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APRIL 9, 2010

THISWEEK Science le comes b a u l Va pons alive at Cou Page on 42 Rowe HISTORICAL HORSES

The community is abuzz as healthy twin foals — a rare occurrence — are born at the Helen Woodward Animal 3 Center



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Board eyes sex offender policy

By Wehtahnah Tucker

RANCHO SANTA FE — The anticipation was palpable as students, parents and teachers gathered in the gymnasium April 2 to interact with animals from the Wild Animal Park during the R. Roger Rowe School’s Science Discovery Day. Eyes widened as the handlers brought out a Burmese python that stretched the length of seven students. The annual event covers many areas of science from live animals to anatomy to technology and robotics. Organizers said the goal is to expose students to various aspects of science and allow them to discover their own passion within the field. “The kids absolutely love it,” said fifth-grade teacher Mrs. Jensen. The 15-year veteran schoolteacher said it’s one of the highlights of the entire year. “The kids are so engaged by all of it and they are able to really get up close and experience science,” she said. “The presenters use very strong teaching techniques.” Indeed, students from kindergarten to seventh grade were transfixed by the myriad of experiments during the daylong event. “It’s a time when our kids come to understand that science doesn’t just happen but that they are a TURN TO SCIENCE ON 31

By Patty McCormac

HANDS-ON LEARNING Channing Masters dissects an owl pellet in her second grade class during the annual Science Discovery Day at R. Roger Rowe School on April 2. Photo by Wehtahnah Tucker

School superintendent speaks to Association By Patty McCormac

RANCHO SANTA FE — Rancho Santa Fe School District Superintendent Lindy Delaney was invited to speak at the Association meeting April 1. Delaney brought the board up to speed on the progress of the renovation and construction of the new R. Roger Rowe Elementary School. She also explained about the need for funds the Association talked about contributing to the project last summer. It appears the funds will be needed because of a

turndown in the economy which delayed $2.5 million from the state. After the design of the new school was completed, the art jury requested some changes, which added up to an estimated cost of $264,000. The Association volunteered to split the cost with the school board if money was needed. Later it was discovered the requested changes would result in structural changes, which caused the total to rise to $344,000. Delaney told the Association that

in the meantime, because of the recession, the $2.5 million expected from the state to be used for construction has been delayed. She said she does not know when or if it will arrive, so some of the plans have changed. The school board has decided to reduce the cost of the school by delaying funding for items that it can live without and using the money for needed items, for instance playground TURN TO ASSOCIATION ON 31

RANCHO SANTA FE — The Rancho Santa Fe School Board instructed Richard Currier, its general counsel, to draft a board policy regarding allowing convicted sex offenders on campus. They said they wanted it to be “realistic,” “simple” and “practical.” “We want to be proactive not reactive,” board member Carlie Headapohl said. The board wanted it included in the policy that at least once a year a school official contact the probation and parole departments to ask if there is anyone of which the school should be especially aware. For those registered sex offenders of which the board is already aware, they should determine if he or she is in compliance with the conditions of their probation. “We need to do our part to ask the question,” said Scott Cheatham, board president. “At least we would be aware. I don’t think that would be a bad thing.” Currier said he had already done some research on how other school districts handle the issue and that he was not very impressed by most of them. He said he intends to draft a policy with more teeth. Still, he said one of the most effective things the district can do is stay in touch with the probation department to determine if the offender is in compliance with probation conditions. The request for such a policy stems from a female registered sex offender who has four children in the district. Some parents, including Dr. Jonathon and Ashley Haynes, became concerned about seeing her on campus several times unsupervised. One of the school functions TURN TO POLICY ON 32


APRIL 9, 2010

Kelly Pottorff & Tammy Tidmore


North County’s Ranch and Coastal Community Experts

Where New Meets Olde Del Mar Newly constructed six thousand square foot home in beautiful Olde Del Mar with the finest finishes and utmost attention to detail. This superbly designed estate consists of four bedrooms, formal living, dining, and family rooms, pool, spa, fire pit, wine cellar and more. Nestled on sandstone bluffs and with floor to ceiling walls of glass that maximize incredible breathtaking ocean views, this is a rare opportunity for coastal privacy and serenity.

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Rancho Santa Fe $1,495,000

Cardiff $1,449,000

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Unique Batter Kay Condo Beach Close

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Olde Del Mar $1,100,000

Carlsbad $849,000

East Coast Flair In Bressi Ranch

Spacious Townhome With Golf Course Frontage

Fractional Ownerships At The Villas Of Rancho Valencia

Carlsbad $749,000

Rancho Bernardo $549,000

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APRIL 9, 2010

ODD Twin foals make history at Helen Woodward FILES


By Wehtahnah Tucker

LEAD STORY Lax on Perverts: In February, the Minnesota Board of Chiropractic Examiners relicensed Scott Fredin even though he is still registered as a sex offender following a 2003 conviction for fondling two female patients during “examinations.” Released from jail in 2006, he had reapplied to the board, which then found him “rehabilitated.” He agreed to several restrictions on his office practice, but the board declined to order him to disclose his crime to patients. (And in March, the Tennessee Board of Medical Examiners finally expelled Dr. David Livingston, whom it had licensed in 1992 despite knowledge of his sex-crime-related expulsions in two states and his being labeled a “violent sex offender” by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.)

The Continuing Crisis — Ralph Conone, 68, was arrested in Columbus, Ohio, in March after witnesses identified him as the man who several times had walked up behind young children, punched them on the head when their parents TURN TO ODD FILES ON 28

RANCHO SANTA FE — Sunny and Angel may look like any other normal foals, but the two young horses are a rare pair. The babies are among a handful of twins in the United States to be born alive and in good health. Housed at the Helen Woodward Animal Center’s Equine Hospital, the exceptionally rare pair, along with their mother, a 9-year-old mare named Lena, overcame unbelievable odds just to be born. “The fact that both foals went full-term gives them a better chance of survival,” said their veterinarian Dr. Rodrigo Vazquez. The new family has the animal center and much of the general public abuzz with excitement. In fact, there is a live streaming video so people can watch the foals and their mother. “This is an opportunity for people to watch how we help animals,” said Helen Woodward spokesman John Van Zante. “I’ve seen people from Phoenix, Miami, Nebraska and Philadelphia commenting on the webcast,” he said. “There are even comments that aren’t in English.” Lena gave birth to the twins March 28 and within hours the three horses were transported from Fallbrook to Helen Woodward. The registered Quarter Horse’s owner said she didn’t know

RARE PAIR Lena is a 9-year-old mare who gave birth to twin foals, Sunny and Angel, on March 28. A rare occurrence, the twins are the first to be treated at the Helen Woodward Animal Center’s Equine Hospital since its opening in 1986 in Rancho Santa Fe. All three horses are doing remarkably well but remain on round the clock supervision. Photo by Wehtahnah Tucker

Lena was expecting twins until they were being born. “For these two to even make it through the pregnancy is remarkable,” Van Zante said. According to experts, the live birth of twins is exceptionally rare. “Most horse owners don’t want their mares to have twins,” Vazquez said. “It can be extremely dangerous for the

w ng! o N lli ro n E

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Preschool - Pre-K - Kindergarten

l Voted Best Preschool - 2009 and 2010! l Celebrating 10 Years of Early Education l Christ-Centered, Whole Child, Nurturing & Loving

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mare and the foals.” Vazquez said that most twin pregnancies are interrupted around the second week of gestation to prevent a mid-term abortion. “One of the embryos is manually reduced to protect the mare and allow the other embryo to grow to full term,” he explained. According to Van Zante, San Diego County has more horses per capita than any

other place in the world with the exception of Riverside County. “They were born in the right place,” he said. The horses are being watched around the clock by staff. “This is the first time since we opened the hospital in 1986 that Helen Woodward Animal Center has had a pair of twin foals under our care,” Van Zante said. “Even the person who

assisted in their delivery said it’s the first time in her 25 years that she’s seen a horse successfully give birth to a pair of twins.” Sunny, a 50-pound colt was given an ultrasound on April 2 to examine a lump found in his groin area. Vasquez and Equine Hospital Manager Christen Henley TURN TO FOALS ON 41


APRIL 9, 2010


“Safeguarding the Healthcare of Your Loved Ones.”


The Independence You Value. The Peace of Mind You’ve Been Missing.


A Private Residential Facility A H O L I S T I C , D E V E L O P M E N TA L A P P R O A C H

Specializing in: Providing continuing substance abuse treatment for adolescent females, ages 13-18.

At Sentry Care, our aim is to help families ensure the best care possible for their loved ones. Despite national attention, the nursing home industry has not made significant progress in realigning their processes to ensure the health and safety of their patients. Unfortunately, many families do not live in close proximity or have other obligations, and cannot provide the needed oversight of their loved ones care.

MORNING STAR MISSION: Morning Star provides residential substance abuse treatment to adolescent females based on the 12 Steps of AA in a family type atmosphere. Our comprehensive, individualized performance based treatment is designed to promote the mental, social, physical and spiritual growth of the teenager and her family. Family involvement is required, women’s issues are an integral part of the education process. On-site school year round is located in a rural small town setting. Our staff-to-client ratio is 1 to 1, or better.

SERVICES PROVIDED BY SENTRY CARE: 1. Private Duty Care (by a licensed RN) 2. Patient Visits (by a licensed RN) 3. Travel Accompaniment (by a licensed RN) 4. Post Plastic Surgery After Care (by a licensed RN) 5. Medical/Medicaid Applications 6. Psychological Evaluations and Support

Call today or visit our website for more information

760.634.0351 • www.sentrycare.net

For more information please contact: Jerry & Sally Cowan 580.276.5443 Morning Star utilizes patient placement criteria developed by the American Society of Addiction Medicine for the Treatment of Psychoactive Substance Use Disorders. Morning Star is a member of the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP).

“Safeguarding the Healthcare of Your Loved Ones.”

“I joined the club before marrying and immediately liked Morgan Run for the warm way it welcomes female golfers. Our club is a good steward in the community, supporting members in their charitable endeavors including my passion for Fresh Start. Today we enjoy the club as a family and value the kid friendly atmosphere. We have really enjoyed spending more time at the new Spa & Sports Center and new family pool.” — Shari Brasher and Family

Call today! 858.759.2157 5690 Cancha de Golf • Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92091 • www.morganrun.com



APRIL 9, 2010

Rotary helps underfunded Women’s Resource Center By Patty McCormac

RANCHO SANTA FE — Over the last four years, the Rancho Santa Fe Rotary has become more involved with the Oceanside-based Women’s Resource Center, or WRC, which offers aid to victims of domestic violence. According to Rotarian Ole Prahm, who is heading the charge, there is a very good reason. “I am amazed at the dedication of the staff and board at the WRC. I think the community needs to know what a valuable service these people perform with such a limited budget,” Prahm said. With their motto, “Rebuilding Shattered Lives,” the WRC provides support services, counseling, shelter and education to women, men and children involved in or threatened by domestic violence or sexual assault. “The Rancho Santa Fe Rotary support is very important to sustaining special programs for our clients,” said Marva Bledsoe, the executive director of the WRC. “These are at risk as other funding sources dry up. It is nice to know we can count on Rancho Santa Fe Rotarians!” “The state of California has severely cut the operating budget of the WRC to the tune of $207,000 and all the staff took a 10 percent pay cut in order to keep operating,” Prahm said. “I am completely amazed at the level of quality of services provided by WRC for their limited $1.6 million budget,” Prahm said. “My primary goal currently is to figure out a way to cover the $207,000 in cuts that the state of California imposed on the agency because staff took a

AWARD GIVEN Patrick Galvin and Mia Boardman Smith of the award-winning student newspaper The Falconer receive a $1,000 check from club president Maurice Rahimi.

HERE TO HELP From left, Rotarians, all proud USC grads, are current club President Maurice Rahimi, Karen Wiseman, Miquel Koenig, Robert Vogel and Bill Banning. Photos by Patty McCormac

voluntary 10 percent cut from the meager wages they had prior to that reduction. This is not fair especially under these economic times when domestic violence increases with a poor economy. “ Bledsoe said the pay cuts taken by staff have not been restored. The Rotary, beginning in 2004 and continuing to the present, has donated money for the WRC’s Spirit of Giving Party to purchase gifts for children and teens for the holidays. Prahm said that event has expanded to children being able to choose gifts for their mothers and in a few cases, fathers. In 2008 the club spruced

ROTARIAN CAMARADERIE From left, Rotarians Jeff Dowler, Mary Murray and Ole Prahm.




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RanchoSFNews .com


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Featuring The Necklace by Cheryl Jarvis April 26, 2010 • 10:00 am

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RSF Rotary Sgt. At Arms Paul Christenson and treasurer Brenda Boggioni.





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Vacations lead to a serious case of ‘TNI’ Let’s call it “turista no inteligente,” a spin on a phrase I recently picked up in Costa Rica. A classic condition exacerbated by the notion of “being on vacation,” TNI is experienced by millions of unsuspecting tourists per year, and is oftentimes fatal in its most extreme instances. Americans, in particular, seem most prone to fitful bouts of TNI, a phenomenon yet to be explained by the medical community. My first experience with TNI came as a wee child in Yellowstone National Park — a wild place disguised as an amusement park if there ever was one. Here we witness the classic example of grown men and women playfully approaching bison. An adult bison can weigh upwards of 2,000 pounds and can run nearly 35 mph, far heavier and far faster than an overfed, under-exercised, camera-toting tourist. Sadly, those afflicted with TNI are incapable of knowing that this stately, iconic creature just might stick a bison horn through your belly, perhaps squish your skull with a bison hoof, or even toss your body around like a doll in a friendly game of bison volleyball. Take your pick. Preliminary studies on TNI have found there to be a missing link in the regions of the brain concerned with proper reasoning and logical judgment; or knowing the difference between what is normally dangerous, and what is normally dangerous but made to appear less so by the so-called “vacation factor.” On a separate last-minute journey to Yellowstone a few

ERIC MURTAUGH Outside Perspective years back, my travel buddies and I stopped to witness the tragic plight of a young male moose submersed in a steamy volcanic hot spring, a drama played out time and time again in these parts. A lone park ranger, clad in his governmentissued green uniform, was stationed just 50 yards from the beast. Suspecting he was doing his best to field countless moose inquiries, I relentlessly quizzed the man until I realized he wasn’t there to play the “ask the expert” game. No, he was on duty to ward of naïve tourists, trusty handgun at his side. “We’ve had people try to pull a moose out of a hot spring, hoping they’ll make a heroic rescue,” he said with his best government-issued deadpan face. “Then we have double the trouble with moose and man clamoring for help.” I chuckle at the thought of it — man and moose, submersed in Earth’s boiling kettle together in some primordial battle of the species — but he doesn’t find it funny. It’s clear his job can become slightly irritating at times. Fast forward to last week, and I find myself once again face to face with a TNI outbreak. This time I’m in a remote TURN TO MAIL ON 32

Seeking guest editorials As a community newspaper, our readers are our news. We would like to open the opportunity for you to write a Community Commentary to run on our Op Ed pages. We are looking for submissions 500 to 700 words, in a first person voice, that explore an issue or idea relevant to you as a North

County resident. Submissions longer than 700 words will not be considered. Not all submissions will be published. Send finished editorials to lsutton@coastnewsgroup.com.You will be contacted if your piece is chosen for publication.

P.O. Box 232550, Encinitas, CA 92023-2550 • 760-436-9737 www.ranchosfnews.com • Fax: 760-943-0850



Methodology differs in determining water rates SDWD customers pay less Question in a recent column asked why water rates differed between customers in the San Dieguito and Olivenhain water districts. According to Larry Watt, general manager of SDWD “they are about the same.” Average users of 15 units of water with a threequarter-inch meter are charged $61.51 compared with $62.45 by OMWD. Watt notes the two agencies handle operations differently. The city council sits as the board of directors of SDWD in contrast to OMWD, which is administered by an elected board of directors. Readers wondered why there appeared a wide difference in rates when the cost of water provided by outside agencies to the districts is the same.

Performance ratings

Bronze sculpture

For the kidsters

C’bad Mayor Bud Lewis is still the city’s titular head but already an artistic piece of bronze art has been cast. Sculptor Lynn Forbes did the likeness of hizzoner. It was presented to him recently during a Chamber Business Awards event. When his term ends this year, he will have served 16 years as a councilman and the last 24 as mayor.

An Evening Musicale with Hutchins Consort featuring Soprano Lauren Smith will be presented April 17 at 7 p.m. at Calvary Lutheran Church in Solbeach, 424 Via de la Valle. It’s a cooperative effort by St. James Catholic Church in Solbeach and St. Peter’s Episcopal of the Surfside City. Beneficiary is Esperanza Health Center that serves the poorest of the poor in Tijuana.

At-grade crossing A heavily used pedestrian track crossing at Mission Road and Marcos Street in San Marcos recently was equipped with grade-level devices. Kinda tricky becuz the two tracks were at different elevations. Crossers are now alerted by bells and a gate with flashing lites.

Recent polls have the Governator’s disapproval ratings at 71 percent. But he shouldn’t feel too bad becuz the state elected’s disapproval ratings were at 78 percent. Nationally, numbers are even worse. If someone in the private sector scored that terribly they would be Senior fair upcoming standing in line among the unemNo less than 60 exhibitors will ployed. be providing comprehensive information at the annual senior fair April 29 at Encinitas Community & Senior Center. Event will have a Contact a Reporter Hawaiian theme and wearing of CARLSBAD aloha shirts and muumuus is ALYX SARIOL encouraged. Lottsa freebies. asariol@coastnewsgroup.com Sponsored by Belmont Village DEL MAR / SOLANA BEACH Senior Living and the city’s Parks & BIANCA KAPLANEK bkaplanek@coastnewsgroup.com Recreation Department. Admission is free and hours are 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. ENCINITAS

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BILL ARBALLO Eye on the Coast

LAURIE SUTTON lsutton@coastnewsgroup.com

Joe Harper who remains as chief executive officer. Fravel’s promotions came with lottsa praise from Harper who said he had been grooming Fravel for years. With horse racing facing critical challenges, Fravel will experience a few sleepless nights, which of course is part of the job.

Moving on up

Snowboard mishap

Young Spencer Fox of Cardiff, who suffered major spinal injuries in a snowboard mishap, is slowly recovering at Rady Children’s Hospital in the Harbor City. Wanna help the lad financially? Info is available by calling (858) 794-8688.


When County Supe Ron Roberts requested a second hearing on the massive Merriam project north of Escondido becuz he couldn’t make the first one, folks figured he would side with Supes Bill Horn and Greg Cox and vote in favor. Surprise! He shocked opponents by voting “no” with County Chair Pam Slater-Price and Dianne Jacob. Horn believes it’s an anti-biz signal.

