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Cover Photo Credit: Andras Pory Photo of the Month Credit: Helen Barker | Rebecca Waller

Coastal Footprints | 01

Photo Credit: Distant Relatives Eco Lodge


by Tamara Britten


here Liana was from, you wouldn't go for a serious swim in a “creek.” You'd splash up to your ankles while cupping your arches over mossy stones, arms extended for

On the southern side of Kilifi Creek, Mnarani Ruins were once a great mosque and smaller mosque. Built in the fifteenth century, the crumbling stone buildings have yielded to

balance, though you almost always fell in. But everything in

tangled branches and knotted roots, and make an evocative

Africa was bigger. Emptying into the Indian Ocean, Kilifi Creek

and peaceful spot to stroll and picnic.

was a river - an impressively wide river at that - which opened into a giant lake sort of thing.'

It should come as no surprise that the natural beauty of Kilifi

As Lionel Shriver wrote in the eponymous story that won her the BBC National Short Story Competition in 2013, Kilifi Creek is

has attracted a wealth of innovative folks who have themselves created outfits that draw in more enthusiasts.

impressive. It is also beautiful. From the craggy cliffs that jut up its sides to the rushing waters that plunge towards the ocean, and the coves and beaches that dot its edges, there's plenty to feast the eyes on here. The creek is spanned by Kilifi Bridge – an imposing structure that towers over the water, so high that the masts of the yachts and sailing boats that cruise up and down the creek can pass beneath it. The bridge was built in 1991 and – at 420 meters – is the longest bridge in Kenya; before it was built, people wanting to cross the creek had to transport their cars and goods on a rickety raft attached by a chain to both banks.

Photo Credit: Distant Relatives EcoLodge

Distant Relatives Ecolodge opened in 2012. Operating on the happy principal that we're all distant relatives, the lodge has become a meeting place for all the adventurous along the Kenya coast. With a host of ducks, monkeys, dogs and guinea fowl strolling around their spacious grounds, and wellthought-out amenities like a pizza oven, bamboo showers, eco-loos and Wifi, the place is friendly and inclusive. Promoting alternative, sustainable and conscious lifestyles, the lodge grows its own fruit and vegetables, plants trees and organises permaculture courses. The team encourages people to create their own small businesses, and puts visitors in touch with locals who organise dhow sailing, village tours, water

Photo Credit: Kilifi Boatyard

sports, trekking, diving, jam sessions and more. New Years' Eve parties here are what legends are made of.

In 2011, a clutch of travellers and idealists started building a dhow called Musafir. At first in Kipini, the home of traditional boat-builders, they drifted to Kilifi as soon as the dhow was able to float. Their vision of an alternative community is still intact, and the 70-foot dhow is home to a fluctuating group of

22 June: Kilifi Wave – DJ and music @ Distant Relatives

volunteers who believe in peace, freedom and unity, and live by

1 July: International Reggae Day – Live acoustic reggae @ Distant Relatives

the principals of recycle, reuse and recondition. They host yoga

7 July: The Itch – live music @ Distant Relatives

classes, art shows, tree planting events and community gatherings. And sometimes they sail, too.

13 July: The Scrapers – live music @ Distant Relatives 22 September: DJ Wankelmut – live from Germany @ Distant Relatives

Kivukoni International School opened its doors in 2011; its pioneering educational programmes caused a multitude of young-marrieds-with-kids to descend on Kilifi. The curriculum is

Where to stay

British, with a strong leaning towards the Kenyan context and

Silver Palm Spa & Resort High on a cliff with a stunning ocean view, this boutique hotel has stairs leading down to a sandy white beach. Rooms are spacious and luxuriously furnished. Other amenities include a wellness spa and a restaurant with panoramic views of the turquoise water. http://www.silverpalmkilifi.co.ke/

the natural environment. Extra-curricular activities are eyeopeningly-imaginative, and include taekwondo, scouts, climbing, music, drama, beach clean-ups, conservation, current affairs, triathlons, sports tournaments, mastermind quizzes, book days and talent shows. In 2015, the Creek Club at Kivukoni opened in the same extensive grounds as the school. A fitness and leisure centre in well-kept gardens overlooking the water, the centre has the first 25-meter swimming pool in Kilifi County and offers a

