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School lawsuit settled for $53k

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A local organic farmer encourages people to take a more conscious approach to the food 3 they eat

By Promise Yee



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MARCH 12, 2010

PURIM PARTY Ofea Arbib dons his best Purim costume for the Purim at the Ranch party held Feb. 28. See more photos on Page 22. Photos by Patty McCormac

Good Purim fun at celebration in Ranch By Patty McCormac

RANCHO SANTA FE — After a rainy and blustery Saturday, Sunday Feb. 28 turned into a gorgeous day and just perfect for celebrating Purim at the Ranch at the Helen Woodward Animal Center. About 100 members of the Chabad Jewish Center of Rancho Santa Fe celebrated country-style, Rabbi Levi Raskin and others wearing jeans and cowboy hats. The children wore a variety of costumes and had the opportunity to pet goats, sheep and

ponies, courtesy of the animal center. Purim is a joyous holiday that celebrates the salvation of the Jewish people from the evil Haman, a government minister who hated Jews and plotted to have them obliterated. Because of the influence of Queen Esther, the Jews were saved and Haman hanged for his deeds. The celebration is held on the 14th day of the 12th month on the Jewish calendar, and featured TURN TO PURIM ON 22

KINGS AND QUEENS Jordan Pearson and Jacob Pearson.

Extension granted for condo development map By Patty McCormac

RANCHO SANTA FE — A condominium development by Rancho Santa Fe resident Tom Clotfelter was given a three-year extension to finalize the subdivision’s map for a 2-acre project. Approved in 2004, it is on two acres on Camino Selva, where six detached condominiums are planned. Each will be between 2,300 and 3,400 square feet.

About 15 feet will separate them from their neighbors. Clotfelter is confident that the map can be finalized shortly. He said part of the hold-up has been the boundary adjustment for the project. “We had three lots and then divided them into two lots,” he said. A new line separates the six condominium units from existing housing.

The final map will include the recommendations by the art jury regarding the boundary adjustment and a few other things, he said. If all goes according to plan, the project can get on the schedule for final approval by the Board of Supervisors. “Theoretically, in the next three or four months, we’d be ready to go,” Clotfelter said.

RANCHO SANTA FE — The Rancho Santa Fe School District spent a whopping $53,000 in litigation and legal fees to settle a complaint that a complete Environmental Impact Report, or EIR, was not done on the school building site. The district settled out of court at a special school board meeting held Feb. 23. The cost of the settlement was about the cost of a teacher’s salary for one year. “I’m disappointed we have to spend money that could have been spent on our children, defending lawsuits,” Scot Cheathman, school board president, said. Richard Marr and Loretta Mature, who own property that neighbors the school, filed the complaint. A settlement was reached to plant a hedge of trees between the school district and the neighboring properties and require a complete EIR if building plans change. The district will plant up to $7,500 worth of ficus or oleander trees on the south side of the Dacus property, which is owned by the school district, to screen the Marr and Mature properties from a future school parking lot. “We probably needed to do that anyway,” Cheathman said. “Now it’s in writing. We want to be good neighbors.” The lawsuit was not a surprise. There were complaints from Marr and Mature at school board meetings before the suit was filed. The district said it did everything it was legally required to do to bring building plans forward. The district filed an environmental Mitigated Negative Declaration after studies TURN TO LAWSUIT ON 22


MARCH 12, 2010

Kelly Pottorff & Tammy Tidmore


North County’s Ranch and Coastal Community Experts

Endless Summers in Olde Del Mar New on the Market. Contemporary yet warm, this unique Batter Kay condo invites soothing coastal breezes featuring two bedrooms, two baths, and a loft. Less than two blocks from the beach and within walking distance to Torrey Pines State Park, this is a great opportunity to experience coastal California living at its best.

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Authentic Adobe With Rustic Charm Near Village

Wonderful Cielo Home With Sweeping Views

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Hidden Hideaway On Over One Acre

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2.4 Westside Acres With Plans

Rancho Del Mar $1,575,000

Cardiff $1,525,000

Rancho Santa Fe Covenant $1,395,000

Attractive Home With Zen Gardens

Two Acre View Site In Gated Community

Cape Cod Residence In Bay Collection

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Carlsbad $849,000

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East Coast Flair In Bressi Ranch

Spacious Townhome With Golf Course Frontage

Fractional Ownership At The Villas Of Rancho Valencia

Carlsbad $749,000

Rancho Bernardo $549,000

Rancho Santa Fe $455,000



MARCH 12, 2010

ODD Organic farm gets back to American roots Man held FILES without


By Bianca Kaplanek

LEAD STORY Anthropomorphizing Little Muffy: (1) A February St. Petersburg Times report found several local people who regularly cook gourmet meals for their dogs and who revealed their dogs’ (or maybe just “their”) favorite recipes. “Veggie Cookies for Dogs,” for example, requires wholewheat flour, dried basil, dried cilantro, dried oregano, chopped carrot, green beans, tomato paste, canola oil and garlic. Asked one chef: Why feed “man’s best friend” what you wouldn’t eat yourself? (2) A day spa for dogs (“Wag Style”) in Tokyo offers sessions in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber, supposedly easing doggy arthritis, healing wounds and halting aging. (Some racehorse owners are certain that the chambers help with equine muscle and joint problems, but an academic researcher told a BoingBoing.net writer that evidence of benefit is “anecdotal.”)

Compelling Explanations — At first, Rev. Fred Armfield’s arrest for patronizing a prostitute in Greenwood, S.C., in January looked uncontroversial, with Armfield allegedly confessing that he had bargained Melinda “Truck Stop” Robinson down from $10 to $5 for oral sex. Several days later, however, Armfield formally disputed the arrest, calling himself a “descendant of the original MoroPithecus Disoch, Kenyapithecus and Afro Pithecus,” a “living flesh and blood being with sovereign status,” and someone who, based on his character and community standing, should not be prosecuted. Also, he claimed that any payment to “Truck Stop” with Federal Reserve Notes did not legally constitute a purchase since such notes are not lawful money. — Lame: (1) Glenn Armstrong, 47, had a defense ready when police accused him of taking restroom photographs of boys in Brisbane, Australia, in January. He said he was having an ongoing debate with his wife and was gathering proof that most boys are not circumcised. (2) Sheriff’s deputies in Austin, Texas, arrested Anthony Gigliotti, 17, after complaints that the teen was annoying women by following them around in public and snapping photographs of their clothed body parts. Gigliotti told one deputy that he needed the photos because the sex education at his Lake Travis High School was inadequate. — Fredrick Federley, a TURN TO ODD FILES ON 21

SAN DIEGO — The first time people meet Stephenie Caughlin, owner of Seabreeze Organic Farm, they usually tell her she’s nothing like they imagined. “They expect to see me dressed in overalls, standing in front of a red barn,” she said. Hoping the public will continue believing that’s how their food is produced, Caughlin said growers perpetuate that stereotype even though it couldn’t be further from the truth. “I can’t think of anyone more important than the one who grows your food,” she said. But nowadays, people are almost completely unaware of where their food comes from. As an example, Caughlin cited the recent spinach recall and how difficult it was to trace where the product originated, let alone the farmer who grew it. “The average supermarket food item travels approximately 1,400 petroleum miles to get there,” her Web site states. “We have distanced ourselves so far from our food that no one cares about what happens to me when I eat it,” said Talley Hutcherson, who provides office support for Seabreeze Farm. “The mindset is that cheap and easy and fast is the way to go,” she said. “But eating healthy provides more benefits down the road.” With two advanced degrees and careers as a gold broker, chief executive of a futures trading company and

bail in ’01 killing By Randy Kalp

GROWING ORGANIC Above left, because Seabreeze Organic Farm is located on a hillside, owner Stephenie Caughlin uses vertical farming methods to maximize yields and decrease labor and water use. It also requires far less weeding. Above right, Stephenie Caughlin, owner of Seabreeze Organic Farm, shows off some of the heirloom tomatoes that will be included in her weekly delivery. Photo by Bianca Kaplanek

high school teacher, Caughlin bought her 2-acre hillside property off Sorrento Valley Road in San Diego in 1978. At the time it was mostly chaparral and eucalyptus trees. “At 40 ... I was looking for something sustainable to do with my life,” Caughlin said. “I was always interested in family so it was natural that I would go into growing food.” Caughlin, who taught home economics for seven years, was one of the original growers for San Diego’s first farmers market. In 1988 she

began growing and delivering food that is healthy for several reasons. In addition to not using chemicals or pesticides, Caughlin produces her food seasonally. “By eating with the season, we are meeting the body’s needs,” she said. In winter she grows the root crops, such as carrots, turnips and parsnips, which bolster the immune system when it needs it most, she said. Spring brings the leafy green vegetables — collards, kale and spinach — or “mira-

cle foods,” as Caughlin calls them. “They help fight off the change in weather,” she said. “In summer, when it’s hot and we sweat, we have all the fruits — watermelon, peaches and other stone fruits and citrus — all with extra liquid.” In addition to fruits and vegetables, Caughlin grows herbs and flowers and raises poultry for eggs. Customers can order from her online green store for other groceries, household goods and TURN TO ORGANIC ON 27

Voters to decide fate of business tax By Bianca Kaplanek

SOLANA BEACH — The fate of a tax on Solana Beach businesses is now in the hands of city residents. At the Feb. 24 meeting, council members unanimously agreed on a six-tier model that will be presented to voters in the June 8 election. A similar move failed with a 2-3 vote two weeks earlier. Four of the five council members had to support the measure for it to be placed on the ballot. If it passes, taxes would be due in October 2010. But council also agreed to phase in the tax, so businesses will only be required to pay 50 percent of the amount due for the first year. City officials spent nearly a year working with members of the business community to develop a fair and simple plan that was acceptable to all sides. A five-tier model everyone seemingly agreed on was presented at the Feb. 10 meeting. According to that plan,

the highest tax bracket was for businesses making $2.5 million or more. Just before the vote, Councilman Mike Nichols made what he called a “last-ditch effort” to add an additional tier applicable to businesses with gross receipts of more than $5 million. He and Councilwoman Lesa Heebner said some small-business owners felt they were paying more than their fair share. Councilmen Dave Roberts and Joe Kellejian said they feared the additional tier would result in a loss of support from the business community. The model that will go before voters has an additional sixth tier for businesses making more than $5 million, but the numbers were adjusted to lower the tax burden in the lower brackets. Originally, businesses making less than $65,500 would pay a flat rate of $50. Businesses making more will have the option of paying a

flat fee or a percentage of their gross receipts. That remains unchanged. In the old five-tier plan, the flat rate ranged from $75 for businesses making more than $65,500 to $1,150 for those with gross receipts of $2.5 million or more. In the accepted model, the range is between $70 and $1,675 for businesses with gross receipts of $5 million or more. The multiplier for businesses that choose to pay a percentage was also decreased across the board. In many cases, that option could mean a lower tax, City Manager David Ott said. The city received about a dozen letters and e-mails, more than half opposing any tax at all. The others were split nearly evenly on adding a sixth tier. “The attempt to charge an extra amount to certain high volume businesses is a naked bit of wealth redistribution,” wrote Lynn Farrar, general manager of the Lomas Santa Fe Country

Club, which falls into the highest bracket. “To single out 5 or so businesses and tax them differently is a miscarriage of justice and not in the spirit of community.” At the meeting, about a dozen speakers — mostly small-business owners — said they supported the additional tier for higherearning companies. “The city’s always had a fair business fee structure,” said Ira Opper, who’s run a home business in Solana Beach since 1995. “I would rather pay a few dollars more to have the services that we have than have car lots and box stores to supplement that income. “But the small businesses should not be the only ones to shoulder the burden,” Opper said. “The big businesses should also pay their fair share. With that, I think tier six comes with some bragging rights. I don’t think there’s a person in this room TURN TO TAX ON 27

Seminar educates public on identity theft RANCHO SANTA FE — Learn how to protect yourself against identity theft when North County financial advisor Deana Carter hosts “An Inside Look at Identity Theft; Through the Eyes of a Criminal,” from 8 to 9 a.m. March 18 at the Inn at Rancho Santa Fe. Her featured speaker is prosecutor Damon Mosler, chief of the San Diego

County District Attorney’s Special Operations unit. Watch an interview with an identity thief to find out how criminals steal and use your information. Listen to suggestions about how to protect your information. The March 18 presentation is part of “Coffee and Conversation,” a series of

monthly chats on a wide range of topics that affect your economic health. A new report shows that identity theft outpaced the economy in 2009, increasing the amount of the fraud by 12.5 percent to $54 billion. The report, issued by Javelin Strategy and Research, found that 11.1 million adults were

victims of identity fraud in 2009. Identity thieves are becoming bolder and more innovative, using popular Web tools like Craigslist to sell phony products and personal information, including credit card numbers. Contact Deana Carter at (858) 756-1566 for more information.

CARLSBAD — A Mexican man accused of killing and raping an 84year-old woman in 2001 pleaded not guilty March 4 in a Vista courtroom. Prosecutors allege Alejandro Avalos Fernandez, 33, murdered Gladys Conrad, a retired psychiatrist, during a sexual assault in her Carlsbad-by-the-Sea residence on Sept. 1, 2001. Fernandez, a Mexican national, was extradited to the United States from Mexico on March 2. Authorities arrested him Jan. 23, 2009, in Mexico City. He remains in custody without bail. Police have also linked Fernandez to a Los Angeles area attempted rape case involving a 64year-old woman. In 2004, DNA from Conrad’s case was matched to DNA from an unknown suspect in the Los Angeles case.The suspect, however, remained unidentified until 2007 when Fernandez was arrested on a narcotics charge in Los Angeles. He had been released from custody before his DNA was entered into a database and matched to the two crimes. “We are satisfied that the person responsible for this heinous crime is finally being brought to justice, especially for the family and the community’s sake,” Investigations Lt. Kelly Cain said in a statement. “This arrest is a great example of how successful investigations can be with regional cooperation.” Fernandez is charged with one felony count each of first-degree murder, rape, sodomy by force relating to Conrad’s death as well as torture, assault with the intent to commit a felony and attempted raped in connection with the 2004 case. Additionally, two special circumstance allegations are attached to the murder and rape charge. Normally a special circumstance allegation carries with it the opportunity for the prosecution to seek the death penalty; however, because of an extradition agreement with Mexico, prosecutors can not pursue the death penalty in this case, Deputy District Attorney Makenzie Harvey said outside the courtroom. Fernandez faces up to life in prison without parole if convicted, Harvey said. A preliminary hearing was set for March 16.



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Getting hitched, taking the plunge, tying the knot I am to be married this Sunday to the most wonderful woman in the world. Constantly written off as the epitome of a stress-free guy, I’m beginning to feel the pressure. No cold feet here, just good ol’ fashioned freaking out from time to time. Here’s my mantra: “You’ll be fine. It’s only one of the biggest days of your life. Don’t blow it. You’re not going to blow it, right?” Repeat. I hate to disappoint all the single ladies out there by taking another stunning bachelor off the market.This was bound to happen, for we all know attractive, well-todo men are never single for long. My lady scored a remarkable catch, and one day soon she too will have this realization. Fortunately for her I received marriage advice from just about every drunk in North County, most of them single or recently divorced. From what I gathered, the underlying key to a successful marriage is to nod and say “Yes honey, you are absolutely correct.” While I suspect there is more to it than that, this is definitely a decent starting point. But there I go again, accepting worldly guidance from bitter middle-aged divorced men working on their sixth pint, all of them gifted sages, of course. My wife (and by now it’s safe to call her that) deserves a merit badge or plaque honoring her many years of service in what I like to call “dealing with Eric.” It’s no easy task, mind you. My socks will never quite make it to the hamper. I can’t find a thing in the house without her help, up to and including my car keys and wallet. I’ll always track most of the outdoors indoors. My buddies and I are probably in the early stages of planning something stupid. I can’t

ERIC MURTAUGH Outside Perspective fix anything. How many more reasons do I need to give her to love me? I know my marriage will last for at least one good reason: never again do I want anything to do with wedding planning. Never. Again. From here on out, I’ll be taking my wife to weddings as a married man relishing the free food and cocktails, knowing the drained couple at the altar just spent too many frustrating months planning this one moment. I keep saying we’re headed to the courthouse next time around, but she doesn’t think it’s funny. And it sounds cruel, but I am delighted to see a groom just starting out while I’m toeing the finish line. My wife and I made a pit stop at a Starbucks in L.A. a few months back where we saw a recently engaged groom and his fiancée meeting with an obnoxious deejay. I wanted to offer him a pat on the back, perhaps a groom to groom hug. I could sense the agony and defeat in his posture, his glassy eyes signaling complete apathy. I’ve been down that road, buddy.The poor sucker has no idea what he has coming. I will try my hardest not to get too emotional come Sunday afternoon, but no guarantees. In the meantime: “You’ll be fine. It’s only one of the biggest days of your life. Don’t blow it.” On a completely separate TURN TO OUTSIDE ON 23

Seeking guest editorials As a community newspaper, our readers are our news. We would like to open the opportunity for you to write a Community Commentary to run on our Op Ed pages. We are looking for submissions 500 to 700 words, in a first person voice, that explore an issue or idea relevant to you as a North

County resident. Submissions longer than 700 words will not be considered. Not all submissions will be published. Send finished editorials to lsutton@coastnewsgroup.com.You will be contacted if your piece is chosen for publication.

P.O. Box 232550, Encinitas, CA 92023-2550 • 760-436-9737 www.ranchosfnews.com • Fax: 760-943-0850

Report predicts dismal future for satellite wagering Del Mar in the mix? An online report in the Bloodhorse (Feb. 19, 2010), a national publication based in Kentucky, notes that satellite wagering in the Southland except at Santa Anita and Hollywood Park is facing a critical financial future. All off-site facilities, including Del Mar’s Surfside Race Place, are under the administration of Southern California Off-track Wagering Inc., or SCOTWINC, and it is reportedly in a state of bankruptcy. Bloodhorse quotes Keith Brackpool, new president of the California Hose Racing Board, saying that it doesn’t appear that satellite wagering is a sustainable business under current conditions. SCOTWINC has incurred a serious deficit since 2007. San Luis Rey Downs in Bonsall that offers training facilities for Thoroughbreds reportedly will be shuttered March 15. A five-year recovery plan is in the works and will be ready by June 15, however, the outlook for a comeback remains dismal according to the report.Will satellites be history? Stay tuned.


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Blackburn and Matt Hall have announced they want to succeed hizzoner Bud Lewis when he steps down this year after being the titular head for 24 years and councilor for 16 years before that. The firefighters union that was heavily involved with the failed campaign to oust O’side Council elected Jerry Kern has signed on in Blackburn’s corner; Hall, a council member since 1994, has the backing of the mayor.

Fairplex to build new convention facility

Los Angeles County Fairgrounds at Pomona, commonly referred to as Fairplex, has broken ground for an 85,000-square-foot, allpurpose building and redo of a smaller 35,620-square-foot exhibit hall. The project will cost in excess of $30 mil. Running for mayor Partial financing is being proC’bad Council electeds Keith vided by the city and county of L.A. and Pomona. Like Fairplex, Del Mar Fairgrounds is having to provide Contact a Reporter better facilities to attract events and CARLSBAD meetings. Del Mar receives no tax ALYX SARIOL dollars and must generate its own asariol@coastnewsgroup.com operating revenue. For that it is DEL MAR / SOLANA BEACH unique in the Golden State. BIANCA KAPLANEK


BILL ARBALLO Eye on the Coast

LAURIE SUTTON lsutton@coastnewsgroup.com

On schedule As predicted previously, O’side political campaigns are already in the works. In the mix are one that will oppose the city becoming a charter city. Currently it’s classified as a general law city but being a charter

city would enable it to become free of some significant state mandates. Voting on city status will occur in November along with the election of council members.

No school closures

After months of often-heated wrangling, pro and con, Del Mar Union School District trustees have opted to keep all eight schools open. Still on the table is where to relocate admin. operations that are currently on the Shores School site in the Surfside City’s Ninth Street.

No pay raises

Harbor City electeds voted against a substantial pay increase for themselves and hizzoner. They are still trying to figure out how to balance a budget that is grossly out of kilter and adding to the pile of debt wouldn’t look good on their reelection resumes they reasoned.

Lawsuit canned

A Superior Court judge has tossed a free speech suit filed by former Flower Capital Chamber CEO Gary Tucker against the organization. However, in separate action, he was awarded $10 grand plus interest for wages and perks.

Major fundraiser

Surfside City’s Education Foundation raised a whoppin’ $725 grand to assure the district’s Extended Studies Curriculum remains so that arts and music classes will continue.

Encinitas way?

Flower Capital Mayor Dan Dalager and Council elected Jerome Stocks apparently “forgot” that at the Oct. 22, 2008, council meeting they engineered a motion that was adopted to save the Hall TURN TO EYE ON THE COAST ON 26

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Letters to the Editor and reader feedback are welcome. Views expressed in letters do not necessarily reflect the views of Rancho Santa Fe News. Letters are subject to editing for length and clarity. Unsigned letters and letters without city of residence will not be published. Letters should be no longer than 300 words and include a contact telephone number. Submission does not guarantee publication. Send letters via e-mail to letters@coastnewsgroup.com.



MARCH 12, 2010

Underground utilities decision up to residents By Bianca Kaplanek

DEL MAR — After nearly three hours of public input from more than two dozen residents mostly opposed to undergrounding utility poles and wires in the Sunset district, City Council — not surprisingly — agreed at the Feb. 22 meeting to move the project forward. With Mayor Richard Earnest and Councilman Mark Filanc recused, council voted 3-0 to hold a public hearing April 26 and mail ballots to property owners within the district in the northeast section of the city. The events were almost identical to ones that took place three weeks earlier when undergrounding in the North Hills district was discussed. Speakers opposing the project had issues with the high costs and assessment process, which many felt was flawed and inequitable. Undergrounding utility equipment was identified as a high priority in 2002 as part of Del Mar Vision 2020, a longrange integration plan created with public input. After researching several models, the city adopted an assessment formula that had been used successfully for 10 years in Laguna Beach, an area with a topography similar to Del Mar. Assessment districts are

governed by state laws that require costs to be allocated according to the benefits received. They cannot be divided equally among the properties involved. Based on a voterapproved ballot procedure, votes are worth more for parcels with higher assessments. Proposed benefits include increased fire safety, improved views and upgraded electric, cable and television service. Fire Marshal Bob Scott said a fire caused by downed power lines “doesn’t happen frequently,” but firefighters and all fire captains in the area agree that underground utility wires would be safer. “We’re all on the same page,” Scott said. Ross Neglia, who walks his dogs under the power lines daily, called them embarrassing, saying they make Del Mar look like a “Third-World country.” When the Sunset district was formed in April 2007,94 of the 135 residents submitted petitions supporting the project. Some residents said they have since changed their minds and now feel it should be delayed or stopped because of the poor economy. Many, especially those on fixed incomes, said they could TURN TO UNDERGROUND ON 27

WINNING SWIMMERS From left, Pacific Swim Coach Owen Molenaar, Alexander Santana of Carmel Valley, Kasey Vo of Carmel Mountain Ranch, Brendan Santana of Carmel Valley, Austin Nguyen of 4SRanch with Pacific Swim Head Coach Di Molenaar, after winning the Junior Olympics in Coronado. Courtesy photo

Top swimmers break Jr. Olympic records COAST CITIES — Pacific Swim’s 10-and-under boys team, including Pacific Swim Coach Owen Molenaar, Alexander Santana of Carmel Valley, Kasey Vo of Carmel Mountain Ranch, Brendan Santana of Carmel Valley, Austin Nguyen of 4SRanch with Pacific Swim Head Coach Di Molenaar, broke

records at the short course Junior Olympics in Coronado last month. The boys team broke Junior Olympic and San Diego-Imperial County records in the 200-meter freestyle relay, with a time of 1:53:62, and the 200-meter medley relay, with a time of 2:08:69. Pacific Swim’s 10and-under boys freestyle

relay team is currently ranked fourth in the nation, and the 10-and-under boys medley relay is ranked ninth in the nation. Austin Nguyen broke Junior Olympic records in the individual 50- and 100meter backstroke and the 100-meter breaststroke. Brendan Santana broke junior Olympic records in the

individual 50-meter butterfly, a record that has not changed since 1981. Pacific Swim will be sending a group of swimmers to the Far Western Championships on April 8. For more information on Pacific Swim, or to make a donation to help these swimmers get to the championships, contact Di Molenaar at (858) 486-3670.

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MARCH 12, 2010


community CALENDAR


Got an item for the calendar? Send the details via e-mail to calendar@coastnewsgroup.com.

The 15th annual Ugly Dog Show was held March 7 at the Del Mar Fairgrounds Paddock Area. The show included contests for the ugliest dog, cutest dog, best trick, dog that looks most like its owner, best costume and more. Right, Rancho Santa Fe resident Megan Toms, a volunteer for the Helen Woodward Animal Center, shows off Mugsy who is up for adoption. Middle right, Oceanside resident Sidnie McCarthy and her dog Bella. Far right, San Ysidro resident Adrian Hernandez and Tovias, a Xoloitzcuintli, or Mexican hairless dog.


NIGHT OUT Enjoy a parents night out from 5 to 9 p.m. March 12. Bring kids ages 3 to 10 to Holy Cross Episcopal Church, 6066 Corte del Cedro, Carlsbad. Kids can enjoy a pizza dinner, create crafts, play games and watch a movie. Cost is $10 for first child, $5 for each additional child. Call (760) 930-1270 or visit www.holy-cross-church. org for reservations.

Photos by Daniel Knighton

MARCH 13 Below, Chula Vista resident Carissa Musaraca and her Chihuahua,Tinkerbell. Left, Chopper the Biker Dog poses with his owner, San Diego resident Mark Shaffer. The pair are constant fixtures at charity events around the county.

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for former officer By Randy Kalp

OCEANSIDE — The bail for a former Oceanside police officer accused of threatening his ex-wife on Valentine’s Day with a handgun will remain at $1 million, a judge ruled Feb. 25. What was set to be a bail review hearing for Randy Judd instead became a brief hearing for his new attorney’s law firm to make a record that they would now be handling the case. Deputy District Attorney Keith Watanabe said Judd’s new attorney,William Nimmo,

will most likely revisit the bail issue at Judd’s readiness conference, which is scheduled for March 25. Prosecutors charged Judd, 50, earlier in the week with two felony counts — making criminal threats and carrying a loaded firearm with the intent to commit a felony — relating to the Feb. 14 altercation with his ex-wife in her Valley Center home. “We believe he’s a danger to himself, his wife and the community; therefore, the bail TURN TO OFFICER ON 27

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BLUE COLLAR Author Tom Barbour will have a book-signing event from 2 to 4 p.m. March 13, Borders, 1905 Calle Barcelona, Carlsbad. Barbour will be available to sign copies of his book, “Blue Collar Mentality: Boise State’s Rise to Football Prominence.” Call Jim Miller at (888) 361-9473 or e-mail jim@tatepublishing. com to learn more. GOOD FINDS The Carlsbad High School Wind Symphony & Winter Guard will have a garage sale from 7 a.m. to noon March 13, Colony at Calavera Hills, Carlsbad. This huge multi-family garage sale is held in conjunction with the annual community garage sale. Call Pattie Caraglio at (760) 929-8778 to learn more. STORY TIME First Lutheran Church will host a storytelling event from 6:30 to 8 p.m. March 13, 1410 Foothill Drive, Vista. Storytellers will be telling tales of luck and blarney to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day for an all-ages audience. Visit wwwfirstlutheranvista. org for more details.


be a reception for five artists from the group Ledge from 2 to 4:30 p.m. March 14, Encinitas Library Cultural Center, 505 Vulcan Ave. Ledge is a group of artists who began meeting in 2005 to exchange ideas, discuss the process of art making, and its place in our culture. Call the library at (760) 753-7376 to learn more. FRESH START The 18th annual Fresh Start for Kids Celebrity Golf Classic will be held March 14 and March 15, Morgan Run Club & Resort, 5690 Cancha De Golf, Rancho Santa Fe. Tickets for the March 14 dinner and auction are $75 and tickets for the Celebrity Golf Classic on March 15 are $700 each or $2,500 for foursomes. Each foursome is paired with a Hollywood celebrity or professional athlete and will enjoy giveaways, contests and TURN TO CALENDAR ON 27



MARCH 12, 2010

Suspect to stand trial for jewel heist By Randy Kalp

CARLSBAD — Ten days before last Halloween, Gaylene Taylor believes she came face to face with Satan. While performing her opening duties at Mulloys Fine Jewelry store on State Street in Carlsbad, a masked man appeared and forced her to the ground at gunpoint. Taylor’s testimony came during the preliminary hearing on Feb. 24 for 52-year-old John Leslie Davis, who is charged with committing the robbery. “He was there out of nowhere,” testified Taylor, a manager for the jewelry store. “He was like the devil to me.” As she laid face down on the ground, Taylor testified she could hear the masked man, who was dressed from head to toe in dark clothing, going through the safe. Quivering as she spoke from the witness stand, Taylor said she kept repeating aloud the Lords Prayer,

over and over. “I don’t know what you like, I don’t care what you look like,” she said she told him. “Just take what you want and get out of here.” Neither Taylor nor her co-worker, who was also in the store that morning, could identify Davis in court. However, under cross-examination by Leslie’s attorney, Michael Washington, both women admitted they had told police the robber was softspoken with a possible Hispanic accent; Davis is black. Carlsbad police Officer Trevor Winters testified he found an opening in the ceiling of the store’s employee bathroom, which led to the attic where another hole was found in the store’s roof. In the attic space, Winters said he found scattered jewelry, dark clothing, a paint ball mask and an air soft pistol. Mulloys lost more than TURN TO HEIST ON 27

City holds residents responsible for damage By Bianca Kaplanek

SOLANA BEACH — If you break it, you fix it. That was the underlying message from council members, who unanimously agreed during the Feb. 24 meeting that residents who plant trees that damage city property are responsible for all maintenance and repair costs. City Attorney Johanna Canlas said the current law contains two provisions. One requires owners to maintain sidewalks adjacent to their property that are damaged by landscaping installed by the homeowner. This is consistent with California law. Another provision states it is the obligation of the city. Hoping to clear up that ambiguity, City Council introduced an ordinance to repeal the section of the municipal code that is inconsistent with state law and provides conflicting opinions about who should pay for repairs to sidewalks

and other areas damaged by trees. If the tree damaging city property was planted before a resident bought his or her home, that resident is still responsible to pay for any repairs associated with the tree. Residents who are unsure about who planted a tree can check with city staff. City Manager David Ott said the city has an accurate inventory of all trees it planted. “I think this is the smart thing to do,” Councilman Dave Roberts said. “We’ve had a couple of issues recently on the east side with potential sidewalk heaves caused by trees on private property and there was this ambiguity. If somebody plants a tree and if affects the sidewalk, it’s their responsibility.” The new ordinance with the deleted section will go into effect 30 days after the final adoption later this month.

