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JUNE 3, 2022



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Study: Gratitude may help stress at work By City News Service

FATHER’S DAY is a time to refocus your energy on giving yourself the gift of time — quality time. Courtesy photo

Honoring our time in ‘dadhood’


o my fellow dad, Congratulations on being you. You carry the most fulfilling title of Dad. While it does not always come with peace of mind and confidence, it is a role that you have been blessed with and can cherish throughout your life. I want you to remember that every day, you are seen, you are heard, and you are admired. Through the eyes of your children, you are a hero, a superman. You are strong, determined, hard-working, dedicated, and driven to uphold the role in the most delicate way possible. Your character defines you. Your love lifts you up. And your time is valued. Let us dedicate this Fathers Day to the honoring of our time by pausing, prioritizing, and purposefully managing it in the most intentional of ways, while giving it to those that we unconditionally love and that so to unconditionally love us, our children. This year, let us take the time to honor less doing and more giving. The culture of do-ing has been an epidemic of lost connections. For many of us, doing holds us back in our efforts to be present and purposeful in caring for the well-being of our families. The days of over-scheduling, overworking, and over-stressing must end. And so I challenge

intentional living

angie & marc rosenberg you, as I challenge myself, to give up this Fathers Day the do-ing mentality, and refocus your energy on giving yourself the gift of time, quality time. That’s right, no social media, no alcohol, no tv, nothing that creates a sense of distraction from gaining presence in your life. Instead, give to your children, your wife, and your dads, the gift of slowing down and sharing a day full of laughter, love, and connection, that embody the meaning of dadhood. To help you along your way, try these 5 simple shifts to create greater quality of your time this Father’s Day: 1. Pause and Plan a Purposeful Day 2. Be Grateful for the NOW Moments 3. Less Talk, Less Doing, More Experiencing 4. Let your children guide the trajectory of your day 5. Remove ALL Distractions and Be Present For more on our support and services, and to join our NTENTION Setter community, visit us at or follow us on instagram, @4NTENT.

We don’t have to agree on everything to

BE KIND TO ONE ANOTHER Please treat others with respect

REGION — Co-workers and teammates who thank each other before performing a high-stress task had a better cardiovascular response compared to teams that did not express gratitude, researchers from UC San Diego’s Rady School of Management found this week. In their study, set to be published in an upcoming issue of Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, they found this cardiovascular response leads to increased concentration and more confidence which in turn can allow individuals to give their peak performance. The study found gratitude can benefit people in “loose tie’’ relationships, such as co-workers. It also revealed that gratitude builds biological resources, promoting better stress responses, which can have long- term health impacts. Repeated exposure to stress is linked to cardiovascular disease, cognitive impairment and weakened immunity. “Our results have meaningful implications for organizations and particularly for employees who work together under acutely stressful conditions to accomplish joint goals,’’ said Christopher Oveis, senior author of the study and associate professor of economics and strategy at the Rady School. The results were taken from an experiment with 200 participants who had to compete in a contest inspired by the TV show “Shark Tank.’’ UCSD students were paired in teams to replicate relationships between workplace colleagues — individuals who are not close personally, but who spend a lot of time together. The teams were given six minutes together to come up with a pitch for creating and marketing a bicycle for students to ride on campus and were given six minutes to pitch their product and its marketing plan before a panel of judges. The winning team was awarded $200. “It’s essentially an impossible task,’’ Oveis said. “The experiment is designed to create a maximally stressful environment so we can gauge how gratitude shapes stress response during teamwork because most people spend a third or more of their daily lives at work.’’ Participants wore electrodes on their neck and torso which collected electrocardiography and impedance cardiography signals. Blood pressure was also monitored. A select group of teams

