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MARCH 23, 2018


Area contractors and nurseries can provide useful insight to best maintain regional coastal flora By Angela McLaughlin

REGION — Daffodils have begun to bloom, signaling the coming of spring — a season when many homeowners begin planning projects to improve or expand their homes and gardens. But how do you choose the right resource for your project with so many options out there?

Entrusting local general contractors or nurseries with projects provides many added benefits over typical “big box” stores. When tackling home improvement projects, local contractors bring a wealth of knowledge beneficial to homeowners. From knowing the area’s permitting processes, rules and regula-

tions to other important details, they have an edge over big box competitors. And since they live and work in the community, customer satisfaction is paramount — their reputation can make or break their success, and wordof-mouth plays a large role. This also applies to outdoor projects. Vis-

iting locally owned nurseries for your garden and landscaping needs ensures superior products and services over large retailers. Businesses based out of the area may not supply customers with the best products for the environment in which they live — an important factor for homeowners in Southern California. Gaining access to plant species that thrive in our southwest climate, such as native or drought-tolerant species, is one key to a successful home garden. And since each garden is different, homeowners need access to resources that can dedicate the time to help them wade through the options to find out what best suits their needs. “Since we’re a small nursery, we can offer customers the kind of oneon-one customer service the big box stores can’t,” said Kristi Beach, marketing coordinator for Barrels & Branches Nursery in Encinitas. “We really know our customers and their needs.” Barrels & Branches is owned by Samantha Owens, who is also a landscape designer and contractor, and who was actually raised on the property where the nursery is located. The nursery offers workshops for residents who wish to learn more about specific topics. “We start by asking homeowners to give their project a bit of thought,” Beach said. “‘What are you hoping to accomplish with your garden? Are there problems you need help solving?’ Once the homeowner has established some goals, we advise them to think about their budget and timeline.” This personalized service allows customers to get the

answers they need. Looking for low maintenance? Drought-tolerant? Ornamental? An edible garden to feed your family? The options are endless, and they can be overwhelming for even the more experienced gardener. That’s why having someone who has your best

interests in mind is beneficial. Cordova Gardens in Encinitas has been operating as a family-run business since 1987. Joe Cordova runs the nursery with his wife, Martha, and son, Jose, and caters to those looking for a more personalized experience. “Our customers are only taken care of by the family,” says Joe Cordova. “We want to make sure they are treated right.” Cordova says their goal is to make sure their customers get the service they deserve and answers to any questions they may have. His advice to homeowners is to “shop where you feel comfortable, and make sure the people you are dealing with are knowledgeable.” Mariah Smith, who owns Anderson’s La Costa Nursery with her husband, Marc, advises people to do their research

before committing to a project or contractor. “Go visit and meet with your potential designer — let them get to know you and your space, your vision and your dreams. It is important for the customer to feel comfortable and know that their designer understands their vision, priorities and budget.” This individualized service is strengthened by the fact that many of the plants available at local nurseries are grown on-site or in the area. It also sets homeowners up for more success, as the plants will acclimate more readily, making for the thriving and beautiful garden most strive for. Offering plants appropriate for each season, as opposed to whatever can be shipped in, is another important factor to consider. “We are able to source plants from a variety of growers,” said Smith. “We are not contracted to work with just a few growers who all supply the same items. We look for unique and unusual plants that cannot be found at big box stores.” The experience of working with a local nursery or contractor does not compare to that of working with a big box retailer — the benefits are many. Aside from a higher-quality, more-tailored experience, you can rest assured knowing that you’re also bolstering your local economy. “Supporting local small businesses helps keep a neighborhood attractive and charming. It keeps dollars in the community where we work and live by employing fellow locals and neighbors and strengthening the local economy,” said Smith.

MARCH 23, 2018


T he C oast News - S pring Home & G arden

LEFT: Bokashi bran being added to a bucket containing food scraps. Photo by Jamie Higgins RIGHT: Volunteers manage the compost piles with Solana Center’s Senior Environmental Educator & Fair Liaison Jennifer Galey. Photo courtesy of Solana Center for Environmental Innovation

Community composting is heating up Solana Center for Environmental Innovation offers locals a place to recycle waste and produce organic soil By Jamie Higgins

ENCINITAS — Something’s cooking at Solana Center for Environmental Innovation, but it’s not what you might expect. As organic matter decays, it heats up. A compost pile is considered “hot” because it can reach internal temperatures of 160°F (140°F is ideal). Seeing a steaming compost pile at Solana Center’s headquarters in Encinitas is witnessing active microbial decomposition at its finest. Countywide, San Diego sends more than 1 million tons of organic waste to the landfill each year — that’s 39 percent of San Diego’s landfill composition. Organic waste in a landfill decomposes without oxygen (anaerobically) and releases harmful methane and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Composting is an easy way to recycle organic material into a nutrient-rich and water-saving soil amendment for gardens and landscapes. However, not everyone is able to compost at home. For those who feel a twinge of guilt every time they throw out kitchen scraps or leftovers, there’s Solana Center’s Community Compost Program. For a nominal fee, participants bring their food scraps to Solana Center and, with the help of volunteers, staff process the organic material on-site. The resulting compost is made available to program participants. The Community Compost program is able to accept all food scraps including meats, dairy, and oils because they use the bokashi method. Bokashi is a Japanese term for “fermented organic matter.” It is an anaerobic pre-composting process using effective microorganisms, inoculated bran, rice, or straw to ferment organic waste in

a sealed container. Bokashi was developed in Japan and used in Asia to ferment food prior to composting. The process uses lactobacillus bacteria to predigest waste matter, which eliminates odors and decreases composting time. Compared to traditional composting, bokashi fermentation offers many benefits. It produces an end product that is richer in

organic matter and nutrients, allows you to compost any organic material easily, does not require turning like you would a traditional compost pile, captures all nutrients/by-products in a sealed container, minimizes worry about insects or rodents, can be done on a small scale (e.g., in an apartment), and enables you to keep food scrap in an airtight container until you are ready to drop it off to Solana Center. Once participants learn how simple the bokashi method is, they sometimes opt to start composting at home. “People learn about bokashi and say, ‘I can do this myself,’” said Lisa Fabula, Solana Center’s zero waste coordinator. The organization, formerly known as Solana Recyclers, is again on the forefront of one of the region’s most pressing environmental issues — organic waste diversion. Back in 1983, Solana Recyclers’ recycling trucks could be seen picking up the green and yellow recycling buckets that were

distributed to households in Encinitas, Solana Beach, and Del Mar. The organization is proud to have pioneered the first comprehensive curbside recycling program in San Diego — and one of the first such programs in the state. Thirty-five years later, they’re still providing local solutions for the San Diego region. Now known as Solana Center for Environmental Innovation, the organization advises and educates residents, schools, businesses and local governments throughout San Diego County how to reduce waste, conserve water and build healthy soil. It provided consulting services to Kashi, when the company wanted to set up an on-site composting system at its Solana Beach location. Kashi employees are currently composting 160 gallons a month. It has also collaborated with Dr. Bronner’s, the environmentally conscious soap company, to help it try different compostable food “to-go” containers. The work that Solana Center does with businesses like Dr. Bronner’s and Kashi represents some of its most cutting-edge environmental innovations, something the staff is excited to share with organizations that want to improve their environmental footprint. Down the freeway at the Del Mar Fairgrounds’ Infield Farm, Solana Center has developed the Eco Learning Lab Composting Demo Center, designed to provide on-site composting options for food businesses, company cafeterias, farms, ranches, schools, churches, HOAs and community gardens. “In this region, there’s an enormous gap between the volume of organic waste we are generating and the composting infrastructure in place to recycle the valuable natural re-

