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Changes on tap for RSF News

THISWEEK WELL-WISHERS Local philanthropists carry on their efforts to bring nourishment to the thirsty Sudan, garnering a $50,000 donation from one organization to help fund additional wells for 3 potable water

GLAD TO BE A GRAD A Torrey Pines student overcomes the odds and receives his diploma 11

ALL IS FAIR People from around the area enjoy the first day of the San Diego 21 County Fair




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DEL MAR — Surfing dogs from the new film “Marmaduke” appeared at the Del Mar Highlands Cinemas UltraStar premiere June 12. In partnership with the Helen Woodward Animal Center, the dogs were on site with their trainers for picture opportunities and to provide autographs, or paw-prints, for guests. Above, San Diego resident Maxine Baril pets Nani and Stanley. Left, San Diego resident Doug Hokstad helps his English bulldog Dozer sign “Paw-tographs” for kids. Right, Stanley, a Chesapeake Bay retriever, sits up to impress the kids. See more photos on Page 29. Photos by Daniel Knighton

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JUNE 18, 2010

RANCHO SANTA FE — Starting with the July 2 issue, the Rancho Santa Fe News will be expanding in three important areas: news coverage, prime advertising space and circulation. First, we will be adding more local news coverage and content. Second, the paper will be running a minimum of 40 pages in two sections. The addition of a second section provides space for more prime advertising positions. These include the front page of the second section, the back page and the centerfold and page two of the second section. Experience has shown that advertisers who have garnered these prime positions rarely give them up. For example, Barry Estates has held the centerfold since the inception of the Rancho Santa Fe News. “We are currently looking for charter members for these prime spots and will be offering special incentives,” Associate Publisher Chris Kydd said. Third, in addition to our exclusive distribution to Santaluz and surrounding areas, the Rancho Santa Fe News will also be mailing to all of Rancho Pacifica and 350 neighboring homeowners. “All of this makes for a great opportunity for our advertisers and is definitely the best way to reach Rancho Santa Fe and its neighboring communities,” Kydd said. For more information about these new prime advertising spaces, call Chris Kydd at (760) 436-9737, ext. 110.

Association talks electricity at Ranch’s Osuna Adobe By Patty McCormac

RANCHO SANTA FE — The June 3 meeting of the Association looked more like a Jimmy Buffet concert than a board meeting. That was because the board members had declared it “Aloha Thursday,” encouraging everyone to wear Hawaiian shirts, which all of the men did as did many members of the staff. The women also dressed appropriately. Kim Higgins wore large Hawaiian

seed beads and Deb Plummer donned a pantsuit with a tropical shirt. The mode of dress set the mood of the meeting, which was light-hearted. Three of the board members, Bill Beckman, Higgins and Tim Sullivan, have declared they have “senioritis,” with only one more Association meeting left before their terms expire on the board. Still, they did make some decisions including allowing about

$150,000 from the open space fund to be used for upgrades for the Osuna Adobe. Assistant Planner Nikki Flynn, who gave the presentation at the meeting, said the Osuna Committee wants to move ahead on updating and relocating the electric panel from the wall of the adobe, installing a fire hydrant, a backflow preventer and improving the driveway. In Flynn’s photo presentation of

the current electric panel on the adobe, it is clear it needs to be updated and relocated. “The electric will be undergrounded and away from the adobe,” she said. It will be laid in a trench and then hidden by another small wall or something similar. Director Dick Doughty asked if electricity in the adobe was necessary TURN TO ELECTRICITY ON 31


JUNE 18, 2010


Kelly Pottorff & Tammy Tidmore

Ne w

North County’s Ranch and Coastal Community Experts

on the Ma rke t!

Paradise in the Del Mar Beach Colony Charming Spanish-style home steps to the beach and racetrack close, invites coastal breezes and showcases true character. Offered at $1,649,000

New Construction With Panoramic Ocean Views

Beautifully Remodeled Traditional Residence

Authentic Adobe With Rustic Charm Near Village

Olde Del Mar $6,995,000

Fairbanks Ranch $2,775,000

Rancho Santa Fe Covenant $2,495,000

Wonderful Cielo Home With Sweeping Views

Hidden Hideaway On Over One Acre

Elegant Residence On The World-Class Crosby Golf Course

Rancho Santa Fe $1,975,000

Rancho Del Mar $1,495,000

Rancho Santa Fe $1,495,000

Panoramic Views In Del Rayo Downs

2.4 West Side Acres With Plans

Unique Batter Kay Condo Beach Close

Rancho Santa Fe Covenant $1,395,000

Olde Del Mar $1,100,000

! ced u d Re

858.756.0990 Office:

619.200.7000 Kelly Direct:

858.699.0299 Tammy Direct:


Rancho Santa Fe $1,395,000 t! rke Ma n o New

! ed uc d Re

Rare Oceanfront Condo In The Del Mar Beach Club

Cape Cod Residence In Bay Collection

The Best Seat At Petco Park

Solana Beach $1,050,000

Carlsbad $849,000

Downtown San Diego $715,000

Spacious Townhome With Golf Course Frontage

Recently Remodeled Single-Level Home

Fractional Ownership At The Villas Of Rancho Valencia

Rancho Bernardo $549,000

Carlsbad $575,000

Rancho Santa Fe $425,000

et! ark M on New

w! scro E In



JUNE 18, 2010



Registered offender accused of indecency

LEAD STORY — Catholic Youth Organization coach Michael Kman, 45, was charged in May with various misdemeanors regarding an alleged attempt over a several-month period to fix kids’ basketball games for Kman’s Our Lady of Lourdes church team in East Pennsboro Township, Pa. According to police, Kman sent multiple text messages to referees Jay and Jon Leader, offering them as much as $2,500 if certain games reached the “right outcome.” The Catholic Diocese of Harrisburg has suspended Kman from coaching. In Kman’s day job, he is a financial consultant.

Cultural Diversity — In May, Britain’s Norfolk District Council banned the traditional barroom game of “dwile flonking” just as the inaugural “world championships” were to take place at the Dog Inn pub in Ludham, Great Yarmouth. The game, which some believe has been played since “medieval times,” calls on players to fling a beersoaked rag from the end of a small stick toward the face of an opponent, and in the event the tosser misses the target two straight times, he must quickly down a halfpint of ale. The council called the game a “health and safety” problem. — Among the unique dining experiences of the Beijing Zoo is the ability of patrons to view an exhibit of frolicking hippopotamuses and then step into the zoo’s restaurant and dine on such dishes as toe of hippopotamus. Also available: kangaroo tail, deer penis, ant soup and other delectables. Animal welfare activists condemned the dining experience, according to a dispatch in London’s Guardian.

Latest Religious Messages — Virginia state inmate Kendall Gibson, who is serving 47 years for abduction and robbery committed at age 18, has spent the last 10 years in the prison’s “hole,” 23 hours a day in a cell “the size of a gas station restroom” (wrote an Associated Press reporter), not because he’s a danger to the prison population, but because he won’t cut his hair. Gibson is a Rastafarian and says his dreadlocks are devoutly authorized by the spiritual Lord, Jah. (A 1999 Virginia prison regulation requires administrative segregation for long-hairs.) — In May, in a news reverberation heard around the Arab world from the city of Al-Mubarraz, Saudi Arabia, as a “policeman” from the notorious Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice approached a young couple TURN TO ODD FILES ON 25

By Randy Kalp

GENEROUS DONATION Rotarian Ole Prahm speaks about the good works of the William H. Donner Foundation before presenting a plaque to trustee Stephanie Hanson. Photo by Patty McCormac

Group receives $50k for Water for Sudan By Patty McCormac

RANCHO SANTA FE — The Rancho Santa Fe Rotary Club presented a plaque to the William H. Donner Foundation, which provided a $50,000 grant to Water For Sudan, a program that drills wells, providing fresh water to the people of Southern Sudan. “As a result of this current funding, we have now

drilled 75 wells providing clean water to over 200,000 people and more importantly will have saved the lives of over 2,000 children given past statistics of deaths due to waterborne diseases,” said Ole Prahm, spokesman for the Rotary. Stephanie Hanson, who accepted the plaque at the Rotary’s June 14 meeting on behalf of the foundation,

said she was honored to recommend this very worthy project to the board, because so many people can be helped with such a small amount of money. Each well costs about $13,500, Prahm said. “Additionally these wells eliminate the need for women and children to walk up to four hours each way to collect polluted water from

distant rivers.” Water for Sudan was started by the Penfield, N.Y., Rotary Club and Salva Dut, one of the “Lost Boys” from Southern Sudan who became president of the organization. The goal was for him to return to Southern Sudan after about 20 years of civil TURN TO WATER ON 26

Superintendent gives State of District report By Patty McCormac

RANCHO SANTA FE — At the June 3 meeting of the Rancho Santa Fe School Board, the traditional State of the District report was given by Superintendent Lindy Delaney; Assistant Superintendent Cindy Schaub; and Kim Pinkerton, principal of kindergarten

through fourth grade. A vital part of the report are the goals for the upcoming school year. “Basically what happens for each year, (is) we set target goals to keep ourselves focused and moving forward,” Delaney said. “We basically use the State of the District to evaluate what we have done

the previous year, 2009-2010, and then we set new goals for 2010-2011. If we master something then we move onto something else. Some things are ongoing.” In addition, there are some district goals with two targets — student achievement and high-quality enrichment programs, Schaub said.

“What we try to do is set goals in subject areas of reading, writing, math and science,” Delaney said. “Next year we continue to improve and spend some time around math,” Schaub said. This year the staff implemented the North Star TURN TO SUPERINTENDENT ON 31

Del Mar residents reject TOT extension By Bianca Kaplanek

DEL MAR — Del Mar property owners who rent out their homes seasonally for 30 days or less will not be required to charge visitors an additional 11.5 percent. Proposition J, which would have extended the transient occupancy tax to private houses and duplexes, was defeated in the June 8 election, with 58 percent of

voters opposing the measure. The TOT applies to hotel stays of 30 days or less. For years residents have rented out all or part of their homes, mostly for extra income, during peak tourist times such as summer or the race season. They were not required to collect the TOT. Operating such shortterm rentals in a residence was not an allowed use in any

of the city’s zoning districts until recently, when City Council amended the municipal code in anticipation of Proposition J passing. City officials estimated broadening the TOT to include short-term vacation rentals could have added more than $180,000 annually to the general fund to help pay for city services, including those used by visitors.

Proposition J opponents said extending the TOT to short-term vacation rentals essentially meant residents were being taxed twice since they already pay for those services as property owners. Del Mar is currently the only North County coastal city that does not have an ordinance regulating and collecting TOT for short-term rentals.

Group concerned with ‘cancer cluster ’ By Alyx Sariol

CARLSBAD — Fearing a possible cancer cluster in their community, a group of Carlsbad residents have explored every avenue to draw attention to their concerns. The citizens’ group believes that carcinogens located on and around Kelly Elementary School could be causing the increase in cancer cases. John Quartorne, the group’s leader, has documented more than 250 cases within three square miles of the property. In their most recent move, the concerned residents urged the Carlsbad Unified School District at its

June 9 meeting to approve testing of the Kelly Elementary School property. “Until the soil, air and water testing is done, we do not know if a risk exists,” said Quartarone, whose son Chase attended the school and died from cancer. “This is an issue of concern to all parties involved.” Parents and teachers fear that without testing to confirm their suspicions, more and more schoolchildren and staff will be put at an unnecessary risk. The group’s survey has found that in just 10 years, 18 students at the school have been diagnosed with cancer. “Of that 18, four have

deceased and seven are really sick and being home schooled,” Travis Burleson said. Past and present Kelly Elementary School teachers have also been diagnosed with cancers at what the group says is an alarming rate. Both Jennifer Jaffe and Pat Slattery taught at the school and have fought aggressive and rare forms of cancer. They worry for the school’s students. “This teacher’s heart, although perhaps affected by 13 rounds of chemotherapy, strives every day to reach out,” Slattery said. “This TURN TO CANCER ON 26

STUDENT SAFETY Teacher Jennifer Jaffe has vowed to do “whatever it takes” to keep students and teachers safe at Kelly Elementary School. Photo by Alyx Sariol

ENCINITAS — A registered sex offender accused of indecent exposure while in his vehicle while parked at an Encinitas grocery store will have to stand trial for exposing himself, a San Diego Superior Court judge ruled June 10. After hearing testimony at Eulalio Flores’ preliminary hearing, Judge Joel Pressman found enough evidence to bind the serial sex offender over on one felony count of indecent exposure. Victoria Oberst testified she noticed Flores, 31, masturbating in his vehicle as she was sitting in her SUV in the parking lot of Stater Bros. market at 1048 North El Camino Real in Encinitas on the morning of April 21. Oberst said she glanced quickly at the defendant, who was in a white Nissan Maxima, because she was afraid and wanted to make sure he was getting out of his car. “There’s no doubt about what he was doing,” she testified. Despite Flores’ actions, Oberst said he didn’t do anything to get her attention. Oberst was able to take down part of Flores’ license plate number, which police were then able to use to locate him, according to authorities. At the time of this offense, the defendant was wearing a GPS monitoring bracelet; police used the information from the device to place Flores at the scene of the alleged crime. If convicted, Flores, who was on formal probation at the time for a prior misdemeanor indecent exposure case in South San Diego County, faces up to three years in prison, District Attorney Dan Owens said outside the courtroom. Under California law, if a person is convicted of misdemeanor indecent exposure any subsequent prosecution of that crime is an automatic felony, Owens said. A d d i t i o n a l l y, Flores, who remains in custody on $800,000 bail, has a 2007 conviction out of Orange County for lewd conduct charges. His next scheduled court appearance is July 8.



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Keeping our teens safe on the road By Nancy Perry-Sheridan


Not again. Five more teens have been in another North County car crash resulting in one fatality and several injuries. My heart sank as I read the newspaper headline and thought about all of those affected by this most recent tragedy — the teens, their families, peers, schools, neighbors, fire, police and hospital personnel that attend to the medical needs. There are efforts in our local communities to make a difference by working together to raise awareness about driving safety. “You drink, you drive, you’re done,” was the theme of the Start Smart driving class held at San Dieguito High School Academy in Encinitas on May 19 in response to the alarming rate of teen car crashes, fatalities and injuries in North County this year. The class was targeted to teenagers between the ages of 15 and 19 with a driver’s permit or license and their parent or guardian. One key to the class is that parents and teens attend the class together, providing the ideal opportunity to talk about issues that are raised in the class, and to discuss family rules and expectations. The objective for this class, which was sponsored by the Encinitas Sheriff’s Department, was to educate parents and teens about safe driving habits and to increase awareness about the responsibilities of driving. Parents and teens watched videos of inexperienced teen driving and high-risk behaviors. “I always have a hard time getting through this presentation when I look at the photos from scenes of car crashes that I responded to,” Deputy Sheriff Matt Carpenter said. “These crashes affect me for a long, long time.” The class also offered useful tips to avoid collisions, devel-

op safe driving habits, discuss parental roles and responsibilities and a chance to learn from personal testimonies. An added outcome of this class was the opportunity for parents and teens to talk about family expectations about various situations such as not getting into a car with someone that has been drinking, and to develop action plans.“Having the opportunity to talk with my daughters about problem solving and handling issues before they arise is invaluable,” said Denise Fidel, parent of freshman and sophomore daughters who attended the Start Smart class. Parents and teens were provided with many resources, such as the California Highway Patrol’s driving safety agreement, parenting booklets about navigating the teen years and information about the social host ordinance. We know that some parents allow their teens and their friends to drink alcohol in their homes, in spite of the fact that it is illegal. The social host ordinance is designed to crack down on “house parties,” where underage drinking is permitted. Parents that allow teens to drink at their home can be charged with a misdemeanor, which carries a fine up to $1,000, and/or six months in jail, and community service obligations. There are consequences for underage providers as well. Teenagers between the ages of 13 and 21 who violate the law may have their driver’s licenses suspended, revoked or delayed for up to one year for each offense related to the possession. This is true even if the offense does not involve an automobile. “The community response to the Start Smart classes has exceeded all of our expectations,” Encinitas Sgt. Mark O’Connor said. “Our job is to enforce the law and to educate TURN TO TEENS ON 31

Street sign wavers survive effort to ban them Commission seeks more input Just when Vista sign spinners thought they would be added to the outta work lines they received a temporary time out. The Planning Commission had been requested to develop language to be added to the sign law that would have eliminated the twirlers. These folks engage in great calisthenics with the signs advertising businesses. Commissioners decided instead to seek more information from the business community. So for the time being, motorists waiting for traffic lights to turn green can continue to enjoy these unique messages.

Bus for Boys & Girls Club San Dieguito Boys & Girls Club is one of a dozen nonprofits in the county to be bequeathed a retired North County Transit District shuttle bus. Until recently these had been in service for transporting seniors and handicapped folks.

Closed session cancelled

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BILL ARBALLO Eye on the Coast celled. Reason? Conditions had not been met for holding such a meeting to decide how to handle the issue related to the city manager’s resignation. It appeared on the June 9 council regular agenda instead.

High-tech bingo Satellite bingo, as is being proposed to be held at Surfside Race Place likely by the end of the year, is under consideration by the Poway city electeds. Electronic bingo must benefit nonprofit organizations and is more profitable for winners becuz it is hooked up to other participating facilities via satellite similar to off-track betting. Race Place is waiting for approval of a city ordinance, which is one of the requirements for conducting bingo.

Hours before a Flower Capital Sales tax panel closed session was scheduled to In April 2005, a TransNet tax take place on June 2 it was canpanel was appointed to monitor and evaluate the spending of the $14 billion tax that was narrowly approved by the voters. Activities of the panel Contact a Reporter CARLSBAD have been quiet. Is it meeting? ALYX SARIOL asariol@coastnewsgroup.com

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International attraction

LAURIE SUTTON lsutton@coastnewsgroup.com

Not too many years ago world fairs were a major happening and were the source of a lotta stories and pix. San Diego had the Pan Pacific Exposition in Balboa Park in 1935 and many of the buildings that are still in use today were constructed for that event. The world’s fair in China that runs through October has 61 major countries represented including the U.S. of A. Its pavilion cost $81 bil., which includes funding provided by major companies like Chevron and Pepsi Cola. The fair is expected to pull 70 million visitors.