THE STUDY, performed by researchers at UC San Diego’s Rady School of Management, also revealed that gratitude builds biological resources, promoting better stress responses, which can have long-term health impacts. Courtesy photo

were randomly assigned to express gratitude and their biological responses were compared to teams who did not thank each other during the contest. “In a high-stakes, motivated performance task, people can react in one of two ways at a biological level,’’ Oveis said. “Some people really rise to the challenge and have an efficient cardiovascular response known as a challenge response: The heart pumps out more blood, the vasculature dilates, blood gets to the periphery, oxygenated blood gets to the brain and cognition fires on all cylinders. “But other people don’t fare as well and instead have a threat response: The heart pumps out less blood, the vasculature constricts, blood flow to periphery is reduced and performance goes down,’’ he said. Just a single, one- to two-minute expression of gratitude from one teammate to another pushed those teammates toward more adaptive, performance-oriented biological challenge responses, the researchers found. Oveis and his co-authors — Yumeng Gu, a

Rady School PhD student when the research was underway, Rady School alumnus Joseph Ocampo and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill professor of psychology Sara Algoe — tested the cardiovascular responses to stress on an individual and collaborative level. According to the study, control teams displayed threat responses marked by decreased blood flow and increased vascular constriction. However, a simple gratitude expression prior to the task eliminated these threat responses. During individual product pitches, control teams showed modest challenge responses marked

by vascular dilation and increased blood flow to the periphery. However, gratitude-expressing teams showed significantly larger, amplified challenge responses which aided their performance, the authors wrote. “Gratitude expressions within work environments may be key to managing our day-to-day stress responses as well optimizing our how we respond during high-pressure performance tasks like product pitches, so that we can make our stress responses fuel performance instead of harm it,’’ Oveis said. “But at their core, gratitude expressions play a fundamental role in strengthening our relationships at work.’’

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T he C oast News

JUNE 3, 2022

When she’s not heading out to the neighborhood café or next up in the Wii Bowling tournament, she’s trying her hand at watercolors and learning to play the ukulele. She’ll tell you she never thought she’d move out of her home, but without the mundane chores of homeownership, everything has opened up and it’s just the way she likes it. At Carlsbad By The Sea, Fran not only found the warm climate she was seeking after all those years of shoveling snow, but she found a warm community.

Fran Gilder

Architect of life

Continue your lifelong pursuits or find new adventures at Carlsbad By The Sea, offering independent living, assisted living and skilled nursing on-site.

Fran has crafted every detail of her retirement. She wanted to be close to her family. She wanted to watch the sun set over the ocean. Here, friends stroll together to the local farmers market. That’s the kind of place she was looking for. And she found it at Carlsbad By The Sea.

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T he C oast News

JUNE 3, 2022



Some of the information on this page is SPONSORED CONTENT and is not intended as medical advice and should not be relied upon as a substitute for professional consultation with a qualified healthcare provider familiar with your individual medical needs


Weight loss: More studies, fewer headlines healthy living

dr. kern brar, m.d.


here is a controversial recent study with new headlines regarding weight loss in the national forum. The New England Journal of Medicine published a recent study that used 139 pts in China that reportedly found no significance statistically for intermittent fasting for eight hours and this was taken on by major news outlets including Yahoo! News, CNN, CNBC, MSNBC and was picked up by their writers as another fad diet. I agree using an eight-


Courtesy photo/The Coast News graphic

hour intermittent fasting diet is not going to give anyone long term results but I disagree with the national news headlines. Reviewing the data and the specifics of the study would give one much better insight into its findings. Most importantly, the study was flawed at the

onset as statistical significance in the small sample population would require a weight loss of greater than 15% per individual in the short period of time which is unachievable and likely not desired. This shows this study was engineered to fail. Whoever funded this study in China wanted

to influence our national headlines. My main concern is that Chinese patients do not reflect American patients in any demographic. Furthermore the study found that patients on an eight hour intermittent fasting schedule did lose 1.8 kg of weight compared to patients not intermittent fasting but it was not enough to determine statistically significant results. Interestingly a 16% change in fasting time increased weight loss by 29% over 12 months. Yet, our major news networks wanted to claim this as a fad diet. I believe we need to have more studies in this realm and our office proposes to do just that with TURN TO HEALTHY LIVING ON 24


