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Eight-legged invasion hits San Diego SPIDERS ON THE RISE

the pain. If you are bit by a To avoid spider bites, “Many spiders lay their REGION – North venomous spider, seek proConlan recommends eggs in the fall and those County and the rest of San eggs then hatch in the fessional medical attention. wearing shoes outdoors; Diego appears to be seeing spring. With more prey During the summer, spiavoiding putting your hands an increase in the spider ders and other cold-blooded in holes, under furniture insects available you will population this summer, and in woodpiles where you creatures whose body temsee a higher percentage of conditions one observer perature depends on weaththose young spiders make it cannot see them; shaking says is caused by an unusu- to a size where they will be out clothes, towels, shoes, er conditions seek refuge in ally wet winter and spring. spinning webs that are of a gloves and boots before cooler places – including in “It is likely tied to the homes, garages and sheds. more noticeable size (espe- use; and using caution in above-normal rainfall that cially when large enough To keep spiders out the outdoor toilets that are a we received in the winter. favorite place for spiders to home, the county’s Envito wrap around your face When we ronmental get good Health amounts of departrain it allows ment recfor more ommends plant growth. that More plants residents allows for clean up more insects woodpiles that feed on and leaves those plants around the to thrive and home; seal increase in cracks in numbers,” the house said Chris foundaConlan, the tion and county’s chief around entomologist. windows WOLF SPIDERS are becoming more and more common around San Diego as part of a greater Carlsbad, and doors; influx of spiders in the area. File photo for example, use a received 11.85 of hide. as you walk to your car),” high-pressure hose to spray rainfall between November Conlan said. The initial pain from spiders on the outside; make and March, including more Of the scores of spider a spider bite can “cause an sure you do not carry them than 4.5 inches in February species that live in the coun- intense and burning seninside on plants and in boxalone, according to National ty, only three are venomsation,” the county’s Envies; and vacuum or sweep Weather Service records ous: the black widow, with ronmental Health website windows, corners of rooms, of precipitation at Palostates. Other symptoms in- storage areas, garages and its tell-tale red hourglass mar-McClellan Airport. clude sweating, nausea, rap- basements to help remove marking on its underside; Other areas were even the invasive brown widow, id heartbeat, muscle spasms, spiders and their webs. wetter. On Feb. 14, 10.1 blurred vision and trouble with a similar with orange If you find a spider that inches of rain were recorded hourglass marking; and the breathing or swallowing. If may be dangerous and you at Palomar Mountain, the you are bit, you should wash would like to identify it, you nocturnal desert recluse, most ever for a single day found in the mountainous the bite mark with soap and can call the county’s Vector anywhere in vast San Diego east and arid south of the water to prevent infection Control Program at 858County. and rub with ice to numb county. 694-2888. By Brad Rollins



New rug gallery in Carlsbad brings a new generation of world expertise


ikaeli Rug is a stockist of a distinct range of unique exotic antique rugs. They have a full inventory valued at over five million dollars to choose from at their new gallery and outlet store. Their inventory is stocked full to suit any space, they are not just unique, but they also project a refined personality and tell a story. Jason Mikaeli, owner of Mikaeli Rug, takes pride in presenting his exquisite inventory of Contemporary, Modern, Traditional, Solid, Antique, Tribal and Transitional rugs, which 4

is on display at the brandnew Mikaeli Rug Gallery in Carlsbad at 520 Grand Ave., near State Street in the heart of Carlsbad Village. The store’s comprehensive selection of remarkable new and antique rugs will introduce locals to new and more exotic selections. Other services provided by Mikaeli Rug Gallery include appraisals, cleaning, repair and storage. Shoppers can rely on extensive expertise carried over from Golden Rugs Gallery. This family business was started in 1968 in Persia by Jason’s father, Houchang Mikaeli, who then moved to Denmark


and has now been serving the United States for twenty-seven years. Houchang Mikaeli, retired two-years ago and passed the business torch to Jason, who became the face of Golden Rugs on Miramar Road. At this point, Jason made the decision of re-branding to Mikaeli Rug to protect this family tradition for years to come. Jason enjoys sharing generations’ worth of knowledge to introduce customers to new and exotic rugs – known as kilims – that he has traded and collected from around the world. According to Jason,

when buying a handmade rug, it’s important to understand the levels of workmanship and how rugs differ from one region of the world to another in quality and design. The store boasts one of the largest choices of Oriental rugs in Southern California. “We have a wide selection of high quality handmade and collectible antique rugs,” he said. “We also do a superb job in cleaning and repairing rugs.” For more information, visit www.goldenrugsgallery.com the store call at (760) 637-5131 or (858) 578-8784.

Integrity comes FIRST at Leland Construction Inc.


By Lucia Viti

en Leland, President, CEO, owner-builder of Leland Construction Inc., has built his outstanding reputation on the honesty and integrity of his craftsmanship. The Encinitas-based, full-service construction company, specializes in multi-family and residential custom home construction, home remodeling/ renovations, home additions, and accessory dwelling units. Leland, a third-generation contractor, grew up building custom residences

in Bellevue, Washington. Not only did his parents teach him the business of residential construction, he learned the importance of building a reputation based on excellence. “Leland Construction runs on the family principles we live every day,” he said. “Principles of trust, partnership, authenticity, and ethics. I’m not only proud of my achievements, I’m really proud that my parents encouraged me to achieve my goals. More than 20 years ago, Leland launched a fence and deck-building business out of his Encinitas garage.

