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The Kenyan Coast has an awe-inspiring

A wonderful welcome drink is a simple

collection of romantic venues: weddings

coconut drunk fresh from its shell; add a

can take place in villas, in resorts,

splash of Malibu to transform this into a

on cliffs and at the beach. We spoke to

tasty cocktail. Local ladies can make fresh

Jilna Collis, of Events and Weddings Ltd,

chapatis and roasted cassava crisps to

to get the low down on what makes a

compliment these. And of course, there's

phenomenal coastal wedding.

the seafood! Having a barbecue cooking station, with lobsters, crab, and a variety

'Weddings at the coast are so beautiful,'

of fish, conveys just the right balmy

says Jilna. 'The picture is already painted


for you; it's just a matter of jazzing it up. We use the frangipani and bougainvillea

Likewise, when choosing the music, it's a

that's all around, and the fronds of the

good idea to stay local.

palms, to create the décor.

'One of the best bands I've heard was at a

Then we enhance it with lighting:

coastal wedding,' says Jilna. 'There was an

wash lights up the palms, strings of

organ, a trumpet, drums, and a male and

lights in the leaves, and paper lanterns

female singer, and they were incredible.

along the paths.'

'Coastal bands tend to play tropical favourites, as well as all the old classics,

Just as minimalist décor brings out the naturally lovely ambiance, using the natural produce of the coast brings out the flavours that are all around.

and give that great coastal vibe.

A DJ can always take over when the night draws in. Clothes can be as formal or informal as the bride and groom want. At Indian weddings, saris are usually preferred, and many ladies choose to wear dresses. But shorts and T-shirts, or kangas and kikois, are a perfectly acceptable option on the beach, and lots of people like dancing barefoot with the sand between their toes. The coast lends itself to photo shoots, as every spot is picture-perfect. However, the glare of the sun can dull photos, particularly in the middle of the day. 'I'd recommend early morning shoots,' says Jilna. 'We took some wonderful shots of a bride and groom on a dawn dhow cruise, and others at a champagne breakfast.' Location is everything, as they say, and there are so many choices at the coast.

The beach is of course a favourite: beach parties will never lose their allure – the guests can chill out on the beach, enjoy the evening, then dance all night. Pool parties also work, since the pool is lit and the ambience is tropical and lush. Swahili Beach, in Diani, is ideal for this as it has seven interlinking pools cascading through its centre, and Arabic architecture that exudes coastal chic. This beachfront resort has specialty restaurants, bars by the beach and at the pool, and an animation team providing activities on land and in the sea, making it ideal for showing guests from around the world the wonders of the Kenya coast.

'It's all about what each individual wants,' says Jilna. 'It's about the guests, and how they feel from the moment they arrive. You're giving them an experience they'll never forget. It's not just about doing the décor, it's about creating an experience. At each wedding, we create the concept from scratch. That's what makes each one special.'

Documents required to marry in Kenya ID card (Kenyan citizens) Passport (Foreign Nationals) Passport Photos (in colour) Birth Certificate (copies and originals) Affidavit (Kenyan citizens) Certificate of no impediment to marriage (Foreign Nationals) Visa and return air ticket (non-residents) Work permit (Kenyan residents)

The Dome at Swahili Beach Resort

F ine Dining in a Magical Setting.



When you Dine with Us TO GET A FREE CAVE SPECIAL


ALI BARBOUR’S Cave Restaurant +254 (0) 714 456 131 +254 (0) 735 331 002

cave@alibarbours.co www.alibarbours.co

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Saving Whitecap A STORY OF DEVOTED





Driftwood Malindi now includes a newly appointed 60-seater Conference Center onto its list of facilities. Add to this its combination of excellent food, a warm and inviting atmosphere, plus local environmental initiatives, it oers all guests a truly unique experience. With no less than 4 ights per day from Nairobi and only 10 minutes by car from the airport, you can get your work done and be on the beach in time for sundowners.

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KENYA AIRWAYS TO OFFER DIRECT FLIGHTS FROM NAIROBI TO NEW YORK Direct flights from the US to Africa are few in number and schedules change frequently. They are available to South Africa, Egypt, Morocco, Nigeria, and Senegal, but there have been none to East Africa until now. Currently U.S.-bound passengers from Kenya must change planes in Europe or the Gulf on a journey that can take 20 hours or more.

The already established Karibu Kenya has now expanded into Ethiopia. Book now to experience the wonders of Ethiopia!

That will all change on the 28th October this year. Kenya has long wanted direct flights to the United States, but Kenyan carriers did not have U.S. security clearance for the route until February 2017 after a major refurbishment of facilities at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. On the 11th January this year Kenya Airways announced that it would become the first airliner to fly non-stop between East Africa and New York, with the inaugural flight set for 28th October 2018. “This is an exciting moment for us. It fits within our strategy to attract corporate and high-end tourism traffic from the world to Kenya and Africa. We are honored to contribute to the economic growth of Kenya and East Africa.” said Kenya Airways Group Managing Director and CEO Sebastian Mikosz.

www.exclusiveethiopia.com A

initiative www.karibukenya.co.uk

The airline said revenues from the route had potential to increase earnings by 10 per cent in the course of 2019. The direct flights would also create about 150 new jobs at Kenya Airways, said Mikosz. The 11,800 kilometer journey is scheduled to take 15 hours from Nairobi and 14.5 back, thanks to the favorable winds when flying eastbound. Kenya Airways will operate one of their Boeing 787 Dreamliner Airplanes that carry up to 234 passengers.