DIG IN City Council members, from left, Crystal Crawford, Don Mosier, Richard Earnest, Mark Filanc and Carl Hilliard and City Manager Karen Brust help get construction of the new 21st Street sewer pump station started during a March 4 groundbreaking ceremony. Photo by Bianca Kaplanek

New pump station finally under way By Bianca Kaplanek

DEL MAR — Comparing it to the plumbing in your house, City Councilwoman Crystal Crawford described a sewer pump station as a critical piece of infrastructure that’s “not sexy, but it’s essential.” “Believe me, you know when it’s not working,” she said. During a March 4 groundbreaking ceremony for the city’s new 21st Street sewer pump station, Mayor Richard Earnest said city officials can “only hope” the existing facility will continue working until the new one is up and running. “It’s truly an exercise in danger to go down there and work,” Earnest said. “It’s difficult and hard to maintain. I know (Public Works Director) David Scherer will sleep better knowing this project is under way.” The underground pump station, built in the early 1970s, has long since exceeded its 30year life expectancy. A major failure could result in a significant amount of sewage being discharged into the ocean and lagoons. The facility is the city’s primary pump station, delivering sewage to the city of San Diego for treatment. It handles flow from the majority of the city, including its largest customer, the Del Mar Fairgrounds. Because any changes in use at the fairgrounds can significantly impact the system, council authorized in 2008 a first-ever wastewater disposal agreement that defines flows from the site to ensure the new

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station meets projected sewage flow. Plans to replace the station began in the late 1990s. The new facility was created with input from several city sources, including the Parks and Recreation Department, the Design Review Board — twice — and, to ensure energy efficiency, the Energy Issues Advisory Committee. Project plans call for a new entrance to the adjacent tennis courts and possibly a full basketball court to replace the existing half

court, Earnest said. Most of the $5.5 million project is being funded with a state revolving fund loan, which Del Mar was able to secure because of its AAA bond rating, Earnest said. The revolving program is a federally backed initiative that allows states to offer low-interest loans to help cities comply with federal Clean Water Act requirements. The city would be reimbursed by the state after paying the contractor. Loan repay-

ment would begin one year after the project is completed. Existing bonds the sewer fund is obligated to repay will be retired in September 2015, resulting in a brief overlap in bond payments. Construction is expected to take about 18 months. “The contract provides for up to six months of transition between the new station being online and the demolition of old station to make sure all is well and operational issues are not apparent,” Scherer said.


MARCH 12, 2010


Exhibit sheds light on ocean trash problem By Lillian Cox

CARLSBAD — Flip flops, sunglasses, disposable cigarette lighters — even dentures. Recycled beach trash is the media used by first-grade students at Jefferson Elementary to fashion a wall hanging of a migrating gray whale, the newest exhibit at

Legoland’s SeaLife Aquarium. Students are raising awareness about the sobering and potentially catastrophic consequences of polluting the world’s oceans with manmade garbage, particularly plastics. The project was inspired TURN TO TRASH ON 22

NEVER TOO YOUNG From left, teacher Arlene Gnade and environ-

mental artist Teresa Espaniola worked with first-grade students at Jefferson Elementary School to create “Beach Trash: A Whale of a Problem.” After being on display at Legoland’s SeaLife Aquarium through the second week of April, the exhibit will “migrate” to other venues to raise awareness about the five plastic garbage patches floating around our oceans. Photo by Lillian Cox

BIG TROUBLE “Beach Trash: A Whale of a Problem” will be on display at Legoland's SeaLife Aquarium through the second week of April. Firstgrade students at Jefferson Elementary School incorporated recycled beach trash into a wall hanging of a migrating gray whale to raise awareness of the problem of plastic debris floating in the ocean that kills more than a million seabirds and 100,000 marine mammals each year. Photo by Lillian Cox

Many options mean tax prep doesn’t have to cost a fortune itself By Consumer Reports

If you do your taxes yourself, you’re in the minority, according to Consumer Reports Money Adviser. The IRS estimates that about 60 percent of taxpayers used a preparer last year. Do-it-yourselfers can take advantage of many online tax-prep tools that offer free trials — just type “tax-prep software” into a search engine to find them. You can prepare your federal return free on a secure server and pay nothing until you file. In addition, several online tools, including

TurboTax, H&R Block at Home and TaxAct, offer basic versions for simple returns that are free to prepare and file, regardless of your income. The IRS offers its own free “fillable form” for folks who don’t need prompting from tax software. And there’s FreeFile, accessible at www.irs.gov, which offers federal tax prep and filing for people with $57,000 or less in adjusted gross income or who meet other criteria. But even if you use a tax pro, Consumer Reports

Money Adviser points out that you can save money by doing some of the work yourself. One way is to complete the tax organizer many preparers give their clients at the beginning of the season. The following online tools can help as well. — Value and tally donations. A TurboTax feature, ItsDeductible, is free online whether you use the software to prepare your taxes or not. It’s available yearround, at turbotax.intuit.com/persona l -

taxes/itsdeductible/index.js p. Its competitor, H&R Block’s DeductionPro, is also free year-round, at www.deductionpro.com/ dpro/Welcome.jsp. Both use data from independent sources to value donated goods and let you tally contributions and charitable mileage. In Consumer Reports Money Adviser’s recent test, DeductionPro was more convenient. — Find out a charity’s tax status. To ensure that your donation is deductible, check the charity’s status on the IRS database at

www.irs.gov/app/pub-78/. Note: Some small charities might not be listed, so ask the group for a letter that confirms its tax-exempt status. Churches, mosques and synagogues can get taxdeductible donations even if they’re not in the database. — Figure your sales-tax deduction. For tax year 2009, you have the choice of deducting the larger of either your state and local sales or state income tax on your federal return. Deducting sales tax is a nobrainer in the seven states with no income tax (Alaska,

Florida, Nevada, South Dakota, Texas, Washington and Wyoming) and the two states that tax only dividends and interest (New Hampshire and Tennessee). If you haven’t kept all your receipts, you can estimate your annual state sales tax with the IRS Sales Tax Deduction Calculator, at apps.irs.gov/app/stdc/. — Figure an investment’s cost basis. If you sold investments last year, you need to determine your cost basis — the purchase price TURN TO CONSUMER ON 27

North County

dining GUIDE San Diego



MARCH 12, 2010

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MARCH 12, 2010


Girls face life sentence in torture of friend By Randy Kalp

ESCONDIDO — As her teenage friend begged for her life, Karina Amador confessed she grew more enraged and intensified her attack, a detective testified. The brutal assault, which left the then-14-yearold victim with five stab wounds and scratches from a knife being dragged over her, was allegedly perpetrated by Amador, 15, and her friend, 14-year-old Jovana Gudino, last May in the victim’s home on Goldenrod Street in Escondido. New details about the attack were revealed at the

teens’ preliminary hearing March 4 in a Vista courtroom. In Amador’s mirandized statement to police, Escondido police Detective Erik Witholt testified the teen said, “Jovana didn’t stab her. She just hit her a couple of times and I did the rest.” Amador told police the stabbing was over a boy, Witholt testified. Further, the young defendant said she aimed for the stomach because that’s where the kidneys are located, which would make the stabbing more painful. Despite Amador’s police confession, both she and

Gudino were ordered to stand trial for attempted murder, torture, assault with force likely to produce great bodily injury, burglary and dissuading a witness. The torture charge alone carries a maximum sentence of life in prison. An arraignment hearing, at which time a trial date may be set, is scheduled for April 18. During the hearing, the victim walked the court through the May 3 incident. She testified the codefendants and another teenage male, whose case is being handled in Juvenile Court, barged into her home as she was letting her dog inside. Then, the girls began their assault by punching and dragging her into a back bedroom where she was stabbed repeatedly.

Following the attack, the victim testified she was forced into the bathroom and told by Amador to wash off the evidence and not to snitch. After the three teens left, the victim called 911 and was life-flighted to Rady’s Children’s Hospital. Doctors said her injuries could have been fatal if she had not received medical treatment when she did. Despite some scars, the victim testified she has made a full recovery from the attack, though she now suffers from asthma because her lung was punctured during the assault. As the victim spoke from the witness stand, Amador and Gudino, each dressed in orange jail scrubs with their hair up in a bun, sat emotionless as their for-

mer friend detailed the attack. Throughout the proceedings, both girls flashed occasional smiles to their supporters as they were led out of the courtroom during breaks. The victim testified she was good friends with Amador, adding that the young defendant often visited her house. As for Gudino, the young girl testified they had been friends in middle school. About a week before the attack, the victim said her relationship with Amador became rocky after the defendant hit her in the face while the two were hanging out at the victim’s home. Amador faces an additional misdemeanor battery charge relating to that incident.

PACIFIC ACADEMY www.pacificacademy.org

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Orientation Begins at 6 p.m. Question & Answer Segment to Follow College Preparatory Grades 7-12 Small Classes 1:6 Teacher to Student Ratio Safe and Supportive Learning Environment WASC ACCREDITED with UC APPROVED CURRICULUM

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Community Center gets its green on

RANCHO SANTA FE — You may notice a lighter load in your postboxes this season, thanks to the Rancho Santa Fe Community Center. They’ve gone green and taken the Spring Catalog with them. Residents of the community can still enjoy all the great benefits of the Community Center events, activities, and recreational courses, all of which can be found in the electronic catalog to be launched on the Web site later this month. Offering new and improved classes and activities, those who are members of the center will also enjoy the benefits of major discounts and “Members Only” events. “The Community Center thrives by offering opportunities for the residents of the Ranch, but we also want to show our members how much we appreciate their support and dedication to our mission throughout the years,” said Erin Leahey, executive director of the Rancho Santa Fe Community Center. “We’re adding more programs, focusing on adult activities, and bringing together the residents like we’ve never done before.” Spring Session introduces “Wine and Dine Mondays” beginning in April, featuring a different fine dining location each time. Enjoy a delicious night out with your TURN TO CENTER ON 23

Realtor team earns status of ‘Legend’ RANCHO SANTA FE — Kathleen Van SantFisher and Dorothy St. Amour, of Prudential California Realty’s Rancho Santa Fe Properties office, recently earned Prudential’s 15-year Legend award. The prestigious award is given to agents who demonstrate “perseverance, expertise, and consistency,” and who have placed, at minimum, in the top two percent of Prudential’s 60,000 agents nationwide 15 times. “Kathleen and Dorothy’s excellent standing in Rancho Santa Fe and in San Diego’s real estate community is a direct result of their hard work and dedication to the goals of their clients,” said Herb Josepher, manager of the Rancho Santa Fe Properties office.

Together, sisters Van Sant-Fisher and St. Amour began accumulating their knowledge of real estate more than 30 years ago. They are co-owners of the Rancho Santa Fe Properties office building; carrying on the tradition of their late father, Tom Bowen. Van Sant-Fisher and St. Amour were instrumental in having their building, along with others in Rancho Santa Fe, named to the National Register of Historic Places. In the last few years, St. Amour designed and built two homes in Rancho Santa Fe and coastal North County. Van Sant-Fisher spent 15 years working in Los Angeles at William L. Pereira and Associates TURN TO REALTOR ON 23

Upgraded model home up for grabs, eligible for tax credit RANCHO SANTA FE — Homebuyers have one last chance to join the Maybeck community in 4S Ranch. The development’s final upgraded model home is still available. The 3,438square-foot residence offers three bedrooms plus loft, a private guest suite, fourand-a-half bathrooms, and a two-car, oversized garage for $744,990. The home boasts luxury upgrades including a gourmet kitchen with center island, mocha beech cabinetry, granite countertops and stainless steel appliances. Buyers will also find completed front and backyard landscaping, crown molding, custom flooring, surround sound, and custom window treatments for a ready move-in. This final model home is also a value because buyers can still benefit from the federal tax credit of up to $8,000 for first-time homebuyers or up to $6,500 for repeat buyers. “Maybeck offers a professionally decorated design with abundant growing room, a family-oriented community and access to excellent Poway Unified schools of all levels. William Lyon Homes presents enor-



MARCH 12, 2010

mous savings on a wellrounded lifestyle that will accommodate every family member,” said Lesley Pennington, director of sales and marketing for William Lyon Homes. Residents are within close proximity to the variety of recreational amenities at 4S Ranch including basketball courts, a roller hockey rink and miles of walking paths that connect parks to playgrounds, shops and fields. The community library, acres of beautiful parks and The Boys & Girls Club are also available to 4S Ranch homeowners. This close-knit community hosts special monthly events that include a mom’s club playgroup and Cub Scouts meetings. A 2 percent broker commission is offered at individual neighborhoods. Brokers must bring their client on their first visit to register. Broker commission is to be paid at the close of escrow. To schedule a private tour of this residence at Maybeck, call (888) 809-5983 for an appointment or visit www.lyonhomes.com/ maybeck.

Club honors athletes for sportsmanship By Bianca Kaplanek

SOLANA BEACH — In sports, physical strength and agility are often essential to winning games. Equally important is the ability to encourage and inspire one’s teammates despite what’s on the scoreboard. With that belief, the Solana Beach Soccer Club honored six young athletes with the Peter Schmid Sportsmanship Award during the annual board of directors meeting March 3 at Solana Vista School. The award was established by Anthony and Amanda Schmid in honor of their son to continue to foster the love he had for soccer until his untimely death. Recipients are recognized for their citizenship, helpfulness, attitude and loyalty on and off the field. Awards for the 2009 season went to Carson Boyd, Katie Lyle, Christina Martinez, Katie Pruden, Erik Rundlett and Madison Williams. “Carson epitomizes the meaning of team player,” his coach, Glenn Forrester, said. “His helpfulness, sense of fairness and great attitude are in themselves sufficient qualities to justify his nomination. But over and above that he has a physical disability, which results in him playing soccer with only one active arm and a severe limp. “Carson’s courage and attitude have been an inspiration to me personally and, I daresay, anyone who has watched him play.”

GOOD SPORTS The Solana Beach Soccer Club honored six young athletes with the Peter Schmid Sportsmanship Award during the annual board meeting March 3. Recipients include, clockwise from back left, Erik Rundlett, Madison Williams, Katie Lyle, Katie Pruden, Christina Martinez and Carson Boyd. Photo by Bianca Kaplanek

Michael Husted, Katie Lyle’s coach, said she demonstrates the true meaning of sportsmanship by always showing up for practice with a smile and working hard to get better. Christina, a firstyear player, was consistently willing to play any position, including goalkeeper, said her coach, Jerilyn Larson. Husted, who also coached Katie Pruden, another first-time player, said her citizenship, helpfulness, attitude and loyalty “made it fun to coach her.”

“Katie would always listen and be willing to play any position,” Husted said. “Erik has developed great leadership skills,” his coach, Eran Sinai, wrote. “He was always the first one to show up and the last one to leave. Erik was always ready to perform every task, (including) collecting equipment.” Jim Carroll said when things got tough for his under-12 team, Madison always “rose to the occasion.”

“In a most helpful way, she challenged her teammates, reinforcing the principles of positive attitude and fair play,” he said, adding that her spirit is contagious. He also lauded her for cheering on her teammates from the sidelines during the all-star tournament even though she didn’t make the all-star team. Retiring board members Chris Appleton, Jerilyn Larson and Mike McClune were also honored at the meeting.

Rustic Italian, world-class view at Cicciotti’s in Cardiff I’ve never been to a restaurant nestled in a ski resort in the Italian Alps but Cicciotti’s in Cardiff sure feels like one. Well, until you consider it’s located in beautiful Cardiff with a world-class ocean view. The interior is warm and inviting with a stone bar and nice old school wood-burning oven. There is a nice enclosed deck out front that has the killer views. Based on this location, Cicciotti’s could probably get away with less than stellar food and service but to my surprise, both were quite good. Let’s start with the woodburning oven. First off, the aroma it produces is amazing

DAVID BOYLAN Lick the Plate and the visual is striking. Cicciotti’s burns avocado wood, which I had not heard of before but it worked wonderfully with the Pizza al Prosciutto with red sauce, mozzarella, arugula and prosciutto di parma. It’s a perfect example of how a wood-fired

pizza should come out — thin crust, a little extra crispy, and topped with a nice mix of leafy arugula, cheese and razor thin prosciutto. Let me back up a bit as we did start with the antipasto Italiano, which consisted of fresh buffalo mozzarella and tomatoes, grilled vegetables, bruschetta, prosciutto and assorted unidentified cheeses. It was a perfectly acceptable way to start the meal and there was more than enough for two. Next up was the risotto asapragi e granchio, which

consisted of arborio rice sautéed with fresh chopped asparagus and crabmeat in a creamy brandy sauce. In my mind, the true mark of an Italian restaurant is how they pull off risotto as I’ve perfected the dish myself and have set the bar quite high. One can put just about any combination of anything in risotto and asparagus and crab seemed like a good mix to me. I was pleasantly surprised. Consistency is key with risotto TURN TO LICK THE PLATE ON 24

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MARCH 12, 2010


crime REPORT A weekly log of neighborhood crime. Compiled by Randy Kalp

A report for the week of Feb. 23, 2010 to March 2, 2010 OUT OF TUNE A vehicle

parked on La Barranca Drive in Solana Beach was reportedly burglarized of a $500 musical instrument sometime between 2 p.m. Feb. 27 and 8:30 a.m. Feb. 28. HIS AND HERS Someone reportedly burglarized a vehicle parked on Via Del Alba in Rancho Santa Fe sometime between 3:40 and 5:15 p.m. Feb. 27 of a purse, wallet and $140. BATTER UP A vehicle parked on Via Mil Cumbres in Solana Beach was reportedly burglarized sometime after 9:30 p.m. Feb. 27 of 15 pieces of athletic equipment valued at $1,500. EARLY BIRDS Someone reportedly burglarized a Solana Beach residence on Stevens Avenue around 8 a.m. Feb. 24. CAN’T TRUST ANYONE A laptop valued at $1,000 was reportedly stolen from the Dove Library in Carlsbad around 11 a.m. Feb. 26 when the patron left it to use the restroom. SCAM VICTIM A Carlsbad resident reported to police Feb. 25 that she had been bilked recently for $5,000 by an unidentified company who said in order to receive her winnings of $96,000 she had to pay them the aforementioned amount. RE-RESALE The Resale Nook on Williamston Street in Vista was reportedly burglarized of jewelry and cash sometime after 5 p.m. Feb. 24. UNPLUGGED Someone reportedly stole electronics and money from a residence on

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North Santa Fe Avenue in Vista sometime between 7 a.m. and 8 p.m. Feb. 25. NO RESPECT A 79-year-old woman was reportedly robbed around 2:30 p.m. Feb. 27 on Stiles Court in Vista. CLASS BULLY A vandal reportedly caused $1,500 in damage to Major General Raymond Murray High School on North Melrose Drive in Vista around 12:30 a.m. Feb. 24. SUB SHOP ROBBED The Submarina on West San Marcos Boulevard in San Marcos was reportedly robbed around 7 p.m. Feb. 27 of $350. GOT THE TIME? A 61-yearold man was reportedly robbed of his wallet and $200 watch around 5:30 p.m. on West Mission Road in San Marcos.

CRIME LOG Compiled by Randy Kalp The following information was gathered from law enforcement’s most available records for the week of Feb. 23, 2010 to March 2, 2010

ENCINITAS Petty Theft 1, Burglary 4, Vandalism 0, Assault 0, Grand Theft 2, Robbery 0 SOLANA BEACH Petty Theft 2, Burglary 5, Vandalism 0, Assault 0, Grand Theft 2, Robbery 0 RANCHO


Who’s NEWS?



William Charles Rath is wantused a network of individuals to ed for allegedly masterminding a distribute IST throughout North scheme to defraud a satellite America, and created a corporation in the Turks and Caicos provider out of millions of dollars from 1996 to 1999. Rath was born Islands to handle some of the proJune 21, 1941, in Ingersoll, ceeds from the sale of IST. Canada. He is 5 feet 7 inches tall Rath was indicted on Feb. 8, and weighs 185 pounds. Rath has 2001, for conspiracy to commit ties to Panama, Costa Rica and fraud and related activity in conWILLIAM RATH nection with access devices; proMexico. It is alleged that Rath organducing, using and trafficking in ized, sold, and manufactured illegal satellite counterfeit access devices; and conspiracy to technology, or IST, throughout North launder money. On Feb. 9, 2001, a federal America that enabled individuals to receive warrant was issued for Rath’s arrest. If you know of Rath’s whereabouts, consatellite programming without having to pay for the programming service. Rath allegedly tact the nearest FBI office.

San Diego County’s


Never attempt to arrest a fugitive yourself. These files should not be relied upon for any type of legal action. If the subject is a fugitive from our 10 Most Wanted page, e-mail San Diego Crime Stoppers or call their hot line at 888-580-TIPS 24 hours a day. For details, log on to www.sdsheriff.net/tmw. For warrant inquiries, information or to pass along a tip, use the sheriff’s online Tip Form.

Seyyed Nasser Alavi Loftabad Battery, Unlawful Penetration, 2005

Ricardo Reyes Attempted Murder 2001

Brandon Scott Ellis Conspiracy September 2008

Julio Cesar JacoboCuriel Murder San Marcos, 2008

Gerardo M. Gomez Attempted Murder December 2004

Imedo Molina Laurel Murder December 2005

Jose A. Lopez Attempted Murder December 2004

Ricardo Persona Rape, Child Molestation San Diego, Jan. 1997

Julio Romero Child Molestation Ramona, 2005

Arturo G. Gomez Rape with Force San Diego, May 2007


Petty Theft 0, Burglary 1, Vandalism 0, Assault 0, Grand Theft 0, Robbery 0 CARLSBAD Petty Theft 10, Burglary 6, Vandalism 6, Assault 0, Grand Theft 7, Robbery 0 SAN MARCOS Petty Theft 2, Burglary 9, Vandalism 2, Assault 0, Grand Theft 7, Robbery 4 OCEANSIDE Petty Theft 1, Burglary 3, Vandalism 2, Assault 0, Grand Theft 2, Robbery 0 VISTA Petty Theft 3, Burglary 16, Vandalism 3, Assault 3, Grand Theft 5, Robbery 3

Business news and special achievements for North San Diego County. Send information via e-mail to community@ coastnewsgroup.com. Named the best

RANCHO SANTA FE — Horizon Prep preschool has been voted “best of” by readers of Ranch & Coast magazine.The three-year early education program at Horizon Prep focuses on educating the whole child with Christcentered, Montessori-based instruction. For more information, visit www.horizonprep.org.

Join Rady support group

COAST CITIES — Rady Children’s Hospital Women’s Auxiliary North County Unit extends an invitation to women from all over North County to join its group. The group will meet at 9:30 a.m. March 17 at the First Methodist Church, 341 Kalmia St. in Escondido and will be hosting a spring garden sale. The group is looking for new members willing to donate time and talents to help raise funds for Rady Children’s Hospital that benefits children throughout San Diego County. For information, call Danette at (760) 749-0333 or Margie at (951) 767-1940.

Rotary honors teachers

ENCINITAS — Encinitas Rotary Club presented an award plaque and recognition to two Teachers of the Year for 2008-2009. Winners were Carrie Tognazzini of Ocean Knoll and Doug Rierdan of Park Dale Lane.

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CARLSBAD — Help Carlsbad third-graders learn how local government functions. Teach the hands-on CityStuff activities once a week for six weeks in local schools. Volunteers receive coaching and a three hour training session in the use of materials and techniques of classroom management. To volunteer, contact Kathy Siemion at (760) 4360140 or citystuff1@gmail. com.

Top score Over 200 Manufac

The art o • • • • • • • • •

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ENCINITAS — St. John’s School eighth-grader and Student Council President Ben Lampe earned the highest score out of 500 students on the placement test for TURN TO WHO’S NEWS? ON 23

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2002 South Coast Hwy., Oceanside



Toyota and consumers’ legal issues We’ve all heard about the Toyota situation. From the horrible, fiery crash killing the Saylor family here in San Diego to the deception at the highest levels in the corporate towers of Tokyo. Acceleration problems create deadly risks for owners of Toyotas as well as for the rest of us who share the roadways. Toyota blitzes the airwaves with “feel-good” commercials attempting to do as much damage control as possible. But what about the folks who have been injured, killed or even imprisoned due to hidden Toyota dangers? And what about the owners of Toyota cars and trucks? Do they have legal rights even if they have experienced no problems? Obviously, if you’ve been hurt or had a loved one killed due to a defect with sudden acceleration of a Toyota, seek legal help immediately. A colleague of mine represents the Saylor heirs and recently appeared before Congress to give our lawmakers the faces behind the tragedy. We’re just finding out now that these problems were intentionally concealed from us by Toyota, for fear of losing sales. Apparently, this criminal behavior may reach the highest levels of corporate control. Decisions affecting all of us were made behind closed doors in corporate boardrooms in the gleaming skyscrapers of Tokyo and here in the U.S. Instead of revealing the true nature of these problems, Toyota convinced government safety experts that it was simply the floor mat pushing on the accelerator instead of a more serious defect. They bragged in hidden memos of saving Toyota “$100 million” by this deception. Despicable and beyond any justification. Anyone involved should go to prison, in my opinion. The other big legal issues involve the loss in value of those who own Toyotas. The resale value has gone down. Folks were essentially duped into buying these vehicles, thinking they were safe, when, in fact, Toyota knew there were problems but kept the information hidden. There are now more than 50 different class action lawsuits across the TURN TO LAW & YOU ON 22



MARCH 12, 2010

Ghosts draw paranormal buffs to Arizona town E’LOUISE ONDASH Hit the Road Got ghosts? Wickenburg, Ariz., does and lots of them, to hear Heather Taylor, aka Heather Hassayampa, tell it. This ghost guide extraordinaire fascinates visitors with her stories and legends about the town’s colorful characters and wandering spirits during her twilight tours that meander through the historic district of the old mining town. Taylor, her brother, Scotty Taylor (aka Raze’n Caine), and mother Gloria Brewer (aka Madam Mariha) spin stories about the early days of Wickenburg, its historic buildings and mining history, the robberies, the missing gold and the great flood of 1890. She ends with a tall tale her great grandfather, who once lived in the town, used to tell. “After we started doing these tours, (residents) started coming to us and telling us about their experiences,” said Taylor, a science teacher and former naval health researcher who

GHOST STORIES Heather Taylor (aka Hassayampa Heather) and brother Scotty Taylor (aka Raze’n Caine) entertain Wickenburg, Ariz., visitors with the tales of ghosts and gold on a twilight tour of the town. Heather says many locals have seen the ghosts of former residents. Photo by Jerry Ondash

worked in San Diego. “They’ve seen ghosts at the Gold Nugget and Rancho Bar 7 (restaurants) and Chaparral Ice Cream. Many reveal themselves in the form of orbs. We’ve had visitors who send us the photos they’ve taken and you can see the orbs." We kept our eyes and

ears open during our fourday stay in Wickenburg, but darn it, we didn’t see anything or anybody. However, we had a chat about the ghost at Chaparral Ice Cream from its new owner, Pam Rovida, while we enjoyed giant scoops of homemade chocolate chip and coffee ice creams.