Today, his services cover the gamut – from renovating a six-thousand squarefoot home on the bluffs of Moonlight Beach to building a six-hundred square foot ADU over an existing garage. Leland’s not shy about acknowledging the secret to his company’s success. “I’m true to my word and I always follow through,” he said. “I’m determined to be the best at what I do by demanding nothing but the best out of myself, employees, subcontractors, and vendors.”


BACKYARD COTTAGES Presented By Ben Leland Construction, Inc. Local Encinitas Builder for 20+ Years


Increased Property Value Rental Income • Guest House Granny Flat • Office Space

NO Permit Fees! Permit Ready Plans for: Studio, 1Br, 2Br, and 3Br Accessory Dwelling Units

Call Us to Schedule a Free Consultation

(760) 436.1506 BEN LELAND CONSTRUCTION, INC. www.benlelandconstructioninc.net ENCINITAS, CA | License 770409



Easy bidding at Savacool & Sons


ave you always wished you could attend an auction but felt intimidated to enter the room? Scared you might not fit in or that it was just for the jet-set? Thanks to Savacool and Sons of San Diego there’s a better, easier and less intimidating way to enjoy an auction: at home and online. Yes, Savacool has put the “cool” in online auction and estate sales: you can now bid on an eighteenth-century armchair, antique necklace or anything else that attracts your attention from right behind your home or office computer. “We only sell online 6

through our custom designed auction platform. Users from other auction platforms have complimented us on the ease of use of our auction site. But beware that it is addictive,” Matt Savacool said. “We specialize in high-end and eclectic and look for interesting sales with some historical value. Recently we sold items from a John Lloyd Wright designed home in Mission Hills, items from one of the sons of William Randolph Hearst and items from the former secretary of the Smithsonian. Our best sales have everything from designer handbags to fine furniture, fine jewelry, collectibles, home decor, and tools.”


Savacool started the unique online estate auction in January 2015 and to date has held more than 100 successful online sales. He said he wanted to take the auction and estate world by storm, and it appears he has. No stranger to the business he previously owned a 3,000-square-foot brick and mortar packed antique store in south Oceanside occasionally selling on eBay and ran traditional tag estate sales. “Running a traditional estate sale where every item is priced is equivalent to trying to sell the contents of an antique store in a weekend; you’re setting yourself up for failure. It was determined that online

auctions were the most effective way to sell everything quickly for the most money based on feedback from East Coast customers and extensive research,” he said. So, he split the store and dedicated half to auctions but quickly liquidated the entire the store and focused 100 percent on auctions. The model works well. “Over the years we’ve established a large local following with little advertising spent, working hard to perfect the model before growing. We’re moving a lot of product and we’re getting recognized so much other local brick and morTURN TO SAVACOOL ON 20

When your kids move back home & you need space an



ust when you thought you finally made it as an empty-nester, life has thrown you another curve ball. One of your eldest children announced she’s coming back to the roost and wants her old room back. Unfortunately, you’ve already turned it into a hobby room and you’re not about to start moving things around. Relax, the answer might be as easy as building an Accessory Dwelling Unit aka ADU or also known as a Granny Flat. Granny flats or guest houses are attached or detached residential dwelling units situated on the same lot as an existing single-family dwelling unit. You can kill two birds with one

THE CROSS CONSTRUCTION team, from left, Savanah Prichard, Cailin Drakos, Jake Strehlow, Lauren Hagglund and Kirk Westerfield. Courtesy photo

stone by building an ADU: let your daughter return home and add more space. And, when she does finally move out you can rent the ADU out and generate additional income as a rental unit. Now is the time to consider an

ADU as CA state law has changed to encourage the building of more affordable housing. For example, different cities in North County have adopted and updated their own ordinances to make building ADUs simple, so it’s a slam dunk. Many homeowners in Encinitas, Solana Beach, Carlsbad, and Oceanside are building ADUs since the state now says they can be built concurrently with a single-family home. Additionally, they’ve opened areas were ADUs can be built, reduced fees and parking requirements, and amended building setbacks from property lines. It is now easier than ever to build an ADU. TURN TO CROSS ON


VACATION RENTALS Rent it for a week or own it for a lifetime!

We are a full service Real Estate Company We also have homes to purchase or lease www.VacationBeachHomes.com Residential Sales, Commercial Sales & Leasing, Vacation Rentals, & Property Management

Sales: 858-755-6649 • Sales@DaveStubbs.com Rentals@DaveStubbs.com Vacation Rentals: 858-792-7368 • Vacations@DaveStubbs.com THE COAST NEWS | FALL HOME & GARDEN 2019


Breeze Mobile Door & Window Screens: Mission is clear


t Breeze Mobile Door & Window Screens, their mission is to provide excellent and honest service for door and window screen installation or repair so that homeowners can enjoy fresh air and clear views throughout their homes. The latest in construction and designs of security doors, swinging screen doors, sliding patio screen doors and window screens are used to fulfill this mission. The company prides

itself in providing the best quality American Made products and top-notch customer service for our community. Owner Gary Spicer explains, “There are four types of screen doors we specialize in: Impenetrable Security screen doors, Retractable or “Invisible” screen doors, Swinging screen doors, and screen doors with Pet Doors built into them.” Breeze Mobile Screens infuses their own family values to create a pleasant, safe, efficient and trustworthy service experience.

They treat customers like friends and family, providing detailed service with a smile. “We pride our company on its very personalized customer service,” says Spicer. “I am the owner/ operator and I am also the main installer and enjoy working directly with each of my customers.” The company provides custom-sized installation and repair of all types of screen doors and window screens directly at your home or business. They also provide custom

made and installed window screens for casement windows, double or single hung windows and sliding screen doors. “We specialize in all types of screen and security screen doors. Today we are seeing a lot of business from customers replacing the common, outdated steel security doors. These doors have bars, rust, and are difficult to see through. Today’s modern security doors add beauty to a home and have the TURN TO BREEZE ON 9

RAIN, WIND, AND FIRE... “The three menaces to any chimney, fireplace, or stove.”

