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“Get real” – TV ads reveal reality of the Reef by Sherry Barnes Television commercials now screening nationally are urging Australians to become properly informed about the true environmental health of the Great Barrier Reef. The ads are authorised by the Queensland Resources Council in the wake of an admitted scaremongering campaign by activist groups. “Their stated objective is to shut down Queensland’s export coal and gas industries,” said CEO Michael Roche. “The Reef is convenient and emotional leverage following a 2012 report finding the Reef had lost 47% of its coral over the preceding 27 years.” The authors of the report, the Australian Institute of Marine Science and Wollongong University are unequivocal in attributing the blame to storms (48%) crown-of-thorns starfish (42%) and coral bleaching (10%) Mr Roche said activists are ignoring this scientific evidence and blatantly peddling the line that port developments, dredging and shipping are the dangers. “The message is clear – there is no dredging of coral reefs or seagrass and no disposal of dredge spoil on coral reefs, seagrass or other environmentally sensitive areas,” he said. “We ask Australians to learn

more from the Queensland Government’s Reef Facts website.”

World Heritage Area – “a dumping ground” “No PR campaign can absolve the coal lobby from responsibility for the effects of climate change on the Reef,” said Australian Greens’ Senator Larissa Waters.

“The Reef is under pressure like never before and at this sensitive period, the Newman and Abbott Governments are letting big mining companies treat the World Heritage Area as a dumping ground for dredge spoil and a shipping highway to export more climate-destroying coal.”

Bundaberg’s Chern’ee meets with royalty Rising Indigenous artist, Chern’ee Sutton from Bundaberg discussed her painting Ajarku Muruu with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge after it was accepted as an official gift to the royal couple. “Premier Campbell Newman introduced me and Kate said she’d be interested in seeing some of my artwork,” said Chern’ee. “I replied that I’d just given one of my reconciliation paintings not only from myself, but from all Australians. The Duchess said she’d keep an eye out for it on their return home.” Chern’ee said she was honoured and humbled that Ajarku Muruu, which means in Kalkadoon language All One Country is being taken back to England. “It tells of a united Australia, all moving towards reconciliation and equality – my meeting with their Royal Highnesses and their acceptance of one of my paintings is one of the biggest highlights of my career so far,” said Chern’ee.

Chern’ee explains her painting to the Duchess of Cambridge after being introduced by Premier Newman.

‘I was also honoured to be part of the 200 Queenslanders invited to the State Reception and grateful that Premier Newman personally introduced me to William and Kate.” For information on where Chern’ee’s amazing art is exhibited and available for sale,

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Waking up in a graveyard! There was this one time in Belize in Central America when I woke up in a graveyard. Given that most people in a graveyard never wake up I counted myself lucky. As I blinked and greeted the dawn, I heard a groan. ``Oh Lord,’’ I thought. ``It’s the end of the world! The dead are rising from their graves’’. It was not the deceased, however, who were rising but my travelling companion. We had become separated during an enthusiastic tasting of the local rum the previous night and had both independently homed in on the graveyard as a dormitory. ``Morning’’ I said as his head appeared over a nearby headstone. ``I think I’m going to die’’ he gasped, lighting a cigarette. ``You’re in the right place’’ I said. I don’t sleep in graveyards any more and my holiday and travelling aspirations have become rather more mainstream. I don’t drink rum anymore either but that’s another story and while the graveyard left a bit to be desired in the way of comfort, it wasn’t the worst night I’ve ever spent. If you want to experience sleep deprivation and discomfort on a grand scale, you must spend a night in the cells at the Lismore lock-up in the depths of winter. I can’t rate the pillows because there weren’t any on the night I involuntarily checked in, the room service was terrible and some of my fellow guests had serious snoring problems. Hospitality-wise, it was a one star experience but better in a way than the night I spent in a hammock on a jungle fringed Mexican beach. Exhausted after a day of travelling, I slept soundly. The next morning, I greeted the day with a shriek when I slid out of my hammock and saw a large snake curled

around the base of one of the trees to which I’d tied the hammock. ``It’s dead,’’ said my mate waving his machete at me. ``I killed it. I didn’t want to wake you’’. ``Thanks’’ I said. We camped on the beach for a week and I had not a moments sleep for the next six nights as I lay wide-eyed in my hammock listening for the slithering sound of approaching reptiles. Occasionally I think of that time I slept in a park in Mexico and on awakening, was seized with a desire to attend to my toilet. There was a public convenience in the park outside of which my fellow homeless itinerants were queuing, shuffling slowly forward. When I reached the end of the line, I handed over a peso and was handed a single, very thin, sheet of toilet paper. Ahead was a cubicle with no door in which you sat while the man next in the queue, and all those behind him, stared at you. I never did get my peso’s worth.

I hold feature magnificent hotels. They’re the wealthy class’s gift to the world for without the indecently rich, they wouldn’t exist. There’s a small hotel a block from St Mark’s Square in Venice. Its name has been lost to me but I will always remember waking in the early morning and looking out over the canal that stretched beneath the bedroom window. There’s a place on Santorini which I do remember – Fanari Villas – and if there’s a better view at sunset than the one from its terrace, I’m yet to find it. Luxury? I love it. Waiter! Fetch me another martini!


Sleeping in some of the better hotels. I spent so much time sleeping in some of the worst hotels in the world when I was younger that I’ve tried to make up for it by sleeping in some of the better ones as I’ve grown older. I’m still a long way behind but I’m doing my best to catch up. I’ve heard some people dismiss the towering monoliths which mark the centres of some cities as lacking character. ``I prefer small boutique hotels,’’ they sniff. ``Tossers,’’ I mutter. Show me a huge hotel with a massive foyer, chandeliers, hovering staff and a martini menu the length of your arm and I’m a happy man. There are those who spend weeks trawling cyberspace looking for the cheapest hotel on offer. I wish them well but most of the great travel memories

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Meeting with Treasurer “interesting” by Sherry Barnes

Central Highlands Regional Council Mayor, Cr Paul Maguire said the round table discussion with the Treasurer recently was an interesting exercise he hopes will bring positive benefits to the region.

“We went in there prepared to listen and have a discussion about asset sales and any other options for reducing the State debt,” said Cr Maguire. “We wouldn’t object to asset sales providing the long term implications are examined and understood. My question is

what you do when you have nothing left to sell?” Cr Maguire said the fact that 80 businesses closed in Emerald over the last year tells its own story. “We know there are downturns but this one is longer and deeper than anyone was expecting or experienced before.” He said local businesses have to be supported by the resources sector and when new projects come online, the companies must be encouraged to spend locally. “The Queensland Resources Council is developing a voluntary Code of Practice

for local content and that’s great, but I want all the new projects to look at how they can use local businesses in their supply chain.” He said it’s great the State is looking at developing the north as a food bowl but the Central Highlands has established agriculture industries already. “So why not build on that as well?” Council’s immediate priority projects are the new Emerald Water Treatment Plant, Blackwater Aquatic Centre and the Emerald Flood Mitigation Project.

Tradies of tomorrow by Sherry Barnes

“What happens when there’s nothing left to sell?” ... Cr Peter Maguire.

During the recent school holidays, 17 regional high school students took on the QMEA, Make It Now in Trades Challenge in Dysart.

Arafura Bed & Breakfast Homestay Family-Style Living

The week-long program, ending in a site tour of BMA Saraji Mine, helped them build a range of skills to equip them for a trade career – some want to become engineers and see value in the chance to complete their trade first, to build a solid understanding of the resources sector.

Continental Breakfast supplied or BBQ available Wheelchair friendly

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Dysart student Kyle Pothecary said it was a wonderful experience for which he was very grateful. “I learned a lot and recommend this camp to anyone.”

Dysart Trade Training Centre Manager, Susann Morrow said challenges like these enhance the employability and life skills of the future workforce, and are extremely worthwhile.

Here we Joh again

Bookings Essential - Phone 4151 2482 Kev and Kathy Radford 175 Fairymead Road, North Bundaberg Email:

Kyle Pothecary (Dysart) Matthew McKillop (Moranbah) Dillon Scott (Kirwan) Paul Marano (Kirwan) James Rowe (Tannum Sands) with their newly built motorised pushbike.

The Greens condemned Premier Newman’s plans to water down the CMC and abolish the requirement for bipartisan appointments, likening it as a “return to the Joh days”. “Premier Newman is taking us backwards with his proposals to weaken

Contact Us

the CMC, and with partisan appointments it will be a lapdog not a watchdog,” said Senator Larissa Waters. “Just as calls for a federal ICAC are gaining traction, Campbell Newman is seeking to reduce the CMC’s independence – it’s here we Joh again to the bad old days.”

