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School traffic causes trouble

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By David Wiemers

LADY SHOOTERS A group of Rancho Santa Fe women exercise their right to bear arms and learn to use guns for their 3 own protection

DOG-A-BUNGA Local dogs hit the waves with their owners in Helen Woodward Animal Center’s annual Dog Surf A Thon 11



Above, Rancho Santa Fe resident Sydney Stratton throws a baseball at the dunking booth during the Rancho Santa Fe Community Center’s Back to School Bash on Sept. 11. Left, Rancho Santa Fe resident Katie Dove, or Dovey to her friends, enjoys an ice cream sundae while recovering from her fake “shark attack” wound. Below, San Diego resident Carmen “Free Spirit” Campbell paints a flower on the face of Rancho Santa Fe resident Channing Magee.


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Photos by Daniel Knighton

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RANCHO SANTA FE — Community leaders are working together to solve the pickup/drop-off challenges that are causing traffic congestion near the R. Roger Rowe school. Chief Patrol Officer Matt Wellhouser gave a report to the Association board of directors at their Sept. 17 meeting, outlining the problems that occur as parents drop their children off at school and later in the afternoon when they arrive to pick them up. “The first three or four days of the new school year were a nightmare,” Wellhouser said. “Meetings were held with the superintendent, Lindy Delaney, and her assistant superintendent, Cindy Schaub, to solve the parking problems; to look for choke points.” Since then, traffic improved, according to Wellhouser, and there is less congestion. “Drop-off is going well,” he said, “The challenge is the afternoon pick-up.” During the afternoon pick-up, parents often arrive TURN TO TRAFFIC ON 22

Local author pens book about Ranch architect By Lillian Cox

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SEPT. 25, 2009

RANCHO SANTA FE — In the spring, author Diane Y. Welch will fulfill what’s become an intimate personal calling with the release of “Lilian J. Rice: Architect of Rancho Santa Fe, California” by Schiffer Publishing. It’s been a long road for the Englishborn writer that began in 2005 when she researched a local history story for the San Diego Union-Tribune about the San Dieguito Academy. DIANE Y. WELCH “I noticed the architect was Lilian J. Rice and wanted to know why a lady in 1936 was designing high schools,” she said. “I couldn’t find a single book in the public library. I thought, ‘Someone needs to write a book; this is significant.’” On June 12, Welch wrote a journal entry vowing to write that book. “I found out later it was Lilian’s birthday,” she said. “I got goose bumps and my

hair stood up on my arm. It was serendipitous and sparked me in to action.” Welch began by traveling to National City, where Rice was born and raised, pouring over newspaper archives at the library. She also relied on the archives of the Rancho Santa Fe Historical Society. Her biggest break came when she discovered research donated to the UCLA library by historian Harriet Rochlin for an article written in the 1970s about female architects in California. A thesis titled “Lilian J. Rice, The Lady as Architect” written by USD student Lucinda Eddy in the 1980s provided additional insight to Rice’s body of work. “No one wrote anything until 1970,” Welch said. “How odd that no one thought to interview Lilian J. Rice while she was alive.There was this exceptional woman and no one sat down to get her story.” Rice is credited with designing the TURN TO BOOK ON 24

MAKING HISTORY Lilian Rice is pictured above at the materials site for the Santa Fe Land Improvement Company in Rancho Santa Fe in May 1923. She served as both architect and project supervisor. Photo courtesy of the Diane Welch Collection

Prep for Fandango heats up By David Wiemers

RANCHO SANTA FE — The Rancho Santa Fe Historical Society, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, is preparing for its best Fandango ever. The Historical Society board met on Sept. 15 to make final preparations for the big event, which will take place between 4 and 8 p.m. Oct. 16. Part of Rancho Days, the Fandango will celebrate the Ranch’s history and heritage with good food, music, dancing and a Chili Cook-off. Chef Rex Havick, author of the cookbook, “Rock ‘n’ Roll Recipes,” will serve as Master of Ceremonies and oversee the Chili Cook-off. Anyone who lives or works in Rancho Santa Fe is invited to participate in the Chili Cookoff. “If you have a favorite chili you’ve developed over the years, now is your opportunity to show it off,” Chef TURN TO FANDANGO ON 22


SEPT. 25, 2009

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SEPT. 25, 2009

ODD Ranch’s Lady Shooters aim for protection FILES


By Bianca Kaplanek

Lead story A male Swedish college student, Ragnar Bengtsson, 26, has begun pumping his breasts at three-hour intervals in a 90-day experiment to see if he can produce milk. If he succeeds, he said, it could prove “‘very important for men’s ability to get much closer to their children at an early stage.”‘ A professor of endocrinology told the daily Aftonbladet that male lactation without hormone treatment might produce “‘a drop or two,”‘ but suggested that men instead consider offering their breasts to babies as a matter of comfort and warmth, rather than as food. Bengtsson, who will report regularly on his progress via Stockholm’s TV8 channel and the station’s Web site, acknowledged that his timetable would sometimes require that he pump during classes.

Compelling Explanations — Improbably Successful Pick-up Line: In September, school officials in Australia’s Queensland state said they were investigating an incident earlier in the year in which two teenagers had consensual sex that they recorded on a cell phone camera. The girl reportedly said she was convinced to lose her virginity out of fear that the world would soon end as a result of the scheduled restart of the Large Hadron Collider near Geneva, Switzerland, later this year. — Police in Deer Lake, Newfoundland, decided in August not to press charges against three boys whom they had previously believed had harassed a young moose so badly that it had to be put down. A final piece of evidence against prosecution came from the father of one of the boys, who vouched that the three could not have committed such a crime since they had been busy at the time, vandalizing a nearby church. — Not My Fault: (1) A 60year-old highway worker was injured when struck by motorist Catherine Stotts, 62, who was speeding down a blocked-off road construction lane near Willits, Calif., in July.The worker required hospitalization, but Stotts complained about receiving a traffic citation, telling officers that the man could have jumped out of the way faster. (2) Alexander Kabelis,31,was arrested for slashing tires on almost 50 vehicles in Boulder, Colo., in May, but offered several explanations, including being overwhelmed by radiation from the nearby Rocky Flats nuclear facility and having been forced by his mother to wear braces on his teeth as a child. — What Century Is This? During the recent influencepeddling trial against Ottawa, Ontario, Mayor Larry O’Brien, local politician Lisa MacLeod, 34, gave seemingly TURN TO ODD FILES ON 19

RANCHO SANTA FE — Firm believers in the Second Amendment, a group of Rancho Santa Fe women meet monthly at an indoor shooting range and exercise their right to bear arms. Known as the Lady Shooters, the group comprises members of the Rancho Santa Fe Republican Women, Federated and is led by Jody Bray. Bray created the Lady Shooters in the 1990s with a group of teachers. It disbanded and restarted a few times before its most recent revival in Rancho Santa Fe in 2008. Since then, Bray said, membership has grown to include about 35 women. On the second Thursday of the month, six to eight of them — although not always the same ones — make the trip to the American Shooting Center on Ruffin Road. Some, like Bray, own their own weapons and go to hone their skills. “I’ve shot rifles, but I want to become more proficient in handguns,” she said. Others, like two recent newcomers, have never held a gun. For them, there is Bruce Ruff, an associated member of the Rancho Santa Fe Republican Women, Federated who is now retired after a 30-year career in law enforcement. He accompanies the group to the shooting range to offer basic instruction and hands-on training. “I know issues of the Second Amendment are of concern with the invasion of our nation by criminal illegal people,” said Ruff, one of four candidates for San Diego sheriff. “We have a need for people to defend themselves. I want them to handle weapons safely so there are no unintentional injuries.” Bray said the Second Amendment is “what keeps free people free.” “The more the public understands that gun owners ensure freedom, the better,” said Bray, a Texas native who recalls shooting her first gun

By Randy Kalp

HOT SHOT Jody Bray of Rancho Santa Fe gets ready for target practice. Bray is founder of the Lady Shooters, a group of women from the Rancho Santa Fe Republican Women, Federated who are firm believers in the Second Amendment. They meet at a shooting range once a month to exercise their right to bear arms. Photo by Bianca Kaplanek

SAFETY FIRST “Control your weapon” and “count your shots,” Bruce Ruff, a retired law enforcement officer, tells his students. An associated member of the Rancho Santa Fe Republican Women, Federated, Ruff accompanies the Lady Shooters to the range to offer basic instruction and hands-on training for those who have never used a gun. Photo by Bianca Kaplanek

when she was probably younger than 10. “I grew up with guns hanging on the wall,” she said. Her current collection includes a .22-caliber Browning automatic long rifle and a .22-caliber Smith & Wesson. During her most recent visit to the shooting range, Bray tried a .38-caliber handgun for the first time. She said she likes it because it has much more power, but the .22-calibers are less expensive and easier to handle. Bray said the only time she’s had to use a gun for protection was to shoot a rattlesnake — directly in the mouth — while hiking in the mountains. “I’ve never had to use a gun (on a person), but I want to be able to do it safely if I ever have to,” she said. Although she used to shoot dove and quail, Bray said she no longer hunts. “Killing things is not my style,” she said. “Guns are for protection. If, in the process of protecting, you have to kill someone, that’s what it’s for. Better them than you.”

Torture jury under investigation for possible misconduct By Randy Kalp

ESCONDIDO — The sentencing of a 46-year-old man convicted of torturing his wife was put on hold while the court investigates possible jury misconduct, a San Diego Superior Court judge ruled Sept. 11. Erring on the side of caution, Judge Joan Weber said she would send out letters to the jurors on Tommy Lee Williams’ case asking them for permission to release their names to the attorneys so the matter could be investigated

further. Jurors who do not wish to have their contact information released will be asked to come to court Oct. 9 to explain their position. The jury deliberated less than 10 hours back in April before returning guilty verdicts on all six counts in Williams’ case, which included attempted murder, torture and false imprisonment. The charges were in connection to his alleged Oct. 27, 2007, attack on his now ex-wife, Jeannette Lawrence, in her

Escondido apartment. The possible misconduct stems from an indication that during their deliberation, the jury may have had a discussion about Williams not testifying, defense attorney Herb Weston said. The issue surfaced after some jurors mentioned it to the investigative detective on the case following the verdict, he said. Weston argued throughout the trial that Williams was the victim of a plot perpetrated by his ex-wife to have him murdered in Vista jail by her

son’s skinhead gang. Though, in her closing argument, Deputy District Attorney Marnie McGee likened Williams’ approximately 30-minute attack to that of a cat playing with a mouse. She told jurors that Williams didn’t just want to kill Lawrence, he wanted to make her pay for wanting to divorce him, and that his end goal was to have the attack be a murder-suicide. The torture conviction TURN TO JURY ON 27

Time for Ranch library’s half-price book sale RANCHO SANTA FE — It’s time again for the Book Cellar’s twice yearly halfprice book sale. From 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Oct. 1 through Oct. 3, its entire inventory of books and other items will be discounted by 50 percent off the regular price. The Book Cellar is located at 17040

Foreclosed house party promoter to stand trial

Avenida De Acacias below the Youth Services wing of the Rancho Santa Fe Library, with its own entrance through a side patio. As always, a drawing for a $50 gift certificate to be held at 4 p.m. Oct. 3. This sale is always a great way to stock up on holiday gifts. A

new item this sale is the “Decorator Book Boxes.” Staffed and managed by volunteers, the Book Cellar and all proceeds from the half-price sale are used to maintain and improve the Rancho Santa Fe branch of the County of San Diego Library. The Book Cellar keeps its selection of books

fresh by continually culling and restocking the shelves. It features used books, large print books, collector’s books and audio books. The Book Cellar is open every Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. For more information, call (858) 756-4780 or visit www.rsflibraryguild.org.

ESCONDIDO — A young man will have to stand trial on charges relating to parties thrown in foreclosed homes, a San Superior Court judge ruled Sept. 17. Jovan Peter Araujo, 21, is charged with two counts of vandalism and one count of burglary, all felonies, in connection to two North County house parties that he allegedly organized. Prosecutors allege Araujo, whose moniker is “Dream,” set up a Fourth of July party in Fallbrook and another one at an Escondido residence Aug. 14 — both houses were vacant and being foreclosed on — through his “party crew” known as Street Anthem Productions. Araujo of San Marcos was contacted by police at the later party, which was held on Country Club Drive, a rural section in Escondido. Authorities found two bottles of hard liquor and a keg behind the rear seat of his car. Police testified they were able to link Araujo to the July 4 incident through the party’s deejay and Araujo’s co-defendant Cynthia Munoz, an 18year-old San Marcos resident whose moniker is “Smiley.” A bench warrant is currently out for Munoz, who failed to show at her Sept. 1 arraignment hearing relating to the July 4 party in which she is charged with one felony count each of burglary and vandalism. Araujo remains in custody on a no bail hold relating to violating his probation in connection with two 2008 convictions for burglary out of San Diego County. His next scheduled court appearance is a Sept. 30 arraignment hearing, at which time a trial date may be set. If convicted, Araujo faces up to four years and four months in prison. Defense attorney Tracey Sang argued that her client is being unfairly targeted by authorities for simply being a recognizable party-goer at these events. She said Araujo is well-known because of his car, a 1964 Chevy Impala, and his outgoing personality. At the time of Araujo’s arrest in August, Sang said authorities were scouring to find out who was throwing these parties, and that her client got caught in their “where there’s smoke, there’s fire attitude.” She said the fact the parties are still being thrown is proof that TURN TO PROMOTER ON 27



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War of the chambers Let the finger pointing begin. The war of the Encinitas chambers is on, and you can be certain this is only the beginning of a long, drawn-out process. Somewhere in the blame game are the answers we’ve been waiting for: Who is responsible for this mess? And what are they guilty of? As many The Coast News readers may know, the Encinitas Chamber of Commerce finally released a long-awaited financial review. City Council and a sizeable number of folks in Encinitas have been waiting on this bad boy for too long. Covering a four-year period — from the summer of ’05 to the summer of ’09 — the review seems to focus on the financials doings of former Chamber CEO Gary Tucker and former membership director Mike Andreen (to see the review in all its glory, visit www.coastnewsgroup.com). These findings are only the tip of the proverbial iceberg, as there are more movers and shakers to be held accountable in this wicked chamber weave. I find it hard to believe just two men could create an environment of fear and financial distress in the Encinitas Chamber of Commerce community. And Andreen himself was quick to point out the subjective nature of the review conducted by Colleen Walsh, owner of Encinitas-based CFO To-GO and a newly appointed Encinitas Chamber of Commerce board member. Sounds a little fishy to me. Andreen and Tucker have every right to defend themselves. But while they’re busy saving face, we’re still without answers. Tucker wouldn’t talk about the review with The Coast News, but he was quoted in the UnionTribune saying, “This whole

ERIC MURTAUGH Outside Perspective thing is just a misleading attempt to cover up for the inadequacies of the board of directors.” It is the type of reaction one might expect from the accused, but it does little to explain the glaring financial inconsistencies found in the review. They may be lies, Mr. Tucker, but do us the justice of explaining why you believe it so. The chamber drama really kicked into high gear when Andreen formed the New Encinitas Chamber, a yet to be formally recognized chamber targeting businesses in the El Camino Real corridor. By all means, this is a democracy and the man has the right to do as he sees fit. But his motives remain questionable. Why sever ties with an organization you worked so hard to promote? Why divide the Encinitas business community into Us vs. Them, New Encinitas vs. Old Encinitas? Imagine how strong the Encinitas business community could be with a united front! It’s a shame Encinitas can’t get its chamber act together. And it’s not entirely impossible, as the Carlsbad chamber appears to be doing just fine. Talk about a chamber that is relevant, helpful, strong, and cohesive. Business leaders of Encinitas have lost sight of the nature of a functioning, healthy chamber. How can they possibly promote local business interests while they’re engaged in petty TURN TO OUTSIDE ON 25

Electronic bingo coming to the fairgrounds? Charities will benefit big time Folks looking for an afternoon or evening diversion besides reality stuff on TV may in the near future be able to tool down to the County Fairgrounds and play electronic bingo. The fair board at its Sept. 8 meeting gave Executive Manager Tim Fennell the green lite to pursue that possibility. Last year the legislature OK’d nonprofit organizations operating bingo on electronic video and audio links like Vegas Keno that results in bigger payouts unlike the current restriction that caps bingo winnings at $250 bux. Sponsors must be 501(c)(3) certified. Fennell said a classy lounge at Surfside Race Place will be available for the proposed activity that will not conflict with satellite wagering.

Five-day racing schedule

Seeking guest editorials As a community newspaper, our readers are our news. We would like to open the opportunity for you to write a Community Commentary to run on our Op Ed pages. We are looking for submissions 500 to 700 words, in a first person voice, that explore an issue or idea relevant to you as a North

County resident. Submissions longer than 700 words will not be considered. Not all submissions will be published. Send finished editorials to lsutton@coastnewsgroup.com.You will be contacted if your piece is chosen for publication.

In spite of economic conditions, Del Mar Thoroughbred Club General Manager Joe Harper sez the recently concluded race meet worked out as good or above expectations. The five-day Wednesday through Sunday schedule proved to be very popular and likely will be the norm in the future. In the early days, Del Mar was dark on Sundays becuz they were considered the day racetrackers and racing fans went to

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P.O. Box 232550, Encinitas, CA 92023-2550 • 760-436-9737 www.ranchosfnews.com • Fax: 760-943-0850

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church. Also Caliente Race Track in Tijuana offered Sunday racing and Del Mar opted not to compete due to a certain amount of cooperation between the two tracks.

Bizness as usual Taxpayers who are facing eviction from their homes, out-of-work and skipping meals are not getting much joy in hearing that some of their public servants, paid or otherwise, are not enduring their pain. Case in point — high level water authority staffers and their workers were hoping for a 25 percent hike in pension benefits; members of the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority who were admonished a coppla years ago for their lavish spending of tax dollars have gone back to their obscene ways; and legislators are reported to have given their staffs hefty raises totaling nearly $600 grand annually while workers were given furloughs without pay or laid off. Additional examples on request.

Constitutional convention

Repair California is reported to be moving ahead rapidly in order to provide for a constitutional convention on the 2010 ballot. A unicameral body rather than the two-house legislature, term limits and the twothirds majority needed to pass the budget and tax increases are among the burning issues up for consideration. Delegates to a constitutional convention must have the interest of all the folks rather than those of special interests. Not a minor requirement with today’s bloated army of lobbyists.

C’bad’s aging mall

Westfield Plaza, once considered to be the shopping jewel of North County, is due for a redo according its current owners. With the exiting of several major stores its shopper appeal has waned.When it was developed more than four decades ago, then C’bad city manager, the late John Mamaux, was accused by some folks of giving the builders several concessions to make a center a reality. Noise died down when sales tax revenue began rolling into city coffers.

Growers did great

Car repair law

In spite of the downturn in the economy and reduced irrigation water, county agriculture growers had a record year in 2008. Crop value was reported to be in excess of $l.5 bil. Indoor foliage and flower plants topped the crops likely becuz they are now widely marketed in Growing older many stores like Henry’s, Trader According to Mike Stobbe writ- Joes, Vons and alotta others. Folks ing for Associated Press, U.S. life who shop their now frequently take expectancy is now at the all time high of 78 years. (You are young TURN TO EYE ON THE COAST ON 25 Auto repair shops soon will have to display certificates issued by the state that indicate they are trustworthy and reputable. Like the smog checkers, they also agree to have a cap on some of their services and to provide the parts they charge for.

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PHOTOGRAPHER DANIEL KNIGHTON dan@pixelperfectimages.net

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BILL ARBALLO Eye on the Coast

until you hit that mark). One of the reasons given for longer life is becuz there is now better treatment of major ailments like cancer and heart problems.

LAURIE SUTTON lsutton@coastnewsgroup.com



SEPT. 25, 2009

community CALENDAR

Got an item for the calendar? Send the details via e-mail to calendar@coastnewsgroup.com.

SEPT. 25

LIMA BEAN FUN The San Dieguito Heritage Museum will host the Lima Bean Cook Off Weekend Sept. 26 through Sept. 27, San Dieguito Heritage Museum, 450 Quail Gardens Drive, Encinitas. The event will feature local residents and community organizations cooking their favorite lima bean recipes, and much more. Visit sdheritage.org, send an e-mail to limabeanevent@hotmail.com, or call (760) 632-9711 to learn more.