Unique recycling company Former longtime superintendent of technology education at the County Fair Roger Taylor, who is also a retired metal shop teacher from San Dieguito High School, is a principal in a company that is recovering debris from the ocean that will aid the environment as well as likely become profitable.Tons of junk, like plastic products, is collecting in an area between the West Coast and Hawaii. The dump is reported to be the size of the state of Texas.

Multi-lane add-ons

Caltrans has announced plans to widen I-5 by as much as six lanes between La Jolla Jct. and O’side. Car pool, bus and a toll lane are in the mix. An environment study is Traffic lights due for release, then public meetC’bad’s La Costa Avenue is slat- ings will be held to gather input ed to have five new traffic lights from the public. Projected cost? In with the first one to be installed at excess of $4.5 billion. Nuevo Castillo Way at a cost of 200 grand. Additional ones are on a Rice book published future agenda. A sixth one at Author/writer Diane Welch of Levante will be paid for by La Costa Solbeach has published a photoTown Square when it is built. It’s all filled book on Lilian J. Rice, master about traffic regulation and making architect whose footprints are it easier for motorists to move on all over the Rancho Santa Fe that busy thoroughfare. village and San Dieguito High TURN TO EYE ON THE COAST ON 31

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JUNE 18, 2010

community CALENDAR

Got an item for the calendar? Send the details via e-mail to calendar@coastnewsgroup.com.

JUNE 18 BUSINESS FORUM The North County Business and Industry Forum will be held from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. June 18, Palomar College campus, 1140 Mission Road, San Marcos. The keynote speaker is Reo Carr, publisher of the San Diego Business Journal, followed by several panels and workshops. To register, visit www.sanmarcoschamber.com.

JUNE 19 CLUB POTLUCK MiraCosta Horticulture Club will meet for its annual potluck at 12:45 p.m. June 19, Garden Room at Alta Vista Gardens, Brengle Terrace Park, 1270 Vale Terrace, Vista. The refreshment team will provide a meat dish, but bring a favorite dish of your own to share. For details, call Judith at (760) 304-4374. FAIR FUN The Burn Institute will host its 20th annual Viejas Fire Expo and Firefighter Demolition Derby from 10:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. June 19, San Diego County Fair, Del Mar Fairgrounds. Event highlights will include “live” firefighting demonstrations throughout the day, a Burn Run Parade of fire trucks and apparatus at 1 p.m., the firefighter demolition derby at 4 p.m. and a fire and burn prevention education pavilion. For details, visit www.burninstitute.org.

JUNE 20 FILM CLUB The North County film club will conclude its first film series at 4 p.m. June 20 with a screening of “The Lookout”, UltraStar Mission Marketplace Theater, 431 College Blvd., Oceanside. The film will be followed by a pizza dinner and discussion at Round Table Pizza, next door to the theater. E-mail Jim Hamilton at ncfilmclub@gmail.com to learn more. POETRY SLAM Join Sunset Poets for a poetry reading at 3 p.m. June 20, Hill Street Café, 524 S. Coast Highway 101, Oceanside. The reading will feature the poetry group Ben Arnold’s Poetry Circus, followed by open mike. Call (760) 758-2410 or e-mail SunsetPoets@sbcglobal.net to learn more.

JUNE 21 BOOK SIGNING Author Claire Cook will read from and sign her seventh novel “Seven Year Switch” at 7 p.m. June 21, Book Works, 2670 Via de la Valle, Del Mar. For details, visit www.bookworks.com. GOLF TOURNEY Raise funds for scholarships for disabled high school students at the seventh annual Arthur Hemingway Golf Classic beginning at 8 a.m. June 21, El Camino Country Club, 3202 Vista Way, Oceanside. Cost is $125 per person and includes green fees, golf cart, tournament shirt and buffet lunch. To sign-up, call Darryl Wilson at (760) 497-1192 or Tom Kimbrel at (760) 685-1166.


FASHION FORWARD The members of the 2010 Art of Fashion Committee for the Sept. 23 Art of Fashion Runway Show, include front row from left, Heidi Timlake, Connie Englert, Sharon Ferges, AOF Chairwoman Andrea Naversen, The Country Friends President Jeanne Lucia, Jo Ely and Marci Cavanaugh, and back row from left, Judy Burer, Anna Waite, Deborah Cross, Pearl Padovano and Donna Ahlstrom. Photo by Justin Holmes

Annual high fashion day readied for Rancho Santa Fe RANCHO SANTA FE — Top designs will take to the runway Sept. 23 in Rancho Santa Fe when The Country Friends present the Art of Fashion Runway Show in partnership with South Coast Plaza for the sixth straight year. Tickets begin at $225 for the fashion show and lunch, or $125 for the fashion show only. Guests can purchase tickets online at www. TheCountryFriends.org or by calling (858) 756-1192, ext. 4. “We are thrilled to have such an incredible lineup of designers taking part in this

year’s show,” said Jeanne Lucia, president of The Country Friends. “We look forward to a fabulous afternoon of philanthropy and fashion.” Considered the premier style event in Southern California, the show will also include the latest trends from the fall/winter collections of Ermenegildo Zegna, Marni, Max Mara, Saks Fifth Avenue and St. John. Andrea Naversen, the Art of Fashion chairwoman, announced this year’s major sponsors, including: — The Walter J. and Betty C. Zable Foundation

— The Family of Betty L. Mabee — The John & Mary Rainsford Charitable Foundation — Karen and Robert Hoehn of Hoehn Jaguar, Land Rover in Carlsbad — R.J.L. Wealth Management — DJO Incorporated — Denise and Bertrand Hug of Mille Fleurs — Falkner Winery — Classic Party Rentals — EDCO Waste & Recycling Services — The Inn at Rancho

Santa Fe — Park ‘N Fly — Dowling & Yahnke Wealth Management — Frank and Tonita McKone — Ranch & Coast Magazine “Thanks to our sponsors’ generosity in these tough economic times, The Country Friends will be able to fund much-needed programs serving thousands of people throughout San Diego County,” Naversen said. Proceeds from the luncheon, fashion show, boutique shopping and wine tasting

will benefit programs at 18 charities, including Big Brothers-Big Sisters, Canine Companions for Independence, Project Concern International, and the San Diego Blood Bank to name just a few. The event will begin with a luncheon on the lawn at The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe, followed by the runway show, and will conclude with a wine tasting known as Apres Affaire, hosted by Falkner Winery. Throughout the day, the boutiques of TURN TO FASHION ON 35

World Cup amounts to eye candy for the fairer sex All right, ladies. I think it is our turn. I have decided that World Cup soccer games have the potential for women that the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition has for men. If you sit down and really watch, it is nothing but eye candy. Oh yeah, fellahs. That’s right. What is sauce for the goose is occasionally sauce for the gander.Who’s with me? Every one of these young soccer stars is in peak physical condition, hence just delightful to observe in action. It seems like most of them even have a square jaw, chiseled features, good hair and look every bit as fine covered in sweat as they do before the match starts. Actually, I think they look better drenched in sweat. It works just like a wet T-shirt contest, except we get to see seriously defined abs and pecs. These adorable fellows also have particularly amazing quadriceps from hustling endlessly up and down the field, and necks and shoulders equal-

JEAN GILLETTE Small Talk ly impressive from bonking the ball with their heads. I don’t care what age you are, seeing such beautiful specimens of the male sex is good TV.And unlike the ridiculous reality shows, we don’t have to listen to these guys say anything stupid. Now if we can just get one of them to rip off their shirt like Brandy Chastain did. It’s a lovely view that most of us just don’t get to see that often, at least not in such numbers. We don’t require it on a regular basis, but it’s a pity to overlook the occasional visual buffet. You could, I suppose, cruise the coastline looking for surfers in their wetsuits, but even then you’re not getting the chiseled physiques sported

BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY Have you dreamed of owning your own modeling agency?

Once in a lifetime opportunity to represent star models from around the world and be connected to a Global Network of Modeling Agencies. Must have financial resources and references.



by the professional soccer player. And besides, you might cause a fender-bender on 101. From my aging point of view, these international athletes are just so darned cute.So young, so earnest, so into their game face. I’ll bet they have no clue they are being ogled by happily married women of all ages across the globe. It’s probably best that way.I’m sure they already are well aware that they are chick magnets, but beyond that, it will remain our little secret. Beefcake is beef-

cake and, no matter how demure you are, we are hardwired to admire it, so enjoy. I don’t know why I’m not as impressed by other athletes. Baseball and basketball players have muscle potential but somehow it’s not the same. Of course, football players are thoroughly smothered in pads and helmets and such. In track, they’re just moving too fast. Outside of soccer, you have to turn to water sports to equal the level of muscle tone. I still applaud that one American

Olympic water polo team who posed for Vanity Fair. They worked hard for those bodies and really needed to get them out of the water and show them off before they hit 30 and it all goes to fat. But let’s not get into that. For now, a global gathering of gorgeous soccer gods are working up a sweat just for me, and that will do nicely. Jean Gillette is an unrepentant fan of men in general. Contact her at jgillette@coastnewsgroup.com.



Poolside benefit raises funds for City Ballet By Patty McCormac

RANCHO SANTA FE — A fundraising event for City Ballet was held at the Fairbanks Ranch home of Jovi and Robert LeBorne on June 6. About 100 hundred supporters showed up for a wonderful, sunny afternoon by the pool and tasted wine, nibbled at appetizers and networked with their fellow ballet enthusiasts. Later, some of

the dancers performed for the group. City Ballet not only brings together the best dancers from around the country and the world to dance classical and contemporary ballet at the Spreckle’s Theater in downtown San Diego, it also teaches dance to children and adults. In its

JUNE 18, 2010

Who’s NEWS? Business news and special achievements for North San Diego County. Send information via e-mail to community@ coastnewsgroup.com. Sunset soiree


Steven Wistrich, Ariana Sameulson, Betsey Wistrich and Jan Gleisner, all of San Diego. Photos by Patty McCormac

Above, Anne Bernstein, Paul Scott and Margaret Jackson, all of San Diego. Below, Joe and Linda Satz of La Jolla.

RANCHO SANTA FE — Canyon Crest Academy held a Sunset Soirée in the Ranch on June 11 to celebrate the generous support of the Canyon Crest Academy Foundation. The event was held at the Cielo Club House in Rancho Santa Fe with appetizers by Thyme in the Ranch, homemade desserts by Susan Robison and live entertainment by Kenny Beaumont Music. Special guests included Andrea Naversen of Ranch Coast Magazine and Susan DeVincent, host of KyXy’s Morning Show.

Marines clean up

Above, Luisa Peck and hosts Robert and Jovi LeBorne. Below, Jeanine Palmer, JoAnne Emery, Susana Leung, all of San Diego, and Denise Larkin of Fallbrook. Fred Kiko of San Diego.

OCEANSIDE — More than 300 Marines from Camp Pendleton’s Center for Naval Aviation Technical Training Marine Unit took part in a community clean up June 11 in the Eastside Neighborhood, coordinated by the Neighborhood Services Department in conjunction with the Eastside Neighborhood Association. The clean up encompassed trash and large-item removal from properties throughout the neighborhood.

No smoking CARLSBAD — Laurel Tree Apartments, which serves as part of the affordable housing need in Carlsbad with apartment units affordable to very lowincome families, celebrated its 10th anniversary. The apartment complex has passed a 100 percent smoke-free policy, making them the first affordable housing complex in Carlsbad to do so.

USD names board RANCHO SANTA FE — Rancho Santa Fe resident Ron L. Fowler, chairman and chief executive officer of San Diego-based Liquid Investments, Inc., has been elected chairman of the University of San Diego’s board of trustees, effective July 1. Other officers included board President Barbara Groth, Vice President Beth Hergesheimer, Board Clerk TURN TO WHO’S NEWS? ON 29



JUNE 18, 2010


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JUNE 18, 2010


crime REPORT A weekly log of neighborhood crime. Compiled by Randy Kalp A report for the week of June 1, 2010 to June 8, 2010 IN A FLASH A $900 camera was reportedly stolen from a vehicle parked on Cancha de Golf in Rancho Santa Fe sometime between 7 p.m. June 3 and 8:45 a.m. June 4. CUT OUT Someone reportedly stole a knife and a pair of sunglasses from a vehicle parked on Teaberry Street in Encinitas sometime between 5 p.m. June 1 and 5:30 a.m. June 2. SMALL TIME FRAME An Encinitas residence on Alexandra Lane was reportedly burglarized sometime between 8:50 and 11 a.m. June 1. HOME

Avenue in Carlsbad sometime before 10:30 a.m. June 2. EARLY BIRD Someone reportedly burglarized a vehicle parked on South Myers Street in Oceanside sometime between 2 and 6 a.m. June 2. CAR STOLEN A vehicle parked on Mesa Drive in Oceanside was reportedly stolen sometime between 5 p.m. June 3 and 2:30 a.m. June 4. TAPPED Someone reportedly stole two beer taps valued at 17.99 each from the CVS pharmacy on South Melrose Drive in Vista around 4 p.m. June 3. AFTER MIDNIGHT A Vista residence on Calle Elegante was reportedly burglarized of a $5,000 vehicle and nearly $3,000 in electronics sometime after midnight June 5.

CRIME LOG Compiled by Randy Kalp


Someone reportedly burglarized a residence on Simsbury Court in Carlsbad sometime before 7:30 p.m. June 6. VDUB STOLEN A white 2009 Volkswagen TDI was reportedly stolen around 3 p.m. June 4 from the north end area of South Carlsbad State Beach campground. BEAM ME UP Someone reportedly stole 100 iron/aluminum orange beams valued at $50 each from Plastic Engineering on West Loker

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of a major provider of investment Alexandr Sergeyevich Bobnev services. Bobnev allegedly accessed was indicted in New York on Nov. compromised accounts and wire 26, 2008, on one count of conspiracy transferred funds out of these to commit wire fraud and one count accounts to money mules in the of conspiracy to commit money United States. laundering. Bobnev was born July These mules were then respon15, 1986, in Russia. He is 6 feet tall sible for transferring the money and weighs 150 pounds. He has back to Bobnev. Between June of brown hair and brown eyes. 2007 and August of 2007, Bobnev Bobnev goes by the nicknames ALEXANDR BOBNEV allegedly wired or attempted to “Junkie” and “Junkieweb.” He has a Russian passport and maintains ties with wire over $350,000 from compromised Russia. accounts. Bobnev was indicted for his alleged parIf you know of Bobnev’s whereabouts, ticipation in a money laundering scheme contact the nearest FBI office or American involving unauthorized access to the accounts Embassy or Consulate.

San Diego County’s


Never attempt to arrest a fugitive yourself. These files should not be relied upon for any type of legal action. If the subject is a fugitive from our 10 Most Wanted page, e-mail San Diego Crime Stoppers or call their hot line at 888-580-TIPS 24 hours a day. For details, log on to www.sdsheriff.net/tmw. For warrant inquiries, information or to pass along a tip, use the sheriff’s online Tip Form.

The following information was gathered from law enforcement’s most available records for the week of June 1, 2010 to June 8, 2010.

ENCINITAS Petty Theft 2, Burglary 2, Vandalism 2, Assault 0, Grand Theft 1, Robbery 0 SOLANA BEACH Petty Theft 1, Burglary 3, Vandalism 1 Assault 0, Grand Theft 0 Robbery 0 RANCHO

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Petty Theft 0, Burglary 2, Vandalism 0, Assault 0, Grand Theft 0, Robbery 0 CARLSBAD Petty Theft 6, Burglary 9, Vandalism 4, Assault 0, Grand Theft 8, Robbery 0 SAN MARCOS Petty Theft 0, Burglary 0, Vandalism 0, Assault 0, Grand Theft 0, Robbery 0 OCEANSIDE Petty Theft 4, Burglary 8, Vandalism 0, Assault 0, Grand Theft 1, Robbery 0 VISTA Petty Theft 3, Burglary 7, Vandalism 4, Assault 0, Grand Theft 3, Robbery 0

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Seyyed Nasser Alavi Loftabad Battery, Unlawful Penetration, 2005

Ramiro Lizarraga Murder November 2007

Brandon Scott Ellis Conspiracy September 2008

Julio Cesar JacoboCuriel Murder San Marcos, 2008

Gerardo M. Gomez Attempted Murder December 2004

Imedo Molina Laurel Murder December 2005

Jose A. Lopez Attempted Murder December 2004

Ricardo Persona Rape, Child Molestation San Diego, Jan. 1997

Julio Romero Child Molestation Ramona, 2005

Arturo G. Gomez Rape with Force San Diego, May 2007

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Local travel agent visits Rwanda for gorilla treks By Lillian Cox

CARLSBAD — In April, Natalie Tuomi traveled 9,377 miles in search of the mountain gorillas of Parc National des Vocans in Rwanda. The animals gained prominence in the 1988 Academy Award-nominated film, “Gorillas in the Mist,” about the heroic efforts of American zoologist Dian Fossey to save the gorillas from extinction and her subsequent murder in 1985. “There was a lot of poaching then,” Tuomi, a Carlsbad resident, said. “We went to the area where Dian Fossey befriended the gorillas. We were going to see her grave but it was three miles away and we heard it was in poor condition.” Tuomi, who is a travel agent with Carefree Vacations in Encinitas, was impressed by the operation of the 386square-mile park and its measures to protect the animals. “Rangers patrol the park all the time and close it at night,” she said.” They check the perimeters to make sure the gorillas don’t go out or get ensnarled in the fence. Money goes to the upkeep and to give the community a livelihood. There is a lot of good teamwork and eco-economics.” Tuomi, who is in her 70s, made reservations with Volcanos Safaris for an eightnight vacation visiting Parc National des Vocans in Rwanda and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park and Bwindi Impenetrable Park in Uganda. She explained that the day started at 5:30 or 6 a.m. with a long drive to the park entrance.Tourists waited until they were assigned a gorilla family to trek. Rangers patrol the area the night before to pinpoint the gorillas so they are easier to find in the morning. Once visitors encounter a gorilla family, they have one hour to observe and take photos. Visitors must stay at least 15 feet away from the animals. “The gorillas looked at us and were not afraid of people,” she said. “The babies are like humans. One was doing somersaults and had fruit in his mouth. He wanted to nurse. One female wasn’t interested so he went to another who was sleeping. She allowed him.” Tuomi was surprised to TURN TO GORILLA ON 24

INVESTIGATE Civil • Criminal Corporate • Political

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Jason Mraz to be honored at Surf Industry gala


PET WEEK Randy is a 5-monthold, neutered male, Labrador retriever blend. He plays well with others, adores other dogs and likes to play catch. He is a little shy at first and would do best in a patient, loving home and would make an excellent companion for another dog. Randy’s adoption fee is $225. All pets adopted from Helen Woodward Animal Center have been spayed or neutered, have up-todate vaccinations and

microchip identification. Helen Woodward Animal Center kennels are open everyday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Applications are accepted until 5:45 p.m. at 6461 El Apajo Road in Rancho Santa Fe.