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Supported by BMA, the MAC Dysart, Lennons Training and QMEA, the students worked in collaboration with supervisors and fourth year apprentices by BMA Saraji Mine to identify problems, propose, design and build a motorised pushbike to industry standards.

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What do mining kids think? Jason Nitz whose career in IT led to the mining industry has had 11 moves in nine years. He’s worked overseas in Oman, PNG, Indonesia and is now with Newmont in WA and studying a Master of Mining Engineering. Jason also contributes to the awardwinning website, Mining Family Matters and recently asked three junior miners what they thought of life in a mining family, especially the challenges of FIFO. Gus’ Dad is a Construction Electrician on a FIFO roster, Imogen’s Dad, a Senior Safety and Training Advisor is office-based with lots of travel, and Harrison’s works in Operations on a DIDO roster. What jobs does your Dad do? Gus: Works a long way away in a mine. Imogen: Helps people be safe in their job Harrison: Mining What do you like best about Dad being a miner? Gus: Mummy and I get to go shopping. Imogen: Because he helps other people do their jobs safely Harrison: He shows me videos of

what he does at the mine and the big trucks. Is there anything you don’t like about Dad being a miner? Gus: I miss him and don’t get to hug him. Imogen: When he has to go away from home. Harrison: No, I like him being a miner How do you feel about Dad working away and how do you cheer yourself up if you feel sad? Gus: I feel sad when I want a hug but Mum is sad also, and we both miss Daddy so Mum and I have a hug. Imogen: I miss him but I just think that Daddy will do a good job and will be home soon. Harrison: I feel sad but I like being with Mum because she does Mummy things and is nice to me. What do you think happens at a mining site? Gus: Don’t know. Imogen: They dig underground. Harrison: People mine. People stay at units When you grow up what job would you like?

Harrison Nitz tells it like it is. (Pic: Jason Nitz.) Gus: Help people Imogen: An animal carer Harrison: Mining with picks What colour shirt does Dad wear to work? Gus: Yellow Imogen: Grey

Harrison: Orange, no yellow Is there another job you think Dad would be good at? Gus: Lawn Mower Man Imogen: A doctor because being at work and helping people is a little bit like being a doctor.

Harrison: Skydiving. Find much more information and professional advice empowering families in mining, oil and gas at

IF YOU WANT TO MAKE Unanimous rejection for land proposal A STAND


Clermont landholders vote “No” to the State Development Area. by Sherry Barnes Affected landholders gathered in Clermont to unanimously reject the controversial State Development Area proposal, giving government

power to acquire properties for fast tracking rail lines to Abbot Point coal terminal.

Corridor To Coast – Galilee Network (C2C) spokesman John Burnett said landholders reinforced their opposition to the SDA and rail lines that would bisect properties, reduce values and disrupt cattle movement. “The rail corridors are in the wrong place,” he said. “With big question marks over the viability of short term rail projects, we are ruining the long term economic viability of the floodplains, which support and are vital to the agricultural industry.”

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Australia Institute researcher and public engagement officer, Mark Ogge said Government support of mining projects is based on woefully inadequate economic analysis that exaggerates the benefits and ignores the significant costs to be paid by other industries, particularly agriculture.

“It’s outrageous that proposals to industrialise huge areas of Queensland farmland are even being considered without proper cost benefit analysis,” said Mr Ogge.

Mr Burnett said it’s crucial, not just for landholders, but the community and local government to work together to ensure farmland and agricultural productivity are protected.

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Gympie Muster – Bowen Basin must Early Bird tickets! produce more coal by Sherry Barnes To stay profitable, mines must produce more coal and lower production costs – that was the key message from industry heavyweights, Gerhard Ziems, BMA Head of Finance and Michael Roche, CEO Queensland Resources Council at the last Mining Club luncheon in Moranbah. “We can’t control global economics or royalty payments, so BMA is focusing on what we can influence and we are calling it our productivity agenda,” said Mr Ziems. “Coal prices are the lowest in four years but the company continues to invest heavily in the Bowen Basin to secure its future competitiveness.” QRC’s Michael Roche said BMA’s experience is shared across the sector. “At the moment you’d be hard pressed to find a coal mine turning a profit,” he said. “Coal is 14% of Australia’s Gross Regional Economy, take that out and you’re losing a big chunk.” He said the biggest challenge is not if someone commutes to the Bowen Basin to work, it’s whether coal prices stay competitive on a global scale. Mr Roche added his organisation is working hard to counter misleading orchestrated anti-coal and gas campaigns by groups determined to close the industry down. Adani Mining will speak at the next BBMC event in Mackay on May 30.

Every single Australian Golden Guitar winner from this year’s Country Music Awards will be at the Gympie Music Muster in Amamoor Creek State Forest August 28 to 31 with early bird tickets onsale now at This year’s line-up includes Kasey Chambers, Lee Kernaghan, John Williamson, The McClymonts, Sara Storer, Adam Harvey, Beccy Cole, The Wolfe Brothers and Luke O’Shea. More than a spectacular celebration of music its Australia’s biggest charity music festival with more than 2000 volunteers helping the Muster team stage this non-profit community-based event to raise funds for charities Australia-wide, In 2014 The Muster aims to surpass $15m of giving to rural and regional communities. – the whole artist line-up reads like a who’s who in Australian Country Music as well as the best in folk, bluegrass, alt country and blues.

Kasey Chambers coming to The Muster.

Hema Explorer empowers like never before Hema Maps has announced Hema Explorer for iOS and Android devices which combines navigation and interactive content with connection to the groundbreaking Hema Explorer Cloud to empower touring, 4WD and camping adventures. It features Hema Maps in tandem with Australia-wide street, terrain and satellite mapping, offering multi-perspective trip planning and in-depth navigation with real-time location tracking. Transforming the mapping are 40,000 interactive points of interest specific to campers, four wheel drivers, caravanners and everyday tourers with everything

from campsites to caravan parks to lookouts and 24 hour fuel. Another innovative feature is the Hema Explorer Cloud, a centralised hub for users to sync and share their trip profiles all in one place online. After syncing waypoints, tracks and geo-tagged photos to their account, a user’s individual trip profile can be shared directly to Facebook and Twitter as a URL or added to the public trip gallery on the Hema Explorer Cloud. Hema Maps Managing Director, Rob Boegheim said they have been exploring Australia for the last 30 years to make the best navigation solutions possible for on and off road adventures.

Blackall Heartland Festival, May 23 to June 1 G’Day! This is a celebration in Blackall, the home of the Black Stump, Jackie Howe and the centre for Arts and Culture in the Central West. Showcasing its regional produce, Billy Cart Derby, Barbecue Cook Off, Art and Photography Exhibitions and fun workshops, there’s something for you to enjoy. Come and be dazzled by our poets, musicians, singers, dancers over 10 days in a unique outback setting. You’ll be bowled over by the friendly town of Blackall, so grab your hat and join in some outback hospitality. ***** Vision Splendid Outback Film Festival, Winton June 27 to July 6 With 50 films and 1,000 scenes this is the first open-air outback film festival of its kind. The Vision Splendid celebrates Australian film and culture under the stars. The Festival will combine an incomparable program of classic Australian films, workshops, film making competitions and social activities. www.visionsplendidfilmfest. com, phone 4657 1466 for more information. ***** Birdsville Horse and Motorbike Gymkhana June 28, 29 Watch skilled bushmen and women compete in a series of age-old events on horseback on Saturday including barrel races, bending races and a serious of hilarious novelty events. Then on Sunday, watch the same events with a modern twist as living horsepower is replaced by the motorised variety in the form of fast and exciting dirtbikes and quads. Food and drinks are available at the track all weekend and visitors are welcome to camp among the competitors enabling them to experience a bonafide outback community event and discuss the ins and outs of remote station life and work. To really experience life in the outback, join them at the Birdsville Horse and Motorbike Gymkhana this year. Phone 4656 3321 for more information.

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on Emerald...

