Fungi and soils pathogens proliferate in sodden soils. These pathogens kill the vascular systems of the plants and cause them to either wilt, turn yellow or die depending on the severity of the moisture issue surrounding the plants in question. So, next time your palms or plants begin to look sickly or have begun to yellow, check the soils moisture with your fingers first before you begin to water. Kent Horner is a local landscape contractor and designer with 30 years of experience in all aspects of your garden. For information concerning your project or questions involving your surroundings, e-mail him at Kent@plantch.com.


ENCINITAS — Robbie’s Roadhouse, at 530 N. Coast Highway 101, celebrated its 10th anniversary hosted by Vigilucci’s Restaurant Group on March 23.

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Items For Sale 200

Items For Sale 200

Items For Sale 200

Items For Sale 200




Sporting Goods

GUITAR TEACHER WANTED Requirements: No note teaching, coordinate a song, chords & strum that goes with it. (760) 633-9737.

FIREWOOD FOR SALE Several different types of quality firewood, seasoned & delivered, any size load available. (760) 942-7430.

RICE COOKER & FOOD STEAMER In one, with box & instructions, $10. (760) 412-7878. Escondido

TENNIS RACQUET Prince Extender 4 3/8 grip, powerful, good condition, $20. (760) 6322487


FIREWOOD High Quality! 1 truckload(1/3 cord) split stove size, good mix soft & hard wood euc oak ash olive $80 delivered! Todd or Dave (760) 277-9016

LONGABERGER SMALL BASKET Maple 1989, 15” X 10” X 6”, swinging handles, liner protector, woven splints, never used, $100. (760) 436-9933

Appliances PROCTOR SILEX TOASTER OVEN Broiler, new, still in box, $15; also HAMILTON BEACH SINGLE SERVE BLENDER, new with travel lid & storage compartment for the cord, still in box, $10. (760) 758-0818

Computer / Electronics


HELP WANTED................ ....400 JOBS WANTED................ ....450 BUSINESS OPPS.................475 ROOMMATES.......................500 RENTALS..............................600 REAL ESTATE.................... ..700 LEGAL/PUBLIC NOTICE.... 800 AUTOMOTIVE..................... 900

RATES CLASSIFIED DISPLAY RATES FOR COAST NEWS/RANCHO SANTA FE NEWS: Open Rate: $40 pci per zone Agency: $34 pci per zone BUY ONE PAPER, GET THE OTHER FOR 50% OFF pci = per col. inch, 1 inch min, consecutive insertions only. Per Zone 1-2 wks 3 wks Display PCI



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CLASSIFIED LINE ADS: $3.00/word, 15 word min. Contract rates available for 4+ insertions. Private party items under $150 & Automotive Ads FREE. ALL OTHER ADS* MUST BE PREPAYED NO REFUND FOR EARLY CANCELLATION *Any ads other than private party individuals selling personal items and automotive ads.

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828 N. Hwy 101, Leucadia

GLASS BLOCK 35 pieces; 10 at 8 X 8 with 2 end caps, one at 90 degrees; 20 at 6 X 6 & 2 at 12 X 12, $60 for all. (760) 753-3616 HOT box of fifty hot wheels in original packaging. random models. $40 (760) 726-8491

SONY WEGA TRINITRON 2002 Original Flat screen (not flat panel) 13” tv with remote. Model kv-13fs100. $45.00 (760) 521-6793

KODAK CAROUSEL SLIDE PROJECTOR 35mm, Model 600 with 101 slides, 23 trays, $50. (760) 918-0468.

WEBTV PLUS Philips Magnavox WebTV Plus; HP Scanner; $149. (760)599-7219

LADIES ENGLISH RIDING BOOTS Made in England (Marborough, brown leather, barely used, great condition, size 7B, $100. (760) 944-6460.