Proposed business tax gets the axe By Bianca Kaplanek

SOLANA BEACH — Solana Beach residents rejected a business tax that could have added approximately $500,000 annually to city coffers. With slightly more than 57 percent of voters opposing Proposition L in the June 8 election, city officials will have to look elsewhere to address a half-million-dollar deficit in the upcoming fiscal year budget. Council members began looking at the tax early last year as one of five options to help increase revenue and balance the budget. A sales tax and fire benefit fee increase, the addition of a utility tax and a decrease in the minimum night stay for short-term vacation rentals were all

rejected for various reasons. The business tax was initially met with opposition but city officials and representatives from the business community worked together for months to create a model both sides eventually agreed on. “I’m disappointed because we all worked so hard with the business community and we had strong business support,” said Deputy Mayor Lesa Heebner. “Ultimately it was up to the voters to decide. Fortunately we are an efficient, well-run city with healthy reserves, and we will move forward from here.” The tax would have been based on gross receipts and ranged from $50 to TURN TO BUSINESS TAX ON 35

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LA JOLLA — Jason Mraz will receive the 2010 Surf Industry Manufacturers Association Humanitarian of the Year Award at this year’s Liquid Nation Ball 7. Tickets are now on sale for Liquid Nation Ball 7, the official fundraiser for the SIMA Humanitarian Fund, set for 7:30 p.m. Aug. 14 in La Jolla, with proceeds benefiting 13 surf-related humanitarian organizations. “The surf community has drawn a circle in the sand and asked me to step inside of it. In this case, the circle is reserved for humanitarians and it delights me to be seen as such a person,” Mraz said. “From where I stand within

that circle of stoke, I’m inspired to work harder and be of greater service. As one of hundreds of thousands to be motivated by impactful organizations such as Life Rolls on, I’m humbled to be chosen as the SIMA Humanitarian of the Year. I look forward to Liquid Nation Ball as a chance to meet my comrades in contribution, expanding and strengthening this community and raising more funds, supporting the deserving beneficiaries of the night.” Liquid Nation Ball 7 will be held at the oceanfront home of Fernando Aguerre, where one of the best private surfboard collections in the

world is on display. The SIMA Humanitarian Fund Board of Directors aims to continue the record fundraising legacy and raise $250,000 at Liquid Nation Ball 7. Tickets are available on a first-come, first-served basis and are $300 per person.

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Only 375 tickets will be sold. To purchase tickets or to make a donation, go to www.liquid-nation.com. For event information or to make a contribution to the SIMA Humanitarian Fund, contact Shannon Park at shannon@sima.com or by calling (949) 366-1164, ext. 2.

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JUNE 18, 2010


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Former broadcaster gets 180 days in jail for DUI By Randy Kalp

CARLSBAD — A former news anchor was sentenced June 7 to six months in jail relating to a felony drunken driving arrest. Don Cannon, a staple in Pittsburgh broadcasting since 1969, will surrender himself June 17 to the sheriff’s department to begin serving his sentence in connection to his fourth DUI arrest in less than two years. Under California law, a fourth DUI arrest within 10 years constitutes a felony, and carries a maximum sen-

LA JOLLA — More than 250 guests are expected to attend Postcards From The Pacific: Oceans of Memories, a dinner dance from 6 to 10 p.m. June 26 to benefit the nonprofit The George G. Glenner Alzheimer’s Family Centers. This year’s signature event will be held at Scripps Seaside Forum at 8610 Kennel Way. Carol LeBeau will be Mistress of Ceremonies. The evening is both a celebration of another successful

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Alzheimer’s centers to benefit from dinner dance

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tence of three years in prison. Cannon’s attorney, Craig Griswold, asked the court to grant his client probation, saying he believed the 70-year-old broadcaster finally understands alcohol cannot be a part of his life, which he said was evident by the broadcaster voluntarily entering a San Marcos recovery center last August. “He has learned his lesson,” Griswold said. However, Prosecutor

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JUNE 18, 2010

Teen to stand trial for death of his sister’s husband

Low-rolling resistance tires prove good value

By Randy Kalp

By Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports’ recent tests of a new generation of fuel-efficient tires found that they not only save gas but are also good all-around performers. Two models it looked at — the Michelin Energy Saver A/S and the Cooper GFE — have low rolling resistance, a quality that can help a car get more miles per gallon. Rolling resistance, or the force a tire needs to keep it moving down the road, accounts for about 4 percent of a vehicle’s fuel use in city driving and about 7 percent on the highway, according to the Department of Transportation. Replacing high-rolling-resistance tires can result in more than $100 in annual fuel savings. Automakers often specify fuel-saving tires as original equipment to help a vehicle’s fuel economy numbers. But replacement tires aren’t limited to an automaker’s requirements, and attributes such as allseason grip and tread life are big selling points. In the past, consumers had to weigh a trade-off between low rolling resistance and other performance properties. In recent years, tire manufacturers have been achieving a better balance of rolling resistance and allweather grip. And now they’re marketing tires specifically for their claimed fuel efficiency. In CR’s tests of the Michelin Energy Saver A/S and Cooper GFE, the new formulations seem to be working. Both new tire models fared well, and the Michelin was exceptional. It not only had the lowest rolling resistance of any allseason tire CR has tested but also scored Very Good in dry and wet braking. It ranks second among all Trated all-season tires. The Cooper finished midpack in the group. Its rolling resistance was not as low as the Michelin’s, but it performed well in all-weather grip, hydroplaning resistance, and emergency handling. By comparison, the Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max, the model that had the lowest rolling resistance in CR’s November 2009 test, rated somewhat lower among the highly competitive performance H-rated tires, though it performed well in most respects and displayed decent all-weather grip. For comparison purposes, CR examined how the two newly-tested tires stacked up against 23 other models of T-rated tires it previously rated. In that ratings chart, the Michelin Energy Saver A/S ranked second overall behind the Michelin HydroEdge. The Cooper TURN TO CONSUMER ON 29

PERFECT ATTENDANCE Nine students from R. Roger Rowe School were honored by the board of education on June 3 for their perfect attendance for the entire school year. Pictured above are Danielle Frank, kindergarten; Jasmine Jaffee, fourth grade; Tice McKinney, fourth grade; Anthony Piglovski, fifth grade; and Andrew Taggart, seventh grade. Also earning the honor, but unable to attend the meeting, were Brenda Bazaldua and Natalie Schroeder, both third- graders; Keith Wong, sixth grade; and Jonathan Luck, seventh grade. Photo by Patty McCormac

Graduate receives long-awaited diploma By Lillian Cox

DEL MAR — Among 632 seniors graduating from Torrey Pines High School on June 18, no one could be happier than Jeremy SicileKira. And this isn’t the first time Jeremy has walked with his graduating class. Three years ago Jeremy, who is severely autistic, completed the functional life skills track at Torrey Pines. For his efforts, he walked through the ceremony but he did not receive a diploma. In the fall he proceeded to an off-campus transition program to learn living and job skills. “He didn’t do well,” said his mother, Chantal Sicile-Kira. “He was noncompliant and didn’t want to do anything. He was bored.” Jeremy was educated through a combination of home schooling by his mother and special education that included taking mainstream classes at Torrey Pines in marketing, economics, social sciences and psychology. Because he was unable to speak, Chantal Sicile-Kira taught Jeremy how to communicate using applied behavior analysis. The technique involves a laminated, paper keyboard, which Jeremy uses to spell words by pointing. Frustrated that Jeremy was doing poorly in the transition program, Chantal Sicile-Kira spoke with Bruce Cochrane, executive director of pupil services at the San Dieguito Union High School District. “Bruce said, ‘Why didn’t you have him go for his diploma?” she said. Chantal Sicile-Kira learned that in order to graduate with an academic diploma, Jeremy first needed to pass a high school exit exam and earn credit in required subjects. “The school looked at Jeremy’s transcripts,” she said. “Since he was allowed to be in the educational system until the age of 22, he

Another thing that six chances to pass the had enough time to earn credit if he took two classes worked in Jeremy’s favor California exit exam. was that students are given “We thought we’d have a semester.” him take the test and use it as a baseline,” she said. “He passed it the first time.” This fall Jeremy will start college the same time as his younger sister Rebecca, who graduates from Canyon Crest Academy on June 18. She is entering UC Davis as a freshman. Jeremy will embark on a degree in journalism or communications at MiraCosta College. This semester he got a head start by completing a course in intercultural communications. Jeremy is already a published writer. He’s written a column titled “Life As I See It” in the school newspaper. In April he published an editorial in the North County TURN TO DIPLOMA ON 26

COLLEGE-BOUND Jeremy Sicile-Kira, who is severely autistic, is among 632 students graduating from Torrey Pines High School this week. He’ll be studying journalism or communications at MiraCosta College this fall. Author Chantal Sicile-Kira has always believed in her son’s potential, even when she was advised to “find a good institution for Jeremy” when he was growing up. “He is heading to a good institution now,” she said. “It’s called ‘college.’” Photo by Lillian Cox

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OCEANSIDE — A teenager accused of fatally shooting his brother-in-law will have to stand trial for the murder, a San Diego Superior Court judge ruled June 10 at a preliminary hearing in a Vista courtroom. Cesar Magdaleno, who was 17 at the time of the incident, is being charged as an adult with one count of second-degree murder in connection to gunning down Hector Nava on Oct. 22, 2009, while the 26-yearold played a video game in his Oceanside apartment in the 1200 block of El Camino Real. In his ruling, Judge Joel Pressman called the case a “real tragedy” and said the evidence presented at the hearing opened up many questions, which he said was “bothersome.” On the surface, the murder seems rather straightforward; Magdaleno took Nava’s 9 mm handgun from the victim’s bedroom and pointed the weapon point-blank at his head and pulled the trigger. Magdaleno, who has pleaded not guilty to the murder charge, has maintained the shooting was an accident. At the preliminary hearing, however, other components to the story were revealed. Police interviews with Magdaleno and Nava’s wife, Luz Nava, unraveled a failing, possibly abusive, marriage and at least three different versions of the shooting from Magdaleno, who initially denied any involvement. Oceanside police Detective George Darrah TURN TO DEATH ON 24

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Horizon Prep Headmaster Ken Kush welReady to officially break ground on the Horizon Prep school’s new campus, is, from left, Macy Kush, Andrew Setili, comes the crowd and opens the festiviBlake Brown, Madison Hougard, Headmaster Ken Kush, Bob Botsford, Matt Botsford, Noah Herring, Abby Gammel ties at the June 9 groundbreaking for and Alex Scafidi. Courtesy photos Horizon Prep’s expanding campus.

Melissa Seller’s fourth-graders, from left, Caileigh Poeschl, Rachel Oberst, Hailey Gabhart, Kylie Preske, Molly Dypvik and Audrey Thesing, lead the crowd in Horizon Prep’s favorite cheer, “Lord, you are good!” to celebrate the June 9 groundbreaking.

It is standing room only for the grateful crowd of Horizon Prep students, families and supporters at the June 9 groundbreaking ceremony for the school’s expanding campus.

Students representing every grade level participated, including, front row, from left, first-grader Alex Scafidi, third-grader Abby Gammel, fourth-grader Noah Herring, second-grader Macy Kush and back row, from left, eighth-grader Madison Hougard, seventh-grader Matt Botsford, fifth-grader Blake Brown and sixth-grader Andrew Setili.

Notes from the Wine Warehouse spring tasting FRANK MANGIO

Taste of Wine I have reported several times this year on the extraordinary number of wine events and outreach that have been staged in an effort to get before the trade and public. The pace has been dizzying (no pun intended) to keep up with all of them and bring you up to date on the newest and best releases. One of the most influential wine marketing and distribution companies in the world is Wine Warehouse. For 30-plus years it has

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offered more than 10,000 wines and other beverages for sale to the retail trade in California. Retail and restaurant customers look to Wine Warehouse for superior wine and related products. More than 500 new release wines were brought by recently by some 120 wineries from all over the world. Many of the owners and winemakers were at this gathering at the Hilton Bayfront in San Diego, to engage firsthand with potential and current customers. When I arrived, I went over right away to Temecula’s Thornton Winery to visit with owners Steve and John Thornton with winemaker Don Reha. They were excited about the seven new Spring wines that have just been released that I will be reporting on in a future column. Then I moved over to Enrico Nicoletta’s booth. He manages the Italian wine portfolio for Wine Warehouse and was anxious to have me taste the latest from Felsina and Barone Ricasoli, both Chianti Classico front-runners from Tuscany. The Felsina 2007 “Beradenga” with 100 percent Sangiovese sells for $20 and is made by one of the master makers Guiseppe Mazzocolin. Barone Ricasoli is a bigger winery that is just north

Syrah. Brett Escalera is the owner-winemaker. Brett also served at Byron and Fess Parker wineries. Normally I don’t think much of wines with more than 15 percent alcohol, but this one is balanced to perfection. It’s a true premium Syrah and one to watch for at just $18. Look it up at www.consiliencewines. com.

Water in wine is the purest

CLASSICO Enrico Ncoletta, Wine Warehouse representative for Italian Wines, pours a 2006 Chianti Classico from Felsina in Tuscany for “Taste Of Wine” columnist Frank Mangio. Courtesy photo

of Felsina. Its Chianti Classico 2006 was in the top five wines in the world awarded by Wine Spectator in 2009. My “Taste of Wine Top Ten Tastes for 2009” had the Brolio Ricasoli Chianti Classico Tuscany 2003 listed. Price is just $11 if you

can find it. Just a dash of Merlot and Cabernet adds great depth to the Sangiovese base. Finally I want to mention a strong, fruity find in Consilience from Santa Barbara County and its 2006

Most people know that wine is made up of mostly water but what they may not know is that the water in wine is the purest available. As the wise and humble Ben Franklin once said: “In wine there is wisdom, in beer there is freedom, in water there is bacteria.” In the fermentation for wine, there is a process of boiling, filtering and fermenting. So, enjoy that glass of wine. Not only does it taste good and make you feel good, your body is getting the most healthy irrigation known to man.

Wine Bytes — VINZ Wine Bar downtown Escondido is back with Vinnie Griffin as owner with the wine bar and German beer garden linked up. The V Lounge again has Friday entertainment with guitarist TURN TO TASTE OF WINE ON 31



JUNE 18, 2010

Agents missed Gardner’s violations By Randy Kalp

ESCONDIDO — “The defendant does not suffer from a psychotic order. He is simply a bad guy who is inordinately interested in young girls,” said Dr. Matthew Carroll in 2000 after evaluating John Gardner prior to his sentencing for the brutal sexual assault of a teenage neighbor. Despite Carroll’s recommendation that Gardner deserved the longest sentence possible because of his significant predatory traits toward young females and Gardner’s inability to be rehabilitated due to his belief that he did nothing wrong, Gardner was released from prison after serving five years of a sixyear term and then placed on parole in 2005 with minimal GPS monitoring, which state officials now realize was inadequate. “Our review revealed that during Gardner’s parole supervision, the department did not identify his aberrant behavior, including unlawfully entering the grounds of a state prison — a felony — as well as numerous instances of violating the conditions of his parole,” said California Inspector General David R. Shaw in his special report issued June 2 relating to the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation’s supervision of Gardner. Shaw stated Gardner’s repeated parole violations included being within 100 yards of places where children congregate, residing within a half-mile of a school, leaving his residence during curfew, and having access to a storage facility. He said if the department had “aggressively monitored” Gardner’s GPS data during his parole, it would have identified the aforementioned criminal acts, which could have sent Gardner back to prison. District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis told Shaw that had the correction’s department brought to her attention that Gardner entered the grounds of a state prison while on parole, she would have charged him with a third-strike felony, which carries a maximum sentence of 25 years to life in prison if convicted, according the report. On May 14, San Diego Superior Court Judge David Danielsen sentenced Gardner, 31, to two life terms in prison for the rape and murder of Amber Dubois and Chelsea King, and another 25 years to life sentence relating to the attempted rape last December of a female jogger near Lake Hodges where King was murdered. Despite being a convicted violent sex offender TURN TO VIOLATIONS ON 31

Bill Beckman listens to covenant planner Ivan Holler explain how the park will look when it is finished.