EMERALD received a return visit from Delores Enns from sister city Altona, 30 years after she was crowned Altona Sunflower Queen and won the trip as part of an exchange program. This time she brought daughter Kate (the current title-holder) who was named after an organiser of Emerald’s festival in 1984, Kate Dunbar. Delores, Kate and the rest of her family stayed with 2013 Central Highlands Sunflower Queen, Marita Hales.(pictured) BLAIR ATHOL MINE is another step forward in re-opening, with New Emerald Coal, subsidiary company of Linc Energy who took over the mine from Rio Tinto last year, receiving Government approval for the transfer of its mine lease. The Plan of Operations was expected to take a further three weeks to be assessed and approved. NEC Executive GM, Jason O’Rourke said mine operations are expected to begin later this year. “We are committed to employment agreements and will continue to keep short-listed employees informed.” EMERALD Show Society’s Jess Crawford has great taste in shoes. Local store Stiletoes provided her footwear when she met the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge as a rural ambassador and representative of regional shows. “They’re nice shoes” said Kate. Take a bow Stiletoes! BANDANNA ENERGY’S SPRINGSURE CREEK coal mine hasn’t totally convinced local landholders it will be an example of how underground mining and agriculture can co-exist. Five objections were lodged on behalf of nearby owners who aren’t satisfied with plans regarding underground water supplies and subsidence. “Even though the miner says “The proposals don’t make provision for returning the land to its cropping capability – the mines say “yes we’ll do it but we won’t tell you how because we’ll work it out as we go along.”

CERT. NO. 11171

Sunny souvenirs locally made Fridge magnets and stubby holders are facing stiff competition in Emerald’s Visitor Information Centre as the first port of call for travellers now boasts an impressive range of unique, locallymade merchandise, some inspired by the town’s famous Van Gogh Sunflowers painting. Other items include bags of sapphire wash, coasters inspired by Emerald’s mosaic walk and miniature replicas of the Sunflowers complete with mini easel. “Key rings and stickers will always be popular but the Central Highlands has so many distinctive attractions that it makes sense to also offer an authentic memento of those,” said Co-ordinator, Robyn McGovern. “It’s also a way of highlighting the talented people in our community – crafts people, wood workers, and helping them promote their product to a wider audience.” The push to stock locally-produced items began when the Central Highlands Development

Volunteer Judy Dexter displays some locallymade souvenirs. Corporation took over management of the Visitor Centre last year. It has since employed a Tourism Development Officer and undertaking volunteer recruitment and training as part of a commitment to better meet the tourism industry’s needs. Anyone wanting to stock their products or volunteer can phone Ms McGovern on 4982 4142.

High profile speakers at conference Michael Pascoe, one of Australia’s most respected and experienced business and finance commentators will be MC and special guest speaker at the Investing In Our Future conference in Emerald on May 20 and 21. BMA’s Asset President Lucas Dow will join Mr Pascoe to provide the latest update on their activities including Caval Ridge Mine and Hay Point Expansion Stage 3, along with G V K Hancock’s new CEO, Darren Yeates. The Conference includes site visits, keynote addresses, panel discussions and trade exhibition all focusing on the economic pillars of agriculture, resources, tourism and construction. “Analysis of the size, turnover and nature of businesses in the Central Highlands indicates that these sectors are driving broader economic activity and growth,” said CHDC General Manager, Sandra Hobbs.

The Coalfields EXPRESS 7

Around the Traps with Ferret

“Dear Future Me”. Website has come up with a novel (or not) idea to give ourselves a laugh, perhaps a huge cry in 5, 10, maybe 20 years time. The idea is to write some advice, say Hi to yourself in an email, to be sent to you at whatever time you choose – sort of “How are you going Self? All your dreams come true yet or did you stuff everything up?” They advise choosing an email address likely to last, i.e. gmail, yahoo, hotmail…not a work address because who knows how long you’ll be there? *************** Comfort is a major priority for airline travel wouldn’t you agree? Ferret spied a bloke alighting from plane at Bundy Airport wearing those long white pressure socks – he’d cut a hole for his big toe to poke through – wonder if it’ll catch on.

Should the driver of this car (see pic) have bought a Lotto ticket, went to church to pray, seen a clairvoyant?

Amazing Anagrams Someone out there must be deadly at Scrabble! PRESBYTERIAN: When you rearrange the letters: BEST IN PRAYER ASTRONOMER: When you rearrange the letters: MOON STARER DESPERATION: When you rearrange the letters: A ROPE ENDS IT THE EYES: When you rearrange the letters: THEY SEE GEORGE BUSH: When you rearrange the letters: HE BUGS GORE THE MORSE CODE: When you rearrange the letters: HERE COME DOTS DORMITORY: When you rearrange the letters: DIRTY ROOM SLOT MACHINES: When you rearrange the letters: CASH LOST IN ME ANIMOSITY: When you rearrange the letters: IS NO AMITY ELECTION RESULTS: When you rearrange the letters: LIES - LET’S RECOUNT SNOOZE ALARMS: When you rearrange the letters: ALAS! NO MORE Z ‘S A DECIMAL POINT: When you rearrange the letters: I’M A DOT IN PLACE


Because glancing at his car radio station and then at the number plate of the car in front, this amazing synchronicity seems to be some sort of message – spooky! I wonder what song 97.3FM played next!

Spotted around town.

************** What a danger to other drivers. The Ferret spotted two cars in five minutes the other night both with only one headlght. How careless some drivers are and its illegal. If it is just a dead globe its a five minute fix. If its a fuse or wiring problem then its best to go to a mechanic. “Surprise Party”. Thanks to the Ferret Fan who sent us this photo. Got something to report to the Ferret? Go to Coastline Newspapers FACEBOOK.

THE EARTHQUAKES: When you rearrange the letters: THAT QUEER SHAKE And for the grand finale - MOTHER-IN-LAW: When you rearrange the letters: WOMAN HITLER

8 The Coalfields EXPRESS

Tieri Tales

with Jacqui

Looking Back

Looking Forward

Tieri Sharks swimming club held their club championships at the Tieri swimming pool. The Sharks will recommence in term three with a sign-on day.

CTM Links is hosting Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea on Thursday 22nd May at the Lighthouse Cafe. The morning begins at 10am with entry a $10 donation to Breast Cancer Research. For more information or to make a donation contact Angela at CTM Links ph. 49848566 or find her on Facebook.

C&K Kindy kids got an early start on Easter when they ventured to the library for a special Easter story followed by an Easter hot cross bun making at the Lighthouse Cafe. The annual excursion has become a firm favourite on the kindy calender. CTM Links also joined in the Easter fun with a basket making afternoon followed by a great Easter egg hunt. Lots of kids and their families came to the Lions Park in the morning to hunt for Easter eggs. Tieri State School and Capella State High students marched in uniform in the Anzac Day parade from the school to the cenotaph for the morning service on 25th April. The service was followed by the Tieri Golf Club Ambrose four ball day. CTM Links in partnership with Tieri Country Club hosted Mother’s Day Markets on the 10th May. With a wide variety of stall holders and lots of locals turning up for a browse it was a very successful day. Costa Georgiadis from Gardening Australia was a special guest at the Capella CWA Mother’s Day High Tea on the 10th May. The day also featured a cent sale and morning tea. Tieri residents put on their sandshoes on Sunday 11th May to run or walk 4 km or 8 km for the Mother’s Day Classic. The day raised money for breast cancer research.

Anzac Day

Track of Dreams: Central Highland Derby Dolls are hosting their first live derby bout at the Emerald Showgrounds on 24th May. Doors open at 6pm, food stalls and a licensed bar will be operating. Entry is a gold coin donation. The team features a few Tieri girls, so get along and see what all the fuss is about. Brook Lee Modelling is holding a modelling and deportment workshop in Middlemount on the 14th and 15th June. The workshop is for boys and girls aged over four years and includes a photo-shoot. More information is available from the website or by phoning 0406 974 439.

Group of service men on Anzac Day- Don Christie, Peter Christie, Scott Cowley and Sean Tannis.

Sophie Phillis from the Voice 2013 will be special entertainer at the Capella “Christmas in July” Craft Fair on 26th July. The fair is hosted by Capella C & K. More information can be found on the Capella “Christmas in July” Facebook page. Tieri Dance Academy is hosting “A Winter Wonderland” on Saturday 5th September. Don’t forget to book your family’s tickets. TDA Facebook page has all the up to date information. Have you got something you want to share with Jacqui? Email

Two girls with wreath - Tahlia Shepherson and Megan Adamski.

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Graduating class of 2013 - the best ever results

Marist College Ashgrove aims to fulfil the ideals of St Marcellin Champagnat, the founder of the Marist Brothers, to create “Good Christians and Good Citizens”.