Brown Act prevails

Craig Fravel, who has been the A settlement crafted in the executive vice president for the Del dark of night behind closed doors, Mar Thoroughbred Club since 1990, which gave departing MiraCosta is now president and general manager, positions previously held by TURN TO EYE ON THE COAST ON 41

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Driver acquitted in ‘rage attack’ on bicyclist By Randy Kalp

OCEANSIDE — A Vista jury on March 23 acquitted a 31-year-old man accused of swerving his vehicle into a bicyclist. After a weeklong trial, which included testimony from both the victim and defendant, a jury found Michael Shields not guilty of assault with a deadly weapon with the allegation that he personally used his Jeep Liberty to commit the crime. Prosecutors alleged Shields turned his 4,000pound vehicle into Martin Rios on Feb. 25, 2009, on College Avenue after the bicyclist spit on his car. And to further prove their case, prosecutors said they had a key independent eyewitness who collaborated Shields’ aggressive act against the bicyclist. The witness, Trevor Hudson, had been following behind the two men on Barnard Drive shortly before the accident happened and said Rios had been traveling just outside the bike lane when for no reason Shields swerved at Rios nearly hitting him. Following the near-miss, Rios sped up his peddling, which Hudson said he believed was so the bicyclist could catch up to Shields. Moments after Rios caught up to Shields, he said he saw the defendant’s vehicle turn into Rios. Rios, 21, suffered minor injuries from the accident, according to court testimony. He has filed a civil lawsuit against Shields. “He lost it,” Deputy District Attorney Elisabeth Silva told jurors in her closing arguments. In a brief moment of rage, Shields swerved into Rios as the two traveled side by side down the street, the prosecutor said. When asked immediately after the accident by Rios and Hudson why he did it, Shields said because Rios spit on his car, Silva said in her closing argument. However, Shields and his attorney, David Boertje, painted a different picture. In his closing argument, Boertje portrayed Rios as an unemployed pothead looking for a payday. On the stand, Rios admitted to smoking marijuana daily and having a criminal conviction for vandalism, the lawyer said. “(Shields) took evasive action to avoid hitting Mr. Rios,” Boertje told jurors. Shields testified Rios was initially swerving in TURN TO RAGE ON 42



APRIL 9, 2010

Annual garden festival signals spring tradition By Wehtahnah Tucker

ENCINITAS — Garden enthusiasts will once again be treated to the sights and smells of private gardens as the fifth annual Encinitas Garden Festival and Tour commences April 17. While celebrating gardening and the horticultural heritage of the city, the event is taking a more family-friendly, interactive approach this year. In addition to showcasing more than 20 private gardens featured on a walking tour of a selected community, the festival will feature the school garden at Paul Ecke Central, a drought resistant garden at the neighborhood fire house and butterfly gardening at the Monarch Program. The highly regarded tour will take place in Leucadia where residents have agreed to open their garden gates. “They are awesome,” said committee chairperson and local resident Nan Sterman. “This year we have such a variety of landscapes and the school garden that is of particular interest to everyone.” The festival is an all-volunteer event that grew out of an initiative of the city’s Cultural Tourism committee. Sterman said that the com-

SPRING HAS SPRUNG The Paul Ecke Elementary School garden will be part of the fifth annual Encinitas Garden Festival and Tour on April 17. Courtesy photo

mittee of volunteers works year-round securing garden sites, working out logistical details and soliciting funds for the one-day event that occurs each spring. “We have very dedicated, resourceful volunteers,” she said.

The Gardeners’ Marketplace will be located at Orpheus Park. The marketplace will offer festival-goers products and information for improving their gardens while also practicing environmental conservation. Ven-

dors will be on hand to sell unusual plants, vegetable seedlings and gardenthemed art. Guest speakers throughout the day will offer seminars on a variety of gardenrelated topics including

maintaining low-water gardens, growing your own fruits and vegetables, composting and using organic materials for pest control. While the marketplace TURN TO GARDEN ON 41

Earl Warren student off to national spelling bee By Bianca Kaplanek

SOLANA BEACH — To compete in the Scripps National Spelling Bee in Washington, D.C., students at Earl Warren Middle School must first win the contest in their individual classes. Then they have to defeat their peers in a schoolwide competition before heading off to the county spelling bee, after which the winner travels to the nation’s capital to compete. “Last year I didn’t do so well, so I wanted to do better,” said Alex Kahng, who at the time was participating in his first spelling bee as a seventhgrader at Earl Warren. He never made it past the classroom contest. “I don’t like to fail,” he said. As proof, Alex correctly spelled the word nexus at the San Diego Union-Tribune Countywide Spelling Bee on March 24 and is now off to Washington, D.C., for the national spelling bee in June. “I’m looking forward to representing San Diego,” he

said. Alex, 14, said he was a little nervous at the beginning of the county competition because there were so many people. But things started to “loosen up,” he said, as the pool of contestants began to diminish. As the spelling bee was winding down and he got the word nexus — a connection or link between individuals of a group or members of a series — he knew he could clinch the title. To help improve his performance this year, Alex said he memorized thousands of words from an online word list and a spelling manual. “I read a lot, too, so that helped,” he said. Alex also got some tips from Justin Song, the two-time county winner from Carmel Valley Middle School, which, like Earl Warren, is part of the San Dieguito Union High School District. He said he plans to continue to review the same study guides for the national spelling bee. If he gets stuck on a word,

Alex will ask for the definition or word origin, which he said can help. Despite his stellar spelling performances, Alex said his best subject is actually math. He is currently taking algebra 2/trigonometry at Torrey Pines High School, a class traditionally taken by high school sophomores. He was also one of the top 12 Southern California scorers in Mathcounts, a nationwide math competition open to students in sixth, seventh and eighth grade. The state-level Southern California contest was held March 20 in Irvine. Students participated in written and oral rounds as well as individual and team components. When Alex, a straight-A student, isn’t studying, he enjoys playing table tennis and reading — mostly science fiction. Although college is a few years off, he said he’d like TOP SPELLER Alex Kahng, an eighth-grader at Earl Warren Middle to follow in the footsteps of his School, is this year’s winner of the county spelling bee. He and his moth- father and grandfather by er will travel to Washington, D.C., in June for the Scripps National attending Harvard University and becoming a professor. Spelling Bee. Photo by Bianca Kaplanek

Coffee and Conversation features health care expert RANCHO SANTA FE — Find out how the new health insurance overhaul package affects you when North County financial advisor Deana Carter hosts “Health Care 2010: What Happened, What Should Have Happened, What’s Next?” The featured speaker is Robert Hertzka, a physician and former president of the California Medical Association. Join them for “Coffee and Conversation” from 8 to 9 a.m. April 15 at

The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe, 5951 Linea Del Cielo. Most Americans will be affected by the new health insurance legislation. The health care reform package will extend insurance coverage to an additional 32 million Americans by 2019. It is easily the most far-reaching and controversial health legislation since the introduction of the Medicare and Medicaid programs. Hertzka, a practicing obstetrical anesthesiologist,

has been on the frontline of legislative change in the healthcare industry. Recently, he was elected to the American Medical Association’s Council on Medical Service, a group of eight physicians responsible for developing most of the AMA’s public policy positions on health care access, cost and quality. In 2004, Hertzka served as president of the 35,000member California Medical Association. He also recent-

ly completed a two-year term as the chairman of the American Medical Association’s political action committee. An adviser to dozens of elected officials of both parties for nearly two decades, Hertzka has been active in policy development and advocacy for a wide variety of issues, including access to health care and improved patient safety. As part of his longstanding commitment to both poli-

tics and health care policy, Hertzka teaches a 40-hour elective course at the UCSD School of Medicine titled “Introduction to the Politics of Medicine.” The April 15 presentation on health reform is part of “Coffee and Conversation,” a series of monthly chats on a wide range of topics that affect your economic health. Contact Deana Carter at (858) 756-1566 for more information.


APRIL 9, 2010


crime REPORT A weekly log of neighborhood crime. Compiled by Randy Kalp

A report for the week of March 23, 2010 to March 30, 2010

OUT OF TUNE A 70-year-old woman reportedly had $1,005 worth of musical equipment and a briefcase stolen from her vehicle parked on Montgomery Avenue in Encinitas sometime between 7 and 10 p.m. March 26. BATTER UP Someone reportedly stole a Lexus GS300 containing $1,000 worth of athletic equipment from a vehicle parked on Barbara Avenue in Solana Beach sometime between 6:30 p.m. March 26 and 11 a.m. March 27.

BUILT TOUGH Someone reportedly stole a 2007 Ford F150 valued at $20,000 from College Boulevard in Oceanside sometime after 11 p.m. March 28. MINOR ROBBED A minor was reportedly robbed of a mp3 player valued at $230 around 1 p.m. March 28 on Las Flores Drive in San Marcos. CVS ROBBED A thief reportedly stole $24,400 from CVS on Woodland Parkway in San Marcos around 4 a.m. March 23. DOUBLE TIME An 18-yearold male and a juvenile were reportedly robbed around 3:45 p.m. March 29 on Eucalyptus Avenue in Vista.

RECALLED A Toyota Tacoma valued at $25,000 was reportedly stolen sometime between 8 p.m. March 23 and 9 a.m. March 24 from Sea Turf Circle in Solana Beach.

WHICH WAY? A vehicle parked on Via Verano in Carlsbad was reportedly burglarized sometime before 8 a.m. March 24 of its GPS system. SHADY Two men reportedly stole $457 worth of sunglasses from Solstice at the Carlsbad Premium Outlets around 7:30 p.m. March 24. About an hour after that theft, the men reportedly attempted to purchase $5,000 worth of merchandise from David Yurman Jewelry Store through a fraudulent cred-

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Jose Guevara is wanted for his traveled to Dallas, Texas, and then alleged involvement in the murder to Mexico. of a 26-year-old woman in the presThe State of Louisiana charged ence of her 4-year-old stepson in Guevara with second-degree murLake Charles, La. Guevara was born der, aggravated rape, and aggravatFeb. 11, 1988, in Potosi, Mexico. He ed burglary, and a state warrant was is 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighs 180 issued for his arrest on April 17, pounds. Guevara has a tattoo of the 2008. A federal arrest warrant was letter “J” on his shoulder. issued on October 1, 2009, by the On Feb. 20, 2008, Guevara United States District Court after JOSE GUEVARA allegedly broke into the victim’s Guevara was charged federally with home, raped her, and brutally stabbed her to unlawful flight to avoid prosecution. death. Guevara and the victim lived in the Guevara should be considered armed and same mobile home lot. Following the murder, dangerous. If you know of his whereabouts, Guevara is believed to have left Lake Charles, contact the nearest FBI office.

SKATE OR DIE Two skateboards and a stereo unit were reportedly stolen from a Vista residence on Lado De Loma Drive in Vista around 12:30 p.m. March 24.


Two 18-year-old males were reportedly arrested on suspicion of burglary and other charges after they allegedly stole a Volvo convertible and a computer from an Encinitas residence on North Vulcan Avenue sometime before 6 a.m. March 23.

Who’s NEWS?

it card.

CRIME LOG Compiled by Randy Kalp The following information was gathered from law enforcement’s most available records for the week of March 23, 2010 to March 30, 2010

ENCINITAS Petty Theft 2, Burglary 2, Vandalism 1, Assault 0, Grand Theft 1, Robbery 0 SOLANA BEACH Petty Theft 1, Burglary 0, Vandalism 0, Assault 0, Grand Theft 2, Robbery 0 CARLSBAD Petty Theft 1, Burglary 2, Vandalism 0, Assault 0, Grand Theft 0, Robbery 0 SAN MARCOS Petty Theft 1, Burglary 9, Vandalism 4, Assault 1, Grand Theft 2, Robbery 2 OCEANSIDE Petty Theft 2, Burglary 0, Vandalism 0, Assault 0, Grand Theft 2, Robbery 0 VISTA Petty Theft 3, Burglary 15, Vandalism 4, Assault 2, Grand Theft 5, Robbery 2

San Diego County’s


Never attempt to arrest a fugitive yourself. These files should not be relied upon for any type of legal action. If the subject is a fugitive from our 10 Most Wanted page, e-mail San Diego Crime Stoppers or call their hot line at 888-580-TIPS 24 hours a day. For details, log on to www.sdsheriff.net/tmw. For warrant inquiries, information or to pass along a tip, use the sheriff’s online Tip Form.

Seyyed Nasser Alavi Loftabad Battery, Unlawful Penetration, 2005

Ramiro Lizarraga Murder November 2007

Brandon Scott Ellis Conspiracy September 2008

Julio Cesar JacoboCuriel Murder San Marcos, 2008

Gerardo M. Gomez Attempted Murder December 2004

Imedo Molina Laurel Murder December 2005

Jose A. Lopez Attempted Murder December 2004

Ricardo Persona Rape, Child Molestation San Diego, Jan. 1997

Julio Romero Child Molestation Ramona, 2005

Arturo G. Gomez Rape with Force San Diego, May 2007

EUSD green honors

ENCINITAS — Encinitas Union School District has been given an honorable mention in the 5,000 to 20,000 enrollment category for its “Go Green, Go Clean, Recycle Batteries” program to develop civic responsibility, by the American School Board Journal’s 16th annual Magna Awards program. Students researched batteries and their effect on the environment, then created a video and flyer promoting a campaign to collect and recycle spent batteries.

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760.749.6600 760.519.6420 Follow us on Go to the

Coast News and click link

CARLSBAD — PrimeLending, a national mortgage lender, has opened its new Carlsbad branch at 2173 Salk Ave., Suite 100, between Faraday and College Avenues. Stacy Hunjadi has been named as branch manager of the Carlsbad branch. Her responsibilities include recruiting top-producing loan officers and managing mortgage originations for the branch. Joining Hunjadi at the Carlsbad branch are veteran mortgage professionals with c o m b i n e d STACY HUNJADI industry experience exceeding 185 years, including senior loan officers Ron McGowan, Glenn R. Brickner, Craig Piland, Karen LoPucki, Martin Bermudez, Nancy Sexton and Steve Lemmons; production manager Laurie Peterson; area operations manager Valerie Contino; loan set-up coordinator April Koonce; and senior loan processors Laurie Ostrander and Joann Baird.

Superintendant of year

CARLSBAD — Carlsbad Unified School District Superintendent John A. Roach has been selected as 2010 Superintendent of the Year by the Association of California School Administrators San Diego/ Imperial Counties. In addition, Rosemary Eshelman, CUSD Student Services Specialist, has been TURN TO WHO’S NEWS? ON 42


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APRIL 9, 2010

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APRIL 9, 2010


Community center’s annual gala ‘game-show’ themed RANCHO SANTA FE — Be the next contestant at the Community Center Gala. “Let the Games Begin” is the interactive game show theme for

this year’s Rancho Santa Fe Community Center Gala May 8, at The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe, 5951 Linea del Cielo. Known as a premiere com-

munity event and as the best party of the year, this year marks the 32nd occasion of celebrating the Rancho Santa Fe neighborhood and the

Community Center that provides activities, programs and services. The theme will take you back in time to the classic game

shows. Adding excitement to the cocktail and silent auction portion of the evening, guests will have both the opportunity to bid on items in the traditional sense, as well as to spin the Wheel of Fortune to instantly win. You can also putt your way to winnings with a “Hole-inOne” and “Closest to the Pin” competitions. Later in the evening,a portion of the live auction will be offered in the form of the game show “Deal or No Deal.”Guests will be presented with a selection of live auction items of relative value and bid for the opportunity to play.The highest bidders will then take the stage and proceed to play “Deal or No Deal” for this special selection of items. Finally, there will be a special VIP Winner’s Circle lounge, which will feature more betting games to keep the energy flowing on and off the dance floor. Committee Chair Elise Molin and her game show team, Alchera Ayyad, Leslie DeGoler, Stacey Feinberg, Koki Reasons, Kim Smart and Allison Williams have been diligently working with Steve Redfearn and Associates to incorporate various elements of nostalgic game show concepts into the party atmosphere. “We are doing something very fun and out of the box this year!” Molin said. “With the energy of the games, the competition among friends, the

“Deal or No Deal” live auction and the dancing, it’s going to be a night of many memorable moments.” Another energizing difference this year is that dinner will not be a formal sit down affair. Instead, guests will be able to sample from a number of food stations offering a greater variety of delectable food items from The Inn’s chef, without interrupting the fun and the flow of the evening. Lounge furniture, belly up tables and seating will be widely available. Cost is $250 for members and $275 for non-members. Community Center patrons accustomed to purchasing tables of 10 will instead be able to purchase tickets in groups of ten with VIP seating for the “Deal or No Deal”auction presentation. Gala sponsorship opportunities, ranging from $1,000 up to $20,000 are also available for any interested parties. Benefits of sponsorship include corporate partnership, business advertisement and publicity, specialty seating during the event, and much more. A special lower price benefiting Community Center members was instituted for this year’s gala and other favorite events and activities throughout the year, such as the Lip Sync Contest, Family Movie Nights, the annual Golf Tournament and Sunset TURN TO GALA ON 30

APRIL 9, 2010




APRIL 9, 2010


Wineries are taking it on the road again community CALENDAR FRANK MANGIO

Taste of Wine Call it a sign of the times or more wineries than ever taking to the road to show and offer their wines, but the invitations are pouring in to attend well-orchestrated events spotlighting wine countries in California and elsewhere. A few favorites came to Southern California in the last couple of weeks: Family

Winemakers of California and the Napa Valley Vintners showcased in San Diego, and the Howell Mountain Wine Tasting in Los Angeles. Family Winemakers represents hundreds of small production wineries in California who pride themselves in seeking the highest quality out of their grapes. The association, led by Veronica Barclay, leads the group in keeping a level playing field for its members. “We recently were able to help defeat the proposed perdrink taxation that no doubt would have meant a price increase for most California wines,” she said. Some wines that I

Got an item for the calendar? Send the details via e-mail to calendar@coastnewsgroup.com.


DEMO The COAL Gallery will host an artist demonstration with oil and pastel painter Rodger Heglar from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. April 9, Calavera Community Center, Calavera Community Park, 2997 Glasgow Drive, Carlsbad. Call (760) 434-8497 or visit www.coalartgallery.com for more details.



FAB CAB Barry Waitte of Tamber Bey, left, shows “Taste Of Wine” Columnist Frank Mangio his latest Napa Valley 2007 Cabernet. Courtesy photo

favored included Riboli Family 2007 Petite Sirah, ZD and its 2007 Pinot Noir Carneros, O’Shaughnessy Estate’s 2006 Cabernet Blend, Tercero’s 2007 Granache and Tablas Creek with its 2007 Granache Paso Robles. The day after Family Winemakers, we joined the Howell Mountain Wine Tasting at the largest car museum in the world, the Peterson Automotive Museum in Los Angeles. This appellation is at the northern

heights of Napa Valley. All wineries are at 1,400 feet or higher. Cooler spring temperatures and hotter summers produce fruit that has a greater balance between sugar and acidity, achieving complex flavors. Some names to know include Outpost with its 2007 Howell Mountain Zinfandel, Cakebread Cellars 2006 Dancing Bear Ranch Cabernet and Highlands 2005 Howell Mountain Cabernet. Just a few days ago, the

Napa Valley Vintners came in to San Diego with more than 125 wineries. The young and legendary were side by side declaring themselves still the champs with their worldbeating Cabernets and other quality contenders. Standouts included Tamber Bey and its 2007 Yountville Cabernet, Whitehall Lane had a beautiful 2006 Merlot in a stylish new glass top, Darioush also had a 2006

The Lake San Marcos Democratic Club will meet at 1 p.m. April 10, Lake San Marcos Pavilion, 1105 La Bonita Drive, San Marcos. Members will discuss campaign contributions and Proposition 15, with a presentation by Sharlene Hamilton, a member of the Clean Money Campaign. Visit www.lsm. sddem.org to learn more. POETRY SLAM Poet and actor S.A. Griffin will launch a national poetry tour, aided by a “poetry bomb,” at 2 p.m. April 10 at the Encinitas Library, 540 Cornish Drive, Encinitas. The “poetry bomb” is a former U.S. military practice bomb that has been decorated and will be filled with poetry. Each audience member can read a poem of his or TURN TO CALENDAR ON 37


Community Center offers self-defense classes

RANCHO SANTA FE — In an effort to help residents protect themselves and the local community, the Rancho Santa Fe Community Center is partnering with H.E.A.T. Self Defense to provide selfdefense classes. A special class for 8- to 12-year-olds will be held at 3:15 p.m. April 16. The class will discuss safety awareness and physical self-defense. A class for youth and adults will be held at 12:30 p.m. April 17. The class will be a beginning self-defense workshop, focusing on women, that combines safety awareness, mental defense, and physical principles and techniques. Space is limited.To signup, call (858) 758-2461.