A walk in the park By Patty McCormac

The Rancho Santa Fe Association gathered at Village Park after its regular board meeting June 3 to officially break ground on the project. So far, several aging trees have been removed and several new ones added. Next in the process will be gravel trails and benches for the pretty little park in front of the Inn at Rancho Santa Fe. “It’s the culmination of three years of effort to make the park look nice and be more useable,” said Bill Beckman, Association board members Jack Queen, Kim Higgins, Tim Sullivan, Deb Plummer, Bill Beckman, Dick Doughty and Tom Lang prepare to break ground at Village Park on June 3. president of the association. Photos by Patty McCormac

JAMMIN’ From left, Jacques Cesaire, Ian Kelly, Darren Sproles, Mike Scifres, host and San Diego Charger Quentin Jammer, Phillip Rivers, Ginger Levy, Maria Barry, Dave Levy and Antoine Cason, enjoy the evening at Jammin Under the Stars held June 4 to benefit the Jammer Family Foundation. Courtesy photo

Jammer foundation celebrates under the stars

RANCHO SANTA FE — The fundraising event Jammin Under the Stars was held at the home of Ginger and David Levy on June 4, to benefit the Jammer Family Foundation. The event was organized by San Diego Charger Quentin Jammer and his wife Alicia with Maria Barry, Jolane Crawford and Ginger Levy. Jeffery Strauss of Pamplemousse Grille provided catering and the evening’s festivities includ-


Lisa Stark questioned Cannon’s rehabilitation, telling the judge that he was released just last week after spending about two months in an Allegheny County jail for violating his

ed silent and live auctions and an opportunity drawing. Guests mingled with members of the San Diego Chargers football team and the Charger cheerleaders in support of programs that empower San Pasqual Academy, the first national residential education campus for foster teens. The event proceeds will directly impact San Pasqual Academy through the Jammer Family Foundation. “Quentin and I are deeply

grateful for everyone who participated in this event — their contributions will enable us to advance the mission of our foundation and support programs that aid disadvantaged youth,” Alicia Jammer said. The Jammers were introduced to the foster teens of San Pasqual Academy several years ago and have been instrumental in providing academic scholarships, Thanksgiving and Christmas programs, group

outings to Charger games, one-on-one mentoring in addition to the construction of a home football field. Quentin and his wife Alicia devote much of their time and talent to their nonprofit organization. The Jammer Family Foundation philosophy embraces the belief that all children should be given the same opportunity to excel in athletics as well as academics, regardless of their resources.

probation in his Pennsylvania DUI cases by being drunk in public. Judge Harry Elias said he agreed with Griswold, telling Cannon, “I believe you got the message now.” “I do your honor,” said Cannon, whose real name is Donald J. Clark.

Cannon’s sentence was the minimum mandatory jail time for the offense. Last December, Cannon pleaded guilty to one felony count of DUI relating to his arrest for the offense seven months earlier in May in 2009. As part of his plea agreement, the

broadcaster had faced up to one year in jail. On Nov. 17, 2009, police arrested Clark for two outstanding bench warrants relating to two DUI convictions out of Allegheny County. Earlier that day Clark had been in a Vista courtroom where he plead-

Their ultimate goal is to establish a solid support system to develop young leaders that will sustain a prosperous community. The Jammer Family Foundation engages in a wide variety of worthy causes in the San Diego community, including San Pasqual Academy, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, United Way and the Boys and Girls Clubs. Visit www.jammer foundation.org to learn more.

ed guilty to a March 29, 2009, misdemeanor DUI arrest near his home in Carlsbad. In both California DUI arrests, police said Clark’s blood-alcohol level was more than .30. California’s legal limit is .08.


JUNE 18, 2010


‘Sex and the City’ and knowing when to say when Over Memorial Day weekend, I stood in line to buy my ticket to “Sex and the City 2.” OK, I confess. I broke my diet and ate some popcorn. I was like a giddy high school girl. You should have seen me sitting there, while the lights dimmed. Then movie tape began to roll. Alicia Keys’ popular song, “Empire State of Mind II,” played as the credits flashed in sync with Manhattan skyscrapers. Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda — four femme fatales who have reeled in the viewers for more than a decade, I couldn’t wait. I was certain this movie would be the best thing since, well, the HBO show. As you probably know, you can catch the edited versions on TBS. And, yes, I’ve seen all of the episodes in the rerun-formatted version. I’ve watched those women rummage through men, shoes, relationships, apartments, and good eateries only to want more from the fabulous four characters. However, too much of a good thing can turn anything sour. That’s a mix of metaphors. I didn’t feel like sounding too cliché. And honestly I’m sort of in one of those moods.You know, one of those moments where you’ve realized sometimes there is a reason for two little words: the end. What happened next over the next 25 minutes was shocking. My excitement soon turned to utter disgust when Liza Minnelli showed up singing show tunes at at a gay wedding. Um, not exactly what I was expecting when I bought my ticket. This movie was so tongue-in-cheek in the first opening scenes I felt completely insulted as a loyal fan. I wasn’t there to watch Liza make a comeback. No. I wanted to witness the connection of these four characters that have kept me company many times on a TBS Monday night. Then it dawned on me as I sat there alone in the dark un-crowded theater, sometimes there are reasons for endings. There was no need to see what happened after the courthouse wedding with Carrie and Mr. Big. I don’t need to see my favorite four bond in a poorly written script depicting boring marriages. Then taking that predictable girls trip to Dubai, flirting with disaster by kissing an ex-boyfriend, then riding around in the desert in multicolored outfits on camels. No. That’s when it happened. The unthinkable — I walked out on “Sex and the City 2.” I quickly left after witnessing another X-rated scene with Samantha with some other random guy. My stomach churned as I watched Carrie feel that huge gap because she could not recognize Clark Gable in “It Happened One Night,” but Mr. Big could. And, the sight of seeing Charlotte feeling overwhelmed with her second adopted child from China with her bald boring husband was just enough to put me

MACHEL PENN SHULL Machel’s Ranch over the edge. What I wanted was gone. The show had evolved into a parody of four women no longer in their 30s, now being labeled as boring because they had found relationships with men. I don’t know what I was expecting. I guess maybe they could all still manage life, relationships and be friends? I’m learning though from my own experiences that this may be too much to ask from reality and even from “Sex and the City.” Sometimes, it’s OK to say when. It’s OK to move on to a different chapter, a city, say goodbye to old friends, and sometimes there is no need for a sequel. The trick in life for us is to know when to say when. Take my advice, read the book “Julie/Julia” instead. Now that is entertainment. Besides, I would rather keep Carrie in New York happily ever after with Mr. Big. I don’t need to know the rest.

Around Town On May 28, Jill and Tony Sorge’s oldest son Anthony graduated from Santa Fe Christian High School. When Jill called to remind me of that special day, I could hardly believe the little boy I had met more than 12 years ago was now graduating from high school. This may seem like an off-the-wall thing to share, but Jill Sorge came to my side when I was checked in early with toxemia when I was pregnant with my son. I had just moved to San Diego and met Jill only a few months before. My ex-husband had just had knee surgery and this was an unexpected development at the end of my pregnancy.With my family out of town and because of the surgery, I was going to be alone during most of the induced labor. I was absolutely terrified. Luckily for me, I had met Jill. She came down in the middle of the night, harassed the nurses to make sure I was all right and never left my side. Thanks to Jill, I was not alone. Some things you never forget. Now here her oldest son has graduated from high school. Unbelievable. Congratulations to Anthony and his beautiful family.Thanks for making our life so much more special in San Diego. Jill was kind enough to share photos from graduation day at Santa Fe Christian. Later that night, I went out with my friends for the beginning of Memorial Day weekend. We started off at Mille Fleurs with some of our good friends. Host Julien Hug sat down with Robin and me and shared that he had just been up in Los Angeles only the week before doing charity work with part of other past members of ABC’s “The Bachelorette.” How exciting. We’ve been friends with Julien over the years and he is

SUNNY DAYS Gary Bobileff with host Tom Forsyth on May 30 in The Crosby. Photo by Machel Penn Shull

TOP CHEF Karian and Tom Forsyth with one of their favorite chef’s in town, Mille Fleurs’ Chef Martin Woesle. Photo by Machel Penn Shull


AUTHOR James Simmons is a local historian who has written 26 books. Courtesy photo

definitely one of Rancho Santa Fe’s very own celebrities. One time, Julien even convinced Robin to go skydiving on his own (not tandem). Robin took the five-hour course, and I watched with baited breath as I hoped he could land on his own. He pulled the toggles too soon, which made his parachute collapse about five feet from the ground. Luckily, he only skinned a knee. Those were the days. I included a fun picture of the three of us from that evening. Gal pal Krista Lafferty and her friend Tracy Justice also joined us for that wonderful evening. On May 30, my favorite couple in town, Karian and Tom Forsyth, invited me to their fabulous Memorial Day weekend barbecue. My best friend Meredith MacDonald accompanied me to The Crosby that day to enjoy beautiful weather, exotic clothes and hot weather.What I love about Karian and Tom is they are one of the bestdressed couples in town. I never know what ensemble to expect, but each outfit is absolute perfection for that particular event. I tried hard to look stylish with my “Audrey wannabe” sunglasses but I’m more of a quirky down to earth type that wears the same shoes until the heels start falling apart. Meredith looked exceptional in her “Dancing with the Stars” ensemble. Gary and Maggie Bobeliff, and Martine Woesle were there also, just to name a few. Featured are some of the stand-out photos from that day.

Summer hat feature Maggie Bobileff, owner of Mister B’s, happened to be wearing the most sublime white hat. All fashion icons know that Memorial Day weekend is the first weekend

SUMMER HAT FEATURE Maggie Bobileff looks OPEN HOUSE Marlene Fetzer with her gorgeous stunning next to Chef Martin Woesle at the Forsyth’s daughter at Roger Rowe Open House. Photo by barbecue. Photo by Machel Penn Shull Machel Penn Shull

MEMORIAL DAY FUN Julien Hug with Machel CONGRATS GRADS Trevyn Reese, Anthony and Robin Shull Memorial Day weekend. Courtesy photo

Sorge and Robert Cardosa. Courtesy photo

LOVELY LADIES Hostess Karian Forsyth with BEST IN SHOW Katie Holcombe, Machel Penn good friend Terri and Meredith MacDonald. Photo by Shull and Rosie Holcombe at the Best in Show event Machel Penn Shull at Helen Woodward. Courtesy photo

one can wear white for the summer. Thanks Maggie for looking absolutely gorgeous and letting me feature you for this week’s summer hat feature. And, doesn’t Chef Martin look wonderful, too? If you are lucky, you might catch Martin in his tennis

shorts midday around town in the Ranch. But don’t say I mentioned that, wink, wink. Her husband Gary was also looking dapper in a pose with host Tom Forsyth. Thanks Karian for including me.Your parties make me feel oh-soHollywood!

On June 2, Roger Rowe in Rancho Santa Fe opened their doors to families and friends to attend Open House Night. The Community Center hosted the recital events in their stage area TURN TO MACHEL’S RANCH ON 26



JUNE 18, 2010

Rancho Santa Fe 19-year-old earns Dunlap fellowship DR. GOTT Second Opinion

FMD may have caused stroke Dear Dr. Gott: I am an active 58-year-old female, 5 feet 6 inches and 119 pounds. I had Grave’s disease, for which medication was ineffective,so I was given radioactive iodine, which eliminated my thyroid. I now take Levoxyl as well as fullstrength aspirin and a daily multivitamin. My father died at age 57 of a stroke. He also had asthma and high blood pressure. My mother passed away from cancer and had adult-onset diabetes. Out of the blue, while driving with my husband to our daughter’s house three hours away, I suddenly had split vision. A horizontal black line appeared in the middle of my vision with a picture on top and one on the bottom. It was very disconcerting, and I knew something very bad had happened, although the incidence only lasted about two minutes. I called my physician in my hometown who thought everything was OK since my “numbers” (cholesterol, blood pressure, etc.) had always been very good,but he told me to come in and see him the following week when I returned home. He ordered an MRI and an MRA, which showed that I had suffered a stroke and also have fibromuscular dysplasia in my neck.Because he was unfamiliar with the dysplasia, he sent me to a neurologist, who doubted the diagnosis because fibromuscular dysplasia typically occurs in younger people. To confirm the diagnosis, he sent me for a CT angiography, which showed I did indeed have it in the right internal carotid artery. I was told there was no definitive treatment and that it may progress rapidly or slowly, although he thought in my case it would be slow. I was also told that my particular case wasn’t considered severe because there was no bulging and there was otherwise good flow through the arteries. The neurologist passed his recommendations on to my regular physician for periodic follow-up to include Doppler studies and ultrasounds. Can you tell me more about fibromuscular dysplasia? Could my Grave’s, the radioactive iodine or the Levoxyl have contributed to this? Thank you. Dear Reader: Fibromuscular dysplasia, or FMD, is a condition in which one or more arteries develop an abnormal cluster of cells within the artery wall. The cell cluster causes narrowing, TURN TO SECOND OPINION ON 27

RANCHO SANTA FE — The Mortar Board National Foundation announced that Star Hughes, a recent graduate of the University of San Diego, is the 2010 recipient of the Ellen North Dunlap Fellowship, a $3,500 award. Hughes graduated in May with a bachelor’s degree in business administration. At 19 years old, she completed her undergraduate studies in just two years and earned the highest academic average

in her graduating as the chapter’s presiclass. dent. Additional leadHughes will ership roles at the attend USD School University of San of Law in the fall to Diego included servpursue a dual J.D./ ing as a senator in the MBA degree. She is Associated Students Senate and founder a 2008 graduate of and president of the The Bishop’s School Young Entrepreneur’s and is the daughter of Jason and Shay STAR HUGHES Club. She has also volunteered in the comHughes of Rancho munity, mentoring high Santa Fe. Initiated into Mortar school girls to encourage the Board in 2009, Hughes served pursuit of mathematics and

science, and fundraising to provide reconstructive surgery for disadvantaged children with physical deformities. Ellen North Dunlap, for whom the fellowship is named, began college when she was only 16 years of age. Hughes earned membership in Mortar Board and graduated from The Ohio State University in 1929. As another outstanding student who completed her studies at an early age, Hughes is

uniquely suited to receive this award in Dunlap’s honor. Mortar Board is the premier national honor society recognizing college seniors for outstanding achievement in scholarship, leadership and service. Since its founding in 1918, the organization has grown from the four founding chapters to 228 chartered collegiate chapters with nearly a quarter of a million initiated members across the nation.


Above left, Tim and Belinda Foley enjoyed dancing to the band NRG at their 200-guest Summer Onset party at their Fairbanks Ranch home over Memorial Day weekend. Guests were invited from four Rancho Santa Fe area country clubs for the special evening. The Foleys urged guests to bring their “sassy dancing shoes.” Above right, Fairbanks Ranch residents Mehdi and Farzaneh Sani paused in the fun for a photo. Courtesy photos

From left, Tim and Veronica Beason joined Gary and Trish Beason at the Summer Onset party in Fairbanks Ranch on Memorial Day weekend. Courtesy photos

Chris and Mary Ann Edgecomb, longtime friends of hosts Tim and Belinda Foley, arrived all the way from Santa Barbara for the start-of-sommer soiree.

Friends from Solana Santa Fe School joined the From left, Fairbanks Ranch residents Jeff and Patty George and Meryl Young were on hand from The festivities including Alberto and Stephanie May. Lendrum with Betsy Richards, front. Farms Country Club.


JUNE 18, 2010


Forum casts light on ocean garbage By Wehtahnah Tucker

CENTER FOR CHILDREN FUNDRAISER At the vintage-themed San Diego Center for Children’s annual dinner gala May 20, from left, Co-chairwomen Elizabeth Oliver and Doreen Schonbrun celebrated the evening with fellow committee members Hermeen Scharaga, Kathleen Stoughton, Marla Black, Carol McCabe, Paul Nestor, Edward Mracek, Nanci Plouffe, Mary Johnson, Gloria Levi, Marsi Gardiner, Candace Berkman, Reena Horowitz, Karen Silberman, Karen Pretzel, Elsie Weston and Rana Sampson. The center, founded in 1887, helps children whose abuse, trauma or mental illness has kept them from success at home, school, or in their community. Courtesy photo

Cardiff says goodbye to a true soul surfer CHRIS AHRENS Sea Notes It looks like Cardiff is suffering sympathy pains for the Gulf oil spill, red tide coloring the lineup a muddy red until nighttime when the waves glow like a southern, aquatic version of the northern lights. Or maybe it’s not sympathy pains but tears, sad at the passing of one of the last true surfers who never wore a leash, rode a pop out or felt the need to dress like a surfer. I first met Kevin Haley on Maui in 1969, when I picked him up hitchhiking to Honolua Bay where, still in his early teens, he and Jackie Dunn, who went on to be a star at Pipeline, were among the new gremmies in town. Kevin had the talent but not the disposition to be a star. He was too subtle for notoriety and attempted to hold onto the life that Southern California had offered prior to it being chopped up and sold to the highest bidder. He often spoke to me about the ruin of his home breaks in Playa Del Rey, now Marina Del Rey, and his love of single-finned hulls shaped by Malibu’s Greg Liddle. When he rode those boards you could see how they worked, beneath the feet of a stylish master, a quick and nimble goofyfoot, who surfed without excess of movement or posing, in and around the pocket. In the mid-1970s, Kevin and I attempted to move up to Santa Cruz in my 1952 Chevy, sometimes living in

SOUL SURFER Kevin Haley, one of the original soul surfers. Courtesy photo

the camper shell with his dog and constant companion, Heidi. It was during another recession, and Santa Cruz had nothing to offer in the way of work. And so we starved and went nightly to Safeway to take handfuls of nuts and raisins from the bins. Ironically not too proud for our petty thefts, but too proud for welfare or food stamps we survived on the few odd jobs that came our way and the kindness of strangers. It was a difficult time and yet I recall it fondly, rid-

ing waves at Steamer Lane, Natural Bridges, Stockton Avenue and a hollow left point we rode alone, returning to the Haut shop to tell Mark Angel about it, him laughing and warning us it was a great white shark breeding ground. We went back there, regardless, until getting chased out by a big fin one cold day. With no work and fewer prospects, we moved back to Cardiff where I found employment in a surf shop and he hired on as a carpenter. We met up many

evenings after work, to get wet and complain about kooks and crowds. I didn’t see Kevin much after that as he had moved to Baja to work as a rancher, go fishing and surfing and raise his family. He loved the hard honesty of Mexico. In the last few years he spoke to me less about surfing and old times and more about the daughters he was so proud of. He was known as a kind father and a loyal friend. Recently I received the sad news from filmmaker

and mutual friend Steve Soderberg that Kevin Haley had passed away. I didn’t have the heart to ask the details, but knew it had to do with a heart broken by a frantic world that didn’t understand heart, soul and subtlety. Kevin Haley is survived by his daughters Kaitlin and Kellin Haley. His last paddle out was June 5 at Tyson Street in Oceanside. Chris Ahrens is a surfer and author of four books on surfing. E-mail him at cahrens@coastnewsgroup.com.