Every year there are over twenty thousand chimney / fireplace related house fires in the US alone. Losses to homes as a result of chimney fires, leaks, and wind damage exceeds one hundred million dollars annually in the US. Full Service Chimney Cleaning

ONLY $99

reg. $189

Includes full safety inspection




CHIMNEY SWEEPS, INC., one of San Diego’s leading chimney repair and maintenance companies, is here to protect you and your home from losses due to structural damage and chimney fires. Family owned and operated and having been in business for over 30 years, Chimney Sweeps Inc. is a fully licensed and insured chimney contracting company (License # 976438) and they are certified with the National Fireplace Institute and have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. For a limited time, readers of this paper will receive a special discount on our full chimney cleaning and safety inspection package with special attention to chimney water intrusion points in preparation for the rainy season.



same look as custom front screen doors,” explains Spicer. “The modern doors have been tested against sledgehammers and other devices intruders might use to break in. They are largely impenetrable, while also looking really beautiful and giving a clear view to the outside.” Many customers also have older screen doors and window screens that were built with low quality or outdated materials. These screens fade and corrode faster, leaving an unpleasant looking or damaged screen that allows pests in or limits the view outside. Breeze Mobile Screens features products with upgraded specialty fabrics and frames that will last longer and save the homeowner on future repairs and replacement. Breeze Mobile Screens uses higher grade, more durable and recyclable materials for custom and replacement screens than many of their competitors. They use American Made products and superior quality screen mesh that is a 18x14 material. This doesn’t cost the customer more and means extended durability and better value. Customers can choose from a wide selection of screen fabrics depending

on their needs. Choices include sun control screen to reduce 80% of the heat coming into the home, petproof screens which animals cannot get through, golf ball protection screens,

and metal security screens – all products to keep your home cooler, keep pets from entering or exiting, and keep out intruders. Breeze Mobile Screens carries products to keep you and

your family safe and comfortable for years to come. For more information please call us at (858) 94 – DOORS (36677) or visit our website at https://www. breezescreens.com.




HARDWOOD • CARPET • STONE • AREA RUGS 760-642-2332 | 2210 A Encinitas Blvd, | Encinitas | littrellflooring.com THE COAST NEWS | FALL HOME & GARDEN 2019




Luxury living as it should be


ou are invited to tour the newest community of luxury estate homes, less than two miles from the glorious beaches of Encinitas! Take in incredible indoor/outdoor living spaces with floor to ceiling vanishing glass doors, outdoor fireplaces, multigenerational granny flats with private entries, chef ’s kitchens, solar, and much more. The estate sized lots are the largest new home sites currently available in Leucadia, laid out in a private and tranquil enclave. Come experience these unique homes, which offer the spaciousness to accommodate your dream, resort style landscape design, with room for a pool and spa. These homes offer up to 5 bedrooms and 5.5 bathrooms, with 4,100 to 4,990 square feet,


and single story or two story living. All four homes showcase large gourmet kitchens, open flow outdoor accessible, great rooms – where you will enjoy the best coastal living has to offer. Close to it all, Urania is situated minutes away from the top beaches in San Diego, the Forum Shops, Encinitas Ranch Town Center, several golf courses, and more. Urania is where you will see spectacular sunsets, feel crisp ocean breezes, and live the lifestyle better than you could have ever imagined. Pricing starts in the low $2,000,000’s. Hallmark Communities invite you to take a tour during their Open Houses on Saturday and Sunday from 11am – 3pm at 964 Urania Avenue, Leucadia, CA 92024, or to schedule a private tour by calling Tom at (760) 644-1299.


PRATO IN SAN ELIJO HILLS TOWN CENTER: Where urban meets suburban — walk to award-winning schools Prato offers the “best of both worlds,” urban living in the serenity of suburbia. Located in the heart of the vibrant, pedestrian friendly, San Elijo Hills Town Center, this stunning new community is within walking distance to award winning schools, shopping, restaurants, hiking trails, parks, and a wide array of amenities. All twelve Prato Townhomes reach three stories, and feature a contemporary exterior architectural design. Choose between three and four bedroom floor plans and 1,749 sq. ft. to 1,827 sq. ft., all with convenient first floor bedrooms and attached two car garages. Prato offers open great rooms and chef ’s delight kitchens perfect

for entertaining, with elegant Quartz counter tops, stainless steel appliances and zonal controlled central air conditioning and heating systems with programmable thermostats. Prato’s townhomes have been built with meticulous attention to detail, creating the ultimate in contemporary styled living and entertaining. The townhomes are turnkey ready, so you can move in within 30 days, with state of the art appliances (refrigerator, washer, and dryer) included. Pricing starts in the mid $600’s. The Sales Center is open Friday through Tuesday from 11am – 5pm at 1201 Baker St. San Elijo Hills, CA 92078, or call (760) 532-6242 to learn more.

The solar industry in San Diego is thriving By David Boylan

The year 2019 has been quite a year for solar in San Diego. As awareness of the benefits of solar installation have become widespread, more San Diegans have been making calls to their local solar installer. A combination of factors, including expiring Tax Credits, rising electric rates, and new technologies have made going solar more affordable and more appealing than ever, and San Diego homeowners have clearly caught on.

