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JULY 30, 2010



Peer into the past with stories and photos from the early days in the B4 Ranch

RANCHO SANTA FE — Teagan Stafford, 9, of Sabre Springs (in blue) tries to keep control of the ball as an Arsenal defender attempts to steal it away in the San Diego Surf Premier vs. Arsenal FC Brown girls under 10 game at the San Diego Polo Fields on July 25. The Surf Cup Tournaments are designed to promote the highest level of competition available in youth soccer. Participating teams (ages 9 to 18) compete for the coveted Surf Cup Trophy and come from as many as 25 states and other countries such as Canada, Mexico, England, and Japan. Exposure to college coaches is a major goal of Surf Cup, and the tournaments draw a lot of attention from all the major college programs. The tournaments also attract large crowds, with attendance in the 25,000 to 28,000 range for each weekend.



Rancho Santa Fe News talks to the Garden Club in a new series profiling Ranch residents and B5 organizations


One of the new features from Rancho Santa Fe News is “Hot Off the Block,” which has reporter Promise Yee on the streets asking residents a question B1 of the day



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Feds hit Ranch house in pot sting By Randy Kalp

RANCHO SANTA FE — Federal prosecutors charged a dozen people recently, including the mastermind behind two San Diego medical marijuana collectives, for their roles in a large-scale marijuana cultivation and distribution operation. In addition to owning the Green Kross Collective in Mission Beach and the Downtown Kush Lounge in the Gaslamp District, authorities believe Joshua John Hester, 29, operated a large grow operation in a vacant $2 million Rancho Santa Fe residence that he had his then-girlfriend, Kelsey Wiedenhoefer, purchase for him as a straw buyer in 2007. When police raided the house on 15702 Circo Diegueno in May, they TURN TO POT ON A22

Meet your new contact for Ranch Historical society connects with past advertising Photo by Bill O’Reilly

By Bianca Kaplanek

RANCHO SANTA FE — The Rancho Santa Fe Historical Society is dedicated to preserving and documenting the early days of this small, upscale community. For Nicole Foster, the organization recently provided a bridge between her and a part of her family’s past that had been relatively unknown. Foster is the granddaughter of silent-film star and successful author and businesswoman Corinne Griffith, a former Ranch resident who also owned commercial property in town.

In the early 1930s, Griffith purchased two missions in Taos and Las Cruces, N.M., and had them transported to San Diego on a flatbed railroad car. She joined pieces of them together to construct her home on Linea del Cielo. The adobe hacienda was included in a July 17 tour of five iconic Ranch homes sponsored by the historical society and advertised in several local newspapers. Foster, who grew up near Los Angeles and now lives in Orange County, was aware of her grandmother’s fame but never knew her

because Foster’s mother and Griffith were estranged. A graduate of San Diego State, Foster said she never tried to find the house while in college because she didn’t even know where to start. When Foster’s mother passed away a few years ago, she spent months going through her belongings. “In the last room, in the last drawer, in the last pile I found these treasures,” she said. Foster discovered letters and photo albums that belonged to her grandmother. One album, complete

with sometimes-comical handwritten narratives, contained pictures of the Rancho Santa Fe home as it was being built. Foster said she contacted the historical society, but didn’t hear back. A busy mother of two, she never followed up — until the home tour. Foster maintained contact with her college friends, who knew she was related to Griffith. Someone saw the information about the tour and emailed Foster, who once again called the historical

RANCHO SANTA FE — Rancho Santa Fe advertising sales representative Krista Lafferty got her start working in newspapers at an early age. And considering her mom was the original editor for the KRISTA LAFFERTY R a n c h o Santa Fe Review, some might claim she had an easy “in.” As editor, Krista’s mom would oftentimes take her on assignment, allowing her




Kelly† Pottorff & Tammy† Tidmore


JULY 30, 2010

The† Key† to† Happiness Emanating† traditional† design† and† elegance,† this† beautiful† four† bedroom† residence† is located† on† 1.38† acres† in† the† highly† desirable† north† side† of† Fairbanks† Ranch.† Complete with† a† formal† living† and† dining† room,† gourmet† kitchen,† pool† and† spa,† sauna,† outdoor living† room† with† fireplace,† and† more.† Privacy† and† beauty† define† this† residence† and there† is† truly† nothing† else† like† it.† Offered† at† $2,775,000

† on


North County’s Ranch and Coastal Community Experts



†M † the

New† Construction† With Panoramic† Ocean† Views

Early† California† Ambiance On† 4.38† View† Acres

Richly† Appointed† and† Recently Renovated† Historical† Home

Olde† Del† Mar $6,995,000

Rancho† Santa† Fe† Covenant $6,495,000

Bankers† Hill $2,695,000

Authentic† Adobe† With Rustic† Charm† Near† Village

Paradise† In† The Del† Mar† Beach† Colony

Elegant† Residence† On† The World≠ Class† Crosby† Golf† Course

Rancho† Santa† Fe† Covenant $2,495,000

Del† Mar $1,649,000

Rancho† Santa† Fe $1,495,000

Panoramic† Views In† Del† Rayo† Downs

2.4† West† Side† Acres With† Plans

Unique† Batter† Kay Condo† Beach† Close

Rancho† Santa† Fe $1,395,000

Rancho† Santa† Fe† Covenant $1,395,000

Olde† Del† Mar $1,100,000

858.756.0990 Office:

619.200.7000 Kelly Direct:



Tammy Direct:



u ed




u ed

Rare† Oceanfront† Condo In† The† Del† Mar† Beach† Club

Cape† Cod† Residence† In† Bay† Collection

The† Best† Seat† At† Petco† Park

Solana† Beach $995,000

Carlsbad $799,000

Downtown† San† Diego $699,000

Recently† Remodeled Single≠ Level† Home

Golf† Course† Close† At Sanderling† in† Aviara

Fractional† Ownership† At† The Villas† Of† Rancho† Valencia

Carlsbad $575,000

La† Costa $519,000

Rancho† Santa† Fe $425,000




ro † Esc


e† M n† th





JULY 30, 2010

ODD Ranch’s Culver Building to add elevator Racetrack fills every FILES


By Bianca Kaplanek


Among the promotions offered by New York City’s upscale Marmara Manhattan hotel is a “birth tourism” package exploiting the U.S. Constitution’s 14th Amendment. For about $35,000, a foreign expectant mother with a visa can spend her delivery week in luxury accommodations (including medical care) — and assure her baby automatic U.S. citizenship. (That child could then become an “anchor,” subsequently making it easier for the parents to acquire “green cards.”) Also, The Washington Post reported in July that three agencies in China, with U.S. affiliates, offer similar packages to their affluent citizens, whose primary concern seems to be providing their children access to a U.S. education as an alternative to China’s expensive, competitive system. (Historians agree that the purpose of the “citizenship right” in the 14th Amendment, ratified in 1868, was to recognize former slaves as citizens.)

More Tales of the Miracle Drug

(1) A naked, 47-yearold man was taken to an El Paso, Texas, burn center in July after “friends” won a bet and got to set his prosthetic leg on fire, and it spread to his body. The man admitted to police that he had lost fair-andsquare, by downing “only” six beers. He was treated for several days and released. (2) In June, two 34-year-old men in Horsham, Australia, underwent surgery as a result of a plan hatched during a drinking bout. They had both wondered if it hurt to get shot and thus obliged each other.

Cultural Diversity

— Black magic failed to secure the World Cup for Africa this year, but on the other hand, the weak host team, South Africa, managed an opening round draw with Mexico and an upset victory over France. “Sangomas” (traditional “healers”) spreading “muti” (powders, potions, animal bones, especially from speedsters like horses and ostriches) had been out in force. World Cup stadium security was tight, but in African league soccer games, it is not uncommon for sangomas, pre-game, to bury animal parts on the field, or to have players urinate on it to improve the karma. — British Safety Ninnies: (1) Britain’s head constable told a police chiefs’ meeting in June that they were being “buried” under a “telephone directory”-sized (6,497 pages) compilation of rules and regulations TURN TO ODD FILES ON A11

RANCHO SANTA FE — Access to the second floor of the Culver Building on El Tordo will soon be easier after the Association board of directors approved the installation of an interior elevator with doors that will open to the out-

side of the facility. Owner Bryon Culver submitted plans in order to meet Americans with Disabilities Act requirements in conjunction with a remodel on the second story. Although the elevator will be on the inside of the build-

ing, the doors will be visible on the exterior west side. They will replace two existing darktinted glass double doors. The new elevator doors will be black to match the dark tinted glazing on the outside of the building. They will be accessible by a ground floor

walkway and open onto the existing veranda on the second floor. The Art Jury reviewed the plans at its July 6 meeting and recommended approval, which the Association board granted as part of its consent calendar at the July 15 meeting.

City to talk low-income housing By Bianca Kaplanek

To help meet state mandates for affordable housing, City Council voted unanimously at the July 14 meeting to enter into an exclusive negotiation agreement with Hitzke Development Corporation for a low-income housing project at the cityowned parking lot in the 500 block of South Sierra Avenue. The purpose of the agreement is to establish procedures and standards for negotiation by the city, the Solana Beach Redevelopment agency and Hitzke. During the fourmonth negotiation period, the city and redevelopment agency agree not to negotiate or entertain bids or proposals from any other entity regarding development of the property. The agreement does not obligate the city to continue working with Hitzke beyond the 120 days. It also doesn’t obligate the city to sell or lease the site, nor does it grant Hitzke the right to develop the property. “It’s purely negotiations,” City Manager David Ott said. “This concept of an exclusive negotiation (is) a very common practice as I understand it both in the municipal sector and in the private sector,” Mayor Tom Campbell said. Hitzke submitted an unsolicited proposal to Solana Beach in March 2009 to develop a mixed-use project for the site. Current plans call for a three-story building with residential units on the top two floors. It will include 10 one- to four-bedroom rental units in the extremely low, very low


t is a consistent, ongoing problem for security, thefts, graffiti and other activity I don’t think the community would appreciate it.”

— Carl Turnbull


and low-income range as well as 25 public, 17 residential and seven commercial parking spaces. Approximately 1,350 square feet of commercial space on the ground floor is earmarked for an upscale neighborhood market. The developer is aiming for a gold LEED green building certification. Hitzke, which specializes in the development of affordable housing, recently completed projects in San Marcos and Imperial Beach. “We’re looking forward to the opportunity to discuss bringing a similar type product to Solana Beach,” Ginger Hitzke, company president, said. Representatives from Solana Beach attended a recent grand opening in San Marcos and researched other Hitzke projects. “She has an outstanding reputation within the field,” Ott said. “She thoroughly understands this issue. We look forward to seeing what we come out with here.” Public input was minimal, with the major concern being a loss of easily accessible beach parking. In a lengthy e-mail conversation

between city officials and three residents, Ott and Councilwoman Lesa Heebner assured Roy Hannan, Carl Turnbull and Mark Tiddens that no public parking spaces would be eliminated. “My concern has to do with taking away an open parking area and having an enclosed parking area,” Turnbull said during the public comment portion of the meeting. Turnbull manages two commercial buildings with subterranean parking. “It is a consistent, ongoing problem for security, thefts, graffiti and other activity I don’t think the community would appreciate,” he said. “I don’t have objections to lowincome housing.” The only other speaker at the meeting said she supports the project. “I’m here to encourage you to go forward with this project,” former Mayor Margaret Schlesinger said. “I know how important affordable housing is and the requirements we need to meet.” Schlesinger said the project would be “a welcome addition to the area where I live.”

“I would be delighted to have a market down there where ... I could walk to,” she said. “We will be giving up basically an open area. It’s a parking lot, yes, but it’s got trees and it’s open. “I know that you all are very cognizant of character of the neighborhood and I just want you to be aware that that’s important to us, too,” she said. “People know this council well enough to know that we’re going to do what’s in the best interest of the city,” Councilman Dave Roberts said. “But they also need to realize that we have a lot of mandates put on us. And these are not easy decisions that we have to make,” he said. “This is just the beginning of what could be potentially a long-term process that we have to go through.” Heebner said the San Diego Association of Governments recently began discussing the regional housing needs assessment. “That is always a difficult conversation amongst the cities in the region because we are given a mandate by the state of how many affordable housing units in various categories that we have to meet,” she said. “At the same time there are quite a few impediments to development, especially in communities like Solana Beach, Del Mar, Poway that (have) very expensive land. It’s harder and harder for us to be able to meet those mandates, yet they’re mandates and we have to,” Heebner said. “We’re going to be given new numbers and they are never easy for any of us to meet.”

Teenage girls admit to trying to kill friend By Randy Kalp

Two teenage girls have pleaded guilty to a brutal stabbing and beating that nearly killed their friend. Karina Amador and Jovana Gudino, both 15, pleaded guilty to attempted murder

and other felony charges relating to the May 2009 attack on a then 14-year-old girl in her home on Goldenrod Street in Escondido; both girls were charged as adults. The victim suffered five stab wounds from the attack,

as well as scratches from a knife being dragged over her body. Amador told police the attack was because of a boy. As part of the plea agreement, prosecutors dismissed the torture charge from the

girls’ complaints, which carries a maximum sentence of life in prison. At their sentencing on Sept. 16, the teen defendants face more than 15 years each in state prison.

Gang member gets 7 years for stabbing By Randy Kalp

Solana Beach has not been good to Jesus Novoa Jr., or maybe it’s just that the 24-year-old hasn’t been good in Solana Beach. Novoa, of Oceanside, was sentenced to seven years in state prison July 22 relating to two gang-related incidents near Fidel’s

Little Mexico restaurant in the upscale beach community. Less than a month after Novoa, a reputed Encinitas gang member, helped vandalize a vehicle he mistook for a rival gang members, he stabbed three people during a March 7 melee near Valley Avenue.

In the latter case, Novoa, who was originally charged with attempted murder and assault charges, pleaded guilty in June to a single count of assault with a deadly weapon. All three victims suffered stab wounds; the worst injury being a collapsed lung that put the

person in the hospital for 56 days, Deputy District Attorney Geoff Allard said. So far, Novoa has been the only person arrested in connection with the brawl, which involved 15 to 20 people; however, Allard said an investigation into the fight is ongoing.

day with activities

Between major events, the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club Mar offers weekly deals that include: — Half-off admission. It’s free to sign up for the Diamond Club onsite where membership grants half-off admission any day of the meet. As a result, a family of four, with two children under 18, can spend a full day cheering on the horses for only $6. — Free and Easy Wednesdays provide free grandstand admission, a complimentary reserved seat, a free program, as well as half-priced beer, soda and hot dogs in Stretch Run concessions every Wednesday with the exception of Opening Day. Free and Easy Wednesdays are for Diamond Club members only. — Every Thursday the track will give away a cruise to Mexico during the Carnival Cruise Contest. Diamond Club members are automatically entered to win upon admission. Two names will be chosen to watch the seventh race from the Winners’ Circle and select the horse they believe will win. The person having chosen the horse that does the best will win the cruise. In addition, Thursdays are Senior Day, providing seniors Stretch Run admission, a program and a seat – all for free. — The Del Mar Summer Concert Series, featuring “4 O’Clock Fridays,” returns this year with free concerts every Friday after the last race and on select Saturdays. This year’s lineup includes Weezer, ZZ Top, The B-52s, Matisyahu, Jimmy Cliff and more. Beer fests will be held Aug. 14, Aug. 21 and Sept. 4 and a Microbrew Festival Aug. 28. Every Saturday and Sunday from 7:30 to 9:30 a.m., fans have the chance to get the inside scoop on racing with Daybreak at Del Mar. Catch the morning workouts with commentary and a question and answer session from trackside announcer and former jockey Jeff Bloom. Breakfast is served at the Clubhouse Terrace Restaurant for less than $10 as the horses gallop by. Donuts Day on Aug. 21 offers another opportunity for a behind-the-scenes look into racing lead by track announcer Trevor Denman and special guest jockeys and trainers from 8 to 10 a.m. Donuts, coffee and juice will be offered free of charge. — As is tradition, every Sunday is Family Day at the races with entertainment for the youngsters in the infield including pony rides and inflatable games. A Family Fun Day will take TURN TO RACETRACK ON A21



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Worm poop versus the bureaucracy By Sheila S. Cameron

What happens when green technology comes up hard against a state regulatory bureaucracy? George Hahn, a local Cardiff-by-the-Sea resident, is the creator and owner of California Vermiculture LLC, or CV, which produces and sells Wormgold products and tree and plant rescue soil amendments (also known as worm castings or worm poop, i.e. dirt). The bureaucracy is the state of California Department of Pesticide Regulation, or DPR, the agency charged with the regulation, sale and use of pesticides in California. So I guess its worm poop vs. DPR. The California DPR asserts that “you advertise that your product suppresses pathogens which eliminates disease, repels harmful insects but no beneficial insects, and allows plants and trees to survive in adverse conditions and causes bark beetles to avoid and not attack trees.” This language equals a pesticide according to DPR. Attorney Gayle MayfieldVenieris of Mayfield and Associates of Solana Beach, in response, stated in part: “What is most disheartening however, is

that not only is this a naturally occurring product and not a chemical pesticide, but there is considerable evidence that it has an extremely positive impact on plant growth and repels some insects that have been very problematic throughout the state of California. Rather than try to fine and punish CV for selling this product, I suggest that DPR would be doing the residents of California immeasurable service by expressly exempting worm castings from regulation as a pesticide.” Jeff Lassle is a former Environmental Protection Agency inspector and helped to write the federal and state regulations for pesticides. “The intent in establishing the EPA and regulations was to help people and the environment and eliminate toxic compounds and find alternative ways to combat destructive pests,” Lassle told me in an interview. “The rules were never meant to cover natural nontoxic products.” “Twenty years ago the DPR would have treated Mr. Hahn as a hero, but today DPR has changed from supporting answers to the pesticides problem to extracting TURN TO WORM POOP ON A21

Seeking Community Commentaries

As a community newspaper, our readers are our news. We would like to open the opportunity for you to write a Community Commentary to run on our Op Ed pages. We are looking for submissions 500 to 700 words, in a first person voice, that explore an issue or idea rele-

vant to you as a North County resident. Submissions longer than 700 words will not be considered. Not all submissions will be published. Send finished editorials to lsutton@coastnewsgroup. com.You will be contacted if your piece is chosen for publication.

Public meetings scheduled for major Interstate 5 improvements Four on tap

Residents have four opportunities to view and provide input on an I-5 draft environmental report for the North Coast corridor HOV/managed lanes project. Proposed is widening of the highway to 14 lanes between La Jolla and Oceanside. One option will be to relocate 112 homeowners and 13 commercial establishments. The first meeting was held July 27 at the Encinitas Community & Senior Center. Others are set for Aug. 17 at the C’bad Faraday Center, 1635 Faraday Ave.; Aug. 24, Solbeach Skyline Elementary School; and Sept. 9, O’side High School auditorium. All sessions are from 5 to 8 p.m. Project is estimated to cost in the neighborhood of $40.5 billion and will take more than six years to build. It’s still a long while after the EIR process is completed and approved. Several years at best.


P.O. Box 232550, Encinitas, CA 92023-2550 • 760-436-9737 • Fax: 760-943-0850







Contact the Editor


Tax on ballot

Harbor City voters will decide in November whether to approve what is tagged as an Emergency Teacher Retention & Classroom Education bond. It will require twothirds voter OK. San Diego School District trustees are aware folks aren’t in the spending mood but say this is really important for the good of the kids.

proponents spend talking about it the more unpopular it becomes. It’s projected between San Fran and San Diego. In 2008, voters passed a $42 billion bond for something akin to a shovel-ready project. Now it has developed the shovels haven’t even been procured and more studies are needed. It spells more gloom than glee. Time is long past for Same ole, same ole Not unexpected, O’side council some action and less jawing. electeds were split on how to proceed with the recently approved Five-star salute Flower Capital city has charter. A committee was suggestlearned Public Works/Engineering ed. Recently elected Chuck Department is now fully accredited by American Public Works Lowery was divided on some of the Association. It is the only one in So provisions but when it came to a Cal to be so honored and 59th in the vote he decided it was time to go Less jabber and country. How about that? A four- along with voters’ overwhelming some action decision of approval and appoint a The more time high-speed rail member evaluation team spent committee later. three days on site delving into dept. operations and policies. Contact a Reporter

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BILL ARBALLO Eye on the Coast

date Tony Kranz has urged the city to release a paid report on the condition of streets and roads that it has been suppressing for several weeks since it was completed.


Deserving of accolades

Passing era?

Baldwin Park, the city recognized as being the first to have drive-in eateries when it introduced the In-N-Out fast food operation, now is in the process of banning any more of them on the premise they are causing traffic problems and are encouraging the consumption of foods that cause obesity. Not likely this trend will spread.

Why the delay?