sources being discarded,” said Jessica Toth, Solana Center’s executive director. “On-site solutions will continue to be important. We’re committed to helping people find ways to manage their organic waste.” The Eco Learning Lab Compost Demo Center is the region’s only mid-scale composting training site. Solana Center is offering a

free Composting for Farms, Schools, and Community Gardens Workshop Series at the Eco Learning Lab, starting on March 24. Mid-scale composting is a great option for farms, schools and businesses with organic material that needs disposal, and it can reduce costly solid waste service. The workshop series is funded by the county of San Diego and unin-

corporated county of San Diego residents receive preferential registration. For information about Solana Center’s Community Composting Program, Consulting Services or the Composting for Farms, Schools, and Community Gardens Workshop Series, visit www.solanacenter. org, or call (760) 436-7986, ext. 700 or email info@solanacenter.org.

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T he C oast News - S pring Home & G arden

Garden Sleuths Clues to help identify and deter unwanted critters in your garden

pests to leave your garden alone. Here are some facts to get your detective work under way: Devouring deer

Ragged bites, typically a foot or more above the ground indicate deer damage. Deer are notorious for devouring gardens and landscapes. You'll see them, and their offspring, every year, making dinner of your daisies, daylilies and other ornamental plants.


olmes and Watson, Riggs and Murtaugh, Starsky and Hutch - when it comes to sleuthing out just what critter is munching on your spring garden, you may feel like your partnership with Mother Nature is as contentious as any that ever graced the big, or small screen. After all, how are you supposed to fight the "crime" of a decimated garden if you can't identify the suspect who's been devouring your daylilies? And while Mother Nature may happily grace your garden with rain, warmth and sunshine, she may not always be on the same team when it comes

Ravenous rabbits

to keeping critters out of your gardens and landscapes. Foraging pests can destroy your yard, literally overnight. It is possible to thwart garden thieves, but first

you have to know what animals have been dining on your plants and shrubs. Once you've identified the culprits, you can settle on effective animal repellents that will persuade

If plant damage is low to the ground - a few inches above the soil - and includes stems clipped cleanly at an angle, you're probably dealing with rabbits. These four-legged foragers will eat just about any kind of vegetation, including your fabulous flowers, bushes and other woody plants. If you don't want bunnies nesting and raising families near your garden, remove brush and other debris that could provide them with shelter. Voracious voles

MARCH 23, 2018 or plant roots go missing, chances are you have voles - mouse-like creatures that burrow underground and that are highly destructive to gardens. Exit holes are further indications that voles are tunneling under your garden. Teeth marks around the base of trees, droppings or trails in the grass can also indicate the presence of voles. Greedy groundhogs

Mounds of dirt beside burrow entrances are a sure sign of groundhogs, a garden pest that eats just about every type of green plant. Groundhogs can destroy a garden. These solitary herbivores live in burrows underground. Capricious chipmunks

The on-screen antics of Chip and Dale might charm your children, but the presence of chipmunks in your garden is nothing but bad news. Damage to flower bulbs, plant shoots and leaves, uprooted plants and dugup roots are all signs you have chipmunks. Their underground burrows may be a challenge to spot since the entrances are usually only about 2 inches in diameter and not surrounded by noticeable dirt mounds. You can curtail their activity by removing yard debris where chipmunks hide. Salacious squirrels

When flower bulbs disappear from the ground

While you might think of them as mostly the en-

Aiphone at the front door providing two-way voice and video communication, and state-of-the-art home security systems (monitoring not included.) Helping the environment and your budget, the energy-efficiency has also been included. The townhomes at Vista Del Mar include tankless water heaters, indoor air-quality ventilation fans, dual-glazed Low-E windows, high-efficiency central air conditioning, LED and incandescent lighting, environmentally friendly engineered lumber products and prewire for future solar access. Ready to make a move

to the coast? Don’t wait! These attractively priced and sophisticated new townhomes are sure to sell out quickly. Grab your flip-flops and visit the Vista Del Mar Sales Center today at 1569 Vista Del Mar Way, #3, in Oceanside (located at the corner of Morse Street and South Coast Highway). For additional information, please call Sales Counselors Linda Wood or Betsy De Alba at 760-309-3889 or visit vandaele.com.

emy of anyone with a bird feeder, squirrels can also cause damage to gardens. They live in colonies, digging underground tunnels and mounds in grassy areas and around trees that can lay waste to gardens and landscapes. Once you've identified the culprits assaulting your garden, you'll need the right tools to take care of them. Most traditional pest-control measures - row covers, netting, noise deterrents, predator urine or even human hair strewn around the yard - simply don't work. Fences can do the job, but they're expensive and you may live in a community that restricts the type and height of fences you can erect. Some small animal repellents, however, do work. Bobbex-R is all-natural, environmentally friendly and proven effective at protecting ornamental plantings from small, fourlegged garden critters. To thwart deer damage, try Bobbex Deer, an all-natural repellent made from a combination of ingredients, including putrescent eggs, garlic, fish, clove oil and vinegar. By mimicking predator scents, this fear repellent also tastes unpleasant to deer. The product is more effective than nine other commercial repellents (including coyote urine), according to independent testing. — Joan Casanova

A BEACH WITHIN REACH New townhomes in vibrant Oceanside from the $700,000’s now selling at Vista del Mar

OCEANSIDE — A rare opportunity to live by the beach in North San Diego is attracting homebuyers to tour the beautifully furnished model homes at Vista Del Mar. Homebuyers are very enthusiastic about Plan 1 — exceptionally priced from the low $700,000’s, an unheard price for an ocean-close residence! With 3 bedrooms and 3.5 baths in over 1,700 square feet, the Plan 1 has it all, including an oversized rooftop deck to enjoy fresh coastal breezes and gorgeous views (views vary per plan/per location). Vista Del Mar’s prime address in South Oceanside offers residents and their guests exclusive use of a resort-caliber pool, spa, and outdoor fireplace. Just two blocks from the beach, the neighborhood has convenient and easy access to rail and freeway transportation, walkable Buccaneer Park, and the many hip coffee shops, restaurants and boutiques along South Coast Highway. Oceanside’s historic pier and vibrant harbor are also just minutes to the north.