The graduating class of 2013 has inspired to this ideal. They achieved the best ever results in their academic pursuits (both OP and Vocational Education and Training Pathways). The Queensland Core Skills Test results in 2013 are also highly commendable: 91.7% OP1-15; 62.1% OP1-10; 43.1%

OP 1-7. Added to this are significant contributions in cultural and sporting pursuits. The highlight achievement for the College is 3119 hours of service to others through the MATES program. The 2014 academic year has commenced very well. College leaders for the year are: College Captain Michael Barbera and College vice-Captains Lachlan Messery, Tim Moloney,James Lancashire and Oliver West.

New bikes to Ride2School 10 students from Nebo, Glenden, Moranbah, Middlemount, Clermont, Dysart, St Lawrence, Carmila and Valkyrie won shiny new bicycles and helmets donated by Pacific National during Ride2School Day activities. Across the Isaac Region, others took home goodie bags, bike safety tips, talks from police and ambulance. Mayor Anne Baker said any initiatives, such as the recent Road Safety Poster Competition that helps kids stay fit, healthy and active are invaluable. Pacific National General Manager, Paul Griffin said as a business they value any chance to give back to the local community especially in areas of health and wellbeing which is promoted highly within their employee base.

Kevin Hansen (Pacific National Train Crew) and Cr Jane Pickels present Olivia Beale of Middlemount Community School with a gift voucher for a new bike.

Enrol now for career in Agriculture

Emerald Agricultural College is purpose built for training in beef cattle production and cropping, giving students practical skills with hands-on experience, where real qualifications lead to real jobs.

Courses starting in July and enrolling now include: Diploma of Agriculture or Agribusiness Management; Certificate IV in Agriculture with a focus on Horses or Beef; Certificate III in Rural Operations with focus on Broad Acre Cropping, Horse breeding or Beef.

Places for the Agricultural Skills & Technology experience, Taste, are filling fast and for more information on this school holiday program and upcoming courses phone 1800 888 710, email or find AACC Emerald Campus on Facebook.

Educating children at home Are you looking for a style of education and curriculum that suits your children? Are you aware that not all children are capable of learning at the same rate, that there are different learning styles, that a standard classroom can’t cater for these individual differences and there are students who are excluded from classrooms by distance, illness etc. Groves Christian College School of Distance Education is a fully accredited, educational provider for families who educate their children at home. Their aim is to provide Christ centred schooling in an atmosphere which will enable children to achieve their full potential for God. For this to happen they provide a fully accredited programme from Prep to Year 12 including a range of OP subjects. Groves also provide a range of events such as workshops, day events etc. to enable children to interact with other students who are educated at home. The school can be contacted on 38276500 for further enquiries

MARIST COLLEGE ASHGROVE A Catholic boys’ day and boarding College in the Marist Tradition

Boarding at Marist provides: • Innovative, attractive and functional residential services; • Partnership with families and practical support for students' learning; • An education promoting students' academic, spiritual, cultural, social and physical development in an environment of care, challenge and community; • A quality Residential Program with skilled and committed staff. Marist College Ashgrove is located on a leafy 23 hectare campus at the foot of the Taylor Range, just seven kilometres from the centre of Brisbane. The College currently has 1600 students enrolled including 230 boarders. For further information please contact: Mrs Kim Taylor, Registrar on 07 3858 4507 or email:

Marist College Ashgrove, Frasers Road, Ashgrove Q 4060 07 3858 4555 | | Trustees of the Marist Brothers – Ashgrove t/as Marist College Ashgrove – CRICOS Provider #00670F

5($/4XDOLÀFDWLRQV 5($/-REV Learn practical skills for your career in Agriculture Courses starting July 2014 enrolling now: Diploma of – Agriculture, or – Agribusiness Management Certificate IV in Agriculture with a focus on – Horses, or – Beef Certificate III in Rural Operations with a focus on – Broad Acre Cropping – Horse Breeding, or – Beef

FOR MORE INFORMATION PHONE 1800 888 710 OR EMAIL | FIND US ON FACEBOOK AACC Emerald Campus Emerald Agricultural College is a division of the Australian Agricultural College Corporation.




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Loan approvals soaring “Cost to hold a property” a big concern ABS figures released last month show approvals off to their biggest start in five years. Loan Market Director, Mark De Martino said 13% more loans were approved in the first two months in 2014 that last year. It’s also the highest total for January and February since 2009. ABS figures show 52,460 loans were approved in February, the shortest month of the year. “There were only 227 fewer home loan approvals in February than the best month in 2013. Considering this, we can expect to see demand for finance growing and reaching new highs


“Easier to budget with rates that stay the same”…. Mark De Martino throughout 2014,” said Mr De Martino. • Renovated two bedroom unit - income producing • 50 metres to beach - 400 metres to bowls club • Approx 3.5 hours north of Brisbane and • 40 minutes south of Bundaberg

LETTING FOR ONLY $40 P/NT OR BUY FOR JUST $269K Call Todd on 0422 582 523 OR 07 3410 7001 DEB’S PLACE CAFE/LICENSED POST OFFICE AND RESIDENCE Banana - 20kms from Moura, 170km west of Gladstone • Dine in or takeaway • 3 bedroom residence • Stock and Equipment WIWO • Main clientele includes contractors and travellers • A five way crossroads brings people together travelling from all directions Cafe - Approx $95,000 gross annually Post Office - $14,000 net annual return Rental House Income $300wk – very little maintenance

“Without the cash rate moving, banks and lenders are offering their incentives to get new customers, such as cash back offers. Fixed rates haven’t been this competitive in years – lenders are adjusting rates in opposite directions for different rate terms.” He said it’s been great for cautious customers to have rate stability for so long.

HIA welcomes Industry Payment Reforms Reforms announced by the Queensland Government to the Building and Construction Industry Payments Act should provide for greater transparency and fairness in adjudication processes to the benefit of both claimants and respondents, according to Executive Director, Warwick Temby. “Establishing a modified system for larger valued and more complex claims is also a welcomed initiative,” he said.

Price $368,000 negotiable Hurry, won’t last long at this price! Phone Deborah McCann 0429 699 308

“The reforms will enable fairness to be restored by removing limitations surrounding the provision of further information throughout adjudication processes.”


HIA hopes the new reforms can be implemented as soon as possible so that the industry can benefit.

STEEL FABRICATION + CONSTRUCTION in S.E. QLD: Est 20+yrs. Operates Nationally. 30 Staff in place. Managed on Job & Administration. Large Project Company work. Extensive P&E ($650,000 Value). Nett $600,000+ p.a. P.O.A.


MUFFIN BREAK TOOMBUL: A1 fitout. 6+yr lease. T/o $13,000pw. Exc Staff. Ideal Owner Operator. $459,000 + SAV

■ 5 day operation

GLORIA JEANS TWEED CITY: Est 15+yrs. T/o $600,000pa Nett $110,000+. Prime location. Owners work Mon-Fri. $289,000 +SAV

■ Close to Cairns CBD

MICRO EARTH MOVING BUSINESS Gold Coast: Est 13+yrs P&E ($300k) 8 machines from 1-4 tonne + 3 trucks. Mon-Fri with Owner & 2 staff. 3yrs P&L. $529,000 WIWO

■ 13 year Lease extremely low rent

ELECTRICAL & SOLAR BUSINESS S.E.QLD: Est 10+yrs. Long est clientelle. Staff in place. 3 Vehicles. $199,000 WIWO

■ High Profile Corner position in strong industrial area


The biggest cause for concern for Australian housing affordability is the cost to hold a property, which could become precarious for many if near term interest rates rise above 6% and national productivity improvements fails to gain momentum. Accounting and wealth advisers Chan & Naylor said the recent 3% increase in value of the property market which now stands at just over $5 trillion is in line with previous historical cycles and not a sign of market overheating. “A person’s ability to purchase and retain a property is a function of their ability to make repayments and with current low interest rates funding a mortgage is more feasible than 10 years ago,” said Director Ken Raiss. “However with an inevitable rise in interest rates as the economy improves, Australia’s productivity must improve – failure for it to do so will result in less people able to purchase or retain property.”

Ken Raiss

Mr Raiss said the impact of property investors has been overstated and Australia is at a crossroads where on one hand interest rates must increase as the economy improves, and on the other, the Government must aim to keep unemployment and inflation down by increasing real living standards through increased productivity, leading to improved business outcomes, increased wages and sustainable jobs.