Flower Capital council candi-

Solbeach Assemblyman Martin Garrick due plaudits becuz he has declined per diem payments while his colleagues dither with the state budget. Three other electeds have taken the same stance. Folks pay a stiff penalty if they are late with their IRS or credit card payments so why not impose a similar late fee on the lawmakers when they fail to have a balanced budget on the due date becuz they were junketing TURN TO EYE ON THE COAST ON A23

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JULY 30, 2010



6033 PASEO DELICIAS, SUITE K, P.O. BOX 2813 • R.S.F., CA 92067 (858) 756-4024 • FAX (858) 756-9553



Lic. #00865698

Lic. #01147550



REPRESENTED SELLER 1. Ocean Front ...........................$13,900,000 2. Via de Santa Fe ......................$9,995,000 3. La Valle Plateada ....................$7,995,000 4. La Gracia ................................$5,795,000 5. El Camino del Norte ...............$5,495,000 6. Via Canada del Osito ..............$4,795,000 7. Via Cazadero ..........................$4,345,000 8. Camino Lago de Cristal ..........$4,295,000 9. Avenida Alteras .......................$3,795,000 10. El Sentido ..............................$3,099,000 11. La Sencilla ..............................$2,995,000 12. Sobre Los Cerros ..................$2,895,000 13. Circa del Sur ..........................$2,799,000 14. Avenida Loma de Oro ...........$2,795,000 15. La Valle Plateada...................$2,495,000 16. Circa del Sur ..........................$2,149,000 17. Dusty Trail...............................$1,995,000 18. El Camino Del Norte ..............$1,950,000 19. Avenida Maravillas .................$1,950,000 20. Caminito Providencia.............$1,495,000 21. Lake Drive ..............................$1,300,000 22. Caminito del Greco..................$349,900

REPRESENTED BUYER 1. Ocean Front.......................... $13,900,000 2. El Mirar ...................................$9,995,000 3. Rancho Del Mar Trail ..............$9,995,000 4. Via de Santa Fe ......................$9,995,000 5. Los Barbos .............................$3,895,000 6. Sobre Los Cerros ...................$2,895,000 7. Lake Drive ...............................$1,300,000 8. Lake Drive..................................$999,000 Catherine & Jason ranked Number 13 in the “Top 100 Teams by Sales Volume” published in The Wall Street Journal for 2008. Based on the Journal’s rankings, Catherine & Jason were the Number 1 team in all of San Diego County. Note: The Journal’s rankings for 2009 will be published later this year. $188,000,000 SOLD in 2008 $208,000,000 SOLD in 2007 $251,000,000 SOLD in 2006 $170,000,000 SOLD in 2005

If either you or someone you know is thinking of buying or selling, please contact either Catherine or Jason by phone at (858)756-4024, email at, or by fax at (858)756-9553. They appreciate your business, and so does Barry Estates. The information herein is deemed reliable but not guaranteed and should be verified.



JULY 30, 2010

■ Local players

join in traditional Italian game DEL MAR — A record 345 teams and more than 1,000 onlookers took over Dog Beach on July 17 for the 30th annual Vigilucci’s Beach Bocce Ball World Championship. The first event held 30 years ago raised about $500 for the Del Mar Lifeguard Association, significantly less than the $70,000 event organizers except to net this year. Lifeguards still receive a portion of the proceeds, but the major beneficiary is now the Carlsbad chapter of the Boys & Girls Club.

Left, Encinitas resident and tournament judge Ashley McCaffrey takes a measurement to determine who gets the points. Right, Carlsbad residents Bill Larson and Chris Nebitt compete as team Popo Nui.


BOCCE Photos by Daniel Knighton

Above, Encinitas resident Bill Cavanaugh takes a shot. Left, San Diego resident Mark Starkey talks strategy with his partner before taking a shot. Right, Encinitas resident Leslie Borges takes a shot for her team. Below, 4-and-a-half year old Carmel Valley resident Allison Moro watches her father compete.

Report shows climb in marijuana use, decline in meth SAN DIEGO COUNTY — More than half of the juveniles arrested in San Diego County in 2009 tested positive for at least one drug, with marijuana use on the increase, while methamphetamine use declined, according to an annual study conducted by the San Diego Association of Governments. “Overall, the data show that youth booked into Juvenile Hall continue to face a number of risk factors that require communities and systems of care to continue to work together,” said SANDAG Director of Criminal Justice

Research Cynthia Burke. “Program and policy leaders need support as they target prevention and intervention efforts, particularly those that focus on family-based treatment, parental education, truancy, and pro-social activities.” Among the youth interviewed and tested for the study, 53 percent tested positive for some type of drug after their arrest. Marijuana was the most common drug found, with 51 percent testing positive at the time of arrest. That was up from 44 percent in 2008 and 40 percent in

2007 — which reflects a national trend. At the same time, positive tests for methamphetamine dropped to 6 percent — down from 10 percent in 2008, and a 10-year high of 21 percent in 2005. The SANDAG Criminal Justice Research Division detailed the findings in the 2009 Juvenile Arrestee Drug Use in the San Diego Region report. As part of the study,a total of 159 youth were interviewed at Juvenile Hall in San Diego during two separate months in 2009. Of those, 154 (120 males

and 34 females) provided urine samples for drug testing. The annual survey compares the results to previous years. It also analyses risk factors and how they may be related to drug use. Other trends revealed in the data include: — Only 29 percent of marijuana users think the drug has negative effects on health, suggesting a need for increased outreach and education. — Substance use by juveniles was related to other risky behavior, with about two in five (43 percent) reporting they

had ridden in a car with someone who had been drinking or using drugs and one in five (18 percent) reporting they had driven after drinking or using drugs. — Nearly two in five youth (38 percent) reported that they had some previous involvement in drug distribution, even though this was not the most serious arrest charge for most. — Half (50 percent) of the youth interviewed reported a parent and around two in five (42 percent) said a sibling had TURN TO REPORT ON A22


What is the Rx for disputing a hospital bill? Dear Bruce: If you are put in a hospital for an emergency and are on special medication, do hospital employees have the right to administer the medication? Or can I refuse and say that I want to have my medication from my house? I need to know this answer because it has happened to me, and the hospital administered the wrong dosage of medication. I’m in a dispute with the hospital now about paying a bill, and I was told to go to the head of the hospital. I even told them I could put this story in the paper with all the evidence I have on all their mistakes. Can you help? — Carol, via e-mail Dear Reader: In all likelihood, no hospital is going to administer medications that have not come from their pharmacy. You indicate that you think the hospital has given you the wrong dose of medication. Did you immediately contact the physician who prescribed this medication and ask him to treat you at the hospital? Given today’s litigious society, I can’t imagine a competent hospital staff would allow you to use prescription medication without them at least consulting the physician who prescribed them. Be careful about telling the hospital you could publicize their “mistakes.” There are some very interesting laws with regard to that type of activity. Dear Bruce: Can I get a copy of a will if the person is still alive? Does the person have to file it at the registry of probate or only when the person dies? — C.R., via e-mail Dear Reader: You can get a copy of the will, but only if the person wants to give it to you. A will doesn’t have to be filed anywhere, and, as a practical matter, is a totally meaningless document until the individual TURN TO SMART MONEY ON A21



JULY 30, 2010

Eating our way through Napa and Sonoma E’LOUISE ONDASH Hit the Road Spend a little time in Napa and Sonoma counties in Northern California and you understand why the two main attractions are wine and food. In case you’re not big on the former, you’ll certainly enjoy the latter. There are always plenty of well-established eateries from which to choose, as well as some new kids on the block. In the latter category is the Farmstead Restaurant in St. Helena, about 25 minutes north of Napa on Highway 29 ( ). It was the site of a culinary miracle — getting my husband, Jerry, to eat beets. As I savored the California Petrale sole with roasted beets, asparagus and lemon butter, I pronounced the beets the best I had ever consumed. In a weak moment, Jerry, who would choose a root canal over eating beets, agreed to sample them. The verdict: “passable” — a relatively rousing endorsement and a testament to the talents of the Farmstead’s chef, Seamus Feeley, who describes the faire as “the food I grew up eating at my grandparent’s farmhouse in Arkansas.” That description hardly

does justice to the fantastic flavors created when Feeley works his magic on local organic produce, meat, eggs, olive oil and honey which come from nearby Long Meadow Ranch and Rutherford Gardens. Like the restaurant, they are owned by the Ted Hall family. “We live in the epicenter for food and wine in the U.S.,” Feeley said. “We grow food four seasons a year … and the people here are the salt of earth and grow the finest ingredients in the country.” I couldn’t argue with him. We chose to eat on Farmstead’s garden patio among the apple-tree “vines,” devised simply by training the tree branches, Feeley explained. Indoor diners enjoy a contemporary, airy setting with high ceilings, chandeliers and other décor made from artistically repurposed farm implements. On another day, after visiting the Buena Vista Carneros tasting room near Sonoma, we drove the five minutes to the town center for lunch at the girl &the fig restaurant (yes, all lower case). Located in the historic Sonoma Hotel on the town square, its inviting ambiance makes it a popular destination, so reservations are recommended. The shaded garden patio offered a cool respite from the day’s growing heat, and the graciously attentive staff

OLD WORLD STYLE The Hall family repurposed antique farm implements when designing the recently

opened Farmstead Restaurant, at the south end of picturesque St. Helena, Calif. Photos by E’louise Ondash

were helpful in altering selections to meet my gluten-free requirements. I settled on the tasty albacore tuna tartine, TURN TO HIT THE ROAD ON A18

poached in olive oil with ovenHOW ‘BOUT THEM APPLES? Organically grown

apple-tree vines separate dining spaces on the patio at Farmstead Restaurant in the Napa Valley town of St. Helena. Chef Seamus Feeley uses mostly locally grown, organic produce and meat from sustainable farms to create his critically acclaimed “farmhouse cooking.”

Fletcher Cove Community Center set to get spruced up By Bianca Kaplanek

Construction should begin soon after plans to refurbish Fletcher Cove Community Center and bring the aging structure into compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, or ADA, received unanimous support from the California Coastal Commission and Solana Beach City Council. The Coastal Commission granted the necessary permits as part of the consent calendar at its July 9 meeting. With that, as part of its consent calendar at the July 14 meeting, City Council awarded a $71,725 contract to MJC Construction for phase one ADA improvements and authorized a $14,275 construction contingency. The first phase is primarily grading by balanced cut and fill, a method that was

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RanchoSFNews .com

to view your


chosen because it requires the least amount of land reformation to achieve ADA goals. Phase one should be complete by Nov. 1. At that point about half of the 1-acre site will be accessible to the disabled. The entire site is currently inaccessible. At the July 14 meeting, council members also adopted the mitigated negative declaration and approved project plans for phases one and two. Plans for all three phases were available for public review from March 4 through April 5. No comments were received. Phase two is the building refurbishment. Plans include asbestos removal, the addition of insulation, wider doorways, improved views and 3,000 square feet of outside patio area.

Resident Stephen Dalton donated his time as an architect to create the building plans. “It’s a very functional design,” Tina Christiansen, community development director, said. Dalton said he expects the new facility to earn at least a silver rating from the U.S. Green Building Council. Phase three includes park improvements for the southern portion of the site. The estimated cost for the first two phases is approximately $490,000. About $353,700 has been identified, leaving a budget shortfall of $136,180. Phase one is completely funded. Fundraising continues for the other two phases. The Solana Beach Community Foundation has received $160,000 in donaMeeting R oo Available m Hourly Ba sis Half-day , or Full-da y. Call today !

tions and pledges. The city’s Civic and Historical Society has contributed $25,000. Visit solana beachcommuntiyfoundation. org to donate. In March 2007, the city evaluated each of its 15 facilities in order of priority for modifications to comply with federal and state accessibility

laws. Fletcher Cove Community Center was ranked second behind La Colonia Park and Museum. “This is really going to be a great addition to our community,” Mayor Tom Campbell said.

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JULY 30, 2010

Do you know of a Ranch resident or organization that would make an interesting Ranch Profile? E-mail suggestions to and use Ranch Profile as the subject.

IN THE CLUB The Rancho Santa Fe Garden Club board is, back row from left, Joe Gallo, Mary Van Anda, Dennis Williams, Mary Pierson,

Carol Coburn, Shirley Corless and Kris Charton. Front row from left, Cynthia Harrison, Laverne Schlosser, Helen Dizio, president, Susan Marr,

SOLID AS A ROCK A rock marks the spot of the Rancho Santa Paul Gazzo, Lenore Hammes and Ginger Bord. Courtesy photo Fe Garden Club. Photo by Patty McCormac

A look at the Rancho Santa Fe Garden Club’s roots and growth By Patty McCormac

RANCHO SANTA FE — The Rancho Santa Fe Garden Club has almost always been about more than just gorgeous flowers. It has been involved in charity for a several decades and before the community center or golf club, it was the center of social activity in

the village. Helen Dizio, the club’s newest president, said she would like to reinvigorate the garden club and bring it back to its days of glory. Dizio said that with the help of the new board, she hopes to initiate activities like a Heritage Fair to attract families.The fair would show

children how things are made, from candles and wool knitting thread, to woodworkers crafting furniture and glassblowers creating art. The group also plans to replant gardens on the grounds of its building to be more drought tolerant, but still attractive and colorful.

“We want to make this a showpiece,” she said. Classes will be taught, speakers on different subjects will be invited and dinners are planned. And she’s open to other ideas. “I don’t say ‘no’ to anything,” she said. “There are so many things we can do

and we are going to do all of them.” Kathy Karsen, manager of the garden club, said she is pleased with Dizio’s plans. “Helen is a breath of fresh air to the garden club,” she said. “She is highly respected and dynamic and as I’ve said before, she makes things happen.”

Dizio joins a long line of club presidents, which date back to 1926 when the club was founded. “There were just 45 families in the Ranch at the time,” Dizio said. She said she thought they were encouraged by TURN TO GARDEN CLUB ON A23

Rec room radon could pose cancer risk San Diego real estate Dear Dr. Gott: After 14 years of using our finished basement rec room on a daily basis, I have discovered the presence of radon gas. The level ranges DR. GOTT between 6 and 7. To disassemble the room is far too Second Opinion costly on our retirement income. Recent lung X-rays every year. Radon in the air is measare OK, so what is our risk of cancer after all these years ured in picocuries per liter (pCi/L) of air. While ANY of daily exposure? amount of this radioactive Dear Reader: Radon is gas is bad, the average level a radioactive gas that comes in homes across the United from the breakdown of ura- States is 1.3 and 0.4 in outnium. It is found in almost side air. Nearly one in every all soils and permeates the 15 homes in the United air we breathe. It moves States is estimated to have through the ground and into high levels. A level ranging buildings and water sup- from 6 to 7 definitely requires plies through cracks or holes attention. To begin with, I in foundations and solid wouldn’t take one sample test floors, through gaps in sus- result as gospel. Have a secpended flooring, around ond test to verify the accuraservice pipes and through cy of your first reading. Then walls. It can enter through have your water tested. well water. Once inside a Radon isn’t generally a probbuilding, the radon is lem when the source is surtrapped and builds up to face water. The problems unhealthy levels. It can be result when the source is found in schools, offices, groundwater or generates homes and public buildings. through a public water supRadon can’t be seen, tasted ply that uses groundwater. There are several methor smelled, yet reports indicate it causes lung cancer, ods you can use to reduce killing thousands of people the radon levels in your

home that shouldn’t break the bank. You can perform a short-term home test by yourself that takes up to three days to perform. Longterm testing can last more than 90 days. Some methods can reduce levels by up to 99 percent, with extremely high levels being brought down to an acceptable range. If you performed one short-term test, I recommend you follow up with either another one or change to a long-term test for verification. The most common one is known as soil-suction radon reduction, which uses a fan-and-vent pipe system to pull radon from beneath your rec room and vent it outside. Even houses with crawl spaces should benefit from this process. By sealing visible cracks and openings around entrance pipes, greater reductions will be realized. One plus is that there will be no major changes or construction costs involved. Check with your local or state offices for the names of certified contractors who can provide good advice and direction if you prefer to take that route.

And now, on to the main issue — your risk after all these years. I find it hard to believe that you would or could simply stay away from a room you have obviously enjoyed for 14 years. You have already had a chest Xray that failed to reveal any questionable areas. That’s a good thing. But, because of potential dangers, I recommend you make an appointment with an oncologist for his or her opinion. Dear Dr. Gott: I read your column daily but have never seen you comment on an inguinal hernia. Can you address it? I am in my late 70s and suddenly have one. It is not incarcerated, and I am wondering if I need surgery. If so, can it be done with local anesthesia? Dear Reader: An inguinal hernia occurs when a portion of the small intestine or internal fat protrudes through a weakened area in the lower abdominal muscles. This occurs on either side of the groin area between the abdomen and TURN TO SECOND OPINION ON A15

continues to show ups and down in June

June 2010 Multiple Listing Service statistics were provided by the San Diego Association of Realtors on sales of both detached and attached properties since May. Sales for detached properties decreased 6 percent while attached dipped almost 8 percent. Sales fared only slightly better when compared to June of last year with an increase of just below 1 percent for detached homes and a 2 percent increase for attached homes. The median sales price for detached properties in San Diego County was up almost 3 percent since May; however, for attached properties it decreased 7 percent. Median sales prices continue to rise when compared to 2009 with detached up 11.8 percent and attached up 2.3 percent overall. “We’re fortunate to have great weather in

Southern California, so while seasonal trends play less of a role in the market, a slight lull is not unheard of this time of year,” said Mark Marquez, 2010 SDAR president. “Sales are still up compared to last year and the increase in median sales price points to a more competitive and stable market.” Total sold listings comparing June 2010 to May 2009 showed a 6.2 percent decrease in detached homes, an 8 percent decrease in attached homes, a 0.7 percent increase in total sold listings, a 2 percent increase in attached homes, a 2.9 percent increase in median sales prices, and a 7.2 percent decrease in attached median sales prices.

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JULY 30, 2010

Who’s NEWS?

Fun for all ages at Ranch library

Business news and special achievements for North San Diego County. Send information via e-mail to community@ Kid fun

CARLSBAD — Knuckleheads Gym, near Palomar Airport Road at 6102 Avenida Encinas, Suite M offers a “Kids Night Out” every Saturday from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. for youngsters from 3 to 15. Cost is $30 per child, $20 for the second sibling and $10 thereafter. Dinner is included in the admission price.To register, call (760) 420-0484. The new gym introduced its interactive exercise equipment designed just for 6- to 14-year-olds at its grand opening June 19.

Charming winner

ENCINITAS — The “I Rock” charm designed by Serina McKendree of Encinitas was one of the winners selected in the nationw i d e Design-ACharm contest. McKe n d r e e ’s winning design is one of 36 chosen from thousands of entries. The bracelet with McKendree’s charm will be available at local retailer City Kids during summer 2010.

New dean

ENCINITAS — The Grauer School announced the appointment of Clayton Payne to the position of Dean of Students. Payne is also chairman of the M a t h Department, summer CLAYTON school prinPAYNE cipal and Independent Studies program director. He has been a catalyst in Socratic and Mastery Learning at The Grauer School.

Kids to football camp

SOLANA BEACH — On July 10, 25 youth from the Boys & Girls Clubs of San Dieguito were invited to San Diego Chargers Quarterback Phillip Rivers’ football camp for youth at UCSD at no cost.

Fashion showing

DEL MAR — The Etcetera Fall 2010 collection will be shown Aug. 5 through Aug. 11 at the home of Kathy Keller, 4537 Vista de la Patria in Del Mar. Appointments are available throughout the week by contacting Kathy Keller, (858) 755-0852, Lisa McVay, (858) 354-0050 or Denise Hendricks, (760) 212-9238.

School help

CARLSBAD — Audeo Charter School has opened a learning center in the TURN TO WHO’S NEWS? ON A18

WORLD OF COLOR From left, Art Show Juror Susan Roden is welcomed by Rancho Santa Fe Art Guild board of directors members Cindy Klong and Marileigh Schulte at the Rancho Santa Fe Art Guild’s “World of Color” exhibit July 8. Photo by Charles J. Pinkney

Art Guild hosts colorful exhibit and sale RANCHO SANTA FE — The Rancho Santa Fe Art Guild’s “World of Color” exhibit began with a reception July 8 at the gallery and the offsite venues of the Rancho Santa Fe Library and Wells Fargo Bank. The show runs through Sept. 6. Guests were on hand at the members-only show to view the art and watch the show’s juror, artist and instructor, Susan Roden of San Diego, present ribbons.

The winners included: — Best of Show: Joli Beal for “Light of Cliffs – Black Beach” (oil) — First Place: Nancy McTigue for “Girl with a Flower” (oil/linen) — Second Place: Pat Macri for “The Edge of Night” (oil) — Third Place: Patricia McGeeney for “La Tehuantepeca” (oil) — Honorable Mention: Carol Curtis for “Daffodils”

(watercolor) — Honorable Mention: Dale Steffen for “Hooded Oriole” (wood carving/oil) — Honorable Mention: Toni Williams for “Two The Same” (oil) “I was impressed with the members’ grasp of techniques, well-considered wonderful compositions and varied subject matter,” Roden said. All art in the show is for sale.

The Rancho Santa Fe Art Gallery is located at 6004 Paseo Delicias and is open Tuesday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m,, Saturday from 10:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. and is closed on Sunday and Monday. For more information, call (858) 757-3545 or e-mail the guild at ranchoart@sbcglobal .net. For news of the guild and a listing of guild artists, visit www.ranchosantafeartguild. org.

Association revives community calendar By Bianca Kaplanek

RANCHO SANTA FE — In an effort to better serve its members, the Association is resurrecting the community calendar. The list of Ranch activities will be posted at the Association offices, community center and post office. Members can also access the

calendar on the Association website. Call the office at (858) 756-1174 for the required password. A request for information was sent to all organizations that serve Ranch members. So far, the Association, community center, garden club and historical society have provided activities to

be included in the calendar. Nikki Flynn at the Association offices said she hopes to have a more comprehensive list as other community groups, such as the golf and tennis club, provide information about upcoming events. At the July 15 Association meeting, directors talked about creating an

e-mail blast system to better inform members, especially during emergencies. That topic will be discussed at future meetings. “It’s a great communication tool,” Tom Lang, Association president, said. “It could improve dramatically what we’re doing,” Director Jack O’Brien said.

