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International Viewbook 2020

We offer high quality affordable education in one of the most beautiful places on earth. Located in Northwest British Columbia, the communities we serve have thriving cultures and rich traditions. Our campuses provide a safe learning environment, where we educate students from all over the world.

Table of contents Our region


Cultural connections


Campuses & experiences

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Student life

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Student services

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University transfer

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Degree partnerships

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Experiential place-based learning

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Field schools: Adventurous

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Field schools: Community

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Health & Social Services

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Subject to change and revision. The reader should recognize changes may occur. Our official calendar is coastmountaincollege.ca refer to it for the most up-to-date information.



Our region Located in the coastal mountain ranges of Northwest British Columbia, our campuses are part of or near the Great Bear Rainforest. This means we have some of the most amazing landscapes on the planet. Whatever activity or sport you enjoy, Northwest BC will have something for you. Our campus locations allow you to balance your studies with adventure. From Vancouver, you can take a short flight to Terrace, Prince Rupert, and Smithers. Our other campus communities are reachable by a short car or bus ride. Our summer days are long, with average temperatures of +20°C. Our winters are mild with average temperatures of -5°C. Our students will experience rain, sun and snow while living in Northwestern BC.

Seasons in British Columbia: Fall (September – November) Winter (December – February) Spring (March – May) Summer (June – August) 4

International Viewbook 2020



We are here Vancouver





Cultural connections Local Indigenous communities guide how we include Indigenous culture and knowledge into the Coast Mountain College experience. Our classes support the First People’s principles of learning and recognize relationships between traditional cultures of our region and success of our students, both domestic and international. We continue to develop programs connected to cultural, social, political and economic values; connected to realities of Indigenous communities we serve.


International Viewbook 2020



Campuses & experiences Get in touch with nature. There many outdoor activities available around our campuses and communities. Our campus libraries rent bikes, snowshoes or fishing rods. Get outside and explore our region! Terrace

The Terrace campus is located on 30 acres of land nestled in a quiet residential area surrounded by stunning mountain ranges. This campus is about five kilometres from downtown. Student housing is available. A cafeteria with food prepared by students and chefs from our culinary programs is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The Cedar Café offers food, coffee specials, and a bright study space. The Cedar building hosts an airy, light commons area with added study space, breakout rooms and comfortable furniture. The campus library is part of the Cedar building.

Prince Rupert

Prince Rupert’s campus boasts a spectacular location on an inner harbour on the north coast. A mild marine air keeps the temperatures moderate throughout the year. Mild temperatures means Prince Rupert tends to get more rain instead of snow in the winter time. This campus is located downtown next to local restaurants and shops to fuel your studies. Our world-renowned Applied Coastal Ecology program is taught at the Prince Rupert campus. This program prepares students for their careers in natural resources management and ecosystem restoration.


The Gold LEED building is flooded with natural light and heated with Geothermal energy. There is wood, rock and art throughout to represent themes of forestry, resource management and Indigenous culture. The themes symbolize Coast Mountain College’s connection and commitment to the communities of the Northwest. The building houses a large gathering area and bright learning facilities. With video conferencing technology we offer a variety of instructor-led and online courses there. Student housing has 20 rooms. With shared kitchen, dining hall, lounge area, laundry and washrooms.

A Yurt – a tent-like teaching lab and innovative space for our classes is located in one of our campus courtyards. At the south end of the campus stands Waap Galts’ap (meaning Community House), the campus longhouse. The Longhouse is used for cultural events and student activities. There are different events hosted there throughout the year.



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Student life Events & activities Enhance your college experience with a fun student life. Check out campus cultural events and workshops, curling bonspiels, fitness classes, trips to the ski hill, movie nights and more!

Leaders in Action Leaders in Action are student volunteers who help with campus social events, sporting and cultural activities. They also lead campus tours and help with orientation.

Our campuses also play host to many community events; art exhibits, guest lecturers, orchestra practices, and indigenous dances groups, to name a few.