Building is at a 10 year high Figures for dwelling commencements in Queensland delivered another confidence boost for the housing sector with quarterly figures returning to “above average” for the first time since the start of GFC. Master Builders Executive Director, Paul Bidwell said the figures for the December 2013 quarter reflected the steady increase in building approvals. “The good news is that the increase we have been seeing in building approvals is now flowing through to

“shovels in the ground”. Dwelling commencements increased from 7,975 in September 2013 to 9.233 in the December quarter. “This is a 28% improvement over the year and the first time that commencements have returned to “above average” since the start of the GFC,” said Mr Bidwell. “Queensland is on track to hit our forecast of 32,000 commencements for 2013/14 as predicted, which will be up almost 10% for 2012/13.”

■ Fantastic return for couple or partnership ($150, 000 net annually)


Pat Doyle 0439 347 722, Andy Doyle 0432 06 1623

Ph: 0419 027 913 OR view ID 51094 for full details at

Walking around the neighbourhood takes on a whole new meaning at this residential development in Denmark.

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Removing confusion and abuse Requiring unions to give notice to an employer to access a building site for alleged safety reasons is a positive outcome from the legislation recently introduced into State Parliament. Warwick Temby (pictured), Executive Director HIA said the notice period unions will have to give an employer prior to entering a workplace will now be the same for safety and Fair Work purposes. “This alignment of notice periods will remove a great deal of confusion and should also limit the extent of abuse of access to a workplace in the guise of a safety issue.” He said the Government’s safety inspectors will still be able to access workplaces without notice to address urgent safety issues so there will be no reduction in workers’ safety.

St George Newsagency - rare opportunity to own a booming business at the heart of a real country community. NO COMPETITION IN TOWN! Established over 50 years, this is the only newsagency in this significant country town. During the last 14 years, the current owners have developed a reputation for providing excellent customer service, ensuing regular, loyal clientele. Stocking a diverse range of products, carrying the largest range of magazines, books and stationery available in the area, it is also the only Gold Lotto Agency and dry cleaning service available. The business has 8 sub-agencies servicing the town and outlying centres.

“Their safety should never have been used as an industrial weapon and this change to the legislation should significantly reduce this potential,” Mr Temby said.

Housing wealth heads for $800 billion The value of residential real estate in Queensland is set to break through the $800 billion barrier amid growing investor confidence and buoyant market conditions. Anton Kardash (pictured), CEO of REIQ said Queensland accounts for more than 15% of the nation’s housing wealth, estimated at $5.2 trillion. “The State’s real estate renaissance is reflected by a wide range of indicators, from strong price growth and higher sales volumes to more new housing construction and finance approvals,” he said. “Nationally the value of residential housing has grown to be worth more than superannuation, listed stocks and commercial real estate combined.” Mr Kardash said stronger buyer sentiment and sales activity were helping the Gold Coast and the Far North rebound from the GFC.

Highlights of the business are: • Loyal staff • Net Return 2013- $215,000 • Fully computerised bar-coding of all stock makes it easy to operate • Land comprising 2 blocks with very livable 2.5 bedroom residence above • Business turnover around $1.2 Million plus agencies commissions of $70,000 Situated on the Balonne river and about 500km west of Brisbane, St George is a service centre to the beautiful Darling Downs area and has a population of approximately 3800 people. Perfect for the relocating entrepreneur, the town offers great infrastructure including a variety of education and health services. The district has a strong agricultural/industrial base servicing the local wheat, cotton, small crop and pastoral industries. The opportunities to significantly increase the future benefits of this business are enhanced by recent developments in the area, which will strengthen returns throughout normal agricultural seasons. This is a great opportunity to experience a true country lifestyle with an excellent business showing good returns – an ideal business in an ideal area for a family seeking a good income!

Business: $495,000 + SAV (approx $120k) Freehold: $540,000 (Financial statements available)

Call Owners Direct 0409 692 299

Want a Property with Income? 197 ACRE FISH HATCHERY Owner Retiring Residential housing values: Brisbane ($393 billion) Gold Coast ($123 billion) Sunshine Coast ($74 billion) Far North ($36 billion) Wide Bay Burnett ($34 billion) Mackay ($28 billion) Darling Downs ($26 billion) West Moreton ($12 billion).

This is a rare opportunity to purchase a rapidly growing fish hatchery that is producing an increasing income, set on 197 acres! The high set three bedroom Queenslander home offers great views from the large verandah.

Knowledge of aquaculture is not necessary!

Fixed rate demand rises in April With speculation rife that the next move by the RBA could be an interest rate rise, more borrowers want to fix their mortgage. Mortgage Choice’s latest figures for April show fixed rate mortgages accounted by 26.49% of all written during the month, another rise on the month before. “This past month showed demand swung back towards new record highs as more borrowers opted for this type of product,” said spokesperson Jessica Darnbrough. “While variable rates continue popular, we are starting to see fixed rate demand head


back to levels not seen since last year when all the lenders were aggressively competing on price in the fixed rate arena,” she said. Overall, ongoing discount rates proved the most popular, accounting for 43.19% of all loans written. Ms Darnbrough said regardless of whether borrowers choose a fixed or variable rate, they will secure themselves a sharp rate. “It’s fair to say those who are keen to buy and have the ability to do so, now may be a good time to get onto the property ladder.”

The retiring founder of Ausyfish has purchased a house nearby and is prepared to provide all the skills necessary, for an extended period of time, to allow the new owner to settle in. Ausyfish features 127 fish ponds, 4 water storage dams and a LARGE hatchery complex. Producing fish for farms that grow-out Australian native freshwater species. Ausyfish also produces exotic, and Australian native species for the aquarium sector. Established in 1988, Ausyfish is now the largest hatchery of its type in Australia. Well established markets have been developed for 26 years. The facility holds multiple approvals for quality and performance, allowing it to export across international and state borders. Approx one million dollars spent on an upgrade of the whole facility has produced solid growth in cash flow. For the last four financial years, sales have grown 20-25% year, on year. World wide advance orders, for the popular Australian native freshwater species produced by Ausyfish, will see the cash flow continue to grow. The great thing is, there is still plenty of undeveloped land ready for continued growth. SPECIES INCLUDE LARVAE AND FINGERLINGS OF: • Jade Perch, Silver Perch, Golden Perch, Sleepy Cod, Murray Cod and a large range of native and exotic aquarium fish. The property offers great lifestyle with an established income, for a family, or the entrepreneur. There is real potential to grow the business to corporate level, or just enjoy a comfortable income.

For full details with lots of pictures visit Ausyfish is for sale, but will go to Auction in the near future, unless sold beforehand!

Price $1.85 million

Phone 0407 797 149

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GOLD COAST Biggest Losers become winners

Dreamworld’s two little princes Save the Bilby Fund were delighted that not one, but two bilby joeys were born at Dreamworld last year, in the same week as royal baby, Prince George. Of course they were named Prince George 1 and Prince George II after being discovered in a routine check inside their Mum’s pouch. At the time of the royal Prince George’s birth, the Australian Government announced a toy bilby gift for him plus a $10,000 sponsorship of Dreamworld’s Bilby Program.

Glamping luxury in the Hinterland

Struggling to find the motivation to lose weight? The Biggest Loser Retreat operated by Golden Door Australia, in partnership with Shine Australia (the producers of The Biggest Loser) has opened on the Gold Coast, helping guests achieve their weight-loss goals. The retreat is all about combining movement, food, coaching and education to kick-start a health and wellness overhaul. Led by a team of health and wellness experts, professionally designed nutrition and Sleep under the stars and snuggle in front of the rotating fireplace in your private luxury tent exercise programs are created for each guest to achieve life-changing goals. surrounded by the ancient Lamington National Park at Nightfall Wilderness Camp. 1-3 week retreat from $1855 per week; 4-7 week retreat $1707 per week www. Striking the perfect balance between eco and luxury, Nightfall Wilderness Camp protects and rehabilitates the environment without sacrificing king sized beds, well-appointed bathrooms and a gourmet dining menu. Guided bushwalks, gourmet hampers for a secluded picnic, evening campfires and the ultimate indulgence, a massage in the rainforest, are ways guests can customise their Nightfall Wilderness Camp experience.