New committees address issues of general plan By Bianca Kaplanek

Solana Beach City Council established three new ad hoc committees at the July 14 meeting to develop recommendations for a general plan update, the city’s 25th anniversary celebration and fire department management governance and organizational evaluation. State law requires local governments to keep their general plans current. Although portions of the Solana Beach general plan have been added or revised over the years, the document hasn’t been comprehensively updated since it was adopted in 1988. The update will help ensure the city meets current council goals and conforms to state requirements. The general plan includes policy items such as land use, housing, public safety, traffic and economic development. Other elements such as water conservation, climate change

and green building need to be addressed. The ad hoc committee will “facilitate the process for developing a comprehensive update to the ... general plan to address issues that directly affect the neighborhoods, community and quality of life for residents,” the staff report states. The comprehensive update is expected to begin this fall and be completed by June 2014. Mayor Tom Campbell and Councilman Mike Nichols were appointed as members. “I would greatly appreciate that honor,” Nichols said. The city will celebrate its 25th anniversary next July 1. Council members Joe Kellejian and Lesa Heebner were appointed to serve on an ad hoc committee to work with staff, residents and community groups such as the Solana Beach Civic and Historical Society and Shop Solana First

to plan events. “It would be a pleasure to work with Ms. Heebner on this committee,” Kellejian said. “I think with my 25 years of serving this community, not only on the City Council but before cityhood (with) the town council and the crime commission, I could be of some value.” Heebner said she was “happy and willing to serve.” Councilman Dave Roberts said he supported an anniversary celebration but reminded his colleagues to keep the economy in mind. “I hope that before we proceed with anything that we understand the cost implications,” he said. In October 2009, Solana Beach entered into an agreement for cooperative fire department management services with Del Mar, Encinitas and Rancho Santa Fe. Since then work has been completed on operational policies.

Roberts and Kellejian were appointed to work with staff on the next phase, which is to evaluate potential future department governance models and organizational structures. Only two council members are appointed to an ad hoc committee so there is never a quorum. The committees serve a single purpose and are dissolved once the task is completed. The three new ad hocs were established for one year, however, the general plan committee is expected to be extended up to three years.All input is advisory only. “All of these ad hoc committees, as always, will not be making any decisions without bringing things back to the council for council overall discussion and decisions,” Campbell said. “They’ll be bringing recommendations.”

RANCHO SANTA FE — The Martha Glasgow Youth Services Wing of the San Diego County Library Rancho Santa Fe Branch will offer lots of fun and education throughout the summer for all ages. The summer reading program began June 14 and will run through Aug. 6 for youngsters from toddler to 18. Monday movies for all ages will be shown at 1 p.m. A Monday Teen Artist card-making class will be held at noon Aug. 2 A Tuesday pre-school story time is held at 12:30 p.m. Aug. 3 with a Garbage Monster puppet show. At 12:30 p.m. Aug. 4 will be a Wednesday Craft class for ages 4 to 8. At 12:30 p.m. Aug. 5 will be a Thursday Craft class for ages 9 and older. From 1 to 2:30 p.m. Aug. 6 will be a Snow Cone Social to celebrate the end of the Summer Reading Program, featuring the “Great Shark Adventure” and raffle prizes. The Rancho Santa Fe Book Club will meet Aug. 13 to discuss “Pearl of China” by Anchee Min. On Sept. 10, the group will discuss “Persuasion” by Jane Austen. A book and bake sale will be held from 9 a.m. to noon Aug. 20 in collaboration with the National Charity League. At the event, the library and NCL will be accepting donated children’s book, selling baked good and cookbooks. Proceeds will benefit the RSF Library Guild.


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crime REPORT

A weekly log of neighborhood crime. Compiled by Randy Kalp A report for the week of July 13, 2010 to July 20, 2010 NOT SO ALOHA Someone

reportedly burglarized L&L Hawaiian BBQ on South El Camino Real in Encinitas around 5 a.m. July 14. LAPTOPS STOLEN Two vehicles parked on Blackbird Circle in Carlsbad were reportedly burglarized sometime before 6:30 a.m. July 18 of two laptops and other miscellaneous items. KARATE CHOP Someone reportedly stole a white 2010 Acura MDX SUV around 9:15 a.m. July 17 that was parked in front of Protect Martial Arts School on Tamarack Avenue in Carlsbad. HIGH DEFINITION A newly delivered television was reportedly stolen from the owner’s garage on Layang Layang Circle

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part of the bankruptcy agreeChau Yung and an accomment, AME was required to sell plice, Dan Young, are wanted for off the five hospitals that it their alleged involvement in a owned. However, Young allegedly scheme to defraud the medical set up a purchasing company and, industry out of millions of dollars. along with Yung, began diverting Yung was born Feb. 28, 1957, in funds from the five hospitals to Vietnam. She is 5 feet 5 inches tall conceal the money from the bankand weighs 130 pounds. ruptcy proceedings. Yung and In the early 1990s, Dan Young Young are believed to have fled was the president and CEO of CHAU YUNG the United States in 1992, possibly Affiliated Medical Enterprises, a to China, after allegedly stealing California-based company that owned five hospitals in Southern California approximately $4 million from the hospitals and New Mexico, as well as other medical through this bankruptcy fraud scheme. If you know of their whereabouts, conbusinesses. AME had financial difficulties and Young filed for Chapter 11 protection. As tact the nearest FBI office.

San Diego County’s


Never attempt to arrest a fugitive yourself. These files should not be relied upon for any type of legal action. If the subject is a fugitive from our 10 Most Wanted page, e-mail San Diego Crime Stoppers or call their hot line at 888-580-TIPS 24 hours a day. For details, log on to For warrant inquiries, information or to pass along a tip, use the sheriff’s online Tip Form.

CRIME LOG Compiled by Randy Kalp

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in Carlsbad sometime before 10 a.m. July 18. BLING STING Someone reportedly stole $10,000 to $15,000 worth of jewelry from a residence on Gaviota Circle in Carlsbad sometime between 10:30 and 11:15 a.m. July 15. NO RESPECT A 61-year-old man was reportedly assaulted on Ash Lane in San Marcos around 2:15 p.m. July 14. UGLY Estudio Glamour Beauty Salon on West Mission Road in San Marcos was reportedly burglarized of $600 sometime between 8 p.m. July 13 and 9:30 a.m. July 14. DOGGED Someone reportedly burglarized Dr. Pearson Animal Hospital on West San Marcos Boulevard in San Marcos sometime between 6:40 p.m. July 13 and 4:30 a.m. July 14. TOTAL PACKAGE Packaging Corporation of America on Oak Ridge Way in Vista was reportedly burglarized around 3:45 a.m. July 14 of two televisions valued at $1,000 each.

The following information was gathered from law enforcement’s most available records for the week of July 13, 2010 to July 20, 2010.

ENCINITAS Petty Theft 0, Burglary 1, Vandalism 1, Assault 0, Grand Theft 1, Robbery 0 SOLANA BEACH Petty Theft 0, Burglary 0, Vandalism 0, Assault 0, Grand Theft 0, Robbery 0 CARLSBAD Petty Theft 8, Burglary 7, Vandalism 8, Assault 0, Grand Theft 8, Robbery 0 SAN MARCOS Petty Theft 0, Burglary 6,Vandalism 3, Assault 2, Grand Theft 0, Robbery 0 OCEANSIDE Petty Theft 1, Burglary 4, Vandalism 0, Assault 0, Grand Theft 1, Robbery 0 VISTA Petty Theft 5, Burglary 5, Vandalism 3, Assault 0, Grand Theft 7, Robbery 0

Get fit - have fun! at Moonlight Beach

Seyyed Nasser Alavi Loftabad Battery, Unlawful Penetration, 2005

Ramiro Lizarraga Murder November 2007

Brandon Scott Ellis Conspiracy September 2008

Julio Cesar JacoboCuriel Murder San Marcos, 2008

Gerardo M. Gomez Attempted Murder December 2004

Imedo Molina Laurel Murder December 2005

Jose A. Lopez Attempted Murder December 2004

Ricardo Persona Rape, Child Molestation San Diego, Jan. 1997

Julio Romero Child Molestation Ramona, 2005

Arturo G. Gomez Rape with Force San Diego, May 2007

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My summer stack of great reads I’m very pleased the sun deigned to come out, if briefly, as I love reading on warm summer nights. But I must admit the weeks of gray drizzle had one upside. Once my house was clean, I figured there was nothing else to do but curl up and read. Do we see a pattern here? Hey, at least the house got vacuumed. And what have I been reading? I’m so glad you asked, although right now it’s as much about what I want to read as about what I have recently read. My lovely, literate friend in Atlanta continues to tempt me with lists of books set in the soothing South. Titles my Georgiadwelling chum has suggested most recently include, “The Girl Who Stopped Swimming” by Joshilyn Jackson. I stumbled onto Jackson’s first book “Gods in Alabama” which was quirky with great characters, so I am intrigued by this newest one. The “must-read” list she sent also included, “Fireworks Over Toccoa” by Jeffrey Stepakoff and “Driftwood Summer” by Patti Callahan Henry. I read and really enjoyed Henry’s “Between the Tides.” In that genre, I just finished my second book by author Cassandra King, “The Queen of Broken Hearts.” Last year I read her “The Same Sweet Girls.” These are both light reads with lots of emphasis on girlfriends of longstanding, relationships and juicy, small Southern town gossip. Far from the South, I just spent all one morning finishing “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.” Yes, it finally did get riveting but it took its sweet time, and I couldn’t get over the author’s constant Scandinavian brand placement. They never just went for coffee. They went for coffee at this place in this section of this city. Maybe he’s got a deal with the local chamber of commerce. Mystery fans love the book. Parts were glorious but, for my summer mood, it was a bit grisly. As always, this time of year, I’ve managed to read a few of the novels from the TURN TO SMALL TALK ON A21



JULY 30, 2010

Personal tragedy leads couple to help disabled children, families By Lillian Cox

Gayle Slate’s book “Dana’s Legacy: From Heartbreak to Healing” was recently selected as finalist (second place) in the “New Non-Fiction” category by the National Indie Excellence Awards. It was also selected as a finalist in the “Biography”category of the San Diego Book & Writing Awards. The book chronicles the short life of Slate’s daughter, Dana, who succumbed to cerebral palsy in 1970 at the age of 14. It describes how Slate turned grief into action by returning to college and going on to become a licensed therapist with a specialty in child development and special education. Later Slate and her husband, Dan, established Kids Included Together, or KIT, a national nonprofit that trains youth agencies how to include children with disabilities with typically developing children in after-school programs. Slate was only 18 in 1956 when Dana, as a result of a birth accident, was born with cerebral palsy. “She couldn’t walk or talk,” Slate remembers. “I had

great difficulty accepting the fact that she would never accomplish anything.” Slate visited doctors and was told when Dana was 3 that she would die in puberty. They recommended that Dana be placed in a board and care facility. “I didn’t have the tools to deal with her,” Slate said. “I was 23 and having a nervous breakdown. Hillside House near Goleta was a haven because people were loving and could get Dana to eat.” As the doctors predicted, Dana withered and died at 14. Concurrently, Slate learned she was pregnant with son Scott. Three and a half years later she had daughter, Heidi. Despite giving birth to healthy children, Slate couldn’t overcome her sense of guilt and grief. She became a volunteer counselor for parents of children with disabilities at UCLA. Eventually she decided to go back to college and become a licensed psychotherapist so that she could work with families of children with disabilities. In 1979 she founded the Stephen S.Wise Temple Infants Toddler Program for Children

cholesterol-clogged arteries. (2) In Israel’s West Bank, CONTINUED FROM A3 Palestinians have a highly telling street bobbies in competitive race-car season, massive detail such things as and one team on the rise how to apply handcuffs and ride bicycles. (2) The local TURN TO ODD FILES, CONT’D ON A15 government that runs the Ebdon Road Cemetery in We s t o n - s u p e r- M a r e , England, ordered the removal of the small cross marking the grave of Rosemary Maggs, who died in May. The local council has prohibited crosses in the cemetery, citing safety. — Things You Didn’t Think Happened: (1) Although 85 percent of Americans are covered by health insurance, the figure in Rwanda is 92 percent. In that country’s 11-year-old system, everyone pays $2 a year — obviously just for basics. However, Rwandans’ main problems are more easily treatable — infections, malnutrition, malaria, unsafe childbirth — and not expensive diabetes, obesity,

with Special Needs and operated it for 15 years. When Slate and her family moved to Del Mar in 1993, she commuted for two years to Los Angeles to continue her work. In 1995 GAYLE SLATE Gayle and Don Slate began working with occupational therapist Mary Shea at the Jewish Community Center in San Diego.

Shea was successful in securing grants to mainstream children with cerebral palsy, autism and Downs syndrome. The pilot program evolved into the national organization KIT. “As much as KIT benefits children, the parents are benefiting as well,” Slate said. “This is critical because there is so much grieving that their children will never been part of the community. They eventually see their children as children first, and the disability becomes secondary.”

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Slate says KIT makes it possible to find balance in the family by involving all members, not just the mother. “Everyone has trauma,” she said.“Having a child with a disability is one of life’s traumas that you can master. Life doesn’t have to be bleak.” Slate retired from her therapy practice and today is on a mission to let families of children with disabilities know that life can be good. Although the book focuses primarily on living with chil-

dren with disabilities, Slate says there is something for everyone to learn about coping and dealing with life’s challenges. “Even if the child can’t change, the parents can,” she said. KIT will host its sixth annual National Conference on Inclusion in San Diego from Sept. 29 to Oct. 1. For more information, visit For more information about Slate and her book visit


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JULY 30, 2010

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HAPPY CAMPER Two-year-old Finley McConnell from Irvine looks like she approves of her temporary home. Photo by Bianca Kaplanek

Songs, stories and s’mores highlight 3rd annual sleepover

Life is worth celebrating and we want to share your news. We believe there is no such thing as too much publicity for a good cause. Let us know about new businesses, new babies, new marriages and admirable anniversaries. We’d like to let your neighbors know what you’re doing for fun, what’s happening downtown, what your club has been planning, what your Scout troop is doing, what sports your youngsters are enjoying and excelling at, and all about summer or future projects, travels and accomplishments. If you would like to share newsworthy happenings in your hometown, we invite you to contact Community News Editor Jean Gillette at or call (760)† 436≠ 9737, ext. 114.

By Bianca Kaplanek

Campfire songs, stories and s’mores highlighted the third annual Solana Beach Family Camp Out, held July 24 and July 25 at La Colonia Park. Although sleep was in short supply, fun was not as everyone from veteran campers to first-time campers TURN TO SLEEPOVER ON A15

We† look† forward† to† hearing† from† you.

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‘LETTUCE’ HELP YOU Nathan Bartholomew from Boy Scout Troop 782 serves salad to a hungry camper. Photo by Bianca Kaplanek



JULY 30, 2010


this year is the sexismfighting female squad led by driver Suna Aweida. “Driving is driving,” she told BBC News in June. — In July, acknowledging pressure from local Asian activists, officials at the Exchange mall in Rochdale, England, said they would remove the toilets from two of the facility’s restroom stalls and build “Nile pans,” also known as “squat toilets” — also to Westerners referred to as “holes in the ground.” The officials said they were trying to serve the many Pakistani and Bangladeshi immigrants living in Greater Manchester.

Latest Religious Messages

— One of Britain’s 200 or so “consecrated hermits” might soon be homeless as the owner of her cottage in rural Shropshire County has listed it for sale. Karen Markham, 44, lives by rules set down by St. Benedict, the founder of western monasticism, that require her to rise at 4 a.m., pray and chant for three hours, then contemplate in silence. For recreation, she weaves rugs using wool from local sheep, according to a May report in the Daily Telegraph. — American “Sangomas”: (1) In July, a fifth-grade teacher at Jacox Elementary School in Norfolk, Va., resigned under pressure after administrators discovered she was rubbing “holy oil” on students and their desks during school. (2) Teachers Leslie Rainer and Djuna Robinson were removed from teaching duties at Blanche Ely High School in Pompano Beach, Fla., in March after they were seen sprinkling “holy water” onto a colleague, a selfdescribed atheist. Other witnesses disputed the details, but the two were charged under the school’s “anti-bullying” TURN TO MORE ODD FILES ON A18

ANYBODY HUNGRY? Serving a spaghetti dinner to hungry campers were members of Solana Beach Boy Scout Troop 782, from left, James Graessle, Wesley Bartholomew, Scott Clanton, Robert Barnes, Matt Parkllan, Nathan Bartholomew, Tyler Chae-Banks, Scott Fitzmorris and Nolan Tifft. Supervising the group is Greg Bartholomew, far right. Photo by Bianca Kaplanek



enjoyed the sold-out event. The cost was $25 for one of 40 available spaces and included the campfire program along with free tours of the Solana Beach Historical Museum, family games, a spaghetti dinner served by local Boy Scout Troop 782 and a pancake breakfast provided by the Solana Beach Fire Department. It was the second year Eric, Garth and Nicolas Bourdette, three generations of native San Diegans, camped on the La Colonia lawn.


thigh, resulting in a bulge. Inguinal hernias are five times more common in males than in females and account for 75 percent of all hernias, of which there are several kinds. An inguinal hernia can occur at any time from infancy to adulthood. There are two types of inguinal hernia — direct and indirect. A direct hernia is caused by degeneration of connective tissue of the abdominal muscles, common in older people. This type develops gradually because of continuous stress on the muscles involved. Factors include weight gain, lifting heavy objects, muscle strain, chronic cough and straining from constipation. Indirect hernias are congenital and much more common in males because of the way a male develops in the womb. Indirect inguinal hernias can occur in females as well; however, the condition is the result of a weakened area in the abdominal wall, not because of a weakened area of the inguinal canal. Symptoms of either type include a bulge, pain, burning or discomfort — especially when lifting or otherwise straining — and weakness or pressure in the groin. Incarcerated hernias are so named because the bulge that protrudes is swollen and cannot be massaged back into the abdomen. When this occurs, the blood supply to that area may become compromised. Symptoms can include fever, increasing pain, tenderness, redness and an elevation in the patient’s heart rate. This situation requires immediate attention. Diagnosis of an inguinal

WHO NEEDS A TENT? Solana Beach resident Caitlin Behrmann, 4, takes a break as her dad, Joe, sets up the family tent. “We did this last year and it was great,” Joe Behrmann said. “That’s one of the things we love about Solana Beach.” Photo by Bianca Kaplanek

There were also “Last year was awesome,” Solana Beach resi- campers from Cardiff-bydent Garth Bourdette said. the-Sea, La Costa and Orange County. Kirk “That’s why we’re back.” hernia is made through examination by a physician and the medical history provided by a patient. Treatment for adults is surgery accomplished either through laparoscopy or open repair. The laparoscopic approach uses general anesthesia. Incisions are made in the lower abdomen. A thin tube with a video camera is then attached. The camera allows the area to be viewed on a monitor, and repairs are made using synthetic mesh. This procedure affords shorter recovery time but cannot be used on large hernias or on patients who may have had prior pelvic surgery. Open repair requires anesthesia into the abdomen or spine to numb the area. An incision is made in the groin, the hernia is repositioned into the abdomen, and the abdominal wall is reinforced with sutures. The area is then strengthened with synthetic mesh or screen in a procedure known as herniorrhaphy. Post-surgical conditions can include wound infection, bleeding, pain at the site of the scar and injury to internal organs. Recurrence can occur. Generally speaking, however, hernia repair using either method is safe and most often uncomplicated. To provide related information, I am sending you a copy of my Health Report “An Informed Approach to Surgery.” Other readers who would like a copy should send a self-addressed stamped No. 10 envelope and a $2 check or money order to Newsletter, P.O. Box 167, Wickliffe, OH 44092-0167. Be sure to mention the title or print an order form off my website at

enjoy reading your column and hope you can help me deal with a problem. Ten years ago I went to Mayo Clinic with health problems. The rheumatologist was not helpful, nor did she tell me what was wrong with me. She only laughed at me, telling me how bow legged I was. I was so shocked and hurt that I could barely drive myself home. Last year I went to a different rheumatologist in a different state because of knee pain no one could explain. Again, the doctor did the same thing. I was so shocked I could barely talk. I walked out of his office after he left me feeling angry. I live in a rural area where doctors are limited. How do I talk to doctors that put me down like that? Both were average looking and not anything special. So where do they get off putting a patient down? I see other people on the street who can barely walk that are far worse off than me in that department. Thank you for your time on this matter.

Dear Reader: Bow legs were not your choice. They either developed physiologically or pathologically. Generally speaking, physiologic bowing improves without treatment as a child grows. Unless treatment is given, pathologic bowing, which is due to a disease process, tends to worsen as a child grows. Most babies are born with bowed legs because of the way an infant is curled up during the nine months a woman carries it. By about 18 months of age, the bowing self-corrects. By the age of 3 or 4, a knock-kneed alignment occurs. This, in most Dear Dr. Gott: I really instances, corrects to some

He said everyone had Wenger from the city’s Parks and Recreation fun but by Monday morning Department brought his son he still hadn’t quite caught up on his sleep. along. degree by the age of 5 or 6. There are occasions, however, when the bowing never fully corrects, and this is the reason some adults have bowed legs. A number of diseases can cause pathologic bowing, with two of the more common ones being rickets and Blount’s disease. Rickets results from a dietary deficiency of vitamin D, calcium and phosphorus. This is relatively uncommon in the United States because of vitamin supplements and diet but is still seen in less developed countries. It should be noted that even with a normal intake of vitamin D, a breakdown in the mechanism that uses vitamin D in the body can cause a rickets syndrome. The disorder causes cupping and widening of the growth plates that can be identified on a simple X-ray. Symptoms include bow legs and knock knees, swelling at the ends and sides of the bones, muscle pain, curvature of the spine, enlarged liver and spleen and a host of other conditions. Blount’s affects the inner edge of the upper shin bone at the knee growth plate. It runs across the knee, causing a decrease in the growth plate closest to the leg’s inner side or inseam. The outside portion of the growth plate grows normally, which leads to bowing.The disease affects infants and teens. Both groups have a similarity in that the children are overweight for their age. The deformity is always tied with an inward direction of the foot and ankle. If detected early enough, braces can help. Diagnosis, as with rickets, can be made by X-ray, but simple positioning of the foot, not the knee, is critical for

proper diagnosis. Now, on to your lessthan-professional medical contacts. I have no idea how bowed your legs are, but there is simply no excuse for such shenanigans by a physician, whether at Mayo Clinic or the walk-in clinic on the corner in a small town. You were treated poorly. You cannot do anything about the inadequacies of such uncaring, bumbling individuals. If it ever happens again, simply inform him or her that you did not leave a side show to provide entertainment for the viewer: You expected to be treated with dignity. No matter how hard this might be, toughen up and don’t let another person get the upper hand. Were it me, I certainly would never expect to see a bill for services rendered. Laughter should be free and enjoyed by everyone involved. Request a referral to an orthopedic specialist and get the answers you should have received 10 years ago. Good luck, and remember — hang tough! You can do this. To provide related information, I am sending you a copy of my Health Report “Medical Specialists.” Other readers who would like a copy should send a selfaddressed stamped No. 10 envelope and a $2 check or money order to Newsletter, P.O. Box 167, Wickliffe, OH 44092-0167. Be sure to mention the title or print an order form off my website at Doctor Gott is a practicing physician and the author of the book “Live Longer, Live Better” (Quill Driver Books,; (800) 6057176). Write him at Dr. Gott c/o United Media, 200 Madison Ave., 4th fl., New York, NY 10016.