2 BEAUTIFUL MAPLE STEP TABLES In perfect condition, $99 each. (760) 729-6044.

F.Y.I..................................... ..100 HEALTH & WELL BEING ....150 ITEMS FOR SALE................200 BUSINESS SERV.............. ...300 FINANCIAL SERV.................310 HOME SERVICES................325 MISC. SERVICES............. ....350 PERSONAL SERV................375

GARDENING POTS & PLANTS Terracotta, ceramic and landscaper black pots; 1,5 & 7 gallons; saucers, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10”; cacti small, medium & large, $4-$25. (760) 9446460

HP PRINTER 5440; $25 (760) 721825



FUEL INJECTOR PUMPS Two new Ron’s Racing Fuel Injector Pumps 3-1/2 GPM and 2-1/2 GPM; $150 each. (760)599-7219

LANDSCAPED BLACK PLASTIC POTS Small, medium & large, like new, $20. (760) 944-6460


LARGE PEPSI CHALKBOARD Collector’s item, metal & in very good condition, $99. (760) 7296044

“WATCHMEN” Hardback comic book; 1987 - chapter I-XII, new condition: Overstreet value $100. Sell $70. (760) 845-3024.

LIGHTED WOOD/GLASS SIGN 60” wide X 12” long, South Seas/ palm trees/ huts/ ocean, perfect for man-cave, $15. (760) 599-9141

PULSE JET ENGINE 100 lb. thrust. SS tig-welded; 64” long, 6” OD tailpipe. 760.599.7219

LIKE NEW HUNTER AIR PURIFIER. $99.00-hunter 30381 hepatech air purifier features a whisperquiet fan that draws air into the unit without excessive noise. Operational manual included. Pictures available. (760) 842-1970

15 GALLON PLANTS Fan Palm, Crown-of-Thorns, Jade, Loquot, Black Pines, Macadamia Nut, Aloe Vera & other plants available, $35 each. (760) 436-6604 22”X20” JADE CARVING Large Soochow jade carving, 22” x 20”. (760)599-7219. (760) 599-7219 27” MITSUBISHI COLOR TV with remote control, $40. (760) 9180468. 3 STAGE SWIVEL MIRROR SET Headboard, all beveled edges, perfect shape in a walnut frame, $100. (760) 942-7430 ACAPI PLANTS & SUCCULENTS $4-$8. (760) 944-6460. AUTO COOL FAN, NIB As seen on tv solar powered ventilation system, $15 (760) 599-7219 BICYCLE HEADLIGHT $10. Also, BICYCLE HANDLEBAR BAG, cost $65, sell for $15. (760) 942-5692 BURMESE JADE PENDANT Heavily carved on both sides; multi-colored; 2-1/2”L x 1-1/2”W $40 (760)599-7219 CALENDAR - PHOTOGRAPHIC ART by Michael Seewald, 1950, 17” X 21 1/2”, cellophane cover, never opened, collector’s item, $75. (760) 436-9933 CANOPY FOR BED fits regular queen or king, white, washable, excellent condition, $18. (760) 5999141. CARDBOARD FILE/STORAGE BOXES folded with lids (new) from small to large, 50 - 75 cents each. (760) 944-6460. DESIGNER JIGSAW PUZZLES $1 - $4. (760) 438-7577 DESIGNER SUNGLASS CASES Various collection & sizes, all new, $5 - 10 each. (760) 944-6460 FABRICS Various bolts of: Matelasse, Chintz, cotton, plus some small, medium & large cut pieces of material & sewing items, $75 for all. (760) 944-6460.

MARILYN MONROE 4 CERAMIC TILES A full length Marilyn in wood frame, one of a kind, 27” tall X 40” wide, $55. (760) 599-9141 MARILYN MONROE PHOTOGRAPH Color, shoulder/face with gold frame & glass, 29” X 35”, beautiful, $52. (760) 599-9141 MEN’S SANDALS Size 13, “Orthaheel Wave”, Orthodic brand flip-flops. New, never worn, kahki color, paid $54. Bargain at #39. (760) 944-6460

ROOM AIR CONDITIONER 5,000 BTU, White, fits windows 23 inches up to 38 inches wide, minimum height 12 inches, $100 (760) 4127878

Items Wanted

SEARS KENMORE SEWING MACHINE Model #6812, good condition, $65. (760) 758-8958.

JACK DANIELS Collector looking for old jd or lem motlow bottles and advertising or display items. Up to $149 each (760) 630-2480

SHARK STEAM MOP Includes all attachments, used only once. Bought for $80, sell for $35. (760) 632-8184

WANTED Wanted Used Saxophones, flutes, clairnets, any condition, will pay cash. 760-3469931 (760) 705-0215.