Distant Relatives With bandas, rooms, safari tents, dorms and a campsite, this lodge has accommodation to suit all tastes. Add to this a friendly bar, appealing restaurant, swimming pool, spacious gardens, beach access, hammocks and cushions and a book exchange – and everything eco-friendly and sustainable – what's not to like? http://www.kilifibackpackers.com

plethora of activities that will exhaust even the fittest visitor. Pilates, yoga, tennis, swimming and kickboxing are just a few of the regular classes here, while concerts, private functions and one-off events happen often.

Mnarani Club This Arabic style beachfront resort has a selection of rooms, a spacious restaurant and an infinity pool with jaw-dropping view. It also offers spa treatments, conferencing, team building, weddings and water sports. https://www.mnarani.net Kilifi Bay Beach Resort With rooms, two restaurants, three bars, two swimming pools and a host of activities, this resort offers an animation programme including acrobatic shows, discos and traditional African dance displays. http://www.madahotels.com/index.php/camps-lodgesresorts/hotels/kilifi-bay-beach-resort-kilifi

Photo Credit: Samiya Gaid

Despite this wave of new arrivals, the enduring Kilifi Boatyard stands strong. This old favourite is a working boatyard offering moorings, slipping, storage and boat repairs. It's known for its cracking view over the creek and its relaxed beach bar. The most popular dishes here never go out of fashion: piripiri

Baobab Lodge Resort Set in tropical gardens, this resort has rooms and rondavels, as well as two swimming pools, two bars, a restaurant and a conference centre. Activities include snorkelling, scuba diving and big game fishing. http://www.madahotels.com/index.php/camps-lodgesresorts/hotels/baobab-sea-lodge-kilifi Hotel Titanic In Kilifi town, this hotel offers access to all the banks, shops, bars and markets of this bustling centre. It has rooms, a swimming pool, a restaurant, a bar, a nyama choma barbecue and a conference centre http://www.hoteltitanic-kenya.com

prawns, grilled calamari, crab samosas and, of course, ice cold Tuskers. The boatyard crew are happy to organise dhow trips, snorkelling and sunset cruises up the creek, and offer fresh Kilifi oysters – with fresh lime and Tabasco of course – every Saturday.

Floating House A houseboat owned by Kilifi Boatyard, this alternative style of accommodation is moored in the creek. Available for one group at a time, it has three bedrooms, a kitchenette, a lounge on the deck and a 24-hour dinghy service. www.kilifiboats.com



Cool Suppliers of Natural

Purified Water

in Diani & Mombasa call: 0722 104 620 0711 411 707



email: naturesltd@live.com



Mining – Improving living standards and providing livelihood opportunities B

ase Titanium's Kwale Mine is Kenya's largest mining

operation. It accounts for nearly 60% of Kenya's mineral output,

with a view to working together towards assisting the Kwale and Mombasa County Governments achieve their strategic

is the largest exporter by tonnage through the Port of Mombasa

development objectives. The primary focus of Base's work is on

and has been recognised by Vision 2030 as the country's flagship

providing social infrastructure for the communities, promoting

mining project due to the transformative impact it is having on

livelihood upliftment programmes, improving community

the Kenyan mining sector.

health and providing educational opportunities in line with the Sustainable Development Goals established to achieve specific

Base's investment in the community is central to its business

targets in global development by 2030.

objectives and operations. Base is committed to working with communities to improve their living standards and provide

Social infrastructure projects supported by Base are an integral

livelihood opportunities for the communities in the region.

component of its community programmes. Projects are

Through its diverse community programmes Base aims to

identified through commitments set out

deliver on this commitment. With substantial amounts of

in the Special Mining Lease and a

funding going towards its community projects Base's

collaborative process of evaluating

programmes are intended to ensure community development

needs of the communities. Water

that will outlast the life of the mine.

infrastructure, medical facilities and educational facilities are amongst the

Through close collaboration with local communities a number of

infrastructure projects that Base

key areas have been identified to assist communities with

has supported over the years.