This unique enclave offers four distinct three-level, attached floor plans in approximately 1,712 to 2,559 square feet. The attached townhomes at Vista Del Mar are designed to live life well with three to five bedrooms and 3.5 to 4 baths, and are fully appointed with contemporary features and the latest hand-selected finishes. Sleek gourmet kitchens showcase modern quartz countertops, generous islands, pantries (per plan), and an impressive Bertazzoni stainless steel appliance package including a freestanding slide-in range, quiet-wash dishwasher and microwave oven. The pinnacle of comfort and style, master suites at Vista Del Mar host spacious decks (per plan), large walk-in closets, dual china sinks with chrome Moen faucets and generous showers with fashionable 12” x 24” textured ceramic-tile surrounds. The luxury continues with special touches such as staircases with wood handrails and brushedsteel railings, recessed lighting in select locations, Thermofoil cabinetry with

concealed hinges, and luxury vinyl plank and woodlook flooring in the kitchen and main living areas. The expansive secondary bedrooms have ensuite baths (per plan) with low-maintenance solid-surface countertops in secondary baths. The attached two-car garages are pre-wired for future electrical vehicle charging to make modern living a breeze. Advanced home technology complements every residence at Vista Del Mar as all residences include home automation systems with an included iPad Mini and command center wall dock, a video


Vista Del Mar is presented by Van Daele Homes, a family-owned homebuild-

ing company that builds for your street, not Wall Street. Van Daele’s experienced team of employees, artisans and consultants takes building quality, handcrafted homes very seriously, and are intimately involved in your home’s design and construction every step of the way. They also offer you a high level of customization and participation in the purchase process so they can help build you a home that works with the way you live, not the way we think you want to live. For more information about Van Daele Homes, please visit vandaele.com.

MARCH 23, 2018


T he C oast News - S pring Home & G arden

It’s a good time to consider adding a ‘granny flat’ By Promise Yee

Pest control tips for the spring home gardener By Promise Yee

REGION — Along with warmer weather and new plant growth, spring also brings an unwelcome abundance of garden pests. Ricardo Aguilar, president and CEO of Aguilar Plant Care, said spring creates a perfect storm of conditions that encourage pests. His tips for home gardeners to keep pests at bay and plants healthy are to educate yourself, do not overuse pesticides, be vigilant in addressing pests, set reasonable expectations and know when to call in a professional. Educate yourself

Aguilar said he highly recommends that home gardeners educate themselves about best practices through the University of California Integrated Pest Management website. He said he often sends educational links to customers to explain what is going on with their landscaping. A good place to start is http://ipm.ucanr.edu/index.html. “It's a great resource, and it's free,” Aguilar said. “I use it once a day and I've been doing this for 12 years.” Do not overuse pesticides

The first line of defense against pests is over the counter pesticide soaps and oils. It is important not to overuse products. More is not better. It often damages the plant. Adhering to directions is even more important with stronger pesticides. Often a little goes a long way, and directions for best results are to mix a small amount with water before application. Synthetic pesticides are safe when they are used correctly.

REGION — California rules have recently become more favorable to homeowners adding a granny flat to their property. Cities are also adding incentives to build an accessory dwelling unit and increase the local affordable housing stock. A granny flat, or accessory dwelling unit, is a self-contained, 1,200-square-foot or smaller residence, with a separate entrance, partial kitchen that includes a sink, refrigerator and cooking appliances and a bathroom. The name granny flat reflects that the unit can serve as a residence for an elder family member. The unit can also be rented out. Craigslist listed the rental cost of a granny flat under 530 square feet in Encinitas to run between $1,700 and $1,900 a month. New state regulations on granny

flats went into effect Jan. 1. State laws limit one accessory dwelling unit per property, that is a maximum of 1,200 square feet, and follows all property setbacks. State regulations also require one parking space for a newly constructed unit unless it is a half mile from public transit. Encinitas is in the process of finalizing its regulations that will allow granny flats up to the maximum state allowed 1,200 square feet. The city previously limited granny flats to 750 square feet. “We're relaxing the regulations more so than other municipalities in North County with the square footage allowed,” Geoff Plagemann, Encinitas associate planner, said. “Most cities are well below (1,200 square feet).” Encinitas has waived development services, plan check, build-

ing, fire and engineering fees on accessory dwelling units since February. Plagemann said this saves homeowners an average of $3,300 in fees. The citywide benefit is more affordable housing units. “The city is looking to create more housing in whatever means possible, this is a really easy way that is conducive to existing neighborhoods,” Plagemann said. Other city requirements are for the owner to live on site, and granny flats to be rented for a minimum of 30 days to ensure they do not become vacation rentals. Encinitas City Council will adopt regulations March 14. Then city staff will seek Coastal Commission approval to change city laws. Oceanside updated its accessoTURN TO GRANNY FLAT ON B6

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Be vigilant in addressing pests

Spring brings an increase in pests. New plant growth is a target for aphids, whiteflies and other unwanted garden guests. Gardeners need to keep on their toes and address pests as soon as they are spotted to keep pests and plant destruction from multiplying. “Don't wait for the weekend if you notice pests on Tuesday,” Aguilar said. “An insect can go from egg to becoming a complete egg laying adult within a week if the weather is right.” Set reasonable expectations

In some cases pests will continue to live on a plant that is green and healthy. It is simply part of the natural ecosystem, and further spraying will not change things. Aguilar said in this case gardeners who want a completely insect free plant may have to buy a new plant. He encourages gardeners to go to the University of California Integrated Pest Management website to learn more. When to call in a professional

Aguilar said he encourages home gardeners to address pests with do-it-yourself methods. When those fail, call in a professional. If a pest problem has gotten serious, a professional spray of the property may be in order. Aguilar said his services are also called upon when hard to deal with exotic pests are found. “We coin ourselves the last line of defense,” Aguilar said. “People call us when it's getting out of hand.” Notes on organic pest control

There are pluses to both synthetic pest control products and organic products. Synthetic pest control products are safe when they are used as directed. They are also less expensive than organic pest control products, and keep pests away for a threemonth stretch. Another option is to use organic pest control products. Aguilar said organic products require more frequent application and gardener diligence. Plants need to be treated weekly, and a variety of organic products must be used in rotation to ensure plant health. Aguilar Plant Care is based in Escondido, and provides health care services for plants, trees and landscape for industrial, greenhouse and residential properties in San Diego County.


San Diego: 619-550-2018 633 University Avenue San Diego, CA 92103

Encinitas: 760-670-4962 117 N.El Camino Real Encinitas, CA 92024

*May not be combined with any other offer. All items subject to prior sale. Excludes past purchases & nationally price regulated brands. Please see store for details.


T he C oast News - S pring Home & G arden

MARCH 23, 2018

Protect birds in, around yard and garden A few suggestions that can help prevent injury for our feathered friends (StatePoint) — One of the best parts of backyard living in the warmer months is all the potential for bird watching that comes with it. You may have even installed a birdfeeder in your garden in an attempt to attract more birds to your property. But did you know, your home poses dangerous risks to the birds that visit your yard and garden? Window strikes are common among many species of migrating birds, and millions of wild birds are killed annually flying into windows. Whether you are an avid amateur ornithologist or just a casual observer of feathered friends in flight, by taking precautions your home need not be part of

the problem. Take advantage of the fact that birds can see certain light frequencies that humans cannot to make windows visible to birds in a way that won’t obstruct your own view. Doing so can be a simple home project completed in just an afternoon. Try applying UV decals and UV liquid to your home’s windows and sliding glass doors. Those from WindowAlert, for example, have been proven to effectively alter the flight path of birds to prevent window strikes. While the coating will look like etched glass to the human eye, it will look very visible to a bird. As UV reflectivity may fade over time, it’s im-

portant to replace the decals and liquid every four months. Application techniques can be found by visiting WindowAlert.com. “Turning your home into a refuge for birds is a simple way to save lives and protect the creatures that beautify your yard and, in the case of hummingbirds, pollinate your garden,” says Spencer Schock, founder of WindowAlert. Schock also recommends planting trees, shrubs and flowers that provide birds with nourishment and shelter, as well as paying attention to pet cats when they are outdoors, to ensure they don’t hunt the birds that visit. This season, be a better friend to birds by taking a few simple measures in your home and garden.