ENCINITAS — As part of a weeklong series of environmental activities leading up to Environment Day, San Diego Coastkeeper hosted its quarterly Signs of the Tide public forum June 3 at the Encinitas Library. The star-studded panel presented a wealth of information to the packed house. The presentations were followed by small group discussions regarding marine debris in the area, its impact on the ocean and what the city and community can do to help lessen the problem. “Signs of the Tide are community events designed to educate, engage and empower participants in issues relating to the health of San Diego’s coastal waters,” said Coastkeeper Executive Director Bruce Reznik. “The majority of trash found in our ocean is made of plastics, which do not biodegrade and may take hundreds of years to sink or break up. Reducing marine debris is an important part of our mission to protect San Diego’s water and the health of the wildlife and people that depend on it.” The panel consisted of Scripps Institution of Oceanography Scientist Miriam Goldstein, city of Santa Monica Environmental Analyst Josephine Miller, Encinitas Councilwoman Teresa Barth and Regional Water Quality Control Board Assistant Executive Officer Jimmy Smith. Each panelist gave a brief presentation that was moderated by environmental consultant and television personality Loren Nancarrow. The former weatherman gave a firsthand account of his experience with the damage that marine debris can cause. Showing a photo of a baby seal wrapped in discarded fishing nets, Nancarrow said it was this particular encounter that shook him to his core. “Fishing nets keep on fishing,” he said. “We live in a special place that’s worth maintaining.” Ultimately, the seal was freed from the tangled nets by a lifeguard. In fact, Coastkeeper selected marine debris as its second topic to inform the community of the magnitude and impact of marine debris, discuss possible solutions and challenges to reducing waste and educate citizens on the various ways to resolve the issue. All of the panelists agreed that reducing the TURN TO OCEAN ON 29

JUNE 18, 2010




JUNE 18, 2010


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Providing a dignified farewell to your beloved pet. The loss of a pet is painful experience for you and your family. By making arrangements in advance, you are able to achieve peace and focus on what matters most – your beloved companion. Serving San Diego, Riverside & Orange Counties Private or Communal Cremation Options Available • Home or Veterinary Hospital Pick ups Our Mission Statement: Peaceful Paws is a family-owned pet crematory providing a dignified farewell to the beloved family pet. We operate on a foundation of ethics, compassion and respect for the veterinary community, as well as individual pet owners. Why Peaceful Paws? Because we care. We care about our community and as a tribute to your pet, we will donate a percentage of our proceeds to animal health and welfare organizations.

David and Scarlett Martin whoop it up with Cort and Mia Carpenter and Ryan and Alexa Belmer.


Additional complimentary pawprint With this ad


info@peacefulpawspet.com SOUTHLAND


PJ and Stella Mikolajewski.

Robert and Lukas Gregg.

David and Karsyn Pearce.

Robert and Dylan Herring.

Michael and Luke Martin.

Jason and Kennedy Barry.

La Costa Estates DAD AND ME The annual Dad’s Night held recently at Horizon Prep rounded up a good time. The cowboythemed evening has become a tradition for the Early Education Program at Horizon Prep as the preschool, pre-K and kindergarten students get decked out in their best cow-duds and rustle up a load of fun and festivities. The night gets started with a program by the students and features a special speaker. This year, San Diego Padres Chaplain Doug Sutherland hit a home run as he shared with the fathers the importance of putting God and family first.

Courtesy photos

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JUNE 18, 2010



Thousands flock to opening weekend to ‘Taste the Fun’ Photos by Daniel Knighton

San Diego residents Abigail Erasquin and Jay Mendoza celebrate Mendoza’s 23rd birthday at the San Diego County Fair.

Tens of thousands of people crammed the Midway to enjoy the 2010 San Diego County Fair as it opened this weekend.

Encinitas residents Karen Schooler and her daughter Katie enjoy one of the many rides in KiddieLand at the infield.

San Diego resident Alberta Dunbar, one of the most decorated Blue Ribbon winners in the history of the San Diego County Fair, took home the Sweepstakes Award in There’s Only One Way To Rock! Hall of Famer Sammy Hagar, also San Diego residents Ricardo Miranda and his daughter Marcella enjoy a the Ghirardelli Chocolate known as the Red Rocker, opened the 2010 San Diego County Fair in trip down the giant slide on opening night. Championship on Sunday. Del Mar to an enthusiastic crowd. Dunbar’s recipe, which she calls Chocolate Toffee Pecan Cream Seashells, won her $150 and a San Diego resident Jay Mendoza Ghirardelli gift basket, along with takes aim on the Midway and wins the coveted Blue Ribbon. a prize.

Summer show season set to start at Pala PALA — Chinese performers Chang Di and Choo Mimi will appear at 7:30 p.m. July 10 at Pala Casino Spa & Resort. Chang Di is a Taiwanese singer, songwriter and entertainer. Choo Mimi, is a Malaysian-born Chinese pop singer and TVB actress, who brings a mix of comedic wit and Cantonese pop music. Tickets are $88, $78, $68 and $48, on sale, with no service charge, at the Pala Box Office. Call (877) 946-7252 for more information. Tickets also are available through Jade Entertainment, (626) 964-4747, or at www.jadeentertain.com. Also on the summer schedule at Pala will be:

The Wave Swinger, one of the signature rides in the Fun Zone.

— Dr. Laura Schlesinger, 7:30 p.m., June 19 at the Events Center. Tickets are $75, $45, $30, available at www.startickets.com. — American-Asian Variety Show, 2 p.m. and 6 p.m., June 20.Tickets are $25, available by calling Kristina at (760) 917-3273. — Rex Navarrete, 7:30 p.m., July 24 in the Grand Cabaret; Tickets are $25, $19 and are available at www.startickets.com. — Lewis Black, 7:30 p.m., Aug. 14 in the Starlight Theater. Tickets are $75, $50, $45 and $35, and are available at www.startickets.com. For more information, visit http://www.palacasino. com.

PALA FUN Chinese performers Chang Di and Choo Mimi will appear at 7:30 p.m. July 10 at Pala Casino Spa & Resort. Chang Di is a Taiwanese singer and songwriter. Choo Mimi, is a Malaysian-born Chinese pop singer and TVB actress and comedian. Courtesy photo


JUNE 18, 2010


Poker tourney benefits race horses

HAPPY PICKLERS Above, in the championship pickleball game for mixed doubles age 55 to 59, from left, Ken Folis, from Fallbrook, with Trudy Stapleton of Carlsbad, won a silver medal, with Pam Jensen and Randy Narramore, both of Carlsbad, taking gold and Rancho Santa Fe’s Audrey Phillips and Ken Guilliermo earning bronze. The city of Carlsbad Parks & Recreation hosted the California Senior Games Pickleball Tournament in June at Poinsettia Community Park. The tournament was organized by North County Picklers, and sanctioned by the USA Pickleball Association. Above right, the Women’s Division players competed in a combo of 3.5 and 4.0 skill level with, from left, the silver medal won by Kathy Brendel and Rhoda Macabitas, the gold by Stephanie Ice and Trudy Stapleton and a bronze to Grace Johnson, displaying the pickleball mascot. Photo by Beverly Youngren

Pickleball a new hybrid sport for seniors, kids COAST CITIES — Active seniors are becoming devotees of a new sport called pickleball, a hybrid of badminton and tennis that is now part of the statewide Senior Games. The sport is named for a co-inventor’s dog. The city of Carlsbad Parks & Recreation hosted the California Senior Games Pickleball Tournament June 1 through June 4 at Poinsettia Community Park. The tour-

nament was organized by North County Picklers, and sanctioned by the USA Pickleball Association. The Senior Games play included more than 200 players from across the region competing in singles, doubles and mixed doubles in men’s and women’s divisions for adults ages 50 and older. The tournament will also include play in open men’s and women’s doubles for

adults. The pickleball net is lowered to 34 inches at the center. It is played with a perforated plastic ball similar to a whiffle ball and wood or composite paddles about twice the size of ping-pong paddles. “Pickleball is great exercise for the whole family, without being physically demanding,” said Pat Carroll, USA Pickleball Association ambassador. “Although it has

a silly name, it is a brilliantly designed game which offers lots of fun, but can also be very quick and competitive.” City of Carlsbad Parks & Recreation offers pickleball open play on Sundays from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. and Tuesdays from 12:30 to 2:30 p.m. at Calavera Hills Community Center, 2997 Glasgow Drive. The cost is $1 for Carlsbad residents, and $3 for nonresidents.

Visit www.carlsbadca. gov/ parksandrec for more information. “It’s good exercise, easy to learn and fun,” said David Johnson, media relations chair for the USA Pickleball Association. “It can be played indoors or outdoors, singles or doubles, is easy for beginners to learn but can develop into a fast-paced, competitive game for experienced players.”

San Pasqual Academy celebrates 2010 graduates RANCHO SANTA FE — Friends of San Pasqual Academy recently saluted the ninth graduating class from the academy. Friends of San Pasqual Academy members hosted a lunch for all the graduates of San Pasqual Academy and also

hosted the graduation ceremony. A college scholarship fund has been established for the Class of 2010. Many of these graduates plan to attend both community college and fouryear universities. All have been accepted to colleges and

plan to further their education. For many of these students, they are the first in their families to graduate from high school. Donations can be made to the 2010 College Fund by sending a check to Friends of San Pasqual Academy, PO Box 34,

Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067. The Friends group is also in the process of planning its 2010 Teens, Jeans and Dreams team penning event at 6 p.m. Sept. 11 at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. Members are looking for auction items and sponsors. Invitations go out in July. E-

mail joscott24@hotmail.com for more information. Friends of San Pasqual Academy is a nonprofit 501 (c) (3) organization that enriches the lives of foster teens of San Pasqual Academy. For further questions regarding this information, call (858) 759-3298.


rrillo Joseph Ca

"We always have a great response when advertising with the Rancho Santa Fe News. The Rancho Santa Fe News is a great local paper." — Joseph Carrillo

Carrillo Pottery

4915 El Camino Real Carlsbad, Ca 92008 760-730-3430

For more information call


DEL MAR — In support of providing funding for the rehabilitation, retraining and/or retirement of thoroughbred horses that have raced in California, California Retirement Management Account, or CARMA, will host its third annual charity Texas Hold ‘Em tournament, Poker in Paradise, at 6 p.m. July 24, at the Del Mar Hilton Hotel, 15575 Jimmy Durante Blvd. Register for the event, sponsored by TVG-Betfair, by July 1 and receive a complimentary Clubhouse Pass valid any single day of the 2010 Del Mar Meet. CARMA is a charitable 501 (c)(3) organization formed to assist thoroughbred rehabilitation and retirement organizations that facilitate the care and retraining of horses who raced in California and whose racing careers have ended. CARMA ensures the racehorses have retirement options by managing and disbursing funds to qualified retirement facilities caring for such horses. In support of CARMA’s efforts, attendees of the Poker in Paradise event can enjoy a laid-back, tropical-paradise theme along with heavy appetizers and a specialty event Margarita, cleverly named the “CARMArita.” Guests will join industry elite, including racehorse owners, trainers and jockeys, as well as celebrities with a heart for racehorses. During the event, a special opportunity drawing will take place with the chance to win an emeraldcut 1.13-carat cognac diamond from Prince Jewelers of Arcadia. Every participant in the drawing will receive a commemorative glass and a 40 percent discount at Prince Jewelers with every drink purchase. “We are extremely proud of the work we’ve done for the horses in our racing community and look forward to the support at this year’s Poker in Paradise event to enable us to continue our work,” CARMA Chairwoman Madeline Auerbach said. “The CARMA program has been a proven success in terms of dollars raised and most importantly in the tangible results seen at our benefiting farms and facilities where the horses live. I’ve seen firsthand that the money is being put to good use.” Individual poker players enter into the Texas Hold ‘Em style tournament with a $200 donation. Poker players are encouraged to bring guests to attend and enjoy the event. Corporate tables for 10 players are available for a $3,500 donation. Additional donation opportunities will TURN TO POKER ON 26



JUNE 18, 2010

Fair fun includes animals DEL MAR — Animals are always one of the favorite attractions at the San Diego County Fair. AgriFair in the Wyland Center will house most of the fun, interactive experiences where visitors can encounter animals at the fair, including the petting farm experience, a sheep and goat pasture, the pig pen and the cattle pasture. Pet organizations will have their own special display days, and visitors will also find exhibitions of poultry, rabbits and pigeons. At the Camel Dairy in the Sparkletts Water Infield, fairgoers can watch a camel being milked and can learn more about these large and gentle giants. The Camel Dairy (as seen on the television show “Dirty Jobs,”) turns into “Camp Camel-Lot” when the Camel Milk Challenge takes place June 16 to June 30. Gil and Nancy Riegler, who run the Oasis Camel Dairy in Ramona, will live in a tent and survive on camel milk, dates and water for two weeks. One of the fair’s longtime favorite events is the Junior Livestock auction, where San Diego County youth auction the animals they have raised during the past year. More than 400 members of 4-H, Future Farmers of America and Grange participate in this annual event, set for July 3. Another interesting animal program is the World of Horses, located in the Sparkletts Water Infield, featuring 20 different breeds of horses. Free behind-the-scenes tours are offered daily through July 2; closed July 3 to July 5. The Swifty Swine Racing Pigs bring home the bacon several times day in the Durante Area. Find out more about the animals of the 2010 San Diego County Fair at www.sdfair.com/fair, in the Attractions section. The theme for the 2010 San Diego County Fair is “Taste the Fun,” which highlights local agriculture, producers, culinary arts and all things related to food. The fair will run for 22 days opening June 11 and closing on July 5. The fair will be closed the first three Mondays, June 14, June 21 and June 28.

Kids can be like dolphins with new swim toys COAST CITIES — It’s almost summer and time to dive in for a look at the season’s new toys for the swimming pool. The latest items include mermaid/dolphin tails among the water confidence toys and safety devices for youngsters, decorated by ocean artist Wyland, and distributed by Finis technical swimming products. A portion of all sales go to Wyland’s ocean preservation efforts.

The Wyland Dolphin Tail lets your child become a mermaid or a dolphin with a monofin that slips onto both feet and secures with adjustable Velcro strap. The affect resembles an actual dolphin swimming technique. The fin, at $29.99, is available in aqua blue or pink. Another new item is the Swim Explorer raft that lets swimmers learn to swim and explore beneath the water

from the surface through its see-through panel. The learnto-swim inflatable, for $24.99, is designed to teach proper swimming technique and help the child gain confidence in the water without relying on another person. Its figure-eight design and seethrough face port allows the child to place his/her body in several exploring positions. The Finis line up also includes a soft-foam swim vest painted with Wyland

ocean art, for children ages 2 to 6 years old. They are designed to promote a balanced floating position with a buoyancy level designed to keep the child’s head and chin above water while allowing them to swim. There are Wyland goggles and snorkel sets, with goggles priced from $11.99 and snorkel sets from $24.99 to $49.99. Guppy goggles are designed to fit a child’s face, but feature ergonomic

design and sizes for youth and adults. Wyland Water Confidence floats include arm floats for 3- to 6-year-olds, and a baby seat for 15- to 33pound babies. Wyland’s ocean art reflects awareness of marine life preservation. Arm floats are $7.99 and the baby seat is $24.99. Items are available at K-Mart.com and at Finisinc. com.

Grauer students show off music, art talents ENCINITAS — Grauer School students engaged in the culmination of a year’s work with a talented mixture of art, music, film, photography and camaraderie at the sixth annual GrauerPalooza event held at the Grauer School campus May 22. The student-led performances included small ensembles comprised of instrumentalists and vocalists from all classes, where collaborations included the majority of students enrolled in the school. The art show included a halfhour production of “The Emperor’s New Clothes,” a trailer of a student-produced film, photography and art illustrations and works in oil. Performances were held in the Great Room and on the Carr Family Pavilion followed by a barbecue on the green. GrauerPalooza was presented at the tail end of the Grauer School Musical Expedition that took students, the week prior, on a musical journey up the California coast from San Diego to Santa Cruz and Big Sur, culminating in meetings with music executives in Los Angeles. Art teacher Christy Goodson helped the students TURN TO GRAUER ON 26

ART, MUSIC FEST From left, Grauer School seventh-graders Marcus Boheme and Gabe Koffidis take a short break from participating in GrauerPalooza, displaying the culmination of a year’s work with a talented mixture of art, music, film, photography May 22. Photo by Audrey Grauer

Training offered on Responsible Beverage Sales ordinance COAST CITIES — The Responsible Beverage Sales and Service ordinance, recently adopted by the city of Encinitas, is aimed at reducing the problem of alcohol sales and service to underage and intoxicated residents. Training is open to participants countywide to support the ordinance, and is being offered from 1 to 5 p.m. July 19 at the Encinitas

Community Center, 1140 Oakcrest Park Drive. Encinitas has a requirement for all alcohol licensee owners and managers, and all staff that handle alcohol beverages in any capacity including servers and stock persons, to receive alcohol service training by the Department of Alcohol Beverage Control. The training is also open to the general public, and alcohol licensees in other cities.