SEPT. 26

ADOPT A LAB Labrador Rescuers, a nonprofit organization that rescues and rehomes Labrador Retrievers, will hold an adoption event from 10 a.m. to noon Sept. 26, PETCO, 2749 Via de la Valle, Del Mar. Call (619) 819-0234 or visit www.labrescuers.org for more details. LUAU FUNDRAISER The Greater Encinitas Kiwanis Club will host its annual Luau Fundraiser event from 5:30 to 9 p.m. Sept. 26, Encinitas Community Center, 1140 Oakcrest Park Drive. Participants can enjoy catered Hawaiian food, drinks, entertainment and plenty of auction items to bid on. All proceeds from the event support the club’s many youth programs. Call Ken Rundle at (760) 522-0073 to learn more. TOO MANY PEOPLE The Democratic Club of CarlsbadOceanside will meet from 10 a.m. to noon Sept. 26, Carlsbad Woman’s Club, 3320 Monroe St., Carlsbad.The topic will be “Overpopulation: The Ultimate Environmental Issue.” Contact Robin Friedheim at (760) 804-2754 or by e-mail at rfriedheim@roadrunner.com. for details. WOMAN, TOTALLY Total Woman Gym and Day Spa will host a grand opening event from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Sept. 26, 172 N. El Camino Real Blvd., Encinitas.This will be a family celebration with fun entertainment for the kids. Call (760) 632-1258 or visit www.totalwomanspa.com for details.

SEPT. 27 NATIVES ONLY Join the San Dieguito River Valley Conservancy in removing invasive non-native trees to enhance native salt marsh habitat and protect new least tern nest sites at the San Dieguito Lagoon in Del Mar from 1 to 3:30 p.m. Sept. 27. Tools, training and refreshments will be provided. Reservations are required and TURN TO CALENDAR ON 27

TO THE SEA Volunteers from several organizations gathered on Sept. 20 at South Ponto Beach to help blind participants catch some waves. Photo by Alyx Sariol

Blind surfers take to the waves with a little help By Alyx Sariol

CARLSBAD — After just a few minutes in the water on a beautiful Sunday morning, Aurora Ortiz was already standing up on a surf board and gliding into shore. However, Ortiz, 66, is not your average surfer. She’s a member of the Blind Community Center of San Diego who participated in the Encinitas Lions Club’s 14th annual Blind Surfing Event on Sept. 20. “I look forward to this every year,” Ortiz said. “It’s a lot of freedom.” Volunteers from the Lions Club, Swamis Surfing Association, San Diego Surfing Academy and the La Costa Canyon High School Leos Club gathered at South Ponto Beach in Carlsbad to create an event to remember for the surfers. Formal lessons were not required, as the surfers from the Blind Community Center have been attending the

event for years.Anxious to get out into the water, the surfers and volunteers patiently listened to the very important safety instructions before heading out to surf. “There are no grouchy locals so let’s have a great time, let’s go surfing!” said Pat Weber, founder of the San Diego Surfing Academy, announcing the official start of the event. The surfers were guided into the water with assistance from volunteers of all ages who were there to keep their surfers safe and have fun. A pitch and catch system WAVE WARRIOR Monique McCorley, from the Blind Community Center, spent the morning riding in to was used to help launch the shore with the help of volunteers. “It’s fun and adventurous,” McCorley said. Photo by Alyx Sariol surfers onto waves for a thrilling ride to shore. Volunteers pitched the surfers onto a wave while others were waiting along the way and at the shoreline to catch them. “It’s exhausting to do

Nancarrow Realty Group



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Plan For The Future. How an Estate Plan Puts You in Control. Presented by Joseph DeFalco, Branch Manager, CA License #: 0E31540 Wednesday, October 21 5:30-6:00 Registration | 6-7 p.m. Event Location: Ameriprise Financial | 8910 University Center Lane, Suite 200 San Diego, CA 92122 Space is limited. Call Lauren by Monday, October 19 at (858) 259-3002.

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This is an informational seminar. There is no cost or obligation for attending. Wine and hors d’oeuvres will be served. Hosted by: Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc. (858) 795-2307 Financial planning services and investments offered through Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc., Member FINRA and SIPC. © 2009 Ameriprise Financial, Inc. All rights reserved.





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SEPT. 25, 2009


Solana Beach sends revised land-use plan for bluffs By Bianca Kaplanek

SOLANA BEACH — After being accused of delegating its authority and lacking leadership, City Council voted 4-0 at the Sept. 9 meeting to adopt a revised draft of the city’s Local Coastal Program Land Use Plan and submit the document for certification to the California Coastal Commission for the fifth time since 2001. Residents, members of a citizens advisory committee and representatives from environmental groups were among the 20 speakers who addressed council during the three-hour hearing. At issue were provisions in the document dealing with sea walls. Bluff-top property owners said they should have the right to build the structures to protect their homes. Environmentalists said the shoreline protection devices prevent the natural creation of a beach and will eventually eliminate land that belongs to the public. A Local Coastal Program,

ON THE EDGE Backyards such as this one on Pacific Avenue are slowly eroding away. Homeowners on the bluff want the right to build sea walls to protect their property. Environmentalists say the devices will eventually eliminate beaches that rightfully belong to the public. “What they’ve purchased is a limited right to that view … based on the wealth that they have accumulated in their lives, but it’s fleeting,” attorney Marco Gonzalez said. “Your ability to stay in your property will eventually leave as the earth overtakes and the process of beach creation reclaims what we have so poorly given away.” Photo by Bianca Kaplanek

or LCP, is the basic planning tool used by a city to guide development in its coastal zone. It is required by the California Coastal Act of 1976

to ensure coastal areas are used and developed according to statewide public objectives. Each LCP contains ground rules for future devel-

opment and protection of coastal resources. It includes a land-use plan and zoning ordinances to implement that plan.

An approved LCP gives a city more permitting authority over most new coastal development. Solana Beach is unique in that the entire city is considered a coastal zone. It is one of six cities statewide — and the only one in San Diego County — without an approved LCP. That means development permits for all property owners, not just those on the bluff, must receive city and state approval. A citizens advisory committee of environmentalists and bluff-top property owners has spent years developing a document that includes compromises from both groups. LCPs were submitted in 2001, 2006, 2007 and 2008. Each version was modified to include comments and suggestions from the Coastal Commission and its staff as well as input from the citizens group. One provision in the document requires that all shoreline protection devices be TURN TO LAND-USE ON 27

‘Magnum P.I.’ star Selleck settles lawsuit over show horse By Randy Kalp

by the Sellecks was agreed upon by the defendants. The settlement includes the more than $187,000 awarded to Selleck and his wife, Jillie Mack-Selleck, after the jury determined the couple was duped when they purchased a competition horse with an

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DEL MAR — Actor Tom Selleck on Sept. 8 settled his family’s show horse case for a quarter of a million dollars. Just before jurors were set to begin deliberating on punitive damages in the case, a $250,000 settlement proposed

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undisclosed ailment. Jurors found Del Mar equestrian Dolores Cuenca, agent Lynn Obligado and her husband, Guillermo Obligado, guilty of portraying Zorro, a 10year-old show horse as fit for competition despite their knowledge that he suffered from lameness. The Sellecks purchased Zorro in 2006 for $120,000 for their 20-year-old daughter, Hannah, to ride in amateur competitions. Currently, Zorro remains in the care of the Sellecks. Attorney George Knopfler said he and the Sellecks believed the settlement repre-

sented a reasonable estimate of what the jury would have awarded in punitive damages. Knopfler said the Sellecks’ motivation for going forward with the case was never about money. He said since the winning party can’t recover their attorney’s fees, people will often spend more than what they recover, which occurred in this lawsuit. For the Sellecks, this case was about vindication and changing the way business is handled in these horse transactions, Knopfler said. “Unless people want to make a statement and say,‘Hey you can’t do business this way,’



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it’s going to continue,”Knopfler said. Knopfler said he has evidence that the same three people, the Obligados and Cuenca, had committed a similar fraud several months before the Sellecks bought Zorro. Knopfler said his claim is based on information he obtained from medical records and interviews with the veterinarian and buyer in that transaction. If the jury would have deliberated on punitive damages,Knopfler said he would’ve presented the evidence to the panel,since he was barred from introducing the information during the first phase of the trial due to its prejudicial nature. However, attorney Robert Scapa refuted Knopfler’s claim. Scapa said the transaction was valid, and in fact the buyer was pleased with the horse. He added that no lawsuit was ever filed. Scapa also said he believes fault could fall on many of the people involved in the case, including the Sellecks, who he said didn’t talk to the veterinarian,nor did they look at the prepurchase vetting form until more than two months after they bought Zorro. “I think it’s a wake-up call for everybody that we need to be a little more diligent,” Scapa said.

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OCT. 30, 31 & NOV. 1, 2009 ENCINITAS, CA




A list of what’s been selling in the Ranch area, who’s buying it and for how much — also available online. This information is deemed reliable, but not guaranteed. Source: DataQuick, transactions from last 2 months

Date: 08/31/2009; Amount: $2,325,000; Lender: Wells Fargo Bank; Buyer: East Family Trust; Address: 6165 Mimulus, Rancho Santa Fe; Assessed: $2,071,602; Land: $1,285,824; Tax: $21,911.34; Built: 1954; Features: 2-car garage, 3 bed, 3 bath, 3521 sq. ft.; Loan Amount: $1,000,000; Loan Type: Conventional; Rate: Variable.

Date: 08/31/2009; Amount: $2,122,500; Lender: Bank Of America; Buyer: Anita Lalani; Address: 17680 Las Repolas, Rancho Santa Fe; Assessed: $3,040,041; Land: $1,147,184; Tax: $31,865; Built: 2000; Features: 5-car garage, 6 bed, 5.5 bath, 6406 sq. ft.; Loan Amount: $1,250,000; Loan Type: Conventional; Rate: Variable.

Date: 08/31/2009; Amount: $0; Lender: Bank Of America; Buyer: Glenn & Mary Marshall; Address: 7272 Camino De Arriba, Rancho Santa Fe; Assessed: $1,489,506; Land: $554,370; Tax: $16,606.62; Features: 3-car garage, 4 bed, 3.5 bath, 4587 sq. ft.; Loan Amount: $697,500; Loan Type: Conventional; Rate: Fixed.

Date: 08/28/2009; Amount: $100,000; Buyer: Bridge Bk Natl; Address: 6418 Via Naranjal, Rancho Santa Fe; Assessed: $1,520,359; Land: $954,825; Tax: $16,413.64; Built: 1991; Features: 3-car garage, 5 bed, 4.5 bath, 4160 sq. ft.; Loan Amount: $0; Loan Type: Conventional.

Date: 08/28/2009; Amount: $1,070,000; Lender: San Diego County Cu; Buyer: Christian Oed; Address: 3858 Avenida Feliz, Rancho Santa Fe; Assessed: $892,512; Land: $506,110; Tax: $9,101.24; Built: 1971; Features: 2-car garage, 3 bed, 2 bath, 2831 sq. ft.; Loan Amount: $790,000; Loan Type: Conventional; Rate: Fixed.

Date: 08/26/2009; Amount: $5,450,000; Lender: Transatlantic Bank; Buyer: Mountain Magic Inc; Address: 17275 Via Recanto, Rancho Santa Fe; Assessed: $4,660,477; Land: $2,361,854; Tax: $48,324.16; Features: 4-car garage, 4 bed, 4.5 bath, 8357 sq. ft.; Loan Amount: $2,725,000; Loan Type: Conventional; Rate: Variable.

Date: 08/24/2009; Amount: $0; Lender: Seller; Buyer: Reed Walker Trust; Address: 17044 El Camino Real, Rancho Santa Fe; Assessed: $1,299,721; Land: $799,829; Tax: $13,269.60; Built: 1978; Features: 3-car garage, 3 bed, 2.5 bath, 3762 sq. ft.; Loan Amount: $0; Loan Type: Conventional; Rate: Fixed.

Date: 08/21/2009; Amount: $0; Lender: Us Bank Na; Buyer: Stephen & Jeri Lose; Address: 7726 Camino Sin Puente, Rancho Santa Fe; Assessed: $2,164,862; Land: $789,062; Tax: $25,275.50; Features: 4-car garage, 4 bed, 4.5 bath, 5137 sq. ft.; Loan Amount: $1,400,000; Loan Type: Conventional; Rate: Variable. TURN TO SOLD ON 27



SEPT. 25, 2009









NEW PRICE $2,365,000








OFFERED AT VRM $5,995,000 TO $6,495,000








NEW PRICE $4,145,000









OFFERED AT $3,995,000








OFFERED AT VRM $10,750,000 TO $12,225,876 RITA LISA











SEPT. 25, 2009


Locals protest fairgrounds pot, noise

BIRDS OF A FEATHER Visitors to the lower level of San Dieguito County Park on El Camino Real in Rancho Santa Fe witnessed a rare treat on Sept. 13: A hen and tom turkey trying to cross El Camino Real, probably to visit the nearby duck pond. Among the Good Samaritans trying to protect the turkeys from crossing El Camino was Karen Carhart, a volunteer with the San Diego Humane Society, large animal rescue division. She called fellow volunteer Leslie Buncher, left, who quickly arrived on the scene and easily grabbed the hen while the protective tom looked on helplessly. “They are a pair,” Buncher said. “As long as I’ve got her, he’s not going to leave.” After securing the safety of the animals, Buncher said he would deliver them to the humane society. “We hope their owners claim them,” he said. “They are obviously pets. If they don’t, we’ll adopt them out together because they’re mates.”

By Bill Arballo

DEL MAR — Nine local residents appeared at the 22nd District Agricultural Association’s board of directors meeting Sept. 8 to complain about noise, a billboard and rampant marijuana smoking and underage drinking during a Ziggy Marley reggae concert following the races Sept. 6. A resident who lives across the street from the fairgrounds told directors the music level was well above the allowed decibel level and made it impossible to carry on a conversation or to watch television. A complaint also was voiced about a billboard mounted on a trailer that was parked in the wetland area adjacent to I-5 that was reported to be in TURN TO NOISE ON 25

Photo by Lillian Cox

O’side man charged in teen runaway rape By Randy Kalp

OCEANSIDE — A 49year-old man accused of having sex with a teenage runaway appeared in a Vista courtroom Sept.17 to face charges relating to his four-month relationship with the girl. Robert Jay Kaden is charged with statutory rape, committing a lewd act and providing drugs to a minor relating to his relationship with a 15year-old girl that started in February. Kaden, of Oceanside, entered a not guilty plea through his attorney at the brief arraignment hearing. The teenage victim told

police Kaden had sex with her throughout their relationship, which ended in June 2009, Oceanside police Sgt. Kelan Poorman said in a press release. In addition to having sex at Kaden’s residence, where he also supplied her with marijuana, they also had sex at local motels, Poorman said. Police found cocaine, psilocybin mushrooms and other contraband when they searched Kaden’s residence in the 1800 block of South Meyer, Poorman stated. Kaden remains in custody TURN TO RUNAWAY ON 25

Rancho Santa Fe father dies in plane crash RANCHO SANTA FE — Chad Christopher Kelly, beloved husband, father and son, was tragically killed in a plane crash on Sept. 16. Kelly was 36 years old. He is survived by his wife Sharlene and their three daughters Sophia, 7, Brooklyn, 4, and Julia, 8 months. Kelly also leaves behind his parents Philip and Julie Mossy, Larry and Carol Kelly, grandfather Wiley Mossy, and brothers Todd Kelly, Philip Jr., Jason and Owen Mossy CHAD KELLY and their respective families. Kelly received a BA degree from University of Arizona where he was a member of the Kappa Sigma fraternity. He attended and graduated from La Jolla Country Day High School and Rancho Santa Fe Elementary School. He held advanced degrees in Web

design,and was a Microsoft certified systems engineer and administrator. Kelly was the IT director for the Mossy Automotive Group. He had been a resident of San Diego County for 29 years. His passions in life were his wife Sharlene and their three daughters. Kelly was an avid outdoorsman and private pilot. His adventures took him to the summits of Mt. Shasta, Mt. Whitney and the Grand Tetons. He loved backpacking, kayaking, snow skiing, boating and most of all flying.Kelly had an incredible sense of humor and an amazing capacity for poise and professionalism under pressure. He was a kind, gentle, caring person with a joyous spirit. He will be greatly missed by his family, friends and co-workers. Funeral services wereheld Sept. 25 at the Church of the Nativity. In lieu of flowers, the family has requested donations to the American Diabetes Association.



SEPT. 25, 2009

La Jolla Playhouse Reading presents ‘The Laramie Project’

LA JOLLA — On Oct. 12, La Jolla Playhouse will present a reading of the Tectonic Theater Project’s new work, “The Laramie Project: 10 Years Later,” at 8 p.m. in the Playhouse’s Mandell Weiss Forum, 2910 La Jolla Village Drive. This epilogue to the original piece will premiere the same day at Lincoln Center’s Alice Tully Hall and at more than 100 other theaters in all 50 states, Canada, Great Britain, Spain, Hong Kong and Australia. On Oct. 6, 1998, Matthew Shepard was beaten and left to die tied to a fence in the outskirts of Laramie, Wyo. He died six days later. His murOUTDOOR ART Jill Mollenhauer displays her creative “Garden Angels,” which come in the form of teapot der became a watershed historical moment in America and cups. Photo by David Wiemers that highlighted the violence and prejudice lesbian, gay,

Big week for RSF Art Guild By David Wiemers

RANCHO SANTA FE — The Rancho Santa Fe Art Guild had a busy week with two major events being held within days of each other. The ninth annual Finer Art Affaire was held Sept. 13, and Serenity, a new art show, premiered Sept. 17. The Finer Art Affaire was held in the park and on a section of Avenida de Acacias that was roped off for the event. “The show keeps getting better,” Cherry Sweig, art show chairwoman for the second year, said. “It’s so beautiful. It’s the biggest art show event of the year.” Artists participating in the event agreed. “The quality keeps going up,” artist Adela Peterson said. Peterson has been a member of the Rancho Santa Fe Art Guild for the past five years and it was the second year she has displayed her artwork at the event. Artist Robin Trimm does bold, colorful, impressionistic work. “I’m told I paint like Matisse,” Trimm said. “I feel sorry for him,” she said with self-deprecating humor. In terms of sales, last year’s show was the best of the year for Trimm, who hails from San Clemente. “I hope this year is even better.” Attendance was brisk on

the beautiful, sunny Sunday afternoon where more than 100 artists displayed their works of art. The following Thursday, the Rancho Santa Fe Art Guild’s newest show Serenity opened and three receptions

SUN. OCT. 4 @ STEELERS 5:20 PM NBC SERENE SCENE Alice Jean Dieffenbach is the featured artist at the new show on display at the Rancho Santa Fe Art Guild titled Serenity. Photo by David Wiemers


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Tickets for “The Laramie Project: 10 Years Later” are $15. Proceeds from the Playhouse reading will benefit the Hillcrest Youth Center, a program operated under the auspices of the San Diego LGBT Community Center. Tickets and information are

were held for the featured artists. In the main gallery, Alice Jean Dieffenbach was the featured artist. “My work brings you up close for an intimate encounter with life and


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bisexual and transgender people face. A month after the murder, the members of Tectonic Theater Project traveled to Laramie and conducted interviews with the people of the town. From these interviews they wrote the play “The Laramie Project,” which they later made into a film for HBO.


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SEPT. 25, 2009

Event raises funds for Shores property By Bianca Kaplanek

DEL MAR — A pie-eating contest, costumed-dog parade, crazy hats and relay races were all part of Septemberfest, a Sept. 20 event at the Shores property sponsored by Friends of Del Mar Parks to raise money for the site purchase. During the three-hour festivities, the nonprofit community group also announced the winner of its Paint the Town Yellow contest, a neighborhood competition held from Aug. 1 through Sept. 18 to increase participation in the fundraising drive. The city was divided into nine sections. Donors were given yellow yard signs to indicate they had made a contribution. The Ocean Pines area, with 31 percent participation, was named the winner. North Hills and Sunset came in second and third, with 26 percent and 24 percent, respectively. The Stratford/Bluffs neighborhood, where the property on Ninth Street and Camino del Mar is located, finished in the middle, with about 12 percent participation. The goal was to raise $100,000 and increase participation by 250 donors. Barbara Mandel Pache, campaign coordinator, said the contest attracted only about PRETTY IN PINK Fashionably coordinated right down to her cast, 3- 35 new donors but raised year-old Lola Wilkinson feigns shyness while munching on an ice cream $81,876. She said some presandwich. Photo by Bianca Kaplanek

HALF-BAKED After taking about five or six bites, Taylor Hackbart, a 13-year-old student at Canyon Crest Academy, decided the contest wasn’t all it was sliced up to be and eventually began eating her pie half the good old-fashioned way — with her hands. Taylor’s mother, Corinne, was the Septemberfest chairwoman.

vious donors contributed again. With 502 donors to date, Mandel Pache said she is confident the group can reach its year-end goal of 750 participants. Friends of Del Mar Parks has now raised $5,532,331, most of which was used as a down payment when the city bought the 5.3-acre lot from the Del Mar Union School District last year for $8.5 million. A balloon payment of $3,245,588 will be due in November 2011.