Modern, 1, 2 & 3 bedroom Apartments - great location close to Beach, Shops, Transport

EARLY BIRD’S SALE Stay 2 nights SAVE 25% (incl Bottle of Champagne and Late Checkout to 12 noon)

Stay 3+ nights SAVE 40% (Book 30+ days ahead)

7 NIGHT SUPER SAVER From $145 per night

Call 1800 138 888

Conditions Apply. Valid for stays 1 April to 18 Sept. 2014. *

See website for details


ANB Asia Pacific International Championships Robina Town Centre, June 7 to 9

The annual Physique, Figure and Fitness Modelling Championships attracts the finest natural athletes from across the Asia Pacific region to compete in a world class event held over the Queens Birthday long weekend.

The event has amazing talent from within the health and fitness industry across an array of categories including Natural Bodybuilding, Figure, Male and Female Fitness Models and Bikini Models. Competitors travel from as far as Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, New Zealand and PNG to join hundreds of Australian athletes from every state to battle it out for top honors in this prestigious event. This is a world class stage production that offers those in attendance a preview of what can be achieved following a healthy, fit lifestyle.

Cooly Rocks On, Coolangatta, May 30 – June 9 If you love Rock ‘n’ Roll, cars, dancing, live music, then don’t miss the chance to be part of the most rockin’ event of the year. Cooly Rocks On is the new name for Australia’s hottest Rock’n’Roll and nostalgia car festival. The 10 day event will have some of the biggest names in Rock’n’Roll, Rockabilly and Swing with over 50 bands and plenty of dancing. Bring the family and enjoy loads of free entertainment and retro markets, and watch the Street Parade or join a dance workshop – learn how to jive baby! or phone 5599 2081 for details.

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Coast Beachfront PALM BEACH GOLD COAST Enjoy luxury accommodation in fully self contained apartments with many facilities including a heated pool, hot spa, sauna, tennis court, gym. Go surfing and fishing. Phone us today or visit our website

07 5534 5455

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Give Me Brisbane Any Day That’s the new slogan for our capital city, saying Brisbane has never shone brighter, along with Lonely Planet and GQ Magazine calling it “one of Australia’s coolest cities” and with statistics backing it up. Six million visitors came to Brisbane last year, an increase of 5%, with those coming for a holiday rising by more than 10%. Lord Mayor Graham Quirk said there’s a growing pride in what Brisbane offers and this campaign not only encourages locals

to holiday closer to home, but is also about luring southerners here by reminding them of our sunny weather on their frosty winter mornings. Brisbane Marketing’s CEO, John Aitken said the campaign followed extensive market research which found Brisbane is seen as a vibrant, optimistic, open and collaborative city with locals proud to share their passion.

Brisbane coming into its own at last.

Myths, Monsters and Mariners WHAT’S HAPPENING IN BRISBANE The legends of many a mariner’s tale are coming to Queensland Museum in an exhibition that will take you beneath the surface of the sea to explore its cold, mysterious depths. Deep Oceans runs until October 6 and is filled to the gills with the curious, the strange and the fantastical including a 6.75 metre giant squid, sperm whale ambergris, some of the world’s first dive helmets, and a replica of the first submersible ever to plumb the ocean’s secret depths. Queensland Museum Network CEO Professor Suzanne Miller says the deep

ocean makes up 95 per cent of the earth’s surface, but to date only 10 per cent of it has been explored by humans. “More people have walked on the moon than have descended to the deepest ocean trenches and Deep Oceans proves that fact is stranger than fiction. Deep Oceans is a travelling exhibition from the Australian Museum and Questacon – The National Science and Technology Centre.

Gluten Free Food Expo, May 23, 24 Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre The sights, sounds, ideas and most importantly, the delicious tastes of Coeliac Queensland’s annual Gluten Free Food Expo is the only event of its kind in our State. It’s a two-day gathering of 50 of the nation’s favourite gluten-free food producers as well as keynote medical speakers, celebrity MasterChef cooking demos and more, all in support of coeliacs and those living with gluten intolerance. The Expo also opens up visitors’ awareness to all the exciting new and different gluten-

free food offerings available. Proving it’s an event for the whole family, there will be a kids’ area available for the first time this year.

****** Kokoda Challenge, June 1 In honour of the Kokoda Spirit this 30 km event winds through some of the area’s toughest terrain. The track undulates through the green scenery in the west of Brisbane Forest Park. The 30km distance makes this the perfect event for beginners or runners having a hit out. or phone 5539 4141.

Tickets are $12 from

Tickets for the Ekka on sale now

Brisbane’s best location.

The spectacular Night Show. For the first time in the Royal Queensland Show’s 137 year history, it runs for 10 days across two full weekend from Friday August 8 to Sunday August 17. It’s at the Brisbane Showgrounds just 1.5km from the CBD and attracts over 400,000 people. The Ekka celebrates Queensland’s best from the city to the country. With more than 10,000 animals, 21,000 competition entries, carnival rides, games, smorgasbord of awardwinning food and wine and hours of free family entertainment, it’s a sight to behold. This year sees the return of the spectacular night show that wowed crowds last year and transformed the Main Arena into an extravagant worldclass stage. This year’s night show has a new design with more lasers, water fountains, fireworks, new routines, rock concert sound and Aussie stars taking the stage. Tickets available at

Spacious well appointed apartments.



Perfectly located in Brisbane City Centre.


On-site car parking.


Modern conveniences in a unique heritage building.


$95 per room | per night | Room only Subject to availability

Free WiFi and Platinum Foxtel Mention when booking this Coalfields Express to take advantage of this offer

• Roma Street Transit Centre - 200m • Queen Street Mall - 100m • Stroll to Southbank via the Kurilpa Bridge - 100m


201 Edward Street, Brisbane, QLD 4000

07 3221 9229

BOOK NOW: 1800 064 858

Check out our website for our latest Special Offers

317 - 325 George Street, Brisbane Qld or visit our website

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SUNSHINE COAST Market Chef returns to Eumundi Chefs from top Sunshine Coast restaurants will share kitchen magic with visitors and high school students at the Eumundi Markets from 10am to 11am on Wednesdays through to June 18. Restaurants taking part include The Bohemian Bungalow (Eumundi) Elliotts Bistro (Alexandra Headland) The Long Apron (Montville) Thomas Corner Eatery (Noosaville) Noosa Boathouse (Noosaville) plus Noosa establishments – Berado’s, Gaston and Bistro C.


Market Manager Peter Homan said Market Chef is a unique opportunity to be mentored by top chefs sharing their expertise, cooking techniques and skills. “The demonstrations are education and fun for students interested in pursuing a career in the hospitality industry.� Schools taking part are Maroochydore State High, Burnside State High, St Andrews Anglican College, St Teresa’s Catholic College, Mountain Creek State High, Immanuel Lutheran College, Good Shepherd Lutheran College, Unity College Caloundra and Noosa Christian College. All recipes cooked incorporate fresh produce and ingredients from local growers and suppliers available at the Original Eumundi Markets. Phone 5442 7106 for more information.

Aspiring chefs from Unity College Caloundra.

It’s a celebration of sailing The annual Etchells Australasian Winter Championship is on June 5 to 8 at Mooloolaba for four days of intense competition.

" %( $ %"#( $" %(  ()   $  "$#"  ( !"$  

# "& # # ##!"# %*''' ##!"# %

The strictly controlled one-design Etchells is one of the most competitive classes to race, with Olympians, World Champions and America’s Cup sailors competing regularly in the Mooloolaba event. Add in warm winter weather, the welcome of friendly locals, loads of accommodation choices, fun family entertainment, great food and easy access

to the open water competition area right in front of Mooloolaba Beach, and you have the right mix for a great long weekend for sailors, supporters and spectators. ****** Sail Mooloolaba This celebration of sailing from June 13 to July 6 is for little dinghies through to big keel boats and everything in between, including disabled sailing. Etchells radio controlled boats and fierce match racing, it’s racing on the open water right in front of Mooloolaba Beach and on the

Mooloolah River in the centre of town. Kids and adults can join in the experiences, visit local attractions, laze on the white sands and enjoy an affordable warm winter family holiday in excellent accommodation. The racing is easily viewed from vantage points along the Beach, from resort balconies and from The Wharf on Mooloolah River.

There’s nothing like a Winter holiday in Australia for the Kiwis!

There’s nothing like a winter holiday in Australia for the Kiwis!

The total visitors from New Zealand to Australia for the 12 months to December 2013 was 1.21 million, an increase of 0.9% relative to the same period of the previous year. (Source Aust. Bureau of Statistics).