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KENYA Live | Life | Play | Golf

Oxtail Casserole Prepare the day before for better flavors! Serves 4 Ingredients 1 kg oxtail 2 onions - chopped 2 cloves garlic - chopped 3 carrots - sliced 1 cup peas 1 cup green beans 4 large potatoes - peeled and cut into halves 1 teaspoon cornflour ½ tablespoon flour 1 cup dry red wine 3 cups beef stock 1 tablespoon tomato paste Oil for frying Fresh parsley Couple of bay leaves Instructions Toss oxtail in flour Shake away any excess flour Heat oil in a pan Cook the oxtail in batches until brown Place in an ovenproof casserole dish In the same pan add some extra oil Add garlic and onion Cook until brown Add wine and cook uncovered until reduced Stir in the parsley, corn flour, beef stock and tomato paste, stirring all the time Pour the sauce over the oxtail Bake in a moderately heated oven for 3-4 hours (or you can cook on top of the stove - simmer gently for 3-4 hours) After this time, cool the mixture, cover, and refrigerate overnight The following day remove the fat from the top of the stew Reheat Add the carrots, peas, beans, and potatoes (you may need to add more red wine or stock) Cook slowly until vegetables are tender Sprinkle with parsley Serve hot with creamy mash potatoes




Breakfast Menu


Take Away Service Vegetarian Options Seafood Specialities Home Cooked Pies & Quiches Home Made Soups & Sandwich Bar

Located at the Shree Complex Diani 0702 303 024

And the people of Lamu are extraordinarily inventive too. Wander the alleys and you'll find tables of ancient dhow wood, jewelry of the beads of the trade routes, beach bags of adorned canvas sails and walls decorated with original murals.

To celebrate this artistry, patron of the arts Herbert Menzer and photographer Roland Klemp established the Shela Hat Contest in 2010. Known locally as the Mad Hatters' Contest, the event gave locals the opportunity to express their ingenuity




and creativity in the making of hats – for who doesn't need a hat in the dazzling sunlight of Lamu? The event was an immediate hit.

The hats combined shells, coral, pipes, bones, flipflops,

Where Creative Folks Convene

feathers, fabric, palm leaves, coconut husks and everything else found on the island; many made satirical statements of political or environmental significance



f ever a place was made for an art festival, Lamu is that place. Around every corner on this ancient island is another

striking scene that makes one stop to grab the camera or the

easel. The fusion of Swahili architecture, elegant customs, ornate crafts and aromatic spices ignites the imagination and inspires ingenuity. In the words of Zihan Kassam, artist and art curator, 'Lamu has long understood the artistic ingredients that bring splendor and luxury to everyday life'.

Perhaps for this reason, the number of internationally acclaimed artists who have made the island their home, or visit frequently, reads like a who's who of the art world. Names like Nicholas Logsdail, Mary Soam, Marina Abramovic, Anish Kapoor, Alexandra Spyratos and Fitsum Berhe Woldelibanos roll off the tongue on this island of innovation.

that had the judges and audience laughing – or wincing.

In 2016, in the days preceding the Shela Hat Contest, the Lamu County Government established the Lamu Art Festival. Its aim was to bring together all the artists already based on the island, to showcase the art already being created here, and to invite new artists to visit the island and exhibit here. Herbert Menzerh handpicked artists from around the world who congregated in Lamu, their mission to create a body of work inspired by the island. The event was such a success that it was replicated, with different artists, in 2017. In 2018, however, something slightly different is planned. Two Russian artists will take on the role of Artists in Residence, and will display their work at the lovely Baitil Aman in Shela over the weekend of 16th to 18th February. Svetlana Tiourina studied under the mentorship of acclaimed Russian artist Igor Vasiliev; immediately struck by the images and colours of Lamu when she visited, she can be seen sketching in boats, alleyways and local eateries around the island. Famed sculptor Joachim Sauterwill also be on site. Struck by the Maweni miners of Manda Island, he's created a series of outsized sculptures of the stone carriers that will be on display throughout the weekend. There will also be a display of local art at the cornerstone of Shela: Peponi Hotel.The weekend will – of course – feature the Shela Hat Contest on the Saturday on the beach outside Peponi, a reggae party at Diamond Beach on Manda Island that same night, and the infamous and highly contested Mad Hatters' Dhow Race along the channel on Sunday.