“Right after we bought the store (in August 2009), we kept having problems with our coffee maker,” said the former Southern Californian. “We’d set it up to go on in the morning but it kept turning itself on in the middle of the night.” And then there was the young customer who saw the

Encinitas youngster helped toward recovery ENCINITAS — The inaugural Steps to the Sea golf tournament will be held April 30 at The Crossings at Carlsbad, 5800 The Crossings Drive, supporting the recovery of 15-year-old Joey Abicca, an Encinitas native. In April 2009, Joey was injured in an accident and sustained a spinal cord injury that rendered him paralyzed from the waist down. He has been in intensive, exercise-based therapy at Project Walk in Carlsbad and is making slow but incredible progress. Joey’s attitude and determination to walk again have helped him through the last nine months of rehabilitation, but his path to recovery is a long one. Unfortunately, the therapies that have been helping Joey’s recovery are not covered by insurance. In order for him to stay on his path to recovery and regain his ability to walk, his parents, Renny and Anthony Abicca, need to raise additional funding. Close friends of Abicca’s family teamed up to establish the Steps to the Sea Inaugural Golf Tournament. All proceeds from the tournament will go to Joey’s NTAF Southwest Spinal Cord Injury Fund. The event includes the golf tournament as well as a banquet dinner, an auction and music by the local band Sky Held Sun, plus dancing, where all proceeds from the day’s events go solely to the youth’s recovery. “We have been so blessed

PITCHING IN From left, Renny Abicca is joined by tennis great Rod Laver, tennis coach Larry Stefanki and Tony Abicca with son Joey Abicca, in front, at the Feb. 28 Coaching for a Cure charity tennis clinic and match at the Fairbanks Ranch Country Club. All proceeds from that event were donated to Joey’s recovery from a spinal injury. Each year, the event is sponsored by an FRCC member, whose purpose is to have the tennis community come together and benefit an individual or cause designated by the Fairbanks Tennis Committee. Courtesy photo

his continued support has made such a huge difference in Joey’s attitude.”


— Renny Abicca JOEY’S MOTHER

with the way our community, friends and family have come together to help keep Joey on the road to a full recovery, and we continue to be overwhelm-

ingly thankful for all their help,” Renny Abicca said. “This continued support has made such a huge difference in Joey’s attitude, determination and recovery so far. The Steps to the Sea event will help us stay on this path and do everything we need to do to get him back on his feet again. We are very excited for this fun event bringing people together to celebrate Joey’s progress so far.” Since his accident, Joey has undergone therapy to aid in his recovery at Project

Walk, based in Carlsbad. Project Walk exists to provide an improved quality of life for people with spinal cord injuries through intense exercise-based recovery programs, education, support and encouragement. Project Walk is internationally recognized as a pioneer in the emerging field of exercisebased recovery for spinal cord injuries. For additional information on the Steps to the Sea Inaugural Golf Tournament, visit www.JoeyA.org.

ghost of a lady in the hall on her return from the restroom. “The little girl just kept staring and staring down the hall looking at the ghost,” Rovida said. Wickenburg, a town of about 5,500 if you include the spirits of former inhabitants, is less than a 90minute drive from Phoenix. At 2,100 feet, it can be a bit cooler than the valley, but temperatures weren’t a problem during our lateFebruary visit. The days were in the mid-60s and the recent rains had transformed the desert floor into a velvety green and the saguaros into fat, verdant sentinels. Though Wickenburg is small, there is plenty to do in town and the general area. A self-guided walking tour of the town (brochures available at the Chamber of Commerce in the old train station) will take you to the half-dozen, life-size new sculptures representing some of the town’s residents in the late 1800s and early 1900s. You’ll meet Elizabeth Hudson Smith, the African American owner and proprietress of the former Vernetta Hotel, a newly TURN TO HIT THE ROAD ON 27

Restaurant set to host art shows

RANCHO SANTA FE — Delicias restaurant will host two art shows this month: a “Lady Luncheon” show will be held at 11:30 a.m. March 29 and a “Cocktail Evening” show will be held at 4 p.m. March 30, at 6106 Paseo Delicias. Tickets are $40 each and include food, beverage, door prizes and appearances by featured artists. Both shows include works from local artists Lee Peterson and Lindsay Duff. Peterson is photographer whose work can be categorized into many styles, including street photography, and is influenced by abstract concepts like travel, nature, commercial and advertising. “I see the world in visual metaphors and moods,” Peterson said. “Through the use of photography I record the abstraction and concreteness of the world we live on.” Duff is known for her visionary art of mysterious dream-like worlds accompanied by elegance of vibrant, color and form. “Relationships and the beauty of nature inspire me,” Duff said. “I intuit the vibrant colors and shapes of different paints and textures to create new realities, and add TURN TO RESTAURANT ON 22


MARCH 12, 2010


The perfect getaway right here in San Diego — Jamul Haven MACHEL PENN Machel’s Ranch (The following excerpt is from the B&B Journal I wrote in while I stayed at Jamul Haven). February 20th, 2010 Dear Bill and Mariann, I am sitting in the white furry bathrobe I found hanging in the closet. I am reading your magazines on Victorian homes and relaxing, while my husband is having the most peaceful sleep. For a bit, I hung out in the Angel House kitchen and ate the delicious snacks I found in the refrigerator. I drank the milk and ate the banana. Then I called my mother and told her I was having the best birthday of my life. We haven’t even left the Peacock Room because we love it so much. We had forgone dinner in town because this time is too precious at your beautiful B&B and I don’t want to waste it by eating at a typical restaurant. My heart is quieted by the stillness and history of this room.Time feels trapped here and I am so glad to have found “Jamul Haven.” “Sometimes dreams do come true,” is what I said to my husband tonight. Thank you for having us stay here this weekend. You deserve more blessings because you have blessed others by restoring such a wonderful historic landmark. God Bless you Always. Sincerely, Machel Penn Shull and Robin This was my entry the weekend of my birthday at a Bed and Breakfast I had found on the Internet. Life has a funny way of sneaking up on you. You don’t realize there is an ache in your heart until something reminds you it’s still there.That’s what happened to me at this quaint B&B. I found pieces of my childhood inside the walls in Angel House. I sat there on the wraparound porch and watched the clouds drift across this hills. I listened to the birds sing that weekend I turned 39. I reminisced about what I still miss, which is the farm I raised on in Missouri. What I want to focus on here now with you is what I discovered that weekend. I unearthed the most amazing getaway that is like something out of a Jane Austin novel. We’re talking history and romance restored inside a ranch that was established by Charles Gifford in 1890. He was the first person to can olives successfully for commercial sale in America. The owners today — Marianne and William Roetzheim — took three years to restore this historic landmark into an already internationally recognized B&B. The Ila-chateau.com, which is an exclusive group of independently owned hotels in Europe, USA, Canada and Southern Africa, rate list only five B&B’s in America and Jamul Haven is one of them. What you must know is

Krista Lafferty, Machel Penn Shull, Janice Jaraicie and Melissa Williams. Courtesy photo

JAMUL HAVEN The perfect getaway here in San Diego, 5-star B&B Jamul Haven. Courtesy photo

there is a place within reach where you can escape for one or two days. You can find the relaxation you need and pampering in one of the finest B&Bs.You can drive to Jamul, which only 40 minutes to from Del Mar. There you can find reprieve in a forgotten time you cannot find here in San Diego. Perched up on a hill, above the gated communities near the golf course there, Bill and Marianne have created a retreat where you feel safe from worries in the real world. Their caring nature and their suburb manor as the hosts of Jamul Haven, reassures you that good down to earth people do exist. After one of the best breakfasts I have had in years — I had frittata, ham, fruit, homemade coffee cake, plus more — you simply don’t want to leave. What I discovered there was a little piece of my soul that still misses the red earth in Missouri. Thank you Bill and Marianne for letting me go home, albeit if only in my dreams.

Around town On Feb. 19, Meredith MacDonald and I celebrated our back-to-back February birthdays together at Mille Fleurs. Sometimes you just don’t know when you are going to have the best birthday ever. That evening 40 to 50 friends came by to help us celebrate our birthdays. I had one of those crisis moments where I just couldn’t figure out the dress, but managed to find a cute blackish baby-doll backless dress for the evening. My best friend Meredith chose a colorful Versace dress, which looked straight out of Hollywood. I must say if you were there, I was in rare form and felt like I was attending prom. Someone asked my good friend Denny Fallon if we thought Mille Fleurs was our living room, and the answer is yes! Only because this is the best place in town to celebrate a party.Thanks to the behind the scenes staff for accommodating all of that evening during your regular Friday schedule. It was truly a night to remember.

Sisters Holly and Heather Manion arrive at the party on the 19th with a good friend. Photo by Machel Penn Shull

Good friends Denny Fallon and Heidi Cruz in Little Italy. Photo by Machel Penn Shull

Some of those that stopped by were Holly and Heather Manion, Debi and Katie Holder, Brian and Angie Lee, Janice Jaraicie, Melissa Williams, Matt Baker, Denise Hug, Dr. Anthony Smith and many more. Thanks to everyone that came to help celebrate our birthdays. And, a most special thanks to Ms. Krista Lafferty who brought the birthday cake. Take it from me, it’s much more fun to celebrate your birthdays! On Feb. 20, Robin and I drove to Jamul Haven for my birthday weekend. As you’ve read above, I revealed to you the more intimate side of what my experience was like at this fantastic bed and breakfast. When we arrived we met Mariann and Bill and they showed us around the property. We soon discovered there was also an entertainment facility apart from the main house, where guests could either sing karaoke, play pool, ping pong or enjoy the bar area near the outside pool.There is also a jacuzzi on right below the cascading stone waterfall. And for breakfast there is no need to drive to the grocery store for eggs. There is a hen house on the property. Can you believe that? The next morning we enjoined an gourmet breakfast (check the Web site) and met the other wonderful guests that stayed that weekend, too. After breakfast was over, Bill entertained us with fascinating stories of his own life. From software owner, to knowing Bill Gates, and being a recent Broadway playwright, I was hanging on every word. Then his wife

Julien Hug and Meredith Macdonald at the party on Feb. 19. Photo by Machel Penn Shull

Machel Penn Shull and Meredith Local Ranch celebrity Randy MacDonald celebrate their birth- Beecher helped promote our party days at Mille Fleurs. Courtesy photo on his Facebook page. Photo by Machel Penn Shull

One of my favorite women in the Ranch, Denise Hug with her good friend Nancy. Courtesy photo

Marianne sat down next to him, looking truly in love still with her husband. Bill also informed me that he will be doing a play reading on April 3 at Jamul Haven. If you enjoy the arts, you just might get the chance to read a Broadway success before it hits New York! Check out www.jamulhaven.com for more information on this luxury Victorian Bed and Breakfast. As we were leaving, one of the guests shared with me one of his favorite quotes, “Soar with the eagles and avoid the chickens.” I liked that. Thank you Marianne and Bill. We were enchanted. Call (619)-6693100 for more information. On Feb. 22, I actually turned 39. I went to work with all of the splendid people in the office. Thank you

Brian and Angie Lee with Robin Shull. Photo by Machel Penn Shull

to Jim, Laurie, Chris, Jean, Becky, Eric, Cheryl, Tony, Phyllis, Chuck, Sandy and Krista for being the coolest bunch of people anyone could ever hope to work with from 9 to 5. I am truly blessed. Did you know Feb. 22nd is National Margarita Day? How fitting since I love tequila ... Mexico has changed me I guess. On Feb. 23, Robin and I drove down to Little Italy to

meet some great friends of ours —Heidi Cruz and Denny Fallon. If you want to feel like you are in the West Village in New York, spend more time on India Street.We ate dinner at Buon Appetito, which is basically the center of this trendy area. Denny, Heidi, Robin and I enjoyed the fine food and great conversation of good friends just sharing TURN TO MACHEL’S RANCH ON 26



MARCH 12, 2010







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MARCH 12, 2010

Taste of Wine’s ‘How to Taste’ is most watched wine video FRANK MANGIO

Taste of Wine I had good cause to break open a favorite red the other day as the news crossed my computer that my wine appreciation video on

YouTube “How to Taste Wine” had surpassed the Wine Spectator version. No only that, other versions had just half the viewers we have attracted. The “Taste of Wine” count of a short and long conversation is now 19,899 and 37,605, respectively. You may view this “Taste” video by Googling “You TubeHow To Taste Wine.” It’s always a good idea to occasionally think about the

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essence of wine tasting and how to get the most out of the experience. Anyone can drink wine.You raise the glass and down it goes. That may be acceptable for some. But with more than 5,000 different wines available, each one just a little bit different from the next in several ways, a simple four-step guide goes a long way in measuring the quality of a wine choice. I call it a four-part harmony “S” test. Wine tasting really begins with the valuable information on the label. You learn about the vineyard, location, harvest year and the winemaker’s philosophy of the wine’s value. With a wide bowled, “tulip” style glass that is not cluttered by silly design elements, you are now ready to judge a wine by the following characteristics: — Sight: including color and clarity. — Swirl: aerating the wine and observing its “legs.” — Sniff: smelling its aroma and body. — Sip: tasting the wine, TOPS IN TASTING The late Leon Santoro who was a brilliant wineand the lasting effect of its maker from Orfila Winery in Escondido, and was the best wine taster I ever knew. Photo by Frank Mangio taste.

Sight is like viewing a portrait for rich color and texture. After pouring an amount of wine, about a third of the size of the glass, view the content from the top of the glass. The wine should be clear with no sediment. With whites it will appear more intense in Chardonnay than say a Riesling. With reds, Cabernet should have a deeper, darker color than say a Pinot Noir. Next, swirl the wine by holding the stem tightly and rotate in a counter clockwise direction, but not so hard that the wine spills over the side. You are aerating, allowing air to penetrate the wine and release lovely aromas. Look for the “legs” or residue on the side of the glass. This is evaporated alcohol. If the lines are thick and “leggy” then you have a stronger, alcohol-forward wine. Fourteen percent or more alcohol content will show itself as “leggy.” The smell of the wine is its “bouquet” or “the nose” of the wine. There are more than 200 TURN TO TASTE OF WINE ON 24



MARCH 12, 2010

Student covers Grammy awards PET OFTHE WEEK ENCINITAS — Grauer School sophomore Nick Arnold had the honor of representing The Grauer School as the Grammy Foundation’s high school correspondent at this year’s 52nd annual Grammy Awards on Jan. 31. Reporting from the Red Carpet, behind the scenes and during the Grammy Foundation Grammy Week events leading up to the award ceremony, Arnold was given access to A-List celebrities for interviews. A highlight of his experience included an exclusive one-on-one interview with Justin Timberlake at Grammy Career Day, which is posted online at AOL Music at www.popeater.com. In addition to Grammy Foundation events, Arnold covered sister foundation MusiCares’ annual Person of the Year gala, which this year honored Neil Young. He was able to go backstage and talk to Red Hot Chili Peppers’ drummer Chad Smith, who performed at the tribute along with his band. To read more about Arnold’s week, visit www.grammycampblog. blogspot.com. “Going to Grammy Camp last summer was one of the best experiences of my life and I could not believe it when the Grammy Foundation asked me to report on all the Grammy events this year,” Arnold said. “The Grauer School has always encouraged me to pursue my passion for music and they were completely supportive. I’ve been taught at Grauer to ask meaningful, original questions and to be confident. I think that helped me so much when it came time to interview all these

Hilton is a 10-month -old, neutered, male, shepherd/Alaskan malamute blend. Hilton is reserved at first meeting but will bloom to become a devoted companion. He’s best in a home with humans 18 years and older. Hilton knows some basic commands and he adores other dogs. Hilton’s adoption fee is $195. All pets adopted from Helen Woodward Animal Center have been spayed or neutered, have up-todate vaccinations and

ASSIGNMENT OF A LIFETIME Left, Grauer journalism student Nick Arnold talks with special guest artist Brian Culbertson at Grammy In The Schools Live!, a celebration of music and education. Arnold was chosen to report from this year’s Grammy Awards events. Photo by Tiffany Lo

famous musicians. Without what I learned at Grauer, I might not have been able to come up with unique, good questions, and I might have been very nervous. But I felt comfortable talking to people whose music I admire, and I had a great time.” Arnold was chosen as one of only six students nationwide to be included in the Music Journalism track at Grammy Camp at the University of Southern California last summer. The talent he demonstrated there led his counselors and

Grammy Foundation staff to select him as their first choice for student correspondent for Grammy Week. Organized by the Grammy Foundation, Grammy Camp is a 10-day residential summer camp for high school students that focuses on the music industry and is hosted at the USC Thornton School of Music in Los Angeles. Taught by top musical professionals from a variety of disciplines, the curriculum offers career tracks in Audio Engineering, Electronic Music Production, Instrumental Performance,

Singer/Songwriter, Music Journalism and Concert P ro d u c t i o n / P ro m o t i o n , among others. Experiences include workshops; clinics; field trips to professional venues around Los Angeles; media, performance and recording projects and industry best practices. High school students interested in Grammy Camp can apply by March 31. Financial assistance is available and interested students should visit www.GrammyInTheSchools. com for information and an application.

Torrey Pines club hosts Walk for Water DEL MAR — Torrey Pines High School Interact Club raised almost $5,000 for the nonprofit organization Water for Sudan at their Walk for Water fundraiser last month. The club decorated walkways and provided water and homemade snacks for participants of the walk. Even though it rained outside, more than 100 people completed the walk inside the Torrey Pines High School media center. No Fear also donated printed T-shirts for all participants of the event. The proceeds of the fundraiser will be donated to Water for Sudan, a nonprofit organization that drills well holes in South Sudan to provide clean and safe water to remote villages.

Emphysema patient seeks help anywhere she can find some Dear Dr. Gott: I’m a 72year-old female with emphysema. I am on level 3 oxygen 24/7. My medications are a Combivent inhaler, steroid inhaler and 300 milligrams of theophylline. Do you know of anything more that would help me breathe easier, either holistic or otherwise? Are there foods I should avoid or that I should eat? Dear Reader: Emphysema results from damage to the airways of the lungs, obstructing the flow of air on exhalation. Symptoms are exercise intolerance, loss of appetite, fatigue and shortness of breath. The most common cause for the condition is smoking. Smoke temporarily paralyzes the cilia (microscopic hairs) that line the bronchial tubes. When the effects of smoke become so severe as to interfere with their movement, irritants in the

DR. GOTT Second Opinion

bronchial tubes infiltrate the alveoli (air sacs) and inflame the tissue.This causes the elastic fibers to break down. Once the fibers have been destroyed, a person with emphysema must almost force air out of the lungs when exhaling. Risk factors include exposure to secondhand smoke, occupational exposure, heredity, age, HIV infection and connective-tissue disorders. Diagnosis might be accomplished through a chest X-ray, pulmonary-function tests, arterial blood-gas TURN TO SECOND OPINION ON 20

Ranch Scholars’ Circle celebrates its donors

WALKING FOR WATER From left, Torrey Pines High School Interact Club members Leslie McCracken, Sarah Deffner, Interact Vice President Charlie Reed and Olivia Buechler. Courtesy photo

Charlie Reed, vice president of the Interact Club, organized the walk. Last year, Reed raised $2,600 for Water for Sudan by having friends, sponsors and donors

come to hear volunteers from the organization speak about their trips to South Sudan drilling the water wells. As a reward for their

hard work, members of the Torrey Pines High School Interact Club will have their names stamped on the next well to be drilled in Sudan by the nonprofit group.

Beautiful tables are centerpiece at upcoming luncheon RANCHO SANTA FE — Friends will gather for a day of creativity and fun at the annual spring luncheon Toast Your Imagination: A Celebration of Tabletops from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m. March 25 at The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe, 5951

microchip identification. Helen Woodward Animal Center kennels are open everyday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Applications accepted until 5:45 p.m. at 6461 El Apajo Road in Rancho Santa Fe.

Linea Del Cielo, sponsored by Smart Interiors. New this year is a gallery of local designers and vendors sharing their home decorating expertise and even donating items from their collection to an opportunity drawing.

Decorate a table of 10 to win great prizes from local designers, and even participate in a special opportunity drawing offering a two-hour interior design consultation from Kim Smart herself. Tickets are $60 for members and $70 for non-

m e m b e rs . Pa r t i c i p a t i n g designers include Bon-Bon, C’est La Vie, Floral Palette, Le Dimora, Sally Wislar Interior Designs and Seaside Home. For more information, contact Talin Hartounian at (858) 756-2461.

RANCHO SANTA FE — The Rancho Santa Fe Education Foundation hosted a special recognition evening for its Scholars’ Circle donors in February at the home of John and Nancy Jo Cappetta. Guests enjoyed food prepared by Barry Layne of Coast Catering, entertainment by Randy Beecher, and a trivia game of “old school vs. new school.” This year, the Rancho Santa Fe Education Foundation raised more than $800,000. All funds are used for the “five-star education” campaign, which the district uses to meet its small class size objective of 20 students or fewer per class, grades kindergarten through eighth. The rest of the donations fund teaching specialists across science, Spanish, arts, athletics, math and music in addition to special programs such as the Columbia University Reading and

Writing Program and Global Literacy. Receiving multi-year pledges of significant amounts is important to the district, as it allows for more accurate planning of staffing and program commitments. Donations also help families that are not able to cover the cost of their children for the benefits under the “five-star education” campaign. Scholar’s Circle members continue a tradition that began in 1997 when a group of 25 Rancho Santa Fe school families came together to provide considerable funds to supplement the Rancho Santa Fe School District annual budget, allowing for an enriched public education for their children. Today’s Scholar’s Circle is made up of parents and members of the community who pledge at least $30,000, usually over a three- to fiveyear period.


Tee off to help Center for Children

SANTALUZ — The San Diego Center for Children will hold its 19th annual golf tournament, Tee Up for Kids, on March 15, at the Santaluz Club, 8170 Caminito Santaluz East. Proceeds from the event benefit the San Diego Center for Children. Cost for the tournament is $1,500 for a foursome. Individual golfers can sign up for $400. The San Diego Center for Children will also host its annual dinner May 20 at the U.S. Grant Hotel, 326 Broadway, San Diego. The annual event boasts live music, silent auctions, and dinner and cocktails for guests. Founded in 1887, the organization has earned recognition and praise for helping children and adolescents face and heal mental health challenges.Today, the center has grown, specializing in finding solutions and changing lives. Donations from the event help the center offer quality programs and services to children and adolescents suffering from mental health challenges, and provide additional opportunities to it highly skilled professionals to reverse destructive behavior and restore hope and healing. For additional information about the event, call Jessica Johnson at (858) 569-2148 or e-mail jjohnson@centerforchildren.org. Visit the center online at www.centerforchildren.org for details about programs and services offered by the San Diego Center for Children.


analysis, sputum analysis or though a CT scan. Treatment involves discontinuing smoking and staying away from people who smoke. As you have discovered, steroid inhalers, bronchodilators and supplemental oxygen help ease symptoms. Antibiotics might be prescribed for respiratory infections. More complex cases and last-resort tactics might require surgery or transplant. On the home front, remedies include breathing from the diaphragm while lying down, deep breathing exercises and exhaling through pursed lips. The act of exhaling through puckered or pursed lips will increase air pressure within the airways. Avoid known irritants such as toxic chemicals, people with respiratory infections and cold air during the winter. This can be accomplished simply by wearing a mask over the mouth and nose, or by keeping the area covered with a scarf when outside. Exercise and eat well. If you are overweight, the body requires more oxygen to function properly, interfering with the process of breathing.

MARCH 12, 2010


Sometimes, you just need to color your hair green My son graduates college in May. Posterity will probably see that he is wearing a giant, blond mohawk along with his impressive robes. I’m not sure how he will perch his mortarboard atop it, but I feel certain he will try. All photos of his mother will show her scowling and his grandfather may well refuse to be in any photos at all. How do I know all this three months before the event? Because last Tuesday, (on Dr. Seuss’ birthday,) I could be found prancing around in whiskers and my Cat in the Hat outfit. Because ever since my children were old enough to notice, they have seen me shamelessly, gleefully wearing costumes, weird hair or funny noses of one sort or another. My whole

JEAN GILLETTE Small Talk family is shy by nature, but give us an excuse to slap on an alter-ego and we jump on it. I’m sure the only thing that kept us from being the next Barrymore clan in Hollywood is that we can’t memorize lines. My parents had two footlockers full of costumes that they broke out every Halloween, piecing together this and that to come up with something hilarious every time. They always won the prize. And we have photos of my dad in a ballerina costume for some military

hijinks. I still have those footlockers and over the years, my mom helped me create amazing costumes for my kids from them, for every Halloween, birthday party, school play or theme day.This St. Patrick’s Day, my dad and I will once again both spray our hair green. He started it. The minute my hair was short enough, I jumped on the bandwagon. Meanwhile, an unexpected venue opened up for me when I took the job as elementary school librarian. My very first year on duty, I was handed a Ms. Frizzle costume to wear at the book fair. Once I donned that curly red wig, there was no going back. Was it the roar of the crowd? The smell of the greasepaint? Well, making kids giggle and

grown-ups laugh out loud is heady stuff. Since that book fair 15 years ago, I have come up with that many costumes and more. To paraphrase an old Irish saying, “She’ll put on a costume at the drop of a hat, and if you don’t drop it, she’ll knock it out of your hand.” I’ve been a bumble bee, a bookworm, an alien, an ice queen, a fry cook, a dog, a diver being eaten by a shark, a pirate and a cowgirl. I’ve created Queen America, Ms. Academy Award and a good witch. There are some I simply don’t remember, and I cannot honestly say I have confined them all to the school grounds. One bar refused to sell margaritas to a bumble bee. Go figure. So, while I oh-so-gently suggested that maybe my son

might forego the mohawk this spring, he has not made any promises. It has been his tradition for the past three springs, simply because he could. He knows that once he launches into real life, and medical school, the opportunities for mohawk-wearing will likely dry up. I can’t speak to when he goes into practice, especially if it’s pediatrics. I’m practicing my refrain. “Yeah, that’s my son. He may look like a tall, blond, neo-Nazi freak, but he’s actually such a nice boy.” Either that or, “I’ve never seen that child before in my life.” Jean Gillette is a part-time editor and writer who simply must be glad that her children have no facial piercings. Contact her at jgillette@coastnewsgroup.com.

Frugal replacements for household items Frugality teaches you that you have options. Everyone has their own idea of what is essential for comfortable daily living. Many of these items have cheaper alternatives, and some items you can completely eliminate buying. What frugal replacements have you made? Here are a few easy ideas. Wax paper: You can use cereal bag liners instead. If you don’t consume a lot of cereal, you can ask family or friends to save liners for you. Fabric softener and rinse aid: Try vinegar in your washing machine and dishwasher. If you wash synthetic materials separate from your natural fiber clothing, you won’t use as much fabric softener because your natural fiber clothing won’t get static cling. Paper napkins: Maybe you don’t want to use cloth napkins, but you can save

paper napkins from fast-food restaurant orders. Check your workplace if takeout is no longer in your budget. Put out the word that you’ll take them instead of them being thrown away. Moisturizer: Vaseline, coconut oil and baby oil work wonders on dry skin. One reader, Cheryl from Michigan, shares: “I use Vaseline on my hands with gloves on when they get really dry and cracked, and also on my feet. I also use it on my eczema.Very soothing. I also use it on my lips for Chapstick. If I put cheap baby oil on my skin after a shower or bath (while still wet), it will stick with me

Losing weight will work toward making breathing easier.And, above all, avoid smoke. To provide related information, I am sending you a copy of my Health Report “Pulmonary Disorders.” Other readers who would like a copy should send a self-addressed stamped No. 10 envelope and a $2 check or money order to Newsletter, P.O. Box 167, Wickliffe, OH 44092, or download an order blank from my Web site, www.AskDrGottMD.com. Be sure to mention the title.

caused by anxiety. Other prescription drugs that have shown promise include beta blockers commonly used for hypertension, some epilepsy drugs and Botox. Without knowing you personally, I cannot say whether the medication is doing you any harm; but should you choose a trial of alternatives, you might consider avoiding caffeine, excessive amounts of alcohol and stress. Hypnosis, massage, acupuncture, physical therapy or biofeedback might be of assistance.

Dear Dr. Gott: My doctor has prescribed a light dose of Xanax for an essential tremor, which seems to help. Is this medicine doing me any harm, or is there something better?