Mother’s Day Weekend

Art, Garden & Studio Tour Sat & Sun, May 12 & 13 • 10am to 4pm Tickets $30 available after April 15

OffTrackGallery.com Tickets available at the Off Track Gallery

937 S. Coast Hwy 101, Lumberyard Shopping Center Or at each home on the days of the tour


What to know about your drinking water (StatePoint) — Having clean, uncontaminated water to drink at home and on-the-go is one of the most essential components to keeping your family safe and healthy. Unfortunately, safe water is not necessarily a given. A recent study, published by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, found that in 2015, nearly 21 million people relied on community water systems that violated health-based quality standards. What’s more, the risks to your tap water are heightened during special circumstances like natural disasters and other emergencies. To help ensure you are

Available at:

San Diego Bay Park 5700 Kearny Villa Rd. 1103 Morena Blvd. 858.565.7477 619.276.0003 Temecula *El Cajon 27250 Madison Suite F 1220 N. Magnolia 951.296.3880 619.588.7755 Vista Escondidio 611 Sycamore 602 N. Escondido Blvd. 760.598.0040 760.839.9420 *Encinitas *Chula Vista 133 El Camino Real 15 N. 4th Ave. 760.634.2088 619.585.1001 Hours: M-F 7 am - 5 pm Sat: 7:30 am - 4:30 pm Closed: Sunday



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Photo courtesy of Hummingbird Art/stock.Adobe.com

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hydrating healthfully all the time -- at home, in your community, on trips or in emergencies – consider investing in an easy-to-maintain water filtration device that can be used anywhere in order to improve water quality. One example is LifeStraw, first introduced for people in developing countries without access to safe water and for victims following natural disasters. The company now makes a range of water filters and purifiers designed for uses like emergency preparedness, outdoor recreation, travel and everyday hydration. The refillable LifeStraw Go 2-Stage water bottle features a built-in filter, and removes 99.9999 percent of waterborne bacteria (including E. coli and salmonella), 99.999 percent of protozoa while also reducing chlorine organic chemical matter

and bad taste. Suitable for kids, the LifeStraw Play model, a 10-oz water bottle designed for everyday use, incorporates the same technology with a sturdy kid-friendly leakproof design. LifeStraw is available online and at your local Walmart, Target and Sam’s Club. Keep in mind that access to clean water is a persistent and global issue. By 2050, at least one in four people is likely to live in a country affected by chronic or recurring shortages of fresh water, according to the United Nations. This highlights the growing need to take precautions both at home and when you travel, and to invest in products that give back. To do everything you can to keep your family healthy and safe, start by taking steps to improve the water you drink.


a half mile of public transit. Homeowners who are considering adding a granny flat need the space, money, designer and an understanding of city regulations to move forward with the build. Plagemann recommends that residents stop in and talk to city Planning Department staff about their project early on. “Stop in the front counter and ask some questions,” Plagemann said. He said it is also important for homeowners to keep abreast of where the city is in updating its regulations. He said for most Encinitas homeowners it is beneficial to wait until new accessory dwelling unit laws are in effect. Regulations are slightly different for efficiency units, also called junior accessory units, that share a wall with the main home.


ry dwelling unit regulations last year. It, too, allows units up to 1,200 square feet. The city also stipulates that units must be a minimum of 350 square feet. Like its neighbor to the south, Oceanside requires homeowners to live on site, and granny flats to be rented for a minimum of 30 days as a primary residence. Oceanside does not charge homeowner impact fees, because granny flats are not new construction. City regulations also ensure there is one off-street parking space per each bedroom unit, and require parking to be replaced elsewhere on the property if a garage is converted to a unit. As stated in statewide rules, a parking exemption applies if the unit is within

MARCH 23, 2018


T he C oast News - S pring Home & G arden

New release of homes now available at Encinitas Enclave CARLSBAD — Encinitas Enclave by California West, San Diego’s premier private homebuilder, recently released pricing and commenced sales for a new collection of residences following its successful model home grand opening. Visit the Enclave Sales Center, open daily, to tour the designer-furnished model home, walk the newly-released homesites, and meet with sales representatives. Encinitas Enclave will be comprised of just 19 new, estate-style residential retreats with up to 5,178 square feet of living space, 6 bedrooms, 5.5 baths, and 4-bay garages. These luxury single and two-story residences

A newly released residence featured at the Encinitas Enclave. Photo courtesy of CalWest

will feature expansive, covered outdoor living rooms, first floor master bedrooms offering sin-

gle-story living, open concept great rooms, gourmet kitchens, spacious walk-in closets, and private guest-

house suites. Encinitas Enclave homes draw on design inspiration from farmhouse architectural

Are your home furnishings good for the planet?

Photo courtesy of StatePoint Media

(StatePoint) — More consumers are interested in selecting products that are good for the planet and their families, than ever before. While many understand what organic food is, confusion still exists when it comes to home furnishings. Simply put, what you bring into your home directly impacts the health and welfare of your family in terms of exposure to chemicals of concern, indoor air quality and comfort. With the deluge of products claiming to be environmentally sustainable, it’s important to know what to look for when furnishing your home. Here are some considerations to bear in mind. • Does it contain harmful chemicals? While the EPA has phased out the use of some of the most potentially harmful chemicals, some chemical variations continue to be used in upholstery and fabrics. To get a sense of what’s good and what may be bad, consult resources like the U.S. EPA’s Chemicals of Concern List and the Living Future Institute’s Red List. Remember that while some degree of chemical treatment may be needed to make fabrics fire-retardant or stain-repellent, in many instances, green manu-

facturers employ minimal chemistry or have found natural solutions to achieve these results. • Am I considering all the options? Fortunately, top fabric and furniture manufacturers have developed more sustainable alternatives. For example, Milliken & Company recently launched Breathe by Milliken, an eco-elegant collection of fluorine-free performance fabrics available in both natural and recycled polyester fibers. Furniture retailers are offering sustainably-sourced, locally-made, and organic furniture and fabric options, while big box retailers like Target have developed sustainability scoring requirements on products to help educate and empower consumers. • Where does it come from? A sofa made from natural materials may not be a truly green choice. Consider the supply chain, too. Are natural raw materials sustainably grown and harvested? Are they made by companies with reputations for environmental stewardship according to green manufacturing principles? • What’s it made of? Select natural fibers or materials like cotton or wood whenever possible. However, if you prefer man-made fibers, ask

about items made from recycled or post-consumer materials. For example, Breathe by Milliken polyester fabrics are made from recycled plastic, and each sofa upholstered in this fabric diverts 90-150 plastic bottles from landfills. • How long will it last? Durability is sustainability. Whether wood,

molded plastic or fabric, quality household items will remain in use, rather than in the landfill. • What happens when I’m done with it? Opt for materials that consist of recycled or reused materials and/or those that biodegrade or can be easily recycled. • Have green claims been validated? “Greenwashing,” or making untrue or inaccurate sustainability claims, is a pervasive problem across a range of industries. Opt for brands with third-party certifications. For example, products achieving GREENGUARD Gold certification have been screened to ensure they don’t contain any of the more than 10,000 chemicals commonly known to pollute the air we breathe. Earning this certification means these fabrics meet the world’s most rigorous chemical emission standards. Your home is your refuge. Knowing the facts about what you choose to put into it can allow you to feel better.