IN YOUR FACE Sean McDowell, 11, was named champion of the pieeating contest in the 11- to 17-year-old division. His best friend, 11-yearold Joe Worland, left, came in second. Sean won a trophy and, of course, an apple pie. Photos by Bianca Kaplanek



SEPT. 25, 2009

Chamber report shows misuse of Encintas city funds By Wehtahnah Tucker

ENCINITAS — The Chamber of Commerce released the results of a longawaited financial review late Wednesday afternoon to the City Manager’s office. Among the findings are a pattern of co-mingling of funds, diversion of specific-use funds and providing financial benefit to a GARY TUCKER board member. Specifically, former CEO Gary Tucker and Marketing Director Mike Andreen were accused of mismanaging

funds. Andreen also served on the board of directors. The document was prepared by a certified public accountant hired by the chamber at the behest of the City Council as a condition of its continued support of the Visitor Center. In 2005, the city entered into a three-year a g re e m e n t with the chamber to MIKE ANDREEN operate the Visitor Center in the amount of $91,500 per year. A monthto-month extension was TURN TO CHAMBER ON 23

Teen volunteer group celebrates 19 years COAST CITIES — From organizing games and activities for needy children to planting trees in areas ravaged by wildfires, North County boys are giving back to their communities while learning valuable lessons in leadership. They are members of Teen Volunteers in Action, a nonprofit that provides structured programs of volunteerism, philanthropy and personal development for boys from seventh through 12th grades. The organization, founded nine years ago by Rancho Santa Fe resident Franci Free and Terri Matthews, kicked off another year of community service Sept. 13 at the Rancho Santa Fe Community Center. President Anne Gruzdowich welcomed the

Woof waves Murrieta resident Michelle Callahan and her pup Gertrude ride the last wave in after their heat during the Surf Dog Surf A Thon at Dog Beach in Del Mar on Aug. 13. The event raised money for the Helen Woodward Animal Center. Right, Kiapet, a Russell terrier, poses for photographers before starting her practice session between heats. Below, Carlsbad residents Scott and Beverly Chandler with their dog, Zoey. Photos by Daniel Knighton

boys and their families to the event where they collected gifts for North County Solutions for Change, an organization which provides housing and services to homeless families with children. TVIA will host a holiday party for the group, where children can “shop” for gifts to give their parents. The guest speaker was Alephonsion Deng, one of the authors of “They Poured Fire on Us From the Sky: the True Story of Three Lost Boys from Sudan.” Deng, his brother and his cousins were among tens of thousands of young boys displaced during the Sudanese civil war. To learn more about Teen Volunteers in Action, visit www.tvia.org.

Bikers plan poker run for injured friend SAN MARCOS — He lost both legs and his life changed in the blink of an eye. Ben Rios, 27, is now recovering from serious injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident Aug. 18 while riding on Fire Mountain Drive near El Camino Real in Oceanside. Now, motorcycle enthusiasts from throughout San Diego are coming together to help buoy Rios’ spirits and

defray his mounting medical expenses. Organized by fellow riders on SanDiegoSportBikeMeetup.c om, the Ben Rios Benefit Poker Run will be held at 9:30 a. m. Sept. 27 at Dalton’s Road TURN TO BIKERS ON 24


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OCT. 30, 31 & NOV. 1, 2009 ENCINITAS, CA

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SEPT. 25, 2009


crime REPORT A weekly log of neighborhood crime. Compiled by Randy Kalp

A report for the week of Sept. 8, 2009 to Sept. 15, 2009 ACCORD STOLEN A light

green Honda Accord valued at $1,500 was reportedly stolen from Mangano Circle in Encinitas sometime between 8:30 p.m. Sept. 8 and 12:30 a.m. Sept. 9. EARLY BIRDS Someone reportedly burglarized a residence on Hidden Ranch Court in Encinitas around 3:45 a.m. Sept. 10. ORDER UP Pacific Coast Grill on South Coast Highway 101 in Solana Beach was reportedly vandalized sometime after 12:15 a.m. Sept. 11. CLEANED OUT Someone reportedly burglarized a residence on La Veta Avenue in Encinitas sometime between 7 p.m. and 11:55 p.m. Sept. 12 of a $3,000 bicycle as well as nearly $9,000 in electronics and $4,350 in jewelry.



Who’s NEWS?



Someone reportedly stole $2,345.45 from the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club on Jimmy Durante Boulevard in Del Mar around 7 p.m. Sept. 9. HATERS A vehicle parked on Grado El Tupelo in Carlsbad was reportedly vandalized with possible hate crime slurs sometime during the evening of Sept. 11. BLING STING Someone reportedly stole earrings and watches from a residence on Circulo Sequoia in Carlsbad on Sept. 8.

teens reportedly ran into the Village Discount Store on Carlsbad Village Drive in Carlsbad and stole the cash register during the afternoon of Sept. 8. WORTH IT? A robber reportedly used pepper spray to steal a man’s wallet, which contained $26, around 10 p.m. Sept. 12 on Cedar Street in Oceanside. TOUGH GUY A strong arm robbery reportedly occurred around 3 a.m. Sept. 12 on Mission Avenue in Oceanside. BIG LOTS ROBBED Big Lots on Sycamore Avenue in Vista was reportedly robbed of $20 around 7 p.m. Sept. 12.

NO SAFETY IN NUMBERS Three woman, all in their 20s, were reportedly robbed around 11:10 p.m. Sept. 12 on Main Street in Vista. HOME ROBBED Someone reportedly stole electronics, coins and jewelry from a San Marcos residence on Via Los Arcos sometime between 7:15 a.m. and 3:15 p.m. Sept. 8.



Jorge Aguilera is wanted for bank to cash a check to pay Aguilera his alleged involvement in the for yard work. It is alleged that after carjacking and murder of cashing the check, the victim met Leonardo Gamallo Sotolongo, a Aguilera in Isabela, Puerto Rico. professor at the Inter-American On June 15, 2007, the victim University in Aguadilla, Puerto was reported missing. Two weeks Rico. Aguilera was born in Spain later, the victim’s car was found on Nov. 23, 1970. He is 5 feet 8 burned out in a desolate forested inches tall and weighs 185 JORGE AGUILERA area. The victim’s body was recovpounds. Aguilera has a burn ered near a garbage collection area mark or removed tattoo on top of his left in Isabela. It was determined that the vichand. tim’s T-shirt had holes consistent with him In the spring of 2007, Aguilera main- having been stabbed. A federal warrant was tained the lawn at the victim’s residence. issued for the arrest of Aguilera, after he During the afternoon of June 13, 2007, the was charged with carjacking and murder. If victim left his residence in Aguadilla in his you know of Aguilera’s whereabouts, conpersonal vehicle, and reportedly went to a tact the nearest FBI office.

San Diego County’s


Never attempt to arrest a fugitive yourself. These files should not be relied upon for any type of legal action. If the subject is a fugitive from our 10 Most Wanted page, e-mail San Diego Crime Stoppers or call their hot line at 888-580-TIPS 24 hours a day. For details, log on to www.sdsheriff.net/tmw. For warrant inquiries, information or to pass along a tip, use the sheriff’s online Tip Form (anonymous; no e-mail address needed) or call the area office.

CRIME LOG Compiled by The following information was gathered from law enforcement’s most available records for the week of Sept. 8, 2009 to Sept. 15, 2009

Seyyed Nasser Alavi Loftabad Battery, Unlawful Penetration, 2005

Ricardo Reyes Attempted Murder 2001

Brandon Scott Ellis Conspiracy September 2008

Julio Cesar JacoboCuriel Murder San Marcos, 2008

Gerardo M. Gomez Attempted Murder December 2004

Imedo Molina Laurel Murder December 2005


DEL MAR — Ricochet (Rip Curl Ricki), the Surfin’for-Paws-abilities surf dog took second place overall at the fourth annual Helen Woodward Surf Dog Surf-athon on Sept. 13. The event raises money for homeless animals at the Helen Woodward Animal Center. Ricochet accomplished this feat with the assistance of surfers Brad Savall and Robbie Nelson. Also helping in the water were her team members from both the San Diego Dog Surfing Association and the Golden SurFURS.

CARLSBAD — The American Public Works Association’s San Diego and Imperial County chapter gave the city of Carlsbad’s Lake Calavera Remedial Improvement Project the project-of-the-year award in the “utilities $2 to $5 million” category at its annual awards celebration on Sept. 10 in San Diego. The project was recognized for its innovative construction methods that accomplished dam improvements while maintaining the lake level.

Facelift Jose A. Lopez Attempted Murder December 2004

Ricardo Persona Rape, Child Molestation San Diego, Jan. 1997

Julio Romero Child Molestation Ramona, 2005

Arturo G. Gomez Rape with Force San Diego, May 2007


hu Bryyan Sc

Great dog

Project of the year

Randy Kalp

ENCINITAS Petty Theft 1, Burglary 4, Vandalism 0, Assault 1, Grand Theft 3, Robbery 0 DEL MAR Petty Theft 2, Burglary 1, Vandalism 0, Assault 0, Grand Theft 0, Robbery 0 SOLANA BEACH Petty Theft 1, Burglary 0, Vandalism 1, Assault 0, Grand Theft 4, Robbery 0 CARLSBAD Petty Theft 2, Burglary 3, Vandalism 3, Assault 0, Grand Theft 3, Robbery 0 SAN MARCOS Petty Theft 3, Burglary 6, Vandalism 3, Assault 0, Grand Theft 7, Robbery 0 OCEANSIDE Petty Theft 2, Burglary 5, Vandalism 8, Assault 1, Grand Theft 2, Robbery 3 VISTA Petty Theft 2, Burglary 9, Vandalism 8, Assault 0, Grand Theft 5, Robbery 5

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SOLANA BEACH — The Solana Beach Chamber of Commerce Visitors Information Center has a new paint job by Porfirio Cueva, donated by the South Cedros Property Association. In celebration of the renovation, the Solana Beach Chamber of Commerce will hold a grand reopening from 4 to 6 p.m. Sept. 30, with a ribbon-cutting at 5:30 p.m. Call the chamber office at (858) 755-4775 or the Visitor Information Center at (858) 350-6006 for more information.

Gift for Walden

SOLANA BEACH — Jeffrey Strauss, owner/chef of Pamplemousse Grille, 514 Via De La Valle, recently donated $50,000 to Walden Family Services, a foster care and adoption agency for special needs children and hardto-place teens removed from homes due to abuse, neglect or abandonment. Long recognized for his contributions to charities in San Diego, Strauss’ gift will benefit the TURN TO WHO’S NEWS ON 24

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Not quite ready to fall into season

I will concede that we celebrated the first day of fall this week, and so, if you simply can’t stand it any longer, you have my permission to break out the gourds, berries, leaves and wheat sheaves. But if you buy a pumpkin, you have stepped over the line. It doesn’t matter that they are gourds. They are jack-o-lanterns waiting to happen. They are the essential symbol of Halloween, carved or not. Just keep those eyes straight ahead as you enter the supermarket. Rushing the holidays is as tacky as wearing white after Labor Day. (Well, it is for those of us who wish to continue having insignificant reasons to feel superior to others.) I don’t care if the merchants need to extend their impulse-buy window. I don’t care if the stacks of fat, orange pumpkins look thoroughly fetching. Even though the nights have been noticeably cooler, I have not completely relinquished summer. I might still barbecue. I’m still wearing sandals and short-sleeved shirts. Once I purchase a pumpkin, it means pantyhose and closed shoes. It means summer is truly gone. I don’t even care if the Halloween cards I spot are hilarious, or that the aisles are filled with inexpensive but cute Halloween doodads, and that giant bags of candy are everywhere. I am impervious, oblivious and just a little annoyed. The whole push just rubs my nose in the fact that there are actually women who do prepare for each holiday six weeks in advance. Even if I try, I forget what I bought and where I stashed it. Never mind that the Halloween superstores have opened already and the rest have set aside at least six aisles for masks, signs, costumes and a thousand other adorable decorations. Never mind that the haunted houses are already being put together. If we begin indulging now, by the time the real Halloween gets here, we will be so weary of it, we won’t even enjoy stealing our children’s chocolate bars. While I insist on holding out on my pumpkin purchase, I do rather love the fact that people are getting more and more into the holiday of Halloween. The front-yard decorations have become amazing and great TURN TO SMALL TALK ON 24



SEPT. 25, 2009

Meet me in

St. Louis

Part 2 in a series

E’LOUISE ONDASH Hit the Road On a recent trip to St. Louis, my husband, Jerry, and I were trekking eastward up Market Street not far from the Gateway Arch, seeing the city where we had lived in the 1960s. Our plan was to reach Union Station at 18th Street, but the heat and humidity slowed our usual quick pace. We got as far as Eighth Street, then almost decided to do an about face and return to the parking garage near the Arch. Suddenly though, we

came upon Citygarden; it was a joyous discovery. The three acres, bordered by Market, Chestnut, Eighth and 10th streets, have been transformed into a space that begs to be explored and enjoyed. It offers an ideal spot to people-watch because it draws folks of every sort to its three wonderful water features; the trees, shrubs and flowers that represent the three geographic and ecological regions of the area; and the public art. This wonderful urban oasis opened July 1, and it was clear, on this hot August day, that it was a hit with residents and visitors. Perhaps the most fun are the water features. We surveyed families that obviously had their expedition

KEEPING COOL Kids cool off in the waterfall constructed of Missouri limestone in the St. Louis Citygarden, just east of the Gateway Arch (in the background). The urban park was created expressly to encourage participation. “You won’t find walls or fences, admissions fees or do-not-touch signs,” say promoters. Photo by Jerry Ondash

to Citygarden planned; they every wet moment in the the park and had spontacame prepared with picnics, fountains and waterfalls. neously jumped in the water towels and bathing suits, Others, like us, had TURN TO HIT THE ROAD ON 23 and the kids were loving serendipitously discovered

Leichtag Family Foundation gives big locally By Lillian Cox

ENCINITAS — Max “Lee” Leichtag was fueled to become wealthy by his fear of poverty. When he did after selling his M.D. Pharmaceuticals in 1973, his next goal was to give it back. “Our family has risen from having our names on the welfare rolls to having our names on buildings we’ve helped create,” he told Marilyn Campbell, a writer who worked for him for many years. From 1991 to June 30, 2009, the Leichtag Family Foundation has given away $40 million. The most recent gift was $2.4 million from the sale of their Fairbanks Ranch home which was given to Scripps Memorial Hospital, Encinitas. It is the single largest philanthropic dona-

tion in the nonprofit hospital’s 44-year history. “The gift is about benefiting practitioners — doctors and nurses,” said Jim Farley, CEO of the foundation. “The Leichtags wanted to make it easier to deliver quality health care.” Farley added that during their lifetime, the local medical community had touched the Leichtag family personally. Daughter Joni passed away in 2007 of breast cancer. Lee died a few months later. Wife Toni survives along with granddaughter Heather Greene and her children. Dr. Michael Lobatz, immediate past chief of staff at Scripps Encinitas, was president of the community advisory board where Lee served GIVING BACK Max “Lee” and Toni Leichtag have made many signiffor many years. icant contributions to the community, most recently a gift of $2.4 million “Past gifts have been to Scripps Memorial Hospital, Encinitas. Courtesy photo

very impactful,” he said. “The gifts to the emergency department and the women’s birth pavilion have affected the lives of tens of thousands of people.” Lobatz reports that the latest donation will be used to purchase an MRI breast coil, digital mammagram, anesthesia machine, cardiac echo machine, laprascopic video tower, EEG, Fluroscan C-arm x-ray used during surgery and wireless monitors for the emergency room. Funds are also earmarked for renovations of the women’s imagining and outpatient lab areas. “Virtually every part of the hospital is being touched by these gifts,” he said. “Hospitals today can’t exist TURN TO LEICHTAG ON 25

Completion of new activity center celebrated RANCHO SANTA FE — A grand opening celebration and major donor reception from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. Sept. 27, will celebrate completion of The Church of the Nativity and Nativity School’s new Holy Family Activity Center, at 6309 El Apajo Road. The day will include a ribbon-cutting ceremony at 4 p.m. Bob Baker, a primary contributor, will unveil a statue of the Holy Family which he commissioned from Italy. Parishioners and school families will arrive for the celebration at 4:30 p.m. The blessing of the multi-purpose complex completes the original master plan of this Catholic parish, begun in 1985. The new facility includes a gymnasium, a stage, a science laboratory and a fine arts study area. At approximately 11,000 square feet, the Activity Center will provide a central gathering place for parish events,

IT’S FINISHED! Rancho Santa Fe’s Church of the Nativity and Nativity School will be cheering its longawaited new activity center with a celebration from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. Sept. 27, at 6309 El Apajo Road. Courtesy photo

indoor sports and theatrical productions. The 1,000square-foot science laboratory provides ample space for state-of-the-art science education. Monsignor Lawrence

Purcell, pastor of the church and superintendent of the school, credits the vision of the original founders of the parish and welcomes the interest of the local civic community.

“For the past 20 years, Nativity Catholic Church in Rancho Santa Fe has served the local community in a variety of ways,” he said. “Our new Holy Family Activity Center will help us

continue to reach out to youth and young adults for the good of one and all.” A $5 million fundraising campaign that includes $2 million for scholarships for San Diego youth is financing the project. The Hodges & Hodges architectural firm of La Jolla prepared the construction drawings based on the original building massing, site plan and programming done by Moore Ruble Yudell, the architects of the church and the school. According to Tom Delaney, project director, “The architecture is intended to be contextual, with the Activity Center blending into the campus rather than competing with Charles Moore’s iconic church design.” The general contractor for the project is DPR Construction, under the direction of construction manager David Armstrong of DBA, Inc.


SEPT. 25, 2009


My teen heartthrob was Patrick Swayze MACHEL PENN Machel’s Ranch When the man whose poster hung on your wall when you were a teen dies, you realize you aren’t 18 anymore. Patrick Swayze died this month. I read that when I checked into my Yahoo account last week. Life sometimes has a way of reminding us who we once were through the loss of others. My heartfelt wishes and condolences go out to his beautiful family. He will be missed by his loved ones and his many fans. What I would like to share with you is how this man’s spirit and image touched my teenage years. I know you are thinking “Dirty Dancing” here. However, I discovered Patrick Swayze in a wonderful television miniseries “North and South.”You know one of those that showed six episodes in the fall and you had to wait for the spring to see the ending. I can still hear the melody in my head as Patrick swept Leslie Ann Down off her feet in this epic Civil War drama. I am smiling now. I am remembering how I ran home to see each episode and how waiting six more months to see the finale was almost a lifetime at that age.That summer — I think my timeline might be off a bit here — “Dirty Dancing” came out and then all of my friends fell in love with Patrick Swayze, too. I was upset about that movie becoming such a hit, because up until that time I had been the only teenager at my school with the poster of him on my wall. I remember the Christmas I bought it, I remember the mall, the store, the tape on the wall, and my hardwood paneling it stuck to in my room. Oh, how I wished I had wallpaper like my girlfriends did in town. I finally upgraded to wallpaper my senior year. Patrick Swayze’s poster made it to its prime location in the center of my room. How is it possible that that man is no longer here? I don’t want to be sad, yet, as I think about his unexpected early absence from life, I am saddened to know that he

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SURPRISE! Pearl Patavano surprises Katie Shull for her birthday over Labor Day weekend in Oceanside. Photo by Machel Penn

PASSION FOR FASHION The front row headliners at last year’s The Country Friends Fashion Show. Photo by Machel Penn

is gone from us now. I am saddened to know that time has marched on and eventually life does change with each season. I can remember his image on my wall of my room like it was only yesterday. When I remember his poster in my room, it makes me feel like I am in high school again, like that untouched age of innocence when teenage girls idolize men in a way they soon learn not to as they grow older. This month Patrick Swayze died and I am that girl who idolized him in high school. He was my poster guy in my teenage years, the heartthrob that gave me the image of something sexy exisisting out there, beyond a small town in Missouri. I am touched deeply by the loss of his passing. May his spirit dance on in the light of his next journey … if you believe in that sort of thing. I do anyway.

your tickets now to reserve your seat at this year’s show. It’s rumored there will be male models on the runway this year. Can you say music to my ears? Finally some eye candy for the ladies. To reserve your tickets now, call (858) 756-1192 for front row seats (if they are still available). Last year, Melissa Williams and Jill Sorge took a gorgeous shot right before the show at Mille Fleurs. Don’t miss out on this wonderful fundraising event that helps raise money for many wonderful charities all over Southern California. On Sept. 7, Katie Shull celebrated her birthday with friends and family in Oceanside over Labor Day weekend. Good friend Pearl Patavano pulled out all the

stops by decorating her condo with fun balloons and presents that gorgeous weekend. The two posed for me for a quick snapshot, which captures the essence of true friendship in “sisterly womanhood.” What we do without our best friends? Ask me I know.That is another story for later. Thank you Katie and Pearle for sharing this photo with me. On Sept. 9, I discovered some key gossip that would be great news for San Diego residents: Encinitas resident Kiptyn Locke has been rumored to be named the next ABC “Bachelor.” Kiptyn managed to make it to the ending of the last “Bachelorette” show. He had an excellent chance of winning Jillian Harris’s heart, but according

ELIGIBLE Encinitas Resident Kiptyn Locke has been rumored to be ABC's next “Bachelor.” Courtesy photo

to her, “he didn’t fling his heart out there” to win the final rose. Is it possible Kiptyn TURN TO MACHEL’S RANCH ON 22

Around town On Sept. 3, I started gearing up for my favorite event of the year — The Country Friends Fashion Show. After purchasing my dress and matching shoes with just the right tote bag, I made my luncheon reservation. This is one of those events Rancho Santa Fe women do not want to miss! The first fashion show began in 1954 and has continued with growing numbers of attendees each year. This will mark my sixth year of attending this wonderful “high society” fashion show in one of my favorite towns in the world. BACK TO SCHOOL Dane, Leslie and Steele DeGoler at the Sept. 11 Back to School Bash. Courtesy photo Ladies don’t miss out. Buy

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RanchoSFNews .com

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Dems examine health care reform RANCHO SANTA FE — David Roberts will be the guest speaker for the Rancho Santa Fe Democratic Club at 6:30 p.m. Sept. 29 at a private residence. His topic,“The Status of Healthcare Reform,” will focus on the current congressional proposals and what Organizing for America is doing to help pass healthcare reform legislation. Admission is $5 per person. For more information, visit info@rsfdemclub.org or call (760) 473-5474. Roberts was appointed by President Obama to the National Advisory Panel on

Medicare Education, participating in meetings with the Secretary of Health & Human Services and the Administrator of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. He is vice president of government relations for the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society, a nonprofit organization which promotes information and systems to improve health care management. His prior experience includes serving as a professional staff member on the U.S. House of Representatives’ Appropriations Committee;

U.S. Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee; and as a financial analyst for the U.S. Air Force. In 2004, Roberts was elected to his first four-year term on the Solana Beach City Council, serving as mayor through 2008. He is currently serving a second term on the council. Roberts is a graduate of the American University in Washington and also earned an MPA from The Department of Defense Graduate Level Financial Management program. He divides his time between San Diego and Washington, D.C.