ARNICA MONTANA - Leopard’s Bane


his yellow-orange perennial from the daisy family found above 8,500 feet near light forests and lime-free mountain meadows was first mentioned in herbal books in the late 1500s and gained popularity during the 18th century in the new world of developing science and medicine in Europe. The Greeks reportedARNICA MONTANA, also known as leopard’s bane, wolf- ly used arnica montana to bane and mountain tobacco. Photo by Marco Ciannarel bring on a sneeze as snuff

wild roots,

a thousand years of healing

bonnie kydd and smoked it like tobacco (not recommended). Today, it is used in small doses for bruising, arthritis, muscle TURN TO WILD ROOTS ON 24


55+ FITNESS CLASSES Dental anxiety isn’t funny Specifically designed around the needs of our older athletes, our daily focus includes mobility, flexibility, joint strength, mechanics, nutrition, overall strength and endurance. Our 55+ classes are smaller to provide assistance and modifications to any movement or workout providing a safe and comfortable space for our older members.


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The other day I treated a dental patient who also had a really good sense of humor. We laughed the entire visit, and she did great! Actually she did better than a lot of patients, because she was so motivated to keep her teeth. The catch was that she was an anxious patient and she'd had to take Valium to go through with her treatment. With the right support and a good attitude, dentistry always goes better. An estimated 30% to 50% of American adults avoid the dentist because of dental anxiety or fear of pain. Dental fear and anxiety can decrease over time with good experiences based on trust and good care. Something as simple as having an iPod with your favorite music, a pleasant environment and a supportive, friendly staff to talk to can help. If you are extremely anxious, you may need some form of sedation. There are different levels of sedation, but most people can greatly benefit from a simple low dosage of a relaxant like Xanax 0.5 mg.

holistic dentistry

dr. carey o’rielly Even patients with a strong focus on natural dental care sometimes find that a mild sedative is in their best interest. Keep in mind that using some form of chemical sedation involves having a driver for your visits. In my office we use some simple sprays from the California Flower Essence Society, combinations of essential oils and flower essences that assist patients in having a more relaxed and positive experience. If you or someone you know been avoiding the dentist because of anxiety, encourage them to seek out options that will facilitate their care Dr. Carey O’Rielly, DDS is a holistic dentist practicing at Integrative Dentistry in Encinitas. Visit myholisticdentist. com or call 760-632-1304.

AARON BOONJINDASUP, MD, MPH, is co-founder of Urology San Diego and a board-certified urologist at Tri-City Medical Center. Photo by Michie Turpin

Tri-City specialists offer advanced male urology care By Jennifer Decker Arevalo

“We have the first Center of Excellence in San Diego for the UroLift® system, a revolutionary approach to treating Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia, or BPH, symptoms in men,” said Aaron Boonjindasup, MD, MPH, co-founder of Urology San Diego and a board-certified urologist on staff at Tri-City Medical Center. “Our practice is at the forefront of urological technology, offering services and techniques not available at many other offices in North County.” The prostate is a small gland, about the size of a walnut, that is part of the male reproductive system and is located below the bladder and surrounds the urethra. BPH is a common condition in which the prostate becomes enlarged due to abnormal cell growth (hyperplasia) and blocks the flow of urine from the bladder through the urethra and out of the body. Lower urinary tract symptoms, such as a weak stream, urgency, and daytime or nighttime frequency can be disruptive and may cause a decreased quality of life, depression, and loss of productivity and sleep. BPH is not cancerous (benign) and does not increase the risk of getting prostate cancer; however, the symptoms for BPH and prostate cancer are similar. Men with BPH can determine the seriousness of their urinary symptoms, by completing the International Prostate Symptom Score (IPSS) questionnaire. They can then share their responses with a urologist who can perform additional evaluations, such as a urine flow test, or cystoscopy, to looking inside of the bladder and urethra, and then determine the best course of treatment. Prescription medications may cause side effects, such as dizziness, fatigue and sexual dysfunction and are often discontinued over time. Open surgery, such as Transurethral Resection