The city is committed to providing an opportunity for all licensees to be in compliance by the July 7, 2010, deadline with its eighth ABC L.E.A.D. training free of charge. Tourism and related entertainment, recreation and hospitality businesses are important to the economic well-being of North County. The city recognizes that the selling of alcohol is a legitimate activity, and also recog-

nizes the need to encourage safe and responsible business practices related to alcohol sales and service. The RBSS ordinance is designed to reduce youth access to alcohol and the potential for impaired driving in the community. The ABC L.E.A.D. training is a tool to help servers and managers learn the law and liability issues related to the sale of alcohol, and to

develop the knowledge and skills necessary to: — Recognize the signs of intoxication — Properly check IDs and identify fakes — Refuse service to underage and intoxicated patrons Questions and registration can be made to Barbara Gordon, a prevention specialist with San Dieguito Alliance, at (858) 354-3800.


JUNE 18, 2010


Spring Fling fun The Helen Woodward Animal Center’s 22nd annual Spring Fling, with a theme of Best in Show, was held June 5. The event, which benefited the animal center, featured live music provided by Wayne Foster Entertainment and delicacies from 30 of San Diego’s top restaurants.

Event designer Joel Garejo with good friend Suzanne Wunsch. President of Helen Woodward Mike Arms with head of the Spring Fling event, themed Best in Show, Katie Shull. Photos by Machel Penn Shull

Samantha Hardage with Caffe Positano owner Tim Cusac.

Machel, Robin and Katie Shull, winners of the “Best Decor,” at Helen Woodward.



discover that after lunch gorillas take a nap, then wake up slowly and travel to a different destination for the night. “They all go up in trees except the silverback, who stands guard,” she said. “Then they make a nest in the trees with twigs.” Tuomi went on treks three times, in groups of eight people ranging in age from 35 to 75. “You have to be a strong walker with no health issues like asthma,” she said. “I’ve heard they took someone who was 85.” Many of the tourists hire porters to carry their daypack during the trek. The cost is about $10 for the day. “The hotel packed lunches in nice wicker packs with fruit, sandwiches and chocolate bars,” Tuomi said. “The porters were also very helpful by doing things like holding on to my arm while we climbed.”

The temperature was similar to San Diego — warm during the day and cooler at night, Tuomi said. “At the lodge they had a nice down comforter with two hot water bottles, one in the middle of the bed and another where your feet are,” she said. “The people are wonderful — very warm and hospitable.” The scenery was dramatic with volcanos, mountains, lakes, terraced hillsides, tea plantations and lush trees and foliage she said. Most of all she enjoyed the parks. “I was encouraged that good work is being done to care and provide for the gorillas,” Tuomi said. “It’s a trip I wouldn’t mine repeating.” For more information, visit volcanoessafaris.com or call Natalie Tuomi at (760) 479-4328. To donate money to support the gorillas, visit www.gorillafund.org and gorilladoctors.org.

Sandy Temple and David La Jolla residents Diane and Andrew Nassir. Rivkin.



IN THE MIST This spring, Natalie Tuomi of Carefree Vacations traveled to Parc National des Vocans in Rwanda to get a close look at the mountain gorillas that American zoologist Dian Fossey fought heroically to save from extinction prior to her murder in 1985. The story was made into the Academy Award winning movie, “Gorillas in the Mist." Photo by Natalie Tuomi

said during the interviews Magdaleno “looked like he was heartbroken that he had hurt his sister.”The detective said he believed Magdaleno was trying to minimize the incident. “He didn’t want me to believe he shot Hector on purpose,” Darrah said. Despite Magdaleno not liking the treatment of his sister or 5-year-old niece, the teenager said he was still fond of Nava, Darrah testified. Luz Nava testified Magdaleno and Nava played and wrestled like brothers, including using the victim’s stun gun on one another. She admitted her husband would carelessly leave his loaded handgun around their apartment.“He wasn’t very careful with it,” Luz Nava said. “He would just leave it all over the place.” Magdaleno remains in custody on $3 million bail. His next scheduled court appearance is June 29.

Petrova joins tourney at La Costa Resort & Spa CARLSBAD — Tournament officials announced that American Lindsay Davenport, a former No. 1 player in the world, has accepted a wild card to play in the doubles competition of the 2010 Mercury Insurance Open, scheduled for July 31 through Aug. 8 at the La Costa Resort and Spa. In addition, 2010 French Open singles finalist Samantha Stosur has joined the line-up. Davenport will play doubles with fellow American Liezel Huber at the Mercury Insurance Open, which will feature a 16-team doubles draw. Huber and Davenport represented the United States when they teamed to reach the doubles quarterfinals at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. This will be Davenport’s 10th career appearance at the La Costa Resort and Spa. She won singles titles here in 1998 and 2004. She also won the doubles title in 1998 with Natasha Zvereva and in 1999 with Corina Morariu. Davenport has not played in a tournament since 2008 when she reached the third round in singles and doubles at the US Open. In addition to winning 37 Sony Ericsson WTA Tour career doubles titles, Davenport has captured 55 career singles titles including the US Open (1998), Wimbledon (1999) and the Australian Open (2000). She ended the year as the No. 1 singles player in the world in 2001, 2004 and 2005. Samantha Stosur is coming off her first career Grand Slam singles final where she defeated Justine Henin in the fourth round; Serena Williams in the quarterfinals and Jelena Jankovic in the semifinals, before falling to Italy’s Francesca Schiavone in a tightly-contested Roland Garros final. A native of Brisbane, Australia, Stosur is ranked No. 7 on the Sony Ericsson WTA Tour and currently leads the tour in main draw singles victories with 32. Reserved Grandstand and Box Seat tickets, which range from $10 to $125, are now available online at mercuryinsuranceopen.com or through Ticketmaster at ticketmaster.com. Tournament ticket packages are also on sale now and begin at $70. Special ticket discounts are also available for members of the United States Tennis Association and the La Costa Resort and Spa. For additional ticket information or to purchase tickets by phone, call (760) 930-7032. The Mercury Insurance Open, a Premier 700 Sony Ericsson WTA Tour event offering $700,000 in prize money, marks the return of women’s professional tennis to Carlsbad after a two-year hiatus.The event will be televised on the Tennis Channel and ESPN 2 and will comprise one of the 10 events of the Olympus US Open Series.



JUNE 18, 2010

Young golfer an old pro on the greens By Lillian Cox

ENCINITAS — In a few weeks Jonas Appel will don his lucky red and blue striped golf shirt for his second year of competition in the Callaway Junior Golf Tournament. Jonas is a kindergartener at Park Dale Lane Elementary School. Last year Jonas was 5 when he placed 19th among 44 international golfers. Those who did better than him were all old guys — 6 years of age. Jonas has been busy training for his second Callaway tournament, which opens July 12 at the Torrey Pines Golf Course. After school he can be seen practicing on the putting green at the Encinitas Ranch Golf Course or hitting plastic golf balls into hula hoops strategically placed on the grass behind his Village Park home. Young Jonas has the confidence of a pro as evidenced last year when a television reporter asked him how he thought he’d perform. “I’m going to win the tournament!” he shouted. Jonas first exhibited an interest in golf when his father, Jim Appel, took his sister and him to the Accenture Match Play Championship in La Costa in February 2006. He was two. “Jonas was fascinated watching the pros hit the ball in the practice green,” Jim Appel remembers. “He shouted ‘Yea!’ when Jim Furyk putted a ball into the hole. Afterward Furyk said, ‘Hey, he’s good luck. Can I take him on the tour?’” Later in the year Jim Appel took Jonas to Warner Springs Ranch where he played, and walked, nine holes in two hours despite an elevation of 3,000 feet. “Afterwards he slept for two or three hours,” remembers his mother, Andrea

FORE! In July, Jonas Appel will compete for the second time in the Callaway Junior Golf Tournament. Last year he was 5 when he placed 19th among 44 international golfers. Those who did better than him were all old guys — 6 years of age. After school he can be seen practicing on the putting green at the Encinitas Ranch Golf Course or hitting plastic golf balls into hula hoops strategically placed on the grass behind his Village Park home. Photo by Lillian Cox

Appel. Shortly before his 4th birthday, Jim Appel took Jonas to Colina Park Golf Course, a public facility for children in San Diego. “His first shot went right

by the cup, and he almost got a hole in one,” Jim Appel said. “He tapped it in for a birdie.” Already Jonas is an experienced golfer who’s played at Pacific Grove Golf Links, Monterey Peninsula; Sierra

Star, Mammoth; Bishop Country Club, Bishop; Birch Hills Golf Course, Brea; Reidy Creek Golf Course, Escondido; Lake San Marcos Resort, San Marcos; and Tecolote Canyon Golf Course, San Diego.

He’s even held his own with adults. At Trinity Alps, an executive course in Northern California, he shot a 46 while his grandfather, Jon Appel, scored a 48. “My dad has been playing for more than 50 years and still shoots in the 80s and 90s,” said Jim Appel, adding that Jon Appel years earlier served as a marshal at tournaments featuring a much younger Tiger Woods. Although it may be tempting to draw comparisons between Tiger and Jonas, there aren’t many. Jonas is self-taught. “At the Callaway Tournament parents asked who his coach was and where he took lessons,” Andrea Appel said. “I told them he learned by watching television and playing with his dad and grandparents.” Another difference is that Jonas’ parents, who are both elementary school teachers, harbor no dreams of superstardom for their son. “Sports should be fun,” Jim Appel said. “When I was growing up my brothers and I were very competitive but we played public courses, not country clubs. We also played other sports.” Andrea Appel likes golf because it is a noncontact sport. “Golf also requires manners, etiquette and good sportsmanship,” she said. “We enjoy the beauty of being in a natural environment. Every course is different.” If Jonas does make a bad shot at the Callaway Tournament, he says he’ll follow advice he learned from his grandfather. “He says the most important shot in golf is your next shot,” Jonas said. “I always hope to do better on that one.”

If you’ve been scammed, you can get back what you lost Getting help if you’ve been scammed can often be as frustrating as the scam itself. Sometimes, a consumer protection lawyer will see some value in your problem and agree to take on your case on a contingency or part hourly /part contingency payment arrangement. If this happens, you’re one of the lucky ones. The attorney, assuming they are competent, will generally handle most of the frustrating details, and hopefully get some semblance of justice for you. Or, at least get things back to



in public to demand the woman’s ID, the woman beat up the cop. Charges are pending against her, but women’s rights activists across the Muslim world are reporting the incident as a watershed moment, according to the Media Line (Middle East) news agency. — Nelson Derbigney’s second wife, Laura, is a Hispanic Catholic, but the first wife has a court order that Nelson’s and her joint-custody son from that first marriage will be raised as an Orthodox

J MICHAEL VALLEE The Law and You semi-normal. But what if an attorney isn’t interested in taking your case? Here are some tips on how to proceed, whether it’s a contractor rip-off or an Internet scam or anywhere inbetween: Jew like his mother. That means that stepmother Laura must learn to create a strict kosher lifestyle when the son stays with his dad. (Said Laura’s lawyer, of the logical extension of the court order, if one substituted “fundamental Islam” for “Orthodox Judaism,” Catholic Laura might have to wear a burqa in public.)

Questionable Judgments — Standing firm under severe local criticism, John Chianelli (the chief mentalhealth administrator of Milwaukee County, Wis.) has

— Start with the local police. Insist on filing a report. — Don’t give up! Triple your efforts. Report the rip-off to any and all other agencies that will listen: the DA, city attorney, newspapers, TV consumer reporters, etc. — Follow up calls with online complaint forms and always keep copies. Try to put everything in writing while your memory is fresh. Keep it short and simple; don’t ramble. (I ask potential clients to tell me in no more than two sentences the gist of their case: if

they can’t, I generally won’t take the case.) — The squeaky wheel gets the WD-40. Keep trying; if you don’t get a response, try again. — Assemble your “evidence” into a logical, orderly booklet with an index. Most scams involve at least some sort of paper trail, and documents are kings in court; if you can put it up on a big screen, it becomes more important to jurors. — Keep a detailed log of calls and contacts in your com-

plaint process. If you stick to this guideline, you’ll probably get some agency or advocacy group to listen to your story and try and help you. And remember, if it sounds too good to be true, (a Nigerian business person wants to give you $13 million?) it probably is!

begun housing aggressive males and vulnerable females together in the same unit. Chianelli defended his decision with research showing that, in similar facilities, female patients provided a civilizing influence that reduced males’ propensities to violence — at least males’ violence against other males. — Bucket Lists: (1) Patricia Edwards, 51, was arrested in Sanford, Fla., in March after being identified as the woman who walked into a Bank of America branch, handed over a robbery note and walked out with money. After being quickly nabbed,

she explained: “There was no plan, no nothing, just impulse. I think everyone should have a list of things they want to do before they (die).” (2) Still stuck on the Bucket List (until recently) of great-grandmother Rosemary Douglas was her regret that, at 81, she had still never collected child support payments for her son, who is now 60, from the “boy’s” father, Urban Joseph Grass, now 82. In a Los Angeles court filing in April, she claimed $50 per month from the date of the 1951 court order (totaling, including interest, $57,000). — “A Brave Man’s Solution to Baldness” (read an

April Toronto Star headline): Philip Levine, 28, working with artist Kat Sinclair, initially solved the problem of his “boring” shaved head by having her paint original murals on his dome, with the result that he became a star in the London (England) club scene. Since then, Levine has upgraded — to painstakingly laying jewelry designs on his bald head, employing hundreds of thumbtack-sized Swarovski crystals to create a “swooping, shimmery, rockabilly” dome that dazzles in the light. The crystals shed after about a day, creating the opportunity for more designs.

Michael Vallee is a practicing trial attorney whose firm focuses on consumer law, personal injury and wrongful death cases. He is a consumer legal contributor for The Coast News. Contact him at info@valleelaw.com.



war, and after a peace accord was brokered with the North Sudanese government, to drill water wells so that villagers could once again return to their homes to live, Prahm said. The Lost Boys, about 27,000 of them, were displaced or orphaned during the Sudanese Civil War between 1982 and 2005 when government troops attacked their villages. The International Rescue Committee sent many of them to the United States. “Salva Dut was one of those refugees who eventually got lucky and his name was drawn to be sent to the United States in 2001 just before 9/11,” Prahm said. Salva did not know if his parents and family were dead or alive until years later when he was informed that his father was dying, Prahm said. “Salva was able to travel to see his father who was then gravely ill from waterborne disease and Salva made it his goal to return again one day and drill a water well for his father’s village to provide clean, potable, water,” he said.

JUNE 18, 2010


CLEAN WATER ADVOCATE Rotarian Dep Tuany was the inspiration for the Rancho Santa Fe Rotary club to begin paying for wells in Southern Sudan, where people die regularly from waterborne diseases. Photo by Lillian Cox

Prahm said the Rancho Santa Fe Rotary became interested in providing one well because of fellow Rotarian Dep Tuany. Tuany had escaped his village in the upper Nile area of Southern Sudan to Ethiopia with his wife and firstborn child who died due to a waterborne disease dur-

ing their travels. Prahm said he believed the club should not embark on drilling this one well without determining if any other Rotary clubs were working on the same project. “It was then I discovered the www.waterfor sudan.org that already existed,” he said. As a result, the Rancho Santa Fe club partnered with the Penfield, N.Y., club and have aided in the drilling for the past two drilling seasons. The Rancho Santa Fe club has raised more than $275,000 over the past three years. Tuany, who called the wells “a miracle,” said that the lack of clean drinking DANGEROUS CONDITIONS People walk in a drinking water water results in blindness, source in the Sudan. Courtesy photo

miscarriages and death. Clean drinking water could have saved his own son’s life. “My hope is that we will save other children,” said

Tuany, who now lives in Mission Valley and is a mental health professional and the father of eight children. Prahm said at least 1.5 million people have no access to clean water. He said his group hopes to drill for six months every season. “We currently have two drilling rigs and teams who perform miracles in sweltering heat and under extreme conditions,” he said. “Rotary is making life better for so many people in Sudan and we can be comforted in knowing that the lives of many villagers and their children will be saved by providing this essential gift of life.” He said his group is working on a variety of fundraising events for the next drilling season beginning in December 2010 and anyone who wishes to donate to continue the efforts of providing clean, potable, water to the people of Southern Sudan can do so by visiting www.waterforsudan.org/ and clicking on the “donate now” button.


UNSAFE OPTIONS A boy drinks dirty water from a plastic bottle in Southern Sudan. Courtesy photo

where parents of students from different grades took turns watching the performances. Jackson’s fourth-grade class played their recorders that evening. I snapped a photo of Cielo resident Marlene Fetzer with her gorgeous daughter. Later, all of the parents headed to classrooms to see progress of projects, and other assignments that had taken place from that school year. The best news of

CONCERNED RESIDENTS Concerned Carlsbad residents approached the school board to approve testing of the Kelly Elementary School property. Photo by Alyx Sariol

“We are not going to go of his daughter, Jaffe. “We’re governmental procedure we grassroots organization’s away,” said Burleson, who has going to pursue this and can.” efforts, head to www.carlsbad been speaking out on behalf we’re going to exhaust every To learn more about the cancerconnection.com. all? The construction is almost completed at the school. Next year will be exciting for everyone. I had the best time that evening at Roger Rowe. What an exception school for our community. On June 5, I woke up early to help Katie and Robin (Lemon Twist) dip 1,000 chocolate strawberries for the “Best In Show” event at Helen Woodward. If you’ve never done this, you should try it. There is something very peaceful about the method of dipping strawberries into

chocolate. Maybe, I just have a thing for the chocolate though. Later that evening, Lemon Twist won Best Decor from a local food critic, and Tommy V’s took home the honors for best food. I had the time of my life that evening, while working the booth for this fundraiser event. It’s always one of my favorite events of the year. Thanks Katie for always including me. You can find more photos of this evening in the paper. I have included just one here. I ran into the prettiest sisters in

prepare for their exhibitions. “This is a multi-faceted artistic experience for the students who have worked hard to select their top works to highlight at this year’s event,” Goodson said. It’s gratifying to see how much the students have advanced this year — the Visual and Performing Arts Department will be showcasing some of the top music performances, art and photography at local venues.”



be available through on-site opportunity drawings. Register for the event by July 1 and receive a complimentary Clubhouse Pass valid any single day of 2010 Del Mar Meet. CARMA is funded by individual donations and by their work with the California Horse Racing Board to adopt a rule allowing for a 0.3 percent deduction from purses to help fund equine retirement.







teacher’s heart breaks when she’s realized that school could be the safety factor.” The county and school board have not taken immediate action to test the school because Carlsbad’s cancer statistics do not express anything unusual, said Dr. Thomas Mack at a recent community forum. Concerned residents who have watched loved ones suffer said they believe the cancer registries are not accurate, and should not be used to determine whether testing should be done. “I worry the reporting is not up to date,” Slattery said. Although the residents offered to pay for the testing out of their own pockets, the school board was unable to approve testing because the issue was not an agenda item.


town, Katie and Rosie Holcombe. Can you say blonde power? I just love these two beauties.Thanks for posing for this the darling picture. On June 8, I had the pleasure of interviewing author James Simmons. Mr. Simmons informed me over the phone of his extensive background, which includes a doctorate from UC Berkeley, teaching also at Boston University, UCSD and San Diego State. Mr. Simmons is a social historian who has published 26 non-

fiction books. “I am also the only writer in the country doing these privately commissioned life and family histories, who is also a historian.” Some of his clients include Ranch resident Bob Baker. His book came out in 2004. Mr. Baker also wants another edition. If you would love to chronicle your life story for your own family legacy, check out www.yourbiography.com. Jame Simmons is qualified to tell your story. Thanks James for the candid interview.