capacity building, meeting basic needs and establishing the physical infrastructure to improve living standards. Various

With the majority of livelihoods

programmes have been designed to meet the agreed goals with

in the region based on

many projects completed to date. Strong links have already

farming, agricultural

been established with international donor agencies, community

development is essential

development organisations and other like-minded businesses

in achieving sustainable

improvements in socio-economic indicators. Agricultural and animal husbandry programmes play a major role in Base's objective of providing livelihood opportunities for communities through upskilling farmers, empowering women and facilitating market certainty. Base has implemented a wide range of projects including cotton, potatoes, sorghum, soybeans, poultry and beekeeping projects in partnership with Kwale County Government and other development partners. Key to the success of these projects has been the establishment of o-take partnerships with industry. To enable bright young Kenyans from the local area to achieve their educational potential several programmes have already been implemented working together with local NGOs. Base has also established its own scholarship programme, managed with input from its local liaison committees, to ensure fairness and transparency in the award of its scholarships. Support is provided to pupils transitioning from public primary into public secondary schools and to tertiary level students accepted into an accredited institution of higher learning.

Base has provided much needed health infrastructure to nearby communities and works closely with other stakeholders and Kwale and Mombasa County Governments to tackle a number of key health issues in the region. Current initiatives are aimed at improving health delivery at the various levels and tackling problematic health issues identiďŹ ed by the community.

Base is proud to be associated with the development of programmes in Kwale and Mombasa Counties that aim to improve living standards and provide livelihood opportunities that look to deliver sustainable development for the communities in its area of operation. Base, together with its community programme partners, is committed to driving this process forward to meet its mutual beneďŹ t objective.

AIR TRANSFERS We provide Private Air Transfers from Diani to; Mombasa


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Governor’s Camp

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Elephants Bedroom

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1 Night - From $1,135 Per Person 2 Nights - From $1,620 Per Person

Includes return flights from Ukunda or Mombasa, accommodation, all meals, game drives & park fees offers valid until 31st July, 2018 *T & C Apply

www.wildcoastair.co.ke | +254 (0) 727 462 244 | info@wildcoastair.co.ke

Indian Summer Cottages & Apartments FROM Ksh. 3500/= Sleeps 2

What you are looking for! +254 (0) 729 362 437 kaatenangelo@gmail.com www.indiansummercottages.co.ke

“Grab a mug of coffee and let's talk! Ping us on WhatsApp (0707-551370) today and have all your Qs answered! We're more reliable than the Kenyan Weather! Be sure to add us for all the tips and news!"

Grey Headed Kingfisher, by Helen Barker

Do you have a great photo of your holiday at the coast? It could feature in our next magazine. To send your photo and a short description to photo@coastalfootprints.co.ke

Kite Surfing Surf Lessons & Rentals Wind Surfing Kayaking Find us at Kenyaways, Diani Beach + 254 (0) 712 121 974 info@h2o-extreme.com

International Kiteboarding Organization

+254 (0) 714 403 105 www.marulahouseonthebeach.com www.coastalfootprints.co.ke

Power Breakfast Homemade Granola. Traffic Light Smoothie HOMEMADE GRANOLA




200g Runny Honey (Organic available from DD's) 1 Vanilla Pod, split open and deseeded 300g Jumbo Rolled Oats 100g Puffed Rice (Sugar Puffs) 4 Tbsp Oat or Wheat Bran 100g Almonds – blanched 75g Pumpkin Seeds 75g Sunflower Seeds Pinch of Sea Salt 50g Dried Cranberries 50g Any type of other dried fruit. A little Cinnamon Powder (optional)

3 Kiwi fruits roughly chopped 150ml ½ cup of tangy- flavored yoghurt (such as lemon or orange) 1 small mango roughly chopped 2 tablespoons orange or apple juice 150g raspberries 1-2 teaspoons clear honey (available from DD’s)

Instructions Preheat oven to 180c/Gas 4 Line a shallow baking tin with baking parchment Put the honey and vanilla seeds in a small pan and heat gently, stirring to combine Place the oats, puffed rice, bran, almonds and seeds in a mixing bowl. Pour in the honey mixture and stir well. Transfer to the baking tray, sprinkle with a pinch of salt and bake for 25-30 minutes, stirring now and again to ensure even toasting, until crisp and golden. Once cooked, set aside to cool slightly, then break into small pieces. Stir in the berries and once cold store in an airtight container until needed.