JULY 30, 2010

Paperback books and the institution of marriage MACHEL PENN SHULL Machel’s Ranch I’m a book fanatic. Some people are proud of their iPad. I’m proud of my pile of books sitting in a basket next to my bed. I have a photo on the cover of my phone that reads, “Happiness is a cup of coffee and a good book.” My husband keeps telling me that at some point books will all be online and there will be no need to go to a bookstore. Huh? My forehead crinkles with a look that is sure to send me in for the latest Botox injection, except then I remember I don’t believe in botulism being anywhere within the confines of my skin. I try to explain to him with my eyebrows arched to avoid the inevitable onslaught of wrinkles the importance of actually feeling the book in your hand. I plead my case.You know the texture, the beautiful cover and all of those wonderful words in-between. There is something to be said regarding the way a book just feels in your hands. I tell him I know I will never experience that by focusing on some small digital screen to read my favorite author’s latest novel. We end the conversation with his words of reassuring facts, “Like it or not, that’s where the future his headed.” Well. That’s a sure way to exhume my wonderful mood for the weekend. I stare out my bedroom window trying to imagine the future without paper-filled books.Then I wonder, “Could I live in a world without books?” The thought of that makes my stomach churn. There is something to be said about lounging in bed with your favorite book as the world carries on outside without you, which leads me to a must-share novel for summer for you to read. “Recipes for the Perfect Marriage,” by Morag Prunty (also goes by Kate Kerrigan). The novel is set in New York City and is about 39-year-old food critic Tressa Nolan. You find out that Tressa is recently married and is beginning to wonder, “Who is the man sleeping next to me in my bed?”You find out through the first person narrative that the main character is quickly having second thoughts and wonders what possessed her into this union of marriage? Was it age? Desperation, or could it be that she is actually in love? The parallel story in the novel is the love story of her grandmother, whose marriage Tressa thinks is perfect.As you read the current love story set in New York and the flashback love story of Tressa’s grandparents, you as the reader will discover what true love is really all about. Through the author’s examples of trials and problems in each relationship, Morag Prunty deftly depicts why marriage is still a wonderful institution in the millennium. With much wit and enthusiasm, Morag tells one of the best love stories I have read in awhile. Now in my top 10 books, it is a must-read for every woman on the planet

that still believes in those two lovely words, “I do.” Maybe marriage and books are becoming a thing from the past. But take it from an old fashioned romantic: Keep reading paperback books and believe in the possibility that technology can’t take the place of everything this life has to offer, including a real body lying next to you in bed.

Around Town

On July 8, I was invited to the Nicole Miller/Mister B Fashion Show held at Mille Fleurs by Denise Hug. How wonderful to receive the invite.The event included a sitdown luncheon, while models wore the latest women’s and men’s apparel in Southern California. The newest jewelry designer to move into Rancho Santa Fe was also there, Martin Katz. I captured two lovely photos that day of Denise Hug with Corky Miser, owner of Corky’s Pest Control. He just happens to good friends with Bertrand Hug, Denise’s husband. Also featured here is Julien Hug with Maggie Bobileff. Julien was one of the male models in the fashion show. Thank you, Denise for the invitation. I wish I could have stayed for the entire event, but paper duties never end. On July 17, I was thrilled to attend Karian Forsyth’s birthday party with my husband, which was hosted by her husband Tom Forsyth. The valets parked the car, and the cocktail waitress brought the wine and the appetizers to all of the guests sipping wine under the stars. Denise Hug and Bertrand Hug, Jennifer Bell and singer Sacha Boutros were some of the guests on the private guest list. I wore a baby doll-Goldie Hawn looking dress, which reminded me of that show “Laugh-In” from the 1960s. My husband had bought a pair of beautiful stiletto heels that made me at least 6-feet-twoinches tall that night. Luckily, I didn’t trip that evening like I have been known to do on occasion. Featured here in the photo are two friends of Karian’s from Los Angeles, Johnny and Dawn.They made the special trip just for their good friend Karian. Karian was wearing svelte black velvety dress with a sexy zipper in the back. Tom was a wonderful host and the evening was just splendid. I always love going to their parties! On July 19, many things happened. First, I interviewed well-known author Doris Lee McCoy regarding her new book, “The Magic of Gross National Happiness.” I have met Doris in person. She truly has the face of an angel. Sweet and sincere, her positivity glows from within. “Did you know happiness can be measured?”This is the opening line on her website. I wanted to get to the bottom of what exactly that means. Doris explained to me that she went to the Himalayas to do extensive research on a small village, Bhutan, to see how exactly it was possible that they could be ranked No. 8 in the world in happiness when the average villager only made less than $1,200 a year. With 76 percent of the village surrounded in

ROCK ‘N’ ROLL LEGEND Machel Penn Shull, Chubby Checker, Irene Valenti and Patrick Galvin at the Rotary meeting on July 19 at the Inn at Rancho Santa Fe. Photo by Machel Penn Shull

trees, Doris thought this factor also contributed to their natural happiness factor. Also, the village itself is concerned more for the well-being of its residents than just what’s in their bank account (if they have bank accounts in Bhutan!). Doris found the “simplicity” to their way of life contributed significantly to their well-being. Featured here is author Doris Lee McCoy with Bhutan Queen Ashi Dorji Wangmo Wangchuck. If you would like to buy one of her books, visit to find out more about her fascinating discoveries. She will be having a book signing soon in Rancho Santa Fe. Go to her website to find out more details. Later that afternoon, I attended the Rancho Santa Fe Rotary meeting with Krista Lafferty. Who knew, but the legendary Chubby Checker was the featured speaker for that day? Wow. I was so excited. Mr. Checker was in town to help Irene with her charity event later that evening at the Valenti estate. Everyone was sitting on the edge of their chair as Mr. Checker reminisced about his career. He informed the packed room how his mother had a prophetic dream regarding his music career and how Dick Clark coined “Chubby as Chubby Checker” and that’s how he received his name. After the meeting, I snapped a few photos of this legendary rock star, and he asked me to jump in for one of the pictures. As you can see, I look like a giddy schoolgirl that knew she was in the company of greatness. Thanks so much for the great photo Chubby, Irene and Patrick. I felt so lucky all day. That evening, one of my best friends Meredith MacDonald came over to watch ABC’s “The Bachelorette.” She had heard that I had been baking, so she asked me to make her a cake for that evening. But of course, anything for my friends. Featured here is Meredith holding the cake from that evening. If you are wondering, it was a butter cream spice cake with a secret ingredient that cuts out many carbs and cholesterol. I will soon be selling these goodies on the weekends at my husband’s Lemon Twist, which is located near the Crosby in TURN TO MACHEL’S RANCH ON A22

BIRTHDAY BASH John and Dawn from Los Angeles, featured here with Tom and Karian Forsyth. The couple had come down to Rancho Santa Fe to attend Karian’s private birthday bash in The Crosby. Photo by Machel Penn Shull

MODEL CITIZEN Julien Hug modeled Mister B’s FASHION AND FUN Denise Hug with Corky Miser clothes at the Fashion Show. He is featured here with

at the Nicole Miller/Mister B Fashion Show on July 8 in the owner, Maggie Bobileff. Photo by Machel Penn Rancho Santa Fe. Photo by Machel Penn Shull Shull

TRAVELS ABROAD Author Doris Lee McCoy with Bhutan Queen Ashi Dorji Wangmo Wanchuck. Courtesy photo

TAKES THE CAKE Meredith MacDonald with a

delicious spice butter cream cake. Photo by Machel Penn Shull

JULY 30, 2010






poached in olive oil with ovendried tomatoes and a lemon herb aioli. Jerry pronounced the top sirloin burger one of the best he’d ever tasted. We returned to St. Helena for dinner with Bay Area friends, who recommended Cindy’s Backstreet Kitchen, or CBK in localspeak. It sits one block off Main Street (hence the name), and the two-story exterior is festooned with flowers boxes.The bright and clean interior sports striped booths and white tablecloths. CBK offers both large plates, small plates, sandwiches and salads all day and the choices are difficult. The avocado and papaya salad was refreshingly delicious and woke our taste buds for the spicy shrimp with green rice HEAVENLY BAR The antique bar at the girl & the fig on Sonoma’s town square features French aperitifs, and black beans. Our friends traditional cocktails and an award-winning wine list. Its French cuisine is a favorite of tourists and locals alike. indulged in the wood oven Photos by E’Louise Ondash duck, with sherry-lemon said and potato croquettes. We were told that the duck was just as excellent as a burger. The desserts were nothing short of grand. The reason our Bay Area friends had journeyed to CBK, they confessed, was Cindy’s signature pineapple upside down cake. It is served warm with vanilla ice cream, rum caramel and pecans. And the Campfire Pie is a visually spectacular construction of homemade marshmallow fluff, fudgy chocolate and Oreo cookie crust, reminiscent of the s’mores we all knew and loved as kids.Tastes just as good, too. RELAXING ATMOSPHERE Above left, a tree- and umbrella-shaded patio makes for a cool spot to enjoy al fresco dining at the girl & the fig restaurant on the square in historic Sonoma. Above right, cheerful flower

E’Louise Ondash is a freelance writer liv- boxes at Cindy’s Backstreet Kitchen in St. Helena draw visitors to just one of several restaurants owned and ing in North County. Tell her about your created by Cindy Pawlcyn, recipient of several awards, including the Robert Mondavi Award for Culinary travels at Excellence.


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in paintings of horses

Elected to board

OCEANSIDE — The San Diego and Imperial County Community Colleges Association has elected MiraCosta College Trustee Greg Post to the position of vice president of the SDICCCA Board Alliance. The Board Alliance represents the elected governing boards of San Diego and Imperial counties’ six community colleges.

New Hospice leader

CARLSBAD — The Board of Directors of San Diego Hospice and The Institute for Palliative Medicine has appointed Kathleen Pacurar as its new president and chief executive officer.

Food 4 Kids drive

COAST CITIES — North County restaurants Wine Steals in Cardiff, Zenbu, Casa de Bandini and Flippin’ Pizza are taking part in San Diego Food Bank’s Food 4 Kids program for the fundraiser and Backpack Drive through the end of August. The event helps the San Diego Food Bank feed elementary school children on weekends and school holidays. For more information, visit www.sandiegofoodbank .org/programs/food4kids.

Top scholars

COAST CITIES — Joseph Campbell of Rancho Santa Fe, son of Mr. and Mrs. John B. Campbell, graduated from Choate Rosemary Hall in Con-

necticut on June 6. Richard Stannard, a resident of Rancho Santa Fe, received a bachelor of arts in history from Southern Methodist University during the 2009-2010 commencement. Travis Mossy, a resident of Rancho Santa Fe, received a bachelor of business administration in finance from Southern Methodist University during the 2009-2010 commencements. Patrick Wheyland of Del Mar graduated from the Berklee College of Music. 2010 graduates of California Lutheran University on May 15 included Gregory Dagher of San Marcos with a B.A. in communication, Cole Ducey of Encinitas with a B.S. in business administration, Alejandro Gomez of Carlsbad with a B.S. in business administration, Hillary Hoshaw of Vista with a B.S. in business administration, Catherine Kloehn of Encinitas with a B.A. in religion, Karyn Lawrence of Vista with a B.A. in liberal studies, Kelsey Paopao of Oceanside with a B.A. in history and Jeannie Schmitt of Vista with B.A. in liberal studies. At California Lutheran University, Spencer Gobar, a freshman from Solana Beach, and Jackson Kelly, a sophomore from Rancho Santa Fe, made the Dean’s List in the School of Business for the 2010 spring semester. William Berrigan, from San Marcos, has been named to the Dean’s List at Villanova University for the 2010 spring semester.

JULY 30, 2010

community CALENDAR Got an item for the calendar? Send the details via e-mail to calendar

per adult and $5 for children under 16. Call T.A.P.S at (866) 411-8277 for details.

AUG. 2

GOOD HEALTH The city of


Encinitas will host its sixth and final educational lecture series event at 6:30 p.m. Aug. 2, Community Room at the Encinitas Library, 540 Cornish Drive. Guest speakers will present information on communities and public health. For more details, contact Mike Strong at (760) 943-2101 or city staff in the Planning & Building Department at (760) 633-2710.


AUG. 3


and author Tori Spelling will sign copies of her book “Uncharted TerriTORI” at 2 p.m. on July 31, Warwick’s Books, 7812 Girard Ave, La Jolla. Only books purchased from Warwick’s will be signed.


Publishers and Writers of San Diego will meet from 10 a.m. to noon July 31, Encinitas Community Center, 1140 Oakcrest Park Drive. The topic of the meeting will be “The Power of Book Design.” RSVP through the website at www.Publishers TRAVEL TALK Joan and David Vokac, travel guidebook authors, will discuss their book “100 Best Getaways for a Vacation or a Lifetime” at 11 a.m. July 31, Civic Center Library Community Room, 330 N. Coast Highway 101, Oceanside. The program is free and is sponsored by the Friends of the Oceanside Public Library. The book will be available for purchase and signing.


HAPPY North Coastal Womenheart, a support group for women with concerns about and challenges regarding cardiac health, will hold its monthly meeting at 10:15 a.m. Aug. 3, Glen View, 1950 Calle Barcelona, Carlsbad. Call Marilyn Deak at (760) 438-5890 to learn more.

AUG. 5

BOOK SALE The Friends of the Solana Beach Library will hold a used book sale from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Aug. 5 through Aug. 7, Earl Warren Middle School and Solana Beach Library, 157 Stevens Ave. The Friends will sell books from its used bookshop for $4 per plastic grocery bag. Customers may choose books of their choice to fill their bags. Call (858) 755ART DAY A free family art 1404 to learn more. day will take place from 1 to 4 p.m. Aug. 1, Oceanside Museum of Art, 704 Pier View Way. Participants will make ICE CREAM! Vista Garden their own family flags. Art Club will hold their annual Ice materials and refreshments Cream Social from 2 to 4 p.m. will be provided. For details, Aug. 6, Alta Vista Gardens, call (760) 435-3720 or visit 1270 Vale Terrace Drive, Vista. Admission is free. Call (760) SUNDAY CONCERT 822-6824 or e-mail nanVocalist Robin Adler and her by Aug. husband, multi-instrumentalist 2 to RSVP. and music producer Dave Blackburn, will perform with their Joni Mitchell cover band, Mutts of the Planet, at 2 p.m. LIVE WELL The North Aug. 1, Encinitas Library County Health & Wellness Fair Community Room, 540 Cornish will be held from 9 a.m. to 1 Drive. Visit www.encinitas p.m. Aug. 12, Oceanside Civic Center Plaza. Local health and to learn more. wellness related businesses TEEN BENEFIT A family- can promote their products friendly benefit to raise funds and services. The fair is free to for the Teen Adolescent the public and will offer an Placement Services program assortment of booths that will will be held from noon to 5 p.m. help families live healthier. Aug. 1, Kennedy’s Custom Call the Oeanside Chamber of Cycles, 3028 San Luis Rey Commerce at (760) 722-1534 or Road, Oceanside. The Help a visit www.OceansideChamber. Teen - Save a Life event is $15 com to learn more.

AUG. 1

AUG. 6

AUG. 12


it little girls to join a cult he was starting called “The Immaculates,” to fulfill fanpolicy for aggressiveness tasies including taking baths toward the other teacher. with young girls. CONTINUED FROM A15

The Weirdo-American Redneck Chronicles From Florida’s Community John Mark Karr burst onto the national scene in 2006 when he famously, falsely, confessed to murdering little JonBenet Ramsey 10 years earlier, but since then, his life has been even more bizarre. He has spun through a series of romances with JonBenetlike youngsters, the latest with Samantha Spiegel, who was 9 when they met and is now 19 and recently got a restraining order against him. Karr is currently known as “Alexis Reich” in preparation for his gender-reassignment surgery, which Spiegel says Karr wants only in order to make it easier to befriend, and seduce, younger and younger girls. According to another ex-girlfriend, Karr asked her to solic-

Panhandle Region: (1) A 24year-old man was arrested in Crestview, Fla., in April after he allegedly removed a window air-conditioner and crawled into a house in which his wife was staying.They had recently separated, and he told police that he had not “gotten any” in three weeks and was going to “get some.” (2) In June in Okaloosa County, passenger Courtnea Bradley, 21, roughed up the driver while the car was moving, making it swerve wildly, thus allegedly endangering her baby in the back seat. At the subsequent traffic stop, a defiant Bradley allegedly told officers, “My (expletive) family is one of the richest around, and we will have y’all’s (expletive) jobs.”



JULY 30, 2010


poached in olive oil with ovendried tomatoes and a lemon herb aioli. Jerry pronounced the top sirloin burger one of the best he’d ever tasted. We returned to St. Helena for dinner with Bay Area friends, who recommended Cindy’s Backstreet Kitchen, or CBK in localspeak. It sits one block off Main Street (hence the name), and the two-story exterior is festooned with flowers boxes.The bright and clean interior sports striped booths and white tablecloths. CBK offers both large plates, small plates, sandwiches and salads all day and the choices are difficult. The avocado and papaya salad was refreshingly delicious and woke our taste buds for the spicy shrimp with green rice HEAVENLY BAR The antique bar at the girl & the fig on Sonoma’s town square features French aperitifs, and black beans. Our friends traditional cocktails and an award-winning wine list. Its French cuisine is a favorite of tourists and locals alike. indulged in the wood oven Photos by E’Louise Ondash duck, with sherry-lemon said and potato croquettes. We were told that the duck was just as excellent as a burger. The desserts were nothing short of grand. The reason our Bay Area friends had journeyed to CBK, they confessed, was Cindy’s signature pineapple upside down cake. It is served warm with vanilla ice cream, rum caramel and pecans. And the Campfire Pie is a visually spectacular construction of homemade marshmallow fluff, fudgy chocolate and Oreo cookie crust, reminiscent of the s’mores we all knew and loved as kids.Tastes just as good, too. RELAXING ATMOSPHERE Above left, a tree- and umbrella-shaded patio makes for a cool spot to enjoy al fresco dining at the girl & the fig restaurant on the square in historic Sonoma. Above right, cheerful flower

E’Louise Ondash is a freelance writer liv- boxes at Cindy’s Backstreet Kitchen in St. Helena draw visitors to just one of several restaurants owned and ing in North County. Tell her about your created by Cindy Pawlcyn, recipient of several awards, including the Robert Mondavi Award for Culinary travels at Excellence.


DIVAS contest to pick six military wives whose husbands are deploying. The studio will give the winners a free sixmonth health and nutrition program. Military wives may apply by visiting www.indigoenergyand for a print-out application

Westfield Plaza Camino Real Shopping Center for students, grades six through 12, who would benefit from an independent study program that offers small group instruction. For more information, call (858) 678-2050 or visit www.audeocharterschool. net. Artist of Month ENCINITAS — Dotty Yoga open house Reiman is ENCINITAS — Sharath Artist of the R., Saraswathi and Manju Jois Month for will host a grand opening 6 to August at St. 8 p.m. Aug. 18 of their Jois Tropez BakYoga Shala, at 575 S. Coast ery & Bistro, Highway 101, featuring a 947 S. Coast Puja ceremony. Highway 101 in Encinitas. Military wives For the racing seamakeover OCEANSIDE — Indigo son, Reiman DOTTY REIMAN Studios is hosting a Military specializes

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in paintings of horses

Elected to board

OCEANSIDE — The San Diego and Imperial County Community Colleges Association has elected MiraCosta College Trustee Greg Post to the position of vice president of the SDICCCA Board Alliance. The Board Alliance represents the elected governing boards of San Diego and Imperial counties’ six community colleges.

New Hospice leader

CARLSBAD — The Board of Directors of San Diego Hospice and The Institute for Palliative Medicine has appointed Kathleen Pacurar as its new president and chief executive officer.

Food 4 Kids drive

COAST CITIES — North County restaurants Wine Steals in Cardiff, Zenbu, Casa de Bandini and Flippin’ Pizza are taking part in San Diego Food Bank’s Food 4 Kids program for the fundraiser and Backpack Drive through the end of August. The event helps the San Diego Food Bank feed elementary school children on weekends and school holidays. For more information, visit www.sandiegofoodbank .org/programs/food4kids.