The primary factor contributing to the massive increase in demand for solar installations in 2019 is the expiring 30% Federal Solar Tax Credit. The Solar Investment Tax Credit, as it is formally called, allows homeowners who install solar to receive a tax credit worth 30% of the cost of their solar installation. 2019 is the last year the full 30% Tax Credit is available, and as this can greatly reduce the overall cost of the solar installation, homeowners in-the-

WORKERS INSTALL solar panels on the roof of a house.

considering going solar know have been piling in to get the full amount. The still have time to get the Federal Solar Tax Credit is full 30%. still available until the end TURN TO SOLAR ON 21 of the year, so homeowners

GARY MARTIN 760.436.2219

Courtesy photo


OCEANFRONT & COASTAL SPECIALIST gary@garymartin.com BROKER DRE #00962104

235 sales on Neptune Avenue by Gary Martin • 220 Oceanfront Properties SOLD by Gary • 1.9 billion in Sales and Listings Since 1987

Single level, 1700 sq. ft. home on Neptune Avenue

2BR, 2BA with den. Hardwood floors and fireplace in living room. Kitchen with large island. Master bedroom with 3 way fireplace, 10x9 walk-in closet, private patio. Secluded backyard. Garage with alley access. 5 houses to oceanview point. 10 homes to Stonesteps beach access. Lot is 60x99, 5991 sq. ft. $2,200,000

Architecturally Stunning Custom Built Home On Neptune Ave., Leucadia $3,590,000

Wonderful ocean view from living room, dining area, kitchen, master bedroom, covered patio and rooftop deck. 4BR, 4 full BA, 2 partial BA, 3,221 sq. ft. 3 car gar.




Cardiff woman’s family flooring business continues to grow


aura Littrell, owner of Littrell Flooring, is passionate not only about her work but also the community she gets to do it in. “The range of homes here is so much fun to work with,” she said. “With such beautiful homes we can do spectacular things.” Having been in the industry for more than 25 years, Littrell and her son Jason bring a wealth of skill and experience to the woman-owned and family run business. In the past five years, Littrell Flooring’s reputation and word-of-mouth have grown the business so much that Littrell expanded the showroom by 50% last year and is now open on Saturdays. They specialize in full-service flooring -- hardwood, stone, tile, carpet, area rugs and luxury vinyl plank floors. “We offer almost all major brands along with smaller boutique mills and we offer custom flooring as well,” Littrell said. “We have something for everyone.” Littrell attributes the growth first to the carefully 12

curated products she carries. “We’ve worked hard to put together a selection that is expansive and includes all different price points and visuals,” she said. “The

ceptional service they offer, from consultation through installation and beyond. The team prides themselves on taking great care of their clients and helping them

Most of all we want you to love your floors for years to come!” In addition to residential properties, Littrell Flooring works with the design community and builders on remodels and new builds. They have built great relationships over the years with homeowners, contractors, developers, architects and designers. Littrell appreciates the coastal modern style prevalent in North County. “We’ve been able to take many homes from standard to modern and product selection is vastly find flooring that fits their updated,” she said. “I love different than you’ll find in style, is aesthetically pleas- this area. I live in Cardiff, most floor covering stores.” ing and is functional. Once my beautiful grandchildren Keeping on point with a customer has chosen the are in the Cardiff School current trends, Littrell car- flooring design, the team District. We love it here and don’t ever want to leave!” ries the latest in engineered works with them through Littrell Flooring is hardwood floors, as wide as the final execution. “It’s a 14 inches and 15 feet long much higher level of instal- located at 2210 Encinitas Boulevard, Suite A. Business in herringbone and chevron lation than you’ll experipatterns. They also have ence in most stores,” Littrell hours are Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. a really wide selection of said. “Your home will be and Saturdays 10 a.m. to 2 carpet, from regular carpet properly measured, your p.m. and evening appointfor tenant improvements bid clearly and accurately all the way up to handmade presented, and your instal- ments are available. For more information, visit wool carpet. lation will be supervised www.littrellflooring.com or What also sets Littrell start to finish. Our goal is Flooring apart is the exyour complete satisfaction. call (760) 642-2332.


SUCCULENT WALLS: The ‘cool kids’ of the garden


Abbey Carpet & Floor ®

America’s choice in floor fashions since 1958

AUTUMN CARON, 6, adds a succulent to her “living wall” with the help of her grandmother, Lisa Applegate, and her mom, Sarah Caron, both Leucadia residents. Photo by Sean Buffini By Kelli Kyle

ENCINITAS — Many people can agree that succulents are the “cool kids” of the plant world right now. While the quirky, low maintenance, sun-loving plants are are mostly found in gardens around the home, retired interior landscape designer and Encinitas resident Mary Lou Morgan is encouraging folks to think outside of the ground — and onto the wall. Morgan leads a workshop at the San Diego Botanic Gardens in Encinitas that teaches people how to make their own “living walls,” which are kind of like picture frames that hold plants instead of photos. After multiple requests, Morgan began offering a DIY “living walls” class every three months, and then increased it to every six weeks due to high demand. “It is the most popular class at the garden, and it just

keeps going,” Morgan said. In the workshop, Morgan provides all of the materials, including the frames and plants, which she hand selects from the growers. “I’m extremely picky about the quality,” Morgan said. “Everybody always enjoys how beautiful they are.” She also supplies the secret ingredient that keeps the plants secure in the frame — it’s a spongy soil called GroTile, and it’s only available in bulk from a few select manufacturers. At one point, the manufacturer of GroTile, International Horticultural Technologies (IHORT), asked Morgan to teach her workshop at botanic gardens across California, but the 77-year-old retiree wasn’t interested in adding more to her plate. “I’m retired,” she said. “What I do here at the gardens and this class are fun for me. It’s not like work.”