Instructions Whiz the Kiwi fruits in a blender until smooth and spoon the mixture into 2 tall glasses. Top each with a spoonful of yogurt, spreading the yogurt to the sides of the glasses. Blend the mango to a puree with the orange or apple juice and spoon into the glasses. Top with another layer of yogurt. Whiz the raspberries and push through a sieve over a bowl to extract the seeds. Check their sweetness (you might need to stir in little honey if seeds are very sharp). Spoon the raspberry puree into glasses. For zebra layered blackberry smoothie place 175g blackberries into a food processor with 2 tablespoons clear honey and whiz until smooth. Layer alternatively with the yogurt to replace the kiwi, mango and orange juice.

www.kenyacoast.com 0714 775 222

The company's Thinking Green projects are implemented by The Sands' Green Team, working under an Environmental and Sustainability Manager. Projects include the protection, monitoring and conservation of endangered sea turtles with the creation of a sea turtle hatchery on the beach in partnership with Diani Turtle Watch. Since January 2018, 312 turtles have hatched and survived an often perilous journey to the sea.

The Sands at Nomad


The Sands also hosts a monthly farmer's market to bring together community members, guests, farmers and small enterprises in support of locally grown, organic produce and to connect us with the food we eat. In keeping with this approach, the restaurant has introduced measuring boards for seafood suppliers to ensure that seafood are not undersized. This helps to avoid removing from the ocean the only chance of a species, such as lobster or crab, reproducing sustainably.


The Sands at Nomad, a boutique hotel nestled within 26 acres of pristine coastal forest on the award-winning Diani Beach, has been awarded the prestigious silver eco-rating certiďŹ cate from Eco-Tourism Kenya. This award recognises the company's pioneering Thinking Green initiatives to further sustainable tourism and preserve Kenya's rich and varied environmental and cultural heritage.

each month from private homes, restaurants and hotels in Diani to recycle and up-cycle. Waste plastic packaging has been used to make beach cushions from recycled dive bags for the beach bar's chill out area.

A further highlight is the development of a 5-acre organic farm to grow The Sands' own fresh produceusing the principles of permaculture farming which works with the natural environment and existing ecosystems. Cherry tomato and tomato plants are growing in old broken min-bars. Defunct fridges and freezers are also used to grow plants.

Next Farmer's Market: Saturday, 7 July, 11am - 1pm

The Green Team collects approximately 200 kilograms of waste plastic packaging The Sands' environmental ethos seeks to make a positive impact on the greater local environment, both natural and social, in the hope of creating awareness and becoming a leading light for others to follow. The Sands hopes to become a agship for environmental conservation and sustainable best practice on the Kenyan coast.

Visit The Sands' Thinking Green blog to ďŹ nd out more about the company's environmental projects and practices http://green.thesandskenya.com/



t Coastal Guide, we are happy to

When managed properly, tourism is a

From these few examples, we can see

catalyst for economic growth via local job

that the impacts of tourism are often

of what we hope will become a regular

creation, investment opportunities,

double-faceted. Proper planning by

feature, a monthly page on all issues

improved infrastructure and local supply

national and local governments and

related to responsible tourism. We plan

chain linkages. It can also increase the

private sector businesses is essential

bring you the first instalment

to cover local initiatives and stories, as

funds available for the conservation of

to ensuring that the positive

well as provide tips on what our readers

natural and cultural heritage, and perhaps

outweighs the negative – and

can do to become more responsible

more importantly, provide a sound

community engagement is

tourists. And where better to start than

economic incentive for preserving stunning

paramount to ensuring that the

by introducing the topic?

landscapes, wildlife, marine ecosystems

needs of local communities are also

and the like – which are often at the core of


Put simply, responsible tourism is about

what a tourist destination has to offer.