Dear Dr. Gott: Recently, on a popular TV program, a person was commenting on addictive drug usage. She was borrowing drugs from other people and also taking what she was prescribed. For some time now, I have thought I’ve been overdosed by my physician. I am presently taking 31 — yes, 31 — pills a day. Recently I was prescribed Lyrica. I lost use of my limbs, falling several times. I wonder why my doctor never takes me off any of the other medications before adding a new one. That much medication mixed together can’t be good for a person. Please tell me what a person should do. We not only

Dear Reader: Essential tremor can be caused by several conditions, including anxiety and stress. It is often confused with Parkinson’s disease, and affects almost 15 percent of people over the age of 65. The Xanax you have been prescribed is in a group of drugs called benzodiazepines. I can only assume your physician prescribed it because he or she believes the tremor is

SARA NOEL Frugal Living

(stay moisturized) longer than any creams I’ve used. And baby oil will take off eye makeup fast. Even waterproof! Gently rub a drop on each eye-lash-line. Tissue off or use a warm wet washcloth. It doesn’t burn my eye area, and it is moisturizing!” Brown sugar: Make your own. For measurements, try 2 cups sugar to 1/3 cup molasses, and adjust (increase molasses) it to your own taste from there. If you don’t have a stand mixer or food processor, use a fork to combine the two ingredients. While this won’t always be cheaper than brown sugar you can buy at the store, if you’re out, it will save you time and money. Cooking spray: Invest (or ask for one as a gift) in a refillable oil sprayer. Salad dressing: These are very easy to whip up. If you go through the trouble of making a wonderful meal, take a cou-

ple of minutes to make your own laundry soap, too. own salad dressing.

French Dressing 1/3 cup sugar 1 teaspoon paprika 1 teaspoon onion powder 1/3 cup ketchup 1/2 cup salad oil 1/4 cup cider vinegar 1 squeeze of lemon Combine all ingredients and blend until oil is incorporated. You can adjust the amount of sugar and lemon juice. — Skip, Kentucky Cleaners: Many of your cleaning products can be replaced with vinegar, salt, dish liquid, essential oils, lemon juice, castile soap and baking soda. The exception will be for natural surfaces, such as granite countertops, but for most other surfaces, you can use your own homemade cleaners and even laundry soap. You can make your

can’t afford it; we cannot get reduced or eliminated. Keep around. in mind that some medications prescribed for a specific Dear Reader: condition are sometimes used Unfortunately, you do not pro- for an entirely unrelated disvide a medical history outlin- order. And they work well. So ing what conditions you might determine why you are taking have that require medication, each prescription and if there but obviously there are a few. are common side effects of Some medications are most which you should be aware. effective if taken three or four For example, Lyrica is comtimes a day — such as at monly prescribed for breakfast, lunch, dinner and at fibromyalgia, pain from shinbedtime. That might account gles, partial seizures and sevfor some of your drugs. eral other conditions. Split Another thought that comes to doses are taken twice daily. mind is that you may be seeing Perhaps the prescribed dose more than one physician. was too strong initially, or it Could this be the case, with reacted adversely with one of both sources prescribing with- the other medications you are out the knowledge of the taking. Side effects of Lyrica other? Believe it or not, this depend on the amount prescenario is quite common. scribed. Higher doses are I am inclined to think more likely to cause dizziness, that you are not “overdosing,” sleepiness, blurred vision, but you may be overpre- weight gain and dry mouth scribed. Overdose refers to the than are lower ones. This is intentional or accidental true of many medications — ingestion of a much higher both prescription or over-thethan recommended dose of a counter drugs. given medication. I strongly I cannot comment on urge you to make a list of all whether the woman interyour medications, their viewed on television abuses strengths and the number of drugs. From what little you times per day you take each said about the show, it appears one. Request an appointment she does have a problem. with your physician to discuss What I must emphasize the regimen you are on. Ask emphatically is that absolutewhat, if anything, can be ly no one should take medica-

Powdered Laundry Soap

2 cups finely shredded FelsNaptha or Zote grated soap 1 cup washing soda 1 cup borax

Combine ingredients, and store in an airtight plastic container. Use 2 tablespoons per laundry load. If you have a hard time finding ingredients, visit www.soapsgonebuy.com for kits that include everything you need including pre-grated Fels-Naptha. Sara Noel is the owner of Frugal Village (www.frugalvillage.com), a Web site that offers practical, money-saving strategies for everyday living. To send tips, comments or questions, write to Sara Noel, c/o United Media, 200 Madison Ave., 4th Floor, New York, NY 10016, or e-mail sara@frugalvillage.com.

tion prescribed for someone else. Drugs can interact adversely, and the risk is compounded if a person is on more than one drug. Unfortunately, bad reactions aren’t discovered until they occur, which, in some cases, might be too late. No one should run that risk. Determine why you take what you take. If appropriate and acceptable, ask your physician to consider a trial without some of them. To provide related information, I am sending you copies of my Health Reports “Fibromyalgia” and “Consumer Tips on Medicine.” Other readers who would like copies should send a self-addressed stamped No. 10 envelope and a $2 check or money order for each report to Newsletter, P.O. Box 167, Wickliffe, OH 44092, or download an order blank from my Web site, www.AskDrGottMD.com. Be sure to mention the title(s). Doctor Gott is a practicing physician and the author of the book “Live Longer, Live Better” (Quill Driver Books, www.quilldriverbooks.com; (800) 6057176). Write him at Dr. Gott c/o United Media, 200 Madison Ave., 4th fl., New York, NY 10016.



member of the Swedish Parliament, said he has always campaigned as someone who does not take gifts from those he is responsible for regulating, but he was called out by the newspaper Aftonbladet in February for having accepted a free travel holiday from an airline. Federley denied that “he” accepted the trip. He reminded reporters that he is a notorious, flamboyant cross-dresser, and thus that it was his alter-ego “Ursula” who received the free holiday.

Ironies In February, the trade group Mortgage Bankers Association announced the sale of its Washington, D.C., headquarters for $41 million. The association had purchased the building in 2007, at the peak of the real estate bubble, for $79 million.

Our Litigious Society — Craig Show, 49, filed a lawsuit in January against the Idaho State Police and the Bonner County Sheriff’s Office, demanding compensation following his DUI arrest in August. Show said the cops had seized a “medicine bag” on his motorcycle and, in opening it for inspection, permitted the “mystical powers” inside to escape. The bag was blessed by a “medicine woman” in 1995 and, Show said, had been unopened since then. — Sabrina Medina filed a lawsuit against the Hyatt Regency Waikiki Resort in Hawaii in January, claiming that an employee had caused her husband’s death. The late Humberto Murillo had swiped two 12-packs of beer from a store at the resort, but the manager pursued and confronted him. Murillo started punching, and bystanders came to the manager’s aid, restrained Murillo and held him down. Murillo, who was bipolar and had marijuana in his system, passed out and asphyxiated. — Clumsy: (1) Teacher Karen Hollander filed a lawsuit in November against the New York City Department of Education after taking a fall on “slippery foreign substances,” including condoms, on the floor at the High School of Art & Design. Since schools distribute condoms on campus, she said, the department is responsible when students open them and discard them during the lunch period, littering the floor. (2) Anthony Avery, 72, a retired insurance underwriter, filed a lawsuit in December against the exclusive Rye Golf Club in East Sussex County, England, for lingering injuries caused when he slipped on the wet floor of the club’s shower room. The floor, he said, was



MARCH 12, 2010 “too” slippery.

Fine Points of the Law — Human Rights Law: Iraqi immigrant Laith Alani murdered two doctors in a British hospital in 1990 and has been confined to mental facilities ever since, taking clozapine to control his schizophrenia. Since Alani is not a citizen, the government has sought deportation, but in January the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal ruled that that would violate Alani’s “human rights.” Only the British hospitals, reasoned the judges, can guarantee that Alani will receive uninterrupted clozapine, without which he would become dangerous to himself and to others (that is, fellow Iraqis, after repatriation). — Orthodox Jewish Law: Israel Elias and his then-wife Susan Zirkin were divorced under British law in 1962, but Zirkin has been unable to remarry since then because Orthodox Jewish law does not recognize divorce unless the husband grants the wife a “get,” and Elias has refused. Within the Orthodox community, Zirkin would have been shunned had she remarried, as would any children she had. A few rabbis try to work around the system, but their attempts are not widely accepted. Zirkin, now 73, was believed to be the world’s longest-standing “chained” wife, but in February, after 37 years, she became a free woman. Elias passed away, and the “get” is no longer necessary.

Least Competent Criminals (1) Myesha Williams, 20, and a friend walked in to the police station in DeLand, Fla., in January and demanded to know why their photos appeared in local crime news on TV. Following questioning, police decided Williams was the woman on their surveillance video robbing a beauty shop and arrested her (but since Williams’ friend had left before the actual robbery, she was not charged). (2) The burglar who stole alreadyfilled prescription orders from the West Main Pharmacy in Medford, Ore., in January puzzlingly limited his take to the pickup-ready packages filed under “O.” Police guessed that the burglar must have been after the commonly stolen “oxycodone” and was unaware that outgoing prescriptions are filed by customers’ last names, not their medications.

Recurring Themes (1) Last May, a 13year-old boy in Galt, Calif., became the most recent inadvertent beneficiary of foolish behavior. Acting on a dare, the boy had TURN TO MORE ODD FILES ON 26

SAVE THE SCHOOLS From left, Hanna Martin, Danny Jay, Cameron Atefi, Major Wynn and Alex Albanna were on hand at the Time 2 Shine and BuxBack open house fundraising event Feb. 27 in 4S Ranch to support Oak Valley Middle and Del Norte High schools. Attendees of the event sampled an assortment of Time 2 Shine’s unique classes and turned their debit and credit cards into rewards cards that will help raise money for the schools by registering them at BuxBack.com. Courtesy photo

Local pup once again able to wag her tail By Lillian Cox

ENCINITAS — A dog relies on its tail to express a broad range of emotions from happiness and excitement to anxiety and fear.A pup unable to wag its tail in many ways loses its voice. That was the fate of poor Maddy, a young Labradoodle who was accidentally run over by a car in the family driveway over the holidays. A fracture in the L7 vertebrae of Maddy’s spine resulted in losing the ability to wag her tail. After fusing the spine with plates and screws, the veterinary surgeon delivered the sad news that Maddy would never regain use of her tail. Following surgery she was placed in a rehab facility for post-op recovery. After seeing an ad in the local health publication Natural Awakenings, Maddy’s owner transferred the pup to Sunnybrook Farm Holistic Pet Care in Encinitas. “Maddy was able to walk when she came under my care on Feb. 7, but with strict instructions of no horseplay or running and basic physical therapy instructions,” said Rebekah Peterman, a holistic animal practitioner who owns Sunnybrook. “She was really depressed, almost behaving like a geriatric dog.” There was another problem. “She had no tail movement,” Peterman said. “Her tail hung totally limp.” In addition to tail immobility, Peterman said the accident and subsequent surgery left her with severe nerve and muscle damage that resulted in the inability to control her bowels. Maddy had been placed on a course of antibiotics post surgery to prevent infection but without proper nutrition Peterman said the body was still susceptible to a

OFF AND RUNNING After regaining use of her tail, Maddy is able to show her delight during an afternoon run with Rebekah Peterman. Peterman, a holistic animal practitioner, has helped Maddy to regain use of her tail. Photo by Lillian Cox

urinary infection. “In order for Maddy to get healthy she needs real enzymes from whole foods,” Peterman said. “Processed foods contain hidden sugars and preservatives and can rob the body of energy needed to fight off bacteria, creating an environment that can host a urinary infection.” Peterman began treatment with a diet of brown rice, chicken and locally grown carrots, parsnips, collard greens and sweet potatoes. She followed that up with probiotics and herbs to support the urinary tract.

She also spoiled Maddy with aromatherapy. “Aromatherapy is an easy yet efficient way to stimulate different systems in the body,” she said. “In Maddy’s case the aim is to calm and balance the nervous system and to help fight off infection.” On Feb. 9 Maddy delighted Peterman when she moved her tail for the first time. “After two days with lots of love and the right homeopathic remedy Maddy thumped her tail on the bed when we got up to go outside for her morning pee!” Peterman said.

On Feb. 13 Maja Wichtowski, RVT, CCRP owner of Tsavo’s Canine Rehabilitation Center began treating Maddy with electronic muscle stimulation and cold laser therapy. “Electronic muscle stimulation helps Maddy to avoid atrophy from disuse and to reeducate the muscles needed for normal bowel movements and tail movement,” Peterman said. Cold laser therapy uses photo-therapy to stimulate tissue repair and provide pain management. After Maddy completed her regimen of post-surgery drugs, Peterman began using herbs to facilitate the healing process.This included an internal dose of herbal tinctures and an external or topical application of warm herbal tea called a fomentation. “Plants have been used for thousands of years in many different cultures,” she said. “It’s a natural way to relieve pain, clean and nourish tissues and promote overall health. A fomentation, for a dog, is a simple and gentle method of introducing herbs into the body. When done properly it can produce dramatic results.” Peterman also recruited Dr. Carmine Bausone, DVM, of the Acacia Animal Health Center in Escondido for Maddy’s team. Bausone is treating Maddy with acupuncture, and consulting with Peterman on herbs and supplements to avoid the overuse of antibiotics. The combined therapies are paying off. Today Maddy runs around the yard with other dogs under Peterson’s care, her tail wagging happily behind her. “She is such a good patient,” Peterman said. “I TURN TO PUP ON 26


MARCH 12, 2010


Rabbi David Smoller, Rabbi Levi Raskin and Shel Greenhill. Photo by Patty McCormac

The Raskin family: Rabbi Levi Raskin holding Mussi, 2, and Devora Raskin holding Chaya, 12 months. Standing is Dena, 3. Photo by Patty McCormac



traditional food, crafts and prizes given for the best costume. “The kids love this,” Raskin said. The costumes were diverse. Samuel and Anaya Mirsky donned garb worn at the time of the original event. Jordan and Jacob Pearson were dressed as royalty and Ofea Arbib wore a



by the documentary “FlipFlotsam” which is shown to first-graders at Jefferson each year. It celebrates the resourcefulness of the people of the Lamu archipelago, an island off the coast of Kenya, who recycle thousands of flip-flop sandals that wash up on its beaches into children’s toys. Teacher Arlene Gnade conceived the idea for the Jefferson Elementary project last year. Other firstgrade teachers enthusiastically signed on. Legoland got involved when teacher Irma Amezcua encountered friend Valerie Barnes at Costco. Barnes, an advertising and communications manager for the park, recognized the educational value of the project and took up the matter at a corporate planning meeting. As a result, the SeaLife Aquarium offered to contribute space for the exhibit, $750 in art materials and a custom crate that made the exhibit portable and able to “migrate” to other venues. The park also offered to produce a companion video. Environmental artist

colorful jester’s hat. Little Mendy Smoller, perhaps making his own statement, wore a San Diego Charger’s helmet and jersey No. 21 for recently released San Diego Chargers player LaDainian Tomlinson. After petting animals and enjoying a meal, the students from the Rancho Santa Fe Hebrew School performed in a play and there were readings from the Megillah. Samuel and Anaya Mirsky. Photo by Patty McCormac Teresa Espaniola was recruited to lead the project. “At back-to-school night in September, teachers introduced parents to the project,” Gnade said. “We discussed beach safety and what to pick up and not to pick up.” Each class contributed enough beach trash to fill a 4-foot-by-4-foot carton. All objects were inspected and rinsed with diluted bleach before being handled. “We saw a lot of mylar balloons and discussed what we could do about it,” Gnade said. “It was up to students to generate ideas. Some answered, ‘I won’t use them.’ Others said, ‘I’ll just use them in the house.’” Students concluded that everyone is responsible for garbage that finds its way into the oceans. Before the holidays, teachers congregated at the school to outline a drawing of a gray whale Espaniola projected onto a canvas panel. Then they met at the home of Espaniola’s sister, Wendy Burroughs, where they spread the large fabric in the backyard and painted it three colors: gray for the

whale, blue for the ocean and light blue for the bubbly swirls generated by the fins. Students joined the project after the holidays, first by learning about whale migration. Then art teacher Marsha Hawes taught them how to draw a whale. In mid-January, Espaniola assigned each class one of six panels that comprised the entire wall hanging. Students gathered on the floor of the cafeteria, spending an hour each day for three to four days gluing recycled items on the fabric. “They could choose whatever they wanted to use,” Espaniola said. “A boy found a wheel from a wheelbarrow and a girl a reflector from a bicycle. Together we made the whale’s eye.” The exhibit debuted at Jefferson on Feb. 18, along with whale drawings and writings the students completed. Lyrics to, “Song for the Ocean” by Kristin Hoffman were written on an old sail along with a pledge to take care of the ocean which students and parents were asked to sign. “When the whale was unveiled there was silence, then a gasp,” Gnade said.

“Then there was cheering and clapping and picture taking.” The exhibit and companion film, “Beach Trash: A Whale of a Problem” was unveiled at the SeaLife Aquarium on March 6. It will be available for public viewing through the second week of April. It is estimated that as much as 100 million tons of plastic debris floats in the “Pacific garbage patch” alone. There are five plastic garbage patches floating around the world’s oceans today. According to the UN Environment Programme, plastic debris causes the deaths of more than a million seabirds and 100,000 marine mammals each year. “Sunlight makes plastic brittle,” Espaniola explains. “It breaks up and sea life eats it. An albatross will eat an entire light stick or plastic cigarette lighter.” To learn more about the Pacific garbage patch, visit http://algalita.org. To learn more about Espaniola’s environmental art, visit teresaespaniola.com. For information about hosting the “migrating” exhibit, call (760) 918-5379.

The guests at the event waited turns to pet a pony. Photo by Patty McCormac



showed that a full EIR was not necessary. “They did warn us (they planned to file a lawsuit),” Lindy Delaney, school district superintendent, said. “We would not stop building progress to avoid a lawsuit. It’s unfortunate anybody would



special papers I find among my travels.” Artwork will continue to be displayed in the restaurant throughout the month of April for purchase. Tickets can be purchased for either show by contacting Laura Koring at (858) 7568000 or at laura@delicias

want to sue a school district on this.” Construction of the new 71,000-square-foot K-8 school that began in the summer of 2009 was not interrupted by the litigations. Building is on schedule and students and teachers are expected to be out of temporary portables and into the new school by September.

restaurant.com. The luncheon will offer a choice of spinach salad with salmon or roasted turkey sandwich on sourdough and classic chocolate baby cake for dessert. The cocktail evening will offer two drinks and tray-passed hors d’oeuvres including shrimp cocktail, pork medallions, and chicken satay with peanut sauce.

legal question for this column, please e-mail me at info@valleelaw.com. Thanks country in various courts to to Jeff L. for submitting this address these legal issues. question about the Toyota You may receive notice of situation one or more of these if you bought a Toyota in the last Michael Vallee is a practicing trial five or so years.You may also attorney whose firm focuses on conwant to consult an attorney sumer law, personal injury and wrongabout your individual rights ful death cases. He is a consumer legal contributor for The Coast News. in this regard. If you have a consumer Contact him at info@valleelaw.com.



keep their creativity going. “It’s an exciting new season and we hope that everyone will join us so that we can together make this community the close-knit family we have grown to love,” Leahey said. Visit www.rsfcc.org for your Spring Catalog or stop by the Community Center to learn about how you can save and be part of the “heart of our community” just by becoming a member. Are you suffering from cataracts? Learn more about cataracts and treatment options from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. March 23 at The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe. A cataract is a clouding of the normally clear lens in your eye. Though painless, cataracts restrict the amount

of light entering your eye and may cause hazy vision, unusual glare, poor night vision or a reduction in color perception. Treating cataracts involves a surgical treatment to remove the clouded lens and replace it with a clear, plastic intraocular lens. New advanced lenses offer more freedom and better vision than previously available. During the procedure, the physician replaces the cloudy lens with a lens that allows patients to enjoy great vision at any distance — without the need for corrective lenses (even reading glasses) for most people. The event is presented by Gordon & Weiss Vision Institute. RSVP to mmacbaisey@rsfcc.org or (858) 756-2461, ext. 301 Calling all lip sync stars!

Start getting excited because it’s that time of year again. It’s the Lip Sync Show sign-up day that is being held at the Community Center at 3 p.m. April 1. For a full list of guidelines to sign up, visit www.rsfcc.org. The Lip Sync Show features groups of children, lipsyncing to their favorite Broadway songs. This is a noncompetitive event that’s as fun for the audience as it is for the whole family. This year’s theme is “Broadway” so get out your top hats. Dinner and dancing will be provided before and after the show, which will be held May 14. Get your friends together and come sign up to be a star.

National Bank, the prede- dren’s event, Romp & Read, cessor company to First will be held from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. March 14 at the New San Business Bank. Diego Children’s Museum, New investment firm 200 West Island Ave., San ENCINITAS — Encinitas Diego. Visitors will be greetresident Darren Reinig is a ed by “Becka and the Big founding partner at Delphi Bubble” authors and Clifford, Private Advisors, which a kid-friendly breakfast, activrecently launched in San ities and crafts, story times, Diego. Reinig serves on the yoga and more. Cost is $20 per person or board of the La Jolla Music Society and is an active mem- $50 for a family of four. All Director added ber of the San Diego Venture proceeds benefit Reach Out DEL MAR — Joseph E. Group, the MIT Enterprise and Read. A portion of sales Matranga has been named Forum and the Association also benefit ROR in Haiti. to First Business Bank board for Corporate Growth. Open house of directors. DEL MAR — Matranga was formerly ‘Becka’ at fundraiser a director of Ramona SAN DIEGO — A chil- Lindamood-Bell Learning

Processes will host an Open House from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. March 24 at 445 Marine View Ave., Suite 290.

This event will include presentations at 10:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m., student demonstrations, and activities for children.



architectural firm. She participated in the establishment of the firm’s Hawaii office before moving to Rancho Santa Fe, where she built her dream home with her rancher husband, Jerry

Fisher. Kathleen Van SantFisher and Dorothy St. Amour can be contacted through Prudential California Realty’s Rancho Santa Fe Properties office, at (858) 756-0445, or via e-mail at DorothyKathleen@ prusd.com.

heavenly glory in due time. Stay tuned, and try not to miss me when I’m note, I’ll be out of the gone. country for a week or so doing what married peoEric Murtaugh now belongs to the ple do. “Outside Perspective” married man club. E-mail him at will return to all of it’s emurtaugh@coastnewsgroup.com.




Cathedral Catholic High School. Cathedral Catholic Principal Mike Deely presented Lampe with a $5,000 scholarship for his freshman and $5,000 for his sophomore year. Books and uniform are part of the award.

Students abroad CARLSBAD — Tom Robertson, ASB director for Carlsbad High School, and his son Chris, world history teacher, will host an informational meeting on two upcoming trips sponsored by Educational Foundation at 2 p.m. March 21 at his home in Vista. The trips include a three-week trip to Australia in July and a two-week trip to Spain and Portugal. For more information, e-mail trobertsasb @yahoo.com.

Author’s new book CARDIFF-BY-THE-SEA — A Cardiff author, writing under the nom de plume Wroughta Knightly, has written about her relationship with her mother who suffers from periodic bouts of psychosis in her new book, “Mom’s on Vacation,” published by Publish America. Copies of the book may be purchased online at publishamerica.com in the Drama section of its online bookstore. You may contact the author at wroughtaknightly@ hotmail.com.




MARCH 12, 2010


friends, while meeting some new neighbors and colleagues all at the same time. Also, another new addition is the Moonlight Matinee, an adult-only “date” night held under the stars at The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe. The night will showcase a classic movie on a big screen, dinner, and drinks. Perfect for couples and groups of friends. As always, the Community Center features a number of new activities for the youth of the community. New classes such as beach volleyball, surfing and Outdoor Arts II will keep your children outdoors and enjoying the sunshine, while the Woodworking Bus and Jewelry Making Course will

Veterans Association North County received a $15,000 check Feb. 26 from John Osborne, director of external affairs for AT&T, at the future site of VANC’s Veterans Memorial Building and Resource Center, 1617 Mission Ave., Oceanside. The grant will provide audio/visual equipment throughout the VANC building.

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MARCH 12, 2010



and they nailed it. Creamy but not mushy with a hint of al dente in the rice. It was full of flavor and the asparagus offered a nice little crunch. So Mr. Cicciotti, nice work on the risotto. For those of you not familiar with this wonderful dish, here is a nutshell version of what it’s all about. A highstarch round medium or short grain rice is usually used to make risotto. Such rices have

the ability to absorb liquids and to release starch and so they are stickier than the long grain varieties. The principal varieties used in Italy are carnaroli, and vialone nano and to a lesser degree arborio which is the most common in the U.S. There are many different risotto recipes with different ingredients, but they are all based on rice of an appropriate variety cooked in a standard procedure. They can be light and delicate and work nicely as a bed under a piece

of fish. Or, as I like to do, filled with applewood smoked bacon, roasted corn and stuffed into half an artichoke then topped with cheese and finished in a broiler for a crispy top. The rice is first cooked briefly in butter or olive oil to coat each grain in a film of fat, this is called tostatura; white wine is added and has to be absorbed by the grains. When evaporated, the heat is raised to medium high and very hot

stock is gradually added in small amounts while stirring gently, almost constantly: stirring loosens the starch molecules from the outside of the rice grains into the surrounding liquid, creating a smooth creamy-textured liquid. Tasting helps to indicate when the risotto is ready and consistency can be debated so keep tasting through the process and remember it will continue to cook a bit after you turn off the flame.

At that point it is taken off the heat and diced cold butter and finely grated parmigiano-reggiano or pecorino, romano or similar cheese is vigorously stirred in to make the texture as creamy and smooth as possible. Properly cooked risotto is rich and creamy but still with some resistance or bite al dente and with separate grains. OK, now that we all know what’s up with risotto, get to



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different scents attributed to wine, but you may just smell wine, and that’s OK too. I recommend getting your nose down into the bowl and do short, sharp inhalations for the most revealing sensation. Don’t analyze too much, just enjoy! The final, most enjoyable climax to this four-part harmony is the sip, and you might add swallow as another byproduct of the last “S” to find wines you really love. Slowly let the liquid envelope the many taste buds you possess in your mouth and tongue. It’s a wild ride of flavors: fruits, vegetables, grains and nuts, spices, flowers, earth, oak, honey and (you fill in the rest). So there it is! Sight, swirl, smell and sip. Salute!

FAMILY FUN Family Winemakers of California gather at the Del Mar Fairgrounds on March 14 from 3 to 6 p.m. Photo by Frank Mangio

makers who place quality over quantity.Wine lovers will have an opportunity to meet and taste many of these wineries in a public event at the Del Mar Fairgrounds from 3 to 6 p.m. March 14. The list of wines is impressive and includes Chalk Hill, Ecluse, Elizabeth Spencer, Frank Family, Hall, Halter Ranch, JUSTIN, Pisoni, Spring Family winemakers Mountain and ZD, just to gather in Del Mar name a few. Cost is $45 in California is home to advance and $55 at the door. many small production wine- To purchase tickets, go to

www.familywinemakers.org. For questions, call (415) 7050646.

Wine Bytes — Bistro 39 in the Hilton Garden Inn at San Diego’s Sorrento Valley has a Napa Cabs event from 3:30 to 5:30 p.m. March 13. Four exceptional wineries will be tasted and discussed. Cost is $20 each. For more information, call (858) 720-9500. — Gary Parker’s WineSellar and Brasserie,

Ciccioti’s and get a taste of how it’s done right. Of course they have a full menu of other Italian staples, a nice wine list and selection of imported beers on tap. It’s a busy place so I’d suggest a reservation. Check them out at http://www.cicciottis.com. David Boylan is the founder of Artichoke Creative, an Encinitas based integrated marketing agency. He can be reached at david@artichoke-creative.com.

also in Sorrento Valley, has a Burgundy Bliss Wine Dinner on March 12 with a 6 p.m. start and a 6:30 p.m dinner. The cost is $88 per person. Wines are from Gary’s own collection. RSVP at (858) 4509557. — Next San Diego State wine class is Dynamic Wine and Food Pairing from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. March 13 at Wilson Creek Winery in Temecula. The class is part of a wine certification. Call (619) 594-6924 for pricing. — Tesoro Winery in old town Temecula has a benefit wine event for Homeless Prevention from noon to 4 p.m. March 21. Special $8 tastings will be offered with all fees being donated to the cause. For more information, call (951) 308-0000. Frank Mangio is a renowned wine connoisseur certified by Wine Spectator. His library can be viewed at www.tasteofwinetv.com. (Average Google certified 900 visits per day) He is one of the top five wine commentators on the Web. Reach him at mangiompc@aol.com.



Karly: “It was a perfect engagement — Stephen does everything just right.”

Matchmaking runs deep in the blood of Irene Valenti, the mastermind behind Valenti International, the world’s savviest and most respected company for connecting people romantically. Since 1990, Valenti and her team of outstanding Ph.D. and licensed psychologists have excelled at uniting individuals in healthy, harmonious relationships. And while Ms. Valenti can speak volumes about her passion for bringing people together, here’s what two of her recently married clients, Stephen Lobbin (39) and Karly Kevane (31), have to say about their experience with Valenti International.

Stephen: “We tell any single friends or those who are not inspired by their current relationships about Valenti.” Karly: “Irene is very good at what she does she has such a strong, beautiful intuition about people, but she doesn’t rely on that alone as she closely works with her team of psychological professionals.” Stephen: “I was so impressed with the in-depth psychological profiling and personality test. They are also available for one-on-one or couples coaching during the whole process.

Karly: “I joined Valenti in May 2007 on my 29th birthday as a present to myself. I am a native San Diegan and after attending USD Law School, I returned home to be near my family. I quickly discovered that it was hard to find a highcaliber man and when I did, they were married,” she says, laughing. “I was never the type of person who went to bars; I am into more enlightened pursuits, so I thought by joining this type of matchmaking service, I might meet someone worth meeting.”