Tourist Queensland crosses the ditch Tourist Queensland, will be home delivered into high income suburbs of Auckland, Wellington and Hamilton in June and will feature stories and pictures from all over Queensland.

Bring the Kiwis to your business! Call or email us today for advertising information.



! Advert ising book in gs clos May 21 e

COASTLINE NEWSPAPERS PTY LTD PO Box 1775 Bundaberg Qld 4670 Phone: 4153 1133 Fax: 4153 3821 Email: Web:

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HERVEY BAY & FRASER ISLAND Fraser Island - the world’s largest sand island When you read “dwarfed by towering ancient virgin rainforests” it’s true, you are and it’s awesome. The world’s largest sand island also offers white sandy endless beaches, crystal-clear blue-green lakes and purity of water flowing into creeks. To truly appreciate the remarkable natural beauty of World Heritage Listed Fraser Island you must experience it first hand. Here you’ll see the stark contrast of talc-like white sand and blue-green window lakes, the ancient dignity of towering rainforests growing in seemingly infertile sands, the purity of the water flowing in the many creeks – it is possible to go on endlessly, just like Fraser’s endless beaches. Spanning 166,000 hectares and stretching 123km, the island is composed almost entirely

of sand built up from tidal action over more than 700,000 years – the world’s oldest recorded dune building sequence. Accommodation – a number of excellent private options from holiday units, resorts such as Kingfisher Bay and Eurong and camping permits available at various locations to suit. Access is by 4WD only and barges depart daily from River Heads and Inskip Point; air charters and transfers depart from Hervey Bay. Tours are a great way to see Fraser – one-day safari, two-day backpacking or longer camping adventure – check out the right one for you. World-Heritage listed, the island has huge sand blows to climb, champagne pools to bubble in, coloured sand cliffs and is a nature-lover and fisherman’s paradise. Information 1800 444 155

Their Kitchen Rules Hervey Bay has set the table for an eating extravaganza with two new restaurant ventures located side by side on The Esplanade; Eat & Drink at Dan and Steph’s and Badger & Brown’s Burgerie. Following their prime time win in the 2013 series of My Kitchen Rules, Dan and Steph opened their doors with an all-day menu designed to tickle taste buds. And yes, some

of their famed dishes like the Nasi Goring with a braised ham hock scotch egg hidden in the middle, have landed on the menu. Next door, Badger & Brown’s Burgerie beefs up the menu with a range of gourmet burgers with a variety of beef, lamb and vegetable combinations to choose.

Events... Eat, drink, be merry on the Fraser Coast Relish Fraser Coast, Maryborough – June 7

World’s Greatest Pub Crawl, Maryborough, June 8

Food and wine lovers can indulge in a delightfully delicious day to sample wine and cheese, beer and food matching, cooking demos, international foods that will help to display the region’s fresh seasonal produce, local seafood, innovative chefs and regional wineries. Maryborough’s old fashioned streetscapes, art, architecture and the river will serve as a distinct backdrop to this celebration of food and wine.

Take part in the biggest Pub Crawl you’ll ever find – a quirky take on the Aussie tradition and all in a good cause. Dress in your most outrageous costume and set off to the bang of an historic time cannon around Maryborough’s old hotels – all in the name of raising money for charity and having a day of frivolity you’ll never forget.

MKR’s 2013 winners – Dan and Steph.

The whales soon return to the Bay! Good mates, great seafood, beautiful beach.

Just another day in paradise STAY 7 - PAY 5 STAY 5 - PAY 4 Valid until 31st July 2014 Except School Holidays & Easter

EURONG BEACH RESORT A perfect base to discover World Heritage-listed Fraser Island. Receive $50 credit per room per night to spend on meals, tours and activities. From $246 per room per night including breakfast and ferry transfers*.

Eurong is perfectly placed to explore kilometres of sandy tracks, bask on quiet beaches or spend long lazy days cruising some of the best beach fishing spots. From just $155 per room per night including barge transfers*.

★★★★✩ • Large 1, 2 & 3 Bedroom self contained Apartments - all with 2 Bathrooms • Fully equipped Kitchen with Microwave & Dishwasher • Large TV with FREE Foxtel • Secure underground Carpark • Solar heated Swimming Pool & Spa • Full size day / night Tennis Court • Tour Desk





397 Esplanade, Torquay,


Freecall: 1800 100 808 Phone: (07) 4197 6800 Email: Website:

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Kingfisher Bay Resort Group * Conditions

1800 372 737

apply: Subject to availability. Minimum 2 night stay. Valid for travel to 31 July 2014.


All those 40 tonne mammals can’t be wrong and the whales return year after year to beautiful Hervey Bay with its safe swimming, stinger-free beaches and laid-back seaside ambience. It’s the gateway to Fraser Island and you can see it from a different angle as you leap into a beautiful skydive location, make your own waves on a jetski or join the professionals for world-class game fishing. Hire a bike and ride along Hervey Bay esplanade with great views across the bay and the track is well serviced with barbecues, playgrounds, parks and gardens. Urangan Pier is where the whole family can throw in a line and Wetside Water Park will have the kids begging for a return visit. Cosmopolitan dining, luxury resorts, unit or camping accommodation all combine together served generously with the warmth of the locals – so perfect and so accessible – take the whales’ word for it. Fresh from the ocean to you – Hervey Bay is famous for its scallops, so fresh they were caught just now! Here is the freshest seafood in Australia. Enjoy large juicy prawns indoors, or buy fresh off the boat and cook on a beach barbie.

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tropical north... Mackay Children’s Holiday Camp

Cheers - pour your own beers!

Whitsunday Anglican School’s new free camp for young people with special needs will be held on September 21 to 23. Over 20 Year 11 students will give up the first part of their September holidays to move into the Booth House boarding facility to be full-time carers for the children. The students (companions) and children (campers) will enjoy swimming, arts and crafts, outdoor movies and much more with enormous benefits for all participants. Companions will have an enriching, life-changing experience and campers treated to activities and interactions not usually experienced, while parents and carers get much-needed respite. It also provides practical experience for CQ nursing students. Major partners include Rio Tinto, CQ University and House With No Steps with more businesses and organisations welcome to come onboard and support this valuable Service-Learning initiative.

Exclusive Orpheus Island re-opens

After a beer take a trip to Wallaman Falls in Girringun National Park, notable for its single drop of 268 metres which makes it the country’s tallest single-drop waterfall.

Stretching across 11 kms of immaculate turquoise coastline, Orpheus Island is accessed by helicopter from Townsville and Cairns and accommodates just 28 guests (14 rooms) at any one time. Orpheus can be booked for exclusive use and its dive sites boast 1,100 of the 1,500 species of fish on the reef. Other indulgences on $1400 per night Orpheus include gourmet meals, Gourmet Traveller awardwinning Wine List Of The Year, Dining With The Tides (an intimate dinner under the stars on the pier) and new addition, Gwandalan Day Spa, where your wellness will be restored through herbalism, aromatherapy and touch therapy.


Contact us for a range of services including:

SPECIAL FEATURES ● Studio style with kitchenette, ironing facilities and guest laundry ● 1 & 2 bedroom self contained apartments ● Saltwater pool (heated during winter) ● Ducted air conditioning ● DD phones & internet ● In-room safes ● Underground parking ● Lifts ● Quality Restaurants, Bars, Fast Food + Shops - All within 300 metres of Ocean Breeze

• Charter • Mining Transport • School Services

• 4x4 Day Hire • Shuttle Transport


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Ingham’s Pub with No Beer, ironically set in the pub where country crooner Slim Dusty penned his song, has handed its taps over to patrons for beer history and pouring tour. Running daily, master publican Charles Ryman puts beer fiends through their pouring paces, learning all about the beer making process and tilt required to create the perfect froth. All tours start with a tour of the pub with its roots to WW2, before ending in the main bar for Beer101. Further information: Rates: $20 (includes pub history tour, beer knowledge booklet, certificate and a cold beer at the end).

No chance of getting lost

International visitors to Cairns and the Tropical North won’t be lost in translation with Down Under Tours’ new GPS multilingual interpretive guiding system. Director, James Dixon said the new technology is an Australian first using a patented product and set to revolutionise the way non-English speaking visitors enjoy the Tropical North. He said the beauty of it is accuracy – within 500 mm of a particular landmark or point of interest, and the fact it can be operated manually outside the vehicle during activities, such as the Daintree River Cruise. “The commentary is lively and interesting including a series of hero stories with sound effects, the Battle Of The Coral Sea or arrival of Captain Cook for example.” The company has also expanded its interpretive products with written translation in all Kuranda Boarding Pass documentation. For those on the self-guided Kuranda there are brochures and maps in the same six languages as the GPS – Chinese, Japanese, Italian, German, French and Spanish.