“making better places for people to live

Tourism can even revitalise traditional

Over the next issues of Coastal

in and better places for people to visit.”

cultures and inject a new sense of pride

Guide, we will look in more detail at

It is about increasing the benefits

into local communities.

what various stakeholders can do to

tourism can bring to a destination,

help make tourism more responsible

whilst at the same time minimising the

– and in particular what role tourists

negative impacts that accompany

However, tourism can also have many

themselves can play to help make

tourism development. All types of

negative impacts. These include the loss of

holiday destinations better places to

tourism have the potential to be more

natural habitats and increased pressure on

live and better places to visit.

responsible – from all-inclusive beach

natural resources, poorly paid and often

holidays, to nature retreats and city

seasonal jobs, a move away from traditional


earnings in favour of the tourist dollar, more pressure on sometimes limited

In many countries, and especially in

infrastructure and price increases/ land

developing countries, tourism

speculation which impact on local

represents a vital source of income and


is an important vehicle for local economic development. In Kenya for example, the total contribution of travel and tourism to GDP was 9.8% in 2016, according to the World Travel and Tourism Council.

Author: Rebecca Waller



BOFA ROAD, KILIFI 0707 - (SILVER) 745837 | 0780 - (SILVER) 745837 info @silverpalmkilifi.co.ke www.silverpalmkilifi.co.ke

Spirulina Super Food for the future Author: Rebecca Waller s well as being home to some fabulous beaches, Tiwi, located on Kenya's South Coast, is home to something a little more surprising: a very sophisticated one-acre farm that grows Arthrospira platensis – more commonly known as superfood Spirulina. Started in 2014, Tiwani Spirulina aims to produce top quality spirulina at affordable prices. Before setting up the business, Tiwani Spirulina's founder and owner, Luke Harries, was already a spirulina convert. He'd been taking daily doses of spirulina powder for over 6 months,based on a friend's recommendation, and found it to have a positive impact on his energy levels and cognitive abilities. Today Tiwani Spirulina is a thriving company selling spirulina-based health products across Kenya. But let's take a step back – what exactly is Spirulina? The word itself comes from Latin and means 'small spiral' and it'sbasically a tiny blue-green algae shaped like a spiral coil. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO, 2008), it is a primitive organism originating some 3.5 billion years ago that uses carbon dioxide dissolved in seawater as a nutrient source for its reproduction. It grows naturally in mineral rich alkaline lakes such as Lake Texcoco in Mexico, Lake Chad and in several lakes closer to home in the Rift Valley. Indeed, it is the favourite source of food for the flamingo populations of Lake Natron and Lake Nakuru. Tiwani Spirulina's own strain of spirulina comes from Lake Natron, mineral rich soda lake on the border between Kenya and Tanzania.

Spirulina was harvested by the Aztecs as far back as the16th Century, and traditionally made into a blue-green cake, reportedly popular with Aztec messenger runners. Closer to home in Central Africa, spirulina, known locally as Dihé, has been harvested and processed for generations by women of the Kanembu people who live near the wetlands of Lake Chad. There too, the brightly coloured algae is dried and made into algae cakes for sale in local markets. The cakes are then crumbled into stews and sauces to add nutrients to meals or even eaten whole by pregnant woman. So what makes spirulina so special? A quick look online produces a myriad of answers to this question – from it being the most nutritious food on the planet, to it being a potential solution to malnutrition and food security. Reported health benefits include: improvements to muscle strength and endurance; better immune system function; blood pressure regulation; and improvements to cognitive ability. These claims may at first glance seem a bit far-fetched, especially for those of us who had never heard of spirulina, but they are in fact based on several key characteristics of the algae evidenced by scientific research.

For Luke Harries, the pressures of modern life coupled with increased exposure to pollutants and processed foods mean that spirulina isthe perfect addition to our diets. It helps get the right nutrients inside us when we don't always have the time (or the will!) to eat a healthy and balanced diet. Now four and half years on, they are perfecting the growing process and working on further increasing efficiency. The spirulina is grown in enclosed greenhouses inside concrete tanks, and after being harvested, the spirulina is dried in a solar oven at low temperatures and in the dark as this helps produce a better-quality spirulina. After 4 hours of drying the spirulina is powdered and then packed into capsules for ease of use.