Karley: “It is the greatest investment I have ever made, as it brought my soul mate and true love into my life.” Stephen:Thanks to Irene and the Valenti Team, I found the love I have been searching for and so much more.” Valenti International is firmly committed to maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of our Clients. From time to time, successful couples have asked to tell their own personal stories directly. The above article and quotes are excerpts from their interview with a staff writer of San Diego Magazine.

Stephen: “I first learned about Valenti International through my work as an intellectual property attorney and my pursuit of them as a client. Ultimately, Valenti hired me and I hired them because I was interested in finding someone extraordinary and I wasn’t meeting anyone compatible in my professional circles with a similar personality and background in education, religion and family.” Karly: “I tried online dating and that was a waste of time for me. What’s different about Valenti is that they don’t make a lot of introductions; it’s not a numbers game. It’s all about quality over quantity. They take you very seriously.” Stephen: “Before we met in person, we had already established a deep connection through hours and hours of phone conversations. We had great chemistry on a deep level. Seeing one another reinforced the attraction. We both lit up,confirming our feelings.”

Irene Valenti invites you to share in something that must be experienced to be understood.World Headquarters Rancho Santa Fe, California 800.200.8253 or +01.858.759.9239. You can also visit the website at: ValentiInternational.com

Karly: “I felt like I had finally met my soul mate. We connected on a level that I never thought possible. Within the first month of knowing each other, we knew we wanted to marry. We were engaged five months later.” Stephen: “I proposed in Positano, Italy, at the incredible Le Sirenuse hotel.”

MARCH 12, 2010



Show time

Cirque du Soleil’s “Kooza” is now at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. The worldfamous circus will be under the big top at the fairgrounds through March 21. Visit www. cirquedusoleil.com for more information. Far right, the unicycle duo of Yuri Shavro and Diana Aleshchenko dazzle the crowd with a combination of acrobatics and dance. Right, Mike Tyus, aka The Trickster, performsduring the opening act. Photos by Daniel Knighton

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MARCH 12, 2010




know she’s feeling better because she’s starting to have an opinion. Instead of coming into the house from the yard when I call the dogs

she’s thinking, ‘Well, maybe I don’t want to come inside yet.’” For more information about Rebekah Peterman and her services, call (760) 230-0748 or visit sunnybrook farmholisticpetcare.com.


chugged eight shots of tequila and lost consciousness. A routine CT scan at the hospital exposed an until-thenunrevealed brain tumor, and the boy is slowly recovering from his arduous but lifesaving surgery. (2) In January, James Shimsky, 50, became the most recent priest in the


their lives together. What you may not know is Heidi, Denny and I all worked together at a different publication many eons ago in Rancho Santa Fe. Heidi had recently been in China for over one month, so I was thrilled to reconnect with her once again. On March 1, Mille Fleurs launched their “Gourmet Hamburger

of Japanese youths may be living in “epic sulks” as hermits (“hikikomori”), according to a March 2005 Taipei Times dispatch from Tokyo, thus representing no improvement in the already alarming problem that was described in an Odd Files report in 2000, which estiAn Odd Files Classic mated that 1 million young professionals were then (May 2005) As many as 10 percent afflicted. Many of the

Catholic Diocese of Scranton, Pa., to be arrested for wayward behavior (with several recent instances reported in a January edition of Odd Files). Shimsky was arrested on a Philadelphia street for allegedly buying cocaine.

March Month.” During this month, make sure you stop in for a gourmet burger, with either french fries or salad, with a glass of wine or beer, for only $25. With Chef Martin, you know this will be the best hamburger you’ve ever tried. Make sure you don’t miss out! Call (858) 756-3085 for more details on this special. I am pretty sure it’s only for this month.

reconsider it was necessary according to Robert’s Rules. Wuzn’t done. How come? Is house from the wrecking this the Encinitas way? ball. In order to supercede that action a motion to O’side violent


crime dips Latest O’side law enforcement stats recently released indicate property and violent crimes in 2009 dipped by 4.7 percent and 7.3 percent, respectively. In contrast, similar crimes in the county were up. Bodes well for Chief Frank McCoy’s gallant men and women in uniform.


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hikikomori still live in their parents’ homes and simply never leave their bedrooms except briefly to gather food. Among the speculation as to cause: school bullying, academic pressure, poor social skills, excessive video-gaming, inaccessible father figures, and an education system that suppresses youths’ sense of adventure.

to Brow design, to Oxygen facial treatments. For more information, call (858) 7927111. This is your chance to get ready for bikini weather, which is just around the corSave the date ner. Visit www.oxygenmedical On March 24 and March 25, Oxygen Medical Spa spa.com for more informalocated on Cedros in Solana tion. Beach invites you to take advantage of their “Beautiful Body Regime.” If you have a fun event you would like There are all sorts of spe- Machel Penn to cover, contact her at cials available, from Botox, mpenn@coastnewsgroup.com. You can also follow Mille Fleurs on Facebook if you would like to be more informed of the latest happenings at the hottest French restaurant in town.

suggests big and small donations be sent to P.O. Box 230793, Encinitas, CA 92023 ... Law enforcement is keeping an eye on folks tooling around without seatbelts buckled and reminds that fines will be imposed ... San Dieguito Heritage Museum has scheduled its 22nd annual barbecue food fest and fun activities May 15 ... Harbor City’s annual pension payment is $20 mil. higher than first projected ... Olivenhain Muni Water District has recognized C’bad’s Lars & Kelly Engstrom for exceptional water conservation in its 20gallon challenge ... According to PR Chief Linda Zweig, the San Diego County Fair in 2009 was the top ribbon winner in the

annual International Assn. of Fairs & Exposition competition that included agriculture and green divisions among its 16 awards ... Frida Silveira, Solbeach Chamber CEO, sez the organization’s 66th annual installation dinner is set for March 25 at Lomas Santa Fe Country Club ... Raul Furlong of Datamar Inc. based in El Cajon reports a recent survey shows incumbent politicians have fallen out of favor with voters and a passel of them will be joining the ranks of the unemployed in November. Hasta la Vista Bill Arballo is an opinionated, retired journalist in the Flower Capital of the Universe. E-mail barballo@coastnewsgroup.com.



cleaning supplies. “What we don’t grow here we buy from other organic suppliers we know and trust,” she said. Caughlin currently delivers weekly or biweekly to about 150 families per month. For $62.50 per week, customers receive a bouquet of flowers and fruits, vegetables and herbs that change weekly. For the week of March 1, items included a Hass avocado, navel oranges, bananas, pears, apples, a lemon, bok choy, carrots or scallions, beets or turnips, lettuce, salad with edible flowers, an heirloom tomato, parsley or dill, mixed sprouts, cabbage, celery and cauliflower or broccoli.



plus sales commissions and fees, adjusted for any stock splits and reinvested dividends. If you don’t know the basis of an investment you’ve sold, you’ll have to value it at zero and perhaps pay more than necessary in capitalgains tax. Several online tools can help you avoid that problem. One of them, BasisPro, is free, but you have to register for TurboTax


not afford it. “Del Mar residents who are able to afford undergrounding have the right to pay for that,” Helen Drysdale said. “There are those of us who do not have such luxury, and what funds we do have available to us are to care for us for the remainder of our lives. “Those of us who cannot afford any additional financial burden at this time of our lives should not be forced to do so,” she said. Zelda Waxenberg, who said it cost her $10,000 to repair electrical damage caused by a downed power line six years ago, said she empathized with her neighbors who can’t afford the assessments. “But those who are truly in need will be helped,” she said, referring to a support fund being established through Del Mar Community Connections. Proponents said if the project is delayed it may never be completed. “This might be the only opportunity we have to do this,” Greg Fehr said. Councilman Carl Hilliard


arrived school teacher at the train station, the scofflaw parked in the shade of the Jail Tree, and several other characters who represent aspects of Wickenburg’s history. Be on guard, too, for the 16 life-like gila monsters, roadrunners, tarantulas and rattlesnakes that dot the downtown landscape. All of these sculptures — human and animal — were created by well-known bronze sculptor J. Seward Johnson and paid for by the DeVore Foundation. Not-to-be-missed is Wickenburg’s Desert



MARCH 12, 2010 The list is updated weekly on her Web site, which also features recipes, quotes and some personal thoughts. Because of the topography, Caughlin uses vertical farming to maximize yields and decrease labor and water use. A variety of food, from bok choy to strawberries, is grown in stacked pots. The property, with a view of Torrey Pines State Beach, includes her home, an art gallery where she spends her rare free time enjoying her other passion, an assortment of animals including a goat and a straw-and-bale rental unit made with reclaimed windows, doors and roofing material. Although she’s been in business for 22 years, Caughlin said Seabreeze isn’t profitable. To help make ends

meet, she offers tours for students, scouting groups and others interested in her farming techniques. Knowing her items are more expensive — a dozen eggs from Seabreeze cost $5.99 — Caughlin encourages people to start their own backyard gardens. “People think it’s a novelty, but we’ve been growing food for more than 10,000 years,” she said. “Lots of food can be grown in a small area, especially in Southern California, where we’re blessed with such good weather. And a small garden can build a strong family unit. It teaches life skills and the value of chores. “It’s a matter of priorities and appreciating the value of a proper diet,” she said.

Premier online. BasisPro worked for Consumer Reports Money Adviser only when it had all its ducks in a row: the purchase date, the number of shares sold, the date shares were sold and the proper ticker symbol. — Evaluate your AMT risk. The IRS AMT Assistant, a calculator at www.irs.gov/businesses/smal l/article/0,,id=150703,00.htm l is designed to help taxpayers see whether they’ll be subject to the alternative

minimum tax, a more onerous taxation system affecting some 4 million taxpayers, most with between $100,000 and $500,000 in adjusted gross income. Tip: The AMT Assistant is worthwhile if you’re borderline and want reassurance that you won’t fall under the AMT. But if you want an estimate of the damages, this tool won’t help.

agreed it may not be the best time to move plans forward,but it’s not the worst time either.“It is the poor economy that has given us the very low construction bids,” he said. If approved, the project will bury about one mile of utility wires on 135 residences and 10 other parcels, including one owned by the city. Information on if and how the city votes will be made public. Assessments range from $2,971 to $45,253, with the average at $22,073. If approved by a simple majority, property owners will have 50 days to prepay all or a portion of their assessment. The remainder of the $3.2 million project will be funded through bond sales, which will be paid with property taxes. The interest rate will be determined after the prepayment period ends. Tom Johnson, the financial adviser for the district, said he expects the rate to be about 6 percent. Based on that assumption, he said the annual cost would be approximately $800, $1,525 or $2,250 on a $10,000, $20,000 or $30,000 bond, respectively. Contrary to what some speakers claimed, attorney

Warren Diven said undergrounding would not increase property taxes, and property owners would not have to pay off the bond if they sold their property before the end of the bond period. While the majority of speakers at the meeting opposed the project, most of the written correspondence received by the city favored it, Councilman Don Mosier said. Residents who feel their assessment was calculated unfairly should contact the city. Council members said at least two properties will be reviewed. Ballots must be received by the end of the April 26 hearing. Those postmarked before the meeting, but received after it, will not be counted. Although the project can proceed with a simple majority vote, council will have the final say. Mosier and Councilwoman Crystal Crawford said they would not support the project going forward without “a very high level of support.” “What does that mean?” Crawford asked. “It’s hard to know until we get the votes....It needs to be a very high number for me, personally.”

Caballeros Western Museum, which has an impressive collection of works by Western artists, including sculptures and paintings by Frederic Remington. Also in the museum: Postcards from the West exhibit; the Mineral Room, a collection of gold, silver, turquoise and copper; the Southwestern Indian Art collection, including katsina (kachina) dolls, jewelry, pottery and baskets; the Early Wickenburg Street Scene, a mockup of life in Arizona circa 1905, complete with saloon, watch shop, livery stable, post office, church and general store; an exhibit featuring cowboy clothing and equipment; a bola tie collec-

tion; and meticulous dioramas of Wickenburg in its mining heyday. For information: Wickenburg Legends and Ghost Tours: wickenburg ghosts.weebly.com/index. html Attractions and activities: www.outwickenburg way.com Desert Caballeros Western Museum: www. westernmuseum.org/ Next column: Wickenburg history, the Hassayampa River Preserve and the Vulture Mine’s ghosts and gold.

Visit the Consumer Reports Web site at consumerreports.org.

E’Louise Ondash is a freelance writer living in North County. Tell her about your travels at eondash@coastnewsgroup.com.



who doesn’t want to be in tier six.” To keep the financial burden fair, he urged council not to “shed a ‘tier’ over this tax.” Greg Petre a small-business owner, said no one ever willingly pays more taxes, but he understands it may be necessary. “I think what’s up there right now looks pretty good,” he said. However, Carl Turnbull, who moved his business to Solana Beach 30 years ago, said the city should focus on reducing spending. Ott said



$84,000 in the jewel heist, Carlsbad police Detective Patrick Preston testified. When police arrested Davis on Feb. 5, Preston said he had in his possession a head lamp, black



is high,”Watanabe said. Judd faces more than three years in prison if convicted, Watanabe said. His preliminary hearing is set for April 7. The victim was not injured in the altercation, the prosecutor said. Following the incident, Judd checked himself into a mental health facility. Prior to their divorce in 2008, Judd’s wife had filed for temporary restraining orders against him, according to court records. The veteran officer made headlines in 2008 when he filed a wrongful termina-



food and beverages from some of San Diego’s premier restaurants. Proceeds from the event provide reconstructive surgery and related services to disadvantaged children with physical deformities. Call Nancy Kelly at (760) 448-2019 orby e-mail at nancy@freshstart.org to learn more.


VS. BAD The California Coastal Rose Society will meet at 7 p.m. March 16, Heritage Hall, 2650 Garfield, Carlsbad. Baldo Villegas will discuss beneficial and nonbeneficial garden insects. Visit www.californiacoastalrose.com for more details. OPEN MIC The Encinitas Library and San Diego Writers, Ink will host a monthly open mic event at 5:30 p.m. March 16, Encinitas Library Community Room, 540 Cornish Drive. Readers will be chosen at random. Call the library at (760) 753-7376 or visit www. sandiegowriters.org to learn more.


the city has cut more than $1 million from its budget and is operating with a “lean” staff of 50 people — the same number it had nearly 20 years ago. Mayor Tom Campbell said the city is also prepared to use money from its undesignated reserve fund. Only 6 percent of California cities do not currently have a business tax. Ott said Solana Beach, one of only three San Diego County cities without the tax, hasn’t seen “an onslaught” of businesses wanting to come into the city because it doesn’t have one. He also said other cities aren’t losing businesses because of


cloth gloves, a felt jewelry case and a pawn slip for a marquee half-karat diamond he pawned in November that was similar to one stolen from the jewelry store. Further, in Davis’ residence, which at the time he shared with a Hispanic

man, police found empty jewelry boxes in a lockbox, the detective said. Preston said a DNA examination of the pistol and mask revealed Davis as a major contributor. Davis remains out of custody. A trial date was set for April 14.

tion lawsuit against the Oceanside Police Department. Hired in 1989 as a police officer with Oceanside Police Department, Judd worked as a peace officer with the department until April 2007,when he resigned after struggling with a physical injury that meant he could no longer perform the duties of a police officer, according to court documents. Turning down two desk jobs with the department, Judd chose to voluntarily quit. However,Judd alleges the department denied him job accommodations and instead of entering into an interactive process about his options, he was fired on the account of his

disability, court records state. Further, the former officer said in court documents that in order for the department to safeguard itself from a lawsuit for wrongful discharge, it fabricated a settlement and release. The Oceanside Police Department denies Judd’s allegations and has filed a countersuit against the former officer. According to court documents, the department alleges Judd voluntarily resigned his position in exchange for benefits to which he otherwise wouldn’t have been entitled. A hearing on the matter is set for April.

Catering, 890 Palomar Airport Road, Carlsbad. The event will feature informative exhibits from 35 exhibitors offering products and information about green and sustainable business ideas and practices. Call (760) 931-8400 or visit www.carlsbad.org to learn more. WHAT’S NEW? The League of Women Voters North Coast will meet at 1 p.m. March 17, San Diego National Bank conference room, 131 N. El Camino Real, Encinitas. The group will discuss updates on California’s efforts in health care. Visit www.lwvncsd.org or call (760) 736-1608 to learn more.




Executive coach Kenneth Lord will share with small business owners the secret to being the “solution in your industry” at 6:30 p.m. March 18, Encinitas Library Community Room, 540 Cornish Drive, Encinitas. Learn how to identify what you want in your business and how to achieve it and more. Call the library at (760) 753-7376 for more details.


BLUE TARP SCHOOL ENCYCLIA 101 The San “Armando and the Blue Tarp Diego County Cymbidium Society will meet at 7 p.m. March 17, Woman’s Club of Carlsbad, 3320 Monroe St. Paul Tuskes will discuss the growth and care of Encyclia. Call Phyllis Young (760) 744-7530 to learn more. GOING GREEN The Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce will present its green business showcase from 2 to 6 p.m. March 17, Windmill Banquet &

School” will premier at 7:30 p.m. March 19 and March 20, and at 3:30 p.m. March 21, Ocean Knoll Elementary School, 910 Melba Road, Encinitas. Playwright Pat Lydersen and composer Wendy Woolf of The Park Dale Players based the show on the children’s book by the same name. Visit www.theparkdaleplay ers.com or call (760) 753-3820 to learn more.

City officials estimate about 80 percent of businesses in Solana Beach make less than $1 million and would fall into one of the first three brackets. Property owners with more than five residential rental units will pay $25 per unit. Home-based businesses will pay $75. The city currently charges a nominal annual business fee that will be replaced by the tax if it passes. It is estimated the tax would add about $500,000 annually to the city’s general fund. Council can waive or suspend the tax at any time.


San Diego SHRM will host a breakfast meeting at 7:30 a.m. March 24, Sheraton Resort Carlsbad, 5480 Grand Pacific Drive, Carlsbad. The group will dicuss what it takes to earn a Workplace Excellence Award. RSVP at www.sdshrm.org.




Recovering Couples Anonymous will meet at 7 p.m. every Monday, New Hope Community Church, 165 Eucalyptus Ave.,Vista. RCA is a fellowship of recovering couples who are committed to restoring healthy communication and caring to their relationships, and is based on the 12 Steps of AA. For details, visit www.recovering-couples.org. PINOCCHIO The city of San Marcos Theatre West Youth Theater will present the musical production “Pinocchio” March 12 through March 14, and March 19 through March 21, San Marcos Community Center, 3 Civic Center Drive. Ticket prices are $7 for youth/students/seniors and $10 for adults. Visit www.sanmarcos.net or call (760) 7449000 for show times and more details.

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MARCH 12, 2010



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F.Y.I. 100

Items For Sale 200

Items For Sale 200

Garage Sales


Sporting Goods

COMMUNITY GARAGE SALE Encinitas @ Pacific Ranch/Manchester. Saturday March 13, 7AM. Follow Signs.

HOT box of fifty hot wheels in original packaging. random models. $40 (760) 726-8491

READING STAND for road bicycle mounted to stationary work-out stand, $20. (760) 942-1303.

Items For Sale 200

LADIES CLOTHING slacks & tops, excellent condition, sizes, S, M, & L., $3-5.00 each. (760) 496-8936

SNOWBOARDS Two snow boards w/ boots 100.00 each (760)685-8222


LARGE MAGNIFYING GLASS On stand, $35. (760) 944-0198.

ANTIQUE TABLE LAMP Carrera Marble, beautifully carved with shade, $150. (760) 643-1945.


Encinitas Cardiff-by-the-Sea

Solana Beach


Rancho Santa Fe

LEXMARK PRINTER print, scan, copy from pc # x1240 color, black cart. email:sunufabutch@yahoo.com or call $29 (760) 439-2996

Fairbanks Ranch Santaluz

NIKON Like new nikon d200/ af-s nikkor 18-200mm 1:3.5-5.6 g ed vr zoom lens. Includes lens shade, uv & polarizing filters, battery charger, usb cable, manual and software. This is a great pro-performance camera for the amateur or professional. $1050 760-230-1675

Del Mar Carmel Valley


HELP WANTED....................400 JOBS WANTED....................450 BUSINESS OPPS............ ....475 ROOMMATES................... ...500 RENTALS...................... .......600 REAL ESTATE......................700 LEGAL/PUBLIC NOTICE.... 800 AUTOMOTIVE..................... 900

PAPERBACK Anthony Bourtain’s kitchen confidential paperback, “Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly”, $10.00 (760) 436-9933. PILLOW 10” X 12” hand-stiched picturesque, country house surrounded by colorful garden, $75. (760) 4369933

Items Wanted JACK DANIELS Collector looking for old jd or lem motlow bottles and advertising items. Up to $149 each (760) 630-2480

Misc. Services 350 Custom Services

Troy’s Ornamental IRON CRAFT • Grates • Stairs • Railings

Furniture LAZYBOY LOUNGE CHAIR for a man, navy blue, very good condition, $75. (760) 944-0198.

PRO X-1 CRADLE ROLLER Brand new, perfect shape, $30. (760) 9427430


QUALITY FOAM MATTRESS TOPPERS double, $20; twin, $15. (760) 643-1945

Personal Svcs. 375

STAMPEDE WHITE CAMPER SHELL that fits a Mazda truck, 74” long, 16” wide, 26 1/2” tall, $150 OBO. (760) 722-8760


BIRD CAGE Silver cage for small parrot or cockatiel. 19” sq. X 29”h, (comp. $160 new model# 125 ), oceanside $25/ best offer, cash only. (760) 529-0862

F.Y.I..................................... ..100 HEALTH & WELL BEING ....150 ITEMS FOR SALE................200 BUSINESS SERV.............. ...300 FINANCIAL SERV.................310 HOME SERVICES................325 MISC. SERVICES............. ...350 PERSONAL SERV................375

PANASONIC 18” Panasonic tv, black ($30) Technics casett player($20) Sonny fm/am receiver ($20) (760) 721-8250

TENNIS RACKET Head Metallix 10 powerful, excellent condition, $50. (760) 632-2487

POLISH MAGAZINES 13 Beautiful & colorful back issue Polish magazines. Take all, $25. (760) 845-3024

15 GALLON PLANTS Macadamia nut, loquot, black pines, jade, crownof-thorns, plus others, m $35 each. (760) 436-6604


MECHANICS CAR CREEPER Brand new, Pro X1 model, $30; also a Dirt Devil mini vacuum that goes with it, $20. (760) 942-7430

SUNGLASSES Revision Military Shatter proof sunglasses with case & extra lense, $45. 942-5692.

BOYS CLOTHES SIZE 10-12 129 Pieces. Lots of designer and skate brand clothes. From $1 to $4 per piece. (760) 634-1420 C-PAT MACHINE $150. (760) 4367650. FLANNEL SHEETS King flat, two of the same, $12. each. (760) 643-1945 FREE LARGE PLANTS Aloe vera, climbing geraniums, lavender. (760) 643-1945

TURKEY/HAM ROASTER New Ultrex pro 18/10 Stainless Steel 15” Oval Roaster with dual Server Lid and lift-out Rack. 55 yr. Excalibur nonstick surface, dishwasher safe. $45/ best offer, Cash Only. Oceanside (760) 529-0862 US STAMP COLLECTION 1940’s 1950’s, call for details, (760) 722-0420 WOOL JACKET 14, kelly green & black checks, as new, $25. (760) 6431945

Sporting Goods BICYCLE PARTS & TOOLS for road and mountain bikes. (760) 942-5692.

Balconies • Fences • Automation License #871928




Open 7 days

9am to 9pm

Oriental massage, table shower & shampoo, Jacuzzi


255 North Ash #107 Lic. #162163

Help Wanted 400 NUTRITION COORDINATOR City of Encinitas Senior Center Nutrition Coordinator p/t, 15hrs/wk $14/hr www.cityofencinitas.org, 760-6332740 open until filled, EOE.

Help Wanted 400 RCREATION HELP NEEDED Youth Day Camp Staff for seasonal programs. Please see posting @ www.ci.encinitas.ca.us - jobs available. (760) 633-2759

Automotive 900 Cars 1985 NISSAN 300 zx 2dr 5 spd, t-tops, new clutch, brakes, engine rebuilt. this classic will sell fast. $2995.00. Call Ted (760) 805-9247 MAZDA SPORT Miata, mx, turbo 2 seater, black soft top with cover, cd stereo, air, manual, (stick 6 speed), performance tires with spare, apprx. 38,000 miles. (760) 207-0073 san marcos (760) 207-0073, 15,950.00 0B0

Trucks/SUVs 2004 GMC SAVANNAH TRUCK 3500 Series, 57,000 miles, automatic, A/ C, V8, 16 ft by 8 ft., $11,111 or will trade for SUV or Cargo Van. (760) 576-9576. WANTED 89-99 ford ranger or nissan truck failed smog ok, running or not running, call (858) 831-1750 1993 FORD TAURUS 4-dr, automatic transmission, AC, power everything, low mileage, 91K miles, looks & drives like new, $1,900. (760) 5000772 1987 NISSAN STANZA 4-dr., 5-sp. stick shift, A/C, power everything, low mileage, 96,000 miles, $1.400, looks & drives excellent. (760) 807-5497 1993 CHEVY CHEVR OLET S10 Pickup truck, king cab, 5-sp. stick shift, 191,000 miles, looks & drives excellent, $1,800. (760) 500-0772.

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Automotive 900

Automotive 900

Automotive 900

Automotive 900



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MARCH 12, 2010

SOUP TO NUTS by Rick Stromoski

FRANK & ERNEST by Bob Thaves

THE BORN LOSER by Art & Chip Sansom

BIG NATE by Lincoln Peirce

Friday, March 12, 2010 PISCES (Feb. 20-March 20) — This could be a good time to ask for another person’s help in order to accomplish something you’ve worked hard on but haven’t been able to complete on your own. It won’t hurt your image or pride. ARIES (March 21-April 19) — You could find yourself in a unique position serving as a conduit for bringing two unrelated factions together to achieve something that would be beneficial for everyone. TAURUS (April 20-May 20) — It will pay to be imaginative because in order to achieve a regular objective, you may have to put a different spin on your methods or tactics. GEMINI (May 21-June 20) — Your popularity with friends is a great asset. The proof of this is that several of your pals are likely to do things for you that they wouldn’t consider doing for anyone else. CANCER (June 21-July 22) — Two different but rewarding developments could occur with regard to involvements you have with two friends. Luckily, you should be able to benefit from each relationship. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) — It isn’t likely that you’ll have any trouble


MONTY by Jim Meddick

Celebrity Cipher cryptograms are created from quotations by famous people, past and present. Each letter in the cipher stands for another. TODAY'S CLUE:

M equals B

ARLO & JANIS by Jimmy Johnson


COW & BOY by Mark Leiknes

finding solutions for two vexing problems. The only frustration is choosing between too many good answers. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) — Several important and long-neglected tasks will be completed because of the amazing productivity you’ll show at this time. Keep pushing forward. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23) — You may have to divide your time between two valued friends who are both bidding for your attention. You’re certainly clever enough to do it in considerate ways. SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22) — Many times, the best results are accomplished by getting out of your own way; try to hang back and let events run the show. You can always jump in when necessary. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23-Dec. 21) — This will be an excellent day to catch up on your communications with others, both personal and workrelated. Some exciting news is likely to be discovered. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) — Take the time to check your budget because there’s a good chance you’ll find several ways to trim some waste out of it. That extra money will quickly add up. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) — Important personal matters should not be left to the whim of another. Make your needs known, and discuss what you expect to come from the proper handling of things.

“ D











R A C D B -

R N V I Y ’ F

V T T N O Y D A B F, Y I W Y R




D LV P D BV Y D A B . ”


PREVIOUS SOLUTION: “Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish.” - John Q. Adams

MARCH 12, 2010




MARCH 12, 2010



$5,750,000 - $6,200,000 Meticulously maintained gated estate with 6 bedroom suites. Open and spacious floor plan built by Richard Doan with the master on the main level. Beautiful mahogany-paneled library/study, chef 's kitchen, travertine floors, 6 fireplaces, guesthouse plus so much more on 2.95 acres. You will LOVE this gorgeous home! Call today for your private showing!





$3,600,000 Beautiful Fairbanks Ranch estate with 5 bedroom suites. This home lives like a single-level with the master & 3 bedrooms on the main level. Gourmet kitchen, spacious family room, travertine floors, stunning office, pool house and a play yard. Superior quality with a fantastic floor plan & lots of volume. Call and come see this masterpiece for yourself!


Becky & June



We proudly support the San Diego affiliate of the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.




An independently owned and operated member of the Prudential Real Estate Affiliates.