Meet new people

Experience new things

Develop new skills

Learn about your community

Network with community leaders

Earn a great reference for your resume

Community support Northern British Columbia is known for its safe and friendly communities that support multiculturalism and diversity. There are service providers and cultural events to help you feel at home. Shopping & dining There are many unique, locally owned shops and places to eat in Northern BC. Our communities offer shopping centres, farmers markets, restaurants, artisans, galleries, pubs, breweries, cafes and more. Work opportunities Full-time students can work 20 hours per week on-or off-campus during the semester. During the holiday break full-time students can work up to 40 hours per week. Our region has lots of opportunities. It is easy to find work while you study or after you graduate. Minimum wage in BC is $13.85. The BC Government is committed to raising minimum wage to $15.20 by year 2021.


International Viewbook 2020



Student services International student support At CMTN we understand that studying in another country may cause you to feel nervous, unsure or homesick. We have International Advisors to help you create an academic plan to reduce barriers to studying in Canada. Email us at international@coastmountaincollege.ca Counselling (personal) Coast Mountain College offers free, confidential counselling services to all students who need support. International students can visit keepmesafe.org to access free counselling any day, at any time. The service is private and confidential. It can connect you with a counsellor in your own language. keepmesafe.org Medical insurance For your first three months in British Columbia (BC), private insurance coverage is provided through GuardMe. After this three month period, you will be covered through BC’s provincial Medical Services Plan (MSP). guard.me Financial aid Help to access funds and develop financial planning. Consider awards, bursaries, scholarships, part-time employment and student loans. coastmountaincollege.ca/awards

Food Food is available at the Terrace Campus. Meet for lunch at the cafeteria. Where the menu changes daily and is prepared by students. Grab some coffee or pizza at the Cedar CafĂŠ. coastmountaincollege.ca/food-services Student housing Our Terrace campus has three, two floor residence buildings. These rooms have a twin bed, table, and wardrobe. Each building has shared shower facilities, TV rooms, food preparation areas, and free wireless internet. Our Smithers campus has 20 single occupancy beds with TVs in each room. There is a shared kitchen, dining hall, lounge area and washer and dryer facility. Smithers campus housing is a 10-15 minute walk to campus. coastmountaincollege.ca/housing Homestay Coast Mountain College has partnered with the Canada Homestay Network to provide homestay services in Terrace, Prince Rupert and Smithers. Live with a local family to experience Canadian culture while in a safe, family friendly environment. canadahomestaynetwork.ca/for-students Fitness Centre In Terrace we offer a fitness space fully equipped with weights and cardio machines. Throughout the year there will be yoga and pound fitness classes available. There are showers, lockers and change rooms located across from the Fitness Centre. coastmountaincollege.ca/fitness-centre


International Viewbook 2020

“Being a Homestay parent has been exceptionally rewarding. We love learning about other cultures as much as the students love learning about Canada. We get to experience their first hike, their first snowfall, their first time skating and skiing and for many of them, their first time in a rainforest. We would recommend the Homestay program to anyone.� Bruce Denis, Capital Projects Manager Terrace Homestay Parent



University transfer Start at Coast Mountain College and finish at universities all over BC, Canada and the world. The BC Transfer System allows you to receive credit at institutions throughout BC for courses completed at Coast Mountain College. Discover your transfer options at bctransferguide.ca Coast Mountain College has partnered with high quality institutions to offer you an easy path to your degree. See pages 16 - 17 for more on our many degree partnerships. Associate of Arts Degrees •

General Studies

Archaeological & Cultural Resources Management Specialization

Criminology Specialization

Sustainable Communities Specialization

Associate of Science Degrees •

General Studies

Environmental Geosciences Specialization

Diplomas •

Applied Coastal Ecology (ACE)


Early Childhood Care & Education (ECCE)

Social Service Worker (SSW)

Certificates •

Applied Earth & Environmental Studies

Community, Crime & Social Justice (CCSJ)

Engineering & Physical Sciences Transfer

Social Service Worker (SSW)