Times. Currently he’s working on a book about his life. In addition, he collaborates with his mother, who is an award-winning author, speaker, and president of Autism Making A Difference, Inc. A few years ago Jeremy was featured in MTV’s documentary series “True Life,” for the episode titled “I Have Autism.” Since then he has become a popular speaker who offers these words of advice to the graduating class of 2010 in a speech he’ll be delivering this afternoon. “My real message to you today is: Teachers, never underestimate your students no matter how disabled they may appear or what difficulties they face. “Parents, believe in your children and encourage them to fulfill their dreams. “Students, give yourself the power to hear the voice inside telling you that you can create the life you dream of. Believe in yourself, and never allow anyone to discourage you.” Chantal Sicile-Kira has always believed in her son’s potential, even when she was advised to “find a good institution for Jeremy” when he was growing up. “He is heading to a good institution now,” she said. “It’s called ‘college.’” This summer Jeremy was invited to address the Staten Island and Manhattan chapters of the National Autism Association. He has secured a donation of $500 for travel costs for his mother and him but needs an additional $300. To make a donation or to contact Jeremy, e-mail jsicilekira@ yahoo.com. Chantal Sicile-Kira has just released a new book, “41 Things to Know About Autism.” For more information visit chantalsicilekira.com.



JUNE 18, 2010



bites from various Vista restaurants at the second annual Taste of Vista festival from 4 to 8 p.m. June 23 on Main Street in downtown Vista. Tickets are $25 and can be purchased through the Vista Village Business Association or Vista Chamber of Commerce. For details, visit www.vvba.org.

JUNE 24 GET WELL SOON Help raise funds for Zarina Rahman, an employee of Windermere Real Estate who suffered a critical debilitating accident and is facing growing medical bills, at a fundraiser in her honor at 4 p.m. June 24, Sheraton Carlsbad Resort, 5480 Grand Pacific Drive, Carlsbad.Tickets cost $20 and include food and silent auction. Sponsorship opportunities are available. For details, contact Bob Chase at bchase@cox.net or at (760) 4972227.

members in a relaxed social setting. The cost is $10 and food SECOND OPINION and beverages will be provided. CONTINUED FROM 15 To RSVP, call Geri at (760) 942- which reduces blood flow and 2719.

ONGOING GIVE ME A C! The city of San Marcos will offer a cheer and tumbling program for children ages 2 to 16 on Thursdays between 4 p.m. and 8 pm., San Marcos Community Center, 3 Civic Center Drive. The 45minute class sessions are $43 per month. New students can join at any time. For details or to register, call (760) 744-9000 or visit www.san-marcos.net. SEASIDE DAY CAMP The city of Encinitas will operate the Seaside Day Camp from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. weekdays June 21 through Aug. 27 from the Scout House in Glen Park, 2149 Orinda Dive, Cardiff-by-the-Sea. The camp is for youth ages 6 to 12 years and includes arts and crafts, games, weekly beach trip and field trips. Pre-registration is required. To sign up, visit www.encinitasrecreg.com.

JUNE 25 BEER ME! Sample more than 300 types of beer at the San Diego International Beer Festival at the San Diego County Fair from 4 to 8 p.m. June 25, from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. June 26, and from noon to 4 p.m. June 27, Chevrolet Del Mar arena in the fairgrounds, 2260 Jimmy Durante Boulevard, Del Mar. For details, visit www.sdfair.com/beer. TGIF! Jazz in the Parks, hosted by the city of Carlsbad, returns for its 25th season at 6 p.m. June 25, Stagecoach Park, 3420 Camino de los Coches, Carlsbad. Concerts will also be held at Stagecoach Park July 2 and July 9, at Poinsettia Park July 16, July 23 and July 30, and at Calavera Hills Park Aug. 6, Aug. 13 and Aug. 20. All concerts are free. Beach chairs or blankets are recommended. For details, call (760) 434-2904.

may lead to organ damage. It most commonly affects premenopausal women between the ages 14 and 50 but may also be found in young adult men and older women. FMD typically affects the renal arteries that supply the kidneys but may also be found in arteries that lead to the arms, legs, abdomen or brain. About 25 percent of those with FMD will have more than one narrowed vessel and while there is no cure,there are effective treatments. Symptoms vary depending on which arteries are affected. If the abdominal arteries are involved, you may experience unintended weight loss or pain after eating. If the renal arteries are affected, you may experience neck pain, blurred vision or temporary loss of vision, dizziness, high blood pressure, chronic headaches, tinnitus, chronic

North County

dining GUIDE San Diego

kidney failure or ischemic renal atrophy (tissue death). If the peripheral arteries (arms and legs) are affected, you may experience weakness, numbness, cold limbs, discomfort when moving the limbs or changes in skin color or appearance. There is no known cause, but it is believed that several factors may play a role, including hormones, abnormally formed arteries and genetics. Treatment depends on the severity and location of the FMD as well as a person’s overall health. Medication is typically recommended and include ace inhibitors, calcium channel blockers and beta blockers, which are all medica-

tions prescribed for high blood pressure. Many people who are otherwise healthy often undergo surgical repair of the affected artery or arteries and are often advised to take medication following surgery as a precaution. The most frequently recommended procedure is percutaneous transluminal renal angioplasty (PTRA), which essentially uses a balloon catheter to expand the narrowed section(s) of artery. Stents are not typically required to keep the vessel open.The last option is surgical revascularization. This procedure is used when PTRA is not an option, such as when the arteries are severely narrowed.

There are several variations of this surgery depending on the location of the affected artery and the amount of damage present. Return to your general physician, and request a referral to a cardiovascular surgeon or specialist who is familiar with the treatment of FMD. Clearly, your neurologist was not familiar enough with the condition to offer you advice regarding treatment. Doctor Gott is a practicing physician and the author of the book “Live Longer, Live Better” (Quill Driver Books, www.quilldriverbooks.com; (800) 6057176). Write him at Dr. Gott c/o United Media, 200 Madison Ave., 4th fl., New York, NY 10016.


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JUNE 18, 2010

Financial Zipping around Catalina Island a great rush task force releases findings E’LOUISE ONDASH Hit the Road

By Bianca Kaplanek

DEL MAR — A Del Mar Union School District financial task force convened to provide input for current and long-term budgetary goals, cost-saving measures, revenue enhancement and reserve guidelines received no shortage of suggestions from parents and employees. Nearly 70 forms, many with numerous recommendations, were submitted with ideas that included merging with the neighboring Solana Beach district, shortening the school year, eliminating a teacher-parent conference day and better promoting the scrip program. Several people thought the district should find ways to conserve energy and water. Many suggested using noncredentialed instructors for enrichment classes. “The service and skills provided by the art, music, science and technology teachers just isn’t worth the (money) we are paying each of them,” one parent wrote. “It could be done just as well for far less.” There were also TURN TO FINDINGS ON 29

My friend, Patty, and I stood on the precipice of the first of five platforms of Catalina Island’s Zip Line Eco Tour. “Suicidal,” Patty mumbled more than once as we waited our turn to step into thin air a few hundred feet above the floor of the island’s backcountry. I was too nervous to utter anything. I just kept repeating what our zip line guide, Don Findlay, had told us: “When it’s time to go, don’t think. Just jump or you’ll change your mind.” That and “Once you do it, you’ll love it. By the fifth leg, you’ll be a different person.” I won’t say that this newly opened adventure changed my life, but I will say that after a couple of legs, I quit screaming and really enjoyed myself. Flying high above canyons, hills and trees on the heavyduty cables was a thrill that made all seven “zippers” in our group smile — then smile some more. This activity is not for the faint-hearted, but you also don’t have to be an athlete. You just step off, sit, fly and enjoy the ride and view — if you have the courage to look.

ZIPPING AROUND Above, Zip Line Eco Tour guide rescues a novice zipper who didn’t weigh quite enough to get her all the way to the end of the line of the second leg – the highest and longest of five. Courtesy photo

Requirements: You must weigh be between 60 pounds and 245 pounds. (For a video preview, visit http://www.visitcatalinaisland.com/avalon/vid eo.php?src=zipline&title=Cat alina%20Zip%20Line%20Ec o%20Tour.) I’ve been on a few zip lines, but this one outclasses them all in height, length and setting. The five legs total nearly 4,000 feet and the “eco tour” part is a short lecture on PAVILION HOTEL The newly renovated Pavilion Hotel is a boutique property that sits on the boardwalk, TURN TO HIT THE ROAD ON 31

a two-minute walk from the boat dock. If offers packages that include continental breakfast, complimentary wine and cheese tasting daily, and free tickets to many of the attractions and tours. Photo by E’Louise Ondash

Drive, in the old train depot. Duties include greeting guests, answering questions Joyce Dalessandro, and board and phones, and other light trustees Linda Friedman and projects two or three hours a Deanna Rich. week. Call Lee to setup an Tri-city gives grants appointment at (760) 434OCEANSIDE — North 6093. County Health Services, YMCA North Coast, the Com- Stellar scholars munity Resource Center and COAST CITIES — Connursing care at Casa de nor Matzinger of Rancho Amparo are among 21 North Santa Fe was awarded a bacheCounty nonprofits receiving lor of arts degree from Congrant awards June 25 from Tri- necticut College on May 23. City Healthcare District Board Matzinger majored in anthroof Directors. Each year, funds pology. are allocated by the Tri-City Morgan Lemke, of RanHealthcare District board of cho Santa Fe, graduated from directors to be used for non- Cheshire Academy on June 5. profit agency health programs He is the son of Mr. and Mrs.W. for residents of Carlsbad,Vista Frederick Lemke. and Oceanside. Alyssa Catherine Howard, of Rancho Santa Fe, Be a greeter graduated from Trinity ColCARLSBAD — Volun- lege in Hartford, Connecticut teers are needed during the on May 23, with a major in ecosummer to help out at the nomics with honors literature Carlsbad Visitor Center. and psychology. Share your knowledge Samuel Daley, of Rancho with visitors and locals at the Santa Fe, and a sophomore center at 400 Carlsbad Village majoring in Aerospace Engi-

neering, was named to the Worcester Polytechnic Institute Dean’s List for academic excellence for the spring 2010 semester Daniel L. Dias, of Carlsbad, received a Ph.D degree in Natural Resources during May commencement ceremonies at the University of Vermont. David Gumpel, of Solana Beach, earned his Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in philosophy and public affairs, along with the school’s Leadership Sequence from Claremont McKenna College on May 15. Christopher S. Calligan from Carlsbad graduated with a Associate in Science from Pace University. Sarah Long, of Carlsbad, graduated from the Tulane University School of Liberal Arts with a Bachelor of Arts degree. Matthew Lyons, of Solana Beach, graduated from the A.B. Freeman School of Business at Tulane University with a Bachelor of Science, Management degree.

ditions you commonly encounter. Use rolling resistance as a tie-braker. Fuel savings from those tires might be appealing, but proper inflation pressure can have a bigger impact on fuel economy, no matter what tires you’re rolling on.

California is considering options including a ratings system that would give the top 15 percent a fuel-efficiency rating. But NHTSA hasn’t determined a method to present consumer information and will issue a rule at a later date. California is waiting for the federal government to take the lead. CR notes that consumers should be aware that rollingresistance scores, as proposed, apply to new tires. And if they are not inflated and maintained properly, their fueleconomy benefit disappears.




GFE ranked 11th overall. CR’s overall score for tires emphasizes safety-related tests including braking, handling, and resistance to hydroplaning. CR also evaluates rolling resistance, ride comfort, noise, snow traction, Efficiency labels for tires ice braking and tread life. The National Highway Making a wellTraffic Safety Administration, or NHTSA, and California are rounded choice Don’t discount safety trying to make tire fuel-econoadvantages or other perform- my ratings available to conance attributes for the sake of sumers. NHTSA has proposed fuel savings when selecting a a label that would assign a ratset of tires. CR recommends ing for fuel efficiency, wet you choose tires based on your traction, and tread wear based Visit the Consumer Reports website at driving style and the road con- on a 100-point scale. www.consumerreports.org.



numerous recommendations to cut or freeze salaries for all district employees. “We are fortunate to have fantastic teachers and staff at our schools, and would rather not cut salaries,but it certainly is something that must be considered in addressing the budget shortfall,” one letter stated. However, a staff member noted teachers volunteered more than 15,000 hours from September through March and paid higher insurance premiums, saving the district approximately $1.6 million. “Teachers took a pay cut this year, increased class sizes, and eliminated professional development to help save money,” the staff member wrote. The two most frequent cost-saving recommendations were to close a school and not hire vice principals for larger schools, although many parents opposed reworking boundaries to even out enrollment. The 18-member panel, which met nine times between January and April, divided into six subcommittees to review each suggestion, but found implementation was easier said than done. Expenditure reductions are difficult because the largest expense — teachers’ salaries — is governed by union contracts. So are work-



JUNE 18, 2010

ing conditions such as prep time, class size, length of the school year, etc. Budgeting is a challenge because income is based on property taxes, which can fluctuate, and exact amounts are not known until after the district creates its annual budget. “School financing is quite a different animal than what you would see in a for-profit business,” task force member Jonathan Flam said. Allowing employees to opt out of health care coverage could save the district an estimated $350,000 to $900,000, but it is also subject to collective bargaining. The task force recommended maintaining a reserve balance of 22 percent to 30 percent. The district’s existing $13 million reserve fund represents about 27 percent of expenditures. The state requires districts to have a minimum reserve balance of 3 percent. Reducing programs and services for students while there are sufficient reserves to handle any temporary deficits was not recommended. At this point the district could release about $2 million and still maintain sufficient reserves, but that amount doesn’t even cover what has already been cut by the state. The group also recommended the school board evaluate a parcel tax for possible future use under “dire financial circumstances.” With 17,000 parcels in the district, a

$200 tax on each would generate an additional $3.5 million annually. School districts in Northern California rely on parcel tax income, but the concept hasn’t been successful in the southern part of the state, Flam said. The tax requires voter approval by a super majority. Other revenue generating recommendations include increasing fees for field and facility use and allowing advertising on the district website. The task force suggested the district perform a comprehensive business plan and market analysis before expanding the for-profit preschool. A preliminary study to determine the cost savings of using solar energy was also recommended. The task force included 13 parents — at least one from each of the district’s eight schools — a principal, a classified staff member and an appointee from the teachers union, education foundation and district office cabinet. “In the DMUSD we are extremely fortunate that during these challenging economic times our children’s education and the programs they receive have not been reduced or compromised in any significant way,” the group stated in its conclusion. Visit www.dmusd.org and click on the Financial Task Force link to view the full report, recommendations and public input.

actions taken by the city of Santa Monica. In 2007, the City Council approved a ban on polystyrene nonrecyclable plastic disposable food service containers. “The businesses implemented this ban, not me,” Miller said. Rather than being controversial, the ban proved to be a springboard for further action. In September of this year the council will consider a hotly debated proposal to ban single-use plastic bags. Encinitas passed a similar measure but is waiting to see the outcome of lawsuits against other municipalities with similar bans before implementing the measure. Barth, known for her

conservation efforts, said reducing waste makes economic sense. The city of Encinitas spent approximately $500,000 on trash and storm water cleanup in the 2008-2009 fiscal year. “This isn’t just the right thing to do, it’s the economical thing to do,” she said. “A city like Encinitas would rather spend half a million dollars on increasing the quality of life and services to the community.” Smith cautioned that laws alone would not solve the problem of increasing marine debris. “No amount of regulation will fix the problem,” he told the crowd. “Really, it’s going to take all of us coming together.”

full advantage of it. I don’t have troubles purging (tossing, selling, giving to than keep them in totes, or friends/family or donating) have some printed into anything else. keepsake books. I’m slow to go through their outgrown Dear Sara: There’s a clothes, too. Only three years really good deal on cottage separate my girls, so I save cheese, so I want to stock up. everything. Eight years sep- Can I freeze cottage cheese, arate my boys. I catch myself or will it become a disgustsaving clothes for my ing, goopy mess? Also, do youngest son, and that’s a lit- you have any ideas on how tle nuts. Last year, I decided to use the liquid that’s leftto give some of them to my over in a jar of pickles? neighbor for her son. Letting Seems like it should be good go of baby clothes was tough for some kind of marinate, for me. I saved a few and but thought I’d check if anytold myself they could be one had done this before. — used as doll clothes or I Janet, Canada could eventually make a small quilt. My city allows us Dear Janet: I wouldn’t to borrow a small Dumpster freeze cottage cheese if you without charge, and I take plan on eating it on its own.