David & Lenora Walker, Pooch, A.B., Daughter Cheryl, Son and Daughter-in-Law David and Vicki



years of serving North County

another satisfied customer speaks... My wife and I just celebrated our 70th wedding anniversary in our Oceanside home of 66 years. Oceanside Abbey Carpet and Floors installed our first wall to wall carpet 60 years ago and we have remained faithful customers ever since. Supporting a small family owned business was important then and remains just as important today. David Walker Oceanside

4001 Ave. de la Plata Oceanside, CA 92056 760. 757.5033 oceanside.abbeycarpet.com THE COAST NEWS | FALL HOME & GARDEN 2019


Have you had your chimney checked this year?


teven Carter has swept well over 40,000 chimneys in the old English tradition since he founded Chimney Sweeps, Inc. in 1985. “Our philosophy is that your chimney is part of your house,” he said. “If the chimney goes, so goes the house. We take care of your chimney thus we take care of your home. We believe in honesty and ethics.” Chimney Sweeps, Inc. believes in integrity and a job well done and has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau to prove

it. “If there is something wrong or unsafe about your chimney, we can find it and fix it,” he said. Chimney Sweeps, Inc. are licensed chimney contractors (License # 976438) and fully certified chimney sweeps through the National Fireplace Institute, which is part of the reason they have a customer base of over 30,000 from Chula Vista to Fallbrook and all the areas in between. “We are a very popular bunch in our top hats; very much in demand,” Carter said. Chimney Sweeps, Inc. is a member of the Nation-


al Chimney Sweep Guild and of course also follow the advice of the National Fire Protection Association and comply with the recommendations of the Fire Department. “They all advise safety inspecting your chimney once a year, checking for deposits, building faults and deterioration,” Carter said. “And part of that inspection includes aspects of your roof, which we will also check.” Carter said the best time to have your chimney inspected is spring, summer, and early fall. “We are so busy in the late fall and

winter months that it can be very hard to get yourself an appointment,” he said. After your first inspection you can schedule your next inspection for the following year. Carter advises his customers to feel free to ask Chimney Sweeps, Inc. any questions you might have about your chimney. “And remember you can always call us if you need advice,” he said. For more information about Chimney Sweeps, Inc., visit chimneysweepsinc.com or call (619) 593-4020.

create standardized interior finish packages. Simply select what works for your budget ented local architects. These and Cross will handle the rest. plans are part of the City’s Or you can work directly with PRADU, or permit ready the Cross designer to customADU, program that also ize the look and feel of your includes reduced fees and new ADU. expedited permitting timeWhether it is the experframes. This allows hometise of the Cross team, the owners to quickly add an depth of its planning, the ADU to their property with quality of its craftsmanship or minimal costs. its attention to your specif“Besides adding increased CROSS CONSTRUCTION specializes in designing and creating acces- ic construction needs and property value, generating sory dwelling units (ADUs). Courtesy photo desires, Cross is committed additional income, ADU’s to bringing your construction Once you decide on of San Diego County since offer multigenerational living project to life. adding an ADU to your and an overall great lifestyle,” 1991. Cross specializes in We invite you to considsaid Cross Construction Inc.’s ADUs, custom homes, exten- property, Cross Construction er building your ADU now Inc. can help with all phases sive remodels, landscaping, Chief Operating Officer Cailin from financing and design to and start living your dream and commercial projects. Drakos. Cross has several experienced permitting and construction. lifestyle! Locally owned Cross For more information In order to streamline the Construction Inc. is a leading teams who self-perform all about Cross Construction Inc. process and make it even landscape and hardscape to commercial and residential easier for you, Cross worked visit its website at crossconensure your project is delivgeneral contractor and has struction.com and follow been serving the community ered with the highest quality. with an interior designer to CONTINUED FROM 7



Loden at Olivenhain offers luxury estate living In Encinitas


ew home shoppers seeking luxury design and the delightful town and country lifestyle of Encinitas are discovering Loden at Olivenhain, where award-winning builder Woodbridge Pacific Group recently opened an on-site sales gallery. “We welcome shoppers to visit

us and get a first-hand look at Loden’s remarkable home sites, architectural styles and floorplan designs—before model home opening,” said Chad Ross, Senior Sales Counselor. “As an exclusive, limited-edition enclave of just 16 residences, Loden represents an exceptional opportunity to secure estate living

in Encinitas,” added Ross. He noted that the gallery is open Saturday through Wednesday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and is located at Dove Song Way and Desert Rose Way in Encinitas. Adjacent to Rancho Santa Fe, the homes of Loden at Olivenhain will be situated on homesites of 9,000 to more than 26,000 square

feet, with views orienting to a spectacular natural setting of rolling hills and majestic stands of mature eucalyptus. Loden includes single-level and two-story designs, with 7 unique floorplan configurations. These luxury residences provide approximately 3,100 to 4,500 TURN TO LODEN ON 23

Shop Green at

Oceanside’s Largest Vintage Marketplace 13,000 sq. ft & 100 + dealers & makers Vintage Clothing, Levis, Shoes, Purses, Vintage Turquoise and Sterling Jewelry, Original Artwork, Art Deco Jewelry, Mid Century Modern Furniture, Art and Accessories, Vinyl Records And much more!