Top scholars

COAST CITIES — Joseph Campbell of Rancho Santa Fe, son of Mr. and Mrs. John B. Campbell, graduated from Choate Rosemary Hall in Con-

necticut on June 6. Richard Stannard, a resident of Rancho Santa Fe, received a bachelor of arts in history from Southern Methodist University during the 2009-2010 commencement. Travis Mossy, a resident of Rancho Santa Fe, received a bachelor of business administration in finance from Southern Methodist University during the 2009-2010 commencements. Patrick Wheyland of Del Mar graduated from the Berklee College of Music. 2010 graduates of California Lutheran University on May 15 included Gregory Dagher of San Marcos with a B.A. in communication, Cole Ducey of Encinitas with a B.S. in business administration, Alejandro Gomez of Carlsbad with a B.S. in business administration, Hillary Hoshaw of Vista with a B.S. in business administration, Catherine Kloehn of Encinitas with a B.A. in religion, Karyn Lawrence of Vista with a B.A. in liberal studies, Kelsey Paopao of Oceanside with a B.A. in history and Jeannie Schmitt of Vista with B.A. in liberal studies. At California Lutheran University, Spencer Gobar, a freshman from Solana Beach, and Jackson Kelly, a sophomore from Rancho Santa Fe, made the Dean’s List in the School of Business for the 2010 spring semester. William Berrigan, from San Marcos, has been named to the Dean’s List at Villanova University for the 2010 spring semester.


Solana Beach businessman David Cain was recently presented his charter pin by Del Sol Lions Club President Dave Roberts when Cain became the 67th and final charter member. The club was chartered on Feb. 15, 2010, by Lions Clubs International. The Del Sol Lions Club is now the third largest, and the fastest growing Lions Club of the 62 clubs in San Diego County with five new members having joined the club since May 15. To join, contact Mary Jane Boyd at (858) 481-7547. Courtesy photo


policy for aggressiveness toward the other teacher.

Questionable Judgments

— At press time, the city council of Barre, Vt., continues to debate extending its pet “leash” law to cats, following a woman’s complaint that a neighbor’s cat continues to foul her yard with droppings. In the few towns that try to enforce leash laws on cats, a main rationale has been to protect friendly birds. (The late U.S. statesman Adlai Stevenson, when he was governor of Illinois, once rejected such a law, terming leashing “against the nature of the cat.”) — Hard Time, Hard Luck: Harry Jackson, 26, was in jail in Woodbine, Ga., in March, on several minor charges such as driving on a suspended license. However, acceding to pressure from fellow inmates, brought on by the jail’s nonsmoking policy, Jackson agreed to break out, steal cigarettes at a nearby convenience store, and break back in, undetected. “(D)on’t come back emptyhanded,” one inmate supposedly warned him. Jackson was apprehended climbing back in over a fence. In May, a judge sentenced him, for the earlier charges plus the escape and subsequent burglary, to 20 years.

The Weirdo-American Community

John Mark Karr burst onto the national scene in 2006 when he famously, falsely, confessed to murdering little JonBenet Ramsey 10 years earlier, but since then, his life has been even more bizarre. He has spun through a series of romances with JonBenetlike youngsters, the latest with Samantha Spiegel, who was 9 when they met and is now 19 and recently

got a restraining order against him. Karr is currently known as “Alexis Reich” in preparation for his gender-reassignment surgery, which Spiegel says Karr wants only in order to make it easier to befriend, and seduce, younger and younger girls. According to another ex-girlfriend, Karr asked her to solicit little girls to join a cult he was starting called “The Immaculates,” to fulfill fantasies including taking baths with young girls.

Redneck Chronicles

From Florida’s Panhandle Region: (1) A 24year-old man was arrested in Crestview, Fla., in April after he allegedly removed a window air-conditioner and crawled into a house in which his wife was staying. They had recently separated, and he told police that he had not “gotten any” in three weeks and was going to “get some.” (2) In June in Okaloosa County, passenger Courtnea Bradley, 21, roughed up the driver while the car was moving, making it swerve wildly, thus allegedly endangering her baby in the back seat. At the subsequent traffic stop, a defiant Bradley allegedly told officers, “My (expletive) family is one of the richest around, and we will have y’all’s (expletive) jobs.”

An Odd Files Classic (August 1991)

In May (1991), 19 members of the Michigan House of Representatives (led by the chairman of the Judiciary Committee) introduced a resolution designed to deal with obnoxious social problems, but without creating expensive regulatory programs. The resolution would establish, at the State Archives, a “Registry of Bothersome Practices,” on which people could contribute to an official list of complaints about such things as elevator music and magazine blow-in subscription cards.



JULY 30, 2010

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JULY 30, 2010




shelves of my elementary school fiction section. I always find several that make short but excellent adult reading. The best is “Brooklyn Bridge” by one of my favorite authors, Karen Hesse. It tells an extraordinary story based on a Russian immigrant family, the invention of the Teddy Bear and the opening of Coney Island, all with a parallel narrative on abandoned children who live beneath the Brooklyn Bridge. I haven’t read everything by her, but also loved “Stowaway,” a novel about the actual ship Endeavour, based on diaries of Capt. Cook, and “The Music of Dolphins” in which a toddler is raised by dolphins, then found by humans. It is a fascinating premise. As I pulled old, beaten paperbacks from the library shelves, I came across a classic called “The Search for Grissi” by Mary Francis Shura. It turned out to be a wonderful story about a brother and sister new in school and a cat that adopts their family and connects them to their entire neighborhood. Another tattered paperback surprise was a series based on a young boy nicknamed “Soup” by Robert Newton Peck. Set in Vermont, the tales of this young mischief-maker and his buddy Rob are set in the 1930s but were written in the mid 1970s and may have been the “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” of their day. Which brings to mind another children’s author I enjoy, Richard Peck. His two books, “A Long Way From Chicago” with its sequel “A Year down Yonder” will delight both you and your children. Hot on the heels of Bastille Day, let me raise my baguette et fromage and simply say, “Bonne lecture.” Jean Gillette is a part-time editor and freelance writer. Contact her at



place on Labor Day, Sept. 6. Racing at Del Mar happens Wednesday through Sunday, with post time for the first race on most days at 2 p.m. On Fridays, first post is at 4 p.m. for the first four Fridays and 3:30 p.m. for the last three.There will be a special Monday racing card on Labor Day, Sept. 6. For more information, call (858) 755-1141 or visit You can follow the Del Mar racetrack on Twitter, @DelMarScene, or become a fan on Facebook at Races.



JULY 30, 2010

Left, photographer Aaron Chang partners with artist Wade Koniakowsky to launch the Aaron Chang Ocean Art Gallery, 415 S. Cedros Ave. in Solana Beach on July 10. Throughout the evening, selected artist proofs were purchased by local collectors, with live music by Benjamin Myers, appetizers and autographed commemorative books. The new gallery is open 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Mondays through Thursdays, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Fridays, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Saturdays and noon to 5 p.m. Sundays. On permanent display are Koniakowsky’s oil paintings and Chang’s images collected from a lifetime of traveling, from the waves of Tahiti to the deserts of Africa. The artists anticipate hosting workshops for young artists and partnering with nonprofits that focus on the areas of ocean environmentalism, humanitarianism and education. Courtesy photo


dies. Only then is the original filed for probate, and only then can it become public, which would allow you to buy a copy. If you want to know whether you are an heir, but the person involved doesn’t want to tell you, you are completely out of luck. Dear Bruce: Please tell me whether it is OK for me to personally make a change to my will (actually, resending an earlier change made by an attorney), and then have it notarized. Also, will it be binding upon my death? — M.T., via e-mail Dear Reader: Never monkey around with a will. If you make any type of a change, notarized or otherwise, you’ll very likely invalidate the entire document. If you wish to make a change to the will, see the attorney who drew the will, or, if he is no longer in the picture, find another attorney. It might be easier just to redraft the entire document.That is up to the attorney, but never write in the margins or try to add a codicil of your own. Unhappily, the only time that problem will develop is well after it can be fixed. Dear Bruce: Should I keep old receipts/bills on house painting? Are these important receipts? — M.B., via e-mail Dear Reader: Most receipts can be destroyed after three years. Personally, I keep tax records a bit longer than that. As to painting receipts,


fines for income,” Lassle said. “This is nothing more than a mafia-style shakedown.” Mr. Hahn, though a corporation, is being personally hit with a $110,000 fine that DPR has threatened to increase to $355,000 or $500,000 if he attempts to fight them in court. Is this an abuse of power of a state agency more interested in exacting money through fines than supporting alternative

high interest rate in today’s world, but who knows what it will be over the next 10 years. I would want some type of a condition added that in the event that the FDIC obligations are reduced over the next decade, which is a possibility, you would be able to move the CD at that time to some title, which would ensure that the Dear Bruce: I am about to entire amount was insured. get married. We are both over Dear Bruce: Can a nursthe age of 50 but not yet ready to retire. My question is, when ing home take your own home the time comes to collect after they have taken all your Social Security, do we both col- money? — J.H., via e-mail lect our own after we are marDear Reader: I think what ried? Or does the marriage prohibit both of us from col- you are asking is under lecting individually, forcing us Medicaid. If someone is receivto choose to collect one or the ing services in a nursing home, then their assets have to be other? — Sue, via e-mail almost completely depleted Dear Reader: You ask an for the state to recover the interesting question. monies they spent on that indiUnfortunately, I don’t believe vidual’s behalf. Can they go anyone can answer it because after the home? Not until after the rules may very easily you pass away. They can get a change soon.You can contact a lien against the home.Where it Social Security office, and peo- becomes a little dicey is ple there may be able to give whether the person involved is you an answer, but until you clearly never going to leave the make the election, you will be nursing home. For example, a with advanced required to follow a law that is person in place at that time. The over- Alzheimer’s may never go back whelming likelihood is that to that home. Whether because you are both Medicaid can start a forecloemployed, you will both have sure under those circumto apply under your own stances is a little fuzzy. Generally, Medicaid would not account. be able to,but once the individDear Bruce: What do you ual passes away and there is no think about putting $500,000 spouse living in that home, in a 10-year CD at 4.5 percent then the state has a responsithat is FDIC-insured? We have bility to try to recover the pubbeen retired for 10 years and lic money by taking the proare looking for a safe place to ceeds of the sale. make an income. — F.R., via eDear Bruce: If a person mail has $19,000 in a TSA, tax-shelDear Reader: So you tered annuity (not a Roth), is know, 4.5 percent is a rather there a way to find out how

much the annual distribution would be when that person begins taking them at age 70? The TSA will be worth $19,000 when the person turns 70. She wants to take the annual distribution just once each year and knows it will go down as she ages and they refigure it. — Sandi, via e-mail

water was not registered with both the FED EPA and CA DPR as a pesticide, then anyone selling water for the purpose of drowning bugs would be in violation and would be fined. Water and worm poop equal pesticide? So the “words” cause nontoxic items to become pesticides, not the content of the product? What’s next in this saga of poop vs. bureaucracy? The PLF takes cases when government agencies have gotten out of control. The

only way to bring them back under control and responsible to the people is to seek legal remedy through the courts. PLF has asked for a summary judgment in this case based on the fact that the state DPR has no jurisdiction over nontoxic natural products. A summary judgment in Mr. Hahn’s favor would dismiss the DPR case. If not, the case is on appeal to the California Superior Court. This is a small column, in

these are not capital improvements, therefore they have no effect on taxes when a piece of property is sold. If you add a room, or a new driveway, in a different location, these are capital improvements and can be deducted from profits, if any, when the real estate is sold.

ways to reduce toxic compounds? The prestigious Pacific Law Foundation, or PLF, has taken up this case of worm poop versus the bureaucracy on behalf of Mr. Hahn. At a hearing before the DPR, the attorney for PLF asked, “Can you drown a bug in water?” Both Dr. Kohler, the DPR head of research and George Farnsworth, head of enforcement, said under oath that claims made that bugs could be drowned in water would make water a pesticide. If

Dear Reader: The individual involved should contact the original agent who sold them the annuity. If that person is no longer available — out of business, passed away, etc. — then she can contact the insurance company directly. They may not be able to give an exact amount depending on how far away 70 is and what interest rates are applicable then, but the insurance company can give a range, depending upon the variables that I have noted.

cost is absolutely essential. When it comes to computing the final closing numbers, a minor error here alone could more than offset any savings, which might result in being unrepresented. In transactions of this size it is important to have someone on your side. Dear Bruce: What are some benefits of living trusts and how are they established? — D.E., Pennsylvania Dear Reader: There are many uses of trusts, but for the average person, a living trust is established so that assets can be passed from one generation to another without the need of probate. There is nothing particularly discouraging about probate for an ordinary estate, but nonetheless, this is the major advantage. The other is privacy. A will is a public document, and as a consequence anyone can spend a couple of dollars to get a copy of the will once it’s filed for probate. A trust is a private affair and is not public and for the most part there is no tax advantage. There are a few exceptions. An attorney ordinarily establishes a trust of this kind, and the costs can be up to several thousand dollars. The one thing that is to be clearly understood is that a trust does not in any way, shape or form obviate the necessity of having an appropriately drawn and executed will. While I understand the workings of what is called a “pore over,” where assets go into the trust, it should be noted that a will does not have to be probated; it can be filed.

Dear Bruce: I would like to know if I should use an attorney when selling a house. It looks to me that it’s pretty straightforward and the title company can handle it. Our real estate agent said that it is not necessary. What do you think? — Linda, via e-mail Dear Reader: I do not agree with those folks who say an attorney is not necessary in any real estate transaction. It is a very complicated process to go through. All of the contracts that you will be obliged to execute will have been prepared by an attorney, and I will bet that there are some that you will not understand. Signing things that you don’t understand can be very dangerous. Neither the real estate agent nor the title company can rep- Send questions to Smart Money, P.O. resent you as an attorney Box 503, Elfers, FL 34680, or e-mail would. The relatively modest them to .

a small paper, on a subject with huge consequences. Government, bureaucracies, and those employed by them hold a public trust. They are charged with serving and protecting people, the environment and our health and safety in our daily lives. I do not think bureaucracies should exist for themselves or forget why they were created. Just a thought. We the people … Sheila S. Cameron is the former mayor of Encinitas.






found two secret back rooms hidden behind a bookshelf where 89 marijuana plants were being cultivated under the guise, authorities allege, of the “medical marijuana” shield, according to federal court documents. Hester is also accused of operating the aforementioned collectives under the false pretense that the businesses were nonprofit medical marijuana collectives. Wiedenhoefer, as well as Hester’s realtor, Marco Luis, are charged with one count each of conspiring to launder money relating to their involvement with the alleged ringleader, court records state. The other nine defendants had varying involvement with Hester. Some transported marijuana for him, while others worked at the collectives. Police arrested Hester on July 9 in his West Hollywood apartment. In 1996, California voters approved the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes. Federal law still deems the drug illegal. Authorities allege Hester’s collectives were operated as retail outlets selling marijuana, and were not in compliance with the state’s medical marijuana guidelines. On paper, Joseph Nunes was the official owner of the two dispensaries; however, after an extensive investigation, which included interviews with a “cooperating defendant,” it was revealed that Hester was the “true owner” of the businesses, court records state. Nunes was sentenced to one year in federal prison in May after pleading guilty to manufacturing marijuana, maintaining premises to sell marijuana and money laundering, several months after the two collectives were raided in September 2009. As part of their investigation, federal agents monitored the defendants using wiretaps. Several weeks after Nunes’ arrest, Hester was recorded saying he was “safe” and “insulated” from prosecution for operating the dispensaries. Authorities also point to Hester’s intent to sell Green Cross Collective for $250,000 over Craigslist, as even more evidence he was a silent owner of the business. According to the federal complaint, Hester told several potential buyers that “they” made $1.5 million from the collective. Additionally, Hester revealed over the wiretaps that the dispensaries were averaging $5,000 to $7,000 a day.



previously been arrested and booked, demonstrating the existence of multiple family issues for many of these youth. — A statistically significant relationship was found between running away and youth and parent substance use, highlighting a possible issue for focus. The complete report is available at www.



John and Deana Carter on Opening Day in Rancho Santa Fe. Photo by Machel Penn Shull

Rancho Santa Fe. I will fill you in later on that wonderful new detail developing in my life.

Summer Hat Feature

BACK IN THE DAY Silent-film star Corrine Griffith and her husband George Marshall, owner of the Washington Redskins from 1932 to 1969,

stand amid the construction of their Rancho Santa Fe home with Griffith’s adopted daughters, Cynthia, left, and Pamela. Nicole Foster, Pamela Griffith’s daughter, recently visited the home for the first time. Photo courtesy of Nicole Foster



society. Not long after she received a call from Barrie Wentzell, who bought the house about 35 years ago. Foster, who was visiting friends in La Jolla the weekend of the tour, met with Wentzell. Foster saw one of the rooms that was possibly her mother’s and shared her photo albums with Wentzell. “I never knew Corinne,” Foster said. “The house is sentimental to me because it’s where my mother lived. It was fun.” Wentzell said she was equally excited about meeting the granddaughter of her home’s original owner. “It was just wonderful,” Wentzell said. “I loved seeing the house from its inception. I love doing the same things Corinne Griffith did, which is taking old architectural pieces and making something different out of them.” Wentzell said she once tried to contact Griffith to invite her to the house but & THEN Above is how one outside patio looks today and below is how it looked in the 1930s. Much the actress had passed away. NOW of the handcrafted woodwork has been restored and can been seen throughout the house. Photos courtesy “It would have been fun of Nicole Foster and the Rancho Santa Fe Historical Society to meet her,” she said. “This was her (Foster’s) connection and it was fun to be on this side and share it with her. It was great to make that link.” Foster said seeing the home, which is now for sale, was bittersweet. Never knowing her grandmother, she naturally always sided with her mother. “I thought my grandmother was a mean person,” said Foster, who was about 12 when Griffith passed away. “Now I know realize there’s no story that’s onesided,” she said. “After reading the letters, I understand there’s way more. There was a whole life of promise in those albums. “I’m conflicted, but I’m so glad having read it all,” she said. “It’s a way for me to be with my mom.”

Deana Carter looks elegant in her Opening Day hat, which she modeled for me for this photograph. I ran into Deana and her husband John at some of the after party festivities in the Ranch.Thanks Deana for letting me feature you for this week summer hat feature.

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to take photos for stories. Krista was even published when she was 9 years old, penning movie and concert reviews. Having practically grown up in the newsroom, Krista felt compelled to help her mom out in her time of need. When her mom was battling breast cancer,Krista, then only 17, assumed a parttime advertising position calling on her mom’s clients with the paper. She said the transition was natural. “The toughest part was pretending that I wasn’t 17,” Krista said. Krista was born and raised in North County, having graduated from Torrey Pines High School. From there, she pursued a degree in marine sciences, but something kept pulling her back to newspapers. Krista joined the Rancho Santa Fe News advertising team for one reason: family. Rancho Santa Fe News is family owned and operated, a feature Krista said aligns perfectly with her past. “I love coming to work at the Rancho Santa Fe News,” Krista said. “When a company is no longer operated by a family, it seems to lose touch with its roots.” Krista offers years of demonstrated experience in newspaper advertising, as well as a detailed knowledge of the area only a local could possess. To contact Krista Lafferty for your advertising needs, call (760) 436-9737, ext. 101; (760) 846-3240 or email her at klafferty@ coastnews



JULY 30, 2010


William Sprague, a landscape architect for the Rancho Santa Fe Development Company who had a Gladiola farm nearby. “They would meet at The Inn or in people’s homes,” she said. “They entered garden shows all over. They would win prizes. Their focus was gardening at the time.” In 1937 it was incorporated as a nonprofit corporation. Dizio said that the original garden club building is the one presently occupied by The Country Friends on the corner of El Tordo and Avenida De Acacias. During Word War II, it was used as a civilian casualty center, she said. “It was filled with sewing machines with people making items for the Red Cross and for the British War relief,” she said. She said that with the help of volunteers there was a capability of turning the building into a full hospital within 30 minutes that would be staffed by two local doctors. “The focus at that time was not gardening, it was volunteering and helping, but the group has always been about volunteering,” she said. In 1957 the club began beautification programs around the village.

A GREEN GARDEN A view of one of the flowerbeds at the Rancho Santa Fe Garden Club. Photo by Patty McCormac

In the late 1960s or early 1970s, the garden club sold its original building to Arthur Limburg. Hubert Larson, a longtime resident

and former club president, donated the land upon which the current club stands and then the club used the proceeds from the sale of the

measure. No report on process of doing likewise for EYE ON THE COAST saving what other departments are years at Encina and is finally CONTINUED FROM A4 able to move forward barring affected. around the world when they any unexpected court dates. should have been tending to Fluoridated water budget bizness? According to an account Do as I say by CN reporter Bianca Supe Bill Horn, who has Liza in the Kaplanek, the Surfside City’s no problem putting his signapotable water will be fluori- ture on laws residents must Harbor City? Liza Minnelli will be the dated by year’s end. That’s abide by involving permit proheadliner for the 15th annual becuz it receives its water cedures and fees, apparently Salk symphony fundraiser on from the Harbor City and feels he is exempt from them. Aug. 28.The talented singer is three of its plants will fluori- Example: Additions to a barn remembered for participating dated. Dentists and others in at his Valley Center ranch in the Surfside City’s Stars the know about fluoridation were made sans permits or For Parks benefit in 1972. At say it helps to eliminate tooth fee payments. that time she was appearing decay in kids, however a lotta One-liners on Broadway and Desi Arnaz folks still oppose it. Latest report on the arranged for her to fly out for Governator’s approval rating the event then she took the Desal water In Australia, where you according to a Field Poll Red Eye Special the same night back to New York.All on can’t dig a hole and get water, stands at 22 percent ... Kathy more than $13 billion is being Brombacher, Oliver Clark and Desi’s tab. invested to build desalination Charles Hausladen, the latter plants and water will come two deceased, have been Nifty banner A series of street banners from the ocean where there’s added to Vista’s Historical sponsored by Downtown plenty of it. Poseidon Society’s Hall of Fame ... Supe Dena Encinitas Main Street 101 Resources has been in the Assistant Assn. feature a half dozen environmental issues such as plastic in the ocean, water saving and native plants. These colorful banners are the works of local artists. Check ‘em out in historic downtown Cosmetic† Surgery† Information† Pakô* Encinitas. Neat idea.