styles with modern, traditional, and rustic influences. Priced from the low $2 millions, these custom-inspired residences invite you to have a hand in crafting a new home to your specific and personal tastes. A home should promote the essence of your own unique lifestyle and embody the things you love, with a heightened level of design sophistication and individuality. Enclave allows you plenty of room for this by welcoming your original design touches. Encinitas Enclave is proud to spotlight two featured Plan 4 residences, Homesite 2

and Homesite 8. As the most spacious floorplan offered at Enclave, the two-story Plan 4 features dual master bedroom suites and an attached guesthouse unit ideal for a multigenerational family or older child living at home. Surrounded by open space to the south, Homesite 8 offers a dramatic open floorplan of 5,068 square feet with 4 bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms, a bonus room, a study, an attached guesthouse unit, an outdoor living room, and designer-selected upgrades at the master bath and kitchens. The Rustic Farmhouse style residence includes over $77,000 in upgrades and is priced at $2,043,900.

Celebrate Earth Day 3. Plant a tree Trees provide shade and food for people and a habitat for birds and other wildlife. What’s more, they produce oxygen for people to inhale, 1. Volunteer as well as sequester CO2. Many neighborhoods and Trees also reduce polluting communities around the runoff by intercepting water. In short, we need country host voluntrees! Celebrate teer clean-ups to Earth Day honor Earth by planting Day. Find one one. Each in your area year, you or organize can watch it your own: mature and gather some grow. friends, some sturdy garbage bags and pairs of work gloves, and 4. Reduce waste head out to a park or the The land and ocean have shore of a local waterway for become saturated with plasa clean-up. tics and other trash. Get into the habit of reducing waste 2. Enjoy nature by recycling and reusing Get outside and enjoy na- items as much as possible. ture. Even if you aren’t an Take a look at the footprint experienced hiker, there you create with your plastic are plenty of tools to make consumption and find ways getting outdoors easy, such to improve your habits. Bring as wearable tech, which can a reusable bag to the grocery support your adventure. store. Buying a drink? Don’t Some brands of lights can use a straw. Getting takeout? be charged by sunlight or Ask the restaurant to hold flourescent light, making it the plastic silverware. — StatePoint Media an eco-friendly choice. This Earth Day, April 22, celebrate a healthy planet with environmental stewardship at-home and in your community.


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A COASTAL ADDRESS AS UNIQUE AS YOU ARE Introducing Encinitas Enclave, a limited collection of new, estate-style residential retreats by California West. Showcasing expansive lots with up to 5,178 sq. ft. of living space, these single-family residences offer up to 6 bedrooms, 5.5 baths and 4-bay garages. Experience the best of coastal living through thoughtful, custom-inspired architecture and the picturesque natural terrain of the surrounding Encinitas hills and lifestyle. Now selling from the low $2 millions.


1441 Enclave Court, Encinitas, CA 92024 EncinitasEnclave.com | 760.652.5119


MARCH 23, 2018

MARCH 23, 2018


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Hallmark’s gorgeous townhomes in Oceanside

Don’t miss Hallmark’s extraordinary, upscale, ocean view townhomes located at 1125 South Cleveland Street in Oceanside proudly offered by Hallmark Communities. We will be open every Saturday & Sunday 11AM to 3PM. Choose one of the most sought after, limited edition, modern upscale beach lifestyle Townhomes in all of Coastal North County. They are the closest to the beach of any new home community in the area, and are also considered to be the best value in Coastal North County with prices ranging from the $600,000’s to $800,000’s and no Mello-Roos. Come view our desirable free flowing open floor plans and furnished Model Home this weekend to see why! You may also qualify for a $10,000 closing cost credit!** Just 2 blocks from the beach, restaurants, shops, nightlife, fun activities, transportation and all of the best of downtown Oceanside, you are centered in the right place for the ultimate in upscale coastal living. Enjoy your walk, jog, or bike ride as you breathe the brisk fresh sea air and take in the local beach scene. Then, entertain in a gourmet, meticulously appointed chef’s delight kitchen that naturally free flows into a family room, dining room,

Open house on Saturday & Sunday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Buy today and receive a $10,000 closing credit cost!

and balconies with fresh coastal breezes. Easily accessible laundry areas and attached two car garages are included in this smart, modern design. The 3 story floor plan designs include from 1,337 – 1,756 square feet all capped with a personal rooftop deck. The thirdfloor dual masters have ensuite baths. The 3-bedroom homes have a bedroom and a bath on the second floor. The Townhomes at 1125 South Cleveland afford you an active upscale

Smart Home Savvy: 5 ways to add tech to your living space (StatePoint) — A smart, connected home is what’s in style. In fact, since 2014, research shows smart technology has increased in priority during renovations, especially for firsttime home buyers. Wondering what options are out there? Here are five ways to add tech to your space. 1. Stay Cool and Comfy

themselves. 2. Design the Perfect Shower

The first Wi-Fi/cloudbased digital shower on the market, U by Moen shower, allows users to precisely set shower temperature and flow with an in-shower digital controller or from their smartphone, thanks to a helpful app. Need extra snooze time? Power on the shower from bed and it will alert you when it’s ready. Picky about your shower preferences? The ability to set up to 12 custom pre-sets in the app ensures you get your perfect shower every time.

Certain smart thermostats on the market today intuitively understand when to turn on heating or cooling equipment based on your home’s unique energy profile, the weather outside and thousands of other data points -- making sure you’re comfortable 24/7. Some units even 3. Keep Your Eye on Fido claim to save homeowners Ever wonder what your enough energy to pay for dog is up to while you’re

beachside lifestyle, panoramic ocean views from your individual roof top deck, breath taking sunsets, cool sea breezes, and one of the most desired neighborhood locations in all of San Diego. All this coupled with extraordinary value and centered in the heart of it all. Walk to Oceanside’s Transportation Center for an easy commute to downtown San Diego or a leisurely train ride north to Los Angeles. This is the coastal lifestyle that everyone desires, but away at work? Now, there are fun, tech-based ways to check in on furry friends. HD pet cameras enable owners to monitor their pets with a wide-angle view, day and night. Some even offer an app that allows owners to toss a treat to their dogs or play a game of catch. Plus, a barking sensor sends notifications to your phone so you can see what’s happening and calm down your pooch via two-way chat. 4. Be Hands-Off in Kitchen