1555 S. Coast HWY, Oceanside, CA •

760-547-5706 • OPEN 7 Days a week 10 - 5 THE COAST NEWS | FALL HOME & GARDEN 2019


Your Sand & Sea Sanctuary


Final sales release at Tides in Oceanside!

ides, a new neighborhood of 58 solar-powered townhomes, is a stylish new community centered within the coastal community of Oceanside. Offering various floorplans and shared community spaces and pools, Tides is now celebrating their final sales release of their stylish homes. With only 19 homes remaining, now is the time to make your move to Tides in Oceans-

ide! Contact our onsite Sales Manager to schedule a tour and to reserve a home now. Located less than a mile from the sparkling Oceanside shoreline, Tides’ stylish townhomes feature open floorplans ranging from 1,219 to 1,814 square feet of living space with up to 4 bedrooms and 4 baths, private decks, 2-car garages and formal dining rooms. The sought-after community

also boasts a community center with a pool, fire pit and BBQ area where residents can enjoy life inside and outside of the home. Pricing begins in the mid $500,000s. Armed with advanced technology that powers the entire home to reduce Largest Selection of Exquisite Hand-Made Rugs electric bills and eliminate gas bills all together, Tides exceeds national energy-efficiency standards, representing a uniquely sustainable community in Oceanside. The homes also promote healthy living through advanced clean airflow systems Stop by to browse our beautiful selection of: and the use of non-toxic Contemporary • Modern • Traditional • Antique materials. Family owned business with over 25 of expertise that also provides: “Tides’ townhomes are Appraisals • Cleaning • Repair • Storage smart, stylish and sustainTOP DOLLAR PAID FOR TRADE IN RUGS! able,” said City Ventures Chief Executive Officer, 520 Grand Ave Carlsbad, CA Mark Buckland. “Tides www.MikaeliRug.com brings attainably priced 760-637-5153 new-construction homes

Rugs are What We Passionate about



to the city of Oceanside, along with the lifestyle benefits that come with living in the San Diego area. We believe from an architectural, energy-efficiency and price standpoint, Tides will appeal to a wide range of buyers. All of this and less than one mile from the beach.” The all-inclusive advanced technology includes high-performance appliances that require less power to operate; high-efficiency LED lighting; dual glaze Milgard® windows with ultra-violet coating; water-wise Kohler® plumbing fixtures and advanced framing technology that uses less lumber to save trees. The homes also come with NEST® thermostats for climate control; radiant TURN TO TIDES ON 22

Looking to Furnish Your Home?

Find Rare Collectibles or Explore Unique Estate Sales Savacool and Sons, LLC is revolutionizing estate sales in San Diego, LA and Orange County! Shop unique estates at your leisure through our exciting online estate sales auction model. Bidding usually starts between $1 to $10 on each item.

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Please contact us if you have an entire estate to liquidate, a collection or business to liquidate. We sell 99% of each estate & collection, everything from furniture to fine jewelry.

S &S

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SpartaFlex Delivers Where Epoxy FAILS


or nearly 40 years, southern California homeowners have used Epoxy for garage and industrial floor coating projects despite its tendency to yellow, it’s soft and easy to scratch surface and its tendency to be permanently damaged by the hot, high performance tires found on most cars in the San Diego area. Today California homeowners don’t have to settle for Epoxy and all of its flaws anymore. SpartaFlex is an advanced, next generation 100% solids polyaspartic floor coating that gives your

garage a beautiful finish that is 3x harder than epoxy, resists yellowing while also resisting permanent damage from hot tires. Perhaps best of all, SpartaFlex comes with a much better warranty than Epoxy. Perkins Custom Coatings has been installing SpartaFlex on California garage floors for nearly 12 years and has completed over 8,000 floors during that period of time. Its CEO and owner, Paul Frankel is considered by many to be the most knowledgeable contractor in the local market. “Unlike many of

our competitors, we strive to do an onsite assessment including a moisture test for every floor coating project we install and instead of using the ‘one size fits all’ approach, we develop a coating solution that we believe will last for decades not just for a few years.” Perkins uses only the most advanced surface preparation methods available and will either diamond grind or shot blast every floor that he installs. Old, failing, yellowed epoxy coatings can also be removed during this same process. “Despite the

fact that Coatings Industry requires concrete to at least be diamond ground before installing a new coating system, many of my competitors will install their coatings right over raw or pressure washed concrete just to save a few bucks - I will never do that” says Paul. For more information or to see for yourself the advantages of SpartaFlex over Epoxy, you can call Perkins Custom Coatings, at 866330-1DAY (1329) or visit their informative website at www.perkinscustomcoatings.com.

• Lightly mulch potted plants to help retain water and move them out of the hot western sunshine if possible. • Plan to work in the garden in the earlier morning when it is cooler and avoid heat related illnesses

by staying hydrated and taking breaks when needed. • Cut off old flowers on bedding plants and shrubs to encourage more blooms.

Early fall gardening tips and tricks By Paul Redeker

Here are some great gardening tips to get the most out of your plants during the warm summer weather that extends into early Fall here in Southern California: • Mow lawns at the highest setting that is recommended for your lawn during to help retain water. • Check plants for any indication of insect pest or disease damage and treat accordingly. • Monitor your plants 18

for water stress and consider adjusting the irrigation clock if necessary or hand water if certain plants need that extra attention. Note: Some plants do not show stress readily by wilting. • Hold off on planting if you can and prepare to plant when the weather gets cooler.


Paul Redeker is the Director of Horticulture & Facilities at the Water Conservation Garden.