Three-artist show at Art Association gallery

LA JOLLA — “Reality and Beyond,” an exhibition of digital art by San Diego artists Mark Donnelly, Carole Deubbert, Dana Levine and John Valois, will be held at La Jolla Art Association Gallery, 8100 Paseo del Ocaso, Suite B. The exhibition is free and open to the public during regular gallery hours Tuesdays through Thursdays 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Fridays through Sundays 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Oct. 13 through Oct. 25. An artists’ reception will be held at the gallery from 5 to 8 p.m. Oct. 17. For more information, phone (858) 459-1196. Digital art is art that relies on computer software to create or significantly modify an artist’s work. The exhibition’s title references a digital transformation of the natural world, either art created by computer graphics or images initially taken with a digital camera. Works in this show range from the abstract to the realistic, from black and white to intense color, and from high impact to quiet contemplation. But no matter what the stylistic differences, all the images in the show leave a lasting impression on the viewer. Donnelly’s artwork is a reflection of his intense interest in the tropics and encouraging awareness of its incredible beauty and its critical ecological role. Deubbert uses light and design to capture the essence of a subject. Each image tells a story, often of mystery and surprise, mood, and sensuality. She loves color, which is expressed especially in her food and florals images. To Levine, transforming reality into a work of art is an exciting, creative adventure, especially when she paints or photographs tranquil, reflective spaces or people with a sparkle in their eye. Her photographs convey vulnerability in people and express ideas in natural and man-made forms. The conflicts and complementarities of the inner and outer worlds play a significant role in Valois’ work. Ezra Pound defined an artistic image as an “intellectual and emotional complex in an instant of time.” Much of his work results in emotionalthought images which are indeed time-captures of these complexes. For additional artwork or more information, contact Dana Levine at (858) 490-0470 or DanaBet@yahoo.com.

SEPT. 25, 2009





SEPT. 25, 2009


License # 1076961



Rancho Los Arboles $19,950,000

European Elegance $5,295,000 ! CC DM

19 th year! Front row: Jenny Jantzen, Laura Barry, Dan Barry, Catherine Barry, Jason Barry, Eilis McKay Back row: Lori Esses, Scott Honnen, Ben Francois, Megan Domler, Jena Martin, Amy Weeda




Panoramic View Estate $3,399,000

Mystic Mediterranean $2,895,000



Covenant Tuscan Treasure $3,550,000 E! RIC P W NE

A Heavenly Slice of Tuscany $12,500,000 T! AN N VE CO

California’s “South of France” $6,899,000 D! CE U D RE


French Country Masterpiece $9,995,000-$11,750,000


Roxbury Terrace $5,450,000

Casa Contenta $7,450,000 ! CC M D


Celeb rati our ng

Premier Del Mar Ocean Front $28,500,000






Your Private Village $14,950,000

SEPT. 25, 2009

“The Lilian” $13,950,000


Golf Course Frontage $3,295,000

The Perfect Fit $7,995,000-$8,395,000


6033 Paseo Delicias, Ste. K, P.O. Box 2813, Rancho Santa Fe 858.756.4024 - Fax: 858.756.9553 • barryestates.com French Country $3,395,000

Vintage Mediterranean $3,495,000

Countryside Charm $1,995,000-$2,259,000

Spectacular Spanish $3,495,000

Magnificent Mediterranean $3,795,000

The Bridges $3,795,000


SEPT. 25, 2009




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Windermere welcomes new faces RANCHO SANTA FE — Windermere Exclusive Properties and Steve Rodgers announced Lucy Kelts as the latest agent to join their team. Kelts brings 20 years of real estate experience and education to San Diego’s fastest-growing real estate agency. “I joined Windermere Exclusive Properties because I am a firm believer in locally owned and operated businesses,” Kelts said. “Rancho Santa Fe has always been a community that prefers the local boutique style shops as opposed to corporate chains and I believe the real estate industry is no different.”

Kelts, previously of Prudential California Realty, comes to Windermere as the former No. 1 individual agent for all Prudential California Realty Offices in San Diego County. She has also earned the monumental Legend Award, which goes to the top 1 percent of producers in a franchise of 45,000 agents. The award itself is only given out after five consecutive years, 10 consecutive years, then 15 consecutive years. Kelts is one of few to have received the 15-year mark of excellence. As a single mother of three, Kelts has raised her children to believe that

knowledge is power. A former teacher in the Grossmont Union High School District, Kelts has been given a Lifetime Teaching Credential in California and has earned multiple undergraduate and graduate degrees and credentials. Her approach to real estate utilizes every facet of her education. One trait she has learned in achieving her credentials and degrees is the importance of listening. “I have learned so much from some of the most decorated professors, but the one quality I learned that has made the difference in every

aspect of my life is the ability to listen,” Kelts said. “Listening is the key to success in every industry because it helps you understand exactly what the client needs.” Joining Kelts in her move to Windermere is Connie Kenyan, Kelts’s “right hand” and office manager of 15 years. Also joining Kelts and Kenyan will be fellow Realtors Tamara Stephenson and Sharon Corp For more information visit www.lucykelts.com or stop by their new office in the Fairbanks Ranch Plaza at 16236 San Dieguito Road, Suite 3-10.



SEPT. 25, 2009

To Your Health

Long-awaited ’04 Italian Bruenellos debut Police

captain’s son takes plea deal

By the physicians and staff at Scripps Memorial Hospital Encinitas

H1N1 flu: what you need to know By Ron MacCormick, MD, SCRIPPS MEMORIAL HOSPITAL ENCINITAS

H1N1 influenza — commonly called swine flu — is a new strain of flu that has not been seen before in the United States. It was originally labeled swine flu because it was similar to influenza viruses that often affect pigs, but research has found that it is in fact very different. H1N1 has been spreading worldwide and was first discovered in the U.S. in March 2009. Two months later, the World Health Organization, or WHO, declared H1N1 to be a global pandemic, meaning it covers a wide geographic area and affects a large percentage of the population; according to the WHO, there were nearly 30,000 confirmed cases reported in 74 countries. In San Diego County, about 1,100 cases have been confirmed so far, and health officials expect more cases to be discovered in the coming months as our traditional flu season gets under way. As with other types of flu, H1N1 ranges from mild to severe, and has been fatal in some cases. However, because this strain is so new, people have not yet built up immunity to it and no vaccine has been available (the seasonal flu vaccine does not protect against H1N1). As a result, H1N1 poses a greater threat than other types of flu. In the U.S., most people have experienced only typical flu-like symptoms and recovered with no ill effects. In Mexico, however, H1N1 has been more serious and resulted in more deaths.

Symptoms and prevention H1N1 causes the usual flu symptoms, including fever, cough, sore throat, body aches, headache, chills and fatigue. In some cases, diarrhea and vomiting may occur as well. Generally, the virus runs it course without complications. In some cases, antiviral drugs may help speed recovery. Like other flu viruses, H1N1 is spread from person to person through coughing, sneezing and coming into contact with items that an infected person has touched.As long as you have symptoms, you’re considered contagious and should minimize contact with other people until your symptoms are completely gone. Children may be contagious TURN TO TO YOUR HEALTH ON 24


Taste of Wine Rich, powerful, elegant and assertive are just a few of the descriptions of praise for the newly released 2004 Brunellos, considered to be the elite wines from Tuscany. Brunellos are not frou frou frivolous wines. They are the quintessential symbol of the excellence of Italian winemaking. A clone of the Sangiovese grape, they are carefully cultivated in small batches, barreled for four years, then a year in bottle before being released for consumption. Some 25 percent of the Brunellos produced are sent to America where an eager market will pay a premium to taste this lush king of Italian style and culture. Prices range from $40 up to $150 a bottle. Many of the smart winemakers in and around the birthing ground, Montalcino, did not produce a Brunello in 2002 and 2003 due to unacceptable weather conditions, so the ’04 has pent up demand, and it does not disappoint. Wineries like Gaja, Banfi, Casanovi di Neri, Altesino, Frescobaldi rave about this vintage. “The 2004 season was exceptional with excellent conditions, and compares favorably with the wonderful 2001 wines,” stated Giacomo Neri. “The growing season in 2003 was just too hot and lacked structure and backbone; and the 2002 was a washout with terrible rains especially at harvest. Most of this ’04 season was much easier on the grapes under sunny, warm skies and cooler temperatures.” That’s Italy for you. Winemakers have to be flexible and possess a touch of genius to produce remarkable wines with Italy’s weather swings. Another winemaker, Andrea Cortonesi of Ucceliera, was quoted in Wine Spectator as saying of the ‘04’s “these Brunellos are much richer and

By Randy Kalp

HANDS-ON “Taste of Wine” columnist Frank Mangio picks Brunello grapes at the Carlsbad home vineyard of Peder and Julie Norby. Courtesy photo

better for aging than the 2001’s. There will be great surprises.” What he is saying refers to the cellaring of the ‘04’s, up to 12 years, to maximize its wealth of flavors. Half-way around the world, Peder and Julie Norby lead remarkable careers in North County. He is a marketing specialist guiding the future of retail districts in Encinitas. She is a school principal in Solana Beach. But if you ask them what they really enjoy out of life, they would tell you it is to make Brunello wine on their residential property in Carlsbad. Some 60 neighbors and friends gathered recently at the Norby home, and after he oriented the group, they all dug into grape picking, crushing, bottling and tasting. “We grow mostly Brunello grapes,” Norby said. “The soil and climate are perfectly aligned to Tuscany and Montalcino. We are pleased with our second year harvest and after we are through picking today, we will taste the results of our first harvest (which I also worked at). It should get better as the vines age to a sweet spot of seven or more years.” Norby should be able to get close to 80 gallons of wine and 400 bottles from this

years’ harvest. Like pieces to an intricate puzzle, he has invested in small-scale but effective equipment which precisely processes the grapes to bottle.“To get delicious tasting wine, you must be patient and know winemaking,” he said. “This is such a satisfying, productive thing to do with a piece of property. It sure beats filling a bag every week with grass clippings.” I’ll drink to that.

Wine Bytes — Vinz Wine Bar in downtown Escondido is new and presents outdoor live entertainment every Saturday through Oct. 31, from 6 to 8:30 p.m. Dinner reservations can be made by calling (760) 743-8466. — The Catamaran Resort Hotel on Mission Bay San Diego hosts a Wine Festival from 1 to 4 p.m. Sept. 26. It benefits Big Brothers and Sisters charity. Sixty wineries are expected including Napa, Sonoma, Washington, and Oregon. Food pairings include gourmet cheeses. Entrance fee is $55 in advance, $60 at the door. Full details at www.missionbaywinefestival.com or call (858) 488-1081. — Thurs. Oct. 1 is a great time to be in Carmel as their annual wine event happens from 6 to 10 p.m.Thirty restau-

rants and 20 wineries participate at the Carmel Mission. Call (831) 624-2522 for more information. — Vino 100 in San Marcos goes Around the World for their wine tasting on Fri. Oct. 2 from 5 to 9 p.m. The cost is $15 per person which gets you the opportunity to compare a world of wine. Call (760) 5919113 for details. — Four North County wineries have partnered for a Fall Barrel Tasting with the winemakers in attendance, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Oct. 3 at each of the wineries: Belle Marie, Bernardo, Cordiano and Deer Park. Passports are being pre-sold for $35 at each of the wineries and are good for all wineries that day. Contact Jeff at Belle Marie for details at (760) 796-7557. — Belle Marie in Escondido also has its next Winemaker’s Dinner on Sat. Oct. 10. Special French menu is planned, paired with the winery’s French-style wines. For more, again contact Jeff at (760) 796-7557. Frank Mangio is a renowned wine connoisseur certified by Wine Spectator. His library can be viewed at www.tasteofwinetv.com. (Average Google certified 900 visits per day) He is one of the top five wine commentators on the Web. Reach him at mangiompc@aol.com.

A look at the history of one Ranch estate RANCHO SANTA FE — Every now and then, one of the seldom seen estates in Rancho Santa Fe lets the rest of the world have a peek. The Rancho Santa Fe estate home at 16128 Rambla de las Flores was originally designed and built for the RJ Reynolds Corporation by a developer out of Colorado. San Diego’s Doug Austin was the architect. Its most famous resident was F. Ross Johnson, chief executive officer of RJ Reynolds. Johnson, in the late 1980s, spent $350 million trying to develop a new smokeless cigarette that never caught on. As result of his failure, Johnson attempted to take the company private through a leveraged buyout, which requires raising an unusually large amount of debt.

Shearson Lehman Hutton orchestrated the debt offering for Johnson, but lost out to another bidder for the company headed by Kholberg Kravis Roberts and Company. KKR made an offering of $31.4 billion, which at the time was the highest ever-recorded buyout of an American company. Soon, Johnson found himself fired from the company but managed to leave with a $54 million severance package. Johnson’s story was made into a Hollywood movie called “Barbarians at the Gates” starring James Garner. Johnson used his newfound money to purchase 16128 Rambla De Las Flores in 1990. This residence has more than 9,000 square feet of living space consisting of six bedrooms, a first-floor master bedroom suite with a

retreat and four second-floor guest suites plus a maid’s quarters off the garage. It has six full bathrooms and three half-sized bathrooms. There are 11 fireplaces (three doubles and five singles) throughout the home. Each guest suite has a fireplace, full bathroom and outside deck. The first floor has an office with floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall beautifully designed wooden book shelves, a circular kitchen with granite countertops and kitchen nook, family room with sunken bar, workout room with steam room and sauna, and maid’s quarters with laundry room. There is a four-car garage that has been upgraded to include a wine cellar, tankless water heater, coated cement floors and enclosed utility closets. The home also features

a dual staircase upon entry to the home through the 20foot, custom-designed glass door entry.The home is built in a semi-circular fashion to follow the contour of the landscape with long narrow windows throughout the house that allows light into the home without the need to use artificial lighting. The living room is designed with this same concept overlooking the landscape of the surrounding Rancho Santa Fe. The living room windows are covered with specially design wooden shutters. The windows in the family room were designed to be opened from the top allowing cool air in the home with out disturbing your view through the window with latches and other hardware. Outside, the home consists of several formal decks. TURN TO ESTATE ON 22

FALLBROOK — An Oceanside police captain’s son pleaded guilty Sept. 17 to an assault with a deadly weapon charge in connection to an attack on his mother that ended with the officer shooting the young man in their home. Reginald Grigsby Jr., a former San Diego State football player, will receive one year in county jail when he is sentenced Oct. 16 in accordance to his plea, according to court records. According to prosecutors, Grigsby, 25, attacked his mother,Desirah Grigsby,May 23 during an argument in her Fallbrook home, which prompted his father, Reginald Grigsby, to retrieve a gun and shoot his son to stop the attack. Desirah Grigsby suffered a broken nose and was choked unconscious, Deputy District Attorney Brenda Daly has said. Grigsby had been originally charged with attempted murder and assault causing great bodily injury. The graduate of Oceanside’s El Camino High School had faced up to 14 years in prison.



important evidence for the prosecution. However, it was ruled of minimal value by Ontario Superior Court Justice Douglas Cunningham. The judge, 69, reasoned that since MacLeod, as a working woman with a long commute that leaves a husband and 4-year-old daughter at home, has “‘a number of rather significant things going on in her life”‘ and must therefore be “‘distract(ed)”‘ and thus a less reliable witness. One member of Parliament called Cunningham’s ruling “‘pathetic.”‘


— Undesirable Medical Specialty: Athena Sidlar, 28, was fired in August from her trainee job at the Allentown (Pa.) State Hospital after being accused of helping a mental patient swallow metal objects. Belatedly, hospital personnel discovered that Sidlar, herself, has a history of compulsive metal-swallowing. — To Fight Sin, One Must Know Sin: In April, the Arizona State Parks Board unanimously chose Renee Bahl, thought to be a dynamic, experienced professional, to be director of state parks. However, her employment record while an assistant parks director in California in 2001 included an incident in which she was disciplined for etching “‘Renee 2001”‘ into the wall of one of the parks’ historic adobe barns.


SEPT. 25, 2009


Get to Pacific Coast Grill for the Bag O’Bonz DAVID BOYLAN Lick the Plate Looking back at the menu and my notes from a recent meal at Pacific Coast Grill is making me really hungry, and it’s 6 a.m. That’s always a good sign. The vibe and interior at PCG is pure Southern California, and I mean that in a good way. It’s what a Patagonia store would look like if it served food and had a little more eclectic tastes in furnishings. The warm tones and retro surf art give PCG an upscale outdoor feel with no pretenses; it’s a comfortable space to enjoy some really good food and the bar draws an attractive crowd nightly. Picking just a couple of appetizers proved to be a challenge for us as everything sounded good. We narrowed it down to the shrimp dumplings with port wine sauce, the Asian BBQ spring rolls with apple-wood smoked chicken, turkey bacon, and a maple soy glaze and the crispy cornmeal calamari with lemon and chipotle dipping sauce. All of these were very tasty and came in under $12. You really could do a mix of appetizers and small plates to make up a meal at PCG as the variety and pricing makes

SO SOCAL The eclectic California cool interior of Pacific Coast Grill. Courtesy photo

it a nice option. So about the small plates ... namely the Bag O’ Bonz which consists of apple-wood smoked Hawaiianstyle baby back ribs and fresh cut Kennebec fries. Well, actually we had them substitute the white truffle fries from the appetizer list which were amazing. This is one of those dishes that look as good as it tastes. They serve it in a torn open brown paper lunch bag that is filled with ribs and the most delicious fries ever. It’s just a perfect combination and really worthy of a main course. The rest of the small plates menu sounds killer also

with braised short rib sliders, Hawaiian BBQ skewers, seared ahi sliders, three cheese sea bass burrito and a spicy chicken quesadilla rounding out the offerings. Every one of these sounded really good to me and I will be back to try them. We still had entrées to get through so we held off on overindulging. Which brings me to the entrées, which were equally enticing. Of course my dinner companion, Chef Zonfrilli, went with his predictable choice of the ribeye with truffle mashed potatoes asparagus and a champagne demi

glaze — though I can’t really fault him as it was cooked to a perfect medium rare and quite tasty. I had the fivespiced seared ahi with stir-fry vegetables, mango-basmati rice, citrus sauce and cilantromint pesto. Again, another winner, though I harbor this secret desire to see a surf and turf comprised of ahi tuna and a smaller cut of ribeye — two of my favorite things that I’ve never seen combined. They offer the applewood smoked Hawaiian ribs as an entrée also, a turkey breast meatloaf, lobster tacos and a pan seared sea bass to name a few. I did

not see an entrée over $26 and the small plate’s average around $12. I must mention that I asked for a glass of wine that would work with all my dishes and they nailed it with the Walnut City pinot noir from the Willamette Valley in Oregon, the epicenter of great pinot noirs. PCG has been recognized for their wine list as it is extensive and moderately priced. The kitchen is headed up by Executive Chef Isreal “Izzy” Balderas who fuses his specialty of creating fresh Pacific Costal Cuisine with hints from his Latin heritage. Balderas began his career in the restaurant industry more than 20 years ago and has held every position in the kitchen since. In 2003 he was promoted to chef at Pacific Coast Grill and Wild Note Café where his love and knowledge of Latin spices and flavors took hold. Pacific Coast Grill is located at 437 S. Highway 101, Solana Beach Open daily for lunch, dinner is served until 9:30 p.m. nightly except Friday and Saturday when they go until 10:30 p.m. Call (858) 7944632 for reservations or visit www.pacificcoastgrill.com. David Boylan is the founder of Artichoke Creative, an Encinitas based integrated marketing agency. He can be reached at david@artichoke-creative.com.