“Reported health benefits include: improvements to muscle strength and endurance; better immune system function; blood pressure regulation; and improvements to cognitive ability.” Spirulina is extremely high in many nutrients and is a great source of easily digestible protein, containing all the essential amino acids that the human body needs. Research supports that spirulina has antioxidant and antiinflammatory properties (BMJ, 2003), antioxidants being powerful substances that protect our cells from damage. Some of the healing power of spirulinacomes from the detoxifying and antioxidant properties of phycocyanin,a complex molecule that gives the spirulina its bluegreencolour (InVite Health, 2018). Phycocyaninhas become a new hot spot in the field of drug research due to its promising anti-cancer functions (Journal of Cancer, 2017).

Perfecting this production process and building the farm from scratch on a very limited budget has been a key challenge for Tiwani Spirulina. As this is a capital-intensive business, reducing the cost of production is essential to ensuring Tiwani Spirulina can achieve its aim of producing an affordable product to people of all walks of life and thus spread the benefits of spirulina as widely as possible. Staff training is also key to achieving this aim, and at Tiwani Spirulina they are keen to teach their staff about all aspects of aquaculture, so that they can develop personally alongside the business itself. They want their staff to be proud of their work, producing a Kenyan product that is great for health and at the same time manufactured in an ethical and ecologically sound way. For Luke Harries, Spirulina is our shortcut to better nutrition, health and wellbeing, and he is confident that the future of this superfood is bright, hopefully as bright as the product itself. Tiwani Spirulina is available throughout Kenya. Their largest outlet is Healthy U which has stores across Kenya. Check out their website to find the nearest store to you:

And there's more. In addition to this very impressive array of health benefits, Spirulina production is an extremely efficient way to produce protein and has a very small environmental footprint when compared to other sources of protein. According to the FAO (2008), it is much more efficient in terms of water use, land occupation and energy consumption than traditional terrestrial crops, using just 2% of the water required to produce an equivalent amount of beef protein for example. Now back to Tiwi and Tiwani Spirulina. When Luke started the businesses back in 2014, it was the result of his own personal experience of spirulina being beneficial to his health and well-being, a firm belief that this superfood was not going to be just another 'fad that would fade' and a desire to invest in something that was beneficial to people's heath.


Two beautiful 2 Bedroomed cottages set in secure garden oasis with a lovely pool and bbq area. Tiwi Beach is a 5 minute stroll. From: KES 12,000/ - per night (each sleeps 4)

+254 (0)73 3847 896 vanda@tiwibeach.com


We spray, bait & fog to control all kinds of pests in homes, hotels, schools & hospitals etc Mosquito’s, Ticks & Fleas Rats, Termites & Ants Bedbugs & Cleaning of drain systems

dianiantipest@gmail.com +254 733 950 668 | +254 719 883 740


Kenya is generally a safe and friendly country, but as with any destination, you need to be aware of your surroundings and cautious not to find yourself in an unpleasant or potentially vulnerable situation.

Here are a few basic tips to consider during your stay! Safety & Security:


Be vigilant when in public places and even more so when venturing out at night. In case of robbery, report the incident at the nearest police station. Kenya has a Tourist Safety and Communication Center that is always on call. They offer a 24hr tourist helpline +254 (0)20-600 4767 where you can seek assistance if needed

It is natural when on holiday to take as many pictures as possible, but before you begin to take pictures of people, ask for their permission. In some cases, you may be required to offer a tip for those pictures

Transport services: Water: Avoid drinking tap water. It is safer to drink mineral or bottled water

When using a Tuk-Tuk, Boda-boda or Taxi ask for the price before embarking on the trip so as to avoid any surprises when you reach your destination

Animals: Exchanging money: Make sure that you exchange currency with a

Never approach a wild animal, even if they appear harmless

reputable hotel, bank, or foreign exchange bureau

Valuables: Be mindful of your valuables, try not to show high-value items in public or busy areas. Do not leave these items unattended in public places such as bars and restaurants


Drugs: Be wary of people trying to sell you drugs. Although the coast of Kenya is very relaxed, drugs are illegal in Kenya, and any purchase, use, or possession of drugs could land you in prison

Driving: Always carry your original driving license and either your original passport or a certified copy of your passport

Take part in the Colobus Conversation Trust's annual golf on the beach tournament at The Sands at Nomad, 15 July.