Local company Abbey Carpet & Floor promises selection and satisfaction


f you are in the market for new flooring check out locally-owned flooring company, Oceanside Abbey Carpet & Floor. They offer high-quality flooring options at very competitive prices. Whether you're looking for resilient flooring like luxury vinyl or something with timeless design like tile, they help their customers make the right flooring choices. Their professional installation process provides their customers with quality flooring, expert assistance, free estimates, an incredible selection and above all, personalized customer service. Many of their products come with a lifetime warranty; from their broadloom carpet collections from Infinity Nylon Carpet Fiber®, Alexander Smith, American Showcase, Softique®, Legendary Beauty and Premier Stainmaster® there's no reason to shop anywhere else! Start your flooring buying journey anytime on their state-of-the art website

where you can view flooring options and get information on how to select a new floor when you want and where you want. Then come in to their showroom to speak with one of their flooring experts who go go through continuous training to understand consumer needs, recommend the best possible floor choice based on the customer’s needs, lifestyle and budget. Their expert sales staff can also bring samples to your home and provide assistance in selecting the right flooring. They have national purchasing power with a local presence – “We live here and know our neighbors, said Ken Calkin, the store owner. “Our store is locally owned with national buying power to offer our customers unparalleled values, service and selection. We have been here for 60 years pleasing North County residents one customer at a time.” Calkin went on to say. “Our customer service is unsurpassed, and it

shows in our 5-star Yelp review ranking, our whole team is proud of that.” All of their exclusive carpet brands are manufactured with pride in the United States. They offer one of the best warranties for your new floor with the Abbey 60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee. If for any reason within sixty (60) days after installation by an Abbey Carpet & Floor installer you decide that your carpet selection is not satisfactory, Abbey Carpet & Floor will replace the carpet with another carpet of equal value from the same manufacturer. Calkin went on to say, “We stand behind our work and make sure our customers get exactly what they want.” For more information go online at oceanside.abbeycarpet.com or to visit their showroom at 4001 Avenida De La Plata, in Oceanside. They are also available by phone at (760) 757-5033. Showroom days and hours are Mon-Fri 9 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. and Sat 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Make your next screen Installation a Breeze! SECURITY SCREEN DOORS - RETRACTABLE/INVISIBLE SCREEN DOORS - WINDOW SCREENS We provide custom security screen doors, on-site screen repair and replacement for your home or business! THE BENEFITS OF SECURITY SCREENS:

Clear Vision

Air Flow and Circulation

Impact Resistance

Appealing Design

Energy Savings

No Bars

Protection from Insects

60% UV Blockage

Easy Entry and Exit

Standard Sizes and Custom Made

Breeze Mobile Door & Window Screens Premium Security Doors and Windows are world-class quality products that help protect your family while also providing unobtrusive views of the outdoors


858.943.6677 info@BreezeScreens.com THE COAST NEWS | FALL HOME & GARDEN 2019



tar businesses are following our lead and switching to our model. A lot of our customers are repeat customers and we treat them like family,” he said.

Fast Sales

Savacool and Sons helps its clients sell everything within a short window of time for the most money. In some cases, it consigns the items. In others, it buys out the contents of the estate. Either way the items end up in its online auctions. It doesn’t keep anything or sell on eBay; it just passes things along, Savacool 20

said. Savacool and Sons works with appraisal experts in most fields from rugs to precious stones and everything in between. “Having lived in this space for almost a decade we have a pretty good feel for values and in cases where we don’t, we use the same tool certified appraisers use, the Internet,” Savacool said. What ultimately makes Savacool and Sons different than other similar businesses? He has a definitive answer: “We sell 99 percent of all items we list and never have the problem after a


ers. Clients seek us out to sell their belongings’ a lot come from word-ofmouth and referrals. We are known for doing the job right and take pride in our work. “I tell clients that we are in the entertainment We sell business just as much as 99 percent of we’re in the business of reall items we list...” tail. It’s a very connected social experience for our buyers especially during It’s customers are as the final hours of a sale diversified as the items up when items are closing; for auction. that’s when things start to “Over the years we get interesting. It’s a rush have organically estabof adrenaline we all need lished a large local datafrom time to time.” For more information base of buyers who are mainly end buyers, but we please visit www.savacooldo have quite a few deal- andsons.com. sale of finding a dealer to buy out all of the contents we didn’t sell. We offer shipping and have recently shipped to Moscow, Russia, London, England and Manhattan, NY.”



Dramatically rising electricity rates in San Diego have also been a major driver of the recent solar rush. Rates have increased 11% in 2019 alone, which has been putting a strain on homeowners who have already had to endure a 80.7% increase since 2014. On top of that, future rate increases look to be even more dramatic last year, SDG&E asked the California Public Utilities Commission to increase rates by 28 percent over the next

four years. So, as a reaction to the current outrageous rates, and in anticipation of the dramatic future increases, San Diego homeowners have been going solar in droves to release themselves from the financial grip of the utility. 2019 has been an exciting year for developments in solar technology. With home battery storage becoming more stable and affordable, many homeowners have been installing solar + battery storage to combat SDG&E rate

changes that charge more or less for power based on the time of day. On top of that, there have also been major developments in solar panel technology, with more efficient and less expensive panels hitting the market that have made the value of solar increase. So, you can see why there’s been such a solar boom this year - a combination of the Federal Solar Tax Credit expiring, skyrocketing electricity rates, and leaps in solar technology have to come together, offering a solar deal that

homeowners can’t ignore. So, if you decide to pull the trigger this year, make sure you go with a local solar installer that has proven themselves in the area through longevity and experience. Oceanside based SunPower by Stellar Solar CEO Kent Harle had this to say about signing up in time for Tax Credit: “If you sign before mid December, you will still qualify for the 30% Tax Credit, but we encourage people to sign up before then just to be safe.”