Residents view Torrey Pines bridge plans

JANET LITTLE Henry’s Healthy Living Tips

Sweetners can pack on the pounds

We read it in newspapers, see it on the nightly news, even Hollywood is responding to it in various spin-offs of the NBC hit reality show “The Biggest Loser:” Obesity rates in both adults and children are reaching epidemic proportions. While obesity and the number of overweight Americans have spiked over the years, so has the trend of consuming sugar-free foods. The number of Americans consuming sugar-free products increased from less than 70 million in 1987 to more than 160 million in 2000. Surprisingly, however, switching from sugar to an artificial, no-calorie sweetener may be thwarting your attempts to cut calories and actually cause your metabolism to slow down. And a slow metabolism can be a major factor in weight gain.

Do artificial sweeteners really cause weight gain?

A recent study by Purdue University found that rats given yogurt sweetened with saccharin (an artificial sweetener) consumed more calories and gained more weight than rats fed yogurt sweetened with glucose (a natural variety of sugar). This led researchers to believe that foods with artificial sweeteners, such as saccharin and aspartame. lead to greater weight gain than the same foods sweetened with highcalorie sugar.

How It Works

FITTING DISCUSSION Del Mar Public Works Director David Scherer explains plans to retrofit the deteriorating North Torrey Pines Road Bridge, which is being renovated to prevent a collapse during an earthquake. Slightly more than a dozen residents attended the Sept. 10 open house to discuss the plans and have questions answered by city staff. Photo by Bianca Kaplanek By Bianca Kaplanek

DEL MAR — Slightly more than a dozen residents attended a Sept. 10 open house at the City Hall Annex to view plans for the seismic retrofit of the North Torrey Pines Road Bridge. Staff members including Public Works Director David Scherer and interim Planning Director Brian Mooney were on hand to answer questions and informally discuss the $37 million project. Built in 1933, the structure has been deemed one of the worst bridges in the state as far as its ability to with-

stand an earthquake. Several years ago, there was a debate over whether to replace or retrofit the 553-foot historic bridge. Scherer said replacement would have required daytime closures and moving the structure seven feet closer to the beach. One resident said she didn’t think either scenario would have been popular. Current plans include 10 to 12 nighttime closures but none during the day throughout the entire project, which is expected to take about two-and-a-half years once construction begins.

The top of the bridge will be completely replaced, while the bottom will be renovated and retrofitted, Scherer said. The rebuilt bridge won’t be an “exact match,” but the detailing and historic character of the structure will be maintained, he said. The railings will be slightly different but the width and lane configuration will remain the same. Environmental reviews are complete. Scherer said he expects the project to go out to bid this spring, with construction to begin in fall 2010. Work will be completed in five stages.

The engineering and environmental phase was 80 percent funded through the Federal Highway Bridge Program. The city paid the remaining 20 percent. Construction, which is estimated at approximately $33 million, will be fully covered by state and federal funds. Lifelong resident Tensia Trejo, who was born in Del Mar six years before the bridge was built, said she has opposed the retrofit since discussions began primarily because she fears the city may eventually end

up footing more of the bill. She maintains a binder full of stories and articles about the bridge and said she knows something must be done to fix the deteriorating structure. But she said she still doesn’t fully support the retrofit. “I’m in better shape than the bridge,” she said. “But I’ve lived long enough to know that people say one price and it ends up being higher, so I’m keeping my eye on it. “Like anything else, if you don’t watch it, you’re stuck with the bill,” Trejo said.

Artificial sweeteners may weaken the body’s ability to identify the delivery of calories into the stomach. When you consume glucose, found in foods and drinks, such as regular soda pop, your taste buds send a message to the brain that says sugar is on its way down to the stomach. Your brain then prepares your stomach to take in the sugar, while your metabolism prepares the body for the incoming calories. When the sugar is replaced by a no-calorie, artificial sweetener and the calories never reach the stomach, the body is left in a state of confusion. Over time, your body loses the ability to gauge caloric intake, which leads to a tendency to consume more food than needed and thereby gain more weight. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should always drink regular soda either, since the high-fructose corn syrup also packs a TURN TO HEALTHY LIVING ON 22



SEPT. 25, 2009


Health Fitness GRAND OPENING!

WHODUNNIT? From left, Rancho Santa Fe Village Church Community Theater players Chris Marshman,

Jane Feldman, Judith Goldberg, Lexi Carr, Peter Gustini (on floor) Rick Farley, Jon Worsey, Ron Zollars, Claire Worsey and Michele Bluhm rehearse for “Murder At The Orient Express”, a comedy mystery dinner theater spoof on Agatha Christie’s “Murder on the Orient Express” on stage Oct. 2 and Oct. 3. Courtesy photo

Mystery is the theme for dinner theater adventure

RANCHO SANTA FE — The Village Church in Rancho Santa Fe will be transformed into a dinner theater for guests attending the Village Church Community Theater performances of the comedymystery, dinner theater production, “Murder at the Orient Express.” The play is a spoof of Agatha Christie’s classic “Murder on the Orient Express”and is set in a

Chinese restaurant run by two Irish sisters, played by Jane Feldman, Michele Bluhm and a German waitress, played by Erica Padgett. John Chalmers has been cast in the role of Seymour Twitt, a rich and ruthless man, who hires ace private eye Dudley Sharpe, played by Peter Gustini, to find out who’s been sending him threatening notes. In Agatha Christie style, Sharpe must unravel

the identities of the 12 suspects in the room with a blizzard cutting off all from escape. The play performance will be include dinner and reservations are required since seating will be limited. Prices are $250 for a table of 8 or $35 for single seats. For reservation information, contact www.villagechurch.org or villagechurchdrama@gmail. com.

AFFORDABLE ACUPUNCTURE for Pain, Stress and more! Walk out feeling better!


25- 50




CONTINENT TO CONTINENT The Bishop’s School sophomore David Cohn entertains a kindergartner in Namibia as part of Mission Namibia. Students from Bishop’s School in La Jolla recently spent three weeks in Namibia working with children, painting facilities, helping with gardening and talking with other local Namibia high school students. The group is hosting An Afternoon with Mission Namibia from 3 to 4:30 p.m. Oct. 11 on the campus of UCSD, Price Center-East Ballroom at 9500 Gilman Drive. Courtesy photo

Freeze whipped cream for later use

Dear Sara: Can I freeze whipped cream? Is it possible to make a big batch of real whipped cream and just take out a few servings at a time? Constance New Jersey

Dear Constance: Yes, you can freeze whipped cream. You can use a pastry bag with a large tip and place dollops or spoon-drop mounds of it onto a wax-paper-lined cookie sheet. Place into the freezer. Once it’s frozen, transfer it to an airtight storage container and place back into the freezer. Use within two months.

Dear Sara: Do you know where I can get wide-mouth one-gallon plastic jars at a reasonable price? They do not need to be food grade. Surilda

paper I have ever used in my life. It was like wiping your bottom with a luxurious washcloth. This stuff was unreal. I really want to know SARA what it is, but I don’t know NOEL her very well. Do you think it’s a bit weird or odd if I ask Frugal Living her what this stuff is and e-mail where she got it? I’ve never used toilet paper like that in Dear Surilda: You can my life. ask restaurants, cafeterias, Jean delis and bakeries whether Canada they have any left over. Or Dear Jean: I’d just ask check your dollar stores. I have some that I use as her. She’ll probably think it’s change jars. I got them from funny. There are three-ply toibulk snacks, such as pretzels let papers. Check them out at from wholesale clubs. your local store if you’re too shy to ask. Then call the manDear Sara: While help- ufacturer, and ask whether ing this acquaintance with you can get a coupon, or keep her garage sale a weekend or checking your Sunday-newsso ago, I went in to use the “facilities.” This woman had TURN TO FRUGAL ON 22 the most luxurious toilet


(sliding scale)

(sliding scale)


Nautilus Holistic Health

Affordable Community Acupuncture

960 2nd St., Suite 103, Encinitas, CA 92024




Event benefits Mission Namibia

COAST CITIES — The Black Student Union of the University of California at San Diego and Mission Namibia will host a fundraiser An Afternoon with Mission Namibia from 3 to 4:30 p.m. Oct. 11 on the campus of UCSD, Price Center-East Ballroom at 9500 Gilman Drive. Proceeds will benefit Mission Namibia, founded in Del Mar in 2007, dedicated to empowering the people of Namibia toward becoming economically self-sustaining by partnering with them to fulfill their needs in education and health, focusing especially on women and vulnerable children. Guests will enjoy



“Offering American Heart Association CPR and advanced life support courses and in-home infant/child CPR instruction for North County parents.” 640-C Grand Avenue, Carlsbad, CA 92008



Healthy Teeth and Gums for Life! ing 0% Financ Available ils!

Call for deta


45 $ 85 $

(reg $295)

Exam & X-ray or Exam, Regular Cleaning & X-ray (in absence of gum disease.

Restrictions apply. Exp. 9-30-09

Dr. Gulalai Matin, D.D.S. Family & Cosmetic Dentistry 760.479.0971 1905 Calle Barcelona, #229 (In the Forum Shopping Center, 2nd level above Bed, Bath & Beyond) also located in Oceanside 760-722-0137



Did you know that effective bystander CPR provided immediately after cardiac arrest and before paramedic arrival doubles a victim's chance of survival? In fact, few attempts at resuscitation are successful if CPR and defibrillation are not provided within minutes of collapse. According to the American Heart Association, despite this, only 27.4% of outof-hospital sudden cardiac arrest victims receive bystander CPR. Recent studies have documented the positive effect of lay rescuer CPR and AED (automated external defibrillator) programs in the community. For example, security guards in Chicago O'Hare and Midway airports, and security guards in Las Vegas casinos have achieved 50-74 percent survival for adults with sudden, witnessed, cardiac arrest. These rescuers are trained to respond efficiently and all survivors receive immediate bystander CPR plus defibrillation within 3-5 minutes. However, in cities, such as New York City, where few victims receive bystander CPR and time to EMS response and defibrillation is longer, survival from sudden cardiac arrest averages 1-2 percent. Although these statistics prove the importance of everyone learning CPR, many outside the medical profession do not make the time to attend a CPR course. Never is learning CPR more important than for new parents, especially in an area like San Diego where so much time is spent at the beach and in pools. Every parent should make CPR training a priority right along with their well baby checkup appointments. Hearts and Hoses is a company founded by a local firefighter paramedic and emergency room nurse dedicated to providing top quality CPR education to the community. Courses are taught by American Heart Association instructors following current AHA guidelines. While most classes are taught in downtown Carlsbad, Hearts and Hoses offers north county parents the option of learning infant/child CPR in their own home with private instruction. Parents are encouraged to gather a group of friends, perhaps a playgroup, and host a CPR instruction day at their home. Other than basic life support CPR courses, Hearts and Hoses also offers advanced adult and pediatric life support courses (ACLS and PALS) to the medical community. Visit HeartsAndHoses.com or call 760-814-5127 for more information on this unique company and their courses.


SEPT. 25, 2009



processed sugars with natural sweeteners is the best solution, so consider adding one or more of the below to your diet: Stevia: extracted from a plant grown in South America — Does not raise blood sugar levels — Non-caloric — 10 to 15 times sweeter than sugar — In cooking: 1 packet Stevia = one packet sugar, or 1/4 tsp. liquid Stevia = 2 tsp. sugar Agave nectar: juice is extracted from the core of the agave plant — Has minimal effects on blood sugar and insulin release — Contains calories — In cooking: 1/3 cup of agave syrup = 1 cup of sugar Honey: produced by honeybees — Contains a number of

nutrients which include sugars, such as fructose, glucose, sucrose, maltose, lactose and other disaccharides and trisaccharides — Raises blood sugar levels — Honey may contain minute quantities of clostridium botulinum spores and should not be fed to children under one year of age Raw: may contain bits of wax, insect parts and other small detritus Filtered: This is raw honey that has been warmed to make it easier to filter out small particles and impurities. Other than being somewhat cleaner than raw honey, it is essentially the same. Most of the trace amounts of nutrients remain intact. Sucanat: organically grown, freshly-squeezed sugar cane juice, evaporated by a special Swiss process

Rex said. “We’re looking for terrific red chilis, green chilis, vegetarian chilis … just bring us your best efforts.” The competition will be from 5 to 7 p.m. and the winner will be announced at 7:30 pm. There are rules and regulations that each participant must meet for the Chili

Cook-off. Cooks will be expected to bring at least two quarts of chili and will be required to bring their own crockpot or heating device to keep the chili at a consistent temperature. All participants must fill out an application and will be given the rules and regulations. “We’re trying to make this a fair competition for everyone involved,” Chef Rex said. For an application and a set of

rules and regulations, contact Chef Rex Havick at Chef.Rex@cox.net. All applications must be in by Oct. 12. In addition to the Chili Cook-off, Mexican food will once again be offered for $10 per adult and $5 for children under 12. Traffic will be prohibited through Via de Santa Fe between La Flecha and Paseo Delicias as the Fandango hits the street. The band Prairie Fire featuring

Mark Windrum will entertain the crowd and dancing in the streets is encouraged. After the Fandango in October, the Rancho Santa Fe Historical Society will set its sights on celebrating its silver anniversary with a celebration planned Dec. 6. Founding members will be honored in a small ceremony that will held at the La Flecha house, the first home built in the Ranch by archi-

Association President Bill Beckman asked Wellhouser. ‘What will solve the problem?” “My best advice? Don’t come early!” Wellhouser said. “Coming early only backs up traffic. Have a plan with your children to come later rather than come early.” Tom Parry, a retired attorney and county traffic engineer who is helping the Association with these matters, agreed. “The major prob-

lem is pick-up,” he said. “Everyone wants to wait at the same time. It doesn’t work.” Wellhouser said that the school is working with parents to get carpools in place that will help ease the congestion. In other Association news, the Forest Health Task Force met recently and expanded their tree list to include a section of eucalyptus trees that are not susceptible to lerp psyllid infestations.

The list will soon be presented to the Art Jury for their consideration. A community meeting regarding the proposed Village Park was held at the Garden Club on Sept. 22. Residents of Rancho Santa Fe were given the opportunity to view different design proposals for the Village Park in front of the Inn and along Avenida de Acacias. Public comments were encouraged. Association President


high-caloric punch. There are other healthier, more natural alternatives that are low in calories and just as sweet.

Artificial sweeteners to avoid: — Aspartame (NutraSweet/Equal) — Saccharin (Sweet’N Low)

Artificial sweeteners to use with caution: — Sucralose (Splenda ) –chlorinated sucralose is 600 times sweeter than sugar on average and has no calories — Acesulfame K (Sweet One or Sunnette)

Switching to natural sweeteners: Replacing





early and park their cars along El Fuego and La Granada, causing traffic to choke and queues to form. Fire Marshal Cliff Hunter expressed concerns because the fire department needs access to El Fuego in the event of a fire or emergency. “What advice would you offer to the parents regarding picking up their children?”


knew just what he was doing and was strategically vying for the next “Bachelor”? After watching and reading many message boards it seems certain Kiptyn didn’t have any ulterior motives. Although he sure maneuvered perfectly to the very end to place him in an excellent position of winning one of television’s most soughtafter “reality roles.” How thrilling for San Diego residents if the next “Bachelor” turned out to be Kiptyn Locke. There have even been rumors of women from Arizona flocking to our neighborhoods just to catch a glimpse of the man on the surfboard paddling out with Jillian on the final episode. Maybe it was that water shot of his abs that drove the women crazy. Will ABC choose San Diego’s Kiptyn



The pool is enclosed by a solid stucco wall to provide maximum privacy. Gently sloping down the rear of the home sits a tennis court framed with a wooden trellis. In all, there is 3.3 acres of land with a long curve driveway up a hill to

— In its natural state, it is highly nutritious, since the molasses has not been removed — Raises blood sugar levels — Use in place of brown sugar for an extraordinary flavor Cane Sugar: produced from the sugar cane plant — Cane sugar does not go through the same refinery process as sugar, so it maintains it retains more of the nutrients.

Natural sweetener to avoid: All natural sweeteners are not created equal and all though they are technically considered “natural,” they should be avoided. — High fructose corn syrup. The intake of soft drinks containing high-fruc-

tose corn syrup or sucrose has risen in parallel with the epidemic of obesity. “In 2000, the intake of added sugars for the average American was two and a half times that recommended by the Dietary Guidelines, and nearly half of the added sugars came from high fructose corn syrup,” according to the American Dietetic Association. These excess calories lead to obesity. — Table sugar (Sucrose). White table sugar is empty of all vitamins, minerals, fiber, amino acids and trace elements during the refining process. While all of us are in the need of something sweet once in awhile, the best suggestion is reaching for Mother Nature’s sweet bounty in the form of an apple, orange, peach, watermelon or any of the other tasty colorful fruit selections available. tect Lilian Rice and now home to the Rancho Santa Fe Historical Society. A special edition 2010 calendar will be offered by the Historical Society featuring pictures and events from the Ranch’s 80-year history will also be available in October. Early next year the new Arcadia book, “Rancho Santa Fe: The Town the Railroad Built” will be published.



newspaper coupon inserts. Dear Sara: I have tons of packages of pepperoni and need ways to use them up. I have at least 20 bags full. I got it all free with coupons. Any ideas? Thanks. — Jolene, New York Dear Jolene: You can freeze it so you don’t have to go on a mad pepperoni-cooking marathon. In addition to the obvious homemade pizza and served with crackers and cheese, you can add it to pasta salad, lasagna, meatloaf, macaroni and cheese, calzones and on top of burgers or subs. Or try pepperoni bread or pepperoni dip.

Pepperoni Bread

1 (1 pound) loaf frozen or homemade bread or pizza dough, thawed 1 egg, beaten sliced pepperoni 1 cup shredded mozzarella cheese 1/4 cup grated Parmesan cheese 1 teaspoon Italian seasoning

Preheat oven to 375 F. Grease a baking pan. Roll dough out into a rectangle. Brush dough with egg. Place pepperoni evenly over the dough. Sprinkle on cheeses and the Italian seasoning. Roll up dough like a jellyroll, Bill Beckman also wanted the pinch seam to seal, and place community to be aware that seam side down on the bakwe are entering fire season. ing pan. Bake for 40 minutes. “We need to be prepared — Ellise, e-mail for the fire season,” he said at the recent Association meet- Pepperoni Dip ing. Beckman stressed the 1/2 pound pepperoni urgency for all residents to sausage, diced work with the fire depart1 (10.75-ounce) can of ment to make sure events condensed mushroom or like the Witch Creek Fire cream-of-celery soup don’t reoccur. 1 (8-ounce) package The next association cream cheese, softened meeting is scheduled for 9 a.m. Oct. 1. Preheat oven to 350 F. In a medium baking dish, combine the ingredients or use your food processor. Bake uncovered 15 minutes or microwave for 2 minutes. Serve with crackers.