“It’s much different than any college I’ve been to. You actually can talk to your teachers. And because the community is so small, everybody knows everybody, so it kind of has a family feel, even on campus. I plan to transfer to either UNBC or TRU in Kamloops, to further my studies in Biology and Chemistry, with a Minor in Psychology.” Deandra Sans, Freeport, Bahamas, University Credit Program

International Viewbook 2020



Degree partnerships Coast Mountain College has partnered with high quality institutions to offer you easy path to your degree. Guaranteed Admission

Transfer Agreements

International Transfer Agreements

University of Victoria (UVic) Complete your two year Associate’s Degree at CMTN and transfer to UVic to finish your Bachelor’s Degree in Art History and Visual Studies, Humanities, Sciences or Social Sciences.

Royal Roads University

Australia, Monash University Eligible Programs: Associate of Arts

British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) Complete your two year Criminology Diploma at CMTN and transfer to BCIT to complete your Bachelor of Technology Degree in Forensic Investigation.

Bachelor of Arts in Justice Studies

Bachelor of Business Administration in Sustainability and International Business

Bachelor of Commerce in Entrepreneurial Management

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Management or Environmental Science

Acsenda School of Management Complete your Business Administration Certificate or Diploma at CMTN and transfer into Ascenda’s Bachelor of Business Administration program.

Finland, Lapland University Eligible Programs: Business, First Nations Fine Arts, Associate Degree of Arts or Science, Engineering

University of British Columbia •

University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC) Earn your university credits at CMTN and transfer into an undergraduate program at UNBC through our Guaranteed Admission Agreement.

Denmark, VIA University College Eligible Programs: Associate Degree in Arts (Education), Business Administration, Engineering

Bachelor of Science in Natural Resources Conservation

Ireland, Institute of Technology Tralee Eligible Programs: Early Childhood Care and Education, Professional Cook

Portugal, Universidad Atlantica Eligible Programs: Business Administration, Engineering

United States of America, Park University Eligible Programs: Business Administration, Associate of Arts, Science or Criminology coastmountaincollege.ca/study-abroad


International Viewbook 2020




International Viewbook 2020

Experiential place-based learning Our mission is to create adventurous pathways to transform lives through education. We have set out to become the college of choice for experiential place-based learning by 2027. Experiential learning means engaging with learners in direct experience and focused reflection. This will increase knowledge, develop skills, clarify values and develop our student’s capacity to contribute to their communities. Place-based learning connects classroom to the local environment, cultures, history, economy and politics. coastmountaincollege.ca/place-based-learning

“Back home the study is limited to books and just studying inside, but here we study everywhere. I got this opportunity to join this Field School. So I traveled to a different town and I’m living in a bunker house for a couple days. Here, I can explore more things.” Suresh Kalbi, New Delhi, India Business Administration



Field schools: Adventurous education Climb glaciers, kayak an ocean inlet or hike rainforests to explore and learn. Hop on a ferry to remote beaches to collect seaweed with the local Indigenous community or visit a local farmer to learn permaculture tips from experts in the field. There are many field schools offered May to August every year that offer an adventure of a lifetime with a focus on sustainability, environmental science and culture. •

Coast Mountain Ecology

Haida Gwaii

From Icefields to Oceans

Invertebrates and their Ecosystems

Permaculture Design

People and Place: The History and Geography of British Columbia

People of the Skeena

Rainforests and Coastal Communities

Sense of Place: Gitga’at Territory Seaweed Camp

Stewart/Telegraph Creek

coastmountaincollege.ca/field-schools 20

International Viewbook 2020

Free your mind.



Field schools: Community connections Hosted against the backdrop of the surrounding landscapes, some fields of studies might not bring you to the top of a mountain, but to the boardroom table or courtroom instead. Our business students are immersed in the field of rural marketing and partner with local organizations and their business planning. Criminology students explore the criminal justice system through forensic studies with local RCMP and participate in a court-based mock trial. •

Criminal Justice (Criminology)


Opportunities in the Skeena (Business)


Rural Challenges in Marketing (Business)


International Viewbook 2020



Business Gain the credentials, experience and expertise needed to get ahead in today’s competitive and changing workplace. Our instructors are experts in their field and enhance their classrooms with community projects and collaborations.