It loses its texture. But it’s fine if you’re planning to use it for cooking a casserole. Pickle juice can be used to pickle various other vegetables, such as carrots, cucumbers, cauliflower or broccoli. You can add some to deviled eggs, pickled eggs, egg salad, macaroni or potato salad, freeze it in ice cube trays and make pickle popsicles. You can also make a meat marinade or just drink it.



point of entry was the most effective way to reduce marine debris. Goldstein, who worked on a project cataloging trash in the North Pacific Gyre — a large swath of ocean between the Hawaiian Islands and the Oregon coast — reported that 93 percent of all debris were smaller than a pencil eraser. “It makes the clean up process much more complicated when you have thousands of miles of tiny pieces of plastic,” she said. Focusing on the regulatory aspect of preventing trash from reaching the ocean, Miller discussed the


Sara Noel is the owner of Frugal Village (www.frugalvillage.com), a Web site that offers practical, money-saving strategies for everyday living. To send tips, comments or questions, write to Sara Noel, c/o United Media, 200 Madison Ave., 4th Floor, New York, NY 10016, or e-mail sara@frugalvillage.com.

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“We appreciate our loyal clientele. We will be here to serve you as we have for the last twelve years.


Beran’s Jewelers Estate & Fine Jewelry • Objects d’ Art 6016 La Granada P.O. Box 1575, Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067 Tel 858.756.4508 • Fax 858.756.4515



JUNE 18, 2010



at the time of his release from prison in 2005, Gardner was placed on “passive” GPS monitoring instead of “active” because the correction’s department’s static risk assessment tool did not deem Gardner a “high-risk sex offender,“ according to the report. Active monitoring consists of transmissions from the


Jimmy Patton from 7 to 9 p.m. Call (760) 743-8466 for more information. — Wine Steals in San Diego, Hillcrest and Cardiff now has a wine cask feature with wine on tap! They are offering great low prices on wine by the glass. Call the location nearest you for more. — St. Germain’s Café in Encinitas has a “Yappy Hour” on Fridays and Saturdays with special incentives for your dog and you from 4 to 7 p.m. On June 18 and June 19 enjoy Pannini “Yappetizers” and a glass of local Poway Old Coach Wines. Local music and raffle drawings. Call (760)



drivers. Getting behind the wheel is a serious responsibility. Clearly, we are pleased to help parents instill the important message of driving safely to their teenage drivers, which in turn, promotes public safety.”


seeing as it was the plan to keep the Osuna Ranch as authentic as possible. “Yes,” Ivan Holler, covenant planner, said. “We have ad hoc meetings there.” Doughty asked: “Why not oil lamps?” Holler said that at other historic buildings in other places, while the lighting looks like oil lamps, they are actually electric. Flynn said the work should begin as early as July. “The first phase will be the fire hydrant and backflow with work in July and


program, which gives them direction. Its goal is to implement a districtwide vision of being a student-centered learning community that continuously improves student achievement while engaging students in highquality enrichment experiences, Schaub said. The first target goal is seeing that student achievement improves for all students in core academic subjects. Specifically the goal is to have 90 percent proficiency and to advance overall as a district in state assessment tests, with all students demonstrating growth, Schaub said. The second target goal is to engage students in high-quality enrichment opportunities, which stress the importance of address-



JUNE 18, 2010 parolee’s device being uploaded at near real time intervals alerting parole agents immediately if a parolee violates a curfew or crosses a boundary. Comparatively, at the passive level, transmissions are uploaded at set intervals and alerts for possible violations are sent to the parolee agent the next day. In response to the inspector general’s report, Matthew L. Cate, secretary for the

California Department of Rehabilitation, said that passive level monitoring was discarded in March and “the department’s policies have improved since then to incorporate new techniques and to discard flaws in the previous program.” He added that parole agents are now required to review lower-risk parolees’ GPS tracks for two randomly selected 48-hour periods every month.

753-5411 for more information. — La Costa Wine Company in Carlsbad has light and refreshing German Riesling wines for tasting from 5 to 8:30 p.m. June 18. Cost is $15 each. On June 25, Sonoma wines for tasting for $20 per person. Call (760) 431-8455 for more information. — San Diego Wine Company on Miramar Road is pouring 10 terrific Pinots for $10 from 11 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. June 19. Erath is one of the featured wines. Call (858) 586WINE for details. — Island Prime on Harbor Island in San Diego is hosting a Great Fathers Day Wines sale from 11:30 a.m. to 2

p.m. June 19. Sample select wines and hors d’oeuvres and win prizes with each purchase. Contact Maurice at (619) 5579441, ext. 203 for the wine list. — Café Merlot in the Bernardo Winery in Rancho Bernardo extends an invitation to join them for a TAPS benefit dinner and wine tasting to help troubled teens and their families from 6 to 9 p.m. June 26. Cost is $75 per person or $120 per couple. For tickets, call (858) 668-2273. Frank Mangio is a renowned wine connoisseur certified by Wine Spectator. His library can be viewed at www.tasteofwinetv.com. (Average Google certified 900 visits per day) He is one of the top five wine commentators on the Web. Reach him at mangiompc@aol.com.

These popular classes have been held throughout the year at San Dieguito High School Academy. “We are so pleased to continue our partnership with the Encinitas Sheriff’s office and San Dieguito Alliance for Drug Free Youth and offer these popular and important driving safety classes throughout

next year as well,” Parent Foundation President Abby Fisher said. With upcoming graduation celebrations and summer just round the corner, let’s all be smart and stay safe.

August,” Flynn said. “The driveway in August or September and the electric panel in October.” Doughty expressed concern that because there are not firm bids for the project that perhaps the Association should wait until there are some before letting the $150,000. “Allocating the money might be putting the cart before the horse,” he said. Holler assured him that there have been preliminary bids, and that he is confident about the price of the improvements. The Osuna Committee has been working to complete

Phase 1 of the project, which included getting a Major Use Permit/Lot Spilt application from the county. The county on April 2 approved the Association’s application, which allows the existing horse keeping operations to continue, as well as the tentative parcel map that will split off 3.6 acres of the property. For the final part of the approval, the Association must satisfy the conditions approved by the county, including driveway improvements from the main gate at Via Santa Fe and the design and installation of the backflow preventer, waterline and fire hydrant.

ing the child as a whole person. “Enrichment experiences should also prepare students to be 21st century learners and thinkers,” Schaub said. The staff plans to do this by undergoing ongoing professional development, more effective collaborating planning and determining the needs of students, she said. They aim to develop a caring schoolwide community within classrooms and across grade levels by increasing positive interactions among students and staff. Looking back at the past school year, Delaney said she is delighted. “We are extremely pleased with the progress the students made this year and particularly our staff who have worked very hard

and continue to raise the bar for our students in an unwavering commitment to education,” Delaney said. “We are thrilled with our reading and writing programs.” “I think another strength in our school is our science program,” Delaney said. “This year we had the experience of the ocean science partnership. Our teachers also worked very hard to implement that program and that is a program we will continue to focus on in the future. It could not have been possible without the support of our education foundation.”

Nancy Perry-Sheridan, MSW, is a prevention specialist with San Dieguito Alliance for Drug Free Youth.

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each platform about the area’s flora and island’s history. The Zip Line Eco Tour is one of several new activities that opened April 1 on Catalina Island, which is enjoying a mini-renaissance of sorts. The Santa Catalina Island Company, owner of much of Avalon’s commercial real estate, has renovated the Pavilion Hotel (on the boardwalk); opened the Avalon Grille a few doors down (sounds crazy, but don’t miss the Crispy Brussels Sprouts made with cranberries, almonds, pancetta and mustard vinaigrette); and pumped new life into Descanso Beach (just past the landmark Casino). The beach features a large grassy area, cabanas, chaise lounges, fire rings, new changing rooms and restrooms, and lots of water sports nearby. Be as active or as laidback as you want. There are several new


School. Diane sez she spent years doing research and collecting material on the famous architect. Last summer she did a book on the history of the County Fair.

Plastic bags ban Even though the record indicates folks aren’t clamoring to use paper instead of plastic shopping bags, the state assembly has OK’d a bill that will prohibit plastic for this purpose by 2013. The Cal Grocers Association, according to published reports, is no longer opposing the issue.

One-liners Neighborhood meeting at 6 p.m. June 24, Encinitas Community Center, 1130 Oakcreat Park Drive is about

tours, too: two underwater adventures that use unique diving equipment and require no diving experience; several bus tours around the island; a GPS-guided walking tour; a sundown cruise to the island’s isthmus; and a behind-the-scenes tour of the historic Casino. We chose to do the latter and found it fascinating. Our guide was more than informative about the Casino’s history and the story of the Wrigley family who once owned the entire island. In 1997, the Wrigleys gave 88 percent of the island to the Catalina Island Conservancy. This land can never be developed. The unique circular, 12story Casino was constructed in 1929 by 500 workers in only 14 months. If you like Art Deco, you’ll love combing the behind-the-scenes spaces and public places in and around the fabulous still-used movie theater and magnificent upper-story ballroom. All of the equipment (backstage rigging and lighting, projecif light poles at the Hall sports park should be allowed to exceed 30-foot height limit ... San Dieguito Union High School District has raised bus transportation fees to $600, up $100 for the coming school year ... Juvenile curfew in Solbeach now is 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. and conforms with the curfew in the county, La Mesa and El Cajon ... A Redondo Beach Harbor commissioner has threatened to lower the boom on his colleagues and seek action from the district attorney if they continue to ignore the Brown Act ... A Cal congressional lawmaker has urged the U.S. Forest Service to lift the prohibition on night flying when fighting wildfires ... First phase of the Helen Woodward Animal Center slated for completion by the end of the year will include a small animal hospital and

tion equipment etc.) still works, and vintage photographs provide a sense of the Big Band era. Our guide had plenty of gossipy anecdotes, too, to round out the tour. The ballroom swells with music every October with the three-week jazz festival. Seats are already going. Visit jazztrax.com. If you stay at the Pavilion Hotel (71 beautifully appointed “boutique” rooms a twominute walk from the boat dock), don’t miss the daily complimentary wine-andcheese tasting at 5 p.m. Guests can sit at protected tables in the garden courtyard just steps from the boardwalk and bay. Staying at the hotel also qualifies guests for free tours, movie tickets and other activities, and halfprice tickets ($45) for the zip line and underwater adventures. For more information, visit VisitCatalinaIsland.com. E’Louise Ondash is a freelance writer living in North County. Tell her about your travels at eondash@coastnewsgroup.com.

administration building ... Juliana Collins, a senior at C’bad Seaside Academy, has received one of five Don Diego Fund scholarships that total 23 grand ... Vista’s $53.5 mil. Civic Center is now in use ... Morgan Mallory of Cardiff has posed several important questions about the development of the Hall sports park that need answers; one of them being about 340 lights on 34 poles of up to 90 feet high ... The racetrack is giving away wallet calendars that list major stakes events totaling $6.2 million. Hasta la Vista Bill Arballo is an opinionated, retired journalist in the Flower Capital of the Universe and he is the father of Encinitas City Councilwoman Teresa Barth. . E-mail barballo@coastnewsgroup.com.


JUNE 18, 2010



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JUNE 18, 2010

SOUP TO NUTS by Rick Stromoski

Friday, June 18, 2010

FRANK & ERNEST by Bob Thaves

THE BORN LOSER by Art & Chip Sansom

BIG NATE by Lincoln Peirce

MONTY by Jim Meddick

GEMINI (May 21-June 20) Although there are likely to be a number of disruptions in your domestic affairs, if you keep your wits about you, you should be able to handle them well. If you don’t, it could mean trouble. CANCER (June 21-July 22) - An arrangement you recently established might not have all the potential you thought it did. However, that does not mean it is dead in the water. Use your head and make it work. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) - Those larger than usual returns you hoped for won’t happen simply by wiggling your nose. If you study the matter carefully and move cautiously forward, there’s a good chance you can realize some gains. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) - That social contact you thought would do you some good might not be of much help. Depend on yourself, as always, and you can make things come out okay. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23) - It’s not that you aren’t willing to work hard for what you get, it’s just that you could use a bit of help from time to time from Lady Luck. Fortunately, you still can reap well from doing excellent work. SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22) - It might be easy to be negative about


“ LV I

by Luis Campos


Celebrity Cipher cryptograms are created from quotations by famous people, past and present. Each letter in the cipher stands for another. TODAY'S CLUE:

X equals U

ARLO & JANIS by Jimmy Johnson


COW & BOY by Mark Leiknes


something you’d like to do that circumstances are preventing you from doing, but that won’t help. Keep plugging forward and your hopes will be realized. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23-Dec. 21) Continue to keep your eyes peeled for any unique developments that could have a beneficial effect on your work, because they are out there. However, vigilance is essential. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) Do not settle for or expect things to be handed to you on a silver platter. A healthy dose of happiness is waiting from the work you do and the effort you put into things that are important to you. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) Don’t expect to benefit from anything another gets, because that may only disappoint you. Even if you manage to wiggle into his/her arrangement, you aren’t likely to get much from it. PISCES (Feb. 20-March 20) Having an open mind and a nonjudgmental attitude will help you a lot in getting along with others. Conversely, being harsh or dictatorial can drive the same people away. Choose wisely. ARIES (March 21-April 19) - The larger the game plan, the better you usually like it. However, at this time it behooves you to move slowly, taking only one step at a time. You’re going to need time to readjust each undertaking. TAURUS (April 20-May 20) - Your rabbit’s foot isn’t thumping out too many good vibes today, so just because you think you are lucky, it doesn’t necessarily make you so. When all else fails, use logic.




T D I G’ L




W I Y W -

W T Z -




LV I N ’ D I

C Y F G S . ”



C T E Y I PREVIOUS SOLUTION: “All the adversity I’ve had in my life, all my troubles and obstacles, have strengthened me.” - Walt Disney


$1,675 annually. Proposition L also would have required property owners with more than five residential rental units to pay $25 per unit. Home-based businesses would have been charged $75. Council members would have had the option to waive or suspend the tax at any time. Solana Beach will remain one of only two

North County cities — the other being Encinitas — that do not charge a business tax. City Manager David Ott said companies haven’t been flocking to Solana Beach because it didn’t charge the business tax, nor were other cities losing businesses because of it. Solana Beach cut its budget by more than $1 million during the past two years to help deal with declining economic conditions. Ott said the cuts have not affected services so far.



South Coast Plaza will offer the latest trends in clothing, handbags, jewelry, eyewear and other accessories. Participating retailers include Christofle, Emilio Pucci, Ermenegildo Zegna, Frette, Marni, MaxMara, Michael Kors, Tod’s, and Versace. Members of the Art of Fashion Runway Show Committee include Donna Ahlstrom, Maggie Bobileff, Judy Burer, Marci Cavanaugh, Deborah Cross, Jo Ely, Connie Englert,

Sharon Ferges, Christine Gootee, Jeanne Lucia, Andrea Muir, Gina Muir, Jean Newman, Pearl Padovano, Molly Santistevan, JoLynn Shapiro, Mia Stefanko, Heidi Timlake, Rhonda Tryon, Kathe Votsis, Jean Waters, and Suzanne Witter. The Country Friends funds more than two dozen charitable agencies each year, primarily through proceeds from its consignment shop in Rancho Santa Fe, specializing in exquisite furniture, antiques, rugs, silver, china and objets d’art. Its mission is “helping people to help themselves.”


The Future of Irrigation • • • •



JUNE 18, 2010

Smart Timers Irrigation Auditing New Irrigation Repair and upgrades • Drainage systems • Drip Systems

• Time Clock Repairs • Replace valves • Pressure Regulators • BackFlow Preventers

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community outreach program, it identifies and helps talented disadvantaged children in the community. The school hosts two fundraisers a year.The next will be the Nutcracker Gala in November. Fred Kiko, longtime ballet supporter, issued a challenge to the gathering, saying he and his friends will match donations up to $70,000 to the company. Follow us on

Exceptional gentle dental care for you and your family • Cosmetic Dentistry • Emphasis on Prevention • Specializing in Crown & Bridge Work • Periodontics • Root Canal Therapy • One Hour Relines • 24 Hour Services Most Insurance Companies Welcome • Se Habla Español

Edward B. Coffey D.D.S., M.S. Christopher Henninger D.M.D. 1445 Encinitas Blvd., Encinitas

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Reg. $221

Includes: Cleaning • Polishing • Exam • Consultation • Bitewing X-rays • Check for Gum Disease




Per Arch Reg. $375

With coupon. Offers expire 7-4-10


JUNE 18, 2010



POTENTIAL SHORT SALE Rancho Santa Fe, California

$2,995,000 Gated estate in Fairbanks Ranch that lives like a single-level with 5 bedroom suites, gourmet kitchen opening to the family room, office/library, travertine floors, 4 fireplaces, pool, spa, pool house & a 4 car garage. Don't miss this fantastic opportunity to own a gorgeous home in one of Rancho Santa Fe's finest communities!







Rancho Santa Fe, California

Rancho Santa Fe, California

La Jolla, California




Situated between the 7th & 8th holes this elegant home has 4/5 bedrooms, high ceilings, travertine floors, chef's kitchen, pool, spa, 4 car garage plus a golf cart garage. Come live the dream of the Del Mar Country Club!

Impeccably maintained by original owners! Gated estate built by Richard Doan with 6 bedroom suites, mahoganypaneled library/office, chef's kitchen, 6 fireplaces, guesthouse, pool, spa & outdoor entertaining on 2.95 acres.

The Pacific Ocean is your backyard! Classic 3 bedroom, 4 bath home with gorgeous office, wood floors, granite kitchen counters & built-ins galore on one of La Jolla's finest streets! Call today for your private showing!




We proudly support the San Diego affiliate of the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

Becky & June Becky

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