APRIL 9, 2010

Parent protests fail to save school superintendent’s job By Bianca Kaplanek

DEL MAR — Less than halfway through her four-year contract, Superintendent Sharon McClain was fired by the board of trustees on March 31, a move that could potentially cost the Del Mar Union School District more than $400,000.

Easton on McClain in 2008 “The Del Mar Union School District will thrive under Dr. McClain's leadership. … We believe we have found a perfect match for our district — one who greatly values public education, will maintain our high expectations for student achievement, exudes enthusiasm and collaboration, has all the essential skills and experience, and who will be a great leader of the district's talented administrative team, but more importantly a colleague.” — Annette Easton, 2008 DMUSD board president, announcing Sharon McClain as the new superintendent

The decision comes almost exactly two years after three of the current board members voted to spend approximately $300,000 to buy out the contract of the previous superintendent. After more than an hour of public comment supporting McClain and nearly two hours of closed-session deliberations, Trustee Annette Easton made a motion to terminate McClain’s contract. Doug Perkins said he spent the past few months analyzing and agonizing over the issue, but he felt it was “in the best interest” of the district to second the motion. With Katherine White supporting, board President Comischell Rodriguez opposing and Steven McDowell abstaining, McClain was released “with cause,” meaning all pay and benefits would cease immediately. Other than saying McClain had committed a “material breach of contract,” Rodriguez said trustees couldn’t discuss details because it is a personnel matter and there is a threat of litigation. McClain said she plans to file a lawsuit against the district to recover, at minimum, the remaining twoplus years on her contract and attorney fees. Her salary for school years 2010 through 2012 was $371,000.

SAYING GOODBYE After learning she would no longer be serving as Del Mar’s superintendent of schools, Sharon McClain receives a goodbye hug from David Jones, principal at Carmel Del Mar School. Emily Morris, Sycamore Ridge principal, waits to hug her outgoing boss. Photo by Bianca Kaplanek

“What I’m fighting for right now is my reputation,” McClain said. “I don’t feel like I’ve done anything wrong. I haven’t done anything I should be fired for.” Although the meeting

was scheduled when most parents would be picking up their children from school, it was standing room only in the meeting room at Del Mar Hills Academy. One parent had a stack of e-mails

from more than 100 parents opposing McClain’s release. At least one speaker from each of the district’s eight schools tried to save McClain’s job. “Budget issues have

divided this community,” parent Cynthia Rajsbaum said. “You’ve finally managed to unite all of us.” Of the nearly 30 people TURN TO SAVE ON 33

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APRIL 9, 2010


Library alive with readings and activities RANCHO SANTA FE — The Rancho Santa Fe Library Guild has a variety of children and adult programs

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planned for the month of April at 17040 Avenida de Acacias. All children events will be held in the Martha Glasgow Youth Services Wing. The month kicks off with preschool story time at noon every Tuesday afternoon. This month, stories are about farmyard animals. Craft afternoons will be held at 3:30 p.m. April 8, featuring a spring-themed craft, and 3:30 p.m. April 22, featuring a recycled-materials craft. Children can enjoy pirate stories told in a fun and entertaining way with the Patchwork Players at

3:30 p.m. April 15. All ages welcome and children are welcome to dress up in pirate outfits. Teens are invited to create “artist cards” at 3:30 p.m. April 26. The popular cards are often traded and are made with a variety of materials. For more information, teens can contact the Youth Services desk at (858) 7562512, Celebrate “El Dia de los Ninos” with a magic show, featuring magicians Rafael and Katia, at 3:30 p.m. April 17. All ages are welcome. The Rancho Santa Fe Book Club will discuss “Shakespeare: The World as

Stage,” by Bill Bryson, at their monthly meeting beginning 2 p.m. April 9. The club will also host an author talk featuring Woodrow Wilson, author of “The Champagne Taste/Beer Budget Cookbook” at 11 a.m. April 8. The chemist, physicist, and now author put fun back into the kitchen by creating “champagne” recipes on a “beer” budget. Guests are welcome. Experience Qi Cong, a Chinese meditative practice that uses slow movements and controlled breathing, at 11 a.m. April 23 and 30. The exercises will be led by Silja Bjorklund.

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FINE FOOD FAMILY Quinn Boylan’s “ah-ha” food moment at Fifteen Cornwall. Courtesy photo

I’ve created a foodie in my teenage son DAVID BOYLAN Lick the Plate As I was driving my son Quinn up to LAX yesterday to catch his 11-hour flight to London that will eventually land him in Bangor, Wales, to attend University for the next three years, I asked him to give me his top 10 restaurants in the area. Besides the fact the fact that his list almost mirrored mine, I thought to myself, “Nice, I’ve steered my son toward a lifetime of food appreciation.” Of course there were the expected Juanita’s and Raul’s Shack — our two Mexican mainstays. Then the Encinitas Café, where we both enjoy the old school vibe and diner classics along with Third Corner for his favorite steak frites, mussels and cheese plate. Brett’s BBQ, which became a regular part of our Sunday night highbrow/lowbrow combo of “60 Minutes” and “The Simpsons.” Pannikin basically because we are directly downwind of their intoxicating baking aromas that lead us like zombies westward across the tracks on a regular basis. Captain Keno’s

made his list primarily because of a St. Patrick’s day feast we had there that was a hell of a value and it’s just such a tripped out place. Mozy Café made the list for satisfying his healthy jones. Leucadia Pizzeria where he worked for two years was on there along with Firefly Grill & Wine Bar, which played a big part in educating him on the importance of good service and knowledge from the wait staff.And, though it is not really a restaurant, his absolute favorite was our Sunday morning Cuban Sandwich at Annel & Drew’s Kitchen at the Leucadia Farmers market. Looking back, Quinn has always been exposed to good food around the house be it my homemade soups, quiche, or my signature risotto stuffed grilled artichokes. My annual cassoulet party could have had an influence, or anything that came out of the industrial size smoker in the backyard. It all came together a couple of years ago when we were on a surf trip in Cornwall, England, when we had a memorable dinner at Jamie Oliver’s 15 Cornwall. It was a tasting menu and one of the most spectacular food experiences I’ve ever encountered. It was the first time I’ve seen food have an effect on Quinn TURN TO LICK THE PLATE ON 33

Public speaking course offered to Ranch teens RANCHO SANTA FE — The Rancho Santa Fe Community Center will host an after-school public speaking course for local middle and high school students beginning 4:30 p.m. April 21 and continuing each Wednesday. The eight-week leadership program is modeled after

the Toastmaster program for adults. In the program, youngsters will focus on speech organization and delivery.The student-run meetings build confidence and develop critical leadership skills like listening, delegating and developing constructive feedback. Each meeting has an announced order of business and detailed agenda. Meetings will include short impromptu speeches and longer, prepared speeches. All students will have a chance to speak multiple times over the course of the program. Toastmaster Area Governor Woodrow Wilson will assist the students along with other North County experienced Toastmaster speakers. The program is free. Space is limited, interested students can register online at www.rsfcc.org or via e-mail at cseery@rsfcc.org.

Horizon Prep holds its annual Spirit Run

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READY, SET, RUN! The sun conquers the storms for Horizon Prep’s Spirit Run 2010! Courtesy photo

WAY TO GO Horizon Prep third-grader Chase Baptista didn’t stop running once during the entire hour his class was running at Spirit Run! His father, Willy Baptista, runs some encourIT’S ALL GOOD Thumbs-up for Spirit Run! Horizon Prep first-graders, aging laps along side his son to from left, Avery Giles, Kylie Dypvik, Olivia Aschbrenner, Jazmin Nason cheer him on. Courtesy photo and Jonathan Van Tassel. Courtesy photo

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Av e. e.

police officer prior to their divorce in 2008, was not injured during the altercation. Immediately following the incident, Judd checked himself into a mental health facility. All of the parties involved, including Judd’s exwife, believe the arrest was a wakeup call for Judd, who also lost his job with the Oceanside Police Department in 2008. “I think the combination of those things just brought him to an emotional low,” his attorney, Bill Nimmo, said. Nimmo said his client suffers from depression, but has the “willingness” to move forward and get the help he needs. “I think the prognosis for his future is really good,” Nimmo said. Judd has since filed a lawsuit against the department for wrongful termination, according to court documents. The 16-year veteran alleges he was fired due to his disability and that the department denied him job accommodations. The Oceanside Police Department denies Judd’s allegations and has filed a countersuit against him. The department alleges Judd voluntarily resigned his position in exchange for benefits to which he otherwise wouldn’t have been entitled. A mandatory conference for the civil case is set for April 2. Oceanside City Attorney John Mullen said Judd’s felony conviction could be used in the civil case to impeach his credibility if he testified.

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OCEANSIDE — A former Oceanside police officer charged with threatening his ex-wife with a handgun on Valentine’s Day pleaded guilty March 25. Listening intently as Superior Court Judge Robert Kearney reviewed the plea agreement, Randy Judd agreed to the terms of his plea, which includes possible prison time. Judd, 50, pleaded guilty to one felony count of making a criminal treat relating to the Feb. 14 altercation with his ex-wife in her Valley Center home. A second felony charge of carrying a loaded firearm with the intent to commit a felony was dismissed in lieu of Judd’s plea. In accordance with the plea agreement, Judd faces probation to three years in prison and will have a strike placed on his criminal record when he is sentenced May 6. If Judd is sentenced to probation, he will have to enroll in a 52-week domestic violence class and most likely be placed in an inpatient psychiatric treatment program, Deputy District Attorney Keith Watanabe said. Additionally, Judd will be ordered to stay away from his ex-wife. Through Watanabe, Judd’s ex-wife said she believes her safety is best protected if Judd gets treatment at an inpatient residential psychiatric hospital as opposed to being sent to prison. His ex-wife, who had filed for a temporary restraining order against the veteran

602 N. Escondido Blvd. Escondido 760-839-9420


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By Randy Kalp

TOO COOL AT SCHOOL Horizon Prep fourth-graders, from left, Dylan Raymond, Will Hilliard, Kristin Webb, Sophia Lake, and back row from left, Chase Whitton and Camden Gianni. Courtesy photo


Ex-officer confesses to felony threats

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11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Applications accepted until 5:45 p.m. at 6461 El Apajo Road in Rancho Santa Fe. For more information call (858) 756-4117, option No. 1 or log on to www.animalcenter.org.

RANCHO SANTA FE — The rain did its best to dampen the spirit of the Horizon Prep Lions on April 1, but the stormy weather was no match for the determination of the students to make a difference in the world. “A little San Diego rain is nothing compared to the rainy season in Sudan,” said Horizon Prep Headmaster Ken Kush. “Spirit Run is all about giving, serving and making a change in the world. As soon as we knew it was safe for our students to be running, it was a go!” In the past five years, Spirit Run has raise more than $213,000, supporting a medical clinic in Sudan and Compassion International. This year, Spirit Run also raised money for Haiti. On May 5 the school will celebrate Spirit Run again by announcing the total amount of money raised.

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El Camino Real


Guinness is a 1-yearold, neutered, male, border collie blend. Guinness adores other dogs, lots of activity and is best with humans 14 years and older. Guinness’ adoption fee at Helen Woodward Animal Center is $195. All pets adopted from Helen Woodward Animal Center have been spayed or neutered, have Up-todate vaccinations and microchip identification. Helen Woodward Animal Center kennels are open every day from



APRIL 9, 2010

611 Sycamore Vista 760-598-0040

*Off regular price. Not valid with any other promotional offers. Bring in this coupon to take advantage of savings. No quantity restrictions on paint purchases. Discount valid on Vista paint only. Offer not valid on Benjamin Moore paint line. Offer expires 6/30/10. COAST10


APRIL 9, 2010


Concert set for injured local teen By Bianca Kaplanek

FANCY FEET Torrey Pines High School dancers made their best showing and brought home a tall trophy March 27. The second-place trophy towers above the Torrey Pines Dance Team, their award in the Open Character Dance category of the Dance Drill Nationals in Anaheim. Seated rear left is Coach Michael Langford. Photo by Courtesy photo

CARDIFF-BY-THESEA — Feb. 1 began as a picture-perfect day in Brighton, Utah. “It was the most beautiful day on the planet,” recalled Cardiffby-the-Sea resident Celia Brewer, who was vacationing there with her 13-yearold son, Spencer Fox, an eighth-grader at Oak Crest Middle School. As Spencer made his way along a cat track — a manmade path between lifts — to get to the top of a not-particularly steep or difficult run he had taken earlier, the edge of his snowboard got caught on a bump. With his mom looking on from up the slope, Spencer “catapulted head first into a brick-hard snow bank,” she said. “For the next two nights in (the intensive care unit) all I could think was that I wanted to relive that one split second of my life,” Brewer said. In less than a minute Brewer was by her son’s TURN TO INJURED ON 32

Local nonprofits feel impact of cut county grants By Wehtahnah Tucker

COAST CITIES — After hours of public testimony March 22, the San Diego County Board of Supervisors voted to slash funds to a pop-

ular grant program. A handful of local organizations were represented among the 108 speakers who spoke in opposition to cuts in the Neighborhood Reinvestment

Over 100 Years of Combined Insurance Experience

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2611 S. Hwy. 101, Suite 103, Cardiff by the Sea CA 92007



Program. Encinitas Chamber of Commerce CEO Marshall Weinreb said he was saddened to hear the news that the $10 million fund was cut in half. “I thought of the many of us who stood up to speak, it would have some impact on the decision,” he said. “But apparently not.” In fact, the Board of Supervisors voted 4-1, with Bill Horn opposed, to reduce the amount of grant funds available to $5 million. Supervisor Greg Cox, who proposed the reduction in funding along with Supervisor Dianne Jacob, said that the difficult economic conditions require

Ride for Less with Elegance.

cuts although he would rather see the program funding increased. Each supervisor will now have $1 million instead of $2 million to award to applicants beginning July 1. The $5 million savings will go into the county’s general fund. Supervisor Pam SlaterPrice, whose district encompasses Encinitas, was criticized recently for accepting tickets to performances at the Old Globe Theatre and the San Diego Opera — two organizations that received past grants from the fund. Slater-Price apologized for the oversight in reporting the gifts and has since paid for

ing 0% Financ Available ils!






Healthy Teeth and Gums for Life! Call for deta

24 Hour, Private, Direct Rides to San Diego Airport, LAX, Long Beach Airport, John Wayne Airport, Amtrak Stations and Cruise Ship Terminals. Point to Point, City to City, Sporting Events, Nights into Town, Special Occasions, Casinos, Theaters, Concerts.

them from her personal account. Horn said the fallout from the controversy didn’t undermine the effectiveness of the grant program. “I make no apologies for the way we have spent the money,” he said. The supervisors were in agreement that the funds used since the inception of the program in 2003 have been critical to the success of community groups. While some have concluded the grants are a “slush fund” for supervisors, others maintained that the funds were integral to the



Exam, Regular Cleaning & X-ray (in absence of gum disease.)

Restrictions apply. Exp. 4-23-10

Dr. Gulalai Matin, D.D.S. Family & Cosmetic Dentistry 760.479.0971 1905 Calle Barcelona, #229

(In the Forum Shopping Center, 2nd level above Bed, Bath & Beyond)

also located in Oceanside 760-722-0137


Shoplifting couple sent to prison By Randy Kalp

SAN MARCOS — A San Marcos couple who confessed on a national TV show to earning six-figures a year by selling stolen merchandise on the Internet was sentenced March 22 to prison. A federal judge sentenced Matthew Eaton, 34, to 27 months in prison, while his 27-year-old wife, Laura, received 12 months. The couple,who has three children — ages 5, 3 and 2 — pleaded guilty in December to one count of conspiracy to transport stolen property in interstate commerce. The Eatons were arrested on Sept. 11, 2009, at their home on Leslie Court. They caught the eye of federal prosecutors when they appeared on the “Dr. Phil” TV show and boasted how they shoplifted to support their lifestyle.

No, I didn’t feel that or any other quake JEAN GILLETTE Small Talk I don’t know what worries me the most. The fact that I haven’t felt any of the recent earthquakes in Southern California or that they are getting more frequent and bigger. How could I not feel the one last Sunday from Mexicali? They felt it in Los Angeles, for crying out loud. And at 4:40 p.m. I was either out in the back garden or lying on my bed reading. I felt nothing. Maybe I thought it was just the weeds finally breaking loose. Maybe I was thoroughly engrossed in my novel, but I did not notice anything shake or rattle. I remember just barely feeling the Northridge quake from here but I was in a water bed. This has led me to surmise that my house is built at the tip of a giant underground granite mountain. That’s mildly reassuring, but I haven’t even felt recent earthquakes when I was in Encinitas nor have I felt them when I was driving. I think my personal seismometer may be broken. I get this feeling that I’ll be walking along watching houses crumble and think, “Gee, what do you suppose caused

that?” My ability to stay in Southern California-denial mode began crumbling last fall when Mammoth recorded 2,000 quakes in just a few days. Nearby faults and ancient calderas notwithstanding, that seems just a teeny bit excessive to me. I want very badly to believe that all these “smaller” quakes are letting off steam, preventing a really big one, It’s not working. So, I just want to say to whoever might be handling these things, enough. Yo, Vulcan. We get the message. Tomorrow I will go out and buy any earthquake supplies that we don’t already have, which would be most of them. When the kids were little, I had it all, right down to $200 in $1 bills. Hey. The banks will be closed, but I can still walk to a couple of stores. At worst, we could use it for kindling. I gathered up all the usual stuff — water, canned food, first aid kit, snacks, blankets and a pair of shoes by our bed every night. I still keep shoes handy. I learned that from my dear friend who was at home in Northridge during the Northridge quake. And who else remembers when schools required you send a survival kit for you children, complete with an “I’ll always love you no matter TURN TO SMALL TALK ON 30

Rancho Santa Fe realtor earns Five-Star award RANCHO SANTA FE — Patti Gerke, of Prudential California Realty’s Rancho Santa Fe Del Rayo office, recently earned San Diego Magazine’s “Five Star Real Estate Agent: Best in Client Satisfaction” award. “This is the most important award I could ever receive,” Gerke said. “Sales awards are meaningless if I don’t have satisfied PATTI GERKE customers.” Before she made the decision to pursue a full-time career in real estate eight years ago, Gerke spent 25 years working in corporate sales and marketing. From investing in real estate over the years, and from her previous work experience, she developed her expertise in customer service, sales and marketing.

Gerke has assisted a variety of clientele,from relocating corporate professionals and first-time home buyers to seasoned real estate investors. By leveraging her background in sales and marketing, and utilizing her extensive knowledge of the local community, she has consistently delivered positive results for her clients. “Action and commitment are essential keys to success,” said Gerke, who is known for her professionalism and integrity. A successful runner of marathons, she has excelled in her real estate career by applying the same level of energy and enthusiasm to the level of service she provides for her clients. Patti Gerke can be contacted through Prudential California Realty’s Rancho Santa Fe Del Rayo office, at (760) 525-7269, via e-mail at Patti@PattiGerke.com, or on the Web at www.Patti Gerke.com.