Spring 2010




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MARCH 12, 2010

MARCH 12, 2010

Tax credits offered for houses A wide range of tax law changes over the last year will result in considerable savings for millions of Americans on their 2009 federal tax returns. Homebuyers and homeowners have some of the most to gain from the changes. Understanding the qualifications for homerelated credits can be confusing and intimidating. Jessi Dolmage, spokeswoman for 2nd Story Software, the makers of TaxACT, breaks them down. “If you’ve never owned or haven’t owned a principal residence during the three years prior to the purchase date, you may qualify for the FirstTime Homebuyer Credit. The purchase date must fall after April 8, 2009, and before May 1, 2010, with closing to take place before July 1, 2010. It’s equal to 10 percent of the purchase price, up to a maximum of $8,000. You only have to repay the money if the home ceases to be your primary residence or is sold within TURN TO TAX ON 23



Elevated garden beds raise chances with plants The popularity of urban gardening has exploded over the past couple of years, due in part to increased awareness about food safety, the financial stresses of the economy and a growing desire to be eco-friendly. Some of the most enjoyable, user-friendly gardens, like vegetable and herb gardens or cut-flower gardens, perform exceptionally well in raised beds. Plants tend to perform better in raised beds than in regular beds because there is less soil compaction (since you’re not treading between the plants) and they allow for excellent drainage. “I’ve been gardening in raised beds for over 30 years, and I’m convinced they’re the best way to grow,” says Paul James, HGTV’s Gardener Guy. “One of the things I like most about raised beds is that they warm up faster in spring and stay warmer longer in the fall, which means a longer growing season and an extended harvest.” While raised beds are extremely functional, they can also add style to your yard or garden. The organized appearance of the beds lends a handsome structural element. Quality, durable materials last longer and look better. Western Red Cedar is a strong choice for building garden beds because it is easy to work with, rot-resistant and ages beautifully, maintaining

HOW DOES YOUR GARDEN GROW? Raised garden beds can help plants grow as well as add a sense of style to an area. Courtesy photo its shape and strength over Follow these tips and get need: Western Red Cedar soil to support the bed. the years, even when exposed growing. • Lay two post lengths boards (2 x 6 work well) — • Plan ahead to keep the four 3-foot lengths and four 6- down and place two 3-foot to extreme weather. If you’re concerned about the environ- bed size manageable. A bed foot lengths; Western Red planks on top of them (to ment, you can take comfort in measuring about 3 feet by 6 Cedar posts (4 x 4), for corner equal 12 inches in height) and the fact that it is an authenti- feet is a good size.You’ll want supports, cut to 18 inches line up the edges along the cally sustainable, renewable the bed to be at least a foot each; 3-inch galvanized sides and to the top of the green building material. high — if you want it higher, screws, about 35 to 40. posts (the unsharpened end). Making your own raised just add another board, but • Cut the ends of the 18- Pre-drill holes using a bit that garden beds is an easy and keep in mind that you’ll need inch post lengths to a sharp is smaller than the screws, fun project — having a helper to add extra soil. point with a saw — these TURN TO GARDEN BEDS ON 23 will make the job easier. • Buy the materials you’ll pointed ends will go into the


MARCH 12, 2010


Family flooring company hits the mark of excellence ENCINITAS — For John and Terri Antman, the husband and wife team who have owned and operated the business since 1979, Superior Floors is more than just a showroom filled with quality flooring choices — it’s a family affair. Superior Floors has built an exemplary reputation as a leader in professional customer service. Thus, 80 percent of the business generated comes from repeat customers and their referrals. John believes this is primarily due to the overarching policy — “To treat others

as you would like to be treated yourself.” The success of his business can also be attributed to the fantastic selection of products and the exceptional customer service Superior Floors provides. Properly guiding clients in choosing the products that will best serve their needs while enhancing the enjoyment of their home has always been the business’ main objective. But more than just clients, the Antmans consider thousands of people who have walked through their doors over the last 25 years

Employees are treated like family, too. John said he feels privileged to have assembled the most outstanding group of dedicated, conscientious — Terri Antman and knowledgeOWNER, SUPERIOR FLOORS able staff in the industry. as friends. “Our teams of installers “I have thoroughly enjoyed developing relation- are amazing craftsmen in ships with them,” he said. their own right,” Terri said, “We are a family business adding that she feels the and it seems like we know pride they take in their work everyone in the area and they is continuously reflected in all of the business’ projects. know us well,” John said.

ur teams of installers are amazing craftsmen in their own right.”


Declare your energy independence NOW. Go Solar in San Diego with Alltech The Alltech Solar Approach Education • Customized Design • Exceptional Service • Reliability

They understand that your home is an intimate expression of your personality, creativity and good taste. The choices you make for your home reflect your individuality and lifestyle. At Superior Floors they use their knowledge, skill and extensive selection to assist you in creating your own world of aesthetic beauty and balance. John said that based on their reputation for excellence, clients have come to expect the best from Superior Floors. “We have built our reputation based on our exceptional service, our craftsmanship and our uncompromising integrity in all aspects of our business,” John said. At Superior Floors only the highest standards are used to determine the product line and customer service. Superior Floors is located at 579 Westlake in Encinitas. They are open from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday and closed on Sunday. For more information, call (760) 436-0900 or visit www.superiorfloors.com.


WINDOWS On time. Done right. Great rates Call Steve Williams


Residential and Commercial Solar • Licensed General, Electrical and Mechanical Contractor • Comprehensive Package of Conservation, Solar Hot Water and Solar Power Systems

• Mechanical and Electrical Engineering to Custom Design Solar Solutions for your Site • Skilled Set of Engineers, Project Managers, and Installers to Assure a Quality Installation

Proudly Serving the San Diego Region - Maximum Attention to our Local Customers Take Advantage of Federal Tax Credits & California Rebates Before They’re Gone!

Watt Are You Waiting For? Call

858.455.9292 For A Free Quote

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Leave health of lawns to experts

COAST CITIES — Love your gardener? Great. Your trees and flowers are the better for it. But what about your lawn? It covers a lot of yard surface. Is your gardener giving your lawn the same expert service as the trees and flowers are getting? Most likely, no. And not because your gardener isn’t good. They’re just not trained lawn care experts. In fact, the difference a true lawn care expert makes is visually dramatic. Ask David and Pamela F. of Cardiff-by-the-Sea. “Our gardener did good work on the trees and shrubs, but the lawn never looked good; it was an embarrassment — neverending weeds and brown spots. Then a neighbor (politely) suggested we needed help with our lawn. We ended up calling the Lawn Doctor, and within two weeks our lawn looked amazing. We now have a lot more parties on the lawn than ever before!” While they’re complimentary services, lawn care is a level beyond the capabilities of the typical gardener service, while costing no more than your gardener. Sure gardeners mow, edge, trim, reseed and make minor sprinkler adjustments. Some even fertilize (usually quarterly). But a lawn care service like the Lawn Doctor includes precision fertilization (up to seven times annually), broadleaf weed


First time Customers Exp. 5-7-10



“2nd generation window washer with 37 years experience.”


Home Powerwashing & Screen Repair available

• Divorce Mediation • Settlement Consulting • Family Law Litigation

30 Years Experience


760.917.0663 Make your windows happy!


Carlsbad • www.hopwoodlaw.com

Put a little “Spring”

in your landscape... large or small. Come by & see us! YOU PICK-UP OR WE DELIVER! OCEANSIDE 2609 Industry St.,

www.alltechsolarusa.com 4079 Governor Drive #307, San Diego, CA 92122

California Certified Solar Installer, Building Green Since 1995

(one block So. O’side Blvd.)

Stone & Supply Co.

760-439-7625 Coastal

858-792-0100 www.ArgoRock.com

MARCH 12, 2010

Owning a pet doesn’t have to hurt your wallet Pets are members of our families. They are our best friends and love us devotedly. Pet care can be a major line item in the family budget, as food, medicine, grooming tools and toys aren’t cheap. But there are ways to save money on pet supplies while keeping your pet healthy, happy and looking good. • Check the mailbox for fliers, inserts and community newspaper ads from pet stores in your vicinity. You may score a discount on food, treats or grooming from a neighborhood merchant or a national chain. • Look in the back of your local area phone book for coupons, which are typically valid for a long period of time. If you check the phone book when it first arrives at your house, you may have an entire year to redeem some of the discounts. • Contact the companies that manufacturer your favorite pet brands and sign up for their mailing list. Be sure to include TURN TO PET ON 22



Landscape designer with an artist’s soul ENCINITAS — C & H Artistic Landscape & Tree Service owner Kent Horner takes a unique holistic approach to landscape design and tree service. With an artist’s eye and botanist’s knowledge of plants, Horner creates outdoor moods and functional spaces throughout a yardscape. C & H Artistic Landscape & Tree Service designs and installs everything to bring beauty and tranquility to an outside space including plantscapes, ponds, fountains, patios, decorative paths, gazebos, barbecues, irrigation and lighting. “The whole secret to landscaping is to make a livable, feasible space,” Horner said. C & H Artistic Landscape & Tree Service couples beauty and function in its outdoor designs. In designing and installing a barbecue, proximity to the kitchen and smoke direction are given as much consideration as stone selection and the overall design look. “It’s like architecture design, but its a living space where the growth perimeters of trees and drainage concerns need to be considered,” Horner said. C & H Artistic Landscape & Tree Service has been in the business of landscape design and tree service for three decades. That experi- LIVABLE, FEASIBLE Kent Horner, owner of C & H Artistic Landscape ence brings extensive knowl- & Tree Service. For more information, call (858) 481-4500 or visit edge of what plants work in www.plantch.com. Courtesy photo

Southern California microclimates. “I have 30 years experience coupled with a lot of creativity,” Horner said. “I work outside the box with plants that take very low maintenance and are very colorful and attractive.” Balance and Feng Shui principles are incorporated in C & H Artistic Landscape & Tree Service designs to create “heartscapes” that give peacefulness to people who experience them. Landscape designs range from English gardens, to tropical paradises and refreshing backyard oases. “The greatest asset I have is imagination,” Horner said. “Creativity is the basis of what it is to be an artist.” Horner is landscape architect and a musician, surfer and helicopter pilot who appreciates nature’s magnificence and beauty. Horner designs landscapes with an understanding of plants and an artist’s eye. “I assimilate the looks, feels and textures of plants and mix and match these things to create something different and new based on tried and true principles.” C & H Artistic Landscape & Tree Service creates unique and manageable landscape designs. Clients are steered away from the common mistake of putting plants in the wrong location or planting trees and shrubs that overgrow their space. C & H

Artistic Landscape & Tree Service designs look beautiful for years to come. “One of the most common mistake besides putting plants in the wrong environment or overgrowing plants is hodgepodge landscaping,” Horner said. “A handful of plants looks unkempt.” C & H Artistic Landscape & Tree Service applies aesthetic principles from nature to create landscape designs that have dynamic visual impacts and make sweeping statements by grouping the same species of plants together. “Nature, she always groups plants together,” Horner said. “Plants don’t fall far from trees. It’s a natural look and very comforting.” Horner understands plants and people. Consultations cover the client’s vision and use for their outdoor space as well as a maintenance routine that fits their lifestyle. “I listen to clients and make sure they’re happy, their needs are met, and they like what I bring in,” Horner said. “A good landscape contractor designs yards that are low maintenance,” Horner said. C & H Artistic Landscape & Tree Service also offers a full range of tree services including shaping, ornamental pruning, and relocating trees. Horner advises regular light maintenance on large TURN TO SOUL ON 21


MARCH 12, 2010


Retail therapy found in unexpected places SOLANA BEACH — “My pulse races every time I visit a flea market, or drive up to a garage sale! The heart-pounding anticipation of rummaging through old relics in search of hidden treasure, the process of transforming something old and forgotten into a beautiful item for your home gives new meaning to the words ‘retail therapy,’” said Debi Beard, Solana Beach boutique owner and interior designer. When Beard opened Out of the Blue 10 years ago, she had enough money to TURN TO RETAIL ON 22

OUT OF THE BLUE Out of the Blue is located at 315 South Cedros Ave. in Solana Beach. The last Sunday of the month features the Mermaid’s Mercantile, a gathering of 20 artists displaying their handiwork. Courtesy photo

Company handles jobs ranging from floods to ordinary carpet cleaning COAST CITIES — Since 1995, the familyowned and operated Superior Restoration has been serving San Diego, Riverside and Orange counties. Superior Restoration is proud to announce the opening of their new office in the village of Carlsbad. Their beautiful showroom displays many floor samples, from tile and wood to carpet and linoleum as well as cabinetry samples. They also clean rugs right in the new office, using “green” environmentally safe products. Your rugs will be cleaned in an environment where they can be dried properly. They recommend you drop off your rugs so they can be cleaned professionally at the Carlsbad location. Superior Restoration provides 24-hour emergency service for flood, fire, smoke damage and mold remediation. Onsite professional carpet and tile cleaning is done with their truckmounted hot water extraction system. Restoring your home after a flood or water damage is a frustrating experience. Fortunately flood damage in San Diego is not as common since natural disasters don’t occur every day. Simple plumbing leaks or overflows are far more common. While dealing with

water damage in San Diego may seem fairly simple (mop or wet vacuum; fans used to promote evaporation), unfortunately, this fails to consider the degree to which water can penetrate into structural cavities and assemblies, creating trapped pockets of saturation. Mold becomes a problem inside a home or business when there’s excessive humidity or moisture for an extended period of time. Mold in San Diego can originate from sudden water releases, like a burst pipe or large spill that goes untreated, or from a chronic condition, such as a leaking roof or plumbing. Even high humidity or warm, moist air condensing on cool surfaces can trigger mold problems. It’s always best to have the mold evaluated and removed by a certified mold remediation specialist. They are a “turn-key” company; from start to finish they will restore the structure to pre-loss condition. Cutting-edge techniques and equipment will dry your home or business as rapidly as possible while minimizing damage to structure and contents. Superior Restoration utilizes the Xactimate pricing system, designed to provide the pricing familiar to your insurance company, which will speed up the process to get you back to where you were prior to TURN TO FLOODS ON 22


y wl

e ist



Custom built and nestled on a large and beautiful double lot surrounded by gardens this home is to be savoured. A Chef's kitchen enhances the already expansive indoor and outdoor living areas. Unique, welcoming, bright, cherry and georgeous...One of a Kind...once you see it you are sure to add to the list of adjectives. Beautiful spaces are what this home is all about. 221 Neptune,Encinitas



lic #12398



MARCH 12, 2010

3 12 Unique Townhomes Right in the heart of San Elijo Hills Towncenter

Shops and Eateries With a handful of shops open and more to come, San Elijo Towncenter offers small conveniences and playful moments for you, your family and your four legged friends.

Located over retail in the heart of San Elijo Hills, MarketWalk puts you steps from the best that this award winning community has to offer. s TO SQ FT AND UP TO BEDROOMS s 0RIVATE ENTRY PATIOS s 4WO CAR GARAGES WITH STORAGE BAY s $ESIGNER SELECTED l NISHES s ,OCATED IN THE HEART OF 3AN %LIJO (ILLS

Starting in the High $300’s Visit www.sanelijohills.com/marketwalk (760) 798-1765 Follow us on



Town Center, LLC


MARCH 12, 2010


Lifetime Lumber a green, lasting option COAST CITIES — Spring is here, and it’s time to confront your home’s outdoor structures that you’ve watched battle the elements all winter. The moss-covered fence lining your property, the splintering deck and that slippery hazard otherwise known as your dock are likely all in need of some attention. It’s exhausting just thinking about the time and money that are required to maintain deteriorating wood or plastic composite lumber, so why not take a different route this time around? There’s a new wood-free material for decks, docks,

fences and arbors that is solving problems for homeowners nationwide. LifeTime Lumber® is perfect for homeowners looking for an easy to use wood-alternative that is green, fire resistant and affordable. LifeTime Lumber weighs in at 35 percent lighter than other composite lumber products, is naturally fire-resistant and costeffectively meets the strictest fire codes like those for State of California Wildland-Urban Interface and San Diego County. LifeTime Lumber is a unique, eco-friendly composite lumber made from

mineral ash and urethanes and contains no wood. Ideal for building outdoor structures that must withstand the elements that Mother Nature sends their way, LifeTime Lumber offers the aesthetic attributes of wood, while solving the problems of degradation, weathering and perpetual maintenance. This new generation product offers a better deck, dock and fence material that won’t rot, is impervious to pests and does not support mold and mildew. While ideal for residential use, homeowners can be assured that the product is preferred by builders and

architects. “We have successfully utilized LifeTime Lumber within the design of our projects and will certainly continue to specify the product in the future,” said Steve Park AIA, LEED AP at Moake Park Group, a nationally recognized architectural design firm. “The material is credible on so many levels that it makes it the prudent material of choice for exterior building. Lifetime Lumber is “green” and utilizes recycled materials, replacing the need to destroy forested areas for TURN TO LUMBER ON 22

Get a thicker, greener, weed-free lawn in weeks and your first service is FREE Does your lawn suffer from any of these problems?

Isn't thick and green. Has unsightly brown spots. Has weeds growing out of control. Has a variety of invasive grasses. Looks unhealthy.

Don't blame the gardener! They aren't trained lawn care xperts....like we are. Give us 45 minutes and we'll give you the most comprehensive healthy lawn treatment you've ever seen...at absolutely no charge. In no time, you'll see what your lawn SHOULD LOOK LIKE!


A 5 Star Rating from ServiceMagic.com (Screened & Approved Professionals) We have many satisfied customers. Here is what a few of them say about us: "Professional, courteous. Showed up on time, did what he said he was going to do. Very reasonably priced. Would work with this company again." -Carlsbad, CA "Very knowledgeable on my soil test, and knew the types of grass problems. Hired to take care of grass problems." -Oceanside, CA "Timely, professional, authentic, explained all options in detail and provided pricing during the visit. "soft sell" that was very welcome." -San Diego, CA

100% Complete “Greener & Healthier Lawn” Satisfaction Guarantee

Your lawn will not only look thicker, greener, and more beautiful...it will be healthier as a result of our precision service guarantee. So if any one of our Maintainer Care Applications does not achieve the satisfactory results that we claim, simply tell us. As your locally operated Lawn Doctor franchise, we'll either return and reapply that application at no additional charge or we'll give you a refund of the full cost of your last application.

The Most Comprehensive


The Top 10 trends for 2010 ■ Rethought

sinks in vogue this year Does your kitchen or bathroom look like it’s stuck in a time warp? Then it might be time to update the most-used rooms in your home. For inspiration, look no further than the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA), which recently shared its top 2010 kitchen and bath trends. To compile the findings and determine the latest kitchen and bath trends, the organization surveyed those members who designed a kitchen or bathroom during the last quarter of 2009. According to NKBA, the top 10 trends for 2010 are: Shaker style kitchen design Maple and alder cabinetry finishes Quartz countertops

1. 2. 3.Pull-down/pull-out 4.kitchen faucets Polished chrome finish5.esUnder-counter refriger6.ator drawers Dishwasher drawers for 7.small loads Marble vanity tops 8.Integrated sink tops, 9. drop-in sinks, vessel sinks and pedestal sinks and stainless 10.Bronze steel finishes

SNAZZY SINK Decorators can make a statement with the new Arbor pulldown kitchen faucet from Moen. Courtesy photo

In the kitchen Making a big statement throughout the kitchen in 2010 is the addition of functional drawer appliances. One such example, which has been specified by nearly a third of NKBA’s kitchen designers, is modern refrigeration technology. Turning convenience into a luxury, under-counter refrigerated drawers feature adjustable horizontal and vertical dividers to keep frequently used items close at hand. Perfect for the ultimate entertainer, refrigerated drawers are quite roomy, typically tall enough to store a 2-liter bottle and wide enough to hold items such as serving trays and pizza boxes. If you’re tired of running the dishwasher when it’s only half-full, consider TURN TO TRENDS ON 22

“Green & Healthy Lawn” Treatment COUPON...Ever Offered! To redeem, call: 760-967-7800 to sign up. Offer Expires March 19, 2010. Offer valid for new customers. Your Comprehensive FREE Lawn Treatment Includes: 1.) Arrive when we say (we're obsessively on time!) 2.) Assessment of your lawn's health, including health of your soil. 3.) Identification of any harmful weeds, invasive grasses, insects or diseases. 4.) Precision fertilization. 5.) Broadleaf weed control. 6.) Invasive grasses control 7.) Crabgrass prevention. 8.) Fungus and insect controls. 9.) Soil pH test 10.) Check the performance of your lawn's irrigation system. 11.) Clean-up “perfectly” after. 12.) Provide you with an easy-to-understand report that details how we will keep your lawn thick, green, healthy with weeds under control.

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Tom Taylor, Owner Lawn Doctor of North County Coastal There are a limited number of appointments available, so to receive your free “Green & Healthy” Lawn Treatment, call Tom at: 760-967-7800; or email him: group776@lawndoctor.com

760-967-7800 www.lawndoctor.com

Delivery and Installation Available 310 N. Coast Hwy. 101 • Encinitas, CA 92024 760.635.1641 • www.maddpotter.com


You’ve been dreaming about digging in your garden, tweaking your landscaping or improving your house all winter long. Finally the weather is nice, your yard is clear and dry and it’s time for you to get your hands dirty and start working. Having an off-road vehicle handy can help you save time and money — handling the heavy work that could require additional workers. Here are some ways having an off-road vehicle can help you with the home project you have planned: • Hauling rocks or mulch around your yard is exhausting. The value-priced Polaris RANGER 400 side-by-side allows you and your helper to move and distribute these materials in different garden beds or around all your trees without tearing up your grass when the machine is set in turf mode.

LITTLE HELPER Offroaders aren’t just for fun — they can help a lot with outdoor chores. Courtesy photo

• Remove dead branches and tow out bushes and trees easily using an off-road vehicle. Just hook up a winch around the bush to the vehicle’s bumper and slowly apply pressure as you drive

forward. • Smooth out fresh dirt with a plow. Raking by hand is messy, and takes a lot of time. Instead, hook up a plow to your ATV and gently smooth out the dirt with the

plow lowered to the level you want. If the dirt is already level, attach a pull-behind rake to your vehicle to make the dirt perfect for planting or seeding. • Cart lumber from the

driveway to the back patio for easier access to the house project you’re working on. This will allow you to take fewer trips and saves your muscles from a few aches and pains, and also splinters. You also can reduce the number of helpers you need for the project — just make sure you have another person handy to help you load up the ATV. • If you have a boat dock, use your off-road vehicle to tow it into the water for some summer fun. After all the hard work, take your vehicle out on the trail for a bit of fun. The RANGER 400 side-by-side fits into the bed of a fullsized pickup, making it easy for you and a family member to take a break from the work and hit the trails at up to 40 miles per hour. Don’t forget to throw a picnic cooler into the bed so you can extend the trip.

New Realty Executives branch in Solana Beach SOLANA BEACH — Group, Power sold more Realty Executives Pacific than $10 million in vacant Gold is pleased to announce land, detached homes, conthat Danny Power has dominiums and commercial joined the company properties. and is based at the The following new Pacific Gold year, this dynamic office at 153 North agent doubled his Highway 101, Suite sales volume. 102. Power has earned Power is a 35numerous industry year resident of awards for gross Encinitas, and has sales and units experienced firstsold. More imporhand the explosion tantly, his enthusiin growth in coastal DANNY POWER asm and strong North County. sense of ethics He has closed hundreds have made him a favorite of real estate transactions with clients. Realty Executives and is one of San Diego County’s most productive Pacific Gold is a boutique agents. In fact, in his first real estate company, which year with the Guiltinan is growing rapidly under the

management of Carolyn Cohen and Danny Power. Realty Executives has an impeccable reputation nationwide and provides agents superior financial arrangements, onsite training, comprehensive online support, legal sup-


port, industry-specific tools such as realtor.com (premium status), and office space that is equipped with state of the art media and electronics. The Pacific Gold location, in the heart of trendy

Olde Solana Beach, also offers unparalleled walk-in traffic. Carolyn Cohen is proud to welcome Danny Power to Realty Executives Pacific Gold. For further information regarding Realty Executives and the Pacific Gold team of agents, call Carolyn Cohen directly at (858) 345-7695.


2 5 t h Anniver


Neighborhood Savings for Residents of NORTH COUNTY

Carpet • Hardwood • Vinyl • Tile • Stone • Laminate Custom Area Rugs Blinds and Shutters

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3 Locations to Serve You: 15 15 78 78 Av e. e.

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W as hi

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Encinitas Blvd.

Santa Fe Dr.

133 El Camino Real *Encinitas 760-634-2088

602 N. Escondido Blvd. Escondido 760-839-9420


S yc am


Es co nd

COAST CITIES — Alltech Solar has been in business since 1995. Owner and President Fred Carmody said he saw an opportunity to help the environment. He also saw a chance to put some people back to work in a tough economy by starting a solar division in the company and the rest is history. Not only is Carmody dedicated to hiring people affected by the recession, he also helps to support the local economy. Alltech Solar uses products made in the U.S. and many of them are made right here in California. “It’s a good thing we can do for our friends, family, the country and the environment,” said Carmody, who is a veteran. Alltech Solar is a licensed general, electrical and mechanical contractor providing a comprehensive package of conservation, solar hot water and solar power systems. This approach allows them to utilize all technologies available. They offer multiple products and services to provide their customers with the most cost-effective and energy-efficient system for your home or business. One of their mottos urges consumers to “declare your energy independence.” Alltech Solar’s installation team takes pride in ensuring installations go smoothly with as little disturbance as possible to surrounding areas.Their highly qualified team will make sure you’re operational as quickly as possible once all quality assurance inspections are complete and any necessary permit inspections have been finished.. For those thinking of going green, Carmody says Alltech Solar will reduce their carbon footprint substantially. “Much more than a driving a Prius,” Carmody said. “The cost of energy is going up, and the size of the rebates is going down,” Carmody said. He emphasized that in order to best take advantage of these offers, there is no time like the present. “Watt are you waiting for?” he asked. Virtually the entire staff at Alltech Solar is made up of people who have either been forced into early retirement with no hope of gainful employment or have been laid off because of the poor economy. “These are talented, educated people,” Carmody said. He prides himself on employing engineers and other individuals who have otherwise been neglected by the current workforce. And what’s it like to work at Alltech Solar? “It’s a wonderful environment to work in,” Carmody said. “We are having a great

Take the sweat out of DIY projects this spring

El Camino Real

‘Watt’ are you waiting for?