Home delivery cut back

A coppla Detroit daily newspapers have reduced home delivery to Thursday, Friday and Sunday as a cost-

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original building to construct the new clubhouse. Limburg in turn, donated the original clubhouse to The Country Friends. The present garden club clubhouse was dedicated in 1975. And of course, a club cannot run without the people, Dizio said. The new board of directors include Dennis Williams, Peppy Bahr, Peggy Brooks, Susan Marr, Kris Charton, Ginger Bored, Carol Coburn, Shirley Corless, Joe Gallo, Paul Gozzo, Cynthia Harrison, Mary Pierson, Laverne Schlosser, Lenore Hammes, Bev Boyce, Kat Nunn and Mary Van Anda. Like everyone else, the garden club is feeling the pinch of the economic downturn. Dizio said the club’s income comes from renting out the building for weddings, other social events and parties; proceeds from its upscale resale Shoppe downstairs from the building; and from dues from club members. Karsen said she would like to remind prospective brides that the building can be rented for an elegant wedding for a very reasonable price. To learn more about the Rancho Santa Fe Garden Club or to rent the building for a special event, call Karsen at (858) 756-1554. Whittington at Del Mar School District has departed for a position at San Ysidro School District ... Esteban Nunez, who allegedly bragged that he wouldn’t be severely punished when he was involved in a fatal altercation in the Harbor City becuz his dad was an Assembly speaker, has been sentenced to 16 years in the clink ... A really contemporary version of Bing Crosby’s “Where the Turf Meets the Surf” ditty is now airing on TV ... Lowe’s home improvement store is coming to C’bad and will offer competition to Home Depot. Hasta la Vista Bill Arballo is an opinionated, retired journalist in the Flower Capital of the Universe and he is the father of Encinitas City Councilwoman Teresa Barth. . E-mail


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JULY 30, 2010


JULY 30, 2010



By Promise Yee

Visit to see video footage of this week’s Hot off the Block

What do you like to do for summertime fun in Rancho Santa Fe?



I think just taking in a stroll through the village is kind of a fun thing to do for me.


My favorite thing to do is to get off work at 5 and go to one of our restaurants and have a glass of wine.

My favorite is the Fourth of July. When I saw all the children in the parade just looking so cute, so excited, having the barbecue, the band, it’s just all small town fun.



What I do enjoy is just walking around. It’s so beautiful around here. So when I take a lunch break I like to take a walk.

City OKs funds to review expansion on Interstate 5 By Bianca Kaplanek

Solana Beach City Council voted unanimously at the July 14 meeting to allocate no more than $85,000 for consultants to review an environmental impact report on the proposed expansion of Interstate 5. City Manager David Ott originally planned to ask for $75,000 but after preliminary discussions, he said he believed the increased amount “would be more appropriate.” Because City Council isn’t meeting again until Aug. 25, he wanted to ensure staff had adequate funding to review the document which, with attachments, is 8,000 pages long. Ott said he hoped to spend less than $85,000. Councilman Dave Roberts said some residents expressed concern about spending the money during the current economic climate. “I think $85,000 from

undesignated reserves is a good expenditure of resources to thoroughly critique this project because this is our one chance to get any concerns that we have documented and we need to have these experts,” Roberts said. Mayor Tom Campbell said the process will be similar to the one used to review the EIR for the fairgrounds expansion. Campbell said he thought the end result for that was good but there appeared to be a lot of duplication. He asked Ott to partner with other cities when possible to avoid that. Ott said Solana Beach is currently the most engaged in the project but he is working with neighboring cities and other stakeholders such as the Sierra Club. The California Department of Transportation, or Caltrans, is proposing to expand up to possibly six TURN TO FREEWAY ON B11

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JULY 30, 2010


JULY 30, 2010


Chubby Checker add twist to charity golf tournament By Bianca Kaplanek

RANCHO SANTA FE — It started as a St. Patrick’s Day charity golf tournament, but with a few added twists has evolved into an eco-friendly September event with a tee-off gala featuring the King of the Twist himself, Chubby Checker. About 200 guests paid $50 or $100 for a July 19 party that included music, wine tasting, appetizers, opportunity drawings and a chance to mingle with the 68-year-old rock ‘n’ roll legend whose name is synonymous with “The Twist,”the only single to top the Billboard Hot 100 twice. The event, held at the home of Irene Valenti, founder of Valenti International matchmaking service, was hosted by Valenti and Paul Harris Fellow of Rotary International to kick off the upcoming Swing for Kids golf tournament at Del Mar Country Club. Proceeds from both events will benefit The Rotary Club of Rancho Santa Fe, Kids Korps USA, ProKids Golf Academy, San Pasqual Academy and the Camp Pendleton Armed Services/YMCA. Early last year, the Rotary Club began organizing a green golf tournament for St. Patrick’s Day. But March came and went and the event was postponed. Meanwhile, Valenti became involved as a new Rotarian and decided to host a pretournament kick-off with some help from Checker, a longtime family friend. “I feel blessed that I can bring people together like this,” she said. “There are all types of matchmaking, and I have wonderful great contacts.” Valenti said one phone call netted a $25,000 donation. “That’s an amazing example of the magic you can do when you are blessed with great people in your life,” she said.

ROTARIAN REVELRY Enjoying libations donated by South Coast Winery are, from left, Kathryn Gang, Patrick Galvin, Rotary president, Bill Gang and Brenda Boggioni, Rotary treasurer.

LET’S TWIST AGAIN Rancho Santa Fe Rotary Club member Robin Chappelow spends a few minutes chatting with rock ‘n’ roll legend Chubby Checker, whose hit song “The Twist” is the only single to top the Billboard Hot 100 twice. Photos by Bianca Kaplanek

CRUTCH COUTURE Laurie Joseph from Kids Korps USA didn’t let a skateboarding accident keep her from the fundraiser, where she met up with Rotarians Don Meredith and Robin Chappelow.

Checker said he felt privileged to be there to help. “She is giving something back to the community, and I’m here for her,” he said. “She is improving the lives of those who are less fortunate.” When he and Valenti addressed the guests, he reminded them to be thankful for all they have. “It does feel nice to be fat and rich,” he said. “But we need to be willing to share that with others. That’s what this event is all about.” Tassy Hawthorne, a teacher at the Camp Pendleton Armed Services/YMCA, said

she enjoyed the wine, food and beautiful surroundings. “But the most exciting part was meeting Chubby,” she said. Only about 30 spaces remain for the Sept. 3 golf tournament. Visit www.kidskorp. org to register. Check-in time is 11 a.m., with a 12:30 p.m. shotgun start. A reception, silent auction and dinner will follow. Patrick Galvin, Rotary Club president, said the group chose to hold the tournament at the Del Mar Country Club TURN TO TWIST ON B8

SWEET SOUNDS Acoustic guitarist and Rancho Santa Fe resident Don Clark provides background music for a July 19 kick-off event for the upcoming Swing for Kids charity golf tournament. THAT’S THE TICKET Manning one of the opportunity drawing tables are, from left, Rotarians Alan Balfour, Maurice Rahimi and Ole Prahm. “We’re working hard here,” Rahimi said.

Plans suggested to ease city traffic problems By Bianca Kaplanek

As part of the ongoing effort to improve traffic circulation in Solana Beach, City Council at the July 14 meeting approved one project, sent another back for further review and received informational updates on two others. Council members unanimously agreed to increase the parking limit from two hours to three on South Cedros Avenue, between Lomas Santa Fe Drive and approximately 300 feet north of Marsolan Avenue. The South Cedros Property Owners Association requested the increase to better accommodate shoppers, diners and people attending Cedros Design District special events. A number of parking

REVERSE ANGLE PARKING A pilot program featuring reverse-angle parking has been in use in front of CVS Pharmacy for some time without incident. City staff would like to use the same configuration in front of the post office. Photo by Bianca Kaplanek

citations were reportedly issued during a recent fourhour design district event. Mo Sammak, the city engineer, also outlined a pro-

posal to change the parking in/head out, also known as in front of the post office and reverse angle. The current format Las Brisas condominiums on South Sierra Avenue from TURN TO TRAFFIC ON B10 head in/back out to back

INVESTIGATE Civil • Criminal Corporate • Political




JULY 30, 2010


Jury hung in gang stabbing

The Inn

In the early 1920s, La Morada, currently named The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe, was the social focal point of the Rancho Santa Fe Village. Brilliantly sited on a rise at the terminus of Paseo Delicias, it offered a panoramic view of the surrounding picturesque landscape, which only enhanced the experience for the guests. Prospective investors and residents, including businessmen and movie stars, were all treated with sophisticated ranch-style hospitality. Scren actors Douglas Fairbanks Sr. and Mary Pickford made their home away from home while visiting their beloved Rancho Zorro. Photos courtesy of Arcadia Publishing, taken from “Rancho Santa Fe,” $21.99, Arcadia Publishing. Available at local retailers, online bookstores, or through Arcadia Publishing at or (888) 313-2665.

By Randy Kalp

Looking down Paseo Delicias from La Morada, which is now called The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe, a maturing landscape framed by eucalyptus trees and distant mountains is visible. Santa Fe landscape architect Glenn A. Moore began landscaping the village at the same time the buildings were being constructed. Each historical photograph shows a graduating level of maturity throughout the years.

La Morada (The Inn) was originally built to accommodate prospective investors, but it also housed long-stay visitors and vacationers. The publicity surrounding the newly planned community and the long dry period during the Prohibition years attracted many travelers from Los Angeles on their way to Mexico to legitimately order a cocktail.

County Fair supports North County food banks San Diego County Fair officials and 2010 food vendors teamed up to make a hefty donation of leftover food to a local food bank after the fair closed on July 5. The North County Food Bank and the Community Resource Center were the recipients of a total of 1,300 pounds of unused food prod-

ucts after the end of the fair. That donation along with the food for compost collection efforts of vendors and the “Zero Waste Zone,” post-consumer food waste collections during the fair totaled 30.21 tons of food and compostable waste. These efforts bring the fairgrounds closer to the goal of zero waste.

“During the 2010 fair, food scraps were collected from the ‘Zero Waste Zone’ at the SDG&E Showcase stage area in front of Bing Crosby Hall,” Resource Conservation Specialist for the 22nd District Agricultural Association Nancy Strauss said. Signs were posted telling about the food com-

post pilot project with the city of San Diego Environmental Services Department and the Miramar Greenery. Guests had three ways to dispose of their trash: recycling beverage containers; green food compost bins for food and paper discards; and a trashcan for plastics and other trash not recycla-

ble or compostable. “Since food is biodegradable and compostable, there are a few other ways the fair handles food waste,” Strauss said. “Food vendors use a green, food compost bin for their food scraps. These are collected on a daily basis by TURN TO FOOD BANKS ON B11

A judge declared a mistrial July 21 in the case of a teenager accused of a racially motivated stabbing. A North County jury was split 9-3 in favor of acquittal for Jesus Adrian Perez in connection to the stabbing of another teenager around 8:30 p.m. Nov. 16, 2009, on South Weitzel Street in Oceanside. For now, Perez, 18, remains in custody still facing charges of attempted murder and assault; however, Deputy District Attorney David Williams said a decision on whether to retry the teenager will be made at an Aug. 10 status conference. Additionally, gang and hate crime allegations are also attached to the charges. Between now and the next hearing,Williams said the district attorney’s office will look at the evidence in the case to see what could be done to change the result if they retried the case. “We’ll take a look at the first trial and think about what additional evidence might assist the jury in coming to a verdict,” he said. Prosecutors alleged Perez and other members of a Latino Oceanside gang attacked a group of individuals, who were predominately black, while they were visiting a friend in the neighborhood. Williams argued Perez, a documented gang member, stabbed Adam Francis, once in the shoulder and once in the chest; the latter injury punctured the then 18-year-old’s lung. During the trial, Francis identified Perez as the person who assaulted him. However, Perez’s attorney, Andrew Limberg, said he felt Francis’ memory of the attack had been corrupted by an improper photo lineup by the Oceanside Police Department. Among other errors, Limberg said the officers who conducted the identification interview were also involved in the case, which can lead to biased reactions — consciously or subconsciously — by the officers while conducting the photo comparison. “His identification at the prelim and trial may be sincere, but it’s not accurate,” Limberg said, adding the victim’s initial description of the assailant’s clothing two days after the assault did not match what his client was wearing on the night of the attack. Three other adults have pleaded guilty for their roles in the brawl, while two minors’ cases are being handled in juvenile court.



JULY 30, 2010

Highway Patrol groups get more Alternative than they ask for SARA NOEL Frugal Living

uses for hair conditioner

Dear Sara: I have many small bottles of hair conditioner, and I am sure they could be good for something. Since I do not use them on my hair, I would like to know how you suggest I should use them. — Myria, Florida Dear Myria: They can make nice stocking stuffers or gift-basket addins. You can also use them for shaving, cleaning your tub or sink, as a cuticle softener or for makeup removal. Add water and conditioner to a spray bottle and use as a detangler or as a fabric softener. (Dampen a wash cloth with hair conditioner and water and toss into the dryer.) You can also donate them to homeless shelters and battered-women’s shelters. Dear Sara: How do you keep cream cheese from molding? When I use half an 8-ounce package, I wrap the other half in plastic wrap, put it in a sealed plastic container and refrigerate it. Within a few days, it is moldy on the cut edge, under the plastic wrap. — Kathryn, e-mail Dear Kathryn: Opened cream cheese has a short shelf life. You might find that reducedfat cream cheese has an even shorter shelf life due to the higher moisture content. Look for the smaller 2- to 3-ounce packages if you can’t consume the larger package before it molds. Make sure it’s stored at 40 F. Try to keep the foil wrapper to cover the unused portion. Tightly wrap it with plastic wrap, and place it back into its paper carton or in a plastic storage baggie with the air squeezed out. Sometimes cream cheese gets contaminated before it reaches an airtight container (for example, if it’s left out at room temperature too long before being refrigerated). It’s possible when you wrap it in plastic and place it into the second container, added moisture gets in, so it molds quickly. You can freeze your cream cheese, but the texture will change, so it’s not great to use as a spread but can still be used in cooking and baking. Dear Sara: Many years ago, I used to make something called Light and Fruity pie. The recipe was on every box of Jell-O. The simple recipe consisted of a graham-cracker pie crust, Jell-O, Cool Whip, TURN TO FRUGAL ON B11

By Bianca Kaplanek

RANCHO SANTA FE — The California Highway Patrol’s Senior Volunteer Patrol and Explorer Program recently received more than they asked for from the Rancho Santa Fe Association. Since 1999, the association has contributed $3,000 to the senior volunteers and $1,000 to the Explorers. Representatives for both groups asked the board of directors at the July 15 meeting to once again provide the same level of support. But after hearing presentations from the two organizations, director Jack O’Brien recommended a funding increase. “I’m very impressed,” he said. “I think we ought to up (our contribution) a little.” His colleagues agreed. “We get a tremendous amount out of it,” director Deb Plummer said. Senior volunteers are trained to assist the CHP by providing services such as directing traffic during special events and before and after school, issuing warnings, abating abandoned

vehicles, reporting traffic problems and acting as a visual enforcement deterrence. They can’t write tickets but they do several other jobs that take time away from law enforcement officers, Liz Avalon, associate planner, said. “Without exception ... every volunteer has been very successful in life,” CHP Lt. Paul Golonski said. “They led a life of service and when it came time to retire, they just couldn’t stop. They are an inspiration to us. “They don’t get paid a nickel,” he said. “They are people in our community that should be admired.” Current volunteers include a retired naval officer, a B-52 pilot and an American Airlines captain. “We all really enjoy what we do,” said Norm Rentle, a senior volunteer leader. “It’s just a great opportunity for us to give back to the community.” The Explorer Program provides classroom and hands-on training to youngsters who are considering a TURN TO PATROL ON B11

Teens, Jeans and Dreams event planning under way DEL MAR — The planning for the annual Friends of San Pasqual Academy fundraising Teens, Jeans and Dreams is under way, with the event set for 5 p.m. Sept. 11 at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. Organizers are looking for donations and supporters. The event raises funds for the 140 foster teens who live and attend school at San Pasqual Academy. The best way to see this event is to purchase a Silver Horseshoe Box for $1,000 that seats six people. It includes a VIP wine reception/silent auction, dinner and beverages and seats are ringside. Karen Ventura, Silent Auction chairperson support, has asked supporters to review a list of needed items and services to create packages for the silent auction. All donations will receive full recognition in the Auction Program. All items must be submitted by Sept. 1 to receive full program recognition. The Auction Wish List includes: — Restaurant gift cards — Autographed sports equipment — Services, pet-sitting, plant service, limo, flowers for a year — Jewelry — Sporting event tickets, boxes — Show tickets — Spa/salon gift certificates — Art and collectibles: — Paintings, bronze

sculptures, crystal, china — Wine and wine accessories — Unique access or experiences (behind the scenes, anywhere) — Vacation homes for any duration (week, weekend or specific date availability.) Ventura is also asking for themed baskets.The best auction baskets contain no more than five items and have a value of at least $100. Another fundraising idea being offered is to host a themed party, such as Mexican and Margaritas, Martini Night, Arabian Nights, Poker Night, Brunch on the Beach, Sunset Sailing on the Bay, Art Party, Girls Night Out, Cowboy Trail Ride or Mani/Pedi and Facials. For more information, contact Ventura at (858) 3537617 or e-mail karenventura Due to the severe shortage of foster homes in San Diego County, thousands of foster children need a stable, consistent environment in which to develop both academically and emotionally. Through no fault of their own, the average foster teen has attended five different high schools by the end of their sophomore year. This constant transition is highly detrimental to their academic progress. The San Pasqual Academy provides a stable, supportive environment for 140 students, allowing them to develop to their fullest potential.

GRGICH HILLS Grgich Hills Estate with winemaker Mike Grgich has built up one of the most visible and well-known wineries in Napa Valley. Courtesy photo

Inside Napa Valley, Part 2 Last week we took our readers through Part 1 of our latest journey in the hallowed wine country of Napa Valley, that 30-mile stretch of the most traveled visitor attraction in California and home to the most exalted group of wineries in the state, and arguably the world. It all came together for Napa Valley in 1976 at the now famous French tasting where Napa Cabernet and Chardonnay beat its French counterparts, led by Chardonnay winemaker Mike Grgich, then with Chateau Montelana. Grgich proceeded to strike out on his own, and now two of Napa Valley’s most delicious Chardonnays can be found at his Grgich Hills Estate just off Highway 29


Taste of Wine in Rutherford. The family winery has now made the transition to certified organic and biodynamic grape growing, which richly endows their two Chardonnay vintages: the ’07 Napa Valley ($47) and the ’06 Chardonnay Carneros Estate Grown ($75). Fresh flavor and pleasing acidity, citrus flower and balanced minerality are hallmarks of these wines. See The Carneros district, which encompasses the

southern edge of both Sonoma and Napa Valley, is getting respect as an important wine country due to foggy mornings, warm daytime temperatures, the Petaluma winds in the afternoon and the naturally air conditioned cooler nights from San Pablo Bay. Chardonnay is picked way later in September than most, allowing sugars to develop while keeping a bright acidity. Dotting the Napa Valley landscape, with an important vineyard in Mendocino, is the Duckhorn Wine Company, a collection of seven small winery estates co-founded by Dan and Margaret Duckhorn in 1976. They produce four TURN TO TASTE OF WINE ON B11



JULY 30, 2010


Aspen Education Group achieves successful outcomes Aspen Education Group is the leading provider of therapeutic education programs for struggling or underachieving young people. Aspen programs offer a unique blend of education and support for young people demonstrating academic, behavioral and social difficulties that interfere with their performance in school, at home, and in life. With individualized, attentive care and instruction, Aspen’s comprehensive range of solutions allows parents the opportunity to choose the

best setting for their child’s unique academic and emotional needs. Aspen’s Residential Schools and Programs are fully equipped to give students the necessary structure and time, to effect positive changes in behavior and academic achievement. The major goal of each school and program is to realize healthy growth in students through logical natural consequences and to help create positive futures for every student and family. Aspen’s Outdoor

Behavioral Health Programs offer a short-term, highimpact intervention that focuses on assessment and aftercare. These programs combine experiential education and traditional therapies in an inspiring wilderness setting removing the student from modern distractions of daily life and providing a catalyst for positive change. This “Rite of Passage” experience allows at-risk youth to learn new, healthy behavioral skills and develop healthy selfesteem.

Sanderling Waldorf School supplies a full curriculum Sanderling Waldorf School offers North County families an inspired approach to lifelong learning. Waldorf-educated children emerge from their schooling prepared for a changing world; with a spirit of teamwork; and with a sense of connection and responsibility in the community. Waldorf schools provide: • Developmentally appropriate curriculum • Warm and inviting environment • Integration of visual, textural and performing arts • Strong grade-school com-

mitment to academic excellence For more than 90 years, Waldorf graduates have changed the world for the better. Sanderling Waldorf School one of more than 800 Waldorf schools worldwide, and supplies a full,rich curriculum that honors each individual child, allowing every student to develop a lifelong love of learning. For the 2010-11 school year, Sanderling Waldorf School offers the following programs: • Weekly Parent-Child

classes for children ages 9 months-3 years • 3-days-per-week Nursery class for ages 2-3 • Two separate mixed-age Nursery/Kindergarten classes for ages 3-6 (2, 3 & 5-day options available) • Grades 1- 5 As a vibrant, growing school, Waldorf will add a new first grade each year,increasing its offerings to include Grades 1 through 8 by 2013. Join the school for one of its school-year orientation events, listed on its website at

Carlsbad resident Lisa Linsky models the hat she bought in Mexico City and planned to enter in the One and Only Truly Fabulous Hat Contest.