Locke? Stay tuned to “Machel’s Ranch” for more details. On Sept. 11, the Rancho Santa Fe Community Center hosted the Back to School Bash at the center. The carnival drew a large number of Rancho Santa Fe students and their family members. There was also an ice cream truck on the premises, which seemed to be a hit with all ages. Thank you to the Community Center for sharing these photos from that day. I was also informed that there will be an opportunity for families to drop of their children on Saturday between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. at Drop-In Saturday. Parents if you need to run errands and your kids need to play, this is a perfect opportunity that benefits everyone. Also, movie night is coming! On FANCY FACE Facepainter with Morgan MacBaisey at the Back to School bash. Courtesy photo Sept. 25, don't miss out at The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe. around playing, hot dogs On Sept. 29, Mille choice to enjoy with Imagine, children running and hamburgers and every your dinner at Open that Fleurs is hosting the DJ parent in the Ranch there Bottle Night. This is a per- Tapas Tuesday night from with their blankets and lawn fect opportunity to bring 7:30 p.m. to midnight. Enjoy the entrance of the home. chairs. Snuggle in for this your friends and family to half-off prices and fabulous The property is secured by fun family night. For more enjoy a special evening. tapas with your friends and a gated entrance and secuinformation on other events Executive Chef Knowles’ family. This may be the last rity system with cameras coming up at the menu consists of California hot summer night of the seathroughout the house and Community Center, check fresh cuisine. With a wide son. This is my favorite the outside grounds. out www.rsf.org. variety of selections comple- Tuesday of the month. Call The estate currently ment your wine, this evening (858) 756-3085 for a reservalists at $6,290,000. For Save the date will be a night to remember. tion for this event. more information, call Coming up on Oct. 8, To book a reservation now, (858) 342-6810 or e-mail Delicias Restaurant is invit- call (858) 756-8000. Don’t be If you have a fun event you would like m a r k @ k i s s ing you to bring your per- late to reserve this special Machel Penn to cover, contact her at propertiesinc.com. mpenn@coastnewsgroup.com. date! sonal cellar

Sara Noel is the owner of Frugal Village (www.frugalvillage.com), a Web site that offers practical, money-saving strategies for everyday living. To send tips, comments or questions, write to Sara Noel, c/o United Media, 200 Madison Ave., 4th Floor, New York, NY 10016, or e-mail sara@frugalvillage.com.



entertainment and refreshments as well as the San Diego Black Storytellers, African drummers and dancers. There will also be a presentation from the 25 students of The Bishop’s School in La Jolla who recently returned from their community service project in Namibia. Ticket prices range from $6 and $40 per person and all entertainment has been donated. The celebration fundraiser is an International Community Service Project for the members of the Black Student Union. Del Mar founder of Mission Namibia Alison Royle will be in attendance. For additional information on An Afternoon With Mission Namibia, contact Sherryl Parks at (858) 755-2614.Tickets will be available for purchase online at the UCSD box office.


to enjoy the cool pools or the roaring waterfalls. If you don’t go in for total immersion, you can head over to the “splash plaza,” a paved field of 102 vertical jets that project water to a height of 10 feet. The fun is that you never know when a sharp stream of water is going to emerge from the pavement and squirt you wherever. The origin of Citygarden was in the master plan for downtown St. Louis, presented in 1999. During the next several years, the area “experienced a dramatic revival,” according to the Citygarden Web site. “Lofts and apartments were created in old warehouses and industrial buildings, dozens of new businesses opened, and



granted in June 2008. A subsequent one-year contract was signed May 1 of this year in the amount of $80,500. In a move that surprised many,Tucker resigned effective Feb. 6. After three years as the top staff member at the chamber,Tucker said at the time that it was time to pursue other opportunities in the private sector. According to Tucker’s resignation letter sent to the board Jan. 23, he cited declining revenue from returning members, loss of faith in the board’s leadership and the executive committee’s refusal to follow the bylaws of the organization as reasons for his departure. However, some former board members suspect that Tucker, along with Andreen who resigned from the board in March, violated fiduciary responsibilities. Andreen continued to work for the chamber as an independent contractor until May 23. Andreen subsequently organized what he describes in newsletters and other publications as a “Chamber of Commerce,” representing businesses in the El Camino Real corridor. No documents show 501(c)(6) status has been granted or is pending by the Internal Revenue Service. Neither Tucker nor Andreen returned repeated calls for an interview. The financial review covers the period from July 1, 2005, to June 30, 2009. Neither an audit nor a full scope review, the document nevertheless contains evidence of financial irregularities. For instance, $18,500 received in September 2008 from a copier company as a buyout on an existing lease



SEPT. 25, 2009 the population roughly doubled. By 2006, the city saw a need to develop public, recreational space before it was too late. Fortunately the space existed. It was there on the Gateway Mall, a large piece of land extending east for many blocks, set aside as public space. (According to one resident, city officials have been arguing for years about the fate of this land, and it appears that things have finally started happening.) So just two years ago, the city got busy,and with $450,000 grant from the Gateway Foundation, the work on Citygarden began. Many believe this unique space will “catalyze the development of more commercial and residential space along the perimeter of the Gateway Mall and else-

activity. Many of the 23 largerthan-life sculptures appeared to be popular, too, especially the ones just right for climbing or nesting. The children may not care why artists created the overgrown Pinocchio, the oversized white bunnies or the giant head laying on its side, among others, but they delighted in scaling the sculptures while parents created digital images by which to remember the day. We’d be in the same neighborhood again the next day, watching the Padres fall to the first-place Cardinals in the SPLASH PLAZA Boys play in the splash plaza on a hot August day in St. Louis’ Citygarden where 102 vergrand and new Busch Stadium. tical jets project water up to 10 feet high. At night, a light show entertains visitors. Photo by Jerry Ondash Oh well, vacations are selwhere downtown.” with activity, and it was gratify- the shade of the many trees dom perfect. On the day we were there, ing to see so many children and at the Terrace Café in the Citygarden appeared to be a climbing waterfalls and run- northeast corner. I’m guessing E’Louise Ondash is a freelance writer livning among the plantings and they were enjoying a cold ing in North County. Tell her about your complete success. Every corner was busy grassy areas. Grownups sat in Budweiser while surveying the travels at eondash@coastnewsgroup.com.

was not used for its intended purpose. Rather than pay off the old copier lease, Tucker used the funds as cash flow during the last four months of his tenure according to the document. Also, the report indicates that city funds designated for the Visitor Center were co-mingled with the chamber’s revenues and expenses. According to the expense report, 50 percent of the chamber staff costs were charged to the city under the guise of Visitor Center operations. “This is clearly a misrepresentation of the use of staff,” the report sates. In fact, during 2008,$44,777 of Tucker’s salary was billed to the city and $23,190 in 2007. The city was also charged 100 percent of a Visitor Center manager’s salary during both fiscal years. Former board member Michelle Johnston said financial inconsistencies became apparent in mid-2007 after then-Treasurer Craig Fortin resigned. Tucker took over providing the financial statements during the monthly board meetings according to Johnston. “We had questions that were never really answered by the CEO,” she said. “When we had 120 people at an event, we asked why it wasn’t evident in the financial

statement.” Johnston said the responses varied but were along the lines of “I’ll bring it next month.” Yet, the statements were not provided. “The biggest disconnect is that there was no follow-up at meetings,” she said. “Each month brought new issues.” Other board members claim that both Tucker and Andreen acted more like a twoman show in operating the organization and consistently disregarded the concerns and directives of the board. “They were bullies,” one former member said, speaking on the condition of anonymity. “It was a good ol’ boy system and you didn’t want to get in their way.” The financial review calls into question the financial benefit Andreen received from the board. From January 1, 2007, through May 29 of this year, Andreen received $78,584 for “various business-related transactions.” This amount includes $1,500 per month to publish the chamber’s newsletter; regular payments of $1,200 a month on “draw against commission,” although no evidence exists to reconcile this amount with actual revenue from membership revenues; $1,500 per editorial written on three occasions; and miscellaneous items. The report concludes that Andreen was paid 53 percent of all mem-

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him (Tucker) leave but every time Ken talked to him about the concerns of the board, he made up more excuses and that was apparently acceptable.” Mayor Maggie Houlihan said she was glad to have a more complete financial picture of the organization. She said it confirmed some of her suspicions. “What was presented to us for reimbursement did not seem to match the Visitor Center expenditures. “ Houlihan cited chamber violations of the contract with the city to operate the Visitor Center including failure to operate on weekends without prior authorization, failure to maintain an updated Web site, not revealing staff turnover and distributing outdated promotional materials. Operating hours during the week were also diminished. “The taxpayers were being ripped off and the visitors were being underserved,” she said. Based on the financial review documents, Houlihan said it was obvious that the contract was breached. “Public funds were misappropriated

and the public trust was violated.” In an opinion of the financial review submitted to city hall, the board proposed several corrective actions. While it places much of the blame for the previous financial egregiousness on Tucker and Andreen, the board recognized that the freedom it allowed the CEO negatively impacted the organization and the Visitor Center. With the hiring of new CEO Marshall Weinreb and increased oversight, Gross said in his statement the board is “committed to improving operations and service to the community … ” Johnston, who is still a member of the chamber, said she expects improvement within the organization. “It will be nice to have it settled,”she said. “We can learn from it and move forward.” To read the report in its entirety and other related items, visit coastnewsgroup. com.

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bership commissions during this time period. There is no contract between Andreen or any of his business entities and the chamber for the work that was paid according to the report. Especially troubling to some members was the appearance of impropriety and noncompliance with certain bylaws. The rules governing tax-exempt organizations such as the chamber require board members who receive an economic benefit from the organization to be closely scrutinized. “We could have done a better job at oversight but every time we tried to get answers we were made out to be the bad guys,” a former member who spoke on the condition of anonymity said. When asked why the board did not call for Tucker or Andreen to resign, one member cited fear of retribution. Another former member, also speaking on the condition of anonymity, said the board took its lead from Ken Gross, the chamber’s board president. “We would have loved to see


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House, 751 Center Drive, in San Marcos. To participate, just show up and register. Cost is $25 per rider, with $20 of each entry going directly to the Ben Rios Benefit Fund, and $5 going into the pot given to the event’s winning participants. Each rider paying an entry fee is also entered into a raffle to win prizes provided by a number of sponsors. The Ben Rios Benefit Poker Run is open to anyone who wants to participate in a fun event that will also help out a fellow rider. The route is approxi-

mately 60 miles and will begin and end at Dalton’s Road House. Riders will be provided a route map and a playing card upon registration. Riders will then follow the route map, picking up additional playing cards at stops along the way. All riders will return to the starting point and present their “poker” hand of collected cards. The pot will be split between the holders of the highest and lowest poker hand. Nonriders are also welcome to participate by paying the entry fee and drawing a poker hand at the reg-

istration table. Additional contributions may also be made directly to the Ben Rios Benefit Fund at any California Bank & Trust location. Checks to the donation account should be made out to “Lori Rios For the Benefit of Benajmin Rios.” Sponsors contributing to the Ben Rios Benefit Poker Run event include Dalton’s Road House; www.CargoDesk.biz; Pushin Limitz MC; Cycle Gear; Oceanside Cycle Supply; Motorcycle Gallery; Community Chiropractic Center-Poway, and others. For more information, contact Steve at canyonstrafer@gmail.com.


many essential foster care programs offered by Walden.

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SOLANA BEACH — St. James Academy launched a “Sun Smart School” campaign to educate students about the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation and promote sun safety on campus. The school had its uniform manufacturer develop protective hats that students Moore honored CARDIFF-BY-THE-SEA, could wear on the playground and at school sport- — The San Elijo Lagoon Conservancy will honor natuing events. ralist Barbara Moore with a Helping hand Lifetime Achievement Award

child under 15. They know what happens when the kids start planning their Halloween costume too soon. Heaven forbid you take them seriously and actually purchase or make something this far in advance. If you don’t already know, I will tell you that your child is going to change his or her mind at least three more times, possibly right up until midnight Oct. 30. I’ve seen it happen more than

once,and I believe I got my first gray hairs that way. CONTINUED FROM 13 TO YOUR HEALTH So fine, decorate for fall, CONTINUED FROM 19 fun. I can only presume the but do it at your own risk.If you selection of goodies has escalatbreak down and buy a pump- longer than adults. ed, as well. I don’t really know You can take steps to kin,you are just asking for trouanymore, since my children are help protect yourself from ble — with a capital P. beyond the trick-or-treating H1N1 (as well as other flu stage. viruses): Jean Gillette is a freelance writer who That’s right. I’m not just — Wash your hands often didn’t get quite enough sun this sumboycotting the pumpkin for with soap and water, or using myself anymore. Oh no. I am mer. Contact her at jgillette@coasthand sanitizers to de-germ doing it for every mother of a your hands. newsgroup.com. — Avoid close contact with people who are sick. landmarks. Rice received three generations to learn more BOOK — Keep your hands away honor awards from the AIA in about her contributions.” CONTINUED FROM 1 1933. In addition to being an from your eyes, nose, or major structures in Rancho Rice’s biography also pro- author and historian,Welch has mouth. — Don’t share drinking Santa Fe including the Inn at vides valuable insight into the a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art Rancho Santa Fe, the commer- development of San Diego. and an Master of Arts in Art glasses, eating utensils, towels cial block at La Granada and “The work of architect Education from Leeds or other objects with sick people. Paseo Delicias and the first ele- Lilian Rice is important to the University in Great Britain. Most cases of H1N1 will mentary school. history of San Diego’s built “My book bridges three Other projects include the landscape,” said Gabe Selak, worlds: traditional scholarship, resolve on their own without Paul Ecke Ranch, the public programs manager for aesthetics and storytelling,” treatment. However, if you Escondido Municipal Water the San Diego Historical she said. “Lilian Rice’s story is experience any of the following warning signs, go to the Company offices and the ZLAC Society. “Having a definitive who I am.” Rowing Club in Pacific Beach biography of her work is signifFor more information,visit emergency room right away: — Difficulty breathing or as well as scores of homes. icant, not only that it houses a dianewelch.com. Ten of Rice’s buildings are compilation of source materials The second installment shortness of breath — Pain or pressure in the listed in the National Register available about Rice’s works in about Welch’s upcoming biograof Historic Places with many one edition, but also that it phy on Lilian J. Rice will appear chest or abdomen — Sudden dizziness or recognized as local historic saves those stories for future on Oct. 9. confusion — Severe or persistent vomiting B I R K E N S TO C K • M E R R E L L • A R C O P E D I C O In children, emergency Many colors and warning signs include: styles to choose from — Fast breathing or difficulty breathing — Bluish skin color — Not drinking enough Olu: “Comfort” fluids — Not waking up or not Kai: “Ocean” interacting Purchase of Now available at — Flu-like symptoms $75 or more of Encinitas improve but then return with Not to be combined with any other fever and worse cough discount. Must present coupon 745 S. Coast Hwy. 101 Lumberyard, Encinitas • 760-942-2177 with purchase. Expires 10-11-09 — Fever with a rash M E P H I S TO • S A N I TA • A H N U • C H AC O If you do get sick, follow these guidelines to lessen the likelihood of spreading the • R O B E E Z • T E VA • S I M P L E •

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VISTA — Associate Director of the Interfaith Veteran’s Outreach and Mobilization Program. John S. Meyer told members of the Shadowridge Vista Rotary Club about his work opening a new 72-bed transitional housing program in Oceanside. The Veteran’s Outreach Programs also include employment services, mental health therapy and Project Hope, which assists in securing Social Security benefits.

virus to others: — Stay home from work or school for three days or for 24 hours after your fever is gone. — Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when you sneeze or cough, and dispose of the tissue in the trash. — Wash your hands often with soap and water or an alcohol-based sanitizer, especially after you sneeze or cough. — Avoid shaking hands with or touching other people. Generally, H1N1 is not serious, but always call your doctor if you have concerns.

Vaccine on the way Fortunately, an H1N1 vaccine is currently in production and is expected to be available to the public in late October. The Centers for Disease Control recommends that the following groups get the vaccine: — Pregnant women, who have a higher risk of complications and may provide protection against the virus to infants who cannot be vaccinated — Household contacts and caregivers for children younger than six months of age, because these young infants have a higher risk of complications and cannot be vaccinated — Health care and emergency medical services personnel, who may become infected and pass the virus on to those they care for — All people from six months through 24 years of age

at its biennial “Birds of a Feather” fundraising gala Sept. 26 at Clear Spring Farm in Rancho Santa Fe. Proceeds benefitted the Conservancy's Environmental Education Program.

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DEL MAR — Realtor Kristi Rowell-Smith, of Prudential California Realty’s Del Mar office, recently completed an extensive series of courses to earn the Certified Distressed Property Expert designation. The training she received allows her to provide qualified and educated guidance about the intricacies of short sales and foreclosure avoidance.

— Persons aged 25 through 64 years who have health conditions that may increase their risk of H1N1related complications The H1N1 vaccine is meant to be used in addition to, rather than instead of, the seasonal flu vaccine, so both vaccines may be recommended. Talk to your physician about which vaccines are best for you. Ron MacCormick, MD, is the Chief of Staff at Scripps Memorial Hospital Encinitas. “To Your Health” is brought to you by the physicians and staff at Scripps Encinitas. For more information or for physician referral call 1-800SCRIPPS or visit www.scripps.org.



nature,” said Dieffenbach, who has a studio-gallery in Encinitas. Across the street at Wells Fargo Mortgage, the featured artist was Herb Dockham, who has spent the past 40 years perfecting his art. “I painted this scene many times,” said Dockham, standing beside his watercolor of the Golden Gate bridge. “The mist came in and it was something to see.” At the Rancho Santa Fe Library, Nancy McTigue was the featured artist. In 2006, McTigue enrolled at the Watts Atelier of the Arts in Encinitas, where she continues to take classes. For more than 20 years McTigue worked as a psychiatrist,but gave up her practice in 2007 to paint full time. The Serenity show runs through Oct. 31.

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Welsh, Mare Winningham, Robert Foxworth, Amanda Naughton, James Newcomb, Stark Sands, T. Ryder Smith and James Sutorius. The epilogue focuses on the long-term effects of the murder of Matthew Shepard on the town of Laramie. It explores how the town has changed and how the murder continues to reverberate in the community.


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Church center ... NCTD’s $1 fee to connect with other shuttles at Sorrento Valley has been axed for now ... Del Mar Foundation has honored the Thoroughbred Club’s Leon Davis for always pitching in and helping on many of its projects ... Roger Hedgecock former Surfside City city attny. and now a syndicated radio talk show personality, has been added to the afternoon lineup on L.A.’s KFWB ... Folks who still rely on the phone to communicate are warned not to respond to an appeal to call 90# that is reported to be a scam ... Solbeach and the Surfside City are seeking volunteers for a Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) to be organized in November. Hasta la vista




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Failing to prove it was necessary to cut off energy to assure safety mostly in the back county during wildfires, SDG&E appearing before the State Public Utilities Commish recently was denied its request. The company already has doled out millions of bucks to property owners who suffered damages created by utility power lines that ignited fires .

Parents of budding artists who display their work (also called graffiti) in public places in parts of the county are now being socked for its removal and some hefty fees are being assessed for the crime when One-liners it winds up in court. Folks interested in the North Hwy. 101 streetscape Pot store fronts project are encouraged to Some store front propri- attend meetings to be held etors dealing in the illegal Oct. 3 in the senior center, Oct. sale of marijuana were quite 8 in the public library, and Oct. unhappy recently when they 10 in the senior center ... The were busted. According to Surfside City’s Community the county D.A.’s office, Connections has scheduled a legal dispensaries for med- bus trip to C’bad to enjoy the ical marijuana were not Coastal Communities Concert involved in the raids con- Band’s tribute to highly popuducted in several county lar Sammy Nestico to be precommunities. sented in the Community



violation. The other speakers, some of whom complimented fairgrounds staff on the effort to control smoking at the fair, said they personally witnessed rampant pot smoking and minors being served alcohol during the Marley concert. No action was taken by the board because the complaints were made during the public comment period of the meeting. Craig Fravel, Del Mar Thoroughbred Club executive vice president, was present to give directors an update of the current race meeting. He said he was distressed to hear about what occurred at the Marley concert and assured directors the Thoroughbred Club welcomes community input and takes comments seriously and will take appropriate action. He added the Thoroughbred Club makes every effort to be a good neighbor and wants to continue to maintain good relations with the public. Fravel declined to make a prediction on the final outcome of the current meeting. Attendance and betting was on par with expectations. Breakdown of thoroughbreds on the Polytrack

that was installed three years ago will receive intensive review during the interim. Fravel noted most of the

without philanthropy. Lee was not only successful in his business career but in philanthropy and its impact.” Lee and Toni met at a wedding in1941. Lee was in the army and Toni was a singer for Hoagy Carmichael. They married Christmas Day 1941 in San Francisco.

Bill Arballo is an opinionated, retired journalist in the Flower Capital of the Universe. E-mail barballo@coastnewsgroup.com.

“Almost everything Lee did was a joint decision,” Farley said. The couple remained active into their 80s, working out four times a week with a personal trainer. “They were the most positive people, never dwelling on the negative or living in the past,” Farley said. “They looked to the future. Lee believed age was above the

eyebrows, not chronological.” He added that Lee was one of the most productive people he ever met. “I found him at the office every day,” he said. “His philosophy was visionary: how to relate to wealth that could mean something far beyond his own lifetime.” Farley said the $30 million foundation, one of the largest in San Diego County,

will eventually grow to $100 million. Current recipients of multiyear donations include UCSD biomedical building, Toni’s Tree House at San Diego Botanic Garden, Jewish Family Services, Second Chance Job Readiness Program, Carlsbad Boys & Girls Club and Joli Ann Leichtag Elementary School in the San Marcos Unified School District.