the pulse

of north county tri-city medical center of the Prostate (TURP), and minimally invasive procedures including thermotherapies that use heat and laser therapy called photoselective vaporization of the prostate (PVP) performed with the Greenlight laser, all remove prostate tissue. Treatment with the UroLift System is an alternative solution that does not remove any tissue, but instead uses a minimally invasive surgical technique (MIST) to insert permanent, tiny implants that hold back the prostate, like tiebacks on a window curtain, to increase the opening of the urethra. The 10-minute procedure is done under light anesthesia on an out-patient basis and men can return home that same day. There is no need for a catheter, sexual function is preserved, and side effects are minimal. June is National Men’s Health Month. During this time, men and their loved ones are encouraged to take care of their bodies by eating right, exercising and working to prevent disease. “I understand how hard it can be for men to talk about their urological health,” said Dr. Boonjindasup. “If you are experiencing any lower urinary tract symptoms, talk to your doctor right away and get a referral to a urologist. There are so many treatment options now for various conditions and diseases that no man should have to suffer. Don’t let pride or fear get in the way of being able to spend time doing the things you enjoy with family and friends.” Click here to learn more about the male urological services offered at TriCity Medical Center or call 855-222-8262 to be referred to a urologist.


T he C oast News

JUNE 3, 2022



Some of the information on this page is SPONSORED CONTENT and is not intended as medical advice and should not be relied upon as a substitute for professional consultation with a qualified healthcare provider familiar with your individual medical needs


UCSD study examines rise in youth vaping By CIty News Service

CANDICE BOTTOMLEY offers clients a safer and healthier way to tan at her new tanning studio, Bronzed Bums, that opened in the Encinitas Wellness Center on Westlake Avenue.

Local renaissance woman opens organic airbrush tanning studio ENCINITAS -- Do you want to keep your skin looking healthy, youthful and radiant by avoiding unnecessary sun exposure? “We offer a safer, natural way to tan with our all-organic, cruelty-free solution,” says Candice Bottomley, owner of Bronzed Bums in Encinitas. She is a modern-day renaissance woman who has three kids, is a title rep for a real estate company and a notary, has a nonprofit in Mexico that builds homes for the poor, and has now opened up this organic airbrush tanning studio at the new Encinitas Wellness Center at 613 Westlake St. in Encinitas. “I like to focus on women and making them feel confident and beautiful,” Bottomley says. “Working in real estate with predominantly men, I really wanted to do something that focused energetically on lifting other ladies up. I had started tanning myself and friends a few years ago and it made me feel so much better about myself. I stumbled on an opportunity to rent a small space in the Encinitas Wellness Center last year and decided it was destiny. “It’s not easy, but I’ve always enjoyed hustling. I’m juggling kids and a nonprofit and a job in real estate and a new small business. I’m trying to have faith and do what I can day to day without being too overwhelmed. My real estate jobs got me through

helping to provide for my family since 2001 when I was 21 years old but I have wanted to do something that flowed naturally. “Here at Bronzed Bums we focus on making people feel sexy. We are 100% natural and organic. We offer a safe alternative to sun exposure and, believe me, you won’t miss the wrinkles! “Our goal is to make everyone feel safe and at ease. Plus, we are FUN!!! This is a beauty service and we don’t take ourself too seriously. We want everyone to leave feeling a bit lighter and happier. “Life is short and we believe love and connection are the best medicine. If you have love in your heart and enjoy a bronzed tan, you’ll be part of our family. “It’s a quick service — you’re in and out in 20 minutes and hopefully feeling a bit more confident and sassy. “We also offer champagne on request, ’cause you know champs makes everyone happy!”