The horses charge out of the gate in the second race at the Del Mar Racetrack on July 21 during Opening Day for the 2010 Thoroughbred racing season. Racetrack officials reported a record attendance of 45,309 fans, nudging out last year’s record attendance of 44,907. Racing season will continue Wednesdays through Sundays until Sept. 8. Photos by Daniel Knighton


Above, Valiant Effort makes good on his name, winning the second race with jockey Victor Espinoza atop. Below, Temecula resident Marla Quincy puts the finishing touches on the hat she spent four months creating.

Above left, La Mesa resident Kendra Kenner and San Diego resident Leslie Crawford try to figure out the automated betting machine Carlsbad resident Valishia Savage, Huntington Beach resident Tenley Molzahn, and Richmond, Va. resident Rozlyn Papa before the first race. Above right, Oceanside residents Kaitlyn Gallegos and her cousin Makayla Ortiz show off their hats. proudly show off their hats.



JULY 30, 2010

Best bet for buying appliances By the Editors of Consumer Reports

If you’re in the market for new appliances, you probably want to find a store with reasonable prices, good selection, trained help and a smooth shopping experience. But results of two surveys from the Consumer Reports National Research Center show that no one retailer was able to provide all of those things. CR did find some cause for hope. Abt Electronics, in the Chicago area, and independent local stores garnered high praise from shoppers who bought a major appliance in the past year. For small appliances, independents also rated highly, along with Costco, though the standout was, as in past years. CR’s rankings for shopper satisfaction came from more than 21,000 respondents to its 2009 Appliance Shopper Satisfaction Survey. It also commissioned a separate, nationally representative Home Gripes survey of 1,405 homeowners about their experiences shopping at home stores.

The hunt for low prices

Most people who responded to the Shopper Satisfaction survey said they had decided on a store because they were looking for low prices. That was especially true in the hunt for small appliances. Almost 10 percent of small-appliance shoppers and a third of those shopping for major appliances tried to negotiate for a lower price. Of those, about seven in 10 succeeded, to the tune of $50 off their small appliance and $100 off a major one. An annoying problem to watch out for, according to CR’s Home Gripes survey: excessive delivery or installation costs. Bottom line. Only Abt Electronics scored better than average on price for major appliances. For small appliances, and Costco got readers’ highest marks for price for the second year in a row.

Service makes a big difference

Besides price, the expertise and manner of a store’s sales staff were key reasons for choosing a major appliance retailer, according to the CR Shopper Satisfaction Survey. But respondents to the Home Gripes survey cited difficulty in finding a useful salesperson at all as one of their chief shopping annoyances. Salespeople who were arrogant or even nasty were especially bothersome for women. Bottom line. Independent retailers, Abt Electronics, and Pacific TURN TO CONSUMER ON B11

Chris Munoz of Valdivia Farms sells organic tomatoes and strawberries. Photos by Patty McCormac

Raquel Pena, manager of the Rancho Santa Fe Farmers Market.

Farm fresh offerings and other goods offered every Sunday By Patty McCormac

RANCHO SANTA FE — If you can’t remember the last time you ate a peach that tasted like a peach or how a luscious sweet-tasting strawberry dances on your taste buds, perhaps it is time to head over to the Rancho Santa Fe Farmers Market. This eclectic bazaar is held from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Sundays at the Del Rayo Village Center at 16079 San Dieguito Road. Here shoppers will find a variety of fresh produce, fish, poultry, baked goods, oils and meat rubs, baskets, even crepes and much, much more. Raquel Pena, the market’s manager, said that since it opened in May the number of vendors has risen from 19 to 32 and as the number of vendors increased, so did the number of shoppers. “Every week we see more people out here, shopping for the week, hugging and just meeting,” Pena said. On a recent Sunday morning, shoppers moved from booth to booth, such as Poppa’s Fresh Fish selecting seafood and exchanging recipes. Allison Stevens of Magnolia Flowers has been selling her flowers at the market since day one. “I just love it here. It’s so much fun,” she said adjusting one of her beautiful bouquets. Giggle Moon offered handmade clothing for children and Kenny Rosner of the Schroom Shack was teaching shoppers about the variety of mushrooms for sale on his table. “They are all locally grown,” Rosner said. Kyle Shelton of Live Oak

Ranch cut pieces of peach for shoppers to sample, which were snapped up as quickly as they were cut as were a variety of peaches and nectarines he was offering for sale. “Business is good and it’s getting better and better,” Shelton said. A very popular station at the farmers market was Bella’s Crepes, which had a constant line of customers waiting to have his or her crepe cooked to order, the demand keeping Charles Marin and Chef Sean Michael Gottlieb busy as little crepemaking bees. Jon Wilson, his son Jack, 4, and their puppy Buckeye, were happily polishing off their crepes at a table provided at the market. Giant artichokes, zucchini, carrots and other produce from Sage Mountain Farm caught the eye of shoppers and sweet strawberries from Allison Stevens strikes a pose at her Magnolia Flower Shop booth. Valdivia Farms were some of the first items sold out at the booth of Chris Munoz. All during the morning, music by Haskell Collins kept the mood lively and light. Among the other items for sale were colorful baskets, Panama Hats, pasta, olive oils and rubs, clothing and chocolate. Dan Graham of Eclipse Chocolate wore an appropriate T-shirt that read, “Nobody knows the truffles I’ve seen.” On the first Sunday of the month, volunteers from the Helen Woodward Animal Center bring pets to the market to introduce them people who might adopt them. To learn more about the Rancho Santa Fe Farmers Market, call (858) 922-5135 or e-mail rsf.farmersmarket@ Dan Graham of Eclipse Chocolate wears the proper Carol Fischer of Rancho Santa Fe takes in all the shirt while selling his goods.

goods with her dog Teddy.

The Bella’s Crepes booth is a popular station among the Sharon Brown of Rancho Santa Fe’s Dolce Restaurant offers bites of cheese to passersby. The restaurant is in the Polishing off crepes at the market were Carlsbad residents vendors. It is manned by Charles Marin and Sean Michael Jon Wilson, Jack Wilson, 4, and their dog Buckeye. Gottlieb. same shopping center as the farmers market.


The Rancho Santa Fe News wants to know all the good things you’ve been up to. Life is worth celebrating and we want to share your news. We believe there is no such thing as too much publicity for a good cause. Let us know about new businesses, new babies, new marriages and admirable anniversaries. We’d like to let your neighbors know what you’re doing for fun, what’s happening downtown, what your club has been planning, what your Scout troop is doing, what sports your youngsters are enjoying and excelling at, and all about summer or future projects, travels and accomplishments. If you would like to share newsworthy happenings in your hometown, we invite you to contact Community News Editor Jean Gillette at or call (760)† 436≠ 9737, ext. 114.

We† look† forward† to† hearing† from† you.


JULY 30, 2010



because it is known for being eco-friendly. He said the event is using recycled and biodegradable tees and communication and invitations are primarily being done electronically. The few invitations that are being printed are using soybased ink and recycled paper. “The Rotary Club is very conscience about going green,” Galvin said. WITH A TWIST Chief Warrant Officer 4 John I. Hawthorne and his wife, Tassy, from Camp Pendleton enjoy the evening with Rotarian Robert O’Connor. Tassy Hawthorne is a teacher at the Camp Pendleton Armed Services/YMCA, an event beneficiary. Photos by Bianca Kaplanek


Santa Fe resident Margaret Piglovski of Kids Korps USA, right, shares a laugh with Victoria Mohr, who was on hand to support her friend and event hostess Irene Valenti.


Guest of honor Chubby Checker reminds guests to be thankful for all they have and to be willing to give to others. “That’s what this event is all about,” he said. The kick-off party was held at the home of his longtime friend Irene Valenti, founder of Valenti International matchmaking service.

SMILING FACES Joan Scott, right, past president of Friends of San Pasqual Academy, chats with Karen and Craig Edwards, owners of Rancho Santa Fe Insurance. San Pasqual, an Escondido campus which serves foster teens, is one of five organizations to benefit from the event.



JULY 30, 2010

The story behind family-owned Palomar Pizza & Pasta DAVID BOYLAN Lick the Plate The back story on Palomar Pizza & Pasta is a good one, so bear with me while I condense it into a couple of paragraphs. Royal Oak, Mich., native Jim Klemmer grew up next door to me on our idyllic Midwestern street and has been a good friend

since the beginning. We did all the normal Midwest stuff growing up like Big Wheels, ten-speeds and kickball. But for some reason we took an early interest in surfing that did not fit in at all with our environment. We attribute it to the coverage of the Pipeline Classic on “ABC’s Wide World of Sports.” Fast forward a few years and we found ourselves surfing the Great Lakes and various East Coast spots and becoming slightly addicted to the sport. After college, Jim worked his way out west and

RING LEADER Jim Klemmer runs the show at Palomar Pizza &

Pasta. Courtesy photo

landed in Encinitas, which in our minds was surfing nirvana. He not only landed in Surf City, but he lived in one of the most famous houses in town, the SS Encinitas, one of

the classic boat houses on Third Street. He quickly scored a job in the kitchen at the old Kansas City BBQ, then landed at Leucadia Pizzeria where he quickly worked his

way up to manager, a position he held for nine years. It was always a treat for me to visit Jim and hang in the surreal boat house, surf boneyard, and enjoy the plentiful

and delicious food from Leucadia Pizzeria. I became so enamored with Encinitas I followed him out here soon TURN TO LICK THE PLATE ON B10

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Plastic Surgery

12395 El Camino Real, Suite 204

Larry† H.† Pollack,† M.D.,† F.A.C.S.

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Exceptional gentle dental care for you and your family • Cosmetic Dentistry • Emphasis on Prevention • Specializing in Crown & Bridge Work • Periodontics • Root Canal Therapy • One Hour Relines • 24 Hour Services

Most Insurance Companies Welcome • Se Habla Español

Edward B. Coffey D.D.S., M.S. Christopher Henninger D.M.D. 1445 Encinitas Blvd., Encinitas





Reg. $221

Includes: Cleaning • Polishing • Exam • Consultation • Bitewing X-rays • Check for Gum Disease

after. Jim had the quintessential old school Encinitas lifestyle going on. Between living in the boat house and having killer surf, work, and the classic Saloon within walking distance, his world was condensed into a little slice of paradise. I’ll admit I was a little jealous of the simplicity of it all, though running the bustling Leucadia Pizzeria provided its share of stress. Everything changed quite drastically for Jim in 2002. During the course of one year he met his wife Sherri who was working at Leucadia Pizzeria, got married, had a daughter Grace,




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Your trusted resource for home financing solutions At Bank of America, we are committed to responsible lending, and it is our goal to help you get the home financing you need. With over 10 years industry experience, the Sean Barry Team offers home financing programs designed to help qualified homebuyers become satisfied and successful homeowners, including: • Purchase or refinance loans • Jumbo mortgages • Competitive pricing

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JULY 30, 2010 and opened Palomar Pizza & Pasta. My “dude sanctuary” in the funky boat community was no more but Jim was on his way to bigger and better things with his own restaurant. He added another daughter Charlotte a few years back and has made the complete transformation from boat house local to successful entrepreneur, husband, and family man quite nicely. While his location on the Carlsbad, Vista, San Marcos border was like a different world from old Encinitas, it proved to be a smart location with homes and businesses popping up everywhere. With Sherri handling the marketing, the restaurant got off to a fast start staying busy during the day with business orders and a brisk dining room lunch crowd and evenings with deliveries and carry-outs. Jim put his own touch on what he learned at Leucadia Pizzeria and his mix of Italian American favorites has developed a loyal following in the area. Catering has also proven to be a big hit with local schools and businesses keeping them busy nights and weekends. I booked his dining room for a recent Celebration of Solar seminar and dinner for Stellar Solar and they handled the crowd of 50 with ease. Menu favorites include the Italian wedding soup, Minestrone soup and buffalo wings from the appetizers, all of which are under $7.The salads have developed quite a following and with good reason as they are all hearty, fresh, and include a good mix of lettuce and pasta. The Philly steak salad is an innovative twist on the Philly cheese steak with thinly sliced steak, feta cheese, red onions, black olives, tomatoes and your choice of dressings. All of the salads are very affordable coming in under $7. They have a long list of

pasta specialties and favorites including a standout lasagna, pasta primavera, and chicken parmesan and pesto chicken and whole wheat pasta as an option. None of the pasta selections top $12, which is a great value for what you get. The subs are near and dear to my heart as Jim has included a pizza sub which was inspired by one of our late night college hangouts back in Michigan and his meatball sub which include an old school recipe for meatballs that are out of this world. The subs come in 6 inches for around $6 and 12-inch sizes which are priced below $10. Again, a great value for the portion. The pizzas are the stars though and the standard version has a nice New York thinness to it and a combination of sweet and smoky sauce that is so addictive. There are 15 varieties to choose from though including a wheat crust and a huge selection of toppings. Daily lunch specials are available and a full desert menu. Beer and wine is available and of course they deliver. After eight years in business, Palomar Pizza & Pasta has stood the test of time and delivers consistently good food at very reasonable prices. If it’s a choice between a family-owned place like this with a good story behind it or some chain with no personality, I’ll go with the good story every time. They are located at 3265 Business Park Drive in Vista at the corner of Palomar Airport and Business Park Road. Call (760) 727-5559. Hours are Monday through Saturday 11 a.m. to 9:30 p.m., and Sunday from 11a.m. to 8 p.m.


“We really need to get this right,” Nichols said before Mayor Tom Campbell directed staff to address council concerns and return the item at a later date. Reverse-angle parking is currently used in front of CVS Pharmacy, south of the post office.Those stalls “have been well used without incidence,” the staff reports states. Sammak also reported that no-parking signs were recently installed on Highland Drive in front of the recently completed Eden Gardens pump station. The Sheriff’s Department noticed fair-goers were causing unsafe conditions by parking along the curb and guardrail that were added as part of the pump station project. As a result of a resident request, Sammak said the city will also be installing audible pedestrian signals on Lomas Santa Fe at Nardo Avenue. Audible signals, which are in use at five crossings in Solana Beach, assist the visually impaired by emitting two different sounds depending on whether pedestrians want to go north/south or east/west. Roberts said he would ask the Del Sol Lions Club for help funding the $840 project.


requires drivers to back into traffic, which is difficult with the volume and speed of traffic on the street, Sammak said. The street would be restriped, rubberized wheel stops would be added and there would be no loss of spaces. Although the postmaster, representatives from Las Brisas and the Public Safety Commission approved the plans, council members had several concerns. Councilwoman Lesa Heebner suggested adding raised pavement markers, also known as Botts’ Dots, that are used on freeways to help guide drivers. She also asked if an island could be added so residents could deposit mail from the driver’s side of the car without having to exit their vehicles. Councilman Mike Nichols suggested widening the stalls, while Dave Roberts said staff should also discuss the project with the Surfsong condominium complex south of the post office. Most council members were also concerned the new configuration would result in major inconsistencies along the street.

David Boylan is the founder of Artichoke Creative, an Encinitas based integrated marketing agency. He can be reached at



Sales in California received top marks for having salespeople knowledgeable in major appliances. The trio also stood out for service rendered; Best Buy scored below average for its staff. For staff expertise and service in small appliances, independent local retailers scored best. Among major retailers, only Lowe’s stood out, and for service, Sears scored above average.

Selection is important

Around a quarter of major- and small-appliance shoppers chose retailers based on their reputation for high-quality products. Retailers varied significantly on both counts. Poor selection was a complaint for less than 5 percent of respondents to CR’s Shopper Satisfaction survey. But almost a quarter of smallappliance shoppers at Sam’s Club complained that the store had too few brands or models available for selection. For major appliances, no store scored better than average for shopping ease. Bottom line. For majorappliance product quality and selection, Abt Electronics and Pacific Sales scored best; for selection, Home Depot scored below average. For small-appliance purchasing, and independents stood out for quality and selection. Shopping for small appliances in stores was more varied, with independent retailers getting top marks for shopping ease, followed by Sears, Lowe’s and Best Buy, which all scored above average.

Troubles completing the sale

Stores that push extended warranties were among the top annoyances in CR’s Home Gripes survey. In the Shopper Satisfaction Survey, respondents who bought a major appliance were much more likely than those buying small appliances to be hit with an extended-warranty offer. Bottom line. For small appliances,’s storage of shipping addresses and payment preferences might have contributed to its high score for checkout ease in the Shopper Satisfaction Survey. Independent retailers also received top marks, followed by Costco. For major appliances, no retailer scored worse than average. But Abt Electronics and independents fared best. Visit the Consumer Reports Web site at



JULY 30, 2010

Pala Casino concerts continue through August Pala Casino Spa & Resort continues its Free Concert Series featuring dance bands at 9 p.m. on Fridays and tribute bands at 8

p.m. on Saturdays during August in the Grand Cabaret. The Video Dance Parties, introduced in July, will continue on



our recycling staff and loaded into a 20-yard roll-off box to be taken to Miramar Greenery for composting.” Also added to this mix were compostable cups made of corn collected in the beer



lanes on a 27-mile stretch of I-5 from La Jolla Village Drive to Harbor Drive in Oceanside. The project is slated to include the addition of carpool lanes, access ramps, auxiliary lanes and possibly one general purpose lane in each direction. The estimated cost is approximately $4 million.



and lots of ice cubes. Do you remember the instructions for making the filling? I wonder if the same could be done with pudding. I shouldn’t have sugar and was going to try sugar-free Jell-O for this. — Wirth, e-mail Dear Wirth: Sounds like Light Cool ‘n Easy Pie. — 2/3 cup boiling water — 1 package (4-serving-



career in law enforcement or want to donate time to public service. They help out at community events such as the recent Fourth of July parade, which required 22 officers.All but six were volunteers. The Oceanside post, which serves Rancho Santa Fe,


Merlots, four Cabernets, a Sauvignon Blanc and a Bordeaux Blend under the Duckhorn and Decoy labels. Other labels include Goldeneye with its lovely Pinor Noir from the Anderson Valley of Mendocino, which I have reviewed into my most recent Top 10 Tastes. I was most impressed with the justreleased 2006 Napa Valley “The Discussion,” an artful blend of varietals from six of their estate vineyards. The composition includes 53 percent Cabernet, 28 percent Merlot, 14 percent Cab Franc and 5 percent Petit Verdot. Duckhorn will quickly tell you that this is their highest acclaimed creation, and it’s true ($115). Learn more at . The story of Tamber Bey Vineyards in the Yountville

A Tribute to the Fridays. DJ Tunetyme includes: — Video Dance Beatles at 8 p.m. Aug. spins dance and R&B hits while original Party at 9 p.m. Aug. 6. 14. — Iron Maidens: — Video Dance videos of the artists play on a large screen. Party at 9 p.m. Aug. 13. A Tribute to Iron — Beatlemania: Maiden ay 8 p.m. Aug. The schedule


— Anthem: A Tribute to Classic Rock, 8 p.m. at Aug. 28.

gardens of the fair. A small amount of fruit and vegetable kitchen scraps from the grandstand kitchens goes to a vermicomposting unit at the farm on site. Worms eat fruit and vegetable discards. They also eat horse manure and newspaper. Worm castings are used

as organic fertilizer with excellent benefits for all kinds of plants and they are used on the fairgrounds throughout the year. During the San Diego County Fair, the fairgrounds participated in the local alternative daily cover program and recycled, sent for

re-use or composted about 1,191 tons of material representing 70 percent of the fairtime solid waste stream. In 2007, the 22nd DAA board of directors adopted an Environmentally Preferable Purchasing and Practices Policy that focuses on recycled content purchases and

supports the goal of “Zero Waste.” The fairgrounds has received more than 22 awards for its Recycling Program and Conservation efforts, including the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Waste Management Award presented at a ceremony in San Francisco in 2008.

Some private property is expected to be taken. Ott said staff is following up to ensure Solana Beach residents who will be affected receive sufficient notice. Caltrans has scheduled several public hearings to provide information on the project. Council members also voted to send a letter to Caltrans stating it intends to have a videographer at the

Solana Beach workshop, set for Aug. 24 at Skyline Elementary School. Roberts said he “was quite angry” to hear a voice message from a Caltrans representative saying the city could not record the event. Citing the First Amendment, the city attorney said she was “unaware of any legal authority that would preclude a member of the public that’s attending

that meeting to videotape a public meeting.” Campbell said the purpose of recording the workshop is to provide information to anyone who can’t attend. The videographer would be paid from the $85,000; however, it could be funded by private donations. In response to the letter, Caltrans said the city could record the event. The Clean

and Green Committee has scheduled an informational meeting from 7 to 9 p.m. Aug. 19 in Debin Hall at the Solana Beach Presbyterian Church, 120 Stevens Ave. The EIR is available on the Caltrans website and at city libraries. The deadline to submit written comments is Oct. 7. Caltrans must respond to all comments submitted in writing.

Add enough ice to cold water to measure 1 cup. Add to gelatin; stir until slightly thickened. Remove any unmelted ice. Add 2 cups of the whipped topping; stir with wire whisk until well blended. Refrigerate 30 minutes or until mixture is very thick Stir boiling water into and will mound. Spoon into crust. dry gelatin mix in a large Refrigerate 4 hours or bowl for at least 2 minutes until completely dissolved. until firm.