Additionally, he faces charges in connection with child pornography. Two of the boys, who are now adults, were from Ventura County and were allegedly molested between 1994 and 1996 when they were 11 and 12, court records state. The more recent victims are a then9-year-old boy from Palmdale and a then-12-year-old boy who was allegedly molested at San Onofre Beach in 2007, which is why the case is being prosecuted in San Diego Court, according to court documents. Deputy District Attorney Patricia Lavermicoccoa said Haraszewski contacted the two adult victims from his Vista jail cell. She said he may have obtained their contact information from court documents

turned over to him by his attorney. Additionally, she told the judge he had pictures of the victims in his cell. Through his lawyer, Haraszewski, of Los Angeles, told Superior Court Judge Timothy Casserly he didn’t know he couldn’t have contact with the older victims since they are now adults. Casserly reiterated the previous court order that Haraszewski can not have any contact with the victims. In 1996, Haraszewski was sentenced to nine years in state prison for child molestation out of Ventura County, according to court documents. If convicted in this case, he faces up to life in prison. His next scheduled court appearance is Nov. 30.

old? Do they scamper off to the newly formed El Camino Real chamber? Or, do they pick up shop and move to Carlsbad? The truth of the chamber will emerge in the end, we hope. But we shouldn’t expect retribution, for even our own Councilman Dan Dalager was

quoted in the same U-T story saying he’s “not interested in internal workings of the chamber as long as the organization runs the center effectively.” This should be interesting.


on $200,000 bail.A preliminary hearing was scheduled for Oct. 1. Meanwhile, Hubert Dymitr Haraszewski Jr., a convicted child molester charged with molesting four boys, including one at San Onofre State Beach, was also back in court Sept. 17 for a hearing to discuss his repeated violation of a court order that states he can have no contact with any of his four victims. Haraszewski, 33, faces a multitude of charges relating to lewd and lascivious acts against the four boys, who were all under 14 at the time of the alleged incidents, according to court records.



squabbles and pledges of allegiance? Which leaves us asking fatal injuries occurred early what an honest, hardworking in the meet when the horses business owner is to do in were getting used to the syn- Encinitas? Do they side with thetic surface. the readjusted chamber of

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Read more Outside Perspective at www.coastnewsgroup.com. E-mail Eric at emurtaugh@coastnewsgroup.com.

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removed by 2081, while another grants the city first right of refusal to buy bluff-top homes when owners decide to sell. That program would be partially funded by a fee paid by homeowners who construct sea walls. “Our own city is filing a plan with the state to undermine our property rights and it could lead to us losing our house,” said Diane Garber, a Pacific Avenue homeowner since 1991. “Everyone else in Solana Beach can own their homes in perpetuity but not on the bluff. “I do recognize that this is a complex problem and that a few radical activists have tied up the city in litigation,” she said. “But none of this was our fault. This is discrimination of our property rights. Why should we foot the bill and lose our homes for the mistakes of others?” “You’ll hear a lot of blufftop property owners talk about their property rights,” attorney Marco Gonzales said, speaking on behalf of the Coastal Environmental Rights Foundation. “But the fact is they bought on an eroding

coastline. They’ve had more than enough time to understand that.” Gonzales said the homes were built on what would eventually be public land if natural erosion were allowed to occur. “I believe, from a public policy standpoint, there is no really good reason to give away public land that would otherwise be supporting the public’s use of the beach to subsidize wealthy bluff-top owners who, quite frankly, in today’s society are more likely to have the ability to afford to move away from what essentially was a bad investment,” he said. Jon Corn, a land-use attorney and former bluff-top property owner who helped draft the original LCP, acknowledged the difficulty in trying to simultaneously protect the coastline and property rights. “They’re two competing interests that both deserve protection,” he said. “The Coastal Act tries to draw that balance,” he said, but the legislation doesn’t provide a clear set of rules telling people what to do and not to do. Corn said residents should be allowed to build sea walls as a last resort. “Let’s

face it,” he said. “Nobody wants to build a sea wall. But it’s the lesser of evils and the option of last resort for people trying to protect their homes.” Jim Jaffee, vice president of Cal Beach Advocates and a member of the original citizens committee, provided a list of changes he recommended the city make before presenting the document. But Corn, Gonzalez and David Winkler, also an advisory committee member, said the LCP should be submitted as is. “There is a counterpoint for every point,” said Winkler, who recently paid the city more than $425,000 to start building a sea wall to protect his home. “How much more input are you going to get that’s going to make a difference? “We can’t do this forever,” he said. “At some point this council needs to take a leadership position.” “Send this beast to the Coastal Commission,” Corn said. “We have labored over this document for five years. There is no phrase, word, comma or semicolon that has not been discussed.” Gonzalez also urged the council to submit the document and let the Coastal

Commission dictate the end result. “The process here in the city has failed,” he said. “And when the recommendation comes back, you need to set up a process to simply accept or reject them and stop delegating your authority to the citizens of Solana Beach.” Sitting in for Mayor Mike Nichols, who was sick, Councilman Tom Campbell disagreed with statements that the council was shirking its responsibility. He said the city has spent more than $1 million, held countless public hearings and been sued trying to create a document that would appease both sides. When the process began, the council supported the formation of the citizens group because “the likelihood of ever getting an LCP approved that was not a result of a compromise … among the two warring parties … was nil,” he said. “We let the citizens group fight it out (and) resolve their problems,” Campbell said. “Our mindset was we could only support something if they agreed on it because if we had to make the decision, both sides are going to be unhappy and we’re going to be sued by everybody.”

session pairs, as well as compact knockouts. Visit www.acbldistrict22.com/531to learn more. GARDEN CLUB Vista Garden Club will meet at noon Oct. 2, Gloria McClellan Senior Center, 1400 Vale Terrace Drive, Bldg. A, Vista. The meeting will include a light lunch, raffle table, horticultural table and plant table. Call (760) 726-8737 for more SING ALONG Carlsbad details. Choraleers will meet from 1 to 3 p.m. Oct. 1, Harding Auditorium, 3096 Harding St., Carlsbad. The PLANTS AND BOOKS The group sings standards from Carlsbad Garden Club will host Porter to Gershwin with a plant and book sale from 9 Ellington and many others in a.m. to 5 p.m. Oct. 3, Cole between. The chorus meets Library, 1250 Carlsbad Village every Thursday. Contact Bob at Drive, Carlsbad. The club will (760) 944-6017 for more details. sell drought-resistant plants and garden-related crafts during the library’s October book sale. For BRIDGE TOURNEY details, e-mail carlsbadgardenAmerican Contract Bridge club@hotmail.com or call (760) League Unit 531 will host a sec- 845-6339. tional bridge tournament Oct. 2 through Oct. 4, The First Presbyterian Church, 2001 El Camino Real, Oceanside. The LONG, BRIGHT FUTURE tournament will feature single The Book Works will host author Dr. Laura Carstensen at 7 p.m.

Oct. 6,The Book Works, 2670 Via de la Valle, Suite A230, Del Mar. Carstensen will discuss and sign her new book “A Long Bright Future.” Call (858) 755-3735 for more details.

McClellan-Palomar Airport, Jet Source, 2056 Palomar Airport Road, Carlsbad. The event will can be made by e-mailing con- feature a slate of nationally rectactvolunteer@sdrvc.org or by ognized speakers and panelists. For more details and to register, calling (858) 674-2275, ext. 12. visit www.flysandiego.org/ events.






SEPT. 25, 2009


The Community Resource Center will host a fashion show and sale at 7 p.m. Sept. 28, Coastline Community Church, 2215 Calle Barcelona, Carlsbad. Local high school students will be modeling recycled, vintage, and unique clothes borrowed directly from Community Resource Center Thrift Store. Each modeled piece will be available for purchase, and will benefit the CRC. E-mail Rebecca Graham at beccag93@sbcglobal.net to learn more.

SEPT. 29

AIRPORT SAFETY The San Diego Regional Aviation Association will hold its first Safety Standdown Sept. 29,



alone carries a life in prison sentence. Williams’ case is the second in recent months at the Superior Court in Vista to be examined for jury mis-



that, you need a lot of people,” said retired lifeguard Lt. Leonard Ortiz, who donated his time to the event. “If they fall off that board, someone has to be there at every point.” The blind surfers say they enjoy every minute of their annual opportunity to surf with the assistance of such



Araujo is not the “kingpin.” She insisted a person known only as “Young Lukk” is actually heading up Street Anthem Productions.

OCT. 1

OCT. 3

OCT. 2

OCT. 6

conduct. Last month, Octavian Crishan, an elderly musician convicted of shooting his two roommates, killing one of them, had his conviction overturned. In Crishan’s case, it was determined the jury foreman inadvertently introduced

extraneous information into the panel’s deliberation. Crishan’s next scheduled court appearance is a Sept. 24 readiness conference. He also faces up to life in prison. Both he and Williams remain in custody.


SHOW Local artist Jessica Justus will present her solo art show “Surf Art” through Sept. 30, DEMA Gallery, 818 S. Coast Highway 101, Encinitas. An opening reception with the artist will be held from 6 to 9 p.m. Sept. 5. Visit www.jessicajustus.com or e-mail jjustus17@gmail.com, or call DEMA at (760) 943-1950 to learn more. FREE MUSIC! The Lumberyard Shopping Center will present free summer music from 6 to 9 p.m. every Saturday night, 937 S. Coast Highway 101, Encinitas. San Diego saxophonist Keith Jacobsen and other North County artists will perform. Call (619) 987-1277 to learn more. OLIVER! The Encinitas Youth Show Choir is now accepting registrations through Sept. 30 for the fall semester. Students will learn and perform selections from the musical “Oliver” in a concert format. No auditions are necessary. Rehearsals are Tuesday nights from 6 to 7:30 p.m., Dance Connection studio, 625 Encinitas Blvd., Suite A, Encinitas. Contact Katherine Pupping at (760) 717-9249 or at katepupping@roadrunner.com to learn more.

positive and helpful volunteers. They get to experience an activity many take for granted knowing that they are supported every step of the way. “I really appreciate all the people who get together and make this possible,” said Sharlene Ornelas from the Blind Community Center. “Unfortunately, I only get to do it once a year.”

The Englert brothers were newcomers to the event and were standing after just a few tries. William, 11, and Bruce, 13, took to the waves like professionals and headed toward shore to the applause of volunteers and spectators watching them surf for the first time. Although the event had a smaller turnout than it has in the past due to cancellations,

it was still a memorable and rewarding experience for everyone involved. “It’s such a great experience and so much fun so we keep coming back,” said volunteer Georgiana Salant, president of the La Costa Canyon High School Leos Club. It’s safe to assume that the surfers will keep returning every year as well.

Damages to the two houses totaled $10,000, according to court testimony. The parties are organized through social networking sites, like MySpace, and text messaging, Sheriff’s Detective Jeffrey Lauhon testified. He said the parties

are often held at remote, rural locations. Deputy District Attorney Laurie Hauf said Araujo and his crew threw the parties without any regard for the homeowners or their property. “He helped facilitate,

promote the ravages of these houses,” Hauf said. Judge K. Michael Kirkman agreed with Hauf about Araujo’s involvement. “Although he may not be a kingpin of this particular organization, he is a lieutenant,” Kirkman said.


PET WEEK Jade is a 1-year-old, spayed, female, domestic short-hair cat. Jade is full of energy and adores laps. She would be best in a home with no other cats. She enjoys the fun of fluffy toys and lots of attention. You can adopt Jade for $65. All pets adopted from Helen Woodward Animal Center have been spayed or neutered, have up-todate vaccinations and microchip identification. Helen Woodward Animal Center kennels are open everyday from

11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Applications accepted until 5:45 p.m. at 6461 El Apajo Road in Rancho Santa Fe. For more information, call (858) 756-4117, option No. 1 or log on to www.animalcenter.org.

$15,914.86; Built: 1998; Features: 5-car garage, 5 bed, 7 bath, 7467 sq. CONTINUED FROM 6 ft.; Loan Amount: $2,660,000; Date: 08/21/2009; Amount: Loan Type: Conventional. $2,700,000; Buyer: Walper Family Date: 07/27/2009; Amount: Trust; Address: 17037 Sobre Los $2,850,000; Buyer: Pancritius,Paul Cerros, Rancho Santa Fe; Family Trust; Address: 3315 Cerros Assessed: $2,900,000; Land: Redondos, Rancho Santa Fe; $2,601,000; Tax: $32,857.56; Built: Assessed: $2,439,719; Land: 1974; Features: 1-car garage, 3 $1,521,168; Tax: $25,782.04; Built: bed, 3 bath, 3170 sq. ft.; Loan 1991; Features: 3-car garage, 5 Amount: $0; Loan Type: bed, 5.5 bath, 4989 sq. ft.; Loan Conventional. Amount: $0; Loan Type: Date: 08/19/2009; Amount: Conventional. $5,000,000; Buyer: First Citizens Date: 07/24/2009; Amount: Bk & Trust Co; Address: 5750 El $1,612,500; Lender: Bank Of Camino Del Norte, Rancho Santa America; Buyer: Jonathan & Pam Fe; Assessed: $7,913,860; Land: Taub; Address: 1869 Horseman $4,057,560; Tax: $45,520.96; Built: Ln., Rancho Santa Fe; Assessed: 1968; Features: 5-car garage, 5 $1,600,000; Land: $766,000; Tax: bed, 6.5 bath, 10299 sq. ft.; Loan $21,587.64; Features: 3-car garage, Amount: $0; Loan Type: 5 bed, 5.5 bath, 4626 sq. ft.; Loan Conventional. Amount: $1,100,000; Loan Type: Date: 08/18/2009; Amount: Conventional; Rate: Fixed. $900,000; Buyer: Andrew Date: 07/24/2009; Amount: $0; Macdonald; Address: 17661 La Lender: Citimortgage Inc; Buyer: Catrina, Rancho Santa Fe; Francis & Gabrielle Cassou; Assessed: $1,441,065; Land: Address: 17610 Los Morros, $772,065; Tax: $10,871.46; Rancho Santa Fe; Assessed: Features: 3-car garage, 5 bed, 5.5 $3,600,000; Land: $2,880,000; Tax: bath, 7050 sq. ft.; Loan Amount: $42,507.34; Built: 1979; Features: $0; Loan Type: Conventional. 4-car garage, 3 bed, 3 bath, 4966 sq. Date: 08/14/2009; Amount: ft.; Loan Amount: $2,000,000; $1,649,000; Lender: Union Bank; Loan Type: Conventional; Rate: Buyer: Stacy & Sarah Neal; Variable. Address: 6162 Mimulus, Rancho Date: 07/24/2009; Amount: $0; Santa Fe; Assessed: $1,344,374; Buyer: Rancho Santa Fe Sch Land: $728,628; Tax: $14,495.18; District; Address: El Fuego, Built: 1984; Features: 3 bed, 2 Rancho Santa Fe; Assessed: bath, 2590 sq. ft.; Loan Amount: $105,174; Land: $92,905; Tax: $1,150,000; Loan Type: $1,957.34; Built: 1952; Features: 2Conventional; Rate: Variable. car garage, 3 bed, 2 bath, 1686 sq. Date: 08/12/2009; Amount: $0; ft.; Loan Amount: $0; Loan Type: Buyer: Northwood Investors Llc; Conventional. Address: 16330 Rambla De Las Date: 07/23/2009; Amount: $0; Flores, Rancho Santa Fe; Assessed: Buyer: Schuster Family Trust; $1,800,000; Land: $1,450,000; Tax: Address: 15745 Las Planideras, $20,740.66; Built: 2000; Features: Rancho Santa Fe; Assessed: 3 bed, 3 bath, 2875 sq. ft.; Loan $315,792; Land: $89,299; Tax: Amount: $0; Loan Type: $3,328.68; Built: 1950; Features: 2Conventional. car garage, 5 bed, 3.5 bath, 5444 sq. Date: 08/04/2009; Amount: $0; ft.; Loan Amount: $0; Loan Type: Buyer: North Shore I Llc; Address: Conventional. 18437 Calle Tramonto, Rancho Date: 07/22/2009; Amount: Santa Fe; Assessed: $4,182,000; $600,000; Buyer: Sue Drawdy; Land: $1,683,000; Tax: $37,886.92; Address: 3608 Paseo Vista Famosa, Features: 4-car garage, 6 bed, 7 Solana Beach; Assessed: $318,817; bath, 7112 sq. ft.; Loan Amount: Land: $80,998; Tax: $3,452.58; $0; Loan Type: Conventional. Built: 1980; Features: 2-car Date: 08/04/2009; Amount: $0; garage, 3 bed, 2.5 bath, 2129 sq. ft.; Buyer: Elizabeth Hanecak; Loan Amount: $0; Loan Type: Address: 5249 Linea Del Cielo, Conventional. Rancho Santa Fe; Assessed: Date: 07/21/2009; Amount: $1,696,685; Land: $1,228,635; Tax: $3,195,000; Buyer: Jp Morgan $17,314.22; Built: 1970; Features: Chase Bk; Address: 6739 Las 3-car garage, 3 bed, 3.5 bath, 4236 Colinas, Rancho Santa Fe; sq. ft.; Loan Amount: $0; Loan Assessed: $4,182,833; Land: Type: Conventional. $2,458,902; Tax: $43,492.20; Built: Date: 07/31/2009; Amount: $0; 1993; Features: 6-car garage, 5 Buyer: Lee Dewey; Address: 5808 bed, 6 bath, 9482 sq. ft.; Loan Via De La Cumbre, Rancho Santa Amount: $0; Loan Type: Fe; Assessed: $432,265; Land: Conventional. $178,341; Tax: $5,260.80; Built: Date: 07/20/2009; Amount: $0; 1958; Features: 2-car garage, 2 Lender: Countrywide Funding bed, 2 bath, 3204 sq. ft.; Loan Corp; Buyer: Butler Montgomery Amount: $0; Loan Type: Family Trust; Address: 5650 San Conventional. Elijo, Rancho Santa Fe; Assessed: Date: 07/29/2009; Amount: $0; $444,508; Land: $129,017; Tax: Buyer: Costello Family Trust; $5,397.68; Built: 1956; Features: 2Address: 17518 Los Morros, car garage, 3 bed, 3 bath, 3881 sq. Rancho Santa Fe; Assessed: ft.; Loan Amount: $0; Loan Type: $1,480,006; Land: $189,955; Tax: Conventional; Rate: Fixed.



SEPT. 25, 2009



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Items For Sale 200

Lost and Found



BICYCLE - SCHWINN Beach cruiser, great condition, $80. (760) 722-0420.

PRINTER New Canon Photo Inkjet printer, still in carton, $25. (760) 9180468, ask for Al.

MISSING CAT Male gray & white cat with pink nose, last seen in Carlsbad/ Oceanside area. (760) 729-4759

San Marcos


La Costa

ARTS & ANTIQUES OIL PAINTINGS LIQUIDATION SALE. Museum Quality. Extra large, popular subjects. Must see. Must sell. Unbelievable value. Pay pennies on the dollar! $2,500 regular price, now $150. (760) 231-9531


Encinitas Cardiff-by-the-Sea

Solana Beach

Rancho Santa Fe

COMPASS WITH MAHOGANY CASE Refurbished mid-1900s 5” brass lifeboat compass mounted in 6” gimbaled ring, and 8”x 5” x 5” Phiippine mahogany veneer case, with brass hardware. The compass card is signed: “World” “Osaka Japan”. $150. Other compasses available (760) 942-2025

Fairbanks Ranch Santaluz

Del Mar Carmel Valley

PAINTINGS Retired forced sale, 10 lg. orig. oil paintings, regular $2,500 ea. Sell $150. ea. Call (760) 231-9531, Sacrifice. WITTNAUER BAROMETER Large vintage compensated barometer. Domed glass window with 4” face signed “wittnauer” “usa”. Dual scales read in inches/milli bars. 6”x3” brass case mounted in 15”x2” solid walnut boat wheel. Adjustable for altitude. 3 pounds. $108 others available (760) 942-2025


INDEX F.Y.I..................................... ..100 HEALTH & WELL BEING ....150 ITEMS FOR SALE................200 BUSINESS SERV.............. ...300 FINANCIAL SERV.................310 HOME SERVICES................325 MISC. SERVICES............. ....350 PERSONAL SERV................375

HELP WANTED................ ....400 JOBS WANTED................ ....450 BUSINESS OPPS.................475 ROOMMATES.......................500 RENTALS..............................600 REAL ESTATE.................... ..700 LEGAL/PUBLIC NOTICE.... 800 AUTOMOTIVE..................... 900

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Items For Sale 200

Items For Sale 200


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828 N. Hwy 101, Leucadia

BOOK “The Search for Amelia Earhart” by Fred Goerner: 1966-hardback, 330 pgs: Illustrated-black & white real photos, $20. (760) 8453024. BOOK “THE SECOND CITY-2000” with two audio CD’s, $20. (760) 4369933. BOYS CLOTHES SIZE 10-12 129 Pieces. Lots of designer and skate brand clothes. From $1 to $4 per piece. (760) 634-1420 BRONZE WARE with Rosewood handles from Thailand, 14 pieces, $30. (760) 944-6460 BURMESE JADE PENDANT Heavily carved on both sides; multi-colored; 2-1/2”L x 1-1/2”W $40 (760)599-7219 CANON CAMCORDER $195 NEW ES65 8mm video camcorder NEW (760)599-7219 DISPLAY SHELVES Units, pair, glass shelves, cabinet beneath, $150. (760) 643-1945. DUVET COVER King size, custom made, pale rose with extra bolted material, $100, mint condition, like new. (760) 944-6460. ENCYCLOPEDIA BRITANICA 26 books, excellent condition, $100. (760) 721-2779.