Imagine the convenience of having a kitchen faucet turn water on or off, without a touch. Faucets with Moen’s MotionSense Wave touchless technology feature single-sensor handsfree activation, allowing users to easily activate the faucet with the wave of a hand. It’s perfect for when your hands are too full or messy to turn on the faucet, and also helps minimize the spread of dirt and germs, since you don’t have to touch the faucet. 5. Create the Right Ambiance

The perfect lighting is now right at your fingertips. Instead of a regular incandescent bulb, smart lightbulbs allow homeowners to control lighting with a few taps on your smartphone or tablet. Want to turn on lights when you’re away or adjust their brightness and color? No problem. What’s more, the bulbs last longer and even help save energy.

living in a completely finished Townhome Community. With an active modern lifestyle, you will wake up to cool ocean breezes from your ultra-modern luxury townhome and finish each day enjoying panoramic, postcard sunset views from your individual rooftop deck. These magnificent 3 story Townhomes showcase the ultimate in artfully integrating smart space planning for optimal coastal living, elegant design, and custom treatments crafted with the utmost skill and care. All this with sea air from second floor balconies and capped with panoramic ocean views from your roof top decks makes for a living environment that can’t be beat and can be yours to enjoy at 1125 South Cleveland. Due to the limited edition of townhomes that are bevery few can attain. ing offered at a premiere Don’t miss this rare oc- location, as well as the sucasion to choose a contemporary Townhome. Situated in a prime location within walking distance to the beach and down town amenities. You have that chance today. This opportunity will not last long. Visit us today and experience these extraordinary Townhomes for yourself by touring our furnished model. These fabulous, chic Townhomes offer a 30 day move-in and you can be

perior execution of design and construction, these townhomes are in high demand as buyers see their value in the current marketplace. Time is of the essence so be sure to take the time to see and enjoy these magnificent townhomes. Don’t miss the chance to visit and tour our model and make a great lifestyle decision! Information and floorplans are available at www.HallmarkCommunities.com Open House Saturday & Sunday 11AM to 3PM until sold out. ** Call Sandy at (760) 532-6242 or sandy@hallmarkcommunities.com for details about the $10,000 Closing Cost Credit. Hallmark continues to build homes with heart to help you build a better life. Our goal is make sure “You’ll Love to Come Home.”



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MARCH 23, 2018

Redefining shabby chic Who doesn’t love a well-appointed home? After all, a house is just a house until it is transformed into a home, by collecting meaningful personal treasures gathered over time, each with sentimental value to their owner. At Eclectic Vintage Design in Oceanside, an appealing variety of unique yet very affordable, high quality furnishings, home decor, art, and handcrafted gifts can be found. Serving North County since early 2016, owners Rick Maxey and Kim Jacklin have created a inspiring shopping experience, combining pre-owned furniture in great condition with new products such as bath and beauty, candles, and handcrafted jewelry, sourced locally from North County craft artists. Clients who venture

into their 4,500 sf store on Mission in the San Luis Rey valley will discover an eclectic array of merchandise in many styles. Whatever your style, whether you’re into antiques and vintage furniture, painted, shabby chic, mid-century modern, boho, or farmhouse design, there’s likely something perfect for your home to be found here. Eclectic strives to carry quality furnishings at a fraction of their original costs, making a beautiful room affordable. Eclectic retails chalk paint and supplies, carrying product lines including Country Chic Paint, Dixie Belle Paint Company, and Iron Orchid Designs. Eclectic provides professional furniture painting services for clients who want their furniture updated to blend with their current style. Custom painting takes

place on site in their Paintery Studio. You'll likely see them in action when you visit. They are always happy to set aside their paint brushes for an impromptu consultation or demonstration on a technique. Eclectic creates unique, hand painted signs on site as well. Made to order signs are available. If you are into doing it yourself, classes are available on a regular basis. Want a fun activity to do with friends? Schedule a painting party. Visit eclecticvintagedesign. com to view class schedules, or peruse their gallery of store photos. Eclectic anchors the Valley Plaza, at 3320 Mission Ave. Store hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 10 am to 5 pm. For more information call (760) 231-7899, or follow them on Facebook or Instagram.

6 home décor trends to make a style statement (StatePoint) — Is your home décor starting to feel a bit stale? Spruce up your interiors with some of the hottest home design trends for 2018 -- from customized cozy to natural textures to retro touches. Here are some stylish ways to incorporate new

trends, from one of the nation’s most sought-after celebrity interior designers, Taniya Nayak.

“at-home paradise” no matter the temperature. Nayak suggests pairing pops of metallic gold with plush greens and crisp white to build a look that is sophisticated, 1. Create an Oasis Make your home a tropi- yet fun and exotic. cal escape all year long. Add floral or banana leaf accents 2. Keep it Simple In 2018, Nayak encourto form a staycation-worthy

ages DIYers to “go big or go home…in the simplest way imaginable.” An easy way to accomplish this is to paint your baseboards, trim or window mullions a dramatic contrasting color, like black against a white wall, for an effortless, yet powerful effect. And when it comes to achieving clean, sharp paint lines, one of Nayak’s vital, go-to tools is a premium painter’s tape, like FrogTape brand painter’s tape that delivers the sharpest paint lines possible. Treated with patented PaintBlock Technology, FrogTape is a fool-proof way to get professional-looking results and eliminate the need for touch-ups. 3. Incorporate Natural Touches

This trend is all about nature’s textures -- think wood grain, geodes or ocean waves. One way to incorporate this look is to combine earthy tones like browns, beiges and deep blues with vibrant neon colors to generate the effect of the northern lights around the home.

4. Get Back to the Future

Give what’s old a modern, futuristic update to achieve this trend. Try painting a vintage chair with a pop of color, like the Sherwin-Williams 2018 color of the year, Oceanside, a combination of rich blue with jewel-toned green. This creates an eye-catching masterpiece that seamlessly integrates into both retro and modern home décor. Introducing bright colors to antiques produces a beautiful new spin on a classic look.

5. Design it with Love

DIY. Painting an accent wall in a pastel color, like lavender, will set a relaxed and comforting tone in the room. From there, add personal pieces like a soft woven blanket, a macramé wall hanging or ivory plates on a wall to transform any room to “your” room.

What’s “in” in home design this year? Creating 6. Embrace New England Prep warm and cozy spaces that This style embraces are customized just for you. the timeless combination This is the true essence of of crisp white linens and

navy blues, but what really gives a room an authentic New England vibe is the addition of camel-colored leather décor accents. Nayak recommends adding monogrammed pillows to a leather accent chair, or whitewashing your brick fireplace to create a look that never goes out of style. Get started on your home projects now so you can enjoy your refreshed décor all year long.