MARCH 12, 2010

611 Sycamore Vista 760-598-0040

*Off regular price. Not valid with any other promotional offers. Bring in this coupon to take advantage of savings. No quantity restrictions on paint purchases. Discount valid on Vista paint only. Offer not valid on Benjamin Moore paint line. Offer expires 6/30/10. COAST10



191 N. El Camino Real, Ste. 112

11658 Carmel Mountain Rd., Ste. 130

760.436.9030 858.451.9717



MARCH 12, 2010


Market earns community’s trust over 15 years By Machel Penn

Many see the cornerstone of the community as the Inn at Rancho Santa Fe. However, if you had to take a glance at the last 15 years, I’m sure many will agree that Stumps Village Market right next to the post office is like “central station” for most local residents. In 1977, Jim Stump purchased his first store in San Diego, which was in Kearny Mesa. Over the last 30 years, the Stump family has had up to six locations and employeed up to 240 San Diego residents. Now with their Point Loma and Rancho Santa Fe location, the Stump family is still holding their own against the larger grocery chains. Dirk Stumps is president. He oversees both locations. His brother Matt is the manager in Rancho Santa Fe. Personally, I am very much attached to this grocery store. Over the last 10 years, I have gone through phases from my 8 a.m. morning coffee (only $1!) to my tuna-fish sandwich for lunch obsession. I actually ate there every day one summer when my sister came to visit me. If you are a last-minute shopper like me, nothing compares to Stumps for an excellent meal for your family. Their deli department is more than just a lunchmeat section. You can literally

in a row, this is a favorite for families that shop there. Stumps Village Market is also heavily involved in donating their time and money by sponsoring many of the local charity events, such as Helen Woodward Animal Center, Torrey Pines High School “Cap and Gown,” The Rancho Santa Fe Fireman’s Breakfast, and many more. Matt also shared with me they love

OCEANSIDE — The first thing you see when you visit Oceanside Photo & Telescope, or OPT, the nation’s largest dealer of astronomical equipment, is the lineup of incredible telescopes from the tiny beginner’s to the most sophisticated gigantic gear, all pointed out the large glass windows to the night sky. Visitors are blown away by the night sky “light dome” in the ceiling and oversized tempered glass compass embedded in floor. OPT has been serving the community’s photographic and astronomical hobbies since 1947. The knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff will help you make the right decision when buying optics. They not only sell the most advanced equipment, their staff of astronomers and photographers actually use it! With a 15,000-squarefoot building filled with fun stuff and more than $1.6 million inventory, you can feel confident OPT will have what you want



SERVICE WITH A SMILE Manager Matt Stump with Greg Dunn, Thomas Martinez and Luis Montoya. Photo by Machel Penn

walk in and pick up a gourmet dinner “a la carte” for our family on your way home from work. How does Chicken Parmesan sound? I spoke to Matt Stump one fabulous afternoon about how Stumps has become such a big part of the community. “It’s wonderful to come to work and see friendly faces every day,” he said. “We have a lot of trust in the community and they trust us, too. We’ve even had customers call us for 911

emergencies, or help with a flat tire. We have that kind of relationship with our customers.” As an avid customer myself, I have noticed the top-notch quality of the staff members at Stumps Village Market. I asked Matt how he felt about his employees. “This is a family-run business. Our motto here is as long as the work gets done, we have fun, too.” They even have a turkey-bowl before the store opens on

Thanksgiving each year. The average years of employment is seven years between all of the 24 staff members. I must say this is one of my favorite aspects of Stumps. Growing up in a rural town in Southern Missouri, there is a similar down to earth quality you just can’t find at Ralphs or Albertsons; of course, with much more sophistication, too. This year there will even be an Easter egg hunt in the store. For the third year

More than a store, OPT is an experience

MARCH 12, 2010




MARCH 12, 2010


Model grand opening for Carlsbad community CARLSBAD — Come visit the new model homes at the model grand opening of 53 Melrose, D.R. Horton’s newest community in beautiful Carlsbad. Designed for move-up buyers as well as empty nesters and those settling down, 53 Melrose is here to meet your needs. Don’t miss this opportunity to live in one of San Diego County’s most desirable locations. “We are very proud to add this community to our list of accomplishments,” Steve Fitzpatrick, division president, said. “53 Melrose is an exciting neighborhood that represents both style and comfort for the modern day homebuyer.” 53 Melrose has something for everybody. Whether you are looking for conveniently located shopping and dining or family-friendly parks, walking trails and outdoor recreation, 53 Melrose has it all. Not to mention its close proximity to the sweeping coastline. This community offers not only a home but also a lifestyle. 53 Melrose is offering a variety of single-family homes with impressive floorplans and plenty of space to grow. Options include three to five bedrooms, up to 3.5 bathrooms, 2,025 to 2,411 square feet and different appoint-

By Machel Penn

BIG AND BEAUTIFUL One of the beautiful model homes at D.R. Horton’s development 53 Melrose in Carlsbad. Courtesy illustration

ments to choose from like upgraded stainless steel Kitchen appliances, granite and marble countertops and stair railings to name just a few. Make sure to take advantage of this buyer-friendly

market with grand opening prices starting in the low $500,000s. D.R. Horton has more to offer in San Diego County if you’re looking for variety. Close by is Alcéa at the

Foothills, a detached condominium community located at the foothills of Carlsbad. Pricing for Alcéa starts in the low $500,000s. If you are looking to move a bit further inland and with your growing

family, Torrey Ranch is the place for you. Prices start in the mid $500,000s for these single-family homes. Buyers can also choose from attached TURN TO CARLSBAD ON 21

Marketing and expertise drive local real estate team COAST CITIES — Don Moore, a local writer and an Aviara homeowner, is currently a client of Margaret Hokkanen, and he recently said the following about Margaret and her team: “They are definitely professional real estate experts, and their marketing program

is second to none. I interviewed a number of agents, but it was an easy decision. Margaret listens, answers your questions, and explains exactly how your home is going to be marketed. And, although she spends thousands of dollars, starting on day one of the listing, she charges less than

Call for a Free Energy Consultation and Solar Quote

other agents — only 5 percent, which is split 50-50 with the buyer’s agent. When I asked how that is possible, she told me, years ago, she worked for big-name brokerages, but now, instead of paying a franchiser a lot in fees, she spends that money marketing her sellers’ listings. As a result, her sellers’ homes sell faster and for more money.” According to Hokkanen, she has spent nearly a decade building the tools to offer more for less. For years, every house or condo has received her professional photography and four-page color brochures. Now her business is so streamlined that she prints 10,000 or more brochures for every home. By inserting home brochures into The Coast News and mailing them to move-up

neighborhoods — something she can do because she owns a bulk mail permit — she efficiently puts t h e brochures MARGARET into the HOKKANEN hands of potential buyers. Hokkanen says that she cares for her clients. “I love helping people with real estate,” she said. “Taking the stress out of a move lets my clients focus on the happy part of their transition. I have helped many couples with multiple moves as their needs have changed over the years. Repeat business is my highest

compliment.” She says that she focuses exclusively on the Carlsbad, Encinitas, Solana Beach and Del Mar markets, and indicates that an agent must have focus to develop expertise. Her team has other agents who are experts in other areas of San Diego County. “Am I completely satisfied with the way Margaret Hokkanen and the Surf TheTurf.com team is handling the sale of my house?” Moore asked.“Absolutely! And if anyone is interested in finding out for themselves, just call Margaret — she always answers her phone.” Margaret Hokkanen can be reached at (760) 942-4242 or visit www.surftheturf.com for more information.

Weekly Organic Baskets from our farm to you!

Mike Davidson

Successful team behind Le Dimora

# Rated “A+” on the Better Business Bureau # Trusted Home Depot Solar Installer # San Diego Solar Installer Since 1998

Call Mike Davidson

760.419.6126 6965 El Camino Real, Ste. 105-444, Carlsbad, CA 92009


Harvested & rushed to you: • Avocados • Citrus • Berries • Fabulous Leafy Greens • Heirloom Veggies • Sprouts • Herbs and more!

Find out how easy it is to subscribe to our community supported agriculture program (CSA)

Convenient drop points thruout north San Diego County. CCOF Certified Organic Family Farm in north San Diego County.

Check us out: www.morningsongfarm.com


Morning Song Farm


RANCHO SANTA FE — I had the lovely opportunity to have a one-on-one candid interview with two savvy businesswomen in Rancho Santa Fe. When I arrived at 9:30 a.m. to their elaborate showroom — Le Demora — in Fairbanks, CINDY CERENZIE I felt like I had stepped inside a Tuscany estate in the foothills in Italy. Maria Barry and Cindy Cerenzie were both exquisitely dressed and polite. With my cup of coffee and pen in hand, I soon found out the wonderful background on how Le Dimora in only five years has become one of the most successful décor and interior design stores in Southern MARIA BARRY California. In 2005, two neighbors met behind the exclusive gates in Santaluz and became friends. “I had my own business for many years,” Barry explained. “After meeting Cindy and getting to know her, I soon asked her if she would like to work with me, and soon we became business partners.” With a mechanical engineering degree, Cerenzie’s background just happened to be the perfect balance with Barry’s flair for creativity. “Maria was very well-known when I met her, and I did the books. Next thing you know we have a 1,500-square-foot space in the Verrazano community just outside of Santaluz,” Cerenzie said. Working with builders like Danny Hampel and John Bianchi, Cerenzie and Barry built their business by strong referrals and excellent reputation. Based on excellence and consistency, this duo soon became a force in interior design in Rancho Santa Fe. When Kreiss Furniture left Fairbanks, Cerenzie and Barry acted quickly on taking over the excellent showroom space for their company. I asked them how they have managed to continue to grow during the recession. “During that tough time, we focused on our style, and we are very customer-oriented,” Barry said. “A lot of it has to do with our customer approach and how we allow our clients to make their own decisions, with our creative direction TURN TO LE DIMORA ON 21



MARCH 12, 2010

Contract Carpet celebrates 25 years COAST CITIES — Contract Carpet remains an icon in North County flooring as it celebrates its 25th Anniversary. The Dixon family and its staff at Contract Carpet continue to offer that priceless alternative to the daunting world of giant impersonal box stores. It offers that rare, family-business approach to finding just the right flooring for your home. The Dixons have been in business in North County since 1985 and have seen countless competitors come and go while they continue to provide excellent service

to their loyal customers. As Marty and Susie’s four children have grown up and completed their college years, Josh and Nick have joined the business taking part in the everyday operations. Josh is currently managing the San Diego location while his younger brother Nick works out of both locations. They welcome you to visit either of their two showrooms to borrow samples and explore decorating ideas. Their two daughters have decided to venture into other fields. Stacey is a professional photographer

and Kelli is an EMT working toward a firefighting career. While growing the business and raising their family here, the Dixons and Contract Carpet have provided the community with more than just fine floor coverings. They have also supported and sponsored school events and youth sport teams. The staff at Contract Carpet continues to volunteer in their area with organizations like the Community Resource Center, putting together holiday gift baskets, as well as lending a hand with local

Avenue in La Jolla. Call (800) 883-3305 or visit everettstunz.com for more information. Courtesy photo

Rest and relaxation are defined at Everett Stunz Diego’s exclusive supplier of the extraordinary DUX bed. DUX beds are renowned for satisfying the three most important features that a bed needs to enable the most restful sleep that leaves your body feeling its best. It shapes to the contours of your body, adapting and supporting your body as you move around and cushioning you to provide muscle comfort and promote blood flow. DUX beds have over a mile of the finest Swedish steel for its springs, resulting in a dynamic support system that distributes body weight evenly to maximize TURN TO RELAXATION ON 21


Disaster Cleanup & Construction Flood • Water • Fire • Smoke • Mold WHY CHOOSE SUPERIOR RESTORATION? -

Superior Restoration has the experience and training to get the job done right! We guarantee all work and only employ the latest cutting edge equipment and technologies.

SUPERIOR EQUIPMENT - The best and most the industry has to offer

SUPERIOR TECHNIQUES - Drying Chamber - Setting

Complimentary Pool Inspection • • • • • • • •

Weekly Pool Service Energy Saving Variable Speed Pumps Heaters & Filters Acid Wash & Sanding of Pools Deco Seal Pool Automation Salt Systems Pool Remodels - 3d design

synergy pool & spa

service | repair


27 Years Experience!

760.415.2113 jgsynergy@roadrunner.com


1 Hour Response Time

SUPERIOR SELECTION Everett Stunz is located at 7616 Girard

LA JOLLA — A haven for quality in rest and relaxation, Everett Stunz has the most exclusive lines in beds and linen available in San Diego, providing clients with superior service and a large range products for a luxurious and restful night’s sleep. They carry an expanded lines of mattresses, fine linen, decorative items, robes, lingerie, slippers and bath products. Everett Stunz is committed to the personal service and quality that that ensures ultimate client satisfaction that has been a tradition for 47 years. Located in La Jolla’s Design District on Girard Street, Everett Stunz is San

animal shelters. At both Contract Carpet locations — 191 N. El Camino Real, Suite 112, Encinitas, and 11658 Carmel Mountain Rd., Suite 130, San Diego — the Dixons and their team know that no other single furnishing in your home sets the tone like the flooring. All of their installers are not only experts but longtime employees, offering a reliability that will meet the highest expectations of quality and workmanship. Contract Carpet offers

up the effected environment for optimum drying - Monitoring & psychrometrics - Ensuring a controlled drying environment

SUPERIOR TRAINING - Continuing education learn-

ing from the best to adapt drying techniques and methods to the most current science of rapid structural drying.

VORTEX DRYING CERTIFIED - We dry your home as rapidly as possible while minimizing damage to structure and contents. Click here to learn more about the Vortex Drying System and some of it's benefits over conventional drying methods.

• Professional Carpet Cleaning • Rug Cleaning • Tile Cleaning • 24 Hour Emergency Water Extraction • Upholstery Cleaning • Odor Control • Mold Testing and Consultation






Using environmentally safe green products




Expires 4-9-10

CARPET CLEANING Using environmentally safe green products




Expires 4-9-10

ALL WORK IS 100% GUARANTEED WE WILL PAY YOUR INSURANCE DEDUCTIBLE!* *For Water/Mold Work Only. Up To $250 With Minimum Job Of $1500 *Must Mention Promotion At Time Of Ordering Service*Restrictions & Conditions Apply. Please Call For Details

3135 Roosevelt Street, Carlsbad

760-434-4555 www.superiorflood.com



MARCH 12, 2010

Over 200 Manufacturers Free In-Home Consultations*

Your lifestyle, our light style. HOT PROPERTY There are only three units left at San Elijo Hills’ MarketWalk. Call (760) 798-1784 or visit www.sanelijohills.com/marketwalk for more information. Courtesy photo

San Elijo Hills’ MarketWalk units going fast SAN ELIJO HILLS — Located over retail space in the heart of San Elijo Hills, MarketWalk is made up of 12 unique townhomes. With all that MarketWalk has to offer, it’s no wonder nine of the 12 units have sold since August of 2009. The location is central, within steps of everything the award-winning community has to offer. Retail businesses, an 18-mile trail network, a 19-acre park and two new school are all a short walk away. MarketWalk also features flexible floorplans with designer-selected interior finishes that reflect the distinctive exterior architecture. Units are available ranging from two bedrooms to four bedrooms and prices start at the high $300,000s. Sales have been brisk, and

they have released the model unit for sale. The first residents are currently moving in, and will operate a dental practice in the retail space downstairs. “It’s a very urban-style project with all of the suburban amenities,” said Mary Maloney, founder and owner of Hometown Realty, which represents MarketWalk. Units range from 1,200 to 2,734 square feet and up to four bedrooms and 3.5 baths. They have upgraded base moulding, self-closing drawers and pull-out shelving, preinstalled wireless router, air conditioning, a full-size stackable G.E. washer and dryer, G.E. stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, upgraded flooring throughout, a gas fireplace in the living room, private entry patios

in each unit and gated two-car garages with storage bay. They all have designer-chosen upgrades to reflect the exterior elevations of the buildings ranging from maple wood flooring to granite counters in distinct packages. Some businesses have already opened in Marketwalk. Currently Yogurt Utopia, Dexter’s Deli, French’s Color Nail & Spa, Postal Annex, Windmill Dry Cleaner and are all open for business. Coming in the spring are Hendo’s Local Pizza and Pints and Hometown Realty. Hendo’s is named after the nickname of proprietors Mark and Glen Henderson. This small, family-owned establishment will feature TURN TO MARKETWALK ON 21

• Chandeliers • Contemporary Pendants • Ceiling Fans • Mirrors • Table & Floor Lamps • Outdoor Lighting • Landscape Lighting • Recessed Lighting • Wall Sconces • Bath Lighting

100 OFF



Save $100 on any purchase of $500 or more. *Some restrictions may apply. Excludes sale and clearance and UMRP items. Expires 4/30/10



121 N. El Camino Real, #B

(760) 479-1677

(In Ralphs/Longs Shopping Center)

Service Selection Satisfaction


157 E. Grand Avenue

(760) 480-1777

(On the corner of Grand & Kalmia)


MARCH 12, 2010




MARCH 12, 2010


North County’s company meets all your solar needs SOLANA BEACH — Sequoia Solar is a solar design and installation company headquartered in Solana Beach with offices in Palm Desert and Santa Rosa, California. Their team consists of top solar industry talent along with NABCEPcertified and LEED-Accredited Professionals who have designed and installed some of the largest and most elegant solar power systems in California. At Sequoia Solar, they walk the walk, from their solarpowered headquarters and education center in Solana Beach, to their hybrid sales vehicles and biodiesel powered installation trucks and even their recycled and biodegradable office products. They are invested in promoting and expediting our country’s switch to locally produced, nonpolluting, renewable energy. Sequoia Solar was founded upon a pioneering spirit and a passion for innovation. They are proud to have introduced three innovative solar solutions that are among the first of their kind in the world.These innovations represent products and ideas that are ahead of the curve and exemplify our dedi-

FAMILIAR FACE Sequoia Solar is Loren Nancarrow’s trusted choice for residential and commercial solar in San Diego. Courtesy photo

cation to creating new and exciting ways to use solar power. At their Solana Beach headquarters, they have installed one of the world’s first solar-powered electric vehicle charging stations, which became available for free to the public in December 2008. The solar charging station is in service and enhances the eco consciousness of electric vehicles

by recharging them via power from the sun. One of the world’s first solar powered sales vehicles was added to their fleet on Feb. 20, 2009. This plug-in hybrid electric vehicle recharges directly from their solar powered charging station. They also completed what may very well be the world’s first solar-powered PV installation on July 31, 2009, at the in Valley Center.This installation used their own mobile solar power generation truck to supply 100 percent of the electricity needed to install the 6.3 kW solar PV system! Solar energy will play an important and significant role in our nation’s conversion to sustainable green energy. Sequoia strives to educate the public about all of the financial savings and environmental benefits that solar has to offer. They host Solar Open Houses monthly; check their events calendar to see where we will be next.RSVP to reserve your spot at one of their Solar Open Houses or power your next event with their solar truck. Sequoia Solar can be reached at (858) 259-SOLAR (7652) or www.sequoiasolar. com..

Making a DIEMERT CONSTRUCTION small bathroom feel large

Improving San Diego Homes Since 1976

CA LIC. 673676

• Remodeling • Renovation • Additions • Repairs • Decks - Patios & Covers • Concrete and Masonry • Handyman Services

Mark Diemert

619.857.2884 You Dream It...

We’ll Help You Define It... We Turn Dreams Into Realities

WITH OUR CUSTOM SOLUTIONS. Closets, Laundry Room, Home Office, Pantry, And Garages... All Designed To Suit Your Space And Your LIfestyle.

760.233.1205 www.orgsd.com

140 Woodward Ave., Escondido, CA 92025


(ARA) — This is the decade of right-sizing.The economic reset triggered by the excesses of the last decade is forcing our society to rethink its definition of “enough.” One area under enormous scrutiny is housing. How much space does it really take to house the average American family of 2.61 people? Our definition of “enough space” is changing, according to U.S. Census Bureau data. The year 2008 saw the first annual decrease in average new-home size since 1994. During the intervening 15 years, the average rose by 21 percent — from 2,050 square feet in 1994 to a peak of 2,507 square feet in 2007 — before slipping to 2,392 square feet in 2008. The 2008 decrease in home size was also the largest annual drop since 1980. Similarly, remodelers report a falloff in the number of consumers asking for bigger kitchens and more opulent baths. Not surprisingly, the aftermarket is also witnessing more homeowners seeking to create more efficient spaces with more storage, less waste and more flexibility.

Style still in demand

As builders downsize the American dream home, consumers are saying that compromises on space do not automatically mean giving up conveniences. Currently, 60 percent of new homes have TURN TO BATHROOM ON 21

MARCH 12, 2010


579 Westlake St. Encinitas, CA 92034 (just off Encinitas Blvd.)

760.436.0900 www.superiorfloors.com

e-mail: john@superiorfloors.com Lic. #519319




More than 100 homes sold at Bayside at the Embarcadero SAN DIEGO — Delivering homes and a lifestyle unlike any other, Bosa’s Bayside at the Embarcadero has sold more than 100 homes since its fall 2009 grand opening. Rising 36 stories from the Embarcadero’s residential “front row” in downtown San Diego, Bayside presents 232 homes in a multitude of two bedroom floor plans including three level town homes and expansive penthouses. “Reaching this sales milestone in a relatively quick time period is an indicator that buyers understand a great home at a great price when they see one,” Bosa CEO and President Nat Bosa said. Bayside homeowner Glenn Chapin, whose condo closed early last October, can second Bosa’s claim. “The Bayside building is of fantastic quality,” Chapin said. “In considering location and amenities, the only choice for us was Bayside.” From the generous balconies, ample living space and kitchens large enough to prepare meals to please a crowd, Bayside homes focus on creating special spaces for family and friends to gather. According to Bosa, it is this focus that has generated a considerable amount of inter-

marketplace. Homes feature only the highest quality construction materials and finishes including gleaming marble stone and hardwood flooring, Italian-made Snaidero cabinetry, CaesarStone quartz countertops, stainless steel Viking and Miele appliances including wine cooler and premium Kohler fixtures. Bayside residents can enjoy an entertainment lounge with authentic “Premier” screening room, full kitchen, plasma-screen TVs and billiards table. Parties can also be hosted at Enoteca, its private wine-tasting lounge. The third-floor rooftop garden provides a resort-style lap pool, spa, oversized cabanas, barbe-

BY THE BAY Bayside at the Embarcadero has sold more than 100 homes since opening in fall 2009. Courtesy photo

cue area and fitness club. Viewing appointments are strongly recommended. Call (619) 239-2339 or toll free (866) 939-2672 (BOSA).

Bayside is located at 1325 Pacific Highway. Open daily from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more information, visit www.bayside bybosa.com.

Bring garden cheer inside your home with color Even in the throes of winter, when most gardens are hibernating under a coldweather blanket, it’s easy to bring the warm, vibrant feelings of spring into the home with colors, textures and patterns. From the saturated colors of fresh fruits and flowers to the neutral hues of pavers and fountains, the promise of new spring gardens can provide an endless source of decorating inspiration. In fact, styling a home is much like planting a garden:

Begin with a base color, then add pops of lively hues to complement the space. Reminiscent of violets in the garden, try purple vases on the fireplace mantel. Finally, add accents such as a green rug, as if there were freshly cut blades of grass underfoot. The color experts at Sherwin-Williams have selected several botanical shades in the Refreshed palette of its Today’s Colors collection. These bright hues look espe“Our Refreshed palette is cially fresh when paired with a playful exploration of a light, natural wood tones.

Get weekly delivery of farm-fresh produce

COAST CITIES — Southern California is the place to be for the pure, hedonistic joy of amazing fruits, freshly harvested vegetables and aromatic herbs all year-round. Although local, seasonal produce is promoted in the news each day, it can be difficult for the consumer to know just what is local. Grocery store shelves are brimming with beautiful but tasteless

ROOM WITH A VIEW The interior view of one of the beautiful units at Bayside at the Embarcadero. Courtesy photo

est and praise from first-time buyers, empty nesters as well as second-home buyers. “While Bayside homes are a notch above other projects, they are still priced for today’s market,” Bosa pointed out. “Shoppers have been pleasantly surprised that they can get a spacious two-bedroom condo — over 1,450 square feet — at Bayside starting from the $600,000s.” Home shoppers can experience what sets Bayside apart in a new collection of 12 model homes that showcase an array of floor plans and dramatic views. All Bayside residences are backed by Bosa’s long-standing reputation in the San Diego

MARCH 12, 2010

kaleidoscope of colors,” says Jackie Jordan, director of color marketing for SherwinWilliams. “It encourages the use of exuberant combinations like bright tangerine orange with sunny yellow — exactly what you would find in a springtime garden bouquet.” Using fabrics with botanical motifs is another way to reflect the cheery mood of spring renewal. Furniture upholstery, pillows and curtains can interweave organic elements into the home. Experimenting with


Day • We Mont ek h



10 DISC % OU

this a d for




1900 N. Coast Hwy. 101, Encinitas • 760.436.1700 • www.toolshedrentals.com

muted, natural colors is another twist on garden-style decorating. For example, the Treasured palette from the Today’s Colors collection includes neutrals reminiscent of vintage, glazed pottery. Accent a room with an understated coral, yellow or green to give a home the feeling it has been well-loved for generations. Relaxed neutrals are often at the center of nature’s palettes, according to Jordan. Mixing in weathered browns or desert tans can add comfort and provide a serene backdrop for favorite flea market finds or energized colors, she says. “To really bring a room to life, bring things that are living and growing into it; whether it be a beautiful orchid plant, magnolia leaves or a giant bowl of Granny Smith apples,” says noted designer Larry Laslo, president of LL Designs. Wonder whether a splash of spicy tomato red can add character to a living room or if weathered-stone grays can refine the walls of a master suite? Test colors without ever picking up a paint brush. The new Upload Your Own Photo feature at sherwinwilliams.com allows do-it-yourselfers to experiment with the paint retailer’s entire color spectrum, including interior and exterior facades. To breathe easy while painting indoors in the midst of winter, try a low-odor, lowVOC paint.The paint’s durability and ease of cleaning will keep a room looking as beautiful as the day it was painted. To view the complete Sherwin-Williams Today’s Colors collection, or to experiment with the new Upload Your Own photo feature on the Color Visualizer, visit sherwin-williams.com.

produce right now all over the world. It’s easy to be disappointed! What started in Japan as a way for consumers to buy directly from their local farmer is the idea of signing up (or subscribing) for a share of an individual farm’s bounty. This has now become almost commonplace. If you’ve been thinking about committing to a better (and more delicious) diet, and would love to experience more variety and get some help with simple, creative recipes, a community supported agriculture, or CSA, share might be a good fit. Morning Song Farm in North County grows subtropical fruit, berries, melons, heirloom vegetables, macadamias, sprouts and lots of leafy greens for their CSA subscribers. “I started my little CSA basket program with six girlfriends who had been eyeing the plethora of bounty on my kitchen counter,” farmer Donna Buono said. “I was only a wholesale rare fruit grower and had a little veggie garden carved out of an unused portion of my farm.” Morning Song Farm’s CSA program grew from there. A weekly carton of whatever is freshest and ripest is included in a small or large share and dropped off at sites throughout North County in Del Mar, Carlsbad, Cardiff, Oceanside and Escondido. “I discovered broccoli didn’t need to be bitter, tomatoes could be almost as sweet as candy, and corn should be picked after you get the water boiling,’ Buono said. “I began to cherish the harvest and learn, really learn, how to cook, because I had such amazing ingredients to work with.” You can too! Morning Song Farm can be reached at (949) 310-4870, donna@morningsongfarm.com or check out their Web site at www.morningsongfarm. com.



MARCH 12, 2010

Switch on your home at Light Gallery Plus COAST CITIES — All the beautiful furnishings, paint selections and floorings in the world are of little value if they can’t be seen.The staff at Light Gallery Plus knows it takes the right lighting fixtures to bring a home to life. Light Gallery Plus was originally founded by Les and Agnes Schwaar in 1980 in Escondido. Since then, the family-owned business has been passed on to son-in-law Val Teerlink and his son-in-law Sean Sauter. Upon taking over the business in 1998, the new owners’ first move was to open a satellite store in Encinitas. Sauter and Teerlink, along with Teerlink’s daughters Tiffany and Stephanie, hold a combined 75 years experience in the lighting industry. When you add in the rest of the staff,

some who have been involved for more than 10 years, you have a group of San Diego’s most knowledgeable lighting experts. “Our longevity has allowed us to form unique partnerships with our suppliers,” Sean said. “This allows us to offer our customers the best products and service in San Diego.” What’s Light Gallery Plus’ secret to such long-term success? “It’s a simple formula of giving our customers the right fixture for the right price,” Sauter added. “We believe in selling a quality product at a fair price and we have been able to grow because of the depth of our service and knowledge.” Their extensive knowledge of the lighting business

lets the staff at Light Gallery Plus stay in tune with the latest fashions and trends. Light Gallery Plus can meet all of your lighting needs, with a wide selection of table and floor lamps, ceiling fans, wall sconces, bath lighting, chandeliers, mirrors, recessed lighting, track lighting, indoor and outdoor lighting and more. “We know well that the theme of every house needs to reflect those who live there,” Sauter said.“So,whatever your lifestyle,Light Gallery Plus has the light style to match.” Switch on your home with a visit to one of Light Gallery Plus’ showrooms, which are open six days a week. For more information, call (760) 4791677 or visit www. lightgalleryplus.com.

Don’t trash that banana peel — composting makes for an easy, eco-friendly alternative Recycling is certainly not a new concept. In fact, gardeners have been using one form of recycling — composting — for about as long as people have tilled the soil. Composting is a cost-effective, eco-friendly way to give your garden a boost. Start your compost pile now, before winter settles in, and come spring you’ll have a jump on nutrient-rich compost to help your garden produce its best harvest. Composting happens by itself through natural decay and the breakdown of organic matter. Depending on your local climate, the composting process may not be fully completed with useable humus or compost until temperatures warm up. “Composting is easy and can be done for as little as $10 — or even free if you build your own bin,” says Bruce Augustin, senior director in research and development with Scotts. “It’s a great way to provide essential nutrients to your soil, while recycling kitchen and yard waste, which helps keep refuse out of landfills.” It’s easy to get started composting: find a bin, gather materials, build your pile and compost. Augustin offers the following easy-to-follow steps for getting started:

etable peelings, coffee grounds (including the filters), tea bags and eggshells. It’s okay to toss in shredded newspaper (not colored or shiny newsprint since these don’t decompose readily), but avoid meat scraps, bones, dairy products, grease or pet or human waste since these can all harbor harmful bacteria.

Build your pile

You should build your Maintain compost pile in layers, starting with a “A high-nitrogen fertiliz4- to 6-inch layer of coarse er like Miracle-Gro Water material such as twigs or Soluble All Purpose Plant shrub clippings. Then, add on TURN TO COMPOSTING ON 20 3 to 4 inches of grass clip-



2995 12' x 20' e offer Limited tim

Gather materials There are two main sources of materials for your compost pile — your yard and your kitchen. From the yard, you can gather leaves, grass and plant clippings, and shrub or tree trimmings. From the kitchen, add fruit and veg-


25 -50 %



All Sheets, Towels and Bedding Brands Include: Bella Notte Eastern Accents Peacock Alley St. Geneve

Picture includes several upgrades

Begin with a bin Containing your compost pile in a bin saves space, hastens decomposition and helps keep the pile neat. You can find many pre-made compost bins at home centers and garden stores. Or, you can build your own from plans found on the Internet with materials around your home.

pings. Next, add another 4- to 6-inch layer of leaves or garden debris and soak with water; moisture will help the microbes decompose the material faster.You can modify this order as needed, depending on the types of materials you have. After a few layers, be sure to add a 1inch layer of garden soil, such as Miracle-Gro Garden Soil for Flowers and Vegetables.