Top with the remaining whipped topping just before serving. Store leftover pie in refrigerator. Garnish with assorted cut-up fresh fruit just before serving. Reprinted with permission from: Kraft Foods ( There is a similar one for pudding called triplelayer chocolate pie, which I am sure you can make with fat-free or reduced-fat ingre-

dients. Visit www.kraftrecipes. com/recipes/triple-layerchocolate-pie-51185.aspx for the recipe.

currently has approximately 20 participants between the ages of 15 and 20. To date, the post has produced 27 law enforcement officers who started out in the program. “It’s a wonderful thing to actually see them go through the program,” said George Salas, who has served as the program’s lead adviser for 13 years. “I see kids come in at 15,

very immature,” he said. “But they focus and build selfesteem.” One such student is 19year-old Nicole Yax, who has been with the program for four years. She said being an Explorer helped her overcome her timidity. “I was shy at first,” she said. “That shyness is totally gone now.” Yax said the program has

been meaningful in other ways as well. “During ride-alongs we know we may have saved a life” by pulling someone over for speeding, she said. Donations help both organizations purchase equipment and uniforms, which volunteers must otherwise pay for.The Explorer Program also uses the money to fund scholarships. The board discussed

increasing funding for both groups, but Rentle offered to forgo the money. “We really appreciate your thoughtfulness,” he said. “But we’re getting along pretty well. You should give the extra money to the Explorers.” In the end, directors voted unanimously to allocate $4,000 to the senior patrol and $3,000 to the Explorer Program.

district of Napa Valley is a fascinating review of a hightech professional, who through hard work and perseverance, gets to live out his dream since childhood, raising Arabian horses and making estate wines. It began in 1999 when former Apple executive Barry Waitte bought 60 acres of prime Napa Valley land near Yountville and became a grape farmer. In quick order, he purchased an estate for his residence, as well as acreage for prime cabernet and a set of stables for his endurance racing Arabian horses. In 2003, the Tamber Bey label premiered, named after his two favorite Arabians — Tamborina and Bayamo — and released a Merlot, a Cabernet blend and a Chardonnay. The family of wines has since increased to another blend, Rabicano, and a 100 percent Cabernet. “I’m a marketing guy and I was having an incredi-

bly hard time finding a name for the winery,” Barry revealed. “One day Jennifer Nice, my winery manager and horse trainer and I were riding through the vineyards, and she says, ‘Why don’t you just call it Tamber Bey with an equestrian theme throughout?’” Barry agreed and quickly made a number of horse terms part of the Tamber Bey lexicon. Tamber Bey was a major player in the annual Wine Auction Week, a charitable event held recently by the Napa Valley Vintners Association. His current 2007 Rabicano (and my Tamber Bey personal favorite, which made my latest Top 10 Tastes) was a stellar performer in raising a portion of the $8.5 million raised. Three hundred and seventy-five cases were made, and Barry vows the 2008 edition is going up to 1,000 cases. It sells for $48. Here’s a real comer to

the Napa Valley wine scene and you don’t want to miss it. Find out more at

Fundraiser at 5:30 p.m. July 31. Four local barbecue entries will be judged as best ribs in town. Tickets are $48 per person. Call (951) 3081098 for more information. — Bacchus Wine Market in the Gaslamp downtown San Diego is having another Brown Bag wine event from 2 to 9 p.m. July 31. Cost is $15. Of the eight wines to try, if you are right on four of them, you will win a gift. Call (619) 236-0005 for more information.

size) Jell-O Cherry Flavor Sugar Free Gelatin (or any flavor) — Ice cubes — 1/2 cup cold water — 1 tub (8 ounces) Cool Whip, sugar free, thawed, divided — 1 ready-to-use reduced-fat graham cracker crumb crust

Wine Bytes

— Meritage Wine Market in Encinitas is pulling out some great Zinfandels for its Friday Tasting from 6 to 8 p.m. July 30. Call (760) 479-2500 for price and to RSVP. — The WineSellar & Brasserie in San Diego is presenting a Flowers Winery Dinner with winemaker Darren Lowe on July 30. Reception starts at 6:30 p.m. Cost is $95. Call (858) 4509557 for reservations. — In Temecula Wine Country, Briar Rose Winery has a BBQ and Blues

Sara Noel is the owner of Frugal Village (, a Web site that offers practical, moneysaving strategies for everyday living. To send tips, comments or questions, write to Sara Noel, c/o United Media, 200 Madison Ave., 4th Floor, New York, NY 10016, or e-mail

Frank Mangio is a renowned wine connoisseur certified by Wine Spectator. His library can be viewed at (Average Google certified 900 visits per day) He is one of the top five wine commentators on the Web. Reach him at

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-./&0&-(1&."23&/4.56&7&/4.5&8/46&."4$(.9%/:(&/4$(1%/"4$&"42;3 Per Zone 1-2 wks 3 wks Display PCI



6 wks 12 wks 26 wks 52 wks $32




CLASSIFIED LINE ADS: <=3>>?)"1@6&7A&)"1@&8/43 !"4%1#.%&1#%($&#:#/2#B2(&C"1&DE&/4$(1%/"4$3 F1/:#%(&-#1%;&/%(8$&94@(1&<7A>&G&H9%"8"%/:(&H@$&,*II3 HJJ&KLMI*&HN+O&PQ+L&RI&F*IFHSIN 'K&*I,Q'N&,K*&IH*JS&!H'!IJJHLTK' OH4;&#@$&"%5(1&%5#4&-1/:#%(&-#1%;&/4@/:/@9#2$ $(22/4U&-(1$"4#2&/%(8$&#4@&#9%"8%/:(&#@$3

LINE ADS RUN IN ALL PUBS - 85,000 READERS J/4(&#@$&194&/4&#22&D&-9B2/.#%/"4$3&N/$-2#;&.2#$$/C/(@$&194 Zone 1: !"#$%&'()$6&VW6>>>&Zone 2: *+,&X6A>>


Copy and Cancellations MONDAY 4PM Ask for Classified Dept.

760-436-9737 or fax ad copy 760-943-0850

To view or place ads online go to:

828 N. Hwy 101, Leucadia

FIREWOOD FOR SALE Several different types of quality firewood, seasoned & delivered, any size load available. (760) 942-7430. FRENCH LUGGAGE Black leather with fabric, 5 pieces on wheels, clean, nice condition. Quality - a bargain for $125. (760) 944-6460

Furniture NICE OAK KITCHEN SET & hanging dining room lamp, $85. Ask for Rick. (619) 420-9912.

HEEL SUPPORTS Boxed & new, 3/4” in length, size for men (6-7), size for women (7-8), $10. (760) 944-6460

2 WOOD UNITS 30” X 72” - display shelves over cabinet, $100. (760) 6431945

HOOVER STEAM VACUUM Top of the line carpet & floor cleaner. Never used, brand new, still in box. Sears price, $239, my price, $139. (760) 7296044.

50 MISCELLANEOUS SPOONS, FORKS Plated only. Take all, $20. (760) 845-3024.

HOSES; PLANT CONTAINER 3 drip hoses, good condition, $20; plant container, vine, old fashioned hat flower, Hoya, $35. (760) 643-1945

BALI CARVED MASK Hand carved, 7 1/2” W X 11” L, tourquoise/gold/white colors, $18. (760) 599-9141

HOT box of fifty hot wheels in original packaging. random models. $40 (760) 726-8491

BEAUTIFUL PLANT Rare Euphorbia Senaclanium Rubra, 7 ft., $150. (760) 643-1945


EXTERIOR DOORMATS With galvanized wire - SHEDLESS, 1/2 moon shape new, unused, $18 each. (760) 944-6460

GARDENING ITEMS Hose reels, one wall hung & one mobile, Rainbird controller, terracotta pots & saucers, rescalloped stone borders, garden butterflies, all for $30. (760) 944-6460


HELP WANTED....................400 JOBS WANTED....................450 BUSINESS OPPS............ ....475 ROOMMATES................... ...500 RENTALS...................... .......600 REAL ESTATE......................700 LEGAL/PUBLIC NOTICE.... 800 AUTOMOTIVE..................... 900

Items Wanted JACK DANIELS Collector looking for old jd or lem motlow bottles and advertising items. Up to $149 each (760) 630-2480

LEXMARK PRINTER print, scan, copy from pc # x1240 color, black cart. or call $29 (760) 439-2996


TENNIS RACKET Head Metallix 10 Powerful, Excellent Condition, $40. (760) 632-2487.

PLANTS 15 gallon plants, sand palms, macadamia nuts, crown-ofthorns, jade, loquot & black pines. $35 each. (760) 436-6604

HP PRINTER 5440; $25 (760) 721825


PICASSO PRINT Signed 21-4-58. Hand/bouquet/flowers, framed/glass, 20”W X 26” L, $48. (760) 599-9141.

SNOWBOARDS Two snow boards w/ boots 100.00 each (760)685-8222

CYMBALS A Zildjian crash 18” $100. A Zildjian china 22” $150. A Zildjian ride 20” $100. Sabian 16”AA crash $75. Sonor hihat stand and Scimitar cymbals $75. Tom tom 9X13 $20 (760) 419-7873.


Carmel Valley

Items For Sale 200

BOYS CLOTHES SIZE 10-12 129 Pieces. Lots of designer and skate brand clothes. From $1 to $4 per piece. (760) 634-1420

RUSSIAN SAMOVAR Antique, brass & beautiful, 2 ft. tall, excellent condition, $150. OBO. (760) 809-4657.


Items For Sale 200

Free Stuff

WANTED: MAC COMPUTER TUTOR Encinitas, must have sense of humor. (760) 633-9737, PM.


Items For Sale 200

FORECLOSURES & SHORT SALES A free homeowner’s guide that answers 7 of the most important questions that every homeowner should be asking before they ever sign anything. Call 1.800.840.0974 ext. # 6000


La Costa


JUY 30, 2010

BLACK PLASTIC POTS Small, medium & large, like new, $10. (760) 9446460

IRISH LINEN TABLECLOTH and 8 napkins; 68” X 72” tablecloth, 21” square napkins, $59. (858) 755-2428. LARGE BARBECUE stainless with two burners plus two shelves in good condition, $100. (760) 224-8266


QUILT TOP-HAND PIECE 1960-1970 cotton, 82” X 72” long, $35. (760) 5999141 RAYBAN SUNGLASSES With case, Centennial red, white & blue style, Vagabond, excellent condition, collectible, $50. (760) 944-6460 SILK DRESS Oleg Cassini with pearls, sequins & beads, size 10, perfect, beautiful, $75. (760) 599-9141. STAINLESS STEEL TANK 2 gallon, heavy duty, $8. (760) 729-6044 TOTAL GYM EXERCISE MACHINE Like new, original price, $350., sell for $125. (858) 925-7539. TURKEY/HAM ROASTER New Ultrex pro 18/10 Stainless Steel 15” Oval Roaster with dual Server Lid and lift-out Rack. 55 yr. Excalibur nonstick surface, dishwasher safe. $45/ best offer, Cash Only. Oceanside (760) 529-0862 TWO SAN DIEGO PHOTOGRAPHS Coronado Bridge/Beach, double mat, gold metal frame & glass, 29” W X 21” tall; Coronado Harbor/downtown, double mat, gold metal frame & glass, 29” W X 21” tall, $27 each. (760) 599-9141 VINTAGE SUNBEAM “STERLING” ice cream freezer, 5 qt., electric, wood base, $20. (760) 599-9141 WATERCOLOR “Floral Garden”, original signed, 32”W X 26”L, double mat/glass/wood frame, $55. (760) 5999141.

Sporting Goods GOLF CART Black, portable with chair, extra pockets, holds complete set, $45. (760) 436-9933

DIABETIC TEST STRIPS WANTED Any Type, Any Brand. Will pay up to $10 a box. Call Ronda at (760) 5937033.

Misc. Services 350 COUNSELING Is Something On Your Mind—Too Much??? Counseling is a helpful experience. John Shannon, LMFT. 1-760-754-9900. Lic #35262. 2003 El Camino Real, Oceanside. Please visit the website: Reasonable. Complimentary Consultation.

Help Wanted 400 Help Wanted


The Coast News Group, North County’s award-winning community newspaper group, is seeking a print advertising sales representative for an established territory. Responsibilities include prospecting, cold-calling, setting a minimum of 10 appointments per week, maintaining and cultivating clients in a given territory, and the ability to adhere to company standards (i.e. punctuality, call sheets, deadlines, dress code, sales quotas.) Applicants must be professional, organized, and have basic computer skills. Previous sales experience is required. Advertising sales experience is a big plus. This is a small company looking for just the right person to join our small but effective sales team.

email resumes to: or fax to (760) 943-0850

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Deadline is Monday at 4 p.m.


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JULY 30, 2010

Real Estate 700

Automotive 900

Homes HOME FOR SALE 3 Bed/1 Bath Memphis, TN area Remodeled & Rented $750/mo. RE Investors $52,500 (662) 538-5389

1999 VOLKSWAGON JETTA 4-door, black, 5-speed, 89,000 miles, new clutch, like new tires, all paper work, smogged, $3,950. (760) 212-7110. 2002 DODGE NEON Good condition, 87,000 miles, new tires, new brakes, AC, 4-dr, 4 cylinder, $3,375 (760) 5210454 or (760) 720-0130

Automotive 900

2002 DODGE NISSAN Good condition, 87K mi, new brakes & tires, 4-dr, $3,300 OBO. (760) 521-0454


MAZDA SPORT Miata, mx, turbo, 2 seater, black soft top with cover, cd stereo, air, manual, (stick 6 speed), performance tires with spare, apprx. 38,000 miles. (760) 207-0073 San Marcos, $15,950.00 0B0.

1985 NISSAN 300 zx 2dr 5 spd, t-tops, new clutch, brakes, engine rebuilt. this classic will sell fast. $2995.00. Call Ted (760) 805-9247 1999 FORD TAURUS Automatic, AC, power steering, power windows, 6 cylinder, 6 passenger, 22mpg, original owner, service records, garaged, {Creampuff}. $2,950 OBO. (760) 6309808.

Trucks/SUVs TOYOTA TRUCK 2004 Toyota SR5 Extra Cab. One Owner 65k miles. All Receipts, Well Maint. $10k. 760-4366227

Automotive 900 Trucks/SUVs WANTED 89-99 Ford Ranger or Nissan truck failed smog ok, running or not running. 858-831-1750.

Motorcycles 2 CLASSIC HONDAS 1972 CB350 & a 1976 CB360T. Very nice condition. Best offers. (760) 439-6102

Vans 1986 FORD CUSTOM VAN Bed, sink & refrigerator. Stored for 2 years, $1,200. (760) 801-7640

Motorhomes 1972 CHEVY CAMPER Automatic transmission, propane stove, sink, recent tuneup, no smog needed, $2,800 firm, 24-hr. voice mail. (760) 661-7024

!"#$%&'()*&+,#• Car Accidents • Slips & Falls • Workers Comp. FREE CONSULTATION NO FEE TILL RECOVERY!


800-427-4288 HEALTHCARE

Visiting Angels


Care from 2 hours to 24 hours including meal preparation, hygiene help, errands and light housekeeping DEL MAR/ENCINITAS




• 20 Years Experience • Reasonable Rates • Free Estimates

CALL DAN at 760


home &



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The Coast News • Rancho Santa Fe News



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d ea

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RMB Cleaning Service

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fl af

Sparkle! ✴

Publication Date: Friday, Sept. 24, 2010 Deadline: Friday, Sept. 10, 2010

0 0 0 20



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Automotive 900

FALL† 2010




Automotive 900



Automotive 900

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JULY 30, 2010

SOUP TO NUTS by Rick Stromoski

Friday, July 30, 2010

FRANK & ERNEST by Bob Thaves

THE BORN LOSER by Art & Chip Sansom

BIG NATE by Lincoln Peirce

LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) - You’re not likely to have much patience with others, so take care that you don’t respond in an unseemly manner should someone challenge your ideas or position. Keep your cool. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) - This is not likely to be one of your better days financially. It will be bad enough if you lose money because of someone else, but it’ll be just plain dumb to get yourself in trouble. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23) Although you usually are an optimistic person, every once in a while your outlook can be a bit on the dark side. If you get up on the wrong side of the bed, this might be the case. SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22) Avoid getting in way over your head due to trying to do more than your time or talents permit. Everything has its limitations, so schedule your agenda carefully and wisely. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23-Dec. 21) - Before accepting a social invitation, you had better make certain the group doesn’t include someone you’d have a difficult time being around.You would end up being miserable in that situation. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) There are times when you can see


by Luis Campos

MONTY by Jim Meddick

Celebrity Cipher cryptograms are created from quotations by famous people, past and present. Each letter in the cipher stands for another. TODAY'S CLUE:

C equals B

ARLO & JANIS by Jimmy Johnson


COW & BOY by Mark Leiknes

“ G

nothing but the dark side of things. Don’t misuse your imagination by worrying about things that are not likely to happen. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) Rather than ask what might be wrong with something that is important to you, look for an accurate assessment. Others may think they have to come up with something bad, even if they don’t see anything. PISCES (Feb. 20-March 20) - This can be a precarious day for you when it comes to your financial affairs if you handle your assets poorly. Be especially diligent about keeping your purchasing from getting out of hand. ARIES (March 21-April 19) - It might be impossible for you to move forward with your plans because of someone who is fearful that what you do might subvert his/her schemes, and is thusly trying to stop you first. TAURUS (April 20-May 20) - Not attending to your duties or responsibilities in a timely fashion will put you so far behind that it will be impossible for you to get caught up. It’s bad enough that life does this to us, don’t you do it to yourself. GEMINI (May 21-June 20) Don’t try to manage things for others when you can’t even do anything for yourself. Getting yourself in trouble is sufficient; don’t put someone else in the same pickle. CANCER (June 21-July 22) Goals can be achieved, but not without a struggle. If you find it necessary to take care of something significant, be prepared to put forth a great deal of fortitude and determination.










Y G Z P R . ”






X M R G S -




O M D V E -

P O G PREVIOUS SOLUTION: PREVIOUS SOLUTION: “When my car runs out of gas, I buy a new one. I don’t want to ride around in a quitter.” Stephen Colbert


JULY 30, 2010




Jet Methods, Inc., a private aircraft charter and asset management company headquartered at the McClellan Palomar Airport in Carlsbad, hosted an event July 15 to celebrate their move to a newly constructed Fixed Based Operation, or FBO. The event included tours of the full-service FBO facility and a silent auction to benefit the Jammer Family Foundation, with entertainment provided by Rancho Santa Fe resident Don Clark. Proceeds from the event will be donated to the nonprofit organization founded by San Diego Charger Quentin Jammer and his wife Alicia, which supports a variety of programs that deliver encouragement and support to disadvantaged youth. In addition to Quentin and Alicia Jammer, event sponsors included MedImpact, Symbolic Motors, South Coast Winery, DiningOut San Diego, Hudson Printing, Dinners by David and Eleanor Clark Design Group. The Jammer Family Foundation supports many local groups including Mothers Against Drunk

Despite a brief summer shower, dozens of people turned out to celebrate the grand opening of Jet Methods new Palomar Airport facility and raise money for the San Pasqual Academy. Photos by Daniel Knighton

Driving, United Way, the Boys & Girls Clubs and San Pasqual Academy. The Jammers were introduced to the foster teens of San Pasqual Academy several years ago and have been

instrumental in providing academic scholarships, Thanksgiving and Christmas programs, group outings to Charger games, one-on-one mentoring and the construction of a home football field.

Above, Kevin Staley, president of Magellan Aviation, pauses for a photo with two Charger Girls. Left, Rancho Santa Fe residents Rhonda Wilson and Jamie Carr.

Above, Rancho Santa Fe residents Renee and Burhan Oral.

Above, Alicia and Quentin Jammer pose in front of a plane owned by Jet Methods. Right, San Diego County Supervisor Ron Roberts.

Above, Rancho Santa Fe resident Eva Stimson and San Diego resident Grayson Grove, president of Jet Methods. Right, Rancho Santa Fe residents Christy and Jeff Wilson.



JULY 30, 2010



S † LI








Rancho† Santa† Fe,† California

Rancho† Santa† Fe,† California

Situated† near† the† 4th† hole† of† the† Del† Mar† Country† Club† this† spectacular home† has† 5† bedroom† suites, beautiful† wood≠ paneled† library/office, gourmet kitchen, master† suite† with† his† &† her† walk≠ in† closets, vanities, fireplace† & balcony† overlooking† the golf† course. Call† for† your† private† showing† today!

Owner† says† bring† all† offers!! Impeccably† maintained† and† like≠ new† gated† estate† with† 6† bedroom† suites, fantastic† floor† plan, mahogany≠ paneled† library, 6† fireplaces, guesthouse† &† outdoor† entertaining† on† 2.95† manicured† acres.







Rancho† Santa† Fe,† California

Outrageous† opportunity† to† steal† a† gorgeous† home† in† the† prestigious community† of† † Fairbanks† Ranch!† Lives† like† a† single≠ level† with† 5† bedroom suites, 2† offices, huge† kitchen† &† family† room, pool† house, play† area† &† 4≠ car garage. Make† an† offer† today!

Rancho† Santa† Fe,† California

Incredible† value† on† the† golf† course† in† the† Del† Mar† Country† Club!† Light† & bright† with† 4† † bedroom† suites† PLUS† a† bonus† room, luxurious† master† suite† on the† main† level, chef's† kitchen, travertine† floors, 4≠ car† garage† &† a† golf† cart garage. Owner† † ready† to† deal!

We† proudly support† the San† Diego affiliate† of the† Susan G.† Komen Breast† Cancer Foundation.

Becky† &† June Becky

858.481.6750 DRE† #00978031


858.756.3060 DRE† #00969762

An† independently† owned† and† operated† member† of† the† Coldwell Banker† Real† Estate† Affiliates.

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