SMALL HANDMADE QUILT $30. (760) 758-8958.

DIABETIC TEST STRIPS WANTED Any Type, Any Brand. Will pay up to $10 a box. Call Ronda at (760) 593-7033.

SNUFF BOTTLE COLLECTION $6 to $75: cameo, jade, clay, wood, cameo w/ inside painted, ceramic, carnelian. (760)599-7219 SNUFF BOTTLE COLLECTION $6 to $75: cameo, jade, clay, wood, cameo with inside painted, ceramic, carnelian. (760)599-7219 SPEAKER SYSTEM SB-200 6 1/2” high, 12 watts, $40. (760) 758-8958. TEMPUR-PEDIC WONDERSEATS (2) from the “Healthy Back Store”. The comfort cushion built to provide comfortable seating posture. It’s portable, weighs 2 lbs and is 16” X 13”. One is brand new and the other gently used. Original packages $60 and $50. (760) 9446460 THREE TREE POLE SUPPORTERS 10 ft. high, 3” round, $15 each. (760) 944-6460. WICKER END TABLE or night stand with drawer from Pier 1, like new. Also magazine rack, same pattern grey metal scrollwork - both for $49. Call Jerry at 760-967-7999 WOOD MUSICAL JEWELRY BOX with etched glass door, 9” W X 11” tall, 4 drawers, beautiful, $15. (760) 599-9141

Sporting Goods GOLF BALLS 100, name brands, top condition, 20 cents each. Also, putter, The Solid Brass Company, perfect condition, $20. (760) 4369933 RAPID BALL RACQUET Wilson Triton/ gym bag, 24” long, 12” wide, 12” tall, $30 for both. (760) 599-9141 SNOWBOARDING JACKET, LADIES Size large, Zero Exposure, nearly new condition, $25. (760) 496-8936


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10 YEARS EXPERIENCE Caregiver/companion available full-time morning to evening light house duties. 10 years experience in Rancho Santa Fe. Letter of recommendation available. Has transportation.


MEN’S SHOES Size 13, “Rockport” - gray suede with black, $10. Used, good condition. (760) 944-6460. NEW CARPET 12 X12 ft, manufacturer: Fabrica; Collector: Sondoval, color: lisbon-holly (soft gray); Style: Friezze, $150. (760) 944-6460. OIL PAINTINGS Independent International art dealer forced court retirement ordered. 70% to 90% off wholesale cost. Large paintings, incredible selection, unbelievable life-tIme collection. MUST SEE, MUST SELL, SACRIFICE. Fantastic value, $150 or less. for more info, call 760-696-3600 PHILLIPS 19” COLOR TV Works great, $25. (760) 942-7430 PLANTS, CACTI & SUCCULENTS 4 ft. tall Mother-In-Law Tongue, 2 at $40. (760) 944-6460. PLUM TREE/SCHEFFLER TREE In very large container, 3 ft. wide, $20. Also, SCHEFFLERA TREE, 3 ft. tall and 4 ft. wide, in large decorative pot, $25. (760) 496-8936. POSTERS POSTERS POSTERS 70 era & on up, Disney, Reagan, Museum openings & travel posters, $150 OBO for all. (760) 944-6460 RED WOOL LONG COAT with black collar, $50. (760) 758-8958

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2001 MERCEDES CLK 430A Black w/ black interior, convertible, K4 package, loaded, BOSE stereo system, 131,000 miles, $7,700 call (860) 274-7926 In California

Exclusive historic cabin, completely modernized sleeps 7. Seeking qualified party to share vacation use. Cabin located on bluff 30 feet from shore with stunning lake and sunset views. 3 bed, 2 bath, dining room, living room, office and fully equipped kitchen. Fireplace, gas grill, large screen TV/DVD/cable TV, Wi-Fi, member of exclusive Marla Bay HOA. Enjoy walking, sun bathing, & kayaking at the Marla Bay private beach a block away. One mo. $6,500; 3 mos. $15,000; 6 mos., $25,000, use can be interspersed throughout the year. (Owner purchase for $3mil.) Call owner M-F, 8am-5pm.