YOUR SAND& & SEA SANCTUARY The Best Prices at our Best Locations FROM THE MID $500,000s Solar-Powered Townhomes Less Than a Mile From the Beach Up to 4 Bedrooms & 4 Baths • Community Pool & Views TidesCityVentures.com

Up to 1,814 Square Feet of Living Space


All renderings, floor plans, and maps are concepts and are not intended to be an actual depiction of the buildings, fencing, walkways, driveways or landscaping. Walls, windows, porches and decks vary per elevation and lot location. In a continuing effort to meet consumer expectations, City Ventures reserves the right to modify prices, floor plans, specifications, options and amenities without notice or obligation. Square footages shown are approximate. Broker/agent must accompany and register their client(s) with the onsite sales team on their first visit to the community in order to be eligible for any broker referral fee. Please see your Sales Manager for details. ©2019 City Ventures. All rights reserved. BRE LIC # 01979736.





barrier roof sheathing; HVAC systems that are tested for optimal refrigerant charge and duct performance; and low to zero volatile organic compounds (VOC) in paints, stains and adhesives. For more information on Tides or to join the Interest List, visit www. TidesCityVentures.com or call (760) 512-3367. About City Ventures City Ventures is headquartered in Irvine, California and operates homebuilding divisions in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego and the San Francisco Bay Area. The Company is committed to keeping California Green



Leland emphasized the importance streamlining the efforts associated with project management, scheduling, cost and quality control. “The key to delivering quality work within a state as competitive California is based on completing projects on-time and within budget,” he said. Projects are executed by “respecting a client’s vision,” “We pay attention to details; we don’t let the little things slide and there are no change orders or 22

by pioneering eco-homebuilding—a commitment that has received national acclaim. The privately held company acquires properties in desirable excuses.” Leland noted the importance of additional dwelling units – also known as granny flats, in-law units, backyard cottages and secondary units – to San Diego’s booming growth. “No matter what you call them, ADUs are an innovative, affordable and effective way to add additional housing and income revenue while increasing one’s property value,” he said. “Additional dwelling units keep a community a community which is truly important. We don’t want large business developers


neighborhoods with the intent to entitle and build all-solar homes and vibrant new residential communities. City Ventures places an emphasis turning our communities into overcrowded, dense, concrete, urban clusters.” In his precious spare

We give every client the utmost attention to ensure that ideas are truly represented and seamlessly integrated.” time, Leland shares his philanthropic spirit with those less fortunate by building homes in Baja, Mexico through Christian

on energy-efficiency, construction quality and cost to deliver its buyers innovation and value. For more information, visit www.CityVentures.com. Ministries of Mexico. “It’s rewarding to give keys to a family in need of a roof over their head,” he said. “Our homes tell our life story,” concluded Leland. “Our homes represent our achievements, passions, and lifestyles. At Ben Leland Construction we realize the importance of understanding a client’s vision. We give every client the utmost attention to ensure that ideas are truly represented and seamlessly integrated.” For more information visit www.benlelandconstructioninc.com

master suites are situated on ground or second level, depending on plan choice. square feet of living space and up to 6 bedrooms and Spacious secondary bedrooms provide Jack and 6.5 baths. Pricing is from the $1.4 millions, and WPG Jill or en suite bath design, and one design features a offers 3% Broker co-op. self-contained casita. Per Loden’s distinctive, richly detailed architecture plan highlights include includes Monterey, Tuscan, home offices, game rooms, media rooms and lofts. Spanish, Italianate, Farm“The choices in plan layhouse, Traditional, Santa Barbara and Modern styles. outs, new home finishes and exterior styles that WPG Formal dining rooms and expansive great rooms with offers at Loden allow buyers to personalize their new resshowcase island kitchens highlight every home. Also idence in nearly unlimited part of each design at Loden ways,” noted Ross. “Locaare delightful, covered out- tion in beautiful Encinitas door living rooms. Selected adds abundant and diverse advantages that complete plans additionally feature Loden’s wonderful blend of courtyards, porches or town and country living.” decks. Family buyers will Opulent, secluded



and preserves close at hand. Among them: Torrey Pines State Reserve, Torrey Hills Park and Elfin Forest Recreational Reserve. Loden’s priority registration list helps shoppers stay up to date on all opportunities. “Being part of our priority list is a great way to secure the latest news from Loden,” Ross said. “Shoppers can sign up at our sales opening Saturday, or register online by visiting LodenOlivenhain.com. upscale shopping, dining Loden at Oivenhain and entertainment at La Jolgallery hours are 10 am. To la Village Square, Del Mar Shopping Center, Del Mar 5 p.m., Saturday through Plaza and Carlsbad Premi- Wednesday. Shoppers are also invited to call 858-882um Outlets. Recreational opportunities 7881 to speak with Senior are plentiful, with the Pacific Counselor Chad Ross. just 5 miles away, and parks appreciate the highly ranked elementary, middle and high schools that serve Loden. For all residents, Loden offers easy access to

Location in beautiful Encinitas adds abundant and diverse advantages.”

It’s Not Epoxy — It’s Better. It’s

A Beautiful Garage Floor Like This...


SpartaFlex Offers So Many Advantages Over Epoxy — Call Us Today To Learn More.

Hate your old, tired, peeling or yellowed Epoxy floor? We can remove it and install a new SpartaFlex floor that you will love!

EPOXY SPARTAFLEX • No Hot Tire Pickup or Permanent Tire Stain Issues • No VOC’s Or Strong Odor

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Dozens of colors IN-STOCK, hundreds of others available!

• Most Chemical Resistant • Wet or Dry Slip Resistant • Strongest Residential Warranty In The Industry

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Thousands of satisfied customers. See for yourself why Perkins installs more floors in Southern California than anyone else! THE COAST NEWS | FALL HOME & GARDEN 2019