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Popular highlights return to Boat Show

Dive with a difference

Paul and Blair from My Kitchen Rules.

Sanctuary Cove International Boat show on May 22 to 25 features a bevy of special guests on the Channnel 7 Stage including My Kitchen Rules runners-up Paul and Blair, Boating and Fishing expert Paul Burt and Sally Jenyns from Creek to Coast will cook up a feast twice daily. Women On Water also returns full of pampering and the signature High Tea on the High Sea Cruise aboard Brisbane’s premier charter vessel, Pure Adrenalin; fine-tuning their skills with Sailing Masterclasses from Sunshine Sailing Australia and learning the latest on-board styling with the masters of boating sophistication – Boat Style.

Also free are daily teaching sessions covering wind direction and awareness, safety and radio communications, knots and winch awareness. This year SCIBS is partnered with Translink to offer free train travel to and from the event upon display of a pre-purchased ticket to the Boat Show. Translink will also run free Park ‘n’ Ride for all self-drive visitors from Helensvale. Tickets on sale from www.sanctuarycoveboatshow. com and Adult passes start at $20 with concession for seniors and students. Under 18’s are free.

Dive the Great Barrier Reef with Dive Trekkerz and discover 1100 species of fish, 340 varieties of hard corals and one of the region’s largest collections of soft corals that call the fringing reef off Orpheus Island home. With dive package tours starting at four days through to seven days, Dive Trekkerz combines the creature comforts of a 5 star-resort with a diving experience. All tours cater for a range of diving experience, including those wanting to obtain their scuba qualifications.

Check out our range and call us to get you out on the water today! ople e p g n i t t e G r on the wa7te0. since 19


3359 9330

295 Gympie Road, Kedron, Qld. 4031. COMPETITIVE FREIGHT AUSTRALIA WIDE

Also stockists of:

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Fly over Cairns Make like the Green Lantern and strap your feet into a jet-powered hover board for the ride of your life with Flyboard Cairns. Flyboarding is a new extreme sport that is taking the world by storm. Combining jet skiing, water skiing, wakeboarding, skiing, snowboarding and diving, thrill seekers are harnessed into boot bindings, fixed to a wakeboard, and use their feet to steer and control the movement of the board above the surface of the water at Palm Cove Beach, 20

minutes north of Cairns. Depending on the rider’s ability, dolphin dives and aerial stunts can be taught during a single flyboarding lesson. Fear not, the experience is said to be intuitive, with most riders independently flying in just 20 minutes. Take flight for 30 minutes from $175 and 60 minutes from $300. Group bookings of six or more can also be arranged with price on application.

Have fish… will speed

WAS $3,949



Electric Long Shaft



Splash-tastic Gladstone

Blue Hull Colour Transom Door 115 Etec.


Join Bad Fishy for a 35 minute spine-tingling speed boat tour of Trinity Inlet, in the heart of Cairns. He might look and sound like Nemo, but “Screamo” is designed for speed and agility. Strap yourself in for a healthy dose of white-knuckle spins, fish-tails and water-walls, all set against some seriously spectacular tropical backdrops. Skippered by experienced local jet boat drivers, you’ll also pick up local knowledge and insights on the flora and fauna. Adults for $68, Children (under 16) $39. Family passes are available for $180.

41 ,990 650 TRIDENTT

150 Etec. Elite 7 hdi $


Slip, slop, slap and then splash at Gladstone’s latest addition, Splashzone, a $2.3 million development in the city’s aquatic centre. Designed for kids (12 and under), Splashzone is an interactive water world with tipping buckets that unload 500 litres of water spontaneously onto children below. Little ones can ramp up the fun with water slides, water jets, cannons, sprayers and bubblers, while mums and dads watch on from the pool’s shady surrounds. Rates: Adult $5.00, Child (3-15 years) $4.00; Family (1 adult, 2 children) $11.00 gladstone-cbd/attractions/gladstone-aquaticcentre

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Fishing with Foxie BY JOHN FOX


Hook a Book

Here’s your chance to win the complete guide to catching popular species of fish, techniques that work and tackling up. We have copies of Rob Paxevano’s book of over two hundred pagesAustralian Fishing Basics. Rob is the host of Australia’s longest running fishing show WIN Television’s Fishing Australia. If you would like to win one of these books just answer these three questions. Send your entries with your name, address and phone number on the back of an envelope to Hook a Book, PO Box 1775 Bundaberg 4670 or go to our website to enter on line. Entries close on Friday May 30. A draw will be held if there is more that one correct entry. Winners will be posted their books. Only one entry per family to avoid disqualification. Entry is free. Q1. Name this fish which was caught by Tony Paxevanos Rob’s dad (above). Q2. What is the legal size of mud crabs caught in Queensland Q3. What species of fish has the varieties; Spaniard, Spotted and Doggy?

As the weather cools down along the coast the fish we target in our estuaries change. Species such as Mangrove Jack and barramundi become less active with the cooler water temps. This does not mean that barra and jack cannot be caught but we have to change the way we target them. As they are less aggressive using live baits like large prawns or poddy mullet and fishing them in the snags is far more productive than lure casting or trolling. Depending on the size of the live baits I like using around a 6/0- 8/0 circle hook and either floating the bait back into the snags or using a running sinker if fishing around rock bars. With the colder weather other species arrive and become more active. Species such as bream, blue salmon whiting and flathead are all moving and feeding around our rivers and creeks this time of year. Fishing the incoming tides is the best time to chase blue salmon as they move up onto the flats and along the mangrove fringes to feed. Blue salmon will take almost any sort of fresh fish bait and love prawns. If you prefer to lure fish they will strike at both hard bodies and soft plastics with the secret being use lures that resembles the bait they are feeding on. Bream can be found around most of the rock walls around our harbours and ports and one of the best baits I have found is freshly caught sprat or herring. Cut the herring diagonally from the top of just behind the head to the bottom of the tail. This makes it look like a small fish and the fleshly cut bait also releases scent into the water attracting the bream. If fishing along the rock walls fish close to the rocks as this is there the bream are feeding and use a little weight like split shot so your bait can drift along.

With the cooler weather try the deeper holes if you are chasing a feed of muddies.

Tuna Time

All along the coast at the moment it is pelagic heaven with mackerel and long tail tuna everywhere. Tuna can be spooked easily by boat noise when smashing bait schools on the surface and often disappear quickly when approached only to reappear just as quick a few hundred metres away. Take your time, stay away from the school and watch and work out which way the school is moving? Which way is the tide or wind is making your boat drift? Once you have done your homework move your boat into the path of the feeding school staying far enough away as not to spook them. A quality spinning reel with a fast retrieve matched with a 7’ rod is the perfect outfit for this style of fishing. Chrome slugs or surface lures retrieved quickly are the go and try to use the same size lures as the bait the tuna are feeding on. Mackerel have been taking everything from trolling lures, spoons, floating live baits and pilchards. The islands and reefs are producing some great reef fish like trout, reds sweetlip and fingermark. There has been some nice squid around. Try casting squid jigs while anchored up or trolling them at walking pace behind the boat. A couple of hot spots have been around Myall Island and Pumpkin Passage out from Capricorn Coast. All in all fishing should be great over the next month so get out there, relax, explore and enjoy the great fishing Queensland has to offer.


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Weipa Fishing Classic

Cape York’s biggest fishing event, is on again this year on the Queen’s Birthday long weekend, June 6 to 8. This year’s Classic looks to be the biggest with an estimated 1,300 competitors and an estimated $80,000 in prizes. Along with the event’s celebrated program of fish weigh-ins, live entertainment and prize draws, there will also be a Lifestyle Expo showcasing displays and the exceptional products from the Fishing Classic sponsors. Time is running out to get your best fishing gear out for this year’s Classic so start planning your trip now and remember to make sure you leave plenty of spare room for all the fish and prizes you will catch over the weekend.

Big boats in Bowen

For the very first time Bowen will host its very own round of the Offshore Superboat Championships on June 21 and 22. Saturday will see the superboats competing for pole position and the main race action happens on Saturday. On Saturday night there’s the opportunity to get up close to the boats during the Superboat Street Party. Head to Bowen for some amazing offshore action, www. or telephone 4786 4222 for details.

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