*Includes: All select resawn, primed and painted Douglas Fir framing, 5/8" T-111 sheeting, modified bitumin roofing. Call for details. • Committed to improving people’s lives • Creating a beautiful space for people to live • Expertise in business since 1993

We also excel Open lattice co in building: ve All types of de rs ck Patio enclosures s & balconies and room additions Kitchen and ba th remodeling

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MARCH 12, 2010

Luxury updates within reach even with frugal budget We all want the finer things in life, but while many of us have expensive tastes, we don’t always have lavish budgets. And, when it comes to updating the kitchen, many items can have large price

tags that — in today’s market — we won’t be able to recoup. Luckily, with a little creativity you can achieve a cost-conscious kitchen remodel that gives you maximum enjoyment on a mini-



with purchase

of $20 or more

Not valid w/any oth With coupon. Ex er offer. p. 6-30-10

• Metal Arts • Glazed Stoneware and Painted Pottery • Locally Made Fountains &Mosaic Benches & Tables

CARRILLO POTTERY 4915 El Camino Real Carlsbad • 760-730-3430

mal budget.

Finished look for less Does your kitchen have shiny brass light fixtures? If so, updating these can instantly make your home look more current and stylish. Home improvement retailers offer a wide variety of stylish and affordable choices in popular finishes, such as stainless steel or old world bronze. Or, for an even more economical choice, turn your current lighting fixtures from brass to beautiful by spray painting them with a new contemporary finish. Manufacturers such as Krylon offer unique choices, like Stainless Steel or Oil-Rubbed Bronze, that add beautiful texture for a high-end look.

Fashionable, functional focal point

FRUGAL AND FABULOUS Giving your kitchen a stylish focal point can be a good way to spruce it up. Courtesy photo

Most kitchens have a focal point and most-used basic faucet — but as the item in the kitchen, updatTues-Sat 9:00-5:00 • Sun. 10:00-4:00 Closed Mon • lifesrad.com ing this mainstay can create a functional and fashionable change that everyone will notice. When selecting a new kitchen faucet, look for a high-arc style with pulldown functionality. Models such as the Moen Anabelle EcoHigh-End Custom Solar Design, Integration & Installation Performance faucet feature Solar Electric & Water Heating Systems, Residential & Commercial this unique design — with the added benefit of up to 32 percent water savings. The multi-function wand offers both a fast-fill Please Call For stream for filling pots, as well as two Eco-Performance Complimentary Solar sprays that conserve water while allowing you to comConsultation/Site Assessment plete everyday tasks such as washing dishes or preparing Your North County Solar Specialist foods — all with the same great performance. Available at Lowe’s in both (888-786-2232) Stainless Steel and Mediterranean Bronze finor visit www.PhotonSolarPower.com ishes, this kitchen update References available Lic. 933648 will have you saying “wow” with the aesthetic, function-

Up to

50% Savings!


al and water-saving benefits. For more information on Moen Eco-Performance kitchen faucets, visit moen.com or lowes.com.

Sensational shelves

Shop a collection of vintage to present-day handiwork by over

25 amazing vendors in an outdoor flea-market-style venue from

OUT OF THE BLUE in the Cedros Design District! Sunday March 28th 10am-5pm always the last Sunday of the month and there's always somthing new!

VISIT OUR BLOG FOR A SCHEDULE OF CREATIVE ART CLASSES! learn to create... • a seashell and rhinestone tiara • soldered art jewelry • needle felted mermaids • vintage paper banners and so much MORE! 315 S. Cedros Ave. Solana Beach • 858 755 7630 • themermaidsmercantile.blogspot.com

Breathtaking backsplash

Adding ceramic tile in your kitchen can add color, texture and a high-end appearance, but upgrading your entire floor or countertops can be very pricey. Instead, adding a tile backsplash can make a dramatic change — with minimal cost and effort. Whether you’re an experienced do-it-yourselfer or not, there are many online step-by-step guides, and many home improvement retailers offer classes for this simple project. And, in no time at all, you’ll have a beautiful tile masterpiece that will accent — and protect — your walls. With these few updates, your kitchen will look great Once they are complete, and be more functional — utilize them for a mix of dec- all without breaking the orative and functional bank. Nothing can make a kitchen look worse than cluttered countertops. But when it comes to storing necessities or displaying decorative items — there often is no other spot. While adding new cabinetry can solve your storage issue, it can be costly. Instead, build exposed shelves to give your kitchen a more updated look and an open, airy feel. Home improvement retailers offer a variety of pre-made wood shelving in a variety of materials and finishes, or, if you are handy, you can build your own to save even more.


The Mermaid's Mercantile!

kitchen items and be sure to keep everything neat and clean for a polished look.


Food, spread over each layer of your compost pile, will help the composting process by creating a favorable nitrogen to carbon ratio,” says Augustin. Remember to turn or aerate the pile periodically to help move material from the outside closer to the center of the pile, where it will heat up and decompose faster. During the winter — depending on the region where you live — the center of the pile is where decomposition will take place, and



flooring shoppers free estimates and guarantees all labor. Whether it’s the warmth of wall-to-wall carpet, the bright accent of area rugs, the finish tone of elegant wood floors, the practicality of a porcelain tile or the convenience of vinyl flooring, flooring is what gives any room its basic personality. When furnishing a new home or bringing old floors

adding water to keep the pile moist will aid the process. Your compost will be ready to use once it has turned dark and crumbly, and gives off an earthy odor. Add the compost to your garden soil to help nourish your plants. “Composting is not only beneficial for your garden, but it’s also an easy, satisfying way to do something good for the environment,” Augustin says. For more tips on composting and other aspects of gardening and lawn care, visit www.Scotts.com.

up to date, Contract Carpet is the place to find it all, including custom window treatments that will match or compliment your flooring choice. And to the busy homeowners’ delight, shoppers don’t have to wander miles to some distant warehouse district to find the right price and selection. Visit them in the heart of Encinitas or in Carmel Mountain Ranch or call them at (760) 436-9030 or (858) 451-9717.

MARCH 12, 2010




circulation. Unlike any other bed on the market, this system allows for support across all critical zones of the body and can be adapted to conform to each sleeper’s individual shape and movements. Your body deserves the best. Most people spend a third of their lives in slumber so purchase of the right mattress is very important. San Diego’s original adjustable beds store, Everett Stunz also offers an exclusive line of organic and eco-friendly adjustable beds and mattresses, Vital Rest and Natural Caress. These beds can be custom-shaped or sized to fit a client’s specific needs. Everett Stunz offers every imaginable bed and bath product, sheets, duvets and comforters, bath towels

and robes. The hand-selected linens and bath items are imported from around the world from the highest quality and the latest designs including organic and hypoallergenic materials. Designers include Sferra, Peacock Alley, Dea, Abyss Habidicor, Schlossberg and many others. Catering to all home styles, from beachside bungalow to palatial penthouse, Everett Stunz also offers a custom service for design and manufacture to personal specifications. With a staff that includes interior designers, Everett Stunz assists clients in creating their perfect luxurious bedroom and bath sanctuary for rest and relaxation. Everett Stunz is located at 7616 Girard Avenue in La Jolla. Call (800) 883-3305 or visit everettstunz.com for more information.

SPACE SAVER Using a standalone sink/mirror combo can save a lot of space. Courtesy photo



three or more bathrooms, and while the size of each may not be as expansive as in years past, that is no reason to compromise on style. In fact, the trends shaping society today smaller, smarter living spaces, value and efficiency over conspicuous consumption and the need for a greener lifestyle with a smaller environmental footprint — are having a profound impact on bathproduct manufacturers. These trends are also making the job of creating more stylish statements in a smaller bathroom easier than ever. “Our emphasis is on products scaled to the new space reality,” says Gray Uhl, director of design for American Standard Brands. “We look very carefully at bathroom fixture scale to design collections that fit the footprint of today’s homes.” Maximum efficiency has become a critical driver, according to Uhl. “A good example is creating more counter deck space on pedestal lavatories, or more storage space in vanities even with a smaller footprint, such as our Brook Console Table with side drawers that open up. While this trend to efficiency cuts across all styles, it tends to require fixtures, faucets and furniture that take simpler forms and shapes.”

Try a little planning Whether your prefer-


casual, counter-style service with cozy indoor seating and a spacious outdoor seating area at the loggia. The menu will include pizza, pasta and sandwiches all crafted from traditional, authentic recipes shared by a lifelong Henderson family friend and chef from Italy. There will also be an

SOUL ence is traditional, contemporary or the in-between transitional, creating stylish smaller bathrooms that work is simple, with a little planning. Here are two important areas to consider in your planning: • Storage: Vanities that offer ample storage space within a smaller footprint can hide hair dryers, towels, bath products and cleaning supplies, creating an uncluttered look to make a space seem larger. Vessel sinks that sit atop a vanity add a dramatic touch to a bath, while maximizing cabinet space and creating deck storage space. If a pedestal lavatory fits your floor plan better, look for models with generous deck space. Don’t forget a toilet with a flat tank top: The top of the toilet tank is valuable bathroom real estate. • Lifestyle: As we try to do more in the same number of hours, bathroom rituals necessarily change. Shifting from a bathtub to a shower fits our lifestyle and integrates better into the smaller overall footprint of today’s bath. Multiple showerheads and body sprays provide the same relaxation as soaking in a tub, but in far less time and with significantly less cleanup. Most modern showers also use substantially less water, which appeals to growing ecological awareness. To learn more about products that will help create a stylish, smaller bath that doesn’t compromise on performance, visit www.americanstandardus.com. extensive wine list and variety of international and domestic beers. Hometown Realty is a small boutique real estate company specializing in the community of San Elijo Hills, led by longtime resident Mary Maloney. For more information about MarketWalk, call (760) 798-1784 or visit www.sanelijohills.com/ marketwalk.


sculptured plants and trees. “The secrete is light pruning, it has a subtle effect that produces a really nice product,” Horner said. He warns infrequent overpruning causes plants to over grow. “Overfoliating is not what you want,” Horner said.



giving back to the community and that he has a lot of respect for his customers. “The class of people here in this community is like none other. Everyone is so polite and kind. It’s wonderful to come and work here in the Ranch.” As far as the changes he has witnessed as manager, he explained that it used to just be “old money” and now there is also a new younger crowd that also frequents the market every day.



neighborhoods including the condominiums at Atlas in Hillcrest priced from the upper $500,000s and the Oceanside harbor-side condominiums at Seacliff in North County from the $500,000s. D.R. Horton intelligently blends the strength and stability of the nation's largest homebuilding brand with the depth of regional knowledge of a seasoned local builder. D.R. Horton has earned a solid reputation for putting their customers first and proudly

C & H Artistic Landscape & Tree Service creates outdoor fantasy spaces that refresh and refuel. “We do everything in outside design,” Horner said. “We create ‘rooms’ outside that have different uses, so you can enjoy every space you’re in.” For more information, call (858) 481-4500 or visit www.plantch.com. So the next time you are in the Village, take my advice. Stop in at the Village Market, even if you don’t need to grocery shop. Just walking in the store give you a calm feeling, especially if you are having a stressed out day. Try the deli department, or if you need that last-minute gift, there are lots of selections located near the checkout stand to make your day in Rancho Santa Fe absolutely perfect. Ask me, I know. Thanks for the interview Matt! continues that tradition at each of their neighborhoods by offering homebuyers a variety of innovative, flexible financing options. D.R. Horton is ranked as the nation's largest homebuilder for the sixth consecutive year. D.R. Horton is a publicly traded company (NYSE: DHI) and a Fortune 500 company. Not all buyers will qualify. Financing offered by seller’s affiliated, lender, DHI Mortgage, CA Department of Corporations License #4130364. For more information contact one of our Sales Representatives, or please visit www.DRHorton.com/ SoCal

Over 100 Years of Combined Insurance Experience

Full Service Personal Lines and Business Owners Insurance

760.633.1333 License #0G44992

2611 S. Hwy. 101, Suite 103, Cardiff by the Sea CA 92007





time!” Alltech Solar understands that planning and purchasing a solar power system is a daunting task, which is why they offer free quotes



in design. Also, referrals have been wonderful for our business.” They recently finished a home not far from the worldrenowned Ritz Carlton in Laguna Nigel, and they also have a project they are currently working on in Vancouver, Canada. We ended the interview with their showcase in May, which will be featuring Marge Carson, a very exclusive vendor who only deals


and consultations so you understand the feasibility from start to finished design. For more information about Alltech Solar and to learn more about the government rebates offered, call (858) 455-9292 or visit www.alltechsolarusa.com.

with two other companies in San Diego. Cerenzie and Barry were gracious to point out the six other designers, and strong staff who round out the their formula for success. With 90 years of experienced combined with all of their designers, an engineering degree and the most elegant showroom in town, take time to visit to stop their Fairbanks location near the post office or visit www. ledimora.com.

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harvesting trees. It is easy for constructors to shape, cuts better than real wood, it is dimensionally stable, and requires minimal to no ongoing maintenance, making for great value over the life of the material.” LifeTime Lumber is made from 65 percent recycled material, reducing the need for logging, emits no toxicity and uses less energy to manufacture than other composites. LifeTime Lumber complies with LEED requirements contributing valuable points in the LEED 4.1 and 4.2 categories. A lower carbon footprint material via a greener manufacturing process delivers a unique category of engineered lumber to the market. For more information, visit lifetimelumber.com or call (760) 603-9100.

installing a dishwasher drawer. Because it’s independently operated, you can wash small loads as economically as large ones. Plus, the extra flexibility to run cycles simultaneously with your traditional dishwasher makes clean-up quicker and easier, explaining why nearly a third of designers are incorporating this new trend into kitchens, as well. Another popular element to include in the kitchen in 2010 is a pulldown or pull-out faucet. Utilized by 85 percent of kitchen designers, it’s an easy way to make a design statement at the kitchen sink while increasing functionality. The new Arbor pull-down kitchen faucet from Moen seamlessly brings simple sophistication to the kitchen with its transitional styling that comple-


save even more with pet prescription coupons that are valid for heartworm medications, flea and tick preventatives, and more. • Use the power of the Internet to save on most pet items. The exception to the rule is pet food, which is often too costly to ship because of weight. Shopping online allows you to browse different stores, comparing the quality and prices for all of your pet supplies, like a bed for your dog, a tank for your fish, toys for your cat or



your e-mail address. That way, you’ll be able to receive coupon codes to use online as well as coupons for preferred products to bring to your local brick and mortar store. • Keep up with preventive maintenance, and shop online for prescription pet medicines through CouponHeaven.com. Most online pet pharmacies offer free shipping, and you can


ments virtually any decor. It’s available in a chrome finish, which is another 2010 trend to look for in appliances, accents and hardware throughout the entire kitchen. For more information about the Arbor pulldown kitchen faucet from Moen, visit moen.com or call (800) BUY-MOEN ((800) 289-6636). Granite is the dominant material chosen for vanities in current remodels — used by seven of every eight designers — however, in 2010 alternative natural materials, like marble, will continue to grow in popularity. According to NKBA, just under half of bathroom designers utilize marble, as it provides a sophisticated look that’s reminiscent of Roman baths with its regal, refined detail that exudes a sense of luxury. Plus, marble

countertops provide a stainresistant, water-resistant, rugged and durable surface — ideal for child-friendly bathrooms or homes with just one bathroom that see a lot of traffic throughout the day. NKBA also forecasts that integrated sink tops will be a popular choice this year, as you can easily use existing items to achieve this look. By adding a sink into an antique dresser or chest, designers are creating one-of-a-kind vanities for nearly 30 percent of all clients. Polished chrome finishes are another bathroom design trend for 2010. Look to incorporate this chic metal accent into all your hardware by updating the accessories in your bath, as well. You’ll be able to make a big impact with small updates like new towel bars and robe hooks, for a completely coordinated look.

a kissing mirror for your bird — just to name a few. When you use CouponHeaven.com to find coupon codes for pet products, you can save money on the purchase, or get free shipping. • Buy food in bulk at the discount stores. Yes, you will have to find an appropriate storage space, but the cost per ounce will be much cheaper, and you’ll also save by not making as many trips to the store. • Take care of your pet’s grooming at home whenever

possible. If that won’t work for your family, consider asking your groomer if there is a customer loyalty program for discounts on services or treatments. • Make sure your pet gets the appropriate amount of exercise, which contributes to overall well-being and cuts down on potential vet bills. Happy pets make happy pet owners, and you can be even happier by combining pet care and cost-reducing strategies.

In the bath



the loss. Their technicians are IICRC Certified (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration) as well as being certified in mold remediation. Their reputation rests in their customer satisfaction and quality workmanship. Here is what one of their satisfied clients had to say: “Thank you for taking such excellent care of us.



get her permits and hang her sign. From there she borrowed leftover paint from her neighbors and with the help of friends and family set to fix up the 1920s cottage that had sat vacant at 315 South Cedros Avenue for three years. The small 750-squarefoot house came with a big dirt lot, almost 3,000 square feet of surrounding property that once was the yard adjacent to the house. On the last Sunday of every month 20 artists gather in the garden to display their beautiful handiwork in row of colorful outdoor booths known as The Mermaid’s Mercantile. Tucked among the plumeria and rose vines are handmade quilts, vintage linens, mosaics, jewelry and repurposed furniture. In our fast-paced world

MARCH 12, 2010

The workmen who came were pleasant and polite, efficient, fast and wasted no time. They were neat and orderly and took care of the difficult jobs with amazing speed and excellence. It was also a pleasure to have someone else handling the negotiations with (our insurance company).” Whether your needs are commercial, residential or industrial, call Superior Restoration today for a free estimate. Visit www.superiorflood. com for more information.

we all could use a little retail therapy, A Sunday morning visit to The Mermaid’s Mercantile is a return to a simpler time, as you sip your coffee and shop for treasure, you can chat with the artists about their latest inspiration and live music plays in the background as you wander though the garden and the charming little cottage that has been standing since Solana Beach was founded. “In the near future I want to offer craft classes too,” Beard said. “My hope is to offer the community a new perspective on design, décor and recycling. When I see the excitement in my customers and I know that their hearts are racing too, I know that I am right where I should be.” To find out more about The Mermaid’s Mercantile, visit http://themermaids mercantile.blogspot.com or call Out of the Blue at (858) 755-7630.

MARCH 12, 2010



when you want it. OPT carries all the best camera equipment from Nikon, Canon and Tamron. Additionally, they sell astronomical equipment from Celestron, Meade, Takahashi, Tele Vue, SBIG and many more. In fact, OPT is the largest dealer of astronomical equipment in the country. Want to look at something closer? OPT has the largest selection of binoculars for birding, travel and sporting



three years of purchase,” says Dolmage. Property cannot be acquired from a relative, and married taxpayers must both qualify as first-time homebuyers if filing jointly. The credit can be claimed on a 2009 return or an amended 2008 return. The Worker, Homeownership and Business Assistance Act of 2009 extended the credit’s closing date from Nov. 30, 2009, to April 30, 2010, and added rules for homes purchased after Nov. 6, 2009, including: • You must be at least 18 on the purchase date (only one spouse must be 18) and cannot be claimed as a dependent. • Purchase price cannot exceed $800,000. • If the sale doesn’t close by April 30, 2010, you may still qualify if there’s a binding contract to purchase by that date. The sale must close before July 1, 2010, and the credit cannot be claimed before the closing date. Purchase date and modified adjusted gross income (MAGI) determine credit phase out. If the purchase date was before Nov. 7, 2009, full credit is available to those with an MAGI up to $75,000 ($150,000 for joint filers). If you have an MAGI between $75,000 and $95,000 ($150,000 and $170,000 for joint filers), you’re eligible for reduced credit. Higher incomes do not qualify. If the purchase date is after Nov. 6, 2009, full credit is available to those with an MAGI of up to $125,000 ($225,000 for joint filers). If your MAGI falls between $125,000 and $145,000


then put in the screws. Repeat with the other 3-foot boards and 18-inch posts to form the other short end of the bed. • Now you’re ready to add the long sides of the bed. Place one of the short sections you just made on a level surface, with the pointed ends up. Line one of the 6-foot boards up so that it is flush with the face of the short end, pre-drill holes and then add the screws to secure it. Repeat with a second 6-foot board to equal 12 inches in height. • Align the second short (3-foot) side of the box with the 6-foot board so that the face is flush with the end of the boards. Pre-drill holes and then drill in screws to secure. Finally, add the other two 6-



control, invasive grasses control, crabgrass prevention, fungus and insect controls, soil treatment (pH adjustments, compaction relief and soil enrichment), renovating damaged lawns and establishing new lawns. And unlike gardeners, lawn care providers are required to be state-licensed, county-registered and fully insured with continuing education mandates.

“Gardeners can certainly make a lawn look green, but green doesn’t necessarily mean healthy which means problems may be looming,” said Tom Taylor, owner of Lawn Doctor of North Country Coastal. “People don’t realize they can add professional lawn care service at little or no additional cost than they’re paying for gardener services.” Lawn professionals like Taylor suggest combining his services with your gardener

for best results. And since most people don’t know how unhealthy their lawn is — even though it looks green — Taylor is giving a free lawn treatment service so homeowners can see for themselves what a healthy, thriving lawn looks like. (See the Lawn Doctor’s ad in this section.) There are limited appointments, so get your free “Lawn Healthcare Treatment” by contacting Tom Taylor of Lawn Doctor at (760) 967-7800; or e-mail him at group776@lawndoctor.com.

college expenses, new vehicles, unemployment and several other areas. Information about all 2009 tax law changes can be found at

www.IRS.gov. “You can see exactly how the changes will affect your 2009 taxes with TaxACT Free Federal Edition,” Dolmage

adds.” With TaxACT, all taxpayers can prepare, print and e-file their IRS return for free. Go to www.TaxACT.com to get started.”

events in San Diego County. And for the home with a view, they have spotting scopes to bring the boats, the critters or the whales in the ocean “up close and personal.” Brass spotting scopes (see OPT’s ad in this section) add a beautiful accessory to a room and bring the outdoors inside! So when choosing optics, whether it’s for photography, to explore the wonders of the universe or just to take a closer look at the natural world, why shop anywhere else? With their knowledgeable staff to

help, the best selection in the county, competitive prices, free parking, and the convenience of one stop shopping, OPT has it all. Experience shopping the way it should be, the way it used to be. Oceanside Photo & Telescope is located at 918 Mission Avenue in Oceanside. They are open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday, Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday from noon to 5 p.m. Call (760) 722-3343 or visit www.optcorp.com for details.


($225,000 and $245,000 for joint filers), you could receive a reduced credit. Higher incomes don’t qualify. “Current homeowners looking for a different or new home may also qualify for the First-Time Homebuyer Credit,” Dolmage says. “The Worker, Homeownership and Business Assistance Act modified the credit to allow for up to $6,500 if you purchase a replacement home before April 30, 2010. You must have lived in the same principal residence for a five-consecutive-year period during the eight-year period that ends on the purchase date of the replacement home.” In addition: • You must buy, or enter into a binding contract to buy, a principal residence after Nov. 6, 2009, and before May 1, 2010, and close on it before July 1, 2010. • The credit phases out for those with an MAGI between $125,000 and $145,000 ($225,000 and $245,000 for joint filers). • 2009 purchases must be claimed on a 2009 return; 2010 purchases can be claimed on a 2009 or 2010 return. All homeowners can claim tax credits for green improvements. The Residential Energy Property Credit is worth 30 percent, up to $1,500, for improvements such as adding insulation or installing energy-efficient windows, doors, or heating and air conditioning systems. Bigger improvements involving alternative energy equipment, like solar hot water heaters, geothermal heat pumps and wind turbines can be claimed under the Residential Energy Efficiency Property Credit. This credit is equal to 30 percent of the cost of the quali-

fied property, with no limit on the maximum amount of the credit available. New tax laws also include breaks for children,

foot boards on the opposite side to complete the final side of the bed. • Flip the box over — it’s now ready to install. Before you put it in, prep the area you’ll be using by turning over the soil and then leveling it out as best you can. After you’ve installed the box, fill it with a blend of soil and compost that is best for the type of plants you’ll be growing. This is just one way to build a raised bed garden.You can add more boards to give the bed extra height or length, or put a cap on top of the boards to provide a place to sit as you garden. For more information about Western Red Cedar and ideas for more do-it-yourself projects, visit Western Red Cedar Lumber Association online at www.wrcla.org or call (866) 778-9096.


Need a Guest House? Pool House? Cabana?

Custom Designed Guest Houses Pool Houses & Cabanas



Visit us at SanDiegoGuestHouses.com Serving San Diego for 30 Years


MARCH 12, 2010


16950 Via de Santa Fe Rancho Santa Fe

Open Daily: 8:00am ‘til 8:00pm

858-756-3726 Home Delivery Available! Call for Details!

Available March 13 to March 17

ST. PATTY’S DAY DINNER MENU from the Service Deli

U.S.D.A. Certified Angus

Corned Beef Brisket Cured right here in our own meat dept. Cured for a minimum of 21 days, trimmed lean, full of flavor.

$ 99


Irish Lamb Stew


U.S.D.A. Choice Colorado

Lamb Loin Chops

Made fresh with Colorado Lamb, potatoes, carrots and special seasonings

Cut to the thickness you desire. The freshest and highest quality around.

Stuffed Cabbage Made with our homemade corned beef hash



$ 99




Pork Chops Always tender and juicy. Center cut, cut fresh daily

An Irish tradition.... creamy mashed potatoes with greens

$ 99



Corned Beef & Cabbage Dinner



Irish Soda Bread & Irish Tea Bread $ 99 lb.


U.S.D.A. Certified Angus

Filet Mignon


Trimmed to perfection, the most tender piece of meat available.



Beautiful Phalaenopsis Orchids Orchids aren’t the delicate, hard to grow plants some people think they are.They are the largest group of plants in the world, contrary to the notion of them as exotic imports. Correct light is important for proper plant growth. Yo can usually judge how much light an orchid needs by watching the leaves. You want the leaves to be a light grass green. Water often enough to keep continuous moisture just below the surface of the medium, but be cautious of over-watering. watering once a week is normally sufficient to keep your plant healthy and happy. Most inhome temperatures will be acceptable for growing orchids. They are comfortable when you are. Between 55º and 80º is best.Come take a look at our selection of orchids.White and purple phalaenopsis are available.

99 ea


Fresh Iowa

Colcannon $ 99 lb.

Available Tues. & Wed. March 16 & 17



Grade A Hand Trimmed

Chicken Breast Always the freshest at Village Market. Also enjoy our marinated chicken breast, choose from lemon, garlic, teriyaki or souix wow.

$ 99


Includes our corned beef, cabbage, potatoes, carrots and Irish soda bread. Jumbo Alaskan

Cooked and Peeled


Extra large, fully cooked. THE BEST CRAB AVAILABLE.

Jumbo white shrimp steamed to perfection. Try Mrs. Shea’s Cocktail Sauce with your cooked shrimp. GREAT AS AN APPETIZER OR A MEAL.

Orange Alaskan King Jumbo Shrimp Colossal Sea Scallops Roughy Fillets Crab Legs Flow in fresh from New Zealand. Orange roughy is a mild white fish packed with flavor.

6-10 count, large and succullent. Broil or B.B.Q.

lb. Fresh

Alaskan Halibut Jet fresh halibut from the artic waters off Alaska. FRESH DAILY DELIVERIES.

Don’t forget your farm fresh produce! Bartlett Pears

2lbs./ $1 $

1.99 lb.

Organic Russet Potatoes


1.99 lb.

Braeburn Apples

Premium quality baking potatoes. Use russets for baking, frying, mashing, roasting or boiling. Store your potatoes in a cool, dark, dry, well-ventilated place. Don’t refrigerate them, doing so converts some of the potatoes starch to sugar.

New croup, large size Braeburn Apples. Very firm with sweet and slightly tart flavor. Popular as a snack or served in salads and desserts. Apple season is in full swing and they are tasting great!

Organic Baby Lettuce

Fresh Eggplant

Locally grown in Fallbrook. Always fresh, and the highest quality. Whole heads, simply pop off bottoms, rinse and enjoy. Very popular item.

Fresh in, and delicious. Bartlett pears are ripe when they turn completely yellow and give off a sweet aroma. They can bruise easily, so handle with care. Great lunch box item.


3.99 each

.99 each

Fresh and firm. Eggplant is delicious hot or cold and can be enjoyed marinated, stuffed, roasted, grilled, fried, in a casserole, in stews, or on brochettes. Choose heavy firm, unblemished skin.

Butternut Squash A favorite of winter squashes. Rich full flavor. Easy to bake, or also works well cut up in microwave.

Stock up for Saint Patrick’s Day! SonomaCutrer Chardonnay 750 ml. Bottle



Cakebread Chardonnay 750 ml. Bottle



La Crema Pinot Noir 750 ml. Bottle



Matanzas Pinot Noir 750 ml. Bottle



BV Reserve Tapestry 750 ml. Bottle



Caymus Cabernet 750 ml. Bottle



.99 lb.

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