MARCH 23, 2018


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Three-Story Attached Townhomes From the Low $700,000s*

SUMMER MOVE-INS AVAILABLE! • Walk to Beach and Local Hot Spots • Approx. 1,712 To 2,559 Sq. Ft. • 3-5 Bedrooms/3.5-4 Baths • Spacious Rooftop Decks • Private Community Pool, Spa, and Fireplace


d. Blv






as Co




760-309-3889 vandaele.com

1569 Vista Del Mar Way, #3 Oceanside, CA 92054 (Morse Street and South Coast Highway)


Brokers Welcome**

*Reflects base pricing and is not inclusive of any applicable ocean view premiums, location premiums or preselected upgrades. **Brokers must register clients on their first visit to the sales office; no exceptions. ©2018 Van Daele Homes. Van Daele, Van Daele Homes “One Family, One Promise”, and “You'll Feel Good About Your New Home®” are registered trademarks of Van Daele Development Corporation. Van Daele Development Corporation reserves the right to make modifications to floor plans, exterior elevations, features and amenities without notice or obligation. All artwork, renderings, floor plans and maps are artist’s conception and are not to scale. Models do not reflect racial preference. BRE#00974168


Pacific Ocean


d ssi



ta Vis

y Wa

map not to scale


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MARCH 23, 2018

Luxury homes at Crown Point by Lennar at The Estates and The Summit San Elijo Hills has indeed saved the best for last. The final three single-family neighborhoods in the community offer sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean and backcountry and unparalleled architectural elegance. Homes are in the most exclusive gated, hilltop neighborhoods in San Elijo Hills. Crown Point by Lennar at The Estates and The Summit, features 27 luxury homes that are sophisticated in their design yet distinctly family-oriented. Beautiful two-story designs are offered in a variety of floorplans that range in size approximately from 4,471 to 4,987 square feet on large homesites. Crown Point’s Plan 3 features Lennar’s Next Gen® – The Home Within A Home®, designed to accommodate multigenerational and dual living situation. It has an attached private suite with separate entrance, living room, bedroom, bathroom, laundry area and kitchenette. The floor plan allows for as much connection or privacy to the main home as desired. Crown Point showcases beautiful two-story designs adorned with stunning architectural details, large homesites, view locations

The Plan Three by Lennar at The Estates at San Elijo Hills features a luxurious master suite with retreat and romantic balcony. It also offers Lennar’s Next Gen® - The Home Within a Home® that includes a private suite with separate entrance, living room, bedroom, bathroom laundry area and kitchenette.

and high-end upgrades as standard with Lennar’s Everything’s Included® program. Home are priced from the $1 millions. Models are located at 859 Pearl

Drive South, San Marcos. For additional information, call Lennar at (858) 7045310. Davidson Communities at The Estates offers

58 magnificent single-family residences in variety of flexible floorplans, ranging from 4,581 to 6,322 square feet with up to seven bedrooms and seven baths.

The gated neighborhood showcases distinctive architecture in Spanish-, Tuscan-, Monterey- and European-inspired styles. These Davidson homes

are grand in every sense of the word: huge gourmet kitchens (some with a secondary prep kitchen), TURN TO SAN ELIJO ON B13

MARCH 23, 2018


T he C oast News - S pring Home & G arden



spacious indoor-outdoor entertainment spaces, courtyards, morning rooms, covered loggias, optional outdoor sleeping porches, casitas and expansive views of the Pacific coastline and rolling hills. Davidson Communities’ three beautifully decrated models are located at 956 Pearl Drive, San Marcos. Homebuyers still have time to personalize their homes with abundant options. Homes are priced from the $1 millions. For information, call (760) 632-8400. Richmond American Homes is nearing sellout at The Summit, located adjacent to Double Peak Park, the highest point in coastal North County. Only two beautifully upgraded model homes remain for sale, ranging from 4,279 to 4,672 square feet. These architecturally significant homes feature stunning indoor-outdoor configurations with dramatic retractable walls of glass. These beautifully upgraded models are offered for sale starting in the $2 millions. The models are located at 558 Ledge Street, San Marcos. For information, contact (760) 653-7010. Children at The Summit and The Estates will attend the new Double Peak School, a K-8 elementary school that emphasizes music, art and innovation. Encompassing some of the highest points in coastal North County, San Elijo

Davidson Communities at The Estates is one of the final neighborhoods in San Elijo Hills. These homes, priced from the $1 millions, offer panoramic views of the Pacific coastline and stunning architecture. Homes range from 4,581 to 6,322 square feet with up to seven bedrooms and seven baths.

Hills is a 1,920-acre community with more than half of the property set aside for open space and parks. Eighteen miles of trails crisscross San Elijo Hills offering breath-taking views

of the Pacific Ocean, Lake San Marcos and the backcountry. The heart of the community is a picturesque towncenter that features shopping, eateries, an Alb-

ertson’s grocery store, two award-winning schools, urban-style residences, a traditional town square and the 19-acre San Elijo Hills Park, which is the trailhead for 18 miles of community

Are you overwhelmed with the thought of selling your home? We have a solution for you! + SELL YOUR HOME AS-IS + CLOSE WITHIN 20 DAYS OR LESS + NO COMISSIONS & CLOSING COSTS + LEASEBACK OPTION (UP TO 90 DAYS) Call : (858) 859-0107 Email : info@westviewshpp.com Visit : www.westviewshpp.com

trails. The final phase of the San Elijo Hills Town Center has started construction with more shops and restaurants scheduled to open this year, including Cycle Bar,

Lourdes Mexican Restaurant and San Elijo Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics. For information on San Elijo Hills, visit sanelijohills.com or email learnmore@sanelijohills.com

Transition Stress-Free “They were completely transparent with everything and we trusted them 100%.” Carl & Barbara “They offered us a more than fair price without us having to do anything to the home.” Bob & Mary


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MARCH 23, 2018

Program simplifies home-selling process for seniors REGION — Selling a home can be overwhelming for anyone, especially for seniors selling a home they have lived in for decades. Anyone who has sold a home can relate to the anxiety associated with a range of unknowns including what repairs need to be made, how often will strangers be coming through their home, how long will it take to sell and what are the fees, just to name a few. Add in the emotional attachment to their home and the uncertainty about the timing or availability of their next home and the entire process can be very stressful. Rob Perkins and his sister Corinne Ross experienced this firsthand with their grandparents. “My sister and I went through this with both sets of grandparents,” Perkins said. “They had lived in their homes for a long period of time and both of their spouses had passed. They needed extra care and couldn’t live by themselves any longer.” The siblings wanted to do something to help. “It was overwhelming for our grandparents,” Perkins said. “It took an all hands on deck effort from multiple family members to accomplish the task of selling their homes. Knowing that we weren’t the only family to deal with this, Corinne and I thought, ‘There has got to be a way to solve this