Early Music Society hosts violin concert LA JOLLA — The San Diego Early Music Society will present violinist Hélène Schmitt performing “From Passacaglia to Chaconne” at 8 p.m. April 16 at the Congregational Church of La Jolla, 1216 Cave St. The prize-winning Schmitt has recorded a series of eight discs for the Alpha label, including the solo violin



APRIL 9, 2010

sonatas and partitas of J. S. Bach. The society takes great pleasure in presenting this artist in her North American debut performing a recital of Biber, Tartini and Bach. Cost is $22 person, $20 for members, and $10 for students. For more information and to RSVP, call (619) 2918246.

What exactly is a ‘personal injury’? J MICHAEL VALLEE The Law and You Many advertising attorneys specialize or focus on “personal injury” cases. Let’s take a look at this type of case and how hiring an attorney for this type of case might be different from employing a lawyer on most other types of legal matters. What exactly is a personal injury? The legal dictionary defines personal injury as “Any violation of an individ-

ual’s right, other than his or her rights in property. The term personal injury is not confined to physical injuries, although Negligence cases usually do involve bodily injuries.” So we know that these cases usually involve some type of injury, whether physical, emotional or even strictly financial. We also know that to have a personal injury case there has to be a wrong committed by someone or something. Typical personal injury cases stem from car crashes, falls or other common events that cause hurt or injury. Usual types of damages in these

cases include reimbursement for medical bills, lost earnings due to inability to work, future medical costs, future wage loss, and past and future non-economic damage. Noneconomic damage is typically referred to as pain, suffering, anxiety, grief or other emotional distresses. A person may be entitled to noneconomic damages even in cases where the injury in not physical and purely emotional, such as fraud or financial theft. So, the term personal injury is very broad and encompasses both physical and nonphysical injury caused by someone doing something wrong

or carelessly. How is the contract with a personal injury lawyer different than a contract with most other lawyers? Most lawyers charge by the hour. If you need a family lawyer, for example, you would generally have to pay a retainer amount and you would be charged by the hour for work done on your case. Same with a real estate or business lawyer. Not so with a personal injury lawyer. Most use a contingency/percentage contract.You pay a percentage of the ultimate amount received by settlement or TURN TO THE LAW AND YOU ON 30

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APRIL 9, 2010


How to decorate with dried roses Dear Sara: Do you have creative ways to decorate with dead roses? I hope that didn’t sound morbid. I’ve put them across my china cabinet before, and it looked pretty cool until the cats got bored. My husband got me a dozen for our anniversary, and I was thinking of creative ways to keep them decorative in the house. I was thinking in our bedroom on top of the window. — Palooka, Missouri

dried roses bundled with a French ribbon and suspended upside down. You can hang bundles from a dowel or simply hang them directly on the wall. I don’t know how crafty you are, but you could add them to a wreath (sheet moss wreath would be an easy one to work with) or eucalyptus swag, make a topiary, or add them to a shadow box or on the outside of a picture frame. Or you could keep them longstemmed and simply display them in a vase or snip the heads off and place them in a decorative jar. There’s spray that you can buy at the craft store that will help prevent the petals from shattering.There’s spray to help you

Dear Palooka: I like


SARA NOEL Frugal Living

VOLLEYBALL’S BEST The Encinitas Wave - Girls Volleyball Under-15 members, from left, Jennie Frager, Katelyn Cuff, Ryann Chandler, Madison Dutra, Lauren Miller, Lexi Reddick, Maddy Kerr, Reily Buechler, Alexandra Johnson and Sydney Francis won the Southern California Junior National Qualifier at the Anaheim Sports Center for their age group March 28. The team is coached by Krystal Jackson and Jud Buechler and members come from all over North County, including Del Mar, Carmel Valley, Solana Beach, Rancho Santa Fe, Encinitas and 4S Ranch. The win earns the team a bid to the Junior Olympic Championships (Open division) to be held in Nevada June 26 through July 3. Even more impressive is that this Wave team is playing “up an age,” in the older U-16 Open age group for Southern California and is currently ranked No. 3 in this older Open division.This same team won the Bronze Medal in the Junior Olympics three years ago in Minneapolis for the under 12 Open division, and a bronze medal two years ago in Dallas for the under 13 Open division, and a bronze medal last year in Miami for the under 14 Open division. Courtesy photo

‘EnCompass’ improvement in every aspect of your life RANCHO SANTA FE — A program is coming to Rancho Santa Fe that aims to improve the quality of your work and even the quality of your life. From April 22 through April 25 at Morgan Run Club and Resort the EnCompass Program can help you with that challenge. The EnCompass Program represents the most significant breakthrough in performance optimization of our generation. It incorporates the refinement of decades of behavioral training merged with proven psychological techniques. The result is a four-day workshop that helps attendees achieve transformational change. The EnCompass Program is based upon the premise that we all have a great many strengths … and a few misperceived weaknesses. The problem is that our misperceived weaknesses often get in the way of our great many strengths. From the time we are children, we learn to doubt ourselves. Our self-preservation instincts prevail, and we try to avoid the reoccurrence of negative experiences. As a result, we inadvertently train ourselves to avoid anything we

perceive to be threatening; no matter how innocuous those things might actually be. We preclude ourselves from ever tapping into our full potential. What would your life be like if you truly understood your strengths and had the courage to use them? What would your life be like if you learned to evaluate every situation within the context of your total life experience rather than just reacting emotionally? What would your life be like if you could dramatically reduce the stress that impacts the quality of your life at work, home, and even at play? The EnCompass Program is comprised of state-of-the-art exercises designed to bring clarity to your life and teach you how to leverage your strengths on an ongoing basis. The workshop exercises require your “presence” and participation. While positive thoughts always trump negative ones, positive thoughts alone generally won’t change your life. The EnCompass Program is designed to expose you to exercises and a thought process that you can use on a daily basis to transform your life.



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• Metal Arts • Glazed Stoneware and Painted Pottery • Locally Made Fountains &Mosaic Benches & Tables

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For the past two years,this program has been tracked very closely. It stands alone in proving its worth based upon scientific studies. An independent PhD in clinical psychology, who is recognized as a global expert in organizational development and personal relationships, has administered rigorous psychological tests to participants before, during and immediately after the program (and at three, six and 12 month intervals after its conclusion) and found the workshop to produce significant improvement in a wide variety of characteristics that positively impact participants’ performance both within the context of their personal and professional lives. Stress plays an important role in our daily lives. It is an emotional constraint we can learn to control because it is primarily based upon perception. When we perceive we are under stress, we allow the emotional hemisphere of our brain to “override” the logical hemisphere.This organic imbalance creates a distortion of reality that distracts us and inhibits our ability to achieve peak performance. It also can have a deleterious impact on our health. Certain exercises within the EnCompass Program focus on helping participants learn to reduce stress while increasing their ability to cope with it, which is known as “resilience.” During the last workshop, measured stress was dramati-

cally reduced 88.6 percent while resilience was improved 67 percent. In addition to reducing stress, test results reveal that the EnCompass Program creates a significant reduction in the emotional burden of sadness, hostility, fear and guilt. The workshop also produces significant improvement in the measured areas of communication, decision-making, focused attention, joviality, knowledge of strengths, life fulfillment, purpose in life, relationships, self-assurance, and selfesteem, among others. Participants are proven to have a very positive impact on customer satisfaction, employee retention, productivity and profitability when they return to work. Perhaps the most extraordinary discovery of the psychological testing is that the favorable results of the workshop are sustained over time. The EnCompass Program has demonstrated the ability “install” positive behavioral change well beyond the capability of any other known approach delivered in a group environment. If you do the work, you’ll reap the rewards. If you’re serious about transforming your personal and professional life in a meaningful way, the EnCompass Program will give you the tools. Seating is limited, so register now at www.EnCompass Resources.us.

Every life has a story. Preserve yours as a legacy for your children and grandchildren.

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MAYORS DELIVER Mayor Dan Dalager greets Meals on Wheels client Ruth Spear, lending a hand to volunteers Marguerite and Michael Nolan during the Mayors for Meals Day. Courtesy photo

City leaders lend a hand to Meals on Wheels COAST CITIES — Mayors from the North County cities of Escondido, Oceanside, San Marcos, Solana Beach, Encinitas, Del Mar, Vista and Poway delivered meals to homebound seniors throughout North County on March 24, in an effort to bring awareness and recruit volunteers to deliver nutritious meals to seniors who live throughout the region. Meals-on-Wheels contributes to the overall wellbeing of seniors by providing regular nutrition and daily contact with a caring volunteer. The month of March is annually celebrated as “March for Meals” by Mealson-Wheels Greater San Diego. Mayors for Meals Day

was a visible way for local elected officials to show their support for the community’s seniors by delivering meals alongside Meals-on-Wheels volunteers.With their participation, Meals-on-Wheels raised awareness of senior hunger in our community, and recruited new volunteers. Mayors taking part in the special event included Mayors Jim Desmond of San Marcos, Morris Vance of Vista, Jim Wood of Oceanside, Dan Dalager of Encinitas, Mike Nichols of Solana Beach, Councilmember David Roberts of Del Mar, Lori Holt Pfeiler of Escondido and Mayor Don Higginson of Poway.

Torrey Pines set to host summer basketball camps CARMEL VALLEY — Kids R Stars presents the John Olive Summer Basketball Camps beginning June 28 through July 12 at the Torrey Pines High School gymnasium. The camps offer daily instruction by former NBA player and former head coach at Loyola Marymount, John Olive. The cost of the camp for boys and girls ages 6 through 12 is $165 and runs from 8 a.m. to noon. Camps for ages 13 through 17 cost

$210 and run Monday through Friday from 1 to 5 p.m. The camps run from June 28 through July 2 and July 12 through July 16. Campers will receive daily individual skill enhancement, motivational and drill techniques, a T-shirt, guest speakers, team play and two league games daily. Visit w w w. j o h n o l i v e b a s k e t ballcamp.com for applications and information or call (760) 634-5644.

APRIL 9, 2010




APRIL 9, 2010


Exercising fails to increase heart rate DR. GOTT Second Opinion Dear Dr. Gott: I’m a 54year-old female who had a heart attack at age 47. They think it was a coronary spasm. I’ve begun to work out recently with a personal trainer because I am about 80 pounds overweight. He is concerned that I have difficulty getting my heart rate up. After 20 to 30 minutes of cardio (3 miles per hour at a 2 percent incline on the tread-

mill), my heart rate is still around 98 to 105. Should I be working harder or could it be a result of taking Toprol XL even though I do not have high blood pressure, nor have I ever had it? My cardiologist thinks taking 1/2 of a 100-milligram tablet daily is a good idea to prevent future attacks. I also take simvastatin, tizanidine and an 81-milligram aspirin each day. My triglyceride result just came back at 223, but the rest of my cholesterol was normal. My total was 180, and my heart rate while standing still is TURN TO SECOND OPINION ON 30

LIBERTY TOBACCO San Diego’s number one destination for cigar and pipe smokers is now in North County Premium handmade cigars from Nicaragua, Honduras, Dominican Republic • European Pipes & Bulk Tobacco Smoking Accessories • Premium & Imported Cigarettes Special Events • Smoking Lounge • Smokeless Tobacco

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OUTDOOR LIVING AT ITS FINEST LIFETIME LUMBER IS A NEW ALTERNATIVE TO WOOD AND COMPOSITES FOR DECKS, ARBORS & FENCES. There’s nothing better than knowing your family and home are safe. LifeTime Lumber can help with our technologically advanced decking products. We manufacture fire-safe and sustainable building products that promote safer and healthier living. Unlike composite deck products, LifeTime Lumber contains no wood, so it won’t deteriorate over time. In addition, LifeTime Lumber is a green product — containing 60% recycled material. Your new deck will require little maintenance, and it comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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APRIL 9, 2010


Small travel tip book is big on ideas AQUA DUCK

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I confess: I suffer from suitcase anxiety. As often as I have to pack, I still think about it for days, then put it off until the very last minute so I’ll be forced to make decisions — like what to bring, what not to bring, what I can live without and how to pack so everything won’t arrive in a wrinkly mess. I thought I had learned how to avoid the latter — roll clothes into tubes — but I recently learned that this is only partly correct. According to the newly published “Lonely Planet’s Best Ever Travel Tips,” ($9.99) a traveler should “bundle wrap” clothing — wrap clothes around a centralcore object like a pair of socks or a soft slipper. That’s not the only wonderful pearl contained within this luggage-tag-lookalike book that measures about 3 inches by 5 inches and contains 105 pages. “The idea behind the book is that it’s a companion to a guidebook or a mobile phone app, so it needed to

E’LOUISE ONDASH Hit the Road be light and small,” said Lonely Planet editor Tom Hall, who compiled the tips from experts and threw in a few of his own. And since one chapter is dedicated to packing well, “it would be remiss of me to produce something that added to that burden too much.” Hall decided to create a book of travel tips because although he writes a lot of travel advice about specific destinations, “some questions kept coming up again and again — packing, staying healthy, scoring that upgrade. I wanted to try and come up with definitive answers to those questions. That meant talking to industry insiders and twisting their arms to reveal a secret EXPERT ADVICE “Lonely Planet’s Best Ever Travel Tips” ($9.99) is a or two.” Although Lonely Planet collection of the best tips from travel editors and experts. Not much bigger than a 3-inch-by-5-inch card, it exemplifies one of its suggestions: Pack smart! Photo by Courtesy photo

published a travel-tip book in 2003, this one is “100 percent new,” Hall said. The guide includes information on preparing and packing; using foreign currency, staying safe and healthy; and using in-country transportation, technology and more. How did Hall decide what to include in this compact tome? “I decided that following the life of a holiday was the best way to go,” he explained, “from planning to packing to staying safe, getting on a plane (or in a car, on a bike or on a train),

finding somewhere to stay and using technology.” There were three criteria for including a tip: — Would it make a trip better? — Would it help even an experienced globetrotter? — Was it practical and possible to do? Based on those points, here are a few of the gems contained within the book: — For the best groundtransport directions for all of Europe, visit www.viamichelin.com. — Beware of scams, TURN TO HIT THE ROAD ON 42

Be cool in the shade and





e offer

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*Includes: All select resawn, primed and painted Douglas Fir framing, 5/8" T-111 sheeting, modified bitumin roofing. Picture includes several upgrades. Call for details. • Committed to improving people’s lives • Creating a beautiful space for people to live • Expertise in business since 1993

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APRIL 9, 2010

3 12 Unique Townhomes Right in the heart of San Elijo Hills Towncenter

Shops and Eateries With a handful of shops open and more to come, San Elijo Towncenter offers small conveniences and playful moments for you, your family and your four legged friends.

Located over retail in the heart of San Elijo Hills, MarketWalk puts you steps from the best that this award winning community has to offer. s TO SQ FT AND UP TO BEDROOMS s 0RIVATE ENTRY PATIOS s 4WO CAR GARAGES WITH STORAGE BAY s $ESIGNER SELECTED l NISHES s ,OCATED IN THE HEART OF 3AN %LIJO (ILLS

Starting in the High $300’s Visit www.sanelijohills.com/marketwalk (760) 798-1765 Follow us on



Town Center, LLC


APRIL 9, 2010


Planet- and budget-friendly products that really work By Consumer Reports

Do you avoid green products because of high prices and poor performance? Recent tests conducted by ShopSmart, the shopping magazine from the publisher of Consumer Reports, show significant improvements in green products, in some cases making them more efficient and cost-effective than conventional ones. “Green products have come a long way in the last few years,” said Lisa Lee Freeman, editor in chief of ShopSmart. “If you haven’t yet made the switch to greener appliances, paints, toilets and cleaners, you might be surprised at how

run. They can last up to 12 times as long and use about 75 percent less energy. — Trade-offs? CFLs contain small amounts of toxic mercury, so they should be recycled after use. Also, with some bulbs you might see a slight delay before they reach full brightness. — Save: At least $56 over the life of each bulb.

well many of them work, and in some cases, how much energy and money they can save you.” Shopsmart’s test findings include the following. Green winners: Consumers would be wise to spend their money on these items:

Lighting — Green Update: Today’s Energy Star-qualified compact fluorescent light bulbs or CFLs don’t flicker or give off the harsh light that earlier bulbs did. And even though they often cost more up front, swapping CFLs for regular bulbs can save you in the long

Paint — Green Update: LowVOC paints beat conventional ones in ShopSmart tests. In the past, these paints had durability problems and didn’t cover darker colors well with one coat.

Raise your child’s grades this summer at a

Tutoring Club

COAST CITIES — More than 61,000 high school seniors applied to San Diego State this year for fall 2010 admission. The school is accepting only about 6,100 of these applicants. These startling numbers mean two things: first, 90 percent of the students who applied to San Diego State are going to have to find another school (or a job) and second, the GPA and SAT requirements to get into San Diego State and many other colleges are increasing. If you’re the parent of a high school student, or even a middle school student, the implications are frightening. If your child struggles through high school and doesn’t

Summer is a great time for students to CATCH UP and MOVE AHEAD!

Weekly Camps as low as



A Class Above. Guaranteed.


267 N. El Camino Real, Suite I, Encinitas, CA 92024 www.tutoringclub.com

“Yes I can!” At SuperCamp, students gain confidence, motivation and learning skills to make them unstoppable. 84% Increase self-esteem 73% Improve grades 81% Develop more confidence 68% Increase motivation

Washing Machines

energy efficiency, top-loaders don’t usually clean as well. — Trade-offs? Some frontloaders may vibrate and transmit all that shaking to the floor they sit on, so they’re usually best suited for basements or other rooms with concrete floors. Also, you’ll still have to pay a premium for some frontloading models. — Save: As much as $100 in energy costs per year (compared with the least efficient top-loader tested). Green maybes: The tradeoffs are higher so consumers will have to weigh the options

— Green Update: In ShopSmart tests, front-loaders have consistently been more efficient and better performers than top-loaders. They’ve also dropped in price, with many models now costing less than $1,000. Although some top-loaders are catching up to Toilet paper — Green front-loaders in water and


SuperCamp — help for high school students


did you know?

— Trade-offs? “No-VOC” paints can still contain some VOC, and they aren’t necessarily odor-free. Tints mixed into base paints usually add those chemicals. — Save: Now the best ones are half the price of some high-end brands.

At Stanford, Cal State San Marcos, UCLA and 6 other schools .

98% Continue to use skills

Special $200 savings for San Diego County residents Go to www.SuperCamp.com/SanDiego or call 760-722-0072 for details



raising grades, confidence and motivation

attain the grades and SAT scores necessary to get into an affordable college, then your options are to pay much more for a private school or to send your child to a junior college. It’s far better if students can keep their college options open by doing well in high school and gaining the skills that will help them with all facets of the college entrance process. That’s where SuperCamp comes in. SuperCamp’s 10-day learning and life skills summer enrichment program for high school students and 7-day program for middle school students is proven to help raise grades, confidence and motivation among most participants. SuperCamp is held at great colleges across the country including UCLA, Stanford, Brown

and Cal State San Marcos. San Diego residents can save $200 when enrolling a student in SuperCamp’s Senior Forum program for incoming ninth through 12th graders at Cal State San Marcos this summer by using the promotional code: SAN DIEGO. This code can be used when enrolling online, by mail or by phone. More information on SuperCamp is available at www.SuperCamp. com and by calling (760) 722-0072.

Recycled toilet paper brands broke down easily in ShopSmart’s disintegration tests — that’s good news if your home’s plumbing system is sensitive. — Trade-offs? Brands tested haven’t proven as soft or durable as conventional toilet paper. — Save: There are ecofriendly brands that are cheaper but they may not be worth the trade-offs.