Compete against professionals and amateurs alike in a spirited, fun-filled game!.

The already established Karibu Kenya has now expanded into Ethiopia. Book now to experience the wonders of Ethiopia!

www.exclusiveethiopia.com A

initiative www.karibukenya.co.uk


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SUPPLIES Cooking Gas - Free delivery Diani, Ukunda +254 (0) 776 592 207 gas@bluehorizon.co.ke

FASHION & BEAUTY Ella Marie Fashions - Mombasa +254 (0) 712 619 521 +254 (0) 739 658 644 Fb / IG: @ellamariefashions ellamariefashions@gmail.com Gullyside Tattoos Mombasa Town, Syndicate Building 2nd Floor behind splendid 0727793980 FB / IG: GULLYSIDE TATTOOS

SECURITY Kenya Police: 999 (Police emergency hotline) +254 20 272 4154 +254 20 355 6771 Kenya Tourist Safety and Communication Center +254 20 600 4767 +254 20 800 1000

CARE & CURE PHARMACY BAHARINI PLAZA DIANI +254 728 702 388 +254 737 349 347 MEDICROSS COAST CLINICS Jubilee Arcade Mombasa & FN Centre Malindi +254 730 730 000 DIANI BEACH HOSPITAL +254 700 999 999 +254 722 569 261 MOMBASA HOSPITAL +254 41 2312191 +254 41 2312099 PREMIER HOSPITAL +254 717 999 000 +254 41 501 1500 MALINDI MEDICAL CENTER +254 722 241 620

LIFESTYLE Madge Photography +254 (0) 720 719 470 Fb: Madge Photography madgephotography@gmail.com

Call: 0775 059 069 sales@coastalfootprints.co.ke







Omari Remy

| +254 722 264 237



| +254 727 356 922

| +254 721 967 777 Samuel | +254 703 263 992

Patrick | +254 723 734 479

S WA H I L I Here are a few basic greetings and phrases you can use to interact with the coastal Swahili people. Kenyan people appreciate it when you try to speak Swahili so please do not be shy, try out some Swahili and have some fun!

Basic greetings… • Hello - Jambo • How are you? - Habari Yako? • I am fine - Niko salama • My name is… - Jina langu ni… • What is your name? - Jina lako nani? • Pleased to meet you - Vyema kukutana • Do you speak English? - Unazungumza Kingereza? • Goodbye - Kwaheri • See you later - Tuonane Baadaye • Have a good journey - Safari njema!

Useful words and phrases… • Excuse me - Samahani (to get attention or say something) • Please – Tafadhali • No – Hapana • Yes - Ndio Animals • No thanks - Hapana asante • Thank you! - Asante! Cat - Paka Cow - Ng’ombe • Where? – Wapi? Dog - Mbwa Buffalo - Nyati • Here - Hapa Goat - Mbuzi Zebra - Punda Milia • When? – Lini? Elephant - Ndovu Hippo - Kiboko • Now - Sasa Giraffe - Twiga Rhino - Kifaru • I don’t understand – Sielewi Lion - Simba Wildebeast - Nyumbu • Speak slowly – Ongea pole pole • Friend - Rafiki • My friend – Rafiki yangu • I’m hungry – Nahisi njaa • I’m thirsty – Nahisi Kiu • Where are you going? – Unaenda wapi? • I am going to the hotel - Naenda hotelini • How do you say in Swahili – Unasemaje kwa Kiswahili • Cheers! (While sharing a drink) - Maisha marefu (Meaning long life) • I love you! - Nakupenda! • Help! - Msaada! Want to Learn more Swahili? Call Douglas on 0722 954 350 | lingua2comm@yahoo.com

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