Business Administration Certificate Program length: 1 year Intakes: September, January & May Business Administration Diploma Program length: 2 years Intakes: September, January & May Post-Degree Business Diploma Program length: 2 years Intakes: September, January & May



International Viewbook 2020

“The instructors are always connecting Canada to other cultures to make it easier for international students to understand. I am never worried about asking questions.� Nirav Lalitkumar Patel, Gujarat, India Business Administration Diploma



“What I like the most about the college is that it’s in a small town and all the people here are so warm and welcoming. The best thing is that it’s affordable and it’s a cost effective way to pursue a degree here in Canada.” Mia Soliman, Philippines Associate of Science Degree


International Viewbook 2020

Science At Coast Mountain College we are always exploring new ways to move our courses into the field. Our rugged geography and variable climates enhance our classrooms. Two years of university-level courses at Coast Mountain College are designed to transfer to degree programs at other universities in the province and around the world.

Associate Degree in Science – General Studies Program length: 2 years Intakes: September Environmental Geoscience Specialization Program length: 2 years Intakes: September Applied Coastal Ecology Diploma (ACE) Program length: 2 years Intakes: September Applied Earth & Environmental Studies Program length: 1 year Intakes: September Engineering & Physical Sciences Transfer Program length: 1 year Intakes: September




Health & Social Services Practice what you learn in a workplace setting to gain skills needed for jobs in the health and social services industry. Connect with your community through our learning labs and practicum opportunities.

Social Service Worker (SSW) Certificate Program length: 1 year Intakes: September Social Service Worker (SSW) Diploma Program length: 2 years Intakes: September Early Childhood Care & Education (ECCE) Program length: 2 years Intakes: September Health Care Assistant (HCA) Program length: 29 weeks Intakes: January


“Compared to back home, we have more practical work and more chances to meet with our instructors. Instructors here respond very quickly to you. Until you are satisfied, they never quit.� Lovepreet Kumar, Jalandhar, India Social Service Worker Diploma


International Viewbook 2020



Arts Enriched learning environments, guest lecturers, community projects and unique classroom spaces. Our Arts and Humanities programs prepare you for careers where you need to think critically, act creatively and succeed in a changing world.

Archaeological & Cultural Resources Management Specialization Program length: 2 years Intakes: September Associate Degree in Arts – General Studies Program length: 2 years Intakes: September Community, Crime & Social Justice (CCSJ) Program length: 1 year Intakes: September Criminology Diploma Program length: 2 years Intakes: September Criminology Specialization Program length: 2 years Intakes: September Sustainable Communities Specialization Program length: 2 years Intakes: September



“My instructors are really supportive. I can go to any of them and sit down to discuss anything, they will go through everything step by step.” Mariana St. Natus, Bahamas Criminology graduate

International Viewbook 2020



How to apply Review your program requirements at coastmountaincollege.ca/programs/explore/international Apply online at apply.educationplannerbc.ca • Pay $100 application fee Submit your documents (official transcript in English, English proficiency and any other required documents) to international@coastmountaincollege.ca Receive confirmation •

If you are eligible we will send you a Conditional Letter of Acceptance

A deposit of your tuition fees is required for full acceptance*

Apply for your study visa

*Application fees are non-refundable. First-term tuition is non-refundable unless a study permit is denied.

Let us help Coast Mountain College educational advisors can help you decide on the best program or course for you. We suggest you talk to us before you apply. Email international@coastmountaincollege.ca or call 1.877.277.2288

coastmountaincollege.ca/international 32

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We offer high-quality and affordable education in one of the most beautiful places on earth. Located in Northwest British Columbia, the comm...

International Education 2020  

We offer high-quality and affordable education in one of the most beautiful places on earth. Located in Northwest British Columbia, the comm...