Refrigerators — Green Update: All new efficient fridges use TURN TO CONSUMER ON 30

Local artists receiving national recognition

RANCHO SANTA FE — Members of the Rancho Santa Fe Art Guild, at 6004 Paseo Delicias, are attracting national attention for their work. Marileigh Schulte has been juried into the prestigious 19th annual National Juried Exhibition of Traditional Oils. The exhibit and sales run from April 30 to May 30 at the Legacy Gallery in Scottsdale, Ariz. Visit www.legacygallery.com for more information about the gallery and show. Gary Johnson’s work will be displayed at the Museum of Western Art in Kerrville, Texas on April 9 and April 10, as well as the 17th annual Reflections of Nature show at the Fallbrook Art & Cultural Center from April 30 to May 2. All forms of artwork can be found at the Rancho Santa Fe Art Guild. The purpose of the Rancho Santa Fe Art Guild is to embrace the visual arts, provide exhibit space, enhance community awareness and foster artistic skills of its members. All works can be seen and purchased between 11 a.m. and 4:30 pm, Tuesday through Saturday. For more information, contact the Guild’s President, Carol Curtis, at (602) 882-7700 or curtis.caroll@gmail.com, or Kathy MacKenzie at (858-729-8765 or mackenzie_kathy @yahoo.com.



APRIL 9, 2010

Losing a loved one reminds you to count your blessings MACHEL PENN SHULL Machel’s Ranch I have a close friend that is dying of pancreatic cancer. I didn’t think I would write about this, but it’s the only thing occupying my mind. We always think that tomorrow is coming. We count on it, we believe in it. However, when you see your 36-year-old friend withering away with only a few weeks left to live, you begin to question your own mortality. You begin to wonder why such things happen. Like, why you get to go on living in a world without your friend.You wonder if in 10 years you will be able to remember all of your favorite things about your dear loved one. You want to remember the smallest details. You think of time, precious time and how you want the clock to slow down so they can live one more day.You feel guilty for being healthy. You wish that you could do anything to give them something you cannot give them — their future. I’m angry that my friend has to die. I am angry that she does not get to be married, or have children or experience all of those wondrous moments most women touch upon at some point on their journey. I want her to feel the joy of turning 40, an age she will never reach. I am angry that life must continue on while she is stuck in a hospice with useless gifts, like chocolates, strawberries, fruits and candies. All of these things clutter her room, but are small gifts that will not keep her here with us any longer. I’ve never watched someone close to my age be taken so swiftly, without warning. When it happens to your friend and you’re on the sidelines watching, it’s so surreal, you don’t even know how to process the feelings. If anything, being a believer makes it harder — at least for me. I’ve never lost a friend this close to me. Forgive me, I am just so unsettled by this wave of bereavement, I need to share it. I am at a loss. My beautiful friend will be leaving me shortly and there is nothing that can change this. I do not know why my friend is dying of cancer. There is no answer in the sky above to explain any reason why she must die. I drive away from hospice dazed by the harsh sunlight and try to make sense of how this has happened to her. I don’t want to be angry anymore. I will seek my solace in prayer to find her guided wisdom. She would tell me these things to remember: “Be more present with all of those that you love. Don’t short yourself on your own journey. Make sure you realize the beauty of it all. The beauty of your trials, your loved ones and the moments we create between morning and night. Make sure you are counting your every blessing.” She is so

wise like that, you know. My good friend is like an angel here on earth. She would tell me, “Machel, I have had a wonderful life! Be happy, my dear friend.” Yes, I will try to remember her words of wisdom. But I will always remember her vivacious spirit. I am so lucky that we have met! I must be thankful for the time that we had. I will try to remember that most of all. I will count myself blessed. I hope to see her one more day. I count myself lucky that she has been my friend.

Around town On March 20, Lemon Twist, the only business to burn down in Rancho Santa Fe during the Witch Creek fires, which is located on Del Dios Highway — showed early signs of returning. Owner Katie Shull opened this business more than 30 years ago. After three years, Lemon Twist is finally making its return. I will let you know the official grand opening date coming soon. In the meantime, if you need fresh picked strawberries, they are available located right across from Cielo. P.S. My husband will be selling them! On March 26, I ran into two of my favorite friends “around town” in Rancho Santa Fe. New resident Bianca Kam Smith invited one of her best friends, Sandy Temple, to join her after work at Mille Fleurs. In case you are wondering, yes, there is a happy hour there, which has recently been extended to 6:30 p.m. to satisfy those who can’t quite beat the clock by 5:30 p.m. Bianca and Sandy took a beautiful picture that day. Thanks girls for letting me in on the fun. On March 29, I attended one of my son’s AAA RSF Little League games at Solana Santa Fe School in Fairbanks. Imagine the most glorious sun filled blue sky, dangling eucalyptus trees framing the field — just the most wonderful setting, and I never take it for granted. This particular game, The Cardinals won against the Durham Bulls. Chip Levinson, father of Robbie Levinson, shared a picture of Robbie’s teammates holding him up in a group hug to celebrate his home-run that day. Another photo featured from that day is of Jack Deere almost tagging the Durham Bull’s team out on third base. If you would like to check out more of these photos, Chip Levinson has a Web site http://photos.chiplevinson.com , that captures the spirit of baseball in each shot (and

MAKING MOVIES Michael Gallagher II won top honors in Hollywood for his film, “UrFrenz.” Courtesy photo

other sports featured, too). Thanks for sharing the pictures. On March 31, I was privy to a fabulous book signing at Belloccio, located right on the 101 Highway in downtown Del Mar. If you know me personally, you will realize this event particularly was a joy to attend, since I’m an avid reader and lover of the written word. When I arrived, the boutique had a line of fans outside the front door, with fabulous finger foods and wine just inside. Publisher Bettie Youngs stood beside author Marla Martenson as they both dished the inside scoop on her latest book, “Diary of a Beverly Hills Matchmaker.” One of my favorite inside quotes from Marla’s own personal stories as a Beverly Hills matchmaker is “Men try to pick out women like a car.” After the presentation was over, Marla and Bettie posed for alovely shot of proud author/publisher side by side. And, if you are wondering, yes, I am now reading the book. Quirky, smart, sassy and sexy are four words that capture Marla’s candid first person narrative that keeps you reading each page. Sometimes, I just get lucky with these events! For more information, visit www.Bettieyoungs books.com. If you are looking for a fun summer read, definitely, this is a must! Congratulations on your new book, Marla. Thanks for making the last day in March so special. On March 31, The Coast News, Heritage Escrow and Sean Barry/Bill Reiter team sponsored the RSF Realtor pitch session at The Pantry. Each week, Realtors come together to share listings, network and meet to go over the latest in Real Estate. It looks like homes are selling again

ALL SMILES Bank of America’s Sean Barry and Bill Rieter with Traci Haas with Heritage Escrow. Photo by Machel Penn Shull


catches the ball for his teammates BOOK SIGNING Beverly Hills author Marla Martenson with her pubon March 31. Photo by Chip lisher Bettie Youngs in Del Mar on March 31. Photo by Machel Penn Levinson Shull

HOME RUN HERO Robbi Levinson hits a home run for his AAA Rancho Santa Fe Little LEMON TWIST RETURNS After burning down during the Witch League team. Photo by Chip Creek Fires, Lemon Twist, located near Cielo, is making a comeback. Photo by Machel Penn Shull Levinson

and the buzz is definitely more up beat than last year. I snapped a photograph of Traci Haas with Heritage Escrow, with Sean Barry and Bill

WELCOME! New Rancho resident Bianca Kam Smith “around town” with BFF Sandy Temple. THE INN CROWD Alan Balfour with Lisa G. at The Inn. Photo by Machel Penn Shull Photo by Machel Penn Shull

Reiter from Bank of America. to one of the most effervescent Let me be the first to announce ladies in town. And, if you that Traci just became are looking for a top financial engaged and has an enormous TURN TO MACHEL’S RANCH ON 30 rock on her finger! Congrats

HAPPY TIMES Maurice H. Rahimi with Don McVay at the Thursday Rotary “Happy Hour.” Photo by Machel Penn Shull


APRIL 9, 2010




SCHOLAR-ATHLETES Among the players on the 2009-2010 Francis Parker School boys’ soccer team, selected as the CIF San Diego Section All-Academic Team, were Rancho Santa Fe students Sean Gruen, Henry Thurman, David Nussbaum and Matt Nussbaum. This award recognizes the teams in each sport with the highest unweighted grade point average and is handed out following each season. The Lancers maintained a 3.60 team GPA during the season and will be honored at the CIFSDS Board of Managers meeting April 27 at the San Diego County Office of Education. In addition to their outstanding work in the classroom, head coach Seth Tunick’s squad also performed well on the field, posting a 96-7 overall record that included a trip to the CIFSDS playoffs. Courtesy photos

IN THE BOARD ROOM Coast Law Group, from left,Seyamack Kouretchian, Angela Nalu, Aran Wong, Amy Paul, Gary Sirota, Livia Borak, Brian Dirkmaat, Susan Brill and Dave Peck. The attorneys and staff designed the office last year to reflect their love of surfing and the ocean. Photo by Lillian Cox

Firm gives ‘board meeting’ new meaning By Lillian Cox



In loving memory of William H. “Bill” Door RANCHO SANTA FE — years. He was also active in William H. “Bill” Door died the real estate market in Indian Wells where he also peacefully March 27. Door had suffered from had a home. Door’s loved a series of lifelong ailments. ones say he will be greatly missed and His health began to remembered for seriously deteriorate his infectious in the past few years. smile and his He was admitted to a great zest for life. local nursing home D o o r this January and requested no began suffering from multiple organ failfuneral services ure. and asked for his He passed peaceashes to be spread BILL DOOR fully Saturday mornin his favorite ing with his loving place, Lake friend, Pam, by his side. Powell. A celebration of his Door attended Rancho life will be at 11 a.m. April 10 Santa Fe School and Torrey at Powerhouse Park in Del Pines High School. He was a Mar. Those wishing to attend realtor with Coldwell Banker are asked to bring a chair. and Prudential in Rancho For more information, visit Santa Fe for more than 25 www.billdoormemorial.com.



weren’t looking, and walked away as if nothing had happened. According to police, Conone confessed that he had been punching children in public since January because he liked the “excitement” of getting away with something. — Police who were called to a home in Charleroi, Pa., in February arrested Linda Newstrom, 49, for allegedly swinging a baseball bat (reportedly, a genuine Louisville Slugger)

at her 21-year-old son, Jeffrey, because he had come home drunk. (She whiffed on the first two swings but connected on the third.) Newstrom told police, “I brought him into this world, and I’ll take him out of this world.” — Roberta Feinsmith, 67, who had been fired by the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York City, filed a wrongful-discharge lawsuit in February, claiming that, despite glowing job reviews for 12 years, she was TURN TO ODD FILES, CONT’D ON 30

ENCINITAS — Attorneys with the Coast Law Group, or CLG,may swim with the sharks in the courtroom, but when they return to their office it’s all aloha. Last summer CLG transformed the building at 1140 S. Coast Highway 101 that previously housed Encinitas TV to a sanctuary that reflects their love of the ocean and surfing. The firm began a little more than 15 years ago when the original partners — Gary Sirota, Rory Wicks and Marco Gonzalez — met through the Surfrider Foundation. Initially the group handled environmental law and land use cases exclusively. Today, they have expanded to include specializations such as humanitarian issues, nonprofit corporations, governmental

relations, election law, intellectual property, homeowners associations, real estate, business litigation, general civil litigation, insurance, personal injury and action sports. “Clients in action sports grew out of our environmental work,” explained partner Seyamack Kouretchian. Another key area is cyberspace and computer law, which Kouretchian pioneered in the 1990s. A team of 12 attorneys, who are all surfers, as well as a staff of seven, collaborated in the design of the new office. “The flow of the layout was important,” Kouretchian said. “We didn’t want it to feel compartmentalized. We wanted to be able to bump into each other.” White & Co. built the structure, which includes 18 offices, a reception area, a con-

ference room, separate men’s and women’s restrooms,a shower, a copyroom/kitchen and a computer server room.There is also a designated wetsuit drying area and a “board”room for surfboards. Ceilings throughout the building are 11 feet high so that surfboards can stand upright in individual offices. To preserve forests, all rooms are framed in metal.The wall behind the reception area, the reception desk itself and a window are reclaimed materials. The staff also worked together in the development of the color scheme: dark ocean blue, sea foam green and coral white. Walls are adorned with surfscapes by local artists including Wade Koniakowsky, Andy Davis and Susan Wickstrand. Kouretchian’s

mother, Parvaneh Hakimpour, and office assistant Monika Whisenhunt are also accomplished artists in their own right whose work is represented throughout the interiors. With a touch of whimsy, diplomas earned by partners and associates hang in the men’s bathroom. “There’s a little piece of everyone in this space,” Kouretchian said.“Marco sanded and stained the walnut desk in the reception area with a friend last Father’s Day.” Natural light is maximized with the strategic placement of Solatubes made in Carlsbad. Prior to moving last July, the property was blessed with a sage burning and hanging of the Mezuzah, a Jewish prayer scroll. In the high-stress world of TURN TO BOARD ON 32

Del Mar music teacher lauded for skills By Bianca Kaplanek

DEL MAR — The California Music Educators Association recently named Jodi Neilson from Ocean Air School as an Outstanding Music Educator. Neilson was one of only eight music teachers in the state to be honored with the annual award. Neilson began teaching private piano lessons when she was in sixth grade. After receiving her teaching credential in 1990, she starting teaching music in public schools. She has been with the Del Mar Union School District for 10 years. Neilson was nominated for the award last year by Gary Wilson, former principal at Ocean Air. Candidates included kindergarten through eighth-grade music teachers. “This (award) is a reflection of our district,” she said. “Without the support of the Del Mar community, parents, staff and administration, I would not be able to offer such a comprehensive music program that enhances the development of the whole child. “I only wish that all students in the state of

SINGING HER PRAISES Jodi Neilson, left, is recognized by Comischell Rodriguez, Del Mar Union

School District board president, and her colleagues during the March 24 meeting after earning the Outstanding Music Educator Award from the California Music Educators Association. Photo by Bianca Kaplanek

California were allowed the opportunity to experience the enriched curriculum that Del Mar offers,” she said. One teacher from each of eight regions in California was selected. Neilson repre-

sents an area that includes San Diego and Imperial counties. She received her award during the California Music Educators Association banquet earlier this month in

Sacramento and was recognized by the Del Mar Union School District at the March 24 meeting. “This is the highest honor I have ever received,” she said.

APRIL 9, 2010



Council OKs program for revitalization By Bianca Kaplanek

DEL MAR — In a continuing effort to revitalize the downtown area, City Council agreed at the March 22 meeting to establish a pilot program that will address parking and sign issues on Camino del Mar between 12th and 15th streets. Council members were also unanimous in their decision not to allocate $3,000 for a traffic engineer to complete an environmental study — even though funds are available in the budget — fearing it would be a waste of money and send the wrong message to residents about future revitalization plans. The idea behind a pilot program is to create an “urban laboratory,” or an area where measurable effects can be studied, without major funding expenditures, said Brian Mooney, interim planning and community development director. “I think it’s of value to us to take a focused area and really look at some options and alternatives that will allow us to work with the businesses to improve the economic elements of the community,” he said. The original proposal included creating a more pedestrian-friendly environment by reducing the southbound side of Camino del Mar to one lane and adding angled parking. But due to concerns about how travel lanes and parking space configurations would alter traffic flows, those plans were deferred until more data is available. As part of that process, staff will review the progress of similar projects now being considered in Solana Beach and Encinitas. The pilot program focus was expanded to include valet parking as a means to satisfy required parking ratios and the creation of flexible signage standards. “I really was looking at a wide range of opportunities that I felt were being impacted by existing ... rules and regulations,” Mooney said. He described valet parking, which is being used successfully at Del Mar Plaza, as a tool that will allow businesses to expand while meeting existing requirements. Mooney said En Fuego and Zel’s restaurants have expressed interest in participating in a valet parking program, which would also offer options to a commercial property owner he spoke with who has potential new tenants but an insufficient number of parking spaces. As for signage, TURN TO PROGRAM ON 32

From left, Rainer Busch, Vicki and Dan Minteer and Peggy Yamamoto.

Belinda and Ron Bergum successfully bid for the private jet trip, one of the many extravagant items up for grabs in the auction.

Torrey Pines High School Vice Principal Milan Perisic with wife Beth, and Torrey Pines High School Principal Brett Killeen with wife Claire at the annual fundraising event.


Co-Chairwomen Denise Small and Jackie Busch welcomed

Torrey Pines High Torrey Pines High School families, friends, staff and alumni to School’s annual Pump Up the the fundraiser. Volume fundraiser was held at the Belly Up Tavern in Solana Beach on March 27. The event was deemed a success, raising thousands of dollars, both at the live event and through the online silent auction, which will support student programs at Torrey Pines High School fighting current cutbacks in state funding. Courtesy photos

Kathy Cuff, Nora Shoen and Tracey Hornbuckle enjoy the fun.

Julie Henry with Rocco and Joan Fabiano.

Janet and Mike McMahon.

Chris and Karen Jaczko get ready to bid in the auction.

Don and Donna Schempp Carrie Steele and Stephanie Mullen were all smiles at the fundraiser. joined the fun.


about 68. And I smoke cigars daily. Need I worry? My trainer is.

Dear Reader: For the benefit of those readers who may not know what a coronary spasm is, I will explain briefly. It is a contraction of the muscles in the wall of the artery. Because of the narrowing, blood flowing to the heart muscle could have been reduced or stopped briefly, resulting in chest pain and possible heart attack. Coronary spasms typically occur in people with an increased risk of heart disease, such as those who smoke, have a history of hypertension and/or hypercholesterolemia. Already, you are three for three. Treatment involves smoking cessation, consuming a healthful low-fat, lowsodium diet, lowering blood pressure, exercising and taking medications to prevent recurrence. While I don’t know your complete medical history, I have some concerns and wonder whether more than one physician is involved in prescribing for you. For example, Toprol XL slows down the heart rate. Simvastatin can cause angina in 3 percent of treated



Soirees. “We are working to create more value for our members and lower prices is just a part of it,” DeGoler said. “We are looking for new ways to provide the services


team, Bill and Sean are two of the top in Rancho Santa Fe. Thanks for letting me include you in my latest column. On April 1, I received this great news from Elaine Gallagher, one of Rancho Santa Fe’s top realtors: “Hi ... great news ... not an April Fools joke! Our son & Jana’s film ‘UrFrenz’ won best fea-



about half the energy of those made 15 years ago. If you want to buy the greenest model, tests found that top- and bottom-freezer styles without ice or water dispensers are consis-



clean/refresh dried flowers, too. Dear Sara: I love to make muffins, and every time mine come out of the oven, I can never get them to be like the tops that you buy at a coffee shop. What am l doing wrong? Mine seem to come out sticking on the top, and they are cooked all the way through. I have even tried and put them on broil for a bit, so every bit of advice is helpful. — Tammy, Canada

APRIL 9, 2010

RANCHO SANTA FE NEWS patients. I am not in any way implying you have been incorrectly prescribed. I would simply feel more comfortable knowing all physicians involved have a complete game plan when it comes to your health. While on simvastatin, your triglycerides remain high. Does your diet need revision? Are you reading labels, staying away from cold cuts, hot dogs, kielbasa, sausage, sweets or baked goods containing tropical oils, ice cream and cheeses? Have you substituted fresh fruits and vegetables and broiled fish? A modification in diet, if appropriate, might go a long way toward bringing down your blood pressure, cholesterol levels, weight and your risk of a repeat cardiac event. Beyond that, I suggest you give up the cigars. Now, on to your heart. You indicate a normal rate is 68 when you are at rest. This climbs an impressive 37 points with exercise, which just might be normal for you. There may be an underlying condition, such as autonomic neuropathy, where the heart rate remains relatively unchanged in response to activity rather than fluctuating. You don’t suffer from exercise intolerance, yet you may have conditioned your body to tolerate the exercise

recommended course of action, but, unfortunately, it is not a sure cure. Cysts may recur, necessitating repeat procedures. Over the long term, multiple corrections may not be entirely successful. They are, however, the best option for reducing the risk of permanent spinal damage and for stabilizing symptoms. As for a prognosis, this depends on the severity of the symptoms, the size of the cyst and the particular patient. People generally have worsening symptoms when straining or performing activities that cause cerebrospinal fluid pressure to fluctuate; therefore, it is important to avoid such activities. Some patients may experience long periods of stability in which symptoms are minimal or absent. Research is ongoing. You can learn more about what is being done by visiting the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke’s (NINDS) syringomeylia information page at www.ninds.nih.gov/disorders/syringomyelia

Dear Reader: Syringomyelia is a disorder in which a cyst, known as syrinx, forms within the spinal cord.