What differentiates SHPP from a traditional home sale is that there is no real estate agent required, no home preparation, no showings and no fees. Homes are sold “as is” — clutter and all. Courtesy photo

problem.’” After investing in residential real estate for a decade, Perkins and Ross created the Senior Home Purchase Program (SHPP) in 2015. They wanted to offer seniors a transparent and simple way to transition to senior living. What differentiates SHPP from a traditional home sale is that there is no real estate agent required, no home preparation, no showings and no fees. Homes are sold “as is” — clutter and all. There are no failed escrows, no commissions, no closing costs and no repair credits or seller concessions — it is a cer-

tain sale at a certain price. The SHPP team works with homeowners to give them the best price for their home on a flexible timeline that works for the seller. “Seniors are often in a position where they don’t know when they are going to be able to move into a community,” Ross said. “This can be very stressful. We provide them flexibility with the closing date and even offer a lease back option if they need extra time after they sell and before they move into their new home.” The process is staggeringly simple compared to selling on the open market. “The first step is we speak

to the homeowner on the phone and provide them an overview of the process,” Perkins said. “We then set up an in-person meeting at their home where we bring our contractor to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the home.” After this first meeting, SHPP spends on average four to six hours doing their homework on the property and the market. “We want to be 100 percent confident that we can close at the price we offer so we don’t get ourselves in a position where we have to ask for credits from the seller during escrow,” Perkins said. “Once our homework is completed,

we come back for a second meeting where we present our absolute best offer. We encourage the homeowners to invite as many family members as they would like to this meeting. Anyone they trust, we want there, whether it’s family, friends or trusted advisors.” Through a traditional market sale, a seller not only has commissions and closing costs to pay, but also will need to come out of pocket to prepare the home for sale. “Getting the home ready to sell can cost thousands of dollars,” Perkins stresses. “SHPP will purchase the home in its current condition and pays 100 percent of all costs associated with the sale. Our Senior Home Purchase Program can not only net our customers more money from their home, but it saves them an incredible amount of time and reduces their stress.” Perkins explains, “When presenting our offer, we illustrate how it compares to the alternative — selling on the open market. Once the costs/fees are deducted from the alternative, our offer is very compelling.” In addition, if the homeowner accepts the offer, SHPP asks the homeowner to choose an independent appraiser to appraise the home. “We pay for the appraisal.” Perkins said. “If the appraisal is higher than our internal valuation of

their home, the seller can choose to cancel escrow at no cost to the seller. This cancellation option is part of the original contract they sign.” Above all, SHPP aims to make sure the homeowner is completely informed and comfortable throughout the process. “The trust factor is big for us,” Ross said. “Ninety-five percent of our customers come to us by referral. The people who refer them know us well and they trust us.” The program has been successful since its inception and the feedback has been very positive. “Their honesty, transparency and diligence made me feel completely comfortable with them,” said Stella, a former client. “They made the process exceptionally easy and stress-free. I can’t say enough good things about them.” “This is both an emotional and a significant financial decision that our customers are making,” Ross said. “Everything we do caters to what their individual needs are. We encourage our customers to discuss our offer with family, friends and other trusted advisors. We don’t want anyone to feel pressured. This is an option for them.” For information about the Senior Home Purchase Program, call (858) 8590107 or visit westviewshpp. com.



30% Federal Tax Credit

ANOTHER SATISFIED CUSTOMER SPEAKS: Building our dream was an enormous undertaking. We had an idea, a vision, so we assembled an amazing team that knew how to work well with each other. Abbey Carpet played a key roll by working closely with myself and our designers to get all the details perfect. It’s all in the details and Abbey Carpet put together a flooring solution that exceeded or expectations. Chris Lee Oceanside


4001 Ave. de la Plata Oceanside, CA 92056 (760) 757-5033

• COMPETITIVE PRICING • SERVICE & REPAIR Privately-Owned, Local Business Customer Service is our Top Priority We have a BBB A+ rating and 5 Stars on Yelp!

CA LIC#910460


MARCH 23, 2018


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Pet Owners

Tips to maintain a beautiful home

(StatePoint) — For all the companionship pets provide, it’s fair to admit that they can mess up a clean, tidy home pretty quickly. But rather than sequester furry loved ones to certain rooms of the house or simply submit to the chaos, you can follow a few savvy tips to keep your home fresh with less work. Pet Grooming

Brushing pets regularly is good for them — and good for flooring and furniture. Do so every couple days in order to keep your pets’ coats healthy and help prevent shedding fur from ending up everywhere. After walking the dog or letting the cat into the backyard, wipe paws before pets get a chance to track in mud and debris. You can set up a clean-paws station by your home’s entrance to ensure you make this a habit. Smart Flooring

There’s no need to compromise on the quality of

your home’s flooring, say experts. “As much as we all love our pets, it’s no secret that they can wreak havoc on flooring, especially carpets,” says Jennifer Bertrand, Flooring America design consultant. “But by seeking out products specifically designed for busy homes with pets, you can maintain the look of your carpets.” Bertrand points to Stainmaster’s PetProtect from Flooring America as a good solution for pet owners for a few reasons. “It resists pet stains. Which means you can worry about other things, like which dog park to visit next. Your pup will love it too, because he won’t get in trouble after his little mess-ups,” she says. When it comes to pet “mess-ups,” the carpeting features a breathable moisture barrier designed to prevent spills and accidents from soaking through the cushion and subfloor, so there are no lingering pet odors after a thorough cleaning. And because the

Photo courtesy of StatePoint

carpeting releases more pet hair when vacuumed, this routine chore is made fast and simple. Look for carpeting with extra durability and protection against color fading, which means it will stay newer-looking for longer, with no compromise to your pet’s territory or your daily schedule. More information

about pet-friendly carpets you go than it is to wait unand flooring can be found til things get out of hand. at flooringamerica.com. Keep cleaning supplies nearby (in a locked cabinet for Fido’s safety) for spot Cleaning Habits With smart pet-friend- cleans and quick touch-ups ly flooring and furniture after mishaps, and rememchoices (think microfiber ber to vacuum regularly. sofas), cleaning up after Don’t forget corners, where your pet and busy lifestyle build-up tends to occur. should be easy. But remem- Wipe down surfaces to lift ber, it’s easier to clean as pet dander off baseboards,

counters and window sills. With a few tricks, and some smart pet-friendly product selections where carpeting and furniture are concerned, you can have the best of both worlds: a clean and fresh home, and all the members of your family -- including those with four legs — together when and where you like.

STOP OVERPAYING FOR CABLE! Service for only $5 a month! No Hidden Fees!

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Tech Repair - TV - Mobile - Internet - Phone - Global Cell Phone - Hotspots


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MARCH 23, 2018

Amazing space.

COME TOUR The Height of Luxury at The Final Three, Gated, Hilltop Neighborhoods

Sweeping Ocean & Hillside Views, Spacious Estate-sized Lots, Gated Community RICHMOND AMERICAN HOMES at The Summit


CROWN POINT BY LENNAR at The Estates & The Summit

MODELS FOR SALE 4 Bedrooms, 4,279 - 4,672 Sq. Ft. From the $2 Millions By Appt. 760.653.7010 558 Ledge Street, San Marcos, CA

SELECT YOUR OPTIONS 3 - 7 Bedrooms, 4,581 - 6,322 Sq. Ft. From the $1 Millions 760.632.8400 956 Pearl Drive, San Marcos, CA

EVERYTHING’S INCLUDED PROGRAM 4-5 Bedrooms, 4,471 - 4,987 Sq. Ft. From the $1 Millions 858.704.5310 859 Pearl Drive South, San Marcos CA

Sales Offices Open 10 to 5

| SanElijoHills.com | 760-602-3797 | LearnMore@SanElijoHills.com

The builders reserve the right to change prices, plans, features or amenities without prior notice or obligation. Models do not reflect racial preference. Square footages are approximate. No view is promised. Views may also be altered by subsequent development, construction and landscaping growth. All residents automatically become members of the San Elijo Hills Community Association. Richmond American Homes BRE# 01842595, Davidson Communities BRE# 01272295, Lennar BRE# 01252753

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3/2/18 11:26 AM

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