REGION — A UC San Diego study released today indicates a recent surge in young tobacco users in the U.S., most of whom are vaping e- cigarettes on a daily basis. In 2017, a 40% increase in U.S. e-cigarette sales, which UCSD says was “driven by JUUL products,'' coincided with a notable increase in young daily smokers. UCSD says more than 1 million American youths between the ages of 14 and 17 years old became daily tobacco users within two years of 2017. By 2019, more than three quarters of those young smokers were vaping daily. Study co-author and UCSD professor John Pearce said, “This rate of youth tobacco initiation has not been seen since the early 1990s, prior to the implementation of tobacco control measures. Given the recent evidence of the potential health consequences of vaping flavored e-cigarettes, this sharp rise among youth requires urgent public health attention and action.'' The study examined data from 2014, prior to the surge of JUUL products, and 2017, when a rise in JUUL sales was occurring. Though the number of new cigarette smokers dropped during that span,

UCSD REPORTED there were an estimated 1.7 million high-school-aged children vaping last year. Courtesy photo

overall daily tobacco usage increased, led by daily e-cigarette vaping, mostly among those between 14 and 17 years old. “Three major contributors influenced the increase in daily e- cigarette usage: social media campaigns, high nicotine concentrations, and fruit flavors,'' said senior author Karen Messer, Ph.D., professor of

biostatistics at the Herbert Wertheim School of Public Health. “Our prior research indicates that it is very difficult for dependent tobacco users to quit, with many e-cigarette users converting to cigarette smoking. This surge in dependent e-cigarette vaping may be reversing decades of decline in rates of tobacco addiction.''

Though the U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced a ban on most flavorings in e-cigarette cartridges in 2020, that policy did not include disposable e-cigarettes, e-liquids or refillable devices. UCSD says there were an estimated 1.7 million high-school aged children vaping last year, with 85% of them using flavored products.


We know you’ve always wanted to try one


hese bikes have probably caught your eye cruising down Pacific Coast Highway. The riders are standing tall with no bike seat in sight. When they pedal, it looks more like running than biking. Most notably, they don’t look like they’re in the middle of a grueling workout. Instead, big smiles are seemingly plastered on their faces! What are these unique fitness tools that turn heads up and down the coastline? They are ElliptiGO bikes, and they were invented right here in North County. In their Solana Beach garage in 2005, co-founders Bryan Pate and Brent Teal started working on a way to let people experience the benefits of running outdoors without the impact. Five years later, ElliptiGO launched the world’s first elliptical bike – a new category in cycling and fitness. Since then, they’ve delivered nearly 40,000 ElliptiGO bikes to customers around the world and are beloved by celebrities, pro athletes, and everyday fitness enthusiasts alike. What makes this local invention so highly sought after? It comes down to three key elements: fit-

ELLIPTICAL BIKES have a gentle long-stride motion that feels like running on air. Take your fitness to the next level with a full-body workout that burns 33% more calories than a traditional bike Courtesy photo

ness, friendship, and fun. ElliptiGO bikes offer a workout experience that cannot be duplicated. Both the stand up bikes and elliptical bikes offer full-body, weight-bearing, time-efficient, and low-impact exercise. Popular forms of fitness like running, cycling, gym cardio equipment, and studio fitness classes do not cover all these bases. Plus, you can enjoy the beauty of San Di-

ego’s outdoor spaces while you get fit! Are you in on the electric bike craze? ElliptiGO now offers an Electric Bike Conversion Kit to electrify your ride and customize the workout experience to fit your individual needs regardless of terrain. ElliptiGO bikes also come with a built-in group of friends. Their enthusiastic customers come together both virtually and

in-person to cheer one another on towards their goals. They engage with one another, offer tips and encouragement through social media. The bikes have even inspired the creation of the Global ElliptiGO Riders Club, which hosts riding events and challenges throughout the year. Most importantly, riding an ElliptiGO bike is just plain fun. Once you try one, you’ll understand the exhilarating and energizing experience that is standing up and riding. Truly enjoying your workout will help you work harder, go farther and achieve more than you ever thought possible. Ready to give these hometown heroes a GO? To sign up for a FREE test ride, visit www.elliptigo. com/test-rides/ or scan the QR code.

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