Apartments (unfurnished) AFFORDABLE LUXURY Lg 2BD + 2 BA Apts.Washer/ Dryer, Covered Parking, Balcony/ Patio, No Pets, Income Restrictions Apply. Agent (858(847-0221


MAZDA SPORT Miata, mx, turbo, 2 seater, black soft top with cover, cd stereo, air, manual, (stick 6 speed), performance tires with spare, apprx. 38,000 miles. (760) 207-0073 San Marcos, $15,950.00 0B0.

Trucks/SUVs 93 FORD TRUCK F250 $1,000 760-522-9935.

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MARCH 25, 2011


Call now and reserve space for our March 25th issue!

The Coast News Group is offering local businesses the opportunity to run advertorials on its new Marketplace News page.

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EDITORIAL COST - MINIMUM $50 Story: Client provides, we edit . . . . . . . . $50 Photo: Client sends photo . . . . . . no charge Story: We write, you approve . . . . . . . . $100 Photo: We take, you approve . . . . . . . . $50

All articles are posted online at:


on the home page under the News tab and are


Editorial charges do not apply to 2nd paper buy. Articles are BW only. Frequency: On demand. A 28” article is 700 words. A 14” article is 320 words. For articles with a photo, the word count will be less.* *In the sample above, the 3 col. x 4” photo reduces the word count to 350 (approximately 30 words per column inch size of the photo).

If you are interested in running an article in our MARKETPLACE NEWS page please call


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MARCH 25, 2011


crew often joined the already diverse band of pirates. The Denver Museum of Nature & Science is at 2001 Colorado Blvd., in City Park. Don’t miss the fabulous view of the city skyline just across the street. Eleven Denver hotels are offering VIP exhibition tickets, special rates and treats for kids. For instance, the AAA’s Four-Diamond Hyatt Regency Denver, located in the heart of downtown and within walking distance of many attractions, has rooms starting at $119.The Grand Hyatt Denver’s room starts at $129. See visitdenver. com, click on “Great Hotel Deals,” then click on “Real Pirates Hotel Packages.” For more information about “Real Pirates,” organ-



artists including Susan Wickstrand Roche, Kevin Roche, Skye Walker, Barry McGee and Thomas Campbell. There is no admission to art shows. They also utilize the space for Green Flash Yoga, which is headed by popular yoga teacher Lauren Duke. There is no charge for lessons; the program operates exclusively on donations. To generate money, Francomb and Degranzio rent the space for corporate events. They also started hosting their own parties, drawing crowds of up to 500 guests. “In our other ventures the ‘people’ quotient was missing,” DeGranzio explained. “Our parties are really fun and they give North County a unique social outlet that was missing before.” Plans are under way for a regular dance night with a deejay and café night with an open mike for poetry recitations similar to those of the Beat generation in the 1950s. The twins are also contemplat-

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ized by National Geographic Arts and Exhibitions International, visit mns.org/ featured-exhibition/plan-yourvisit. A later column will fea-

ture other attractions in the Mile High City.

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Edward B. Coffey D.D.S., M.S. Christopher Henninger D.M.D.


1445 Encinitas Blvd., Encinitas

E’Louise Ondash is a freelance writer living in North County. Tell her about your travels at eondash@coastnewsgroup.com.


ing offering guitar lessons and art classes for children. The sisters grew up on Wind ‘n Sea Beach in La Jolla. They lived in New York for several years, working in the fashion industry, prior to returning home. “We are drawn to the relaxed, natural vibe of North County,” DeGranzio explained. “Cardiff is a quintessential surf town community — perfect for a surf art gallery.” The sisters say the name of their community center was inspired by their mother, who used to tell them at sunset to “look for the green flash.” In August, Marta Karwowska joined the team at Green Flash, handling sales and assisting with the production of art shows and events. Often a portion of sales go to charities such as Greenpeace. Currently on exhibit is Green Flash’s first yoga art show titled, “Transpire.” Green Flash is located at 111 Chesterfield in Cardiff. For more information, visit greenflashartshop.com or greenflashartshop.tumblr.com or call (858) 342-3031.

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MARCH 25, 2011