Here are just a few reasons to get down to the Kenya Coast! IF YOU ARE AROUND THIS MONTH THEN DO NOT MISS OUT ON THESE FUN EVENTS

LAMU ART FESTIVAL FEBRUARY, 16 - 19 | 2018 Artists and art lovers will gather in the ancient coastal town of Lamu. It is the 3rd year that the Lamu Arts Festival will bring together artists from around the world to showcase their arts and talents. There will be; Music Concerts Art exhibitions in the fort The Shela Hat Contest Dhow races and Beach parties

DIANI BEACH VOLLEYBALL TOURNAMENT FEBRUARY, 24 - 25 | 2018 Get your swimsuit on, pack some sunscreen and head down to the Sands at Nomad Beach Bar for some beach action! This year the Sands at Nomad will be hosting the Diani Beach Volleyball Tournament. Pick your team of 2 (men and ladies) or a mixed team of 4 and get ready for the heats on 24th with the semi-finals and finals held on the 25th. After the action on Saturday 24th Feb, there will be a beach party under the stars, which is sure to be loads of fun! For registration and enquiries contact events@nomadbeachbar.com

LAMU YOGA FESTIVAL MARCH, 14 - 18 | 2018 The fifth annual Lamu Yoga Festival will be held from 14–18 of March 2018. Four days of yoga, with more than 26 teachers, 150 yoga classes, meditations and workshops will be available in Shela, Lamu town, and Manda Island. Experience many different styles of yoga from wonderful teachers, including early bird yoga on the magnificent Shela beach. Get a taste of the Swahili Culture and join the Sunset Sail Dhow meditation, Swahili dinner, and beach party.


Upcoming Events... April






5 - 7 | 2018

14 | 2018







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PHOTO | Barry Koenecke | www.printkenya.com

Do you have a great photo of your holiday at the coast? It could feature in our next magazine. To enter send your photo and a short description to photo@coastalfootprints.co.ke

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European Designer Wedding Gowns

We offer a wide selection From the U.K., Netherlands, Spain and across Europe. We’ll deliver countrywide or to your coastal wedding venue!

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tips Kenya is generally a safe and friendly country, but as with any destination, you need to be aware of your surroundings and cautious not to find yourself in an unpleasant or potentially vulnerable situation.

Here are a few basic tips to consider during your stay! Safety & Security: Be vigilant when in public places and even more so when venturing out at night. In case of robbery, report the incident at the nearest police station. Kenya has a Tourist Safety and Communication Center that is always on call. They offer a 24hr tourist helpline +254 (0)20-600 4767 where you can seek assistance if needed

Water: Avoid drinking tap water. It is safer to drink mineral or bottled water

Exchanging money: Make sure that you exchange currency with a reputable hotel, bank, or foreign exchange bureau

Valuables: Be mindful of your valuables, try not to show high-value items in public or busy areas. Do not leave these items unattended in public places such as bars and restaurants

Driving: Always carry your original driving license and either your original passport or a certified copy of your passport

Photographs: It is natural when on holiday to take as many pictures as possible, but before you begin to take pictures of people, ask for their permission. In some cases, you may be required to offer a tip for those pictures

Transport services: When using a Tuk-Tuk, Boda-boda or Taxi ask for the price before embarking on the trip so as to avoid any surprises when you reach your destination

Animals: Never approach a wild animal, even if they appear harmless

Drugs: Be wary of people trying to sell you drugs. Although the coast of Kenya is very relaxed, drugs are illegal in Kenya, and any purchase, use, or possession of drugs could land you in prison

Swahili on the go! Here are a few basic greetings and phrases you can use to interact with the coastal Swahili people. Kenyan people appreciate it when you try to speak Swahili so please do not be shy, try out some Swahili and have some fun!

Basic greetings… • Hello - Jambo • How are you? - Habari Yako? • I am fine - Niko salama • My name is… - Jina langu ni… • What is your name? - Jina lako nani? • Pleased to meet you - Vyema kukutana • Do you speak English? - Unazungumza Kingereza? • Goodbye - Kwaheri • See you later - Tuonane Baadaye • Have a good journey - Safari njema!

Useful words and phrases… • Excuse me - Samahani (to get attention or say something) • Please – Tafadhali • No – Hapana • Yes - Ndio • No thanks - Hapana asante • Thank you! - Asante! Cow - Ng’ombe Cat - Paka • Where? – Wapi? Chicken - Kuku Dog - Mbwa • Here - Hapa • When? – Lini? Zebra - Punda Milia Goat - Mbuzi • Now - Sasa Hippo - Kiboko • I don’t understand – Sielewi Elephant - Ndovu • Speak slowly – Ongea pole pole Rhino - Kifaru Giraffe - Twiga • Friend - Rafiki • My friend – Rafiki yangu Wildebeest - Nyumbu Lion - Simba • I’m hungry – Nahisi njaa • I’m thirsty – Nahisi Kiu • Where are you going? – Unaenda wapi? • I am going to the hotel - Naenda hotelini • How do you say in Swahili – Unasemaje kwa Kiswahili • Cheers! (While sharing a drink) - Maisha marefu (Meaning long life) • I love you! - Nakupenda! • Help! - Msaada!









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Kazuri, which means “small and beautiful” produces exquisite handcrafted beaded jewellery. Kazuri Beads and Pottery are hand made from the earthen clay, fired and hand painted by disadvantaged Kenyan women. They reflect the true beauty of Kenya.

Tel: +254 720 953298 | E-mail: info@kazuri.co.ke | Web: www.kazuri.com

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