Over time, the cyst enlarges and elongates, destroying the center of the spinal cord in the area where it forms. In many cases, syringomyelia is also associated with a congenital abnormality known as Chiari I malformation, a condition in which the part of the brain called the cerebellum protrudes into the neck portion of the spinal canal. Trauma, meningitis, tumor, arachnoiditis or hemorrhage may result in the development of a syrinx. In rare instances, the condition is inherited. Symptoms typically present between the ages of 25 and 40, making the fact that your daughter was diagnosed at only 16 worrisome. Symptoms can include pain, weakness and stiffness of the back, shoulders, arms or legs and a loss of the ability to feel extremes of cold or hot, especially in the hands and headaches. These tend to develop slowly but may occur suddenly because of coughing or straining. If no symptoms are present, treatment is unnecessary, but the situation should be monitored closely so that should they appear, early treatment can be given. Some patients may need to have the cysts drained using catheters, drainage tubes and valves. Surgery is typically the

the community needs and to add more family and adultoriented programs.” “A good part of our Rancho Santa Fe identity comes from celebrations that bring us together and provide us the opportunity to connect as a neighborhood, such as Rancho Days

and the 4th of July Parade, both organized each year by the Community Center.” Possible new events and programs include a Wine Tasting Event, an adultsonly movie night at The Inn, a weekend farmers market, a historic house and garden tour and a program to pro-

vide weekly assistance to seniors by helping to send and receive email messages and photos from loved ones. “Believing in and supporting the value that the community center brings to Rancho Santa Fe is what the annual gala is all about and we hope to see all of our

members and neighbors there.” For more information about the event, sponsorship opportunities or to purchase your ticket, contact the Community Center at (858) 756-2461 or online at ww.rsfcc.org.

ture film last night at the Method Film Festival! This was also announced in Variety! We just want to say ‘thank you’ for all the great wishes you have sent ... and because of your kind support ... they won! Best wishes to you, Elaine.” Michael J. Gallagher is also the son of Michael Gallagher. To read more about their independent film that’s hitting big in Hollywood, follow this link

and read what one of Hollywood’s top film magazine’s has to say about one of our local North County residents: www.variety.com/ review/VE1117942219.html?c ategoryid=31&cs=1&query=u rfrenz. Now that is something to really celebrate. Later that evening, I stopped by The Inn to join the RSF Rotarian’s for Happy Hour at the gorgeous Rancho Santa Fe Inn. As the sun dis-

solved behind the center of town, the walk up the brick sidewalk still took my breath away. Inside, there are a few Ranch residents sitting in the bar area near the roaring fire. Complimentary appetizers are available to all guests on Thursdays at The Inn. On this particular day, sizzling succulent shrimp dipped in honey sauce available to anyone there between 5 and 7 p.m. Patrick Galvin, Lisa G., Alan

Balfour and Maurice H. Rahimi were in attendance. Also, I was privy to an exciting announcement about the Rotary in Rancho Santa Fe. There will be an exciting announcement the second week of April. I will fill you in next time.

tently the most efficient. Sideby-sides are getting better but the big built-in luxury models use up to twice as much electricity as others. — Trade-offs? Your choices are limited if you go green because the most efficient models aren’t big, fancy built-

ins, trendy French-door models or side-by-side styles. — Save: About $78 in operating costs per year for top-freezer models; about $72 per year for bottom freezer models (compared with the least efficient side-by-side model tested).

Laundry Detergent

scores higher than conventional detergents. — Save: The green products’ prices are competitive but they won’t get your dirtiest laundry as clean.

crown-muffin-pan_p_121231.html), for starters. You want a thick muffin batter. Fill the muffin cups almost to the top and not two-thirds full, too. Set your oven temperature higher than the recommended bake time (425 F) for the first 8 minutes of baking time, and then lower the temperature back down to the recommended temperature.

— Tammy,Virginia

the cream of wheat was uncooked. I’ve seen uncooked cream of wheat used in pancakes, meatloaf, cookies, soup, etc. recipes. I have fried leftover cream of wheat and served it with syrup. You could blend it into a smoothie, too. I came across a recipe from The Rural Cookbook from 1907 by Cairns Collection of American Women Writers with a leftover cream of wheat muffin recipe that you can try. (Note: The recipe doesn’t giving a baking temperature. You’ll have to make your best guess.) Cream of Wheat Muffins — Add to two cupfuls of cooked cream of wheat with a

without placing undue stress on your system. Compare yourself to a well-trained biker or runner who can seemingly exercise indefinitely without breaking a sweat. Make an appointment with both your primary-care physician and cardiologist, and go over the issues you have presented to me. To provide related information, I am sending you a copy of my Health Report “Coronary Artery Disease.” Other readers who would like a copy should send a selfaddressed stamped No. 10 envelope and a $2 check or money order to Newsletter, P.O. Box 167, Wickliffe, OH 44092. Be sure to mention the title or print an order form off my website at www.AskDrGottMD.com. Dear Dr. Gott: My 16year-old granddaughter has recently been diagnosed with stage 1 syringomyelia. From what I have read, the prognosis is not good. What can you tell me about this disorder? My granddaughter is a highschool junior. She is very intelligent, works hard, and is even taking college-prep classes.

Dear Tammy: Cook the rice or noodles separately and add it to your soup after it’s cooked. You can add it after your soup is cooked, too. Pour the noodles or rice into the soup, put a lid on it, and let the residual heat cook your rice and noodles.

Dear Sara: Have you ever used leftover cream of wheat Dear Sara: When cook- to make muffins? Seems like ing chicken noodle and chick- it ought to work. — Natalie, en-and-rice soup, when do you Idaho add the noodles or rice? And Dear Natalie: No, I’ve how? Usually my noodles expand too much and get never tried to make muffins Dear Tammy: You can gooey and my rice soaks from leftover cream of wheat. buy a professional baking pan everything up and gets nasty. I think it would work well if (www.pastrychef.com/jumbo-

— Green update: ShopSmart found a couple that are worth trying, especially for your less grungy loads. — Trade-offs? None of the tested eco-friendly laundry detergents earned

Doctor Gott is a practicing physician and the author of the book “Live Longer, Live Better” (Quill Driver Books, www.quilldriverbooks.com; (800) 6057176). Write him at Dr. Gott c/o United Media, 200 Madison Ave., 4th fl., New York, NY 10016.

If you have a fun event you would like Machel Penn to cover, contact her at mpenn@coastnewsgroup.com.

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cupful of milk and work it smooth. Then add two eggs well beaten and a tablespoonful of sugar; to a pint of flour add two small teaspoonfuls of baking powder, and a half teaspoonful of salt, rub into the flour a tablespoonful lard or butter. Add to these ingredients the wheat that has been mixed with the milk and eggs. Butter muffin pans, fill them two-thirds full, and bake in a hot oven 20 minutes. Sara Noel is the owner of Frugal Village (www.frugalvillage.com), a Web site that offers practical, money-saving strategies for everyday living. To send tips, comments or questions, write to Sara Noel, c/o United Media, 200 Madison Ave., 4th Floor, New York, NY 10016, or e-mail sara@frugalvillage.com.


terminated because of her age and because she complained to other workers about her recently hired supervisor’s “constant barrages of ... flatulence.” — In February, a onearmed man swiped a single cufflink from the CJ Vinten shop in Leigh-on-Sea, England, and in March, a one-legged man swiped a single Nike trainer shoe from a store in Barnsley, England. The one-armed man is still loose, but the one-legged man was arrested.


— A popular TV chef in Italy was fired in February after musing on the air TURN TO MORE ODD FILES ON 32



what happens” letter. Oh, my stars. Writing that was absolutely dreadful. Did you just lie outright and tell them you will be there to get them no matter what, or did you try to just reassure them that everything will be fine, even if it might not? Yeah, that was delightful. Meanwhile, years went by and I forgot to even check my supplies, which managed to mildew, leak and generally get yucky. I eventually chucked it all, and in a burst of optimism, spent the $200. Maybe I’ve watched too many generally apocalyptic movies. Maybe I just don’t trust my dogs to leap up and alert me like animals are supposed to (they didn’t leap last Sunday). I just think I’ll feel better when I have a few things stocked up and put somewhere I can get to if all heck breaks loose. No matter how brave I am, I already know I’d rather change out a plastic barrel of mildew once a year, than be stuck drinking the water from the toilet tank. And yes, if you know where I live, I’ll make sure I have enough to share. Meanwhile, if the big one hits, I hope my house falls to pieces, because there is no way I am cleaning up that mess. Jean Gillette is a part time editor and writer shopping for a really cozy tent and information on how long bottled margaritas keep. Contact her at jgillette@coastnewsgroup.com.


verdict instead of paying by the hour. Typically, the amount is one-third of the gross recovery. However, if the case is lost or you don’t get anything, you owe no attorney fees, so this is the main benefit of this type of arrangement. It allows most anyone to hire a lawyer in a personal injury case, even if you have no money for fees. Michael Vallee is a practicing trial attorney whose firm focuses on consumer law, personal injury and wrongful death cases. He is a consumer legal contributor for The Coast News. Contact him at info@valleelaw.com.

APRIL 9, 2010




HEALTHY HEARTS Dr. Gillespie, a parent at R. Roger Rowe school, ends his lecture on healthy heart habits to third-graders with a dissection of a pig heart during the annual Science Discovery Day on April 2. Photos by Wehtahnah Tucker



part of it,� said parent volunteer Elise Molin. “The programs are very hands-on and real-world connected.� The event had its inception in 1992, when Lindy Delaney, the current superintendent, was a science teacher and started the program. Science teacher Elena Colvin, the current coordinator for Science Discovery Day, plans year-round for the IT’S A MESSY JOB Third-graders Brandon Wong and Ryan Curcio event. “It’s a great partnerteam up to dissect a pig heart at the direction of Dr. Gillespie, a parent ship between parents, teachat R. Roger Rowe school during the annual Science Discovery Day on ers and students,� she said. April 2. “Half of the presenters are outside vendors and the other half are parents and teachers.� Dr. Gillespie, a parent at the school, taught third-

HOT AND COLD Alex Atwell and Slater Simo learn about temperature in their first-grade classroom at R. Roger Rowe School during the annual Science Discovery on Day April 2.

graders about healthy habits in the presentation “Follow Your Heart.� Besides learning about the dangers of high blood pressure and smoking, the students were able to dissect an actual pig heart. “It feels so weird,� said student Julian Schearer, as he inspected the heart. “Every workshop is as hands-on as possible so every child can get involved,� Colvin said. “We try and make it a completely different experience than a typical science instruction.� As a group of secondgraders dissected owl pellets and classified the bones they found, Mrs. Dirkes, a parent volunteer, carefully guided their efforts. “I like the fact that the kids are having fun and are engaged all day,� she

BONES ABOUT IT Ella Fox classifies the bones found while dissecting an owl pellet in her second-grade class during the annual Science Discovery Day at R. Roger Rowe School on April 2.

said. “The kids work together to make discoveries with as little intervention from the workshop leader.� The event also served as leadership training for the school’s eighth-graders. “The older students lead the younger grades to the workshops and help with the experiments,� Colvin said. “We try to come together as a community for the day to experience science.�


Cardiff by the Sea (760) 436-8900 Sabre Springs (858) 486-5020 www.belmontvillage.com

Š 2010 Belmont Village, L.P. RCFE Lic. 374602803, 374601056

equipment instead of electrical fixtures,� she said adding that the wiring could be finished now and the fixtures added at a later date. “The fixtures cost $37,000,� Delaney said. “We simply can’t afford it. It’s playground equipment vs. fixtures.� It will take the same tact with items that can be worked around and added at a later date. “Things we can’t go back and do later without consequences,� she said. She said if the $2.5 million had come in from the state, they would be “having a much different conversation.� Funds are expected in the future from both the Rancho Santa Fe Foundation and the Concert Committee, she said. Association President Bill Beckman said when they offered to pay for half of the changes, the board was under the impression that there would be some kind of vehicle to raise funds from the community to offset the cost. Association Director Tom Lang said he thought it would also be a good idea to do some fundraising to offset the cost. “Whether it would have a big impact or a small impact, it would be some impact,� he said. The Association confirmed it would pay for half of the original $264,000 and asked that if the state money does come through, could the school board pay them back the money. Delaney said she would take the question to the board of education. Despite the money issues, construction is on schedule even with all the recent rain. “There are 16 rain days built in and we are on rain day 11,� Delaney said. “The rain could stop a little bit for me.� She said she wanted to thank the Association for all the support it gives the schools on a regular basis and especially the outgoing members of the board, Bill Beckman, Kim Higgins and Tim Sullivan, whose terms will expire in June.


about the historical popularity of gourmet cat meat. According to Beppe Bigazzi, 77, cat stew is best cooked after leaving the meat under running water for three days to tenderize it. “I’ve eaten it,” he said, “many times.” Bigazzi later explained that he was



Mooney said he would work with council members under an administrative design review process to provide business owners in the pilot program area with affordable, relaxed requirements to improve illegal and blighted signs. He said the owners of Clone Duplicating & Printing want to change their sign but it would cost approximately $3,000 under the existing ordinance. Mooney said he would monitor the effects of the changes through sales tax revenue and the decrease in vacancies. “Anything that we can do to revitalize downtown is fine



success of community organizations. “During these tough economic times, nonprofits that are already living on the margins were able to count on the possibility of grants from the county for important community programs and services,” Weinreb said. “The fallout (from the vote) is like an avalanche for a lot of smaller organizations.” According to the coun-

referring only to a tradition in Tuscany in the 1930s and 1940s and never intended to encourage eating cats today, but apparently his bosses could not endure the public outcry. — Unintelligent Design: (1) China’s Yangcheng Evening News reported in March that a 6-year-old boy in Ha’erbin City, with 15 fingers and 16 toes, had surgery to get

down to 10 and 10. (2) In March, Zhang Ruifang, 101, of Linlou Village in China’s Henan province, was reported to have a “rough patch” of skin on her forehead that had recently grown to a length of 2 1/2 inches in the shape of a horn. (However, dermatologists in the U.S. point out that the condition is not all that rare.)

as long as we’re not spending a whole lot of money,” Councilman Don Mosier said, adding that he didn’t want to fund the traffic engineer because he didn’t think the city received “a lot of value for the money” already spent. “This information is not useful to me,” he said. Because the original plans included a traffic element, they were subject to environmental review. Staff prepared a mitigated negative declaration, which was available for public review from Dec. 31, 2009, to Feb. 3, 2010. During that time, one comment letter was received from the 22nd District Agricultural Association requesting additional information on land use and planning, air quality and transportation and circulation.

Although the traffic element has been deferred, Mooney suggested completing the environmental document in case council decided to move forward with it later. Completing the review later down the line would likely result in additional expenses, however, the study may need to be redone anyway if and when plans to expand the Del Mar Fairgrounds are approved. Councilman Carl Hilliard said city officials agreed to defer the traffic element “because there was so much confusion and misinformation out there about it.” “I think if we authorize the expenditure of $3,000, we’re sending a message, ‘Just kidding folks.We’re going to go forward with this anyway,’“ he said. “So I wouldn’t do it.”

ty’s Web site, the program “provides grant funds to County departments, public agencies, and to non-profit community organizations for one-time community, social, environmental, educational, cultural or recreational needs.” The chamber has been the recipient of several grants in the past according to county records. Weinreb said the long-running annual Oktoberfest was off-set by a grant from Slater-Price’s office. “The event brings over

30,000 people to Encinitas but it is a huge expense to put on,” he said. “The grant was the difference between losing money on the event and meeting our expenses.” Other local organizations, including the Encinitas Historical Society, Rancho Coastal Humane Society, Cardiff Chamber of Commerce, Lux Art Institute, San Elijo Lagoon Conservancy and the Encinitas Rotary Foundation have also been recent recipients of the grant program.


Merlot that stood out (could it be that Merlot is getting back its mojo?) and Staglin with its 2006 Rutherford Cabernet was drawing a big crowd. Certainly I rank the Napa Valley and its 400 or so wineries, producing 4 percent of the wines in California but 34 percent of sales, is still the most renowned in the golden state.



litigation, the attorneys make time to slow things down with a surfing session in the middle of the day. “We have our board meetings at Swami’s,” said senior associate Brian Dirkmaat with a smile. Recently swamis from the Self Realization Fellowship in the next block were invited to lead meditation trainings for the firm’s monthly “Paddle Deep” inhouse trainings. Upcoming



section of Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula touring a wildlife conservatory. The rules here are quite simple: don’t grab the monkeys, and leave your babies at home because the monkeys will rip them right off you and throw them down the beach. Monkeys get jealous, too, you know. But, as with most TNI instances, a clear message just isn’t clear enough. Sure enough, a mother with TNI was



was a back-to-school night. The woman, a former teacher from the Denver area, was accused of having a sexual relationship with a 15-yearold student.She was convicted of sexual assault on a child by someone in a position of trust. She moved to the district in 2007 and remains on probation. At the time and several times since, Superintendent Lindy Delaney contacted the probation department attempting to learn the conditions of the woman’s probation, but was denied other than to be told at first she could be allowed on campus. After parents called and told



Wine Bytes — San Diego State has a Dynamic Wine and Food pairing class from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. April 10 at the Wine and Culinary Center on Harbor Drive, San Diego. It’s part of their certification program. For up-to-date information, call (619) 594-6924. — Belle Marie Winery in Escondido is hosting a Healthy Wine and Food seminar from 2 to 4 p.m.April 10. It includes wines samples and recipes to take home. Cost is $25. For details or to RSVP, call (760) 796-7557. — Café Merlot at the Bernardo Winery in Rancho Bernardo is celebrating a Grand Re-Opening from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. April 13. Free tastes of the current menu plus new samples with free champagne and other beverages. Prizes, giveaways and raffles for free classes and wine dinners top the day. RSVP at (858) 592-7785.