EXTERIOR DOORMATS with calvanized wire - SHEDLESS, 1/2 moon shape new, unused, $20 ea. (760) 9446460

VACUUM Hoover steam vacuum, all terrain carpet & floor cleaner, never used. Sears price $239. My price, $150. (760) 729-6044.

FIREWOOD firewood split & seasoned, multiple kinds of wood delivered, stacking available. (760) 9427430


FIREWOOD FOR SALE For Home or Camping. Three differant types of Wood. U-Pick -Up or We”ll Deliver. No order to small (760) 727-7404

28” PANASONIC COLOR TV $20. Also, 2 stereos. (760) 439-6102 LEXMARK PRINTER print, scan, copy from pc # x1240 color, black cart. email:sunufabutch@yahoo.com or call $29 (760) 439-2996 PALERMO VA6.1 HOME THEATRE still in box digital cinema with 4 speakers (dvd video/ cd audio/ dts & digital movie system) selling for only $150 - located in oceanside -genuine buyers, please call anytime to view (760) 521-4319


GARDENING ITEMS Hose reels, one wall hung & one mobile, Rainbird controller, terracotta pots & saucers, rescalloped stone borders, garden butterflies, all for $50. (760) 944-6460 GIRLS BICYCLE Brand name, “The Giant”, 24”, 16-speed, shifters on the handlebars, brakes, $100 OBO. (760) 942-7430 HEEL SUPPORTS Boxed & new, 3/4 “in length, size for men (6-7), size for women (7-8), $10. (760) 944-6460

CORNER CABINET Home made, painted white, $22. (760) 729-6044

HOT box of fifty hot wheels in original packaging. random models. $40 (760) 726-8491

DRAWER CHEST 2 large drawers, dark wood, excellent cond., $150. (760) 643-1945

LADIES CLOTHING Size 12 tall, nice, $100 takes all. (760) 859-7616.

DRAWER CHEST 6 graduated ones, french chest. white wood, $150. (760) 643-1945

LUGGAGE Black leather with fabric on wheels, 6 pieces (as well as one hanging folding garment bag), great for cruises. $150 OBO. (760) 944-6460

ETHAN ALLAN Large dark pine bookcase, good condition, $125. (760) 944-0198

MASSAGE SHOWERHEAD NEW Earth Massage Showerhead, new, 1.5 GPM; $10 (760) 599-7219

SWEDA RETREAT JEROMES MATTRESS box/ headboard, like new king $500 (760) 942-7054

MASSAGER HOMEDICS SHITSU electric massager, Model SM100, like new, $12. (760) 599-9141.

Miscellaneous 6 PORCELAIN TEACUPS & SAUCERS English/Japanese, beautiful, $8 each. (760) 599-9141. AIRPLANE VOUCHER Southwest Airlines - value $150, will sell for $100. Good anytime before Dec. 10, 2009. (760) 436-9933 ARTWORK Simon Silva, Women/Sunflowers, 31” W X 31” L, $25. Woman with Lillies, 25” W X 31” L, $25. (760) 599-9141

QUEEN MATTRESS Good condition, including box spring, asking #35. (858) 353-5245. ROASTER New Ultrex pro 18/10 Stainless Steel 15” Oval Roaster with dual Server Lid and lift-out Rack. 55 yr. Excalibur nonstick surface, dishwasher safe. $55. Oceanside (760) 529-0862

Home Services 325 ERRANDS ENCINITAS/RANCHO SANTA FE. Mary’s Errand Runner Service providing personalized errands and chauffeur services. $20/ hr. Serving the senior community. Mary would enjoy receiving your call/?s (760) 468-1002

Got Dust Bunnies? We get in the corners!

SKILL SAW Table model, $100. (760) 433-2321 SNUFF BOTTLE COLLECTION $6 to $75: cameo, jade, clay, wood, cameo with inside painted, ceramic, carnelian. (760)599-7219 SUNGLASSES (Revo) excellent condition, selection of various cases $100 (760) 944-6460 TRANSFER CHAIR for elder care, nea new, $40. (760) 496-8936 VHS PLAYER, DVD PLAYER 8E1 CANON 35 milimeter camera with lenses, light meter & all lenses, $75 OBO. (760) 845-1247 WOMAN’S SHOES (Amalfi) pumps in black & navy, size 8 1/2, 2” heels, excellent condition, $12 ea. (760) 9446460.

Sporting Goods

Let us get rid of them for you!

Call now for a thorough and affordable housecleaning


760-822-8965 Satisfaction Guaranteed • Licensed & Bonded

Misc. Services 350 Custom Services

Troy’s Ornamental IRON CRAFT • Grates • Stairs • Railings Balconies • Fences • Automation License #871928




LADIES TENNIS RACQUET Fox, excellent, $8. (760) 599-9141. MEN’S TENNIS RACQUET Wilson Pro, $15. (760) 599-9141.

Rentals 600

SNOWBOARDS Two boards 125.00 each (760)685-8222


TENNIS RACKET Head Metallix 10, Powerful, Excellent Condition, $60. (760) 632-2487

ENCINITAS 1/2 Block to Beach. Share kitchen, bath, laundry, spa, patio, and yard. Males preferred. No smoking/pets. $1,195/month. (760) 942-9200.

WETSUITS 6-8 wetsuits (both Spring & full), different brands in different sizes, $25. each. (760) 942-7430

Financial Svcs. 310


Lower your interest/ finance charges by 50%!!! Lower single monthly payments. STOP Wage garnishment!!



Room For Rent ENCINITAS Includes all utilities. Share bath, kitchenette, laundry/ storage/exercise area, small yard, patio. No smoking/pets. $695/month. (760) 942-9200.

Guest House WANTED TO RENT Professional woman wants to rent 2 bedroom w/ garage for self and cat, off street, $1,000 range move in Oct-Nov (858) 452-2352

Apartments (Unfurn) GILROY 1100 SF, 2 BDRM APT. Att’d. to main residence; no pets or smoke. Secure/private. Immaculate. $1,200/mo + util. $600 sec dep. 408691-2043.

ORECK Lightweight vacuum, the hotel standard. Signature Series, recently serviced new brush, inc. extra belt and 4 bags. Dark Red, $65. (760) 529-0862 Oceanside PANASONIC 18” Panasonic tv, black ($30) Technics casett player($20) Sonny fm/am receiver ($20) (760) 721-8250 PATIO SWING 6 ft. long, no canopy cover, $30. (760) 496-8936. PLANT Hanging, large, fern, flowers, Roger’s Garden, $50., (760) 643-1945

AUTO COOL FAN, NIB As seen on tv solar powered ventilation system, $15 (760) 599-7219

PLANTS ground covers, buddliahs, cupheas, lavenders, daisies, (760) 643-1945.

BED SKIRT Brand new, Queen size, navy blue, tailored boxed pleated, $18. (760) 944-6460.

PLASTIC POTS Various sizes, good condition, all for $12 OBO. (760) 9446460

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SEPT. 25, 2009



Rentals 600

Automotive 900

Commercial Space



650 SQ. FT COTTAGE On Yoga Swami property Retail/Office space co-tenant 912 South Coast Hwy, downtown Enc. (760) 840-1189, dawn.

1985 NISSAN 300 zx 2dr 5 spd, t-tops, new clutch, brakes, engine rebuilt. this classic will sell fast. $2995.00. Call Ted (760) 805-9247

1988 CHEVY 1/2 TON PICK UP 4wheel drive, 5-speed manual. (760) 213-6705

Real Estate 700

1988 CHRYSLER NEW YORKER 4door, automatic transmission, A/C, power everything, 4 cylinder, low mileage, 47,000 original miles, excellent condition, $1,400. (760) 807-5497

Condos/Townhouses SAN MARCOS WHY RENT WHEN YOU CAN OWN? 1 bedroom end unit with a yard, feels like a detached home! Resort living at LAKE SAN MARCOS, just steps to the lake and pool. **NO AGE RESTRICTIONS! TOTALLY REMODELED, quality! Granite countertops-kitchen and bath. AFFORDABLE, MUST SEE! Price: $265,000. to $289,000. Sue Fox, realtor, (760)917-4220 www.suefoxhomes.com (760)753-1086

Mobilehomes SAN MARCOS JUST LISTED! MOUNTAIN VIEW in resort-style Age 55/35 senior park. Walk-in closets, CALIFORNIA room. Eat-in kitchen, patio. RENT CONTROL. MUST SEE. Active park, walk to stores. Only $72,900. Financing available. BRING OFFER. Call Sue Fox, realtor-cell 760-917-4220 or (760)7531086 SAN MARCOS WANT A CALIFORNIA ROOM? YOU’LL LOVE LIVING HERE! Seniors 55/35. RARE 3BR, 2BA PLUS family room. MUST SEE! Nice & sunny, lots of windows. Large kitchen, some mountain view. Double wide. Beautiful & desirable park w/resort amenities. Quiet friendly neighbors. RENT CONTROL. Only $72,000. Call Sue Fox, realtor. 760917-4220 or 760-753-1086. Web:www.suefoxhomes.com

1993 TOYOTA CAMRY SE 4-door, 5speed stick shift, 223,000 miles, power everything, like new, excellent condition, high freeway miles, $1,600. (760) 216-7951. 1996 BUICK CENTURY 4-door, automatic transmission, A/C, power windows, 122,000 miles, looks & drives excellent, $1,300. (760) 500-0772. 1997 PONTIAC GRAND AM 4-door, automatic transmission, A/C, V-6 engine, power windows, excellent condition, 104,000 miles, $1,500. (760) 216-7951 2001 BMW 325I 65,000 Miles. Runs great and in great condition. It’s fully loaded and has Leather Interior. Asking $10,000. Want to make an appointment to view Please call (760) 814-7398. 2007 HONDA ACCORD LX SEDAN 2.4l (33 mpg), automatic, medium blue w/ gray cloth, am/fm/cd, 6 airbags, all power, warranty. 26k miles. Only $13,950. (760)822-9418 99 CORVETTE CONVERTIBLE 34,800 miles, superior condition, car facts available, $21,900. (760) 6133632 ELECTRIC CAR 02 Chrysler GEM bought in 2003 N. E. V. Less than 3K mi. No $4.00 gas. $6500 (760)7225625 MAZDA SPORT Miata, mx, turbo 2 seater, black soft top with cover, cd stereo, air, manual, (stick 6 speed), performance tires with spare, apprx. 38,000 miles. (760) 207-0073 san marcos (760) 207-0073

Automotive 900 Cars 1994 BUICK LE SABRE 92,000 miles, power everything, excellent condition, $2,500 OBO, (760) 7452387

TIRE Size P205-75R, 15”, $25. (760) 721-2779.

1988 NISSAN PICK-UP TRUCK King Cab, 5-speed, stick shift, looks & drives good, 131,000 miles, $1,900. (760) 500-0772. 1988 TOYOTA PICK-UP TRUCK short bed, 5-speed, stick shift, 173,000 miles, runs good, looks fair, color, red. $1,500. (760) 807-5497. 1989 TOYOTA PICK-UP TRUCK 5speed stick shift, good condition, 176,000 miles, $1,400. (760) 500-0772. 2000 GMC SONOMA EXTENDED CAB TRUCK, $4,700, low 74,000 miles, all power, steering, door locks, windows, A/C, AM/FM stereo, inside security system, alloy wheels, tires one year new, original owner, smogged & ready, LA Blue blok rated good at $6,025. Located in San Marcos, (760) 304-4752.

Vans 1987 TOYOTA LE VAN 7-passenger, automatic transmission, A/C, power windows, 146,000 miles, excellent condition, $1,400. (760) 216-7951. 1991 TOYOTA PREVIA Passenger van. Automatic transmission, A/C, all power, looks like new, excellent condition, 127,000 miles. $1,800, (760) 807-5497.

Accessories ISUZU, AMIGO Hatch Back Hard Top with side windows for an Isuzu Amigo, Fiber glass, can be painted to match /easy installation with bolts/ Very Good Condition, Located in San Marcos, $199.00 OBO (760)744-0699

Motorcycles QUAD 2005 honda atv, xlt cond, orig owner, only 15 hr use, well maint, tuned & ready, $3500 obo, 760-6139031



Miscellaneous For Sale

MYSTERY SHOPPERS! Earn up to $150 daily. Get paid to shop pt/ft. Call now 800-690-1272.

HIGH COST OF CABLE GOT YOU DOWN? GET DISH w/FREE FREE installation! Over 50 Free HD Channels! Lowest Prices! Call 800-240-8112.

EARN $1100 WEEKLY assembling toys from home. NO selling & NO recruiting needed! www.safwa1.com

Automotive WANTED JAPANESE MOTORCYCLES KAWASAKI,1970-1980, Z1-900, KZ900, KZ1000, H2-750, H1-500, S1-250, S2-250, S2-350, S3-400. CASH PAID. 1-800-7721142. 1-310-721-0726.

Autos Wanted DONATE YOUR CAR. FREE TOWING. "Cars for Kids". Any condition. Tax deductible Outreach Center. 1-800-5979411

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SEPT. 25, 2009

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ly in domestic situations. Stay in control at all times. ARIES (March 21-April 19) — Unless you listen attentively to what others have to say, you could miss something extremely important to your future success. Stay focused at all times; the clue may be in the little things being said. TAURUS (April 20-May 20) — To accomplish your purposes, carry credit cards or a little extra money in your wallet because some unexpected expenses could arise. GEMINI (May 21-June 20) — You may feel pressure to alter your course of action in order to appease a colleague who is giving everyone a hard time. If you do, you’ll end up serving no one, including yourself. CANCER (June 21-July 22) — Guard your tongue, as well as your intentions, because something that should not be revealed could slip out. If you spill the beans, you might cause a lot of trouble for yourself and others. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) — You have as much chance as anyone to realize your wishes. However, if you give the impression that you’re more entitled to something than others, you can expect them to gang up on you. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) — The moment you begin to coast, regardless of your reasons, you will find yourself falling way short of the mark. It’s going to take a lot of extra determination and persistence to be an achiever.

Friday, Sept. 25, 2009

FRANK & ERNEST by Bob Thaves

THE BORN LOSER by Art & Chip Sansom

BIG NATE by Lincoln Peirce

LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23) — Problems will stem from rationalizing matters rather than seeing issues in a realistic light. If you want a productive day, take off those rosecolored glasses. SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22) — Put away your tool kit and stop trying to fix things that aren’t broken. Don’t disassemble things that are working well merely for the sake of change; it will mess up your serene life. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23-Dec. 21) — Before getting yourself and your team in too deeply, be sure that everyone is aiming at the same target. Check out the objectives of others before you take anyone onboard. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) — It’s ill-advised to assign critical tasks to those same people who have performed poorly in the past. You first need some proof that they’ll do better this time. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) — You’ve always shown yourself to be a bold and enterprising person, yet your sights could be placed on the wrong target, calling for a foolish risk rather than a strong initiative. PISCES (Feb. 20-March 20) — Unless you keep your emotions in check, angry and excitable outbursts are likely to prevail, especial-


“ R M D P M E P ' R



by Luis Campos

MONTY by Jim Meddick

ARLO & JANIS by Jimmy Johnson


Celebrity Cipher cryptograms are created from quotations by famous people, past and present. Each letter in the cipher stands for another. TODAY'S CLUE: K equals U










~ J A B ~ T O P ~ ~ E S T A






S A L ~ E Y E F U L ~ T E E

~ G A R R E T S ~ A J A R ~














44 49






50 54




~ E I ON T F E D F ~ ~ S I N ~ MO S PO ME N I D ~ DER G ~ O E DG NE U ~ B E 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 19 21




~ ~ ~ E O N ~ ~ A N A ~ ~ ~

24 25 26 27 28 29 31




G L I T Z ~ L A T S ~ A D Z




P E E T T T EA ~ ~ A D ME I L S I ~ ~ PA ON E N MA

DOWN 1 Big bankroll 2 Creole veggie 3 Panorama 4 Fencer’s cry (2 wds.)



V F M . ”






PREVIOUS SOLUTION: “I think having land and not ruining it is the most beautiful art that anybody could ever want to own.” - Andy Warhol










COW & BOY by Mark Leiknes


34 Rare mineral 35 Give notice 36 Courtroom bargain 37 Newspaper feature 39 Likes and dislikes 40 Oola’s guy 41 Cinnamon — 42 Tie-dye cousin 44 Open 47 Huge 48 Passports, etc. 50 Hertz rival 52 In addition 53 Bolt holder 54 Superman alias 55 Earns as profit 56 Distress signal 57 Joule fractions

ACROSS 1 Made a tapestry 5 Cradle 8 Fillet a fish 12 Quite similar 13 Jackie’s tycoon 14 Adams or McClurg 15 Remnant 16 College degs. 17 Tiny room 18 Stirring 20 Come to an end 22 Matter, in law 23 Meadow grazer 24 Down at the heels 27 Go over again 30 Wheel rod 31 Baby chick sound 32 Sense of humor 1


46 51

33 35 36 38 39 41 42 43 45 46 47 49 51

G O O P ~ U N I T ~ L I R E

H U R L ~ E G A D ~ L E O S

T R A Y ~ ~ E L S ~ A R N ~

Neonates Big Band — Tactful Changed into Byron’s works Shade of green Lamprey Low island Dodge City marshal Slump Co. honcho Red Muppet Harness piece Hole punchers Lose some Fall veggies — kwon do Je ne sais — Flapjack Jackpot games Winery cask Roman sculptures Hayfield sight Type of prof Say it’s so Sonar’s sound Moving truck Batman and Robin Ave. crossers



SEPT. 25, 2009

902 Sycamore Avenue, Vista, CA 92081 Tel: 760-734-3750 | TOLL-FREE 888-54-CYBER (29237) FAX 760-734-3766 www.CYBERKNIFEOFSOCAL.com

TRUST THE PIONEERS WITH RENOWNED RADIOSURGERY EXPERTISE Na Prosta tional Prosp Trea te Cancer ective availa tment Proto Cyberknife ble co risk (e for patient l is now a r ly stage s with low canc you ar er. Call toda ) prostate e eligib y to se (760) le for treatme if 734-3 ent 75


TRUST YOUR TREATMENT TO THE AREA’S TRUSTED AUTHORITY Oncology Therapies of Vista and CyberKnife of Southern California at Vista are the trusted experts bringing Image Guided Radiation Therapy (IGRT), Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT), High and Low Dose Brachytherapy including Accelerated Partial Breast Radiation (APBI), 3-D Conformal Radiation Therapy, as well as CyberKnife Stereotactic Radiosurgery to the many communities of San Diego County. At Oncology Therapies of Vista and CyberKnife of Southern California at Vista, our mission is simple: to provide the most informed, experienced and effective radiation and radiosurgical care in San Diego County and surrounding communities. We know that, no matter how sophisticated or complex, a tool is

only as good as the specialist wielding it. When it comes to treating tumors, we believe you should be able to trust not just the most advanced technologies but to the physicians who know radiosurgery and radiation therapy best. We help to create a multifaceted partnership between the patient, their family

members, and every Doctor involved in their care. We do this - and maintain open, honest, and frequent interaction because it is known to help lead to the best outcomes. Our physicians helped introduce the county to radiosurgery and have the area’s largest volume of experience.



916 Sycamore Avenue, Vista, CA 92081 Tel: 760-599-9545 FAX: 760-599-9549 www.ONCTHERAPIES.com


SEPT. 25, 2009


ON-SITE LIVE AUCTION! Suggested opening bid is $6,250,000 EXTRAORDINARY OPPORTUNITY! On-Site Live Auction on October 3 at 2:00 p.m. at 6349 Mimulus, Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067. Previews every Wednesday from 4:30-6:00 p.m. and every Saturday from 11:30 a.m.-1:00 p.m.. Visit www.MimulusRSF.com for terms and conditions. Brand-new custom home on the Rancho Santa Fe Golf Course with 5 bedrooms suites and a 2 bedroom casita. www.6349Mimulus.com






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EXTRAORDINARY VALUE $1,799,000 Panoramic VIEWS abound at this 5 bedroom, 5.5 bath home with an office, bonus room, 3 fireplaces, pool & spa. Terrific floor plan with lots of volume & the VALUE you've been looking for! Call today and come see for yourself!


GATED ESTATE $5,995,000 to $6,450,000 Are you ready for a deal? Original owners of this fabulous Covenant home are ready to sell!! 6 bedroom suites with master on the main level, travertine floors, guesthouse and outdoor entertaining at its finest on 2.95 beautifully landscaped acres.This is a Richard Doan home with an exceptional flowing floor plan. Do yourself a favor and call today! www.18202ViaDeSueno.com

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June & Becky



We proudly support the San Diego affiliate of the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.




An independently owned and operated member of the Prudential Real Estate Affiliates.

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