APRIL 9, 2010


NEW RELEASES Michael Riboli of Riboli Family Estates, pours his new releases at the Family Wine Event in Del Mar. Photo by Frank Mangio

— Holiday Wine Cellar in Escondido has an Ecluse Wine Tasting from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. April 15. It’s from the west side of Paso Robles featuring Rhone varietals. The cost is $10 in advance, $15 at the door. RSVP at (760) 745-1200. — Rhythm and Vine, San Diego’s music, wine and food festival to benefit Boys & Girls Clubs is set for 6 p.m. April 17 at Escondido’s Westfield North County Fair mall. The cost is $75 in advance, $100 at the door. Special VIP pricing available. For more information, visit www.rhythmandvine.org. — Meet the Chefs of Del

Mar is from 1 to 4 p.m. April 18 at the Hilton Del Mar. Fifteen different restaurants and their celebrity chefs participate to benefit Casa de Amparo. Fine wines and champagne included in the $125 ticket. VIP treatment for $185. Call (760) 754-5500 or visit www.casade amparo.org for more details. Frank Mangio is a renowned wine connoisseur certified by Wine Spectator. His library can be viewed at www.tasteofwinetv.com. (Average Google certified 900 visits per day) He is one of the top five wine commentators on the Web. Reach him at mangiompc@aol.com.

side. Although he was wearing a helmet, which likely saved his life, Spencer said he couldn’t move or feel anything. His mother immediately yelled for ski patrol. The first person to respond, however, was Chris Davidson, a neuroradiologist who — as luck or fate would have it — was skiing nearby. He knew immediately Spencer had broken his neck. In less than five minutes, Brewer said Davidson stabilized Spencer and urged ski patrol to get him airlifted off the mountain. The next day Spencer underwent surgery to remove his crushed vertebrae. The following day, Brewer began an almost daily online journal describing her son’s ordeal — the numerous tubes and machines, limited movement of his limbs, a collapsed lung, more surgeries, fevers, an infection, his pain, his fear and his courage. On March 5, Spencer was transferred to Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego. And now, two months

speakers include a nutritionist and pro surfer. Kouretchian explained that lucrative business work subsidizes pro bono environmental cases. “We make a conscious decision to forego profit if there happens to be a matter of community importance,” he said. Kouretchian adds that CLG was the first firm in San Diego to become members of the organization One Percent for the Planet. Beyond their pro bono work, CLG donates 1 percent of

their gross revenue to charities. Despite the recession, business has never been better. “At a time when law firms are laying off, we hired three lawyers last year,” reported Dirkmaat. The firm has also handed out raises. Blending hard work and a social conscience with a laid-back lifestyle seems to work for the attorneys. “I’ll wear a suit and tie for a judge, but that’s all,” Kouretchian said.

encouraging her children to pet the nice monkey. Our tour group stopped to have a look-see at a magnificent black tayra, an animal that allegedly “murders for fun,” as our no-frills guide put it. Tayras will kill anything, including fullgrown rottweilers. This particular tayra was recently seen toying with a deadly fer-de-lance, swaying back and forth as the snake struck, waiting for the right moment to spin around and snap its spine. The same mother

encouraging her children to pet the monkey now had her fingers in the tayra’s cage, clicking her tongue and cooing as one would in the company of a puppy. “Come here, sweet baby. Come here so I can get a good picture.” I hope she keeps taking pictures, for we’ll need all the photographic evidence of TNI we can gather. Eric Murtaugh occasionally suffers from TNI. E-mail him at emurtaugh@coastnewsgroup.com.

the probation department of their concerns, she is no longer allowed on campus at all. Board member Jim Cimino said the very least the policy would do is make everyone more aware of the comings and goings on campus.He used the analogy of a youngster in a hot Camero and driving too fast in a school zone cross walk. “Policy or no policy,” parents would take down the license number and report it. Everyone involved agreed that when the new school opens in the fall, a lot of the problems will be solved. Because of the layout of the school, it is more difficult for just anyone to walk onto campus unsupervised.

Also the configuration of security cameras will note license plate numbers, coming and going and will also include cameras for the playing fields and playgrounds. In other school news, donor opportunities for the new school were discussed. A brick with the donor’s name on it could be used in a specified area of the school. Also, the school board accepted a $120,000 gift from the Rancho Santa Fe Foundation for help in turning the multipurpose room at the new R. Roger Rowe elementary school into a performing arts center for the community. It also accepted a gift of $20,000 gift from the Scripps Foundation for Science and the Environment.

after his accident, “He looks terrific,” Brewer said. “He cracks jokes all day,” she said. “He can move both arms — one quite well. He can move both legs — one quite well.” Spencer is also keeping up with school, including his honors math homework, which hasn’t gone unnoticed by his guidance counselor, Karen Infantino. “Mrs. Bassler will be so glad to hear you’re multiplying polynomials,” Infantino wrote in a caringbridge.org guestbook that includes more than 1,000 entries from family members, friends and strangers worldwide offering everything from words of encouragement to jokes. The community has rallied to support Spencer and his family emotionally and financially. Belly Up Tavern is hosting a fundraiser from 4:15 to 7 p.m. April 10 to help with medical, rehabilitation and home modification expenses. The event will feature performances by Spencer’s older brother, Dane Fox, and his uncle, Jake Brewer, who will join musical guests The Swinging Kings and Beautiful Beasts.

The cost is $50 for reserved seating and $20 for general admission. Items are being sought for a silent auction that will also take place at the event. To make a monetary donation, visit www.ntafund.org and type in Spencer Fox. Brewer said she is continuously amazed by her son’s progress. Although she realizes every spinal cord injury is as different as a fingerprint, Spencer is doing better than most people in his situation. “We don’t know why his improvement is so good,” she said, crediting Spencer’s caregivers, Davidson’s immediate response on the slope and her son’s “incredible attitude.” “You can’t predict how something like this will affect you,” Brewer said. “Many adults probably would let the injury get the best of them. Spencer simply hasn’t. He’s made of iron.” Contact Brewer at (760) 805-5914 or Kaye Hentschke at (858) 7948688 for more information on the Belly Up fundraiser or visit caringbridge.org to tract Spencer’s progress or sign the guestbook.



who chose to speak, only one supported the decision to terminate McClain’s contract. That was her husband, Joe Condon, who retired last summer after serving 17 years as superintendent for the Lawndale School District. Condon said at one point he advised McClain not to take the job. He said he made some inquiries about school boards and didn’t hear many positive things about Del Mar. In fact, he said, some rated Compton and Del Mar among the most troubled in the state. Other speakers described the move to release McClain as “appalling,” “outrageous,” “unwarranted,” “disgusting,” “disappointing” and “a waste of money.” “It’s a half-a-million-dollar hissy fit,” said Kate Takahashi, whose children attend Carmel Del Mar School.


besides satisfying his hunger. I do believe I witnessed the telltale sign of his eyes rolling back into his head as he bit into a starter of white Italian peach, wild rocket, proscuitto di san daniele Buttervilla’s heritage tomoatoes and volpaia di fiori & basil pesto. Sure, he had no clue what most of this meant, but he knew that the flavor combinations, textures, presentation and service were like nothing he had ever encountered. We had a different server for each course, each romancing the dish like it was a living thing, worthy of adulation. I remember him commenting that he had never experienced service like that before and it’s how lately he has become

“It sure doesn’t seem like a financially prudent move,” said Doug Rafner, a member of a recently convened task force charged with finding ways to save the district money. McClain said she was “heartened” by the public response. “It really made me feel wonderful,” she said. “I’ve given my heart and soul to working in this district. It is facing some big problems and challenges and I threw myself into trying to help.” McClain said she believes a main source of the problem is a difference in opinion about her job description. “There was always a difficulty in understanding the role of a superintendent,” she said. “I saw my job differently than they saw it. My job is to run the district day to day. The board’s job is policy making. “I think we had eight or nine closed-session meetings discussing job descrip-

tions,” she said, adding that there was no clarity about what she would be evaluated on. McClain said the situation began getting difficult shortly after she provided a 54-page response to an eight-page evaluation document she received from the board. In early fall, McClain said she was asked to resign. She said she told board members she would if they would honor her contract, which required a 12-month salary buyout of approximately $180,000. The state education code mandates an 18-month severance, which is what her predecessor Tom Bishop received, but McClain said she agreed to a 12-month buyout. She said didn’t get a response. McClain was notified about the March 31 vote two days before the meeting. She said board members had apparently already made up their minds because a meeting to

appoint an interim superintendent was scheduled before the vote on her contract took place. The agenda for an April 1 meeting to name her replacement was posted at 9 a.m. on March 31. At that meeting, trustees appointed James Peabody, superintendent for Julian Union High School District, as the interim schools chief. Rodriguez, the board president and only trustee to vote against firing McClain, said logistics dictated the scheduling of the April 1 meeting. She said it’s difficult to find meeting space within the district. “I was planning for the worst and hoping for the best,” she said. “They didn’t have to schedule it for the next day,” McClain said, noting the district was going into spring break the following week. “It doesn’t make any sense to me.” She also wondered when the board met to discuss hiring her replacement.

much more aware of bad service, which unfortunately tends to be the rule around here.The meal was in my top five of all time, and it better had been with the weak dollar resulting in the most expensive dinner for two I’ve ever experienced. We walked out and Quinn said something to the effect of him finally realizing why I was so passionate about quality food and a quality dining experience. Since that meal, our food connection has grown stronger and I can sense Quinn caring more about where we eat, and the experience once we get there. We made a special trip across the Mackinaw bridge in Michigan a couple years back to eat pastries in the Upper Peninsula for more authenticity. We rarely make it out of the new airport in Detroit without

a National Coney Island. And, as disgusting as it sometimes is, we always make it a point to dive into a bag of White Castles while in Michigan as well. He fully understands the concept of eating what the locals eat and staying away from chains whenever possible. Our Irish stew with a pint of Guinness and our late night curry in Dublin was a prime example of that. It brings a smile to my face when I catch him engrossed in my Saveur magazine or the Wednesday food section from the New York Times. He has hatched plans to bring authentic barbecue, Mexican or Cuban sandwiches to the UK and given his creativity and drive, he may just pull it off. I’ve connected on a lot of levels with my son over the

years, from surfing, music and a healthy lifestyle, to our mutual appreciation for a good ale and real people.We both gravitate toward authentic experiences and our mutual passion for food will continue to provide memories that will last a lifetime. I’m going to miss licking the plate with Quinn on a regular basis but I already have my trip planned to Wales in August and I’m sure we will find something local and killer. So to all you parents out there, make an effort to show your kids as wide a variety of culinary experiences as possible. The payoff can be very rewarding.

dining GUIDE

“It certainly didn’t happen at a board meeting,” she said. “When did they determine that was the best person for the job?” Despite unanimous public input in her favor, McClain said she had “absolutely no hope” her job would be saved. “To me, that’s wrong,” she said. “They got public input but their minds were already made up.” Echoing comments from several speakers, parent Victor Legner said board

members who voted to remove McClain should reconsider running for reelection. “Don’t even bother,” Legner said. “You will be out.” Easton, White and McDowell, who in a 3-2 vote supported the Bishop buyout in February 2008, all face reelection in November. “This is a sad way to end my career,” McClain said. “I really love the district. I would love to have stayed and helped, but I’m not going to have that opportunity. I wish them all well.”

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North Coast Health Center is the largest outpatient health center in coastal North County.

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For nearly 25 years, the doctors and dentists at North Coast Health Center have been providing highly personalized care to the coastal North County community. To find one that’s right for you, visit our website at:


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APRIL 9, 2010

MiraCosta dean beats cancer with local care By Lillian Cox

ENCINITAS — Over the years Encinitas has emerged as the Flower Capital and Surf Center. Today, it’s also recognized as a top-tier healthcare destination. The process has been so gradual that it has gone unnoticed for many in the community. This is not the case with Sally Foster, dean of MiraCosta College, San Elijo campus. Foster attributes her smooth recovery from breast cancer 11 years ago to her decision to access treatment locally. During a yearly exam in November 1998, a nurse practitioner in Dr. Linda Falconio’s office at 499 N. El Camino Real felt a small lump in Foster’s left breast. “She said she wanted me to have a mammogram,” Foster explained. “I said I didn’t think I needed one because I had one the previous year.” In December, while Foster was getting ready for a Christmas party in her Village Park home, she received a phone call every woman dreads. “My doctor’s office called saying they needed to speak with me urgently,” she said. “That was when I learned the mammogram had shown a suspicious lump.” A needle biopsy in January was inconclusive. When a surgical biopsy confirmed the results of the mammogram a lumpectomy was scheduled. These and subsequent procedures were coordinated between a variety of medical groups specializing in cancer treatment at the North Coast Health Center at the 477 campus. “I walked from my home to the lumpectomy in midJanuary 1999,” Foster said. Unfortunately, the procedure didn’t yield clear borders. A week later her surgeon was able to re-enter the incision and obtain a lemon-size sample, this time with clear borders. The news wasn’t good. The lesion was positive. “I don’t sit around and let life happen to me,” Foster said. “I made a list which included talking to the director of human resources at the college about my options at work, checking in with my primary mentor at work to discuss the issue with her, and then researching oncologists in my area. That’s how I found Dr. Frakes.” Foster was able to schedule an appointment right away with oncologist Dr. Laurie Frakes, also in the 477 building. “Dr. Frakes scheduled one-and-a-half hours to allow me to ask questions,” Foster said. “That’s unheard of. She recommended chemotherapy followed by radiation.” Foster scheduled radiation in Dr. Frakes’ office around her work schedule between February and May. “I was able to schedule chemo for 2:30 p.m. on Thursdays and stay in bed Friday, Saturday and Sunday and return to work on Monday,” she said. “I had weekly lab appointments to test my white blood cell levels,

third in a continuing series

ENCINITAS for world-class health care Health care destination...

We have it all. also in the 477 building.” Foster followed chemotherapy with radiation from May through June, again in the 477 building. She complemented her treatment with yoga and chiropractic adjustments. “Dr. Michael Cabello (in Encinitas) treated me for free since I exhausted all my visits through my insurance,” she said. “He said my spine needed to be aligned during treatment so all the fluids could flow through.” Throughout her ordeal Foster only missed five days of work. Her plan served her well. “I received first-rate, state-of-the-art treatment in Encinitas,” she said. “You want to be close to home and

in a comfortable and familiar environment with your family near you. If I had to travel it would have been very disruptive to my lifestyle. I was able to have dinner each night with my sons.” Foster said another advantage was the support she received from her neighbors and, particularly, her extended family at MiraCosta College. After receiving her diagnosis in January, Foster asked to make a short statement at a campuswide assembly featuring the traditional State of the College address and rally. “I took two minutes to tell my colleagues of my diagnosis and to explain that I was going to continue working,” she said. “I encouraged all the women to have their yearly

mammogram and the men to have their prostrate checked. That got a laugh, albeit a nervous one.” Foster was not prepared for the magnitude of support that resulted. “For the next three months I received at least one card per day, chocolates and words of encouragement,” she said. “I thought someone had organized a round-robin, but it turns out it was just the spontaneous outpouring of my friends and colleagues. MiraCosta is a very tightly knit family of workers, and everyone came to my aid during the months of treatment.” Foster followed up with exams every three months, then every six months. After three years, she returned to

yearly exams. Today, Foster is under the care of Dr. Georgine Jorgensen, a primary physician at the North Coast Family Medical Group, which is also located in the 477 building. After receiving her B.A. from Colgate University, Jorgensen went on to earn an MPH from Boston University and graduate from George Washington Medical School. She did her residency at UCSD. Dr. Jorgensen speaks Greek, Spanish and English. The North Coast Health Center doesn’t only treat cancer patients, it offers more than 50 different specialties for children and adults. This month a wound center and the largest outpatient hyperbaric chamber in California will make its debut. But good medicine is not only about technology. Many of the medical groups integrate traditional medicine with complementary therapies such as naturopathic medicine, acupuncture, yoga, massage, herbal medicine and hypnosis. Around the corner on Garden View Road, the San Diego Cancer Center has embarked on an exciting joint genomics project with Scripps Health, through the Scripps Translational Science Institute. The project will be the first-of-its-kind clinical research trial for cancer patients that will analyze and compare the genomics of tumor tissue with the individual’s core (native, germ-line) DNA.The hope is the data will lead to individualized therapies for cancer patients. “The science exists to allow us to

ABOUT NORTH COAST HEALTH CENTER As the largest outpatient health center in coastal North County, North Coast Health Center is an example of how outpatient care has grown over the years. Built nearly 25 years ago, the campus at 477 North El Camino Real in Encinitas is now home to more than 200 doctors and dentists and offers more than 50 different specialties for children and adults. These include urgent care; family medicine; pediatrics; internal medicine; OB/GYN; in vitro fertilization; urology; erectile dysfunction and microsurgery; plastic and reconstructive surgery; facial plastic surgery; laser vision correction; optometry; ophthalmaology; hearing and neurodiagnostics; dermatology; gastroenterology; hematology; allergy and asthma; pediatric specialties ; reproductive endocrinology; sinus and nasal disorders; laser and aesthetic procedures; oncology; radiation oncology; radiology; surgery (general; vascular; pediatric; orthopedic); CyberKnife; sports medicine; sleep medicine; psychiatry; dentistry; orthodonture; periodontics and dental implants and pharmacy; and more. The growth in outpatient medicine has brought the latest medical technology with it to TURN TO ABOUT ON 37


SAN DIEGO C ANCER CENTER Our Oncologists: Mark Adler, M.D. Daniel Vicario, M.D. Rupa Subramanian, M.D Derek Helton, M.D. Fareeha Siddiqui, M.D.

Serving North County for 19 years Encinitas Office 1200 Garden View Road, Suite 200 Encinitas, CA 92024

(760) 634-6661

• North County’s only comprehensive Breast Cancer Prevention & Treatment Program • Centers of Excellence in Lung, Colon, Prostate Cancers and more • Comprehensive Integrative Therapy Program available free to our patients • Your Treatment Designed for you as an Individual • We welcome most health insurance plans including HMO’s and Medi-cal

Two Convenient Locations

Visit us at: www.sdcancer.com

Vista Office 910 Sycamore Avenue, Suite 102 Vista, CA 92081

(760) 598-1700



APRIL 9, 2010



APRIL 9, 2010



sort out what are the new mutations that account for the development of the cancer, which will bring us closer to identifying the right course of treatment not only for each type of cancer, but for each individual patient,” said Dr. Eric Topol, chief academic officer of Scripps Health and principal investigator of the study. The next installment of the series on health care in Encinitas will explore how Scripps Memorial Hospital Encinitas has kept abreast with population growth and advancements in medicine and technology.

Patrick Galvin, incoming Rotary president. Photos by Patty McCormac Rotarian Jere Oren.



A FAMILY AFFAIR Dean Sally Foster, flanked by sons Mike Miazgowicz, then 17, and Gregory Miazgowicz, then 13, during treatment for breast cancer in 1999. The boys shaved their heads during their mother's chemotherapy to show their support. Photo courtesy Sally Foster Collection



Rotarian Bridget McDonald.



her creation, maximum two The North San Diego County minutes in length. For more Genealogical Society will meet information, call the library at from 10 to 11:30 a.m. April 13, (760) 753-7376. Carlsbad City Council Chambers, 1200 Carlsbad Village Drive, Carlsbad. The program will include a GARDEN TOUR The Green PowerPoint demonstration and Sanctuary, a congregation of will give an overview of the posPalomar Unitarian Universalist sibilities for lecture presentaFellowship focused on creating tions and for personal slide sustainable lifestyles, will host shows. Call (760) 476-9289 to a tour of six Vista gardens from learn more. 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. April 11. Each garden is different, but all focus TAKE A TOUR The San on environmentally friendly Dieguito Woman’s Club will landscaping and native plants. meet at 10 a.m. April 13, Off The cost is $20. To register, call Track Gallery, 939 S. Coast (760) 941-4319 or visit www. Highway 101, Encinitas. Terry Oshrin will lead a tour of the vistauu.org. gallery. Call (760) 632-9768 or SO LONG SKIP A public (760) 753-4869 for more details. reception to honor Oceanside Museum of Art Executive Director Skip Pahl will be held from 2 to 4 p.m. April 11, OMA, COOL FRIENDS Friends of 704 Pier View Way. the Carmel Valley Library will Complimentary refreshments present mandolinist including champagne and cake Christopher Acquavella and will be served. Call (760) 435guitarist Nathan Jarrell in a 3720 for more details. program titled Il Mandolino SPRING FLING The San Dolce at 7 p.m. April 14, Carmel Marcos Grand Spring Festival Valley Library, 3919 Townsgate will fill the streets from 9 a.m. Drive. Call (858) 552-1668 to to 5 p.m. April 11 on Via Vera learn more. Cruz between San Marcos Boulevard and Grand Avenue. Sponsored by the San Marcos Chamber of Commerce, the day FIVE WISHES Learn about will include a classic car show the “Five Wishes” living will, and vendor booths. Call (760) created by the nonprofit organ744-1270 or visit www.san ization Aging with Dignity, at a marcoschamber.com for details. free discussion led by Elizabeth Hospice at 10 a.m. April 15, Carlsbad Senior Center, 799 Pine Avenue, Carlsbad.The docBEATNIKS & BERETS Teens ument expresses how an indiare invited to read original vidual wants to be treated if or poetry or works by favorite he or she becomes seriously ill. authors at a teen poetry café at 5:30 p.m. April 12, Encinitas Library, 540 Cornish Drive, Encinitas. Prizes and free cof- FEELING JAZZY MiraCosta fee and pastries will be provid- College will host the fifth annued. “Beatnik” attire is encour- al Oceanside Jazz Festival at aged. To sign up, call (760) 753- 7:30 p.m. April 16 and April 17, 7376. MiraCosta College Concert JUST THE CLASSICS Classic Hall, Building 2400, 1 Barnard Youth Theatre, Inc. is offering Drive. The event will include an acting/director’s workshop of two days of performances by the Moliere’s classic “The nearly 50 jazz groups from high Misanthrope” from 4 to 5:30 schools and colleges. Call (760) p.m. April 12 through April 16, 795-6815 or visit www.mira 1451 MacKinnon Ave., Cardiff- costa.edu/events or www. by-the-Sea. Get the directors oceansidejazzfestival.com for eye view of the play as you read tickets and more details. through the entire play and watch the movie in preparation for auditions. Only 17 spots are available for this workshop. EXTRAVAGANZA! The B’nai Call Loralie McGill at (760) 632- B’rith Couples Club of San Diego will meet on April 17 for 9447 to reserve a space. a performance of “Broadway







Extravaganza”, David & Dorothea Garfield Theatre, 4126 Executive Drive, La Jolla. The cost is $22 per person. An early dinner will precede the show. For details, e-mail mar7sd@yahoo.com. or call (858) 546-0773.

APRIL 19 ON POINTE Ballet classes for teens and adults will begin April 19, Encinitas Community Center, 1140 Oakcrest Park Drive. Level I (beginning) will be offered on Mondays from 6:45 to 7:45 p.m. and Level II (intermediate) from 7:45 to 9 p.m. on Mondays, 7:30 to 8:45 p.m. on Wednesdays and from 8:45 to 10 a.m. on Saturdays. Visit EncinitasRecReg.com or call (760) 943-2260 to learn more.

0NGOING COMEDY PLAY Laugh as hillbilly characters attempt a production of “Romeo and Juliet” at New Vision Theatre Company’s presentation of “Faith County II: An Evening of Culture” at 7:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday nights and 2 p.m. Sunday afternoons through April 18, Sunshine Brooks Theatre, 217 N. Coast Highway 101, Oceanside. To purchase tickets, visit www.nvtheatre. com. COMPUTER


Internet Literacy classes will be offered Thursday mornings at 10 a.m. and Intro to Excel Wednesday mornings at 10 a.m. for adults ages 50 and over, Carlsbad Senior Center, 799 Pine Ave., Carlsbad. Each class is four weeks in length.To register, call (760) 602-4650. DANCING SINGLES North County Singles Social Club is for Baby Boomers 55 and older who like to ballroom dance. Join them at the Vista Elks Lodge any Friday night for dinner and dancing to live music. You can visit three times before deciding to join.The cost is only $14 but reservations are required. Call Geri at (760) 9422719 for reservations and membership information. WEIGHT LOSS The Encinitas chapter of Take Off Pounds Sensibly will hold meetings at 5:30 p.m. Mondays and 9 a.m. Wednesdays, San Diego County Credit Union Community Room, 501 El Camino Real, Encinitas. To learn more, call Diane at (760) 753-2484 or visit www.tops.org.

up the landscaping and proved a new fence, pavers and a handicap accessible ramp for the center. It also purchased and installed a new $3,600 play house and hauled away the old, time worn playground equipment. Additionally, many Rotarians have attended WRC fundraising events held each year in order to provide support, he said. “The idea is that RSF doesn’t have the serious family abuse issues, but we have the resources whereas Oceanside has a family abuse problem yet their resources are very limited,” he said. “If you check the ratings on not-for-profit agencies, WRC gets one of the highest



Encinitas. Gone are the days that patients need to travel down to La Jolla or even further south to gain access the some of the most cutting edge breakthroughs in outpatient health care. Pacific Radiation Oncology Medical Group of San Diego is one such example. They have provided state-of-the-art radiation oncology services to Encinitas residents at the North County Health Center since 1987, upgrading to full scale contemporary intensity modulated radiotherapy, or IMRT, capability in 2003, image-guided

Rotarians Bill Paul and Jamile Palizban.

ratings for funds going directly for services provided with a small overhead,” he said. “The Rotary members and their friends are truly serving their community by helping strengthen families, save lives and spread the word about the supportive pro-

grams provided by the WRC,” said Kathy Wolf, board vice chair and chair of the development committee. “They are facing a community problem head-on and doing something positive about it, really living their motto of, ‘Service Above Self.’”

radiotherapy or IGRT, capability in 2007, and latest CyberKnife Radiosurgery capability in 2007. “The CyberKnife, developed at Stanford University Medical Center, is a particularly unique and powerful anticancer device,” said Dr. Donald Fuller of Radiation Medical Group. “There are only 100 of these devices in the entire United States, and one of them now resides at North Coast Health Center.” Last month, Dr. Lori Arnold of the California Center for Reproductive Medicine opened a new, stateof-the-art fertility center and lab. Another first in North County, the new center brings

with it a specially designed and environmentally controlled laboratory that is proving to yield exceptional pregnancy rates already. Additionally, the now provide a full range of services for couples that may be at risk for inherited diseases, such as cystic fibrosis, Tay-Sachs, thalassemias, breast cancer, Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy hemophilia, Huntington disease and retinoblastoma. North Coast Health Center is conveniently open weekdays from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. To see a full list of all providers and specialties, visit www.northcoasthealthcenter. com.


APRIL 9, 2010



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APRIL 9, 2010



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APRIL 9, 2010

SOUP TO NUTS by Rick Stromoski

Friday, April 9, 2010

FRANK & ERNEST by Bob Thaves

THE BORN LOSER by Art & Chip Sansom

BIG NATE by Lincoln Peirce

ARIES (March 21-April 19) — This could be a good time to explore that new idea you’ve been mulling over, to see if it is even feasible. If it is something that can be used by the masses, it could be big. TAURUS (April 20-May 20) — If you can, get to know better that person you recently met who has something to do with your work. Some happy results are likely to come about if you become pals. GEMINI (May 21-June 20) — Even though your present plans sound pretty good, it doesn’t mean they can’t be polished up a bit. Go over everything once again to see if you can make some improvements. CANCER (June 21-July 22) — You’re likely to be a gifted promoter today, who knows how to effectively sell what you want. However, to your credit, you won’t attempt to hawk anything you don’t find worthy. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) — One-onone relationships can take on an added significance today in the way of accomplishing things together that you wouldn’t be able to get done alone. Be willing to team up with another. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) — This is a better than usual cycle to be able to satisfy some of your more ambitious


MONTY by Jim Meddick

Celebrity Cipher cryptograms are created from quotations by famous people, past and present. Each letter in the cipher stands for another. TODAY'S CLUE:

P equals M

ARLO & JANIS by Jimmy Johnson


COW & BOY by Mark Leiknes

interests. However, if you take some time to see if you can launch one of them, just be sure you’re willing to work for it. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23) — Something over which you are able to exert a strong influence has an excellent chance of achieving success at this point in time, but you have to do something about it. Don’t sit on what you’ve got. SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22) — Things can go quite well for you today involving someone with whom you share a close arrangement. The important thing is that you work together when there is a major decision to be made. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23-Dec. 21) — If you aren’t of singular mind and purpose today, your accomplishments can be quite impressive. Work together with others and don’t limit yourself to only what one person wants. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) — Measures can be taken today to recoup that which you lost in a recent arrangement where you didn’t fare too well. If you take the initiate to do so, the accounts can be balanced. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) — If your sources turn out to be reliable regarding some information passed onto you that could directly affect your self-interests, big strides can be made today to achieve an important personal goal. PISCES (Feb. 20-March 20) — When it comes to a commercial involvement today, use your common sense, but don’t underestimate your intuitive hunches either. They could enhance what your logic offers you.

“ R E PY N X W V B Y W E Y Z W

R V H B D ,

I J W,

V W Z H X J E C B -









V WA E E X . ”


H Y H V X . X D W


J B -


PREVIOUS SOLUTION: “Picasso is the reason why I paint. He is the father figure who gave me the wish to paint.” - Francis Bacon



APRIL 9, 2010



Garden Festival Fund at the Coastal Community Foundation. Funds are reinvested back into Encinitas in the form of gardening books for the Encinitas libraries, funding for public landscaping, school gardens and other community gardening education projects. Parking is located at the

San Dieguito Academy parking lot on Santa Fe Drive. Festival participants will then board a double-decker bus for the ride to the Gardeners’ Marketplace. For more information, visit www.encinitasgarden festival.org or call (760) 7538615.

he said he remains “cautiously optimistic” about the future of the horses. Just because Sunny and Angel survived birth doesn’t mean that they’re out of danger. “Twin birth for horses is so rare that it’s hard to find accurate statistics,” Van Zante said. “Sunny and Angel may have as little as a

one in 15,000 chance of surviving more than two weeks.” Helen Woodward Animal Center has set up live, streaming video at www.ustream.tv/channel/ sunnyandangeltwinfoals. For more information about Helen Woodward Animal Center or to make a donation, call (858) 756-4117.

College prez Victoria Munoz Richart in excess of $1.5 mil. in a separation agreement, likely will be negated after all the challenges have been exhausted. The action was in violation of the Brown Act. If there is a hero in all of this, it is attorney Leon Page who Long overdue filed a suit on the basis it was recognition an unlawful giveaway of taxFour North County lady payers’ $$$$$$. pilots were recently honored in Washington for their World New airline War II service. They were Highly successful bizness members of Women Airforce mogul Ted Vallas, who made Service Pilots, or WASPS, and his nest egg developing golf flew noncombat missions all courses, has launched a new over the place including overairline, Pacific Airlines, to fly seas. The four includes out of McClellan-Palomar air- Dolores Reed of the Flower port with service to several Capital, C’bad residents Cal points, Las Vegas and



is free and open to the public, tickets are required to view the gardens on the tour. “They tend to sell out quickly,” Sterman said. A portion of the event proceeds go to the Encinitas



were pleased with the results of the exam. After the exam, his sister, Angel jumped around the stall. “This is a good sign,” Vasquez said about the foal’s behavior. “That’s what you want to see.” But,

Elizabeth Lux and Ruth Tompkins, and Escondidoan Mary Nelson. Thank you for your service ladies.

Phoenix beginning later this year. He will operate three twin-engine jetliners with seating for 70 passengers. His first sky venture was the highly successful Pacific Southwest Airlines flying out of Lindbergh field. He sold that bizness to a major airline.


North County PR pro Brian Metcalf sez Borges Agency that he is affiliated with is now representing Elgato, which produces awardwinning TV software ... Those snazzy Arts Alive banners that are displayed on utility poles from Leucadia to Cardiff-bythe-Sea will be up until May 15 then will be auctioned off ... Did ya know San Elijo Lagoon Conservancy conducts a bird count every second Monday of the month from 9 to 11 a.m. and you can participate? ... Return your Census 2010 Survey and avoid having someone knocking on your

door ... Kudos to very active volunteer Danny Salzhandler named the Flower Capital’s Citizen of the Year ... Surfside City residents in certain areas of the city are voting by mail on a highly controversial utility undergrounding project ... San Diego Sockers, who use the fairgrounds arena as their

home base, are Professional Arena Soccer League world champs ... C’bad retired jockey Julie Krone is recovering from a broken femur sustained last month while training a young horse in Rancho Santa Fe ... Booze ads have gone the way of the cig advertisements on North County

Transit District equipment and facilities. Hasta la Vista Bill Arballo is an opinionated, retired journalist in the Flower Capital of the Universe and he is the father of Encinitas City Councilwoman Teresa Barth. . E-mail barballo@coastnewsgroup.com.

Be our fan on Go to thecoastnews.com and click link

We are

Pro Trees Certified Arborist



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Lic. #894013


DIFFICULT TIMES mean difficult choices

Call Jeffrey N. Novack Certified Family Law Specialist 24 years of practice devoted exclusively to Divorce & Family Law

Need a Guest House? Pool House? Cabana?


120 Birmingham Dr., #140, Cardiff State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization

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Charles S. LiMandri

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• Insurance Disputes • Real Estate Disputes • Business & Contract Disputes • Medical Malpractice




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P.O. Box 9120 • Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067 Member of American Board of Trial Advocates • Member of National Board of Trial Advocacy

Serving San Diego for 30 Years


APRIL 9, 2010

RANCHO SANTA FE NEWS courage rats from licking your fingers while you sleep. If you’re using that last piece of advice as an excuse not to travel, Hall wants you to consider this: “Travel broadens the mind and enriches the lives of those who do it, and hopefully, those they meet along the way,” he said. Yes, he added, there have always been barriers to travelling, but the world is

opening up. “We have greater stability throughout the Americas, relatively easy travel in Russia, and visafree travel to places in Eastern Europe and Africa that would have been complex trips not that long ago.” Soured on security? “Just remember,” he added, “that it will delay your journey by no more than a few minutes in all but

the most extreme of circumstances.” As for the cost of travel, “hopefully this book has a few suggestions that will save you money.” To purchase the book, visit www.lonelyplanet.com/ us and click on the “shop” tab.

received a matching cash prize. Students were asked to share their thoughts on named the San Diego “What civic value do you County Office of Education believe is most essential to School Board Association being an American?” Lo selected “tolerance” as her 2010 Staff essay topic. Member of the Year. New Froots Both will CARLSBAD — Local be recognized North County resident at the ACSASimon Holt, along with his San Diego mother and father-in law County Office of Education JOHN ROACH Michelle and Merv Morris, School Board Association have opened a second Honoring Our Own Gala Carlsbad location of the family owned-and-operated April 29. Froots, for smoothies, salads, Essay winner wraps and soups, at 2675 CARMEL VALLEY — Gateway Road in the Trader Torrey Pines High School Joe’s Shopping Center. The Encinitas location senior Ashley Lo beat out 50,000 other participants for is at 127 N. El Camino Real a top spot in the fourth in the Trader Joe’s Shopping annual Being An American Center. high school essay contest. Lo earned an New Optimist’s club ENCINITAS — The Del Honorable Mention prize and $250. Lo’s sponsoring Mar/Solana Beach Optimists teacher, Elise Davies, are forming a new club in

Encinitas. The club is looking for new members who want to make a positive impact on youngsters in Encinitas and surrounding communities. Informational meetings are being held at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday nights at Coco’s, 407 Encinitas Blvd. For details, contact Charlie Pease at (858) 7556136 or Mac McGrory (858) 805-1905.

Muay Thai champion

spit on it as well as slapped and kicked at the vehicle he said. Then he said Rios lost his balance and fell in front of his car, which prompted him to steer to the left. Authorities estimate

Shields was traveling 5 to 15 mph at the time of the accident. “I wouldn’t try to hit anyone with the car; it’s insane,” Shields told police after his arrest.


Call for a Free


Energy Consultation and Solar Quote

including the “accidental” spills of condiments or other liquids. While someone offers to towel off the goo, someone else picks your pocket. — Best room deal in many cities is a private room in a hostel. — Wash your hands before going to bed to dis-


Mike Davidson

# Rated “A+” on the Better Business Bureau # Trusted Home Depot Solar Installer # San Diego Solar Installer Since 1998

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the road blocking traffic. Shortly after he passed the bicyclist, Rios came up along the left side of his vehicle and

E’Louise Ondash is a freelance writer living in North County. Tell her about your travels at eondash@coastnewsgroup.com.

CARLSBAD — Carlsbad resident and Muay Thai fighter Artem “The Russian Experiment” Sharoshkin is set to take on the U.S. Muay Thai Champion on April 17 at the World Championship MuayThai. Sharoshkin trains and teaches at Lava Sport and Fitness in Carlsbad and is sponsored Symbolic Motors and 1Adoption through JFS by 800-Anytyme Plumbing for COAST CITIES — his fights. Adoption Alliance of Southern California, a pro- Healthy seminars gram of Jewish Family CARDIFF-BY-THE-SEA Service in San Diego, has — A One-Day Nutrition and received its domestic adop- Fitness Intensive seminar tion license and can now for Athletes is being sponprovide both international sored from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. and domestic adoption serv- April 24 by Ezia Human ices. Performance, The Whole The Adoption Alliance Journey and Seaside of Southern California Market. offers a free consultation. Visit the workshop page For additional information, at www.eziahp.com or call call (858) 637-3060 or visit (760) 635-1200 to sign up. www.jfssd. org/adoption.

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PermaLip Implants A permanent alternative to repetitive lip injections. Now only $2,200. (reg. $2,500)

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Exceptional gentle dental care for you and your family • Cosmetic Dentistry • Emphasis on Prevention • Specializing in Crown & Bridge Work • Periodontics • Root Canal Therapy • One Hour Relines • 24 Hour Services Most Insurance Companies Welcome • Se Habla Español

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Includes: Cleaning • Polishing • Exam • Consultation • Bitewing X-rays • Check for Gum Disease




Per Arch Reg. $375

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APRIL 9, 2010




APRIL 9, 2010


COVENANT HORSE TRAILS! Rancho Santa Fe, California

$5,795,000 Beautiful 6 bedroom estate with the master on the main level, gourmet kitchen, mahogany-paneled office, 6 fireplaces, guesthouse and outdoor entertaining on 2.95 meticulously maintained acres. Owner says to bring all offers!




GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY! Rancho Santa Fe, California

$3,600,000 Elegant, gated home in Fairbanks Ranch with 5 bedroom suites, travertine floors, chef 's kitchen, gorgeous office, voluminous and spacious rooms, pool house, 4 car garage & room for the kids to play. Don't miss your opportunity to live in one of the best communities in Rancho Santa Fe!

www.16210ViaCazadero.com We proudly support the San Diego affiliate of the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

Becky & June Becky

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An independently owned and operated member of the Coldwell Banker Real Estate Affiliates.

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